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About Me


I was born in Hamburg, Germany and moved to Australia when I was 19.


Starting to practice Yoga at the age of 20, my true spiritual path began in 2009 when I first participated in a powerful meditation and received a Oneness Blessing called Deeksha. Many meditation groups, weekend courses and trips to India followed, as I explored this deep calling inside myself to connect with a Higher Purpose and Higher Vision for my life.


In the material world, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications; I have worked in the fields of communication and marketing for large corporate companies, small start-ups, community organisations, and even founded and ran my own online marketing business for more than three years.


I am now retraining as a counselor and coach and continue my passion to teach, write and travel. 


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About the Editor


Clotilde is an international researcher, teacher, editor, meditator and freelance explorer, who lives by  Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Giant (BFG) motto  "Let your love out!".


Clotilde was born in Italy and has since lived in Spain, South Africa, Vietnam and Cambodia. Her qualifications include a BA in Art and Communication, a Diploma in Public Relations and ESL Teaching certifications; she is a Oneness Blessing Giver and an all round Bookworm. Following her passion for Environmental Education, she has now stepped into Sustainable Development.


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