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The Bible of Mother Aeon

By Lucifer Damuel White

The Bible of Mother Aeon


Lucifer Damuel  White, 2018-2021

Public Domain

The General Precepts of the Religion

Anti Voidism

Book One: Aeon

I have spent my recent days wondering what matters in life the most. And I quickly came to the conclusion that emptiness was the worst of things in life apart from uncontrollable suffering. Filling life with good things, that's what matters. Doing well to bring in good things. Either replacing or supplementing bad things with good or not being empty and nihilistic.

That is the formula of Anti Voidism, to fill the void with good things. The Evil of life is not some Devil, but “Emptiness.”

Here is the synopsis of Anti Voidism:

A new religion about making life one interesting, adventuresome, and having a meaningful purpose—of having a life against the Devil of this belief known as “The Void,” and the only way to have a full and eternal soul is by filling the void in the soul.

They try to dispose of it, but it always returns, as always it should be, something held, something brought back, returns for a reason.

Travel with The World what it is, where it can be found, and Goddess Aeon will accompany you.

Everything will all make sense soon enough.

Idea Ways to Fill the Void:

  1. By having a good bed, cover and pillow. Or at least a good cover. Then the first task in this religion is to purchase the best, most comfortable blanket you can find. Can be  silk , cotton, w ool, whatever   you like. A good cover and lush pillow makes life simply better as you lay down each night very comfortably.
  2. By having a good and comfortable chair . This is where you can simply pass the time as many elderly people do, or the leisurely. You could just “be on break” waiting for any interesting thing to happen. Or you could just kind of turn the knob of your life down a little to feel paused for a  moment. But these just don’t work with small wooden chairs.
  3. By having good clothes. Those in new clothes, ones carefully selective and good looking, clean and new, feel like a million bucks walking down every street. Not much increases pride as well as good clothing.
  4. By having good food and drinks. It might be the best three things in life are food, drinks, and music. I have a cup of iced tea beside me at all times during the day, about five literally of it daily. Many people will just consume food without really tasting and appreciating it. And that happens to the best of us. Including me. But at least some of the time I take it all in more slowly, carefully chewing and enjoying it. A lot of people gain  weight just because of compulsive eating. If you spend twenty minutes eating one chicken sandwich then you just aren’t so prone to obesity.
  5. By having good music. Whatever it is you like. If you are an open minded person then you could sit the day long or just an hour or so listening to the radio. Otherwise you could load up an MP3 player.
  6. By having good entertainment. Whatever you like. Whatever it is: be it books, video games, movies, music, cabal TV, quick internet.
  7. By collecting something. This is a sure way to be happy. And it may not seem so important than the others, but collections bring about the most material  satisfaction whether you are poor or rich.
  8. By having a good worthwhile purpose. This doesn’t have to be for money but should be for something, such as popularity. This will make your days better. It will let you flow with time instead of against it. You will have something to do and possibly get far doing it. And pride, not coming out of thin air, could come upon you.

Some purposes include programming  games, writing books, painting, working on electronics and computers, mods of gaming consoles, wood work, making jewelry, music composition, and carpentry.

  1. Having a project. This is a creative work given special attention. Like laying a perfect wall one hefty brick at a time until complete, invest much time and thought into creating something worthwhile and great. These include things from the productivity list above and many other things. It could be putting together a perfect computer (at least perfect to you if not necessarily to others) by working on crafts, like creating a stained  glass window, painting the best painting, writing the best song, writing the best book.
  2. Perfectionism. While it is often said that nothing is perfect, that  is just a way of saying “why bother?” Trying to do something perfectly is the whole point in doing your best. When your heart and mind are both fully involved then you will be very  happy and proud of what you create.
  3. Proudly giving gifts. You may want to save your money instead of tending to someone's  birthday. I’ve gotten into that habit, lately. But especially with children your gifts could mean the whole great world to them and maybe that fact is enough to know they are going to enjoy it more than you ever could. Honestly: if you remember the joy you had of the simplest toys, make happy makes happy.
  4. Caring for a pet. A pet can be a person's best friend and you, theirs.
  5. Going on vacation. It doesn’t have to be an adventure to the Bahamas. But any place even somewhat close by, such as a good night at a hotel beside a bar or even to a restaurant, a good one, out of town. There was a hotel I used to go to only three hours out of town, doing nothing more than staying at a hotel. But it was so clean and had the best bed, the best covers, the best privacy while I would just lay down flicking through the channels.
  6. A relationship. That’s for some, not for others. My ideal  girlfriend would counsel me, be a kind of support, a Wiccan, who adorably carries a crystal rock in her pocket and prays to a candle, a sweet woman and one sexy, bordering on being a bimbo. That's my taste , and some like oysters, and if they like oysters, I can like what I like.
  7. Making a best friend. My best friend would be a man my age, a bearded type of person  who was smart with computers, video game console mods, and had a large collection of very old computer things. And someone really into Dungeons and Dragons. One on one friendships are the best.

This religion is about making life better by filling it with good things. It is a simple principle but the most important thing you can do in life is to be aware of where things are lacking in it and having a basic knowledge of the right things to draw in.

You might sometimes notice a tune playing in your head. People are a sponge. They can absorb within themselves all sorts of messes. But the soap is nearby. We just don’t like cleaning. So I am here to clean and rinse yourself making your soul and life pure and better.

The therapists, called Cleaners in this religion will hear from you what bad you have within: anything bad about life. Anything that is just lacking. Tell them your interests, present yourself to the Cleaner and s/he shall guide you into obtaining a better life.

Talking one on one with them tell them the things you lack, what you wish would happen, the desires in your heart, conditions you wish were not, and s/he shall be well trained on telling you what to find and look for, s)he shall fill your soul with good things if you adhere to him or her.

A person can tell themselves often that they don’t need anything. But needing requires desire so what they are essentially saying is that they do not desire anything. But those that desire greatly will have things great, and those that are a content stump will turn away every good thing to rest in place.

Perfection in doing and involvement in receiving

To draw in. To take in. To bring in.

You have to pull it toward you.

To draw out. To push out. To bring out.

You have to release it.

But many a King having it all, knew not what was good at what time.

And lost all time never having become fully involved with any one thing.

Then it is the poorest had the greatest heart and desire

But once he had it, it didn't matter. Because he was just wanting all along.

But at least his heart had joy from time to time.

He embraced the lover he could never before had

Then found once he had her she was of no more interest to him

And he walked away looking for something else.

The key to having what you want is desire to begin with.

The key to love what you have made comes from perfection.

But many people choose toil. Else they’d get no sense that their work is hard, worth anything.

The most successful people did things others would or could not, or more often unable to. But the person that goes the extra mile finds the following Mike’s to be quite easier, and that is the most proud of anyone walking anywhere. So he set it in his heart to make a perfect Goddess. A Goddess Mother named Aeon, for whom he gives all his praise for his works.

-Charges Filed Against God-

AKA Yaweh:

I hereby charge God with the crime of child abuse whom, though He confessed was my true Father, He treated me negligently and would not save me while I was drowning. He also has committed atrocious crimes against His Son Jesus, whom he tortured and made deranged.

I charge God with abuse and negligence. He pushed me out of the home He gave me and hatefully sent me out into the world homeless. He never let me prepare for the world. I was forced and threatened to read the Bible for long hours by both his other sons and daughters as well as straight from the horse's mouth. He said if I didn’t love Him He was going to set me afire, forever. So I charge Him with Criminal Threats and request a restraining order against Him.

I was badly starving and drinking Luke warm water throughout the day when my brother Jesus came to me and went off elaborating His crazy way about if I thirst He will lead me to cool waters and other such nonsense. Then God came up to me and gave me a bag of rice. He was quite proud of Himself thinking this would keep me from starving. He said “Here you go, son!” And Jesus said to him “I was trying to tell him. God, what a good God you are!”

But off I roamed eating from the garbage and thirsty as all Hell. It seemed that God could not wait for me to suffer, so I took a dark cup of urine and drank it proclaiming “for I was thirsty and you gave me piss!”

And homeless I remained for a year, and a year incarcerated. And a year in psychiatric confinement. This God is worthless, undependable, un-reliable.. useless, negligently, and a deadbeat Father who cares nothing for his own.

I hold Him guilty and I consecrate a new God, a Goddess actually named Aeon.  

Prayer to Goddess Aeon

Great Mother Aeon

As I lay in this bed tend to me

Notice my suffering and heal me

Watch me grow. Have me grow good and well

Remove from my life obstacles, enemies

Speak softly to me in my younger years until I can hear you fully, and understand your every word.

And then guide me, have me reach far

Put into my life all good things

And remove all things bad

Be as an opponent to my enemies

Graduate me unto godhood, a time where no suffering is, among the more godly races

Fill my heart with both joy and desire

Having me wanting and bring

Bring to me all good things all the days of my life and watch over me always


Our Goddess be with you. Our Goddess be realized.

She is our Mother who watches over us. She wraps us all in her wings equally. Though some may have a bad road it is for a greater purpose. That those last at anything will have exercised the arm of life stronger, and come ahead in the future, none are permanently the last.

Aeon, our Goddess, we rest underneath Her wings. We drink the drink that makes the blood as blue, we are nurtured by Her. And someday we will be among her flock and meet others like her, even our equals, when the time comes.

Make an idol for her.

What should constitute an Aeonic Church:

There should be cleaners and furnishers there as mentioned before. Actually I’d separate these into two, instead of just “cleaners.” The cleaners are to remove negative things in life. The furniture is to replace it with good things. Every religion has a type of counseling method, whether it be a Bible study or something of Scientology (auditing) ours do too and it is that. Whoever makes such a Church (because as I do while creating new religions I speak of possible futures as a self fulfilling prophecy) its creator should train a handful of people to clean and furnish (removal of junk, replaced by good furnishing.) Have them observe what a member desires to be healed by them and fix them and their heart regarding it. The furniture has its members fill their lives with better, more enjoyable, and more positive things. The cleaner stops negative things or otherwise removes them.

Service by service it’s head Priest which they are called Priests whether male or female, informed people about good things to do. This could be an idea for a project but better, a place to play games in town, Bingo, D&D, Pokemon, you name it. Or swimming, or a gym, or what good and entertaining things are around.

The Priest is also to advise on general concepts of making life better. As it’s foundation is in this religion, it’s members are regarded as vessels that need to have brought in all good things in life and emptying out the bad.

Of course money may be made by this organization. Certainly no one would do so well, we're all free. This can be regular donations and/or fixed donations, as they are called. Remember, my books are all things and free, and in the public domain.

Singing doesn’t have to be there, nor anything other Churches have necessarily. The advice for that is simple, it either fits or it doesn’t.

Prayer and worship if Aaron must be the most important of all.

Aeon makes us better, makes us whole. Blessed be the name of the Good One. And make great idols for her in the representation of Her Mother hood.

But most importantly and in all sincerity the leaders of the Church should have extensive knowledge about Anti Voidism.

Hold hands together male with female and form a circle, each shouting and proclaiming that Aeon is great, Aeon is good. That Aeon be with you. That Aeon is never absent. That Aeon may be found, even on this day. For it was Her who saved us. It was Her that busted out the un holy chains of bondage to “Christ” and halted any harmful doctrine we were given. She set us free and cleaned our eyes from what is false. These Christian doctrines are the worst thing that ever occurred to human kind, without a doubt. They deluded and misguided us for centuries, like complete and utter fools. They brainwashed us! But Aeon is our ever—liberator. Go the way toward Aeon and be free. Have Her remove in every way other theologies that have corrupted you and be altogether whole and pure, be purified with the best water. Cool your soul with it, and wash the face free of impurities through Goddess Aeon.

May your New day be bright and better spent. May you be fully able to recognize what bad there is in your life and cut it from you, filling your heart and mind with better things, and have a new soul, one good and full with all excellently. I will take you along that way. I will show you along the road all things that are good. Things choice, without equal. These things I promise you in the name of Goddess Aeon.

Aeon Will Give you a Soul Like None Other

Aeon She looks I’ll upon the sight of one captured into same-beingness. She wants us to each and all bear a unique self standing soul. She cuts straight through those who are one and the same collected together, never knowing who they are but they can only be one with others, with a knife most concise, most sharp.

She separates people to move apart from each other. She does not separate them for Her sake, but for theirs. She has sought out people who are never themselves but one with others. And she traps them and places them elsewhere in different places.

She only wants for you a soul of your own. She is The Giver of Souls, separating you from others and making you a unique being all your own. She inscribed in their hearts I am one. She engraves in their soul only on my own am I my own. And those that do not resist but rather follow suit will be rewarded in the same. But those that resist will come to destroy themselves, for it never was, for it can never be its own otherwise.

The greatest lesson is left by Her teaching everyone to go their own way and build a strong healthy heart. A heart that desires. It is like a fire She Kindles within us that burns with involvement and interest, favor and desire. She will have us not eating from the mouths of others. But will instead open our mouths wide to consume one's own true food, that food that is most satisfied with what it eats

She gives us a fruit that God wouldn’t. She does not place before us forbidden fruit but food that is the true fruit of one's own founded liking. That food exclusive to us as we decide and come to know come to terms if necessary in liking. The true fruit of one’s liking. That food we have found when looking for our own eyes, and put all others aside. Reaching out for it with our own hands, and tasting it with our own mouth.

Let the fire burn within you that consumes, for nothing pale is ever appreciated, even acknowledged.

May Aeon Be Moved From Heart to Hand

First write on a piece of paper

What is the best of these, being specific:

What is the best bread? What is the best dairy food? What is the best meat? What is the best desert? What is the best of the best in these? The best flavors? Why are some flavors good in one area but not another? What are the best of all kinds of foods?

What is the best music? What are the best songs of these? Why is one better than the other? How could it be better?

What are the best toys? What are the best cartoons, movies, and shows? And why? What do you like best about these?

If you could work creatively on something, what would you truly like to make? What have you always wanted to do but never had, or hadn’t given enough consideration to? What would you like to make your own version of (book, game, tarot cards, anything)? What would you like to do your own version of hopefully doing better than anyone before you?

If there were six very inexpensive things that you’d really like to have, what would they be? Could that list be made better? What about 8, 10, even 12 inexpensive things you would like to own? What are they?

And expensive things, too. What would you like to have the very best of? The best kind of jewelry you could have, the best necklace, a precious jewel, a specific kind of shirt: think of something special to you. Are there any shirts like that you could find? Or perhaps a cup with it on there, a book, a collectible? Think about the

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