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Ritu Kakar

Published in India by Word Station, 2018


Copyright © Jaspreet Kaur (aka Ritu Kakar) All rights reserved.

ISBN: 978-8193700105

This book has been published in good faith that this the original work of the author. We have made efforts to ensure that the text is accurate and error-free, we assume no responsibility for any inconsistencies, errors or ommissions.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to people, dead or alive, or events is purely coincidental.

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Ritu Kakar


To all my family and friends who have only

seen the good in me...

“Life is not measured by

the number of breaths we take

but by the precious moments that take our breath away.”


Today is the day I dread every year, December the 16th.

It has been three years but it still seems like yesterday.

I can still smell the flowers, the aromatic candles, the freshly baked pizza, the sizzling garlic breads, the champagne bubbling - all laid out especially for me. I can still see what had been the most ‘Precious Moment’ of my life turn into the most tragic one the next freaking day. I, Mira Singh, a 29-year-old fashion marketing manager have experienced both the best and the worst of life in a matter of 24 hours.

I married the most handsome, loving man there ever was, Rahul Singh. Yes, I am a widow now. We had been married for six wonderful years. And what a life it was, full of joy, love, plenty of arguments and as many if not more make-ups. Today is the day when I lost that most important person in my life. Today is the day when life taught me what losing and hurting is all about. Today is the day when I learnt that one should live life here and now.

Even though three years have passed, every day I make 7


sure I remember the lessons life taught me. Every day I remind myself to do what I think, dream or wish. I do not let tomorrow decide my today.

I had lived in a cocoon all my life with everything sooo perfect and easy. All it took was one single moment to strip the blinders off my eyes and face the harsh realities of life. Life is as unpredictable as is our next breath. We are unaware when disaster will strike, we are never prepared for the consequences we have to face.

Three years ago, Rahul bestowed me with the most romantic, loving moment of my life, better than all others (and there were plenty more). With it a beautiful gift that will always be close to my heart, one that made life worth living. The very next second life took over and Rahul was gone forever.

As I look back on what life had been it seems like another era all together. As I sit in my car waiting for the light to turn green, I cannot help but remember and appreciate those train rides, the motor bike and the rush against traffic from years ago. It seems like nothing has changed around me but nothing is the same for me anymore. Three years have gone by, my life has taken a complete ‘U’ turn, bringing so many changes. Even today when I look back I can relive those 11 years as clearly as if they happened just yesterday.