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Hanna York and his shipmates are on a routine maintenance mission above the planet Mars. When caught in the ion plume of a man made terra forming storm on the surface, they find themselves suddenly crash landing on a seemingly pristine and primitive world.

After a series of adventures, he finds an advanced civilization and learns that he has travelled millions of years into the future of a terra formed Mars.

The earth’s ecosystem had failed and humankind has moved on to their new home where genetically engineered Priests are now the caretakers of the human race.

Originally designed as servants with a duty of care to the survival of humankind, they have taken control of the population who now live safely, under their protection, inside dormitories, connected to the ‘Net cap.’

However, Hanna’s arrival has upset a delicate balance that has been in place for thousands of year s and set into motion a series of events that will change the future of humankind forever.

He and his companions must now face the realities 


‘The Paradigm of Time.’