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100 Cents



Dickson Olabiyi ADELUSI





































©Dickson Olabiyi Adelusi 2018
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the address below.

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Behind Olufoam, Akure
Ondo State – Nigeria
email: adelusidickson@gmail.com

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This work is dedicated to all wise people thriving in life.





























Words have power to inspire us or do otherwise in this life; yes, words can make or break us. 100 Cents is a book good for meditation. It has the RSM [Read, Study and Meditate] value. There may just be two words in this book that will raise your spirit or influence your thought. This book has 100 select words from the author Dickson O. Adelusi. There is no plagiarism in this book and feel free to use the words for any purpose you want but ensure to refer to the author as Dickson Olabiyi Adelusi.

























































Cent 1


Thoughts are things. Living things.













































Cent 2


Strong person is not always strong weapons but it is always strong mind.













































Cent 3


Human mind is versatile; it works best when it is free.













































Cent 4


The company you keep and the information you gather in your mind now will shape your future.












































Cent 5


Your five sense organs are the tools that gathers information for your mind.













































Cent 6


Change the kinds of information on your mind and watch your life change.













































Cent 7


As brain is to your body so is your mind to your soul.













































Cent 8


Use your mind to generate internal positive energy and radiate them.













































Cent 9


Everyone is a hero in their imaginations but not the depressed and not the sadist.













































Cent 10


Don’t fix yourself to be either introvert or extrovert, allow your mood to swing freely.













































Cent 11


The world is full of chaos; establish your inner peace and share it with your environment.













































Cent 12


Intelligence is not wisdom













































Cent 13


A wise man learns from others; the fool thinks that he is all sufficient.













































Cent 14


Don’t say stupid things and don’t crack jokes if you are not funny.













































Cent 15


Wisdom is better than crude oil and good name is better than shekel. Great people leave their names behind for unborn generations.












































Cent 16


It takes wisdom to recognize a wise person but the foolish cannot discern a fool.













































Cent 17


Humility is a skill; wisdom is the trainer.













































Cent 18


A fool insults the king while the foolish fights the government.













































Cent 19


Science and scientists are foolish to say there is no God. Special apologies to science.













































Cent 20


Heal from hate; no matter how small it is, it will consume you like fire.













































Cent 21


The soul of a wicked man is doomed; his children shall inherit his curse.













































Cent 22


It is better to be foolish than to be proud.













































Cent 23


Do not covet the ways of the wicked people, they will soon perish.













































Cent 24


The proud person shall fall into deeper depth than a fool.













































Cent 25


Think about the consequence and you may not do it.













































Cent 26


Royalty is not the crown, it is an attitude.













































Cent 27


We live in a world where casket sellers pray for more sales every day.













































Cent 28


If you love to care for it, then you should care to love it.













































Cent 29


When blindfolded by gifts, truth and justice can be compromised.













































Cent 30


Without sun, moon and electricity; the world is a dark place.













































Cent 31


Find time to rest or steal time to rest; just make sure that you rest.













































Cent 32


Remember to eat well and do not forget those who are hungry without food.













































Cent 33


If you love freedom, reduce commitments, avoid obligations and cut over time incentives.













































Cent 34


Prayer with fasting is good but giving alms is better.













































Cent 35


Two things rule the world – Money and Power.













































Cent 36


There are military power, political power, economic power, social power and other kinds of power. The strongest form of power is spiritual power.












































Cent 37


A leader without a vision is blind. His followers will soon scatter or go down with him.













































Cent 38


Someday, your words shall come back to you. If it is cake, it shall sweet your belly. If it is arrow, it shall break your neck. Learn to select your words.












































Cent 39


If you want to give, give without show off and give voluntarily.













































Cent 40


A good spouse is a discovered treasure.













































Cent 41


Beauty and brain are good reasons to marry but the heart and soul seem better reasons.














































Cent 42


Young single ladies wait for their dream men. Growing old single ladies go for the available men.











































Cent 43


In this life, if you find true love, keep and make the person one of your core values.













































Cent 44


Knowledge can be bought; not wisdom. Not understanding.













































Cent 45


You may save your money with the thieves but make sure you do so publicly.













































Cent 46


Don’t keep quiet for a wrong reason; keep talking till you become a voice.













































Cent 47


If you can read biblical verse again and again, you should read motivational quotes again and again until it sticks.












































Cent 48


A rich man has many friends but a poor man is alone.













































Cent 49


A dream without corresponding action is fantasy.













































Cent 50


Procrastination is a slow poison to achievement and progress.













































Cent 51


If sleeping is your hubby, congratulations poor man.













































Cent 52


If you lack commercial ideas, don’t waste time; go look for job.













































Cent 53


The rich know how to play with numbers; what product or service can you sell to one million people and profit ten dollars per sale?












































Cent 54


If you want rubies, sell a value; if you want shekel, sell a solution.













































Cent 55


Young ones have the wildest ambition [fantastic dreams by the way], but their ambition is narrowed as they grow old. Only a few keep their ambition great as they grow old.











































Cent 56


Destiny helper is not necessarily someone who will finance you; there are just too many kinds of help. Don’t sit back at home looking for destiny helpers. Go out, network, meet people and connect with reality.












































Cent 57


If you are not determined to achieve your goals, you will abandon it for another person’s dream.












































Cent 58


Talk less, dream wild and take radical actions.













































Cent 59


If your life does not have a purpose, someone will pay for your lifetime.












































Cent 60


If you bury your dreams, you might be burying your future.














































Cent 61


Since codes become poem and hardware becomes an art; technology becomes prosperous and life becomes easier.












































Cent 62


To achieve your dreams, be flexible enough to switch routes. I mean strategies.













































Cent 63


When you are planning what to do, plan how to start it. Starting is the biggest milestone.













































Cent 64


Make your works excellent and brand them; someday you will work for kings and queens.













































Cent 65


Money grows in dirt. Not the dunghill but the shit you take all the time.













































Cent 66


Explore all your options if you are looking for something.













































Cent 67


This is 21st century; don’t expect manna. Don’t spend all your time praying; get up, go out and hustle hard.












































Cent 68


The poor man looks for his daily bread. The rich man saves for tomorrow. The great man invests in people’s future.












































Cent 69


Saving money is good and safe. Investing money is risky and great.













































Cent 70


Some entrepreneurs create the problem in order to sell the solution. I mean some people create the disease in order to sell the cure.












































Cent 71


Two categories of people – one says I can give people my time and not my money because money is difficult to make – the other says I can give people my money and not my time because time is irredeemable. Which category do you belong to?











































Cent 72


You can’t make it in life if you are afraid of challenges because nothing good comes easy. Great things are more daring.












































Cent 73


Sometimes you have your plans set and you are just waiting for the opportunity; wait for it or create it.












































Cent 74


Be wary of friends, do not rely too much on them. They are easily rouse to envy; keep them close and distant.












































Cent 75


Find a way to make it work for you if you cannot fight the power against you.













































Cent 76


Soft power is admirable; aggression has many enemies.













































Cent 77


In the struggle between good and evil, don’t be trapped on the evil side else you forfeit your future.












































Cent 78


Public opinion is a sword, learn how to use it to pierce your enemy’s reputation.













































Cent 79


Even if you have the opportunity, don’t stab your enemy in the public because he may get massive support you never expected; somethings are better done in secret.












































Cent 80


If you have the power, don’t destroy your enemy [competition] completely, else, you destroy your own growth and development. Make their purpose work for your greater purpose.











































Cent 81


Control the resources of your enemy, it keeps you in position of power.













































Cent 82


Don’t fight your enemy in his familiar terrain, lure him out of his comfort zone then attack.













































Cent 83


Life is full of adversaries, learn how to fight and maintain inner peace.













































Cent 84


As fire tries gold, so life adversities make us better.













































Cent 85


Life is full of struggle and warfare [spiritual warfare, economic warfare, social warfare, currency warfare, etc.]. It is your enemy that makes you a better warrior and not your friends.











































Cent 86


Keep pressing towards your dreams even if no one is clapping for you. Celebration is waiting at the end of the road.












































Cent 87


Be sure that what you are pursuing is worth your lifetime because there is no second chance to live again in this life.












































Cent 88


Tomorrow is a gift, all you have is today.













































Cent 89


In this life, you have more enemies when you become a champion. You need more strength to remain at the top than getting to the top.












































Cent 90


Don’t negotiate, act. Don’t beg, negotiate.













































Cent 91


The most powerful people are those who don’t abuse power.













































Cent 92


You carved an image or you bought it and you start praying to it or worshipping it. I think you should think about it…












































Cent 93


In the future, the mark of the beast [666] will become a reality as globalization and technology is becoming successful.












































Cent 94


Well, you may not mind the gap BUT mind the God of Heaven.













































Cent 95


Spiritual light awakens the soul to purposeful living thereby giving abundant inner peace. Jesus Christ is the only connection to the true God of spiritual light.












































Cent 96


You can be holy if you have the Holy Spirit of God of Heaven.














































Cent 97


After this earth, the Kingdom of God is going to come and it is going to be eternal. There will small and great people in the Kingdom of God. Do you want to be SMALL in ETERNITY? How can someone be great in the eternal Kingdom of God? I think I have an idea. Your godly works on earth. Also, your FAME in the Kingdom of God i.e. how many people you bring into the Kingdom of God.








































Cent 98


When God of Heaven wants to pay back, He pays back overwhelmingly as per what you deserve.












































Cent 99


Where are the souls of the dead?













































Cent 100


Death is a way to life, eternal life. Believe in eternal life, believe in God of Heaven.













































100 Cents


Dickson Olabiyi Adelusi


Remember that this book has RSM [Read, Study and Meditate] value. This book is given to you freely. Kindly do a star rating for this book where you have downloaded it because it means a lot.


You may talk to me someday; my email is adelusidickson@gmail.com

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