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The Christian Satanist

By Lucifer Jeremy White

The Christian Satanist

By Lucifer Jeremy White

2022 Lucifer Jeremy White

A Public Domain Book.

The Christian Satanist- An Introduction

The Christian Satanist follows a gray sided religion known as Christian Satanism. It is a religion that has been developed for some time now and continues to be. With every new book there is at least a little good added. The time has come for gray sided things. Someone could wonder why it has taken as long as it has. Someone could wonder where the gray sided characters in movies and books are or things teaching gray magic as I will set off to do here. But it is here now at least in religious form and through this book anyone can become gray sided religiously or otherwise.

        One thing that makes up the gray side is balance/ moderation. Balance and moderation are good practices in life in many ways- sometimes very obviously so, too. A little of even the worst things won’t hurt you. A little in fact can be good for you. That applies to all facets of life. To teach yourself that a little anger is okay is good for you emotionally. In effect not being too soft but not too rigid. The balancing of your budget in a way you are not too cheap but not too foolish in spending is another example. Diet wise weight can be kept under control through some moderation. In relationships things are more give and take. With so many more examples there- in fact it can apply to just about every element in life, it shows the power of one part of gray sided living. That is one thing I will be focusing on while writing this book.

        Secondly, there is both duality and dualism that a Christian Satanist chooses from. Duality means that they can be either Christian or Satanic alone. After all one teaches the other and when put back together a Christian Satanist is more Christian Satanist, not less. Sometimes one focus makes the whole stronger as a Christian Satanist goes back and forth. Then there is dualism. That is just to be both at once but while we go through periods of being either singularly, going back and forth is a part of our practice.

        A perfect balance is not expected. In fact we consider trying to be perfectly balanced (Christian/Satanist 50/50) is neither good nor desirable. We instead find the balance that works for us. The truth is that a perfect balance is never perfectly balanced. As such the religion is made to fill in missing pieces. It is broad in its scope for the sake of “a full meal” , a meal of choice, of variety, so to speak. It gives ideas of being either that its follower may have not considered. Once they do they have a good thing to work with in self-development as a Christian Satanist.

        Third- it is an Earth religion. One of “middle ground.” This is the basis for so many things in our religion. Christian Satanism is a Christian denomination set forth for “the Christians of Earth.” It is God’s place for us. It is Satan’s Earth to begin with. We have both a spirit and a soul and develop both for a lifetime. We are anchored here. We are a worldly people but a people who are moral and good-doing. We are wise that way and made wise by the purpose given us. So that is a part of Christian Satanism I have taught before and continue to in every new book.  

        Fourth- it was born of the supernatural realm. It is the result of a long struggle between good and evil in order to form a compromise. Christian Satanism is that compromise. Things were precise at times. Both sides have their not-leave out sorts of demands and with all other things the same this religion is the perfectly stricken balance.

        Fifth- It is my responsibility to create work on it myself. Only I was designed to do so to begin with. It was my purpose from the start to create Christian Satanism and I began work on it in my early 20s after a series of revelations and a life of magically infused things. The supernatural has always been a part of my life. And, not until I declared myself a Christian Satanist did my own personal conflict end. I had gone complacent for a while and not productive, however. As a result I became both insane and lost, homeless on the streets of my new “home” in San Francisco. I’d written just one book up until then. The Christian Satanic Bible. My experiences then were indescribable. I came to know what hell was for example (a topic I will talk about later.) I had thoughts that only a mad person would ever have and some of them were quite brilliant like The List of the Principality. I kept myself together just well enough to get out of it and into a new home. Not until I was arrested however- going from jail to a mental hospital and later the charges dropped while I went from group home to group home. Now? I am happily living in a hotel in San Francisco with all that I need. A great life, one productive and one comfortable enough to write. I may be just some human writing Christian Satanism but am a human designed to do just that. (My name is more like “Lucifer Jr.” than it is, literally, Lucifer. In other words I named myself after the Devil. Did not name myself him.)

        As a result you will find things here that are neither Christian or Satanic. Sometimes things that have never been discussed or thought up before. But they are Satanic and are Christian- don’t be mistaken. This book explores heaven and hell more than anything before it. More was shown to me than any occult book in the past. More than the Holy Bible even (at least hell-wise) and certainly more than the Satanic Bible which is oddly atheistic. I have things to say in the form of visions and a life of supernatural things. I have more to say about magic and have the ability to clarify mistakes of the past. I will certainly fill a hole through my books.

        I will pour into Christian Satanism/ Gray side living here in many other ways. Like with aesthetics- the design of both the righteous and iniquitous. Some examples of the gray side here and there. Gray side philosophy. What I call The Cult (the modern world.) Will get into magic. Will teach morality over criminality. Hopefully will give you a lot to work with by the end of this book.

The Principality List

It is a list that reveals the upper powers and places you among them yourself. Not only for you but for your loved ones as well. That in fact whether or not they actively take part. Let’s just look at the list and I will describe the rest:

Person One: Red, Hand, Bird, Staff.

Person Two: Bear, Brown, Bee, Cane.

Person Three: Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage.

Person Four: Goat, Ring, Thief, White.

Person Five: Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy.

Person Six: Yellow, Lord, Wind, Mouse.

Person Seven: Bomb/Blast/Wand, Fox, Beast, Black.

Person Eight: Horse, Toad, Yellow, Dust.

Person Nine: Assassin, Creature, Word, Lion/Tiger.

Person Ten: Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit.

Person Eleven: Mask, Dragon, Purple, Wolf/Dog.

Simply by observing these in movies, books, music, video games, etc. (your choice), you come to know The Principality and how they relate to each other. Also doing so places you in it yourself. You place you and your loved ones within it in this simple way: the oldest among you is the first person and the youngest the eleventh. You are placed in by age. You could be in it alone if you want. You can have just one other in it. You can have all eleven. That’s up to you.

I would suggest watching or reading The Hobbit as a good place to start. It is “rich in the principality.”

Bewarance Against The Cult

That’s a pretty right word for modern society depending on where you live. Our club of Christian Satanism can serve as a nice escape. Just like how the founding fathers sojourned in the Illuminati.         These people of everyday earth will pinpoint and destroy the non conformed and basically transform you into some sort of social zombie. Their lot in life is to serve The Purposes. For some it is a grab at power. For some it is an excuse to loot and plunder. For some it is action unto anarchy. All of their end results are hidden and no good. These people get way too hyped up way too quickly, to say the least. They are as those “auto absorbed,” committed from day one. By commercial to commercial, news segment to news segment over time. The Members are recruited way too fast and too fully. To do anything for them- to have them think for themselves, is fruitless. In fact it can put them in a rage. They are indoctrinated in full. They have their own set of corrupt values, needy, spoiled creatures they are. Immature- quickly going off into madness when simple things don’t go their way. In such a world morality and maturity is more important than ever. Sure, in days gone by, morality was too much, but not on a day like this. That’s the new counter culture in fact- morality, responsibility, honesty, decency..

        We won’t find them gathered for any good. They rouse things way too much. They may not know it but they are setting forth the most perfect storm for a dictator to burst through. That’s a pity. I don’t think life is so bad. I can enjoy simple things. I am not greedy to the point of smashing up jewelry cases with aid from a mob.

        Let us escape into our rooms with the more “wordly orderly.” While they do not and cannot develop (even into mature people) we do, through Christian Satanism. We go out during the day for our little treasures and bring them home. They are out there fighting. We are not. We are enjoyers of the world. We only deal with evil from whatever source when it has come home. Otherwise it is just not our concern and we would rather not have fear and hatred run our lives- neither their ideologies or the insecurity the news casts  on us. A good purpose for a Church has always been to escape the outside world. It has always directed people away from The Cult. Sometimes it goes unnoticed, sometimes they have to live in caves or monk establishments but our lot is not at all that lacking. It is a good world with good things and even a simple little room can be quite nice, even to stay inside the majority of the time.

        The Christian Satanic Church is in retired form. The regular Christian Churches more or less doing the right things will continue the work. But the state of the Christian Satanic Church is one retired. We do what the retired do: enjoy life. Enjoy the world. That instead of holding Christianity and its ongoing causes. The causes are fulfilled through us. It is then something that can be called a retirement home of religions.

        Don’t let another distract you from your religion and its practices. They have their religion and we have ours. We have the right to hold beliefs, especially privately.

Personal Commitments To God And Satan

Depends on the person! Among us some are more Christian than Satanic and visa versa. Hopefully we will not do anything heinous. The lot of such people is one gruesome- leading them into prison, even execution. Some things would ruin our lives, such as drug consumption. Maturity is a personal responsibility. All my life I had weighed out values and things like those and at this point in life maturity seems the best route. Foolish mistakes set aside, there isn’t much that is really too bad or too good.

        You don’t earn salvation and that is about the biggest mistake Christians make. As far as belief goes: what is all this personal inner work that Christians do.. For the sake of salvation and a chance against hell. They don’t know it most of the time but that is what they are driving towards. The Christian Satanist must keep in mind that Salvation is a gift given by God and in no way earned. If we do good it is to keep life good. To not be someone inviting punishment on ourselves should be a good enough reason.

        I once had a dream that I was before God and others. I felt left out. I felt I didn’t matter to Him at all. Then He came up to me, picked me up and carried me into Heaven.

        A real relationship with God is one that is honest. After all, the fall of humanity was because of dishonesty. So be greedy. Be selfish. Be caring too, be genuine, but be at least a little humble- just not too much! Not only know you are one of His children but feel yourself into that childish perspective because that is the true way you are seen. He is a great God and one omnipotent. What harm can you do to Him through words? Through perspective sometimes tainted? There is only one way you can do wrong. It is to hurt another in order to invoke His wrath.

        Christian Satanism is a religion based on the philanthropic and the moral. I do not agree whatsoever with misanthropy (the hatred of others.) The word “hate” I will not allow into my mind as it breaks apart every possible understanding of others. I am accepting of others. I may hate what they do- wouldn’t even say hate but “troubled by what they do.” I will still try to understand them. Believe me too I have endured a lot. I had a neighbor that would pound on my door and cuss through it at the worst hours. I didn’t call the police. I didn’t even want to write out a complaint but knew I had to. I am happy she is gone but do not wish for her life and mentality to ruin things for her. I have no little words for being moral and having good judgment. They say that sexual repression and emotional repression in general is a bad thing psychologically. What a lie! That only breeds contemptuous people and perverted people. I don’t sexualize things and do not like being around those that do. So be a good person likewise. Give others due consideration. Everyone deserves at least a little respect. Mature instead of break down. Some will grow strong in life. Others will eventually lead themselves into punishment, even the wrath of God. Let “love over hatred” be a mantra for your life.

        Commitment to Satan? It is a wrong way of interpreting Satanism to regard Satan as you would a Father- for God is a Father, Satan is a dad. Satan would have us spoiled. Satan would have us enjoy the world and every part of life. He would lead us into sin and our only expectation is that we do not mishandle it. Under Satan we are truly childish children whose rod is not held over us unless it must be used. There are many words, get to know each: progress, evolution, development, perfection, the best of creations depending on whatever purpose you have from him. Whatever purpose that is, enact it in his name. That is the best you can do. Satan does NOT like a worm. Does not like the cowardly. The liar. He does not like the lazy and excuse finder, but what DOES he appreciate? He appreciates the life loving, the responsible, the bold, the honorable.

        The best thing you can do is give him a good name and The Christian Satanic Church could be the best thing ever given him. While for centuries he was told “keep out” we are here welcoming him in for the first time. A Christian would detest it, naturally. Naturally it takes a natural Christian Satanist to allow it. It makes the others think ‘what is he doing here?!’

The Christian Satanic Aesthetic: The Childish

It has been beauty shown to me through Satan, the childish aesthetic. Nothing has made me more childish in life than past bouts of Schizophrenia (a condition under which I suffer.) The word suffer is way off. The condition brought about enormous euphoria and a demonic kind of childishness. I wasn’t an adult pretending to be a child. I was damn well a child with an adult brain, a feeling few adults will ever experience. It is even greater than being a child-child, it is where things should go as opposed to the dullness brought on by maturity (familiarity, indifference.)

        We are all expected to be just fine with the ordinary and plain. It's just the way things are- with no one ever questioning it. With no one ever considering how brilliant the outside world and our very bed rooms could be. Brilliant with lights: EL lights (more commonly known as indiglo.) It glows like a glow stick but it is electronic. Fiber optics, pink, purple, rainbow lights. Black lights, strobe lights, ect. Makes you think.. We have all this stuff we rarely use. If we do use it is limited to as what (like a computer case that may have neat lights inside but not used much elsewhere.) No, the streets don the same plain lights. Color lights? Just on stop lights. But my purpose is to have things be more lively and wonderful than that and not having to go to Disney World to somewhat find it.

        I don’t think I would care much for either a yellow brick road or one paved in gold. I would rather have little toys, candy, board game pieces to be all around. And stickers everywhere as opposed to tag name graffiti.

        It goes much further beyond that. Things like fog machines and bubble makers being used to fill the sky. More areas that are like Fremont street in Las Vegas. Lighting all over the place as well looking as Las Vegas. Things like you would see in Blade Runner. Holograms being developed and used. The plain made less plain in general. Down to the trash cans which bear more colors than strange army green. People tossing around seeds everywhere. A jet that drops an enormous amount of varied seeds could do the environment a lot of good. Could even save the earth. Would be a thing that the earth would ask of us if it could. Candy architecture. I would call it all candy land. I see it as going from damp and void to filling the Earth with incredible beauty. It is not entirely childish but much of it could be described as such. Whatever makes the landscape more diverse and look better, is what I am after. For it to be dazzling scientifically/ technologically is its main formula.

        Looking at it today one would never find anything far beyond the plain. There are lots of spaces to fill. As it is they are mostly void of these things. Maybe in the future the outside world itself will be very impressive, even amazing. It is happening but at such a slow pace. It is never its own reason however. It is all based on either necessity or advertising. What can be predicted about the future?

        Augmented reality? These things I am talking about will happen a lot faster in one’s own home as opposed to the outside world. Compared to the outside world our home is like The Enterprise (Star Trek.) I believe that it will start in the home and pour out into the outside world. I will need a place to go. It will build at home necessities that people will want on the outside. If they are going to go out at all there is going to have to be a reason. More and more, who wants a park? Augmented reality, holograms, drones building drones building buildings, professional music more easily produced than ever, and books, or video games, the world mostly digitized. Maybe someday we will leave home through “Android Virtual Reality.” Leaving home and going to someplace so very far away in a driverless vehicle. The future looks very bright indeed. More than anything else we should be funding science and technology which I very well have established as our form of tithing. Only science and technology can create a utopia but only a Christian Satanist could make that utopia an amazing place to be.

How To Remember Everything

I believe that a mind which remembers the past well does not deteriorate as much as that which doesn’t. I believe it can even deter things like alzheimers. It may even be able to bounce back from a stroke or brain damage better. It takes a dead space in the brain and brings it back into life. It takes a little and rebranches it, in effect.

        I had once been trying to come up with a way to remember things for that reason. I could just think them up but that was no fun. It didn’t have a very spontaneous element as what I would come up with. The method I invented to remember would bring back up random memories which is preferred. That method is simple. It is to take a dictionary and remember things word by word. For example if you see the word “tree” you remember anything about a tree: climbing up one, a tree house, branches you played with, a wand, whatever. If you see the word “light” you can remember all sorts of things. I remember as a child this neat fiber optic lamp. I remembered my teddy bear lamp. Then I remembered my large teddy bear. I remembered a lilly lamp I had when I was 18. And all I did was look at a word to remember those things.

        The whole experience can be uplifting. Sometimes a feeling of astonishment as one “I forgot all about that!” Whole pieces of your life will return to you. You will get back pieces of your life while you do so.

        The dictionary should be one that is thin with only basic words. These are easy to get online, in dollar stores, book stores, even jail!

The Dimension Of Hell

 Hell is not what people think it is. It is not even a place apart from here or there. Hell is a state of mind and I don’t mean misery as some would say “hell on earth for them,” but they are closer to the truth than those who say it is in another place altogether. Hell can be anywhere. I’m not sure if it can exist in Heaven before the presence of God but it can occur anywhere on Earth. Most, however, will never experience it. It is a different state of mind, a different state of thinking and being.

        The typical way of thinking is just as any human would think. Nothing out of the ordinary really. That is the way God made our minds. Limited, restricted, very rational, dependent on logic more than anything else. But demons have different states of thinking. A demon on Earth dwells in hell, having a different experience here than our own.

        First, they are more sensitive in perspective. When we hear one person from another we just hear the words and the accents. They pick up on a lot of tones and feelings behind it. As a result they hear a lot of sexuality in our voices. They hear the bizarrely childishness behind a voice. People may seem weird to them or “coy.” This perspective is all over the place when it comes to music. It may seem like “higher intelligence, less interest in music,” but actually music is many times more enjoyable to them. Music is a wonderful experience to them and the time of its creation doesn’t mean anything. Music for them carries them along hell really pleasantly. Sometimes pleasantly, sometimes it has a strange effect, it often does. I guess the closest comparison would be a strictly religious person hearing heavy metal for the first time. That doesn’t go far enough to explain just how music feels to the demon who listens to it. Music also brings about extreme euphoria for those in hell. It is like being somewhere in between a dream and absorbed into something incredible- at times, from time to time.

        Again- Hell can be anywhere. It isn’t a place but a state of mind that one is under. It is a part of this experience I am describing. We have always assumed that aliens (of which some are demons) would think just as we do. Looking at any sci-fi show all of the aliens portrayed always do. Some may be more violent or whatever else but they are just all human-copies. When we see a spirit we think g

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