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Thy Kingdom Come

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Religion / Biblical Studies / Prophecy


For the tribulation saints.

Fear not, for God is with you.


Scriptures are composed of three parts: history, daily

living, and prophecy. In other words, past, present, and future.

One-third parts of each. But you wouldn’t know it by walking into your typical church where daily living is 90 percent of the sermon and the past and the future are entirely forgotten about. There are several reasons for this; here are a few:

1. The teachers don’t know the material, they couldn’t

tell a Hittite or an Edomite from an Egyptian. Or a

Roman from a Greek for that matter. Too many times,

I have walked into a church and listened to a sermon

just to hear a preacher stumble over ancient historical

words. And the sad part is the congregation doesn’t

do the research and diligence to check the facts. Too

many times, the church relies on the teacher for all the

biblical knowledge. It’s up to each church member to

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Evan Ansot

verify the word; the health of your faith depends on

it. It’s far easier for those without knowledge to teach

the dos and don’ts of daily living than it is to hold a

sermon on the book of Revelations.

2. They do know the material, but they don’t think it’s

important. Considering the times we live in, I find

this to be incredulous. There are so many signs that

we live in the end of this current age, that to withhold

prophecy from the church is an injustice. We were

told by Jesus himself to keep watch. I, for one, intend

to do just that. Let me ask you something: why

would the Lord lay out a step-by-step series of signs

if we were not to watch for his return? Why would

he go through the trouble of telling the apostles

on the Mount of Olives in Matthew 24 if it wasn’t

important? Prophecy builds faith in the believers and

also proves that the Lord exists. When Israel became

a nation in 1948, this was a super sign for the church

to know that Jesus is at the door. The return of Christ

consciousness being near.

3. Prophecy is too controversial, too symbolic to be

interpreted. This is a cop-out, pure and simple.

Numerous times in history, the angels have given to

the prophets’ dreams and symbols to be interpreted.

I myself have had several of these; this is how they

communicate to us. The last time this happened to me,

I was told that I would purchase two wolverines for 16

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Thy Kingdom Come

dollars and 55 cents. I did my research and found out

that the only place in the Bible where there is a fifty-

fifth verse to a sixteenth chapter is in Ezekiel where

the daughters would return to their former state. Two

months later, twin girls came to me in Michigan from

the other side of the planet, returning to their former

state, a wolverine being the symbol for Michigan. This

is how they communicate to us so keep track of those

dreams that seemingly make no sense. They can be

quite important.

4. History is the past, nothing to be gained by teaching

ancient Israel to the masses. Forget about the past,

they say; after all, it’s over. Nothing can be further

from the truth. Rarely does anything ever happen

just once, so read your history and you’ll be much

able at predicting the future. Over and over, we have

forgotten our history and, therefore, made the same

mistakes. Pure and simple, the reason to study history

is to learn from it. A good example is the Jews have

put up monuments to show the world the holocaust of

World War II so that hopefully it never happens again.

5. We are all going to get raptured anyway so we don’t

need to know about the tribulation. My question to

those that believe this is: are you sure? Are you proof

positive that you will be raptured up before the seven

seals of revelation are opened? Are you basing this

belief on what you are being taught or the research

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Evan Ansot

that you’ve done yourself? What if they’re wrong, will

you be ready? Is your faith strong enough to withstand

the greatest tribulation that mankind will ever endure?

Don’t base all your hopes on an imminent rapture,

they could be wrong.

6. The main reason is it’s much easier to teach people

about daily living. After all, it makes the congregation

feel better about themselves. They’ll keep coming

back and leaving more money for the collection plate.

Yet the second coming of Jesus is prophetic since it hasn’t

happened yet. Therefore, someone needs to teach prophecy

and make sense of it. So this manuscript is my attempt at

doing just that.

The book of Revelations is the most controversial book

in scripture; like the book of Daniel, it was almost excluded from the canon for being too apocalyptical.

In my first book, The Great Awakening, I wrote of the Olivet Discourse, a prophecy that Jesus gave to his apostles while he was in the flesh. This book will be a prophecy that Jesus gave to one apostle while he is in the spirit. The message is the same: he comes quickly.

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The son of man