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Choice (Majaos Book 3)


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Published: 5 years ago

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Book Description

The Well of Life is the source of all magic on Majaos. Its location has remained a mystery since the time of Merlyn. Eilidh must work with her friends to solve this Ancient puzzle and race to find it before Nilstiar does.Can Eilidh find within herself the skills she needs to keep her party together? People are not her forte, but she can’t do this alone. The Knights of Balance are preparing to rescue the fallen Callie but it will all be for nothing if Loric can’t pass his trials. The dragon predator stands between them and time is running out. They must save their silver friend before she reaches Death’s Door or she will be gone forever.As the past catches up with them and secrets are revealed, Eilidh must open the door and find the truth. In the end, it’s all about her: Eilidh’s choice.

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Gary Stringer

Scientist by profession, fantasy writer in spare time. My Majaos trilogy is the culmination of years of work since my original concept in my University days. Feeback/discussion welcome!

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