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The Beauty In Love, That Don't Love Me: Letter to My Daughter by Maya Jones - HTML preview

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A Note From The Author

Letter to My Daughter 6

Childhood Curiosity 9
Hush 15
Unexpected Womanhood 23
Forbidden Kiss 29
From Sarah's Mountaintops 35
Our Bronx Tale 41
Rochelle’s Hair 52
Two Can Play 58
Fighting Temptation 67
10 Video Girl 73
11 Sixteen 79
12 Yoni 85
13 Beauty & The Beast 94
14 Spiritual Guidance 101 15 Bad Girl, Good Girl 106
16 Bites & Bruises 114
17 My Soul Mate 120
18 Black Butterfly 159


A Note From The Author:

All of the names in the text have been changed and/or omitted except the following: Miss. Jackson, Lamont, Sarah, Rochelle,

Donna and Levar. This book is a true account of my personal experiences. Please be cautious of my vulgarity, and sexual