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For those who still do not know me by what I write, I can

only illustrate this work about the Auras, reflects a stage of my

Spiritual development, and therefore do not have much regard for

many years. And much less turn it into the Book. But as a result of

numerous people as knead me, in watching lectures and witnessing

some knowledge in practical terms to my part, for human Auras,

the making known to all, for the uses in its own benefit without. I

felt I should move to the role that knowledge. Who presented

issues? If only that each individual Aura, are aimed at people who

felt that they needed help in their lives.

Always with the therapeutic purpose, giving only as a girth, but

after writing "Reunion of Light", an early self-help books and

personal development, my Spirit Illuminated, asked me to bring all

these issues in a just, in Book.

Faced with such a request had to gather all the previous

descriptions of Auras, this same work. Preopening to even more

knowledge, which has since been acquired? For the purpose of

people if they can rediscover themselves and identify their intimate,

seeking and learning to relate for they.

For those already familiar with previous work in this follows the

same term. To make known the true dimensions of the Sacred, and

that touches the heart of each one.

José Cruz

Who knows a little about me, nothing is there to add just feel. For

people who still do not know me. I comment that only have a 9th

schooling completed about half a dozen years ago. And I present

this humble form, stripped of what you want dogmas, prejudices

and rationalism in a frank and pure, giving me complete freedom to

address issues more complex the mind and the Human Spirit.

Due to not be religious or have to express myself through academic

learning, give me the natural power of sharing the knowledge of my

natural essence without taboos, as well as the Universe, only then,

it is possible in an innovative, simple front and pass this message to

ordinary people like me. Having the experience as the only Master

and Spiritual Ground. In this life and previous Reincarnations, I

have the ability to reach me only where this is required by the

Universe, just using me the inspiration that is given me by my

Spirit Illuminated, in times of No-Mind, as well as the Power of

Intuition, without the need that many people feel to have a job,

having to rely on doctorates, straws, etc. And then some of them

and with respect for others just write straw or use vocabulary often

incomprehensible for many readers, the so-called intellectual’s vain

academics, who write for fame or money.



The Book Of Auras

A Light of Wisdom

Throughout my life I got to know all kinds of people, and

how to save me the target is something unknown to me at first. I

was always taking notes through my consciousness, people who feel

attracted or repelled that interact with them in many different

aspects of my experience Ground. At that consciousness, were

retained for many years of memories and behaviours of these facts


Up to that from the time that I began to feel enlightened by the

Spiritual Light, now I feel Lights. I began to identify the colors of

the Auras of things, animals, and plants through the 3rd Vision.

The soft and squishy I felt compelled to unravel, to the extent that

my view would be increasingly widening.

José Cruz


The Book Of Auras

How I began to identify the colors of Human


Resembling as something sacred, by my Spirit, which began

identifier intuitively these Auric colors. With the people I had been

dealing, live and deep knowledge, either externally or internally for

many years as a puzzle to treat you. Once through this Union of

Spiritual Consciousness and the Universe went through the process

of refinement that I was imposed by the Universal Law. Moving

later to feel entitled, and never before to spread such knowledge

and to whoever it was.

One could add that there is much that is described in this work,

was acquired along the earliest times, through physical practice,

meditation and Astral Travel. What is the result of the same can

visit any part of the Universe, in times past, present or Future.

Thus it is possible to visit many places of learning, including any

Universities Spiritual where you can read whatever it is related to

Humanity. And then bring back to the Ground Dimension.

José Cruz


The Book Of Auras