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The answer to everything


The first and foremost above all queer realities while searching for higher knowledge is that one is searching not only for the inexplicable but in many cases, the nonexistent. How to venture into a distant world or another dimension that has no vocabulary will be undeniably met with an injection of reason created by the investigator. Those who want to attain higher realms of reality and those seeking knowledge that is meant to be unreachable (even unattainable) will eventually acknowledge some images, sensations, and emotions discovered carry a blank name tag as if they didn’t exist or don’t belong in our realm. These concepts that come from outer dimensions or somewhere else carry great sensation yet remain a complete mystery as if they do not belong in this universe, but for one reason or other have stuck a ugly head into our universe for us to catch a glimpse of an unexplainable connection. These strange occurrences are very hard to describe even though they sometimes greet us in the form of a gift. Extrasensory perception is a gift. Being able to disappear, read minds and see into the future are all gifts.

The great divide, material, spiritual and or both united have a property of being equally combined also included in spirituality that realm of reality of nonexistence, or is it just a heavy perception deficiency? Where one hears footsteps on the second floor, when investigated, finds an empty hallway or room. We are living an existence where betting on one side or the other will satisfy our curiosity and even if we are right or wrong, for the time being are comforted the truth exists somewhere. In that moment in time, without fear we believe living has been achieved. Our questions were answered even if only partially and sigh in relief there was no ghost in the hallway. Material and spiritual is the glue that drips down the funnel into a world where 50/50 meets. To learn the ways of life and higher knowledge it would seem including anything, but those two subjects would be pointless. Hence this world is filled with scientists, religionists and the philosophers view. A two-sided coin well spent still buys you that needed slice of comfort. Surprisingly both sides, the spiritual and physical when individually investigated lead to one or the other’s existence. Yet if we were to measure that existence in a large bucket they would barely fill a minute portion. There is much more.

The assumption that consciousness controls the physical by thought leaves us to point out that perhaps it is possible to move objects by this process because of the simple notion we are doing it already with the bodies we maneuver. If we are the essence of those things not within this universe, as in spirit juice, no one knows how this connection works in today’s science because mind over matter breaks the laws of physics. But perhaps this thought has a flaw while we can do it with our bodies everything else from bending spoons to reading minds is off limits. It makes absolutely no sense to have one without the other unless our first assumption “mind over matter” is incorrect. The answer lies within how life learned perception and a vast host of other things via sensing motion through frequency. This is how life developed naturally reaching out or within, by any means possible, to gain a greater understanding of the answer to everything.

A helpful note before continuing on:

Our visual perception reveals fifty percent or less of anythings existence. All objects, events and scenery reveal to our dismay may contain fifty percent of the reality. It is no secret the 3-dimensional universe hides 50 percent of the visual experience naturally within its design. The other 50 percent is recreated either by lies, imagination or an assumption.


1. Creation and the Infinite Universe

2. Gravity

3. Frequency

4. Precognitive vs Suspicious and Superstitious

5. Spaceships

6. Resonance Transfer

7. Time and Death

8. Pyramids

9. Why Does Man Have Nipples?

10. Dream State

11. The Flaw

12. The Ethereal Events of Life

13. The Secret Answer to Life

14. Everything is a Delivery System

Creation and the Infinite Universe 1

 It would be unfair to reveal a beyond normal understanding of everything without beginning with reality.

Reality has three components or parts. The first component of reality is everything that exists and that it exists without conscious creative expression. All that is or was before higher life had the idea it needed to change and produce things to prevent scarcity. All the stars, planets, mountains and oceans would be an example. The second part of reality is all what life has created from ideas inherent as a continuation or deterioration of the species. Everything non-human or non-life can be excluded. Education, finger painting and tractors would be an example of this reality. The third part of reality is everything that can’t be understood, changed or known. This would include how life originated on Earth or what happens after you die. The missing knowledge, negative, false or nonexistent also belongs in this reality.

Other then language the one thing that separates higher life from all spices is the amount of its creation manifestation. To take an idea from the mind and mold it into a three-dimensional portrayal of thought in a conscious continuous fashion.

But what humans don’t and can’t do is create something from nothing separate from the mind. That would break the laws of physics. We cannot think of a car and decide without an event of assembly then poof within seconds have a vehicle ready to drive off. We cannot make a spoon appear from thin air or make a clock stop unless we pull the plug. Yet there is something poking at us deep within our genetic DNA somewhere telling us it is possible to move matter with thought.

Many artists would argue the point that improvisation is a create from nothing form and is proof that art can be spontaneously brought about into existence. What they fail to tell you is the spontaneous creation from nothing isn’t from nothing at all but carries with it all the experience of one’s past. Without that there can be no base to draw from. The painter still paints with a brush, paint and canvas. However, and again let’s point out there are new or fresh ideas that can be brought into existence via the use of already existent materials molded into something that appears to be brand new. A design or a change of a design gives us the freedom to be creative enough not to be repetitious and boring.

 For the universe scientists, they have moved God out of the picture of creation and replaced him with another creation manifestation. The notion that the universe had to be created stems either by its better not to offend completely but to include a partial agreement. They are stating the universe was created its just God had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, one can’t deny The Big Bang is a creation story replacing another creation story.

There are other notions, investigations and probabilities where theories don’t break down. They can be used to better enhance our understanding of this universe and point us in a direction where most of the parts lead us to a whole. Remember 50 percent of our view is inherently obstructed.

THE UNIVERSE WAS NEVER CREATED, NOR CAN IT BE MADE TO DISAPPEAR. However, feel free to give your fellow man the appearance you did those things. There is a big difference.

If Higher knowledge could prove that statement false then everyone of us could undo the universe, everything, all time, all space, all life, all experience into absolute zero. The difference between creation and the infinite universe is one of estimation. If we can appear to accurately measure duration between process’s and combine a relative, we can make the answer finite. The idea that the universe was never created is much more of a complex idea internally yet offers practical even simplistic answers to lifelong questions. And to think just because humans can create and in turn think the universe was created, is the second most self-centered notion ever devised.

When I was a kid there was this Berger joint near my Jr. High school called Lenny’s many of us hung out there. Equipped with the best cherry chocolate sodas, burgers and pinball machines. One Sunday I found myself in town for no reason other than to be exploratory. Lenny’s was closed and found me enjoying the day walking around. I met up with two friends and we were walking by a service ally way behind a strip of stores. We noticed some kids down at the end of the ally and decided to head on down. The ally had a slope in the grade which came to a dead end. The wall to the right of the ally that paralleled the stores to the left sloped upwards that ended to a Hight of 10 to 12 feet.

When we got to the end of the ally where these kids our age, we noticed they had broken into one of the stores though a back door that opened into the ally. They were robing the place. When I grew up, Sunday was a day of rest which meant none of the stores were open and these kids mysteriously turned into little fox’s raiding the hen house.

Almost immediately when the last kid came out of the store I noticed two cops walking down the ally. There was no where to run unless you were quick enough to run past them. Here we were 6 kids all saying to themselves we’re caught. Except me. I had stepped back up against the wall, remained sill and silent holding my breath while saying to myself I was not part of this robbery. I will not get caught! The police came down to round up the kids. One cop had walked up in front of me so close I could see the hairs on the back of his neck and smelled his cologne. The cop was inches away. I could see one of my friends with a question mark on his face, he could not believe, as he was being escorted out I did not get caught. Not knowing then I had stepped into the third part of reality, I was truly invisible that day but without the disappearing act.

There is good reason for humans to be stuck reinventing themselves with creation. The continuation of created events keeps the clock ticking and gives purpose to an otherwise lifeless, meaningless existence. Here is an additional great divide in science. The Big Bang was coined by the scientist Fred Hoyle who disagreed with the big bang theory. Here is a list from a scientist perspective, IUT - Infinite Universe Theory vs. BBT - Big Bang Theory.














Gravity 2

Gravity is the single most cruel, unadulterated theory hogwash, mis aligned, mis calculated, quasi construed, Top Secret, taken for granted, the littlest known about subject the universe has ever devised. From the effects of expansion, to other dimensions, pulling, pushing, gravity waves, space time, gravitons and particle accelerators no one individual or group has come up with a one (anti Black Box Theory) revelation to what it is.

However, there are a few things we know about it and these properties have opened a few doors to experimentation with partial access listed below.

Drop any two objects or more that weigh differently from a predetermined height will arrive on the ground at the same time. Atmosphere excluded. Gravity does not differentiate between the heavier or lighter object it affects them equally. This rule changes when a connection with the Earth is made. Two separate weights act differently under a measure apparatus such as a scale when on the ground.

Any liquid dropped or molten metal that falls from a designated height of several hundred feet will take the shape of a perfect sphere. No spaghettification induced affects.

Plants that are grown in zero gravity with sunlight grow in a spherical shape or spiral and do not grow towards the sun.

On Earth plant appendages grow facing up not down. This is an important observation as sun light is not the reason for this type of growth.

There are many other clues that will astonish even the unscientific and scientific alike.

I became interested in gravity when I encountered my first UFO. It hovered 15 or so feet above the ground effortlessly with zero sound. Seeing this at close distance, made it become perfectly clear that objects did not need wings to be in the sky as in conventional craft. There was a knowledge that made this craft hover in space and that technology at the time was alien to us and still is.

What I do know is at least one science community will lie about programs relating to proving theories correct about gravity for the continuance of grant money or to hide the fact the theories they teach are world excepted and established but aren’t correct. Gravity Probe B was such an example. If it was the latter, then conspiracies of a large order are under way and the Top-Secret marker is at play.

Logical conclusions and causality have not penetrated our way of description because other known science fields cannot describe or contribute any explanations. If we go with one school of thought, there is another school to argue a counter point. What is it about gravity that has higher knowledge for us to view? The very idea that gravity has shaped our physical structure of bone, yet it is taken for granted by every ordinary Joe who loves to lift weights, will never give it that much thought. How one subject has that much influence on growth yet throughout our whole life never knowing what, how and where that influence came from. The perfect example of: “It just Is” tells us along with the subject of time travel it’s better to leave it alone. As much as we must leave it alone may very well be because gravity is a very strange thing, a thing that resides in the third part of reality, stranger than science fiction and yet to explain it in terms of the size of a mass is the reason for it, is even more strange. Our conclusions about gravity have produced nothing except a continuing wonder of what it is. That’s right, if we let go of a locomotive and an apple at the same time they arrive meeting the earth with equivalent speed. All one needs to do is accurately describe point one and the reasons gravity effects two different weights while on the ground while gravity does not differentiate those same weights while falling? And as we have pointed out flaws before there must be a flaw in that question. Perhaps the flaw is falling. The objects are not falling and that would be the reason why the two different weighted objects act the same. We assume they are falling and so never make the connection that the two separate observations are not equivalent with one another. These two observations do not meet eye to eye and so we are willing to look the other way until someone like me points out we have some higher knowledge knocking at our door. The answer, though hard for any normal human to digest: THE OBJECTS ARE NOT FALLING! And as preposterous as that statement is, it must be true. If we decide the objects are not falling, then we must consider these two observations are very different in form and then realize there are completely two separate sets of phenomena at play. We find two reactions to two different and may I add separate problems. Hence when we separate these observations we must be able to explain how they are possible but do it individually. The only explanation to the first observation, if the objects are not falling then the ground or Earth is moving toward the objects. That would or could be the only result and if that is the case the Earth is moving outward very rapidly without our knowledge or visual experience. Remember we can see it but only 50 percent of the other side. Our minds are programed to see the apparent falling objects, but it is not hard to do the reverse and imagine the earth is approaching the objects. This effect of an outward motion of Earth would also explain how the two different waited objects behave differently while there is a connection on the ground.









Frequency 3

This is a large subject. The subject is as large as the universe. That is pretty dam large. We could go on forever and indulge ourselves with fascination on measuring the slightest curve of a wave. But the idea of this book is to give the reader an understanding of higher intelligence. We will start with how life developed the 5 senses using, delivering and detecting motion or frequency. This subject is the essence, heartbeat of all nature, mechanical, electrical, chemical and nuclear within a pliable substance.

 From the vibration of an earth quake to the vibration of a violin string. Once the observation that all things vibrate to induce an effect, we can channel, mimic, those vibrations to suit our needs. The five human senses are incredible delivery systems in sensing or detecting outer frequency’s while simultaneously obtaining information about the universe we live. We have outgrown our biological senses, which doesn’t make them any less important or valuable in that we have created apparatuses such as telescopes and particle receptors to enhance our knowledge of space, while these things are foreign to biology, they have greatly increased our understanding. Humans are experts in creating the tools that generate additional and that require expanded questions about higher knowledge, from simple to the more difficult.

 As a younger child I always enjoyed being rocked. That back and forth motion was comforting and that feeling never has dissipated even till now. We are programed while ingrained with motion from the moment we are born. Though not outwardly sensed a link must exist to steady a minuet wobble in the earth, like our bio time clock detects time, something within ourselves detects the speed of the earth around the sun. Motion is key in every aspect of our events. We have become experts in repetition. I am sensitive to motion, especially visiting Highrise hotels or tall buildings. If I stay in them for long periods of time when exiting and with two feet planted firmly on the sidewalk, I’ll feel as if I am moving back and forth. This occurs because my body stabilized during the swaying of the building. It automatically adapted to its movement and I spatially returned to normal. But now again my body needs to stabilize from the motion of the building while outside.

With every Ocean wave slapping on the shore line there is comfort in the sound water produces. Where water is the waves medium, another medium the “air” allows the pleasant wish sound to reach our ears. It is very hypnotic. A motion repeated like this can put you to sleep very rapidly. We must realize a medium must exist, for any type of wave or energy to travel at any distance. Our ears detect this vibration moving at 700 MPH through air and we can discern tone, pitch and loudness with ease. The ear is an amazing yet simple structure we all take for granted. And not unlike water or air, light must have a medium to travel any distance as well. But here we must end and start a venture into the world of reading minds or sensing the spirit realm. Scientifically we know this is impossible but only if a medium like an ether does not exist. With an ether, reading minds, sensing ghosts and other extra sensory perceptions would be a definite possibility. And this ether would be so thin and vague to the mind it would remain undetected by the best experts. Dark Matter may turn out to be the ether everyone is looking for. The conscious mind may be the only tool to detect this ether! The idea here is once a medium is found we will learn the frequency patterns and use energy to be sent across vast distances. Once we get the idea a medium like an ether exists for humans to use we can take advantage of its usefulness and help bring about a higher knowledge. And like the use of our other senses develop perceptions to gain an answer to everything.




Precognitive vs suspicious or superstitious 4

As we have touched a little on the 50 percent sight enigma, we haven’t investigated why humans don’t have eyes on the top, on its sides or in the back of the head. Why just in the front stereo view? If we are the higher intelligent species on earth why barely one third degree of clean sight in a 360-degree position? Efficiency is the answer but only if a medium exists that contributes to sensing those areas not directly seen. If we could sense or detect someone following or watching us and utilizing this medium by keeping track of their movements from behind without sight, this would be a great asset. Sensing their frequency through a medium would be assumed while never questioning its origin. Some call this the third eye. It is a sense beyond using our normal 5 senses. I am proposing that this sense exists but only because there is an ether which makes sensing these types of things possible. An electrical impulse or wave coming from the stalker which only exists and can only be detected because of this medium.

The criminal knows how to hide his misdeeds by not bringing up the memories that could trigger a release of a wave in this medium and in this case, making us become suspicious. We test all outward signals apart from this detection but in our gut, we know something is up. We are sensing something with our third eye. Despite the outward manifestations and realities telling us this guy is innocent, pointing to innocence, yet we can feel something else.

While we rub the little rabbits’ foot for luck we can get this whole business wrong. It may be skill, or people are hard wired where the rest of us have broken connections. If it can be turned off like a switch willingly this third eye, would make the notion that subconsciously we are willing to be complacent. And that means we KNOW that all this is going on but purposely hide the fact.

I think all of us have sensed a phone call coming or an accident about to happen. Even a loved one who died thousands of miles away can be detected. If these senses exist it is only because of a medium that is in-between the sender and the receiver. There must be a substance, in this case a medium the message can travel on and distance is not a barrier.

But without delving into the questionable, analytically we can absorb mountains of information and structurally affirm end results. This data ultimately predicts our future under any given set of circumstances if we have corrected or truthful information. Without correct information our guess is at best and only worthy of wisdom and experience.

In 1848 the Jones living in the Appalachians were reminded from previous experience their hearing and smell allowed them to shelter soldiers with medical help. Faint pops and the rolling fragrance of gunpowder smoke coming down the mountain side made it all too clear of what was to come the following day. This information was quickly acted on and they saved many lives. Being prepared is a good thing. The fact is the Jones family only used two senses and experience to guide them into the future. The medium used here was the air.

Much of what we do today is a combination and use of our physical senses with our third eye. This story may have been different if the wife had a dream about the war and then she acted on the dream before the aroma of gunpowder. They may have ventured over the mountain to see and have been killed but more likely the feeling of fear via another type of medium would have kept them from going. I can honestly say that I have used my intuition on many occasions sensing ugliness or evil through this medium with my third eye and have lived to tell the story. A few times I ignored it and escaped by the skin of my teeth. It is with good measure to take heed of this sixth sense especially if a feeling of life and death are around the corner.

I was working outside of Chicago when one evening a worker friend asked if I wanted to go out for the evening to drink and play pool. We did this often as in most on the road workers can get board staying at mostly cheesy motels. There is not much to do except get back from work, take a shower, head out to eat and play some pool while getting drunk. When having all this fun after work one never realizes these places can be rather dangerous. This time I was asked repeatedly if I was heading out to this place we would visit almost every other night. Except this evening I just said no, and I have to say for no other reason, but I didn’t feel right about going out. Something was telling me not to go.

I woke up about 1:30 In the morning when my work partner stumbled around holding his belly. I asked what’s the matter and he said a fight broke out in the bar and all he wanted to do is go to sleep. The problem was he had blood all over his hands and shirt and I asked him where did that come from? He said he was stabbed during the fight. I said WHAT? Then I proceeded to do everything in my power to get him to a hospital. We arrived within 20 minutes and during that time trying to keep him awake. The shank he was stabbed with was about a half inch wide and 8 inches long. How do I know this as I witnessed the doctor push a stick into his gut and the stick kept going in. The wound went sideways across his belly. If the shank had penetrated his gut or an organ the hospital visit would have been very different.

What was telling me not to go? This is a very important question because many instances this has occurred throughout my life and it should be important to know what is keeping my ass safe from danger. I could have said an angel is watching over me, but I am not that proud to say an angel wouldn’t even notice me being around. However, it could be the medium helping along those electrical impulses that carry with them the future and I just happened to catch a glimpse with my third eye. I can’t explain it any other way.






Spaceships 5

What is a spaceship? It is simply a vehicle that travels through space. Just because your car has wheals makes it no less a spaceship. Those that travel in an orbit of earth or reach other planets does not make them more special. Your 67 Schwinn stingray bike with monkey handle bars and banana seat parked in your garage makes it no less a space vehicle. However different power configurations and designs can make the difference while traveling in speeds excess of thirty thousand MPH. We are going to start with a simple inertia drive. The drive is mechanical in nature, but its design will surly give a run for its money. It is circular in shape with heavy weights attached to the ends of extended arms from its center. These arms when fully extended and equally spaced rotating at thousands of MPH, Reduced to MPS create an immense amount of outward force. The engine spinning the weights can be magnetically powered by a nuclear reactor. In addition, there is a center engine separate from the main power and its purpose is to minutely retract one or more of the arms inward while they are in motion. The counter weight during this inward retraction propels the spacecraft in the opposite direction. Releasing the weight again back into position propels it the other way. It may also be called a harmonic drive because one needs to know the speed or frequency in revolutions this drive reacts best too. Different size weights with changes in diameter size will react in accordance of those specifications. Here is a drive unfamiliar to the rocket scientists. There is no propellent nor do you need large containers to carry the propellent. It will be an engineer’s nightmare designing a structure that will withstand enormous pressures but its simplicity and maneuverability in any direction will undoubtedly be a winner. Granted the design I am giving here is in two dimensions. Side to Side and front to back. How you design yours to go up and down, I’ll leave that up to you. The gyroscopic force alone makes it one the sturdiest structures unable to tip or tilt. It is also a very deadly craft if not designed properly. Those weights traveling at Mock 10 if detached will penetrate anything in its path. Also, one must consider, the extremely high G forces if the weights are snapped back into position to quickly. A slow motion to extend the arms is recommended. We need to start thinking in different dimensions if we are to gain higher knowledge. Limiting travel by way of the gas engine is not moving forward in idea terms even as far as the betterment of mankind. I can tell you this, I have a good feeling someone will be interested enough to try and build the dam thing. I have always known it is smarter to let things work for you. In this design the energy these weights produce works for you and I think you will be amazed how well they will.







10 reasons why spaceships visit Earth:

1. The occupants after traveling twenty light years need to relieve themselves and if possible find a rare akiwano to eat. A akiwano is a fruit similar to ajumbaui. A aumbaui is a fruit from planet Nemtar.

2. It gets awful lonely out there and some aliens just want to find someone to talk to.

3. Some of the aliens flying around our galaxy are escapee’s fleeing capture from the planet Eepacse and are looking for someone to murder or for no reason have the urge to commit a horrible crime.

4. Some aliens have been known to look in windows not to scare or abduct anyone but because they are peeping Toms.

5. Many Earthlings who finally get abducted feel they have been violated because of the things that were done to them. When the reality was, the aliens decided not to keep them, through them back to earth because they weren’t good enough.

6. We are to them like what a fish, insect or rodent is to us but only for one reason: WE think it so.

7. Number 6 is not entirely true. There are aliens out there that with a single thought could squish your head and make it go pop like a rubber balloon.

8. One reason they may not visit: On Earth we have been digging at this thing called life for a very long time, as long as space is infinite. They know this and realize why bother interacting with a species who can’t remember a few days ago let alone they had a visitor from space.

9. One more reason why they might not visit: Some aliens hear about other aliens getting pink slips after arguing with their master’s orders having to travel billions of miles just to get a few resources like gold or water from earth.

10. The real reason aliens want to make a permanent connection with earth? Is Fear they will be rejected after all the new technology earthlings steal and sell for profit. They are so scared some of our ideas will rub off on to them that they are in a constant reaffirming psychology that they feel may be a disease without cure: wearing lipstick, Plaid suits, tying bows on shoes. Putting paint on nails, going to work, getting paid, owning pets, talking to plants, nightmares and eating fat etc. in their mind are all symptoms.


Resonance Transfer 6

It’s an echo. Technically RT acts like Piezoelectricity (the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics) but it’s not an entirely an electrical process. The mechanical aspects with matter apply to this theory as well. This is the subject of why people see Nessie, Big foot, ghosts and UFOs without conclusive evidence. This is a theory where the surroundings as in certain types of rock crystal, metal, wood and even biological mater will record moments of an event. Exactly like the recording of a moment into your memory within your mind except it gets recorded into the crystal, rock, object and surroundings in which you live. To access these recordings a stylist, trigger of pressure or an electrical atmospheric type induction would create a playback of the historical event. Here is a crude example in mechanical form: Let’s say there were two people in a factory that manufacture circular designs on small rugs. This machine is designed to etch, with a needle and thread the design at high speeds. With the speed comes a certain frequency created by the back and forth motion of the mechanism. Let’s say the two workers were standing next to the machine talking. It is possible that audio waves from their voice transfer onto the thread and attach itself to the frequency of the machines motion and a recording will take place, like the etchings on a vinyl record. The trick here is how to play back the recording. It is not impossible to imagine where a sweeper or vacuum cleaner along with the rotating brush at just the right speed, would act as the stylist on the recording and then hearing voices while vacuuming your rug would scare the hell out of you. The chances of course, if this should occur would be astronomical but it is possible. Now for this theory to work you need a variable pressure or a release of pressure. The earth creates this pressure by natural means. So, you have a vast amount of rock or crystal under pressure and then there is a quick release, this electrical or magnetic energy using the ether hits a life form or object and bounces back to the rocks or crystals and then gets absorbed by matter where the event was created. Under the right conditions, 20 thousand years later someone in that exact area may experience that recording. The exact conditions would have to warrant such an experience, but I believe it’s possible. This would explain some of the sightings of Nessie, Big foot, ghosts and even UFOs. In this theory, people are peering into a moment of the past that was recorded hundreds if not thousands of years ago. Without a medium or a substance for this energy to travel, none of this would be possible. The ether or a likeminded medium makes it possible.

RT is not limited by absorption. The event can continue to flow in and out of the material objects creating a hop scotch effect while traveling hundreds of miles in any direction. Like an idea planted in the readers minds of a magazine these events can sprout anywhere and have many arms. We can sense these low energetic impulses that seem to come out of nowhere. Sensations that could be associated with the past but, you have no idea what they are. These are complete sensations without a name tag. You can run into these with great frequency while some of us ignore these sensations others use them to get meaning out of life. They contain mostly an overall perception of an event, the type of day and how it was viewed. Not the visual picture of the event surroundings but more like a feeling about it type of sensation. It is not a complete sensation because the frequencies of the event were not all recorded. Several reasons for this are while bouncing around from object to object, the higher energy losses in density by friction against the nuclear make up of the material will cause it to diminish.

Obviously, this is not entirely the reason people experience out of the ordinary occurrences however this is a contributor to a vast amount of perception among the strange.









Time and Death 7

IMPORTANT NOTE: To eradicate the notion of a singularity moment in time one must replace it with the multitude of processes that give us the illusion of time.

The more processes or events going on around us the more we are comforted to know time will last forever or till our life time ends. There may be some importance to our thinking if our calendar is filled with appointments and things to do. It is only until all this is taken away, and may I add it could be real or imagined, do we really start thinking about the end or death.

Given this thought, we need to be concerned with how much we accomplish before we die has little importance in the end. Because no one, nobody, no how knows what happens after the body has completed its journey. What happens to the spirit remains a complete mystery except for those who have died and came back to tell their story. For those who don’t believe in a spirit it becomes self-explanatory, lights out. What we do in our life time should not be regulated by what happens after we die because we do not know that mystery. It’s unknowable for good reason. It resides in that third part of reality which is unknowable.

This does not mean we can’t speculate or try to understand deaths meaning in terms of a life time and where that journey afterward may take us. Must we put a value on our life for the sole reason someone else said you should? If it is the idea that you must do all you can before you die because life is short is another error in thinking. Forever doesn’t include what happens in a single life time or does it care.

Once a lifetime is over you are stripped of everything you were or wanted to be. Stripped of all memories and physical ownership. Stripped of knowledge and identity. Stripped of humanity and personality. Stripped of things you didn’t even know you had. Example: Let’s say you loved sucking on a spoonful of peanut butter. You loved to see how long you could keep it in your mouth while savoring every drop. Do you think that experience will go with you after you die?

The young and the fruitless, old and the stiff will undoubtedly tell me yes.

What you will get back after the Earth experience: The answer to everything. When you come back, you will know nothing.

Time can be considered a wave and that matter is a laminate over that wave. The matter of the body has exhausted its distance on the wave death will be the result. This occurs to all life and the resulting artifacts created during this process replicates or mimics the creator and will eventually get absorbed and reused. It is called “The Infinite Event”. It is a combination of two concepts. The first is Infinity and the second is finite. The finite is seamlessly interacting within the infinite. The first concept is not an illusion and the second is the illusion only in respects to the apparent end of the wave. Life’s matter never disappears it only gets absorbed.

I have pondered the opportunity of covering the existence of god within this book as it may seem he has been left out of the answer to everything. This is where I get to change that idea as I sincerely recognize the need to know, become one and love God. The question is not whether God exists or not, it is how to understand God’s role in the quest of an answer to everything. Putting God in the third aspect of reality would be virtually correct but not all inclusive. Him / God as a concept in where infinity and God are one. That which exists without creation or being created and that which exists for the purpose to continue forever. And within that concept houses another reality that of creation and death. This is the definition of God. However, anyone who wants to perceive any variation thereof is an injection of reason for a personal agenda is free to do so.

God must exist not for the mere morality or purpose of existence but for the shear love one can attain that has no boundaries in associating with something that can never die.


The Pyramids 8

I have my suspicions and agree the pyramids were used as engines and these engines are hundreds of thousands of years old, maybe millions. The Egyptians were a much later race of people and had no idea what purpose the pyramids were used for. What were these engines? Well there are several theories floating around from water pumps to the manufacture of Plutonium. Personally, I believe they were atmospheric transformers. Now let me be the first to say this because I have not read or heard about this theory before. I am telling you that millions of years ago the earth was not inhabitable, ox levels were low so low the dinosaurs died out. Now we do know ox levels have fluctuated almost throughout the history of the earth and its first contact with ox was about 2.5 billion years ago, that was when ox was pouring into the earth’s toxic atmosphere. However, catastrophes have occurred since then causing severe low levels of ox. Many forms of life completely disappeared during these times. Looking into my crystal ball you may say, there was a race long before the Egyptians and it was their attempt to continue humanity by building these atmospheric engines. Some of these engines produced ox and some had the job of scrubbing toxic gasses from the atmosphere. They were ingenious contraptions that made horrendous hissing and thumping sounds that could be heard hundreds of miles away. In came the bad and out went the good. A whole science of life originated from the premise that life could exist anywhere in the universe from these machines. Its technology outlined every dogma and belief system on earth today. And all of what we have today was created from some aspect of the lost mathematical technologies, philosophies and religions that sprouted ages ago directly from the pyramid machines.

Only a scientific or an engineer mind would understand the use of all that weight. These structures were designed to hold down immense pressures within the Pyramids. They are not burial tomes nor designed to send anyone to any destination during the afterlife. The original Pyramids were used to pump atmospheres around planets, much later when discovered by other civilizations and not understood, were mimicked for imaginary and different reasons why they existed. If at all these structures showed them, was that a structure like this could be possible to design and erect for the imagination to come into play. The real reason they stand today will never be revealed with the correct understanding. In my opinion these creators of the Pyramids were well beyond the technology of today in that they knew their creations would amaze us with wonder, but I don’t think they would have expected the future humans would be so complacent in thought.

The argument where are all the advanced tools from this past civilization? This can easily be explained with one question. Where are all the tools left behind from the building of my house in Delaware? My guess the builders took them away.

This reminds me of the movie Planet of the Apes where a race long ago was smarter and better then the current civilization. Their mistake in thinking we would be if not equal in ability, above in intellectual thought would embarrass the most honorable and courageous.

Let’s get this straight, all that weight 5,750,000 tons of stone was used for an ideological transformation not a practical one?

That question alone should be and is the answer!




Why does man have Nipples? 9

As we will never know the exact history of our evolutionary descendants in complete lineage form we must assume from the expected mechanical arrangement. Either man at one time shared the duties of breast feeding along with the woman or a misfire in the genetic DNA purposely ignited to confuse the hell out of genetic scientists for the perfect joke.

 We can comfortably arrange the evolution of early man with a short story that may go something like this: While groups were starting to emerge in small numbers it was necessary for man to protect his family which lead him on a journey that had separated early tasks from any inherent duties such as breast feeding. While the woman as in birth became the one to be responsible for the in structure and development woman assumed nurturing. Man looked outward in the environment for responsibility duty and protection while the woman maintained the family structure and rearing of children. In large order, this practice continues to this day. Ask any man today who oversees the household and the answer will always be “my wife”.

The story above sounds logical but not necessarily true. Because man can have nipples because he just has them. No rhyme or reason. Right? That would admit a mistake had occurred in evolution where something evolved without purpose. Perhaps our thinking will change when the investigative journey of “why does man have nipples” reveals no purpose was ever intended.

The future evolution of nipples may hold another story altogether. If we can’t determine or come to a final theory from the humans past let us pear into the future and get our answers there.

My mother was a card reader. She was a colorful, loud, stubborn and revengeful woman that if she liked you, would give you the shirt off her back. She always over paid and over tipped the help and waitress but if for some odd reason she didn’t like what you were doing god forgive your presence around her.

My mother never charged for her readings. She had clients and friends from all over the Philadelphia area and beyond who would love to spend a few hours in her company just to get their cards read. As a young boy she would take me to Polly’s Tea Room where she had Polly read her fortune and mine. It was fascinating. Dry tea leaves were put in a cup and boiling water was added. You drank the tea while engaged in conversation with Polly. After all the liquid tea was gone the remains of the leaves were left at the bottom. Polly would take hold of the cup and pear into a world where very few people are able to go. After several moments Poly would tell you the future.

Though my scientific mind tells me none of this can be possible I lived in a world where the mystical held some truth that other wise could not be explained by reason of science alone.

Most of my experience with the fortune telling was a mere fascination until one day my mother read my cards. Not that this day was that unusual from past readings she had read before but this time I had wrote down a few things she said about my future. At this time, I was living in New Jersey secured in a job of 18 years had children and my wife was working too.

Six months went by and I found myself working for another company and they had sent me to the Carolina shore by the beach while I had my home in Haddonfield New Jersey. This was a complete change in my life style. I hadn’t really noticed until one day pulling money out of my wallet to pay for a meal a wrapped up folded paper fell onto the ground. I picked it up and opened the paper and my jaw hit the floor. It was the paper and what I wrote down during my mother’s reading. It had said that I would change jobs making more money and that I would be living close to water. I had written that down specifically because I knew that would be farthest from the truth and just not a possibility yet here it is, it happened.

I sense I have the same ability as my mother but have not proved the inkling for fear I may be viewed as an oddball. Nevertheless, I believe the future does not exist until it happens unless, akin to finding a treasure in the deepest ocean, there is a medium to make it all possible. My first approach is that it is impossible for a good reason and perhaps a purpose. If everyone could see into the future this universe would be a very different place indeed. And because it is not that way rules and laws are steadfast in place to keep order. But may I also suggest these laws and rules were founded by humans not because they identified as gate keepers but because they had exhausted every other cause and can’t find the proof.

With all this in mind only a few are chosen to see into the future and may I add they know the medium to make it happen. It could be by mistake or because pure fascination leads them there, whatever the reason they are able to use this medium.







Dream State 10

When your body falls asleep a dream or two is a good recipe in opening a whole new world. The body shuts down and it is now your turn to dream away in your own personal universe apart from the day to day grind. Mine are usually action packed or mysterious and on occasion seductive yet for the most part unmemorable. But there are those that are very strong for whatever reason and the dream feeling can linger an hour or two after being awake.

My dreams, the ones I remember, are special but not necessarily educational in that I can’t use them to analyze behavioral problems or retrieve my destiny from them. They are odd for the most part and in a strange way keep me entertained. The bad dreams are still entertaining. A dream that makes me jump out of bed, now that is entertaining.

If a dream has that much power to get you to sweat, race your heart and scare the hell out of you then there must be something behind it. A little mind over matter but on a subconscious level? Mind over matter sure but I’ll leave out subconscious because in a dream I am fully aware and ready to react to the next dream surprise and that reaction, while I recollect, fear is all too typical of a response in a nightmare.

My best guess are those dreams that magnify normal sensations trigger the desire to hold on to them. And I do because there are dreams from my youth that had such an impact I remember them in every detail. As a teenager I remember one that disturbed me deeply. A girl in my class named Lesley had all the right features and curves of a young woman. I had a crush on her body mostly as I didn’t talk with her much. Her demeanor, the way she carried herself was somewhat of a hood and tough in character. She was all woman in my eyes. My dream didn’t last all that long. I was at home in the back yard on a bridge over a small stream standing there. I turned around and there she was approaching me. When she got to the bridge she unzipped her pants and pulled out a penis and tried to pee on me. I was so shocked in the dream I woke up and from then on, the lustfulness died out along with any idea I should get her to be my girlfriend.

That dream was so powerful it stopped me dead for I had found out the truth about her!

As a younger child there were dreams that were vibrantly vivid and may have for all purposes been real. There was one dream where these clowns would come and take everyone out of their houses and line all of us up in formation on the street out in front of my house. If anyone woke up and realized what was going on, would try to run away but they were quickly put back to sleep and brought back in line. Some of us were wrapped up in cloth and stacked upright in a warehouse by the railroad tracks. My sister told me of a dream she had as a young child where the clowns led me, her, mom and dad down to the kitchen and told us to sit at the table. She said we were not allowed to move, she would peer out the window and see large rabbits holding hands moving in a circle. I remember on many occasions hiding under the bed dreading they would not come into my room and find me. One night I was crying under the bed watching my sister being led downstairs by these clowns and thought maybe I should go and save her.

Was this experience part of the dream or was this earthly real?

The underling transformation of a dream is the dream state. The body is somewhat still asleep, groggy and pliable. Your mind is deep into the dream but you’re awake and are aware of the earthly surroundings. At this point it is easy to go back into the dream and continue the dream or view it from the beginning to end in all its detail.

If you want to take a dive into the unknown this is a good place to start. The Dream State is where many of my ideas about the universe come from. I use the dream state but not the dream to carry me into a place where I am aware 50 percent and asleep 50 percent. I am in the dream state which is the condition the dream left me in and I am aware just enough to control the direction of my thoughts to get answers or to view a topic that I need to find the truth about. It is also a nifty place to bring out your creative juices if you’re an artist.

The dimensions of the dream state have degrees of potency like a drug, so I would not recommend over use or abuse. Take the dive every now and then would be fine to show nature you’re not altering the universe but using a back door to get a very small glimpse of whatever you’re trying to find. This is allowed. Because the universe likes the idea you are using it as a via to get your answers but when and if it finds out you are breaking the law it will bite you or will smirk while giving you useless information.

The same idea here applies to the tea, card or hand reader. They need that physical go between to allow them to pier into the future. But what they are reading is the structure of the medium created and recorded by the individual subconsciously. How much of that information is viewed is directly related to how much the universe is allowing to pass on to an individual basis. My Mother who read cards would only read her own cards no more then once a day and I believe she probably thought that was too much.

You see, after awhile when the things you cherish are rare in volume become abundant with overuse or production will lose importance and value. The universe has a strange way of telling you that you have gone to far. Those things that are rare will reveal a lot because they are on their way out. It is their last-ditch effort to say I was here before they pass on and it is possible for you to get a glimpse of those things they are communicating.

None of this would be possible without a medium the ideas use to travel even if the location is the mind. At what frequency the dream state vibrates would be a good question the scientist can explore. But one does not need to know this frequency to reap the benefits when it, for whatever reason, comes natural to an individual.











The Flaw 11

A Dimond in the rough has many flaws and though a diamond cutter’s job is to cut out those flaws he designs his cut for the most beauty and size. Essentially when we go through life our job is to rid ourselves, as much as possible of the flaws and mistakes we have made. We know this, yet it never fails we find ourselves doing or not doing when we need to, the same things repeatedly. There are only two words we need to know when discovering a flaw: IN and OUT.

Once the flaw is discovered it is IN. How to get rid of the flaw is OUT.

It’s a good idea to be careful when getting rid of a flaw, it might not be a flaw at all but a part of your personality that one time got you into trouble. Flaws are usually unconscious trustfulness’s. Things you are not aware of but should be aware of. Not being a good judge of character would be a flaw. Because if you have not set what good character is for yourself you will not be able to judge others. To not learn this will be a flaw for the rest of your life.

All flaws can be and should be cut out unless the flaw is keeping you alive. But under no circumstance use that as an excuse. Do not settle for a flaw remove them, get better and live life knowing you will not be kept down or be controlled by a flaw.

Really there are not that many of them, but you will find a few and once they are gone you will be much stronger, beautiful and a wiser person.

A flaw might be the reason why you keep having the same friend around while thinking about kicking a heroin habit. It’s not the friend’s fault but the flaw is why you keep him around when you know he’ll be there next week giving you the same shit. That flaw is very dark, easy to see but needs to be cut OUT immediately.

The flaw will be used against you relentlessly because no one likes a flaw. You’re the only person that can cut out your own flaws no one else can do it and you will be the only one to know when they are gone. Never tell anyone about your flaws if you know what they are unless you are telling a professional. Most assuredly people will use them against you. But you should never worry once the flaw is gone.

How to rid yourself of flaws using the IN and OUT. There is no set program here. It will be mostly a do it, figure it out yourself sort of thing. Those two words are mostly self-explanatory, but you carry with them the ability to analyze and change.

Flaws aren’t life damaging and all can be corrected. Being cross eyed is not a personality flaw but a biological one and without a doctor to correct the muscle will remain a physical flaw. Many professionals use drugs to correct flaws, but I believe those flaws are mostly physical in nature that can’t be rectified by mere analyzation. The IN and OUT is not a miracle cure all nor is it answer to all our problems. It is a very simple guide that will make us become aware that we do have flaws, and many are extinguishable. For some The IN and OUT can be viewed as a switch but that would be to easy without finding out the history of the flaw. As stated before a flaw is an unconscious trustfulness, those things you are not aware of but should be.

The personal flaw is a pre-natural phenomenon as it is not created by a bad experience. It can and does create the bad experience. The Flaw can be considered a manifestation of being lazy or being insecure with bad judgment.

Stupidity is a flaw. And you will find yourself in very embarrassing situations not necessarily because of a lack of knowledge but acquiring the wrong knowledge too.

All you need to do is find a time you were embarrassed by somebody and close by will be a flaw you need to get rid of.

The one who saw the flaw exploited it and that is why you became embarrassed.

Those who are self-educated will do better then those who are taught. The reason for this and under a microscope the self-educated individual took it upon himself to find the answers to life and higher knowledge and the result will be self-rewarding while the other who is taught was force fed that leads to a lot of useless knowledge. The doors are wide open you just need to be interested enough and work hard enough to get there.

Personal flaws, with enough attention can be worked out but flaws that are hidden in education are much more of a problem. Changes in the history after history was made, theories and opinions about science that are not science can be propagated world wide which becomes impossible to rectify. Keep in mind unconscious trustfulness can get you into trouble so pay attention!

There are only two states of condition. In and Out. You are either in something or out of something. There is also the condition of being between or occupying both at the same time but that never lasts for long. For example, try being halfway in and halfway out of a car while driving. Not the easiest thing to do. Switching from one to another is rather rapid but there are substances that may take years to reveal a change. Glass would be one of those substances. If one closely looks at a window pane that is 50 years or more will notice ripples in the glass as if it is a liquid. It is a liquid in terms of gravities downward affect reveals it is an extremely slow-moving liquid.

Your whole life is nothing but a conscious or unconscious decision about being in or out of something.




The ethereal events of life 12

(A short story)




NON-MYSTICAL (The pretend event)




Let’s venture into the first ethereal event of life which is light. The humanoid approach in its never-ending quest to find the truth always spins a psychological connection thinking that matter is purposeful which then leads to a thought science such as philosophy or even perhaps religion. Let us say that light has a purpose in life, it brings us warmth and its rays give us the purpose of sight. But that would mean first before light, darkness and cold must have existed. To give such a reality a purpose opens the door to knowledge where questions need to be created and then answered. Without imposed knowledge questions do not exist and vice versa. Being light is the first of the ethereal events of life, light here in this form is not broken down into its frequencies. Life’s first detection of light is only a single frequency for which to view. All other spectrums in life’s perception at this point do not exist. Color has not yet appeared or has emerged as an event. Light in this form is equal to zero knowledge yet a perception of understanding all. It is one and one is all. All is one. A singularity. There is no opposition, no parts to a whole, only forever without time and motion. Visible space is starting to emerge, and the only reason life can detect the existence of this light is that as one of its properties is warmth. A feeling of warmth and calmness permeates which spreads out into infinity. This light always existed in the universe it is just now, life is detecting it for the first time. Many eons go by and life is content experiencing this condition of eternal being and warmth, then without notice something emerges unexpectedly.




This is a continuation of the ethereal events of life. Our second topic is color from a total of 5 events. Color happens to be as mysterious as gravity or any other questionable reality. This is where light division has penetrated segments of frequencies we call color. But just prior to leaving the light event our time wasn’t spent in segments of color. They weren’t mixed as they are today. Imagine floating around in an ocean of one color, that’s what it was like. I have something that you can do on your own time that will help you along like meditation. Put yourself in a dark room and close your eyes. It is normal to see darkness because we exist in the spectrum of visible light 2/3rds of our existence. The eyes that perceive color are designed to see color by visible light however we can perceive color without visible light by using our mind. Concentrate on a color you are fond of with your eyes closed. At first the color may be a small dot. The idea here is to expand that color in your mind and have it take over all the darkness remaining. Once you have completely saturated the darkness with color the second part of this meditation is to brighten the color in intensity. This will take some practice. Once you see the brilliance of color without visible light you will be amazed. Then ask yourself how I was able to brighten the color in my mind without visible light? This is your first step in understanding color in the ethereal event of life. We can perceive color and create it too. But before color grows into many frequencies we have experienced individual segmented single shades of a color. In this existence life takes on the form of the frequency color it created. Two purposes this has, and they are not interchangeable. The first is to become a part of and the second is to remain invisible. Near the end of this event a contrast of white and black came into existence. White was not the first color to appear in this event, it was either yellow or red. I remember oceans of green and blue but that was much later. Shadows with darker and lighter shades of color along with forms were starting to appear. Later definite shapes emerged while everything still had meaning. At this stage we were past noticing there was another presence other than our own.



The ethereal events of life and the duration of each individual event is designed to last a very long time. In this way it is almost impossible to remember but a key point here is that there are always remnants from the previous event that linger like a beacon of the past that it is supposed to represent. Another key point here is because time travel doesn’t exist it is the only way to communicate to the future and that is by keeping the past around for a very long time. Again, the 5 ethereal events are 1. Light 2. Color 3. Mystical 4. Non-Mystical (the pretend event) 5. Darkness. The third event is Mystical let’s touch on a few things. One of them is how life treated objects. Objects created were given the same identity as other life forms and all forms had meaning. Objects when created and their durations lived a very long time. Objects had an additional purpose in that they recorded experience, feelings, knowledge and just about everything that went on in its vicinity. How long? Estimated at hundreds of millions of earths years or more. This would be peculiar to us but if an object was broken before its time a full investigation took place. Objects and their duration meant that their experience of memory was absorbed throughout the years and if needed you could rely on the object to release its memory to you. You could also give it memories through a sort of telepathy. The whole aspect of the Mystical event was absorption and release. Something that broke was very rare because everything knew it lived forever and had a purpose of being forever. How we would perceive those actions in this event would seem magical today. Humans made their first foot print during this event. Because many objects had meaning and were sacred, knowledge about the universe has been kept free for everyone. Large libraries containing the universes history were created and still exist to this day.


Non-Mystical (pretend)

Let’s hash over the non-mystical the pretend event which just so happens where humans are sitting now and at the threshold approaching darkness. There is always an area between events where the previous event crosses over to the next. The non-Mystical event is the pretend event. An example of the past Mystical event where a congregation awaited god to appear he would appear. His presence was so extraordinary that he often appeared outside the congregation and the rays of love streamed into the dwelling. The rays that passed through the glass acted like prisms of color filled the room with spirit. In the non-mystical event as of today those who congregate do not see God but do feel the sprit as one of a few things that remain from the prior event. The colored stained-glass windows in today’s churches are a meager representation of what happened a very long time ago. Perhaps using god as an example is wrong to do for some people and I apologize. The greatest emotion produced in the Non-mystical event is fear. But it is a natural precursor from what is to come. Have you ever thought the lighter you have, that light your cigarettes, would never lose fuel and would light forever? Or be able to breath underwater as a kid? These types of thoughts are ghosts from the previous Mystical ethereal event. Now I have to say it is not all doom and gloom. The ethereal events are not good and evil. There are several key components to our being that continue throughout all the events. Beauty, Love and compassion are a few that will never disappear. If I had one example that would represent the difference in the Mystical event as opposed to the non-mystical event would be today’s use of magic. In the Mystical event sleight of hand was not a reality it was the truth.



This ethereal event is approaching and though many will resist, nothing will be able to stop the Darkness. The current scientific view of why space is dark can’t be explained by a mere absence of light or a frequency stretch. Do not be fooled by this answer. Hundreds of millions have been spent on finding out the mysteries of darkness. In fact, perhaps more experiments have been accomplished in the last 100 years then the study of light. Fiberoptic? That is child’s play. What could possibly be in darkness that has all the makings of real discoveries? Well, for one, a room isolated was specifically designed to exclude all external energy from the universe. What could they be looking for in a complete vacuum 50 x 50? How it is possible that a human could survive in such a room and document, like lasers, light beams were protruding outward from the individual’s eyes. I can tell you many ominous results were discovered. When you look out into the infinite space the darkness is already here. We are approaching the next event that of darkness. It will overcome but not quickly. At some point humans will develop bodies that will mostly expel energy for visibility. This energy will be used for guidance, like a sort of radar to navigate. We will grow appreciative, without having to view with eyes as we see things today, many desires, emotions and attitudes will disappear. A complete transformation will happen from what we consider human. Eventually, consciousness will remain with zero physical attachments in an atmosphere of complete and utter darkness. Frequency will be rare except where the new forms of life congregate and finally merge as one.


The Secret Answer to Life 13

“It is the never-ending quest in discovering all the parts to a whole.”
We start at a very young age, learn to associate, dismantle and discover these parts and try to make sense of them. Insects, animals even grass gets its torture from the curious children and it lasts till whenever we finally conclude. Here we are, the subject matter at hand is already in its entirety yet to understand we need to break it down. It is hard to comprehend the whole at first glance for most of us. There are those of us who shut down by the very existence of the whole. They will try, while bypassing every little part and ask the age-old questions, why does it exist? Where did it come from? There are no cutting corners here, if one only took the time and were to explore the parts those questions would eventually disintegrate. It is the uninformed, unmotivated who ask those type of questions. Questions are important and if aligned for the right content can become meaningless without purpose. Not always do we succeed in learning all the parts nor do we even get half way there. But one must try because if we don’t at least try, life may take over without any direction. Assurance that we have it together and having the parts under control is the only direction that matters. While demonstrating to ourselves each time and putting the parts together we are selfishly hording, aligning them to form that whole. What does it take to keep a family whole? If you discover all the parts that will keep a family together you will have success. If you discover all the parts that keep you working at your job you will have success.

 “The never-ending quest” beginning of the quote is half the battle and it says one must have the drive. There must be that willingness to achieve. A desire of accomplishment wouldn’t hurt either. Never ending means just that, if you give up you’re not part of anything worth living. If you quit, you can count on the end of anything being around the corner.

There is a wealth of parts to know that will result in a well-rounded human today. Here is a short basic list of parts to their whole that would work well in todays society. Anything less than this would be considered sub-par on any level. On the left side is the whole, to the right are the parts.

Basic Education: Mathematics, Grammar, Science and History etc.

Current Technology application and knowledge: How to use a keyboard, GPS, connectors and plugs etc.

Social interaction: friends, morals, love, marriage etc.

Finance: calculation, balancing budgets and savings, projections etc.

Knowing mechanical structures: Gear ratios as in stick shifts, tying shoe laces, cutting grass etc.

Cooking: temperatures, measurements, ingrediencies, chemistry etc.

Games: playing with a ball, running and jumping, hand and eye coordination etc.

Appearance: Taking showers, cutting hair and nails, eating right, brushing teeth etc.

You may find that a part is such a large part it may act like a whole. It will have parts of its own. It will be wise to find out those parts too and their purpose. You could list them as sub-parts just to be technical about it or keep them in mind. Nevertheless, they exist in some form or fashion and will need to be listed when found out about.

When The National Aeronautics and Space Administration prepared the program to reach the moon, scientests, engeneers and managers had an inconceivable task to arrange thousands of designs, manufacturing parts, astronaut training into an enormus whole.

Even if all else fails we can pretend! If we pretend long enough eventually we will discover that by assuming all those things (parts) that are required to make it look like the real thing is actually the real thing.

There are two forms, manifistaions or directions that this application can develope.

1. If the subject as a whole is already complete in its entirety.

A. The subject is unknown and you will need to find the parts.

B. You are the subject and you have reached master status.

2. If the subject as a whole is in the process of becoming complete.

A. The subject is partially known and you will need to find the remaining parts.

B. If all else fails pretend.

One thing most assuredly needs to be brought out to the forefront and that is the difference between knowing everything and getting the answer to everything. Knowing everything is impossible but being able to get the answer to everything is a matter of interest, living and experimentation. Even if the answer you seek is a negative, that is still an answer, at least for the time being. Keep seeking and listing the parts to the whole. And ask those questions that are signifigant to the whole whatever it may be.

When I was a young teenager tending to school I asked my brother for assistance in how would I go about getting a girl friend. High School elevated the interaction between girls and my social equilibrium felt tillted to another level, I needed help. His response was, “find a very fat and ugly girl. The fat and ugly girl won’t say no. Then all the girls who will see you walking around with this fat and ugly girl, they will undoubtedly get jealous. You will have the very best pickings.” I was better then average looking so he may have had a point. But I didn’t feel comfortable with that solution and decided I only needed to do two things, which in reality would be considered two parts to this whole of “Having a Girlfriend”. I needed to 1. find the courage to ask a girl of my choice and liking and 2. Be ready mentally to except either a yes or a no. Also what I would do for each individual answer. However that is another whole with a result of many other different responses. I thought about it but did not go that far in listing them. I was to excited and ready to go with my newly founded courage! You see, once you find the parts it is nothing but the truth and the truth always protects you. It is now just a matter of going for it. I was also lucky with being semi-handsome. Those who arn’t as lucky may need to find additional parts to the whole of getting a girl friend.





The Delivery System 14

 Sounds militaristic. The existence of power, motion and thought wouldn’t support two sticks and a fire without it. Life would not exist without it. If you wanted to blame a failure on anything you would not be mistaken that the absence of a delivery system was the source of your problem. At first glance, this seems to be a simple knowledge, but it is extremely powerful. The delivery system is what anything must be or can be. Without it there is nothing, a zero, a void or simply a failure. The mechanism or structure that makes up the delivery system can be anything your heart desires. That’s how wonderful it is, it can be anything you dream of. Also keep in mind it is not that you have a good delivery system or a bad one, it is whether you have one or not that’s most important. I was sitting on the toilet one morning and when the duties were done, realized in one form or another everything is a delivery system. EVERYTHING! The eye is a very interesting delivery system. Mostly a lens that channels the light fractal to your brain. Your mouth, teeth, tong and throat are delivery systems to your stomach. Your car, road ways, lights and signs are delivery systems to get you to your job safely or to your family back home. It is all a delivery system all the way up till the end and until the event disappears or it is complete. Not all delivery systems are helpful. The intellectual (someone smarter than you) can devise trapping mechanisms and take advantage of the less fortunate. To them this advantage may have a purpose but the result, may I point out is that it can be done by action alone. It may not need a purpose.

What about the delivery system?

You depend on every system.

All systems can stall.

Some need maintenance.

Some are fast and some slow.

Some lead you to the truth.

Some will lead you to hell.

Some are complex and can over load.

The ones that kill are the worst of all.

How close we are related to all forms of life is because of the delivery system. How much we depend on all life and use of its nourishment is without question. The obligation in caring for those life forms that deliver the very essence of our existence need to be honorably attended to. A delivery system created that is fixed will need maintenance on a regular basis.


We will never run out of delivery systems because that is the way of the world, planets and suns. It is an absolute without pear.

The old sea captain in Maryland who traveled the Atlantic from Cuba to Maine told me about a cargo hold during the mid 70s. While we were doing the Odd and even rationing, a system of using the last number on a car’s license, oil tankers were pleasantly parked off the coast of America waiting. There was never an oil shortage as some suggested but a political maneuver because of the Yom Kippur War. Here is a perfect example of a delivery system stall.

A promised delivery system that does not exist can lead to a breakdown. Not just in terms of a mental breakdown but a total breakdown. Everything was at stake. All association, actions, energies, designs and money etc. Here is where you may find the greatest sales man who has no idea how a script of a movie is written but will sell the story to you anyway. The con man lives at this address.

Humans are capable of the most inhuman delivery systems such as nuclear bombs or chemical weapons. Attached to these bombs are the deadliest delivery systems ever imagined and produced. Here you have, apart from the initial explosion, hurricane force winds and a brilliant light that burns the skin off your bones, following a down pour of deadly radiation.

My favorite delivery system is how to excite your sexual partner. It is the delivery system before you get to a climax that matters. It is the style of a kiss or a silky touch of a breast. It is noticing the curvature below the spine or the tension of a muscle while tending it to loosen. It is discovering a wetness between the legs or your reaction to a strong grip of love.

Every great artist has delivered something unique. The delivery in art must be special and not ordinary because that is what stands out or apart from others. It becomes noteworthy to the eyes and ears of the beholder. Whatever is special about the art, becomes the artists signature, and becomes the delivery system. That which you see or hear that keeps your attention focused is a powerful delivery system.

Although the art in music is heavily worked in being creative there is a science that helps bring about the delivery and it can be very intense. In my opinion science is the art of measurement which without or not connected to the creation of the delivery cannot be possible.

I have been writing music most of my life and have done so for my own interests in creativity. There is a certain appreciation for self-accomplishment in any field, but music has at its advantage that it can be played back over and over instantaneously.

In our Digital age music programs deliver exceptional quality and are designed to give the user streamline manipulation. However, there is a science to mixing music that takes years to learn and that knowledge is geared to bring about a wonderful listening delivery experience.

One of Star Treks greatest delivery Systems was the food Replicator! My all time favorite.

When we get into the field of prisons and incarceration for extreme punishment the less rehabilitation becomes a delivery system. And when you don’t have a delivery system to the outside world you will undoubtedly get failure. Containment along with a hefty paper trail leading to confinement is designed to stop all delivery systems from reaching an outside perimeter. Rarely does the notion of freedom see the light of day. The process of incarceration is designed to deliver a conveyor belt system where one is repeatedly put through the motions of the legal system abides by a strict set of rules. How much TIME you do is the first rule but remember this, it is their time you are doing not yours. Your time is better spent mastering delivery systems outside within the freedom of the world.

I have only known one criminal in detail. At a young age we became friends and as the years went by our friendship split as his direction was the path of crime and mine became the path of morals. That part of my life was filled with discovery and pain. I have no doubt his universe hovered in the 3rd part of reality. Most if not all of his actions, other then eating and sleeping revolved around theft and later committing felonies. I intentionally lost contact but many years later heard he was rehabilitated and had a job doing scientific measurements. In this case rehabilitation became a delivery system to the outside world.

Now it is time to reveal the mother of all delivery systems, the medium by which this book is really about. It is what allows any method by which one can glimpse into the future, communicate without the visual physical attachments, sense the unknown and do things outside the realm of explanations. It is called: CSE - The conscience space equivalent. At first glance it looks like space has a conscience. What it means is everything that is space can be your conscience and everything that is your conscience can be sent or recieved across space. By using it you can replace the missing 50 percent of your visual experience. It only reveals itself when used for the purpose of being used, other wise forget its existence because it won’t do you any favors unless there is a radical shift of frequency coming from the future. CSE responds well to extreme needs or emergencies and can play tricks of reversing concepts within experience too.










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