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Kevin Abdulrahman’s book

"Only a few people really understand that success starts with your inner world.  Kevin focuses on your inner world, more specifically your mind.  An insightful and empowering book to help unlock your true potential and live the life of a winner."

Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father Author of "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books and best known marketing brand in history.  Named one of the 100 best business books ever written. Over 20 million sold; now in 62 languages. 

Guerrilla Marketing Business University

"Kevin has a knack for presently simple, direct and timeless truths about success.  'What Ever You're Into' is one-year game plan for staying focused, inspired and moving toward your dreams."

Randy Gage, Author Prosperity Mind,

“Kevin’s book, What Ever Your Into, touches 52 points that touch on the forces behind success.  After you read this empowering book, you shall see that you do have the power to achieve.” 

Thomas J. Senatore, Tax Lien and Tax Deed Expert, CEO - TLD International.

This book has simple yet powerful life changing messages. It helps me take myself to the next level – towards the best – with a roadmap.

Zoher Campwala – MBA - Learning and Development Specialist, Emirates Airlines Aviation College

'Kevin Abdulrahman is truly an inspiration."What Ever You're Into" is a recipe book for success. A must read for anyone looking to succeed in life.'

Emma Quintin, Actress/Presenter- UK

I have faced several traumatic life's experiences, most of the challenges created myself to be positive thinking and this book gives me an insight of my winning streak in Life - It has made me a successful person again!

Quintus Pillai, Vice President Sales & Marketing, ISCS, Sharjah, UAE

" Once again, Kevin has crafted a very useful book in his trademark succinct style. With 52 lessons there is one to follow each week of the year. A very good guide to practice." 

David Payne, Networker & Life Adventurer

"Comprehensive in the way it’s written, Powerful in its message.   If you were to read three books this year, make sure Kevin's book What Ever You're Into is one of them."

Michael A. Aun, FIC, LUTCF, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

Kevin believes that life is a game.  You have to play, fail, play, fail and play again.  What he teaches will help you play smarter until you get to the summit of your choice.

Sami Dababneh, Assitant HR Manager, Arabtec

Kevin Abdulrahman's teachings are an indispensable guide to excel and win, What Ever You’re Into.

Claire R. Kanj, Creative Director,

Kevin Abdulrahman's teachings is an indispensable guide to excel and win what ever you’re into. In my personal life, I saw many things as complicated, after reading “uncomplicate the complicated” (Winning Truth # 3) I have a different perspective and I’m able to get over some of my “mental blocks”.

Naeem M Sufi, President, Sufi Group USA, Inc.

What Ever You’re Into is a must read book for anyone who wants to bring the best out of them.

Mukhtar Aidarus, Property Investment Advisor, Canada

My favorite "Ebyism" is "Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside!"

Success is an inside job!  Kevin's book focuses on your inner world, particularly your mind.  "YOUR" world is in "YOUR" mind! Change your mind ... change your world. This book will help you do that!

Gary Eby, Speaker, TV Personality and Author of "Lefthaned Soldiers" Published by Jim Rohn International at:

Kevin tears away the clutter and mystery of what makes some succeed while others fail. Read this book if you are ready to go to the next level in your life’s success story.”

Guy Whitcroft, CEO, Dubai

I have found What Ever You’re Into to be very insightful, interesting and on-target motivating. The 52 winning truths presented formulate a well balanced winning formula and I feel eager to personally start consciously living them as Kevin suggests.

Zunaira Munir  Ph.D., Managing Director. Affiliate Member of the Blue Ocean Strategy Network , San Diego 

A great no-nonsense introduction to achieving your goals and creating a successful life for yourself.

Ananda Shakespeare, Journalist and Entrepreneur- UK

"THE BOOK on What Ever You’re Into adds the EXTRA into Ordinary. A sneak peek into the world called Success with simple yet stunning truths for anyone wanting to become a winner"

Nitin Mirani –Actor & International Stand up Comedian, India

Are you really, really serious about becoming a winner? Can you handle the truth? If you answered "Yes" to both questions, Kevin's book is a must for you to read! Rarely does someone tell you the real truth and that is exactly what Kevin does!

Scott Letourneau, CEO 

If you value your life and want to save years, then I would recommend you listen to what Kevin has to say.  Invaluable and timeless winning truths are shared that is all too often missed by many.

Roxana Chegin, Born Artist, Producer , Singer , Presenter

Kevin Abdulrahman puts life in the palm of your hand and challenges you to celebrate the struggle

Mrs Tania (Nee Matejcic) Bruss,  Zimbabwe.

This book ticks all the boxes and is recommended for anyone wanting to bring out the best in themselves.

Brendan O Shea, CEO, Chamber Group

This chap is a go-getter – and he wants you to be one too.  A lot of home-truths that we forget about, and positive thinking techniques to help you remember them again.  I like his style of homely anecdotes that everyone can relate to.

Linda Benbow, Editor, UAE Digest and Dubai Real Times

Everyone has or has been challenged with what separates winners from the rest.  Kevin gives immediate insights on how winners operate in their life.

Renit Shah, Entrepreneur, London, UK.

"It doesn't matter who you are, where you are from or what you did.  This book can instantly change your life."

 Paritosh Palav, Managing Editor/ General Manager , Maxmedia Company WLL, Bahrain

If ever in life, you've been looking for a Blue Print for success, then the buck stops here. I rank this book among the likes of Maktub and FountainHead, for the reason, that, no matter how depressed/dejected one is, he is revived by the inspiring thoughts present in this book. What ever you are into, is a wake up call for all those of us, who want to make it big in life, but are conscious of our limitations. 52 Simple Truths about success, that were never told before, so succinctly. This is a Skeleton Key that opens all doors that lead to success.

V.Haricharan, Columnist and Freelancer , India  

Whatever You’re Into” is a great guide for finding fulfillment and happiness in any endeavor.

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP, Best-selling Author and International Keynote Speaker of the legendary Guerilla Selling Series.

I read your book “What Ever Your are Into”. It is nicely and briefly written truths every one knows but very few follows. Very well written by you in very strong and point blank language, really inspires people to follow them. Great job done.

B. D. Mori, Engineer ,The Bahrain Petroleum Company, Kingdom of Bahrain.

This book has simple yet powerful life changing messages. It helps me take myself to the next level – towards the best – with a roadmap.

Zoher Campwala – MBA, Learning and Development Specialist, Emirates Aviation College

If you don’t strive to be great, then you will be surpassed.  Whether you are financially set, successful in your line of work, an achiever in your own right, a winner in sport or happy with your life all together, there is still room for you to grow.  Kevin Abdulrahman’s book will help push you to what he refers to The Next Level.

Reza Naderi- Artist and Teacher