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I thank Michelle Larson for her bright, shiny, happy talents that contributed to these pages. I thank her for her support and caring on this project, even in the middle of raising her “tween”.

I thank my fellow Sassy mastermind partner, Leanne Modell, for putting up with my meltdowns. She helps me pull back the pretty and get to the heart of what’s important. And I know it’s a two way street because she always says during her own meltdowns, “You get me.” Yes, I do!

I thank Amy Harris for being the unknowing guinea pig in so many of my theories! She listens, learns, and applies . . . and then uses these strategies in her own life. I love hearing how they’ve worked when we occasionally share Lemon Ricotta Pancakes at Sunday brunch and then promptly tell each other, “No, you don’t have old lady butt!

Praise For “Find Your Passion in Life”

Remy, you hit the nail on the head. I would recommend everyone looking to live their life to the fullest should read this book. Live today, as tomorrow is promised to no one.

Sandra Lee Williams, Business Success Coach

Wealthy Woman Living Internationally, LLC

Encore, Remy, Encore! Your second book is even deeper and richer in wisdom with more heart, more inspiration and more energy! This book provides useful techniques and effective tools that will support everyone to have more passion in their life!

Julie Ann Zolfo

Core Energy Coach and Creator of the Fulfillment Factor Formula

“I highly recommend Find Your Passion In Life. Remy brings you definitions, exercises, and examples from a place of “just wondering” to a place of “discovery and exclamation” showing the reader with ease that there is always time to discover your life purpose and live a great life.”

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

“The Clarity Mentor” - Life Changing Coach

Helping and guiding Healing Arts Practitioners, Educators, Independent Practice Professionals become aware of their life purpose and learn how to build a business online

Find Your Passion in Life is filled with terrific stories, thought provoking insights and powerful exercises. It's one of those books that keeps you fully engaged from beginning to end. Thank you Remy for showing us how to find our true purpose and giving us the confidence to make it happen!

Joyce Layman Blackburn

Chief Dot Connector at Mind By Design

“I have worked with individuals and groups on their vision, values and purpose for over twenty years and haven't seen anything as powerful as Remy's method for helping people get to the heart of their passion. Easy to pick up and devour, the book is brimming with powerful insights and practical tips. One of my favorites - creating your Inner Board of Directors. Brilliant. This book will become an important part of my work from now on.”

Deborah Pruitt, Ph.D.

Speaker. Consultant. Author.

Forthcoming book:

Group Alchemy: The Six Elements of Highly Successful Collaboration

“This work hits the bullseye with an exclamation point!! Your profoundly simple step by step guide to finding happiness comes at the perfect time. We are ready, now more than ever, to live truthfully and with purpose, and Remy makes it possible. The world is waiting for each of us to step up and answer our calling by asking the age old questions at the core of every heart. Find Your Purpose In Life is a must read and I will absolutely recommend it to all my clients.”

Valerie Sorrentino

"Live life with ease"

"It's my belief that "Clarity is Divinity" and so when I read Remy Chausse's latest work I was really inspired . . . not only by her clarity in expressing some powerful principals that really do work to help people get UNstuck, but also by her immediately useful suggestions and practices for me as the reader to be empowered in coming to my own clarity in so many areas where I personally have found myself stuck! I especially loved her sections on finding energy and discovering values. When we are masters of our own energy and clear on what it is we value we automatically start living our purpose with a BIG EXCLAMATION POINT!!! Thanks, Remy, for your great work in the world.

Please keep it coming, Love!"

Amethyst Wyldfyre, The Speakers Shaman & Empress of Empowerment

Multidimensional Mentoring, Magic, Medicine and Mastery

Navigational Guide for The Magnetic Messengers!

“Are you ready to ‘Start Living Life As An Exclamation Point!’? Then welcome to your guidebook filled with great insight, wisdom and compassion. Delve in, take action, and let Remy hold your hand as she walks you through how to move forward to create a life filled with passion and purpose. Life is a blessing, each minute matters; you matter and you deserve a meaningful life that is full of exclamation points! Don’t waste another minute, continue reading and create the life of your dreams.”

Janice Stefanus

The Breakthrough Strategist

Customer First Strategies, LLC



Overcoming Invalidation

Finding Your Energy, Harnessing Your Emotions

Discovering Your Values and Passions

Meet Your Inner Board of Directors

Find Your Smart & Sexy True Life’s Purpose

Choose the path that challenges you

Three Best Takeaways

The End?