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When the Light Goes Out At the End of the Tunnel; Depression the Silent Killer...




"How to Cope with Depression Before It Kills You from the Inside"...


by Terry Clark




Table of Content



1. Why Seeing a Psychiatrist is Important

2. When Should a Depressed Person Seek Professional Help?

3. What to Do When Your Child has Depression

4. What is Depression?

5. What Causes Depression?

6. Ways to Deal with Depression

7. Vitamin B12 in the Treatment of Depression

8. Using Acupuncture to Deal with Depression

9. Understanding Depression and its Treatment

10. Different Types of Depression

11. Treatment for Worsening Depression

12. The Relationship between Obesity and Depression

13. The Difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist

14. Symptoms of Severe Depression

15. Symptoms of Mild Depression

16. Overcoming Depression Naturally

17. Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Reduce Depression

18. Minerals and Vitamins to Overcome Depression

19. Loss of a Loved One Can Cause Severe Depression

20. Learn the Warning Signs of Suicide

21. Is Depression Permanent?

22. Is Depression a Personality Flaw?

23. Importance of Continued Treatment for Depression Sufferers

24. How to Treat Mild Depression Yourself

25. How to Prevent Depression from Returning

26. How to Overcome Depression and Save Yourself

27. How to Know You Have Depression

28. How Alcohol Causes Depression

29. Homoeopathy for Treatment of Depression

30. General Causes of Depression

31. Depression in Teenagers

32. Depression in Our Society

33. Depression Factors Outside of One's Control

34. Depression and Insurance

35. Coping with Depression after Divorce

36. Coping with Depression

37. Avoiding Certain Fats to Overcome Depression

38. Amino Acid Therapy for Depression

39. Alternative Therapies for Depression

40. Alternative Methods to Help Cure Depression

41. What to Do When Someone You Love Suffers From Depression

42. 7 Ways to Overcome Winter Depression

43. Bipolar Disorder

44. Rhodiola Rosea - Fighting Stress and Anxiety

45. Just Say "No" to Depression


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Why Seeing a Psychiatrist is Important


The most significant reason for turning to a psychiatrist to treat your depression is having suicidal thoughts! If you’re caught up in the spiral of your suicidal thoughts or if you are planning to commit suicide, you need to see a psychiatrist straight away. This is also essential if you are hurting or planning to hurt other people. Actually, suicide is one of the most violent acts on earth, which is equal to a murder. As a matter of fact, it is a murder. For committing suicide, you need to murder your own self.


Suicidal thoughts aren’t the sole reason to see a psychiatrist. Just in case you’ve got a problem that makes you feel overwhelmed and/or losing control, and if you feel that you can’t handle that problem all by yourself, you do need to consult a psychiatrist. As you try and decide on any psychiatrist, do not forget to check with a medical doctor and preferably a spiritual counselor. You might get help from these professionals without having to see a psychiatrist. But don’t hesitate to act when they refer you to any psychiatrist.


There are many other crucial reasons why you may have to see a psychiatrist immediately. For instance, you should see a psychiatrist when you are faced with an extreme or severe case of depression. You should see a psychiatrist when you are faced with the feeling of being highly confused. You’re supposed to see a psychiatrist when you are abused sexually, emotionally or physically. You should see a psychiatrist when you have tremendously sad thoughts regarding your relatives, friends and pets which have passed away.


People faced with extreme fears / phobias should also see a psychiatrist. You should see this kind of professional when you are faced with a high degree of anxiety and panic attacks. Do you have any uncontrollable addiction towards drugs and alcohol? Are you having any rigorous relationship problem going on with your spouse, lover, or others? Are you thinking of abusing or killing people around you or someone special? Sometimes you truly do not know what’s going wrong, yet you don't feel okay emotionally.


No matter what the case is, you should discuss it with a doctor in the first place. Such professionals are able to refer you to a suitable psychiatrist. You’ll also be able to find help by joining a likeminded support group. Joining any other health oriented organization could help. Whatever the case may be, you’ll get enough referrals to the finest psychiatrist that you can talk to. In a great majority of the cases, you’re either in deep trouble thinking of hurting yourself or of hurting people you know. You might end up damaging your whole reputation, character, and your chances of finding a whole new productive life, if you fail to get enough help. Bear in mind that you do have the right to get some help. You’re a normal human being who’s in need of love just in the way everybody else is. And you aren’t alone in this wide world. A psychiatrist really can help a lot.


Finally, if you’ve got any overwhelming problem, which you are unable to handle all by yourself, you’ll have to look for some professional help from a veteran psychiatrist or any other professional like a clinical doctor or a spiritual adviser. If you’re afraid of seeking this type of help, you should at least head for a friend and ask him to accompany you to the doctor or a psychiatrist. If you don’t have any good friend, you can seek help from the local church or health center. You could check the yellow pages as well to find some support groups. There are many support groups out there that can help you out with some problems in particular. They are generally free to join. Such a group will allow you to bond with others who have the same problem.


Regardless of who you are, of what you’ve done so far and of whatever you’re thinking of doing, you have a life that is as valuable as any other life in this universe. Regardless of what you’re suffering from, how you’ve been spoiled or abused, you are still loved. Take the primary step to seek help as a way of respecting and loving yourself. This is the initial step towards recovery. You can lead a full as well as highly productive life. If you need to, seek the support and help of a psychiatrist as soon as possible!



When Should a Depressed Person Seek Professional Help?


For every ten people out there suffering from the symptoms of mild or severe depression, just about eight will see improvements in six months or so. This will happen if they seek help. Surely, the causes and the underlying character of depression tend to vary from one person to another. This is evident even from statistics which show that two out of ten people will remain depressed for the following 2 years.


Halting the signs and symptoms of depression within ourselves could be pretty tricky. Most of us are accustomed to recognizing physical upsets. Very often they are among the initial signs manifesting themselves. A lot of people have visited the doctor due to their upset stomach, complications with sleeping and difficulties concentrating. They are told that they are suffering from the complications of depression. It is time you saw a doctor if you’re under the impression that your emotional state is not improving or might actually be getting worse.


 It’s very likely that the whole issue will manifest itself in some physical or emotional ways. However, you will perhaps find that you are experiencing a lack of interest in your friends, family members, hobbies or work. Then again, the real acid test here is intricate. If you have found yourself feeling concerned that people are likely to feel happier if you were not around this is an alarming sign. You might be wondering whether you should skip the middleman and head straight to the psychiatrist.


Depression is currently very common and the doctor you consult will have no problem with diagnosing it. He or she will have enough knowledge to suggest appropriate care and treatment. There are many instances when you might find that you’re not able to consult a psychiatrist straight away as he or she is only used to dealing with typical clinical patients. As depression could result from a wide variety of causes, the family doctor might ask you a wide range of questions regarding your life and lifestyle.


For instance, they might wish to know whether you are using drugs and/or alcohol. They might also want to know whether you’re taking any kind of medication for your problem and whether you are using any herbal remedies. You should know that any of these factors might be the key reason for depression. Then again, the doctor might take a blood sample if he or she wants to know whether you’ve got any kind of physical imbalance which causes depression symptoms. Your doctor will perhaps be interested in knowing whether the depression runs within the family.


He might wish to know whether anything has somehow triggered a shift in your present moods. For instance, stress at work and/or issues in your relationships or with the family might cause this type of problem. If following the consultation and after abiding by the prescribed treatment, you see things not improving much, it might be suggested that you’re in need of much more specialized help.


Older people in particular have become used to being in a situation in which things like stress or depression tend to mean little to them. There are some people out there who might feel that feeling depressed and useless is merely a natural part of becoming old. Actually, older people oftentimes do not feel that their lowly mood is a recognizable illness and thus this is not something that they would bother a doctor about. But many of the older people out there are used to taking medications as they require treatment for many other problems. Did you know that some of the typical causes of illnesses can trigger depression as a side effect? Do not hide anything from your doctor. If he is not told, he cannot make the changes to treatment which might ease your depression.


How should you help a depressed individual get some treatment? Helping a depressed child is very important to preserve the social balance. The initial step for you to help a depressed child is to realize the fact that the child in reality is depressed. As a matter of fact, this could be very challenging. And for one thing, it is very hard for an adult to realize or accept the fact that young children even infants could suffer depression. But the bottom line is that anybody can suffer from this problem. Consulting a doctor or a psychiatrist is the first option to go for.



What to Do When Your Child has Depression


One thing about depression is that it not only hurts the person suffering from it. It also causes anguish and pain in other members of the family. Moreover it is not only adults who suffer from depression. Preschool children are also diagnosed with this condition every day. The depression types that youngsters face include bipolar disorder, dysthymic disorder and major depressive disorder. According to statistics, a minimum of 4% of preschoolers feel depressed in the United States alone. This explains why the market is full of antidepressants. Therefore if your child is suffering from depression, you should get some help immediately.


It is interesting to note that these days the normal course of treatment for children would be the intake of powerful antidepressants. But these strong artificial drugs are too powerful for their sensitive nervous system. There have been reports recently about the side effects of these medications on the children who are treated for this kind of condition. Some of them may face nausea, diarrhea, agitation, heart murmurs and pulmonary hypertension, vomiting and increased risk of violent behaviors among others.


The risks posed by the medication in children with depression are great. The symptoms of the condition may become worse and children may have some serious medical problems. There have been warnings recently by the government that these antidepressants just do not work for children. Therefore there are a number of ways for you to start addressing the depression of your child without ever using medication.


For instance, it is possible to make use of relaxation, prayer and meditation and yoga. This may seem strange but really it is a good therapy for the children of our time. It is also good that your child does some exercises preferably in your company. You can take moderate walks each day.


Moreover it would be very good to ensure that your child only consumes nutritious and healthy foods that contain the right amounts of minerals and vitamins. There has been research which proves that bad nutrition actually leads to depression especially in children.


You should also ensure that the child gets a very good night's sleep which should be sufficient to keep them active every day. When people are depressed they either sleep too little or too much and these are things which are not good for treating depression. The two would let your child feel less motivated, lethargic and tired. Lastly you can try psychotherapy with a child therapist who is qualified.



What is Depression?


Depression can be best described as combination of physical and mental symptoms. And both of these types of symptoms can decrease the activity and performance of the brain. Grief (or downbeat mood) is sometimes the most common symptom. An individual suffering from depression can experience multiple symptoms like sadness, cynicism, irritability, absence of focus on everyday activities, inferiority complex, sluggish digestion and much more. It could be a grave disorder that makes the sufferer incapable of working and/or taking part in day to day activities. It could be a condition that causes just limited annoyance in the day to day life.


Depression can occur at any time in an individual's life, starting from childhood to old age. There are many causes of depression. Multiple factors can be identified as the root causes of different kinds of depression symptoms. Depression might be a standalone disease. It could also be a part of yet another condition like an anxiety disorder. Actually, reactive depression occurs when the patient goes through physical struggle and/or psychological stress. It gets worse if other problems like long-drawn-out lack of relaxation or sleep is coupled with it for a long period of time.


Endogenous depression occurs when the reason behind the disorder isn’t that of what we know as reactive depression. Rather it may be caused by some sort of inherited condition if one or both parents suffered from similar symptoms throughout their lives. Depression and its symptoms can at times lead to different types of physical diseases. The patient might suffer from physical complications like cancer or cardiovascular diseases. When this happens, the patient starts to worry more about the physical symptoms. This in turn worsens the depressed condition.


Serious depression is oftentimes treated with anti-depressant medicines. There are different kinds of medications that work in different ways to get the desired outcome, which is relief from the depression condition. Therapy is oftentimes utilized together with medication. At times, it is used for milder cases of depression in place of medications. Changes in lifestyle can oftentimes prove sufficient if you want to heal depression prior to the development of a grave illness. The adjustments might include slowing down when it comes to stressful activities and avoidance of as many stressful situations as possible, adequate rest/sleep, exercise and an excellent diet featuring vitamin as well as mineral supplements whenever needed. But the bottom line is that depression can give you a horrific feeling of grief and hopelessness. Your heart will feel heavier; you’re so gloomy that you can’t even breathe properly.


Depression turns into an emotional ailment if it is not treated. But at the beginning, it brings a negative and radical change in how you live. You end up making too many mistakes. Your world starts becoming a living hell and starts being ruled by fear and aggression. You might try and ignore all the horrors in the world, yet your indifference can’t help you steer clear of the feeling of depression. You feel hopeless as you are living in that kind of a world. Depression turns out to be an emotional illness as you fail to understand the reason why you’re depressed. You get the red signal when you start accepting ridiculous solutions for the problems in your life. When you’re desperate about finding your way out of the misery and start accepting illogical solutions, you ultimately turn into a slave to the growing anti-conscience, which is the wilder part of a person’s conscience.


Without getting a clearer understanding of how you can start dealing with what causes your suffering, there is no way in which you can find peace. This is the reason why depression is extremely dangerous. The sufferers could at times easily end up with a worse mental illness.


You could try to avail any of the natural depression treatments available these days. You can find your depression disappearing over time if you use the right treatments. Your intent should be to transform your overall personality. You need to learn how you can improve your lifestyle. Your subconscious mind can provide you with the solution and relief you want. It is mostly about how you can manipulate your subconscious mind. You need to change your vision. You want to bring an overall positive change. You might discover that you’re hostile just because you’re afraid of everybody at all times. You could just feel depressed as you’ve got many conflicts within your personal and social life.



What Causes Depression?


Depression can be a persistent feeling of hopelessness, as if you’re living with no purpose on earth. It feels as if everybody around is right, while you’re totally wrong. Depression feels as if you’re all alone in this world. You think that you have no one who will care for you and listen to you. But scientifically, in line with the findings produced by the brain imaging technologies, the neurotransmitters within the brain actually determine our mood. They are responsible for the control of moods and other activities and behaviors such as sleep and appetite etc. Imbalance of this brain chemistry leads to depression.


Depression can easily be identified by tracking some of the common symptoms. Patients suffer from bad moods and things around seem all wrong to them. This could be coupled with disturbance that people feel in their sleep-waking cycle (e.g. insomnia, nightmare sleep, oversleeping and so on). Excessive crying for no significant reason is one of the common symptoms. You can wake up at daybreak and feels as if life is just one big struggle. Sometimes you feel incapable of making even simple decisions.


You can start hating your friends and family members. And they keep irritating you. If you feel a partition building between you and your family, it would be hard to focus on anything. You also get a feel of guilt and despair. You can get a feel of suffocation sometimes. You can also feel worried and anxious. Patients get recurrent thoughts of death and suicide. The senses of these people stop working and they feel that the food they used to like most tastes bad. And music does not please you. The bottom line is that you do not feel good about beautiful things.


Depression is sometimes caused by a highly stressful life. Sufferers at times have the condition because of accidents. The patient feels that he is incapable of getting rid of memories of events. He or she sinks too deep into the sea of depression. And depression could be caused by the death of a close member of the family or a friend. Sometimes this happens because of the death of a spouse. Some people feel depressed after getting a divorce or when they are faced with issues regarding their career problems. There are different types of persistent diseases and/or illness. At times people suffering from some kind of chronic disease or illness like cancer, heart disease, HIV, diabetes and also suffer from depression. In particular it is really hard to adapt to the symptoms of an illness. Depression is sometimes inherited. It is true that in many cases, depression is actually hereditary and so can run through generations.


There are different kinds of causes of depression in men and women, though. Of course, this problem can negatively affect both the sexes. However, the rate of depression in women happens to be much higher compared to that in men. In women, the negative impacts of hormones, menstruation or even contraceptives can cause depression. The same goes for pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. These are strong factors that can cause depression. Usually, men suffer from different kinds of hidden depression. Many men can’t bear the fact that they are supposed to show more emotional strength compared to women. And they usually try to conceal their depression. These people end up expressing their depression through alcoholism, drug abuse, intake of tranquilizers and/or antisocial behavior.


The causes of depression are usually different in the different people so the same treatment might not fit everyone. If you want to be sure about choosing the best treatment option, you’ve got to identify the causes of depression. A blend of lifestyle changes, medication, therapy and self help might work. Depression could easily be treated in a natural way! You can discover a simple and non-addictive way of coping with your depression if you proceed in the right way.


Many psychiatrists out there view the term "depression" as equal to the term "clinical depression" which is a serious illness involving symptoms. The main reasons behind this problem are vague in many instances and tend to depend greatly on the person suffering from depression. As said earlier, many psychiatrists blame genetics as well as biochemical factors for causing depression. These professionals tend to emphasize more on the apparent inherited nature of this condition and also on the reactions of depression to different types of antidepressants and Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT).



Ways to Deal with Depression


There are a number of ways to easily deal with depression. These include lifestyle changes, organic supplements, prescription medication, talk therapy and physical exercise among others. When you are able to do some research on the alternatives for treatment it will help to choose the options that are most likely to be effective for your situation and needs. Indeed there are no quick fixes or immediate solutions when it comes to depression, but when you concentrate on yourself and follow the treatment strictly, the condition will surely improve.


The fact of the matter is that depression has a mixture of causes and it therefore makes sense to use a number of approaches so that you can cope with it. There are some medical approaches to deal with it like the therapies and medication. Those with this disorder would suffer from different kinds of issues like frustration, state of unhappiness, hopelessness and helplessness among others. The treatment must then deal with all of these symptoms individually.


One of the many treatment options would be to use organic herbal products. Some have suggested the usage of the supplement called Kava. It is known to be very effective in the relieving of anxiety suffered by many people going through depression. You should always bear in mind that any kind of therapy will take time and determination to work. Indeed all the various treatments would take some time to produce results. You have to ensure that you have a well a balanced diet by selecting foods from the main food groups like fruits, vegetables, breads and cereal products coupled with healthy meats and milk products. These should be consumed instead of the typical fast foods.


Moreover there is the need to be very productive though you may not want to. One has to work out each day so that they get to the point of sweating off the stress from the body. This way, you will be revived. Also you need to spend time enjoying social activities like going out to movies, having dinner with friends and attending sports events.


Make sure you work with a support group and also begin treating yourself with kindness and dignity. You should be easy on yourself. Do not expect a lot of results in a short time. Surely writing in a dairy would help in overcoming depression very much. You may also want to join a support group so that you can get help from others who have been in your situation.



Vitamin B12 in the Treatment of Depression


In order to overcome a depressive state, it is very important to attain the required amounts of energy in the body. This helps in the development of blood cells and enhances the ability of a person to think positively. There are many reasons why a person is prone to a particular type of depression. The main reason that can be considered is addiction of some kind, or an incident in their past life which has drastically affected their lifestyle, thinking and activities. A deficiency of vitamin B12 can also lead to the state of depression which can lead to panic, chronic fatigue and poor sleep.


The deficiency of vitamin B12 in a human being is often linked to a very bad diet and improper food habits. Deficiency of B12 can also be caused by lower acid levels in the stomach. This creates an imbalance to the mechanism in the human system which in turn leads to a depressive state. This affects and changes the moods of the person. The condition advances into mood swings which can drastically change the behavior of the person. This slow change in the person is cited as the main reason for a person to enter the state of depression.


A complete medical examination is performed on the patient in order to determine the degree of depression apart from complete blood picture which helps the doctor understand the level of nutrients present in the body. Based on this, the person will be provided with the required treatment which includes addition of vitamin B12 to create a perfect nutrient balance for the person. Researchers have found a connection between B12 deficiency and depression, which has helped them include vitamin B12 in the treatments that are generally provided to people who are in a depressive state. 


Vitamin B12 provides for the nutrient balance in the human body apart from providing the required energy levels. It also calms you down, improving both the quality of sleep and alertness during the day. Psychological therapy and physical exercises are also very important for a depressed patient to come out of the stage and get into a state of normalcy. Natural intake of B12 can be improved by planning a perfect balanced diet taking into consideration the medical history of the patient. It is best to get the vitamins from natural sources. Vitamin B12 also has the capacity to improve mood swings, which are cited as important causes of depression.



Using Acupuncture to Deal with Depression


One of the illnesses you can always find in many people around the world especially in the United States is that of depression. It has been seen as a major cause of suicides in the US. There are a lot of anti-depressants to treat the condition but there are issues as they have several side effects and the pills have to be taken all the time. It is for this reason that acupuncture has been tried. It has been discovered to be a very promising and reliable therapy for dealing with depression.


The treatment of depression with acupuncture goes a long way to calm your spirit while unblocking any kind of emotional stagnation. Indeed there are some therapists who would make use of electro-acupuncture in order to treat the depression. What they do is to apply a very tiny electric current through the needles for acupuncture. This is very helpful in relieving you of chronic depression. Also acupuncture helps you to locate a good emotional balance the natural way by enhancing the healing capacities of the body.


The body is seen as having about fourteen main pathways as well as about two thousand pressure points that are targeted by the acupuncturists. What therefore happens is that the needles promote the flow of emotions through the various pathways in order to relieve you of the depression and stress. When you are undergoing this form of treatment it is important that you are flexible with your thoughts. Indeed making new friends could change your mental outlook by keeping disappointments and upsets far away. You should also try and have a good night's sleep always. Moreover one has to be eating healthy foods that can be digested easily while exercising regularly.


Those who use western medicine for treatment and the anti-depressants in particular develop certain side effects and symptoms like diarrhea, nausea and anorexia among others. However, those who use acupuncture have no tendency of developing any of kind of adverse reaction. It is quite unfortunate that the western world has not fully utilized the potential and capacity of acupuncture as a simple way of eliminating depression and leading a normal life again. Indeed there are several healing elements of this treatment which will put your life back on track. Make sure that you follow the treatment plan that is offered. Acupuncture should produce results after a couple of sessions so you may want to give it a time to work.



Understanding Depression and its Treatment


A person may suffer from different types of depression. The condition a person has widely depends on the surroundings in which the person is and on the situations in which they have been. It is necessary to treat depression in its early stages, as the final stages of depression can lead to suicide attempts and death. People around the depressed individual will have to watch the constant changes that occur and report them as this may help prevent further advancement of the condition of depression. Speaking of depression, it is a chronic disease which is characterized by extreme sadness and inability to cope.


There are many therapy treatments present across the medical field. These mainly aim to provide the required treatment to bring the affected person back to the state of normalcy. A depressed person experiences changes in behavior, physical wellbeing and thoughts. They are often characterized by sadness, helplessness, emptiness, anxiety and irritability. These behavioral changes can create a loss of interest in all the major activities that a person once likes to perform in his or her regular life.


It is very important for a person to have the right assessment so that the level of depression is determined. This will help the doctor to provide the right treatment which over a period of time will ease the symptoms of depression and may even bring back the person to normalcy. A series of medical examinations is carried out by the doctor to understand the state of depression and the current feelings the patient has. A blood test is done to measure TSH, thyroxin, basic electrolytes and serum calcium. A full blood test or ESR is also performed to eliminate infection.


A patient is also advised to undergo series of physiological sessions along with proper medical treatment to get back to the state of normalcy. It is very important for a person to be advised by a leading and reputed doctor in the locality. This makes it easy for the members of the affected person’s family to get a ray of hope for improvement in the behavior of the patient.


As there is no specific time period for improvement, it completely depends on the patient’s willingness to change. A constant encouragement from family members will also be helpful for the speedy recovery of the patient. In general, it is best for the person to get as much support as needed. Joining a support group may be an option as the treatment advances and some results are achieved.



Different Types of Depression


Often when we talk about depression, we consider it to be just a simple low mood condition or sadness that is experienced by any person. This is not quite true as such people need help to recover from their depression. Otherwise it will lead to a more serious situation both physically and mentally. Therefore it is a serious condition that has to be examined carefully as it has the power to cause harm to those affected and even others. For those who are affected it is important that they seek help immediately.


We should not think that those who are suffering from this condition have some form of weakness. This is because with very good treatment and support from others they will be able to get rid of this mental problem and be normal again. There are a number of things that trigger depression. Some of these include life changing events like losing a job or even a loved one. There are some folks who would just not talk about it until the situation becomes serious. You should however always remember that the sooner you get medical treatment the better your chances of recovering from the depression are.


There are several kinds of depression. One them is bipolar disorder. This would normally include some periods of feeling extremely happy and others of feeling totally depressed. Initially, it would be called depression illness.


There is also a type of depression known as psychotic depression. Those who suffer from this kind of illness would experience low mood together with psychotic symptoms like having delusions. The sufferer could also feel that everyone is against him or her. He may also have some hallucinations or see things which are not real. There is also mixed depression and anxiety. These individuals suffer from symptoms of anxiety and some signs of mental illness. There is clinical depression. If you have this condition, you may feel depressed for like two weeks. It could also be called Unipolar or major depression.


Therefore with this valuable information on depression you should be able to act immediately when you suspect that anyone around you is displaying the symptoms. If you are able to identify the kind of depression you are dealing with, this would go a long way to help the sufferer opt for the right kind of treatment which would help make his condition stable. The main types of treatment include intake of medications and psychotherapy. These are often combined to produce the best results.  



Treatment for Worsening Depression


Depression as a mental medical condition can actually get worse if not treated very well at the initial stages. When the depression becomes worse it is good that you monitor the patient's compliance with the medical recommendations with regards to the therapy that is used at home. The therapy would include regular exercise and a balanced diet always. It is also good that you identify and also reduce the stress levels in order to prevent any aggravation of the symptoms associated with the disease. When there is the need for a short hospital stay then you should go ahead especially if the person displays some warning signs of suicide or hostile behavior.