The Unveiling


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Panic Grips the world as a nuclear showdown in the Middle East threatens to engulf the world in an atomic fireball. Then suddenly, millions of people from all over the earth instantly vanish off the face of the planet with no explanation. Speculation suggests it was the result of a new secret weapon fired into the Middle East standoff, but when the global leaders introduce the world’s populace to a powerful alien race, the Balazons, all bets are off. Shocking words of revelation from Khur-ak, the alien leader, threaten to destabilize the world even further. He claims that they have been invisibly influencing the evolution of human kind for millions of years, and are the gods we have so long worshipped. Now they desire to openly aid universal peace, prosperity, and our forward evolution!

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Dennis Gilmour

THANKS/GRATITUDE/APPRECIATION TO THOSE WHO "DONATE TO THE AUTHOR" BELOW. RECIPROCATION HERE IF INTERESTED: Dennis Gilmour was born in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, and graduated from the University of Alberta in 1991 with a B.Sc. in Pharmacy. While working on his book, "The Unveiling", he obtained a degree in computer programming, and combined both these work interests into a career producing pharmaceutical software used across North America. Dennis is a Christoevolutionist. His faith is one that seeks to merge science with all of the spiritual concepts common to the God of the Bible. When not writing, Dennis enjoys skiing in the hills of Whistler, reading, and pondering the ancient mysteries of life: who are we, where did we come from and what is the meaning of life? Dennis currently lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta and is working on his next sci-fi novel.

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