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Reengineering Yourself with Dynamic Affirmations


In this e-book you will learn the dynamics of applying affirmations correctly to every single aspect of your life. You will learn how to create a powerful sequence of words which will build a strong magnetic influence over yourself and the things that you want. Affirmation will also allow you to shift your belief and align yourself with what you want.

Aligning yourself with what you want is the beginning process of manifesting. When you are out of alignment what you want has a hard time entering and staying in your life.

You will write a program which will greatly enhance your over all well being. You can heal your physical body, shift old patterns that have limited you and move into areas of physical, mental and emotional transformation with certainly.

This book is priceless for what you will learn and the way the techniques will enhance your life. Do the exercises!

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Perhaps you have tried every technique and still not had the results that you want. Learn:

How to focus on what you want in such a way as to draw what you want into you life more quickly.

How to be in the flow and allow everything which enters your life to work for you and your dreams.
How to get what you want even if you presently have nothing at all.
How to change your life and become wealthy even if you have no education and no money.
Plus there is a precise step to take in order to enter and create your own virtual reality. It is where most people fail and never see any results and no it is not what you believe.

Understand why visualizing has failed. Why some people have seen results and why most have failed.
This package also includes mediations to increase the flow of money in your life.

Learn how to become more sensitive to energy. When you work with energy you intensify your visions on many levels. What comes into your life will be on a greater scale than anything you could ever imagine.

You can have the things of your dreams. The Universe is overflowing with abundance if only you know how to tap into it. The moment you do life will flow in an amazing way in your favor. Follow your joy and all that you love and allow magic to full you.