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The Price

Leon Newton

The Price


Copyright ©2010 by Leon Newton All Rights Reserved


Biblical quotes are from the King James version of the Bible. Copyright ©1988 by Thomas Nelson Publishers




To God’s Christian families and Christian communities around the world.


In memory of Mrs. Janie Tomblin, who always encouraged my creative talent.


Mrs. Gigg Jones, who recognized I had a different light about me in middle school I could not see in myself.


Mrs. G. Gil, my sister, and Mr. Troy Newton, my brother, who helped me in my spiritual growth.


Dr. Verna R. Jones, who teaches at Jackson State University, my listening ear.


Dr. Lorain Woods, who teaches at Mississippi Valley State University, my listening ear.


Pastor Hubie Nelson and friends at Tabernacle Christian Fellowship Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi.




“If a person has a few good friends, this is a good thing.”


Miss Shirley Moore-Collins, my typist, a beautiful person with a kind godly spirit.


Charles Conway, who suggested I expand the list of characters.


Pastor Hubie Nelson, who wrote the introduction to The Price.


Great Friends: Michael Baker, John Howard Jr., Oliver Harris, Rod Paris, Eddie Hunt, and Robert Horton.


Dr. Emmanuel C. Nwagboso, who teaches at Jackson State University.


Dr. Mercy Harper, who teaches at Jackson State University.


Dr. D. Davis, Chair of the History Department at Jackson State University.


Professor Saul Dorsey, who teaches at Jackson State University.


Rev. Dr. F. Lee Jones, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Sharon, Mattapan, MA.



I find this play, The Price, to be a sermon in itself. In fact it is one of the best plays I have ever read. This play gives a detailed report about the love of God and the consequences for the rejection of God. The Millionaire and Satan dialogue about the consequences of rejecting God. It is apparent that even Satan is more aware of the consequences of rejecting God than the Millionaire.

The Millionaire seems obsessed with greed, arrogance and selfishness, so much so that his selfcenteredness had completely removed him from reality, to the point that all he saw was money and materialism. He was obsessed to the point where he would not allow anyone to convince him otherwise. He was to the point where he did not believe in God or Satan.

The Millionaire’s blindness and obsession are the two main enemies of the soul. If they are not eliminated or kept under restraint, it can lead to death, which leads to hell. There is a place in scripture that says, “The day you hear my voice, harden not your heart.” The Millionaire never heard that voice. His blind obsession led to a permanent hearing impairment, eternal punishment in hell. The Price is a powerful play that speaks to each of us.

Rev. Hubie Nelson Tabernacle Christian Fellowship Baptist Church Jackson, MS

The Price Synopsis

The play is about an arrogant Millionaire who does not believe in God and does not accept Jesus Christ’s salvation for man. The Millionaire believes man is the measure of all things and not God. He refuses to accept the fact he is in hell because he is not supposed to be there. The Millionaire believes his paperwork must have been misplaced or mixed up with someone else’s, and God or someone made an mistake. He demands Satan look into the matter at once. He complains that hell is too hot for him. Satan tries to convinced the Millionaire there is no paper mix-up and hell is where he belongs. The Millionaire, not hearing any of it, tells Satan he needs better customer service in hell because he would be fired if Satan worked for him. Satan has the other residents of hell give their testimonies of why they are in hell, but the Millionaire is unconvinced.

Note To My Readers

The purpose of writing the play The Price:
– To give honor and glory to the living God.
– To lead someone to Christ, strengthen our faith, affirm our faith in Christ’s salvation. – To encourage our youth ministries to stand up and speak up for Christ. – To give warning not to allow the cares and distractions of this world to hinder us in God’s



– To get Christians to stop and think about God’s love, grace, mercy, forgiveness and our own salvation


– To sow into the Kingdom of the living God.




Millionaire Age: 45-55 (Very arrogant)


Sin: Unbelief in God




Annie Age: 22-26 Sin: Hearer of the word of God but not a doer


Athlete Age: 30-35 (Part of the entertainers group) Sin: Waste of God’s talent


Deacon Jones Age: 30-40 Sin: Stealing from God


Billy Age: 18 Sin: No one told him about Jesus


Atheist Age: 25 Sin: Does not believe God exists


Agnostic Age: 30 Sin: Impossible to know God


Miss Smith Age: 21-35 Sin: Busybody/gossips within the church


Mrs. Woodson Age: 35-40 (Vain person)


Sin: Past beauty queen


Setting: Hell

Performance Time: One Hour “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul” (Matthew 16:26)

Act One, Scene One


At Rise—Purgatory


The Millionaire enters the room proudly while Satan is sitting on his throne.


Millionaire: So I heard you wanted to speak with me.


Satan: I do. I had been expecting you sooner. But that Jesus kept giving you too many chances to repent.


Millionaire: Repent for what? Being rich?


Satan: Your heart was not right in God’s sight. You dismissed God from your life and made my job easy.


Millionaire: So?


Satan: You suffer from self-pride.


Millionaire: Look, Satan, it must be a mistake why I am here. There must be some sort of a paper mix-up.


Satan: (Laughs)


I can assure you there is no paper mix-up. You are where you are supposed to be.


Millionaire: I deserve better.


Satan: Than hell?


Millionaire: It’s not like I had a choice.


Satan: (Angrily standing up, pointing at the Millionaire) Oh yes, but you did!


Millionaire: How so? Satan: Serve me or God. You did not serve God.


Millionaire: What are you talking about? I served no man or God.


Satan: Then you chose me. You do not understand in your world it is only God and me.


Millionaire: Satan, I want to say to you again, I serve no man, and that includes you.


Satan: Fool, shut up. I see why you are here.


Millionaire: (Lowering his head) Satan, it is what it is.


Satan: (Curiously) Meaning?


Millionaire: I lived a rich life with no regret.


Satan: So you take pride in the way you lived?


Millionaire: And why not? If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t change anything.


Satan: Did you learn anything?


Millionaire: My life was worth it.


Satan: So you think?


Millionaire: I did not believe in heaven or hell.


Satan: What did you believe in?


Millionaire: Me.


Satan: What do you think?


Millionaire: Satan, can you turn the air on? It’s a little hot in here. I’m burning up.


Satan: (Laughs)


Sorry, the air isn’t working. Millionaire: Man, how can you stand this heat?


Satan: Over time you get used to it.


Millionaire: Really, it’s too hot down here.


Satan: (Amused)


You do not say.


Millionaire: I am burning up inside.


Satan: (Laughing)


You don’t say. You are a funny guy.


Millionaire: It’s like my whole body is on fire.


Satan: Maybe it’s your sins?


Millionaire: I do not believe in God or sin.


Satan: (Curious) Why?


Millionaire: Do you, Satan, believe in sin?


Satan: Let’s just say I play a big part in man’s sin. So yes, I do. Besides, it’s better for me if men sin.


Millionaire: You crazy, man.


Satan: You really amuse me.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: Because a man who does not believe in the living God and sin is calling me crazy.


Millionaire: Can you do something about this heat? It is really bothering me.


Satan: Are you serious? Do you know where you are? Millionaire: Yes, hell.


Satan: Then why do you ask for air conditioning when you know it’s impossible!


Millionaire: I thought you might do me a little favor.


Satan: A little favor! Do you know who I am? Have you studied the Bible?


Millionaire: The book about God and Jesus, right.


Satan: But have you studied the Bible?


Millionaire: I am well educated. What is this, some kind of ACT or SAT test or something?


Satan: Because had you studied the Bible, you would know God, and Jesus, his son. You would know who I am and why you are here.


Millionaire: What are you trying to say? I am not as educated as you, God and his son, Jesus.


Satan: No, but you are a fool and deserve to burn in hell!


Millionaire: So you think? Satan, I have not called you any bad names.


Satan: But you are a fool, because even I fear God!


Millionaire: You think there really is a God?


Satan: Yes, I know he exists!


Millionaire: Satan, do you think there is a God?


Satan: Let’s say we were on the opposite sides of the war in heaven. Where do you think you are at? I like your kind, I wish I had more like you millionaires.


Millionaire: What do you mean?


Satan: You reject God and his son, then blame God when you end up here. Been there. Done that.


Millionaire: I take that back, what I said earlier.


Satan: What? Millionaire: I said I serve no man or God, including you. I serve the god of materialism and worship it too.


Satan: You mean money.


Millionaire: And all it could buy.


Satan: Then you worshiped me.


Millionaire: How so?


Satan: Because I am the god of materialism.


Millionaire: Strange, about the god of materialism.


Satan: What!


Millionaire: With all my wealth, I couldn’t buy happiness and inner peace. There were those who had less and seemed to be happy, and shared in an inner peace I could never know.


Satan: Take it from me, that happiness and inner peace isn’t all what it seemed to be.


Millionaire: I was told to give my life over to Jesus and fear and respect God and I too could enjoy this inner peace only Jesus Christ could bring into my life.


Satan: And what happened?


Millionaire: Jesus is not for me. My other millionaire friends accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They were changed men.


Satan: You did right rejecting that Jesus and God. You got to be your own man in matters of your soul. You cannot let people control you, you know.


Millionaire: (Nodding his head in agreement)


Right on, Satan, right on. Even though I felt I made the right decision for my life, I always felt empty inside.


Satan: (Laughs)


I wonder why? Millionaire: I wished sometimes I could have bought it.


Satan: God’s love and Jesus’ peace is not for sale.


Millionaire: How do you know?


Satan: I do not want to talk of this God and Jesus. I am happy there are people in the world who think like you.


Millionaire: What do you mean, people who think like me?


Satan: People who think for themselves.


Millionaire: Oh.


Satan: You are a good man.


Millionaire: You think?


Satan: Yes, I know a good man when I see one.


Millionaire: Thanks.


Satan: I do not lie; I only want the best for you. I am happy you’re here.


Millionaire: I am a good man. God is unfair.


Satan: But you are here. I, Satan, carefully devise schemes and tactics against believers. My demonic devils are at war with God’s people over the souls of men and women.


Millionaire: But why me?


Satan: Your sins are many.


Millionaire: Whatever.


Satan: Your greed, selfishness and arrogance are the reason you are here.


Millionaire: Not true, all lies! What proof do you have, Satan?


Satan: I am Satan and you demand proof?


Millionaire: And why not? Satan: (Angry)


I do not like your arrogance; do not forget who you are talking to.


Millionaire: Sorry.


Satan: Good. Your choice was heaven or hell. Stop blaming others for your problems.


Millionaire: I do not believe in God or Jesus.


Satan: I love this, keep talking. There are many like you who are willing to lose their souls.


Millionaire: Sounds like you have some regrets. Me, never!


Satan: Your false pride is the reason you are here.


Millionaire: Never had a chance.


Satan: But you paid the price to be here.


Millionaire: What price?


Satan: Your soul!


Millionaire: I do not remember signing a contract with you or anyone about my soul.


Satan: You’re right, but you rejected God and his son Jesus Christ. The contract is automatic.


Millionaire: What?


Satan: You are mine!


Millionaire: No way!


Satan: All the time you are talking your big talk, you do not serve man or God. You are serving me; I am the god of materialism. Now who do you serve?


Millionaire: I do not know? Satan: Too late, you’re here now! I cannot believe Jesus died on the cross for fools like you. I tried to stop Jesus many times.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: Because men are not worth Jesus dying on the cross. He loves you but few men love Jesus in return. What a waste! Like I said, you paid the price.


Millionaire: My soul.


Satan: Now that Job was a real man.


Millionaire: Why, there really is a God?


Satan: No matter what I did to Job, he continued to praise and glorify God. You’re confusing me, Millionaire. I thought you did not believe in God or his son, Jesus.


Millionaire: I don’t, but maybe if someone kept talking to me, I might have believed.


Satan: No way. Besides, you would not have listened. Your wife tried. You hated to go to church with her.


Millionaire: Not true.


Satan: Yes, your wife tried to talk to you about Jesus, but you would have none of it. You pushed her away.


Millionaire: My wife always talked when I was busy. My mind was on making money and more money. I never had enough. Who was Job in the Bible?


Satan: I hated Job because of his love for God, but he had the faith like no other.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: Because Job loved and trusted God. You really have never read or heard the stories in the Bible?


Millionaire: Never really had time to read.


Satan: I would not advise any to read or listen to the Bible.


Millionaire: But I thought you liked the Bible? Satan: No, you thought wrong!


Millionaire: (Confused)


Now you are confusing me.


Satan: The Bible tells lies about me.


Millionaire: You mean stories.


Satan: I said what I meant. The Bible tells lies, all lies.


Millionaire: You are confusing me. You must have read it to speak so hatefully about it.


Satan: If you must know, I lived it.


Millionaire: You mean the Bible.


Satan: I am sorry to say because people lie about me.


Millionaire: Why would the Bible lie about you?


Satan: I do not know. But tell me what you know about salvation in the Bible.


Millionaire: Salvation, what is that?


Satan: Are you serious? You really do not know. You humans amaze me.


Millionaire: It’s not fair; ask me about the stock market or Wall Street. You need a stock tip? This is what I cared about and know.


Satan: So sad.


Millionaire: It made a lot of money for me and my friends.


Satan: Nothing like hard cold cash.


Millionaire: I had plenty of cash. I was the man.


Satan: You don’t get it. You really do not understand where you are. Do you think this is a game?


Millionaire: Get what? Satan: You’re in hell and I own your soul.


Millionaire: It is what it is.


Satan: Such arrogance I have never seen.


Millionaire: Why, because I won’t bow down to you?


Satan: You don’t get it!


Millionaire: I am in hell because of what I did or did not do. So be it.


Satan: Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance.


Millionaire: Just keeping it real.


Satan: Hell is real.


Millionaire: So?


Satan: You are here because you denied the living God and his son, Jesus Christ.


Millionaire: Do not make such a big deal about God and Jesus.


Satan: Oh, but they are. That’s why you’re here.


Millionaire: At least I did not try to be God.


Satan: If you were alive, I would kill you. You are crazy, a real fool.


Millionaire: I am lost for words.


Satan: Not you.


Millionaire: You must tell me more about Job and Jesus.


Satan: You missed your chance to learn.


Millionaire: I was not interested in Job and Jesus then.


Satan: Remember, you almost died in the hospital.


Millionaire: Yes, I almost died. Satan: Who do you think kept you alive?


Millionaire: The doctors.


Satan: I could not convince God to let you die.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: For some reason unknown to me, he thought you were worth saving. But you rejected him.


Millionaire: Strange God.


Satan: Only if you do not know him.


Millionaire: I lost salvation.


Satan: You are here. And I thought you did not know what God’s salvation is?


Millionaire: That says a lot. Now I think I understand a little.


Satan: Like you said, “It is what it is.”


Millionaire: And I am here.


Satan: Don’t be feeling sorry for yourself now. You paid the price.


Millionaire: Sure, I paid the price.


Satan: I was there when God sent his angel to talk to you about giving your life to Christ, and you told him to shut up because you were watching the stock market report.


Millionaire: No angel ever came to me.


Satan: The angel spoke through your business partner about giving your life to Jesus Christ.


Millionaire: Never understood why Ben gave his life to Christ. He was a changed man.


Satan: He believed in God.


Millionaire: So he did, but not me. Satan: Great, because you’re here.


Millionaire: Don’t be talking all that religion stuff. Do not want to hear it.


Satan: Man, after all this talk, you are still not getting it.


Millionaire: What? How was I to know the angel spoke through my friend?


Satan: You didn’t want to hear the word of God in your life.


Millionaire: Money was my life.


Satan: We have many millionaires and billionaires here.


Millionaire: Great, money men think alike.


Satan: Not impressed.


Millionaire: Since I have time on my hands, I will read the Bible here.


Satan: Never, never here. Too late, you paid the price.


Millionaire: My choice was God or you. So unfair of God.


Satan: (Laughs)


Like you said, “It is what it is.”


Millionaire: So unfair. God’s salvation didn’t interest me. I would have called my lawyers and placed a bid.


Satan: Your question proves my point: God’s salvation is not for sale.


Millionaire: That is?


Satan: You do not get it.


Millionaire: Why do you keep saying that?


Satan: What?


Millionaire: You keep saying I do not get it. Satan: True, you do not. Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. Now do not get me wrong; the more people who do not accept Jesus Christ’s salvation, the better for me. I would have never met you if you believed in salvation.


Millionaire: Why is it getting hotter? I cannot get my paperwork done.


Satan: (Laughs)


You are in hell. I say the hotter the better. There is no paperwork in hell.


Millionaire: I was a good man, I gave my money.


Satan: But your heart was not right.


Millionaire: I did help people in need who asked me.


Satan: But as I told you, God knows your heart. Your name was not in the Book of Life.


Millionaire: But I did help people in need. I do not care if my name was not printed in the Book of Life. So what?


Satan: To God your heart is everything. Your name, printed in the Book of Life, was not there, and I rejoiced. I worked so hard to keep it out.


Millionaire: Confusing.


Satan: No. Did you give because God shared with you or blessed you? How many times did you give out of your heart? You gave because you wanted praises from men and news write-ups. You gave not to honor God and his glory.


Millionaire: But Satan, I made the money, not God.


Satan: You do not get it. Everything you had was God’s.


Millionaire: You talk as if you know God.


Satan: Enough talk.


Millionaire: A little longer, talk to me.


Satan: I’d rather not. I cast you into the eternal lake of fire.


Millionaire: God, help! Satan: Now you call out to God. Your whole life you rejected God. Where is your big talk now?


Millionaire: What do you mean?


Satan: I saw you panic when I said, “I cast you into the eternal lake of fire.”


Millionaire: I was frightened!


Satan: Not you, Mr. Rich Man. I was only joking for now.


Millionaire: Just joking? You sounded real to me.


Satan: You still have a little time left.


Millionaire: Before what?


Satan: Before I cast you into the eternal lake of fire.


Millionaire: You serious, Satan?


Satan: This is the price you pay for rejecting God’s salvation.


Millionaire: I think this is a big mistake. My paperwork must have gotten mixed up with someone else’s.


Satan: You are here because you belong here. God does not make mistakes.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: Because he is God.


Millionaire: How do you know God exists?


Satan: There you go with that crazy question again.


Millionaire: What crazy question?


Satan: Your disbelief in God and Jesus Christ.


Millionaire: I never saw God or talked with him.


Satan: Are you crazy or a fool who lacks understanding? Millionaire: One thing I am not is a fool!


Satan: Then stop talking like one.


Millionaire: I am not.


Satan: I fear God and you don’t?


Millionaire: Sounds like you got a personal problem, Satan.


Satan: Fool, for the last time, God is real and all the living should fear him.


Millionaire: Because he is God? Sorry, not enough to convince me that God is real.


Satan: You are arrogant, as most rich people are in God’s sight.


Millionaire: There’s nothing wrong with being rich.


Satan: I think it’s great that rich people think their money is god. It makes my demons’ job easy. Money is not evil, but people use money for evil purposes. You love money more than you loved God.


Millionaire: First you have to believe in God, and I do not.


Satan: You arrogant fool; you still do not get it after all this time.


Millionaire: Satan, I’m not buying all the stories in the Bible.


Satan: Stories you call them, stories you call in the Bible, I agree.


Millionaire What I heard, the writers of the Bible were drunks.


Satan: You don’t say?


Millionaire: Those church-going folk do really believe in Jesus Christ.


Satan: And they would say you are a fool.


Millionaire: Church folks have faith in God, no matter what.


Satan: You know, I had a problem with Job because he had faith in God no matter what.


Millionaire: Who was Job?


Satan: (Laughs)


You really have not heard of Job?


Millionaire: Is he someone I needed to know?


Satan: No, just a man who gave me some problems back in the day.


Millionaire: You are funny, Satan.


Satan: Why?


Millionaire: You trying to talk like you are hip and cool.


Satan: I am.


Millionaire: (Laughs)


You too old.


Satan: …you said old. How dare you call me old!


Millionaire: But Satan, I meant no disrespect.


Satan: No, you the one who is funny, coming down to hell asking me to turn the air conditioner on because it’s hot down here.


Millionaire: Sorry if I offended you.


Satan: Talking about you are burning up inside.


Millionaire: But I am.


Satan: Where do you think you are? Now that’s funny.


Millionaire: Like I said, I did not mean to offend you. Satan: (Angrily)

Mr. Millionaire, you might have been a big shot up there, but you are here now. You are mine and you paid the price. So do not come down here talking your big talk. I am the man down here. I do not like your big talk. If you, God and Jesus Christ have a problem, do not bring it down here. Like I said, you paid the price to be here and there is no mistake.

Millionaire: (Lowers his head) But, Satan—


Satan: Shut up! Just shut up! You try to blame everyone but yourself for being here.

But to be fair to God and Jesus Christ, they gave you many chances to repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, but you chose not to. I am very happy you did not.

Millionaire: I thought God and Jesus Christ were enemies of yours?


Satan: We are. Just wanted to be fair.


Millionaire: (Laughs)


Satan, when did you ever care about what’s fair and right?


Satan: Look, I have warned you.


Millionaire: About what?


Satan: You know.


Millionaire: What?


Satan: Your arrogance. Keep it up and you’ll see.


Millionaire: Sorry.


Satan: People are not worth Jesus dying on the cross to save. I told Jesus that many times.


Millionaire: You told him what?


Satan: Not to waste his time, because he will live to regret dying on the cross to try to save men like you.


Millionaire: What did Jesus say?


Satan: Jesus said, “God loves and forgives.”


Millionaire: Then why didn’t Jesus forgive me?


Satan: You never asked!


Millionaire: So what!


Satan: Even in death you would not repent and accept Jesus Christ as your savior.


Millionaire: (Arrogantly)


Satan, it is what it is.


Satan: You’re right, you are here. You paid the price; you are eternally a part of my family.


Millionaire: Not by choice.


Satan: You’re wrong, my friend, you did make your choice.


Millionaire: Cannot remember when I did have a choice.


Satan: Do not make me cast you into the lake of eternal fire before your time. You know the answer to the question.


Millionaire: And that is?


Satan: The rejection of God’s salvation.


Millionaire: So be it.


Satan: Such arrogance. You do not get it.


Millionaire: I am tired of you telling me I don’t get it.


Satan: Let me help you understand better.


Millionaire: What?


Satan: God’s salvation is a serious matter and not a game. Millionaire: I never said it was.


Satan: You’re right. You never cared or considered God’s salvation.


Millionaire: I had all the money I ever needed, but wanted even more. I bought people like stocks and bonds to do my will. People love money and some will even kill for it.


Satan: I think you chose rightly because you are my resident. You have paid the price. I hate God and people who do love him.


Millionaire: So I paid the price.


Satan: Yes, you paid the price to be here. Let me help you, because I do not think

you are getting it. I will bring in some new arrivals to help. Maybe if you listen to their stories you may better understand why you are a resident of hell and there is no mistake.

Millionaire: I do not belong here; it’s some kind of mistake, I tell you!

(The group of new arrivals enters; Satan signals them to enter. The group stands as Satan calls each one forward to tell their stories why they are in hell. The first person to step up front to speak is Annie.)

Satan: This is Mr. Millionaire and he says he does not understand why he is here and it must be a mistake. I want each of you to share your story.


Annie: (Steps forward)


Satan: Tell Mr. Millionaire who you are, your sin and why you are here. Since he is the only one who does not think he belongs here.


(The group laughs.)


Annie: Satan, he really does not know?


Satan: So he says. By the way, group, the Millionaire’s first demand for me was to turn the air conditioner on because it’s too hot down here.


(The group laughs.)


Annie: You really asked Satan to turn on the air conditioner? You are really funny! Satan: (Points at him)


Now who is funny?


(The group laughs.)


Annie: What is your sin?


Millionaire: Being rich.


Satan: You lie; his sins are being arrogant, greedy, selfish. But his major sins were rejection of God and Jesus Christ’s salvation.


Annie: (Stares at him in disbelief)


Are you crazy? Even I believe in God and accepted Jesus Christ’s salvation. He died on the cross for us.


Millionaire: (Laughs)


And you ended up here.


Satan: (Interrupts)


Finish your story, Annie.


Annie: At least I know why I am here. You really must be crazy to reject God and Jesus Christ’s salvation. I would never do that. My sin is I was a hearer of the word, but never a doer of the word.


Satan: (Signals he can speak)


Millionaire: What do you mean, Annie, you were a hearer of the word of God and not a doer?


Annie: God and my Lord and Savior want us to be doer of his word and not just a

hearer. I know the Bible very well. I was a nice church girl, singing in the church’s choir, participated in youth groups at church. Parents would tell their daughters I was a good role model for the young ladies in the church. I played that nice church girl role.

Millionaire: What do you mean, played that nice church girl role?


Annie: Because I did.


Millionaire: How? Annie: When my parents would go to bed, I would sneak out of my bedroom window and meet my friends.


Millionaire: But why? I thought you liked church.


Annie: It was okay, but for me a little too boring.


Millionaire: But young people are expected to have fun at their age.


Annie: Yes, but I was partying too much with my friends.


Millionaire: Partying too much?


Annie: I was drinking, smoking, doing drugs, cursing and having sex.


Millionaire: In that order.


Annie: What did you say?


Satan: He was just joking with you.


Millionaire: You were just a teen. Why would you feel guilty for having fun?


Annie: We are to walk with God and be obedient.


Millionaire: I do not believe in God.


Annie: Why?


Millionaire: I just do not.


Annie: Are you crazy? God is love, Jesus Christ died for our sins.


Millionaire: So?


Annie: (Angry)

Corinthians 4:4 says, “In who the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine into them.”

Millionaire: Annie, I am impressed, you do know the Bible. Annie: I told you I know the Bible is God’s holy word. Sir, I feel sorry for you.


Millionaire: Why do you feel sorry for me?


Annie: You are lost. In Corinthians 4:3 it says, “But if the gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.”


Millionaire: You claim you love God and Jesus Christ but you are here with me in hell. Now who’s the one talking crazy?


Annie: I know why I am in hell and do not blame anyone but myself. I do love God and Jesus Christ.


Millionaire: Why you are in hell?


Annie: Because I was a hearer of the word of God and not a doer.


Millionaire: (Confused)


I do not understand.


Annie: I am in hell with you because I did not obey the word of God. This is why I am here. God loves us all.


Millionaire: How do you know this?


Annie: John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”


Millionaire: Satan, why do you allow her to speak of God and Jesus Christ in your presence?


Satan: Why not? She’s in hell with you. Her sin was being a hearer of the word of God and not a doer of the word. Annie, like you, paid the price.


Millionaire: You make it seem like God can do anything.


Annie: Corinthians 6:20 says, “For the kingdom of God is not word, but in power.”


Millionaire: You going to allow her to keep speaking?


Satan: Let Annie continue. Millionaire: I see she likes quoting Corinthians.


Annie: I knew what I was doing wrong in God’s sight. But I did not care. I thought, so what if my parents are fooled, I am a nice church girl.


Millionaire: Did you go to college?


Annie: Yes, that’s where things got worse for me. When my roommates moved out and got their own apartments, I asked them how were they going to afford it. They just laughed at me.


Millionaire: How were your roommates going to afford the apartment and cars?


Annie: Dancing in the clubs, they make over $500 a night and sometimes more. That’s a lot of money for a college student.


Millionaire: Yes, it is. I’ve paid rent for plenty of my women.


Annie: How could you? You were a family man, right?


Millionaire: (Shouts)


Do not judge me!


Annie: I am not judging you, but you were married and had a family.


Millionaire: And your point is?


Annie: My father would have never done that.


Millionaire: Are you sure?


Annie: Yes, my father would never cheat on my mother.


Millionaire: Are you sure, Annie?


Satan: Let the girl finish speaking.


Annie: One night I was leaving the club, fell asleep and had a car accident.


Millionaire: Did you hurt anyone?


Annie: (Lowers her head)


A mother and her two children. Millionaire: So sad.


Annie: Yes, but unlike you, I belong down here. I just thought I had more time to repent my sins. I did not know my time was up.


Millionaire: You died so young.


Annie: God’s time does not wait on anyone. I was going to give my life over to Jesus Christ, but I thought I had more time.


Millionaire: I want to be clear on something. You mean you were a stripper dancer?


Annie: Yes. It was fun and I liked it.


Millionaire: Why?


Annie: Men pay attention while you were dancing and they throw money at you. I had to keep drinking to stop feeling bad about myself.


Millionaire: What about your parents?


Annie: What about them?


Millionaire: They would be ashamed?


Billy: (Shouts out, but is ignored) No one told me about Jesus!


Annie: My family never knew anything except that I was in a car accident. Let me

say something about my parents. Both were loving and good people who raised me with God’s word. I knew better because I was raised up in the church as a child. My family did the best they could with me. I don’t want anyone to blame them for anything I’ve done. I am in hell because of my ways. I do understand why I am in hell. I was a hearer of the word of God and not a doer. I thought I would wait until I got old and ask God to forgive my sins. I would go back to my roots as a child when I was raised in the church.

Millionaire: Why do you say time ran out on you?


Annie: It did because I was going to come to Jesus when I got old. Most people wait till they get old and rejoin the church.


Millionaire: I still do not understand why you said time ran out on you.


Annie: Because for Jesus we should live our lives, we should live it in such a way that

whenever he comes we will be ready. It’s true, young people are risk takers and we think we are going to live forever. I forgot the teachings of Jesus Christ and did not listen.

Millionaire: I became concerned with the cares of this world.


Annie: Like what?


Millionaire: Like money, the only thing that mattered to me in the world.


Annie: I have no problem understanding why you are here.


Millionaire: Well, I do.


Annie: (Looks at Satan)


Satan, you are right, he is arrogant.


Billy: (Speaks up)


I never knew Jesus, no one told me about him.


Satan: Do not speak out of your turn again, Billy! How does God put up with you people!


Annie: Because Jesus loved us.


Satan: (Angry)


Annie, I allowed you to speak freely about God and Jesus Christ. Let’s not push your luck in my presence.


Millionaire: I told you, Satan, not to allow Annie to speak freely.


Satan: I am the god of hell and I do what I want!


Annie: I waited too long to come to Christ and now I must pay the price.


Satan: Annie, I warned you about God and speaking too much. You offend me.


Annie: (Steps back into the line and lowers her head) Millionaire: Annie, you think you’re in hell because you waited too long.


Annie: (Raises her head)


Yes, because God tells us tomorrow is not promised to us. He can come any hour and we have a Christian duty to be ready.


Billy: (Shouts)


No one told me about Jesus!


Satan: Billy, I think you have something to say.


Billy: No one told me about Jesus because if they had, I would not be in hell.


Millionaire: Why do you say that?


Satan: Billy, even if someone had tried to tell you, you wouldn’t have listened.


Billy: (Almost crying)


I did not have a chance like Annie to know Jesus Christ. I do not feel sorry for Annie, she got what she deserved.


Millionaire: And what is that?


Billy: Hell is where she belongs.


Annie: (Raises her hand, eager to speak in her behalf. Satan notices and waves her to speak)


Yes, it’s true, I knew Jesus but refused to obey and this is my price, and I accept it.


Millionaire: (Laughing)


So you are paying the price.


Annie: At least I am a woman about it and not trying to blame other people for my sins. You deny the reason you’re here in hell and I do not!


Millionaire: Annie, you talk too much.


Annie: Maybe, but Billy did not have a chance to know Jesus because no one told him.


Billy: (Crying)


No one told me about Jesus. I did not know. If I did, I would not be here in hell.


Satan: Maybe, maybe not.


Millionaire: Man, stop that crying, act like a man. You’re here now, what can crying do for you?


Billy: (Stares at him)


My girlfriend had a chance to tell me about Jesus, but I told her to shut up.


Millionaire: Stop saying that. I am tired of hearing about Jesus.


Annie: (Waves her hand to get permission to speak. Satan nods for her to speak) Leave Billy alone. Billy is right; no one told him about Jesus. Maybe if he knew about Jesus, he would not be here with us if he listened.


Millionaire: That is a big IF.


Annie: Why?


Millionaire: You knew about Jesus and look how you turned out.


Annie: I did not listen as a teen.


Millionaire: Your problem. Now you are here with the rest of us.


Annie: (Lowers her head) I paid the price.


Billy: I think it’s not fair. My friends did not tell me and my family did not tell me. My grandmother never went to church and my mother never attended church. They sat around and drank all day.


Annie: Did any of you go to church?


Billy: No.


Annie: Why? Billy: We were doing drugs and drinking.


Annie: Did you feel loved at home, Billy?


Billy: No. My mother cared more about her boyfriends than me. My mother’s

boyfriend would eat dinner first before the kids. I ate last and by myself. They always got the best of whatever Mom cooked. We got what was left. If I complained, she would beat us.

Annie: Poor child, you were abused. In Proverbs 22:6 it says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.”


Millionaire: You never reached old age


Annie: (Snaps back)


At least I believe in God and that his son Jesus Christ died on the cross that I may have salvation.


Millionaire: For a secret stripper, you talk too much. You were leading a dangerous and seedy double life.


Annie: And I paid the price.


Billy: (Looks back at Annie)

But I abused others because I was abused. I broke into churches and stole the equipment to sell. When I became a teen I would fight and curse my mother and grandmother out. I would not listen to anyone, not even my teachers.

Annie: (In disbelief)


You broke into God’s house? Shame on you. Now I see why you are here.


Billy: Why, because I broke into a church?


Annie: You must been on drugs or crazy to steal from God.


Billy: I did not care about anything or anyone, even myself.


Annie: Jesus was your answer if you would’ve gone to him and asked him to forgive you, and Jesus would have helped you.


Millionaire: There she goes again, Satan, with that Jesus talk. Satan: (Shouts)


Annie, I warned you!


Millionaire: Let Billy finish his story.


Billy: My friends and I were robbing a store and the police arrived on the scene and

I stood there with a gun in my hand. I panicked and killed a policeman. The police told me to put down the gun but instead I pointed it at the police, and they shot and killed me.

Millionaire: How old were you, Billy?


Billy: I was 18 years old. I never knew Jesus. I never knew Jesus. No one told me about Jesus, not even my family.


Millionaire: Do I have to listen to all this?


Satan: Part of your punishment. You never took the time to listen to anyone but yourself. Here you have as much time as I allow you.


Millionaire: The stories are boring, all this crazy talk about God, Jesus and salvation. It is giving me a headache.


Satan: It’s all in your mind. You are here in hell. You are still trying to hold on to your status as a wealthy man. Here in hell you have no status.


Millionaire: Down on the rich again.


Satan: You hoarded your wealth, but your son is spending your money like water.


Millionaire: I worked so hard for it.


Satan: Your son will be broke within the next five years. I suggested that he could double his money by betting at the casino.


Millionaire: But he will lose.


Satan: Like many others, their families, cars, trusts, homes, etc. Your son has a gambling habit.


Millionaire: How? I left my son millions.


Satan: Your son is like his father, he will not take good advice. Millionaire: Not true!


Satan: Very true, and that is a good thing because he will listen to my demons.


Millionaire: (Holds his head down in sadness)


Satan: (Introduces the next person)


I have grouped these people as entertainers because these people here in hell entertain in various ways.


Millionaire: What are their sins?


Satan: They prefer the praise of people than to give praises to God. Their other sins were abusing and misusing their gifts from God with alcohol and drugs.


Millionaire: You mean their talents.


Satan: Yes, and some of them even attended church, confessed their love for the Lord.


Millionaire: So-called God’s people.


Satan: No, my people. If they were God’s people they would not be here.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: God’s people and my people have nothing to do with each other. We are two different families because my family hates God and Jesus.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: God’s people obey the will of God and my family do not.


Annie: Satan, you were kicked out of heaven and your family because you wanted to be God.


Satan: All lies, all lies, all lies, you learn from the Bible, all lies. I will allow one

person to speak for the group of entertainers. Who will speak for the group? (The entertainers shake their heads no.)

What about you movie stars? No singers, musicians, beauty queens? I see your hand up, Athlete.


Athlete: I will speak for the group.


Satan: So you will. You all have something in common with the millionaires.


Millionaire: What is that?


Satan: Vain and successful people.


Millionaire: Yes, but what was their net worth?


Satan: (Laughs)


In hell, nothing.


Annie: (Interrupts)


Proverbs 22:1, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor than silver and gold.”


Satan: (Shout back)


Annie, not another word!


Millionaire: I am shocked you allow her to sit there and continue to quote scripture in front of you as long as she did.


Satan: Must be getting soft in my old age.


Millionaire: No, I think you are biased.


Satan: (Angry)


What did you say?


Millionaire: You are biased in favor of women. You would never allow a man to stand before you in hell and quote scripture. No way, man, never, never.


Satan: I am going to ignore what you just said. Athlete, you can speak now.


Athlete: Unlike the Millionaire, we all know why we are in hell. We failed to do

what’s right in the sight of God and paid the price. We are not in denial like the Millionaire, claiming it was a mistake, the paperwork must have gotten mixed up. We accept responsibility for our sins.
When the world is telling you you’re great, you feel great. When you have all that you ever wanted in life, you do not care about anything or anyone but yourself at that moment. But sometimes things can go bad and when people turn on you, especially the ones you thought were your friends, because of bad press or whatever, alcohol and drugs is always there waiting to help you forget.

Millionaire: Just weak minds, if you think alcohol and drugs will help.


Annie: (Eagerly raises her hand, but Satan glances over at her and she sits back down)


Athlete: Yes, we misused alcohol and drugs, which dishonored God’s gift to us. As

athletes we do not think of our talents as a gift from God. I cannot speak for everyone in the group, but I did not know I was dishonoring God by abusing and misusing alcohol and drugs. I destroyed myself, my family and career. I wish I could tell my good friends and all I am sorry, but it’s too late. I paid the price.

Millionaire: Is that all you can say? I paid the price, I paid the price, I paid the price. I am sick of hearing it!


Satan: Last chance. Would anyone else like to speak?


Athlete: One last thing


Satan: What is it?


Athlete: Like the Millionaire said, “Could you turn the air conditioner on? It’s getting hot in here.”


(They all laugh.)


Millionaire: (Snaps)


Are you making fun of me?


Athlete: Why?


Millionaire: I do not like your tone.


Athlete: (Angry)


What are you going to do about it? Satan: (Interrupts)

I am not going to have any fighting down here. You people on earth are always cursing and fighting each other and raising hell up there, but not down here. I, Satan, run this show down here!

Millionaire: I did not like the Athlete’s tone.


Satan: Many of you are residents of hell because of your little egos.


Athlete: Like I told you, Millionaire, what are you going to do about it?


Satan: (Stands up and point at the Athlete)


No fighting. Why does God put up with you people?


Annie: (Shouts)


Out of grace, mercy and his love.


Satan: (Staring at her)


Must be, because without his mercy he would not.


Millionaire: Sounds like you know God.


Satan: We have met a few times.


Millionaire: I do not know who you met. I do not believe in God or Jesus.


Satan: Are you crazy? Even I fear God.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: Because I know he’s the one true God.


Millionaire: You do not say!


Satan: You and the entertainers are my kind of people that do not believe in God.


Millionaire: Why are they too? Satan: Because they like to party, drink too much, do drugs, pop pills from the

doctor and get hooked on them. Most live their lives never thinking one day they will be held accountable to God. Entertainers think they are going to live forever, like young people. They are risk takers. God is not on their minds and I love it.

Millionaire: I think the entertainers are crazy ones.


Satan: Not so. I’ve seen worse.


Millionaire: Really?


Satan: I cannot convince you God and Jesus exist and I will never try.


Millionaire: Your beliefs are your beliefs and my beliefs are mine.


Satan: Fair.


Millionaire: The entertainers are always taking drugs, drinking and partying. Looking for

fans to admire them when they have not earned the admiration. The entertainers used their talents to succeed in their careers but are failures in life most of the time.

Athlete: Not all entertainers. Much of what you are saying is not true.


Millionaire: What a waste of human talent.


Satan: (Smiles)

Those who cannot see their way usually take their lives. Entertainers seek anyone but God to help them in life. They seek many strange religions, spiritual enlightenment of a higher consciousness even I do not understand.

Millionaire: They call it collective spiritual evolution. The new Western and Eastern mysticism and the occult.


Satan: How do you know so much?


Millionaire: I did not believe in God and Jesus Christ. I had to seek a substitute to replace my emptiness inside.


Satan: Did it work? Millionaire: No. My millionaire friends said nothing but Jesus could fill my emptiness inside. I did not want to hear anything about Jesus.


Satan: Good man. We need more people like you in the world who think like you.


Millionaire: You think?


Satan: The more the better.


Millionaire: You know, the more I think about it, you are right. Yes indeed, more people who think like me.


Satan: You know I would never lie to you.


Millionaire: You really need to check on my paperwork. I do not belong here. It must be some sort of paper mix-up. People should be able to live as they want and not be burdened with this God or Jesus stuff.


Satan: Oh, but you are. It’s called free will. Remember, you must pay the price if you choose wrong.


Millionaire: Pay the price, interesting concept!


Satan: It’s serious.


Millionaire: My choices are?


Satan: God or me.


Millionaire: You mean that’s it? You and God? I prefer neither.


Satan: Oh, but you’re wrong.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: You made your choice because you are with me.


Millionaire: I demand to see my papers that landed me in hell. I know it’s a mix-up because I was a good person!


Satan: But not in God’s sight. Your heart was not right.


Millionaire: Not true! Satan: You’re here because you wanted the praise of men and did not give the glory to God.


Millionaire: When was the last time God had his eyes checked? (Laughs)


Satan: God’s salvation is not a joke. God knows your heart. I still do not think you’re getting it after all the guests shared their stories with you as to why they are here.


Millionaire: You’re right, I do not believe them.


Satan: That’s on you as to what you believe and don’t believe. I’m just trying to get you to understand it’s no mistake you are here.


Annie: (Shouts out)

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness.” Romans 1:18. And… “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life though Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 6:23.

Millionaire: I thought you told Annie to shut up.


Satan: I did.


Millionaire: Can you stop her from speaking?


Satan: In a way this is a part of her punishment.


Millionaire: She bothers me with all those scripture.


Satan: Remember, Annie was brought up in the church and she knows the scriptures well, but she was a hearer of the word of God and not a doer.


Millionaire: I am confused; you speak as if you know God.


Satan: Let’s say we have had a few run-ins and a few words!


Millionaire: Over what?


Satan: Over souls. You know we’re both in the soul business.


Millionaire: How is business? Satan: Great! Many people have lost their faith and refuse to acknowledge God, they want to replace him with fake gods and substitutes.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: Thanks to me, because I am the author of confusion in their minds and lives.

Anytime there is confusion in the family, church and the world, I am there making sure no one lives by the word of God. I tell you, my friend, the world is a better place with me than without. I am the evil one and my demons.

Millionaire: I do not understand but, Satan, if you say so.


Satan: You have a small mind. You cannot see me running the earth without God.


Millionaire: Say what! Well, I do see a world without God, Jesus and you. Look, Satan, that’s between you God and Jesus. I just want my paper corrected to get out of hell.


Satan: You paid the price!


Millionaire: Man, I do not know what price you talking about. I just want out of hell.

Look, Satan, you have not given me the air conditioner. I have told you many times it’s hot down here. This is bad customer service. I would have fired you if you worked for me.

Satan: You do not say. I am not hot. In fact I think it’s nice down here.


Millionaire: Satan, can you not feel that heat, man? Too hot, too hot.


Satan: You think?


Millionaire: Do not play with me. Instead of forcing me to listen to your residents of hell’s sorry stories, you should have been checking on my paperwork.


Satan: If I did not think you were funny, I would set you on fire now.


Millionaire: (Impatiently)


I think you’re wasting time talking.


Satan: (Snapping back)


In hell there is no such thing as time. Millionaire: I think you do not like me because I am rich.


Satan: Who do you think allowed you to be rich? You are mine, you are in my family, and I take care of my family.


Millionaire: What do you mean I am part of your family?


Satan: There are only two families on earth, mine and God’s, and you selected mine.


Millionaire: No way, Satan!


Satan: You did not believe in the living God and rejected Jesus Christ’s salvation, so you automatically became a member of my family.


Millionaire: That sounds crazy, man.


Satan: You paid the price.


Millionaire: Must be some mistake!


Satan: God does not make mistakes.


Millionaire: God’s not perfect.


Satan: God is more and better than perfect.


Millionaire: I do not believe that.


Satan: You are in hell now, it really does not matter to me what you believe. I am happy you rejected God and Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for your salvation.


Millionaire: I do not know what salvation is and do not want to know.


Satan: Good man. This is why you are mine. I lost so many souls to Jesus Christ because of his salvation.


Millionaire: How?


Satan: The people believe in God and his son Jesus Christ and listen as well as obey his holy words in the Bible. Those people cause me and my demonic devils many problems.


Millionaire: Really.


Satan: My staff and I are very busy all the time. We get plenty of the Annie type, the hearers of the word of God and not a doer. I do not know why God puts up with them.


Annie: (Shouts)


God’s love, mercy and grace.


Millionaire: There she goes again with her crazy self.


Annie: I am not crazy. At least I am not asking for an air conditioner in hell.


Millionaire: I would not talk, secret stripper.


Annie: My name is Annie! “Better is the poor that walketh in his uprightness than he that is perverse in his way though he be rich.” Proverbs 28:6.


Millionaire: Yes, Annie the secret stripper, a daytime Christian and a nighttime slut.


Satan: Both of you stop, you’re giving me a headache. I wonder how God puts up with you people.


Millionaire: I cannot believe Satan has headaches in hell. How’s your blood pressure?


Satan: This is not a joke!


Millionaire: Just concerned. When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked?


Satan: You are in hell and you are not of flesh.


Millionaire: If I am in hell, why do I feel hot?


Satan: Because you’re in hell and it’s supposed to be hot.


Athlete: Do not talk bad to Annie anymore.


Millionaire: You mean the nice church girl?


Athlete: You heard me. If you were on earth I would kick your you-know-what, I mean. You cannot praise God because you are looking for it yourself. Millionaire: You would be in jail the rest of your life. I might even have paid to have you killed.


Athlete: You think you’re the only one who had millions? I too had it going on when I was on top of the world.


Millionaire: You know nothing about money and how to use it to get people to do what you want.


Athlete: What do you mean?


Millionaire: I knew about making money. I knew the power of money. I knew if one

person would not do something for money, someone else would if the price was right. Money made the world go round. People who do not have it wish every day that they did.

Athlete: Get to your point!


Satan: Please do because you and the group are running out of time.


Millionaire: I thought you said there is no such thing as time in hell.


Satan: Not as you know it.


Millionaire: As I was saying… You entertainers get so busy that you take your eyes off your money. You allow other people to manage it for you and end up broke, and you wonder why.


Satan: (Interrupts)


This is not a financial seminar on how and where to invest your money. You all are here in hell for reasons only pertaining to yourself. You paid the price.


Athlete: Drugs were my god, and when I was partying and spending my money I had

plenty of friends. But when my money ran out, so did my friends. I was a homeless drug addict, sleeping anywhere I could at night. Some of my friends would pass by me and spit on me, while shaking their heads in disgust. I asked God to help me and I got clean for a while, but kept hearing this little voice in my head to go back to the drugs, saying I could not live without my drugs.

Satan: I know, it was me.


Athlete: You? Satan: Yes, me, because I handle all special drug and alcohol cases when the addict

cries to Jesus and God for help to get from under the oppression of my spirit. My demons get the people hooked, but I come in only if they’re trying to stop or are asking God to help them. My demons are not strong enough to handle those types of situations. I hate these cases because I have to work really hard.

Athlete: It was you I heard inside my head, convincing me that I needed the drugs to live. I knew your voice sounded familiar. I died in the back streets of the city.


Satan: I love bringing you down because you all are so busy in life that you simply

forget about God and how you are living life. God has no place in your busy life. You never stop to think who’s keeping you alive each day. It’s not me. In some cases I am trying to get you to kill yourself or lead you to selfdestruction.

Athlete: (Shaking his head and pointing his finger at Satan) It was you all along!


Satan: You paid the price! It is my family of demonic spirits that controls this

world, not man. Yes, they think they do, but man controls nothing. It is my family of demons that spread hate, death and destruction around the world. We are the disease carriers. Where evil is, I am there, because I am the author of confusion. Whenever there is much confusing going on, believe me, I am there.

Annie: (Interrupts)

“Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against power, against the rulers of darkness of this world, wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand.” Ephesians 6:11-13.

Millionaire: Annie really is crazy!


Satan: Why do you worry about Annie so much? She is here with you in hell. She is not going anywhere. She paid the price.


Millionaire: She gets on my nerves quoting scripture.


Satan: Let me introduce you to Deacon Jones. (Deacon Jones steps forward.)


Deacon Jones: My sin was stealing from the church because I had a gambling habit. I

thought I could replace all the money with one big win. It was so much money coming in I thought they would never miss it. I do not know if the church ever found out I was stealing because I had a heart attack and died.

Satan: You were stealing from God because when you steal from the church, you steal from God.


Deacon Jones: I didn’t see it that way. I was going to replace the money.


Satan: Do not play with the words. You stole from God’s people who gave to the church to see God’s ministry carried out.


Deacon Jones: I could not stop my gambling. It was out of control.


Satan: You had plenty of chances to ask for God’s forgiveness.


Deacon Jones: No, I did not ask for God’s forgiveness for stealing the money.


Millionaire: Why?


Deacon Jones: I knew I was going to do it again.


Athlete: Millionaire, I thought you did not believe in God.


Millionaire: I do not. I was curious as to why he did not ask God to forgive him since God is supposed to be in the forgiving business.


Deacon Jones: (Crying)


I hate what I have done.


Satan: You paid the price.


Deacon Jones: When you are doing wrong, you really do not care until you have to pay the price.


Satan: Too late, Deacon Jones. I kept telling you next time you will win.


Millionaire: But why, Satan? You knew the man had a weakness. Satan: Because I am Satan. I do what I must do. It’s in my nature to corrupt all men

and win souls for hell. This is not a joke. It’s personal to me. I am who I am. I am a liar, just pure evil out to destroy as many souls as I can to fill my hell with.

Millionaire: But Satan—


Satan: (Angrily points at the Millionaire)

Do not act as if you do not know me. You served me well with your riches. Your riches was your god. When you rejected God in your life, you became mine. I gave you all the wealth you had. Some of it you did not even deserve. I gave it to you because you served me.

Millionaire: I earned all the wealth myself!


Satan: Do not fool yourself. I take care of my family, and you were in my family.


Millionaire: Deacon Jones, what do you think?


Deacon Jones: It’s true what Satan told you. When you reject God you automatically become a member of his family.


Satan: (Laughs)


You ask a man who stole from God what does he think? My word is my word.


Deacon Jones: (Trying to reassure the Millionaire that hell is where he belongs and there is no mistake)


I’ve been listening to you protest that you do not belong in hell with the rest of us, but you are paying the price for rejecting God.


Satan: See, I told you.


Millionaire: I refuse to accept this. Check your records again. There must be some mistake on my paperwork, it has to be.


Deacon Jones: It’s not.


Satan: I think, Jones, you forgot to include all your sins to the Millionaire.


Deacon Jones: Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I was drinking, partying with some of the ladies at the casino, and I was married.


Satan: I was just wondering when you were going to get around to telling the truth.


Millionaire: I knew, Deacon Jones, you were holding out on me. I knew there was a part of the story you were not telling me.


Deacon Jones: I thought stealing from the church was all you needed to know as to why I was in hell.


Satan: Correction: stealing from God. Do not try to make your sin less than what it really is.


Deacon Jones: You are right.


Satan: Now we will continue.


Millionaire: Must we? I’ve heard enough.


Satan: We’re almost finished.


Millionaire: Good, because I am getting tired of listening to these stupid stories.


Satan: These testimonies are for you because God does not make mistakes. You are here because you belong here.


Millionaire: I know – I paid the price.


Satan: So you’re coming around to our point of view.


Millionaire: Never!


Deacon Jones: Sometimes doing wrong can make a person see and feel they are doing right.


Satan: I know. One of my best skills, I have to say so myself. I do have some skills

in corrupting people to see things my way. I do have to give credit to my family of demons, who are some of the world’s best, since the beginning of time. We were kicked out of heaven and we have been raising hell ever since.

Millionaire: So there really is a heaven?


Satan: I will not answer that question. Atheist: (Steps forward)


If I did not hear and see, I would not have believed there was not a God. This is hell, then there must be a God in heaven.


Satan: Too late. You paid the price.


Agnostic: Wait a minute, Atheist. This devil proves nothing. It could be all in our minds.


Millionaire: You mean like a dream state?


Agnostic: Yes.


Millionaire: Then how do you explain the heat? And it is really hot down here.


Deacon Jones: Agnostic, shut up. You’re always confusing people about how do people

know that God actually exists. It is impossible to know. I knew God exists because he woke me up every morning. I knew I did not wake up on my own.

Agnostic: And your point is?


Deacon Jones: That God exists.


Agnostic: Are you the one who was a deacon in the church and you were stealing money?


Deacon Jones: Yes, but that doesn’t stop me from believing in God. I have sinned and am paying the price.


Agnostic: You fool, there is no way of proving that God exists.


Deacon Jones: The fact you are in hell with me proves my point.


Atheist: The deacon made a good point because we are in hell with him.


(The Agnostic steps back and says nothing.)


Satan: I love this place. Where else can you have a great discussion like this but hell?

I and my demons worked hard to get you here. However, with the exception of the Millionaire, Atheist and Agnostic, we have done nothing but wait until their spirits left their bodies.

Deacon Jones: I know there is a living God. It’s just when I was doing wrong I did not care.


Satan: You mean sinning.


Deacon Jones: Yes.


Millionaire: I can respect a man who is honest and accepts responsibility for his actions.


Deacon Jones: I paid the price.


Satan: I cannot believe you just said that.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: The whole time you’ve been here you wanted to know why you’re here.


Millionaire: Wait a minute, Satan. I was speaking about the Deacon, not me. There must be a mistake that I’m here.


Satan: The mere fact you’re even having a conversation with me in hell should convince you that you belong in here.


Millionaire: Sorry to say I do not believe.


Satan: Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant.


Deacon Jones: Millionaire, God judged your heart was not right in his sight.


Millionaire: I was judged unfairly by your God.


Deacon Jones: He is the only God.


Millionaire: Your God does not speak for me. If God wants to speak to or see me, he has to make an appointment like everyone else.


Deacon Jones: (Shocked at what he just heard) Tell me, Satan, is this guy crazy?


Satan: (Shakes his head)


Arrogant, arrogant, arrogant.


Deacon Jones: Based on your statement, oh yes, Millionaire, you’re in the right place. And believe me when I tell you, there is no mistake.


Millionaire: Deacon Jones, you have no credibility with me.


Satan: Meet my next two ladies, Smith and Woodson.


Miss Smith: I cannot believe you, Millionaire, think it is a mistake you are here.


Mrs. Woodson: Better, I cannot believe he asked for the air conditioner to be turned on.


Miss Smith: Neither can I.


Mrs. Woodson: You think he’s in denial?


Miss Smith: Could be.


Millionaire: Don’t talk as if I’m not here.


Mrs. Woodson: Your mind is not here.


Miss Smith: She’s right.


Mrs. Woodson: Your mind is not accepting you are in hell.


Millionaire: It’s a mistake.


Mrs. Woodson: God does not make mistakes.


Millionaire: So I am told.


Satan: Enough talk.

Mrs. Woodson: My sin is being vain and materialistic. The only person who mattered in life was me and what I wanted. I got what I wanted out of people when I wanted to. I did not care about people because people cared about me. I was a former beauty queen too and loved the attention until I died of cancer in my late thirties. I had my whole life ahead of me.

Millionaire: Like Anne died too young.

Mrs. Woodson: You never know what hour God will take you out of here. Like most people, I thought too I had plenty of time to get my life in order. I, like most people, was thinking I am too young to die in my thirties. This is why when you are young, you should live a good life.

Millionaire: I do not feel sorry for anyone here except the young people in hell.


Satan: Maybe or maybe not. You know we have special devils to work with teens

and young people, and we keep them busy on about themselves with no time to think about God and Jesus. My devils specialize in teen and young people confusion in their lives.

Millionaire: Why?


Satan: We try our best to get them before someone starts to tell them about Jesus.


Millionaire: Why?


Satan: My demons are the masters of art in confusion and devices to trap many young people. The teens and the young people are the future and we do our best to lead them astray.


Millionaire: I think it wrong for you and your demons to pick on teens and the young people.


Satan: Hell does not have an age limit, and here it’s about souls. Most young people do not care how they are living their lives, so it is easy to trap them.


Millionaire: Satan, I cannot go with you on this one about confusing young people. For them life is hard enough without confusing them about what to believe and how to live their lives.


Satan: Young people care more about what their peers think. What do I care if they end up in hell? It’s their choice.


Millionaire: You would think you would have some standards.


Satan: Who, me, have standards? You are kidding, right?


Millionaire: My wife’s pastor tried to talk to me, but I did not listen, about joining the church. I did for appearance sake.


Miss Smith: I thought you did not believe in God?


Millionaire: I do not. Why?


Miss Smith: I heard you say the pastor tried to get you to join the church.


Millionaire: So you did. Miss Smith: What do you know about church matters? You did not go to church or acknowledge God or Jesus Christ.


Millionaire: True, I did not.


Miss Smith: Satan, you should leave the young people alone.


Satan: Never, because they are the future. I want them to be a part of my family.


Miss Smith: Sad!


Satan: The more the better. The younger the better. Those who reject Jesus and his

teaching while they are young, my ways are paved to hell. Young people listen more to their peers than to Jesus and God. This is a good business for us.

Millionaire: I still do not understand why you have to pick on the young people.


Satan: Like I told you, nothing personal. It’s about souls. Young and old are the same to me. The young are more confused and do not listen.


Millionaire: I am not convinced why I am here. Your testimonies as to why you are in hell mean nothing to me. I do not accept it and it must be a mistake.


Annie: So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God. Romans 14:12.


Deacon Jones: How true.


Satan: Too late.


Millionaire: (Laughs)


Deacon Jones: I am paying the price.


Miss Smith: Sounds like greed to me.


Deacon Jones: It was my greed and foolishness.


Satan: And a good fool, you ended up here!


Deacon Jones: I lost sight of God’s purpose. I had forgotten the lesson in Job: God’s purpose for all is the same.


Millionaire: What is that?


Deacon Jones: To live right in the sight of God and to give praises and glory to his holy name and seek God’s salvation in Jesus’ name. Like Job, we must trust God.


Millionaire: What has Job to do with this?


Deacon Jones: You do not read the Bible, you said. You do not know the story of Job?


Millionaire: Some of these stories sound interesting.


Deacon Jones: You mean Job.


Millionaire: Yes.


Deacon Jones: Job’s situation changed and his circumstance, but he never lost his purpose to honor God. I lost my focus and failed God.


Millionaire: You lost your purpose as a man of God.


(Deacon Jones holds his head down in shame.)


Satan: Yes, that Job was problematic.


Millionaire: Sound like God and Jesus put guilt trips on all of you!


Annie: (Interrupts)


“Be not deceived: evil communication of God. I speak this to your shame.” Corinthians 15:33-34.


Millionaire: Annie, please, no more of that quoting Bible scriptures. You’re driving me crazy.


Satan: Annie, no more!


Millionaire: The rich do not need God. We have enough money to buy what we need. No need for Jesus and God. Jesus is for poor people.


Deacon Jones: God is for whomever will accept him and Jesus.


Millionaire: If I held out both hands and placed a $5,000 check in one hand and the Bible in the other, which one do you think most people will choose? Miss Smith: The check for $5,000.


Millionaire: I’ve made my point.


Satan: Yes, good point. I must say I didn’t think of that one.


Athlete: People are more concerned about the things of this world. I did not have time for Jesus Christ in my life. I knew about Jesus but did not have the time to get to know him.


Billy: No one told me about Jesus and I did not have time in my life to choose.


Millionaire: Son, those are the breaks in life.












Deacon Jones:






Deacon Jones:



Millionaire: I know my life would have been different.
(Billy shakes his head)
Not fair, not fair, not fair.

I often said to myself when I was alone, “Take the money away and the fame, friends, all of it, just take it away, who are you really?” All entertainers know this, even if they never admit to it.

Because some of you entertainers had bad experiences with money and drugs, don’t just blame the money.


I am not.


The secret of money is how you handle it, because if you don’t, money will handle you. You entertainers are sorry and deserve to be here.


And you do not?


No way, it’s a mistake I am here in hell. My papers must have gotten mixed up with someone else’s name.


You still do not get it.


You cannot put God on hold until you get ready to live right.


You are right. You never know when you will check out of this life.


I do not believe in God or Jesus Christ. Christianity is a poor man’s religion. Satan: You are my kind of folks. Welcome to my family.


Millionaire: Rich folks fake Christianity and poor folks live it. At least this is what I’ve seen.


Deacon Jones: Shame on you, shame on you!


Millionaire: I was a good man and I gave to the poor. I helped many people who were in need. I worked hard to have a good name in my community. I worked real hard in life, and this is how life paid me, sent me to hell!


Annie: “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of God; not of work, lest any man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9.


Deacon Jones: Annie, you are good. You learned well as a teen.


Annie: Thank you. Remember, I was a hearer of the word God and not a doer.


Billy: No one told me about Jesus.


Millionaire: Okay, no one told you about Jesus, so what!


Deacon Jones: Billy’s life may have been different.


Millionaire: You church folks think Jesus and going to church is the answer to everything.


Deacon Jones: You go to church to praise, worship God and thank Jesus Christ for dying on the cross for our sins and the fellowship with like members in Jesus’ name.


Millionaire: You have a lot of nerve to talk. You stole from God.


Deacon Jones: (Puts his head down in shame)


I knew people like you millionaires. You cannot praise God because you’re looking for praise yourselves.


Satan: I have heard enough. I cast you all into the eternal lake of fire.


The complete group: “We paid the Price.”


(The room becomes dark) CURTAIN For permission to perform the play, please contact:


To invite the author to speak or discuss the play:

For more information go to: “For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the scripture might have hope.” Romans 15:14

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