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Habitual Hero: The Art Of Winning

By Santosh Jha

Copyright 2013 Santosh Jha

Smashwords Edition


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Table of Contents

Let Us Talk Like Friends: Welcome Note

God On Vacation, Makes You His Deputy

Mechanism Of Populism

The Mechanism And More

The James Bond In Us

Diagnosis Of Patterns

The Answer And The Right Process

Do Not Be, You Shall Be

The Somethingness In Nothingness

Innocence As Eligibility For Ultimate Intelligence

Innocence As Procrastinated Virtue

Let Egoistic Identities Be Compassionate

Resurrection: Compassion Within Initiates Facilitation

Those With Humility Shall Arrive

Between Unviable Yes And Viable No

Accept My Gratitude

About The Author

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Thrilled to have you with me!

I feel truly happy to tell you that this, I do not intend to be a book. Rather, it is like friends chatting up, sharing whatever we can together to enhance the wellness space.

It is my humble belief that any person, in whatever state of consciousness and positioning, is in some special ways, better than a wisdom-book, for the purpose of life & living learning. I must tell you, I have learnt and more importantly, unlearnt, primarily from people. Books somehow are people-material in text-format.

We shall talk about how we all have a ‘warrior’ within us who wins but only ‘randomly’ and how we can make it an ‘all-weather all-season Hero’, who acquires winning as a habitual art. However, first, we have to come down to one common premise, which shall help us is the fruition of the issue at hand – Making Winning A Habit.

There has to be a humble admittance – Any word, however well meant and well spelt, is a possible suspect of ‘misrepresentation’. There is a simple reason.

Do you remember when your flight is about to land, the pilot aborts the landing, jolting your peace, just because something as insignificant as a ‘stray dog’ happens to be on the runway?

You already know, how similar is the fate of human words, which we all accept as the best and worthy carriers of human ‘intentions’. This airplane of human words, carrying good and noble intentions need to make a good, smooth and safe landing on the runway of another human’s mind and consciousness, which again is worthy and hugely able.

Still, the good intentioned words sometimes fail to land on the mind of others, as there is some ‘insignificant’, yet potentially fatal obstacle standing midway the runway!

It is believed, “If the hypothesis is right, the idea is accepted as right”. If two people have an assimilative and integrative attitude, one can easily see that root trouble is in subjectivity of the hypotheses. This helps in resolution of conflict of ideas.

Friendship is one positioning, where assimilation and integration about divergent hypotheses has larger accommodative space. A seed is more objectively accommodative in space than a grown up tree. Friendship is seed positioning.

That is why, at the very start, I very affectionately requested you to be my friend and accept this all as one long conversation between friends. Kindly, accept this not as a book but a ‘confabulation’ between friends. This, I am confident, shall engender smoothness of navigation and fruition of the entire exercise.

As a friend, I must tell you, I have put up a ‘price tag’ on it to fund my charity endeavors. All proceeds from this and other works of mine shall go to charity.

With all humility and sincerity at my behest, I wish to tell you, it needs to be said that there is only one person on the earth, who can say that he has understood. Otherwise, this domain is reserved for a metaphor called God. This is not available for humans.

It is also a heart-felt realization that our very worthy ancestors, who had the intelligence and courage to face the worst, life made them to, so that we inherit a better beautiful world, have already said almost all good things. What I can do is present them in new set of words with novelty of references.

The only justification of me telling them is that all goodness and wellness ideas and words need to be repeated and retold, to add to their all-pervasiveness.

At the age of 46, I can say with innocence that getting old is such a beautiful and satisfying experience. It makes the ‘self’ accept the ‘utility and fruition’ of holistic, assimilative and integrative consciousness. Getting old has probably pushed ‘me’ close to the ‘eligibility’ of perhaps beginning to understand as what essentially is there to be understood!

I chat up with you to share with you whatever is part of my consciousness. All wisdoms say, human is designed to live in state of ‘flux’, a state of instinctive semi consciousness. To jolt oneself out of this, one must challenge itself; something humanity has done since millions of years. What stays with you is what sinks in. Wisdom is what we internalize.

I share with you whatever I have internalized in my life.


God On Vacation, Makes You His Deputy

Think of it. Someday, God chooses to go on a vacation and he makes you His deputy, delegating all his functions! What you shall do? Can you handle it, anyhow, if not as well as He does?

How can we? We do not have even a slightest idea as “how He does what He does”. You know the challenge of the situation, as you have faced similar circumstances at times. Your boss goes on leave and you are put in at his or her place, performing all his or her roles for a while. You do it well as you know the ‘mechanism’ of everything that involves your new roles and performances. After all, you have worked in tandem with your boss.

The simple fact is – A whole range of qualities, including concentration, determination, patience, courage, discipline, mastery, intensity, power, organization, integration, et al, which are required for the success of a role performance can be of little help, if we do not know the ‘mechanism’ of the roles and functions, we are expected to perform.

That is why, even when we all accept that humanity has the ultimate role of being in the ‘Light of God’, we at times fail in performing our functions in that cherished role. The Hero, the brilliant warrior that we all are, loaded with a whole range of beautifully amazing qualities, often fails, baffled about the situation.

It is said, “God is in details”. The other variants of the quote are also much in vogue. We all truly believe, goodness and wellness, even evil is in details. The word ‘details’ means, when we dig down, break the situation into smaller fragments, reach to ‘parts’ to understand the ‘whole’; the mechanism of a situation at hand can be revealed for success optimization.

Very right. Wisdom boils down to the objective understanding of details, the “dynamics of the mechanism” of everything. We all know from our experiences of life and living that those ideas or issues of life, the mechanism of which are not revealed to us in totality, remains mired in conflict, confusion and controversy.

For all of us, when we are out of the security of mother’s womb, the first and last awkwardness and challenge is to come to terms with one idea – Immensity and Complexity. The universe we live in, the knowledge we have to acquire, the action and duties we are expected to perform, etc. all seem colossally complex and immense. One life seems too insignificant to deal with the immensity.

However, the core wisdom of all fields – philosophy, spiritualism and even science has been telling us since thousands of years that mechanism of wisdom is not vast. Rather, contrary to our popular beliefs, it is small, simple and above all decisively singular. Those great minds, who said it, were definitively those, who delved deep into the ‘details’. The ‘mechanism’ was unraveled to them and they found it pleasantly simple and singular – very much like the idea of love and God.

In all of us, there is this Hero, who has it all to be a ‘winner’, the genius of this universe. However, this ‘Hero’ is what we can label as ‘Random Warrior’. We all have the determination, patience, courage, discipline and the mastery to be a sure and sustained ‘winner’, like a true warrior. However, as many of us somehow miss the knowledge and acceptance of this ‘mechanism’, this warrior turns out to be only a ‘random’ winner, unable to sustain the artistry of winning.

Once we understand the ‘mechanism’, the ‘Random Warrior’ in us shall become a ‘Hero’ of all weathers and seasons. We shall be then the worthy Deputy of God, the entity; we all have the eligibility to be.

We shall talk about in ‘details’, the “dynamics of this mechanism” to make this ‘Random Warrior’ an all-season “Hero of Sustained Successes”.

Why I say, there is a definite Hero in all of us? The reason is, we all have an in-built and natural ability, a born facility, which makes us ‘eligible’ for understanding the ‘mechanism’. The only trouble is, eligibility is not automatic ‘qualification’. All of us are born with a facility called ‘instinctive inquisitiveness’. This is our born eligibility. However, we need to orient and align our inquisitiveness towards ‘objective knowledge’ to ‘qualify’ as an intelligent person, who is the ‘master of mechanism’. If not, then we are left in lurch as ‘puppet of mechanism’.

Give a toy car to a child and witness the magic of ‘instinctive inquisitiveness’. The child will first taste it, inspect it closely, will attempt to dismantle it into pieces and then try to join the scrambled pieces. This does not however mean, the child has understood the mechanism of car and its making. The kid shall however learn it well later, if this inquisitiveness is persisted and is transformed into a persistent art.

The world we come into is also like a toy to us, when we are child. Our natural inquisitiveness makes us experiment with the toy. We are just a ‘random warrior’ at that time. We may have initial successes, like some kids, who would be successful in joining back the dismantled pieces of the toy car. However, as we grow, we shall need objective knowledge to understand the ‘dynamics of mechanism’ of the toy called the ‘complex world’, we shall share with billions others. We shall need ‘specialization of artistry’ to be an all-weather and all-season Hero.

The crucial element, which converts our natural instinctive ‘eligibility’ into a cultivated and evolved ‘qualification’ is the ‘objective knowledge’ of the ‘mechanism’.

In my previous talks, in the form of the ebook titled, ‘Naked Solutions Of Dressed Up Life Woes’, we discussed about the ‘mechanism’ in periphery. Here, we shall focus primarily on mind-consciousness and it functional mechanisms in details, as it is within our minds that we shall find our true Hero.

It is the mind, which makes us a ‘random warrior’ and it is the same mind, which holds the potential of we being the all-weather and all-season Hero, the cherished pole-position, for which we all have born eligibility.


Mechanism Of Populism

At the very outset, it has to be admitted very humbly and innocently that the multidimensionality of ideas, the consciousness and the larger domain of sub-conscious mind can lead us to, can be resplendently astounding and even miraculous. That is why, it remains largely beyond the suffocatingly diminutive universe of human language and words we have designed.

Words, we have invented for our communication are largely successful, when they are used for actionable requirements. However, when it comes to using them for reception of wisdom, they are very restrictive in utility. Words are successful in societal-exchange domain, however often flop in the domain of personal and inter-personal utility.

Given the limitations of words in describing consciousness ideas, still, we can say, as the mind-consciousness unravels and promulgates its stunningly satiating templates of asymmetrical super-positioning and vice-versa, not a single human on this earth can resist the exclamation that it is not magic.

It seems, in holistic value summation, that it is mysticism at its best and divinity at its most magnanimous manifestation! That is why, tough to understand through words. Still, if we are in total reception of words, accepting its utility and worth with an affectionate and compassionate heart, we can instill loads of fruition and meaning into them.

All those who understood and accepted the intricate and expansive mechanisms of mind and willingly, spontaneously and consciously gave it to its playful possibilities, they found it colossally self-fulfilling and rewarding.

They proclaimed, ‘every song, every dance, all poetry, all magic, divinity, revelation and almost all possibilities are within self; no need to search them and validate them in outside world; not even the need for an expression as it would only be misunderstood’.

Let us understand it with day-to-day life example. The food we eat is felt until it stays up to the throat. After that the body mechanism, which continues to work upon the food, is not felt. The mind has 100 billion neurons and billions of other supportive neurons are working incessantly. We can feel and understand only a fraction of its operative mechanism. Rest is mysticism for most.

This is our design. However, the real Hero is a person, who does not divert his or her attention and focus from the food, even when it is past the ‘felt-zone’ of throat. We all need to be aware of and receptive towards the journey of this vital food down the tracts till its last processing.

Doctors have been warning us. They say, “Own the onus of the food your mouth shoves to the body, as you are not just your tongue, but the entire body”. The idea is to convey the fact that usually, in our restrictive consciousness, we eat in loads what our mouth, especially tongue likes. It is true that the taste buds are restricted to tongue only and as the food goes down beyond it, we do not wish to remember and care about.

However, we are not only our mouth. Our body is an intricate and huge mechanism. There are long food canal, liver, pancreas, kidneys, heart et al and together there are millions of functions that go on within our body, which we do not consciously register. However, they are crucial for our survival and general well-being. The mouth is our conscious mind but rest of the millions of complex functions are handled by our unconscious mind.

A true Hero, cannot restrict its responsibility and attention to just the miniscule conscious part. The unconscious is also our onus as it is the larger domain, which essentially handles our basic health and survival. The real Hero shall always know and respect the ‘details’ of the entirety of the ‘body-mechanism’ and shall own the responsibility of the wellness and success of all parts, not only one part.

The conscious-mind in we all, who is restrictively concerned and knowledgeable about only a ‘part’ of the entire complex mechanism, shall be only a ‘Random Warrior’. The all-weather and all-season true ‘Hero’ shall definitively be aware and responsible towards the ‘whole’. The holistic, assimilative and integrative perspective towards the ‘mechanism, it its entirety is the hallmark of a true Hero. It is where, many of us fail.

We cannot blame ourselves. It is our mechanism too! The conscious part, the mouth, gives us tangibles as instant utility and fruition. The mind consciousness is bound to register the immediate advantage of ‘taste-satisfaction’ and extend instant thumbs-up. We eat a huge and rich creamy cake and feel so happy. The tongue gives us a huge thumbs-up as it registers big bonus on satisfaction-scale. However, the burst of calamitous sugar, which goes inside the food tract and gets big disapproval and thumbs down from liver and pancreas are not registered on the satisfaction-scale. These organs are rather neutral. The mouth is a vocal and populist showman. The liver however is the silent worker.

The ‘Random Warrior’ has this tendency of giving in to populism. However, the real Hero shall always have the poise and perspective to see the picture in entirety as the Hero understands and accepts the ‘mechanism’ not in ‘parts’, but in holism and assimilation.

The ‘Hero’ shall never be swayed away or blown out by populism, as it has the holistic perspective to understand that ‘success’ is not in pampering the mouth with all it ‘wants’, it is rather in ensuring the larger health and wellness ‘need’ of the whole body. The Hero understands, “Success is not in having all that we want for instant joys, it is rather in the prudence of having what we actually need for persevered satisfaction”.


The Mechanism And More

The mystical mechanism of neurotic interplay buoys up and down our ‘self’ between the vast oceans of consciousness and sub-consciousness. Only two percent or less of mind’s mechanisms we can control, like, we can control our food only until it is not past the throat. Still, we all think, we are genius of some kind, perfected for controlling the probabilistic ‘self’ and almost everything.

Of course, we are not only mechanism. We are surely more than our mechanism but we are for most times, a mystical mix of ‘mechanism’ and the ‘more’. However, many of us would be least concerned and interested in understanding and accepting the massive intricacies of the mechanism and would be engrossed primarily in the mysticism of the ‘more’. Neither mechanism, nor the more can be understood in isolation.

We cannot be concerned exclusively about the success of mouth and tongue. Similarly, we also cannot only be concerned about the success of below the throat mechanism. There always has to be a mix and poised amalgam of both. The segregation is calamitous.

All those, who understood and accepted the intricate and expansive ‘mechanisms’ and the ‘more’, they hit the road to ‘sat-chit-anand’. The word in old Indian language of Sanskrit means – the Absolute Existence, Absolute Consciousness and Absolute Bliss.

We now have the facility. Earlier, the facility to understand and unravel ‘mechanism’ and ‘more’ was purely psychic and philosophical, reserved for a few evolved minds. Even they erred, as wisdom was observance only, not verifiable objectively.

It is now amenable and available to all, with just the willingness and openness of mind. Still, majority are away and aloof from this modern facility. Unfortunately, most of us are egoistically happy in the comfort zone of inertia, blinded by the rigidity of our age-old hypotheses.

There is this dangerous and restrictive mindset to accept all knowledge and wisdom only as subjects for academics. Science also becomes a subject for school and college learning syllabus but never becomes a way of life. All knowledge remains ‘learning’ abilities for grades and jobs but they are seldom internalized and ingrained in our lives. Wisdom when internalized becomes common sense.

All wisdoms are now amenable for easy and quick internalization. Humanity needs a lot of change and new initiations in the learning and educational systems it has so far prescribed for new generations. Not only science, philosophy, psychology, spiritualism, mathematics, history, etc are meant for internalization so that these wisdoms could be an integral and assimilative part of the holistic culture across humanity. All wisdoms need to be internalized to become common sense for humanity at large.

For example, for centuries, we ascribed eclipse to divinity and put the question in the domain of religion. It is now in the rightful domain of secular and scientific knowledge. Similarly, for centuries, we have put ‘consciousness’ in the domain of psychic. New thinking puts it rightly in the domain of secular knowledge of mind mechanism.

For centuries, humanity has struggled with a causality of crucial questions of life and living based on psychic interpretation of realism. For the first time in human history, we are successfully attempting to build up secular and objective paradigms for a logical, measurable and replicable causality based on provable and singular logic and facts.

We now have a wisdom to understand the mechanisms of realisms around us in a completely new light, often against and in rejection of our fixated and wired cultural mind’s age-old iconic wisdom. Once we accept the knowledge of the mechanism, the mysticism around the ‘more’ of humanity, build over centuries by psychic and ingenious minds is cleared. Then, we all open up to a completely new realism.

As and when we assimilate this new thinking, objective wisdom becomes humanity’s common sense and soon, the psychosis of minds, the devil of humanity flees away for good.


The James Bond In Us

Most of us love the character of James bond. He is somehow very close to the concept of our all-weather all season Hero. We also love the superman. However, our James Bond is purely human and more like us, but a ‘winner’ in all tough and almost ‘unwinnable’ situations.

When we see him coming out a winner in all tough situations, we know why he could. He always does it because he is the ‘master of mechanisms’. The best part of his glorious winning ways is the fact that they all seem so spontaneous and habitual. He does not have to move a mountain like our superman to save his beloved. He always knows about a secret pass or a crack opening in the mountain to sneak in beyond it.

We shower his performances with encore and applauds as he pulls out another of his masterly tricks with aplomb, to score over his detractors and conspirators. In all his troubles, he knows a diversion and bypass. Not surprisingly, they are mostly very believable as the winning tricks come out of the same mechanism, which brought about a problematic situation at the first place. This is his heroism – He is the master of mechanisms.

Can we all be James Bond? Why not, but being a James Bond means lots of homework and preparations. And what this homework is all about? It is painful, persevered and postured preparations to arrive at a state of ‘readiness’, where we have the ‘objective knowledge’ of all situations, life can put us in.

Present a latest high-tech car to the James Bond, with first-time features anywhere on the globe and James Bond already knows, how to successfully run it and fruitfully use every new feature in all tough and unwinnable situations, which his work may land him in. The reason he could do it is he has gone through the painful process of ‘preparedness’ of basics, well before he became James Bond, to be in ‘readiness’, which defines him as James Bond.

And, what is this process of preparedness? We have already talked about it. The process is to be aware and responsible towards the ‘whole’, not only the ‘part’. The holistic, assimilative and integrative perspective towards the ‘mechanism, it its entirety is the hallmark of a true Hero like James Bond.

Only a person, who is receptive enough to respectfully accept the utility and fruition of every little detail of the mechanism of anything he or she is learning, can be ultimately ‘ready’ to be in the position of an all-weather all-season winning Hero.


Diagnosis Of Patterns

We have so many examples in our daily lives, where we see that if we have prepared ourselves well for multiple factors and have anticipated rightly the dynamic interplay of these factors, we are successful in having a smooth and safe go.

We are driving a car on the busy highway. Driving itself is a multi-tasking skill. Those, who have better coordination of their eyes, hands and legs, shall be driver with lesser chances of accidents. This is however only one part of successful driving. You also need to have intuitive anticipation towards possible mistakes of not only your own driving, but also of others, who shall be ahead and behind you on the highway. You have to anticipate correctly and in time, if a driver ahead you does something silly. Accident happens not only when you do a wrong, but also when others do wrong with you. You are in trouble both ways.

Moreover, on the highway, you need to know, where those accident-prone zones are and where drivers usually make errors of judgment. There may be a signboards warning you but you must have this pre-knowledge, back in your subconscious. It means, you must be very aware of the entire stretch of the highway.

We can see, how a simple thing like driving a car is such a multi-dimensional skill, where we have to master the inter-play of so many factors. However, as we have become used to all this, we do not feel its burden as these skills have become part of our subconscious mind. The skill has become an auto-function of subconscious mind.

The fact remains that even when we all have been allowed licenses for driving, this does not mean we all are ‘Heroes’ of the highways. Many of us are only ‘Random Warriors’. Many of us are just ‘eligible’ drivers. To be a qualified driver, one needs to have long experiences of the highway driving. The finer skills, like coordination, anticipation, judgment of error, preemptive moves and precautionary measures, et al come to us only through practice and experience.

There is a very good metaphor of this skill in psychology. It is called ‘helicopter-view’ consciousness.

For example, you are standing mid-way a five-kilometer road, between point A and point C. As a car starts on the road from point A for point C, the spheres are defined for you at point B, where you stand mid-way. The car at point A is your ‘future’ as it shall take ten minutes to reach you. As it reaches you at point B, it is your ‘present’. The car shall take another ten minutes to move away to reach point C, which then shall become your ‘past’.

You can deal with the safety and wellbeing of its passenger only when it comes to the domain of your ‘present at point B, where you stand on the road. Before and after that, you have no control over the car and passengers’ destiny.

However, if you are given a helicopter at point B and you lift up to a certain point from where you can see the start of the car at point A, its entire journey down to point C, there shall be no future, no past. The entire stretch shall fall in the domain of your ‘present’ as you can see the car all along the road. As everything is in ‘present’, you have full control over the safety of both car and its passenger. You can see everything and therefore can put up a warning, before anything untoward is to happen.

Life and its problems are also like the journey from point A to point C. Usually, we are grounded in our consciousness and perspectives towards life and it is like restricting our views at one small point, between the two ends. If we can rise up our consciousness to this ‘helicopter-view’ perspective, we can have a view of our entire life-span as one clear long landscape. Everything shall be in the domain of ‘present’ and within our possible control.

Usually, the conscious-mind in we all is restrictively concerned and knowledgeable only about a ‘part’ of the entire complex mechanism of life and living. This consciousness is a restrictive positioning of a ‘Random Warrior’.

The all-weather and all-season true ‘Hero’ shall definitively be aware and responsible towards the ‘whole’. The holistic, assimilative and integrative perspective towards the ‘mechanism, it its entirety is the hallmark of a true Hero.

This facility of conscious mind, to extend the domain of our ‘present’ to past and even future is not something new to humanity. Somehow, this facility or faculty, which some people had in the past, was based entirely on intuitiveness of the mind consciousness. Modern humans can learn the art by simply understanding the mechanism of mind.

It was believed that some people were born with the quality of an ‘intuitive’ mind. There was a belief among masses that they could predict events from past and future. There was also a cult of ‘Tantricism’, an occult tradition as well as mainstream tradition of meditative powers to develop intuition, which was used to predict past and future.

The core idea behind all these was to have a mind consciousness, which could have the receptive brilliance of a ‘helicopter-view’ perspective. In my research, talking with many of them with intuitive power, I found that the ability to predict right about past and future, which masses called magic, the artistry was essentially that of a mind consciousness, which had special abilities of rising above the plane and be able to see things, as the person could see from a helicopter.

The aggrieved people would come to these ‘magicians’ and Tantric and tell them their problems. For example, a woman came and asked the Tantric to trace his son, who had gone missing for last one year. The Tantric listened to the woman and then closed his eyes. Minutes after, he said, he had the divine vision that her son is still alive and he left home on his own accord. Tantric asked the woman to search for the son in a place 500 kilometers east from the place he lived.

The woman found her son after a year in a city around the same vicinity the Tantric had said. I sat with a Tantric and talked about all this. My friendliness to him made him say things, which he would not reveal to others.

He said, “When a person is in trouble, especially for long period, his or her natural abilities for rational thinking is eclipsed. People who generally come to us have little education or unsound reasoning faculties. They tell us everything. We then ask for some specific information about their trouble and about the environment, where the trouble started. We then close our eyes, sit in a meditative consciousness of complete reception. All these information we leave with this meditative unconscious mind for churning. We have evolved this facility to switch off our conscious mind. The intuitive unconscious mind has a strange facility of doing its own strange mathematics. It does its own interpolation and even extrapolation. It may take some minutes or few hours but the unconscious mind finally puts all these information into a template of sorts, where we can see pictures of past and future arranged in a particular order. We then use the faculty of the conscious mind to create a pattern or sequence of events. On this basis, we predict and it usually comes true.”

There were great similarities between what the Tantric did and what doctors used to do 50 years back. Then, there were little specialist diagnostic tests of modern times available to the doctors. For diagnosis, they had to depend largely on the symptoms the patients described of his troubles or any external symptoms visible. The most popular doctor was one, who could diagnose the disease correctly.

Many of the doctors of old school used the power of ‘intuitive mind’ to diagnose the diseases correctly. Many of them practiced the art of meditation, worships and even playing musical instruments to attune and align the mind towards a state of high reception. They depended heavily on details and then used the intuitive minds to work out a pattern, which would then help them in predicting the right diagnosis.

Somehow, we all do it in one form of the other. Just visit a casino to see how the master gambler is the one who is sharp and prompt enough to predict a pattern in all games and make the right choices. It is our mind, which is constantly doing the calculations of the permutations and combinations, scattered all around us. The interpolative and extrapolative mind consciousness is a random facility of mind, which we all can master to be the ‘Hero’ of winning habits.



The Answer And The Right Process

The magic of the mind consciousnesses, in deciphering the hidden patterns around us and then successfully diagnosing the winning ‘prescription’ for solution of all troubles is not easy. It is an art that needs to be perfected with practice. The ‘helicopter-view’ consciousness does not come natural and instinctive to us.

Once we understand the dynamics of the mind consciousness, with the resource of objective knowledge, which modern and contemporary ‘new thinking’ has endowed us with, we shall be in a better position to master the art. Let us talk about the mechanism of mind consciousness.

Conflict is the energy, for evolution of all forms, including the human brain, the seemingly most important theatre of conflict, but just a microcosmic model of cosmic conflicts. Stating this is nothing new. Taking a step ahead towards ‘new thinking’ is to understand the mechanism and processes. It is the lack of proper understanding of conflict, which creates a ‘random warrior’ in all of us.

Humanity always had some evolved minds, who rose above the conflict and to whom ‘the singular answers’ of critical questions of humanity as well as the cosmos were revealed. Important it is that the revelations to a handful get eventually transformed into a logical and patterned knowledge for all of humanity. This has always been missing till now, presenting the real challenge for humanity. The new thinking enlists this as ‘doable’.

It is like; in an exam, you know the answer of a mathematical question and you write that in the answer sheet but the examiner would not give you any marks for that. This is a ‘random warrior’ situation. You need to write down the entire process of how you arrived at the right answers. Just knowing the right answers fetches no marks. Even in life, we think we have the answers but as we miss the right process, results are disappointing.

This has always happened to a few great minds in human civilization; they knew right ‘answers’ but not the right ‘process’, none of their fault! The mechanism could not be known to them.

That is why; there came the trilogy of ‘known-unknown-unknowable’ premise. Those who truly arrived at the right answers could not detail the right process and that is why they said, ‘real wisdom is only revealed to individuals and cannot be converted into a collective knowledge for all’. It is unknowable but can only be ‘revealed’. This proposition still holds good for larger humanity. But we now have the knowledge of mechanism, to lay down the right processes for the right answers.

The larger humanity accepts this ‘known-unknown-unknowable’ premise as truth – be it religion, spiritualism, philosophy or psychology. It resulted into a very beautiful but also very dangerous proposition for humanity. Those who arrived at the wisdom and when right answers were revealed to them, it was only very natural and instinctive that their minds were filled with compassion as they could see the larger humanity suffering partly from lack of resource but largely because of widespread and deep ignorance.

They felt so full of compassion to see that ignorance is making the very potent and positive ‘energy’ of conflict into a potent weapon of mass destruction and resultant pain and misery. They chose a way out which, like conflict, created more chaos and confusion than order and peace, which was intended.

Many of those, who arrived at right answers but did not know the process, chose not to speak. First, they never were sure of what was revealed to them were actually right or not as they could not establish its procedural veracity. As they say, ‘the wise is never sure and a stupid is always’. The wise is always responsible.

Many of them were also fearful of the social backlash, as even now, larger humanity is full of vengeance and violence for non-conformists. Still, a few chose to speak, mostly out of compassion for the larger ignorance of wider humanity. However, it was impossible even for them to put the wisdom into words that larger humanity could understand and accept. Therefore, what they said was mostly in a language of metaphors and symbols. Why they chose to say it all in metaphors and symbol? It has a reason.

Very early in human evolution, when humans had not even developed language, some of the more evolved brains could detect and establish that there was a pattern all around them in immediate nature, which they could decipher. It was revealed to a few. The later humans also understood it and they chose to express it in metaphors and symbols. Usually, early metaphors were derived from nature. As language was developed, they put up language metaphors.

It is understandable as metaphors were most easily replicable even for an un-arrived brain. The knowledge of process facilitates replication. It had to be as there was a discernible pattern of cosmos, which were replicable in nature. Even later, when language was developed quite well, the metaphors took the shape of verse not prose, as brain would accept the verses more easily. That is why, all ancient human documents or oral traditions of wisdom were written in verse style.

Metaphors are replicable patterns and they are all around us to understand easily. For example, we are told, the life is like a jungle and we have to make our own roads to success by clearing the bushes and trees. And how this success comes? This comes when we as a brain, prune or unlearn some of the info of our subconscious as well as the cultured mind and create a path of higher consciousness.

There is also an Oriental spiritual metaphor of the world being a ‘maya-jaal’ (plexus of senses). This matches with the scientific pattern of brain functioning in which brain creates a huge branching network of axons, dendrites and synapses. A good and rational human being, a prudent mind has to rise above this network created by a subconscious mind with the help of higher consciousness. We are all told how most get lost in this forest and few succeed in creating the right path.

They chose metaphors because brain accepts most things as pictorial and relates it as templates. That is why, metaphors, which abound in nature around us and can be seen from bare eyes, were chosen.

Despite the worthy compassion of the ancient wise men and their brilliance in selecting excellent metaphors and symbols for laying out the processes of the wisdom they acquired, the average human could not benefit as the processes were very subjectively received. Scientific answers, when laid as procedures have singular and objective reception by all minds and that is why, the technology is universal, even while languages are different.

As these ancient metaphors and symbols lacked objectivity and singularity of reception by all minds and every individual mind accepted them in its own subjective interpretation, they could never be replicated by the society at large. These rather engendered multiplicity of expressions and actions, creating bad replica in the forms of calamitous rituals.

The metaphor system of wisdom dispensation was good only for the arrived brains but for most, the majority of the common masses, even this metaphor was a matter of great misunderstanding and conflict. That is why; ancient wisdom is the most misinterpreted one and bears more conflict of mind than order. Religion and spiritualism remain confused and conflicting domains, ridden with dangerous rituals, all competing to be the right one, at the cost of the denial of others.  

Sadly, as is with almost every human enterprise, some of the unscrupulous elements of society at all times, used this confusion, conflict and misinterpretation for their own petty and selfish ends. The religion, spiritualism and philosophy have always fallen on the hands of some of these elements and some confused people.

The humanity has always suffered. These selfish elements converted these meaningful metaphors into set of rituals, which were masterly designs to suit individuals, and a set of individuals who wished not religion but its ownership. Wider ignorance of humanity made it all very easy, they still are.

You may ask, why we are talking in such details about this ‘metaphor-building’ and inherent troubles in it. We are doing it because of the benefits it extends us in being the ‘master of mechanism’, leading us to be the all-season hero. We now list the benefits this process of metaphor-building extends to every individual, if this exercise is done with constant practice and perseverance of art:

1.      Every person has to build his own set of metaphors, which he or she accepts after discerning those patterns of life around him or her. As we have said, there are patterns of excellence all around us – both tangible and intangible. We need to decipher them and create our own metaphors for easy references later.

2.      What stays is what sinks in. This means, whatever wisdom we can internalize, that alone stays with us and helps. That is why, even when we read and see number of wisdom metaphors all around us, what we ourselves create and accept are what stay with us.

3.      Our mind accepts metaphors easily and stores them in active memory, as they are ostensibly pictorial. The mind then saves them as templates, which help us whenever we have the need for tough decision-making in life.

4.      The mind is neutral and for excellence, we all need to create an environment around us, which naturally and instinctively prompts us for excellence. As we create and accept many good metaphors as templates for mind, our mind consciousness develops this good habit of discerning ‘thought and emotion-patterns’ in all situations of life, making it easy and automatic for us to see the ‘winning’ position. All these good templates become our internal environment, within which, our ‘winner’ personality excels.

5.      Like James Bond, all excellence must come to us as instinctive and intuitive first action. In our daily lives, we do not often have time and leisure to think and then act. That is why, excellence must he habitual. Metaphor-building helps mind create ready templates for intuitive first action decision-making. The all-season winner has to be a habitual hero in all his prompt and first action.


Do Not Be, You Shall Be

Now, the next stage in metaphor building for mental template making is also not an easy task. Just because, this conflict of mind shall always make the inquisitive enquiry about what one should accept as right and what as wrong. Moreover, the most crucial question is – among the loads of symbols and patterns around us, what should one search and find as the right one for excellence?

The wise have said it silently, probably to themselves only, still their talks are everywhere and scattered in so many words. The old wisdom is simple, yet very much shrouded in the veil of mystique. This seems so, because, the sayer of wisdom words probably could not figure out the easy process and mechanism of making the millions understand the inevitability of dualism and conflict and for coming out of it. However, their words tell us the process.

It is so beautiful, yet so perplexing! The wise say, ‘don’t do anything, yet become everything’. They say, ‘give up everything, you get everything’. They say, ‘go where you began, you shall arrive’. They say, ‘what you experience outside is inside you’. They say, ‘seek the zero, get the infinity’. They say, ‘keep quiet, the music shall flow’. They say, ‘do not be, you shall be’. Etc.

This prescription for coming out of dualism and conflict itself seems mired in larger dualism. The hapless average person asks the arrived, ‘are you not mad, are you serious, anyway, how to do it?’ The sayer usually smiles and moves away. Some greats would just say, ‘do not do, just be’. The hapless remains confused, conflicted and is amply convinced, the wisdom man is surely mad. They pray God to help ‘the wise’ out of his debauchery.

The journey from dualism to non-dualism is very tough. Religion as well as science says, it is not amenable and available for everyone. It is only for a few blessed ones! This, they say, is not ordinary but ordained by almighty! You would also say that this seems true because, there are not loads of James Bond around, very few Heroes.

The human mechanism also confirms this. Brain structure and consciousness varies and it decides the ordinary and ordained. However, the wise have also said that this tough facility is available for all, even the most stupid of all. Some wise said, “Both stupid and genius can learn; only those even God cannot make learn, who are in the pride of knowing.”

The wise says, ‘talent is important but what makes a genius is practice not patronage and lineage’. Ustaads, the gurus and wise have said, ‘the real master is perseverance of practice’. There is a famous visual metaphor said in this regard by India’s most respected poet saint, Kabir. He said, ‘The feeble rope, which incessantly goes up and down with a bucket in the well, makes a deep mark even on the stone walls of the well.’ This metaphor suggests, even the most stupid can qualify to be a genius, if efforts are sustained and persevered with.

Arriving is all about mind training to lead the consciousness to a certain positioning or situationalism of complete reception. As this happens, the dualism goes away, as it is then clear that what the greats have been talking about the wisdom may seem contradictory but actually, both the conflicting options, though looking mutually exclusive, are and remain simultaneously available. Check this:

God says, ‘Stop seeing me, you shall see’. God says, ‘Stop searching me, you shall find’. Now, there are semantic conflations also in these words, apart from the dualism, which is purely a mind and consciousness positioning. One feels the dualism in the lines as it says to ‘stop’ doing something for its ‘fruition’. We must understand why there is no dualism in it.

Semantically, the words tell you that actually, you are caught between two simultaneous actions and that is why you do not arrive at either of the two. The lack of linearity and singular focus sways you away from fruition. When you are seeing or searching, you are amid two actions – the effort of seeing and searching and second is the act of seeing and searching. In addition, you are not clear as what you are wanting to see or search because, the dualism itself throws at you so many probable options of seeing realisms.

From the perspective of mind mechanism, as science tells us, the same is happening. You are caught amid two dimensions. The mechanism tells us that when we are in a search or looking, there are two things happening to us – first the search and second the seeing. We see so many things and naturally the brain processes all colors and shapes we see and throws to us multiple options for value-summation or what we call our subjective decision as, what we find and see is actually, what we think we are looking for.

The prescription of wisdom is also susceptible to the conflation of dualism and usually, people land on the wrong and transitional side of the wisdom, which actually shows us the absolute perspective through a transitional shade of consciousness. It may look like the prescription wanting us to opt for an action or a non-action. Actually, it is not. Wisdom just says to be aware of both the simultaneous forces and use them to arrive.

You and me cannot find or search a God or a love. It is there in whatever shape, color or positioning irrespective of our semantic and mental confusion about what and how God and love is. We get God and love not by finding or searching for it but by stopping doing it as, this leads us to be assimilated in God and Love, as both are in everything and everywhere. Here dualism stops and non-dualism is arrived at.

What wise tell us is – the dualism and conflict is not in the object or subject of our desires, rather it is within us. If we are looking for something, we are split and conflicted. Suppose, in a crowd, you get separated from your friend. You start searching him or her, looking out everywhere. You might see so many people and hundreds of faces. Finally, among those thousands of people, you find your friend and become happy.

If we ask you to tell about those people you saw while looking for your friend among the crowd; you shall be troubled. It is because, while you searched, your primary energy was to ‘reject’ those thousands, who did not look like your friend. Your mind was fixed on searching something, which your mind already had fixed.

However, when you are searching for something, which you do not know or do not have an image of in your conscious mind, like your friend’s face; think what trouble and dualism you shall face. You are then searching something but how can you. It is neither tangible nor known to you. You can only search when you have an image in your mind. This is our mechanism, this is our limitation as human.

So, what your mind unconsciously does is create an imaginary or virtual ‘face and body’ of something you are searching for. Interestingly, your conscious self shall be unaware of this unconscious ‘choice’ made by your mind.

When we search for God and love; or larger wellness and goodness ideas, we do not have a firsthand info or face of God, love and goodness. What our mystical mind does is create unconsciously a virtual imagery of them. So, when we search for God, love and goodness, we are actually not looking for the ‘real’ ones, rather searching this ‘virtual’ or ‘imagined’ ones.

The wise tell us, this creates a dualism and conflict within. Love, God, goodness are what they are and not what your ‘virtual imagery’ wants to see them as. That is why, we all remain searching for them in the crowd of life and they remain ‘missing’ and we remain ‘lost’.

The lover and faithful must understand where and what love and divinity is. If he or she thinks that a true love is only that which his or her ‘virtual imagery’ says and accepts, then she is actually denying and drifting away from love and divinity. Love is not in seeing and searching what you think is there for you. It is where it is irrespective of you and your love. Stop doing it and you get love. Same with faith.

Of course, the blame is not on the lovers. The cultured mind and the mechanism of brain have to do with it. Things become very difficult for a mind after the age of 25 to attune and align itself towards a completely new and alien value and belief system, against the populist benchmarks. The imagery already in mind, prompts us to create a ‘virtual imagery’ of all goodness and this virtual thing is the product of what cultural and subjective elements we have stored in our minds. That is why; goodness has to be ingrained in early childhood and adolescent.

Stop ‘doing’ it to get ‘love’ is not easy. This comes from riyaaz; painful and persevered practice. In almost all aspects of your pursuit and endeavors, this dualism would attract you to make you adrift. You shall have to practice hard to understand the undercurrent of dualism and then use the energy of this dualism in arriving at the non-dualism.

This discerning artistry is enacted by our higher consciousness. This consciousness never rejects dualism and conflicts. Rather, it accepts the dualism in its entirety and multidimensionality. It can see both the conscious and subconscious layers of mind presenting the conflict. It understands the nuances of the same mind ‘projecting’ a virtual imagery and that of the conscious mind wanting the real one. This however needs practice, like all arts.

Sadly enough, people do not have either the mental willingness or strength to accept the utility and fruition of this painful and prolong process of practice. That is why the non-dualism is so rare. Dualism triumphs in this world as it is easy and amenable to average brain and resolve. There have always been greats who have told ‘right’ things to humanity. However, it is always met with disbelieve and distrust.

The non-dualistic wisdom often gets the label of it being debauch and hypocritical as most people cannot understand the semantic and mental conflation of the dualism. Secondly, even if they get close to it, they would seldom go beyond a lover’s ‘preference’ for ‘virtual imagery’ of subjective goodness.

Usually, the lover would be happy that he or she has a lover who accepts him or her blindly and then, she happily ‘stops’ there. The growth and evolution in love stops too as there is a stubbornness to stick to their preferred ‘virtual imagery’. Moreover, as his or her ingenuity would prompt, he or she would use all the wisdom in the defense of his or her ‘preferred’ action.

It is very crucial here to understand and accept that it is not the ‘ignorance’, which is the worst enemy of humanity. As we deal with it next, there is nothing called ‘ignorance’ in this world full of humans. What we have everywhere and loads of it is ‘subjective intelligence’. ‘Nothing’ is not such a bad proposition at all. What is calamitous for humanity is ‘subjective something’; the personalized ‘wisdom’, and the artistry of ingenuity to prove it as the cosmic and global wisdom for all.

This has been the most damaging thing for humanity. Love and Godliness are fast becoming extinct. What we all have now is the ‘search’ and ‘seeing’ of Love and God. Everyone is in the lookout for Love and God. They are everywhere but seldom within us.


The Somethingness In Nothingness

Talking of ‘ignorance’, can we say there is nothing called ‘ignorance’! The word looks like, at best, an accusation by one for another. Somehow, tragically enough, people often use the word for one-upmanship against competing persons.

There may not be even a handful, who would accept this tag for themselves, even when almost every human being faces this label so many times in his or her life. Actually, more knowledgeable one accepts himself or herself, more ignorant he or she stands to be labeled. This is the way our cultural mind consciousness works!

Nothingness is never a reality as it seems, there is always a ‘somethingness’ called ‘knowledge’, tiny bit or colossal but always relative and subjective. In this subjectivity and relativity is the genesis of the accusation, called ‘ignorance’.

Often, ‘ignorance’ at one time presents itself as the ultimate ‘wisdom’ in a particular linearity of time and space for the same person. In addition, one’s wisdom invariably seems ‘ignorance’ for other. The objectivity of the realism apart, the subjectivity and relativity of situation and position makes it happen.

Sunset in one part of the world is sunrise for another in extreme other part of the globe, even when sun actually never rises or sets. Most of ‘realisms’ of life present knowledge this way in our popular culture. It is the convenient way to look at reality around us. Goodness of life is like the Sun, which never ever rises or sets but we in our subjective and relative mind consciousness accept this ‘virtual imagery’ of the goodness of Sun.

The wise and arrived also call it a cyclic realism. Relativity and subjectivism wraps in its warm embrace almost all realism, in one time or other. The trouble is; both sunrise and sunset are realisms at one particular frame of reference. This ‘superposition’ (ever-presence) of realisms is also an intricate but interesting realism. This however is tough for individuals to accept in normal walks of live.

So, can we say, there is never a ‘nothingness’, always a ‘somethingness’ and this something is always subjective and relative, enabling the engendering of the term ‘nothing’.

A something, or a knowledge is the ‘right’ and ‘best’ thing for an individual but at the same time, it is the source of accusation for other that it is ‘nothing’ and sheer ‘ignorance’. In absolute reality, even nothing is something and even ignorance is some knowledge. There is seldom a vacuum… it is not a natural state of things…!

There always is a truth; subjective and relative it may be. This is the energy, which creates and celebrates the ‘label’ of ‘false’. One’s subjective truth is other’s ‘false’; one’s subjective ‘good’ is other’s ‘bad’. Sunrise in USA is sunset in India but from the space, a person would say both are ‘ignorant’ as the two terms are only ‘virtual imagery’ of the absolute reality of the Sun. Objectivity seems in superposition but never a vacuum.  

There may be one truth or good that may truly stand as everybody’s truth and good but it cannot stay as one ‘objective’ truth or good for all for another second as it shall fall prey to the subjectivism of energy of human consciousness. It seems, vacuum cannot stay for long, or probably, it does not even exist. It does not seem like a natural state of things for conscious subjectivism.

Is it that we live in a world that has no singular and objective realism? It is there as it must be there. It is altogether different matter that either we have not yet found it or not yet establish it. Nevertheless, what human consciousness sees and accepts as ‘real’ is not the objective and singular one, but the subjective one and that is why, the world we live in is seen, observed, accepted and retained as subjective multiplicity. The pluralism of consciousness of humanity makes it happen.

Consciousness is almost always subjective and truths and goodness for each individual has to be in line with this pluralistic subjectivism. This subjectivism ensures relativist words and terms like ‘ignorance’, ‘false’ and ‘bad’ etc. As truth and false, good and bad are in essential nature of conflict and competition, there shall always be strife and battle for one-upmanship and supremacy of subjective truths and goodness.

The world we live in has therefore truly turned into a theatre of insurmountable conflicts and chaos. Be sure, there is no looking back for humanity… it shall always continue its journey ahead.

The key question is, ‘Is pluralism and subjective consciousness bad?’As we said earlier, it seems, there is nothing called ‘bad’. It is just a relative positioning. So, what is objectively and singularly bad?