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Mystic Tattoos


Written by David Ellinger M.B.A.

This book is dedicated to the Dreamers, the Outcasts, those who have the courage to walk a different path per the drum beat of their own sacred hearts. Be Brave, Be Blessed, and Be Kind to all those you encounter on this path called life. May God, keep you and bless you always, Amen, Namaste, Shalom.

They called her, Shadow. She didn’t know where the nickname came from, and she really didn’t care, nor did she mind it either. The name kind of fit, sort of. She was one of the best unknown tattoo artists in the world, and she knew it. The art of Ink was in her DNA. She has lived and worked in the shadows all of her life creating her art and using the living skin of others as her canvas, her tapestry of the soul. She knew that her work was a duality upon itself. A taboo to some and fine art to others. It is truly all in the eyes of the beholder.

She sat in one of the large red waiting room chairs, filing her long pinky finger nail that was painted in lavender. Her tight leather black pants were showing off her long sexy legs while her red bustier lifted her soft breasts as she took deep breaths in and out.

There was a HD TV hanging on the wall in silence while showing a recent football game from the local sports stadium. Jocks, she thought to herself. She was teased by them in high school, and all they want now was to get into her pants, and simply get off, and then discard her like a yesterday used magazine after their personal satisfaction was over. Beautiful Trash thrown into the emptiness of time itself. Her train of thought broke suddenly, when the bell rang, as a customer came in.

It was early on a Friday night, most folks where bone tired just coming off of work from a long work week, and they were still making plans for their weekends or what they were just going to make for dinner, and not what they were going to get on their skin as a life time tattoo in black ink.

In the door way, there stood a well-made up lady from up town dressed in a black business suit holding a fancy Versace purse by her side. She was more put together than a barbie doll dressed for a professional job interview. Her pumps were rattle snake skin, and she gave shadow, a smile that would have come straight out of Vanity Fair magazine itself.

Shadow got up out of the comfort fit of her chair and stretched before going behind the sterile counter. Her nervous habit of brushing her long black hair behind her pierce ear rings kicked in.

She couldn’t remember where this habit first started as a young nervous youth with uncalibrated anxiety disorder. It always happens when she had to speak to rich folks.

Shadow asked how she could help her, and thought that the lady might just be lost, and stopped to ask for directions to the nearest mall or jewelry store.

Just as she asked, the lights flickered, on and off. They continued to flicker for at least a minute. This place always seems to have weird electrical issues. She made a note of it to tell her landlord, Rick, later, and have him investigate, she paid enough in rent.

The lady put her purse on the counter, and opened in. The lady wasn’t much a talker or in any mood for small talk either. She reached in the purse, and took out a glossy picture. She then started to explain, that she had always wanted this tattoo, but never had the nerve to get one.

While looking at the picture, Shadow asked where she want the tattoo on her body, and lady without hesitation said on the back of her left shoulder. Shadow smiled to herself. You didn’t need to be a psychic to know that she was going to say that location. The one place that would be the most covered up for a lady from up town to have.

Why even get a tattoo then? She thought to herself, I do all of this great fantastic art, and they just go and cover it up, night and day. But it’s their body and their money at the end of the day and a girl needs to pay the bills.

The Lady then asked how much and how soon that she can come in and have it done. She definitely wanted to get straight down to business, Shadow thought to herself.

Shadow felt the powershift right away and made her smile to herself. The intoxication was almost physically too much and made her breast tingle. She thought for a second, and almost embarrassingly stared too long on the lady’s large diamond rings and ruby bracelets on her hands.

How does $250 Dollar sound? Complete silence followed.

She then took a breath, and continue to explain that unfortunately that she was booked completely for the weekend, how does next week sounds like.

The lady looks at Shadow and didn’t skip a beat. That would be fine, and how does this Tuesday at 5:00 work for you.

Shadow said brightly, Tuesday it is then, and the lady then took out a hundred and twenty-five dollars out of her billfold, and said to her, half in advance, just so you know that I am serious about it.

Shadow simply nodded, while holding the crisp dollar bills in her hand, the bell simply rang again as the lady walked herself out to her shinny park silver Mercedes convertible parked next to the shop and simply drove away.

Shadow quickly folded up the bills, and place it in her red leather bustier. Well, that went well, she said, and she stared at the picture that the lady had left on the counter that is to be the tattoo on her left shoulder on Tuesday.

That is odd, she said to herself. The image had changed to symbols. I swear it was a different image just a minute ago.

The image was the Star of David, and inside the star was the Tibetan OM symbol. The Star of David had a circle of a sun burst around it and out of the circle were seven rays that were in the shape of tear drop unlike the seven eyes of heavenly glow. While looking at the image, the symbols seem to start rotating counter clockwise, and then the eyes themselves open up. They seem to be reaching into the inner depths of her soul.

There was an inner warmth that started through her body, as Strange Days from the Doors started playing over the radio next to the counter.

Shadow just smiled, Strange days, indeed, as she put the image carefully into her to do file for next week. She then said she really need to cut back on her Ambien, and went to the restroom and put cold water on her face. She took the aspirin bottle that was on the counter and took two tablets, and washed them down with water.

She then looked at herself in the mirror, but she didn’t see her image but a reflection of an elderly nun holding a rosary of pink roses. The nun wasn’t looking at her but had her head bowed and was saying a sacred prayer to herself. She couldn’t understand what the nun was praying.

She then felt a firm touch on her shoulder and she screamed.

She quickly turned around and there was old Rick. the landlord, laughing to himself. Don’t you ever do that to me? I really mean it.

Ok, OK, Rick said, while putting his hands up in the air as if surrendering to her. It’s way past midnight, and I saw the lights still on in your shop, and just wanted to make sure everything was ok.

What do you mean past midnight, I was just talking to a lady customer a few seconds ago and it was just a little past five PM.

Shadow looked at her watch and Rick was right; the actual time was past two am in the morning. Rick now had the look of a concern parent on his face.

I am ok, Rick, just lost track of time, that’s all.

Shadow went to the window and flipped the shop sign to Close, and asked Rick if he was coming or not. She then said by the way, Rick, there is some type of electrical issues going on for the lights keep on flashing on and off.

Rick said, well you know this place use to be an old brothel back in the days, it might just be haunted.

Don’t be an Asshole, Rick.

Once outside, they parted their ways, and Rick trying to get in the last word, said, You, Know Shadow I was just trying to make sure you were just safe that is all.

I appreciate it.

By the way, Rent is due next week, don’t be late again.

Thanks for the reminder Rick, you know you will always get your damn money.

Rick got in his old Chevy beat up truck, turn his lights on, while lighting up a cigarette.

That stuff is going to kill you, Shadow shouted to him.

How do you know that I am not dead already? Good night and drive carefully, the Police are out in force tonight as always.

She was now standing in the parking lot by herself. There was a warm breeze that felt good on her face and hair, and she could hear the leaves and the branches of the tree’s rustling nearby.

Her beat up red and white Harley Davidson was parked nearby standing and waiting to take her home. A loyal steed always waiting for her and never disappointing.

She jumped on old dependable, and felt the vibration of the horse power going thru her thighs as she throttled the gas. Time for some Wind therapy she said silently to herself, as she rolled out of the parking lot and headed towards the open road.

The open road. Her town wasn’t a large cosmopolitan one, but was divided in an old town historical area, and an up and coming business area with a fancy mall. Her family has lived there for generations, and she rarely spent any time uptown where the old and the new culture seem to collided.

She saw the open 24 hour 5 and dinner just up the road a bit and decided to get a bit to eat even though it was early in the morning.

There was a sheriff car parked in the parking lot with just a couple of other cars. She pulled her bike next to the flower beds in front of the café and turned the bike off. She hasn’t been to the diner in a long time, as she normally just like eating at home in her comfy robe, then having to go out.

The dinner itself hasn’t changed a bit, and looks like it hasn’t change since the 50’s when it was first built. The stain Elvis velvet frame picture was still hanging on the wall.

The café gray cat was sleeping in its bed at the end of the counter, no immediate threat to any mice, Shadow thought to herself.

There were just a couple of folks in a booth having an early morning breakfast and were not talking much, as old married folks often do. The police office was sitting by himself at the counter, with his 45 at his side.

Shadow decided to keep her distance, and take a chair a couple of spaces from him. She and the law didn’t always seen eye to eye. Shadow could smell the scent of testosterone and authority coming from him and felt his eyes trying to undress her as she walked in.

Typical authoritarian male, she said to herself.

The waitress was new, and she didn’t know her. Blonde, young and perky, she smiled at her and ask her what she wanted from the menu that she could get for her. Shadow asked for a couple of eggs Sunnyside up, and rye toast.

The waitress then poured Shadow a generous cup of coffee and went to put her order in. There was a small tv on the other side of the counter that was on, but not much was on at this time of hour.

The sheriff got up from the counter and paid his bill without looking further at Shadow nor at the waitress. The Waitress waved and told him to have a nice day and went to pick up the dollar bills and change.

She then whispers to Shadow, he’s always a bit grumpy in the morning, but is a good tipper. She then asked Shadow, if she was new in town while trying not to stare at all of her tattoos.

Shadow laughed to herself, just an old timer that haven’t been in for a while.

An old timer indeed, I thought you were dead, as a large bald bearded man that smelled like he had just taken a bath in grease placed a warm plate of eggs and toast in front of her.

Sunny side up, Shadow, you have never been Sunny side up in all of your sad long pathetic life.

Now aren’t you the sight for sore eyes, Jake, Shadow said.

The rebel that vowed you would never come back to this small forsaken town again.

Sorry to hear about your mom’s passing, how are you holding up?

Jake smiled, still having the same old anger management issues I see, Shadow.

I’ am just surviving, and doing the best that a man can under the stressful given circumstances, I guess.

You just have to play with the cards that you are given in life.

Well, Jake, hang in there, stop by the shop, and I will give you a deal on a new tattoo.

That is all that I need is another dam tattoo.

Watch your mouth Jake, you can never have too many tattoos.

Enjoy your eggs and toast before they get cold now. Jake walked back to the kitchen wiping his hands on his apron.

You know Jake? The waitress asked Shadow.

We go back a bit; he was good friends with one of my older brother’s back in high school.

She nodded and then changed the subject to herself. I was thinking of getting a pair of rainbow butterflies on my wrist, is that something you can do for me.

Sure thing, just stop by the shop, and Shadow gave her one of her business cards.

My name is Jane by the way. Shadow, she replied.

Jane was definitely Jake’s type, blond, perky, and all about rainbows and unicorns.

Shadow started eating her eggs and toast, and Jane refilled her mug of coffee.

While she was finishing eating, on the TV on the shelf across from her came up an ad for a national psychic hot line. There was an image of a red headed Celtic druid lady looking in to a crystal ball, call now, and get a 10-minute reading for half off. Call now, your future is just a call away.

Sometimes, the future just needs to play itself out. Shadow got out her leather vegan torn wallet and paid the bill. Jane was talking to Jake in the back, so shadow left without saying goodbye. She was just happy to be headed home.

She pulled her bike into her parking lot, and made her way to her apartment. There was a small package at the door and yesterday mail in her mail slot. Her hands were full as she placed her unopened items on the kitchen table. The phone in the corner was blinking like a one red eye demon in the corner. She was so tired, she didn’t make it to the bed room but curled up on her sofa, and fell fast asleep.

Sleep was always something she looked forward to, the ability to escape from the daily and the routine. Her favorite dreams were the ones that transported her to Paris. There she would just be eating a morning pastry in a street café next to a flower shop. She always had a glow of anticipation, as if she was waiting for a lover or a friend to come and meet her, but just as someone was reaching out to greet her, she would always wake up.

What time is it, she thought to herself? The Morning light was coming through the curtains next to the window by her sofa reflecting off some hanging crystals making small rainbows throughout the room. Her apple watch starting beeping, it was 10 am. Got it, as she turned the alarm off.

Not a morning person, as she sat up, stretching like a cat, as she went to the bathroom to freshen up. She took off her yesterday cloths and looked at the reflections of herself in the mirror.

No dead Nun this time, just her naked sad truth and tattoos reflecting back.

She smiled, and went into the shower and felt the warm water washing her long black hair and yesterday’s memories away. She loved her lavender mint shampoo and used a generous amount. She got out of the shower and put her robe on, and dried and brushed her hair.

She always was a low maintenance girl, and put on minimal makeup and eye liner. People have always admired her sea blue eyes. Who needs all that make up? When you have such nature beauty while laughing to herself.

She looked in her closet. Mostly black leather, few pink and red garments. So many choices, and she picked out a new black leather pants and a silk pink top. Just feeling a bit pinky today. It was Saturday and doesn’t need to be back to the shop until 5 pm. My business was a night business. No wonder I like goth and vampires so much. The night time was her life. She finished getting dressed and straighten up the living room a bit.

She decided to take a morning stroll down to the corner convenience store just down the street to get a cup of specialty coffee and her favorite brand muffin. She found her sketching pad that she like to take with her just in case she gets any inspirations of a tattoo design.

She locked the door to her apartment and it was a beautiful fall morning, and the trees were just starting to change color. She needed the exercise so she decided to walk and there was a slight wind blowing through the branches of the trees that line the road.

The bell rang as she entered the convenience store. Without thinking, she went right to the coffee station. She poured her hazel nut coffee into a cup, and took one of the brand muffins with poppy seeds from the pastry counter and place it in a small paper bag.

She took out a couple of dollars from her pocket and gave it to the clerk who was busy talking on the phone. They have great muffins and pastries but not so much on the customer service side.

She continued down the street where there was a small city park. She saw a dead racoon by the side of the road. Dry blood was on its side. She didn’t want to look at it but she was always been told that one must always respect the dead to appreciate the living.

She said a small prayer and move past the lifeless carcass. Death has always fascinated her in a strange way.

There was a small rose garden area that she like to go and meditate in. There were still some blossoms on the bushes as there hasn’t been a hard frost yet, and the gardener has not pruned their branches back yet for the next growing season.

She saw a black squirrel gathering nuts by the large oak tree in the middle of the park getting ready for winter. She stared at the animal and could feel the life force coming from the animal. Life, Death, the great cycle of creation, she thought to herself.

She sat down on the hard-wooden bench and took out her sketch pad and pen and place them on her lap. She put her coffee cup on the ground next to her and took her muffin out of the paper bag to take a bit.

That is where she heard the voices, they were coming from under the yellow and red rose bush next to her.

Hurry, Hurry, before she sees us. Don’t worry my sweetness, she has her own muffin to eat.

Shadow couldn’t see anything first, but couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What she first thought was just a regular rose bush, there were actual two garden fairies that were coupling together on top of one of the larger blossoms.

They were so tiny and delicate looking with transparent wings that were rainbow in color.

Miss, Miss, Yes, I am talking at you, excuse me, stop looking, can’t we have some privacy here. Shadow couldn’t keep her eyes off them and was just so fascinated by these small tiny creatures. She had read about fairies and they were one of her most popular tattoos for female clients to get at her shop.

Shadow decided to be brave and engage them in a conversation.

I am so sorry for staring, but I have never seen such beautiful creatures as you both. The one fairy that was more feminine in nature started to blush a lavender blue. Would you mind if I sketch you both?

OMG, Lady, didn’t you hear me the first time. The one fairy kicked the other in the ribs and made him roll over. She then gave shadow one of the sweetest smiles while talking to her companion.

Don’t be so rude, as the other fairy was trying still trying to catch his breath after her kick to his ribs. Dear, I would love to be sketched.

Would you mine flying to the other big red rose and pose on top for me?

Certainly. While the fairy flew to the rose blossom, the other one was still acting up a bit, and with one spin disappeared within a blink of an eye. The other fairy just took a deep sigh as his fairy dust settle by her side.

Don’t worry about him, he just gets a bit irritated when he doesn’t get what he wants right away.

Sounds like a typical male to me, Shadow reply. The fairy just sighed again, and then started to cry.

OMG, I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you or to harm you in anyway.

Out of midair, a blue dragonfly appeared, and the fairy jumped on its back while wiping the tears from her eyes. It’s not you, it’s me. I been very sensitive these days.

Will I see you again? Shadow asked. Don’t know, and the fairy started crying again. She then flew high in the sky and disappeared into a fluffy white cloud passing by.

Well, you don’t see that every morning. Hope, there is good therapy in the fairy realm. Shadow then notice the ring that sparkled on the ground underneath where the fairy lady had been crying. It was silver etched in what look like frost lace, and there was one pink sapphire tear drop stone as its center piece.

Shadow picked it up and the ring felt like it was vibrating all by itself. She first thought of putting it on, but for some unknown reason she put it in her shirt pocket instead. She knew enough about magic that once you put on an enchantment, they are very hard to get rid of, and who knows what powers the ring has in this world or the portal realm of the fairies.

She finished her coffee and muffin, and thought about the strange encounter that she just had. She notices the Sun had risen higher in the sky, and it was time to get going and get the shop ready for the customers that night.

Money doesn’t just grow on trees, as her father always reminded her. She tossed her cup and paper bag into the trash can. I must be a daddy’s girl after all, she said with a smile, as she walked down the sidewalk toward her apartment. The seasons were in flux as the sunlight was definitely changing.

She straightens a few things out at her apartment, and then took off to work in the shop.

Shadow placing the key to her shop firmly into the door, and opened it. It was as if she didn’t leave at all. She spent more time in the shop then in her apartment, and thought of just putting a twin-size bed in the backroom with a hot plate and save money of having to pay for another rent. But after careful consideration, she really needed a space of her own to live, other than the space she did her ink work. She turned on the TV, and made sure all of her equipment was sterile and ready to go for the evening customers.

The first patron was right on time. She was a young lady in her late twenties and worked at the local non-profit book store. She was more like shadow herself, and wanted bat wings to be sketched and inked on her back.

She was very much a talker, and Shadow like the opposite in a customer, so she didn’t have to be distracted by any small talk but could totally focus on the art itself. Didn’t this lady ever stop to take a breath even.

Shadow showed the sketch of the bat wings, that she made earlier in the week, and then told the lady to take off her light blue top and lacy bra, and lay on the table. She pours some antiseptic oil on her back and cleaned the area of where the image was going to be put. She then placed the image on the women’s back and peeled the image off on to her skin.

She doubled check the equipment was sterile and the ink she used was totally organic. She always made sure that her shop met all necessary health codes in the city and state.

It was a straight forward tattoo, the type she like to start with in the evening to get into the flow of the work started. She started with the left wing and told the lady to raise her hand if she needs to take a break. Within just an hour, the tattoo was completed, and Shadowed wiped down the final design down with baby oil. There was a mirror that the patron could see the final project.

She got up and smiled while looking at the finish design on her back. Shadow, you did a fantastic design. Thank you, so much.

Let me wrap it up before you put your cloths back on. Now, remember, let it settle in, you can take the plastic off in about an hour, but don’t take a bath or go swimming for at least 24 hours.

The patron agreed, and paid Shadow the full cost of the tattoo. Once the customer left, Shadow wiped down the table and put the necessary item back in the sterile box to get ready for the next customer usage.

She heard something hitting the window. She could not believe what she saw but there was an image of a fruit bat. No way, she said to herself as she got a sudden chill up her spine. This was way too weird even in Shadow’s world of thought and beliefs.

She reaches down to get the broom ready just in case the bat got inside the shop, but the sounds seem to indicate that it flew away into the nearby trees. I have been reading way too many vampire romantic novels lately, she said to herself.

She has been told that there was going to be a large harvest moon this night. The night did seem to have more light then dark during the twilight hours which seem to reassure her a little. She still kept the broom close by just in case though.

The door opened, and Jane was standing there with an amazed look on her face. Shadow, you can’t believe what I just saw just saw now with my own eyes.

In the poplar trees, next to your shop, there was a fruit bat wearing blue panties and a matching lacy bra. She was swearing up a storm, saying that you were nothing but a bitch, and look at what you did to her. Bitch, Bitch, Bitch. I have never seen anything like this before, and I never knew fruit bats could even speak or swear like a drunken sailor.

Oh Shit, Shadow said to her, what have I done? I haven’t done anything put gave the poor girl the tattoo that she wanted. She was about to faint, when Jane grab her and held her up while getting her into a nearby chair.

Stay right there, while I get you a wet towel to put on your head, you look like you just seen a ghost or just got the bad fever that has been going around.

Jane was only gone a minute and was back with a paper towel for Shadow’s head that hasn’t stop pounding since Jane had entered the shop.

I got a cup of water for you also. You got need to stay hydrated. Thank you, Jane, you are very kind, and Shadow took a drink of water from the plastic cup.

Do you want me to take you home or to urgent care to get you checked out? Shadow shook her head. I am fine, really, just a bit dehydrated that’s all.

Shadow tried to get the focus off herself, so what brought you into the shop, Jane? Other than to get away from the abusive hell bat outside.

Jan smiled and said that she had changed her mind and wanted a Unicorn, instead of butterfly tattoo on her wrist. Shadow thought to herself, really, a unicorn. With what just happen, she wouldn’t put a fantasy creature on her or her worst enemy.

Well, Jan, I will be happy to, but it takes time. Go ahead and search the internet for the best unicorn image that you would want and we can setup an appointment.

Jane seem to be happy with the response. How much would such a tattoo cost me? I will make you a special deal for all the help you gave me, how does 99 dollars sound.

It’s a deal, Jane replied back. See you soon then. Shadow just nodded as Jane left the shop in her quest to find the best unicorn picture every for her wrist to acquire.

Soon after, the next appointment arrived. Shadow thought about cancelling the next few appoints but thought otherwise for rent was almost due, and Rick wouldn’t be very happy if she was late with another month rent payment.

The gentleman wanted a picture of a skull with flames coming out of its ear’s and mouth. I took her about 2 hours to do, and the man was pleased and paid cash. Another one done, and just one more to go.

The last patient was a lady that just wanted a rose on her left arm fixed. The color had faded and added some green leaves that would add contrast and dimension. She was talkative, and talked about her boyfriend while Shadow went to work. This one only took less than an hour, and she decided to close up shop a bit early.

She cleaned her workstation, and decided to go out the back door, and decided to bring her broom with her just in case she needs it for self-defense.

While locking the back of the shop, she notices flashing of red and blue bubble gum lights in from of her shop. There was a Sheriff car blocking the entrance to her shop and the highway.

First, she thought that they may have pulled a speeder over, but that all change when she heard a deep male voice, ordering her to raise her hands up and drop the broom. Put your hands up on the door where I can see them please and spread your legs.

Hey, I was just closing up my shop, who do you think you are anyway? Wrong answer, lady, he forcefully threw her against the door with her face pressing against it. She then felt one arm twisted behind her back and then the other. Hey that hurts. The hand cuffs came on as she heard a loud click noise of them locking together.

Lady, you may think, you are something special, but you are in deep trouble. You have the right to an attorney, the right to remain silent, as her rights were given to her. She was then dragged to the cop car and actually thrown into the back of the police car without much care.

There was a female police officer that came around the other side of her shop with a plastic bag, and inside was the torn clothing of the bat lady that she did the earlier tattoo for. There was also a necklace in the bag that Shadow remember the lady was wearing and was reflecting off the harvest moonlight.

Well, you really did it this time, said the police officer as he got in the driver seat of the car.

Where are you taking me, and whatever you think I did, I didn’t do it? This is nothing but police harassment, harassment do you hear me?

Save your breath, you need to talk to detectives downtown, and not to me. But I tell you one thing, you are definitely going to really need a good lawyer for this one.

Shadow just started to cry, she didn’t know why, but it was just one of her living nightmares to be taken in for a crime that she hasn’t committed. She didn’t even know what she was being taken in for.

The police pass the turn off to the city jail. Hey, you just pass the exit. Oh, you aren’t going to go to the nice City Jail, we are taking you down to County. There was a sadistic tone and an emptiness of any warmth to his voice.

The police car pulled up to the entrance to the County Jail. There were two officer’s waiting for her. The door opens to the squad car, and they actually lifted her out of her seat. You can’t treat me like this, I have rights. The officer just laughed at her. Rights, what rights, we don’t give rights to a murderer in this land.

She was then led to a table and was told to empty her pockets; all of her items were put carefully into a plastic bag. They took her information from her license in her wallet. She then was told to strip, and to change out her civilian clothes. She asked for the handcuffs to be taken off.

She then remembers the Fairy ring in her shirt pocket. She made it look that she had a bad cough and was able to get the ring down her throat without being seen. She wasn’t going to give that to her jailer’s and who know what value it may come in later. Just hope it get digested well, and come out eventually on the other side.

A lady correction officer came over with latex gloves and looked a bit annoyed at her delay in changing out. Really, she was then told to bend over. This was not the type of probing that she was expecting from any one at the county jail.

Blood and urine samples were next and were taken before she was put into a holding cell. The nurse was all business and told her to sign off on the triplicate form, and if she refuses, they would just get a court order to get the necessary approvals. There was one open toilet and there were pure cement and iron bars for walls.

There were left over food scattered in the cell. She was in the cell by herself. She was trying to collect her thoughts together. One moment she was working at her shop, working, talking with Jane, and the next moment her freedom was gone and she was in a cage like a zoo animal.

A group of man just came through with leg shackles and irons. They shuffle together, and they all had the look of hopelessness and utter despair. One of the guards with the letter ICE written on the back of his jacket and holding a rifle looked at shadow and ask what she looking at, and she just turned her head and looked away.

She then heard a voice from the corner of the cell.

Well, Little miss, how do you like the slammer, the big house, looks like you are going to be put away for a long time down the river, if the rumors are right and they get you for your batty girl Issue.

She didn’t see him, her, or it, at first, and she had to take a long look, and it was sitting by a piece of gum and a clump of stale baloney. The cockroach which was now laying on its back with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth.

What are you looking at, Lady, you bow down to that guard in a New York minute?

You can bow down to me any time, miss, with a sly grin?

Shadow looked at the talking cockroach with disgust.

The cockroach continued to talk, you know I have a lot of connections in here, and you need all of the friends you can get in a place like this as the cockroach scratch his exposed belly fat.

I really can’t believe that I am talking to a bug. Talking to a bug, what do you mean, you ate that darn fairy ring, didn’t you? Well, stranger things then talking to a bug are going to start occurring, and sooner than you think.

Oh, by the way, you really aren’t that much of a knock out yourself. I would give you a 5 out of 10.

Shadow blinked and reply back, oh now you are not only strange, but you are a mean talking little piss ant.

Cockroach, missy, I am a Cockroach, you better believe it, you really need to get your bugs straight in your little mammal brain of yours.

Have it your way Miss, I am out of here but beware, be very beware, you have truly set things in motion which you may regret for a very long time. The cockroach then got up on its hind legs and started crawling to the top of the cell were there was a small crack. It then sucks in his stomach and let out a large grunt, and just made it through the crack to who knows where.

Shadow was just happy to be left alone. Maybe she shouldn’t have swallowed the fairy ring, and she did absolutely nothing to that young lady but gave her the bat tattoo that she requested without any distressed at all.

The hours slowly passed, no food, no water, and she tried to meditate and think of better days. One thing she did notice was that her forehead had a tingling sensation that she had never felt before. She rubbed her forehead as if she was getting a migraine.

An older middle age man in a black suit came up to her holding cell. Shadow first thought it was a lawyer, but the man asked the guard to open up the cell. The guard open the cell and asked shadow to put her hands in front of her, and was hand cuffed once again. The guard roughly took her elbow, and lead her to a small interrogation room that only had a metal table with two chairs and a one-way mirror.

She was then sat down in a chair. The detective sat down on the other side and there was a small tape recorder player that he took out of his pocket and place between them. He turned the recorder on, and he then took a long sigh, paused, and look at shadow.

I have seen a lot of murder cases in my life time, and you may want to just admit to the murder. We got everything we need except for the body. We have the notes from the shop that you had an appointment with the decease. We have finger prints, and the torn clothing in the back alley of your shop. We have the abandon car in front of your shop.

Look, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. The easy way is that I can give you a plea deal and we can wrap this up in a few days, and you will get just receive five years at the nice Federal State prison. If not, we can do it the hard way, and we can go to trial. You will have the burden of all of the expenses of the trail, and if convicted, well, that’s 17 years of hard labor.

So, it is your choice, what would you like to do Shadow, or should I use your legal name, Ms. Abbigail Magpie Osterville. No one called her by her formal name in years, and she cringed just by hearing it.

She said out loud and directly to the detective. I am not guilty, not guilty. I have no idea what happen to that young lady after I gave her a Tattoo of a bat. I want a Lawyer, do you hear me, I want a Lawyer, now!

Her forehead started to tingle more and now started to burn. The detective eyes started to get wide as he started to stare at the center of her forehead. Miss, we will get you a lawyer, soon, but I don’t think you need a lawyer, right now, but a nurse instead. She rubbed her forehead again and looked at the palm of her hands and saw the bright color of red blood.

The Detective got up and single the guard to open the door and to take Shadow to medical right away. The guard took a look at Shadow and fainted, as blood was now just falling like a waterfall onto the tile floor. The Detective just shook his head, guess, I have to do everything myself. Get up and follow me, I really don’t have time for this, I am supposed to retire in a year, and don’t need any crazier cases but this surely looks like it is going to be one.

Shadow followed the Detective to Medical and the nurse told her to take a seat on one of the empty beds. The Detective then told the nurse to take care of her, and looked at Shadow. You are more of a mess then I thought. Think over the plea deal I offer you; it will only be offered this once. He then nodded to the nurse and left. The nurse took some clean towels and clean off her forehead.

Well isn’t this a surprise, I haven’t seen, one of these in a very long time. What is it? nurse, please give me a mirror? I don’t know if you really want to see yourself in a mirror right now. My God, Lady, Can I just have a damn mirror? Please.

The nurse frown at her and said, I will but I want you to take these pills to calm yourself down. Shadow said drugs finally, yes please, I will take your damn medication whatever you want me to do, but I have to see what is happening to me.

The nurse handled the two blue and pink pills in a small paper cup with a glass of water. She threw back the pills as if it was a shot of Fireball whiskey with a water chaser.

The nurse got a mirror and told Shadow to take a deep breath. Shadow took one, and bravely look into the mirror. What she saw was a spiral unicorn horn coming out of her forehead. Is this what I really think it is? The nurse had a sympatric look. Magic can be a real bummer, she said. What you need to do, is just lay down on this bed, and I will get the guard to take your hand cuffs off.

She got on her intercom and the guard came in and look surprise at Shadow, and uncuffed her. But instead of taking them off completely. He left one of her hands cuffed to the bed.

Sorry, got my orders. Can’t have any horsing around here, he laughed to himself. The drug was really taking affect, so at this point leaving reality for a while sounds like the perfect prescription to her.

Shadow got comfortable on the bed, and the nurse came over with a bag of ice and place around the spiral horn to stop any additional bleeding. The last thing the nurse heard Shadow muttering to herself. This is unbelievable, unbelievable, completely unbelievable.

The nurse looks up at the clock and said break time, and went back to her desk, and make sure there wasn’t anything urgent for her to do before she took out her diet coke and power bar for a snack. She took her cell phone out and google magical unicorn horn. Well, a woman needs to be prepared, she said to herself, and this poor lady got it really bad, really bad indeed. She put the cell phone down, and went to another drawer and took out a bone saw. This murderer doesn’t need a magical unicorn horn, does she now. Shadow was completely knocked out by her medication and was tied to the metal bed frame.

The nurse was now over shadow and she put on her blue latex gloves, a lady can’t be too safe these days can we. Don’t want to get any of this magical dust on my hands. She places the saw right at the bottom of the horn almost touching skin. She then started to move the bone saw slowly back and forth, back and forth.

This lady isn’t going to need this and I am actually doing her a big favor. She saw that she was almost through, and once through she careful took the horn and put it in a bag with a hazardous material sign. No one is going to bother me as I take this little prize home for me. Potions and lotions, can’t wait to see what a little bit of unicorn horn will do with my anti-aging products. She was afraid that one of the guards may walk by and see her but medical only had only one other patient and she was as mad as a hatter and no one would believe even if she could say something about this matter. She placed the hazardous bag with the horn in her purse and smiled a job well done.

Shadow did not wake up during the operation. But she did have a dream, there was a homeless lady who stole her purse in a busy subway in downtown Philadelphia, and she tried running after her, but her feet would not even move as roots started to take form underneath her feet. She then turned into a beautiful Cherry tree within the historical district near by the Liberty bell. The stolen purse just became a meaningless focus of attention as the smell of pink and white blossoms swept through the air of a true universal connection of inner joy and peace.

Shadow woke up and she was still cuffed to the bed. She felt her forehead where her horn had once been, and in its place was a rough scab that had darken.

Good, you are up. I was wondering if you every would wake up or if I needed to get the county examiner over here to do a real proper autopsy.

Here is dinner, I ordered you a vegetarian plate for you, just took a wild guess that you maybe a vegan. Shadow touched her scab, and asked what happen to her. The nurse just smiled and said that it just simply fell off while she you were a sleep. She shouldn’t worry about it though, but if it grows back, she needs to come to medical right away.

After dinner, the nurse said that she wanted her to stay in medical until the next morning for observation and told the guard that Shadow will stay in medical, as the evening watch came through. It was hard to go back to sleep after her meal so shadow just stared at the ceiling. The nurse said the night shift nurse had arrived, so the nurse gathered her items together with the hazardous bag with the unicorn horn, and said good night, see you in the morning. By the way, you look 100 times better without that darn horn, while patting her purse as if it were a cat. The night shift nurse was a burly man with a beard. He wasn’t much helpful, and made Shadow uncomfortable when she had to use the bed pan underneath her bed.

That night, when the nurse arrived back at her apartment. She put the hazardous bag with the horn next to her other items that she used for her spells, and lotions and potions. A weekend witch indeed, this is going to make me rich. I think I will try that antiaging lotion tonight and add some of this unicorn horn to the lotion. So, she started simmered a pot on a stove, and added a piece of clove and lavender. Then one frog leg and the eye of a newt.

She then put in an orange peel and a pit from an avocado. She added other special ingredients. At the very end she added a small piece of unicorn horn.

The potion itself took on a rainbow hue and started to bubble violently. Well, this wasn’t what I expected. She left the lotion simmering, as she switches out of her medical scrubs, and put on her sleeping cloths. She then gave herself a facial with the mixture, and she added a few drops of the new lotion to her mask material. She felt a new sensation right away and her face seem to tighten. She slept with the lotion on her face, and then she woke up as the morning light was reflecting off her windows of her bedroom.

She went to the bathroom and took off the lotion, and looked at the mirror. The image was her face, but one she hadn’t seen in quite a while, it was as if time itself had moved back ten years. When she got dress and got back to the jail. The security guard at first didn’t recognized her. He then said you are going to have to get a new badge with an updated photograph before we can let you in.

Oh, what a simple price to pay, she thought to herself for such eternal youth. Once the new picture and new badge was made, she was allowed to enter. Once she got to the clinic, the clinic was completely empty.

She asked the burly bearded night shift nurse what happen to Shadow. He said that a group of guards came in and took her away.

Well, I am going to have to monitor where my cash cow is being taken, I surely hope that horn grows back so I can increase and stabilize my Unicorn horn inventory she said to herself.

Well, Shadow wasn’t happy, not happy at all, she was been arrested, falsely accused of murder, put in jail, and was interrogated, not to mention her new headache from the scab of a unicorn horn on her forehead. She was led to section B-1, and was put into a general population cell. There was room for two people but she was the only one occupying the space for now.

There was a single toilet and a bunk bed. There must be at least 25 cells with in this one section block. She decided to take the lower bunk, and lay down trying to gather her thoughts together. Maybe she should take the plea deal that she was offered by the detective, she doesn’t have a lot of money and it would take every last cent that she has to put up a defense for herself and her reputation.

While back at the nurse station, the nurse that took Shadow’s unicorn horn felt dizzy and very dehydrated. She went to get a glass of water and she suddenly felt like her whole face had peeled off. She let out a violent scream and fell unconscious on the title floor. A guard heard her while standing just outside of the clinic and came rushing in. What he saw, made him step back, as if what he was looking at was the Ebola virus itself.

He got on the walkie talkie and said back to command of what just happen in the clinic. He heard the word to t the site and make sure that no one enters. He decided to take picture of the nurse before he went back outside the clinic and secure the site.

He looked at the picture again and the nurse’s face had no living flesh showing, just a skull with empty eye sockets. This must be some type of flesh-eating bacteria. It was a few hours, until the warden himself showed up with a local CDC medical official. The guard just nodded and open up the door for them to enter. The CDC official stopped the warden and said here is a mask and gloves, we really need to follow basic protocol before we entered.

In addition, please don’t touch anything. We have a complete hazardous response team being sent in, and they should be here shortly to retrieve the body and to sterilize the whole clinic. The warden said he understood, and put the gloves and masked on and then motion the CDC official to lead the way. He wasn’t the warden because he was impulsive or reckless in nature.

The clinic was empty except for her corpse laid lifeless on the cold floor. They went up to the body a few feet away and made sure they didn’t touch anything and there was a pool of bodily fluid pooling next to her head that had a green tint with tiny bubbles. The CDC official took a small test tube and took a very small Q-tip dapped it in the green pool and place it in the test tube. He put a top on the test tube and then place it in a sample bag that had a CDC security level 4 symbol on it.

Let get this body out of here, the official said to the warden, and they walked out of the clinic together. The guard opened the door and closed it afterwards. The warden looked at the guard, do not talk to anyone about this and also don’t let anyone else in there until the CDC Hazardous response team arrive.

It didn’t take long before the team came and setup a containment cube going into the clinic. Three team members suited up and went in. They put the body into a special body bag and brought her corpse out, and then made sure the entire place was sterilized by spraying a decontamination agent throughout.

A red light came on within the cell block signaling a total lock down of the block. The guards gathered all the inmates up and made sure they were all in their cells and accountable. Shadow went up to the bars to see what was going on. There was a young guard standing next to cell. Shadow decided to start a conversation with him. He told her to step back and get back further in her cell and that there was no concern for her per the given lock down. Shadow went back to her bed, and stared at the ceiling. No concern for her, really. There was a crack in the corner of the ceiling, and she first saw the familiar antenna, and then the pop of the head of the cockroach, and then the squeezing out of the body. Boy that is tight, I truly have to go on a diet. Shadow just thought to herself, not again, sorry, but not down the proverbial rabbit hole again.

What’s up beautiful? my favorite angel, ex-unicorn, reply the cockroach while rubbing its forehead. Man, you really don’t know what is going on out there do you. That nurse of yours, just turn combustible, and guy’s in space suits are scattered all around this place. I thought they were bug terminators at first, but I believe that they are chasing after a different type of bug then the common roach.

Shadow tried not to give the roach any attention or encouragement, and really didn’t want another close encounter with this insect or any other. The roach wasn’t fazed by her attitude at all, but seems to even be encourage by Shadow’s lack of interest.

Hey, did anyone ever say that you really hold your figure in a prison uniform. Shadow had enough and took off her shoe and threw it, just missing.

Hey you, I don’t want any trouble with you, but you really need to get some proper manners and control that temper of yours.

Really, you need to get into one of those etiquette class right away. Just wanted to tell you that you are in deep trouble, and I am not saying the legal kind. This is something more, something unnatural that is occurring.

She then heard a guard’s voice outside her cell. Inmate, stand, and be counted. Shadow stood out of bed, and the guard had two space suited man standing next to him. She is the one that we were told about.

The one guard held Shadow as the other one in the hazmat suit took out a gas mask and put it on Shadow over her mouth and nose. In seconds, she collapsed into their arms as the gas entered her lungs, and was then carefully put on to a stretcher.

The cockroach fell from the ceiling and attached to the underside of the stretcher.

The guard signed the paper work on their way out. Looks like they gave her to you for good. No longer a prisoner, but more like a test specimen. She thought she had it bad here, well, one less, for us to worry about her anyway.

They quickly put Shadow into a military like ambulance before anyone changes their mind, and they hook her up her to a couple of black box machines. She was lying in a plastic container. There was two people riding with her inside the ambulance, one had a nurse uniform, the other was a military office with an automatic rifle at the ready. The cockroach just made it onto the under belly of the vehicle as it left the prison compound.

Shadow was back on the streets of Paris in her subconscious dreams. She was back at her favorite café and ordered a cheese platter and wine. The wine was excellent, but when the cheese was brought to her there was green mold and live maggots. The waiter bowed, and said in a thick French accent, your favorite dish madam. She then couldn’t hold it any longer, and bend over and threw up onto the waiter apron.

The nurse looked at the military officer and gave him some towels. Help me clean up this mess, as Shadow just continued to lay there while foam was still coming out of her mouth. The vehicle finally came to a stop, and Shadow was taken out of her plastic container, and was immediately place into another. The whole unit was roll able, and now there was four military officer’s that was escorting her into a building.

The building itself looks like they were in an industrial part of town, but there were no signs or any identifying elements to its design. They pass a cage with a three headed monkey and dogs with huge tumors and growths on their sides.

Shadow was put in a cage that was even smaller than a prison holding cell. There was a stack of autopsy dead animals’ bodies in a bin next to her. She awoke and one of the lab workers came over to her. Welcome to Hell, and gave her a cup of water. She spited in his face; I want a lawyer.

The lab worker just laughed and wiped the spit off his face, a lawyer. Man, you really don’t know where you are honey. You’re no longer a person with rights here, you are just a specimen, a lab rat, a total outsider, nothing more. You gave up your rights when they rolled you into this place.

Don’t worry, we will make it as painless as possible. I guarantee you one thing. If you make any noise, they will cut out your vocal cords first, and then they will get more creative with you after that. Shadow wasn’t depressed anymore; she was in complete shock. What am I a lab rat? A human test specimen. She rocked back and forth in the fetal position just waiting for this bad dream to disappear or for death itself to appear.

In another room on the floor above shadow, the strange green liquid was being put under a microscope and DNA testing. The technician was talking to a friend on her smart phone and didn’t notice a small cockroach that was slowly making its way toward the glass tube.

With a quick flick of its wings that test tube with green liquid went flying, and shattered against the floor. The technician screamed and ran out of the room and sealed the door behind her. The green liquid leaked through the wood flooring and then dropped from the ceiling next to Shadow.

It formed into a small ball, and then sprouted little legs. Shadow didn’t see it first, but thought she heard a voice.

There was then a tug on her sleeve, and she turned, and there was a kitten with green eyes staring at her.

It was purring and kneading her arm as if Shadow was its mother. One of the lab workers saw Shadow holding the kitten, and said, where did that come from. He came over to the cage and open it to take the kitten away from her. The kitten would have no part and she looked into the lab worker eyes and the worker freeze and was paralyzed to move.

Then like a dragon, it spat out small sparks that floated into the pupils of the eye that attached to the retinas and then like bacteria, it made the technician blind. The technician fell to his knees, and Shadow didn’t need an open invitation.

While still holding the kitten, she crawled from the cage, as if she was coming out of a hidden cave. There were the three headed monkeys in cages that she saw in the room next to her.

Just the diversion that we need. She quickly releases them from their cages and open the door to the rest of the building, so they will keep the other workers busy why she plans her escape.

Once they are out, she locked the door behind her and made sure the other door was locked also. She then contemplated on an escape route while petting her new best friend.

I am going to call you, little dragon.

The kitten looked sweetly at her and burped with little rainbow sparks coming out of her mouth with a soft purr. The room had no windows and only a small air vent on the ceiling.

There was then a pounding at the door and there where para military dress men yell at her to open up and they kept pounding on the door. She heard one of them to go get security and get the dam key, or they will have to break the door down.

Little dragon start squirming and wanted to be let down, so Shadow carefully place the kitten down. The kitten went to the brick white wall, and took in a deep breath. It then let out a bright flame that so expanded to a large oval that spread across the wall. The flame then started to shimmer and within a shape of an oval, it opened up as a portal.

Little dragon stopped and then looked at Shadow as if to say to follow me. It then jumped through the portal into a new dimension. The voice outside of the door was getting louder.

The door than blew open with explosives, just as Shadow jumped through the portal as it simply closed behind her.

Shadow was laying on green grass and there was a pleasant sunlight coming through a canopy of large walnut and oak trees.

Little dragon was next to her, but not for long.

Soon, not one, not two, or three, but hundreds of little dragons came out of nowhere to greet them.

They surrounded little dragon and licked her coat and made her welcome to her new home. While purring in unity, they created a vibration of its own that seem to light the whole place with a vibe of pure joy.

In the distance, an electrical storm was gathering, and soon there was thunder echoing from a distance. All the kitten’s turned at the same time and all started to scatter in the direction of a large cave on the other side of the valley.

Shadow decided that she had no other option but to run with the crowd and ran as fast as she could to keep up. They all made it inside before the dust storm came through the valley and then came the rain and wind that followed shortly after. Shadow gathered some branches that were next to the cave and bundled them together. She then grabbed little dragon and rubbed its belly. Small sparks came out of her, and without any time at all a small fire was blazing to warm them.

Little dragon did a small spin and roll in total celebration afterwards, and the she saw all of the hundreds of little dragons started to burb sparks making beautiful rainbows in the cave like sparklers on the fourth of July.

She saw some moss hanging on the entrance of the wall and thought it would make a nice bed. Pulling a few yards of moss, she made a pillow and a nice bed. She needed to sleep and gather her strength.

She thought that this maybe just be like in Wizard of Oz, and like Dorothy, just a bad dream from a little bump on the head from a fall.

There is no place like home, there is no place like home. Slept came quickly and she fell fast asleep and little dragon after playing with her new friends, came next to her and took a nap with her also.

No dream of Paris, as a matter of fact there was no dreams at all. But that wasn’t what got her attention. It was about four in the morning, if they even use clocks in this universe. It felt like someone was poking her in the back-left shoulder. She at first tried to ignore it, and then it was more of a hit then a poke.

She turned around to see what it was and it wasn’t a single identity, it was a they. It was a cluster of fireflies that have clustered together. It was as if they were trying to get her attention. They signaled her to follow them and then they started to blink more excitedly as Shadow got up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. It seemed that they want her to follow them towards the back of the cave. Fearlessly, she told herself that she had nothing to lose and so she followed them.

They were actually beautifully as they cluster together, separated, and then making patterns against the cave walls. They lead her further back into the cave structure, and she made sure she didn’t step on any of the sleeping kittens that were sleeping on different rocks.

They lead her to a single door that was made out of pure crystals. They hover over the top of the door as if she was meant to enter it. She saw what seem to be a handle to the door. She tried to open it and it just didn’t move.

There was a coldness coming off of the door that gave her goosebumps on her arms. She felt something down by her ankle and then heard its purring before seeing little dragon, who followed her to the back of the cave. She picked up little dragon to comfort herself, then petted and scratched behind its ears as a nervous habit.

Little Dragon started purring even louder.

The purring vibration seemed to have an effect on the door. The door seemed to react to dragon’s purring. With each purr, the door began to light up more and more, and then like a thousand lotuses, the door started to vibrate and actually purr back. Dragon wanted to be put down next to the door, and the purring go louder and louder, and then the door simply disappeared with an opening leading down to a hidden chamber.

Little dragon was eager to investigate and definitely had more of a curiosity to the situation then Shadow did. Shadow thought curiosity kills the cat, and that maybe why they are given nine lives.

I only have this one so she decided to take it slow. There were illuminated rocks that was like a black light that helped to light the path.

There were strange symbols and shapes etched on the walls and there were also small stepping stones that each gave a low tone sound as you step on them which echoed in the chamber.

There is no way anyone can go down this narrow entrance without being known.

They were now in the chamber. There were three formless beings that seem to be praying over a singularity of an illuminated cube.

On each side of the cube was a piece of Shadow’s life.

One was of her birth, and how happy her mother was, and then the argument that her mother had with her father later that day.

Another side of the cube was when she entered kindergarten, and how she didn’t cope that well on being left off with strangers and new kids to have to become friend with.

Oh, my God, Am I dead, and is this my life review. The beings didn’t have any mouths, but they seem to be able to communicate to Shadow telepathy directly.

My poor dear child, you are not dead, but most definitely alive. We are the guardians and this is your memory cube that show all of your past memories, and those that are yet to come. You have been chosen Shadow for a noble quest, but you first need to make an important decision.

Do you want to go back to Earth and all of your memories will be erased of the Fairy Realm? Or do you want to go on a Quest of pure magic and Joy, that is also steep with unknown perils and burdensome grief.

The choice is yours, and only yours to decide. Little dragon was on a nearby rock and seem to understand the important decision that was about to be made and made a soft sound to make known its decision to Shadow.

Shadow thought for a while, there was nothing much back home but possible prison time or further dissection by the Medical CDC bureaucracy. She still didn’t know what this world was about, nor what this Quest will be.

While thinking, she didn’t notice another entity had entered the room. The individual was right behind shadow, and she turned and saw a maiden in white. She looked at Shadow and said you have something of mine, and she walked up to her, and then put her hand under her shirt and into her stomach.

There was a warm feeling by her touch on her bare skin and then the fairy ring that she swallowed came out of her body onto the Maiden’s hand.

The Guardian’s seem not to care or didn’t intervene at all, which Shadow thought was strange. Apart of her was glad that a decision was made without her having to decide or think. The Fairy ring had caused her nothing but trouble back on Earth, and it was created by fairy tears after all.

The Maiden took a step back, gave a short bow, said a few words in Elvish that Shadow couldn’t understand, and then walked like a wisp of vapor through the given walls. From where the ring came out there was a small red scar that was sore to the touch.

The guardians were again asking Shadow on what her decision was, and this time there was more of a sense of urgency.

Give me the Quest, she said without hesitation. Little dragon jumped into her arm as if she made the very best decision. The Guardians didn’t respond right away. They were still praying over the memory cube. Together they spoke as one: Shadow, it has been made so.

The cube then turned into a Purple, Red, and Green flame of a heart as it started to spin into a shape of a chalice of gold and silver with an unknown liquid inside.

The Guardians that asked Shadow that she now must drink from the chalice made of very time itself.

Shadow said why not, bottom up, and took the chalice, and threw it down as if it was a shot glass of her favorite Tennessee whiskey. It warmed up her entire body, and the next thing she remember was that she was back on the moss-covered bed at the cave entrance with Little dragon and a new red scar on her body.

She opened up her eyes to her new world. Everything looks the same to her before she went to bed. There was one additional item that was there that wasn’t there when she went to bed. It was a scroll of parchment.

It had a very old feeling to it and there was a red ribbon that tied it together with a seal with an image of a Sun. Little dragon soon saw the scroll and red ribbon, and decided it looks to inviting not to play with.

Shadow decide to wait, can’t go on a quest on an empty stomach.

Shadow went to the entrance of the cave to see the scope of the land. Little dragon followed her. She saw a small lake and decided she would need to get hydrated and there might be some type of food resource close by. She saw a path that seem to lead to the lake, so she started her trek holding little dragon and she tied the scroll to her belt.

As she got closer to the lake there was more vegetation and she saw some bushes with berries on them that looked like raspberries. She saw a bird that was happily eating from the bushes so she felt safe. She saw some twigs and she made a small basket and gathered up as many berries as she could.

Little Dragon was helping herself to the berries and she made a small burp of smoke. They eat until they couldn’t eat any more, and then continued together towards the lake.

Little dragon reacted to the stranger before Shadow even saw him. Little dragon started to hiss and small sparks came from its mouth as an early warning alert. They walked around a blind corner of the path and there standing before them was a Frog man with yellow lizard eyes holding a walking stick.

The frogman didn’t seem much a threat but was actually smiling at Shadow. Shadow intuition kicked in and something was just off. It wasn’t that she never has seen this hybrid before, it was just something in her gut that something was off.

The Frog man said good morning, and as he spoked there was a strange attraction came over her. It was as if she was a teenager again and her hormones were totally out of control. The frog man then reached out his hand and there was a pad of needles coming in and out of his hand. Shadow didn’t want to be impolite but she read a story long ago about some frogs have pheromones that gets distributed into the skin of female frogs from the palm of the males’ hands.

The frog man got more aggressive and put his stick out blocking Shadow and little dragon path to the lake. Stranger, it is not polite not to shake one’s hands. You don’t want to be impolite do you. Little dragon went into action, and fire came out of its mouth and the stick caught on fire. With the distraction, Shadow saw pouches on the inner thighs of the Frog man, and kicked as hard as she could. The frog man moaned and fell to his knees. The Frog man had that look of I am going to kill you, as a leather water pouch fell from his belt.

She grabbed it, and then took a side step, away from the laying frog man, and started running to the lake. If there was one frog man, there would be probably more, and the unwanted interspecies affection is not what she had for the number one item of her quest.

She finally got to the lake without any further incidents, and she started drinking the water. It tasted like any other lake water so she thought it was safe, and let little dragon take some.

She was very much aware that predators always hung out around by any water edge, and she and dragon wasn’t going to be the next lunch for anyone in the near future. Shadow emptied the content of what was in the frog’s leather pouched and washed it. She then poured water from the lake back into it and strapped it next to her belt next to the quest scroll.

She wanted to get away from the lake and back to higher ground, and decided to get off the path, and climb toward the hills that were to the west of the lake. It was difficult and time consuming but didn’t want to draw any more attention to herself and little dragon, and hopeful that horny toad doesn’t leave his lake home.

It was a hard climb being off the path, and they finally made it to higher level ground. Shadow sat down to take a breath. In the distance, she saw what she didn’t want to see.

There were four frogmen mounted on large lizards with nets strung by its side. This is not good, not good, at all, she looked at little dragon, go in those bushes and hide, I will steer them away. When they capture me, come and help me, as Little dragon had fear in its eyes but nodded. Once little dragon was safely hidden, she said, I am a tattoo artist not a jock so let see how this will go down. Not well, she thought to herself. She stared running in the opposite direction of the four-frog man.

It didn’t take long, but she thought it felt more like an eternity.

They first throw a rope with two rocks that wrapped around Shadows legs and she fell into the dirt hitting her head drawing blood.

They then surround her and threw their nets over her. Once captured, they started to pull her up to the lizard and dragged her like a hunted captured animal.

One of the Frogman said I can’t wait to get her back and have a delicious meal; we haven’t had this type of tender meat in a long time. The other one smiled with the bruise thighs; you can do whatever you want with her after I have my way with her.

They traveled back to the lake where they were a small community of Frog people. The houses were made out of large plant pods not unlike Teepees that were used by Indian’s back in the wild west. When the four frog men arrived back there with a lot of celebration in the hunter’s circle area. A lot of clapping and shouting. Shadow was badly broken and they dropped her into the middle of the square with the net still tangled around her.

Some smaller frog boys ran up and poked Shadow with homemade sticks and if to gain praise from their parents. The women frogs were even more curious, but this was truly a male run society. The four frog men dismounted. Two of the men picked her up using their hands with their needle barbs, and immediately injected more pheromones into her. She welcomes the feeling now as to stop the pain that was pounding in her head and lower back from being tied up and dragged in the net for miles.

They put her in the stockyard with the other animals. She was thrown into the cage that only had some straw on the clay dirt floor with a dish of water.

The one with the bruise thighs took the key locking her in with a click. See, we can do it the easy way or the hard way, with a nasty grin. Come on guys let wash up.

The four frog men walked behind one of the hunting huts, and there were servants there to give them towels and lotion as they go to a hot tub that had a raised tin bottom and wooden side.

Can’t wait to clean up, as the four of them got into the tube to relax after their stressful hunt of Shadow.

Well, Little dragon, barely was able to keep up with the lizards. She saw Shadow thrown into the hunter circle and locked within the livestock. Being small had its advantage. Now don’t underestimated small packages. Little dragon knew one thing about Frogs, and that was the Frog Phenomena. Believe it or not, this one bit of knowledge just may help us to get out of this real mess.

Little Dragon took its one and only chance. It slides under the hot tub and started to create a steady flame. The method is to slowly rise the temperature of the hot tub. The Frog Phenomena is that a Frog will boil to death if the environment of the water come to a slow boil. A quick boil, the frogs will jump out immediately, but to get the water to boil slowly the Frogmen will not notice and will boil to death by not reacting. Compliancy at its very best, little dragon told herself.

The four frog men boiled to death. Little dragon didn’t have to look, but heard the dreadful croak of each and the servants rushing to help them, but were too late. Little dragon notices the silver key that was used to lock Shadow in the cage and she grabbed it and headed to Shadow as fast as she can.

Shadow was still out of it and didn’t notice little dragon right away. In her mouth, little dragon dropped the key in the cage in front of Shadow. Shadow grabbed it, and quickly open up the cage.

She saw the large lizard barn next to the livestock pens. They snuck into the barn, and there was one large lizard that was still saddled up and was ready to go. Well, I hope stealing a lizard isn’t like stealing a horse. I am dead meat anyway if I stay.

She jumps on the lizard back and had little dragon in her arms. She wanted to get the lizard to move, but nothing happen. Little dragon, open its mouth, and sparks came out hitting the lizard back. That was enough motivation and off to the races they went. They knocked over item on their way out of the village. Shadow didn’t want to look back, what a place, what a nightmare. She decided to go west. At this point one direction would be just as good as another. Just want to get as far away from these Frogmen as much as I can. She got to a riverbed, and sent the Lizard back home. But before she did, she took a couple of nets and water containers that were attached to the side of the lizard.

She will use the River to lose her scent, and she wanted the lizard to be return as a goodwill offering.

By the river edge, she created a small fire. She then used the nets to catch some small fish, and fried them on the fire. She then gave some to little dragon and for herself. Twilight came and then the darkness of the night, little dragon and Shadow looked up towards the star lite sky.

This place had three moons and only one was visible at this time. At least for the moment, it feels more like home.

She said I better take a look at this quest map. She took the red ribbon off, and gave the ribbon to little dragon to play with. The scroll was completely blank except for the first paragraph. A stark warning, do not go towards the lake, and don’t take the path in that direction, do not talk to strangers, go west instead towards the grasslands of the river edge. So much for winging it.

She smiled, well, at least we are going in the right direction now, and went fast asleep. The pheromones that was still circulating in her body was a blessing in disguise for it help her bruises heal quicker. In the morning, she went down to the river to refill the water containers. There she saw a log that was stuck by the water edge. She decided to pull it to shore even though she had to go out into deeper water to get it. It was heavy, but she was able to pull it to shore. She then decided to make a primitive hatchet, and strapped a sharp stone to a wooden handle. She then went to work and started to hollow out the interior of the log. It was easier than she thought. She then saw another long piece of wood by the river edge that would be a perfect poll.

She then looked at the scroll again, and there was no new message, well we can’t wait for an invitation. She also knew that the lizard would be back with more Frog people and that they may try again to capture her and kill her.

So, she gathered her items and little dragon and jumped into her hand made Canoe and griped her pole and pushed off to get into the small current.

It was a pleasant morning, and for once in a long time, Shadow was able to exhale and relaxed for a moment. Little Dragon was playing with the nets and with the bugs that came flying by the front of the canoe. There were pretty large flowers floating in the river and she was on the lookout for anything of danger but so far so clear. There were also birds with long feathered and a couple stood by the river edge that look like a hybrid of a stork and a crane. A couple of Bees flew by and they were more of the size of a pigeon then a bubble bee. Don’t mess with those Bees, Shadow warned little dragon. Dragon didn’t seem to be interested in them and let them pass by without a second look or concern.

So, as the canoe navigated further down the river, shadow saw a broken-down hut, that would give them some shelter for the night as well the changing weather conditions that seem to be coming in from the north. She pulled the canoe up to the hut and covered it with branches and leaves. She opens the door of the hut, and the hut was completely unoccupied. She had to brush away some cobwebs but the hut wasn’t too bad and it will offer some protection from the wind and rain that started to fall.

The wind and rain howled throughout the night and little dragon and Shadow kept each other warm. The hut swayed back and forth a couple of time but held its own against the harsh elements. They were able to get some sleep, and then they woke up together.

They eat some left-over fish, and they decide to continue down the river. Shadow didn’t want to stay in the hut for to long for it would be an easy target for someone or something to investigate.

But first thing first, Time to look at the scroll to see if any new message appeared. She opens up the scroll and there was a message.

Silence is golden or not. Inner sight is the gift of the Gods.

Well, that looks like an omen to me, but what does it mean little dragon as she folds the scroll back up again for safe keeping. The river had swollen due to the recent rain waters of the night before, but still look doable. Come on little dragon, jump in, the canoe. She made sure she had the water bags, and nets were secured.

She also kept the hatchet that she made that maybe handy in the future. She took the pole and push the canoe away from the river edge.

Little dragon jumped to the front and got more comfortable. Everything was as it was the day before very peaceful and tranquil. The images of the frog men came back to her and she tried to push them away. Post-traumatic stress is real she said to herself.

She got around the corner of the river that open up to a new vista. She saw in the distant which looked like a small village. She decided to investigate first prior to just floating through in daylight. Friends or Foe, guess we will just have to check things out from a distance first. About a mile from the village, she pulled off into a small cove of the river.

She then hid the canoe carefully in some bushes. She then started towards the village, but not on any given path, but keeping away from any worn areas.

She heard a couple of children swimming and splashing in the water on the river side. She carefully got up to the edge and was able to see the children but they couldn’t see her. They looked like humanoids, but something was different. They only had one eye, and four ears, and their mouths were actually sewed shut. So, they were communicating with some type of hand language or even telepathy. But their skin was also odd, almost Opacic in color and so transparent that you can see actual blue and red arteries and veins.

Shadow had an idea. She can’t get rid of an eye, add ears, or change the color of her skin, but she did have a small makeup kit in her pocket with a small black liner. She took out the liner, and drew stiches around her mouth to imitate that her mouth was sewed up also, she then took little dragon and did the same thing.

Little dragon wasn’t very happy to have the makeup on and used its paws to try to get it off. Shadow took a look at her mouth, not bad, not bad at all, ready for the day of the dead, she gave her best skeleton grin.

Well, let’s do introductions, they look friendly enough. Spock, remember first encounter protocol, she said to herself. They can’t be any worse than the frog men. She came out of hiding and came to the sandy piece of land next to where the kids were swimming.

At first the kids were playing so hard that they didn’t see her. The one that looked like a girl the most saw her, and she let out a scream. The boy then turned and saw her to. They kept their distance and didn’t move either away or to her. Shadow decided to just sit down with her palms up in a non-threating way.

We don’t get much visitors a voice behind her stated. She turned and there was a woman a bit smaller than herself and had a crimson robe and her mouth was sewed shut but shadow could hear her in her mind just like the guardians. The kids seeing the women next to shadow and little dragon came swimming towards the bank and came out of the water.

The girl was fascinated with little dragon and came over and started to pet her. The boy was a little more cautious and stood just behind the women as if to either guard her or run for help if necessary.

Obviously, you are not from the village. But we will cause no harm to you as long as you respect our laws. We sew our mouths shut in honor of the guardians, who have no mouths.

We speak only through telepathy as you already know and by sign language. To talk is to dishonor oneself and the guardians, prideful in itself. Follow me and we will get you some new clothing and food.

Shadow thought this place sounded like a bit of a cult, but getting a new set of clothing and food for her journey sounds like what the doctor had ordered. Without the sound, or course. Come children, let show the stranger the village and the care keeper. They took Shadow and little dragon back to the village down a path that was lined with what looked like trees with orange blossoms in bloom.

The little girl held little dragon tight as she danced through the open space. The first thing as she entered the village was a fountain with images of the guardians in bronze. They had water coming out of their hands as if giving a blessing to everyone that approaches.

Both the women and the children went up to the fountain and put their hands in the water and threw water onto their faces. They then looked at her and motion her to do the same. What can a bit of water do to her? So, she put her hands in the water and splashed her face as they did.

Her vision went dark immediately, and she almost fell into the fountain.

She felt the hand of the women on her forearm to stabilize her.

She blinked her eye, thinking that her vision would come back. She sat down and the women was rubbing her back trying to comfort her.

Blind as a Bat, now, and that’s truly poetic justice, she thought to herself, as she remembers the Bat lady back at the Tattoo Shop that seemed a century and life time ago. This is the fountain of Justice, the women said to her, and one must purify oneself. Will I see ever again, Shadow thought to herself?

You must see the Care Keeper my daughter, he will know what to do. But for now, take my arm and I will take you to my home to rest. Shadow decided that she once again had no choice and nodded.

The women’s home wasn’t too far from the fountain and she was led to a bed to lay down on to rest, and little dragon was put next to her. The little girl sat next to her and continue to pet little dragon.

Shadow was exhausted and the bed was so soft and inviting that she gave up to her dreams. She was back in the café in Paris. It was spring time, she smelled orange and cherry blossoms and the waking of the earth itself. She had her sight and was enjoying a pleasant afternoon with a parade of white clouds floating by above her.

She orders a glass of her favorite wine and a cheese fruit plate. She had her meal in silence and just watch people as they walked by occupied with their own thoughts and life’s. She had a book next to her plate, and she notice a tiny spider that had crawled over the table linen and was now sitting on the edge of her book. The first reaction was to take the glass of water and smash it into oblivion.

Just when she was about to, a thought came to her, isn’t she just a tiny spider on the edge of the world, nothing more and nothing less. This Tiny spider has as much to live, as much to exist as anyone else. So, she put the water glass down and took her book and shook the spider into a pot of roses that were next to her table.

She woke up, and all was still dark. She heard a male voice coming from the other room that sounded like an argument.

Well, she can’t stay with us what will the next-door neighbors think of us.

She is an alien, outcast, and obviously an illegal one, or if the purity fountain wouldn’t have affected her in the manner that it did. There was a complete silence afterword.

Well, the care keeper will have to make the final decision, and he is gone for a few days. When he gets back, we will go and get a visitation right away. Damn, right, and not a minute after, said the male voice, and then the front door slammed shut.

When it sounded safe, Shadow got up carefully and stumbled into the kitchen. The women turned and went and took her arm before she fell over a stool by the side of the door and hurt herself. She led her to the kitchen table, and helped her sit down on one of the empty chairs.

The children have already left for school, and my husband just left. My husband bark is worse than its bite. He really can be sweet when he wants to be, and when he isn’t yelling up a storm.

We are going to have to keep you hidden until the care keeper comes back. He is not with us currently but have said that he will return when all three moons are full, which will be in just in a few days. He is very old and wise and he will know what to do with you and your current illness of being totally blind.

She nodded, and tried to show appreciation in her face, but she was worried. Worried that these people were just like the Frog Men, and were going to take advantage of her and of her situation.

The lady brought shadow a bowl of nut and fruits in a pumpkin spice yogurt mix. She had never had this type of morning breakfast, and it was definitely good for her sinuses. So, the lady said, tell me about yourself, are you married, and do you have any kids. Shadow said she isn’t married and don’t have any children.

That is just a shame, you not going to get to the next stage if you don’t produce off spring. If you don’t have any kids, what do you do all day. Shadow was going to tell her that she was a tattoo artist, but thought it would be better just to say artist. The lady seemed more sympathetic saying that the return of your vision is more important than ever knowing that you are an artist. When you are well, you will have to draw a picture of our family so we can get it framed and hang it on the wall.

The days went by fast as she sat mostly by herself in a small inside patio that had a small garden area with no direct view from the outside. She tried not to concentrate on her loss of vision, but tried to focus on what she is going to say to the care keeper.

She made sure she kept away from the angry husband, and just stayed in her room the little dragon for most of the time. The kids came in to play with little dragon, and that made the time go by even faster.

The morning soon came, and she was led into the kitchen. The kids were there and they were all sobbing, having to say good bye to little dragon. They asked if they could keep it, but the husband said absolutely not.

A plain brown robe that would cover her entered body was put on her. A dark veil was also put on her head so no one could tell who she was or what she was.

It was the husband that took charged, she told the wife to carry little dragon and she will guide Shadow. He was more aggressive when leading her and sometime actually felt like he was dragging her along. Sorry, but I have little patience for the likes of you, he said to Shadow.

You are an outsider, an immigrant, and you don’t belong here, but the care keeper will know what to do with you. In a few minutes, you will be his problem and not ours any longer.

Their walk through the village, took about ten minutes and Shadow could hear different noises, but no one stopped them or talk to them until they came to what looked like a building that was the town hall. They came to a chamber where the care keeper held the personal evaluation hearings. There was a person that was formally dressed checking individuals in. The husband said something to the individual who frowned and said that is fine, we will take it from here.

The wife looked sad and asked the husband if they could stay and go in with her for, she was all alone and didn’t fully understand their ways or customs. Are you out of your mind women, you already made a mess out of an already bad situation?

The wife broke down into tears, and the husband already had her out of the town hall, while a couple of village people were talking in hush voices.

Don’t make a scene, you know how people talk in this village, she is not our problem any more. Do you hear me, Not our problem? The wife tried to stop crying but just couldn’t. Walk home by yourself, I need a drink, and you better have dinner on the table when I come back tonight.

Meanwhile, Shadow had no option but to be led into the chamber. The chamber was very ornate, and once in the chamber, a different guard in a uniform came up, and told her to put her arms in front of her and they chained her arms and then her legs together. Here we go again, she said to herself.

She was led to the front of the chamber where there were already a few people in chains waiting for their review with the care keeper. Facing them was a pedestal with a light on it. Suddenly, a door open and everyone was told to rise. Once they did, a man came in holding a golden pillow and there was a large Praying Mantis sitting there. There seems to be a loud clicking noise that seem to echo through the chamber that had started the minute of the care keeper arrival.

It was time for the first review. The first person was a small girl, and the girl ran away from the village, but was caught. When told, she said that her home was abusive and she couldn’t live there anymore. The care keeper asked how old she was, and she said she was seventeen. The care keeper said it is time then for you to focus on child bearing of your own, and you will be put on the altar of the match maker at the next fertility ceremony. There was applause from a dark balcony above them. They led the poor girl away, and Shadow was up next.

So, who do we have here, A trespasser or a murder may be? Shadow began to sweat. What is your name? said the care keeper in a low tone. Shadow, she responded. I see, and why do you come before me, Shadow, my dear?

I was led to the fountain of justice, and once I threw water in my face, I went completely blind. I have been told that maybe you can help and give my vision back. There was some more strange clicking sounds. You are not from this village are you Shadow, but yet Justice was applied to you by the guardians themselves.

What have you done to Justice itself to deserve such a sentencing?

Murder maybe or just common theft of a Fairy ring perhaps. In any case, it’s all very bad behavior, but this is not our jurisdiction, you being an outlander and all.

We will take you to the edge of the Fairy Kingdom, there you must take up your case with them for you have done no crime in our village or to any of our people. Guards, take her away and let the knights of the Fairy land take care of her.

Immediately, there were loud cheers and claps from the balcony that echoed through the chamber. A loud clicking noise started and the chamber drew quiet again.

So Shadow was taken away down a hall way and was put into a wood wheeled cart. Little dragon was with her through the whole process and jumped in to be with her also.

A couple of horses were tied to the cart and a driver was then ready, and so off they went through the valley and out toward the Fairy realm.

They came to cliffs, and the driver stopped and told shadow and little dragon to come out. The Driver took off the chains. The driver then told them to go to the edge, and there was a spinning vortex. Before she could say anything, she was pushed off the cliff and into the spinning vortex and little dragon was thrown in afterwards.

It was like she was floating in air, and she landed in a field of sunflowers, that cushion her fall. Little dragon was right next to her. The very best part of it all, was that she had her vision back.

Well little dragon. A new adventure awaits us. Little dragon, let out a burst of small sparks in gratitude and love.

She picked up little dragon, and saw a path not too far from her fall. Better to get out of the field, don’t want to break any rules on our first day and all. She and little dragon were then brushing the sunflowers seeds out of their hair.

She said now that I have my sight back, I am taking a look at this quest scroll without making another step. She opened up the scroll, and it said.

Music is the ties that binds each other. She put the scroll away.

A group of colorful Elves youths were coming up the path. They looked like they were in a festive mood and she heard one of them say, should we ask her if she is going to Elf Stock.

They stopped and looked her up and down. So, Miss, are you headed for Elf Stock?

Elf Stock? The youths looked at each other in utter amazement. Well, Just the biggest Concert in the whole darn Kingdom. The hedgehogs are going to perform and open up the concert. Just the biggest group of banging metal pin heads in the whole darn wide world.

Shadow said well a concert may help me get to know the lay of the land. Sure, I am all in. Did you hear her, she’s all in, one of the girl elves giggled to herself, and then put one of her flowers she was holding into Shadow’s hair. Love, Baby, Love that is what it’s all about.

Well, we will be late if we don’t keep up our pace. Off to Elf Stock we shall go. I thought we weren’t going to pick up any more strangers along the way. Look she’s harmless, and her little friend is just the cutest. Can I hold her, and Shadow gave little dragon over as little dragon started to create little color puffs into the air in her excitement? Well, isn’t she just a little puffer? She likes to puff, just like we do.

Hey, Kid, this thing puffs just like you do. Well, they are blending well into our little group already. Puff away, little girl, and they all started to pick up the pace heading to the biggest festival in the kingdom, Elf Stock here we come.

There were bright streamers flying in the breeze on the horizon. They started to run into more travelers and some were on unicycles or tripod buggies that were being pulled by small unicorns.

Those are the upper class; they can travel to the concert in style.

We pass an area where the small unicorn’s buggies were kept and the passengers were all in flowing dresses and pastel suits. They seem not to notice shadow small traveling group. Don’t worry about them, sweetie, if you are not in their crowd, then you are either a servant or a nobody.

They then came to tents that had different vendors, and crafts. The group stopped at a couple booths and they looked at some of the colorful merchandise There was one with scarfs and one of the girls picked a colorful one out and told shadow to wrap her ears. My gift to you, now you are one of us. Don’t need folks staring at your ugly round ears all day long if I do say so myself.

Were you born with your disfigurement or were you in some type of accident? Shadow thought it was better to go with the flow and said it was a birth defect.

That is so sad, I know there are people like you, but you are the very first I have met. Normally, they either get surgery done, or they just cut the darn things off. I know, a bit extreme, cutting your ears off just to fit in but Elf peer pressure is enormous. All, I know the hypocrisy of it all. But the upper crust man does have the most perfect ears and some have surgeries upon surgeries just to have the best pair of ears in the land.

Now, I must admit, I have the cutest ears and you know what, they are natural. I know really. I get that all the time, your lying those beauty can’t be natural. I just look back to them and say go ahead and feel them, they are all natural and soft as a baby’s bottom.

Ear fetish, shadow thought to herself. In her, old culture, the fetishes normally weren’t the ear, but a little lower, so this must truly be an Elf culture thing. She looked at her new friend and said, so from 1 to 10, how do my ears rate. Her friend just started to laugh, and couldn’t hold it in, as tears were falling from her face. Sweetie, you are a negative ten. Her friend put her arm around her, come on, just let it go. Not everyone can be so natural like me as she wipes her eyes.

They came to the entrance, and there were several security guards, and everyone were getting out a ticket. Her friend gripped her hand and place a ticket in her palm. Don’t worry, you can pay me later. You have trust worthy eyes if not ears, and she started to laugh again. Shadow was concern about little dragon, but the guards didn’t take any notice or concern, but was much more engage with the VIP line and making sure they were well being taken. A class system indeed.

Now they were in the musical festival grounds with a large stage, and large speakers stacked on either side of the stage and hanging from the ceiling. There was an open ground area that they were in. But there were floating cubes with seating that was for the wealthy class. The musical grounds were starting to get full, and soon the opening act came on.

The band Hedgehogs were amazing and as they played their instruments, the ground itself came alive with color displays. There was a mist that came over the grounds and it must have been a hallucinate, for everyone was starting to trip and were acting as if they were in a singular trance.

The next band were just as good as the hedgehogs were, called the Spiderwebs. They were an all-girl band and they were just as hard-core rock band as were the hedgehogs.

The lead singer reminded shadow of Grace Slick from Jefferson Starship. The sound system was amazing with stacks and stack of speakers. The Elf’s sure had great lasting power, for Shadow now had to sit down and take a break. So, once the last song was played it was now night and a fog mist had entered the grounds.

They all walked out as a group, and there were tents already setup for the concert goers. Shadow stayed with her new friends and they all were assigned to a singular tent that could hold about seven people. There were small fires that had been built outside of each tent. There must have been about a thousand tents and the amount of light was enough to make the tent city light up as if it was day.

Shadow was exhausted and she took little dragon and herself inside the tent and took one of the sleeping bags and fell fast asleep. She could her voices talking about her, but she was oblivious due to the need for sleep. She could hear an owl that night and crickets, but all in all she had a very good sleep.

In the morning, she got up and stretched. They were already cooking breakfast outside, and they offer her a full plate that looked like eggs and hash browns. They all talked about how great the first day of the concert was the day before and how it was so great to have such good friends to experience the journey with. While Shadow was eating, one of the Elves asked her about the Tattoo’s that were on her.

She didn’t see any harm at explaining, so she explained to her new friends that she was a skin artist and she did this as a living.

She also stated that the body was her canvas and she gave people happiness to create a meaningful art for them. The elf was fascinated by what she was saying.

She said that she knew of some red berries that she could gathered and could she paint a piece of art on her. Shadow hesitated for a minute thinking about the bat lady and all, but then her new friends were so gracious. Plus, this wasn’t really tattoo’s that she was going to give, but just some red berry paint, so after their meal, they grabbed a couple of wicker baskets that they had.

They took each other by the arm and off, to berry picking they go. Shadow saw that little dragon was still sleeping in her tent, One of the Elf told her that he was staying at the tent and will watch her little friend while she was gone.

So off they went, berry picking at Elf Stock day two. They went towards the woods that were to the north of the festivities. The bushes were on the edge of the woods, so they didn’t go far. They quickly picked the berries, and one of the Elf said don’t eat them, that even though they are not poison, they are very sour and not very eatable or tasteful.

They now had enough berries for the body painting. They got back to the tent and there were more elves that were just mingling and getting up to start the day. Little dragon was happy to see Shadow come back and she was waiting for her arrival with a stick in its mouth ready to play fetch.

Well, thank you, I can use that stick as a paint brush. They pour the berries into a clay pot, and with an oblong stone they pounded the berries into a fine liquid. The one elf then took off her shirt and told shadow that she wanted three stars and a comet on her upper back.

Shadow took her time and the elf’s skin seem to be taking the paint well without fading. Once done, her friend, sat down and told her that she wanted a panther on a cliff above a pond. She then did a wolf, dragon, and a Celtic knot design that she had never done before.

Suddenly, the line of elves waiting for a paint tattoo separated, and a noble Elf walked through with a golden crest on his shirt just like out of the lord of the rings, shadow thought to herself.

There were two guards on either side, so there was definitely a sense of royalty and all the elves bowed and scatter in opposite directions.

Shadow bowed to him and she didn’t even know why, she was an outlander not an elf, but it seems to be the right thing to do under the circumstances. So, what do we have her, staring directly at Shadow? She tried to wipe the red berry paint off her hands to no success. It just made the Noble elf grind even more.

He looked at the guards, and told them to take her. Shadow said you can’t tell them to just take me.

Can’t, Well, Outsider, you are not one of us, and the laws we have don’t even protect you.

He then went and pulled the scarf off of her head, showing her human ears. There was a gasp, look my fine Elf’s. You have an outsider hiding in your midst. An outsider that is consider no more worth then our beasts in the fields.

The robe of servitude will look good on her. Take her away, they all started shouting. Little dragon jumped into Shadow arms as the guards lead her away with the noble Elf walking a few steps behind waving and acknowledging his faithful elves. Shadow couldn’t believe it; here she goes again. Different culture, different society, but same results. Was there a big bullseye on her back saying victim here. She was totally depressed; how can she ever break out this cycle that is repeating itself.

An outlander, an illegal immigrant, no rights, no land, no identity and now bound to eternal servitude. The guards continued to drag her through the dust and then into an area that had steel cages. There was a fire with branding irons, and the royal elf went to the fire and picked up a branding iron and it had their family tribe crest symbol of their kingdom.

The guards brought her to the fire and push her to her knees. They then took her clothes off and gave her a simple robe to wear. The noble elf then took the branding iron that was blazing red place it on shadows upper back. The pain was indescribable, and she couldn’t take the pain, and pass out.

She was now identified as Elf property. A property that the owner can deem to do anything that they wish with her.

She woke up and it was a new day, but her day was deep in the dungeon of the palace grounds. She heard some screaming down the corridor of where she was being held. She wrapped herself in the fetal position and just slowly rocked and forth with little dragon by her side.

Why does the same cycle occur?

It just doesn’t make any sense to her, was she just a victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Why such punishment for just being who I am. An outlander, a victim, a captive of my own inner thought. She wished she could cry but she couldn’t. She wished she was somewhere else, but she could not get beyond the bars that enclosed her.

A strange looking animal was dragged in and was thrown in the cage next to her. The being look like it was on death row watch, with a face that looked more like an insect face of a fly. It made a buzzing sound, and then tried to open the door with sharp kicks to no prevail. It then slumped in the corner, with red blotted eyes staring into a blank void of nothingness.

A guard came through on a regular bases and made sure everything was what it should be per their viewpoint. There hasn’t been any noise from the fly mammal next to her. What has been happening was that there was a strong smell of urine, and looks like there was a puddle forming underneath the fly mammal. The guard then check on them both, and the fly mammal was dead, and its carcass was dragged out without any ceremony to be cremated.

The guard then open up shadow’s cage, and gave her a bucket of disinfected and rags, and told her to go and clean up the urine and blood that was left over from where the carcass use to be.

She was on her knees cleaning up the mess that was left over by the fly animal. She took her time even though the guard told her to pick up the pace. She was about to faint, but then saw a small object that was left in the hay. It looked like a coin, or at least some type of item that looked like it would have some value.

She was told where to put the bucket and rags, and was then put back into her cage.

She felt hungry, and though it should be time for some type of meal. There was a small plate of what looked like molded bread and cheese. There was also some type of mush in a plate for little dragon. Shadow was so hungry; she just scrapped the rotten pieces away and tried to keep down the other items.

Soon the days came and went, and hope was just not a word that was any longer in her vocabulary.

A visitor came and it was one of her friends from Elf Stock. She said I snuck this in and slide the quest scroll through the prison bars. Shadow said thank you, I don’t know how to re-pay you. You don’t have to, just be open in helping me if I ever need help. They say I couldn’t stay for just a minute, but you and little dragon hang in there. Don’t let them break your spirit or inner resolve.

Agreed, Shadow said waving goodbye. She then put the quest scroll under her brown robe. She will read the scroll during the night under moonlight where everyone was asleep more and yet, and she would have the time to take a look at it.

A cricket then was dragged into her area, and was thrown into a cage right next to her. Dry blood was all over its body.

The guard stated, Nice fight, you live for another day. Here is some food, and they shoved a plate underneath its steel bar cage. The cricket smiled and eat slowly, and made a soft cricket sound. Cricket fights she through to herself.

Cricket fights went way back in time to Chinese back on earth. But this cricket was larger than any she had ever seen. A large meal was given to this fighter. Once the cricket was done, it used one of its hands as a tooth picket to clean its teeth.

There was going to be another cricket fight tomorrow, it will be the grand tournament. Shadow had heard this from one of the guards.

One of the Elf’s stopped by Shadow cage, and said that the nobles wanted some special skin art for the grand fight to celebrate the occasion.

You will get some extra food, you will paint, but only for the nobles and lords and ladies. Shadow bowed, and thought maybe this will be a way to get out or at least show her value rather than just be rotting in a dungeon cell.

In the morning, they came early for her and dragged her out of the cell. The one guard had a large stick with nails and wasn’t one to mess around with.

Shadow had a collar put on her and a lease was put on like a dog at the local animal shelter. They first lead her to a disinfected shower, and told her to strip in front of her and then her whole body was washed with a clear liquid and then she was given some shampoo and body lotion with some perfume to use. Can’t have this animal smell up the noble’s palace, can we. Just another dog in heat, said the guard grunted, while waving his weapon in the air as if fighting an invisible adversary. Her lease was then pulled tightly and was led from the showers into another holding cell, but this one had a chair and a table, with a rug. On the table was a satin robe, and she was told to put it on. The robe was cut extremely low in the front, and didn’t really give her any modesty at all. Also, on the table were some grapes and a piece of chocolate.

She was first going to go on a hunger strike, but what use was that. She was starving and ate the food quickly before they changed their minds.

A gorgeous female Elf in crimson robe with gold trim came to greet Shadow. The guards bowed immediately, and were told to open up the cage. One of the guards accidently brushed up against her, and the Elf glared at him and said if you touch me again that poor excuse of an arm will be added to my trophy room. The guard bowed even lower and asked for eternal forgiveness.

Not one to mess around with, Shadow said to herself. The Elf then looked at Shadow, and said what an incredible ugly animal you are, and what the hell happen to your ears. Here we go again, Shadow said to herself. One of her servants came into the cell and brought a silk scarf, put this around your ears, so at least we don’t have to be subject ourselves to such blatant ugliness.

Shadow took the scarf and wrapped it around her head. That is so much better. Now, let me make it very clear to you. You are not to look directly at our eyes. You are not allowed to address us in any verbal manner. You are the property of our realm. If you do talk, we will have no choice but to cut your tongue out, and then use our branding iron to sterilize it, and you do know the pain of our branding iron to well, don’t you dear.

Shadow still fill the pain of the branding iron, and as she said it, the memory reappeared like a post traumatic flashback.

So as formal property, you will do as you are told, nothing more and nothing less. We saw the beautiful skin art that you did at Elf Stock, the music festival. For the Grand Tournament, we would like you to give us any art that is required or requested.

Do you understand? Shadow just nodded in obedience. Oh, by the way, that little pet of yours has been given to one of our children. Don’t worry, we will de-spark it. So, no more fires, from that little thing. It’s all humane, don’t want the critter to burn down the palace do we.

Shadow was worried to death when they took little dragon away a few days ago, but at least she now knows that little dragon was being taken care of, more or less.

Good, the Elf then took her leash, pulled it tightly, and told her to come with me. The guards open a path for them, and bowed again. As she left the dungeon area, they walked through what look like the servant areas, and kitchens. There were now formal palace guards at every turn, that had more formal military uniforms on and they now saluted this female noble. All of the other worker avoided eye contact with her, and just bowed until she had pass through. She seemed to enjoy the power, and also the parade of Shadow through the corridors like a brand-new pet to show off.

They came to an open plaza area with a fountain just off the side of the kitchen area. There was a fountain, and a garden and color canopy to give some shade to the area. There was a massage table setup and two chairs, one wooden and one with the finish plush leather. Shadow was going to sit in the plush leather, and had her head almost pulled off from the leash.

Don’t you ever sit in that chair, you chair is this wooden chair. I was told that you were trained, but obviously you got a lot of training ahead of you.

Now sit in your chair. Once she did, some other servants came in to plaza and started to setup a table of different colors and ink brushes. They also setup a buffet table with the most incredible food options of fruits, meats, and cheeses. Shadow looked at the table, and one of the servants whispered don’t you even think about it, unless you are eager for an early death.

One of the servants that was dressed more formally, bowed, and address the Elf as her Princess, and that they were now ready. Good she said. Please tell them that we are now ready for the event.

There was a change in the atmosphere in the plaza, there was an air of actual excitement and festivities. About forty Elves came in, and they all bowed to the Princess. Please help you to the buffet, the prince stated, and when you are ready come and get your skin painted for the Grand Tournament.

The Princess then gave the leash to one of her military guards. Her last words to Shadow was to smile and if she does well, there could be a more comfortable cell in the dungeon for her.

At first, the Elves were hesitant to go and get their bodies painted by such an ugly creature, but then one of the young brave ones came over with a piece of chocolate strawberry in her mouth, and sat in the plush leather chair.

Well, what do we have here? We have been told that you are a true artist. I want you to paint a humming bird on my shoulder. You see, I am a singer, and just love hummingbirds.

I will be singing our national anthem at the opening of the Grand Tournament. Shadow was hesitant to start working on her, and the guard pull more tightly on the leash and collar. We don’t have a problem, here, do we? Shadow just shook her head no, and reached for the paint brushes, and started to work on the humming bird Tattoo with the color pallets that were given to her.

It didn’t take long, and once done, without even a thank you, the elf got out of the chair. There was a full body mirror by the edge of the garden, and the elf skipped over to the mirror, to admire the new hummingbird tattoo on her shoulder. Several of her friends came over and congratulated her, and how brave she was to be the first one. Shadow just gave out a long sigh. Now a line was forming. She did a dragon, butterflies, a shooting star, a panther, a wolf, and a raven. It seems like she has been there all day, but soon the last one was done.

The guard called out last call, and no one else approached the table, so the servants came over and quickly took the tables and paints away. The guard then pulled on Shadow leash and collar, time to go back to your cell inmate.

A prisoner, she was called, not property. Did her status just change, she had plenty of time to do all mind games to herself.

The guard took her back to the dungeon through a different route then before. They walked her through what look like animal holding sheds and barns. She saw the cricket that was in the cell next to her having amour being put on. They then were putting on what looked like war paint. The guard that was pulling Shadow had an idea. Why don’t we so put some art on this cricket fighter. It was such a brilliant idea; he would surely be rewarded.

He led Shadow up to the cricket and told her to paint some fierce looking masks. She did what she was told, but she did one additional tattoo. She did a picture of a dragonfly, with fire coming out of its mouth. She wanted to make sure the tattoo got into its blood, not unlike a sacred seal.

The guard was pleased with himself, and the cricket was led away towards the clay stadium where the Grand Tournament was going to be held. The guard was about to take Shadow to her new cell in the dungeon, when the Princess Elf reappeared with her entire court behind her. She asked for the leash, and told the guard that she was going to take this animal to the Grand Tournament.

Everyone, will be so curious of this animal that I will get all of the attention.

So, Shadow was expressionless, as she was led away towards the clay stadium with the Princess and her court as a dog on a leash. The Princess was right, as she got closer to the stadium everyone was looking at her with Shadow on the leash. What Animal is that? She heard many say, and of course how ugly and foreign she looked.

Shadow saw quite a few of the Elves that she gave tattoos to earlier in the day. The Sun was in late afternoon, and there was a dry wind that was blowing from the west. No clouds, a perfect day for the Grand Tournament the loud speakers echoed. They all went to their seat except for Shadow. Her leash was given to one of the guards, and she was told to sit on the cold hard clay.

There was some entertainment, and then the two fighting crickets were led into the stadium. The crowd became silent. The crickets just stared at each other.

The one cricket that Shadow knew was on the right.

Everyone stood for the Elf National anthem. The elf that shadow had met earlier got to a microphone on the upper deck of the stadium and started to belt out their nation anthem.

At first, it was like any other anthem that Shadow has heard from the Olympics on Earth. But as she sang, something strange started to occur.

Her body seem to have taken on a strange aura, and her entire body started to morph into an actual hummingbird. She wasn’t the only morphed animal, all of Shadow’s tattoos turned the individual into the image that were painted onto their skin.

The cricket also morphed into a dragonfly, and once it understood what happen, it took off in flight, but instated of flying away, it flew towards Shadow. The dragonfly knocked over the guard, and grabbed Shadow’s collared and leash, and head towards the open skies.

But as they were leaving, she saw little dragon from the corner of her eye. She told the dragon and to swoop down as close as he can. Once they were close enough, little dragon jumped into shadow’s outreached arms.

It was complete madness in the Stadium, and nobody or thing had followed the dragonfly and Shadow towards the open skies.

The sun was setting and the dragonfly was still flying. Shadow didn’t care, she was just happy to be away from her captives and with little dragon in her arms again. Little dragon was purring, unable to make sparks, but able to show how happy it was to be with Shadow again.

It was completely dark when they found a cliff on a mountainside to spend the night.

Little dragon, Shadow, and the dragonfly were safe for now, safe and free from captivity. Shadow said when morning comes, we will take a look at the Quest Scroll and see if we can figure out what direction we should take.

The moon was now above the horizon shedding a light glow over the cliffs. Shadow now was able to see the image that was carved in the stone.

The image was a statue of Ganesh wearing a crown with four arms stretched out. Shadow was not Hindu but knew that Ganesh was a God that helps remove obstacles, and gives abundance to all those who seek him. She walked up to the carving to take a look at the artistry and the statue was made out of Lapis, Jade, and Gold.

There was a warm feeling that entered Shadow as if she was in a holy place. Suddenly, Lord Ganesh eyes opened up, and stared into Shadow’s Soul.

Who are you that have awaken the great Lord Ganesh from his slumber?

Shadow was caught off balance and almost piss her pants in fright.

Well? Shadow bowed and said to Lord Ganesh.

I am a simple traveler and truthfully, I have lost my way.

I have seen so many strange things, and done things that I wish I had the opportunity to change. But honestly, I did not have any bad will or intent in any of my previous actions to anyone, and was actually trying to do good towards all those that I have met.

Lord Ganesh smiled broadly, Shadow, you have learned the important lesson of wisdom.

Obstacles are not always given because of a direct relationship to one’s own action, but obstacles are given for one’s lesson and personal spiritual growth. Each time new barriers are given or old cycles are repeated, it is to re-enforce those given lessons.

Lessons of patience, of forgiveness, of compassion, and of love. Have you not seen those lessons in your own Journey? Yes, you can poison your soul with anger, with hatred, with fear due to free will, but you would just cycle through the same obstacles again and again until you learn, grow, and mature.

Everyone wants to reach, Nirvana, but our goal should not be in the final destination, but in the learning of our lessons of our individual Karma within the journey of our lives.

Shadow was taken aback from the kindness and wisdom from Lord Ganesh. Tears were streaming down Shadow’s face.

Thank you, Lord Ganesh, for all of your kind words. The pleasure is all mind, but now the night is getting long, and we both must go into the slumber of our own dreams.

Lord Ganesh closed its eyes and went to sleep. Shadow laid down on the edge of the cliff and look out toward the starlit night.

There were thousands of stars and she felt relaxed and at peace for the first time in a very long time. Little dragon nestled next to her and they fell to sleep together.

In her dream, she was back in Paris in a small café by a market place. She was having her favorite glass of wine and French pastry. The street was busy with daily activities.

She then saw the nun that she first saw in the mirror of her Tattoo shop. She was carrying a bible and a rosary. She walked past Shadow on the other side of the street and was headed toward the Cathedral of Notre dame.

Shadow paid for her meal, and decided to follow the nun. She was about to enter the cathedral behind the nun, when the nun turned around and instead of the nun’s face there was the darken sunken eye sockets of a skeleton.

Shadow woke up, and shadow and little dragon were still on the edge of the cliff. The dragonfly that brought them to the cliff was long gone.

Little dragon was still in dreamland with its little paws waving in the air as if it was trying to catch a ball of string. The sun was slowly rising, and shadow could see that there was no way down from in front of the cliffs.

Shadow did notice that where the statue of Ganesh was there was now a door that had swung open with stairs leading downwards, and there was a skeleton that was petrified on the back of the door.

Shadow open up her quest scroll and it stated that one must enter the door of death to be reborn.

Well the door that she was looking at must then be the door of death, but what would reborn mean.

Little dragon woke up and looked at Shadow with the eyes of a child looking at its mother.

Well little one, we got to get out of this situation, and there is only one door that is open and one way out. We got little choice at all, so let me pick you up and we will go through the door together.

Shadow called to the door and said here we go, 1,2,3, and she while carrying little dragon stepped through the door.

It was as if she was actually walking on clouds, and that she could see the other side on the horizon. She was careful and walked on each cloud as a stepping stone. She was afraid to look down at all. She then took a step and her foot went through the cloud and she was soon tumbling in air. She and little dragon were about to hit the ground when she felt her back being grabbed roughly, and she and little dragon were being pulled up. It was the dragonfly, that helped them escaped from the stadium. The dragon brought them across the cloud bridge to the land on the other side of the clouds on to solid ground.

You really need to be more careful, the dragonfly told Shadow while dropping them off. Off it went, into the cloud covered mist.

Now that they were back on land, Shadow saw a garbage can that stated, please put your Journey Scrolls in for recycling.

Shadow wonder where she was and there was just the container in front of her. She said well, the scroll wasn’t much use anyway and tossed it in. As soon as the scroll landed in the container, it busted into flames. A garbage truck then rolled up and took the container and threw the ashes into the dumpster.

The driver was an old Billy goat. The goat just waved at little dragon, and drove off in a dust cloud. A sign close by started to blink, Congratulations, exit this way, with an arrow pointing to the left. Well, now I have seen everything.

So, am I dead, I don’t feel dead, and I have all of my senses, and little dragon wanted to be put down, ever since the old Billy goat had left the area. Little dragon just started to roll in the dusty dirt having a good old time while Shadow ponder her unique situation.

The sign was still blinking congratulations, exit left, so Shadow said, well the quest must be over, so I really should move on, can’t just wait on an old dusty trail to see what happens next. Be proactive, not reactive has always been my motto.

Shadow kicked the dust off her shoes, and she walked up to the sign and took the left that was still blinking on the sign. Little dragon was still bouncing next to her as it seemed that she had walked at least a mile and a half.

Shadow and Little dragon came upon a small country church with a wooden steeple and white wash wood. There was a small river that was just on the bottom of the hill of where the church stood. She and dragon could hear talking and then splashing down by the river side.

Shadow decided to take a closer look and there were people in white that were being baptized and there were a pair of angels hovering above them.

She was very curious and took another step, and she heard a very deep voice that at first thought it was the voice of God, herself.

She turned, and there was an old Rabi with a prayer shawl on over his shoulders with the star of David and the symbols of the Tora.

I wouldn’t go down to the river side, Miss if I were you, as he tipped his black hat to her. Shadow looked at the man, and said with a smirk on her face, can you tell me then why not?

Wrong Tribe, Shadow. Simple as that, Wrong Tribe.

It was like a light bulb that was just turned on, darkness into light.

She then thought to herself for a moment, and remembering that she heard a rumor that her great great grandfather was Jewish. She then pointed to her heart, so you are telling me, I am Jewish.

The Rabi just smiled, 100 percent through and through. Angel dust of gold suddenly fell from the sky with Cherubim’s and Seraphim’s were singing on high.

A vintage 60’s VW van pulled up with psychedelic painted on it, and she saw all her dead relatives coming out of the van to see her.

Time to go Shadow, your quest is over, completed like a champion, and now it is time to party like it’s 1999.

The old rabbi started to break a move, and her favorite Prince Song started to play through the speakers that were attached to the top of the VW Van.

Time to go little Dragon, and off they went on a brand-new adventure as little dragon spat fireworks into the clear blue sky.

Un-Earthed Prophecies:

2020 thru 2024

Greetings, as we move into the next five-year cycle. I am sure there will be more growth and many challenges and opportunities for the world and our given cultures. My goal is to channel as a Psychic Medium what will be the main themes for each year, and to focus on what spirit would like to give me to share to the reader. It is my personal belief that it is important to look for signs and guideposts as we make our synergistic journey together in the next five years.

So here we go and enjoy each year, each month, each day, and each moment as we continue our quests together on Mother Earth.


A year of conflicts as old wounds rises to the surface like a dormant volcano coming to life. Good, bad, indifference, as a true civil unrest crosses the entire globe. Greed, Pride, back stabbing, Self-interest before community within the power struggle of a democracy under siege.

An economy of empty promises of a Fake prophet, who profits only himself and family through the tears and fears of others. Pretending to be for the good of the whole, but only for the profit of the one.

A Serpents tongue, unhinged, Greed of evil immortality. Damaged to a country who image is forever tarnish to the world. Fake promises, Twisted words, unprovoked conflict, imaginary voices, and alternative world view collided in an un-diagnosis of hidden psychosis.

The steel blade of NATO will be tested as countries continue to demand the drawing of new lines and conflicts. European Union tested by Italy, and France, while Germany demands realignment of treaties and selfdefense.

War torn cities collapses especially in Syria, and Russia influence only strength it’s hold in the region. Treaty broken, murder, war crimes overlooked. Usage of more poison gas, while America looks the other way.

Israel conflict, target missile sites in Lebanon, having new restricts on immigration and Palestine movement. Continue arguments over land and controlling doctrine. Tension increase again.

Concerns about becoming what they have gone through themselves. Some concern over protection of nuclear waste and sabotage to crucial water supply. Very similar to three-mile Island but worst. Tension grow between them and Iran.

There is going to be a new disease like Swine flu that is going to impact thousands worldwide. Disease is a symptom of our whole bio-sphere breaking down.

The naming of a new Comet. An Omen. A state funeral in Washington D.C. As time marches on of a Peacemaker and Farmer. Many mourn, and Roses thrown during the procession. It will be a stark contrast to the Toxic Environment currently in Washington D.C., under a setting sun. (A note to Reader, this was written prior to Presidents Carter’s two falls in Oct. 2019)


A year of new beginnings and forgiveness of past sins. As a new bright light will shine into the dark corners of the government, and the Rats will scatter away.

World conflicts will continue, new threats in middle east, Japan and China will collide. World powers are on a collision course for restructuring of the Global Geo-political structure.

China will continue to use devaluation of currency to hurt other economies. A cold war will continue, Tariffs will continue to be noneffective in the long run.

A new type of cleaner car engine will be developed. Internal sensors to help with millage consumption. Wind energy and renewables will be back to the forefront. As Fossil fuels now longer supportable due to greenhouse crisis.

A new planet found, an unusual atmosphere, that could support life.

A Congress gun law finally come through, but any celebration will be short live as more gun violence will occur shortly after. There will be more violence in Toledo, OH, Chicago, IL, Washing D.C. More and More mothers will get involve and will help bring about change as a national movement. Outlawing military style weapons will be considered to be outlaw, while hunting and self-defense hand pistols would still be available.

More flooding, New Orleans hit hard again. Why me syndrome again? Levees will barely hold. Damage to bridges and infrastructure. Some are saying that true investment needs to be done like the technology that the Country of Holland uses to control water distribution and levels.

The EPA agency is being rebuilt and polluters will be punished again. The time of waste abuse by polluters is over. More restrict laws back on the books and being administered. A federal program to provide rebates for clean energy, recycle energy, and to no longer pollute our precious ground water.

There will be investment in Salt water conversion technologies to make drinkable water out of the ocean. Major breakthrough, and huge pipe lines will be created just for water to transport the water long distances. These new technologies will be cross over knowledge from new space technology being developed to support live on the Moon and Mars.

Facebook and other internet companies will try to control power over individual lives, while trying to influence individuals lives and purchasing resources and local retailers continue to be pushed out of the market and close up shops. Malls will become empty wastelands upon themselves. Globalization in the hands of just a few, raises questions of Ant-trust and fair marketing practices.


Within a European monarchy, the pain of a sudden death, a hidden sickness, and a passing before their time.

Polio, old diseases on the rise and immune against antibiotics. Ebola flare up, no time for mourning within fast burials and cremations.

Rush for advancement in new medications.

Advancement in Solar Cells and Air Travel for continue reduction in fossil fuels.

An Alien remains found in a fossil and not from this world. Massive cover up. Defense Department knows much more than it is letting on. There will also be a major increase in UFO sightings this year. As foreign governments try to figure out what all of this means.

Poverty will be at a critical state. Children even in the US will have major nutritional problems. Guns vs Bread, and the issue is one of the pillars of worldwide diseases.

Water in third world countries will be at a critical state. Pure drinking water will become a commodity like gold.

There will be a new reformation in the Catholic church. A true cleaning of the masculine with the female energy. There will be another highlevel scandal of a Priest having affair. Average church goer sees too much corruption, male power, and total lack of accountability. Nun’s will gain new rights and powers to help balance the male culture, and heal the inner strife within the church today.


The first thing shown is a Major Hurricane in this year, it will hit the East Coast, and will intensify unexpectedly and will catch people off guard due to previous misses. Unfortunately, it will be too late for many to get to higher ground. Barrier Islands will be involved.

New laws for immigrations will finally pass to try to fix past wrongs. Too much suffering, for the poor and down trodden.

There will be Nuremburg trails for war crimes, and U.S. will no longer take lead as a moral compass. Trumps hidden agenda and Allegiances to only himself has create massive miss trust and tarnish U.S prestige in the world.

A space race will grow to militarize space and to exploit resources from the moon and other planets rather than scientific reasons.

The next industrial revolution of artificial intelligent will take hold and blossom dramatically, in regards to usage of more facial recognition, Finger prints. There will be fall out to the common man, and retraining of the masses. Also, there is a very dark side of using the new enhancement in technology for population suppression of the masses.

There will be a very large espionage case pertaining to a large china tech giant per data smuggling. China will continue to lead the way of A.I, and domestic usage and surveillance. There will be drones the size of dragonflies. The A. I. will energize a new arm race that will have machines fighting machines and eliminating humans from the battle field directly.

Netherlands will have issues with the sea levels caused by global warming. Sea levels will be at new levels that were unforeseen and dramatic.

The U.S. debt is totally out of control and fiscal responsibility becomes fashionable as the chickens come home to roost. Poverty and homelessness will be at never before levels, and U.S. moral compass will be in need for a massive re-alignment.

France will struggle under a new dictator and will mirror similar to what the other West Countries has gone through to fight uncheck nationalism.

Germany will also struggle but has seen this before and has put in necessary check and balance to never be again an agent of evil against humanity itself.

Germany will continue to be a leader in green energy and technology to help save the world and not destroy it. The country will continue to put into place social programs to help people learn from their past and how to embrace diversity into the immediate future and beyond.

England will be left behind and more isolated, economically and socially. Parliament will have more in fighting and general malfunction. America will become a larger trading partner out of necessity and some will see it as colonialism in reverse and in shame. A remembrance of a tea party long ago.


The manufacturing of car planes will take off literally, and like the Jettison’s cartoon. Safety concerns,

Licensing, and regulatory concerns will be discussed and argued.

There will be changes within the UN, and how the whole political body functions. There will be an overhaul of committees and priorities. Small nations feel like their voice are not heard and are discarded to those of the more powerful and wealthy.

Within the country of Bolivia, there will be a military uprising. A crown of thorns of human suffering within Political crimes. Murders by Cartels, and human smuggling will be huge results of the inner conflicts of law and order. Complete communities will be affected with total fear and tears of pain and sorrow.

The issues of Geo-political inequities between countries in South America will be a powder keg ready to explode. Peace Keepers will be asked to intervene to keep the peace and rule of law.

A blue sphere will be found which will be a relic of Atlantis.

UFO sightings will increase over the pacific, they are here to observe us, and to protect us from ourselves. Their space ships has advance antigravity technology that create a bubble around their ships and allow then to slip through air, and space, and time itself.

New experience with Dinosaur DNA as a Jurassic park isn’t so fictional any longer. There will be concern about Genetic engineering overall and the ethic’s behind embryo research of human and all animal species overall. Some countries are not playing by the rules, and are making big strides while others are being left behind.

Well, I hope you enjoy the book and the other writings. Be Good and Be true and may you always have a good walking stick by your side.

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