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It would be convenient here, to rewind our tape a little. To a month back approximately. Mid-September that is. Shreya’s number hadn’t been reachable for over three hours now. We hadn’t spoken since morning. Our life had been punctuated with jinxes lately and these were not good signs. My heart beat faster each time the call didn’t connect. Finally the bell rang. I thanked God!

“Hullo!” I said.
“Hullo!” said she.
“Where have you been the whole day? I have been trying your number since morning. How many times have I told you to inform me that you are busy and can’t talk?” I said in a tense voice mixed with anger.
“The network was down. And I couldn’t call from home.” “Why?” I fired.
“Mom and dad were around.”
“The whole day? You couldn’t even find a minute to call me?” I should have tried to understand her position but my temper took over, “How foolish is that! You know very well that I’ll be worried. Every time you don’t call, I think, not again, not another shocker! But no, you won’t call. You are never bothered!”
“Right. I am never bothered,” she said irritably.
“Shut up!”
“No, you are right, I am never bothered and why should I be!” “Now, don’t begin. Tell me, all well?”
“How does it matter if it is or not. I am not bothered. And you shouldn’t be, either.”
“Shreya, please tell me. All well?” I asked a little worried. “I can’t, right now, I’ll call you at night. Around eleven-thirty,” she said in a melancholic tone. Something was wrong. “Just tell me if everything is fine!”
“I won’t be able to, now. Please.”
“I can’t hang up like that, Shreya. You make me nervous. At least give me a hint,” I summoned all my guts to say,” I hope you are coming to Delhi in December.”
“No,” she said after a pause, her voice on the verge of breaking. I couldn’t talk any more. I needed some time to absorb that shock. I knew that it was on the cards, still I needed time.