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How to text a

girl you like

Advice on how to text girls back

By: Michael Peacheater


© Street Pickup 2014

Table of Contents


How long to wait before you cal back and what to do when she asks "who is this?"

How to avoid girls giving you their number "just to be nice"

Should you cal or text?

How to set up a date

Meeting a girl and her friends is not a date Cal back techniques: Have a schedule

Cal backs are an emotional rol ercoaster

Don't chase bad leads


© Street Pickup 2014


This is a short book about techniques to use while texting a girl after getting her number.

It answers many questions guys have when it comes to texting girls back:

● How long should I wait after meeting her?

● What if she asks, “who is this?”

● What should I say?

● What if she flakes?

● How do I get her out on a date with me?

I want to let you get right to the content so I’l make this short.

For even MORE examples of texts you can send to girls, check out the crowdsourced text database


© Street Pickup 2014

How long to wait before you call back and what to do when she asks "who is this?"

This is an ageold question when it comes to pickup advice.

How long do you wait before you cal a girl back?

What I usual y do:

1) Text her right when I get the number. This does 2 things. She’l know who it is (you can avoid “who is this?” completely) and it verifies that the number she gave you is correct. She’l flip or act awkward if she in fact gave you a fake number.

2) Obviously that first text doesn’t warrant a response. I usual y wait between 17 days before asking her out. My rule is that I do it when I have time and when I feel like it. I think 14 days is best. 57 days is pushing it and chances are she’l either forget about you or start to resent you. I’ve had success texting girls a week after meeting them but it’s more of an exception than a rule. Depends on the girl I suppose.


© Street Pickup 2014

How to avoid girls giving you their number "just to be nice"

Why do so many numbers not work out?

It is wel known amongst guys who pick up girls regularly that most numbers do not work out, i.e. the girl wil give you her number but never hang out with you.

(The only guys that say they have most of their numbers work out are getting like, one phone number a month.)

One reason why this is: She only gave you her number to be nice or to be social y acceptable.

You’re in a social interaction, you’re talking. Maybe she wants to leave, but doesn’t know how to say it. Girls would rather avoid the social awkwardness of walking away abruptly, or saying “no you can’t have my number” than to deal with the consequences of that awkwardness.

What is the ideal reason a girl gives her number to you? Because she WANTS to see you again. She WANTS to get to know you. She WANTS

to get in your pants. She WANTS to get fucked by you.

NOT: she wants to get out of there and the fastest way is to give you her number and run.

So the question now is: how do you do that?

The answer is obvious when you think about it: don’t be nice to her.


© Street Pickup 2014

I do some downright crazy shit to girls I just met. Grab their butt, comment on their boobs, tel them I want to fuck them, stare at them for way too long.

Understand: I’m doing it essential y to test and qualify them. To ensure they don’t waste my time in the future.

Another way of looking at it: I’m giving her a “social out”.

If she doesn’t like what I’m giving her, NOW she can say fuck off and run away because I gave her a reason to.

An upside to this: it builds attraction and desire as wel . If she sees the sexual side of you it wil bring out the sexual side in her.

Girls want to be wanted. If you show her that you want her, she’l want you.

So even numbers that would have been flaky otherwise are now turned into good numbers.

No more lukewarm bul shit interactions where girls make excuses not to fuck you.

Fuck me or fuck off.


© Street Pickup 2014

Should you call or text?

Back when I started game in 2006, the rule was: it is always better to cal .

Now, my opinion has changed slightly.

Nowadays, everyone has an iPhone or some kind of smart phone.

Everyone texts. It’s normal.

You can stil cal .

I always found phone cal s to be too impersonal. They’re like a compromise between lowcommitment, “I’m busy so here’s this message”

texting, and reallife interaction.

I’d cal if I had time or if I was “bootycal ing” a girl late at night and I’m drunk.

Am I going to cal a girl to make plans? Al 20 that I’m currently chasing? I don’t have time for that and hopeful y neither do you.

What about the girl?

Pick up guys tend to take this rigid, onesided viewpoint (i.e. cal because it portrays MY confidence), but what about considering what the girl thinks of cal ing? It takes two to tango.

You’l hear sometimes that a girl was impressed that some guy had the confidence to cal her.

The problem with anecdotes like that is that they’re only anecdotes.

So one guy had one interaction and you think it applies everywhere?


© Street Pickup 2014


I’ve met girls who think talking on the phone is awkward, especial y when you don’t know the person.

They’l see that you’re cal ing and think “Wow, this guy’s weird, why is he cal ing me? I don’t even know him”.

So in a way, it has now become almost social y unacceptable to cal .


Remember that awkward scene from Swingers where the guy who’s trying to learn how to get girls leaves some girl a voicemail, and it’s awkward as fuck?

You don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Voicemail is obsolete.

It pisses me off when people leave me voicemail.

Instead of spending 2 seconds to check a text message, I now have to cal an actual number, listen to the robot voice, type in my voicemail password, and then I can listen to your message.

I can’t believe anyone would consider that acceptable.

The lesson

It’s okay to text, everyone does it.


© Street Pickup 2014

How to set up a date

I had a post before about “double booking”. It was basical y that you could set up multiple dates for the same time so that you could increase your chances of having a date at that time.

This post wil go more in depth on how to set up a date. It’l incorporate double booking but in addition explain the chal enges and obstacles you may face (i.e. what if both girls say yes?) and how to overcome them so things play out smoothly.

This is not a onetrack game

Just like how a girl never has only guy who is trying to pursue her at any moment in time, you should not just be chasing one girl.

This goes for game overal and especial y applies to setting up dates.

On the way to a date, or after a date, I’l meet NEW girls that I can then go on dates with either right then and there, later that day, or some time in the near future. I am always adding to and deleting from my queue.

It starts midday

I start texting girls in the middle of the day to set up dates. Usual y a ping like “hey” or “yo” is fine. I don’t want to seem (and actual y am not) too eager.

Earlier than that, and I’m busy with my own work. Later than that, I find I get a lot of “I already made plans”.

Sometimes I ask the girl what she’s doing that night.


© Street Pickup 2014

Other times I go the other extreme and say something like “meet me at 9

at X place”.

IF I get lucky and a girl responds soon with something like “ok! see you then”, then al the stragglers either have to be pushed to another day or to another time.

i.e. If one says yes, and she seems promising, I’l tel her to meet me at 9.

If another one seems flaky but stil says yes, I’l tel her to meet me at 7.

I actual y don’t specify a time until I have a general idea of who I’l be seeing. This is why I like text you can wait as long as you want before you respond.

You don’t have to respond

Sometimes a girl says hi back, but at that point I’ve already made some dates, so I just won’t respond. Early bird gets the worm.

Plan your dates sooner rather than later I prefer not to set dates too far in advance. If I already have dates for tonight and tomorrow night from today’s texts, I just won’t respond to the rest of the girls.

Sometimes they complain, “it always takes you a day to respond!”

I… just don’t care.

I find that the further a date is set in the future, the less likely it is that it’l actual y happen/the girl won’t flake.

I find the limit is about one week. If you set a date one week in advance, it’s definitely not going to happen.


© Street Pickup 2014

Sometimes, just to be snarky, I’l set up a date 2 weeks, or a month in advance, and then not talk to that girl at al . And then talk to her again a month later.

Do your parallel things in parallel

Remember when I said this is not a onetrack game? I real y mean that!

I do this whole routine almost every day, unless I am busy.

But the girls I do it to are a completely different set of girls (unless there is a particular girl I want to piss off by texting her every day).

So what’s the lesson here? Be chasing enough girls so that your “text rotation” has a period of about 34 days.

Cut your losses

Recal : Not only am I always adding to my queue, I’m always deleting from my queue.

I am chasing so many girls, that the ones you don’t fit the bil , I just drop.

I already know when I meet a girl how much effort I’m going to put into meeting her. If she somehow demands more effort, I’l just stop talking to her.

This is why you must do things in paral el!

Don’t stop till you drop

Sometimes, I’l have a horrible date, finish early, and then booty cal everyone I haven’t replied to yet. Just the other day a girl came to meet me at 11pm after I hit the gym, because she wanted to get drunk. I had NO

hope for this girl at al because the initial interaction was super hostile. I basical y told her it was horrible meeting her. After al was said and done, 11

© Street Pickup 2014

she said I was the best fuck she’d ever had. So sometimes the girl’s circumstances wil work for you, other times against you.

The idea is YOU should be the one choosing who to go for, and who to drop. You should be giving yourself enough opportunities such that you’re not thinking about “this girl” or “that girl”, you’re thinking, “who am I going to choose from my STREAM of women”?


© Street Pickup 2014

Meeting a girl and her friends is not a date Sometimes you’l be talking to a girl, trying to hang out or whatever, and she’l drop subtle hints that she wants to hang out as a group.

Don’t fall for it

Look, maybe you’re real y into a girl, and you think this might be your chance to get to know her.

I see it from a completely different perspective.

And that perspective results in me being pissed off.

You see, I see this sort of thing simply as DISRESPECT.

If a girl wants to hang out with more people than just you, it’s because SHE


She doesn’t see you in a sexual way.

She knows you’re into her.

And she wants to keep you at bay.

She’s using social engineering to do so.

Everyone there is just another potential obstacle.

The fact that it’s a group setting completely changes the context and the expectations of what wil happen.

There is no opportunity to get to know the girl on a personal level.

I mean, unless you’re al going to get wasted and play truth or dare or some shit, or you’re al so sexual y open that you can just start playing with 13

© Street Pickup 2014

each other out of the blue. But if that were the case you would probably not be reading this article.

Examples of a girl trying to do this

You set up a date, she says last minute, “My friend is coming with us, is that ok?”

(Say no)

You ask her to hang out, she says, “Oh, is it like a party or something?”

(Say no)

Or sometimes she’l just say it straight up, “I won’t meet you unless it’s as a group”

(Say no)

What to do about it

At this point you have limited choices.

1) You can drop her, but what’s the fun in that?

2) Keep asking her out, but don’t accept anything other than a one on one meet up. I truly believe girls are on some kind of clock which dictates when they are horny and when they’re not, so I just wait until they are. Just because you said no doesn’t mean you can’t continue chasing her.

3) You can go through with a group hangout, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It’l at least give you social experience, if that’s what you’re aiming for.


© Street Pickup 2014

Callback techniques: Have a schedule

When you cal /text girls back, do it on a schedule. Put it in your calendar.

This wil also help you be emotional y unattached, and unattached to the outcome.

I’ve lost count of how many girls I’ve gotten this way.

A couple times a week I remind myself in my calendar, “do cal backs”. I usual y do them midafternoon at work while I’m waiting for code to run or something.

Girls literal y won’t respond to me for months.

Then, al of a sudden, they do. We hang out that night, and it’s a done deal.

One girl told me last night she ignored me for months because she has a boyfriend. Then, thinking she forgot who I was, I texted her the most raunchy fucking shit I could think of. She responded to that, go figure. I didn’t text her last week, but she texted me: “We can go for drinks now”.


© Street Pickup 2014

Callbacks are an emotional rollercoaster Why I always advocate having a “process” for doing cal backs: First, it keeps your results consistent. You don’t blow yourself out by doing something you “felt like” on a whim. i.e. You’re just feeling real y great that day, so you want to show more interest in the girl when you real y shouldn’t have, and just like that, the girl thinks she has you wrapped around her finger.

Second, doing cal backs can tug you around emotional y. If you have a process, you can withdraw emotional y. You’re just fol owing some steps.

This is way easier on text than in real life or over the phone.

“She’s taking a long time to respond. Maybe I said something stupid?”

“No girls are responding to me today, this sucks.”

“She responded! Let’s make a date!”

“Yay! I have a date tonight.”

“Oh, this girl’s flaking, this sucks.”

etc. etc…

Desensitize yourself by getting more numbers and trying to nail down a process. Think to yourself, “what’s the next step to take this where I want to take it?”, not, “I feel bad, what can I say to this girl to make myself feel less bad?” or “I feel good, what can I say to this girl to continue feeling good?”


© Street Pickup 2014


© Street Pickup 2014

Don't chase bad leads

Alright, so you got her number and it went GREAT.

Everything is great now, right?

You’l just cal her up, set up a meet, and obviously she’l be DTF, judging by her initial response to you.


I can’t count the number of times I’ve been disappointed by seemingly great leads.

Conversely, I can’t count the number of times I’ve been pleasantly surprised by girls who I thought it wasn’t going anywhere with.

What tends to happen when you chase a girl and you think it’s ON and she ends up not responding how you think she wil you start to chase her. You chase and chase. Days turn to weeks and you’re stil texting with no response.

She might even tel you “give up” or “not interested” and you might get into an argument.


This is what I cal “chasing a bad lead”.

What’s real y happening?

What matters is you and your state of mind.

Chasing bad leads, arguing, etc… clouds your mind with negative emotion.


© Street Pickup 2014

You wil then transfer this state to other girls you talk to, even girls it’s going wel with.

It’l just make you angry to keep chasing girls who are not DTF.

What happens if you STOP chasing?

This is another form of qualification and showing that you have standards (because you do). “Oh you’re not going to fuck? PEACE BITCH.”

It gives you more time to find girls who ARE DTF.

It gives you abundance mentality because you remind yourself that there are MORE girls out there, and there always wil be.

Do not get stuck on these time wasters!


© Street Pickup 2014

In-Field Training

A lot of this stuff you’re reading in this book I discovered myself.

I’m not going to lie it was a long process.

How can you cut years off the learning curve?

Take a “bootcamp”.

It’s a mix of theory and practice.

I elaborate on the concepts introduced in this book and I do live demos.

I watch and listen as you approach and correct you in realtime.

Instead of spending weeks wondering what you’ve been doing wrong, you get feedback immediately.

Let me be your wingman for a weekend.

It just might change your life.

Learn more here:

Inquire here:


© Street Pickup 2014


© Street Pickup 2014

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