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EHP: Experimental Home Publishing Copyright, March 25th, 2020; version 1 All Rights Reserved.


This book is available for free. It has adult content, and so even though I am inviting you to share it, use discernment.  


WARNING: This book is intended for a mature audience. Due to violence and sexual themes, some persons, especially those suffering from PTSD or childhood trauma, could possibly experience unpleasant feelings or flashbacks. If you’re a person who has abducted by UFOs, suffering from DID, or possessed, be forewarned: you could be unintentionally triggered.


This book is dedicated to the world in crisis. May you have strength, love, and perseverance.


This book contains elements of magic, spirit, and tech. It is a continuation of my own exploration of love and light, and it seems consistent with the growing philosophy that seems exemplified in my work. This book is brim full of Tulpas. May you continue to find meaning and joy in you all your multiverses Travel Light Ion Light.


Author contact info:

214-907-4070 (text preferred,) solarchariot@gmail.com (In order to differentiate between junk mail, and letters, please put Ion Light in the subject line.)




An argument for tulpas:


Carl Jung quote: “He (man) cannot conquer the tremendous polarity of his own nature on his own resources: he can only do so through the terrifying experience of a psychic process that is independent of him, that works him rather than he it.”