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The Three Coins


By David R Ellinger




An ancient Celtic book opens


An enchanted forest glen


Magical spells within given fairy tales


Golden coins waiting to be found

The Three Golden Coins Jesse was his name, a Druid from Ancient Ireland from a time long forgotten and long ago. On the edge of a sacred spring of an enchanted forest, his head suddenly fell down into his lap within a sacred trance. Visions started to unfold of a foreign man from a distant land as colored pictures revealed within his inner mind.

Storm clouds were building over a sacred hill. A man’s hands were being nailed to a wooden cross. Blood started pouring from his hands, as his brother James and Mother Mary kneeled in pray below him. Intense lighting started to light up the darken sky, and etched across it. A sacred cosmic energy was building deep inside of him. A simple man of peace that was created from God’s spirit was now hanging on a tree dying. A spear was pushed into his side, as his body suddenly went limp while his eternal spirit exploded releasing into nature the spiritual energy of Man and God as a true oneness of perfection and glory.

Jesse frighten by his vision awoke from his trance by the sacred spring. His heart beat was still pounding faster then he had ever felt before. It was now getting late and the evening stars were starting to appear above the forest. A light breeze was blowing through the willow trees that surrounded him and were giving him shelter for the night. Suddenly, a wounded deer with an arrow in its side came out into the clearing limping and then collapsing onto the green grass. Jesse walked silently up to the deer and lifted up the deer and took it to the edge of the spring.

He gently talked to the deer and told it that he was going to take the arrow out very carefully and to stay very still and to be brave that every thing was going to be alright. The deer became very calm and Jesse took one deep breath and then took the arrow out of the deer’s side. He then mixed some herbs with the water from the sacred spring into a paste and applied it to the open wound. He could tell that the deer spirit was not very strong and that he needed to work quickly. When he was completed and in silence, he then prayed that the spirit of the deer be strengthen and may it become stronger to live the rest of the years that it has been given. It was now late, and Jesse built a small fire and put a blanket down to sleep upon the grass by the sacred spring.

The deer laid its head on to Jesse’s lap and they both fell together into a deep sleep. While Jesse was asleep, a wonderful dream came to him. The dream was that of the deer transforming into a beautiful Elf Princess. The Elf Princess stood before him in a beautiful white dress and golden crown. “Jesse, do not be afraid”, she said. I am the Elf Princess of the forest and on this very night, you have saved my life. For without you, I would have fallen and not returned. I am eternal grateful to you Jesse, and in return, I would like to give you three magical golden coins. May you forever be blessed on you journey home.
Jesse slept the rest of the night. Beautiful blue butterflies were brushing up against his face to wake him up in the morning dawn. The deer was gone, and in its place next to him on his blanket where the deer was were three magical coins. He took out his leather pouch from his crimson robe, and carefully put each one into it.

Jesse then performed his morning prayer to give thanksgiving to the new day and to the morning sun that was replacing the shadows from the night before.


Elf Princess


The Beauty of a magical soul


Princess of the fairies and elves


A gown of lily white and sapphire blue


A crown of gold on long braided hair


Three coins given by a sacred spring

It was time for Jesse to start his journey back to the village. Jesse has been gone for long periods of time before. This was not unusual for him spending extended periods in the forest. He took out a water vessel and filled it with water from the spring. He then ate a small piece of bread and some berries for a quick small morning meal before he left the sacred spring.

Jesse stood up with his oak walking stick that he had carved himself as a youth. He had etched an image of the hawk on it. Jesse considered the hawk his totem. The hawk has the ability to fly between two worlds that of the earth and of the sky, and soar effortlessly into the clouds and beyond.

It was a beautiful morning the sky was clear blue with a light breeze that was blowing through the leaves of the forest. While Jesse was looking at the sky, a hawk appeared with its wings fully extended like a beautiful angel circling above. This was a good omen to start the day with, Jesse thought to himself. Yesterday was surely a very interesting day, he thought to himself as he started to walk.
He had never had a vision like the one he had yesterday, nor an encounter with the deer that turned into an elf princess. But unbeknown to him, his journey was just beginning to unfold.

Jesse crossed a stone bridge and was listening to the stream underneath. The leaves from the previous fall season were still floating down the small current of water underneath. It reminded him that like nature, we all change within our given time. Youth and beauty never stays and slowly fades away replaced with wisdom, patience, and kindness for each other.

Jesse was getting older. He use to run through the forest like the wind, and now he took each step cautiously as it came. He stopped on his path and just listened quietly to the wind through the leaves of the trees. For Jesse, this was the true symphony of God.

The forest opened up into an apple orchard. It was the beginning of April, and was to early for the apple blossoms to be blooming yet. Beltane was still three weeks away, when Jesse would light the fires of rebirth that would start the May fest festival for the village.

Jesse then smelled an aroma. A beautiful perfume scent started to wrap around Jesse’s entire body. He stopped walking and looked to see where the scent was coming from. He then noticed a beautiful apple tree in the middle of the orchard that was fully in bloom.

Jesse felt like he was being pulled as he walked into the orchard and up to the apple tree. Out of the apple tree came a beautiful tree spirit wearing a pink flowing gown. She had beautiful blond hair that fell to her waist with white apple blossoms. The tree spirit sat next to the tree and then spoke directly to Jesse; “Please come to me and rest your head on my lap for you are weary and tired of your journey” Jesse felt a seductive heat slowly entering his body. Intuitively, he knew a decision was being made for him, and that he could either continue his journey back to the village or stay with the tree spirit for the rest of his mortal life.

Jesse then spoke to the tree spirit as the intoxication of her scent was overwhelming him. “The beauty that you possess should not be held captive and trapped within this tree. It needs to be release and be let free.” Before the tree spirit could respond, he took out one of his magical golden coins that the Elf princess had given him by the sacred spring. He then tossed it high into the highest branches of the tree itself commanding that with the price of this coin I buy your freedom for the rest of eternity.

Just as the coin touched the upper branches, there was a release of energy that went through the entire orchard. All of the trees were now in fully bloom and the tree spirit was released from her prison. Tears were flowing from her face. You are free to travel the world and share you beauty to those who need it the most.
She then took one of her most beautiful enchanted apple blossoms from her hair, and placed it in Jesse’s hands. I give you this in remembrance of me. Bless you Jesse, Bless you Jesse, she said while holding his hands gentle together. Her body then started to sparkle like millions of tiny stars and then disappeared right before Jesse’s eyes leaving the perfume scent that will always be remembered in the morning air.

Jesse took out his leather pouch that held the remaining two magical coins and carefully placed the enchanted blossom into it. He then said a soft prayer for the tree spirit.


Prayer of the Tree Spirit


Perfume scent of apple blossoms


Colors of Pink and white


Beautiful transformation


of winter gardens into spring time glory


The beauty and the grace of flower petals

Jesse was now going deeper and deeper into the inner forest. The trees were getting taller and thicker. Hardwood trees were being replaced by evergreens. Jesse noticed that the light of the day was not as bright, shadows were getting longer, and he was now being shaded by the canopy of trees. The afternoon was fading away and he thought of how nice it will be home back in his thatched roof covered cottage.

Jesse noticed a glen of lavender that opened up to the left of his path. He stopped when he thought he heard the cry of a small child. This is strange that a child would be lost this far from the village. Out of the darkness of the inner forest flew a large black raven across Jesse’s path. It was as if it was trying to tell Jesse which way to go into the glen.

The black raven landed on a hawthorn tree that was starting to bloom on the other side of the glen. The raven then made a calling sound as if to say that it was urgent for Jesse to follow. Jesse starting to run across the glen with his wooden staff in hand, and could hear the crying get louder and louder. He noticed a holy stone well next to the hawthorn tree. The crying stopped completely as he neared the well itself. Jesse carefully looked into the well and saw a small sheep that had fallen in the well. It had broken its leg. The sheep started to cry again because of the pain it was in. Jesse knew that the sheep needed help right away, and he needed to work fast if he was going to save its precious life. He gathered up tree branches and took out his bow knife. He took two of the longest and strongest branches and cut groves into the sides. He then took equal size smaller branches and placed them into the grooves, and wrapped vines around corners giving the ladder added strength.

As he came to the stone well again, he looked at the sheep and could tell it was loosing strength. He was about to put the ladder into the well, when the Raven still sitting on the hawthorn tree started to speak to him.

“I know who you are, Jesse, the Druid, for our paths have cross many times and lifetimes before. As you already know, there is a price that must be paid before you can enter into the holy well.”

“What price would that be my dear raven friend?” spoke Jesse.

“It is just a simple request”, replied the raven. “The price is one of your magical elf golden coins that are in your leather pouch.” Jesse thought about it and smiled to himself, and then the lamb started to cry again in the well echoing against the stones.

“Raven”, Jesse stated back. “I will give you a magical elf golden coin, but in return you must give me one of your black tail feathers in return” “Let it be so” replied the Raven. The raven took his beak and pulled one of his longest tail feathers out. Jesse reached out into his pocket and took out the second golden magical elf coin. While the tail feather was slowly floating to the ground, Jesse then threw the golden coin up into the air towards the raven. The raven immediately launched from the hawthorn tree branch that it was sitting on, and spread its majestic wings while catching the coin in midair. The raven then flew over the glen and disappearing into the inner depths of the forest. Jesse then walked to the hawthorn tree and took the raven’s feather underneath and carefully placed it into his leather pouch.

Jesse then gave a simple prayer to the holy well before he entered it.


Holy Well


Blessing offered, and Blessings given.


Allow me to enter and descend into thee

Be the inner womb of nature
and help me heal
the wounds of the fallen sheep below. Jesse then took the wooden ladder that he built and placed it into the holy well. He slowly and careful stepped down the ladder one step at a time. At the bottom of the well, the sheep laid motionless. Jesse took a piece of wool cloth and poured some water that he had taken from the sacred spring that very morning. He cleaned up the wound as good as he could and placed a splinter onto the sheep’s broken leg. Lifting the sheep into his arms, he started to climb up the ladder. Jesse was soon out of the holy stone well, and he could tell that the given night was approaching.

There was a small clearing by the well next to the hawthorn tree that he decided to stay for the night. He created a small fire and laid the sheep on a soft blanket next to him. He then took some grain that he had with him and gave it to the sheep to eat. It had been a very long couple of days. Jesses eyes grew tired and he went fast asleep. The small tiny sheep decided to use his leg as a soft pillow.

While he was asleep, a mist entered into the glen. It was now midnight and the stars were shining brightly above the trees. Jesse woke up and he saw that in the middle of the glen was standing a magical unicorn. A white unicorn with a golden horn was now standing in the glen of lavender looking at him. He could also see small wooden fairies that were all around the unicorn sprinkling moon dust on its beautiful coat. The wooden fairies then all suddenly disappeared back into the woods.

Out of the earth then came the ancient ones. Their faces were hidden except for hooded robes of white. They formed a circle around the unicorn. There was one that was taller then the others and he wore a green robe instead of white. They started to chant together in ancient tongues of long ago. The unicorn seemed to understand the meaning of the chanting and bowed down onto its front calves, while lowering its beautiful head. The unicorn then touched the earth with his golden horn and at that very moment the golden horn fell off of the unicorn’s head transforming into a beautiful chalice.

The tall green hooded ancient one then approach the unicorn and touched its forehead with his staff, and immediately another golden horn reappeared. Intuitively, the word Merlin entered into Jesse’s mind. He now knew the name of the individual that he was looking at.

Merlin carefully picked up the golden chalice and raised it to the midnight sky. A full moon had moved directly over the glen. Merlin was looking directly at Jesse now and spoke to him. “Jesse, the druid, your heart has been tested; you must go forward now and feed our sheep.”
Merlin then placed the chalice back down on the ground. All of the ancient ones started returning back into the earth and the unicorn had already disappeared back into the forest as if it had never been in the glen at all. One thing did remain; it was the golden chalice of Merlin that was left behind.

The chalice was now glowing in the middle of the glen. Jesse picked up the sheep and walked to the chalice. Jesse lifted up the chalice and noticed that it contained a sweet liquid that smelled like cherry wine. He then made a prayer to the unicorn.

The Unicorn of the Celtic Moon


A Unicorn in White


Golden fairy dust of the Celtic moon


The holy chanting of sacred stones of an unbroken circle of the Ancient ones.


A golden horn transformed into a holy chalice


Sacred water turned into sweet cherry wine. below the raven’s hawthorn tree.

After the prayer, He then took the chalice with the wine and fed the sheep. The sheep broken leg healed immediately. Jesse carefully placed the golden chalice into his traveling bag and went back to the small clearing where his fire was. The sheep followed him back and lay down on the blanket next to him. They both fell back into a very deep and peaceful sleep.
Gabriel still could not sleep and it was now way past midnight. The Gypsy camp of the travelers was quiet except for in the painted wooden wagon that Gabriel was in. Gabriel emerald eyes couldn’t hold back the tears any longer, and were now showing the extreme pain she was in. Large purple and red sores where now over her entire body. Her raven dark black hair was now soaking in sweat. Her mother was very concern for her young daughter and she gently put another wet cloth on to her forehead. Gabriel’s mother was getting very concern and wondered when James, her brother, was going to return. James left hours ago to find Jesse, the druid, and should have been back by now. She said a small prayer to herself.

The door to the painted wagon flew open and James came stumbling in. “James did you find Jesse?” ask the mother. James was completely out of breath. “He is no were to be found. I first went to his cottage near the village and look for him inside. He wasn’t home and was completely empty. I put a note on his door just in case if he returns tonight. He will then know that he is needed right away by our dear Gabriel’s bedside.”

“I then went to the tavern inside the village and asked the bar maid if she knew were Jesse was. She said. “She hasn’t seen him for a couple of days, but he maybe in the forest where he goes sometimes for days to meditate at a time.”

“How is Gabriel, Mother? Is she feeling any better?” asked James.

“James I know that you are tired and the hour is getting late, but I fear we don’t have much time left. You must go back out into the night and into the forest to find Jesse. You must go now or I fear that it will be too late”.

James went to Gabriel beside and took her hand into his. He then gave her a kiss on her hand. Tears were falling from Gabriel’s mother’s eyes. “You must not fear the night, you must find Jesse.”

James opened door of the gypsy painted wagon and felt the cold air once again against his face. James knew that the forest was massive and that Jesse could be almost anywhere.
A huge raven was on the roof of the Gypsy wagon that was next to him. The raven let out a loud call that broke the silence of the night as if the raven was trying to get James attention. For some strange reason, James knew he had to follow the raven and that the raven would direct him where Jesse was.

The raven then spread its wings into flight and James was off running behind it as fast as he could. It was difficult keeping up with the raven, but he knew the faster he went the sooner he would have Jesse by Gabriel’s bedside. A cold front had moved in, and rain clouds from the coast were starting to roll in from the sea.

“Could things get any worst?” James thought to himself, as rain drops started to fall. He was so tired he couldn’t think any longer. He just knew that he needed to press on and find Jesse.

The forest was getting darker and darker as he followed the raven deep inside. Here could see that the raven had flown off the path and into a small glen and landed onto a branch of a hawthorn tree. All at once, orbs started appearing blocking his path. The orbs started speaking to James. “Where are you going? You are on a hopeless mission; you must turn back now, my friend? Turn back or you will truly suffer more.” Suddenly, there was a bright light and the orbs disappeared. Standing in the middle of the glen with his wooden staff firmly placed into the ground stood Jesse with a small sheep by his side.

“Jesse, Jesse, I have found you “, shouted James. “You must help and save my sister, Gabriel. She is very sick and ill. You must heal her Jesse.”


“James, I knew you were coming and all that you said is true, we must leave at once to try and save Gabriel”, said Jesse.

Jesse gathered up his belongings, and off they went as fast as they could back to the gypsy camp. James felt like now there was a glimmer of hope in saving Gabriel. The rain was coming down harder making the traveling slower and more difficult for them. Jesse had to stop and catch his breath. “You have been very brave tonight, James. You are a very good brother and a true friend towards your sister, Gabriel.”



Colorful songs of the gypsies


Stone towers within divided walls


Plentiful Pastures of Barley and grains


Small shops open for business

Community within a village square The gypsy camp was just outside of the forest. James knew that it would not be much longer and they would soon be able to help his very sick sister. There were only a few more hills and valleys to climb. James gave out a shout to Jesse when he was able to see the painted gypsy wagons and torches that were all in a circle on the distant hill side.

They both ran to the stairs of the painted gypsy wagon that Gabriel was in. Thanks the heavens and angels that you are here as Gabriel’s mother embraced Jesse and James as they entered into the wagon.

Gabriel had gotten worst. She was no longer conscious and her breathing had gotten very short and shallow. Jesse setup his items next to Gabriel bedside. He took out the golden chalice that Merlin had given him. He then took a small bag of cranberries from his robe and placed them into the chalice. He then mixed with a wooden spoon, the cranberries with some cherry wine until the chalice was half full. He then took out his leather pouch and carefully pulled out the enchanted flower. He then placed the enchanted flower into the golden chalice.

He then raised the chalice into the air and said a healing prayer over Gabriel sicken body. Gently, he took the chalice, pressed it against her dark colored lips, and pour the healing liquid into her mouth. At first nothing happen, then she coughed, and coughed again while spitting some of the liquid out. She then opened up her mouth wide and a black snake started to come out. Jesse did not hesitate, but took one hand and griped the snake by the back of its head, and then with the other hand free, he took his bow knife from his robe. Within seconds, the snakes head was on the floor in a pool of its own dark blood. Jesse was careful and took the rest of the three foot snake out of Gabriel’s body.

Gabriel body went into a massive convulsion and her heart stopped beating. Everyone in the wagon turned to Jesse to see what he was going to do next. Jesse started to pray to the Angels.

A scent of perfume lilies surrounded Gabriel, and immediately there was a new presence standing next to her bedside. It was the Archangel Gabriel carrying a bundle of white lilies. Without even speaking, the Archangel took his celestial hand and reached down into Gabriel’s body and held her tender heart that had stopped beating. The very moment that young Gabriel’s heart was touched by the Archangel it started to beat again. Slowly at first and then stronger and stronger until it was totally healed and beating normally.

The Archangel raised its mighty wings as if ready to take flight and then disappear into the celestial realms leaving a precious moonstone by her bedside.
Gabriel opened her emerald eyes. Jesse leaned over and softly spoke to her that she needed to rest now and that everything was alright. Jesse asked for a chair and spent the rest of the night by Gabriel’s bedside.

In the morning, Jesse gave some herbs to James and told him to mix them with water and give them to Gabriel three times a day. “It is time for me to go now, but I will be back in a few days to check on her progress.” Just as Jesse was about to leave, Gabriel reached out and touched Jesse arm. She told Jesse, “Thank you for all of your kindness and help” She told Jesse that she wanted Jesse to keep the moonstone. Jesse thanked Gabriel for the generous gifted, and picked up the moonstone from her bedside and placed it in his leather pouch.

James walked Jesse outside of the wagon. “Thank you Jesse for everything and please have a safe journey home. The rain had stopped and Jesse’s sheep was waiting for him underneath the steps of the wagon where it was dry and warm. Jesse took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. What a journey these past couple of days has become, but he was happy that he was finally going home.

As he started from the Gypsy camp, a beautiful sunrise was occurring. Two beautiful blue and gray herons flew above him as he made his way towards the village. Soon he had reached the cliffs that were covered with blue and yellow wildflowers that overlooked the beautiful ocean. He saw two dolphins that were out past the coral reef that was swimming in the sparkling sea. At that very moment, he had an epiphany. There was a sense of a true oneness with all the elements of nature: the blue water of the ocean, the green color of the pastures, the white clouds of the sky, and the light from the fire of the sun.

He then looked down at the sheep that was lying next to him and he could see a colorful aura that was surrounding the sheep that he had never seen before. He then look at some wildflowers and was able to see aura’s around their petals. He looked at his own hands and could see rays of light coming and vibrating out of his fingers. Jesse placed his hands over a small wildflower and to his amazement it started to grow.

Jesse continued to walk the path by the sea towards the village, the country turned into calm pasture fields of barley and wheat. Folks that were out in the pastures working recognized Jesse and waved to him. A horse pulling a wagon of peat suddenly stopped next to him.

It was Jacob, the black smith, from the village. “Good morning, Jesse. I thought it was you. I haven’t seen you in the village recently”, said Jacob. Jacob was a big man and some say that his father wasn’t human, but must have been a giant among man.

Jesse loved the smell of peat. It reminded him of Ireland and his family. His family always had peat fires when they cook their daily meals.

“By the way Jesse, I almost have your sword finish. Should have it done for you by tomorrow. Last chance if you want to make any late changes. Jesse smiled and responded back to Jacob that he does have just one minor change. He would now like a moonstone that he has to be a part of the handle to the sword. “That’s an easy change, do you have the moonstone with you” replied Jacob.

Jesse took out the leather pouch and took out the angelic moonstone and gave it to Jacob. “This is truly a very fine moonstone that you have Jesse, Where did you find it?” “A very good friend gave it to me”, said Jesse.

“Come by the shop tomorrow and your sword will be ready. Have a good day, Jesse, and Jacob pulled on the reins and the wagon wheels started to move toward the village once again.

As Jesse got closer to the village gate, the pastures became more organized with stone walls and more livestock of horses and sheep. He could now see the village gate with the colored flags above the towers blowing in the breeze. He decided not to go into the village today but was eager in getting home. So he took the path that went north of the village where his cottage was located. He loved his cottage because it had some privacy for you couldn’t see it from the road. There was a cluster of willow trees that blocked the view. There was just a small path that came off the main road that led to Jesse’s cottage.

Jesse was finally home.

He walked with renewal energy over the small stone bridge that was in front of his cottage. It was a very modest thatched roof cottage with elderberries in the front and a livestock in the back with a small winding stream. He took the sheep to the livestock pen in the back and gave it plenty of water and grains to eat. Chickens were running all over the yard, while a big rooster was sitting on the fence just viewing the scenery.

In the corner of the pen, he saw two freshly laid eggs. He decided that he was hungry and that this would make a fantastic morning meal. He walked to the front door and there was the message that was written on parchment the night before that was nailed to the door. It was the message that was left behind from James. Jesse carefully took the message off the door and placed it in his pocket.
When you entered the cottage, the very first room was the kitchen with a large hearth to make fires for meals and to keep warm. He then has a small bedroom off to the side and a small library where he kept all of his herbs, potions, and ancient writings.

He opened the window in the kitchen to let some air in, and started a peat fire in the hearth. After he cooked the two eggs, he placed them on a freshly cut piece of bread. After breakfast, Jesse hadn’t slept well in the past couple of days so he went and sat in his old oak chair to take a nap. It was so relaxing to be home again and he could hear the birds singing in the trees outside his kitchen window. His beloved cat came and jumped on his lap and started purring. His cat had the color of black, white, and yellow in its fur. His tired eyes fell as sleep.

Jesse slept longer then he thought he would. It was now late afternoon. Jesse looked at the window and sitting on the edge was a sparrow hawk He then looked down at the arms of the oak chair and couldn’t believe what happen while he was sleeping. The oak chair had turned into an actual oak tree. Leaves were sprouting from where his arms were and there was a puddle of sap underneath. The top of the chair had actually turned back into an oak tree touching the very top of the ceiling. Jesse had strange things happen before but this was the first time that an oak chair had turned into an oak tree.

Jesse decided to go into his library to meditate and to write. His library had shelves on the side that had containers of herbs, mushrooms, and a variety of seeds and plants. He was also where he stored his ancient writings. He took one of his bee wax candle from the shelf and place the wick into the warm coals that were left from the recent fire in the hearth. He then placed the candle on his writing desk.

Jesse then sat at his small wooden writing desk and took out the raven’s pin from his pouch. He dipped the feather into a small container of herbal ink, and began to write. Ireland was more then an island to Jesse. It was the true blessed land that he was given the grace to walk upon every day of his life.

An Enchanted Island embraced by a sacred sea.

Tapestry of silver strings of a Celtic harp
within the steady beat of the bodhran.

Colorful ribbons and streamers being held by young maidens while they step dance in union around a wooden Maypole.

The beauty of the celebration of the new life within Spring

Jesse was very happy with his new poem and put the raven pen safely in the drawer of his desk. He then walked outside to see the stars in the spring sky. A few shooting stars etched the evening sky to his delight. He took out a small tin flute and started playing a sweet melody.

Tomorrow was going to be a busy day in the village. So after taking a bath in the stream behind his cottage, he said his nightly prayers and then went straight to bed. But he said to himself that he needed to go to the blacksmith first thing because he was concern about the blacksmith’s health. When he saw him on the peat wagon today, he noticed that his aura was very bright except for a darkness that was around his heart area.

He slept well that night and felt refresh when the rooster in the backyard gave a morning wakeup call. He had a quick breakfast of a slice of bread and honey. He then made sure the live stock had plenty of water and grains and then he started walking towards the village to meet with the blacksmith, Jacob.

Jesse’s cottage was a short walk from the village. The morning was sunny with large white clouds blowing by. Jesse enjoyed looking at the clouds and imagined what type of animals that they could represent in the sky. Soon he was at the village gate. It was still early yet and the village was still very empty but soon would become the center of activity in just a few short hours.
Once through the gate, Jesse went to the blacksmith’s shop that was on the right hand side once you entered the village. Normally, in the early morning Jacob would already have his fire pit going and would already be making incredible art out of pieces of iron and precious metals. But something was not right; Jesse could not see any smoke from the black smith’s shop.

Jesse tried the front door and it was completely shut. He then heard barking of an Irish wolf hound from behind the shop. He knew that Jacob had a couple of very large dogs. Jesse ran to the back of the shop and there was Jacob lying in a pool of his own blood. He was completely unconscious and looked like he had a coronary heart attack while at the same time hitting his head on the hearth of his blacksmith’s shop.

Jesse turned him over while at the time a voice came to him stating, “Just simply put both hands on his heart” It had been three days now since the vision he had by the sacred spring of the man who died on the tree. Jesse was now looking at this same man kneeling on the other side of Jacob with him. Jesse did not hesitate and put his hand over Jacob’s heart. The holy man then did the same and put his hands over Jesses.

Energy of great love and compassion started to flow through his body and hands that Jesse had never felt before. Jesse felt like the hollow instrument of a wooden flute. Jacob’s body sprung to life like a flower being put into a crystal vase of water.

Stay still Jacob while I clean your wound. Jesse went and took a bucket of water from the blacksmith’s well and some cotton towels. When he returned the holy man that was with him had vanished into thin air. Jesse then began to wash out Jacob’s wound and took out a sharp needle and threaded and stitched up the wound. Jesse then created an herbal paste that he placed it on to the wound while he wrapped a large bandage around his head. Jesse then helped Jacob up and placed him in a near by chair. One of the large Irish wolf hounds then came and started to lick Jacob’s right hand.

“I am forever grateful for you in saving my life today.” “Please take your sword, I have finished it last night and it is hanging underneath the shelf. Your payment had been paid in full a thousand times over. Bless you Jesse for everything.” Jesse saw the beautiful sword and went over to the sword and picked it up. The moonstone was perfect on the gold plated handle. Thank you Jacob, “I have not seen a better made sword” Jesse then place the sword into his belt. “Jacob, I want you to take the rest of the day off today so you can heal” Here is a package of herbs and I want you to take them for the next week. Jacob gave a cheerful smile under the pain of his head and said that he would take the herbs every day.
Jesse was now hungry after all of the morning excitement. The village tavern was just on the other side of the street from the blacksmith’s shop. The tavern was already open for breakfast. Jesse entered and took a seat at one of the long wooden tables. Kristin the tavern harpist came over and smiled at him while holding a hand harp. “Would you like an early morning song to feed your soul or a drink to feed your thirst?”

Jesse started to laugh and then smile. “I will take both said Jesse, plus a bowl of your best morning stew.”


A wise man you are Jesse, said Kristin. She then started to sing a lovely tune, while playing her hand harp.


A Morning Dove

A morning dove
flew through my window and unto my bedside

He told me I was pretty and I was the only one

He then took my heart into its wings
and then flew away
flew away
flew away
into the early morning sun.

“I have never heard a voice so sweet and pure, said Jesse” “You are very kind Jesse. I will now get you your morning stew”, replied Kristin. She went into the kitchen and then came back and placed the bowl of stew in front of him. She then leaned over and kissed the top of his head.

The morning rays started to shine through the tavern’s windows making rainbow prisms through out. Jesse felt so alive and well, but everything changed when the tavern doors open and two strange travelers walked in and sat near to were Jesse was sitting. Jesse was just close enough that he could listen to their conversation.
“I tell you the Gypsies are up to no good. They are pure evil. They hunt and fish our game, and take our wives and lands away.” “Nothing but fortunetellers I say, said the other. I heard now that there is one name Gabriel that is nothing but a witch. We should take her and burn her on a stake like all of the other witches in Ireland. We must make our land pure from this evil curse of the gypsies.”

Jesses had just had enough, and couldn’t stay quiet any longer. He walked over to their table and took his new sword and drove the blade into their table breaking it in two.

Kristin yelled “Jesse Please Don’t” but it was already too late. “Be gone from this village now and never return for fear of the unknown and pure hatred of the heart has no place here.”

The two men pulled out their swords and pointed it at Jesse. It is a fine day to die isn’t it druid. Jesse replied back “If you kill a druid you will never return to the after life. If you are willing to take the chance, I will make sure that at least one of you will surely die where he stands in this life.”

The tavern door slammed opened and in came Jacob with bloody bandages still on his head was swinging a heavy hammer shouting is everything alright in here. Kristin with a very concern look on her face followed behind Jacob through the front door. The two men didn’t like the new odds and pointed swords again at Jesse. “I tell you Druid, this is none of your business” “She truly is an evil witch and for that all the gypsies must die.” The two then left the tavern in a rush through the front door.

Jacob came over and slapped Jesse on the back. “I didn’t know that you had it in you, you old fool.” “You are very good friends, you and Kristin in helping me with them.”

“It was my pleasure, stay awhile Jesse, and I will buy you drink of morning ale to calm your nerves.” It is too early for me but have one on me instead.” said Jesse. Jesse thanked both Kristin and Jacob again and then paid the barkeeper on his way out for the stew and Jacob’s ale.
Jesse hasn’t been this upset in years. He decided that he needed to warn the gypsies, and he also needed to check in with Gabriel to see how she was doing.

He decided to take the ocean path by the sea. The ocean always had a way of soothing his nerves. The terrain shifted from fields of barley and grains to a sandy mixture of sand and tall grasses. Once he reached the shore, he took off his sandals and let the waves massage his feet. He used to spend hours at the shore looking for colored pebbles and sea shells.

He decided to make a special necklace for Gabriel to brighten up her day and to help her feel better. Jesse walked the shoreline and found three unique and colorful shells. He then took out his needle and put holes into the shells and used twisted vines to thread them together into a beautiful necklace. He then careful put the necklace inside his leather pouch to give to Gabriel.

It was truly a wonderful day at the shore as he continued the path back to the Gypsy’s camp. There was two wooden fishing boats that he passed by. The fishermen hardly notice because they were busy mending their nets before they returned back to the sea that afternoon to fish some more. Jesse continued walking and soon the two fishing boats were distant images from where Jesse stood on the shoreline. He then heard the sound of a women crying.

It was faint at first, but then as he got close to its location it became louder and louder. It was a cry that he only heard once before when a women was in deep grieving for her daughter that had drown at sea.

The crying was on the other side of a sea wall that was naturally created by large boulders. Jesse saw an opening on the wall, but he would have to first lift himself on one of the boulders first and squeeze through the small opening. Jesse lifted himself carefully and went through the opening.

Once Jesse got on the other side to his surprise he was now was looking at the back of a Mermaid. Her long green hair was blowing in the wind against the smoothness of the curves of her back. Jesse could see just the outline of her tail in the water.

She started to moan again. It was a moan that came from the innermost part of her soul. Mermaids were of distant legends and he was now staring at one. He didn’t want to upset her further. Jesse tried to clam and comfort her. “I am truly sorry for you grief. Can I help you in anyway? The mermaid couldn’t stop crying but responded back between her falling tears. “My kind is now all but gone and I am truly the very last one of my kind in the sea. But I too am dying and only have a few hours left to live in the sea.”

“How may I be of service to you in your final hours?” “You must try to always remember that we are not of this earth, but of the spirit. We are all traveling home together. Old energy transforming into new energy, Can I help you in anyway?”

“Can you just sit with me and simply, hold my hand?” He walked over to the boulder that was just behind her and reached out and held her hand. Do not come in front of me for if you do your heart will turn to stone and you will then also die with me today. Jesse understood and just leaned his back against hers while simply holding her soft tender hand.

As the sun was starting to set, the mermaid told Jess that it was now time for her to go. She asked Jesse to give her the small glass bottle that was in his leather pouch in his robe. Jesse took it out and she filled it with Mermaid tears and put a small beautiful shell on the top as a cap. She then passed the bottle behind her back for Jesse to keep. Please keep the bottle in remembrance to me. Jesse then careful placed the glass bottle back into his leather pouch.

Good by Jesse, the Mermaid said. She then dove into the ocean never to be seen again.


The Mermaid Lullaby


Hold my hand and lean on me


for I will forever hold you and your sorrows.


Your kingdom was the ocean


A throne made from coral reef


May Blessings, Peace and Tranquility always follow you regardless of time or space.

For if truly there are no tomorrows then I am grateful that we simply had today Jesse was about to climb the boulder to the other side of the cove, when the reflection of the sun exposed a cave that was hidden by vines. Jesse took out his sword and started cutting the vines while at the same time removing them with his staff. He had heard of these caves before and decided that he needed to investigate further.

He took some driftwood that was nearby and buddle it together. He then made a small fire and put the torch into the fire. The torch then blazed to life and he proceeded carefully into the dark cave.

When he entered the cave it was full of spider webs, he took his staff and torch and moved them away. Jesse almost tripped on the remains of human skulls that were scatter at the entrance of the cave. There were ancient symbol on the walls of the cave. Jesse then noticed bones in the cave’s wall and that all of the bones were all connected. It then came to him that the bones made a complete skeleton of a dragon. Jesse was standing in the middle of a dragon’s lair.

He then noticed that the stones on the walls started to be illuminated and that he no longer needed his torch. Setting the torch done, it freed up his hands for his staff and his sword if need be. The stones grew in illumination and it was as bright as the sun shinning during the day.

The caves by the shoreline were used long ago to journey into the underworld to talk to the gods. An eerie noise echoed through the tunnel that raised the very hair on his arms. He came to the end of the main tunnel and the tunnel branched into two separate tunnels. One that went to the right and one that went to the left. Sitting in the middle guarding either entrance was a large gray wolf. Jesse stopped suddenly and their eyes connected.

“I am Luna the wolf it said. Jesse the druid you are trespassing on sacred ground. I should use my jaws and rip your throat out with no questions ask. No one would find you for the vines covering the cave had already gown back. Tell me why I should spare you life.”

“Luna, I have no intention to trespass. But I too seek the truth, and find wisdom not only in the sun, but also in the moon. There is expanded knowledge and strength in understanding both truths that of the masculine and that of the feminine.”

The wolf smiled and replied back, “That maybe so, but can you have two masters.” “Luna, you may see yourself as two separate coins but I do not. I see humanity as a two sides of the same coin that are equal in strength and total in perfection. The wisdom of the divine feminine of nature and the masculine cosmic fire of the eternal sun are of the same creation. The blessed unity for one could not survive without the other one.”

Luna let out a howl, and said loudly, “Be Quiet” “I will let you pass, but you are now to make a very important decision for one path will take you to your future and the other will take you to your past.” Luna then started to charge at Jesse, and instead of attacking him. Luna jumped over him and ran into the darkness behind him.

Jesse walked up to the place where Luna was setting and he was about to take the path to the left when he saw ancient Celtic writing barely visible on the cave’s wall just in front of him. He had to take his staff to take off the overlaid dirt that had cumulated through the decades to enable him to read the message.

Celtic Writings


A Circle is complete


No beginning or endings.


Eternity is the image of God


The creator and the creation are universal oneness of all


Turn the key in the circle for


Your hidden treasures lie deep inside.

Underneath the ancient Celtic writing was a circle that was etched and painted with black ink. In the middle of the circle was an opening that looked like it was just large enough for a sword to be put in.

Jesse smiled to himself for he understood the meaning of the puzzle. Jesse took his sword with the moonstone and put it into the opening using it like a key.


The whole wall started to vibrate and change different colors of the rainbow.

It first changed to red, then orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, to indigo, and finally violet. Jesse pulled the whole sword out and then the whole wall started to rotate and opened a doorway right in front of him. There were stone steps leading down like a spiral staircase. The walls were still illuminated and Jesse decided that he has come this far he might as well go the rest of the way to the cave bottom floor.

Jesse started stepping down the stairwell one careful step at a time. He was more curious then any potential concern about his wellbeing. He finally got to the bottom and there lying in the middle of a stone circle was a very large ruby from a dragon’s heart.

People have spent their own lives in the holy quest to obtain the dragon heart that holds the magical powers deep inside. I have been eternally blessed to find it, Jesse thought to himself. He took his small leather pouch and put the dragon heart ruby in with the bottle of mermaid tears and the last magical coin that he was given at the sacred spring.

Jesse walked up the spiral staircase and back through the cave to the original entrance. He cut back the vines with his sword that had grown back and was blocking his exit. He was now standing again onto the sandy shore. It was totally pitched black, and was too dangerous to continue his journey back to Gypsies this late of night. He restarted the small fire that he had before by the entrance. Jesse closed his eyes and fell asleep waiting for the early morn to return again.

The gypsies had their wagons settle in for the night. All the fires were out and they were putting their children to bed. Gabriel had recovered but was still very tired from her ordeal. Her fever had comely gone away and the sores on her body were mostly healed. She had only a few more days left of healing herbs that Jesse had given her.

Gabriel could not sleep, so she took out her hand harp and practice a few songs that Kristin had taught her earlier that month. Gabriel was taken lessons from Kristin who played at the village tavern. She paid Kristin back by helping out at the tavern and stable. Gabriel loved the hand harp and all of the music she could play. It was very soothing to her and was helping her immensely with her recovery.

In the forest glen by the hawthorns tree and the holy well, four men, two that were earlier that day that were in the tavern, were constructing a tall wooden pole. They then place dried wood as the foundation and covered it with a foot of dry straw. They then put down several feet of rope on the grass. The four horses tied to the tree were getting restless, and started digging up the grass with their hoofs.
The tallest man out the four then stated, “It’s a fine night to burn the witch, Gabriel. Those gypsies, fortunetellers, need to be taught a lesson and what proper respect is to God. I think that we are almost ready”. “Let’s get the torches ready. There are seven wagons so lets carrier two torches each. If any of the gypsies get in the way, kill them where they stand. If you see the druid, kill him first.” It’s a fine night to burn a witch”, and all four of them started laughing together.

The four horsemen then saddled up, and with torches blazing in the glen started off towards the gypsy camp. James, unknowingly, to what was about to happen tucked Gabriel in for the night. James was Gabriel only brother and had always been a father image to her. “Gabriel”, James said, “Your music is improving; Kristin has been teaching you well”. It is late now and you need to get your rest tonight. There were loud noises now coming from outside of the Gypsies painted wagon.

Everything now seemed to be going in slow motion for both James and Gabriel. The four horsemen started riding into the camp throwing their torches on top of the gypsy’s wagon. The gypsies were unarmed and were completely caught off guard. Everyone started yelling, “get out, get out, get out of your wagons, our wagons are on fire.”

James saw flames coming from the other wagons first, and then suddenly one of the torches flew into their wagon itself catching the curtains and kitchen table on fire. Gabriel screamed and James was completely frozen for just a second and then ran to Gabriel bedside and lifted her with all of his strength within the woolen blanket. The front door was now completely engulfed by fire. James kicked the door down with his boot and quickly carried Gabriel out into the open air and gently set her down gently.

He had left his tailoring tools in the wagon and without them he would not have any type of lively hood. So he took a bucket of water and threw it on a blanket that was next to the wagon. He then wrapped himself in it and ran back into the wagon that was all a blazed. He found the tools quickly and just made it back out when the whole ceiling of the wagon collapsed throwing a million red sparks into the night.

James then looked to see how Gabriel was. James scanned the area where he had left her. She was gone. One of the horsemen burning the wagons had ridden up behind her and had kidnapped her and had taken her away back to the forest glen. James fell on his knees in grief. There was total panic. All of the wagons were now destroyed and their horses taken and livestock scattered out into the country side. James mother came running up to him and shouted where is Gabriel.
The four horsemen were now heading back to the forest glen. The tallest one had Gabriel thrown across his saddle with her hands already tied behind her back. In a whisper voice he told Gabriel that if she makes the slightest move he will cut her throat like a new born lamb. Gabriel was terrified and started to pray to the angels above.

They entered the glen and when Gabriel saw the burning stake that was for her, she fainted in anguish. The tallest man who was their leader told the other three that they didn’t have much time. They took Gabriel to the killing post and tied her arms and body to the post. We must kill her now, for soon they will be coming looking for her. Here take this torch. “It will be my pleasure”, said the other one. “One less witch is a blessing to all.” He then threw the torch into the straw and wood that was underneath Gabriel’s bare feet.

Terror is only a word, until it truly happens to you. Kristin was in a deep sleep in her bedroom above the stable. Not only did she play the harp at the tavern and help out in the kitchen, but she also helped with the daily duties of taken care of the horses in the stable next to the tavern where travelers would board their horses.

Kristin just had a terrible vision. She saw herself being tied to a stake with false accusations being shouted at her. I am not a witch, I am totally innocent, she screamed at the mob. But no one was listening to her, and the torch was thrown in and she saw herself starting to burn and die on a wooden tree. That was when Kristin woke up. Perspiration had totally soak through her bed clothes.

She took a basin of water and started to wash her face and body. As she glanced into the basin of water, an image of Gabriel came to her. She saw Gabriel on a wooden stake being burned to death. A voice entered the room. “You must help Gabriel. She is being killed in the glen by the holy well in the forest. Do not hesitate, you must go now.”

Kristin threw on her riding clothes quickly and took one of the strongest horses in the stable. There wasn’t time to put on a saddle on, but Kristin was an excellent bareback rider. The night wind was cold, but her mission and vision was absolutely clear to her heart, mind, and inner soul.

The smoke was now filling Gabriel lungs. She was already weak from the illness that she was recovering from. She opened her eyes and saw blackness and darkness all around her with strange voice. She didn’t understand why this was happening to her. She was innocent, young, and beautiful, not guilty of the verdict that was being given to her, not guilty of anything at all, but yet she was dying. She was dying a slow and painful death on a wooden tree.

Gabriel looked up to the night’s sky, took her last breath, and died. Kristin was riding as fast as she can. The night was dark and the traveling was not easy. She was nearing the edge of the forest and she glanced up and saw a huge dark cloud over the forest. She took a second look and it wasn’t clouds at all. It was ten thousand black ravens.



Ten Thousand Ravens,


did I see above the hawthorn tree.

For Judgment day approaches to the given four
who had taken
an innocent life for free.

The four men in glen were gloating stating that she deserved to die, being a witch and all. They didn’t notice the black cloud that was starting together above them. Once they saw the ravens, it was too late. They tried to fight them off but couldn’t having their flesh torn and eaten away

Kristin took one more look above the tree line before entering, and the ravens were flying away in all different directions. The ravens didn’t bother Kristin but seem to be protecting her by circling above as she rode towards the glen. She entered the glen and gasp. Gabriel limp body was still tied to the wooden stake with only ashes left below her bare feet. Kristin jumped off her horse and ran and cut the ropes holding her to the wooden post. Gabriel body fell into Kristin’s arms. Kristin carefully carried her limp body and laid her down next to the holy well.

Kristin tired to feel for a heartbeat and there was none. She started to breathe into her mouth to see if she would come back to life and still no breath returned. Tears were now rolling down Kristin’s face and she knew she had to get her back to Jesse as soon as possible.

Her horse was standing right next to her as she lifted Gabriel’s body over the upper back of the horse. Kristin then jumped on and held Gabriel in her arms. They then headed back slowly with the early light of dawn approaching.

Jesse did not sleep well. He couldn’t stop thinking about Gabriel. He decided to start before dawn toward the Gypsy village. He reached the top of the hill overlooking the Gypsies wagons and immediately saw the chaos that was left behind. All the wagons were now just burning coals and ashes and everyone was huddled in one area underneath a man made shelter of blankets. Jesse started running to the shelter to see if everyone was alright.
The Gypsies were still in shock and could hardly speak of the ordeal. James was sitting on the grass, rocking back and forth in total grief. Jesse went to James side.

“They took Gabriel, Jesse, and took her into the forest”. There were four of them and they caught us all by surprise. Tears started rolling down James face. Jesse gave him an embrace and told him that they will go searching for her right away and that everything was going to be alright. But deep down inside, Jesse had a feeling that everything wasn’t alright, and that something dreadful had happen to Gabriel.

Jesses started heading towards the forest with James when they saw a horse come out of the forest. At first they could see who was on the horse, but it looks like it was carry something. As they got closer, they saw it was Kristin holding Gabriel’s burned body. James fell to the ground in agony, why did this happen, it was all his fault he should have never left Gabriel side, and gone back into the wagon to get his tools. Kristin told them what she saw in the glen and how the ravens came and already had revenged her death.

Jesse carried Gabriel back to the Gypsies shelter. They decided to give her a proper burial cremation ceremony at sea, and that per tradition it should be done immediately per the dawn of a given death. They gathered together and put burial linens and incense over her body. A dense mist started rolling off the sea as they made their way to the shoreline.

One of the villagers gave them a small boat that they could use for the ceremony. They laid Gabriel into the boat. Jesse gave a prayer in Gabriel’s honor. Each person then came forward and made a short statement of what Gabriel’s life had meant to them. Everyone was now in tears and James couldn’t bear the grief and fell on to the ground pounding his hands into the coral sand.

Kristin saw him first and screamed. A small crystal boat was coming toward them from the sea out of the dense mist. There was a tall individual in the boat with a long poll. But it was not human, or you might say it was only half human. One complete side of him was completely normal. The other half was a skeleton.

“Greeting to all, do not be afraid.”




Paradise long forgotten


Island of the Angels

Mist of the sacred land of God I am the ferryman. I part the seas between this world and the next, and have come to transport Gabriel to the Island of the blessed, Avalon. James took a step towards him. “You demon, how can we trust you, I will not give my dead sister to the likes of you. You may take her deep into the depths of the sea and never to return.”

The ferryman lifted his poll towards James. “You are a brave, James the brother of Gabriel. Yes, I know who you are, and your day will come also to when you will seek me out for your own eternal passage.”

Jesse then intervened. “I am Jesse the druid. You may have Gabriel, but only under one condition, that I will be offer passage with her so I may speak on her behalf upon the throne of the most holy of holies.

The ferryman smiled and reply, “You do not understand what you are saying old Druid” “

“For you know as well as I do that if a living person steps onto Avalon that they will die before they take another step. But be as it may for it is truly your life to give and not mine. The price of the journey for you is the last Elf Golden coin in your leather pouch. “

Kristin reached out to Jesse and held him by his robe. “Don’t be foolish Jesse; we have lost one dear friend already. Lets us not lose another.” Jesse with his free hand reached into his leather pouch and pulled out the last golden elf coin that he had from the encounter with the elf princess by the sacred spring. It seemed years ago now, even though it had just been a few days earlier.

“Here is my payment not only for the journey there, but the journey back.” The ferryman caught the coin with his skeleton hand and looked at it gratefully. “Your payment has been made, and it is now time for us to leave.” “Jesse, please don’t go”, pleaded Kristin. Jesse knew that he must go with Gabriel to Avalon, and Jesse lifted her up in her arms and carried her into the crystal boat carrying his wooden staff with him.

The ferryman then launched the crystal boat back into the sea heading for the sacred blessed island of Avalon. The fog was deep and gray green in color. As they got further out to sea, an intense electrical lighting storm began. Not a word was spoken or said between Jesse and the Ferryman. Avalon appeared in the distant. The island of Paradise was just before them now.
There has been many rumors said about the island and Jesse was now about to see for himself as his new journey started to unfold before him.



The land of milk and honey


The Throne of the Eternal Angels


Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Ariel.


The Mighty wings of holy sacred creations


The protectors and sovereignty of the blessed Kingdom of God.

Jesse couldn’t believe his eyes. There were ten thousand angels that were flying high above Avalon. The Ferryman carefully rolled the crystal boat up to the sandy beach. The ferryman nodded his head that this part of the journey was now completed.

Jesse lifted Gabriel from out of the boat and started walking onto the sandy beach. Immediately, Jesse knew something was very wrong. He started to sink into the sand like quick sand. He looked back at the ferryman for help and he was already gone. The sand was now above his waist and he didn’t have much time left. He laid Gabriel off to the side. While the sand was holding Gabriel’s body, it was not holding his.

He then remembered the mermaid tears in his pocket. He heard that if you drink the tears like a potion, then you were granted one everlasting wish. Taking the bottle out of his pocket, he almost dropped the bottle. Now holding the glass bottle tightly, Jesse quickly swallowed the mermaid tears stating the wish.
The Mermaid Wish

These Mermaid tears I did embrace

So grant me my single wish that I shall be allowed to stand on these sacred sands of Avalon, forevermore.

Jesse then felt something below him pushing him out of the sand. To his amazement, they were two mermaids that he had never seen before. He was thrown back onto the sands next to Gabriel. Jesse was startled but was eternal grateful that his wish was granted. The two mermaids then dived back into the sea having fulfilled the given wish from the mermaid tears.

Jesse brushed the sand off his body and robe. He then looked at Gabriel’s dead body. He couldn’t believe that she was truly gone. A child with so much grace and wisdom should not have been taken at such a youthful age as hers.

Jesse lifted Gabriel up again and walked up the sand dune with his staff. Once on top, he saw miles and miles of beautiful gardens of every kind. Thousands of tulips, daffodils, roses, and lilies, each of petals were vibrating at such a high energy that Jesse felt like he had truly entered a new dimension of linear time and space. In the distance, he saw a village not unlike the one that he came from. There was a path that started down the other side of the dune into the gardens and towards the village. He knew he had to finish the journey that he had chosen his path on.

The colors were so amazing that he wished that Gabriel was awake so she could see all of the beauty that surrounded them. There were various wells and fountains that were scattered throughout the gardens. Hummingbirds with wings of silver were making beautiful songs and flying in small pairs throughout the gardens. Everything was so tranquil and peaceful, no fear, not pain, no hatred, or violence.
Gabriel stopped at one of the fountains and rested on one of the marble benches. As he rested, the fountain was turning colors, first pink and then blue, and then back to pink. Bubbles were forming and then started to float up from the fountain into the air. Jesse was amazed to see actual baby animal embryos in the bubbles that were coming out of the fountain. He saw small zebra’s, elephants, tigers, and dogs.

The bubbles drifted up and up until they disappeared into the high clouds above. He couldn’t keep his eyes off the fountain. A few more came out; one was a giraffe, a whale, and a mountain lion. Again, they drifted up into the sky. Incredible, Jesse thought to himself.

Jesse stood up from the white marble bench and once again headed towards the village. He was just a few yards from the gates, when a golden ball came rolling out and past him. From out of the gate, a small girl with pink ribbons in her hair ran towards him chasing the ball. Instead of stopping in front of him, the girl continued to run right at Jesse as if he wasn’t even there. Jesse, yelled at her to stop, but she went right through Jesse as if she was the wind itself. Jesse felt the energy go through him and it was a feeling that he had never felt before.

He turned around and there was the girl picking up her gold ball, not aware of Jesse staring at her. Jesse then recognized her. She was a girl he knew ten years ago from the village. Her name was Erin and her parents owned the trading store in the village. But this can not be Erin, Erin died from an accidental drowning in the sea about a decade ago. He remembered how distraught her parents were. Jesse remember going to their house to comfort them during their time of sorrow. But believe it or not, there was Erin the daughter of the trader, playing catch with a golden ball. Erin looked very happy and free.

Jesse went through the gates and saw similar shops to his own village lining the road on either side. There were wagon carts of all different foods and once an individual took an item, the item reappeared in similar form. There was plentiful for everyone and people were walking around in the most beautiful and handsome robes and gowns.

Jesse saw a girl that looked like Gabrielle come out of the tavern holding a bucket of water. Jesse slowing walked up to her. Like everyone else in the village, she was not noticing that he was there even though he was almost in touching distance. There was a small bookstore that she was about to enter into when she suddenly stopped in her footsteps.

She dropped the bucket of water as it spilled into the dirt around where she stood. She had looked into the water in the bucket and had saw the reflection in the water of Jesse holding her dead body. “Gabriel, It is I, Jesse”, Jesse spoke softly not wanted to disturb her even more then she already was. Gabriel could hear his voice only, but saw no one standing next to her. Do you remember me? Gabriel shook her head and a panic look was starting to form on her face.
“I have come to this village to plead your case of justice. Do you remember me, Gabriel?”

Just as he was about to reach out and touch her, he felt a gentle grip on his arm. Jesse turned around and there in a robe stood James, the brother of Jesus of Nazareth. James told Gabriel to please go into the bookstore and be comforted by your grandmother. Picking up the wooden bucket with little water left in it, Gabriel ran into the bookstore as if she had just seen a ghost from the past.

“Welcome to Avalon, Jesse. I hope you have traveled well.”

Jesse looked at James and saw a resemblance to the man that he had the vision of who died on the tree while he was next to the sacred spring in the enchanted forest. “My name is James. I am the brother of Jesus, the carpenter, from Nazareth. My brother told me where to find you and to greet you to Avalon”

“I have a cottage not too far away from here, and it would be my honor to have you as my house guest.” “But why are you able to see me and the other ones do not”, reply Jesse. “It is not a lack of ability, Jesse, it is simple a matter of lack of knowledge. I was given the knowledge of your arrival to Avalon, and have also been given the sight to see you. Please come with me and be my honored guest for the night.”

Jesse was taken aback with the way and manner that James had greeted him. He was on a quest and knew that there was limited time. But it would be more then rude to refuse such hospitality and maybe James would be able to give him the answers that he has been searching for and to help Gabriel come back to life so she can be taken back to her real home back to their village across the sea.

Jesse told James that he would be honored to be his house guest and they both started waking through the village and out the back gate towards James cottage. James saw that Jesse was starting to struggle with Gabriel dead body. May I help you and carry Gabriel for the rest of the journey to my home. Jesse was too tried to say no and James came calmly to Jesse side and took Gabriel into his arm. They soon arrived to James’s cottage. It was a cottage on a green pasture hill that overlooked the ocean. The cottage and its location were very calming to Jesse.

James asked if Jesses would like to freshen up a bit, and took him to the guest cottage that was attached to the main cottage with a courtyard. James then laid Gabriel body onto one of the guest beds. Jesse replied back to James, if he didn’t mind. He would simple like to rest for a few hours and that sleep would do him some good. James said of course, and told Jesses if anything is needed just to come out on to the courtyard and ring the bell that stood there. Jesse said he would. He then laid on the bed and fell asleep immediately. He woke up by someone stroking his hair. He opened up his eyes and saw the lady in white holding a single taper candle. Jesse, it is time for the gathering. It is time to awaken and shine. Jesse looked at her illumination that filled the entire room. But I have no ceremony robes with me. She then reached at the end of the bed and gave Jesse three handsome robes to choose from.

Jesse picked the gray robe with sliver thread. I can’t leave Gabriel, Jesse said. The lady in white understood what Jesse was trying to say. She put her hand on his arm and told him not to worry that it would be alright to leave her body where it was for now. Follow me, She said softly. Jessie got up, put on his new robe, and his sandals and they entered the courtyard outside together.

There was a beautiful unicorn waiting for them. We will ride to the gathering together she said. Jump on behind me, and hold on to me. Jesse got on the unicorn beside the white maiden and they started their journey to the gathering. “Who are you”, said Jesse? The maiden smiled to herself. “Jesse, you already know who I am for I am the Goddess of the hills and streams of the blessed Ireland.”

Jesse saw the shadows of the large stones first. They were large marble stones over ten feet high. They were twelve of them in a circle. Several of the pairs had a long stone that bridged on top over two of the given stones. The unicorn stopped on a grassy area next to the circle itself.

The lady in white and Jesse carefully got off the unicorn and Jesse patted the neck of the unicorn and thanked him for the ride. There was a perfect moon above the circle of stones that was reflecting on the pool of water in the middle.

“Before you come into the circle, I must wash you feet Jesse.” The lady in white went to the pool where a beautiful shell laid. She dipped the shell into the water and carried it to Jesse. Jesse carefully took off his sandals, and the lady in white tenderly poured the sparkling water onto his feet. She then took a small perfume bottle that smelled like Jasmine, and put a drop onto his feet. Jesse felt a heat sensation rise within him and thank the lady in white for her blessing.

The lady in white then went back into the middle of the stone circle and entered the water pool. She raised her hands up to the blessed moon. Blessed moon, Blessed earth, Blessed Kingdom of all creation. We open the gathering with a new sense of creation, rebirth, and love. Come now, all who are pure in their hearts. Enter the circle of creation and love. Enter with joy with expectation that you will find the answers that you seek within your heart.
Out of the water, seven stars appeared and moved silently up and over the maiden’s head like a crown. They created a glorious crown above her head. Forest elk silently came into the circle and kneeled down. Once their knees touch the earth, they turn into knights in formal attire. Each knight had a different symbol on their shield representing the constellations of the zodiac.

Behind the knights came thousands of tiny blue, white, and pink butterflies. The butterflies then turned into twelve young maidens’ carrier beautiful flowers in baskets as offerings, and placed the petals below the white maiden’s feet.

An orb larger then any that Jesse had ever seen before came out of the sky and hovered above the knights and maidens. The orb then divided into twelve different orbs each now had a different vibration and creating a different musical note. The orbs then selected each knight and maiden and hovered right in front of each couple. The orbs then turned into angels of light each holding a sword in each hand. Each of the angels took their sword and touched the shoulder of each of the knights on bended knees. As each knight was honored by the angel, the vibration frequency of the circle was getting higher and higher. Jesse felt so honored to be in the circle watching the event.

After the last knight was honored, the lady in white was still in the middle, took out a crystal bell. She rang the bell twelve times as to also give remembrance and honor to the given knights of the zodiac.

She then asked Jesse to come forward. Jesse wasn’t ready for the command or to be summoned in front of such a formal gathering. She then said to all. “Here is Jesse, the druid. His heart is pure and strong. He is not of this world, Avalon, but has come to pay homage, and to look for meaning within sorrow and grief. What do you seek for? Jesse, and what is your journey mission to have come so far away from your given home?”

Jesse came to the center of the gathering, and started to speak softly first. “I am not as wise as these knights, nor as beautiful as these maidens, or as powerful as these Angles in front of me. I seek not the holy grail of eternity, for it is a fool’s quest that can already be found deep inside each and every one of us. Our soul came from the creator and we are creating are own reality that is ours with every breath and step that we take.”

“But what I truly seek is the return of a beautiful soul that was taken away by evil. I seek the restoration of the soul of Gabriel. She doe not yet belong in Avalon, but belongs back in my village and Ireland. I saw her today, but it was not her, it was a reflection of the past and not of what the future should be for her”
Out of the pool of water in front of the lady in white came another very large orb. It immediately formed the image of the archangel Gabriel. The other angels went and bowed immediate on to their knees to Gabriel, and Jesse went on both knees as if he was in formal confession.”

The archangel looked directly at Jesse and spoke to him. “I too welcome you to Avalon. For I have tested you and know the strength of your convictions, heart and will. All rise and listen to the holy message that I have for you.”

“Your plea has been listened to and has now been granted. Your request has been answered and you will come to the sacred alter of the holies of holies before the end of the third day. It is required that you bring the dead body of Gabriel, the young girl with you. Long live the almighty kingdom of God, All rise and go in peace. Amen”

All of the knights, maidens, and angels stood up from the sacred earth of the gathering. Gabriel then presented a beautiful purple and white lily to the lady in white. He then raised his might wings and flew into the midnight sky.

The gathering had come to a closed. Jesse was forever grateful to the lady in white that he will have his day to plea for the given life of the young gypsy girl, Gabriel. The lady in white walked up to Jesse and told him that it was time to go back to James cottage by the sea.

The unicorn was standing waiting for them. The lady in white took some sweet corn out of her pocket and fed it to the unicorn. I am proud of you said the white maiden to Jesse, you have traveled far and soon you will have your questions answered.

On their way back, the moon was reflecting on the sea. Jesse felt serenity in his heart that he hasn’t been there for many years, and soon he will be home in his own cottage by the stream in Ireland.

Jesse woke up in the bed in the guest cottage and saw that Gabriel was still lying next to him. Gabriel was all cleaned up with her long raven hair combed, and with a beautiful gown on. Jesse knew that normally, her body would have already started to decayed by now, but this was no ordinary time or island. There was no life in her body, and her hands were still cold to the human touch, but there were tiny sparkles coming off her skin.

There was a knock on the door. Standing in the doorway was James. “Jesse, I am going to the village would you like to come along.” Jesse said yes, and they started a fine morning walk to the village. There was a slight mist to the air and a breeze coming from the sea. “It looks like it is going to be another gorgeous day in Avalon”, James said to Jesse. Jesse thought that the remark was funny for it seems that how could there ever be a bad day here in Avalon.

The colored flags from the tower were waving in the wind when they entered the village square. James went to one of the wagons with fruit and took a pear, an apple, and something that look like a cross between a pineapple and a cantaloupe. Once again the fruit reappeared immediately once they were taken off the wagons. James gave the food to Jesse. “Jesse, enjoy the food, I have to do a few errands in the village. Feel free to explore and I will meet you back in the village square around noon”

Jesse starting to walk within the village square and was enjoying his morning breakfast. A small group of sparrows had gathered by the main fountain in the square and Jesse had fun tossing pieces of the left over crumbs to the sparrows. He put one large piece of fruit crumb in his finger and offered it to one of the tiniest sparrows. The sparrow was timid at first and then hopped several time right up to Jesse and took the food right out of his hands.

A voice that seems to rush by him spoke to him directly. “You shouldn’t be feeding the birds my friend.” Jesse turned around to see who had spoken to him, and saw a very tall thin attractive long haired Gypsy carrying books running past him. She opened up the book store and then disappeared inside. This was interesting, Jesse thought to himself. I will need to investigate further who this person is and who had spoken to me.

Jesse walked up to the village shop that had a sign that read: Rosemary’s Lotions, Potions and Thyme Book Store. Jesse opened up the door of the shop and walked in. Candles and dry flowers were hanging from the ceiling. There were tables and shelves with ancient books from the beginning of time. There was one wall that was filled with all types of herbs and lotions that filled the air with wonderful perfume scents. There were already a few customers that had come in behind Jesse browsing through the shop. None of them seemed to be seeing Jesse at all.

Jesse noticed that there was a small room in the back of the shop. Jesse opened the door and walked in. In the room, there were large pieces of crystals and smaller stones scattered on the floor. One whole wall was actually a fountain of water that was very soothing to Jessie when he walked in. On the bottom of the fountain were orange and white fishes. There was also a small stone table in the middle of the room, with a purple and green table cloth. Jesse decided to rest for a moment and sat down on one of the chairs.
The door then opened and in walked the gypsy with the flowing back gown behind her. “Good morning, I see that you are here for your reading”, said Rosemary. Reading, Jesse thought to himself. What is a reading? “My name is Rosemary. I am the seer of this shop. She then dramatically took out a deck of tarot cards with symbols and colors on each. This is a tarot deck. It will help us see your future.” “So you are a fortuneteller”, asked Jesse. Rosemary laughed. “I am what you would call an intuitive, a seer of the oracle of your true nature”.

“Please pull out three cards from the deck”, Rosemary requested. Jesse complied and pulled out three separate cards. The first card was the image of the Magician, the second card was that of the Temperance card with an image of Angel touching a pond of water with its bear foot, and then the last card was the cared of The Wheel of Fortune.

Rosemary picked up the first card and started to speak. “The first card you picked is the Magician. You truly are a magician from the clan of the ancient druids. The magician in the card has a symbol of eternity above its head showing you have connection with cosmic eternal energy of the past and of the future. All the tools have been bestowed on the wooden table for your knowledge and your usage within your journey. Use these tools wisely.”

“The second card you have chosen is that of Temperance. A holy angel is on the card that is balancing the elements of nature while having one foot on a stone and one foot in the water. Heavenly Angels are now watching over you. On the card, there are two golden cups with a potion mixture being created and formed. You have the ability to create healing potions with one foot in this world and one in the next.”

“The last card is the Wheel of Fortune with a picture of a compass showing one path. You will be given much wisdom and strength along your path and soon an important decision is going to be made. All four winged creatures are reading books, for it is through wisdom that our fortunes are brought forth and are truly made.”

Jesse smiled and said to Rosemary, “You and James seem to be the only persons in the village that can see me, why? “I am a medium said Rosemary, that can see between worlds and that is why I can see you. You are welcome to stay in the shop as long as you would like.”

“Thank you very much for the reading. I appreciate your time and energy said Jesse:

“May your journey be filled with inner joys and peace”, said Rosemary in return. Jesse, got up, and it was getting to be close to noon. So he went back to where James had told him to meet up again. The sun was now high in the sky and the villagers were all outside doing their daily chores. None of them saw Jesse leaning on a wooden wagon waiting for James to return. James returned with a bundle of goods underneath his arms. He asked Jesse if he would mind holding a couple of the smaller bundles as they headed back to James sea side cottage.

They got back to the cottage and they sat for awhile looking at the sea as the rhythm of the waves came in and out. They saw a few farmers that were toiling their plots nearby, and they were working the soil to the rhythm of the sea. James asked if Jesse played any instruments and Jesse said he played the tin flute. James went into the house and came back with a silver handmade flute and gave it to Jesse. James told him if he wouldn’t mind, would he like to play a tune for him.

He said that he would be honor to. So he played a couple of Irish Celtic tunes as the afternoon drifted along by the sea shore. When he was done he tried to hand the flute back to James. James smiled and told him to keep it as a present to remember Avalon. Night was back upon the island and Jesse told James to have a good night and he went to the guest cottage. He had a wonderful day in the village and seashore. He looked at Gabriel and tucked her in, and said good night, even though he knew she wasn’t there, and that it was still just a dead body.

Jesse was awakened the next day by a knock on the wooden door of the guest cottage. It was James and he asked if Jesse would like to him tend his herd of sheep. Jesse said he would be delighted to and they walked out to the near by pasture. There was a large oak tree that they took their shade while they feed the sheep their daily grain.

“Can I ask a few questions about your brother, James, the man who died on the tree?” James smile and said that he would be honored to share with him. Back in Ireland, I had a dream of him by a sacred spring. “What was he like when he was a child and brother?”

James smiled. “His name is Jesus said James. We lived in the village of Nazareth by the sea of Galilee. Our father’s name was Joseph and he was a carpenter by trade. Joseph taught the trade to all of his children; how to build tables, chairs, shelters, and walls. Jesus was very lively as a child and also very studious of foreign languages. Jesus enjoyed fixing things and working with his hands. He enjoyed seeing how things fit together. He also enjoyed taking care of the livestock and was very close to our mother, Mary. We didn’t know of his special nature and mission until later in his life.” “Why did they put him on the tree to die, James? James slowly replied, “It was the same reason that they put Gabriel on the tree. It was pure hatred, ignorance, and because he was different. Jesus was born of the spirit into mankind. Man could not comprehend the pure spirit and love inside my brother. They were blinded by power, greed, and pride. Truly they did not understand the grace that was in him.”

“Where is your brother now, James? I felt his presence when I healed my friend Jacob in his blacksmith shop.” “My brother, Jesse, is now sitting at the right hand of God. He is there for all that call for him in time of need. He heals the sick, the poor, and helpless.”

“Will I ever meet your brother and have the opportunity to talk to him, James?”

“Jesse you will meet him soon. He will be at the throne of the holies of holies when you approach God with your request for Gabriel.” “I would like that very much,” said Jesse. One of the smaller lambs came up and pressed his head tenderly against Jessie side. Jessie smiled and started petting the lamb’s head.

Jesse and James spent all of the rest of the morning and that afternoon tending to the sheep that were scatter throughout the green pastures by the sea shore. Soft clouds were blowing over the island and it was a gorgeous spring afternoon. A small lady bug was on a small stick next to where Jesse was now sitting. Jesse picked up the stick and put his finger next to the ladybug to see if it would climb on his finger. The lady bug climbed on his finger and rested for a few minutes and then flew off to the next blade of green grass within the pastures.

It was a beautiful sunset on the island of Avalon. They both walk back to James cottage together and Jesse went back to the guest cottage where Gabriel still laid. He fell a sleep and then woke up at midnight to the ringing of the bell that stood in the middle of the square next to the guest house.

James was there with three donkeys with full backpacks with food and water. Jesse, he said. “It is time now to go to the top of the holiest of mountains to plead your case. Take this heavier robe and put it on. Please get Gabriel body, and we will put it on one of the donkey. You will then ride this one, and I will take the other. It will take us most of the day to get to our journey’s end.”

James then took out a wand from his robe that illuminated the whole area. Once Gabriel body was fastened down onto her donkey, Jesse got ready to go on his. It was now time to go, and all three donkeys started toward the foothills that stood underneath the holy mountain.
It was still dark out, but James wand was giving plenty of light to the path that they were on. James donkey was walking side by side next to Jesse. Jesse, leans over to James.

“Do you mind if I ask you a personal question.” “Not at all Jesse, what is on your mind?”


“James, do you ever feel guilty of not having done enough to save your brother from being crucified on the tree.”

“Jesse, replied James, a day never passes when I ask that same question, could there have been a different way or a different path. Could I have done more to save him from his agony and suffering?”

“Jesse, we do the very best that we can with the knowledge that we have at any give time, the seasons come, and they go. Children grow up and the next generation is born. Who am I to judge if I could have done more or not. He was my brother. To be honest with you, I feel that I could always have done more.”

It started to snow. Big flakes started to fall from the sky melting on Jesses robe and hair. The terrain turned from green pastures, to hardwood trees, to evergreens. Jesse felt like someone was following them. He looked behind them and there was only the dead body of Gabriel on her donkey following behind.

The snow was falling heavier now as they were leaving the foothills and making the climb up the mountain. They reached a canyon path where they had to cross over a handmade rope bridge. James told Jesse that they would have to walk the donkeys across the bridge.

The wind started to increase making the rope bridge to move dangerously back and forth. So much for paradise, Jesse thought to himself, and he started the walk across. Jesse was glad to have made it on to the other side. A couple of inches of snow had now fallen on either side of their path and snow drifts were starting to form. The snow storm was now getting worst and making any head way very difficult.

They then came to a dead end with an ice wall thirty five feet high in front of them. Jesse noticed some type of writing inside of the ice. The writing was not familiar to Jesse. Jesse pointed to it, and James said that he might be able to interpret the message. The message said, “Greeting to all, Ye may enter, but only by the sacred passage way of the holy heart.” They both tried tapping on the ice with their staffs but nothing happen. Jesse, tried to understand the message again. “Greetings to all, Ye may enter, but only by the sacred passage way of the holy heart.’ Maybe it means by a different path, they should go back down to the foothills and try a different path all together.

Jesse then remembered having the ruby of the dragon heart in his leather pouch. Could this be the piece of the puzzle that was missing? Jesse only knew that he had come too far to give up now, and that he should totally trust his intuition.

Jesse took the red ruby heart out of his leather pouch. He held it in his left hand and it magically turned into a small dragon breathing fire. He then released it into the air with the given chant: “Within this dragon heart I do declare my chosen path to be discovered,”

The small red dragon started to grow larger and larger and fire started to pour out of its mouth. A large red yellow ball of fire came out of his mouth being directed towards the ice wall. At first nothing happen, nothing at all, but then the ice started to melt rapidly into a rapid stream down the mountain opening a large tunnel through the ice wall for them to pass.

The dragon lifted itself into the air and flew away over the mountain range. The dragon then turned into red water vapor that created the most wonderful sunset that Jesse had ever seen. Jesse was extremely thankful and appreciative to the dragon of the ruby heart, but he was also very eager to continue the journey.

James went into the ice tunnel first and then followed by Jesse with Gabriel’s body still trailing behind. It was nice to be in the tunnel for awhile because it did shelter them from the blowing snow that was occurring outside. The ice had a blue sea green texture to it as Jesse continued through it. Jesse was wondering when would the journey end, the day was almost over and James hasn’t hinted on how much of a journey was yet to go. Jesse was starting to get very tired of his long journey.

Coming out of the tunnel, Jesse was amazed once again. Before him was a beautiful valley of pink roses and Greek style dome architecture. Angels were moving through out the valley soaring in and out of buildings all around them. There was one very large building called the hall of records and pools of beautiful waters and canals. Two female angels came up to Jesse, James, and Gabriel. “Greetings to you all, and welcome to the city of the angels. Please be our honored guest. Please follow us to where you can freshen up for the banquet that we are having in your honor tonight.”

Another Angel came and took the three donkeys and Gabriel to a near by stable area. James smiled at Jesse, as if to tell him that it would be all right to have them take care of Gabriel, and they followed the two angels with turquoise robes and wings of white and gold.

They passed the hall of records and continued through what look like government style buildings. Jesse intuitively felt that he was in a very important area of the city where decisions and decrees were being made or have been made in the recent past. The two angels gave wash towels to them and showed them to an area that had pools of hot water and steam coming from their surfaces.

“These are the healing baths” said the angels. “Please relax and ask the attendants if there is anything that your heart desires to make you stay more enjoyable”.

After such a long journey, Jesse was happy to soak in the healing steam bath. The baths were relatively empty so they had the baths mostly to themselves except for a small group of angels that walked by that looked at them with curiosity. Attractive attending angels brought plates of grapes and different types of cheeses to them with chalices of wine to drink.

James looked like he was enjoying himself also as he ate some of the cheese from his plate. James, “have you ever been here before”. James shook his head. He said that he had heard of the city of the angels, but this was also his first visit.

Their traveling robes were taken away and they were given new formal robes to wear for the banquet. They were then asked if they would like massages. They both said that they would like one. So they both lay down on massage tables and had the angel’s perform body work on them. Jesse thought to himself that he had died and gone to heaven which may not have been to far from the truth. Jesse had never felt so relax as he now did. Every muscle seemed to relax and the tension of all the recent days just faded away from his body and mind.

A very official looking angel came up to them. “Greeting from the consul of Archangel, it will be deepest pleasure to have you come now to the banquet that we are having in your honor.” Please follow me to the banquet hall for the feast to begin. Both Jesse and James got up from their massage tables and put on their sandals.
They followed the serious looking angel. Jesse, thought that angel should have a massage too because he looked like he was holding some tension in side of him. They came to where the feast was taking place and the serious angel open the door for them. As they walked in to the banquet, their names were announced to the official gathering.

Let the festivities begin. Three Angels lifted long golden horns and sounded the event. There must be over five hundred angels at this event Jesse said to himself.

They were escorted over to the table of honor at the front of the banquet hall. Everyone was smiling at them and they felt very blessed at that moment. Plates of Turkey, beef, and lamb were bought out with sides of mash potatoes, sweet corn, and green beans. Various other plates came out with dressings, salads, and breads. Wine was being poured into crystal lead glasses that gave out tiny sparkles.

Everyone was enjoying themselves. There was a beautiful angel that came out onto a platform stage in front of Jesse and James. She sat in front a very large golden harp that had silver strings. She started to play and it was the most tranquil and peaceful music that Jesse had ever heard before. The angel had blue eyes and long blowing blond hair wearing an orange cream gown. Jesse thought that he knew what a beautiful angel was, but this was beyond his original comprehension.

She stopped playing and everyone clapped for her. She gave a slight bow to the banquet room and then left the stage. Next came two young angels that performed a dance. They both were barefooted. One was male and the other was female. The current behind them changed to different images as they lifted and embrace each other. Again, Jesse was very moved by the talent and celebration in their honor. When the two dancers were finished, they too gave a small bow to the banquet room and left by the side of the stage in front of them.

Three angels then came onto stage and started singing in perfect three part harmony. They sang an old Celtic song about a swan in the enchanted forest. A fiddler came and started to play next to them while performing a simple Irish step dance. Out from the side, came another angel with a crystal flute and started to play with them. Then finally, another angel entered and started playing the bodhran. With all of this Irish music, Jesse was starting to feel a little home sick, but was deeply moved by the celebration that was being given to him in his honor.

An elder looking angel then walked with a small limp on to the stage. Everyone was finishing up their dinner and wine, and no one had lacked for anything. The serious angel that brought them into the meeting stood up and pronounces to the gathering, “all rise to the most elder of them all.”

The total banquet hall stood up in union with total respect. The elder angel then spoke to everyone in the banquet hall.
“Jesse and James, It is now time for us to meet in the Hall of Compassion. It is now time for your questions to be asked and answers to be given. Please follow me to the hall.”

Jesse was extremely grateful that his moment had now arrived. He was still very nervous and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. He looked at James to see if he hand any experience and he just gave a kind smile like he also did not totally know what to expect once they got to the hall. They left the banquet hall and it was night now with stars and planets shining from above. Torches were lit and where glowing and were giving plenty of light to their path to the hall. It was a large circular building with marble pillars and towers. The hall of compassion had pink and lavender flowered plants clinging on the marble walls.

In the middle of the hall was a table and on it was Gabriel dead body that was covered with red rose petals.

In the front of the hall was a row of chairs on either side of a majestic throne. On the right side of the throne was a man in a white robe that looked very similar to James. Jesus smiled at Jesse as he entered into the hall. Next to Jesus on his right were his twelve apostles, starting with Peter, Paul, Luke and John. On the left side of the throne were the Archangels. There was Michael dressed with his armor, Raphael, Ariel, and Gabriel. It was the most impressive site to see all four Archangels together in one gathering. Next to Gabriel was the Lady in White who took Jesse to the gathering three nights before.

On the majestic throne was a purple and white lotus flower that was completely open. Above the lotus flower was a very intense star that was so intense that it was very difficult to look at directly. The star would change shape and form and into one creation of an animal, then morphs into an image of a flower, and then into a bird, back into an animal.

Form the majestic throne, a commanding voce spoke to Jesse.

“Welcome Jesse, Druid, from Ireland. Welcome to the hall of compassion. You stand before the holy of holies and the full consul of God’s Angels and man. Why have you come and what do you seek before this holy throne?”

Jesse was truly terrified, but then he started to feel so much compassion and warmth that came to him. Jesse got up and walked over to the table that had Gabriel’s body covered with rose petals. He took Gabriel’s dead hand into his and started to cry. Tears started to fall from his face. This was not what he expected he through he would plead his case without emotion and grief.
Jesses gathered himself together. He spoke a little too quite at first and then got stronger as he went.

“My name is Jesse, and I am a Druid from a small village in Ireland. I stand before you to plead the case for Gabriel. She was taken from her bed, and slaughtered like a lamb without cause. I plead for Gabriel’s soul that it may return to her body and that she will live a long blessed and prosperous life. She should not have been taken and have her soul die in the manner that it did. She is not a witch, not an evil oppressive occultist bent on evil spells. I have seen her soul and it is as pure as the first winter snow that gathers on the village grounds.”

Jesus then spoke. “I too died a lonely death on a tree. I have seen your heart, Jesse, and it is pure and full of grace. But what justice would it serve to have Gabriel’s soul be put back into her dead boy. What grace would be obtained to raise her dead consciousness back into life in this dead body? Gabriel still lives on in this plane of consciousness on Avalon. But it is not for me to decide or the consuls, the decisions must be that of Gabriel herself.”

A side door opened up and assorted by a handsome angel, walked in both Rosemary and Gabriel. It was very strange for Gabriel to be looking at her past dead body. Her spiritual form looked exactly the same as the original form but maybe a little bit thinner.

Rosemary walked up to Jesse. Rosemary embraced Jesse and kissed him on the cheek.

“I want to thank you for all that you have done to help my granddaughter Gabriel. She is truly a gift from God and I have missed her so and have now truly been blessed to have the sacred time together with her again.”

Jesus then looked at Gabriel, and spoke to her directly. “Gabriel what they did to you in the forest glen was wrong. They took a blessed life. You are not a witch but a soul of beauty and grace. You are a powerful healer. What I want to do is to show you what the possibility of your life could have been.”

The star above the lotus flower stopped changing shapes of animals and plants, and started to vibrate at a very high frequency. It then started to present pictures not unlike a movie of the possible future that Gabriel could have lived.
The first pictures were the birth of Gabriel and of her small brother James holding her with her mother and father. The pictures changed and showed her growing up and learning how to play the harp with Kristin while helping out at the tavern. It then showed her getting ill and Jesse healing her. It then showed the awful night of the raid on the gypsy camp and her death. The images stopped and then it started and showed new beginnings.

She was now a few years older and she is at the May festival in the Village square. There were small children playing around the maypole. She was next to them playing a harp and singing. Her voice was beautiful. She was wearing the green and gold gown of a druid priestess. The children were all laughing and dancing around the pole. She finished the song and all the children came rushing up to her and giving her hugs.

She then told them that it was now time to crown the Queen of the May fest. All of the little girls got quickly in line. They were all wearing their very best dresses that they had. All of the villagers and proud parents were gathered smiling at the ceremony. A beautiful rose flower crown was already hanging on the maypole.

The crown was made of roses, sunflowers, and apple blossoms. Gabriel went to the pole and carefully took it off the pole. She then held the crown above each little girl to feel their energy to see who the crown was for. She came to a small redheaded girl. She was the daughter of Kristin who was the person that taught her how to play the harp. The crown seemed to pulling down over her beautiful small head. Gabriel said a blessing and then put the crown onto Kristin’s girl’s head. The crowed all cheered in celebration, and all the little girls came rushing to her hugs and to congratulate her on being the May Flower Queen.

The next images were her making potions, performing marriages, and helping those who were sick and ill. She was also being showed that she was helping people to understand their own spirituality and sacredness.

The star above the throne then stopped vibrating at such a high frequency. The images went back showing different animals, plants, and living organisms. Everyone turned to Gabriel and tears were rolling down her face. Jesus came down to her and gave her a hug and she started to shake.

“Gabrielle, Jesus gently spoke, it is now time to make a decision.” “Do you want to stay here with your Grandmother Rosemary, or do you want to go back to your village?” Rosemary was crying also holding Gabriel’s hand.
Gabriel then spoke directly to the whole consul.

“I want to go back to the village in Ireland, Jesus. My service to you, the Angels, and to the village is not completed yet. Jesus nodded to the Archangel Gabriel and summoned him to come forward. Gabriel is one of the most beautiful Archangels of them all. He was now standing next to Jesus and Gabriel. The Archangel Gabriel then said to Gabriel the child that I now want you to close your eyes. He then put one of his hands on to her heart and he put another hand onto the chest of her dead body on the cold marble table.

Her energy field started to vibrate and sparkled, and you could actually see it being transferred from spirit back into her body of flesh. Her heart that hadn’t been beating for days, started to beat again. Her lungs were clear again and small breaths were being taken. Here skin started to take on a rose pink color.

Gabriel opened up her beautiful emerald eyes and she felt totally alive and well as if everything that she had gone through was a distant dream.

Jesse went to her side and gave her an embrace. “Welcome back Gabriel” “Where am I” replied Gabriel. “You are on the sacred island of Avalon, but it is now time to take you home back to Ireland.” Jesse lifted Gabriel off the white marble table and out of the hall of compassion. Outside of the hall of compassion was the lady in white with her unicorn. This time the unicorn was hitched to a beautiful painted wagon. Jesse, James, Rosemary, and Gabriel all got into the wagon and they were taken out of the city of angels, back down the mountain, and back down to the sea.

There was a small gathering of angels, mermaids, and men at the shoreline. The ferry man in his boat was waiting for them.


It was sunrise now and the mist was starting to be lifted. Jesse looked at Gabriel with a sweet smile.

“It is now time for you to go back to the village. I want you to take my staff for you are now the Druid Priestess of the Village.” Gabriel looked at Jesse. “You are not coming back to the village with me Jesse?” Jesse smiled and said, “My time is over now. Your time is just beginning. I want you and your brother, James, to take my house and keep it. Please take this manuscript and title to my house. Be a blessing to all who meet you and to all who you serve.”

Gabriel looked at Jesse and said, “thank you Jesse for the manuscript and who you truly are in spirit.” “I will never be able to repay you for what you have done for me”. Jesse then looked at Gabriel and remembered the beautiful seashell necklace that he made for her. “Gabriel, please give me one more precious honor”
Jesse took out the beautiful necklace that he made out of precious seashells She gave a small bow to Jesse, and Jesse put the necklace around her neck.

It is time now for you to go, and tears were falling again from everyone’s eyes. Gabriel stepped back into the ferryman’s boat that slowly started to sail back to beloved Ireland.


Jesse waved goodbye to Gabriel, “Until we meet again, forever well thee my blessed friend.”


The End


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