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Who Waits for Love?


Kelsey A Park




** This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or real is purely coincidental.**






















Copyright © 2018 KAP/PPK

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1727433769

ISBN-13: 978-1727433760





To my baby girl, Kaia Rei, I love you more than words, you are my everything!


To Xiumin, you inspired me to follow my dreams, no matter where they take me. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


In loving memory of

Kim JongHyun.

Always know you did well.







Special thanks to Park Productions Korea, Joana A. Park, Choua Vang Lee, Alex Sandra Alverio, Soora Park.


Extra special thank you to Byun BaekHyun, Park chanyeol, Kim JongIn, Do KyungSoo, Oh Sehun, Kim JongDae, Kim JunMyeon, and Zhang Yixing





You know that saying “When you’re not looking for it, love will find you”.

Do you believe that?

I mean if you’re not looking why would that happen?

Love is so overrated.


I woke up this morning feeling bitter. I’m a single woman with a promising career.

I’m intelligent.

I think I’m good looking.

Why was I still single?


As I drove to work I couldn’t help but think about my future. All my friends were attached or about to get married and then there was me.


“I’m going to be an old lady with many cats.” I said to myself as I reached for my ringing phone.


“Hello?” I said


“Hey, are you on your way yet?” Alex asked.


“Yeah, I’ll be there shortly. There’s a lot of traffic today. Plus I need to stop downtown to drop off my documents for my passport.” I replied with a sigh.


“Ok, drive safe. See you soon.” She replied with a pause then hung up.


I parked my car and ran across the street.

There were so many people out today. I had to make my way in between people to get to the building.

As I rushed in, the elevator was about to close.


“Please hold the elevator.” I said out loud as I approached it.


“Thank you!” I said as I entered.


The elevator seemed to stop on every floor.

I stared at the floor as people got in and out.

I noticed a pair of shoes that didn’t moved throughout the ride. I slowly glanced up. They were connected to a person that had very nice taste. I slowly followed up his nice slacks then up his shirt to his face.

I was very impressed.

He smiled and turned away. I lost track of what I was doing while staring at him.


“Is this your floor?” He asked.


I snapped out of it and smiled.


“Thank you!” I said as I exited the elevator.

I turned back to see he was looking at me so I smiled again.


“Do you have your all your documents?” The lady at the counter said.


I nodded yes as I handed her the folder.


“Sign here and here.” The lady instructed.


I paused as she slid the papers over for me to sign. I looked up at her and smiled.


“Ok. You will hear from us in a few weeks. Do you have any other questions or concerns?” She said as she slid the papers back to herself across the table.


I nodded no and began to walk away.


“I need a vacation.” I said to myself as I made my way out the office.


“Call us if you think of any questions?” She said as I exited the office.


I waved and walked quickly to the elevator and left the building.


“Now to work I go. What a life? It’s so predictable” I said to myself as I walked slowly to my car.


I felt my life draining right out of me with every step. I need a change. I needed to get out and do something for me. I heard a phone ring in the distance. It happened to be my phone at the bottom of my purse.


“Hello?” I said softly.


“Hi Zara, you done yet?” Alex said.


“Yeah! I’ll be there soon. I hope it’s not too busy.” I replied.


“Nah. It’s quiet now. Just lonely making the pastries.” Alex sighed with a giggle.


“Oh my gosh, really Alex? I’m sure they are waiting for me to arrive.” I said as I unlocked my car and got in.


“Why do you sound so sad today?” Alex inquired.


“I don’t know, girl stuff I guess. I have been thinking of my future and its bumming me out.” I added.


“Why don’t you take a weekend off and go to Pohang?” Alex suggested.


“What’s in Pohang?” I asked.


“That beach festival we went to a few years back. We had fun. Take the weekend and clear your mind.” Alex added.


“Hmmm, That might be nice.” I thought.


“Seriously, think about it. Maybe you might meet someone there.” Alex said jokingly.


“Oh No! Not interested in that. Maybe the beach though. I need serenity.” I said.


“Yes the beach is always relaxing. The warm sand and the rushing waves. You should do it!” Alex insisted.


“What about the bakery?” I asked.


“I’m the boss. I can handle it. Plus I’m giving you the weekend off. Take advantage of it cause you know it’ll never happen again.” Alex stated.


“Ok. I’ll look into it. But I’m not promising anything.” I agreed.


What do I have to lose?

The peace of the ocean would be nice. Might as well cheer myself up and do something nice for me, for once. As I arrived at the bakery Alex handed me a brochure.


“What’s this?” I asked.


“It’s that festival I told you to go to.” Alex replied as she restocked the cupcake window.


I smiled as I read about the festival.


“I hope you will go. It going to be fun.” Alex teased.


“How do you know? Why are you pushing me to go? Do you have something planned?” I said as I sipped my coffee.


“No! I just booked a room for you at a hotel by the beach.” Alex added with a cheesy grin.


“What? I haven’t decided yet, Alex. Why would you do that?” I said surprised.


“Zara, you need this. You deserve this. Go and relax. My treat, girl.” Alex said as she hugged me.


“Damn Alex, you are so pushy.” I mumbled.


“Thank so much! I appreciate it.” I added as I hugged her.


“Go pack and pamper yourself while you are there.” Alex said.


I smiled and walked towards the door. Alex motioned for me to go. So I blew her a kiss.


I went home to prepare for the 3 hour drive.


“What do I pack?” I said as I rummaged through my closet and threw things on my bed.


“No need for this.” I said as I threw aside sexy lingerie.


“This might be nice.” I said as I grabbed my bikini.


I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling. My mind caught up with me and I immediately felt drained.

“You know what? I’m going to have fun. I deserve a good time.” I said out loud snapping myself out of the funk.


Right then I received a text message from Alex.



“Be sure to text me when you check in. And please have fun!” It read.


I smiled as I read.


Morning came really fast.

I was anxious to go but starving so I passed by the bakery on my way out.


“Good morning.” I said cheerfully


“Good morning, what are you doing here?” Alex said surprised.


“I’m starving for one of your famous maple bacon donuts.” I said with a smile.


Alex smiled and handed me one.


“Can I get some coffee too?” I said with a pouty lip.



Alex nodded and handed me a cup.


“Are you heading out soon?” Alex asked.


“Yes, I should be in Pohang around 10 am.” I replied.


“Ok, no stops in between. Straight there and text me when you arrive.” Alex instructed.


I smiled and nodded.


“Sorry but I worry.” Alex replied.


“It’s ok. Thank you so much for this. I love you.” I said.


“No problem. Go have fun and you never know, you might come back extra happy.” Alex joked.



“Ha Ha! I’m going to relax not go on a hot date.” I responded with laugh.


“Hey you never know, girl. Open up to the possibilities.” Alex said with a laugh.


“Yeah, yeah, I’m out. See you Monday.” I added.


“Drive safe and here take another for the drive. I love you too.” Alex said as she handed me another donut.


I winked and walked out.


“Ok, here we go. Fun times ahead.” I said to myself as I began my drive.


The drive was smooth.




So many beautiful views on the way. I couldn’t wait to arrive at my destination. The closer I got the more anxious I became. So many people were here for this festival but I longed to be alone and relax. I was in awe at the view of the hotel Alex booked for me.


“Wow! Alex went all out.” I said to myself as I pulled into the parking lot. I got out and quickly removed my luggage from the trunk and made my way into the hotel.


As I checked in, I looked around.

The hotel was so fabulous.

The lobby was beautiful.

I slowly walked towards the elevator as I looked at my key.


“Oh! The 11th floor, awesome!” I said as I entered the elevator.


In the distance I hear someone say “Hold the elevator.”


The gentlemen got in and stood looking towards the door. At the next stop another person got in. I stared at the floor as the elevator stopped at almost every floor. As I glanced over, I see a nice pair of shoes that looked familiar. I slowly raise my gaze to see the gentleman they were attached to.


“Oh my gosh, can this be the same guy from the passport office?” I thought to myself.


I lowered my glance as I saw him look towards me.


“No way, what are the chances?” I said to myself.


He noticed me look away and smiled.

He stepped towards the back of the elevator where I was, as the next person got out.


“Do I know you?” He said as we both stood in the elevator.


“I don’t think so.” I said as I looked at the doors of the elevator.


“You seem so familiar.” He said with a sweet smile.


I nodded and look towards the opening door.


“What is your name?” He asked with a smile as I began to walk towards the elevator door.


“Zara, what’s your name?” I said as I began to step out.


“My name is MinSeok. Nice to meet you.” He replied.



As I walked out I slowly turned to him, smile and said “Have a nice day, MinSeok!”


He bowed his head and smiled.


“I hope to see you again Zara.” He added as the doors closed.


As I entered the hotel room the smile on my face was undeniable.


“It was him. Wow! He is so handsome. Those beautiful eyes, ughhh.” I said like a school girl with a crush.


I looked around the room as I entered. I put my luggage aside and walked towards the window to check out the view.


“What should I do today?” I said out loud as I scanned the shopping area below.


“Window Shopping it is.” I said with a giggle.


I began to unpack as my cell phone rang.


“Hello?” I said with a cheerful tone.


“Well?” Alex said sounding upset.


“Sorry mom! I just got here. I was just about to text you but you beat me to it. It’s beautiful here Alex, thank you so much.” I gushed.


“I’m glad you like it and that you arrived safely. But I’m calling to tell you what happened!” Alex hesitated.


“What’s up? Is everything ok? See I shouldn’t have left.” I replied concerned.


“Relax! Everything is peachy. Just you won’t believe who was here, minutes after you left.” Alex exclaimed.


“Who?” I asked.


“Jackson” Alex responded.


I paused trying to think of who she was talking about.


“Who’s Jackson?” I asked.


“JACKSON!!! How can you not know Jackson! Idol, Singer, My dream man.” Alex shouted.


“Oh my gosh! He came to our shop?!” I asked.


“Yeah! He wants some pastries. He’s on his way there to perform in Pohang Festival!” Alex replied.


“Oh wow! Maybe I’ll go see his show.” I said excitedly.


“Girl, have a great time. I’m so jealous!” Alex said.


“But if you bump into him, get me an autograph!” She ordered.


“Okay. Love you.” I said as I laughed and hung up.


I stood there thinking about what to do.


I grabbed my stuff and went in and took a shower. I couldn’t help but think of the handsome man.


“Could it be a sign?” I thought as I shampooed my hair.


I suddenly began to laugh.


“A sign of what?” I answered myself as I rinsed.


I got out and contemplated going out or staying in.

I lay on the bed and watch television but I became restless.


“Get up girl, this is vacation time, let’s go out and explore.” I said trying to motivate myself.


I was going to be here a few days so why not catch up on some sleep too.



“I’ll take a nap to get over the drive then go out for a rejuvenating walk later.” I decided with a laugh.


I had never slept so good.

The peace and quiet was great! I stretched as I got out of bed. The view from my bed was incredible. The afternoon was so beautiful, so it was time for a stroll. I got prepared and quickly made my way downstairs and out the hotel.


There were so many people out and about. I guess everyone had the same idea as Alex did.


“Do you need a taxi or a map?” The concierge asked.


“No thank you! I’m going to explore.” I replied and a wave.


“Ok. Have a fun time.” The concierge replied.


As I walked, I felt a feeling of calmness.

The air was so fresh and cool. The smell of ocean water was invigorating.

The first place I walked up on was a sweet café. I went in to get a drink to accompany me on my walk.

As I walked out I heard live music so I went in that direction. As I got closer I couldn’t help but recognize the voice.

“It can’t be. OMG! Really?” I said as I saw Jackson performing on the boardwalk.


“This vacation is going to be great! So many talents and so little time.” I commented to myself.


I stood there for a few minutes, just listening. He had such a beautiful voice.

As he sang, he scanned the crowd and his sight set on where I was.


Our eyes met for a second. It kinda freaked me out.

I became nervous, turned around quickly and began walking fast with my head down. As I walked I watched my feet so I would not trip or bump into anyone. I was so awkward.

The crowd seemed to move with me so I had a way out but then everyone suddenly stopped. I glanced forward to see what was going on but I couldn’t see. I kept my gaze down as I waited but no one seemed to move. As I raised my gaze up again I came eye to eye with MinSeok. He smiled and made his way towards me. I looked away as if I didn’t see him.


“Hello, again?” He said.


“Oh, Hi!” I replied acting surprised.


“You know this is the line for the bathroom, right?” He questioned.


“Oh is it?” I said surprised.


No wonder it wasn’t moving. How embarrassing is that. He gently grabbed my arm and led me towards an open area.


“Have you been here before?” He asked.


I shook my head no.


“It’s a great festival. There is a lot to do. If you don’t mind I can be your guide.” He said with the sweetest smile.


“Sure” I said with a smile.


“Where shall we begin?” He said as he looked around the festival.


“Come this way.” He said as he grabbed my hand.


I smiled and followed.


“So Zara, what brings you to Pohang?” He asked.


“Mini Vacation.” I replied with a smile.


“So are you looking to have a fun time or something more relaxed?” He added.


I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. He smiled back and led me to where they were having a culture exchange performance. He smiled as I watched intently.


“Is this fun enough?” He whispered in my ear.


I smiled and nodded, it was ok. We watched for a bit then he smiled and tugged at my hand.


“Let’s go over there.” He whispered pointing in another direction.


“What’s going on there?” I asked hesitantly.


“Do you mind getting a little wet?” He said with a smirk.


“What? Why?” I asked as he pulled me in that direction.


“It’ll be fun. Come on. Don’t be so prissy.” MinSeok said as he led me to another part of the area.


“That’s a water gun fight.” I said as I pulled in the opposite direction.


He nodded yes as he pulled me into it.

It looked like fun and what did I have to lose. I came here to have fun. So why not?

MinSeok handed me a gun and smiled.


He suddenly said “GO!” and begins shooting at some people who were in a pen area. I didn’t know what to do so I began shooting too. He suddenly turns his gun towards me and shoots me with water. I screamed because I was startled. He smiled and opened his arms as in to give me a free shot at him, so of course I took it. He smiled and closed his eyes. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the crowd.


“Was that fun?” MinSeok said laughing.


“Oh my gosh, Yes.” I agreed with a laugh.


“Lucky it is sunny out, we can dry up as we get some food, what do you think?” MinSeok suggested.


“Sure. Of course, that would be nice.” I added.


We walked slowly to the food area and found a table.


“What would you like to eat? There are many different things to choose from.” MinSeok asked.


“Hmmm. Surprise me.” I said with a smile.


“Are you sure? You trust me?” MinSeok asked suspiciously.


“Of course, I trust you.” I replied with a smile.


He nodded and said “Ok.”


I watched as he walked away, shaking out his wet hair. He was super handsome. As I daydreamed, I was startled by people yelling.

There was so much going on, there was no way you can do it all in one day. I smiled as I read the brochure on the table.


“Catching goldfish? I wonder what’s that?” I said to myself.


By the time I looked up, MinSeok had returned to the table.


“Are you ok?” MinSeok said as he put down the tray of food.


“Oh yes, of course, I’m perfectly fine. What did you get?” I said with a smile.


“I didn’t know what you’d liked so I got a few spring rolls and this stuff.” MinSeok said.


“What’s this stuff?” I pointed.


“Yeah, I didn’t know what it was but it looked good and interesting.” MinSeok explained.


He looked down and raised a fork with food to my face.


“You go first.” He said as he tried to feed me.


I smiled and took the first bite. It wasn’t bad, a bit spicy, kinda chewy. MinSeok smiled as I chewed slow and awkwardly.


“Well? What do you think?” He said.


“It’s not so bad. What is it?” I said with a mouth full.


He smiled as he watched me swallow.


“So what is it?” I said as I drank water to wash it all down.


“Its…” MinSeok said with a shy smile.


“What is it?” I said loudly.


“Its Nakji Bokum. Spicy octopus tenticles.” He said with a smile as he spooned some into his mouth.


“Really? That’s why you said it looked interesting.” I said in shock.


He nodded and smiled.


“Did you enjoy it?” MinSeok asked.


“Yes, it was good. That’s good way to make someone taste something different.” I said and drank more water to kill the heat.


We were having such a good time but the festival was beginning to wind down for today. What a better way to end the day then with festivals fireworks.

We began to walk over to the beach area to find a spot to sit and watch the fireworks.


“This is the best part.” MinSeok whispered in my ear.


I got the chills when I felt his breath hit my neck, so I closed my eyes and embraced it.

Just then the fireworks began.

I was startled by the sudden noise but MinSeok put his arm around me for safety. We both sat in our own silence.


The fireworks were super loud and colorful.

Now and then, MinSeok would play around, reach over and cover my ears.

His smile was incredible.

I couldn’t help but stare at him.

The lights of the fireworks gave him such a beautiful glow.

I hated that the fireworks had to end.

This meant our date was over.

But was this a date? I hope it was.

He helped me up and we began our slow descent back to the hotel.


“Did you have a good time?” MinSeok asked.


“Oh my goodness, yes. Thank you so much! You are wonderful guide.” I said appreciatively.


He smiled and nodded his head.


“Want to do it again tomorrow?” He asked quickly.


I smiled shyly.


“I mean, we don’t have to. It’s basically the same thing.” He quickly added.


“Sure why not. I have no plans” I muttered quickly.


“Well now you do.” He said excitedly


We walked next to each other. I wanted to hold his hand but I felt it might be too soon. He kept smiling at me. His glossy eyes were so soft.


In no time we were at the hotel. I wished this short walk would have lasted longer. I didn’t want to see him leave.


“So we’ll meet here at noon?” MinSeok suggested.


“That’ll be perfect. “ I agreed.


He smiled and bow.


“Tomorrow it is.” He whispered as he kissed my cheek.


“Would you like my cell number in case something comes up?” I said shyly.


“Yes, of course. But nothing is going to come up, I’ll be here.” MinSeok assured.


We handed each other our cell phones and then handed them back. I smiled and began to walk away. I looked back as I reached the elevators, he smiled and waved. I waved back.


The elevator doors open and I slowly walk in, still smiling.


“Wow… He is so dreamy. This vacation is the best I have ever had.” I said to myself as the doors closed.


I slowly walked off the elevator. I reached in my purse for my hotel key and my cell phone buzzed against my hand. I looked at it and smiled.


“Hi Zara! Its MinSeok. Thank you for today! It was amazing.” It read.


I put the phone to my heart and smiled.


“Thank you MinSeok, you made it more special for me.” I replied.


As I floated into another dimension, my cell phone buzzed me again.


“Hello” I said in a dreamy state.


“Hey girl, hows it going?” Alex said in a cheerful voice.


“I just got back from a festival.” I answered.


“How was it?” Alex asked.


“It was super fun. But, guess who I saw?” I said in a gossipy tone.


“Who?” Alex whispered.


“Your Bae, he was performing on the boardwalk.” I replied.


“Oh wow! I bet he was beautiful!” Alex sighed.


“Yes! And I got your autograph!” I replied.


“I met a guy.” I mumbled in a quick tone.


“Thank you! And You what? I didn’t hear you” Alex joked.


“I met a guy.” I said in a louder tone.


Alex giggled.


“Is he cute? Do tell?” Alex commented.


“Oh yeah, I kinda met him in Seoul, by mistake. But then here again in Pohang.” I explained.


“Oh wow! That’s awesome but please be careful.” Alex said.


“I will. He seems to be very nice.” I said in a dreamy voice.


“Yeah Ted Bundy was nice too and turned out be a serial killer.” Alex joked.


We both laughed.


“Get some rest. You have to work tomorrow.” I joked.


“Ha ha ha, yeah thanks for reminding me. You get rest also and please be careful.” Alex ended.


I was totally on cloud nine. I sat at the window just looking at the crowds below, just thinking about today and how awesome it had been.


“Is it too early for me to take an interest in someone?” I asked myself.


“He is soooo handsome.” I said as I looked at the selfie he took with my phone.


I put it to my heart and danced around the room.


“Wake up Zara. It’s too perfect to be true, you know how that goes.” I said with a laugh as I prepared myself for bed.


I tossed and turned most of the night. I couldn’t get my brain to turn off. The festival was so fun. I really didn’t think I’d have this much fun but I’m really enjoying myself. MinSeok had taken over my thoughts and I wasn’t complaining. I turned over and reached for my phone.


It was 6:30 a.m.


“Why was I up so early?” I said out loud.

I sat up in bed and grabbed the TV remote.


“I wonder what’s on TV?” I thought as I lay back down.


I switched the channels slowly but found nothing interesting.


“It’s not too early for coffee, is it?” I said as I sat up in bed again.


I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. I could hear music playing on the TV. It was an ad for the festival and the concerts for tonight.


“Oh that’s a nice song. Maybe we can go see him tonight?” I said as I danced around the bathroom.


As I walked out I caught the last part of the commercial.


“Ah I didn’t catch who was in concert.” I said disappointed.


I quickly grabbed my purse and went downstairs.

Coffee was calling my name.

The sweet strong smell of coffee led me to the small bakery outside the hotel.

I had never smelled coffee like that.

And the taste was exquisite. I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t slept but this was the best cup of coffee I had ever had.

I purchased a bag of it to take home to Alex. I’m sure she’d like to use it for her bakery. I slowly walked and sipped my coffee.

In the distance I can see people starting to prepare for the festival. I walked in that direction for bit but then realized I didn’t have my phone so I returned back to the hotel. I rushed into my room to find my cell vibrating.


“Good morning Sunshine.” The message read.


I smiled uncontrollably.


“Good morning.” I replied.


Suddenly my cell phone rang.


“Hello?” I said quietly


“Hello.” MinSeok’s beautiful voice chimed.


“MinSeok, how are you?” I said excitedly


“I’m fine. Why are you up so early?” He said.


“I couldn’t sleep.” I replied.


“Neither could I. Would you like to have breakfast together?” MinSeok asked.


I giggled.


“It’s ok if you don’t want to. I promise not to make you taste weird things.” MinSeok said quickly.


“No, no. I’d love to. Why don’t you come here? I’ll order room service.” I said.


“Are you sure?” He said concerned.


“Yes, please. I insist.” I said.


“Ok. 20 minutes?” MinSeok suggested.


“Perfect. See you in 20 minutes.” I said.


I quickly ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower. 20 minutes went by fast cause in a blink of an eye he was knocking on my door. I looked down at myself to check that I looked ok and rushed to the door.

I opened it slowly.


He smiled. He looked like a dream come true. He was wearing black jeans, a black t-shirt and those same biker boots. I stared as he walked past me. He smiled as he passed.


“Breakfast should be here shortly.” I said in a cheery voice.


He smiled and sat down. As I passed him he grabbed my hand. I suddenly became nervous.


“You look beautiful this morning.” He said.


I smiled and blushed. He stood up and walked towards the window.


“Nice view. You can see the beach from here.” He commented.


I walked towards him to take a look. The whole time he was looking at me. As we stood by the window, his hand brushed mine. He looked down at me, smiled and grabbed my hand.


“Can I kiss you?” He said in a soft tone.


I smiled but turned towards him. My heart raced as his face slowly inched towards mine. His hands were so soft as he softly grabbed my face. He gently kissed me and backed away.

I kept my eyes closed.


He began to kiss me again.

First a few small kisses then a deep kiss that I didn’t want to end. He pulled me close and tight. As we separated from the kiss, we both smiled. I have never been kissed like that before.


My heart was beating a million beats per minute as we stood close.


“Could he feel my heart thumping?” I thought to myself.


Just then the room service arrived.

The doorbell startled me back into reality.

I shook it off and clumsily walked to the door.


“Breakfast is here.” I said in a nervous voice.


He smiled and pointed to the bellboy where to put the tray.


“What did you order?” MinSeok asked.


“Typical breakfast, nothing interesting.” I replied with a giggle.


“You are never going to let that go, huh?” MinSeok joked.


I winked at him in reply.

We ate and got to know each other more. He told me some stories about a few trips he had taken. I must have the same taste in guys, MinSeok was a solo artist.


The bellboy left a brochure on the tray for today’s part of the festival. There were some activities that were different then the first day.


“We should go see what these new things are about!” I suggested.


“Sure! There’s a bonfire on the beach tonight too!” he added.


“Perfect!” I said setting down the brochure.


MinSeok’s phone rang as I was cleaning up the plates.


“Zara, I have to meet up with my boss. Can we meet later? Early dinner perhaps?” he said looking at his phone.


“Sure! That’s fine.” I said walking him to the door.


“I don’t want to leave but it seems to be pretty urgent.” MinSeok commented.


He gently kissed my cheek as he left.


I walked over to the window to see what I could do. The beach was calling my name for a little alone time. I put my bikini on and headed over.


I quickly found the perfect tanning spot so I laid out my towel and sat down. It was beyond relaxing. I had brought a book with me to read but the sun was just so warm, I just laid there and soaked it in.


I suddenly heard girls screaming.


“Huh?” I gasped trying to adjust my eyes so I can see what was going on.


When my vision cleared there stood Jackson surrounded by fans. I quickly sat up.


Before getting trampled I collected my things and headed back towards the hotel.

“Hey Alex!” I said answering my phone.


“What is all that screaming?!” she asked.


“I almost got ran over by Jackson’s fans!” I said


“What?! How?” She asked concerned.


“I was laying out and he made an appearance on the beach! I explained.


“Oh my! I wish I could be there!” she sighed.


“It’s okay though! I’m headed back up to my room now!” I replied.


“So! How’s it going beside that?” Alex asked.


“Great! Really fun. I had breakfast with MinSeok.” I said as I got off on my floor.


“Oh Breakfast time. Did he stay over? Did you get?” Alex started to ask.


“Of course not!” I said stopping her.

Alex laughed.


“Well you should get some!” She said jokingly.


“Ok, Ok I gotta go shower! I’ll call you later!” I said cutting her off.


“Okay, talk to you soon! Have fun!” She ended.


I felt overwhelmed after seeing Jackson, I’ve never been that close to an idol before. I thought as I shook off the sand.


I sat back on my bed.

I was starting to doze off when I heard a knock at the door. I looked through the peep hole but I couldn’t see anything.


“Hello?” I said as I opened the door to a balloon flower bouquet.


“Hi!” MinSeok said pulling the balloons away from his face.


“Are you ready to go have fun?” He added.


“Yes, of course. Are those for me?” I said with a giggle.


“Yes, beautiful balloon flowers for a beautiful girl” He said in a cheesy tone.


“You should have seen the man’s face when I asked him to make them all!” he added with a laugh.


“He must have thought you were crazy. But I think they are wonderful!” I said as I grabbed the balloon flowers and put them in the table.


“Let me grab my shoes.” I said as he stood the door waiting.


MinSeok and I headed down to the boardwalk. We stopped and had some street food before wandering around the festival.

Today there were other things happening in the festival like street performances, live music and laser shows.


To my surprise MinSeok was performing also.


He led me to an open seat before heading backstage, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My heart raced with excitement as the lights dimmed.


The music started to play.


“I think I’ve heard this before.” I thought to myself.


MinSeok’s beautiful voice began to flow along with the music when it hit me.


“I heard this in the commercial the other day!” I thought.


It was so much better in person. I absolutely loved it.


The day went by so fast. I felt like if we had just gotten there and now it was already evening. I was exhausted but I was enjoying every minute with MinSeok. He made this vacation so much better.


“Do you want to go to the bonfire?” MinSeok asked.


“If you want to?” I replied hoping he’d say we were going.


“Let’s go, the evening was perfect for it.” MinSeok suggested.

It started to get a bit chilly but I didn’t mind as long as MinSeok held me tight, I was warm.



We strolled onto the beach following other groups of people who were there for the bonfire. My arms were covered in goose bumps as we sat and watched the fire. The sound of the crackling fire was so soothing.


“Are you cold?” MinSeok said as he caressed my bumpy cold skin.


MinSeok suddenly stood up, took his jacket off and wrapped it around me. We enjoyed this quiet time together. We held hands and just caressed each other. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Why did this night have to end? It was everything I have always wanted.

Beautiful moments with a wonderful man.


We strolled back to the hotel. A five minute walk took us 30 but we were in heaven. The goodbye lasted longer than yesterday. We stood in the lobby, hugging each other.

The kiss was incredible.


I was in a dream state that I really didn’t remember how I got to my room and into the bubble bath. The kiss kept replaying in my head over and over again that it made a chill run through my body.


I wanted to feel that again.

I slid my robe on, walked over to my bed and picked up my phone.


“I want to see you.” I typed out but then deleted.


“What do I even say? Come on girl don’t be shy!” I encouraged myself.


“What are you doing?” I sent.


“I’m just sitting here, watching the fire burn from my window” he replied.


“Do you want to come over and watch from my room?” I sent.



I was so scared of what his answer would be. I took a bit to look at it.


“Sure! I would love to.” He replied.


I jumped to my feet and got dressed. A short time later he was here with me. I know it may sound weird but I missed his company. We sat by the window together watching the people still below. The warmth of his arms around me felt amazing.


I turned slightly to look at him, he kissed me gently, and I kissed him back, things started getting more intense. My hands traced the cuts along his body. I didn’t really plan for this to happen.

But it did.

There we were, intertwined, moving together in perfect sync, our hearts racing, his breath running along my neck and covering my body in goosebumps. He made me feel a tingle in every nerve in my body.



Waking up next to him was just an addition to the night before. We didn’t even have to say a word to each other as he claimed me as his again, and he was mine.


It was the last day of the festival. We played little games along the boardwalk, had some snacks and checked out of the hotel. I wasn’t looking forward to saying goodbye to MinSeok. I was really hoping this would end up being something permanent and not a one night fling. But I guess that is what it was.

We went on our separate ways.


Vacations always end so quick.

I had a lot of time to think on my drive back home. I really had a wonderful time, thanks to MinSeok.


He made everything so much better.

He left me wanting more but this was the end. Did I over think what we had started? Probably…







The Adventure begins







Waking up to your phone ringing is the worst. It just knocks your brain out of joint.


“Hello?” I said in a groggy voice.


“Rise and Shine, you are coming back to work today, right?” Alex asked.


“Yeah , yeah I’ll be there in a bit.” I replied and hung up.


I lay in bed just staring at the ceiling. I wondered what MinSeok was doing. I felt strange just texting him out of nowhere so I didn’t. I got up and prepared myself for a long day at the bakery.


I arrived at BaekKey’s to find it very busy this morning.


“you could have told me it was busy, I would have come in sooner.” I scolded Alex.


“Girl you know I can handle it.” Alex replied with a sniffle.


“Are you ok?” I asked concerned.


“Oh yeah just some allergies, I’ll be fine.” Alex replied as she began mixing dough for more pastries.


I kept tending to the customers but I watched Alex because she really wasn’t looking well.


I took a second to sit down as the phone rang.


“Hello! BaekKey’s! What can I do for you?” I greeted in my most cheeriest voice.


“Hello! I need an order of your best pastries in a variety of flavors.” the voice ordered.


“Okay! Did you need this delivered or are you picking it up?” I asked.


“I will be picking it up this afternoon, if possible.” The person said.


“No problem, we will have it ready for you! Can I get name for the order?” I added.


“Yes of course, Lee.” The person replied.


“Ok Ms. Lee, we’ll see you this afternoon. Thank you for choosing BaekKey’s for your dessert needs.” I joyfully ended.


I walked to the back to find Alex slumped over in a chair.


“Oh Alex, are you ok?” I asked.


“No, I need to go home.” She mumbled.


“Sure of course.” I replied.


“Jessie, Jessie!” I called to one of our employees.


“Can you get Alex home, she’s not feeling well?” I asked.




“Yes for sure.” Jessie replied as she helped Alex out of the bakery and to her car.


I felt a bit overwhelmed but I can do this. This was my thing, pretty pastries.

Luckily only a few people came in as I prepared the order and placed it in the pickup area. Every treat was decorated perfectly. The day went by uneventfully. All orders picked up and now it was closing time.


As I strolled home along the quiet streets. I stared at my phone. I hadn’t heard from MinSeok.


“Maybe it was a one-time thing my mind took too far!” I thought to myself.


Of course whenever my phone made any noise I check but it was never him.


I decided to send him a hello message as days went on, but there was no response.

Me being me I just let it go.


BaekKeys had become pretty popular since Jackson’s visit. Every morning we had many customers wanting to taste his favorite pastries. We even made the evening news with our “too cute to eat” pastries.

Alex and I had finally realized our bakery dream. We couldn’t be happier.

Now and then I thought of MinSeok, and wondered how he was but never attempted to contact him again.


To my surprise today I woke up to a message from MinSeok.


“Hello Zara, its MinSeok. Do you remember me?” It read.


“How can I forget those beautiful cat eyes.” I thought.


With excitement I replied “Of course I remember you, how are you?”


He quickly replied “I’ve been thinking of you, would you like to have dinner tonight?”


“Ummm, tonight? Ummm I don’t know.” I replied trying not to sound too anxious.


“It’s ok, we can do it another night.” He responded.


"You know. Let’s do it, I would love to!” I texted back excited.


"Okay, I will come to pick you around 6?” His message read.


“Perfect.” I replied.


I missed his company and his cheesy smile.


All day I kept looking at the clock. I wanted it to be 5 already so I can leave. Alex gave me the rules again, which I never listen to.


“No freaky freaky tonight.” Alex said while frosting the cupcakes.

“What are you talking about? We are having dinner.” I said with an attitude.


“Girl, after dinner there is dessert and it’s called Zara.” Alex replied with a laugh.


“You’re silly.” I said ignoring her commentary.


As soon as 5 o’clock hit, I was out the door.

I rushed home and picked out a navy blue dress and black flats. I slapped some makeup on and waited.


“Gosh I’m such a loser. Look at me waiting for a guy. I need a life.” I thought to myself.


Suddenly my phone buzzed.


“I’m here, whenever you are ready!” the message read.


“He’s here!” I said out loud as I rushed out my apartment.


The elevator door opened and there he was. He was standing outside his car.

Finely dressed in a dark blue suit.


"You look beautiful Zara!" he complimented.


"Thank you! You look very handsome!”

I blushed.


The car ride was a bit long but as usual we talked like we hadn’t been away from each other.


“We are here.” MinSeok announced.


“This place is beautiful. What’s the special occasion?” I gushed.


He smiled and said “You are.”


I smiled and turned away to blush.


"I have a whole night planned that is, if you’re not busy?" He said.


"Not at all. I'm completely free!" I confessed.


"That's great! I hope you will like everything I have planned." He smiled.


We chatted while we ate our food, had a couple of drinks then we were off to a new destination! I'm excited to see where we are headed next!


We stopped in front of this cute bakery, it looked like a giant cupcake! They sold every flavor you could think of, had a ton of combinations to choose from too!


I sat at a table by the window while Min ordered the deserts!


"One strawberry delight, and one chocolate volcano!" He asked the woman.


He sat down in front of me and had the cutest smile on his face.


"What is a chocolate volcano?" I asked.


"It’s a cupcake that has hot fudge in the middle" he answered.


"That sounds like the best thing ever!" I said smelling the air.


"Yes! I knew you would like that one the most!" He smiled.


The woman served us our deserts and they were as big as my hand!

I was surprised to see a cupcake so big!

We chatted about our families and how our lives had been since we last seen each other. I was having so much fun!


“Are you ready for our next destination?” MinSeok questioned.


"Yes! Where are we headed now?" I agreed.


"This one is a surprise.” He insisted with a smile.


"Oh okay! Let's go!" I said grabbing MinSeok’s hand.


We had another long ride. I felt anxious. I felt excited. I felt happy.


When we arrived, he helped me out of the car.


“Ok look at me.” He instructed.


“But I can’t walk backwards.” I replied.


“Don’t worry, I’ll help you. You trust me right?” MinSeok added.


I nodded yes.


I tripped over myself a few times, which made us laugh uncontrollably.


A few minutes later we stopped, MinSeok then walked behind me.


"Don't look until I say so!" He whispered.


I was so confused until I turned around to find we were at Changdeokgung Palace’s Secret Garden.

I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

It was shrouded in beautiful trees and flowers. It was so tranquil.


"I have a question..." MinSeok confessed breaking the silence.


“What is it?” I asked.


“I know I’ve been gone for a while but I could only think about you. I didn’t know how to approach you after everything.” He said.


“I want to ask you to be my girlfriend?” He asked shyly.


“Yes” I said with no hesitation.


He looked at me like he wasn’t expecting me to answer so easily. I smiled at him as I waited for him to say something.


“Really?” He asked.


“Yes! I really do like you a lot, since the days we spent in Pohang. I thought of you every day.” I confirmed.


I didn’t know that my “yes” answer to MinSeok was going to change my life drastically.


MinSeok lead me into his arms and hugged me tight. I felt so warm and safe.




“Thank you for this opportunity.” He whispered as he kissed my cheek.


I smiled and closed my eyes because I thought I was dreaming. I was here in this extremely beautiful place with an extremely beautiful person. How can I think this was real?


We took in the beauty of this place as a couple.

What a wonderful first “couple date”.

Totally unforgettable.


From that day on, we were always together.


Our lives flown right next to each other yet blended seamlessly.


I was having a whole new experience then I was used to. The longer we were together the more people wanted to find out his personal life. MinSeok had millions of fans, some that tried were super aggressive and some that were calm as a kitten.


I had fans show up to my house asking if he lived here, asking if I had seen him around. I had to act like I only knew him as an idol. Which was super difficult.


The extreme fans scared me. They didn’t care about hurting each other, him or me. I worried more for him though.


One of the things that kept me going was knowing I was his support system. I was his home.


We barely had time to talk most of the time. Every now and again I would get one or two messages. I missed hearing his voice.


“I miss you” the message read. I heard his voice play in my head.


“I miss you!” I said back.


“I’m going to call you later. I have to go now. I’m so tired.” He wrote.

My heart broke reading that.


I couldn’t wait for him to return.


Alex and I hadn’t hung out in a while so I decided to invite her over for dinner .She decided to bring some old recipes so we can go through and throw away what we wouldn’t use. You know something to keep us busy.

We spent the whole evening talking. We had missed each other.



“How long have you two been together now?” Alex asked.


“Hmm. about 2 years.” I answered.


“Wow! I don’t know how ya’ll do it! I can’t with all those fans lurking around. ” she said.


“I don’t know but I wouldn’t give It up for anything! I love him.” I replied.


I’ve thought about this before. I always seen on social media fans wanting to date and marry their favorite Idols but they don’t understand how hard it actually is and how hard they make it for them.


After a wonderful evening, Alex went home and I laid in bed waiting for his call. I started to drift to sleep when I was startled by the buzzing of my phone.


“Uggh, Im so jumpy. I need to get a grip.” I said to myself. I quickly reached for my phone.



“Hello?” I answered.


“Hello, my love!” MinSeok’s beautiful voice said.


“Hi baby! How are you?” I said excited.


“I’m tired but I’m okay. How are you?” He asked.


“I’m okay, I miss you a lot!” I said.


He told me all about his day, and all the new things added to his schedule. I was so excited for him.


“I’m going to Manila next week. I want you to come with me!” He said.


I hesitated for a moment.


“Do you really?” I asked.


“Yes, of course I will work but I will get to come back to the hotel and see you!” He said excited.


“How about the fans?” I asked cautiously.


“We will have to deal with them. Don’t let that discourage you baby. I really miss you.” He try to convince me.


I took a deep breath and sighed.


“Ok, anything for you.” I whispered.


“Great! I will send you the flight information. And don’t let them get to you please. I can’t wait to see you!” He added.


“I won’t. I can’t wait to see you too.” I said.


“I have to go now, ok? Rest well my heart.” He said before we hung up.


“Ok. You rest well also.” I replied.


I could barely sleep knowing I’ll get to see him sooner than expected.

The next few days I had work. Not many new things happened, I needed something to spice up my life.


It was finally the day I was leaving, I took a taxi to the airport. It was so packed with people. Once I made it through security, I grabbed some food and boarded my plane. I didn’t want to attract attention. Not like anyone knew me but still. I liked Peace and Quiet.


I ended up taking a nap the whole flight but it felt like I slept minutes. I need that nap. As I walked out of the airport I found an awaiting car, the driver held a sign with my name.


I felt so important! It made me giggle.

I enjoyed the scenery as he drove.

We arrived at the hotel. The lobby was covered with fans waiting for all the Idols to arrive. I hesitate then got out of the car.


“Hello!” I said approaching the front desk.


“Hello! How can I help you?” The woman asked.


“I’m checking in.” I said.


“I will need an ID to authorize please!” she said.


“No problem!” I pulled out my passport and my ID for her.


I glanced around the hotel, kind of like mapping it out. Checking where the elevators were and the exits, just in case.


As I waited for the room key, I heard screaming!

My heart raced.

I looked towards the sliding doors to see him walking in, I was so happy to see him. But I had to contain myself.


“Here you go ma’am! The elevator is that way!” she said gesturing to the left.


“Oh! Thank you!” I said as I shoved my belongings and the key in my bag.


I sprinted to the elevator. I got in and stood at the back. Some older women entered after me.

I stared at the floor as we rose to my floor.


I quickly settled in my room, peaking out the window and watching other Idols arrive.


“Did you make it ok?” A message from Alex read.


“Yes. I made it to the hotel, I’ll see you in a few days!” I texted Alex.


“Please be safe.” She replied.


I walked towards the window again when a knock at the door scared me. I tried to look through the peep hole but I didn’t see anyone.


I felt anxious. I opened the door slowly. My heart beating fast.


Suddenly MinSeok rushed in pulling me into his arms.


My heart raced like the first time we kissed.


“I missed you so much!” MinSeok whispered.


“Me too!” I whispered back.


We stood there just enjoying being able to hug one another. It was so bitter sweet.


Hours went by in the blink of an eye, he went to do some work, I took a nap and then went to some nearby shops.


Manila was beautiful.

As I walked around I soaked in all the people and the sites. While I was here I needed to visit the biggest mall ever and the ocean park. It was necessary.


“Maybe if Min has time for a date night we will go to the ocean park together.” I thought to myself.


I was out for a few hours before I decided to head back, picking up some food on the way.

Fans covered the outside of the hotel all day, I made my way passed them and up to my room.


My room phone rang as I entered.


“Hello?” I answered.


“Hi baby!” MinSeok said.


“How are you? Where are you?” I asked.


“I’m good, Lets go to dinner, meet me downstairs!” He said.


“What about the fans outside?” I asked.


“The hotel is having them leave now!” he answered.


“Okay, I’ll be there soon!” I said before hanging up.


I quickly showered and got dressed, before leaving I peaked out the window, I was worried we would be seen but all the fans were leaving.


I felt butterflies in my stomach, not only from excitement but mostly from nerves.


I slipped my shoes on and made my way to the elevator. The doors opened and closed on a few different floors, I closed my eyes in attempt to calm my nerves.


One last stop before the lobby.


“Hey beautiful!” a familiar voice said.


“Min!” I said looking up.


“Are you okay?” he asked concerned.


“Yeah, I’m just a little worried about the fans.” I answered.


“Don’t worry, I promise everything will be fine! Trust me.” he reassured me.


As we both walked out of the elevator I looked around, not many people were in the lobby, mostly older couples.


We went to a restaurant a short ride away from the hotel. Min helped me out of the car. I felt so at peace being here with him. Seeing his cheesy smile!


We were escorted to a private room.


“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you. I’m so glad you are here. ” He said grabbing my hands.


“Yes. no idea!” I said in agreement.


“I think I can get a few free days, I want to spend it all with you!” he said before kissing my hand.


“Yes! We could go to the ocean park!” I said smiling.


“Anything you want baby! Anything!” He confirmed.


“Can you stay with me tonight? I miss sleeping next to you.” I asked pouting.


“Of course!” he said as our food was brought in.


We sat and ate, chatted and just enjoyed each other. I didn’t want this night to end.

As it got later, we made our way back. This time it wasn’t going to be so easy, as we pulled up some fans were back. My hands started to shake.


“Honey, relax, it will be okay.” Min assured.


“Please Drop her off in front, and me in the back entrance, please.” He said to the driver.


Min gave me his black cap and black mask.


“All of the girls who work for the company wear these, just walk in, no eye contact, straight to the elevator.” Min instructed me.


I was terrified at this moment.


“Stay calm and act normal!” I thought to myself as I got out.


I walked fast. My heart was about to explode and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. As the doors closed I pulled the mask off.

Once I made it to my floor I walked with my head down the hall to my room, shutting the door fast behind me.

A knock at the door stopped my heart, I stood still.


“Who is it!” I said in a shaky tone.


“Manager Kee” The man answered.


“Oh no!” I whispered to myself.


I opened the door. Min and Manager Kee entered.


“We have a problem.” He said breaking the silence.


“Did I do something wrong?” I asked.


“Not intentionally. You can’t leave the hotel alone starting now.” Manager Kee began.


“Why?” I questioned.


“Tonight fans seen you leaving, your face is all over social media.” He said.


“I knew it… I’m so sorry” I said my voice cracking.


Min looked upset. He stayed quiet as the manager left.


“I’m so sorry Min. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” I whispered.


“No, I am. I should have been more careful with you.” He said looking down at his feet.


“I’m fine. I came here to be with you, I don’t need to go anywhere.” I said looking into his eyes.


“Smile for me! Please!” I said pouting.


“I love you.” He said with a smirk.


“I love you!” I replied.


The rest of the night was calm. I didn’t care about anything but being in his arms and watching tv.


Sadly the morning came fast and MinSeok was off to do work.

I laid around, bored out of my mind.


“What do I do now?” I thought as I paced the room.


I decided to look through social media to see what was happening.


“Who is she?” a post read with a photo of Min and I.


“Whose the girl with MinSeok!” another read.


I was a bit scared of the comments. But I scrolled anyway.


“Isn’t this the same girl who works at BaekKey’s?” a comment read.


“They know where I work.. Great!” I said sarcastically.


My stomach felt empty, and my palms were sweaty.


“What’s going to happen now!?” I asked myself setting my phone down.


I sat by the window, watching the clouds roll by. My phone buzzed a few times but I didn’t check.


It started to ring, Alex had texted a few different times.


“Hello?” I reluctantly answered.


“Hey! What the heck is going on?! You went to Manila and now your face is everywhere! The front of the shop is full of girls.” she said.


“It’s a long story Alex. I don’t even know where to begin.” I said.


“Is everything okay?” Alex asked.


“Of course. Min and I went out for dinner one night and we thought it was safe to walk out together. Obviously it wasn’t!” I explained.


“Oh man!” She sighed.


“Now I can’t leave alone. Oh and they know where I work!” I said.


“Yes, I see. I had to break through a crowd to get into the shop today.” Alex commented.


“So how are things over there, otherwise?” I asked.


“Good, super busy! But now I know why!” Alex answered.


I laughed.


“Hey I have to go. The line is longer than I thought.” Alex added.


“Ok, be safe.” I said hanging up.


Why did I think this would all be different? Of course the fans are going to come after me. Min Soo is a huge star with many fans. I wish they would just give us a chance.


A knock at the door startled me from my thoughts. I stayed motionless.


“Ms. Zara?” A voice said.

I opened the door to find Manager Kee and another man.


“This is Hyung, he is Min’s body guard.” He introduced.


“Hello! Nice to meet you! But why are you here? Where’s Min? I asked worried.


“Min is ok. He insisted Hyung come here and keep an eye on you.” Manager Kee added before leaving.


“Is it really necessary?” I asked.


If you’d like to leave the hotel room any time soon. Then yes.” Manager Kee replied.


I looked around confused.




“Is there anywhere you’d like to go? You know to distract your mind.” Hyung asked.


“I wanted to go the big mall but I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” I said sadly.


“No problem. I’ll get you there. Let me go get the car.” He said with a smile.


I smiled and got ready for my adventure. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all I knew was there were probably going to be fans involved.


I sat on the edge of my bed waiting for Hyung to come back, I noticed Min’s cap and mask sat on the desk.


“Ms. Zara, are you ready?” Hyung asked tapping on the door.


“Oh yes!” I answered grabbing the cap on my way out.


Of course fans were covering the front area, my stomach turned, I was so scared. I stopped for a minute to regain my breath, this was all overwhelming.


“Don’t worry, I will protect you!” Hyung reassured me.


I nodded in agreement.


As we walked outside some fans were inviting, and some were upset with me.


“THERE SHE IS!” I heard fans screaming.


I looked at them but I wasn’t afraid because Hyung was right there keeping them away.


“Can you please give this to MinSeok!?” a few fans said handing me gift bags.


This was my attempt of getting them to like me, I smiled and took the bags and entered the car.


Hyung got in after me “Smart idea!” he said.


“Huh?” I said.


“Taking the bags. They will like you for that.” He said.


“I hope so!” I sighed.


I enjoyed the air coming through the window. I felt serenity throughout my body.


Once we made it to the mall we have roughly 20 mins before being followed by fans. I don’t know how idols do it but I was on edge the whole time.


I lasted an hour before I couldn’t do it anymore.


“I’m ready to go back now!” I said anxiously.


“Alright, lets get you some tea and something to eat before going” He suggested.


I nodded in agreement.


Finally, I was back in my room, my safe zone. My mind spun with thoughts. The rest of the day I spent in the hotel. I felt drained of energy.


“I need a nap.” I said laying back on my bed.


I felt so uneasy, I latched the lock on my door to help calm my nerves. Soon I drifted to sleep.


I had a nightmare. The loud snap of the lock woke me up and nearly scared the life out of my body.


“Baby?” Min said.


“Oh gosh!” I sighed opening the door.


“Are you okay?” He asked as he entered.


“I guess so..” I answered.


“What’s wrong?” He asked concerned.


“These fans. My nerves run high constantly. They know where I work, where I live, everything about me.” I said quietly.


“Baby, everything will be fine.” He said.


“How are you so sure? You have protection at all times, I don’t!” I snapped.


“I will hire them for you.” He offered.


“I’m not used to this Min, I can’t go everyday looking over my shoulder.” I said as I paced.


“I promise, please everything will get better. Just trust me please.” He begged grabbing my hand.


I looked into his eyes, his hand interlacing with mine took all the stress away. I knew in this moment I needed to try harder. I couldn’t let them win.


I wrapped my arms around him, resting my head on his chest. With all my thoughts I forgot how soothing his heart beat was.


I fell asleep with no hesitation that night. I was so happy to wake up and have him still there.


“When do you leave today?” I asked.


“I don’t, today and tomorrow are my free days, then we fly home.” He answered.


I went into the bathroom, showered and brushed my teeth. I looked into the mirror with the same thought as always.

“Don’t let them get to you Zara, you got this!” I whispered to myself.


“I’m going to go get dressed, I’ll be back, then we are off to a fun day!” Min said.


“Okay, I’ll see you soon.” I answered.


Min and I went to the ocean park that afternoon, it was the most fun I have had in a while, especially with him. We went to dinner with some other idols. A perfect day!


The next day I woke up to utter chaos. And it was all my fault.


“Zara, what are these?” Min asked pointing to the gift bags in the closet.


“Oh! Those are for you!” I answered.


“You went shopping and bought me stuff?” he asked confused.


“No, a few fans gave me those to give to you.” I said shrugging it off.


“Are you crazy?” Min said upset.


I didn’t understand why he was so mad. He started rifling through the bags.


One of them had an audio recorder. They heard all the new opportunities for Min, everything we talked about.


“Min, I didn’t know.” I said covering my mouth.


He left without saying a word, he didn’t answer my messages or calls. I didn’t want to bother him, so I prepared to go home in the morning.


As my alarm rang, I looked at my cell for word from MinSeok.


I didn’t sleep at all, I felt horrible.


“You’re so stupid!” I thought to myself.


I gathered my things and checked out of the hotel with still no word from MinSeok.


“to the airport please!” I said to the driver.


“Yes miss!” he replied.


The ride was quicker this time. It was so early there weren’t long lines, which was great! Before taking off I texted him one last time.


“I’m boarding soon, I love you.” I texted.


But nothing came back.


After the long flight home I still had no reply. Feeling defeated, I went straight home and curled up in my bed. I was so mad at myself. I should have known better.


“Hey, I’m finally back, but I need an extra day off.” I texted Alex.


“Is everything okay?” she asked.


“No…” I said.


“I’m coming over.” She said.


I just laid there, my eyes filled with tears. A few minutes later Alex arrived. She just laid with me, she is the best friend I could ask more.


“Zar, is everything okay?” She whispered.


“I ruined everything.” I replied.


“How?” she asked.


I burst into tears telling her everything that happened. She looked shocked the entire time.


“Are you guys still together?” She asked.


“I honestly don’t think so. We haven’t talked since it happened.” I said tears rolling down my face.


Alex just hugged me.


After taking my day off, I went back to work in hopes that it kept my mind clear. I was so wrong.


Fans showed up all day, leaving things for him. The best I could to was just take it to the company.


Weeks went by with no word, I didn’t attempt to call or text anymore. It was the longest we hadn’t talked so I just summed it up to we broke up.


Our phone ringing pulled me away from decorating cakes.


“BaekKey’s bakery, how may I help you?” I answered.


“Hello, this is LK Entertainment, we want to book your shop for a fan signing!” the voice said.


“Sure, I’ll hand you over to the manager.” I said putting them on hold.


“Alex! The company want to book us for a fan sign event.” I said handing her the phone.


“Oh.. okay.” She said taking the call.


All I knew was I didn’t want to be here to make things awkward.


I anxiously waited for Alex immerged from the office.

“When are they coming?” I asked as she walked out.


“Next week, a few groups will be here for it. Including him.” She said.


“I can’t be here. I ruined his life.” I said.


“No you didn’t but that’s fine. I figured you wouldn’t want to see him.” Alex agreed.


That day came quick, I stayed in bed most of the morning, my heart felt emptier than ever today. I got up to make some breakfast to cover how I was feeling.



As I finished up there was a knock at the door.


“Who is it?” I asked.


“It’s Hyung.” He said.


“Oh Hello!” I said as I opened the door.


“Hi, Ms. Zara, I was sent to give these to you!” he said holding the same balloon flower bouquet Min once gave me.


“From who?” I asked.


“This note also.” He said handing me a note.


I was hesitant to take it.


“Thank you Hyung!” I said before he left.


I pushed the door closed as I walked away. I looked at the note. I was scared to even open it.


I heard my door thump but not latch as I began to walk away.


“Dumb door! Why don’t you close! I’m going to need to call the maintenance man.” I said turning to close it.


I turned around and pushed it harder. My heart dropped when I saw why the door wouldn’t close.


MinSeok was standing in the door way. I didn’t know how to react. My heart swooned at his smile.


“Zara, please forgive me.” He said.


“For what? It was my fault. I should have asked you first.” I replied.


“I’m sorry for being getting upset at you.” he said.


“I love you. I just worry. But I will understand if you don’t. I don’t expect you to wait for me forever.” he added.


“Min, you are special to me. I love you too!” I said as he pulled me into his arms.


“And I would wait for you forever.” I whispered as I caressed his cheek.


Our lives continued like it had never stopped.


You may be thinking the obvious


“Who waits for love?”


Would you?


I would and I did…











XO Book Series is a delightful collection of stories inspired

by the members of the Korean Super Group EXO.


The Secret of the Cherry Blossoms – Book 1

Heaven Sent (Chanyeol) - Book 2

Pink Ribbons (Suho) – Book 3

Shall We Dance? (Kai) – Book 4

Who waits for love? (Xiumin) – Book 5


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