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Table of Contents

Title Page


ro-labhairt (Prologue)

Chapter One: chan eil duine a ‘smaoineachadh air na frogaire (Nobody Thinks of the Frogmen)

Chapter Two: fuileachdach san tòrachd (Bloody in the Chase)

Chapter Three: a steigte -lìn (A Tangled Web)

Chapter Four: a ‘sèideadh anns a’ ghaoith (Blowing in the Wind)

Chapter Five: turas mara (Long Journey)

Chapter Six: mì-stiùireadh (Misdirection)

Chapter Seven: òg aig cridhe(Young at Heart)

Chapter Eight: an dà-shealladh (Second Sight)

Chapter Nine: anastachd (Stormy Weather)

Chapter Ten: ach an aon eadar-dhealaichte (The Same but Different)

Chapter Eleven: air ais gu àbhaisteach (Back to Normal)

Chapter Twelve: thoir droch-shùil (The Baleful Eye)

Chapter Thirteen:mi agus mo sgàil (Me and My Shadow)

Chapter Fourteen: am bradan eòlais (The Salmon of Knowledge)

Chapter Fifteen: sgoltadh air an taobh (A Thorn in the Side)

Chapter Sixteen: aosta eascaraid (Old Enemies)

Chapter Seventeen air ais gu neo-àbhaisteach (back to Abnormal)

Chapter Eighteen air cùl na gaoithe (Behind the Wind)

Chapter Nineteen: seann sgòran (Old Scores)

Chapter Twenty: mach às a ‘phana-fraighigidh (Out of the Frying Pan)

Chapter Twenty-one: dè a ‘dol timcheall a’ tighinn timcheall (what goes around comes around)

Chapter Twenty-two: far a bheil e iar dìoghaltasa leanas (Where Vice is Vengeance Follows)

Chapter Twenty-three; faighinn am corrag (Getting the finger)

Chapter Twenty-four dòchas an-dè a ‘crìonadh (Hope’s Last Fading)

crìoch-sgeòil  (Epilogue)


Glossary A to D

Glossary E to K

Glossary L to S

Glossary T to Y