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The Author


Hi, I’m Sean Morgan. My mission in life is to give hope to people who are looking for it. In the past, I’ve worked with anxiety, panic disorder, depression, depersonalization, and extreme illness. I was hospitalized and medicated as a teen for panic disorder. The medication actually made things worse, and I found wellness through healthy lifestyle choices.

In my twenties, I suffered from chronic Lyme disease and depression. It put me on a journey to discover as many healing practices as possible for my body and mind. It was only through the destruction of a precious relationship with my fiancee that I was willing to take responsibility for my mental health. I realized that I am 100% responsible for my own circumstances through my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Now I’m happy to say that I’m healthy in body and mind. If I could have just one wish for people struggling, it would be to experience the same life-changing revelation regarding responsibility.

I always wanted to “make a difference”. I tried to become powerful by studying business. Then I realized that my vocation was to work directly in a caring profession. I became an Americorps volunteer and an inner city school teacher in the worst performing district in Pennsylvania. Then I worked for several years as a counselor for at-risk youth in an adventure therapy program. This job taught me so much about self esteem, goal-setting, and reaching people with disempowering beliefs.

My materials are particularly helpful for people who think too much. Direct teachings of mindfulness (focusing on the present moment) are great, but some people require a methodical understanding of the process of letting go before they are willing to do it. For me, moving toward wellness using multiple healing practices was more effective than following a single path. We all have to follow our own intuition, intelligence, and interest to find what works for us. If the information I am releasing is helpful to you, I encourage you to challenge yourself in a gradual and self-loving way through the Darkness To Daylight 30 Day program. If you would like to correspond with me, I offer free half-hour phone and Skype sessions when I’m available. If you would like to receive weekly positive wisdom, you can sign up for my email newsletter.


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist and any information I offer is from my own personal experience:)