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I’m proud of you. You have already passed the first big step in personal development, which is making the choice to take action. By opening up this book, you have taken action.


When most people decide to make a significant life change they talk about it, they research it, they get excited about the outcome, but they never actually do the important thing and take action to get there. The part that requires effort and patience is what trips people up. But that’s not you is it? You are going to work with me to change your life, right? It’s in your best interest to do so. It would be foolish not to at least give this a chance and you will soon learn why.


I didn’t write this to show you how to make money. You won’t learn how to start a business or expand your stock portfolio. I’m not going to give you advice on losing weight or making friends. What I will do is change the way you think. I will change the way you handle your problems, manage your stress, and make important decisions. What you will get are the tools and tricks that you need to earn and create all of those wonderful things in life. You will know how to improve your life, find happiness, and hopefully help others do the same.


So if this book helps you, I encourage you to pass what you learn on to others and help them the way that this information has helped me and [hopefully] helped you.