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Omnibus I (of II)


Books 1-4


A Sword and Sorcery/ Alternative History/ Epic Fantasy Series


Copyright © Neil Port, May 2023

all rights reserved




The Elvish Prophecy

Book 1

The Paladin Chronicles

3rd Ed

Neil Port


Copyright © Neil Port, 2022

all rights reserved

1st Ed. Copyright 2012

2nd Ed Copyright 2020


Author's Notes

Warning: War and battle is not glorious, and it is not depicted as such. This book, and those that follow, are not intended as children's books.

Spelling I have tried to convert Greek and Aramaic names into the phonetic equivalent in our ("Roman") alphabet (rather than using their English equivalent).

Hence we have "Aléxandros" ("our defender"), "Philippos" ("lover of horses"), and "Troia.".

I also use Australian English and Australian spellings.

I have used the term Gypsies for 'poetic' reasons. It has some derogatory connotations in certain parts of our world and I mean no offence by using it. The proper term is Romani which is completely unrelated to ‘Romania’ which is derived from the Roman influence in that particular region.

I have claimed that Aryan Hordes caused the Bronze Age Collapse, which is poetic licence, chosen for simplicity rather than any historical accuracy.

I have described this series as ‘sword and sorcery’ though the role of magic is minor in book 1.