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Lose weight fast and easy

20 answers to 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Weight Loss



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Table of Contents

1. Is it possible to lose weight by a single meal a day? ….…………………………..… 3
2. Do Carbohydrates make us fat?
….…………………………………………………… 4
3. How will my cravings be regulated?
….………………………………………………. 5
4. How do I get abs fast?
….……………………………………………………………… 6
5. When should I eat— before or after an exercise?
….…………..………………….. 7
6. Why do I get hungry all the time after I decided to lose weight?
….………….…… 8
7. Should the amount of salt in my diet be counted for?
….………….……………..… 9
8. Is Eating More Protein better than Eating More Carbs?
….………..…………….… 10
9. Does sleeping really help to lose weight?
….……………………….……………..… 11
10. How do I know if Im overweight and obese?
….…………..………………………… 12
11. What is the best motivation to exercise?
….………………………………………..… 13
12. What's the difference between eating for weight loss and eating for weight gain? 14
13. Do I really sweat away the fat during exercise?
….………………………………….. 15
14. Why do diets don't work on me?
….………………………….……………..………… 16
15. Is liposuction a good choice for weight reduction?
….………………………….…… 17
16. Is water alone a safe to lose weight?
….……………………………………………… 18
17. How can I deal with my loose skin after losing weight?
….………….……………… 19
18. How can I tell my friend that she is overweight?
….…………………..…..………… 20
19. What is the key to successful weight loss?
….…………………….………………… 21 20. How can I deal with my snacking problem? ….……………………..………..……… 22

Is it possible to lose weight by a single meal a day?

Eating one meal per day isnt sufficient for the whole day s activity. Each meal should provide you the nutrients that are essential for ever day dosage. If you deprive yourself from eating 3 meals a day, your body can get weaker in no time. Eventually, you may soon develop to resist food intake which will then drive you into starvation.

As you starve, your body will depend on your stored fat in order to find a way to regain some energy. You wont know when your fat will deplete, and when you know, it may be too late to turn odds. It is a risky decision that should not be taken for granted. Make a room for another choice; if you badly need to get slim, eat healthy meals three times a day.

The idea of this weight loss can be considered as a manifestation of fasting. Like fasting, food limitation plays the vital role. As compared to a book, no matter how healthy fasting could be, sometimes, you just cant deny the idea that just a meal a day is definitely a deprivation.

Exercise will lend you a lot of help. By exercising, you could be burning off 500 calories after eating of about 300-400 calories meal and it is sure way enough to jump start your weight loss exercise. You have will have burned 200 excess calories. Its a choice of balance; you can do more burning and lose more weight.

You have to have a strong will to lose weight. Even if you lose weight with one meal per day, it would be like suicide. You only get to live once, so take your every step as cautious as you could be.

Do Carbohydrates make us fat?

Eating foods low in carbohydrates is what we usually see in diet programs and advertisements nowadays. They claim that with lower carbohydrate intake, customers shall see a rapid improvement. But is that so?

Carbohydrates do not generally make us fat. This is a common misunderstanding by most people who want to lose weight. Perhaps some are just mislead to the idea because carbohydrates contribute a lot to the blood sugar content of our body which, if unconsumed will be deposited and stocked. Additionally, it is also may be due to the fact that carbohydrates do contain a lot of calories which is the energy of our body, and if unconsumed will likewise cause fabulous bodies to turn to “flabulous” ones.

Note how the word is unconsumed is repeated in either cases. Yes, only if unconsumed shall this thing become threatening. So how can we solve this? We make sure we burn calories as much or more than we take in. We can get rid of the unwanted excessive deposits of sugar and calories in our body then by taking proper diet, amount of water and amount of exercise.

Also take into consideration the other type of carbohydrates, the good carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates are natural carbohydrates that contain dietary fibers, and minerals and vitamins. These minerals and vitamins provide us with sufficient nutrition to get going and fibers can aid proper digestion.

How will my cravings be regulated?

Basically, craving means an intense feeling of eating some specific food, and can be tough to overcome. You dont have to worry about it being an eating disorder because its not. It is a hormonal imbalance due to insufficient healthy nutrients so its totally workable; and here are some ways to get rid of it completely.


Foods with high levels of sugar are mostly womens cravings. These include chocolates, cakes, pastries and other desserts. However, for a fact, these foods alter a lot if we mean to talk about hormonal balance and effect. The lesser sugar intake will be a lot better.

Don’t Diet

Food cravings typically happen when you go on a diet plan. When your body feels the insufficient nutrients of your food intake, you will most probably crave for food containing such nutrient.

Take for example; before you follow the diet plan, you were used to eating enough foods rich in carbohydrates like rice, then suddenly the carb intake is being reduced. Upon the reduction, your body will respond to the insufficient nutrient you used to have daily. Then, food craving will soon to develop.

At this state, your body signals may be being mixed, thus causing you low serotonin. Serotonin is a happy hormone. When its low, we feel sad. Hormonal imbalance causes to have low in serotonin. It is true that chocolates make us feel good for a while but at this state, you might just only typically develop a food craving on it.

Do Distractions

Whenever you feel like so much tempted already to eat the “bad” foods, it is always wise to do some distractions. Your conscience can sometimes be credited on disproving the urge to eat unnecessarily. Once you master this, you might just gain the full control of your cravings.

How do I get abs fast?

Do various regular exercises. Focusing on “just” your abs exercises will not help so much compared when you get a total body workout. If you want to lose your abdominal fats, you will have to lose fats on other areas of your body as well. Sounds tough but dont worry, there are some clever ways to get that abs fast.

Do cardio exercises.

Cardio exercises, from the name itself, focuses on strengthening your heart and lungs, and improving your endurance. Exercises like walking, jogging, cycling and swimming enhance your metabolism which in turn help you lose some fats in most areas of the body.

Avoid eating foods with processed carbohydrates.

Processed carbohydrates that are present in breads, cookies and ice cream should be avoided since they contribute a lot of influence in fat gain. These foods are the apples in the eye that cause massive increase in number obese individuals. They are absolutely one of the main reasons for belly fat.

It is recommended that before you do abs exercises, you should remove the fat that covers in that area first. This is to ensure that the muscles youre going to build will not just add up in the fat layer but rather replace it.

Do abs exercises

Now, building the abs exercises is the most crucial part. One should be careful on what exercise to perform. Some exercises may be effective but when done overly rigorous may be very harmful, just as crunching shortens your abs eventually destroys its shape. Any standing exercises aiming for the abs will be an effective alternative.

Always regulate the kind of exercise that you will undergo. Instead of building your muscles, you might end up harming yourself. This will remind you that doing too much exercise is no good at all.

Do this as often as daily

Do the abs exercise as often as daily for a faster result. Spending an hour or two to work on the routine will melt your fats away and build that abdominal muscles you have always wanted to have.

When should I eat— before or after an exercise?

Come to think of it, for as long as you take an equivalent calorie in out, you should in any way be in the same good standing. For a fact, it isnt the exactly the idea of eating before or after exercising that matters the most. It is how much calories you take in and take out.

However, deciding whether to eat before or after exercising may be crucial at certain situations. If you are up for a rigorous exercise that requires a lot of energy, it may be better if you eat before exercising, especially if the training place is at a certain distance away from any stores or meal house. Doing your hard routines would be difficult if you dont get packed by sufficient energy levels as you should be. On the other hand, if youre routine are cardio exercises only, feel free to get moving even without taking a meal first. It is traditional anyway to take cardio exercises before taking breakfast.

Moreover, this meal is what most people call pre-workout meal. A good pre-workout meal ideally contains protein and carbohydrates like a cup of rice and a slice of lean meat. Carbohydrates will provide you enough energy to get going on your routines while proteins ensure and aid muscle build up and repair.

Why do I get hungry all the time after I decided to lose weight?

Starvation is not the key to a successful weight loss. However, if you really want to lose some weight, you will really have to adjust your meal intake especially if it is critically excessive; however, this might probably cause you to get really hungry all the time. Despite that fact, let it not be a reason enough for you to ruin your program. Try to find a solution for this before you quit.

So, chances are, maybe you are not eating enough healthy foods —which is very important. Healthy foods like vegetables and fruits contain dietary fiber that keeps you feel full much longer than those with less dietary fiber. Fiber-rich foods aid proper digestion and help us compose ourselves between meals. Therefore, we shall not have to eat unnecessary snacks as much as possible.

Talking about snacks, take healthy snacks instead of junk foods. An apple or an orange should be enough to get you going. If you feel like you have to, then dont deprive yourself, but make sure you eat the right foods and right amount of them.

One more thing that doctors really advice is to never skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is okay to eat relatively the most at breakfast because activities are expected to be done after this meal. If you wish to eat more, and then make sure you also do activities that can burn more calories to complement your intake.

Finally, never skip meals. Skipping meals is one way to totally blur your goal. Skipping diet is very unhealthy. Despite the intention of trying to get results faster, you are doing the opposite. Skipping meals causes hormonal imbalances to our body and can alter our ideal body condition. It is always advised to eat and never skip healthy meals.

Should the amount of salt in my diet be counted for?

It is important to understand that what we consider here is our everyday preservative that we can find in our kitchens. Aside from being a preservative though, salt or sodium chloride, or iodized salt, is also commonly known as an important ingredient in our recipes to give more flavor and taste as well. To that, different researches have been made up to date to further clarify how much salt can affect our body.

Most commonly, the amount of salt can be found in the label. For a fact, fresh foods contain less salt than canned ones. In some instances too, dietitians believe that highly commercialized dishes may contain more salt than home-made ones do. Thus, it is as always safer and better to pick the fresh and natural ones over canned goods, and make your own favorite recipe than consistently take your meals in a food chain. You may not be aware but theres a big possibility that you have already absorbed more salt than your body needs. Adults are recommended only for sodium intake not to exceed 2400 milligrams per day.

There are different effects on human body when salt is taken, thats why it is important that we must be cautious in what we eat. True that there are bodies that are highly tolerant in salt but there are some as well that should be very sensitive. Those that have very poor tolerance in salt must be careful as they pose the highest risks to salt-related diseases among anyone else.

When things go wrong, salt-related diseases may occur such as kidney malfunction and high blood pressure. Since the kidneys regulate the sodium in our body, when a vast amount of this chemical becomes beyond control of our filtering kidneys, a blood pressure can occur or at worse, a kidney malfunction.

You may need not to worry though since salt has small effect on people with normal blood pressure on average. Yet all of us must remain vigilant to eating unhealthy foods or so not to risk our own lives from serious kidney diseases or infections especially the elderly people.

Naturally, it's constantly a good thing to remember to talk over health concerns with the doctor. And as always, we must keep in mind that a balanced diet is the key to moderate the food matter as well as salt neutralization.

Is Eating More Protein better than Eating More Carbs?

The protein plays a vital role in exercising. It composes the amino acids that aid in building and repairing your muscle tissues. Similarly, amino acids form enzymes and hormones which support better metabolism, maintain healthy immune system and help the other body functions.

On the other hand, eating carbohydrates enables an active and energetic exercise life. It is one of the nutrients that our body needs for energy. It is the source of blood sugar that energizes your body organs and tissues. Additionally, eating more carbohydrates allows the storage of extra sugar to the liver and the muscles for later needs.

To wrap it up, you must understand how these funct ion so youll know as to when you need the other more than the other. You have to be cautious about the contributions and effects of these two essential components to your body so you can prepare proper meal as deemed necessary.

Further it is important that you maintain a balanced diet and take everything in moderation. Anything good when done excessively is considered an abuse and harmful indeed. You may eat more protein so you can repair and supplement the right support your body needs in body building or any other similar activities. You may eat more carbohydrates so that you can get going a lot more than „good by getting sufficient amount of energy. Theres no telling exactly which should be taken more than the other since they have different functions.

Most importantly, take enough of both and do religious exercise. This way will sure get your body to the fittest.

Does sleeping really help to lose weight?

Sleeping is a commodity that every people can never get away with. Even if we dont want to sleep, our body will always require us to do such a thing. Sleeping is a pleasure as much as eating is. However, over the years, more and more people believe that oversleeping and skipping meals is one way to lose weight; which isnt exactly right. The exact relationship between sleeping and losing weight isnt fully discovered yet, however, there are few significant propositions that researchers themselves agree with.

Sleeping and psychology. Getting enough sleep makes us feel fit and capable to do our daily activities especially our weight loss programs, may it be going to gym or even just a daily brisk walkjog routine. The thing is, when we dont get enough sleep, our body becomes weak and incapable to do things right (and we can feel that). Even if we wish to go to the gym for example, our judgment will be altered and we tend to realize we simply cant because our body demands a rest; thus, we skip our activities and do not burn up calories. There will also be a tendency that when we are about to do some hard stuffs, we draw ourselves back from these, bearing the guilt or fear that we didnt give our self a rest last night then we push it so hard on the day.

Sleeping and physiology. Relevant researches have been made to link sleeping and losing weight. Though the exact thing is yet unknown, researchers believe that by getting sufficient amount of sleep, our basal metabolic rate is improved, that is, our bodys ability to burn up calories while at rest is improved. Thus, inadequate sleep in return doesnt only weaken us but also slows down our metabolism. An inadequate sleep can also mess up the growth hormones in our body thus the fat ratio can also go wrong.

Substantially, sleeping is part of how we were designed. As Chinese traditional healers suggest,it is in fighting our nature that we can never win. We cant help but eat, drink and sleep. And as for losing weight, sleeping is as important as exercising. We cannot exercise if we havent slept. When we exercise, we use energy, and when we sleep we regain some. If we havent regained anything, then there is nothing for us to burn.

How do I know if Im overweight and obese?

Overweight and obesity are considered to be a highly rising epidemic. The advertisements for diet supplements and diet pills are proofs of how the world tries to solve the problem. Primarily, this may be due to the changing lifestyles of the constantly evolving society and that many already gave in to high fat and sugar diets which gradually make them develop somewhat “laziness” in them that is further leading to reduction of their physical activities which exponentially cause their imbalances with their calorie in and calorie out counter.

First of all, both overweight and obese are terms used to describe a persons body mass index. When we talk about weight, many will just shove the topic away because they feel like it. Always keep in mind though that this is not a measure of respecting someone or not, it is a measure of how you respect yourself and how much you value your health.

Body Mass Index BMI is the ratio of your weight over the square of your height. This signifies that itdoesnt matter if you are tall or short as it is not the only way to infer your health, but instead you just have to make sure that your height and weight are at an acceptable range of proportion. BMI varies from person to person. Certain range of BMI differentiates the underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese.

An adult is considered healthy or at a normal range, when he/she has a BMI of range between 18.5 and 24.9 kg/m2. A person is called overweight when he/she is above a healthy weight. It will have to be a BMI of between 25 to 29.9 kg/m2. And finally, an adult having a BMI of 30 or more kg/m2 is considered to be obese.

What is the best motivation to exercise?

Motivation is the common problem of every person who dares to maintain exercising. It is strongest when you have decided to do the exercise but eventually gets weaker over time. Theres a lot of ways to motivate you, but only few are effective and lasting.

Ask yourself why you want to change your lifestyle and get a healthy exercising habit. Have you ever been facing the mirror and asking some answers for this? Well you better do it. Understanding ones self is the best way to start with. There is no telling that this kind of motivation does not falter most of the time because theres no one who knows yourself better than you do.

It is not half bad to admit to yourself your weaknesses. In the contrary, it even motivates you to become strong. Thus, motivation can be about asking anything that you dont have—look good and feel better than you are already.

Get to know the benefits of exercise will also motivate you. The reasons in exercising might include of wanting having abs, biceps, or a sexy body.
Exercise is a choice

Being weak and overweight are too. It might sound rude but that s true. Wanting to be somebody youre not is hard but not impossible. It is your decision to stay what you are now or strive for a new you. You decide.

Exercise and become attractive

Your body will speak for you if you reach your goal. And by exercising, you do the cheapest and most effective way to achieve a healthy body. Close your eyes and imagine how youll look like—the fitter and sexier you. And by exercising, that imagination will come to reality.

What's the difference between eating for weight loss and eating for weight gain?

Obviously, as their title suggests, the difference between eating for weight loss and eating for weight gain is their long time goal. Typically, when we go on a certain diet, first thing is to determine what our aim is, whether we want to gain or we want to lose (we mean here our weight) and this decision shall determine the program that we are to follow.

Perhaps not as much as that number of overweight people but there is a vast population of those suffering underweight as well. Ideally, eating for weight gain is for those who are “under” the normal range and eating for weight loss is for those “over” the normal range.

Eating for weight loss includes the gradual reduction of food intake to lower the energy level to reach the normal range. It is by practice the limiting of the food intake by calorie count so that after a certain span of time, stored energy or the fats shall have been already burned naturally.

Most often, doctors advice those undergoing this program to eat minimum carbohydrates depending on their health requirements. However, despite restrictions, an appropriate energy level and enough nutrients is taken into account as well. In general, eating for weight loss primarily is concerned of taking proper diet so not to compromise the health while losing some weight.

Eating for weight gain on the other hand is naturally the opposite. It is primarily concerned of gradually increasing the amount of food intake while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet to raise the weight to a normal range. It doesnt mean you will have to eat a lot of fatty foods or chocolates for this program to work. On the contrary, you will have to take larger meals by increasing the proportions of food intake and undergo an extensive body training most likely on a gym to add some weight and muscles.

Do I really sweat away the fat during exercise?

A common misconception is that when we sweat as we complete an exercise or a routine, we sweat away fat. It is wrong to think that we are or we can be sweating away fat. Sweating means we are excreting water, salt and urea via our pores—very far from fat. Therefore, most likely, the weight thatwe may lose after a strenuous exercise isnt actually anything else but the water that we sweat out along the process.

The thing is that the fats we may lose may depend on several factors like what exercise we do, for how many minutes we do it, our body mass and our previous meal right before exercising. What we do or that specific routine that we do, matters since there are a lot of fats in our body and by choosing the right routines, we can target which fats we want to lose. The length of time that we do these routines will matter as well since there lies different thresholds for every human body in order for them to start sweating, say John for example may start sweating after 2 minutes of jogging while Jim starts sweating after 5 minutes of doing the same thing at exact temperature. Moving on, same goes for the body mass. Different body masses will contribute to different thresholds as well. But crucially, our pre workout meal will mean a lot as to how much fat we can or perhaps we should burn. Remember that our fats are our stored energies, and our meals are our energy intake. Therefore, if we use energy more than we have taken in, we consume our stored energies thus enabling us to reduce our fat.

Remember though that it is advisable to check with your physician first if to confirm the capability or our physical fitness to perform the routines. It is recommended to drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise.

Why do diets don't work on me?

Diets teach you what to eat and what not. Most likely you will be manipulated —counted calories per meal and the scheduled food and even the weighted meal. These are some reasons why diet cannot sustain a lasting output. But giving another look at it wont hurt—is failure in the dieting itself?

Some diet contributes knowledge on what food we better buy in general and budgetwise speaking. It also teaches us how to cook and how to plan our food to get enough nutrients and avoid unhealthy foods.

Yet, we can t deny that there are more diets that offer surreal recommendations and even unnecessary food limitations. Diets are for deprivation of food. Theres no way it can change your eating behaviors completely.

How long can you restrain from eating any food you like? Diet this week and gain weight the next week. Its becoming as if diet is done for a short term satisfaction of losing weight.

Diets do not ask anyone whys. It does not answer the real reason of your being overweight. You see, theres more to personal reasons than what you see. Some are fat because of their emotional reasons like love, hatred and boredom. These reasons are not meant for diet to understand and if we dont solve that problem first, everything will just be a cycle of failures.

Is liposuction a good choice for weight reduction?

Liposuction is just a cosmetic procedure that removes fat from a certain targeted part of human body. Liposuction, although it actually reduces weight from the removed fat, cannot be considered actually among the exercising and dieting options since unlike those two, it is an unnatural way of an instant weight reduction. Liposuction may be helpful and beneficial but its results are a gamble since our bodies are technically made to have that ability to restore most tissues or parts that has been lost as much as possible.

Especially for celebrities, liposuction will always be a good seller to keep that good figure, or perhaps to get that ideal body. However, experts say that it isnt exactly a real weight reduction. It may be totally temporary only. It isnt exactly nor scientifically linked or proven to have to do with an

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