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By Spencer Coffman

Also By Spencer Coffman

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First edition. April 2016.

ISBN: 978-15449013-0-5 (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-5337612-3-1 (Digital)

ISBN: 978-1-9871230-2-9 (Audio)

Copyright © 2016 Spencer Coffman.

All Rights Reserved.

Written by Spencer Coffman.

Want to live life freely?

"Discover 101 Productivity

Principles To Help You Work

Less and Live More So You

Can Get More Done and Live


Become More Productive, Complete Projects Faster and Have More Time!

From: Spencer Coffman

Are you struggling to get things done?

Are you lacking focus and procrastinate when it's time to move projects forward?

It's no surprise.

Nowadays, people in this age are overwhelmed and suffering from information overload.

With all the nonsense and junk out there, how do you stop all the distractions so you can finally have the freedom you deserve?

You need to be wiser with your time. You need to become productive.

How Do You Become More Productive?

Productivity is a word that tends to get thrown around a lot, but most middle managers only use it in sentences asking the average employee to hunker down and get to it.

Few people actually give you techniques on how to achieve that quality of being able to produce excellent results consistently from your work/business.

In the modern world, productivity is a common ideal. It doesn’t have to be the measure of how much work you can accomplish in your job.

Productivity can also be about completing the things you need to do at home, or even during your leisure time.

The point is that you can get more things done in the same time or even less.

Wouldn't it be great if you had some productivity techniques that would help you move forward?

Well, here’s a special eBook dedicated to this topic...


Work Less Live More

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101 productivity principles for getting things done so you can live free.

You'll get an extensive list of valuable productivity nuggets that you can simply pick and choose any time so you can get more done.

"Pre-work" productivity techniques. These techniques specifically can be used before you start your work so you can plan and prepare better, making the rest of the day easier and more efficient. Some techniques involve setting up reminders, using apps to organize tasks, and preparing everything the day before, but there's more to it than that!

"During work" productivity techniques. You'll love these techniques because it'll make your work a breeze so you can stop wondering and stop procrastinating. You'll know exactly what you have to do and what to get done. These techniques and "hacks" will help you focus better and teach you how to manage that very distracting email inbox!

Things to AVOID during work. Avoid these costly mistakes! It's very easy to get distracted by Facebook, YouTube, and such, but you probably don't

realize that you're getting distracted by many other things. One of the biggest mistakes is checking your inbox too often!

"Post work" productivity techniques. You've finished your work, now what? There are things that you can do after completing tasks to improve productivity.

How to prioritize your work and life goals. Which one to do first? Project A or Project B? I'll show you the best way to prioritize all your goals.

Health and wellness tips. Not only should you mentally be in a good state, your health also plays a big role in your performance. If you eat the wrong foods, you lack focus and energy.

+ much, much more!

Does this sound amazing or what?

Get Instant Access To This

Special Report Right Now!

The choice is obvious.

Just imagine...

- More freedom to do the things you love doing. Maybe it's playing golf or spending more time with the kids?

- Getting your projects done quicker and more efficiently meaning your business will grow more than ever before

- Easily track your tasks because of the tools and techniques you acquire from this guide

- Living a more healthy and fruitful life

- Launch products/services quicker than ever

- Stopping all distracting things in your life

- Generating a lot more sales for your business So go ahead. You have nothing to lose. Grab your copy today!

Yes! I really want to learn how I can reprioritize my life to increase productivity so that I will have more free time to spend with friends and family!

So please send me my copy of “Work Less Live More” - so I can take control of my life, starting today!

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Table of Contents


Things To Do Before Work

1 Make a list of your tasks for the day.

2 Check your agenda for the next few weeks.

3 Use an app to keep track of your checklist.

4 Set up reminders for meetings and tasks.

5 Prepare all the materials that you need.

6 Set your cell phone to silent or vibrate-only mode.

7 Have a personal SIM and a work SIM.

8 Choose neutral ringtones.

9 Short message and reminder ringtones are best.

10 Manage your e-mail settings.

11 Properwork space setup.

12 Check your tools and equipment.

13 If you didn’t do so the day before, tidy up.

14 Distribute data and supplies.

15 Check the evening news that evening.

16 Eat a hearty breakfast.

17 Prepare everything you need the night before.

18 Have the proper mindset for work.

19 Send out tomorrow’s work today.

Things To Do During Work

20 Check your inboxes regularly, not frequently.

21 If possible, set an inbox notification.

22 Focus!

23 One task at a time.

24 Learn and use shortcut commands.

25 Get it right the first time, every time.

26 Identify the time of the day where you are at peak performance.

27 Take notes.

28 Tackle everything during the meeting.

29 Clear your mind as needed.

30 Get up and stretch regularly.

31 Complete communication tasks as early as possible.

32 Close all programs and browser tabs or windows that don’t have something to do with work.

33 Bookmark useful sites.

34 Organize your bookmarks.

35 Prioritize work as needed.

36 Install a good antivirus program.

37 Scan all files that you load onto your computer.

38 Keep your virus definitions up-to-date.

39 Keep your private info private.

40 Close unused open windows and applications.

41 Save regularly.

42 Ask for UPS, or get a small one for yourself.

43 Keep regular backups.

44 Keep detailed information on backups.

45 Keep records and store them properly.

46 Perform regular maintenance for your work computer.

47 Assign priorities.

48 Don’t procrastinate.

49 Let yourself be seen.

50 Organize productivity contests.

51 Propagate communiqués.

52 Update your agenda or schedules as needed.

53 Maintain good relationships at work.

Things To NOT Do During Work

54 Don’t seek entertainment during your work time.

55 Don’t distract yourself.

56 Don’t let others distract you.

57 Don’t download and install with abandon.

58 Don’t stream videos or download using the company bandwidth.

59 Don’t visit websites other than reference and work-related websites.

60 Don’t socialize during work.

61 Don’t meet someone out of the blue.

Things To Do After Work

62 Put away your tools and equipment.

63 Shut down your computer.

64 If you need to leave your computer running, turn off the monitor and use an automatic shutdown application.

65 Tidy up your workspace.

66 Lock up.

67 Review your work at the end of the day.

68 Pat yourself on the back.

Things To Do In General

69 Find a way to unwind after work.

70 Put some good music on.

71 Get out of bed before the rest of the world.

72 Do not drink your stress away.

73 Perform regular maintenance on all tools and equipment.

74 Find out if anything’s expired.

75 Check for discrepancies in inventory.

76 Mix in with the right crowd.

77 Perform financial audits.

78 Find time to exercise.

79 Get some well-deserved R & R.

80 Get enough sleep.

81 Make yourself comfortable.

82 Stay “electronic.”

Things That Home-Based Workers Can Do

83 Establish a routine.

84 Find out when you are most ready for work.

85 Plan ahead of work.

86 Itemize your workload.

87 Tell friends and family that you are in work mode.

88 Focus, but not on social networking sites.

89 Track your progress.

90 Set-up a home office or a separate space for work.

91 Outsource some of the work.

92 Buddy up and check on each other.

93 Invest in sound and reliable technology.

94 Modern conveniences are your best friends.

95 Take frequent and short breaks.

96 Dress for the occasion.

97 If you are not up to it, STOP.

98 Quantity or quality?

99 Do not burn yourself out.

100 Get a change of scenery.

101 Suit yourself.


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Productivity is a word that tends to get thrown around a lot. However, most middle managers only use it in sentences asking the average employee to hunker down and get to it. Few people really give you tips on how to achieve that quality of being. That is, the type of mentality that will allow you to be able to produce great results consistently from your work.

In the modern world, productivity is a common ideal. It doesn’t have to be the measure of much work you can accomplish in your job. Productivity can also be about completing the things you need to do at home, or even during your leisure time. True productivity is the ability to get more things done in the same amount of time or even less time.

Without further ado, here are 101 quick productivity tips that you can apply to your daily life. Please note that in this e-book the word “work” is used.

However, in reality, these tips can be used to organize your home and social life as well. And so, we begin.

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