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Launch Your Love

Life … NOW!!

By David DeAngelo

Welcome to the Launch Your Love Life complete ebook collection. Inside,

you will find the BEST advice from world-famous dating and relationship

expert, David DeAngelo.

The information in this ebook is designed to help YOU to go from dateless

and alone... to a man full of confidence, integrity and appeal who is hugely

successful with women, dating and relationships.

No matter where you are right at this moment, this is where to begin.

Read up, learn, practice the tips and techniques, and see what making a

few tweaks to your daily habits, your body language and your mindset can

do to take you from zero to hero with the woman of your dreams.

David's personal mission is to help as many men around the world as he

can to find that satisfying, intense, total 10 relationship with a woman who is

a perfect fit for him.

Are you ready to Launch Your Love Life?

Then by all means, read on....





5 Best Ways To

Get A Date NOW!!

By David DeAngelo

5 Best Ways To Get A Date NOW

By David DeAngelo

Do you spend way too much precious time out of your life wishing and wondering what

it would be like to succeed with women?

If you’re like I used to be, I can predict that you spend a LOT of time fantasizing about this stuff.

That’s why, today, I’m excited to share a special “quick start” guide dedicated to

helping you stop wondering and dreaming… and start getting out there, meeting and

getting dates with amazing women.

In the following pages, you’ll learn the quickest, easiest ways that I’ve discovered to:

● leave fear behind and approach women with confidence

● say and do everything right to get a woman’s attention… and get dates

● “close the deal” to take things to a physical level and beyond.

Best of all, I’m going to show you my best shortcuts for doing it ALL in natural,

effortless ways that make meeting women and getting dates feel almost second-nature

to you.

Sound good?

I thought it would.

Let’s get started...

Best Way To Get A Date #1: Change Your Routine

No doubt about it... most guys don’t know where to begin when it comes to meeting

women and getting dates.

They keep banging their heads against the wall, doing difficult, inconvenient, expensive stuff that never works.

They keep going places they can't stand being in the hopes of "randomly" coming across a great woman who might give them the time of day.

They keep chasing women who aren't interested or available. They sift through dating

sites and ping women who will NEVER respond to them. They constantly aim for that

one-in-a-million "ideal girl."

What a waste of effort, time and money.

So guess what happens next:

They end up feeling so discouraged, hopeless, and depressed about their lack of results that they finally give up.

And who can blame them?

Having a parade of random women flowing through your life whom you have nothing in

common with is how NOT to succeed.

That’s why, when it comes to bringing the right women into your life and getting dates with them, one of the best things you can do is making a few small adjustments to your life’s routine that are quick, easy, and won't cost a thing…

… but that make a HUGE difference when it comes to succeeding with women and

dating at last.

Here’s how:

STEP 1: Sit down with your laptop (or even a pen and paper, you’ll be amazed how well they still work) and start listing the top qualities and characteristics you want in the women you meet in life.

Remember to make these qualities reasonable... unless you're an A-list movie actor or a rock star, there's just no way you can set up your routine so that a supermodel knocks on your door every hour.

That aside, though, you’re good to go. Get that list going.

We'll take "Attractive" as a given. Maybe you'd also like the women you meet to be caring... intelligent… outgoing and generous… sensitive… all great.

STEP 2: Once you have these characteristics in hand, here comes the hard part: start thinking about the routine of your life as you live it right now.

Put some effort in here. Really think about it in detail. Consider all of the traveling, tasks, errands, and recreation that are part of your day-to-day experience.

This could include the small stuff you do on a regular basis like grocery shopping or

walking Fido at the dog park. It could be grabbing a mocha at the corner cafe every

morning, or jogging, or going to the gym. Make a list of these things. Leave nothing out.

Now here’s the really critical part. in life.

STEP 3: Begin adding NEW places and activities to the list that you've always wanted to get to.


These are things you've always wanted to do but have been putting off, like learning

how to skydive or snowboard.

Maybe it's stuff you used to do and would like to start doing again, like taking classes or playing a sport.

Then, once you have your full list of "life activities" together, it's time to move on to: STEP 4: Clearly, the routines of you’re living right now aren’t doing much to help your dating success. So here’s where things gets fun:

Take a few moments to carefully go through your complete list and categorize each

entry in one of 3 ways:

“Doing It”...


And "finally: “Wishful Thinking”

For your “Doing it” entries…It’s time to CHANGE THINGS UP in this list RIGHT NOW in

ways that will immediately increase your exposure to new opportunities with women.

Stop into a different coffee shop. Walk Fido somewhere else.

You get the picture.

For your “Doable” list entries…It’s time to

start making some plans to make these

happen. Whether you want to take up knitting

or extreme snowboarding, jump online and

enroll in a class. Join Facebook groups. Get

the wheels turning in all the ways that bring a

flow of new people… AND WOMEN… into

your life.

Of course, some of the stuff on your list may sound like just a dream right now… your

“Wishful Thinking” items. Here’s the truth about these…

Usually, these are goals that you simply need more confidence, time, or money to get into. And that’s fine.

I’m here to tell you… once you get women and dating handled, your life will change in

amazing ways that make all of this and more completely possible - and that will naturally lead to getting dates with more and more women!

Best Way To Get A Date #2: Give Her What She’s Looking For

If you know anything my teaching when it comes to women and dating, you know that

this one is practically the whole ballgame.

If you learn to do nothing else, to start getting dates, you MUST learn how to do this. But if it were easy, you’d be doing it already, right?

So let’s get into this… just what is it that EVERY woman is really looking for in a man who approaches her?

The answer is no surprise after you've spoken to as many women as I have about the subject...

Women want a man who makes them FEEL something (other than complete

boredom or total revulsion) from the moment he approaches them.

This is why approaching women trying to use pick-up lines and logic is a loser's game.

Even worse, "hitting on a woman" is a total road to nowhere (ever wonder why they call it "hitting" on a woman? It's because it's usually so painful for her).

Basically, there's just no way that lines, wuss-like begging and Vulcan logic can connect with a woman EMOTIONALLY.

On the other hand… if you start off the interaction with a woman in the right way, you'll instantly start making her feel it for you… and that will cause her to see almost anything you do from then on as attractive.

This is huge. It should be written on that tablet held by the Statue Of Liberty or something...

It’s simply this:

Once a woman thinks of you in a particular way, good or bad, she will KEEP

thinking of you that way (and it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to change things).

In other words, if you start out by doing everything wrong, from acting like a WUSSY to begging and chasing, she's going to assume that you will ALWAYS act like this, and

she’s going to REJECT you instantly.

Makes sense, right? There are 50 more guys lined up behind you… why should she

waste even another minute on you?



Once you learn how to approach a woman in the right way to get her attention

and create attraction right from the start, you’re golden… getting a date with her

becomes a foregone conclusion, no matter where, how, or when you approach a


So what’s the right way to approach her to get that date?

Let me put it this way…

I recently went online and looked through women's profiles (more on the “online” part of getting dates coming up…)

And sure enough, there it was:

One word kept popping up again and again when it came to what almost EVERY

WOMAN was looking for in a guy...

And that word was "FUN".

The magic secret was right there in front of me...


If you can be that one-in-a-hundred guy who can make his first few moments with a

woman FUN, then you’ve taken control of the whole interaction and can basically take it anywhere that you want it to go.

This is a THOUSAND TIMES MORE POWERFUL than having money or good looks or

the "perfect pick-up line".

On the other hand… if you blow it by NOT making things fun for her… then you've

destroyed any chance for success with her.


In fact, women tell me all the time that they spend the

minutes after a man approaches them waiting for him

to finally "give up" and "go away".

They tell me most men BORE them. Act awkward and

nervous… unsure of what to say... using body

language that projects fear and uncertainty… hemming

and hawing and using those same lame, stale pick-up


This why making the experience FUN for a woman

gives you a MAGICAL ADVANTAGE over 99% of all

other guys.

It moves you closer to closing the deal with her more

quickly and easily than you ever imagined possible.


Let's say you're near a supermarket when you see a

woman you'd like to meet.

What a great chance to make things FUN.

All you have to do is walk up to her and say: "Excuse me... I was on my way to grab a few groceries to cook a special dinner, and I need a woman's advice. Would you

mind helping me?"

Of course, most men feel like this sounds unthinkable... why would you do

something like asking a woman to accompany you on an errand to the

supermarket... possibly to prepare for a date with ANOTHER woman?

Let's analyze the A-B-C’s of what's really happening here for the answer...

A. By asking for a woman for help (while showing no signs of the usual "pick-up mode" anxiety, twitchy gestures, laughs and ticks, etc) you’re immediately

broadcasting insanely huge CONFIDENCE to a woman every time.

B. At the very same time, even as she senses that you’re a man with sky-high

confidence, she also senses that you're "no threat" because you're possibly

preparing for a big date with ANOTHER woman. Huge bonus: you’re also letting

her know that you’re IN-DEMAND at the same time!

C. Best of all, you're showing the woman that you're FUN and SPONTANEOUS.

Any guy who’s asking women for advice about a dinner date is up for anything,

and she’s immediately wondering what’s going to happen NEXT (also known

as the opposite of being bored.)

Try this out, and what's going to happen next?

9 times out of 10, a woman will be so intrigued and interested that "blowing you off"

will be the furthest thing from her mind. Assuming she's not in a rush, she'll probably say something like:

"What? You want me to come grocery shopping with you?"

She'll be wonderfully confused. She'll be emotionally engaged. You'll have her full


Communicate all of this to a woman, and she'll immediately be hooked. She'll instantly respect you and want to know more about you.

In other words, she'll feel the first tiny sparks of that magic feeling called

ATTRACTION. And, as you may know, that's what EVERYTHING that I teach is all about.

But okay. So now you have her attention.

What's next? Do I really have to say it again?


Early in the supermarket visit, make a pass by the magazine rack. It's literally a bottomless pit of fun conversation.

Pick up a tabloid and make fun of some handsome movie star's picture. When

you're in the aisles, pick up some odd product. A jar of "Clamato" juice or


Show it to her with a baffled look and bust on her "What's in this stuff? Who drinks it?

You look like thèClamato' type..."

If the woman picks up anything, bust on that, too... "Wow, that's

fattening..." If she gets nothing, ask her if she's fasting.

Whatever. There are a million possibilities at this

point. And here’s the best part:

Once you have her suggestions about what SHE would cook for a date, it's time to

"close the deal"...

At check-out, let her know that you're shopping to make dinner for HER after all. At this point, it's almost GUARANTEED she won't reject you for three reasons:

● By now, you've engaged her EMOTIONS. She's feeling fun and adventure,

separating you from all the other guys who just make her feel bored and


● Because all this was NON-THREATENING to her, she's much more likely to

give you the "benefit of the doubt" and go along for the ride a little further.

● Above all, you've proven you're a "FUN GUY" while she didn't even

realize it was happening!

This example is specific to the supermarket, but I think you can see how it could be

universally applied to almost any place you happen to be, no matter what the situation is.

Here’s another great example.

Go into any bar or club.

Take a good look around.

When you do, you'll notice something right away...

It’s that 99% of the single guys in the place look pretty miserable.

Most will look like they can't wait to get home.

It’s like they're waiting to see the dentist. They act like deer in the headlights. They broadcast that they're totally clueless.

And it’s all happening for just one reason: THEY'RE NOT HAVING FUN.

The fact is, for most guys, going out to a bar or club to "pick up women" really is about as enjoyable as a root canal. And every women in the room -- especially the attractive ones -- pick up on the miserable "vibe" most guys put out there.

Without even trying, women can sense "LOSER" coming off these guys like a bad radio station playing a song they just can't turn off.

YOU need to take advantage of this situation.

Almost every guy in the room is so busy looking miserable and sabotaging himself that it kills his chances with these women before he ever opens his mouth…

… and clears the way for YOU.

Don’t waste this opportunity.

Learn how to make one simple that puts the spotlight of attention squarely on YOU… and how off-the-hook fun you are.

Here are a couple techniques that you can use at a bar or club or anywhere to do it

without ever saying a word…

Rolling With The Girls

Stay with me, this one sounds a bit counterintuitive at first...

Let me ask you: when you know you’re going out and may find yourself in a situation to meet women, who do you think you should have with you?

If you’re thinking you need your “wolf pack” and your “wingmen” with you to feel

confident and secure, guess what…

Once again, you’re thinking just like that 99% of all other boring, predictable guys.

As we discussed, this is NOT the way to stand out, get noticed, and move to the head of the line with women who are getting approached and hit on all day.

That in mind…

To get noticed by women (while also having them instinctively feel at ease and “safe”

with you) the best people to roll with are OTHER WOMEN.

So gather up the girls… women that you feel comfortable and confident around.

They can be friends, sisters, whatever. Just wrangle up two or three great women whom

you know and trust, and go out together.

You’ll be astonished by how well this works… at the club, the mall, wherever, when

you’re with other women, they put out a vibe to every other female in the vicinity that you’re a “catch.”

Best of all, it immediately makes the women you want to approach feel at ease

with you. It’s like carrying around a magic key that unlocks every door for you.

Rolling With The Guys

If you’re set on traveling with your “wolf pack,” here’s a way to make that work like

magic for you, too...

Go ahead and call up a buddy or two and ask them to meet you at a bar or club near

you. Before YOU go out, make sure to bring a CAMERA with you.

It can be a stand-alone digital, or built into your cell phone. Doesn't long as the camera has a working flash.

As you hang out with your friends, start snapping a few pictures of each other.

As the flashes go off, get loud. Start to laugh. Snap a shot of the bartender. High-five each other. Laugh some more.

In other words (here it comes again in case you didn’t get the message) make sure to

show that you’re having FUN.

But, at the same time, also make sure NOT to pay attention to any of the women in the place.

Just party with your friends, and THAT'S ALL.

This will slowly begin to create an energy around you that's positively MAGNETIC.

Before you know it, you'll be drawing people over who want to know "What's going on over here?" Both men and women all wondering, "Why are THOSE guys having so

much fun... and what am I missing out on here?"

These signals create an irresistible "vibe" that will draw women to you because, when you're genuinely having a good time, you naturally put out signals that cause

women to be naturally intrigued and curious about you.


Without even trying, you generate 80% of the body language needed to create

attraction… broadcasting biologically proven expressions, movements, and eye contact

that get a woman’s attention.

Here’s one more easy example of how to show a woman you’re FUN and therefore

spark instant interest…

Fun Flirting

Let’s say you go into Starbucks to order, and the woman behind the counter is someone

you’d like to strike up a conversation with.

Order your drink, then take out your credit card and hand it to her. Watch carefully...

When she goes to take the credit card, pull it back just a tiny bit so she misses

it. When she tries to grab it again, pull it back again.

The first time she’ll think she made a mistake...

but the second time, she’ll realize that you’re

actually doing it on purpose, and you’ll see her

look up at you.

And, in that moment, a little window

opens where you’re flirting and

having fun. This is when you need to

pay close attention:

If you’re on top of your game, you will feel

that you’ve created a tiny moment of chemistry and sexual tension with her…

Now, it’s time to use some other techniques that we’re about to talk about to close the deal. But, in the meantime, always remember:

Whether you’re at the grocery store, or at a bar, or walking through a mall, when you

approach a woman with a sense of "Hey, let's have an adventure, let's go have some FUN..." it's 100% contagious.

A woman will start attributing all those positive feelings to you...

… and you're golden.

You'll not only end up with her number at the end of the day... she'll probably end up BEGGING YOU to bring her home.


Here’s how to make it happen…

Best Way To Get A Date #3: Master Online Communication

In this day and age, every time you’re on your computer... tablet... smart phone...

whatever... whenever you’re connected, you’re truly just one click away from getting a date.

What an awesome time to be alive. What could be easier?

I could talk for days about the power of online dating (I think I literally have in my video programs), but let me give you a few key pointers right here.

Here’s what you MUST keep in mind:

There are literally tens of millions of people trying to use the same tools a for dating.

Therefore, easy to imagine that women who go online, join dating sites, etc., get tons of pings from men. That’s why...

Now more than ever you need to remember that online dating is a big numbers game.

Right off the bat, you need to know that creating a great profile and Facebook page are prerequisites for separating yourself from the crowd and putting the odds in your favor.

So make sure to turbocharge YOUR online presence with energy and personality.

For example, instead of writing a profile that says: "I'm a nice, regular, boring guy who loves puppies and rainbows and cuddling," say: "I'm that guy your mom warned you about. But hey, we both know that you never listened to her."

You’ll get more than a second look if you do just this much to come across as different than every other bland, boring guy who has no clue how to “advertise” ATTRACTION.

Also, remember that most systems will have your updated profile come up first in

search results because it's "fresher." So, to increase your dating success in a big way, you MUST update your profile every day.