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Your Prosperity Paradigm

11 Steps to Creating & Living a Super Successful Life

By Leslie Fieger


Your Prosperity Paradigm

Copyright © 2008 - 2012 by Leslie Fieger

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be

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The author of this book does not dispense medical or

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as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or mental

problems without the advice of a licensed physician,

therapist or health care practitioner either directly or

indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer

information of a general nature to assist the reader in the

personal quest for material, physical, emotional, mental

and spiritual well-being. In the event that you, the reader,

choose to exercise your right to use any of the

information in this book, the author and his agents

assume no liability for your actions.

ISBN 978-0-557-47767-8


Notes to this 2012 online edition:

If you have this electronic version of my book, Your

Prosperity Paradigm, you may ignore the copyright

notice on the previous page. In fact, I urge you to share

this with a many people as possible as long as you do

not alter this book in any way whatsoever.

I’ve included throughout this new version of the book’s

text hyperlinks to additional online data that explains or extrapolates on certain information mentioned in this

book and/or provides additional resources that I think

may interest you.

All these external links will open in a new web browser

window. It is possible that, if you have a pop up blocker

in use, these pages will not open. You may temporarily

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Theses external web resources were all active when this

book revision was made; however, websites come and go

and it may be that some of the links contained here have

become invalid by the time you read this.

You can watch a one hour online presentation from 2008

based on this book at

and at

Enjoy. Prosper.


February, 2012






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This book is dedicated to my parents, Audrey and Al

Fieger, who brought me into this world, gave me so great

a head start on the adventure, were there to support me

when I stumbled, celebrated my successes and are still

my cheerleaders. My parents are my heroes.

They grew up during the great depression and were able

to come out of that difficult time, forge a path for

themselves and build a life of substance, plus create an

attitude of open ended possibilities for their nine


Amongst the hundreds of books in my house, as I was

growing up, were such success classics as Napoleon

Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Dale Carnegie’s How to

Win Friends and Influence People and even that great LP

recording from Earl Nightingale, The Strangest Secret.

I also grew up listening to Harry Belafonte sing The

Banana Boat Song “Come Mr. Tally man, tally me banana…” and other calypso songs.

It is no wonder I now live in the Caribbean and write

books about creating success.

Thanks Al and Audrey for everything.

This book is also dedicated to you, the reader. I hope it

serves you.


SVG 2008


Your Prosperity Paradigm

11 Steps to Creating & Living a Super Successful Life

Introduction: A Masterpiece