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This book presents a new way of interpreting the Odyssey that is ingenious, beautiful and elegant. It is an interpretation based on the theory of Cosmo-Art, which unites heaven and earth, life and death, men and women, pain and wisdom;and it reveals the profound meaning of Homer’s ideas on how to reach immortality through the creation of secondary beauty, which is the result of a fusion of cosmic and human forces.

The Odyssey is the greatest love story that has ever been told in the history of world literature. It is based not on love and death (like the love between Romeo and Juliette, or between Paolo and Francesca), but on love and immortal beauty; a type of love that can win over death forever, and a type of beauty that is created only when a man and a woman manage to produce glorious concordance, after much suffering and after developing a great willingness to be daring.

Notes from the translator: 

- The passages from the Odyssey that the author used are from the renowned translation from Greek to Italian done by Rosa Calzecchi Onesti, Published by Einaudi. I have translated these passages, instead of utilizing a renowned translation from Greek to English, because there seems to be no translation from Greek into English of the concept of “glorious concordance”, as found in Calzecchi Onesti’s work, which is an essential theme in the Author’s work.

- In this text, several titles of the author’s books are mentioned. Some are already available English, and their titles are only in English. Some are in the process of being translated, and their titles are also in English. Some are available as of this time only in Italian: these titles have been translated into English and placed in brackets { }. A list of all the authors books with a specification of which already are or soon will be available in English, is found at the end of the book.

To all those who want to possess their own lives instead of being possessed by others, so they can follow the sense of cosmic purpose that guides them and transform their lives into immortal beauty.