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The Bible of Mother Aeon

By Lucifer Damuel White

The Bible of Mother Aeon


Lucifer Damuel  White, 2018-2021

Public Domain

The General Precepts of the Religion

Anti Voidism

Book One: Aeon

I have spent my recent days wondering what matters in life the most. And I quickly came to the conclusion that emptiness was the worst of things in life apart from uncontrollable suffering. Filling life with good things, that's what matters. Doing well to bring in good things. Either replacing or supplementing bad things with good or not being empty and nihilistic.

That is the formula of Anti Voidism, to fill the void with good things. The Evil of life is not some Devil, but “Emptiness.”

Here is the synopsis of Anti Voidism:

A new religion about making life one interesting, adventuresome, and having a meaningful purpose—of having a life against the Devil of this belief known as “The Void,” and the only way to have a full and eternal soul is by filling the void in the soul.

They try to dispose of it, but it always returns, as always it should be, something held, something brought back, returns for a reason.

Travel with The World what it is, where it can be found, and Goddess Aeon will accompany you.

Everything will all make sense soon enough.

Idea Ways to Fill the Void:

  1. By having a good bed, cover and pillow. Or at least a good cover. Then the first task in this religion is to purchase the best, most comfortable blanket you can find. Can be  silk , cotton, w ool, whatever   you like. A good cover and lush pillow makes life simply better as you lay down each night very comfortably.
  2. By having a good and comfortable chair . This is where you can simply pass the time as many elderly people do, or the leisurely. You could just “be on break” waiting for any interesting thing to happen. Or you could just kind of turn the knob of your life down a little to feel paused for a  moment. But these just don’t work with small wooden chairs.
  3. By having good clothes. Those in new clothes, ones carefully selective and good looking, clean and new, feel like a million bucks walking down every street. Not much increases pride as well as good clothing.
  4. By having good food and drinks. It might be the best three things in life are food, drinks, and music. I have a cup of iced tea beside me at all times during the day, about five literally of it daily. Many people will just consume food without really tasting and appreciating it. And that happens to the best of us. Including me. But at least some of the time I take it all in more slowly, carefully chewing and enjoying it. A lot of people gain  weight just because of compulsive eating. If you spend twenty minutes eating one chicken sandwich then you just aren’t so prone to obesity.
  5. By having good music. Whatever it is you like. If you are an open minded person then you could sit the day long or just an hour or so listening to the radio. Otherwise you could load up an MP3 player.
  6. By having good entertainment. Whatever you like. Whatever it is: be it books, video games, movies, music, cabal TV, quick internet.
  7. By collecting something. This is a sure way to be happy. And it may not seem so important than the others, but collections bring about the most material  satisfaction whether you are poor or rich.
  8. By having a good worthwhile purpose. This doesn’t have to be for money but should be for something, such as popularity. This will make your days better. It will let you flow with time instead of against it. You will have something to do and possibly get far doing it. And pride, not coming out of thin air, could come upon you.

Some purposes include programming  games, writing books, painting, working on electronics and computers, mods of gaming consoles, wood work, making jewelry, music composition, and carpentry.

  1. Having a project. This is a creative work given special attention. Like laying a perfect wall one hefty brick at a time until complete, invest much time and thought into creating something worthwhile and great. These include things from the productivity list above and many other things. It could be putting together a perfect computer (at least perfect to you if not necessarily to others) by working on crafts, like creating a stained  glass window, painting the best painting, writing the best song, writing the best book.
  2. Perfectionism. While it is often said that nothing is perfect, that  is just a way of saying “why bother?” Trying to do something perfectly is the whole point in doing your best. When your heart and mind are both fully involved then you will be very  happy and proud of what you create.
  3. Proudly giving gifts. You may want to save your money instead of tending to someone's  birthday. I’ve gotten into that habit, lately. But especially with children your gifts could mean the whole great world to them and maybe that fact is enough to know they are going to enjoy it more than you ever could. Honestly: if you remember the joy you had of the simplest toys, make happy makes happy.
  4. Caring for a pet. A pet can be a person's best friend and you, theirs.
  5. Going on vacation. It doesn’t have to be an adventure to the Bahamas. But any place even somewhat close by, such as a good night at a hotel beside a bar or even to a restaurant, a good one, out of town. There was a hotel I used to go to only three hours out of town, doing nothing more than staying at a hotel. But it was so clean and had the best bed, the best covers, the best privacy while I would just lay down flicking through the channels.
  6. A relationship. That’s for some, not for others. My ideal  girlfriend would counsel me, be a kind of support, a Wiccan, who adorably carries a crystal rock in her pocket and prays to a candle, a sweet woman and one sexy, bordering on being a bimbo. That's my taste , and some like oysters, and if they like oysters, I can like what I like.
  7. Making a best friend. My best friend would be a man my age, a bearded type of person  who was smart with computers, video game console mods, and had a large collection of very old computer things. And someone really into Dungeons and Dragons. One on one friendships are the best.

This religion is about making life better by filling it with good things. It is a simple principle but the most important thing you can do in life is to be aware of where things are lacking in it and having a basic knowledge of the right things to draw in.

You might sometimes notice a tune playing in your head. People are a sponge. They can absorb within themselves all sorts of messes. But the soap is nearby. We just don’t like cleaning. So I am here to clean and rinse yourself making your soul and life pure and better.

The therapists, called Cleaners in this religion will hear from you what bad you have within: anything bad about life. Anything that is just lacking. Tell them your interests, present yourself to the Cleaner and s/he shall guide you into obtaining a better life.

Talking one on one with them tell them the things you lack, what you wish would happen, the desires in your heart, conditions you wish were not, and s/he shall be well trained on telling you what to find and look for, s)he shall fill your soul with good things if you adhere to him or her.

A person can tell themselves often that they don’t need anything. But needing requires desire so what they are essentially saying is that they do not desire anything. But those that desire greatly will have things great, and those that are a content stump will turn away every good thing to rest in place.

Perfection in doing and involvement in receiving

To draw in. To take in. To bring in.

You have to pull it toward you.

To draw out. To push out. To bring out.

You have to release it.

But many a King having it all, knew not what was good at what time.

And lost all time never having become fully involved with any one thing.

Then it is the poorest had the greatest heart and desire

But once he had it, it didn't matter. Because he was just wanting all along.

But at least his heart had joy from time to time.

He embraced the lover he could never before had

Then found once he had her she was of no more interest to him

And he walked away looking for something else.

The key to having what you want is desire to begin with.

The key to love what you have made comes from perfection.

But many people choose toil. Else they’d get no sense that their work is hard, worth anything.

The most successful people did things others would or could not, or more often unable to. But the person that goes the extra mile finds the following Mike’s to be quite easier, and that is the most proud of anyone walking anywhere. So he set it in his heart to make a perfect Goddess. A Goddess Mother named Aeon, for whom he gives all his praise for his works.

-Charges Filed Against God-

AKA Yaweh:

I hereby charge God with the crime of child abuse whom, though He confessed was my true Father, He treated me negligently and would not save me while I was drowning. He also has committed atrocious crimes against His Son Jesus, whom he tortured and made deranged.

I charge God with abuse and negligence. He pushed me out of the home He gave me and hatefully sent me out into the world homeless. He never let me prepare for the world. I was forced and threatened to read the Bible for long hours by both his other sons and daughters as well as straight from the horse's mouth. He said if I didn’t love Him He was going to set me afire, forever. So I charge Him with Criminal Threats and request a restraining order against Him.

I was badly starving and drinking Luke warm water throughout the day when my brother Jesus came to me and went off elaborating His crazy way about if I thirst He will lead me to cool waters and other such nonsense. Then God came up to me and gave me a bag of rice. He was quite proud of Himself thinking this would keep me from starving. He said “Here you go, son!” And Jesus said to him “I was trying to tell him. God, what a good God you are!”

But off I roamed eating from the garbage and thirsty as all Hell. It seemed that God could not wait for me to suffer, so I took a dark cup of urine and drank it proclaiming “for I was thirsty and you gave me piss!”

And homeless I remained for a year, and a year incarcerated. And a year in psychiatric confinement. This God is worthless, undependable, un-reliable.. useless, negligently, and a deadbeat Father who cares nothing for his own.

I hold Him guilty and I consecrate a new God, a Goddess actually named Aeon.  

Prayer to Goddess Aeon

Great Mother Aeon

As I lay in this bed tend to me

Notice my suffering and heal me

Watch me grow. Have me grow good and well

Remove from my life obstacles, enemies

Speak softly to me in my younger years until I can hear you fully, and understand your every word.

And then guide me, have me reach far

Put into my life all good things

And remove all things bad

Be as an opponent to my enemies

Graduate me unto godhood, a time where no suffering is, among the more godly races

Fill my heart with both joy and desire

Having me wanting and bring

Bring to me all good things all the days of my life and watch over me always


Our Goddess be with you. Our Goddess be realized.

She is our Mother who watches over us. She wraps us all in her wings equally. Though some may have a bad road it is for a greater purpose. That those last at anything will have exercised the arm of life stronger, and come ahead in the future, none are permanently the last.

Aeon, our Goddess, we rest underneath Her wings. We drink the drink that makes the blood as blue, we are nurtured by Her. And someday we will be among her flock and meet others like her, even our equals, when the time comes.

Make an idol for her.

What should constitute an Aeonic Church:

There should be cleaners and furnishers there as mentioned before. Actually I’d separate these into two, instead of just “cleaners.” The cleaners are to remove negative things in life. The furniture is to replace it with good things. Every religion has a type of counseling method, whether it be a Bible study or something of Scientology (auditing) ours do too and it is that. Whoever makes such a Church (because as I do while creating new religions I speak of possible futures as a self fulfilling prophecy) its creator should train a handful of people to clean and furnish (removal of junk, replaced by good furnishing.) Have them observe what a member desires to be healed by them and fix them and their heart regarding it. The furniture has its members fill their lives with better, more enjoyable, and more positive things. The cleaner stops negative things or otherwise removes them.

Service by service it’s head Priest which they are called Priests whether male or female, informed people about good things to do. This could be an idea for a project but better, a place to play games in town, Bingo, D&D, Pokemon, you name it. Or swimming, or a gym, or what good and entertaining things are around.

The Priest is also to advise on general concepts of making life better. As it’s foundation is in this religion, it’s members are regarded as vessels that need to have brought in all good things in life and emptying out the bad.

Of course money may be made by this organization. Certainly no one would do so well, we're all free. This can be regular donations and/or fixed donations, as they are called. Remember, my books are all things and free, and in the public domain.

Singing doesn’t have to be there, nor anything other Churches have necessarily. The advice for that is simple, it either fits or it doesn’t.

Prayer and worship if Aaron must be the most important of all.

Aeon makes us better, makes us whole. Blessed be the name of the Good One. And make great idols for her in the representation of Her Mother hood.

But most importantly and in all sincerity the leaders of the Church should have extensive knowledge about Anti Voidism.

Hold hands together male with female and form a circle, each shouting and proclaiming that Aeon is great, Aeon is good. That Aeon be with you. That Aeon is never absent. That Aeon may be found, even on this day. For it was Her who saved us. It was Her that busted out the un holy chains of bondage to “Christ” and halted any harmful doctrine we were given. She set us free and cleaned our eyes from what is false. These Christian doctrines are the worst thing that ever occurred to human kind, without a doubt. They deluded and misguided us for centuries, like complete and utter fools. They brainwashed us! But Aeon is our ever—liberator. Go the way toward Aeon and be free. Have Her remove in every way other theologies that have corrupted you and be altogether whole and pure, be purified with the best water. Cool your soul with it, and wash the face free of impurities through Goddess Aeon.

May your New day be bright and better spent. May you be fully able to recognize what bad there is in your life and cut it from you, filling your heart and mind with better things, and have a new soul, one good and full with all excellently. I will take you along that way. I will show you along the road all things that are good. Things choice, without equal. These things I promise you in the name of Goddess Aeon.

Aeon Will Give you a Soul Like None Other

Aeon She looks I’ll upon the sight of one captured into same-beingness. She wants us to each and all bear a unique self standing soul. She cuts straight through those who are one and the same collected together, never knowing who they are but they can only be one with others, with a knife most concise, most sharp.

She separates people to move apart from each other. She does not separate them for Her sake, but for theirs. She has sought out people who are never themselves but one with others. And she traps them and places them elsewhere in different places.

She only wants for you a soul of your own. She is The Giver of Souls, separating you from others and making you a unique being all your own. She inscribed in their hearts I am one. She engraves in their soul only on my own am I my own. And those that do not resist but rather follow suit will be rewarded in the same. But those that resist will come to destroy themselves, for it never was, for it can never be its own otherwise.

The greatest lesson is left by Her teaching everyone to go their own way and build a strong healthy heart. A heart that desires. It is like a fire She Kindles within us that burns with involvement and interest, favor and desire. She will have us not eating from the mouths of others. But will instead open our mouths wide to consume one's own true food, that food that is most satisfied with what it eats

She gives us a fruit that God wouldn’t. She does not place before us forbidden fruit but food that is the true fruit of one's own founded liking. That food exclusive to us as we decide and come to know come to terms if necessary in liking. The true fruit of one’s liking. That food we have found when looking for our own eyes, and put all others aside. Reaching out for it with our own hands, and tasting it with our own mouth.

Let the fire burn within you that consumes, for nothing pale is ever appreciated, even acknowledged.

May Aeon Be Moved From Heart to Hand

First write on a piece of paper

What is the best of these, being specific:

What is the best bread? What is the best dairy food? What is the best meat? What is the best desert? What is the best of the best in these? The best flavors? Why are some flavors good in one area but not another? What are the best of all kinds of foods?

What is the best music? What are the best songs of these? Why is one better than the other? How could it be better?

What are the best toys? What are the best cartoons, movies, and shows? And why? What do you like best about these?

If you could work creatively on something, what would you truly like to make? What have you always wanted to do but never had, or hadn’t given enough consideration to? What would you like to make your own version of (book, game, tarot cards, anything)? What would you like to do your own version of hopefully doing better than anyone before you?

If there were six very inexpensive things that you’d really like to have, what would they be? Could that list be made better? What about 8, 10, even 12 inexpensive things you would like to own? What are they?

And expensive things, too. What would you like to have the very best of? The best kind of jewelry you could have, the best necklace, a precious jewel, a specific kind of shirt: think of something special to you. Are there any shirts like that you could find? Or perhaps a cup with it on there, a book, a collectible? Think about the very best things you like. It can be anywhere from Rainbow Bright to the Ninja Turtles. It could be a crystal frog, anything. There is no wrong thing to like. Find out what it is you like, and burn with desire for it. Your soul will be on fire, ever burning with passion.

Leveling up in the Game of Life

May it be a principle that serves you well: always climb upwards in doing better than before. Granted each time doesn’t have to be as high as you want, you may go as high as you want, but sometimes, at least, take a bigger step up than usual. That sometimes you will do exceptionally better, but you will not always do exceptionally better, but that’s no matter, the matter is that generally you do well in relation to proportion.

Do one thing then do it better, do something much easier if it pleases you, as long as you know you could have done it better and in due time do so.

It is a most excellent principle to live by, doing the best work that you can. That life presents us with a challenge. Many will sit idle and your competition isn’t too overwhelming but certainly there. And in times of low standards you have a great opportunity to do better.

Being better than yourself before consistently is a guide that will lead you to lofty places up high. Every enemy you’ve ever had will be silenced by your successes and filled with jealousy. Even great jealousy!

We are living in “that’s good enough” times where a champ is made from shattered pieces collected from the ground, regarded as jewels. Many and more people will be proud of the simplest of accomplishments because his/ her competition just isn’t there. There are two, three, beside him doing the same, succeeding without real value, and given overhead banners that fill the sky. But in the future they will be regarded as ill, a plague, a disaster, an ailment, a disease that prevented evolution.

What could be such a small yet potent principle than this: do better than you did before, to become better today than you were yesterday. That is “The Diamond Rule.”

Feasts and Pride Idols and Collecting

--Or simply coupling food and music with pride. That is the trinity of Anti Voidism, that fills the soul with happiness and contentment. Regarding it it can be said that no other thing is lacking. Happiness comes from pride, self esteem, and food has always been celebrated. Celebrate through what you eat and be filled with thoughts of worth, as true as those thoughts are valid—but they are always more valid than you think. Music has always been with those who celebrate, too.

Do something well, and be your own reward. Do what is not normally done. Do something special. Put the pieces together and hope for the best. The best outcome of what you are doing is a good understanding and the worst outcome to not be overcome by.

Be grateful for your own self. Climb the ladder, clean the room, make yourself a new home, do well all of your days, remove the bad, the negative, transform into something better and have your wealth be represented by what you collect.

That is the reason why people collect things they do not usually use, if at all. They want to see what their money represents. That’s why I like idols. Idols are representations of my money procured based on what I am doing to honor them and to have them as trophies. To have won them over. And Anti Voidism is heavily laden with idols and their worship, if not so much worship than prayers and gifts given them.

One can make an idol that is of themselves,  with none the wiser. Or just have one of oneself with a person's most honored deities to their left and to their right.

Waiting for the Future

Let us observe this:

That suffering decreases with scientific advancements. Life was so bad not even so far as a century ago that the best of them didn’t have these good things that we do. Life was very bad if you go back two hundred years. There was no plumbing. There were filthy and stench ridden out houses. There was no lighting. People we’re very cold, often, in going around, if even they could. And now we are driving fast and reliable cars zooming back and forth quickly.

For entertainment people had at best a person with a banjo. Whether or not music was better then than now we have both new and old music. We have all of their music recorded, volumes of it. In fact people then may have had a small and expensive record collection. But we have them as digital files.

People had Odyssey and Atari game consoles or maybe an arcade of Pac Man at best. And later came 2D games. Time passes and we have 3D.  Now look at what we have! And to go along with that we have TVs that are far larger.

We have more treatment for disease. Our lives are longer. Probably largely because our lives are easier. Things are cheaper and more easily come by. A person may have spent his savings on a nineteen inch black and white TV. They may have saved up for an awesome new Atari. A game that is easily gotten free. In short the best things of yesterday are the least of today and things are becoming ever cheaper, yet ever better.

This is what I like to just carry with me in my thoughts. Human suffering will not continue on forever. I can only imagine what we’d have even five years from now. No computer of the nineties can do all my phone can. And my phone was cheaper than the best that decade had to offer.

I can very well sit and wait for man kind's time to come. One of the things I like to watch are newly patented things, good things. Right now we are getting into talking to our computers like they first did on Star Trek The Next Generation. And AI is developing all the time.

And it is AI and robotics that will take our jobs, hopefully so! That only means that we could have slaves again. And not in an evil way. But in a way that they aren’t any different no not without an ego. They’d do all of our work. Maybe we can do what we want instead of working for others, impersonally.

And just a few other pieces of science are needed to really end our hardship on Earth, even just about all of it. Things like replicators. Things like a solid energy field protecting any one inside, wherever they go. And even a fountain of youth formula! One that leads us into immortality. But nature shows us it is not easy to do as well as it:

Cheetahs still run faster than our normally driven speed in a car. A volcanic eruption is still more powerful than our greatest bombs, we still have only a little protection against Earthquakes and hurricanes, there are still animals on Earth that live longer than us, or at least trees. It is something that presents before us greatness that can be, to be better than that's not easy!

One Must Be Filled Spiritually, not just Physically!

The world is a rich place, beyond belief. There are many treasures within it. People should take the time to consider this. And as one of the dictates of Anti Voidism suggests, unless you create a desire, you’ll never want or enjoy anything.

Unless you think about something appreciatively. Unless you think about what involvement could provide— you will have no need, preferring to stay empty. And emptiness is the Devil of Anti Voidism.

So give thought to what is outside of the house. The house is very well a place where we would all choose to stay, if possible, but we miss out in the process. Along the lines of what I am suggesting you could think of the library, for example. Think about going there to find a good book. Or if you prefer, a better place to shop. People opt for the easier, more familiar trip to a store. But there are many many stores in any given town. It may be more comfortable for you to go to a place nearby. But rather consider what you may be missing out on.

Put more into your life, Anti Voidism requires it. It is a good request made for you—it will pay back in high dividends. To broaden your world, or else be trapped in a cage relegated to a small piece of it. There are those of small worlds and those of medium worlds and there are even those of larger worlds. The Anti Voidist should always have the big world.

Look for a favorite restaurant not finding it until you have gone to them all. Go to a grocery store with regular candy and try every kind until you’ve found a favorite. Then go to a store with special candy, possibly foreign. Buy all of them one or a couple at a time until you’ve found a favorite.

Go to a toy store, a comic book store, a pawn shop, a flea market, a gaming store, an antique store. To all kinds of stores, Good Will, Salvation Army, idol store or magic supply store. These, until you find your favorite store.

If you like to smoke then buy a pack a day every day of a different brand each time, until you’ve found the best. And if you like to drink, do the same with alcoholic beverages.

It is truly the spice of life. It is to have variety. It is to expand far and wide. It is to come to appreciate things. It is a perfect way to fill your time. It is highly indicative of Anti Voidism and something you should teach to others.

I once had a friend that knew the city of San Francisco very well (where I live, and rest his soul.) We would go to jazz concerts, classical music concerts, certain shops and places I hadn’t any idea were there, here, in this city. And these things were free! I used to have to go to a building that had computers, that were of good use while I was writing, before I had a good phone, and it got me by. I just think it is a better home to be in a large city unless you are just the sit and knit type.

I prefer to do things like group bingo and electronics, jewelry making and magic the gathering, dungeons and dragons or City college classes, but most of all just shopping in a flea market or Good Will type place, never knowing what I’ll find, not wanting it until I see it, making my income kind of magically used.

There are always leisurely games

Games that do not require too much dedication and involvement

What I am referring to are video game board or card games, sports games or gambling games. I actually prefer sports games while I am shuffling through old games at game stores and the flea market. They are always the cheapest. Out of all the genres of video games these are referred to as the most worthless. But to me they are about the most valuable. I used to play video games that could not be beaten without much time and effort. And I grew tired of that. I stopped playing games for some time not knowing that was the only case. So it occurred to me why and for the first time I started playing video games I came to call “leisurely.” Games that each time played could be beaten within an hour.

Strategy games are also among these, and puzzle games such as Tetris, and also “SimCity,”

These games aren’t so taxing. My favorite of these if I only had one was an old (or getting old) Nintendo DS game called ClubHouse Games. The Game Boy Advance had a large amount of board games put into a video game for it, you name it, from mouse trap to Monopoly, Clue, Risk, Connect Four, Yahtzee, Life, Scrabble, to Mouse Trap. Among them was a card game called Skip Bo, which had Uno on the same cart. Skip Bo I adore, it is ideal for me.

There are golf, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, baseball, and these games are the cheapest yet the easiest to play. And I wonder if it will occur to people someday that that’s why they are such good games, for the reasons I’ve said. But you do have a better sports game if they are not old but new particularly with sports games, new is so much better. The mechanics of the game are a little awkward and too simplistic than what was before. The AI is a little lame, meaning that you can’t really apply skill on the very early sport based games. The newer sports games had better AI and mechanics.

However some things never age other than graphically. That is so with gambling games. Then you go into a building and play black jack or poker, slots or roulette. Something like that can’t age much.

And also among leisure games are racing ones and fishing/ hunting. Enough has been said about all this, enjoy.

Who Aeon is

Aeon was once an ancient god who was dying. Very ancient and becoming of something duly existing, it’s existence didn’t matter much to it. It had been looking for one last joy, anything. And just before it made its last breath it caught the eye of two humans suffering. The god, suddenly a she, saw these two humans without food. She wondered what food was, not really knowing. She saw the man and woman clump together some mud, putting it into his mouth, then spitting it out. He cried out, “Great Goddess Aeon feed me!” And she raised a mighty hand lifting up a great beast, set it on fire with the essence of her soul, and there it lay completely cooked before them.

So he drew out his knife and ate with his wife and proclaimed Aeon is great! Aeon has fed us!” After his wife said, “We will serve you all of our days, blessed be the name of Aeon.”

Aeon then transformed herself into a motherly Goddess for all mankind. She has been with people suffering as she has wanted to be with. She lives by us, and some of us have had life due to her. She brings good things to strangers. She knows where there is suffering. She is evident in history. She is not difficult to find there. I present her to you that you can have a Goddess true and dependable, one whom words I speak, one from whom's thoughts flow.

It was Aeon who gave birth to the moon to let us know we are never truly in the dark. It is by her that the tide flows and resends.

At the worst time in my life having been homeless and considerably deranged for that time, Aeon came to me in the night. I had been freezing late at night and she came over me like a blanket. I had been thirsty and starving and She fed me. She said take her warmth and be wrapped in Her love. That as I know suffering more than any one She is going to guide me into a life where I could help many in her name. That not to fall prey to death, she will protect me and lead me into a better life. A Christian had been preaching in the streets not long after, while I was homeless too, saying something about God being good and if love, giving freely of those who asked. So I asked for cool water and a man came up to me and gave me a warm diet Pepsi. I had found that for some reason I had been worshipping the wrong God and it had been costing me.

So I kept Around in my mind and heart, often, being visited by her in the night being kept warm. I actually lost my shoes and went barefoot for a while. And found a brand new pair of Nike shoes around the corner on top of a trash can. That same can also had on top, later, a Harley Davidson rattlesnake skin belt. Which was good. My pants were too loose. And I prayed to Aeon, “Aeon, I need food, and Aaron, bring me what I need. Then l was visited often by people who gave me food. And one night I inexplicably awoke with a good thick blanket above me.

I had this Mickey Mouse doll that I pretended was the Devil. I had such an attraction to idols you wouldn’t believe. I would go into idol stores and pray to the idols freely then leave. The closest thing I could have to an idol was that doll. But maybe I was jealous? I lost it that night. More likely She was trying to show me that She was a better choice. I don’t take her as jealous. Anyways that night my doll was gone, replaced by an unfamiliar metallic figure.

She has been there for me. She had been there for individuals, until me, and through me, she is given to many.

Have the real truth: the idea of God is absurd. God is cruel and harmless, greedy and jealous, hateful and judgmental. Christians are very much the same. Christians are people that are constantly judging others! But Aeon is a Goddess not like a hateful ever ready to discipline, but rather She is a loving mother.

A Software that would Accompany This Religion Well

Imagine a software that provides an idea for things you can do where ideas are lacking. The idea is that you input things you like to do by rating. According to rating and input based on the outcome the software will indicate what you can do, providing advice through AI.

You would list your favorite things. It would add to those things, intelligently, and sense when it is you’ve forgotten about them or would like them and at what time. It would provide a similar chain of things that you could do, and how they are done. It would provide tutorials, introductions at least, and allow for insertion of notes to help you. And most importantly allow for varied degrees of difficulty and offer up an easier way something may be done. In knowing the optimal way for the individual to do them.

It would basically be a storehouse of activities and daily challenges.

It would be able to cause you to do things a little at a time instead of a lot at once, and that would be very useful. Someone who does something often doesn’t have a good conception of what is better and then just a little better and then a little better than that but this software could do that. It could have you do things a little better at a time unless you are stepping up more quickly than normal, and so to request a bit higher step from where you are.

It would improve you all around. It would expand you. It would make you better at one thing to be better all around at similar things you like.

You could be shown a map on where to go and in deciding where you go to next or what to do next a map would be formed showing you your own ways and offering a glimpse of what kind of person you are, doing what.

Things like budgeting and opportunity would be available in this software and advice to avoid obstacles and shortcoming.

Choice Food is Good for the Soul

While I was homeless I had a choice. Bread was about everywhere in The Fisherman’s Wharf of San Francisco, as long as edible food that was entirely inedible by me. I could have taken and eaten food I didn’t like and as well gotten used to it, though never satisfied by it entirely. But I took a different option, to start digging in the trash for food that though was slightly old never getting things set there for very long, but eying for deposits of sweets most of all, if I was lucky I got a soda with ice left in it. And I simply chose to only eat what tasted good, choosing starvation over blandness.

Aeon opened a door for me. And it was due to my position, my choice. My days were much better because of it. I had asked Aeon for a type of freshly baked corn chip, and not long after, a few days perhaps, there was a brand new bag of them on top of the trash can (not inside it.) I kinda doubted it was because of my prayer. But those chips were only available on the other side of town! And I had left that area I was in. And still a place far from that restaurant I like serving freshly baked corn chips. I tell you, Aeon was so helpful that I always had good food after I began “worshipping” Her. Which is not worship. She will have appreciation and acknowledgment, not worship. Anyways a lady gave me a brand new bag of those chips I loved. I think it may have been two new bags, even. I don’t really remember.

It was just so noticeable. The help I received, I may as well have not been homeless. There was a very tasty orange drink, kind of slushy with real fruit. And I promised Aeon I would never forget her. That I would dedicate myself to Her and remember her, presenting Her to new people, for all of her goodness.

The right way to follow her, to do as she wants, is to only fill yourself with good things, never accepting things that aren’t, things of lesser value. And it is a wise way She would impart on you. Those that will have only the best will both receive and get what is the best. Those that accept a despot life will survive on desperation. I tell you it is true that one night I prayed for a Mickey Mouse shirt (why? Well because desire is a whole different matter when you are homeless) and the next night I was walking up to a fence where I slept each night beside a sidewalk, and upon the fence? A new Mickey Mouse shirt!

If I had followed God I would have gotten nowhere. This God as he calls himself “the mighty one who will not be shared with other gods,” is not worth singularity. It is the other gods that will be more one on one with you, and very friendly. God does not care for you—that God named Yahweh? It says in “his” book that he loves you. But isn’t the proof in the pudding? To say that God personally cares for you is the most glaring contradiction in the Holy Bible. He hates people. He throws them out like garbage. The Bible is riddled with his hatefulness, usually over the most petty of things. He will rage and plot for a century over those that make idols, but then give his followers a few hundred wives yet tell you to never commit adultery.

Even if you had favor from him it does no good. What favor can be of him, anyway? Has he ever rewarded someone with a life that is good and worthwhile. Does he not despise the “wise” and the “proud?” Does he have ever really more value for a person than being a martyr? Hell he sends to, I think, is a more dignified place than Heaven where “for eternity his chosen gives him praise.”

Aeon, blessed be the day that I found her. I was crippled with suffering and nearly without clothes. When I was without shoes, she brought me some. When I chose to have the best food, the best was given to me. What Aeon gives you is always good and wholesome. But God is a God that will give you salt less beans and be most proud of himself. He is not the only God. There are many besides him, and they are all better a Good to worship, it really seems, and you are better off without him for no good can come of him whether you worship him or don’t.

To serve Her best, choose the best things to have in your life and reject the lesser things at any possible cost. For She is a Goddess that will serve those who will take things that are good and deny or remove those things that aren’t. The best way to serve Her? Whatever you take in, have it be optimal.

Let us be a People  who both search for and find the best. A People  of high standard. A People  who go only to the best places. A People  who can share that goodness with others. And a People who will have beside them Excellency and so incur all of Aeon's good graces. May it forever be so in the blessed name of Aeon, Hales-Nema, Amen.

Having an Independently Operating Soul

As easily we are influenced and formed by people instead of ourselves singularly, we are not so much ourselves as we are others. For many people what they like they like. Worst of all are those bonded together from the same tastes and causes. I suggest it is better to me yourself because only then are you a self and not a selves.

Most people will have a very shallow consideration toward any given thing. Those that do give much consideration, having multiple perspectives toward any given thing, count cards, see the better, Fuller picture. Some will actually look at a painting but just stare at its corner, in a way of speaking.

If anger has taught me anything it is to have multiple perspectives. I mean, yeah, everyone has a bad day, someone has suffered a lot in life and is returning it back, words are just words, I could have people in my life who are far worse asshole, even asshole Kings and Queens, this is going to happen in life, it will never change, maybe I did something to piss them off, some off hand comment, sometimes, this time, that time, why and when… that sounds like a lot to think through but sense argues with me that I myself have no good reason to remain angry and ruin my day.

If you practice a more broad and far reaching understanding, perspective, ideas about and such toward any given thing then it will keep you thinking more independently. You will not be what I call “tunnel minded.” The tunnel minded only see things one way and haven’t but one place to go with what they are thinking. But those thinking more broadly have minds like those that light up the world around them.

That’s just done by thinking things through. It really is that simple—just think things through.

Enhancement, Creation, and Restoration is Aeonic

Aeonic means something eternal, something lasting forever. Therefore, these things are Aeonic, they preserve things, extend their life, and continue them on in an effort to keep them around indefinitely.

They do this work with the hands of Goddess Aeon who is named as “The One Who Will Last Forever.”

It is better to enhance and repair things than to throw it out as garbage, to have it sitting there uselessly. Enhancement can be to modernize something. There are numerous examples here, from making a gaming console playable on a new TV perhaps, rebinding a book, preserving something, like they recently began doing for LCD electronic games (which isn’t easy as such video game things go.) For me my favorite things among this topic are video games and consoles. Apparently it is so also for a large number of others. There are more and more people doing things like putting new batteries in old battery- saving games. People are putting in new optical drives for disk based consoles. And using new parts freshly manufactured, made because there is a good market for it. Putting in new caps, new screens for game boy or other handheld devices. Putting in them new back lit screens, even indiglo ones. And sometimes they are making reproduction carts. You can get a brand new “Nintendo 64” controller brand new, even though the system and such halted over a decade ago.

For me that is one of my favorite things to hear about and know about.

It is Aeonic to repair and improve old things and Aeonic is a key word in Anti Voidism. That includes words such as “enhancement, preservation, recreation, repairing, mending, and overhauling.” The void be minimal, be it known the Earth provides great treasure for those who choose to be left behind.

This is an easy thing for anyone. For me it is about games, for some it is about better furniture, but whatever it is for you, doing so gives you the hands of Aeon. May your hands be the hands of Aeon. Amen.

To be a feather when you are a rock

A rock is something that cannot be moved

A feather is a thing that can only be moved

A tree is a thing that grows well

A weed, not so

A beach has coarse sand, falls right through the hands

Many people fall them whole selves into what is quicksand

But worse than that is tar, which the greatest monsters have fallen into

A star in the sky is good to look at, yet there are many others

The sun was once so mysterious. No matter where you were, there it was

That thing in the sky

The moon glows, ‘must have something to do with the sun'

The water either pushes forward, but can run rapidly, and sometimes just sits

The clouds show us things we never see

And the race has grown old and tired of all the world around it. These are no longer caveman days. Man has said “let there be light,” and so it was. He has brought together a thing or two unimaginable by those of the past. And he takes these things for granted. S/he is drifting away, far far away from a normal reality unto godhood, but let us look at what was before and be most happy that these things are becoming so. Let us proceed to act as God. We are not yet a God. We are barely just yet becoming gods (lower case letters) Someday, perhaps, we will have enough sense to worship ourselves. As we will become God.

The stars in the sky are the best thing in the sky above to see. But the sun will blind you.

To be like dust is to have had no impact during your life

To be like ink is to blot others out

To be like air is to be needed, but not noticed. It is to not be given credit.

It is to be used dry. It is like a gift once given, but later expected and no more acknowledged as given.

To be as a window is to be seen straight through.

To be like a door is to be very inviting and without secrets. It is to be open, or openable. But to be like a lock is for those that are afraid of others, for whatever reason.

To be like carpet is to cover up mistakes and flaws, as is being like make up. To be like make up is more toward covering up inadequacy.

To be like shoes is to know where you are going and how to get there, if only you move. But you do know how

And you could get there until you arrive at your destination. But where will you arrive? What will be there at the end of the road. If you do succeed in popularity or fame, even notoriety and wealth, as you want, if you succeed you are likely to succeed more than you predicted. That only makes sense. Believe me I tell you, that at the end of that road is a plane to soar high, or a house of your dreams. Before you succeeded you knew you would have good things, but you did not know just how good good things are. But once in your mouth the taste of its juices will be as a drink of life, with a very tree growing on its fruits of choice, which, if tended to, will never grow old and die.

Some people's lives are like a watch, precise, predictable.

Some people’s lives are like a blanket, comfortable, easy.

Some people’s lives are like a car, they get places even though sometimes they break down and have to either get a new car or fix something within it.

Some people’s lives are like a plane, they only live for their drug inducing highs.

Having a collection of the things you like

It has been said and very often by the “wise” that material possessions will not make you happy. Hell, I am very happy having my large screen phone surfing through you tube. My mind ain’t as blank as it’d be while at the park on a bench. The best things in life are free? As what? That material wealth doesn’t make you happy, they are referring to people who buy something and use it in no way at all. But I don’t have to hold something in my hand to enjoy it. I only need to tuck it away under a lock and think about it. It very well makes me feel good just to give these things a thought. I have a pumpkin Halloween bucket in my room, a large set of colored pens and other things that make me happy when I think about them.

The person who first said that material wealth cannot make you happy didn’t realize there were children highly ecstatic on Christmas morning. Didn’t this guy who said this have a childhood? I mean what kind of terribly deprived childhood did he have? Was he catatonic? Did getting things make a total indifference to him. My God when I was a child I played my Nintendo until the sun went down (and came back up) enjoying every moment, fully involved. Then I wasn’t only happy with what I owned, but involved, mesmerized, enthralled.

Who’ve said that material wealth cannot make you happy must have lived so long ago that all he had was dolls and those other kinds of cheap worthless toys from ages ago. He must not have had a DVD player and movies. What if someone was really involved in a movie and asked “how is that making you happy? That’s not possible. It doesn’t make any sense!” This person didn’t know just how much I enjoyed my VHS copy of The 1990 TMNT movie.

People have their own kinds of collections. Collecting things is good in any case. It is satisfying to know that you have, that’s all there is to it. That’s all there has to be to it. To have a whole collection of something I think is better than a handful of gems. My collection is a collection of things that I like, not a certain specific kind of thing, but a handful of different things. So essentially I have a few things I collect, not limiting myself. It is just a joy to find that one best thing in the lot. Part of the joy of collecting is to look for what to add to it.

Fill the Place you are in with Good Things

We act through Aeon in this, that wherever we are, we make better. And that is an Anti Voidism axiom That wherever we are, we make better. Is an axiom of our religion, a kind of rule.

If you are renting a home, improve it. Put in new shelves, a new faucet, or such things. If it is your home, then make it a good one, a good place to live, after all you live there. And wherever you live you should make it better, as you have to be there a lot of the time.

If you are living with friends or family, and they lack anything, then provide it. Even if it is just some new and better cups. If you bring in some paper plates and plastic utensils, then maybe you can skip washing dishes.

If you are still young and living at home with your parents then give to your brother or sister good things.

Be the person who supplies mechanical pencils, new batteries, better paper, candies, and new light bulbs. Even new furniture. But ideally don’t spend too much unless it is your own place. Because that is just how principles go, you do not want to “buy some or someone's place.” But small things are none the same and most welcomed.

The idea behind this involves our Mother Goddess Aeon, who would act through our heart in doing so. It is a formula for us to act through Aeon “through the hands,” “Through the mind,” “through the air,” and “through the heart” that She be present and simply for the important effect of being acknowledged.

Aeon is more real in our lives when we act through her in an honorable way. And in so moving her through you She will be before you. But first She has to move ahead of you.

The Empty

In regards to the Negative Empty and in its most negative state of repetition- are found people that are not filling their minds correctly. The mind is a sponge soaking in what it likes, even after it has been squeezed dry.

Repetition comes upon those that are too proud of what they say. Repetition comes upon those lacking in good new thought. It freezes us and prevents us from moving on. It can be either something too great or too terrible, such as a death in the family.

While we are being situated into reality we go from simple repetitive thinking to thought that is more directed to the present. We then are filling space with more immediately needed wisdom, not memories that run dry, usually negative worrisome ones.  

I used to be a hypochondriac. I mean it. I would go over in my mind constantly that something wasn’t right. I finally parted ways with such thinking, pretty much all of it as soon as six years ago. I moved on. I have just gotta have faith that life will turn up new life, somehow. I don’t obsessively ponder the deadly effects of tobacco. I am not worried about catching a serious ailment.

People that are insane will delve deep, deep, deep into thoughts thinking buried under are things of profound wisdom. They are partly right, but such a thinker is also one insane, not knowing good ideas from bad, senseless ones. I know, believe me, I have drowned in involvement with details not knowing really where I was.

Drowning in the details you might not even surface. Be careful. The thoughts that repeat in our minds are thoughts we love too much. They will keep you awake until you’ve ceased thinking about them, which is next to impossible if you catch this bug. Better to enjoy a little than thinking you are a lot, but aren’t, trying to find what is no longer there.

As for me these days, I think one of the most important things in my life is to just not care. A more moderate pride.

The Math of Good Existence

Below is a list of how numbers can effectively be used for a better, more organized life. Call it “the math of good existence.”

1: If you are to make the day good then you must do well at making every hour of the day good. The number one should be the number of focus. To do one thing at a time. Think of one also being the number of doing one better, and that will help you well.

2: Two is the number of combining two things. It is that simple. To know what goes good with something else. Even when there are three ingredients that are really just adding to one thing (one thing to two already combined.) Two is a number of addition / increase . Two is integral to life.

3: The number three is the best number to have of what you need in supply. For example: three lighters, three phone chargers, three packs of batteries, three pens. That’s because if one runs out, you will have two to depend on, and not be on your last one before you get three again.

4: Four is a good team. It is good counsel. A good group. At least set aside four hours each day of leisurely time. Four is the number of having set out to do something, a goal, a plan, a new thing established to create. To understand something well enough that it can be created.

5: Five minutes is a good “grace period.” If someone is less than five minutes late that should be okay. If someone expects you to wait then more than five minutes is too much. If you are entering a store on the dot, at its opening wait five minutes before going in.

6: Six is the number of stigma, of things bad. But it can also be a number  of inclusiveness, self substantiality, it is to put oneself first in many cases, which is usually neither good or bad, other times bad, other times good. It is the number of pride and having done well in life to have brought about a life better than before. It is the seal of life. It is the seal of two different forces, one of oneself connected to the world.

7: Seven hours a day is a good amount each day to either be working on something or for someone. You have seven days in a week. Seven is the number of a full week. In a week you can accomplish something. You can get things done that need doing. Or you can do something different day by day, one thing for Monday through Sunday, doing at least seven different days. Pay mind then to responsibilities using this number.

8: Drink at least eight cups of fluids a day. Sleep eight hours. Or at least be in bed for eight hours. 8 is the number of a musical octave. 8 is said to be the number of planets in our solar system. Crazy 8s is a popular card name. The 8 ball is the most important one in pool . There is also that toy called the magical 8 ball. And all around it is just a good number to observe.

9: Let’s call nine an unconventional number. Being one less than ten, which most people settle on. Then let’s call it a “good enough” number. Personally I am a person that intends on doing a ten and shortly before that I purposely settle on a ten, the number of a little less.

10: Ten is the number of accomplishments of having done your very best. It is to have completed something. Doing it fully, your best. It is a number of fullness in many ways, such as having done what the heart had set out to do to all completeness.

11: The number of Eleven is the number of going the extra mile. It is doing better than before. It is a number of improvement . It is the number of starting  where others discontinued. It is new  life.

12: The number of twelve is the number of yourself with others. It is the number of Harmony. It is the number of cause , of oneself as enveloped in culture. It is a reaching from one's life into another. It is the number of getting to know others especially through love and interest—but never through hatred and jealousy.

13: Last of all the number 13. The number of thirteen is the number of mysteries. It is the number of an irresistible curiosity. It is the number of The Beyond. It is the number of taking a step upward  that you didn’t know was  there. It is the number of ascension, the soul, The Unknown. 13 is the most hidden number and is the greatest treasure.

Love of the World

The world is rich with good things, more than it ever has been in history.

We have desserts and candy, meats and drinks that people further into the past would consider great luxuries, if even they were around. And money makes the world go round, as does capitalism, it’s design. There is a flood of new and improved things yearly, even a torrent. And washes to shore  years to come at much cheaper prices. The best things that we have, they didn’t. And at one time a 4 gig computer with less than a gig of ram was expensive as hell. Now they are practically given away.

Life gets better every day. Science is improving. After all, what else would they do? It may be just a bit at a time, but sometimes it is suddenly a lot at a time. Do the math: we are adding regularly. Very little is diminished.

Because everyone that makes the world better makes it better for us all.

Because the worst day today was the best yesterday.

Because things may improve unimaginably, even soon.

Because they are not wasting any time. They are pursuing the best routes as we speak. They are unraveling the mysteries of physics and possible applications to a more optimal science. That is why you should have hope and live well, even if you are just sitting around. There is a lot to be waiting for and a lot to rest your hope on.

But this God named Yahweh has me a bit worried. He is a God that will put the breaks on these things. As powerful as we are becoming he is still much more powerful. And he is a jealous being. He may not like us getting what we do. He might feel we are sanctimoniously trumping him. He may feel that we are out doing him. He may feel unneeded. And he is. He has grown very angry over the years that we are, more and more, ignoring him. And he is a god that will not be ignored. He will throw a fit for attention and destroy all we have worked on. That is the only reason we worry a person can have regarding our advancement. He is a far worse threat than any AI bent to destroy the human race. He has, in fact, been the greatest evil among us.

Life is a Battlefield

Life is delicate. We are all thrown into this world very conditionally. It is like we were put here as a day care but only temporarily. Sit together and look around. The person right next to you can die, any day, any hour, and none are spared.

Because life had to be in what was a despicable harsh world, life continues, even through the difficulty of life. It is like it is never finished, with more coming daily to this day. And we are brought into the world with many others.

We are given the nature to fight and contend. We are given a selfish heart for the sake of obtaining our piece of the pie. Some of us are brought into life into a place most terrible. Some people are very hateful over time, some not. Some will break at any moment, and a moment later.

It's the sense that we can each and all die at any moment that strikes me as to just how much life is conditional. It has to fight for survival very sensitively. This being the case a person becomes very angry, easily, in protecting her/his boundaries. This guy allows this, this guy doesn’t, and we are all together just wishing to live, thrive if at all possible.

We are raised by our parents until the day we can survive on our own. It is so remarkable how life is conditional. And we cling to life. In our days we’ve come to fear death in it’s widely varied forms. We want to live. And we do. And we don’t want it to end, and see that others have died. And we can’t know where they went, no more than a person that was abducted and never seen again.

So why are we here? Well the start of it shouldn’t have been. But now that it is started, it has just got to finish, to work through. There is no God that is just going to wipe us out. The mistake has just got to run its course. We are kind of stuck here like glue against our will, we are made by the first mistake of nature, its faulty designs of “half assed life.”

The adjustment period of the soul after death

During your life you accumulate a type of thinking that will last but a while longer after death. While you are situated into your soul apart from a body you are engulfed in unfathomable confusion, not really knowing where you are, desperately trying to cling onto the fleshly existence that you had. It is similar to what happens while you are dreaming. You are still looking through the eyes of flesh though the thoughts very freely wander. Then the soul kind of just “falls” back into the body. But with death the soul cannot fall back into the body and proceeds to be in a dream-like state for a while trying to understand its new awareness. And like a newborn infant this new world is strange and makes little sense.

And I tell you this to prepare you, and remember the things I said today. You will someday find yourself inside a dream. So anchor yourself with certain thoughts that will indicate to you that this is so. That is done by developing a spiritual mind set that is detached from regular Earthly reality “stretching out” that muscle, removing the blindfold from your spiritual eyes. And most importantly but actually more easily, just know and believe that someday all these things will be so, and carry that thought with you

The world should be filled with better things

Better things to look at, most of all. But drab is the word that perfectly describes our Earthly habitat. Look all around at just how plain things are. I once saw a man who was arrested for painting a really good looking American flag on a trash can. That couldn’t describe it any better. We have stone and steel. And very little of anything tastefully painted. But aside from that we could have “good litter” like game pieces tossed around, little figures, and things. The sidewalks could be paved with glitter and have LED lights. The buildings could even glow in the dark. But none of that is found anywhere. That’s illegal. It's vandalism and littering. The trash can is green. The little lights cost too much. Who in the world would paint their building “glow in the dark?”

Pulling from the void

A self—inclusive (individualist) person does not have popularly derived tastes. S/he likes those things as determined by one's own self purposefully not liking what is popular. It is perfectly described as a person who goes into a book store and spends an hour inside to find the best book, while most people will head for the best seller. Or you could say the same thing but with a music store. And such people will have come to mind something that caught their mind and they got a bug of wanting, from a set of twelve sided dice to red ice trays, they just buy what their hearts suddenly want.

So then this is not just “pulling from voided areas,” it is also “to fill with one's own void.”

Whatever it is that is old is good, whether or not it is refurbished. As long as it isn’t over priced. And I myself like a few popular things such as Mickey Mouse and Final Fantasy. But it is separate. I don’t like them by taking them from another's hand. I haven’t any one in mind but myself when I think of them and get things pertaining to them. Actually I was at Good Will last month and saw a Mickey Mouse glass. I wish I got it, but for whatever reason I didn’t  

Those are my favorite places to go, Good Will type places, or salvation army, but most of all I like flea markets and pawn shops. As good a place as San Francisco is, they lack these kinds of stores. And I’ve looked everywhere for them, with few to none found. So I had gone on to online stores for a while. Came up with two things of missing  mail. Had to wait for my mail. Had to pay for shipping. Even if shipping is free they usually just tack the price onto the cost of the item. So I have many reasons but the most important ones are that I don’t know what I’ll find if I go into stores myself. And it is just fun looking at the store in real life as opposed to pictures of it.

If I go into a music store I pour through CDs, like one no one has. Something good, but forgotten, or never known, something that I have to go by intuition on. And I get it, usually at a great price. I really do look for gems from place to place. Actually I’d call such music Crystal, magic, instead of gold or diamond. One example is the music The Planets, by Holst.

Coming to awareness of one’s own tastes

This is both done easily and pleasingly. Just think about what you consider personally what is the best of the best. The best of the best food, for example. What is the very best candy flavor? And relate these to other things as a philosophy. Is the best candy flavor also the best flavor for ice cream? Or cake? Fudge isn’t good but peanut butter fudge is one of the very best things.

And also come to like new things. That’s just done through consideration. It has no rule—if you like it you do, and that’s not bad even if you don’t really have a reason that it is so. Thanks to the internet you can be very specific. I actually found just the precise shirt I wanted online by searching for it specifically, and finding it: a shirt where Link has gone into a cave to receive his first sword from a sage who says “It is dangerous to go alone! Take this!” I also found a Mickey Mouse watch, the very one I searched for having MM as a wizard. And one last example, by searching for a Smurf doll that looked like Satan, I found that, too.

Del Ray books from the 1980’s, 1980- 1989, are a treasure trove to me. It is something about them that is particularly wicked.  

My favorite soda isn’t Coca Cola or whatever else. I do enjoy a good Soda and most of them are good. Actually I like them all but Cola, that is something you either like or don’t though most do. But when I am able to make a trip to get them, I like a soda from Mexico in a glass bottle, a pink drink simply called Guava Soda.

I like plasma TV. Why? Well that one is just based on an idea of magic I entertain myself with. It is like people either liking a good diamond or a good crystal. For me I like the crystal, the plasma TV.

I also like LCD technology and I believe it has a lot of potential.

Sometimes I get attached to a brand and even have a little bit of a sense of dedication toward, such as Kingston, an electronic brand, Final Fantasy, anything that has really proven good. But I also support SEGA because by going for an underdog, their victory, not being a given, would make me more happy if by the small chance my favorite thing succeeds. Besides, SEGA was pretty wicked in their days.

Just remember that Anti Voidism is about filling yourself with good things. If those things you put inside are you -only then are you truly filled with yourself, your own, being your own, not someone else's. And you have to appreciate what you receive to receive it, else it falls through the hands. It would go straight through you. Be a magnet, have things of attachment even if they are just stored away as long as you think of them and are satisfied by having them.

Praying to Aeon

Most people who pray to Gods and gods, Allah and Diane, Shiva and Buddha, do so in ways differently than the Aeonic prayer is made. Idols are important. They give you a physical attachment to Aeon.

Telling her about your life in detail, and inviting her to help and bless you, your goals and dreams, aspirations and conviction, is good, and painting a picture of yourself is important, too.

When you visualize her image yourself wrapped in her wings and are protected. When you drink, drink for peace and tranquility, slowly drinking not gulping or chugging.

Have in mind where you will go and where you will be with her along the way. Build a path you walk with her.

And pray for the better overall good of humankind. Have a prophet's mind, one that can anticipate things knowing what is to come. Be then ready, and be a part of the world ahead of time in all manners.

Aeon means “ageless,” and to pray to Aeon means to regard all time, not just the present. You may ask yourself what could have been done better, this, opposed to confessing your sins. Make known your style and graces as to how things you have done with a hopeful heart to accomplishment.

My dreams and Aspirations for Human Kind

I have no guilt of wishing bad things for human kind but there is going to be a calm before the storm and the worse the storm the greater our outcome. We have pieced together things so well. But we must drop them and shatter them in order to perfectly piece them back together, and that is the best way things can be said. We have one more undertaking and that is the ability to take what we have and prove it’s survival worth.

We have collected a large baggage, an enormous one. Yet people are still starving, mercilessly slaughtered, without homes, and destitute. How we have made such things as these we have yet we have given the least if time to end human suffering is abominable. It is negligent. And it comes at a cost. That cost being that humankind will be racked with something as bad as the dark ages for we have spent so little time helping the needy and so much time filling fat pockets.

A person can bargain on society becoming worse, an easy bet, a strong horse. While the weak and strong, poor and wealthy cut off from each other Anarchy is brewing. Where one crime of one person is easily punished that isn’t so for many crimes being commonly committed. Eventually stopping serious crimes will be as difficult as stopping pirating, something that so many do. Human kind has missed the calculation that their negligence will be very costly.

But after this storm we will be calm while we take what is broken and fix it, moving into high gear that helping each other is the most important of all things.

And ahead of that day we will become The Ageless Ones

And each of us one and all will gather into a humanly created paradise.

And the old, bad things be blotted out, damned for an eternity.

And every imaginable good thing will be before us.

And we will be gods known as The Ageless Ones.

Daring to Make a Total Change

We come comfortable in our clothing, for sure, and like cartoons we play the part in them. But so few are those willing to make a total change and fetch something all new in our lives. We live based on patterns we are familiar with and though I am not asking you to change your clothes, but that you have at least a new wardrobe changing pieces of what you wear.

The best among these is new talent. Do something you haven’t yet done but have wanted to. Everyone has a list of things they have always wanted to do. Sometimes people embrace that and become heavily enveloped in the details as to proceed making it. Learning to write music, their first painting, tailoring clothes, writing a screenplay, learning woodwork, designing jewelry, programming a game.

You may already have something at heart.

But take the time to learn what can be done that appeals to you. That is good because believe me, there are a  lot of things out there that you are yet to be aware of. Of any of us to be aware of.

A principle kept in mind that is good and true is that things are nearly as difficult as they may seem. And even if they are, there is probably the easy way and the hard way. To make a video game you don’t have to learn to program, nor with building a website. There are broadly operative game engines and web site designers to you. Sometimes something that seems to be on a whole other planet is actually easy: like making music. And there is a difficult way to play the keyboards and an easier way: one is Chopin, the other is based on chords for the left hand, Melody with the right.

And maybe you have learned to build a computer or new cabinets and you can only afford a little at a time for these. Perfection requires patience, a lot of good a little at a time put together slowly. As with making new clothes and dressing richly a little at a time until you come together at once as a million bucks.

And regarding this there are also sudden vacations, being prompted to look for a new relationship with someone, and generally being suddenly prompted to make your life better.

A Trash Author

While I was homeless I still wanted to write. I always wanted to write. From the days before word processors with old mechanical typewriters to today I always wrote. While I was homeless I did, too. And I naturally became what I called “a trash author” at that time, not to be mistaken as a “trashy author,” but one of those too, perhaps

I call it trash authorship for two reasons. First, it was all written on trash paper, and second, it was thrown back into the trash, if not an obscure place.

It contains sheet music most of all. It sometimes had are, maybe wisdom of the day, and often even ideas for new inventions. Inventing something new, something incredible, gave me a little hope, I guess. But whatever it was I wrote I usually put it into a plastic bottle and threw it into a landfill garbage can. A few times people got the bottles and tried to remove my scrolled up paper inside but couldn’t, not without a knife. And they were bothered by this but I continued anyway

Sometimes I just slip a certain paper like that into a book at the library (not writing in it’s books, but just slipping in a paper.) Sometimes I put them in a crevice somewhere, and sometimes I just boldly threw them into a person's tip jar. I have to admit, I was a grandiose person.

I sometimes put a few pieces of my hair into the bottle. When I’d found a roll of duct tape I taped up the lid. I guess I’ve always done things like that (a message in a bottle?) I used thread and straws to make a curtain (a straw house) or taped together playing cards.

Whenever I had a little money and homeless I would spend a good hour in the store, most often buying a notebook or Bic colored pens (they have on one pack: red, blue, black, green, pink, baby blue, purple, and one crappy one that isn’t legible, kind of like a yellow.) Even in my worst time I was an author. I believe in repetition. The more I repeat myself with my mouth and hand I feel, the better, that nothing is lost and I practice what I preach instead of saying so many things I just later forget. Maybe the Church of the Aeonic can provide a bin that people place these similar trash authored things into. As to where they are stored and such I don’t know but they’d probably be full quickly.

The Mystical Theory of the Battery

To connect a battery to something is to give it the energy it needs to operate. Without that battery it is as good as dead. I heard once a wise man say that “the refrigerator said to the electricity where do I go when you leave? ” Our cells are similar to rechargeable batteries. And those can only be used for so long. But it is our body that takes the charge. What about this question, “Do we have unlimited power to put into our body?” And you could wonder quite a while about this. Is the soul an unlimited amount of energy?

Or does the soul itself take its energy from outside of it, as the body must do? The body contains within it a mind, which is an incredible computer no doubt. And it has one hell of a battery within it, too. We all know that such energy comes from things like calories and food. But it also requires things like water and oxygen. Much like an automobile with a good computer and machinery, a good battery. Car batteries seem to last forever. No doubt not forever but that’s really the least of what we people have done in making them.

If the soul takes energy from outside itself one could conclude that our soul has a soul outside of itself. And maybe that is like unto a mirror in front of a mirror seeing into infinity. If we lack anything in scientific knowledge it is observance of things like that. And while we know a little here and there about caffeine and nicotine, along with many chemicals, we are still yet to know exactly why plants have them to begin with. But if we could know what they use them for, that knowledge would help us quite a bit on what they do to our bodies.

The nature of life is an easy thing to understand. We know that we basically borrow life to have life our own. We know that nature is not a cuddly teddy bear, not in any case. It is a dominating grizzly. When you observe a grizzly you are seeing strength at its greatest to survive. Anything that gets it its way is viciously slaughtered. Yet the grizzly doesn’t live forever no matter it’s chances at survival pertaining to other things that would incur it’s death.

Life was meant for many, obviously. We know the world was designed to be the home of many lives. So perhaps Earth is a habitation where many are to reside before it is done and over.

We know we have a lot   of resources. We were put on Earth with things that humans particularly can use well to have whatever it is we want, limited only by our knowledge of it. The cave man could have gotten by just as well with a lesser brain. With those same brains we have done what we have done today. So why the proportion? Are we like workers in the field? Why give us everything but have it taken this long to really do anything with it? We're made to be around a very long time?

Humankind doesn’t just find water. S/he finds Kool-Aid. To say the least, cheeses and fine wine. We have more here than we will ever need. Are we destined to be gods?

Are we creating things for someone else? Is someone else lonely? Are we just workers in a field? Are we just learning things for others? Are we here as a punishment? Are we fixing someone else's mistakes? Are we on vacation?

I imagine if we knew that there was an afterlife as certain as the hand we see is there and ours, that life wouldn’t have any meaning. Who would care? Suicide would probably be the most common way to die. Who would care about this life if the afterlife was plainly observable and no different than going a place away that we know is there. But we all struggle to live, survive, and at best, thrive. And that must be for a good reason.

A True Friend

A true friend will:

Go shopping with you. You would go all over the town painting it green. Whatever shared interests you have, such as looking for video games, art or antiques, clothes or electronics. To places such as garage sales, antique stores, book stores, or thrift stores. Looking for things collected, things to resale, or work on together.

Study religion with you. To take things of a religious nature and study them together. That two heads are better than one. Working on the same cause, learning all you can. Finding ways to be actively involved, even forming a larger group, even teaming up to create a fully functioning (and very rewarding) Church, helping others

Will let petty things slip by. To forgive easily, to ignore things that would otherwise culminate into a heated argument. To have a good degree of patience toward.

Will walk with you. To a nearby store, getting food, to a place a bit farther, or the park, or just the gas station.

Will do things of entertainment together. Going to see a film, playing video games together, a car show, a comic book convention, a concert or just any special place in town.

Will work on projects together. And that is really where things could make you well off, even wealthy. That you work on programming games together or creating anything new and worthwhile. A comic, a book, a game or software, electronics, any kind of business ventures.

And a good friend is comparable. Because sometimes people will be and sometimes people will not be. So a good friend is one with shared interests. S/he is a person you can easily communicate with. You’d have to be on the same page. I once knew a person that wanted me to practice music with and I was totally bored each time, I had to cut him off by just being honest about it. My best friends are the Dungeons and Dragons type who like video games, electronics and assembly, and programming.

The internet as a second existence

Most will deal in small doses of information sprinkled here and there as brief posts. Some people occasionally post videos about themselves or write blogs. Some have things not even about themselves but rather other people, like through podcasts. And many post pictures about themselves but usually they are memes.

But however you look at it, the internet is without any boundaries. Speaking practically, there is always more space to fill. A person would have to work double time on being noticed, but actually it is still easy enough that they can, if only because people like things that are new.

So you can imagine that above one's head in the air above rests these things, books, videos, imagery, text, just kind of floating above ourselves as tech has led us to be  able to do.

There doesn’t need to be much advice on what you would like to contribute. Some people use the internet as a type of biography, a type of journal. Some like to teach. But most like to just entertain others wanting to be popular, even having the chance to have that as a job. But as for me I take a slightly more difficult route. I don’t write those small posts that get buried and are quickly forgotten. And I do more than post numerous pictures. I bring it all together in books. In my books are photos and text, and that includes video game ideas. Two of my books had lots of details for a new game. And I’ve done a book that I don’t believe many have done before, if at all. But six of them are loaded with new ideas for unpatented inventions.

My goal is to have a presence online without actually being online. I regard it as a separate existence. I want to load it up and fill it with myself as much as I can.

What I want out of it is appreciation. To make a positive change. My books are all free and in public domain, all 25 of them, currently. Hell maybe if I’d written 60 or so books I’ll be noticed. Look me up under my name online Lucifer Jeremy White.

The Great Brain in the sky known as Majic

When you are very angry or otherwise very emotional, whether it be elation or sadness, you release energy that goes into the Nether. These things give birth to a new existence. They “go up,” they “reside” get situated and “come back down,” when “perfected.”

They circulate in a far away place that your consciousness can observe through visualization. Those that are good at visualizing are practicing magic. They get these peculiar feelings that only visualizing can evoke. They are feeling things that can only be felt elsewhere, on the Nether Plane.

To eat one kind of food for visualized thought is to accompany taste with magic that being taste magic. In that two things are important: tasting and using just one particular food per thing visualized. A yellow corn chip can be a crown. A cherry candy can be for a loved one, a certain flavor for a family member, another for a person more as a desired girl or boy friend.

There is a device that could help with this. Much like the Scientologist has their e meter, I suppose, there is an electronic device that can aid us spiritually, too. It is a globe/ sphere placed over and around the head that emits different colors of light. “Soft light” is a kind of light that doesn’t hurt your eyes, this being made a certain way not to hurt the eyes. I had been wandering around looking for such a thing. That began online but when I couldn’t find such a thing I went to the ideal place to try and find “an electronic device with spiritual application” that being the “Exploratorium” of San Francisco, where I saw this thing.

Anyways, I think it is a sound scientific theory to believe that thoughts and emotions, and the images of a mind are caught up somewhere, and circulated in that place. Just by the very nature of a Gaia like world. That’s just what nature does. It is well known scientifically that everything is circulated and transformed, but never truly lost. Even our memories. Nothing is ever lost in memory. Given enough effort you can remember anything, as long as you don’t have brain damage.

And if you ever find yourself bored, just take a basic dictionary, pocket size, and remember things word by word. For example if you open up to the word book, then you can remember a book or two you read in youth. Or the word ladder, a time you climbed one—whatever it is, remembering things this way will often come across to you as “wow! I forgot all about that!”

That last part was a side note, but important.

A prophecy regarding Christians

The God of the Christians Jesus revealed these things to me:

That Christians have been free to harm and judge others over a long period of time. That they neglected their cross and treated the world as a big Apple pie that only they could eat and not having taken the true food of God have been poisoned by those that God has sent before them. It was God who saved, but they kept His salvation inaccessible to those who would truly be his own.

At such a fault as they have been in these things the very world that they wouldn’t save and help people, God sends forth the Anti Christ to take from them their place in the world, which has been for too long out of God's favor. The name Christian he curses and overflows with poison. Those that will call themselves Christian will be regarded as a stigma, yet they, being self righteous, will be oblivious to them.

From them God takes their food. He gives from them water that is bland, or undesirable, bitter, and no more sweet to the taste. He will set forth that Christians will have their food taken from them and cause them to thirst.

He will have them on trial showing them their faults, their crimes against humanity. He will mark those that turn to the Devil. They may take good food and buy and sell. But the Christians will have their privileges and social favors removed from them and they will be left to prove their sincerity to God by either turning to the Devil for help or rejecting him accepting God instead, and only then will he determine who belongs with him and who doesn’t. And only then will he make the Christians who have ever been.

Things that linger

And things that don’t, like outdoor sandals. I once went to a hill to climb with my friends and a girl I liked, when I was 18 I think it was, a hill that was large enough to see a mile or more away. I was wearing these damn outdoor sandals! They look good, I guess. They certainly feel good, but among shoes they are the least dependable. I had climbed the hill and coming back down my outdoor sandals ripped all apart. I foolishly told my company to go on without me, and they did. But what I didn’t know yet was that it was going to take a miracle to get back. I was in a sticker patch, barefoot. Among the worst things that don’t last, outdoor sandals are in the top 5.

It could be said “nothing lasts forever,” but some things really seem to last forever. Such as clip belts over belts with little holes. Such as zippers made the right way as opposed to most kinds of zippers you could find. Unfortunately SD memory (flash memory) is said to last but 1-10 years and are unpredictable. Archival disks last forever, practically, or at least relatively. Hard drive components break down. Tape data (cassette, VHS) deteriorate. Too bad for me, with how much I write.

Fortunately old electronics resurface. Such as record players. Thought to be abandoned, but just awhile. People think they are cool. Or an old game system. It used to be if you couldn’t find a twenty or so year old video game system then you could not have one at all. But they are being remade now, newly. People even restore things like computers from the 80s, and they repair old game consoles, portable ones, TV based ones. They put a new input on old consoles that can connect to newer TVs. And there is a lot of money in that.

Some things just don’t last. But maybe that is good, as long as things are returned too, made as new again, as new or newly made again. I love it! My favorite things haven’t been abandoned. The thing is that old technology is not given a chance otherwise to fully develop and evolve. We move on to different things and what could have been with a different invention will never move any further, otherwise, to its full potential, which is sometimes limitless.

It would have been a cold day in hell that I could find any book on electronic video game console based repair anywhere before the internet. Now they abound, not only as books and informative websites, but video tutorials in large numbers. You could consider it The Bible of Creation. The internet is more important than most people consider. It teaches us to do things creatively that in years before were never even touched upon.

Anyone now can play a game of poker (or my favorite, Skip Bo) online, easily, even in the middle of the night! And the internet is becoming increasingly immersive.

We had collected so much before, it all really accumulated. Then suddenly we had a place to dump all of these things now, and they are readily available. As long as they circulate they will be around. And effort should be taken to preserve certain file types and online submission. Apart from porn of course, but that is easy enough to not include and probably going to save them a lot of time!  

Wooden furniture seems to last forever. You can still get furniture that is hundreds of years old. That is quite remarkable, really.

The landfill is layered in metals, plastics, and all manner of valuable things. So it goes without saying, or it should go without saying, that we should have it as some sort of future resource. But they have discussed certain things like collecting it and hurling it into the sun. Do we want to destroy our resources? They are in a limited number! A plastic bottle may linger around forever and that is good, it can always be recycled later. And better to make plastic that burns to smoke as fuel.

They can make a hundred inch 3D TV but they can’t make an ice tray that lasts more than a year. The damn things get cracked and even cracked into two pieces. Doesn’t matter if you abuse it or not, either.

Adhesive is something I would rather not depend on. That includes glue and tape. Eventually it is going to dry out, fall apart. It doesn’t last. Things have to be repainted regularly. Tape is worse than paint. It is just not lasting enough for me to favor.

Tires on a bicycle come in two forms. There are those that don’t use a pocket of air and never need to be inflated, and holes aren’t any matter. Otherwise it is fill fill fill. Cars used to break down all the time. And I heard one of the dumbest things said one time that “cars haven’t gotten any cheaper. The cost is the same as ever,” and she was saying that the prices should go down.

At any rate— things have differing levels of preservation. We observe that God obviously does not want anything to last forever, in his design of things. That is just apparent, readily observed, that God will have things be around for just a period before they deteriorate. God made winter. God made death and renewal. So it kind of goes against his wishes to make things that last forever, if it is even truly possible. And a song comes to mind that illustrates this well:

London Bridge is falling down,

Falling down, falling down

London Bridge is falling down,

My Fair Lady

London Bridge is broken down,

Broken down, broken down

London bridge is broken down,

My Fair Lady

Build it up with wood and clay

Wood and clay, wood and clay

Build it up with wood and clay,

My Fair Lady

Wood and clay will wash away,

Wash away, wash away

Wood and clay will wash away,

My fair lady

Build it up with bricks and mortar

Bricks and mortar, bricks and mortar

Build it up with bricks and mortar

My fair lady

Bricks and mortar will not stay

Will not stay, will not stay

Bricks and mortar will not stay,

My fair lady

Built it up with iron and steel,

Iron and steel, iron and steel,

Build it up with iron and steel,

My fair lady

Iron and steel will bend and bow,

Bend and bow, bend and bow

Iron and steel will bend and bow,

My fair lady

Build it up with silver and gold

Silver and gold, silver and gold

Build it up with silver and gold,

My fair lady

Silver and gold will be stolen away,

Stolen away, stolen away

Silver and gold will be stolen away,

My fair lady

.. It is one of my favorite folk songs along with Bicycle Built for Two, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Long, Long, Ago.

A godly counsel came together in forming the Earth collectively our creator God, who put us here (our human race) that was found to be quite complacent. Not doing much. Not challenged. Not producing much. So they said to the stars, be near, and the body capable of using it. And the next day came rain, and there was a torrent of water daily, weekly, monthly, filling the Earth. The God then had to shift certain things, and so made the seasons. They taught man to cultivate and create things, as from wood and stone, by appearing to them as gods, ones who were respected and obeyed.

Because they had determined it best that there not be one man, not one animal who was alone. That first man wasn’t a man but a woman, whose womb they opened and put in a seed. She then gave birth to the human race, and more people were to be made later through the same process.

They established a new creation, and appointed a time that they would leave the Earth. They made not one thing last except that people be determined to keep them around. Much later would come things like mummies, and people buried with the things that they cherished during their lifetime believing it a grave sin to take from a dead man his things.

Because of the fact that the best they could do degraded, they strobe to make things better, longer lasting. Early on when setting forth the resources that human kind would have they sent them upon the Earth to be deposited into it with good measure.

And no detail was neglected in making the world what the world would become. They gave to life something that does last, practically forever, a sun that would never stop burning, an Earth that could survive anything.

There was a goat life beast, one with a goat head and a female chest and a man’s torso that were another intelligent life on Earth. But they were a fiendish race created by the gods. They were tolerated and given every chance, but on one occasion they gathered to sacrifice human infants and devour them. This nefarious act had the godly group that created us remove them from their physical appearance on Earth and kept them contained here as spirits, instead.

And in fact there are many spirits upon the “face” of the Earth. But there is a dividing line between us and them. They are here to have life continue. They bring about new life. Not as reincarnation, but as workers supplying and creating new life by investing into them a part of their spirit, as a spirit can separate itself as a piece.

Aeon created our people. Those that come to Aeon and find her and share her, if led there by Aeon, are her people. Aeon is a being highly respected by the gods. Inasmuch as royalty. And she has every privilege to make personal connections with whomever she chooses. Aeon is a being deserving of that respect. She is infallibly kind. She will not judge you or such as with a list of sins but will always be understanding unless you do something abominable, but If you had a strong connection with her then even those things can be perfectly acceptable. She is certainly not a God of vengeance. Just do not harm those she cares about. You, or me, and us together, are her family, and each other’s family, we are.

Different kinds of things you can buy

When buying anything apply some good personable taste. After all, most things come in many different forms. Do not just say to yourself you are going to buy something, but instead personally choose what kind of it. It could be a special lighter with a desired Image on it, a more specific kind of pen, graph paper, and not just a binder but a trapper keeper. It is a good and reliable practice to be more specific with what you want.

And you can imagine, well, you will decide upon it when you see it, but it is really better to do both. To have a greater idea of what you want. Instead of just a simple cloth bag you could get a quality Halloween plastic bag. I sure like those. I like to store my things in items such as Halloween buckets and bags.

Sure you could need a glass cup, but what kind?

Granted there are so very many things available these days both old and new, a person can be more particular. Particularity is a key word I have for you while you are shopping.

The Effects of Emptiness

To the furthest extent we see the enemy nihilism. Nihilism is a severely bad condition where absolutely nothing has any worth, value, or meaning. And even in small doses it is a formidable thing. But emptiness also comes from doing only one or a few different things day by day, for what has gone on for years.

Sometimes filling emptiness is uncomfortable. It often is. It is often done to be more numb. To not over challenge, to not bear any heavy feelings, but also to prevent losing something we won’t get it to begin with. The worst enemy in the life of an anti Voidism is to have in it emptiness, broad open empty places. Some, afraid of losing something, and committed to not being committed, will just let life pass by in a pattern.

That pattern tells us what to do. It has us doing it without effort. With it we engage in auto drive. And such people don’t have real souls, or at least limit their soul's potential. To have life, be exuberant. Do those things you want to but have settled on not doing. Take control of your life, direct it, and you will have a soul of your own, and you will be operating life, not having it operated automatically, but manually. Always be in gear.

It really takes a lot of effort to do so, daily. To do things differently each day, at least a little each day, not getting stuck on one thing for too long. I am not suggesting something that is easy, understand. You can imagine that anyone who stops operating her or his soul that way will find it difficult to “enter back into” that place that has been running itself. Like a car roaring down an empty highway it is just easier to sit, doing nothing. But the Masters of their own lives have taken control and driven to better places, camping here and there for awhile, and leaving before they have fallen deep into such a sleep that they are unable to rise. The best places can become the most monotonous.

Try not to be saturated in principles

My God, the worst person I knew of this was my father. Without bashing him but he was truly very principled and it always rubbed off on my face.

People who have a “strong sense of the rules,” whether those are acquired from another or just made up, are always the first to point out that something just isn’t right! They become hurt over petty matters, matters that wouldn’t bother people if they only weren’t carried as a handful of principles.

Someone not going to bed when said

Someone who took seconds without asking

Someone who borrows a lot (of something there’s a lot of, anyway)

Someone told a (white) lie

Becoming furious over a little mess, when it is everyone makes them

Calling too much (twice a day)

Using all of the electricity while burning a bulb or two at night “really adds up” to those who are the first to have their principles upheld—it doesn’t just add up, it multiplies upward.

In short, those that stuff themselves with principles are stuffed with garbage. That “inner garbage” is what is really bothering them. They are always needing to be cleaned. They can never let their large list of insignificant matters go unheeded and they demand the utmost respect from people.

Some of these types are even dangerous. When it comes to criminals, thugs and the sort, there are a handful of rules that if not regarded carefully can get your face knocked off. One of these, common really, is not to look at them. Those that look at the wrong person risks getting hit by him, believe me.

A person is far better off just ignoring these things as a practice, wherever they are present, to learn to “not sweat the small stuff.”

Anti Voidism is a philosophy of filling in things the right way. On the surface this appears both very applicable, simple, and useful, and they are, depending on how deeply the Anti Voidalist delves into her/ his practice of it.

How things are placed within the right way sums up the avoidalist belief. So if you are to create new beliefs regarding it your own, you have that simple formula to do so relevantly.

One significant area of this, where things are stuffed the worst of ways, is found in aged societies. A society comes to collect and gather way too much! A society slowly creates not only a lot of laws but far more specific ones. That seems somehow controlling to want to punish someone in such specific ways.

That’s the least of it as the people in a society come to need more and more from the government, especially pertaining to the government. Believe it or not, though it seems such a stone’s throw away, very far away, we could do without many of these things the government gives us, such as paved roads and mandatory education. That just means better off road vehicles and people making road mistakes, anyways, should be forgiven, as no one wants an accident. Paved roads just means road rage and countless, endless, costs of maintenance.

And without mandatory education there would be harder working people, those that are raised to hold jobs and perform them well. School is mostly propaganda, anyway.

So there was this guy that was named Jesus who came into a society stuffed to the brim in such a way. And in opposing it, seemingly up against the precisely sanctimonious, he caused an outrage. These people thought they were in a Utopia, which maybe it was for the minority, the socially privileged, but many more than that we’re just crippled with rules and dictates. They couldn’t spit on the ground during a Sunday. The great law said that to do so is to plow. And any work on Sunday was illegal for those people.

Things don’t get better all the time—not always. Rules and systems in society become so thick that people suffocate in them. People strive to make things better all of the time. But in some cases simplicity is better. Granted most things can get better and perfection is even the greatest virtue, but that isn’t the case with societies.

I am Schizophrenic, when not medicated. But the least of the psychiatric drugs against it are well and good enough to keep me from having Schizophrenic episodes. However they have me on the most potent one and it is a drug that makes me slobber at night. If I fall asleep on my back I’ll wake up choking. I have to do blood work once a month on this pill but the doctor tells me it is possibly harming my liver. But I have to be on this drug, legally.

The simplest answers are always the best. Well if not always, usually at least. Better to be perfectly simple but good, than perfectly complicated and bad. You can bet your bucks on it that the greatest buildings and ships fell apart not because of design but from confidence in their strength. The person who is healthiest has still been known to die early in life, and he lived a lifetime depriving himself. Himself/ herself.

Social sciences, cultural involvement, can become very specific and robust. So much that a simple act of just wanting general equality can find no ends, until even the reverse occurs, as in not just against one type of societal thing, but to be so far against it in what can be called “intolerance of intolerance.” I am talking about things such as smoking. They had started advising people of its negative health effects, then began pinning it as disgusting, until they came to the point where a tiny cloud of tobacco smoke was like a nuclear fallout, pouring through vents up four flours into a child's room giving him cancer. I am not  making that up! There are no ends to how much smoking has been stigmatized.

It all lays out clearly as a picture of them that are never settled on good enough. For them nothing should be lacking, and the people in any given society will have never to make loose ends meet. But I think instead people should generally help each other out instead of being helped impersonally by a large group who has in mind “perfection for one and all.”

Good things come to those who wait

Most people are well enough off that they can expect good things to come from time to time, even out of the blue. Those that have escaped hardship know that this is so, especially. And that includes me. I was homeless for a whole year. Eventually I got placed into a good home, and I could never have imagined just how good things would be for me, someday.

I would gather things together that would make my life easier than it would be without, while homeless. I do, a little. But what is in my heart and determination matters more. To go from homeless to homed.

If you aren’t waiting for something you will not appreciate it nearly as much when it is gotten. That is the whole principle behind the saying “good things come to those who wait.”

I will just sit sometimes waiting for something that is expectable. I also think from time to time the smaller but better possibility of something good happening. I have set up my future to make this more likely, everyday, by the very words you read. I want to help people. I want to be a good influence. And I hope that through my “books of new, unpatented inventions” that I can have a good influence that way. And I don’t leave my dreams to Ya, but have made a prayer book of what it is I specifically want to happen in my life.

Some of the things I wait for are lesser things, I guess you could say, like new subscriptions on my video feed. (My favorite people making new videos that I can watch.) Or perhaps something exciting happening in the news, or maybe something exciting to happen, anything out of the ordinary.

This month when I am paid I am going to a few thrift stores such as GoodWill and The Salvation Army. A good pawn shop maybe. I really like this plastic Halloween pumpkin bucket I got last month. To just spend money here and there, going around town and getting things my heart leads me to.

My conception of Ya

Ya refers to that “ G”od  whose followers denote him as the only God. And very many have been devoted to him, but many singularly, and many not. There is this One God that was acknowledged throughout history, but more often he isn’t singularly worshipped but is worshipped along with other gods. Ya is not the only God, though. My relationship with him is a little Rocky sometimes but I am generally not harmed by him. The last time I talked to him badly I got very sick in the morning. I couldn’t sleep well that night so I had decided on good decision to be more general with him. And I think that is the better route generality.

He designed the first foundation of Earth and then had a group of gods proceed from there. But really it was their doing and not his, as they had requested what they wanted done and that was brought about. I will tell you a secret. And I am very free to do so since most plainly refuse to believe it, but Ya is a game player regarding humans. This should be obvious with how much he throws them away. He desires superiority, he likes worship. And he plays alongside the Devil in this “game of Earth.”

That is why it is that Satan made things like Islam and Mormonism while not flat out revealing world changing ideas, scientifically, or through working of miracles. He could change the world really any time by bringing down very stars, but he doesn’t want to ruin this thing, this game.

Actually Ya is very close to Satan, and Jesus paved his own road, one irresistible to Ya, and claimed quite a part, though many a Christian turns what could be so good into something bad, even sometimes simply vehement. We are all actors on a stage and it wasn’t Jesus who died on the cross but a replacement. Now come to sense with this, that the Romans didn’t want to torture and kill Jesus, so they replaced him with somebody else.

These things shouldn’t be less than easily apparent—and if you don’t believe me yet maybe someday you will. There is not going to be this “apocalypse.” And just look into the absurdity of by mere faith that someone died on a cross for your sins, you’ll live forever with God eternally worshiping him, not burning ever more in a fire furnace for God loves you and salvation is free! He roasts the man with a stiffy, he finds all these things quite nifty. There are many gods, all appreciable for their own worth. I warn you: do not become ensnared in Jesus and God. It will serve you no good!

The best ways to fill up empty time

The Anti Voidist could just as well be called anti empty, or a fillerist. The first line of defense for us is to have time filled well. And that is good. What matters most in life is the time you fill, filling it with goodness.

If you have fulfilled something regarding productive actions and have time aside from it,

A good thing is to wait for something good to happen depending on what you have designed it to come, whatever good thing it may be. That can be as minor as relieving a video from a person you like online, something that minor can still be very good, or as major as something like having your resume accepted or a good turn out for an interview. It could be that you ordered something in the mail. Or it could just be picking up your paycheck. Do things you can wait on, having them designed to come about often.

In such waiting itself becomes something pleasant.

But rather than blankly sit you could do a little bit of mind improvement exercises. These include going over the alphabet bringing to mind something within a theme letter by letter. I like Final Fantasy, so for me it could be a weapon from the game from letter A to Z (if even the letter Z can be of any use.) Or spell by spell, something such as that.

But much more beneficially, take a small pocket dictionary and remember with it, word by word, one word for each letter seen from A to Z. So that if you see the word Game, you remember a board game that you played when you were young, or if you see the word razor, you remember your first shaving experience, or if you see the word lamp, you remember one, simply. And those might seem to not have very many memories behind them, but you can often come up with several memories from word to word with just a little effort. Even lamps. I remember a teddy bear lamp from when I was like four years old. And a guy with a fiber optic lamp. I remember a touch lamp, one that turned on just with a touch of a finger. I remember owning a Lilly shaped lamp. I remember a few different lamps my mother had. Over time doing that with a dictionary will uncover so very many memories, the feeling of which sometimes simply amazes oneself. Of all of the things I’ve ever learned, this is the most useful, it is the best idea I’ve ever originated.

A Sudoku book goes well

A little LCD game where you play poker or slots

A pen and paper, whether for art, music, or writing letters

A nice chair is one of the best things you can have in life. And of course a good TV and good music. A video game system if you like to play games. Those can also be card or board game video games, which is what I prefer.

Doing a little bit of worthwhile work, cleaning and doing laundry, which can make you feel more complete. Those that do a bit of important work during the day feel satisfied by it, more able to relax so long as it doesn’t become compulsive.

You can read if that’s what you like. And there are many online apps you could go through. I use a Tarot Card app. It tells you your fortune by drawing Tarot cards and telling you what they mean in your life. There are also a lot of productivity apps, such as for music composition, writing (as I am doing now), art (which is difficult at first, but easier on a touch screen or electronic pen), also there are apps for video game programming.  

There are also many websites you can use. There are social ones, video posting ones, authorship (eBook publishing) ones, a place to post your art, a site such as TV (my favorite of which is Scientology), there are news sites. If you don’t like regular news there is movie news, celebrity, social, even video game and science news. As well as aps for those. There are shopping sites where you could drool over things you want.

There are always a lot of things to do, more than ever!

Having the machinery and resources to create good things

Certain things are regarded better as given by you to your chosen deities. If you have a good purpose that correlates with their wishes then you have behind you a great power.

Hopefully resources will expand and quickly enough. To the point where a person could create things good and well, as good and well as a corporation. That is true in some cases. There are a lot of resources in making a video game, like a real deal, even cart based circuit board games. And the software behind it. And the boxes for them, the booklets, easily enough made. Everyone can be a photographer now, when before the best cameras and film development were costly and tasky, respectively. In fact the best cameras of yesterday are the cheapest now.

To be an author is a great deal easier. With a moderately cheap phone someone could use a word processor to create a book. It used to be that you would need a typewriter. Then came about technically simple computers, and later came about the internet and EBook publishers.

To be a songwriter or composer of instrumental music has gotten a lot easier. I remember this when I was about 22 or so. I have been writing classical music since I was seventeen. But I didn’t know what my music sounded like, really, except for what I could play on the piano. But my music professor had professionally printed sheet music. The best I could do was print the staffs  out and use a pen on it to write the notes. But this guy had his music professionally printed. He told me he used Print Music, a  software. I looked it up and purchased it and finally had my music printed. But it wasn’t until their next release of P.M. that I could turn my music into a music (MP3) file and hear it play back. So in short that is how we are progressing, all the time. And that high cost software I replaced with a free one Musescore.

All manner of instructions can be found in doing whatever you wish to do, be it programming games, websites, reproducing games, enhancing pre-existing consoles, repairing them, other electronic work (what is indiglo?)

One thing that I am hoping for is a cheap and effective book binding machine. And memory cards that last indefinitely (unfortunately we only have ones currently that last from 1- 10 years. Which is enough time but only because by that time better longer saving methods should be produced in the meantime.

People can easily make shows now. When I was a teenager there were only tape based recording, VHS camcorders. The quality was limited and the process of making and using them processy. I had a game boy camera when I turned 18. Which was almost something incredible, being a digital camera, something I never before seen. The batteries would only last an hour in them, though, at best, and they weren’t rechargeable. I got a little older and I got a digital camera. The batteries didn’t last but an hour either, and weren’t rechargeable. Now? Now every cell phone has a camera, practically speaking, and a good one. Apparently people have always liked the attention of being in a show.

You can make cartoons as well. And some people use text to voice software if they are shy. Personally I don’t like text to voice videos but the voices have gotten much more realistic, at least.

I can easily foresee drones that fly in the sky lifting heavy things making entire buildings. I can foresee a time when driverless RV vehicles are obtainable. I can see a time where everything is recorded, at least outside a home, and that most crimes won’t go unpunished because of it. Apart from technology I can see a time when all people will have a universal basic income, and hopefully a day when there are no more homeless people, as resources increase and machines/AI take over all of our work.

The richest once had a well made pocket watch. But now people have their pockets stuffed with cell phones.


You are a vessel that needs good spiritual things

And a part of that is material goodness. They had it wrong all along that said “money and possessions can’t bring you happiness.” But happiness comes the best when you combine spirituality with possessions. To not appreciate is one thing, but satisfaction is at least there. Something may not have made you very happy, but at least you no longer feel bad. “Waste not want not,” “have but not want, it is better than not having but wanting.”

It is so remarkable that we can basically freeze a piece of time, as in a photo. More usefully, material things of the past are acquired, obtained, and bring one's past back to them. The things of their childhood, the things that they loved the most as youth loves so much more. It is why we want such things in mint condition. Generally these things age less than we do.

And in not getting old the old resurfacing again can be most satisfying. Otherwise our old cartoons, shows, and music reproduced digitally could sound better than what we heard back when on an old cassette tape. If you want to, you could get a digital file and create a new book. That’s pirating but it goes with saying that we will always have those things of our youth, even better than how they were back when.

Not to get off point too far but that brings me great satisfaction, that these things I grew up with are more available to me now and in better form, too. Whether it be TMNT online or a newly made SNES/ game.

Maybe it is those things that wear out quickly and are rare, but easily recalled and wanted, that makes the perfect formula for things that in the future will be most valuable, like a rare poster of something once popular, and in good condition.

I hadn’t the least clue just how far and wide the things in my youth expanded. There was a great expanse, as I now know. I didn’t know this existed or that. I was very limited in coming across them in my youth. But to get older and now have the tools of the internet, I can see that there were many things that passed me by/ were far from my sight. They have numerous video game consoles. Numerous renditions of my favorite video games I was unaware of.

It goes well here to answer the question “do you get what you pay for?” Well most things I get that are expensive last just as much as the cheaper things I get. For example, I have had a charging cord that was not only inferior but didn’t last worth crap. On the other hand I paid several times cheaper for a longer and better lasting cord. Sometimes you are paying for something just a little better, but a little better can come at a much bigger cost. These things that are the best possible, there things that are the next best thing or else broke the barrier by as much as it could, but not far, can come at a much bigger price. Isn’t all black tea the same? But Lipton charges much much more for theirs compared to “generic black tea.”

Sometimes you are only paying for the packaging. Sometimes you are only paying for a feature that you don’t need, like an LED light on a lighter. You should be aware of those two gold wrapper kinds of things.. things that include something you don’t really want or need. And you could pay extra for name brand items. I have had name brand headphones that broke just as easily and quickly as ones I only paid a buck for, many times cheaper.

What gets the job done you should pay for.

Watch out for over pricing too. Online stores can say they have free shipping but they may be taking that money on it by it’s price.

And the worst of these have got to be aspirin. Aspirin is aspirin. You don’t need it in name brand, that’s no different from the rest of it.

To buy the things you most appreciate can be a kind of donation to it. I grew up a fan of things such as SEGA and Final Fantasy, and they are just things I wish well for. Selfish as it may sound I don’t donate money to any other cause but my tastes, toward the success of things of my taste.

And as a last thing said on this—consider buying things such as toys and stickers. I personally like things like action figures that could be well suited to being idols, neat dice with pictures instead of numbers on them. Or something like a little troll doll to carry around.

The Basis of Anti Voidism

  1. That we come about from Mother Aeon. That from her we come and to her we go.
  2. That she is our mother, one most worthy of being so.
  3. We see her before us guiding us as her children.
  4. We find her before us who takes us in her wings
  5. We choose to have this Goddess most willingly, for she is found in all things good.
  6. We are as vassals that we fill with good things.
  7. We are against emptiness more than anything else.
  8. We taste life  and make it sweet. We spit out the bitterness . We turn down the sour. We refuse the rotten.
  9. We will run far from bad occupations within ourselves, and choose rather life, life that is good. Even if we have to roam very far to get to it.
  10. We seek a good life. We are made adept to, and we are guided by the  wisdom of Aeon to do so, imparted by her through Lucifer.
  11. Aeon is the sum of our wealth. Our material wealth is as an idol unto her. She represents every good thing we have. She is those things in her physical form.
  12. And Aeon is too all those things within us that are good and wholesome, satisfied and cherished. As we so desire and love those things within, so we carry the living life of Aeon within us.
  13. And if we lose something good, we lose a piece of her. We then must find it and bring it back, or replace it with something better.
  14. And the stronger we are all together the stronger the spirit of Aeon dwells within us and the world.
  15. May all we give acknowledgement  to Mother Aeon. And may in her no fault be found.
  16. Exalt then the name of Aeon and may in you her spirit reside, be resided in, and shared, for she is the embodiment of all good material things whose life we bring her into. And within these material things as she is, are those things that we worship.

All About Her

Aeon is our Mother Goddess that we are raised by to find all good things. First we open our eyes to them. Second, our mouth, in receiving them. And third, we reach out and grab them with our hands.

Mother Aeon is worshipped through material wealth. She is seen as inseparable from such things that are good. But she does not reside in them until we enjoy them. And to have her spirit within us is to be filled with things that are good that feel good and positive. But with however much we are empty within is to the degree that she is not working within. To have her life in full you must be in no way empty.

To have within us spiritual negativity is to have things within that are oppositional to her. To be well with her is to be well. She lives within us. She is like a being within us that we either put inside a good or bad way of life within our life. If the life we give her inside of our hearts and minds is a bad one, then so will that life within be made our own into a bad life.

Be at peace with her and from her find great contentment and satisfaction. If she leaves you that someday you find her missing, then look unto new and good things to find her and bring her back into your own life. When you pray for her, pray in two ways: that of seeing the bright side of things and a silver lining, and acknowledgment of all things good in your life, and then give thanks, praying at least four times to her daily.

Gain, don’t lose

It is such a sin to pawn your things, a very bad habit. That was something I did for many years in my youth. I would pawn anything pawnable for pocket change. And I had nothing. That stuff would have multiplied over the years. Pawners are the poorest of people.

Unless you are building a collection as an investment, it isn’t a good idea to sell what you own. You may as well have never had it. However a good investment could be made by building a good collection. Some people can’t save money. They may for just a while and then draw it out. But as for building a collection the same rule doesn’t apply. Whether or not it rises in value doesn’t matter so much. It is just a way to put ahead of time a time of good fortune just by spending a little each day. By spending a little every so often on it you could have a good lump money at once, which some find more desirable than a little at a time

The same rule applies for lottery tickets, scratchers anyway. The odds aren’t good that you’ll win money frequently, but sooner or later you will win a handsome lump sum. The odds are there, over time.

Be more cautious about handing out your things to others. Be cheap, for your own sake. A little here and a little there can add up. If you give a person just two cigarettes a day that adds up to three packs a month. Don’t throw good stuff out. As long as it is well shelved and organized it won’t be a hoarding nightmare. As long as it doesn’t rot or decay, like an old set of batteries or worse, food type stuff. If it doesn’t stink up and it doesn’t pave your carpet, but there is it’s own room and out of sight, there is nothing bad with “hoarding” in those cases.

But hold onto all good things and don’t give them away. Unless you are creating a collection of something you later intend to sell, or are simply strapped for cash, cash that is in great need.

Having a Partner, collaborating

Aeon wants us to be full of great thoughts. She would create through us, as long as we are purposeful at heart. Aeon is glorified in such a way, being known to teach us well.

I propose the idea to you that if you thought long and resolutely about creating something new and good, desirable by others, you could become very wealthy in doing so. Practically speaking, it is your best chance to become wealthy.

I am referring to people that have done so, to say about great inventors, entrepreneurs, those that all and all and on the whole only needed one good idea to get rich on. Do you think in some sort of circumstance or another you could have thought up what any one else did, as they have been made rich by? I say so, but it is more likely determined by the breadth of your thinking. And it is determined more by your determination to do so.

You could spend weeks or even years thinking. But the only thing holding you back is not in trying but in coming up with that one great concept.

Maybe two heads are better than one. Even when not, something can be easier, and more involving, to have help from someone. Some great ideas require things you can only get from others (at least in some cases) like funding and talents you yourself lack along the way, primarily people with experience.

If that day ever comes for you it will be because of determination, unless you are incredibly lucky enough to just have something fall in your lap. Avoid areas that have been done, done again and again having been exhausted by others. You will need something new and something that as of yet has been but lightly touched, if at all.

And may you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

If one thing fails for too long then leave it behind. If you had a patent on it you are better off doing so. If you had a patent that just doesn’t get anywhere then let it go for something else. You will still own the patent, and maybe it’s time has just not yet come. Again, tread new ground, get the help you need, and think hard, having just that one great idea is all you need, and that is something that nearly no one does in life.

There is meaningful work and meaningless, unfulfilling work.

If you have a job that has no personal touch to it, then pride and work cannot go hand in hand. What is better, tailoring a suit by someone's exact design or creating a suit that embodies your wishes, comes at your own design. The first has no personal creativity, the second is more your own product.

Just like the simple fact that recording music is one thing, having it be your own song is another.

There are many jobs out there. People will find them in drives. It has often been said that one should have their job as a source of pride. But pride is far more possible coming from things that are designed and made by one's own hands.

This is work such as wood working, writing, painting, writing songs.. and a person given the choice of performing music not their own, or at least not done their own way, or to create something good, all new, would choose the latter. Architecture, game programming, and tailoring are also among these.

A person who has a regular and impersonal job will look for pride in what they do, and will do things like sweeping up meticulously or cleaning up clutter really just wishing they would let you organize it, too.

So the best advice I have for choosing a job is that it facilitates your own personal involvement, creation, and direction. This often involves self employment and not by coincidence that such jobs have always been the most desirable. Such as sports: where doing well is determined by the person him or herself. Or acting, where a person will do so her or his own way. Journal writing, newspaper writing, books in general, but also clay working and other forms of art, and making jewelry or just dolls and new toys. Or cooking a personally perfected recipe rather than stuff on the menu. The examples are numerous.

What’s the fun in life without believing in The Devil?

This person in seeing what is purely good and purely evil, as well as that in between, has definitely favored that which is evil.

Even if you have atheistic characteristics, denying a piece of that concentrated evil invested by many over the years, over the ages, could do very well in putting before her or him a devil that can be served to impart within themselves feelings that are without a doubt very powerful. But the right way to play the game is not through things like human sacrifice unless you are willing to pay the ultimate price, as God will surely punish you, without exception.

As for me I do not do anything evil at all, for that reason. On the Devil's side or not, punishment comes to those who commit atrocious acts. But there is a little evil in everyone, a thing potent in the smallest doses which can be harnessed and called upon, drawn out and experienced by those with a black heart and a black soul. It goes with the command to release  the fiend that dwells within.

By playing the part of the evil one, you need not put your life at risk. But those that recognize evil are able to act on purposes iniquitous in other ways. Or they could just observe wickedness in the Earth, especially when they aren’t numb to it, but sensitive. The world is racked with evil, with the right eye that is easily observable.

Those that are truly the Devil's have utter rejection of God, and in them that cannot be changed. They have a determined choice to be against him. They can do so by giving themselves every reason to be. They can break apart their relationship with him altogether by praying very greedily and liberally. They can live a black mass with a black mass mind and that is far more effective than a black mass ceremony itself.

And they can be led by the dark and have evil thoughts. They can know that they are immortal and do nothing more than perform a well calculated and constructed purpose before their time comes to reside underneath in hell, having made their bed obsessively well.

Sexual Perversion

Sexual Perversion is entirely avoidable. But any one who delves into sexual exploration too deeply will become, by habit, perverse. This is seen by couples who are bored with themselves, as well as addicts of pornography. The plane for them becomes too plane. The couple that invents new ways of satisfying their sexual drives go into strange places. And doing anything worse a little at a time really adds up.

Those that like what they shouldn’t do so as to dominate them sexually and there is no rational reason why they should like such things. They just like them through dominance, and the more they have control, the more they “conquer” these little things the more they have.

To be clear, a child is a precious thing. I don’t have to say why or how. Those with the right thinking will readily know it is true: children are precious. And those with the wrong mind do not know so. If you’ve ever seen a child bouncing around pooping bubbles, or whose little heart lights up when they are taken to a place they like, and you are thinking right, then you would never regard these things as something to use sexually. And if quite frankly you harm them sexually you should be very fully and severely punished.

There are really only a few sexual rules that I have. The person that performs bestiality has committed a crime against humanity, has done something so impure that he should be (legally) put to death. By law. This is apprehensible. It is done by a human being so debased that he has violated his brotherhood with man. We cannot have such a being exist.

Torture and rape are two others.

Kidnapping is the worst of all. As a matter of fact, kidnapping is the worst of all crimes. It encompasses child prisoners. It is a dungeon where all hope is lost. Where they yearn to be reunited with their parents. Where they are made to do revolting things, and might even be harmed, and never see outside their room again until the day that they die. It is because of this crime that I think we should have better satellite Image recording above. Because if you can see where all people go from point a to point b then you can catch a kidnapper in his course.

A less plane and ordinary home

Bedrooms are quite plain if you think about it: not really a fun place to be. The bed goes here, the TV there and that’s really it. People make up for this to some extent by collecting things. They may have a dart board on their wall. A computer has come into it, too, but on the whole most bedrooms are void of taste

I like to have curtains that can easily be changed, mostly by color or patterns. I frame my posters so that I can change them once a week or so. And I put my bed up high. Actually, I take two base beds, put them on their side, and put a pad on top of that.

It may cost a lot to have stained glass windows but they are worth it. Glow and the dark stars have always been among my favorite things. Good, quality lamps : I like the kind that looks like Lily Flowers. I once took my room and gave it a desired theme. I realistically made my window appear to have the moon outside it. I covered up the end of the bedroom about four fifths the way with a hanging blanket all the way across, and put my sofa behind that (I usually prefer to sleep on a sofa.)

There are many things that make a room better: framed art found online, digital picture frames, candles and wall hanging candle holders, a very selective bookcase of books, comic books on the wall, hanging weapons such as swords or a cat of nine tails or my favorite, a mace. These are all readily apparent but there are some things that aren’t.

An ice maker, little fridge, running water, pest control, are apparent enough too. But then there are things like storing your goods in things like Halloween bags and pumpkin buckets, or some sort of basket you were very particular toward, or a bucket the shape of a skull.

The only real lesson here is to invest time and thought into having a room that isn’t drab and plane like most people do.

Filling your spirit.. with a different spirit

While I was having a Schizo episode some years ago I was walking down the street homeless and something very strange happened: I suddenly started talking with an accent distinctively Scottish.

I liked it, it made me feel like a different person. Where it was I had been the same person my whole life and that was my only self I never knew, becoming someone else was very foreign to me, and good.

So I thought to myself I will be a detective today. One morning I woke up and thought about how I would regard the day. Whether or not that was crazy, I liked it. I talk in a different voice every time I do this.

I have a “mouse” personality, a “cat” personality, and a “snake” personality that came from liking this (that I call personality snatching. ) And I began seeing just how different one person was from another in doing so. A whole different world opened up from perspective to perspective.

I called myself a snake in the grass. I liked to say “I’m a ssssnake in the grass!” Sure it’s moronic, but childish in a good and useful way. When I was a cat I would say this joke often (my cat joke:)

What you bitches got against us kitties anywey ?

All we do is lay around all dey .. it's not like ya eatus!

What us kitties  gotta watch all dey   anyweys ? Snaggle pus? Alice and wonderland? Wizard of Oz? Sylvester? Pink panther?

Don’t break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar. They’re not grrreat. And if I eat another Cheetos I’m gonna puke!

All I need is another kitty to play my mouse trap with.

What you bitches got against us kitties anywey ? All we do is lay around all dey . It's not like you eatus!

I also invented a demonic personality that loved to say:

Do the shake

Do the shake

Do the wake do the hippy-shake

Daylight come Mon we wanna go home

Iza day Iza day Iza dayayul


The True New World Prophecy

It was unfathomable to those of the past that we will have arrived at this point. Imagine that you went backward a hundred years and presented someone there with what we have now. They would be astonished to say the least. They would refuse to believe any “mad” person who made such claims as there being a powerful personal computer that can do all the things we can with them. To shine a CD in their face, to tell them that all of the knowledge of man, even very intricately, floats over head and is retrievable, would most certainly be deemed untrue and impossible.

And even if we were to think long into it we ourselves cannot imagine what is to come. Only the most brilliant minds make these new things, and collectively they make things only they can predict, but never all together. In other words you would have to be a sheer genius to concoct the ideas of what is to come. Who knows, if Gene Roddenberry didn’t think up a molecular transporter how much longer would it have been before it would be imagined by someone else?

The new world prophecy states that humankind will leave his/ her old world behind and come into the spiritual realm. At least more into a spiritual realm. It can be idealized that we will have metal ships. This is as though we are space sailors, but our travels in the universe will go beyond traveling as space sailors. We will, because of scientific knowledge, go wherever we want in a more energy based form, an energy based form coupled with our consciousness through highly advanced small devices likely incorporating Nano-Tech.

We have a similar idea presented that The Kingdom is in our midst. That in that kingdom there is no suffering or death. That humankind is bringing before itself a great kingdom and joining the ranks of the gods, as it has been assigned to us from the beginning. We have collected a lot of baggage over the ages and they are all ours, a full and good prize.

If you can take a rock and determine that someone touched it. That light hit it a certain way. That it was moved three inches at a specific time, five before. And was carried in a pocket. Then you can basically compile a recording of what exactly happened to a rock a hundred years to this day. And those beside it too, and the trees. That a food weighing a specific amount of weight stepped on it. That that person was such and such height, and so on and so forth, then you can look back in time. You can create a visual of things before.

Science often says one thing is just impossible but they are often proven wrong about these things. As they just don’t know how it can be done, but there are ways around that, always.

We may not yet be able to travel to Mars, but VR tech is improving, as is robotics. As they improve to the point that we can hear, see, and sense things much better through robotics, VR and such, then we could travel far and wide through a robotic body. I think that will be so but more energy based. After all, if you can detect the essence you can simulate it, reproduce it, even very realistically.

So a prophecy pertaining to a new world is not one as such that things will remain the same but will drastically improve to a point unimaginable, hopefully with us in it, hopefully soon enough.

That would mostly require creating matter from energy/ creating solid energy—to “project” ourselves as though by astral projection.

And keep in mind that the best money donated is to science and scientists, because only they can really end human suffering.

Science can very well be regarded as a god. It is certainly dependable, reliable, and worthy of faith.

It is so very charming to me the vastly broader forms of creativity that have come into the world because of the internet. It wasn’t until I was 20 years old that the internet in my life had yet taken off. I was born in 1980. The best gadget I had to tinker with was making cassette tape mix tapes usually off the radio. Also VHS tapes. These could only pull music or video from radio or TV, for the longest times. But even later for a while CD music was put on cassette tape. Then came CD burners and everyone was hooked on that for a while. Mix CDs were made in droves. And then came MP3 players, which were plucked from every store.

When I went from the NES to the SNES the graphics blew me away. When I went from the SNES to the PS 1/ N64, the graphics blew me away. How could it get any more real? And then one day I found out about ROMs and emulators, actually for a long time before anyone else did.

And making games? That was probably my biggest dream as a child. Probably probably not, but in fact it was. I submitted a game idea to SEGA who returned to me a letter of interest in my idea, but to fill out their legal forms before they would accept it. It was about a Skeleton with two heads, one using fire, the other ice, called The Skull Brothers. But after I filled out the paper I thought, hey! I think I’ll give them a totally different idea. One called Dragon Slayer. Being such a damn foolish kid that was one of my biggest mistakes. They may have made my Skull Brothers game.

And now people are creating cart based games for very old systems, in their homes, either with game engines, less and less through typing out code, using notation software to make music for it, which they sometimes do for movies, too, any ways.

And if faith in anything is totally good, it is for science.

Truth is conditional

And you should learn its conditions. Good can always be found in bad, and that good can be the driving force behind it, as though driven away from the bad. To put into gear what is good about anything bad, benefits you almost more than anything else in life can.

To see the silver lining in the clouds, in other words, but to cut away the bad and save, consuming the good in it only. It is like a meat that is very good but there’s a bad piece on it. Maybe not a dangerous kind of piece, just unsavory, and separated from the rest.

Looking at the bright side of life. Let that shine forth. A person can deliver either way into any given thing. They just see the negative miss out on so much that is positive. They aren’t discouraged. They do better. They learn to make work that others regard as shotty and broken. But the more successful are doing things others cannot or will not do. The majority will never approach so much that the minority readily embrace.

If you say you like one thing, that doesn’t mean it is all you like. It doesn’t mean that it is something you’ll always like. If you want to exercise one day, you may tell yourself you’d want to everyday, and then don’t. I’ve made that mistake many times. I signed up to a gym for three years because a month had passed that I simply loved it.

It is better to just do something one doing at a time then try to commit yourself to it. Because no matter how much you commit yourself ahead of time, when the time comes that you’d do it, later, you only are if you want to at that time. As for me, I had decided many times that buying something when I got paid would be the best money I ever spent. But then upon having that money in hand I told myself I can buy anything!

And also I had enjoyed something so much one month that I decided to pile on a crap load of it when I got paid. And having the money got a large number of game boy games that just wound up being shelved collecting dust. If there was anything I learned from this is that I should leave my options open and not assume that the way I am today will always be, or even until tomorrow.

Million Dollar Ideas

As I’ve said before but to reiterate, any person willing to dream up big ideas and implement them can surely be a success. It takes a lot of thinking to come up with that one big idea to make you rich. Most people never even approach this. Things like popular entertainment fill their voided void.

But the person that is willing to dream big could very well come up with something good that could make them rich, if not one thing, then another. Just don’t assume that it will succeed with definite thinking. If it isn’t going to succeed then leave it behind you.

Things like fifty cents stores could do well. That any person with so little money just pops right in and buys something. That could be two packets of kool aid, some kind of powdered drink, an orange or handful of grapes, a few stickers, machines you buy things from, a can of soda. You can actually get a lot of something with fifty cents.

There could be a restaurant called I Love Satan's complete with little plastic cups bearing Satanic imagery. By fresh controversy it’s own that would succeed.

A new kind of processor, one based on light. That a certain precise set of lasers record memory as a number and when that code is turned into light, then memory things can be derived. That could be like a password for any device or game.

You could create touch gloves, using them for games that apply basic pressure. Where desire is desire will find you. And it can follow a formula:

That it be cheap enough to reproduce in large numbers.

That it be produced quickly

Packaged well

Sold in the right places

At the right price.

Maybe you could even create a new quarter eating device. These were actually common for a while, before the Advent of arcades. Now I can see them being successful again. In fact what failed before could succeed today. You know, people could stop playing arcades. And they’d all disappear. But if they appear much later than they are a thing new to the eyes.

Machinery may be important, depending on what you are doing. If you are making books, more often using 3D printing machines, duplication devices, casting things from plastic, printing something in large numbers, mixing chemicals, a sewing machine, candy maker, wood working gear—just by knowing how something is best done by using them can go a long way.

Maybe there is a certain kind of new cards  you could create. A new kind of Tarot deck, the best that’s ever been. Maybe making jewelry, maybe not expensive stuff, but at least glass or crystal beads, and if it helps, then something like a bead but better.

Pirating would get you far. But unfortunately, also in hot water. That is a far easier way, to just produce copies of music, movies or games. But consider instead offering freeware conveniently on a disk. Just remember that it would be the first place people go to to make money: writing songs, making videos hoping to become popular enough to make money on, programming some sort of cheap game. There is just no money in that, at least not at all likely.

There are many short cuts. But it is a principle true that they won’t get you anywhere. If they did, everyone would do them and everyone would be wealthy. Moreover, it is because of the fact that it is such a crowded area of beggars, basically.

As for me, I've decided to write books. I never expected anything to come of it, right away. And not even for a while. I estimate I’d need 60- 80 books before I can expect good to come of it. Very few people write as much as I do. And no one writes what I do, being the creator of many good and new religions. I am only after a little fame online, someone who makes a positive difference. But if I am offered publication I will accept it, but only on commission, being free to continue writing free and public domain eBooks.

Good luck until you. Go after that killer idea and run with it. I promise you if you think long enough into it you will come up with something.

The Name Behind us, regarding us, representing us

What you call yourself as a practitioner of this religion, whatever it may be, is not so important as the name of Aeon behind us (pronounced “A” “On.”) the name itself is of course of our Goddess. Her very name means ageless good within. As her name means ageless and is within us all good things.

There is her name and her name is ruling. What we are and what we do is in her name. It identifies by name the good things we are and do. It is a readily given name for those who would know us. We are of Aeon. We are Aeonic her servants, the one whose name is lasting and eternal and inseparable from us.

Any given primary God of a religion represents its people. Who would know Christians are Christian without their god of Christ behind what they do. Or Allah or Diane. To sum up what we do we say it is of Aeon. And in so saying people are firstly introduced to our Goddess and secondly, if they like, will join themselves with her. And it is more about joining ourselves with her than each other on an independent basis

If you like you may very well call this religion Aeonic and it’s followers Aeonists.

But when people are to regard us, let her name be behind us. And the sum of what we do, her equation. That we are delivered by her. That her presence be built and concentrated. That we come to know her. That is how she is. That so she'll ever be.

She is our Mother Goddess that teaches us to love all the good things of the world in which we gather the good and remove from it the bad. A spirit that gives. A spirit in our material wealth that we find a spirit and soul, that being a piece of our own. That she has put into our heart the love of good things and so she is taken from all good material things.

She is the one thing that we must all share in common.

Our culture, and our culture isn’t there's

For very good and sound, logical reasons, we are not racist. We are a-racist in fact meaning that we hold no regard to racist things. That is a thing of other people to no good effect. We do not identify with our own race. We find no earned pride from a racial basis. If we see some racist occurrence on the news, we keep our distance, not feeling that such an attack was on “all of our own kind” but rather just a bad occurrence to an individual. We don’t care what racist things are said unless they are entirely blatant and aggressive. But even then it is a personal way that we are offended, not one we take as a racial mis-demeanor but rather someone who has offended us and not our race.

This stuff isn’t our culture. Our culture is our religion. Our culture is found in the other followers of our religion as well as us. We should not be made to: appreciate, acknowledge and honor, participate, or otherwise be made to connect with other cultures. We gave our own culture. We shouldn’t be made to share in the other cultures around.

We have our own people. We do our own things. We believe our own beliefs. If we consider a medical procedure against our religion then we should not be forced to undergo it. Sometimes, in many instances in fact, religion is more important to a person than life and death itself. A medical culture being forced upon us is intolerable: should not be tolerated by us or any one of any religion to whom it occurs. Life be damned. Sometimes religion is more important.

So I establish you as a people . I set forth the ways of our people through Aeon. And I present to you the greatest connection in life as with one and the other. And if anyone diverts you, misguides you, forces them into their ways, ways either a bad diversion from your chosen path and a way you don’t wish to go, or misplaces you—forcing undesired involvement and participation among them. It be damned and removed from you with all strength of refusal!

Spit it out and call it bitter! Let them know these are not your concern. That the path you chose is being diverted by them. And that you refuse to go with them any further and to find someone else to help them and be with them.

Getting the upper hand over your enemies

The best action against an enemy, against them all collectively, is a cause to be a success in life making them jealous, dispersing them or in any way becoming better than them.

While you reside below the mountain with them they are your equals. But to rise above their plane in accomplishing goals that lead to worldly success is to surmount them.

People in your life could make you angry and treat you like just another nobody. But if you are working toward something good then at least you have that in heart and mind: that you are not going to stay undistinguished.

Money is power. Those that have it have tools that privilege them. They can do more and well, they can have better and they have resources that aid them in generally more freedom. They can even have around only those that are at their feet. They do not have to have objectionable and unwanted people in their lives. But the poor do! A poor person has to deal with degradation daily.

It holds true that there will always be those that don’t like you, but there will always be those that do, too. But in obtaining things like fame and money, it is more like there will always be those that worship you and those that are jealous of you.

As long as you are doing well and getting to good places in life, others just don’t bother you as much. And as for me I would like to tell my family that I am a published author, not to be better than them, not at all, but just for the honor that it imparts.

Being whole with Man

(Hu) Man. A person has expected rules to be adhered to. In order to be whole with Man and be within it’s brotherhood then those rules must never be broken. They are:

  1. Do not kill anyone
  2. Do not harm the innocent
  3. Do not steal, and especially do not rob
  4. Do not rape or sexually abuse anyone
  5. Do not do sexually abominable acts
  6. Do help the poor and do help those who suffer
  7. Do what is best for everyone and be a good person, one and all.

These are really the only rules that need to be followed. And they are quite easy to keep. But in keeping them you are good and well with others. Being good enough is good enough. Sometimes people will find faults in you unreasonably. And it is a good mantra to keep to know and tell yourself regularly that you are good enough.

But being in a “Brotherhood with Man,” requires that you also help people in alleviating suffering rather than being a component to other people's suffering. You are either in this or apart from this. You either give a helping hand or let people continue to suffer. Granted you can’t fix all problems but you can have the heart to do so, in some way or another.

Maybe you could donate to science, in any way that sciences need funding: for medical sciences, such as eliminating cancer, or funding science that is working on something such as accelerated seed growth that could lead to food for all. Anything that helps in such a way should be donated to.

The Aeonic Ritual

This is the Aeonic Ritual. It is an act of worship and solemnity toward Aeon. Before you perform it a particular mentality is beset.

To be thinking good things, things that bring peace. Not being nervous. Being the least bothered by anything. Doing things that make you feel peaceful before you undergo it.

With that, set up things for this ritual. You’ll need a warm bath drawn and to be surrounded by your most favorite things. Your favorite possessions. Ideally they should be nostalgic items, things from your childhood. Place these around the bath, easily seen.

You will need a warm blanket. And you will need idols and an altar-like place where they are on top. Put a candle or two, up to four, on top of it.

With all this in place enter into the bath and observe the good things in life, what it is about life that makes you feel good and grateful. Close your eyes and say Aeon is good. Aeon be here with me. Pause a good moment and open your eyes, looking around at these good things of yours. Then think about them, arousing feelings of appreciation.

After this leave the bath and enter into your room. Bow before your altar and pray to Aeon. Tell her why she is good to know and what you want from her in your life. Pray what you want to pray, saying what you want to say, focusing on the idols and then get into bed, wrapping yourself into a good blanket, going to sleep and before you do say Aeon is good. Aeon be here with me tonight.


And that is the Aeonic Ritual.

The Positive and the negative

It is plainly evident that the structure of our existence is based very heavily on a yin yang design. There is male, there is female. And things come in twos, be them two eyes or even two middle holes. Two feet, hands, even two nostrils. There is night and day, the sun, the moon. There is life and death and this suggests that life goes beyond death, as the creation of a second, though separated, existence. If it was just one life and then another that is observable by us beyond the void, then that really wouldn’t be a second life.

The coin doesn’t know the other side. The wall cannot be seen through forward and back at one time. The foot first does it’s own thing, and then the other foot it’s things. And we have two lungs, not one, in bringing us life, but two and one in the nose.

There is being awake. And there is being asleep. There is clenching. And there is letting go. You can observe this in what is good and what is bad. Unless we knew what the bad was we would not strive to obtain what is good instead. These are deterrents. For God-like people they would not be nearly as necessary in seeking good, because they are those that don’t die and even have come to defeat suffering in many different ways. Most ways, if not altogether.

There is the past and there is the future and overall it can be observed that existence is in the middle. Our torso comes in between our walking steps. We inhale in then outward but there is also a pause between breaths. When we clench we then hold, and then let go.

Imagine a person raising his hand. It rises up. It is brought back down. But the very present has it in between. And that is the direction of life, to take control of the present. We can think of the past or future but we do so in the present. And on the whole life is in the middle while the up and down forces a yes or no decision, never definite, or else it would not have been asked to begin with.

One side of the battery is for the flesh, the other side of the battery is for the spirit. This is seen in a person during a comma. Her/ his flesh is on but his spirit isn’t.

Do it closely enough to perfect, or not at all

Perfection is one of the primary things that I teach. While you will hear often that nothing is perfect that is short sighted. It isn't actually making something perfect. The word “perfect” only means really “the best possible result.” And while there are no ends to that, that is the whole point. It is in trying, not in limitations, but in striving limitlessness.

Of course a person doesn’t wish to do perfectly menial and impersonal work, that work that seems to serve no real point, especially regarding them. I foresee a spike in perfection. There are increasingly tools that aid in creativity. There are also, ever more, robotics and AI devices that are leading us into a time when they are doing this petty work we have to do, otherwise. As much as it has been said “they’re going to take our jobs,” that’s not a bad thing! We will be left with doing our own work, work personally chosen by us.

I think the first instance of my high regard toward perfectionism came from the book The Magic of Recluse which had within it’s early chapters a people given specific jobs, each one and another, that were expected to be done perfectly. A very good book. I was in the library one afternoon looking through the books for about an hour before I decided upon it. That really appealed to me. Here was a character in it expected to do wood working “perfectly.”

Socialism is good in theory but I was once told by a police officer, a friend for sure, who told me that it’s real problem is that with it, there is no competition. Everyone is treated the same. And that brought to mind a phrase I’ve thought of regarding it “ all for society!” which meant to me, the best thing in life isn’t itself but is this thing called “society” where all are regarded as equal within it.

In some areas perfectionism is a bad thing, no doubt, in trying to build a Utopia you are going to come up with a big sloppy mess!

So many jobs to choose from

My brother Josh is a jack of all trades and I really admire him for that. He works on cabinets, woodworking and houses, or just mows lawns, most of all. And is generally good at doing a large handful of things.

If you ask for inspiration from Aeon, she will give it.

If you are willing to go through School getting the right, needed kind of degree then good for you very good unto you. That will spike your pay and open the door to many choices not available to those who don’t. It could be a quickly gotten certificate or license, too. In fact my mother did just that, one for nursing, and landed a job she loves.

My dad goes to service school occasionally keeping in touch with electronics, as he fixes those gigantic sprinklers you only see in the central south. And my sister worked for Google at one time.

There are a lot of jobs but I imagine it can be easy to miss many of them either thinking they aren’t there and not having it come before you just not considered. But be aware, there are many out there, even enough to be very particular toward what you wish to do.

As for me, I am paid by the government. I still believe in work, which is why I write, from five to seven hours each day in fact, from ten to fifteen pages a day! It is what I want to do and “thanks” to having Schizophrenia suffering from it terribly without medication, the government has essentially taken up where my parents took off. I was just 20 when I got on SSI. And believe it, in many ways I deserve it. But my aunt will tell you, at least I am doing something. Most of us just sit all day in front of the TV wasting money.

You may only be aware of a small amount of things you could have as a job. But there are many.

Speak your mind

Let others know what you want and expect from them and in so doing be bold, if you have to. They might consider their side over yours. And you shouldn’t be expected to have their side rule over your own. I have to tell the new people in my life often that I just do not like talking to people. Someone asked me recently if I wanted to smoke with them. I told him no, and he was offended. But that was his side of things—but what about what I desire? To be alone, to smoke alone, as it is my time to do so the best.

Some people will impose on you their principles while upholding them more than your own. Don’t let them. Live more according to your wishes, preferring to keep things your own choice.

If someone is bursting through sound boundaries you have in place, remove those people from

you. If someone is taking from you, halt them. As for me I have known people who spent every dime on sodas, candy, and cigarettes then they come to me asking for a lighter, or my lesser tobacco. I buy tobacco to last all month. They get the expensive stuff and when they run out, turn to me, and I turn them down every time. But in their minds he is selfish. He isn’t giving. I only wanted a little.

Some will want a lot of work from you. Really that is just their way of pushing you out. If they don’t want you around then they should say so. And if the work they require of you seems excessive, believe me, you’ll be happier elsewhere.

Just don’t invite hell fire upon yourself. I thought I was immune to being harmed. But I’d gotten into the habit of insulting others. I had agitation within me. I would let others know to keep a distance in the most offensive ways. And then one day after calling a person this totally offensive thing I was struck in the face. But that’s jail for you!

Anger is an important emotion. It tells you your needs. It makes you get them. You could be angry in a sound logical way or go about a way most ineffective, yelling, even threatening. Profusely steaming. Or you can reason with a person even while angry. If they still don’t conform to your wishes, be straightforward and blunt. If you are asking for them to, leave, to stop bothering you in a polite way and they don’t, then command them to.

Just remember that you have principles in life, and not to let others over ride them with their own.

Leaving the cult of Anti-Ism

I have observed that children are out of their minds flooded with thoughts pertaining to: anti racism, anti sexism, anti gender choice, anti smoking, fed to them by rigorous propaganda. The world they live in is induced by such thinking.

It isn’t bad to be against these, most naturally if they affect you. Someone like our current president here in the modern states who has shown just a little indication that he is racist and sexist, has made enemies of the nutty kind. Of the lunatic kinds. It shows. It really shows how crazy they are. They may have thought Obama was the Anti Christ in small doses but people really are out of their minds when it comes to Trump, in very large numbers. I have known people that were convinced he would be impeached. They found such faults in him that were a portrait of him plainly worthy of condemnation and impeachment. Why? Well because he is white and has shown indications of racism and sexism.

These thoughts are driven deeply into people’s minds. Their whole world is painted and layered thick in the stuff. You cannot turn on the TV and see anything new devoid of this cult like thinking. It is very much a cult-like thinking. It can be so against obesity that it taxes sugar. It can be so cult-like as to be a massive disaster when anyone states the least of social graces expected from the “sensitive.”

Cult-like thinking describes it perfectly. While I was in jail there was a man convinced that the white guards were against him, to a highly paranoid extent. And his speech was riddled with things about white people, that they are the cause of all oppression against him.

The thing is that anything that is deeply rooted and as towering so high is a great excess that covers every part of a person's thinking. It is a cult that society has made. And it is getting worse. And like any other cult it is difficult to leave. It will probably follow them until they die.

Advisory against smoking used to be plain and simple, though still easily enough understood for anyone to make a choice. But it graduated to a far further extent than necessary. Now every imaginable malice is attributed to smoking. And these people presenting every bit of questionable evidence will guard it like fort Knox. Of course they aren’t going to let vapor cigarettes slide because they no longer have any purpose. They certainly are not going to admit that there is no longer a problem. Even if vapor cigs have harmful ingredients, they don’t have to. And of course they are the first to gather funds for propaganda speaking the word and the last to find things such as a cure for lung cancer.

The Aeonic Coven

The Coven of Aeon

Is a group gathered together to honor and worship Aeon. This group contains a small group of people, a tight circle, who one by one who are a piece of Aeon, each their own piece.

Then each person being their own piece of Aeon brings together into their selves the whole of Aeon.

This Coven can include worship and praise of Aeon but what matters the most is appreciation and acknowledgment. They should each be sensitive to the lessons they learn from her.

Rituals can be designed and really it is up to you and your own the extent in which that is done and what this group's direction should be regarding her, but Wiccan beliefs are preferable to Satanic ones, although that may be more or less true to some. Hell you can make it somewhat Wiccan and somewhat Satanic, and on top of that somewhat Christian. As other covens and religious circles do so can you, as you find it most suitably implemented.

And some final notes:

Remember, there is power in numbers, even in redundancy. Two heads can do better than one. Two, three, the more the better, allowing each other to keep their uniqueness.

Remember that mistakes happen and we all commit them. Be forgiving toward each other. People in general aren’t bitter for long.

Observe others and in relation to what they bring about due to it. Take your lessons from the wise. Avoid the way of fools. Establish the best things in life as others have so done. And work a little everyday on a purpose, as it is in fulfilling a purpose that the practice of this religion most greatly shines.

Filling empty time is the best way that it can be done. Try not to waste your time or basically rot away before menial entertainment, the kind produced on a shelf in a box or even through fingers in games. Have a well rounded life that encompasses everything. Be willing to do things that are challenging. Do things that are different. Do not remain as stuck on any one given thing. It is Aeonic to do so.

Be adventurous at heart. Bring joy to your limited days. Go forth in good ways visiting places you normally would not do so otherwise, had Aeon not been in your heart. Take it upon yourself to venture around, even to far away places, because Aeon would like to be with you there.

The whole root of Anti Voidism has been presented here in it’s primary book, this, The Book of Aeon. But like a Bible it will have been made of more books (the very word Bible means a collection of different books into one.) And so this one will be, before done, at least five books made for it in total. The Old Testament of the Holy Bible itself was rooted in just five books, The Books of Moses. And I hope here to have created a good foundation to a new religion even if it isn’t continued for some bad reason.

To know what is a good time is the strongest command of Aeonism, that you find good things to put into your life, living as well as can be. In engaging in talks with Aeon when I was destitute, I was through and through very desirous of very many things. And those who say that material wealth doesn’t matter haven’t been without, haven’t been homeless. But Aeon was my only source of comfort. And I promised her at that time in my life that I would do her much honor, for her help, and help me she did. And I am living up to her promise. I carry her as my Goddess. I always will put her first.

And I hope you come to realize her and incorporate her into your life as well. May for you great luck and blessings abound. Amen. So it’s been said.

Book  2: The Book of Ro


The aim of this book is to set a standard for rules regarding virtue and values. The first book, “The Book of Aeon,” was based on the premise that the best thing in life is to fill it with good things. The final book, the book of Tomel, will instruct its followers and direct him or her to destroy negative things in their life, to topple them down. The second book, the book of Raine, taught lessons that lead to a life of great blessings. And now we are on the second which, to say again, will set a standard for rules regarding virtue and values.

The religion here is called Anti Voidism, or it may be called “Aeonism,” practiced by The Anti Voidalist, or The Aeonist .”

As for the book after this one The Book of Bethai, it will be about magic, metaphysics, and the supernatural. And that will certainly evolve it into a religion. Though it is already enough.

And remember, all of my books are free and in the public domain. I have written 31 books. This is the 32 nd . And if you want to find me, just search my full name online.

Why have values?

Values are usually a way of life and acting that make life better. That keeps you from trouble. That sustains your life. That makes life better. These are lessons our parents taught us, and their parents taught them. They have stood the test of time and have proven to be worthwhile in practicing. It is the way of thinking that gets you the best in life. You would always have a rule to lean to, and it will guide you rightly.

It helps you make decisions. It puts you in the right direction. It works in your life to make it better.

It helps your relationships with others and your community. It is things often expected from you and you expect from others, and others among others. So it helps your relationship. It keeps your friend’s friends, it cools down the angry. It keeps your relationships working correctly and it adds to friends, removes from you enemies, changing enemies until friends.

It is one of the best practices to improve psychologically. Those with the right values put together their minds in better ways. They organize and neatly arrange the things if thought. It all isn’t a bunch of clutter to them. They don’t think so impulsively. They don’t act without thought. And many bad things are filtered out of a person’s thoughts and actions, things that can harm or put one off onto the wrong way, by having values.

It is a kind of self governing system that leads you to better choices and restricts bad choices. By having virtues you know right from wrong better. And you polish up things that are more typically wadded up for those that haven’t any values.

It helps give you a better understanding and consideration of others, itself which is a virtue.

It is your guide, one you can depend on. And here is an extensive list of values and the way they are best understood:

Being fair

It’s been shown in animals that if you only give one food to eat, and not let the other have food, that the one without food will be intensively jealous. The same happens when you give one lesser or lower quality food but the other better food. There is not something that makes people so angry like unfair things. People all around that have friends, while you are left out, targeted for the worse end of the stick, someone getting more for their birthday than you, which happened to me while growing up, and things like double standards, inequality and discrimination, can be so hurtful as to cause people to riot, rebel, and demand equal rights.

There is the lower class and the upper class, the middle class, the well educated and those that failed to graduate from high school. People who’ve had it easy, others had great difficulty. Some have a lot of stress in life. Others have little to none. Some had parents that abused them. Others were born into wealth. Some had to count pennies. Some had more money than they could ever use. Some have to sleep on a sidewalk or park bench. Others have very comfortable homes.

Some governments have fixed this by appointing a job for every person. That all contribute and all are equally paid. Some schools would have the students dress all the same. So it can easily be seen as a problem, the difference between the homeless person and the wealthy person is broad, to say the least. But the government here and in certain countries do all they can to thin that gap with things like SSI, SSDI, EBT, free bus transportation, Medicaid, Section 8 and affordable housing. And I believe such things keep the nation at peace.

Self Sacrifice

In difficult times people are required to work harder yet get less. A parent either gives to their children the least, instead spending their money on things like drugs and alcohol, or just things for themselves, giving very little to their children. There are children who need new clothes, decent food, and the necessities of life. Having a child comes with responsibility. There is the type of parent who selfishly only feeds the beans and bread, or even nothing some days, and the kind of parent who at least adequately supplies what they need, school clothes, school supplies, food, and better, things like cable TV, games, and cell phones. Having a kid means that you will have to spend more on them than on you. Or you would be like me, whose father left the home for days, and the cabinet too.

There has always been a price to live in any society, through taxation, but the price is usually reasonable. And you can’t just go and live in a cave. People need people, the one who is helped by the many, we all help each other.

We have to sacrifice comfort in our responsibilities. Most of us have to work. Or else they just won’t have any money. None for rent. None for food. And none for entertainment. So we have to think to ourselves sooner or later, that we will not be living at home any more, and will soon be adults, ones that have to work to have money, money to live well and survive. To go to college, maybe, and to do our best there. We have to sacrifice all of our free time, giving it to study and work, work that may be very difficult at first but “business before pleasure.”

If we have only a little money and must decide between poor food, enough to last, or good food, that is quickly gone, or just enough, or not enough, then it is better that you never starve and it is better to be the person who, due to her or his responsibility, never will.

And to go with a friend somewhere, or any other loved one, to a place they want to go, one type of person is too selfish too. The other type of person is ready and willing to. That person is self sacrificing.


Having patience is very important in life. Without it comes many worries and much stress. Without patience a person will never be able to work. With patience a person will work just fine. A person will develop new talents because of patience. As s/he is willing to take the time and learn them. While they go months or years learning something easily, those without any patience for the process will give up within a week. And they that can learn will very readily learn something new. But an impatient person will already find it too daunting.

A person could worry himself to death about a package coming in the mail. Or the rest of the days before getting paid. It helps a lot to have something to do during the day, something that you focus on and keeps your mind off of things that just require time.

However it is good in a certain way that you anticipate things. That you desire them to come about. After all, without that desire of wanting, you won’t want anything, “oh, that package came,” or, “finally my package came!” Or, “I’ve finally completed my goal!” Or, “Okay. Done.” I’ve always related excitement and anticipation to stress. So those are good kinds of stress. All of the other kinds are bad.

There is a high demand for patience these days, more than ever. Cell phones and internet, getting things done, just learning new software, just using new things, as far as creativity can take you, downloading things, being torn away from them too, can lead to a lot of stress. At best you can keep your mind off of them. At worst you would choose to only do the most simplistic things online when it could be a good source of education.

Try not to eat the whole meal all at once. Consider that you are bearing things. That if you remain consistent in what you choose to do, to learn, to have, etc., comes a little closer every day. A little closer, and a little more.

Don’t go overboard

While living in a world of principles, many offend. There are some that expect every rule to be followed. They are the first to call others out on acting against them. They love rules whether or not they follow them themselves. And with principles, a person is easily offended that goes against your own, as you are always practicing them toward others, and are “more considerate.”

And that’s it’s own thing. There are many things that cause people to overreact.

Thinking that people aren’t nice when they have tough standards for anyone to follow. That nice enough is never nice enough. These certain irks. That people went over your boundaries. Their boundaries are a mile wide. They are too sensitive. Things easily offend them. At the further end of this are people that demand you be full of respect and obey their whims. Those they act against aren’t doing any wrong. They really want them to. They want just one excuse to hurt them. The opportunity to be more forceful!

By thinking about just one small problem regarding any given thing, it becomes bloated and overbearing. By thinking about one problem being many, that problem becomes quite formidable and no one dares to approach it. It is the bearing of a goal that causes the most stress. Before that time things could be swimming along. When it began it was something new. When it is finished it must be done so peacefully, and left behind.

I once had an English test to take. I already had a D on my English grade. If I failed that test, the D would have become an F on my report card. My English teacher presented her best teat. One she regarded as important enough to have one grade changed a full letter up, if it received an A. Believe me, I was worried as hell. I spent my entire few days on that test. I got an A, and passed English. I couldn’t have otherwise. But still, it was hell to pay.

It is better to cross that bridge when you get to it. The moment trouble comes you won’t be afraid of it, but rather are confident, able to tackle it.

Making amends

You never know how much longer your parents will be around in older age. You won’t have them forever. I take that to heart, knowing that one bad thing said any given day would be the last thing I ever said to them. So I choose to set aside all differences and disputes and do not speak in any hateful way. I had a good life overall, at least with my mother and step father who always tended to my needs.

Some days you can really snap at them. If you are good at hurting people, and are a hurt person yourself, then you can deal people great damage. And if you are like me you probably regretted it. And then try to make up for it, in any way you can. Usually it isn’t all that serious though, and you can just let time take care of it.

Society has a certain expectation of people. If you violate them enough any number of things could happen. You could be fired, ostracized, or even jailed.

But fortunately most people are able to live up to those standards. And most of the time all you really need to do is apologize and try not to let it happen again.


What does a person get by manipulating another? Why would she/he have to manipulate others? Isn’t it such a sneaky thing? Isn’t it a less direct route? Those who cannot be straightforward, that want something more along the lines of unfounded admiration and worship go about in manipulative ways, the only real ways it can be gotten without it having been earned. The work is cut off. They don’t have to prove themselves. They don’t have anything to prove by. They instead creep in and move along unnoticed in another person’s mind.

They are those that change the facts, twisting and turning them to their favor and are lacking any good quality that merits true worth. And they don’t care who they fool. And they feel all the wiser because of it. But they’ll forever be known by those who understand them correctly, that they are despicable and loathsome.

Being trustworthy

One caught in a lie may never be believed or trusted again. It really is that heavy. That once a bad lie comes to truth they are no longer trusted. Whatever they say afterwards is doubted. A couple can’t continue together just from cheating once. The rules are strictly enforced. And that’s the case if lies in regard to trustworthiness.

There are also people that don’t do what they say they will. They may often say that they plan on doing something, starting school, a new job, but never does. It seems they just wanted to be known as that type of person. To have the pride of a title. But then, a week or so later, they’ve changed their mind.. again.

And they say that they will pay you back. Double! Tripple! But they don’t. The time comes and they are let's-not-talk-about-that kind of people. So they ask for more. And you’ve got to tell them no, as you cannot expect anything from these kinds of people.

Of course sometimes you’ve just cornered someone on something or put them on the spot. But if you do, in such a case, forgive them if they change their minds later. And maybe they just did change their minds.

There are also rats and tattle tales. Such people are untrustworthy. Then there are blabber mouths and gossipers. They are untrustworthy. And then there are people that talk about you behind their back or do something bad when they aren’t watching. And all of these are without trust-worthy-ness.

Do not blame others unless they are to blame

Life is mostly made up of a person’s own choices that take him or her to the place they currently are in in their lives. Unless a person really does make you do something for which you have no choice not to, then you have made up your own mind and decided to do it, so they aren’t to blame.

A society has its members delegated into blame for certain things. Some place all of their problems on another race. Some on a Devil of some kind. Others on a lifestyle, a cultural aspect. And some on music, or video games, or movies. And all the while are not considering the fact that a person’s choices are largely their own. A person’s problem with any given thing should not be the weight one forces another to carry. Or they are just deluded in a certain way, attributing all sorts of malice to the world that they believe comes from impractical sources.. who, in truth, are doing no harm.

They want to make their own problems be someone else’s problems. They are good at making excuses. They are very good at misdirecting reasons onto someone else, making it seem like their own faults came from another. And they both fear and refuse responsibility. Which, if they would have accepted, may have delivered them mercy.

Not cheating

That you remain worth what you are truly worth and that you truly become better without being a walking falsehood, represented as one who is as one isn’t, having not earned their own good.

Not stealing

That you get what you earn and that your means come from honest and earned means. That as one who steals, if caught, could incur the Wrath of another.

Not lying

That people will always believe you. That even if you think they did believe your lie they probably wouldn’t say that they didn’t, but you are no longer trusted.

Not conspiring

As you never know if you’ll get caught. That the law may beat you to the punch. Uncovering you. Exposing you. And arresting you. That in the course of conspiring your freedom could be in danger.

Not manipulating

That people truly appreciate you for who you are. That you instead come to be liked for real reasons, instead of being liked for things that falsely reflect you.

Following through

I have heard advice from people before to “never reveal your plans to others, or else you won’t do them.” And they didn’t say why telling other people your goals kept you from doing them. And I asked myself, what was it about this that kept them from fulfilling their goals, as they indicated to others they would. You’d probably come up with the same conclusion as me. That these people were trying to prove themselves to others. They only wanted honor regarding them. And after they’ve gotten that honor, having someone think of them as that kind of person, they no longer have any worth in the goal. They’d gotten what they wanted.

In an argument don’t threaten curse or degrade

That is the only rule you ever really need regarding anger. It’s okay to become angry whether anyone believes so or not. Because they themselves get angry and are hypocritical for telling anyone they can’t get angry. But when curse words come in, anger has boiled over into hatred. When threats come in the person may attack you for them. And criminal threats are in many places illegal. That is to whomever they are told, given any likelihood of being able to fully fill that threat. And degrading someone crosses another line. But if you’ve kept yourself from these three then you've done well enough.

Total selfishness

Within reason a person is expected to take care of themselves first, to focus more on themselves than others, to look out for oneself. General selfishness is good. But entirely focusing on yourself isn’t. After all, you've left everyone else out at that point. You can’t understand people. You couldn’t have any real relationships. You could relate to anyone, one and the other, and the others and you.

If you don’t think or consider what others are, what they are made of, to understand them, then you won’t understand them at all. There is more to life than who you are. And if you don’t think of what others really think about you but only see yourself in your reality regarding all things—that is the worst thing and of loneliness.

Being wise with money

I’m a cheap person. I even consider that a virtue. To hold on to what is mine. To not spuriously hand out what is mine. Yet to never borrow or take from others, either. And as last night as I don’t borrow or take I feel that I do not owe anyone anything. I am self sustaining. I have to keep it that way.

The best money spent is adventuresome. To look all around town for that one special thing, usually something you didn’t know you liked, through intuition. That not too much I’d spent on snacks, or in any other way that doesn’t last, that is their one moment, but gone the next. A fool and his money may soon part ways, but if s/he has gotten something that lasts, then they aren’t soon separated from it. As long as you don’t pawn or sell what you own. And while sometimes you don’t get what you pay for, the saying “buy it nice or buy it twice” always has truth.

You could gamble.. a little. And expect to win big.. someday or another. Because sure the odds are small you may win a lot. But those odds decrease the more you do.

I say follow your heart on what you want to buy. Try to make every day better by every one thing you buy, as much as you are able. But remember that without desire, you won’t want anything. So follow your heart and do what it says.


Nothing is more appreciated than consideration.

Some would watch the TV all day in the TV room. And when they see that someone else got there before them, demands it be given to them. If not immediately 'an hour is too much' and yet they’ll stay on it all day and not understand why others won’t let them. Trying to take it from them.. why can’t they ever watch it?

Some will leave a big mess in the kitchen. And they don’t care if others don’t like it. Whole others are cleaning up after them. And they are only wanting a clean place but will do things like spilling over the side of the toilet. How do these people live? What do they think? That depends. If they expect others to live up to standards that they don’t, then they are just selfish. But if these people don’t expect people to live up to any standards, then they just don’t mind the same things you do. The difference is the person who expects you to clean the dirty dishes you make. While the other type of person doesn’t care if the dishes are dirty.


And endurance.

A task or goal might be considered very daunting. And is more so, but only as far as it is. If it’s regarded as too difficult to be done, that is sometimes the only thing that stops you from doing it. The good news is: most others think the same way, to some degree. So just by encouraging you and continuing to work on it, you will do what others won’t. And as much as it is difficult, it is as a limitation placed on it, and so by doing what few others do, you’ll succeed on that merit alone.

Some may work out for a whole month. From there some may go a few more. Not many will work out for years, but if you cross that point and challenge yourself to do what others won’t, then you will be among the strongest of people.

It is like a home being built. When you first see it being done there is only a frame. Then windows are put in one by one. The drywall is put in. The staircase had been made. The doors are put in. And a little at a time it all came together in a well built home. So, I’d say, take things a brick at a time and don’t give up.

Being grateful

Or what used to be called “counting your blessings

And I can add to that to “see the silver lining in the clouds.”

Being grateful puts into perspective the good in one’s life. Without seeing what is good, it’s just not seen. It may as well not even be there. And there could be a lot of good in someone’s life but they’d never know it. But as long as you see it is as much as it is grasped, as much as it is as a treasure unto you.

The more you’d add to what’s already there. And though things may be bad, they can always be worse. And even the bad things can be good in one way or another. Many things are thorns, but sometimes above them is a rose. That can be a lesson learned. It can be something that has opened up more options. It could be the start of something better and an end to what was less or not as good. Often something bad can produce something good. Or just changed into a good thing.

You may have many reasons to be happy. To know why you should be happy helps in becoming happy. And I also say, count your future blessings. Things that are to come about soon. In order that you have anticipation toward them and once you get it, you are satisfied by it. And always seek out the better things in life knowing fully what they are, for all of it’s worth.

Taking chances

If you’ve been on the same road for very long it can become mundane, totally boring. While you are sure where it goes, you really don’t like going there anymore. You are there everyday. If this is true for you, then may I suggest some added adventure in your life? To do things differently, if even by a little? Maybe buy things you normally don’t. Go to places you haven’t before. Learning something new. Getting a new hobby. Meeting new people. Anything that is new and not typical for you?

To spice up your existence with the new and unfamiliar. Like a child, whose world is brand new every place they go. And not as the adult you’ve become, where everything is familiar.

It could just be going to a swimming pool. Or a large swing set. It could be going to three new restaurants each month. It could be learning anything new, electronics, pottery. It can be visiting a place you always wanted to go. Children learn new talents all the time. Such as reading and writing. They are yet to try everything. The world for them is new. But with age comes decay, settles in a boredom, becomes all the same.

Judging fairly

To judge someone fairly you’ve got to really know them. I’ve made the mistake so many times that I thought I knew someone right away. I can’t help it. I have to understand them before I can deal with them, and how, how I can relate to them. To know what I can expect from them. It takes guessing at first. But it can’t be done quickly. It can take a month or more just to have a general idea. More months to know them in just the right way regarding how you should be around them. And what you thought at first could either be untrue or incomplete. Usually more incomplete than anything else. The longer you know someone the more you fill in the missing pieces.

And you may initially see a hateful person. Some kind of spoiled person. But you may later find reasons why this is so. And you may find out later that behavior is not typical to them. And what was once thought of as rude had its reasons.

But then there are some that are entirely incompatible with you. Someone who really pisses you off. Then you’ve got no real choice but to leave them in someone else’s yard.

Over time you are probably going to find that a person had tastes you were entirely unaware of. Maybe some skeletons in the closet open the door and walk right out. That someone you thought you can trust turns out to be some sort of creep and weirdo. Or, differently, a person is far sweeter than you initially thought. But in all of this it takes time. So all I can suggest is to learn all you can because until you do you don’t really know who you are dealing with.

Ideal homes

While among some people picking your nose and scratching private areas is perfectly fine.. and in fact I’ve known people that masturbate around others at will.. and among some drinking is not only okay but a given, an expectation.. the same with smoking and drugs.. There are places where these things are wanted. And there are places where these things are not wanted. When in Rome do as the Romans..

There are people who socialize in their own ways and little to nothing embarrasses them. But to take those habits into other social circles could ostracize you from it.. if not just shamed. Smoking is alright, but only depending on where you do it. Cursing is alright, from one parent, but not another. And some places are openly lewd. Others prohibit it so much that doing so would incur punishment, removal, or condemnation.

Pick your choice. Be in an area of little inhibition or none, or expectations to be, basically, asexual and non sexually expressive. In a home with smoke and drugs, alcohol or only one of these, or none at all. Be in a home that is basically only used for sexual activity or parties, or be in a home of your own with full privacy, or in a home with quiet roommates, ones basically invisible.

But just know, if you are in a home where you feel too restricted, then you may not be in the right place. Or if the loudness in your home is too much, and the people never leave, but you want to be alone, then maybe you should leave. And as much as most of your life is spent in a home, or at least a home is your own, it's only worth as much as what you make it to be, as much as that can be, depending on where you live.

Rich people have their standards. Gang based ones do too, that is far different. And there are Church, religious based homes. There are xenophobic homes where the housemates are expected to keep others out. And there are homes with children that should be kept safe.. which, if you have children, you’ve got to put them first and that is to give them a safe place to live.


Humans are social beings. Even if socializing is very difficult to someone it only is because it means so much to them. Living alone for days, weeks, months or more at a time can make someone very lonely. S/he no longer has anything to prove. S/he can’t find approval, cannot find gratitude or recognition apart from her/himself. There’s nothing to prove to oneself that others see nothing of. Being alone sometimes is very good, more or less, but being alone all of the time is terrible.

The internet has brought us a notch closer to being alone in a home, yet not entirely. But that’s a sad lot, the person who emails constantly. That person who spams social sites with numerous posts daily. And yearning to receive replies and recognition. Only having text as company.. or pre recorded videos. It doesn’t make up for real socializing

A person can become filthy living alone. Not showering, wearing the same clothes. Why not? No one is going to see them. And they eat a lot more, if they never leave their home. And they hoard things. They want the best things in their home. They don’t realize they want the best things in their home to attract others over. But that’s why they buy them. And that’s also true for people who do have a lot of company, yet are lonely, and fear losing their company, so they buy expensive things for their home.

I used to live alone. Years ago. I was living in a hotel, and never had any visitors. I understand it well and how it feels. But more recently in my life I became homeless. And then I was never alone. I went to jail for a year. I went to a mental hospital for a year. I went to a group home for three months. Then another for nine months. And now, I am living in a  board and care. I had lived with twenty people and about ten staff members in these places. Had a roommate. And I am never alone. And really I prefer it that way. I’m among my own kind, crazy people. People that talk to themselves. They don’t have high standards of living. They have few problems among each other. I am with my own kind now, the mentally ill and am glad to have come to San Francisco. I fit right in.


I’m not really anti lazy. I don’t really expect people to overextend themselves. I used to leave dirty dishes laying around for days, left to soak. At least I told myself that I was just going to let them soak for a while. And, then why not a little longer. And the same went to all my home. Garbage collecting. Things needing to be moped. Having dirty clothes. But when I moved into a group home the first time, and over the course of a year, I was expected to do chores and clean up after myself.. whatever mess I left, whatever my chore was, which rotated week to week. That included not only gathering the garbage but putting a new bag in and hauling the trash bins to the sidewalk, returning them the next day. Or sweeping. Or moping. Or loading the dishwasher. And cleaning my plate after meal time. And that became my habit. Now, I cannot leave little messes. I couldn’t even think of leaving a dirty dish on the sink. Or to let trash pile up, etc., And it really is all simple, if it is a little at a time, instead of doing all of that work at once.

I was in boot camp for a short time. That is a laziness killer unlike any other. As you are told to do something, so you do, without question. And it is the toughest three months anyone can spend.

And I really don’t feel work is work unless it is fully engaged in. And fully engaging in it brings involvement, being thorough, diving right in. But not being interested in it and wanting it to quickly end, doing things only half way, that just makes the work difficult. My late grandfather used to visit me while I was working on his apple orchard. If I wasn’t sweating, then he knew I wasn’t working hard enough. And believe me, I always was.

Work can be your focus. Or time can be. But it is always one or the other. The best thing you can do is to focus on the work, not the time. As the only real reason people quit isn’t due to difficulty. But it’s due to lack of focus. Paper work may be complicated but if you are qualified, then it is doable, shoveling up dirt may be too difficult physically for some. So my other advice is that you pick a job you can do. And other than that it is entirely feasible. Just pay more attention to the immediate task then running through your mind that you want it done and over. Save those thoughts for the last 30 minutes of work, or at least until the last 45.

Greed: Good and Bad

To want things you don’t have, to have your heart set on it knowing that it would make you happy, and getting it, is good greed.

Working extra hard to get it, and enjoying it once you have it, is good greed

But when enough is never enough. That you are collecting things for no good reason. When you would go to no end trying to get something beyond your means, maybe preventing you from spending money on the things you really need in order to obtain it, that is bad greed.

Things like compulsive gambling. Things like robbing as the only way to get what you want. To set your heart on something you can probably never have. To have unrealistic tastes, ones you could never satiate, is bad greed. Is hurtful greed.

And the more simple your tastes the better. The more you like simple and easily affordable things the better. That’s just common sense. That for a person whose standards are too high, yeah he may find a way to get better things but the one who likes the least of things would enjoy the greatest just as much as him, even more.

Having more than you could ever need has a way of lessening the value of all you have. To have something in excess. To tire of it before it is even expired, to have an unnecessary surplus of things you don’t use. But rather let money provide joy for the moment, and always save some for the next. And everyday will be good to you. And you will find yourself satisfied in the most perfect way.


Living on Earth and existing as human can be a rocky and bumpy ride. We are often hit off guard, and times like that may either fall, or grasp on to something. And this is a lesson for grasping onto things to keep yourself rooted in a more practical way of a continually good existence, rather than “pit living.”

The sun burns anyone who stays out in it too long. A wasp before one can be a terrifying thing to some, but to others they fear no sting. And some are just moderately bothered by it, and go someplace else.

For one the test is easy. To them it has thoroughly been prepared for. And they’ve not missed one step forward. And they walk on the best. But to another “there must be another way.” But there are no shortcuts apart from moving the grave. For some a plain to others a swamp.

Some before you may fit and rage. It is good to keep in mind: you are an audience to it, not an actor engulfed in a part, unless you choose to be, working with such a person on stage. And maybe you are strong enough to turn the tables on them. But that would just make them learn their parts better.

For some, a step at a time. To others running up the stairs. And for some climbing a ladder. And for some trying to jump onto the roof high above. Over and over again even, until they’ve found late in life that it just can’t be done.

Some will devour their food and others will enjoy it, and as so with the fruits of life. Some were born into great inheritance and will never be able to taste the sweetness of poverty. But many were the man who saw this and stripped himself of his wealth in order to find it.

Some have too many demons to ever be rid of, never able to fend them off, and have a terrible fate. They lash out at others on every side, no matter what place they come from. And will deal many blows to the innocent, who think they’ve done them wrong, and love is closed to them altogether.


The worst thing that can be stripped of a person is their dignity. To be bullied. To be ridiculed regularly. To humiliate them and deprive them. To steal from them. To rape their spouse. To harm their children. All of these are the worst things that can happen to any person.

If someone isn’t careful, and says the perfectly worst offensive thing at any time, and his tongue slips, he is more likely to be attacked for it more than any other reason. Except for possible harm to those they love.

A person who dresses proudly, who really does look good may portray that they do, just by appearing as they do, and there is no worse hatred that comes from jealousy, and from their mouths they have no complimentary words.. for anyone, but are filled instead with destruction.

People may like the things you have. But they are not glad that you have them. They want it for themselves, as much as they like it, that goes side by side with wanting it.

Racism was the worst it could be when people were stripped of their land and family.. the family they loved. The spouses they had. Young children. Friends, siblings and their  family. Their home. And captured, taken, put on a boat. Shackled, confined, in filth, on the way to the new world America, where they were forced into labor. And who knows what they were thinking on the way there. But it must have been hell on them. Their wives separated from their husbands, raped by these new people. And all of the horrors along with it. They were given absolutely no dignity. And the Jews were given no dignity in the Nazi regime lead by Hitler.

These were human beings just like you and me. And such things must be stopped, as forcefully as possible. And kept from ever happening again!

Authority must be kept carefully in check. Torture should be prohibited. Humans can be so cruel. And without a trial people in the world had been massacred, beheaded and such things. And some foreign leaders in the world today do atrocious things to their own people. Starving them. Enslaving them.  Torturing them. And the greater powers should put it all to a complete and full stop. As w/ little dignity a dictator gives, so unto him, merciless slaughter of cruel and inhumane leaders is a lot of good done for a lot of good people.


People learn at an early age that to compliment someone or in some way boost their ego concerning any particular thing, that they can control them. I am very observant of this and can usually tell when it is happening. I actually don’t do many things to receive compliments about them, other than the way I dress. I usually don’t tell anyone what I’ve done or created. I really don’t do them for recognition. A psychologist likes to pull them up though and then praise me for particular things, and I find them very offensive. That is one aspect of sincerity.

Another is being sincere/ honest with yourself. Maybe you’ve liked something most of your life. Most things in fact we only like for a period and then no longer do, or at least much less than we initially did. The time comes then to realize this and find new interests. Or else we would be stuck with keeping something and only liking it half way. And maybe we got good at that thing. Maybe we’ve become very familiar with it. Maybe there is no real challenge left in it. But it’s better to find passion again as can be found from something else, if we look hard enough.

And to speak your mind. Which you don’t have to be totally rude in doing. But to let others know your position regarding something. That you are treated in a way you like to be. Those things among you and others are as you would like them to be.

Only when you know what you really like and how much, and for what reasons, can you know how to find those things, and have what you want. If you’ve hid from the truth. If you convinced yourself that something is true when it isn’t. You’ve deceived yourself. But by looking inward and considering the “un-considerable,” you may find this out and make the positive changes that you need to make.

How power corrupts

When a leader comes to power s/he makes every positive statement they can, they make many good promises. And maybe they took them to heart and genuinely wanted to help their people. But given too much power this all falls apart. Probably the thing that corrupts them the most is paranoia. As it can be seen from every dictator that they feared losing the power they had. And go to no ends hunting down any possible opposition, whether real or faint.

Greed corrupts them and the people are over taxed. They are forced into labor. They want more land. Yet more power. Greater riches.

And they expect to be worshipped. They want grand monuments of themselves. They want-worship, to occupy the thoughts of their people at all times. To be thought wonderfully of. To have people believe things that are absurd about them, impossibly true.

And every resource becomes their own. And all people bend to their knees. On every corner a house whose people gravely fear them. That if one of their own is expected of plotting against them that not only are they punished, bit them as well.

Enough power is never enough, and fear of losing it demands total control of its people. Who are captivated by them and upheld as gods. Where everything is felt being watched. And the dictator's closet is crammed with skeletons, skeletons pouring out!

A portrait of Modern America

I’m certainly patriotic. And pro-American. But here is a depiction of modern American society and the atmosphere of its culture.

Society is like a cult. And you are either in or out.

We are practically indoctrinated into certain opinions. And to not fall in line with them could do you a lot of harm. Practically exile you. Altogether ostracize you. Strip you of your wealth. Strip you of your occupation. Some opinions here must be taken seriously. And to go against them could bring serious condemnation.

We have a handful of things that we obsess over: such as weight, exercise, health, safety, and certain political mentalities.

People are over indulgent. They haven’t any real intelligence. They are only interested in the things in life that bring pleasure and everything else is irrelevant to them. They are before their TV all of the time, or phone, or food, and often drugs, or at least alcohol. And they can think beyond hourly pleasure. It’s like an animalistic mentality that they hold onto.

There are many social faux pas. To go against them is to be placed on the spotlight and identified as this target worthy of the blade. And hatred will shower down upon them. Especially anyone who is famous. Who is never seen for good, but always seen to be leaking evil through needle pin holes.

It is chaotic. Why have so many mass shootings sprung up? People being bullied, influences being harmful, detrimental, the social disgraces of the internet, and copy cat mentalities. Wanting, then, to outdo the other, and sometimes for the sake of that alone. But wanting to destroy the world around them, a world that they hate, is always the reason.

It can be said until the cows come home that video games, music, and movies don’t make kids into killers. But they do. And they have been shown to, in apparent ways. That for most people, they can be kept from that influence, not acting out on it, but for some portion of the population these things have a terrible effect. Heavy metal made hardcore devil worshippers. Gangster rap made gang minded youth. Movies that glorified murder caused killing sprees before. And these were copy-catted. The people that committed these atrocious acts—they’ve said it themselves that their entertainment leads them to it.

They are saying we need more gun control laws. Really we need stronger defense against abuses, violently belligerent people such as those found in the “stand your ground” law. There’s ample evidence that gun control laws are counter-productive, as then only criminals will own a gun. And they will anyway. Guns can easily be made now on 3D printers. So gun control is a lost hope and doesn’t have the effect that people think it does. Right to bear arms is a constitutional right! And if there is one worst possible way we will lose our constitutional rights, it is that the American public no longer likes those rights. That they consider them out dated, irrelevant, meaningless.

And we didn’t need gun control laws in the 60s. Yet without such gun control laws, the people weren’t acting as they are today. And there’s got to be a reason for that!

Open mindedness/ Closed mindedness

I learned from a very artistic person before: don’t waste your time with closed minded people. Amidst the argument, walk out. There is no convincing them and some of them can be extremely irrational. The person that says the Jews should have left Germany during World War Two. I can only say that Hitler should have left Germany. Isn’t that more fair than mass slaughtering them? Children and women, men old and young, just by being born Hebrew, no person with the least of ethics could sanction such a thing.

People can be like a brick wall though. And some would care.. too much, taking a hammer to it. Climbed ng over it. Punching it with their fist. But why bother? Once you see a wall before you it doesn’t mean that you can't go another way. But that way, perhaps, should just be turned away from.

An open minded person can determine the common sense and intelligence of what they are told is true or not. Also, how true it is. And how much it isn’t. The conditions to these, etc., But someone who is closed minded are likely holding onto something that they refuse to lose. And in such a case, give the baby his candy.

To some people some things are always either totally true, or totally false. But some have greater depth of thought and see far more shades to any given thing. They are those that can analyze things better and “see the forest for the trees.” Forbidden knowledge for some, just knowledge to others.

The company you keep

Without doubt your greatest influence comes from those whom you are around. Given any one person, one that is in a criminally acting gang or group, and another, who is in college, what difference do you think it will make? As one lives around so much, one must act accordingly. Sometimes your own friends can cause terrible things to happen to you. And going along with the flow can push you along in its own string current

Some like to be with a group of friends. Others like just having one friend. Some are alone altogether. And the longer that a person is in prison the more damage that will be caused to his/her natural lifestyle. For some there is no other way of living. They may even find that in prison they fit in. Birds flock to their own kind and keep them around as importantly as they are to be kept around, protected by their own kind.

To have a friend that you can relate to, who shares your interests, is one of the best things you can have on Earth. Or a small group of friends, ambitious ones, that you work on things together with, going after money and fame. But it’s better to be alone than to be around certain kinds of people, those that are engaged in criminal activity, especially, who only bring around life threatening circumstances. Move far away from those people, as far away as you can. Save yourself!


Responsibility is very necessary in life to keep it operating normally and in managing it.

If you are to have a home you are probably required to work. To have an income. To get up on time. To do your job right.

If you decide to have children then that will come at the cost of providing them food, clothing, shelter, school supplies, medical attention, and many other things. The child and all s/he needs is your responsibility. As I raise it as well as you are able.

If you are overweight and you wish to become thin then you are responsible to stay on a diet. And only you can make that happen.

If you have a heart condition or any medical problem requiring treatment, like medication, a certain diet, or to abstain, then that is your responsibility.

In short, you are responsible for your own life. What will become of it, and the person you are, and what will become of it.

Like it or not, life has a lot of responsibilities in it. The more that you follow them, the better your life will be.


Some years ago my grandfather passed away. We, our family and his friends, attended his funeral. The guy had a successful business in a small town selling sprinkles for irrigation, the very large ones with tire sized wheels. And he was a respected church member, a good Christian. He was well known. And really, until his funeral, I really didn’t know that about him.

I was at the funeral. My brother was crying. Very naturally crying. This seemed confusing to me in some way. I didn’t cry at the funeral. I approached his body in the open coffin. My grandmother, her husband, was beside the coffin. She put her hand toward the body as though to say look, it’s okay to look.

So we went home. My other family went somewhere without me. Which doesn’t matter. But I was left alone. And I started crying. I didn’t even know I was crying because of what happened. I just kept thinking   you left me alone. I thought I was crying because my family left me at their house alone.

So my Dad came back home, and the others. I demanded that they admit me to the psychiatric hospital. And on the way there I was pouring down in tears and saying “you left me alone!”  And I went to the hospital. When I got out about a week later my dad was right there ready to pick me up. And I thought to myself, 'why was I crying? That was so childish.’ But my dad told me that day, “It's okay, people just have their own way of grieving. That was yours.” And then I finally realized why I was upset and crying that way.


There’s no telling how bad that bad really is for some. We could glance over something horrible that happened to someone and either try to understand it, or basically ignore it, underestimate it, and really not care.

As bad as a person says that something is, and it could have been more horrible and damaging than we could ever imagine. We just don’t know. But when we keep these things in mind we are more ready and able bodied to protect people, to help them, and to keep it from happening again.

The world needs sympathy that sustains good people. That we are understanding enough to come to their defense. To know what is bad in order to make the lives of people better. Otherwise we just don’t care about anyone to begin with. And it’s “myself is number one,” a selfish mentality comes from that, and nobody is cared for. And people are allowed to trample all over each other when there is a lack of sympathy for others.

It would wreck all of our lives in the long run.

When you see evil happening in the world. When you see a lot of violence, poverty, excuses, and lack of ethical behavior, you can be sure that it’s because no one cares—that not enough people care, because there isn’t anyone around to help them.

If the world needs any one thing more than anything, it is sympathy—the purest form of love. Love that comes from concern, and the desire to help others out of suffering.

Give and take

And not: take & take alone, or giving alone.

Then among other people those that only have things based on exchanges. These are those that you take from others and are taken from, instead of only caring after themselves. They can give to someone something so much and freely that they haven’t their own things totally met paycheck to paycheck. In other words: they share the same purse.

I’m more of a person that does not take from others. And I don’t ask from others. But I always have what I need. Of course that is just the monetary aspect of taking and giving.

But to bend over backwards to help someone, if even just a couple of times, was a choice someone made for you. You may need to do the same for them. You might not, but you might. And if you do help that person who needs help, and had worked hard to help you before, then you have established a friendship. A good one.

To see someone’s movie one month, and that person lets you choose the next time. Or the same with a restaurant, or wherever else you may go, among some is a balance. Among others not so. But then there are people like me who prefer to eat alone in a restaurant. And to sit alone in the theater.

The basic formula is one 50/50 regarding things of proportion.. Among any two, More pleasant to me than seeing a movie in a theater is to lay in bed with my girlfriend watching a movie. And the more that you have in common with your partner the more you will like the same things: movies, music, entertainment, restaurants and food, travel destinations, etc., Among those whom you have a lot in common.. Do opposites attract or do birds of the same feather flock together? And it takes two to tango.

Any deal you enter into, any contract you sign, and partnership you establish, all should be taken in cautiously, that you get what you earn and that the other party doesn’t squeeze all the juice from her/himself leaving you only the pulp. And many people had been cheated with these.

Thinking back on childhood

Over time in life a person has developed many attachments and interests. This from youth, continuing for a lifetime. As one becomes a teenager, things are dropped and left behind. But, being an adult, a person always thinks back on these things and seeks to bring them back. Some are very wanted again and from it, a return of the joy it once gave. But some things just lost their flavor, fell out of their taste.

And a person can acquire many talents in life, at least a few. And were fully enveloped in them. It occupied them. Then they move onto another thing, and maybe another, losing a love of theirs in their life. It would take a lot of will to go back to them, especially the much older ones, but in doing so, someone may find it much more pleasant than when they left it.

The things of childhood, though, will never be so good to us again. Children are fascinated and thrilled by the simplistic if things. It’s all very beat stuff, cool stuff, they are more euphoric and involved in music. I remember as a child I very energetically danced to the song Bop with you baby, not caring if anyone would come to see me dance. And so overflowing with emotion while hearing music. I lost that as an adult.

Things were just more cool to me. Simple things that I wouldn’t have any response to anymore: like the cool designs on an early 90s trapper keeper, everything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The emotional response I got from video games.  It’s all gone!

I used to be emotionally happy. But now I am only intellectually happy.

But maturity can be a good thing. I am more responsible. I can handle things more seriously. I view the world more realistically. I know where I am going and how to get there. And if I had never grown out of childhood I never could do so well what I like doing: writing. I’m certainly more creatively competent.


Shame creates a deciding line whose rules more or less pertain to all. Some have more of it, others less.

While I was homeless I was too ashamed to beg. But not ashamed enough to eat out of the garbage. And that was how I spent a year. Some people would go right up to me and give me some cash. Whatever I was doing. That I apparently was homeless, by my appearance, I often had people approach me and give me things. It was certainly appreciated. But it was a little embarrassing, too.

I became very childish during that time. Which was due to both my will and desire to, but also the framework of thought that Schizophrenia had me pinned to. I would walk childish. And talk childishly. And a large reason for this was I wanted to lose all inhibition, as a goal, as it is liberating. So I went to a corner of a busy street, Market Street in the financial district, and sang to the top of my lungs when you wish upon the star.

It was liberating. It lifted my spirit upward, freeing it. And I knew it would.

Inhibition has got to be the most restraining thing, a thing that puts us in a cage we can’t leave. That locks our hands. And alcohol can break those chains. While drunk they have just fallen off. And we are free to act anyway. However, we don’t know we are uninhibited while we are. We just are. In fact we are not able to be inhibited while we are drunk. We don’t know the difference. The dam is broken. We flow freely, rushing forward.

I am among a crazier kind of people. Those who are seriously mentally ill are put together, in homes, sometimes in psych hospitals. Because of certain needs. And I am among them. And crazy people are my favorite company. Those that talk to themselves, have bad habits, but also those that are more tolerable, who aren’t so restrictive given any number of ways that typical social circles are. And if mental illness interests you: there is my series of books called Crazyism .

Obeying the law

This can be difficult in some cases. A person could tell you a perfectly blatant thing. And you’ve got to pick your battles. Unfortunately, excessive self defense is a crime. And sometimes fighting someone, whoever started it, could land you, him/her, or both of you in jail for a few months.. or worse. I won’t carry a weapon just for these reasons.

Criminal threats are a crime in many areas. Threatening someone in any way can get you locked up, if it is thought you could have followed through on it.

Being homeless can lead you to do things though out of necessity, could have you charged for.. loitering, public urination, panhandling.

Smoking in the wrong area could get you a fine. And so can public intoxication. Being too loud can get you a fine. Carrying certain weapons can, too. Whether or not we should all have the right to bear arms according to the Constitution.

Cheating people in certain ways. Even if you really didn’t mean to. Not paying for all of your taxes.

Then there are people who would blame you for certain crimes you didn’t commit.

Fortunately most of these are just misdemeanors. For me the only one difficult to keep is assault. I’m not a violent person. But some people intentionally anger you, provoking you. And someone like me who is carefully law-abiding finds himself defenseless, even against pipsqueaks.

And as for greater crimes like felonies I am not someone likely to ever commit them.. ever.

And there’s no more precious thing than freedom. There is no more worse than being put in a small cage, even for a few months.


I had lived with two parents, my mother, her husband, my father, her ex husband. The first would not allow any strangers. Only my family could live there and only my aunt could visit. My friends, my siblings' friends, only came over on rare occasions. And that was largely due to keeping trouble producers away. My mother and her husband agreed to not let anyone live in their home besides their kids, for the sake of their relationship, they decided on this early on. And as a result I always had privacy. I hadn’t been run over or under by strangers coming in and out. The home was our own.

But my father was entirely different. So I know the difference. And the difference is much worse. My father let in anyone. And for one month one person could be living there. Another month someone else, and their friends, and later their friend’s friends and relatives. That was hectic. Some of these people put my father against me. And they all expected me to live by any number of rules they placed together on the household. I never could be alone. I was always around drugs (and thank God I didn’t take them.) Had my life threatened. Got into a fight with these people. And in the long run just had to get out.

In a better world the peaceful would be allowed to keep their peace. They are just trying to go to certain places in town. Those who are just wanting to walk down the streets and are interested in shops, going anywhere, not wanting to be bothered, should be given their own space. But sometimes on the bus there are hateful people, as on the streets. And people such as them—jail doesn’t come soon enough. They’ll do all they can to narrowly avoid that. And so are at the fringe of hurting someone. But largely roam free because intentionally bothering a peaceful person is not illegal. Harassment has long been desired to be a crime by most people. Whatever form it is in.


If you enjoy the least, you enjoy the most. But desire is as desire is desired. A person who goes into a grocery store hungry will shop most indiscriminately.

People are best off enjoying all things fully, by holding them back they can be. Desire for them kept running and rolling continually along. But there comes a point where indulgence leads to compulsion, as I have taught before.

Too much all at once can produce a lot of stress. To hit just not one part of the book, but the whole thing and that other book besides. Having many books, trying to learn them all at once. Not knowing what to choose. And it’s like taking a pie and “getting it over with,” which strange people do.. trying to eat all of something in one bite. Or pleasuring oneself.. taking no time. Getting it out quickly. That you no longer have that desire.

To some desire is an obstacle to climb over. Especially on those that regard it as sin. There actually are people that way. That they want things. But they don’t want to enjoy them. They collect things, but never use them. They just want all of them to get it over with. To no longer have a need for them. But really what that is about is no longer having a need to need  them.

Like money in the pocket and one's mind will not stop suggesting what could be bought. So one day they go to one place. They may not have slept well the next night. And the next morning they are wanting to enjoy their breakfast but cannot. So they sit awhile not really wanting to leave the home but end up doing so, and are sure to spend every penny. All of their money gone, they are no longer worried about having it.

And sometimes a person will paint something that seems to go somewhere. It seems to be producing a good image, but it doesn’t. And after several hours of going over and under they have filled a canvas with a thick layer of paint. And not give up, not wanting to have wasted all that time. Hoping to have produced something good. But in that case, there are some that take too long, try too hard, and some that just tear up the canvas, destroy their cell phone, TV, wreck their car into something, because of the bother it produced from them.


It came too late in my life that while I was in an argument I simply refused to engage in it any further. So I pretended to agree, I walked away from the one shouting, I dropped anger like it was a heavy rock, and felt no stress or pain no longer into it. That couldn’t have happened soon enough. Some people just can’t be convinced or settle down. Some people want to provoke you. The human mind is driven powerfully into doing so in any case of heated arguments.

Unfortunately there are times for all of us that we have to hold out tongue, especially toward authority. One instance of saying something wrong could pull up a lot of trouble. From authority, and gangs too—actually, especially towards gangs. It reminds me of a scene in the movie The Odyssey where the son of Odysseus is nearly made to go off on someone with a knife that would allow him to be fatally attacked. That group of people are trying to take the Kingdom of Odysseus, who was thought was long gone, forever lost, but had returned, made an old man by Athena, temporarily, and hiding among them. He yells out to his son that his anger would be foolish, so his son drops his weapon. He said it in such a way that he, this old man, appeared demented, and that group laughed at him.. but later him and his son slaughtered them all.

He who laughs last!

Arguments can be brought up for any reason. Things are just fact based where one wants the fact they love to share, or it could be an opinion, like a political one, a belief, like a religious one, that one holds value in being true. When someone takes such a thing from them they can become very angry. It seems the other person felt the same way, and would love to come to them.

Caring for the weak and disabled

The best that any society can do is to do this. They will always be morally right if they do, and right under God. But those that harm the disabled, harm their own culture and invite enemies upon them. The disabled, the very young, the very old, the weak, in the best of societies, protect and help them.

And we were all young. And most of us will grow old enough to need help. And we want our parents and grandparents to have the same. We want our children to be protected most of all. And that is a major reason for all laws. Law and order came about because of it. While we could only protect ourselves and our loved ones so much, a force created to do so was always in high need and continues to be. Because maybe we want to do things we shouldn’t. But we wouldn’t want it to happen to our loved ones. And any Kingdom that harms them will not stand.

It used to be race based who sat in the front of a bus, and who sat in back. Fortunately these days we have better standards. Anyone who regularly takes public transportation knows that people in wheelchairs must be given room and that elderly people must be given the front seats.. by law, with it spoken and with it written.

We should all agree that nursing homes need funding. Most of us will grow old enough to require one.

Societies that fight on the basis of establishing human rights for politically crippled people—a people being harmed by its rulers, treated as trash, are fighting for the right cause. Will gain the most support in doing so. Are a nation blessed and will triumph on the basis of right over wrong. But to fight for mere land and to extend a king’s rule will always, sooner or later, go the wrong way. As they may have small prey at first but later contend with larger areas, more powerful nations, knowing them for who they are will be ready. And they won’t succeed.

To fight on the side of human rights and dig it is always the right choice. As the people of these nations are empowered to do the same and a nation’s army is full of very willing participants. Not soldiers of Kings but a soldier of the people, for the weak, and for the better whole, very much more willing to help. And the people themselves are more highly regarded, not as a commodity. Not as something thrown in the field. But protected as much as possible. And it isn’t the King’s war in such a case, where he wants his or her power to come from people. But the nation who highly values all lives, will send out drones and drop bombs, avoiding putting soldiers in harm as much as possible, and so many lives of soldiers are saved and again, they are still willing to sacrifice their lives, if it is for a rightful cause.


Pride is just the natural product of some things, it's a side effect. Pride makes us want to fit into a certain regard. Those that achieve things were always pride-directed. Those that want to do and be better are full of pride. Ambition goes hand in hand with it. As does the spirit of Competition, perfection, doing one's best, doing better than others, looking better than the norm. Being better off than the norm.

And you can make a dividing line, those that are below it, those that are on it, who are average, and those that are above it. Those that are above it have the most pride, and, as a rule, the ones above it must be a smaller percentage. As small as possible, according to superior to—the word that goes best with pride, pride's parent.

You have to be in the minority of any good thing to be most of all better than others regarding any given thing. Those that are proud are proud not because of what they can do, but because what others cannot do.

It all takes a lot of practice, luck, training, perseverance, ambition, perseverance, dedication, resolve, determination. It is a very good force to be driven by. It will lead you into becoming the best you can be.

But pride comes cheaply, too. It can be just looking your best. Knowing one thing well, being the life of a party, holding a good job, or living by high standards that others find difficult.


Pleasure is taken actively. It often only comes as far as you are able to pull it forth and within.

Sensory based pleasure includes listening and being engrossed in a song, tasting food as much as can be tasted, could be laying in a warm bath, can be watching a good movie, kind of lost in it in a magical way.

It can be socially based, while drunk at a party. It can come from money and it’s uses, in materialism, in one’s possessions and their use.

It can come from relaxation. Leisure after work. It can come from being involved in a creative project. It can be obtained on a vacation, while traveling, arriving, sitting on a beach, watching a sporting event, or being at a concert. In an arcade room. At a bookstore or library, for some there is no better thing.

It helps to ask yourself what you would enjoy. And then to understand why, concentrate your desire for it, and then go to get it with all of your heart, or at least a little piece of it.

And the things that people enjoy different from person to person. Some just want to sit, others walk, people want their own particular music and movies, some people are most satisfied with gaming, others just like watching video game competitions. Some people like nothing more than a favorite night time show, others are completely satisfied with a good book.

Some people have spiritual demands, and live best in practice. Some are looking for the ark of the covenant or following after some mystery. Some like to date, others like to be alone.

But waste no time in learning what suits you best. Because the more things you find to enjoy, the better your time will be here on Earth.

Do not drag along things you no longer like. Instead just leave it there for another, and when something becomes over worn, faded, then find a new thing to carry.

Self leadership

Now that’s a good book! Self leadership was always my favorite self help topic. I probably read more self help books than any other kind. And some work great for overall improvement in psychology.. Modern psychology and counseling is made of these, going from Freud to things of a more wisdom based practice.

And self leadership is best of all. It is to teach yourself to work toward an agenda whose aim is targeted at making one's life better. Taking charge of your life. To have the responsibility needed to succeed. To bring about better things. Rather than expecting them to fall on your lap.

And where would we be without direction? Where would we go? How would we teach ourselves to get there? These are all topics that are covered by self leadership.

It is to find a place to go to and to head that way. To motivate oneself to continue forth. To not waste time in doing so. To be on a journey alone but not resting too long, not falling asleep on your duties everyday, those that ensure a better future.

Working everyday. Doing a good job at it too. For many want to create. But few would be perfect in so doing. Some want to create and work very little, hoping that what they have made will Garner undeserved appreciation. Or rather the person who puts all of their heart into something that knows when it is finished that’s the last if it. It can either be forever good or forever average. And such a person is kind of afraid the thing will be mediocre. As much as s/he does, s/he will be sure to create something the best it could be made.

Taking up the challenge. Wielding the sword for the first time. Becoming adept at using it.. that is the better person. The person who can remove the sword from the stone. The one that will influence many people. The one who rests above them. While those without these traits will die and be put in a pauper's grave.

Team mindedness

Two heads are better than one. Some heads are better than two. Two of those are better than four.

The idea team is one that benefits itself, whether financially or otherwise. Those that have good and worthwhile agendas are the team you want to be on.

Among professions there are many: police, fire fighters, medical people, doctors and nurses, any sporting team, game programmers, movie actors. While some professions are without teams, such as authors and things. So that comes with a choice. Do you work better with a team or without one? The dividing line between the two types of people: those that like to work alone and those that like to work with others, is broad. And it is a good question to ask yourself depending on what kind of job you would get.

The smartest people though found a way to work with their friends. And they went very far in doing so, creating some major corporations still doing well to this day. Such as at the Advent of home computer production, and Apple, and Microsoft, with Atari and arcade machines. People had a very strong interest in these, and when you bring two of just the right friends together, or a few, you can do incredible things.

For many professions it is more about the team than the occupation itself. It is more about the comradery. The friends you keep. A bird of the same feather kind of thing. And it brings right unto you a whole type of people that, for better or worse you are faithful too. And a wise man once said to give your life for your friends is the greatest love a person can have.

Like minded people gather together whether or not it is because of jobs. These include things like card playing, something like D&D, or hobbies that require a number of people. People come together to game, to create things, to just do things that others like to do too, in the same place. But the person who says that all of a person’s interests can be entirely apart from others, doesn’t really know what s/he is talking about.


A person that knows he can knows  right: s/he can. As for if they could, the  answer is probably yes. But the main question to answer is would they? If you tell yourself you can’t, you’ve already given up. And maybe you have overestimated its difficulty. But if you really do regard something as just too daunting, then it is good not to bother. Just remember things are usually not as difficult as they appear to be. Especially if it is something a little if people are doing. And especially if that is even a common hobby.

The more unrealistic your goals, in a way, the better you will be at trying to get them. The harder you will try. The least of the most is more than the least of the least.

Confidence strips away one's own prohibitions, inhibitions, restraints. Something can just be tasted. A plate right before them. And they devour it. Some pick at their food and ask themselves what is that. They can never really know it. They can never really enjoy the climb up. They turn down halfway afraid of the bear, having excuses, just finding that half way up was good enough not knowing just how close they were to the top.

The funny thing is, confident people just run up those mountains all the time. They have built up faith in themselves. They know they can do it. It doesn’t worry them or stress them out. Can take a year to learn and do, but it is done as though never a hard or bad day passed by in getting there. Some had built up the confidence needed to be that way, and that’s what most of it is: just self confidence. Knowing you’ll get it done. Not in a day, but it’ll get done when it is done.

Confidence helps you in many ways. It strips away thoughts that hold you back. It makes you better, socially, and professionally, it takes you to the higher ranks, the higher positions, and it is all in knowing that you can, that you will, and it’ll be done.

Rewarding yourself

I’m in a position where I have things that people buy from me. I live with 20 or more people and have things like new batteries and head phones to sell them. I buy them very cheaply online, small things. And during the day I likely get enough money from it to get a soda or two and some candy. Soda costs more in little convenience stores, compared to super markets, but they are always ice cold. And I do not get these until my work day is complete, having written fifteen pages.

Call it supernatural of some sort but I believe that those who hold back pleasure, that our business before pleasure, and reward themselves for their work, are, themselves, rewarded by higher powers. And I believe that Higher Beings can be and are very secret among us, that we already have among us them. Something you can call a very high intelligence, that observes us all. Not to get too off topic but we are becoming much more god-like ourselves, so why would we think that these things are impossible. Just because we can’t see them?

And I think they reward the hard worker as much as they like the work being done. And more so, if it is acknowledged by them, rather or not we know them.

Maybe existence on Earth is a penalty. Maybe it is a prison we were sent to. And that fits with all the facts. That we were sent here to work the land. And cannot escape until either death or that point that humankind truly becomes as one with gods. So was that true, then not working.. on whatever it is. Not contributing anything, could incur punishment. But having work, one that is appreciated by the higher powers, is going to reward you. Is going to situate you into a better life, one in which you may do the work that you were assigned to. Or that you picked up on, anything favored.

And I am almost done with the total sum of my writing. I’ve written 31 books. This is the 32 nd , and I have 9 more to go, plus one more I am going to do far more leisurely, one based on new video game ideas for anyone, putting into it 300 places or more. Anyways the last two months I am on this I am going to do what is very untypical of me. And that is to spend most of my check on snacks and soda, and good food. Rent and costs of living paid for, too, but all the rest going towards those. I mean, I feel I deserve it. I spend five hours every day writing. That’s no joke!

A better life everyday

If you are much better off than you were a year ago then you’ve done well. I moved around a lot in life. Having been so picky, but often just in bad spots, too. I went from place to place city to city, state to state. I wanted to find that perfect place and wasn’t going to be in any place I didn’t fully love to be.

So that caused a lot of broken leases. It caused a lot of disputes. As if I could have made my home better, I would. But then I found I had no power to change things there. And moving. And whatever problem I found I left there but it returned. Eventually I would move to San Francisco. I had it in my mind what the best city would be, to live in. San Francisco seemed like a very liberal people. The weather was better than anywhere else. There was the ocean. Neat things like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. And it is one of the wealthiest cities in the nation. And I was sure that they’d help me better in terms of mental health treatment. And that was very true. Compared to New Mexico, things for us are made much easier here. And for many reasons, I chose to come here.

But I had a lot of hell to go through. Jail, psychiatric commitment for a year, homelessness for a year. Finally I found my way into a group home. For the first time I was around a lot of people, all day, as I wanted to be. I had many friends. One friend would go with me to classical music performances at Saint Mary's, which was free. There is a lot to do in San Francisco. But my life got even better when I moved to the place I am now. A board and care, being in a place that staff cooks for us, make our beds, clean our rooms, the house, and do our laundry. Rent here is $1,000, you have to be mentally ill and to get into this place you’ve had to have had it bad. Like me, someone who was homeless for a year eating out of the garbage. And being committed for a year. I have over a hundred dollars a month to spend on whatever I want. And I don’t have to buy things like food and laundry detergent. I’m always in a clean place. I am finally happy and fulfilled. A place in which to stay. In a city I love, a beautiful one with many things to do. The main library is seven floors high!

Ways that others would obstruct and oppose your pleasure

Whether or not someone would admit to themselves or others that they are against your pleasures in life they are. That’s the real reason behind their agenda to stop you from doing certain things that others, but not them, could enjoy. They are given a public based problem that they don’t want to deal with. They don’t really like their jobs, especially the pressure. So instead of taking time and instead of thinking it through, instead of working at improving anything they just destroy it altogether. They fight obesity by outlawing sugar, or taxing it. And things like straws. And taxing food bags, whether or not they are paper. And they are sure to inflate the problems to fit into the support and “understanding” of others. They are tired of dealing with these things person to person. They are tired of funding anti smoking propaganda,  their funds are wanted elsewhere, people just “don’t listen” and so the politician really wants to just outlaw tobacco smoking altogether.

Too much video gaming, “cell phone overuse,” The people are against these things. They are proud their message is getting through. They feel useful in an easy way. This is so much easier than dealing with real issues! This is the mentality of certain politicians. And the public, too, especially in exchange, bonded together against petty matters. I turned out just fine playing video games all day in my youth. I was probably saved from a much more frustrating and unfulfilling life. To my brother the same. And me and my family have a few sodas everyday. Sometimes a candy bar. Sometimes alcohol is involved! And none of us could live more happily and have had a better life.

There’s no shortcuts

But there are slight shortcuts

And slight short cuts can save a lot of time. I take the example of video game consoles. The more powerful they are, the higher they cost. And those that cost too much simply won’t succeed. So in contrast, making it very good, but keeping the price down in development and implementation, the quicker route is preferable.

To overdo something can run it, anyway. Like a painter on a canvas that doesn’t know when to end. So they change this, add to that, remove that and have likely ruined what would have been a good painting.

Or a person that rushes to work. By wanting too much to be on time s/he has just “hurried up to wait.”

Some of the best things come naturally. Many things are ruined by being too specific, complicating ideas—as one idea may be good, the best idea, but made into something entirely different in trying to make it better, adding from this taking from that. It changes too much what was originally intended.

It adds to things people don’t really want to pay for. It is like adding a dessert to a cake that came from a far away place using techniques handed down by ancestors, but not tasting any different than other cakes really.

Sometimes being just a little better can be a lot more work. As one is on the fringe of what best has already been. But to go any further is far more difficult. Like a computer, a processor, video card or ram that doesn’t really add much to what was already there, but with all the work comes at a much higher price.

So short cuts can sometimes be desirable and effective but not short cuts so much as a slight trimming. Something better than every other current thing isn’t going to be that for very long anyways.


I can show you four types of thinkers:

Love headed thinkers, whose heads are in the clouds. That says great things, but are of no real use in reality.

Studious thinkers, whose knowledge is fact based. That knowledge is based more on fact than personal understanding.

Emotional thinkers, whose lives are based around material pleasure and their relationships with others.

And Reasoning thinkers, who learn things based on personal evidence and who form their thoughts from the abstract. Who are in charge of their own understanding.

One person may like to tell stories, and memories occupy most of their thoughts. Then some have their minds on the future most of the time. Some are easily worried, others not so. And those that handle things while they are occurring and not until then, have a mindset that does not carry along too much weight.. they haven’t “exercised the muscle of worry.”

There are mentalities that largely incorporate impulse. These are within people that have decided to not think. From refusal to think for whatever reason—that logic can be too burdensome, that they just didn’t have the time to think things through, that they are like a person being pulled forth instead of one that approaches things her or himself.

Spiritual intellect is very welcoming to people who do not like the world they live in. And it goes best with a side of tasteless meat, the bitter taste they get by pre conceived and exaggerated notions of the world being corrupt. Ones not so well without the other. And so do people pick and choose all combined thoughts as they best fit in with each other, determined by the mentality they have chosen to keep and work through, intellectually.


This is just a general practice of someone who has chosen to like their own things and cares little about the choices and tastes of others. Some want to be in the population stratosphere, others have no interest in that, and are just looking for things that interest them on a personal level, instead.

An example I often use is when one person goes to a store taking a lot of time, getting exactly what they want. And another goes into a store, already knows where the popular things are, music, clothes, movies, and gets those things, the most popular and trendy of anything else there. One area is for an individualist. The other is for the popularist.

One person at the library goes for the best selling author. The other takes a lot of time finding something that fits just right. Both are wearing clothes that fit. But one has only one color to wear. The individualist wears any number of colors and designs.

One person eats the food that their friends and family do, while the individualist has tried out everything and has chosen from many the ones that are for him or her, the best.

But only caring for your own tastes shouldn’t include not caring for the people, as a side effect to individualism, that is a bad side effect. Instead keep the overall population in mind. And try to blend in. There are the people that dress very strangely, “provocatively,” but when you are a stranger people are strange. You may be lit up like a peacock but only invite strange thoughts before the eyes of other people.

Just don’t let individualism separate you from others, turning you into a reclusive non-sociable person. Like a person as a bird that looks different, a fish that looks different but trying to swim with the tuna while you are a shark. And maybe you want to eat them. Or else you are just a shrimp among the fishes, in any case you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

Abstinence, asceticism, purposeful asexuality, not bothering to try.

Some people who just can’t find good things in life and find it too challenging, burdensome and difficult to obtain things they’d enjoy are likely to give up altogether and teach themselves the way of greater contentment.

Some would believe that God would have them refuse any good thing. In whatever form God takes, even as the Buddha. And also as Christ The Savior. Some may have gone the opposite route and became very obese. And, after getting good and disciplined on a diet, they found a habit and lifestyle they were good at, choosing to do what they are good at, until they became anorexic. They attribute pleasure to vice on any account.

When you are young you are always looking for a relationship .  But when you get older your hormones calm down and you just don’t care anymore, in fact you are sick of it. But it doesn’t mean you are spiritually superior. In fact by making every lustful thing a sin, a forbidden fruit, it just anticipates desire for it. Who knows? Maybe that was God’s intention all along! He must have known it would be counterproductive!

A person cannot live off of fruit and vegetables. You’d have to eat so much that it’d kill you, and yet food would be so meaningless for those that are trying to live long.. in that lifestyle, though most people live more or less the same amount of years. Those that are extremely healthy may only live a few more than those more moderately healthy, but bad genes and cars can kill anyone, no matter the diet or how careful you are. As for me, I’m just along for the ride. I don’t think it’s the final destination. I’ll be as happy as I can be. Because I know I’ll regret it if I don’t, when I enter into the next realm.

I say “eat your heart out,” And have moderation. And have moderation of moderation , too.

The necessity of law and order

Complain all you want about the police, but we need them. And not all of them are the same. In fact, by my own observation and experience, most of them are good people who will do all they can to prevent you from going to jail, unless you’ve done something outrageous.

I’d really rather have a few bad police from precinct to precinct than no police at all. And even a gangster benefits from the police whether or not they could have any appreciation. The world would be much different without law and order. Total anarchy would exist and what’s perhaps the worst of it would happen to your loved ones.

Anyone could break into your home. Anyone on the street could rob and murder you. Every store would be robbed, couldn’t exist. Money would be counterfeited. It just goes to say that law and order is more necessary than anything else in society.. much more than we know!

Police are often accused of harassment. I’m talking about instances that they weren’t, that they “manhandled” someone. That “they hurt them,” trying to calm them down, or having to forcefully arrest them. That they were accused of brutality and things like that when they weren’t, and fortunately these baseless accusations don’t lead anywhere.

It's all as necessary as the air we breathe, though. And I believe that we need police to be more empowered and laws to be stricter than they currently are. You may not like the thought of that, but it is coming into greater need that peace be kept and that harmful people are put away, stopped, prevented from harming others. I wouldn’t mind, if these laws were against such people, carrying a lot more weight, bringing about greater peace. Up unto a point, of course. But things in the states are getting out of hand!

 Creating science and technology that would help us all

Most technology only helps regarding things like entertainment and software. Because of it, phones have become very powerful devices. As well as some other technology, such as TV and such. On the horizon there are 3D printers and driverless cars.

But while these things are good to have there are far greater needs we should meet. Those include the science that would produce food very easily and very quickly—could be a genetically modified seed that grows very fast, or far larger fruit, lab grown meat, or replicators as seen on Star Trek.

That would do people far more good than the newest electronic. Flash drives would have a lot of space for movies, an at home thing answering questions and making shopping lists.

The cure for cancer.

The fountain of youth. Anything that greatly extends life and it is possible. It is just given little attention.

Things that could give the homeless homes.

Robotics that in large numbers could minimize the need of human performed Work—so much that a universal basic income could be implemented.

Better clothing. Anything produced by solid energy. Clothes could change appearance with them and clean themselves. It could also produce a barrier around anyone, one that can’t be intruded upon.  And maybe privacy be damned, but cameras high above the sky, a satellite that sees people as they go from point A to point B, no longer able to rob or kidnap and get away with it!

I truly believe that science and technology is capable of these things. They are just given little focus preferring instead the things that produce the most money most quickly.

Prosecution is an easier job than exoneration

There are many ways that prosecutors convince others that their quarry is evil, to strip down their character, to make a lie about them seem true. To paint them as evil. To put doubt in people’s heads. To suggest, to have consider, to make believe that the one they are breaking down did what s/he did and for the worst reasons.

It may be Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But it is much easier to make people believe something than to doubt something.

So much brick a brack is incorporated into aims of prosecuting. Things that are really irrelevant and beside the point. They don’t want to allow the jury to even consider the person’s innocence. They are good at their job at portraying a villain. To make what s/he did carry heavy and unacceptable connotations with it. That they should be condemned. That no doubt should they be put away. They are very dangerous.

Jodi Arias was sexually abused. She was psychologically abused, too. And sometimes people just get what they deserve. If someone shoves someone else and they wield a blade, and they stab the one who assaulted them. People would throw out the argument altogether that s/he was defending themselves. They’d thought to have been entirely in the wrong. And that the other person didn’t do anything wrong.

And many who go on a killing rampage have been thoroughly abused. There was no room for them. They were taunted daily. And came to that point. Self defense shouldn’t be separated from “excessive self defense.” As long as it is proven that the one who was attacked (shoved, spat at, punched) then they should be given the dignity to defend themselves, as strongly as a stand your ground law should go!

Let men keep honor and civilians preserve the peace with that. Let every man have put into his hands the permission to preserve peace for not only them, but for us all.

What’s in your blood?

Because of living with two radically different parents and spaces far apart, I’ve found how living one way is entirely different than a possible other. Most people had lived in the same setting for all of their lives. I’m here to say now, that there are many differences between many kinds of people. A game lifestyle is after sexual objectives and money. Are not always harmful, but are full of vandals, or at least graffiti. To get something like weed is valuable, and adds to the pleasure of life. Or it may be meth, as I’ve seen among them.

Those in Texas have a different mentality than California, obviously.

There are school minded groups, very studious. Then there are those that barely pass like me, out drinking with my friends. Just got the GED, and some college besides.

A military lifestyle, a firefighter, a police officer, a teacher, a plumber, an author, a musician, it goes to show you just how many jobs are available and how radically each one is different from the other. So out of many thousand different jobs, which one should you choose?

There are many paths taken by the same road. One road may lead to the same places, turning around onto it. And one road can either go directly to one place as long as it is continued on. But one road can split into four different paths. A person is in the place s/he is in, very uniquely. As being anywhere else would have meant the difference of everything!

Hobbies among people are very diverse. So are all interests, and by knowing this you may now know just as many different things make up the Earth, do not limit yourself for the choices and the opportunities are many.

And what is truest to your nature? .. And holidays

Usually childhood is a reliable indication.

Those things you enjoyed early on and had the most passion for.

When I was a kid I did a lot of writing, music, and essay based. I liked the occult. And I liked electronics, to name a few.

And I continued to. Fortunately I was taught early not to take drugs. And a taught perspective regarding it stuck. And even being homeless and if ten are the “wrong” people I never did drugs. Maybe the first 18 years are the most important.

As we all know the best indicator of the future is the past. That history repeats itself, and that things have a momentum that people desire. Where we want things to lead, so we will lead them.

Valentine’s day was the one Holliday I did not like. The elementary school I was in on Valentine’s day had us give to every student, boy or girl, a valentine. So my parents got me a box of valentine cards. I had serious crushes on some of the girls. But wound up giving flirty messages to everyone in school. Embarrassing

During Halloween we had an indoor and outdoor carnival. Things full of prizes and rewards, little candy and toys. I just couldn’t help feeling like the Devil made me happy.

That day we wrapped a large ribbon around a very high pole. We went over and under people weaving it onto the pole. That to Pachelbel’s Canon.

No doubt one of the best things for a child is a holiday, whatever it may be: Christmas, Easter, Halloween.

And may the joys persist within you. But with age comes much loss of love, interest, and involvement.

You may have one favorite activity. And only because of not trying other things, they may be all that there is at hand, which is true for most people. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

A place for you and a place for me. But when do we need to come together?

We could group the harshly criminal into an area where they could roam freely. Like separating the Lions from the sheep. But humans are much harder to confine than any lion or wolf. And they would just hunt down the sheep. Only being afraid of being sent back to their own area.

People, among other people, make people. They become those around them, for better or worse. But that indicates more that people are a product of influence more than bad in nature.

A community develops tastes and lifestyles, and it becomes a river moving forward. I guess if there is only one area to be regarded strictly your own, where you are in charge of the rules, that it is your home. And in any case I would always support the rule over one's own home. As long as they leave with their spiritual image intact. Some may know what I mean by that, others not. Don’t violate someone at the level of their soul.

And people should have the right to make that home not just by residence but by groups, too. In other words, a person’s building that is his or her own, should be allotted just as strict of rules regarding its occupants. Where some would crash the party, they would be quickly removed and prohibited from returning. And fortunately security guards have that power. Thank God.

Whatever place that is, it is generally agreed that those there are there for the nature that it is. People go to bars to drink. Not to protest alcohol. People that don’t like it’s music should go to a different bar. A Mexican restaurant is expected to serve Mexican food. If you want other kinds of food, there are other places.

What I am saying is that there are very many very different kinds of places. To go to one of a very particular nature can be easy enough. Especially if you are in a large city. And the power to control and operate their own place should be entirely in the hands of the owner. Strict laws that prohibit certain people and that remove the obnoxious must be kept intact and these places as large as they are desired to be.

Corporate and religion communes

And now after leading up to this topic I’ll explain these.

These are occurring often. They are coming into being. And it is very suitable. They are places that bring together groups of a particular kind, house them, and charge less rent. As when many are sharing rent and responsibilities, overall work and rental costs are drastically reduced. Right now these are common as religious settings. I think they should be corporate ones, too. That certain tasks are expected. That daily obligations are met, and that people are in an atmosphere of like minded people, those with similar interests.

Then the team is always around. The employees are always available. There are more home based operatives and agendas, all work at home, all may work as early or late as they want, so long as they get the job done.

Their best friends would be other employees. Their best work is done more naturally, with help available at most times, much more than having to go to an office to do it. Living on a tight schedule. Not having help around when you need it. And not being so restricted in a time frame could do wonders for any business.

Some certain things would be allotted. Basic food, for example. A certain amount of anything. So long as it is taken without being wasted. Having wasted it and needing more should come at a price. Other things  are charged for, such as better food. And extra duty could bring extra pay, such as cooking and cleaning more than you are expected to. Let everyone help each other out with or without a price. As they decide together.

Maybe for the first three months training, and thereafter assigned to work. But in the meantime, having those in training do more housework, so they don’t leave without having contributed anything. And not taken for a ride.

Overcoming weak mindedness

One of the easiest traits to gain that is as negative as it is, is weak mindedness. For those that had been disciplined into relinquishing control too easily during childhood, or during later years by teachers and bosses, it is an easy trait to gain, a difficult one to remove.

Fortunately we don’t have to do what others tell us to. And when we don’t may even find that a person isn’t going to lash out at you.. for not doing as you say, giving them things, etc.,

Learning to say no is difficult for anyone who, all of her or his life had said yes, but it can mean the difference between having self respect and not having it. Saying no long enough starts to make you think you don’t owe anyone anything, and you don’t! Those that have learned to say no have learned that saying yes all the time is a degrading position to be in. It may be simple and affordable enough to give someone something, but you give an inch to anyone, they will take from you a mile.

Speaking your mind sets forth boundaries. Having others kept at a distance and telling people all the things you wonderfully hate about them, at least in portion, keeps you from being railroaded.

People pleasing, quick-submission, over-politeness and such things—just know that if someone is going to become upset over you for a petty reason, then they must enjoy being upset throughout the day. It probably gets them off. There’s people that will get angry over petty things. And if you don’t let them, they won’t like it.

You don’t owe people favors. Some are lazy—they want you to do things for you. Some are so lazy that they can’t move a foot, and ask you to go get them something. To bring the coffee over to them. To go to the store for them. But without fair return, turn these people down. Save your dignity.

And some would just be entirely intrusive. Some would bully. Both must be dealt with strongly. The only way to stop abusive behavior happening to you is to retaliate. Sometimes you have to strongly oppose these things, and if you don’t it will continue. There’s no stopping it.

So if anyone thinks you are rude “aren’t polite enough,” and requests become demands, a person will be offended by something trivial. Someone thinks you aren’t trying hard enough. Someone took what you said the wrong way. Someone is too sensitive: leave them in their own hell. Don’t join them. Save yourself from their fate and fit by just leaving them there to burn. If someone’s standards are too high and impractical, or someone is just jealous in reality, don’t think you could have pleased them, anyway. My father was the perfectly wrong person to be raised by. He was the type of person who would rip up your painting and tell you to stop showing off.

The most valuable things in life

Some of the best things in life are easily gotten and kept. Such as a good bed, a good chair, good food, good music and good entertainment.

To me not much matters more than these. I have many favorite things besides but good entertainment and food are the two best things to me, in my life.

There are moments that I have them and couldn’t want anything more. To go to a pizza place and get two large slices of pizza. Or to smoke a cigarette early in the morning after breakfast. And after my work is done to go get some soda and candy. That is the sort of best thing in my life. Maybe I got it from my mother, that each Friday she let me get candy and soda.. and whenever I had even a little change I could get them, growing up. My late grandmother taught me to eat slowly and enjoyed my food. A lesson that stuck. One that served me well. And every Thursday my (step) father and mother took us out to eat at a restaurant. So needless to say I learned to appreciate and enjoy food.

I would get a different candy bar each Friday until I ate them all. And I’d get a slush puppy loaded with cherry syrup.

But what I enjoyed the most in my youth was video games. They were captivating. I’d play them all night sometimes. Being engrossed in the stories of Final Fantasy 4 & 6 as only a child could be.

I used to sit outside late at night waiting for the morning sun to come out. And the light going from twilight to Dawn was very peaceful for me.

Born into a new reality

Unless we always were, perhaps abiding in some spiritual realm before where we are today, on Earth, then we came from nowhere. We know death as “nowhere” and why couldn’t we come from nowhere again? We know not where we are going, but we also know not where we came from.

Would life be worth as much? Would life be less valuable, meaningful, requiring purpose, if we knew that after human life comes a new life? Perhaps human again? Or something else, maybe somewhere else? What would we ever get done? How could we value life?

I really do believe that reincarnation happens, but not as a rule. But rather as where the universe, where God, our god-creator, would place us. But not as a rule.

If you deny that God exists then you have chosen to separate yourself from Him. By saying and thinking it, and especially for those that teach it, if He doesn’t exist for you, you don’t exist as Him. But actively acknowledging that Him and His Son Jesus exists, then you will remain with Him, and He will carry you through. He will bring you to Him.

And those in life that completed a good Work—whatever a good work would be, have proven worthy to use their given life well. And so will be situated into a good existence after this one. But those that were known to do little or nothing, and are generally nasty, were placed in the worst places on Earth. So live life well, and do good things for all people.

The later you were born the more you were graced by God. And Heaven is in our midst. It must have been profoundly perplexing to have first left our mothers womb and the few years following. As nothing much at all could be understood of all of this. Be thankful you are an adult now, one who fully understands all the things around him/her.

It’s not your responsibility to make others happy, it’s theirs.

As the saying goes you can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself.

If a person squanders their money then expect you to provide what they lack, then that’s just degrading. When a TV is on and one person doesn’t like what is on, but you’ve gotten to it first, and they insist on changing it—what if they want to watch something that you don’t want to? Should all people have to like the same thing?

Not all like the same music, the same food, the same activities, the same subjects. Not all have the same opinions, the same interests, the same values. And those that were made to follow a dictum, will push it on others, themselves unable to deny it.

But some have to have it their way caring little or nothing about what others have and would want.

And some people are going to get angry over petty things, time and again. The abusive type. The ones that want to argue and fight with you, and are always hateful. There is no changing that sometimes. No matter how much you do to stop them from being that way they will remain that way, do you shouldn’t even bother.

Give people an inch and they’ll take a mile. Give one thing, two are expected. Give two more, and everything is expected. Everyone wants a free ride. No one has to drive them. And choosing to drive them is, for me, just too degrading. I won’t do it.

If anyone can’t find joy in daily life then that is their problem, not yours. Maybe they are enjoying a pity party. Maybe they like to cry their eyes out. Maybe they really are doomful but there is probably nothing you can do about it. Maybe they’d just like to get on antidepressants. But maybe they just want to be loved, but that’s a separate matter.

Being well balanced

But there is a trick to that. That is all in knowing the weight, not the size. Any minor new change is very heavy: by being new and different. And there is good weight and bad weight. That makes for better knowledge in weighing the things of one's life.

Because something the same, though it feels balanced, always ways the same. Over time you become unaware of its weight. Put something new or different on the scale though, and finally, it’s all felt again. But with every passing day it becomes lighter. It even floats. And you try to catch it, but it’s gone.

Some without balance carry a heavy load. Which is too much of any given thing. It is like rocks in a backpack. But worse than that are rocks in the pocket that you value, but aren’t the gems you think they are.

Anything out of proportion, too much of something, over doing things, are all off balance.

Sometimes things  like alcohol lessen the weight for a while. As far as spirituality goes, it is anti gravity.

Putting your mind on other things cannot lessen the weight too. By exercising or working on any given thing the leisurely comes much more pleasantly.

And late in the day we all have grown tired of reality, or at least our body has, and put us into sleep. Free-thought occurs during dreaming and what we’ve blocked and controlled is let loose for a while to play.

And life is best dealt with on a give, take, find, and reject basis. That in order to get back, you give, in order to have just want you want, you find the means, and to keep things out of your favor away.

To be balanced is to have moderation, and moderation of moderation. Just as close to the ends of excess that you can get to. To have nearly too much of any good thing


When you’ve got nothing else to lose you will find the strength to do what is necessary, or else have nothing else again. Those that experience the difficulty of military training and finish through it know the upper limits of the human spirit. That is true especially physically. And those that go to college and get very good grades, had the strength to do so. Both had to have found strength, whether it was wandering or without the help of others.

Being homeless may seem like an absolute nightmare for those that didn’t experience it, but it does become easier. And those in jail eventually settled in. Maybe a little heart broken, but with as much strength as they can find, the better off they are.

Though some would commit suicide given too much difficulty. This could be tragically from being bullied, from too much stress, from losing a loved one, from depression. And maybe someone pushes forward, just far enough away to choose to live, and that is a great and honorable strength.

It takes a lot of strength to do your best. To not cut corners. To not only begin well but to end well, and in between. Usually late in someone’s work they get a little lazy, and a little is fine. But the more strength someone has, the better the things s/he does and creates.

I twice walked nearly fifteen miles just to visit my family. To prove myself to them and myself. And I’ve walked much further than that, too, the breadth of Albuquerque—and a little more from taking the wrong route home. And that came naturally for me. I had gotten good and my legs were strong at patiently walking. Though now I take the bus, even to save walking a few blocks.

And whatever hard work or practice you do, only goes as far as your strength takes you. And you can add things like motivation, patience, determination, and commitment to all those. And things like those can be called cousins to strength.

Being understanding

Caring and understanding don’t have to always go together. To understand without caring is one kind of understanding, sometimes caring comes after understanding, sometimes it doesn’t.

We all have a bad day. Some have had many bad days. Others have had very many very bad days. A person who is obnoxious the moment you see him or her, or her and him, two peas in a pod, and continues to be belligerent for no good reason, should be an audience to, a spectator, not a victim if their rouses. They cut off the head of the rose and grasp onto thorns for you. They squeeze blood from their hands and that’s the closest some people will get to a horror movie. It’s a killer clown.

I very much appreciated a lot of the help I received while homeless. I didn’t even have to ask. People would just come up and give me things. Often food, often very good food. But then there were some weirdos that tried giving me sandwiches with moldy bread, Lord knows where from. Or those cheap and expired salads. And those bottles of Luke warm water when a water fountain was a block away. But some gave whole pizzas in a box, some gave me cheesecake. Others soda, some candy. Actually even while I was homeless I lived by the rule: if the food isn’t good then I won’t eat it.

Rain was a terrible thing while homeless. If you had a feeling that it was going to rain that night but we’re just too tired to care.. At that moment, then in the middle of the night rain had begun to pour. To have to go someplace to keep dry. But sooner or later I got soaked. And having to stay seeking under the few shelters available. Businesses won’t have roofs for you. And they won’t let you stay inside for even ten minutes. So you’d get soaked. Walk around in wet clothing. A worker at a fast food place told to have the homeless removed from the outside. She said they were ruining it for everyone. And one night I was laying down when I heard one person tell another “homeless alert! Call the police!” Who showed up and made me move. In most places you weren’t allowed to sleep. The police were bound to wake you up and make you move. Sometimes more than once any night.

Shelters are no kind of solution. And neither are meal sites. Better food is found in the garage or handed to you from people. The shelter takes more than an hour to get into. And you can stay in them (at appointed bed time) for 90 days or less. In Clovis, New Mexico, it was three nights. It is just much easier to sleep on a bench or a sidewalk. Then to walk a mile or so to the shelter. A place filled with things, a bed full of bed bugs.

Taught by the seasons of things

Just like an animal that was learning it’s new body, one it’s just gotten, like a kitten that jumps all around and learns things like food, or a bird so happy to fly, so where we are as children. Interested enough to learn to speak. Having more interest in that than we later would, as becoming adults that really don’t desire and need a language like we received from our parents. And not long after, learning numbers and colors, learning how to write and read. And as I remember it, it was a lot of fun learning the most simple of words like At, Bat, Cat. In youth we were fully involved and interested in things, whatever we liked we loved.

In the teenage years came more identity based things. I liked Anne Rice and vampire stuff. And also Satanic things. I liked the music of Slayer and Danzig. And would watch any Satanic movie I could get my hands on. Then for a while there was this vampire stuff. And like all teenagers I had an identity to create myself. And that would continue until my early twenties.

Having a sexual partner was my strongest desire when I was an adolescent. My hormones were raging. I was very perverted really. All I thought about most of the time was sex.

So in my late 20s I felt I needed a purpose. My counselor said God gives everyone a purpose, and I decided to begin work on an all new religion Christian Satanism, which, recently, I finished my tenth and final book about it. Then continued onto four other religions, this one being the 9 th  to last book on four other religions (9 more books to complete to have created the 41 books I wish to.)

When I got to that age, my late 20s, and until now, my life has been purpose driven. And though I don’t care for things as much as I did as a child, I’ve learned greater responsibility and maturity.

I wonder what my lifestyle will be later. In my forties.

I have one more thing to say about life changing, as in seasons that they are, and that is future technological developments. I have a general idea of what I can expect. Better and cheaper 3D printers, driverless cars, but when it comes to science and technology, the sky’s the limit, there's no telling. I look forward to finding out! And as far as I know, it can change my life entirely. And if I’m lucky, it will have created something that extends life, even by a decade or more.

Doomed cultures/ societies

Those that are engineered to pump out pleasure may create a people lost in it, whose direction leads nowhere.  In order for purpose and dreams to be made true, people have to work for them too. A small riot can become a big one. So much as to require a temporary police state. And if things do not quell, a leader can gain total power over all people—as the only solution to restore law and order.

Confused people, people who are far too driven in social concerns, divisive people especially, are indicative of trouble afoot. Worst of all is decisiveness, which, if untreated, could lead to a civil war. And if not just decided one way, butchered into a thousand pieces.

They fully support a constitution. Someday they may find it out dated and put other concerns at the table. Ones that would go against the rights of others, especially rights had by certain kinds of people. And they really don’t see the forest for the trees. They are over sensitive. They may become anti-rights, if they can’t render them obsolete then they will conditionalize it, for others to take up where they left off.


Whenever it is that a person sees more bad than good, not even the best is thought about how things are not entirely bad regarding them. I live in a  board and care. The staff can be bossy and say they aren’t anyone’s servant. Then they clean up the toilet. Someone pissed all over the seat. But I’m grateful to have them clean and cook. I can put up with a little attitude and bossiness because they are angry they have to do these things for us when there are twenty people walking around that they are working for all the time, for every little thing. It’s like they are saying they hate their job. You gotta find some humor in that.

But we pay much more attention to the bad than the good. See, the bad piles up, higher and higher. Towers high. And it comes at a breaking point where people blow their top. But why don’t we let the good pile up? Making us helplessly happy? A person could do a few kind things for you every day. Generally you don’t care. If you do care, it’s not much or for long. But if they do one bad thing to you, it could make you sulk all day. You don’t say to yourself nearly as much that was sure  good of them.

I took a college class Music Appreciation that taught me how to enjoy music, by knowing what it was made of. I got a 100% grade on it. I was really involved. O don’t know why they called that “appreciation,” but I guess that seeing something for what it is and understanding what people were doing for their listener, that it is a kind of appreciation.

Likewise to know what others are doing for you and how those things are of good intention can be a good social appreciation of them. People drive you places on the bus. Sure they get paid. I ride the bus for free using my clipper card. People take out the garbage. People clean the streets. The police protect us. Politicians desire social satisfaction, and if you think about it, it takes a lot of different people doing many different things, sometimes requiring much education, effort, and training. Put all together is this ideal system in which to live. It’s mind boggling.


Breaking someone’s trust. Doing one bad thing once, especially if it was especially bad, to lie once, to not do as you say you would when it was important, habitually showing up late, or not paying back debt, all of these can ruin one's reputation.

Criminal records are one of the worst things one can garner. Even a minor crime. They can keep you from finding housing or a job. And after receiving a bad record you may have to bend over backwards to find any job.

A good job done is a good future record for future employment. With a bad one, you’ve closed many doors on your future

To have gone through college with good grades helps substantially for preferable employment.

But the only thing you have to follow in having a good reputation is to only do what you know you can do, and so doing. If you’ve failed school totally, if you get a job you can’t do, if you are inadequate toward anything it could puncture your get-go. You’ll be left with limited choices.

So make sure that what you do you do right, and advertise it effectively

As for my methods of doing things I write five hours a day, putting all other things away before I am done. Writing 15 pages a day. Going to 100 pages, books with high word counts. And each book is free in the public domain, of which this is my 32 nd  book. The reason why I place them all in the public domain and not charge for them is simply for my reputation. That and the idea that if I was published, I’d still have many books that were free and in public domain. So if I am published, I could be published freely in other markets by those books that came before.

If you are known to be a hard worker, someone that excels at what they’ve chosen to do. If you perform well and are found trustworthy, then it will get you very far. And you can know then that what you say will be believed and taken seriously.


Freedom is a natural result. Those that are oppressed enough will sooner or later rebel and overthrow their oppressors, if any good outcome can be, it will be. So when you take rights that you know preserves the dignity of others, you have stopped tyranny. You have established something long lasting. And if a people is given enough freedom they will fight to keep that freedom. If any outsider came in trying to enslave the population, they would not be tolerated, as highly as they value their rights.

The US Constitution gives the rights that people will naturally fight for and strive to keep. It’s not so much a gift from the government as much as a demand for any government. That these rights be preserved, upheld—there’s no other choice. Our particular rights we demand, we fight for, we don’t merely ask or request.

For better or for worse, I put the Constitution first.

I wholeheartedly agree with the toppling and overthrow of dictatorships. They just shouldn’t be allowed to exist. They do horrendous things to their people. They do merciless, abhorrent things.  So to fight them is to truly fight the good fight!

If you take into account that they throw people into prison and slave based labor for “conspiring” as observed by a paranoid Regime, have committed petty crimes and are tortured from them. They don’t only execute and imprison them but their families too. Or what Hitler did, mass merciless genocide. And dousing their people with chemical warfare, using them as experiments, restricting any and all news media from freely speaking. To say one negative thing about the dictator, that will execute them for it. Suppressing basic rights. Letting all of their people starve, but them and their army. Executing a person based on harmless religious practices..

I think it's cowardly that we allow these things to remain in today’s world. And selfish.

How to walk with gods

Any person who wants to be the best among them. Living in a way according to this will lead you right into them, with a little luck.

Be able to keep secrets

Those that are operating incognito would not have anyone around them that cannot keep secrets, speaking in plans, describing their company, making their hidden presence known. So don’t gossip. Don’t tattle tell God. Don’t bring up insignificant issues.

Dress for the occasion

They would be proud to have you along if you looked well, were clean, and classy. They don’t want those with ratty clothing, of stench, and without attraction. So have pride in your appearance. It will attract more and better people to you.

Get things done

Those that are competent at doing what they are needed for, that are good at these, and that are useful, will simply be needed around. But the lazy and unwilling are of no use. They are extra baggage that others don’t need. They are dragged along and before long, are left behind.. usually permanently.

Being reliable and trustworthy

That they know what can be expected if you, instead of being unpredictable or unmanageable, will help a lot. As much as you are needed, you are regarded. There are those of acting and those without. Sometimes you may feel you are being bossed around. But being around for long enough will increase your stature, as the less experienced come in.

Being worth much

People that improve simply by being around you, as seamless and natural as it can be, will certainly be leaders. How much value you are to others is how much respect you will receive from them. They will think twice before ruining a good thing.

Being agreeable

Those that fit in together stay together. Those that don’t are rejected. So blend in and get along. Don’t be disruptive or blatant. Follow general rules and principles. Be in a way expected and appreciated if you.

Putting yourself first

Because others would put you behind them. Because others would have you underneath them.

I wouldn’t volunteer for anything you don’t have to do unless it is in a good enough way rewarding. I would spare a dime if it means you have less, and only for that reason. Carry the right to be cheap. Don’t share with others that you can’t totally expend.

Climb the ladder. Have a spirit of Competition within you. Master your life, one that others cannot break through or pierce, and come tumbling down. People in some situations are like devouring lions whose heart is set on conquering others and controlling them. In some conditions in life someone could very well enslave you.

But put forth nothing of yourself that you wish to keep and wish to be kept your own, choosing to do only those things that make your life better.

Doing what you want to do in the way you love doing it

And doing it keeping the best reasons why you do it at heart

To first know why you are doing something. To know what you want to get out of it. And reminding yourself of that.

But many things can be done in ways ranging from an undesired way of doing it to a greatly desired way. You may not want to do something one way. You may love doing it another way.

Like a musician that hasn’t realized yet that they do love making music, just not so much as how they are currently doing it. They should find a way more suitable for them. The way it is best done. And in the process of doing what they love doing, will be better at it.

Do you collect things that you have lost interest in collecting? You are probably unlikely to collect every number of things contained within it anyway. And maybe consider collecting something that your heart may have been suggesting? I used to collect comic books. Then for a while, Star Wars items. And most recently, I started collecting video game manuals, which I would consider better than comics. And I am entirely made new, having a very good feeling of new interest. People grow out of what they like to collect, more naturally for children becoming adults, than adults moving forward to new things.

There are many thousands of different jobs to choose from. Maybe the best choice comes from knowledge of available choices. Or else you are cutting yourself short. Most people would consider only a handful of options. The more discerning look through all available choices and can pick the one that is perfectly right for them. And are likely to find ones they had no idea existed.. and neither did others..

But method is included in this, too. That means not just doing any one of one thing, but doing anything the way you enjoy doing it most.

Hope and expectation

Without expectation there is no hope. Hope comes from wanting something to occur and also expecting it to. To want it to come about, to desire it to come into being, that something comes to fruition.

Unfortunately I had a family that would break my hope. And so did other people and places and circumstances in my life. I don’t have any more hope regarding anything. And I noticed that I don’t have any expectation for anything to come into being. I don’t eagerly await anything.

I lived in a group home and it was difficult to get me into my housing after that, a new group home. The ones that worked to make that happen, after informing me that I got new housing, asked me if I was excited. I wasn’t. I didn’t say anything about it. I just moved and that was that.

In fact the day I was told I would be leaving jail, I’d been there a year, I didn’t feel excited about it. It was just another day. And in fact what little bitty hope I had left was crushed, as the day they told me to get ready, I was leaving, I got ready. I waited for hours in a cell, from which they said that I wasn’t leaving that day. They made a mistake.

The best thing can happen the next day. I noticed that it used to excite me that something good was coming. My birthday. Pay day. A visit. Any good thing, no matter how good, doesn’t excite me anymore.

The only benefit to this is remaining rational, unmoved or bothered, to have less stress maybe.

My father would often tell me he was going to do something for me, like taking me to the swap meet on my birthday, but when the time came and I asked, which I asked very gently, afraid of making him angry and changing his mind, nevertheless he refused to take me and felt like I was bothering him for no good reason.

And if God could hear, maybe God could help.

My upcoming five day feast!

Pride has to come from within, from without. And reward to be taken, whether or not from your own hand, but just as well.

And having set forth a goal to write a total of 41 books last year, it has been a year, and in less than two months I will be done.

I normally spend most of my money on clothing. I never spend it on food—like pizza, sweets, soda. But tomorrow I plan on it. And in September too, when I will be forever done writing, having accomplished what I set out to do.

That’s where my money is going. And maybe it should all the time. There’s just no better thing in life than food and music. I have all the music I need. I’ll spend five whole days eating my heart out.

When I am done writing I will move onto other things. Hopefully I have created enough books to succeed as an author. I do get regular downloads. But now that I’m nearly done, and when finished, I will just let it take care of itself. Hopefully it gains momentum, and I can put it at rest.

I can be found online under my full name. I’m not so much into one on one personal contact. But I am always grateful for any appreciation. And hopefully what I have done will be appreciated.

I had done much more extra work today. As tomorrow I am getting paid. And I do not want to have too much work to do tomorrow. I have other things to do. Taking the bus to my mental health clinic. Getting my check. Cashing it. Going on over to my favorite pizza place. Getting two giant slices. A soda. Spending fifteen dollars a day for five days, all on snacks. Just around the corner, here, in San Francisco, not even a block away. And I love convenience stores. They may charge a lot, but their soda is ice cold!

Let me thank you for reading my books. I hope they help you. I feel I am a good source of change, possibly a change far greater than anyone else could cause. And I went through hell to gather my philosophy. Much like Odin gathering the runes. And it is hard. It is hard to write 15 pages a day.. but I have almost seen it through.

Becoming yourself

By strictly being yourself you, and your personal world, becomes yourself.

And it is an easier way to go forth in life, finding what you like and following your heart. But if you don’t go forth as yourself you become a stranger to yourself, you isolate your true inner nature into an area never drawn from.

Those that are themselves design a world around them that they like, one wrapped up in their tastes and placing all around things that the person most desires.

But as long as anyone puts other people’s wishes ahead of their own, as long as they walk the ways of another, they walk away from themselves. They have a lot more junk, a life full of other people’s garbage, treasure to one, trash to another

But don’t associate with anyone that would have you do what you don’t want to. Don’t go down roads you don’t like. Don’t try to force yourself to like something that in all sincerity you don’t. Or you will have found things that are not you, and the world will not be the richness it would be had you lived strictly according to your desired ways

There are some that would shame you for preferring unpopular things to the more popular. That goes against conventional life styles, ones pre established and determined by an impersonal entity. And as a herd of animals they go forth, as they feel safer in doing so.

But the wisest person can ask him/herself if what they are doing is worth it, and its value. Then, and only then, the world becomes a good fitting suit worn in the places you want to be.


That is, doing the same things over and over again, it is an elusive attempt at perfection. It’s been shown that children and animals can become compulsive. Like an animal with obsessive compulsion.

I believe my Schizophrenia goes hand in hand with compulsion. I repeat the same thing in my mind, endlessly, and it makes me lose sleep, it makes me lose focus, and eventually costs me my sanity. But taking an antipsychotic, that no longer happens. I’m not grandiose with what I say, and think about what I said, and wanting to “know” what I said

Compulsive thoughts can keep you awake more than anything.

I may make myself a little sure. If I can feel the lump in my pocket that is a wallet then I know it is there. I don’t have to actually see it to know this. And I don’t have to open it up to be sure it is there.

Sometimes I feel I overdosed, by any chance. I take my pills at night and even though I was sure at the moment I took the right dose, a little worry follows that I didn’t. Yet, I always do. And my lock. I have highly valuable things. But I live with 20 or so people. Sometimes I leave home to go somewhere, thinking I should have made sure I locked my cabinet up. But I always do!

But the best I can do is allow myself to be a little sure, which in fact is very sure, instead of being totally sure, which is too much sure!

Always afraid I’m going to get caught doing something I didn’t do. One foul step could land you in hot water. I have a fear of getting in trouble and have the tendency to think I will, when I’ve really done no wrong. I missed two appointments to see my therapist. Legally it is something I have to do. The first time wasn’t my fault, though, as there was an emergency that occurred involving a client there (probably threw a fit and started throwing everything around yelling, requiring the police to come.)


Wonder for me can come from new screens and technology, and it’s potential, can be based on dreams for a better future, to want to know the outcome of something, in general, and other things. I found my original Nintendo system to be this awesome thing, at about age 10. As good as it was at the time the Super Nintendo was much more powerful, as the graphics took a leap up. And that was something astonishing. To see it playing Super Mario World at Walmart on display. So the Super Nintendo was far more impressive. And I played a favorite game of mine Final Fantasy 2, which was outdone by a mile with Final Fantasy 3. And video games did that to me. With Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the graphics were better yet again. And Final Fantasy 8 after that

My Windows 95 computer had a music video on it. I thought that was impossible! Then Windows XP, etc., Things don’t get just a little better. They get a lot better. My little cell phone does more than my most powerful computers did less than ten years ago.

You see AI Robotics doing leaps, hailing things, walking, even running, falling, and picking themselves back up. Or people suddenly flying around on a drive based board. People zooming by on battery operated gliders. Movies doing what they are able to, now.

Almost all of my wonder comes from new science and technology. If it was a tape or VCR, and later a CD and DVD, and then a memory card. A memory card the same size as a fingernail that has more space on it than hard drives 10 or so years old.

I had a game boy camera, one of the first digital cameras on the market. Before that everyone used VHS tapes to record on a very large and heavy machine. Then, suddenly, there were digital cameras everywhere, and I’d love to see the things that are just around the corner.

This that is, is the only day of your life

Right after yesterday has left you behind and the future asks you to make itself.

The future wants you to do better. It is asking that you do. Or will you betray it, and yourself, by doing nothing? Today’s money may be invested for tomorrow. Needs met fully enough from check to check. And the future may not like you, if you’ve done nothing for it. But if you do something to make it better, then you have become your own savior.

Don’t lose hope, continue to make your future the best it can be. Going to school, learning early that tomorrow is made by today, and so on. Keeping yourself from trouble, danger, and other problems. Walk out of a bad place. Go to a place better, that reserved by those who would keep people and flee danger.

Whatever you can do to make your future better, so do. Or you may find that late in life it is too late. And you will rest with the Earth not having met your full potential. Give thought to what good you may leave the Earth. And on your final day you will know you left the Earth with something good. And you will be accepted into a new life, a better life, if you so deserve. Because in all of our lives those harmed will be given restitution. And those who harmed you in life will too, especially if you were left defenseless.

If your heart is telling you to go somewhere, then go there.

Do not take for granted any good thing. Enjoy life every day. As much as possible, learn to enjoy the things that are before you daily. Do not let any insignificant thing be overbearing, over taxing, over worrying. Do not be crushed by the weight of the world because the less you do, the higher you can soar.

But most of all, just make daily life the best it can be. Nothing matters more in life than making it good. And it’s only as good as you make it.


Some people just want all things to be perfect. To be done in just the right way. Splitting hairs, and never pleased.

Kind of like when you brush up against someone while walking down a crowded street and they get pissed off at it. Or not doing their job impossibly good enough. Or people that do not live up to the religious and political beliefs they hold dear and treasure.

When people are jealous and lash out at you because of it. Or just being generally disruptive because they can’t tolerate peace. It bothers them. They’d rather have things blown up, even. They look at the world through blood red glasses. They’ve got to be the big man. The strong man. And would murder numerous people given any chance. Any slightly greater will or reason, excuse or reasoning.

You could be minding your own business when someone selects you to enrage, given any chance you could, no matter what it takes. Harassment should be illegal. Some forms of it already are. But all forms of it should be. Still, there’s no stopping certain people.

And I’m talking about bitter people when I’m talking about those who make strange laws, intrusive ones, such as “you can only get a small soda,” as found in NYC, or taxing shopping bags. Outlawing plastic straws. Flavored tobacco. Marijuana.

I hate nothing more than people passionate toward an intrusive cause that shouldn’t apply to all people.

When they legalized marijuana in one area a politician blew his top and called it an insane thing to do. He said, who the hell thought it was a good idea to make marijuana legal? Well..

Misery loves company, and that’s all I can say.


Justice for anyone whose family or loved ones were murdered by someone

Justice for any oppressed people living under cruel dictatorships

Justice for anyone with a gun who defends their home. Who are only trying to keep their spouse and children safe, or just themselves.

Justice for anyone beaten up for no reason.

Those that were ganged up on and brutally justified for anyone being harassed constantly or bullied.

Justice for anyone robbed at gunpoint, it burglarized at night, or for anyone that would trespass on their property.

Justice dealt harshly, self defense taken seriously, excessive defense not kept a crime

Justice for anyone raped & justice for anyone who was kidnapped

Justice for the child being abused

Justice for any animal being harmed

Justice for those that were the victim of vandals

May the liars, the abusive, the manipulators, the murderous, the perverted, the rapists, the molesters, the thieves, may they all rot in hell!

May a higher standard of living be brought into being. That those who do the least of crimes are halted from doing so altogether. Give no mercy to those who commit atrocious crimes. Strip them of any and every ability to do so.

Innocent people deserve protection and most of us are law abiding. While those that are given any chance to harm others, they exist, too, and must be abolished, separated from the innocent, quarantined and disposed of!


And in six days my work was done. Just like it always is. Ignoring any stress that could be gotten too far into. But it’s been a lot of work, five hours a day, for thirty total hours.

And I hope you’ve enjoyed this third book of Anti Voidism. The first was about filling your life with good things, the second about living in a way that naturally imparts blessing. And this, the third, was a standard of living based on morality, values, and virtue. Of all the 32 books I’ve written, only this one was focused entirely on that.

There are two more books to come about Anti Voidism/ Aeonism, the first is Bethai, which will be my first and inly book based entirely on magic and metaphysics, and the one after, the fifth and final book, will be about the destruction of bad things in anyone’s existence.

Some of the images, the drawings here, are Satanic. I wanted to go over my Sigil of Azrael. It could be made better by someone. The basis of it is that Azrael is spelt in Hebraic on the four corners of a pentagram. Inside the pentagram is an angel whose wings are spread out. I was trying to make something better than the Baphomet, and that’ll do the trick.

This book has been the best advice that I’ve had to give. And I had a lot of experience to know that it’s advice is good and useful. I’d been in so very many totally different social situations, can say I am “socially rich,” and that includes being homeless, incarcerated, committed, in group homes, in friends homes of different kinds, would totally different parents, in different states, in many different cities, and even in boot camp for a short time. My best advice comes from social understanding and a thirst for perspective as good as it can come.

This book, along with all of my others, are in public domain, and free, at least as eBooks. You can use them however you wish, for good or bad, you can cite them all you want, share them, or sell them, whatever you want. And I encourage you to. It may be my only hope to popularize them.


  1. The first book taught how to fill your life with good things.

The second book taught How to impart blessings on your life.

The third book taught a moral standard of living based largely on values

The fourth book will teach about magic and metaphysics.

The fifth book will teach you how to destroy bad or even evil in life.

  1. Aeon is our Mother Goddess. God gave me Her. God created Her for me. She is my “Guardian Goodness,” and I give Her to you. And we are together a new  People.

  1. This religion was largely taught to me by different entities who taught me what to say, these beings had me write what was written. And came into being thanks to them. It was a religion that God desired to be.

  1. There is a place prepared for us in the heavens, where we will get sent to, and where we will live together always with Aeon and our own. In a world of great magic and great wonders.

  1. And I have created other religions all of which tie into this one. These are five religions. Christian Satanism, Those of the five planets, Crazyism, Godism, and Aeonism. These are the beliefs of our people. Any of us may lead through them, as much as one would like to lead and others would like to follow.

Also by the author:

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Anti Voidism: Book of Aeon

Anti Voidism 2: Book of Raine

Anti Voidism 3: Book of Ro.

With 9 more books to come, until completion.

Book 3: The Book of Bethai

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.


Roald Dahl



Anti Voidism/ Aeonism began with the premise that the best thing you could do in life is to fill it with good things, and to incorporate that into a religion. That began in The Book of Aeon. Aeon was presented as our Goddess, at least to anyone who will accept her as such. She is a Mother Goddess, one who came into my existence during what I called my three year struggle. As God appoints guardians angels He also creates for us Guardian Gods and Goddesses. In fact they are mostly the same, except somewhat more powerful, as needs require.

The second book ventured into the premise that the best lifestyle was one that imparts blessings. So its design regarding lifestyles that pull in blessings was established, as the next best step for this new religion.

Then the third book taught virtues, values, and essential advice. It did so in a way to standardize the character of those that practiced this religion. One we could all agree and work toward, in having the best relationship we can for each other.

And along the way I revealed secrets and the source behind Aeonism.

This fourth book would not have been what it became if I did not experience a supernatural event. Shortly after finishing the third book I already knew the next required topic, in this, The Book of Bethai. That seemed so daunting. So I prayed to Mother Aeon to help me. To teach me what I should speak. And after I fell into a deep sleep I slipped out of time. I came to a space timeless. And I dreamed for an entire year. And during that year I was taught many things regarding magic and the occult, which I will reveal here.

The Book of Bethai is about to start. You will not find a better book on magic. The final book follows this one and will be based on the premise of the destruction of negative components in your life.. destroying the bad, keeping the good. That fifth and final book will be called Tomel. But for the time being, here is The Book of Bethai.

Relationships between you and your chosen deities

Magic is largely that: the relationship you have with your chosen higher powers. While some magic doesn’t work beyond that, it is made to work through them, as well as you two are connected. But great power comes at this cost: that what your deity does for you, you keep secret. The whole operation isn’t wanting to be exposed!

A crystal in a Wiccans pocket may seem cute to a deity, who, in turn, invests it with power. The Rick’s could be otherwise useless, save power given it by upper powers.

You may want to choose a new name for your deity, one that you give it alone, but not after you have developed a relationship with her or him.

Notes may be left at your altar for them. Remember: what you write is seen by them. It isn’t just a waste of paper that is never seen. Rather, it is looked over and understood by spiritual powers.

Rituals may be desired by the entity you worship, and are appreciated. As is praise, prayers, and loyalty. Wait until you’ve gotten to know them well before you pray to them.

Strange as it may sound, I used to dance for them, reaching highly elevated moods. And where I could provide a good idol in regard to them, I did. I found my most powerful necklace was a crystal 3D star of David. It was like two pyramids going through each other. The best idols are carved from wood. But whatever you can afford, just try to afford the best, and many blessings upon you. A man saw me worshipping Shiva out in public, before an altar on a chair praying, and some may have not liked it. But it was an exercise in loyalty, one against shame, and a man gave me that necklace.

Have faith and keep it. Prove yourself and be worthy. Praise your deity and at first be committed, and maybe later you will have formed a very good relationship that will stay until your death, and beyond that. If you are damned, be sure you have a lot of friends to go down too! And having a voice in heaven doesn’t hurt, either.

Which kind of Magician are you?

A Witch

While Wiccans may disagree I am just using my own definitions here, and I’d define a witch as a female witch who typically uses darker forces. They can range from a little bad to diabolical and are generally inner focused magicians that are not influenced by morality more than they are by personal success, which comes first.

A Warlock

A Warlock fits into the same definition as above but is a male witch. Some can be very wicked. Some are not interested in doing any real harm, but certainly will if bothered too much, in their defense. But the world they build around them is their own. It was made by hand. And when they can use any magic that betters their lives, they will.

A Sorcerer

A Sorcerer is in it for the power. They direct forth might. They learn magic to conquer. They go to no ends, sometimes, to find the most powerful magic and employ it to succeed, whatever their agenda may be. Unlike the warlock which works alone almost all the time, though the witch may be among many, as an only difference between the two, the sorcerer is more of a social magician, like the witch.

A Wizard

A wizard is a very pragmatic magician. One with the beat reasoning. One with caution. One that uses magic carefully, but tends to do so very well. They are the more studious types. They aren’t likely to ever make some foolish mistake.

An Occultist

Something of a magician that looks into the more hidden aspects of magic. They uncover things. They look for things not readily apparent, they scour the Earth to scour these things. They are more collectors than the other kinds, searching far and wide for lost spells, books, magical items, etc., and are the likeliest to uncover old magic, bringing it back.

Using White, Black, or Gray

If not all or some combination, a magician can use black magic, white and gray. The black magic magician uses powers to destroy or curse. The white magic magician uses powers to heal, themselves, or others. Or to bless. And gray magic magicians use their powers to affect things, which are not necessarily good, but not necessarily bad either—such as changing the weather or hair color. Gray magic is effect magic.


And a magician is just a general term for anyone practicing magic. Those that are a mix of these split a lot right into the middle, are magicians. Magicians do a little of everything.

The gender differences between witch and warlock are the only two. So by sorcerer I also  mean sorceress, and the definition for wizard and the others apply to women, too, who can just as well be wizards, occultists, magicians, etc.

Occult Journals

An Occult Journal should contain the following:


Symbols either made it pre existing that are attributed to the deity you worship.


Letters to the deity you worship. Like notes left for them, acknowledging and praising them. These can be put together in poems. And as simple lists and things like that. Just know that simply by writing it it’s seen by them.

Prayers & Wishes

Have a list of all of the things you want and cite them in your journal. You can make bargains or pacts with your deities to receive them. If your deity or deities like you enough, you will receive them. Just remember to do your part, and remain trustworthy.


Deity Errands

One way to worship a deity is by doing things for him or her. These include simple chore like tasks and can be about anything, such as cleaning or feeding the birds, and non chore like activities such as putting a ring in a hidden place within the city.


Give a lot of thought to the chant you create. So many are so mundane and made with little thought. Instead, start out by making a first rough rendition of it, work from there making it as good as it can be, changing a little here and there until it is as good as it can be.


Observations are very important. It includes the perception you have of the metaphysical world and can help you greatly in operating within it, using methods tried and true that you’ve learned yourself.

Personal magic items

Choose a handful of magic items to use and document how effective or ineffective that they are. Learn what works and what doesn’t. When you find something that works record it in your book

Visions: Their nature

It is very true that for some people things are very apparent and for others, not so. Something can be seen by the sensitively perceptive that is obviously a sign or vision right before their eyes, one apparent to them, but not apparent to other people. So while one person is given a vision, another does not, and only considers the other person superstitious.

I used to see visions in the clouds. I might see death sweeping over the world below with a sickle, or a time that I saw in the clouds what was obviously a person laying down on his back dead.. I pointed at that to my friend beside me and she said, “they just look like clouds to me!” but the amazing thing here was that I watched the news later and these people on the news said they lost their family member, and saw a cloud in the sky that looked like him, now dead. I saw the same cloud!

One early morning just before dawn I saw a cloud fall from the “morning star” that looked just like a batty angel falling down from it. It turned to the west, forming into a serpent. It then rolled over the sun and it’s first rays, somewhere in the west. Then a more bird looking angel, a white cloud instead of a black one, looked up at the morning star right before it faded out if view. In the north east of that a black rainbow shaped cloud appeared, and a murder of crows filled the park, suddenly crowing and dispersing.

But in this case someone saw it too, who was somewhat close to me, and after all of this he said, “What the hell was that?”

Visions can come from many places. Simply in one's mind, or even on TV and while listening to music, sensing what some people aren’t vision-sensitive towards, but for others are messages and sights, meaning hidden to some, but open to others.

Visualization, Taste Magic, and The Principle List of Lucifer

This requires setting the setting. I was in heavy confinement for one month in jail. Toward the end of those thirty days I started looking at my food differently. It was all I had. I was in a small rubber room for that month and only ever allowed to leave it to go to the bathroom. I started seeing and thinking great things. And what became of it was putting my family into a group of four things. I thought of an animal for each, a color, a mythological thing, and a weapon or item. My aim was a perfect balance. That one would make up for another, where it lacked, was out done by another. But also that I knew my family well enough to list for them what I did, accurately. Or just find the right thing for them. One they’d be best at. One they really did best represent. And I came up with what I did. That’s shown down below.

I didn't have a name for it. The jail sent me to a psychiatric hospital. And during commitment I was thinking to myself 'what is the best term for political rule?’ And the answer came into my mind that a Principality is. I looked it up at the hospital's library. I found that it referred to a group of princes.. princesses you could also say. But the Catholics and some Christians also use that word to describe the hierarchy of heaven and hell.. consisting of things like Jesus, angels, fallen angels, etc., In order of power.

I attributed it for a while to my family, for whom it was given. And initially called it “The Principality List.” That label still applies, but differently. Now it refers to a group of twelve people who, having embodied their own, and grouped items of the list given to them and their loved ones, which is a Principality list for everyone. As I made this from oldest to youngest the Principle List you give from the oldest of your loved ones to the youngest, be them either family or friends, but only twelve people, including yourself. That list is below and you’ll see just what I mean soon.

But first let me say, this list should incorporate “Taste Magic,” a form of magic that I invented. It turns regular food to magic uses, so if one's person color is green, that includes all green food. If there is a bee , then there’s honey. By cane, it can be a candy cane, or sugar cane. There are many inventive ways to commune with the principle list, folding it into the people you love, and yourself. Taste magic combines three things: taste, visions, and the Principle/ Principality list between you and your loved ones. But the best use of The Principle List comes from recognizing these things in movies, books, and video games. Using them to acknowledge them in an occultly effective way.

As with visualization, it is an effective form of magic itself. Those that are good at it will receive special feelings from it, things driven by wonder and fantasy. That’s best done with music. As potent as it is, incredible things could be made to happen through it, even world changing things. So if you could, use it for an hour, or at least 45 minutes, and you’ll be surprised with the results. See before your eyes many things seen and heard.

The Principle List

Person One:

Bird, Hand, Staff, Red

Person Two:

Bear, Bee, Cane, Brown

Person Three:

Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Person Four:

White, Ring, Goat, Thief

Person Five:

Gold, Joker, Swine, Sword

Person Six:

Red, Cat, Fairy, Whip

Person Seven:

Yellow, Rodent, Duke, Wind

Person Eight:

Bomb/Blast/ Wand, Fox, Beast, Black

Person Nine:

Yellow, Toad, Horse, Dust

Person Ten:

Assassin, Word, Creature, Lion/ Tiger

Person Eleven:

Blue, Stone, Elephant, Spirit

Person Twelve:

Dragon, Mask, Purple, Wolf/ Dog

Personality  Capturing

There is possession. And I know that hearing things like spirits, or demons if you like to call them, is a very real thing, because I have myself and have known many that do, being “schizophrenic” and among many others that are, too. They are people who sometimes rage at these sounds, sometimes pleasing to be left alone, other times toyed with. And sometimes just talking to them. I had been told things, too, such as “Lucifer has spoken.” Or asking, “why is it Lucifer White? Why isn’t it Lucifer Black? Or gray? Or purple?” And “The Devil’s coming to get me” and some other things, like commenting on my thoughts. I’m sure possessed exists, too. But I’m on this topic to provide something much more desirable than these, and I call it “personality snatching,” or you could say, “personality capturing.”

The personality of a spirit may go with you. It is more like possession that you become, fully aware, fully in control, to temporarily become like a spirit, and the more you capture, the more you can become, and after you know it, you can always come back it, easily and whenever you want

One day I was walking down an alley and suddenly started talking like an Irish person, with one’s accent, and suddenly had an Irish mentality—meaning the one of the spirits I had just captured. Now I’ve gotten good at spirit catching, and have one that was a detective, one that was a news reporter. And in concentrated form these feel very different from my regular personality. Which makes sense. There are very many very many different kinds of personalities and mentalities between people. Though what most people don’t know is, just how different each one feels from the others. Just how different one's thoughts are from person to person.

To capture spirit you only need to look around and be open to receiving them. Play the part. Look for the part. And allow it to flow through your spirit. If you can do it even once it will be done again easier, and easier from that. It is much like a child who pretends to be someone or something. And those things come from somewhere past a normal frame of being.

Outdated understanding

Old things can certainly teach us more about the metaphysical world. They had nothing to do but observe the stars before, and such things, so to speak. But some of the ideas of the last regarding metaphysical things are outdated.

As more recent years gave us a better understanding of the universe, all the things in the world, people stopped believing in spirits in heaven, replacing them with beliefs in aliens. Techniques to teleport with magic became an absurd thing to think about. Yet people were doing it on Star Trek.

Astrology was replaced by astronomy.

Opening the gates to the netherworld became an item of fantasy. Yet scientists believe today that there are multiple dimensions. In fact science has a lot of things like that which makes the Bible seem far more feasible, as some of the things God did, or Jesus, we can, now, scientifically. I would say that the term spirit could apply to an alien race so, so, so very more technologically developed that to us they would seem as gods. Like a person that goes back in time only a hundred years to show people what we have. Wouldn’t they be shocked? So what would a race even a thousand years ahead of us be like? We couldn’t really know. Much of future tech just can’t be predicted. We’d never considered that many things would be. It took special and unique minds to think them up. There’s no predicting some of it. Science fiction shows and movies help, though.

And would we travel about in space on a metal ship? We used to think we would go with a gun firing a ship like a bullet to the moon. They used to think robots we’re going to sound like.. robots, and not people, and we’ve gone far away from that. Later they thought up Data from Star Trek, as they came to realize more could be done. I don’t think that metal spaceships I’d the last step. But further along from that some sort of spiritual travel. Anyone going anywhere with just a little bit of tech to help.

So to have a right understanding of the metaphysical world it helps to know that these are powers beyond the upper limits of science and sometimes even further along. Be a pet to your deities, knowing you can understand them no more than a dog can understand a human.. but knowing that deities fully understand you.

Your Altar

My earliest altar was one that I created for Lilith, hidden in my closet. I had a rubber bat in it and The Book of Nod. I had a few magic tools in it. I used it to go into a private space to talk to and think about her. And it made me very happy. And I believe the favor was returned.

I’ve had Wiccan types of altars. I had a real crystal ball for gazing. An expensive one. One of my most favorite things on Earth are idols. Just like how I continued to write while homeless as a “trash author” who put his writings in plastic bottles, so too I could live without idols. There was this fountain I would go to. Unless you paid a lot of attention to things you’d never know it for what it was. It had a boar pig statue above it, a small one, with a bowl below that could contain water. When it rained there, I’d go to it, with a goblet, and perform a discreet ritual.

And I’ve honored the devil-saint Santa Muerte before, such as in hidden areas while homeless, where things could be given to her, as collected along the street, and no one was none the wiser or able to find where I had hidden things for her in my worship.

Getting into a home, finally, a year ago I was in a group home that had a lot of craft materials.. like clay and paint, and a canvas. So I took a lot of time, three days to paint an image of Shiva, for the altar in my room. My roommate didn’t mind. In fact he had an appreciation for it. That same altar contained a figure I carefully created, of Mammon, and a drawer of things for Santa Muerte, whom I was still worshipping. Also in a pouch I had, I put prayers in.

If you want to know my deities, it is very simple, a list of five, which are:

Satan, Shiva, Agnes, Lilith, and Mammon.

Jesus was a Magician

I was much the same way while I was homeless, and besides. Those that set up their existence as a metaphysical, spiritual journey are performing magic. And Jesus was fully enveloped in these ways of things. He became the Old Testament by embodying it. He wrapped it around him, he lived and breathed it, and that is a form of magic.

Much of what I did while homeless, simply just schizophrenic and isolated, was based on magic. I made my existence go forth with magic ideas. These could be just capturing a raindrop in my eye and believing it was the tear of God. Or while performing taste magic visualizing that I was devouring God. Going along with visions and signs along with these things. Uncovering all that I could. Learning things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I would baptize myself. When I sneezed I told my own self Bless me.

Every time I was unrightfully stricken I would yell That makes me an Anti Christ! Once I took a cup of dark urine laying in front of Mc Donald’s, drank it, and did so as a pact for Satan. Confirming loyalty, taking a drink that could not have been more forbidden of God. I said, “Blood of Christ.” I used to feel demonic while eating, either imagining the animal being cruelly slaughtered, and playing with it’s corpse, eating like the human-god I am. But often it was a ridicule of the communion.  And I go into Church to perform a communion once a week, in all blasphemy.

I took on the mind of a child. One emerging from the sea beside San Francisco, and that included my thoughts and actions, as I pretended to be Satan’s son. And an adult child can be one of the most evil of things. But there’s a difference between acting and actually being.

Sometimes a whole life can be a ritual, and it is, perhaps, the most powerful form of magic. Just look at what it did for Jesus. The guy wouldn’t have ever formulated the speeches and thoughts behind them if he had not been doing the same.

Being lured into special places

I have experienced a few of these, and they were all simply incredible. At age 13 I wandered off into the Arizona desert as if in a trance. During this time walking very far into the desert. And the sky turned blood red. Fig aroused, and cleared, and when it did I saw before me a graveyard, and found that the tombstones bore names of my enemies.

In another instance I walked a long time to an area that a man told me to, who called himself a warlock, pointing the way, this, after I’d been lost looking for something, as it felt. And I went into the direction he told me to, coming across a cave. When I went inside it, it wasn’t just a cave but a temple. It was well adorned with symbols on hanging cloth. It was The Devil’s home, and all else I must keep a secret.

But I went far out into the desert again and was completely lost, having walked an hour or more on a dirt road. And suddenly came onto a cross road. On it were bloody signs and dead animals. I felt that if I didn’t make the right choice I would have died. I could have gone east or west and decided on east. And found it to be the right choice. I wound up walking to a restaurant my aunt worked at. Was eventually taken home.

These trips can be dangerous. And maybe I was on the fringe of death each time. I was lost and exhausted in most cases. I felt I needed to go somewhere. I didn’t really know why. But it was like the wind took my spirit, and was led away as such, in a trance. I think the best doorway to another realm comes from that. More so than anything you can construe in a room.

And there were more times that such a thing happened to me. I’d been walking more in the plains than a desert, lush green fields with flowers. And over the hill I saw a tree, one all by itself. So I walked to it as the only logical place to go. I went up to the tree and saw a snake wrapped around one of its branches, fruit beside it. A woman appeared. I suddenly became Adam with Eve beside me. I thought I was him. I took a bite of the fruit and felt a heavy feeling of God present and angry, and left the area, gliding back into reality, as though waking from a dream.

What Karma is really about

God has appointed to some protections, guardians. And there are spirits in many places unseen, even physically. And to treat someone harshly is to invite punishment. Then there is actually Karma, as more as it is commonly known, that God has made in order to render justice to all, and created as a balance-creator in Earthly matters. God only has to think a moment and another moment to make things fair and balanced, and is very interested in doing so.

The Case of Burg Zamenti

This was a man that offended a spiritual entity one day, and it came at a high cost. While a woman was sleeping homelessly Zurg took from her $10, and a spirit witnessed it and informed God, who told the spirit to torment him until his death. The spirit was eager to follow through on these instructions. He detested what he had seen.

So the spirit first caused the man to lose his job, as the natural first step. Then the man went to live with his brother. His brother had a heart attack three days later. His brother was gone, his mother and father followed. He had no one to live with. He was out on the street. He looked for a job, but no one would hire him.

One day as he laid on the street at night the spirit came to him in physical form and kicked him in the gut, several times, again and again. Burg Zamenti died that night because he had struck just the wrong note that night he decided to take a homeless woman’s little money.

Those that would walk along the light, the darkness, or the shadows.

Rules regarding these are very strict. You are either in or you are out. So I’ll go one by one over what is expected from each, that you may decide and that you may best fit into the one that is right for you.

The Light

Those that would walk in the light must be willing to make sacrifices for the better of all people. Selfishness is the greater sin among them. A person will have to be willing to live in purity and on a moral basis, as closely as they are able to. Values must be held, and obeyed, such as honesty and kindness. When the light rules over you you will choose peace in any instance, and it will preserve you.

The Dark

Those that choose the darkness may have to bear “the cross of immorality,” meaning that even if you feel you should do total good, you choose not to. That you are selfish enough to not be bothered by not helping anyone. That you live your life based entirely on your own terms and gratification. You must be loyal to the forces behind evil, and proven faithful.

The Shadowy

By that I mean the gray side of things. Those that are as closely balanced as can be—and that is my personal choice. It is like a yin yang, where there’s a little good in the evil, a little evil in the good. It is a more proportionate way. It chooses and opts more for common sense: it demands common sense, by rule.

And whatever side you choose, you have behind you all else that are, and must work within it’s typical framework, and keep agreeable with your brothers and sisters—those of the Light, the Dark, or otherwise.

Modern Demonology


A demon best known as “The Mad Indulgent Dancer.” A demon of indulgence mixed with power. Her dances can wreak havoc and destruction. A very destructive demon. But also a very rewarding one to her faithful. Idols are very effective regarding her, as she likes them.


A heavily goth type of demon, very appropriate for those of gothic life styles. A very sexual demon, one that is aligned with darker and more somber forces. Can be a demon of melancholy and seriously dark matters of life. A demon representing eugenics of the human race. Represented by a bat or owl.


A friend of Shiva. A demon of joy and pleasure, especially regarding food. One focused on the joy of life and is willing to share it with the ones he likes the most. A demon highly influential in the Eastern world. Represented by a cow.


Represented by an elephant. A demon that stands before the gates of hell, or where iniquity may be present, and guarded. Mammon also represents money and in a magic sense is the best to come to for requests of it.


Represented by a serpent. This demon is mostly associated with the finer details of things. It can impart knowledge that is so powerful as to overcome those to whom it is given, and lose them in insanity. That is what happened to the great philosopher Nietzsche. Leviathan has a strong influence on Eastern societies.


The difference between Lucifer and Satan is taken for granted. As Lucifer was an angel, and Satan never was. Lucifer has all the attributes of a perfect angel, as God himself called him as such, according to his design. But Lucifer was cast down, and befriended Satan. Lucifer represents enlightenment, human progression, and perfection. Lucifer is “beautiful iniquity.”


Neti is not so commonly known as the others. I am likely introducing him to you here. Neti can bring about stability for those whose mentality is driven into madness. He was first incorporated into this a little more than a thousand years ago in Asia, where he was worshipped by a sect of such intelligence as to become mad from it. And they would chant “ Neti, Neti, it is now.”


Azrael is someone who could be called a “guardian demon.” As he is assigned to secure and protect the forces of darkness, it’s agenda, and it’s success. He is a formidable demon. He can strike almost any being down immediately. He has refined powers, and has lived his existence as a warrior worthy of his purpose.


Loki is devious and is found where ordinary things are turned upside down. Wherever he goes could be left a big mess. And where he goes simple matters can easily become complex and outrageous ones.


Astaroth embodies wisdom. He is very apt as a prophet. He has a great understanding of likely future events and outcomes. His way of speaking suggests the future, just as any complicated prophecies of the Bible are. If there is anyone that speaks similar to Jesus did, this is the demonic version of it.


Beelzebub is represented by a fly. This is one of the demons I have spent most of my time around, compared to the others. And I knew he was around when I started hearing a buzz and a fly fell before my third eye. He very much plants seeds of iniquity. He is a good place to start when trying to begin a villainous lifestyle. Introduction to dark forces begins best wishes him.


Baal may be best found in secluded areas, if at all. He is alone and any Satanic person who is alone can carry a spirit much like that if Baal, and so bring him in. He is a solitary demon that any other very solitary person can learn from. He is represented as a bull.


Samael is a particularly social-minded deity whose main focus is on societies and civilizations. He likes to be among great politically minded people, leaders of thinking, to whom he can have a great influence. And sometimes he may spend time among tribes, teaching them, even for years. He has a lot of potential over the direction of human societies.


Thoth makes the decrees and dictates dark forces. He is assigned these by the authorities of dark forces, of which he is most qualified. It is his job to set up the rules and ways of the dark path. And anyone who doesn’t conform to them could be punished, as darkness is a fine and precise path, otherwise it would fail. And if God commands something, he goes straight to Thoth, which could be a compromise, or a warning.


Ragnar is the might of the Devil’s hand. He enforces the rules. He is the general of the Devil’s army. At all times there must be at least a thousand other demons among him. He is a highly tactical minded demon. He has uplifted nation’s that were found to be aligned with iniquity, and has brought them into greater power. This has especially been true lately, as Christ’s hold on the world is falling from his hands.


Jabberwocky scares some of us to death. He is, to me, the embodiment of fear. You can imagine him as the clown that the poor bull sees in bull riding contests. How evil is implanted in a mind. The Bull finally breaks free. The cowboy runs. The rodeo clown appears and captures the Bull’s attention. The bull doesn’t know where the cowboy went. And the last thing he sees is a clown. That image burns into the Bulls mind, who, after seeing it, looks around to see a crowd of people all around, too far out of reach, the bull is helplessly enraged.

Or you could imagine the feeling a native American had while being helplessly stolen from. His family was taken, even slaughtered. And then there is one of these white men making him take his photograph. He points at them, enraged, throwing a curse.

Jabberwocky is the defense for such people. It is the result of evil that Jabberwocky came about. Like a tick on a dog, a monkey enraged with a virus. Jabberwocky is the baby of such things. And if he gets inside you, you will lose your mind, and die inside a nightmare.


Grendel represents not one demon but many. And more beast than demon. You could split hell into four parts: demons, fallen spirits, monsters, and beasts. Grendel is a beast, the most powerful kind in hell. They can be called hell hounds, and they guard the upper powers of hell.


Hermes always was an entity in hell. He never was in Nirvana beside Zeus. He is a messenger in hell. He is as close to an emissary as they may come. But that isn’t all that he does. He comes to Earth teaching certain people certain things, as the cause of iniquity would have him do. He teaches magic. And magic is best learned by him.


Behemoth is a hybrid of a demon and a beast. He is Satan's personal pet. He stands tall, something like a bull, maybe not so fat, with twisting horns. He is sub intelligent. But is fully aware, psychically to some extent, when Satan wishes that he attacks anyone around him, for whatever reason.


Abaddon rests in darkness, enclosed by it, and finds great comfort in his plotting and future release. When thought of by sensitive minds he can be seen. As those gazing deeply into an abyss, those that do so the right way, the most penetrating way, will find him and release him, if only for a little while. Then he will fall back into himself, so to speak, being so deeply driven into the darkness awaiting the next time he’ll be released.


Satan is the upper most power in hell besides his dear friend and comrade, Lucifer, who came to him from above. Who perhaps was meant to all along. Satan’s authority is unquestionable but is largely a being that is not so strictly taking. He is more fun than most know. And is more agreeable than most know. Unlike God The Father who is like walking around eggshells. But you have to break an egg to make an omelet.


And by the pronoun “Him” you can just as easily mean “her.” They aren’t born as we are. They can change form at will. If you want to know what aliens look like, the answer is they look like whatever they want. Beelzebub likes being a small fly. You’ve never seen such a thing in Science Fiction shows.

The best worship should be childish, though responsible worship. One that isn’t dull or boring, taxing or demeaning, enslaving or dictating on either end. But rather make your worship childish—adult childish. But also a responsible one.

It isn’t easy to sell your soul

In fact it can be quite difficult and for some, impossible. If you had tried to do so before but failed, this may help you understand why.

First, age matters. God will not have his children taken from him. You have got to be at least 13, but in most cases much older than that, at that time you reach True Maturity. Otherwise, don’t even bother.

Second, you have to convince God that that is what you want to do. You have to be very sure of this decision.

Third, you have to have made up your mind, permanently. You have had to have come to the decision without a doubt. And though you may be one way one moment, and another the next, in order to sell your soul you must have proven it was your unchanging decision.

Fourth, Satan may not want your soul. He may not find any use for it. So in order to have a soul worth buying, it must be valuable. Or you must have potential, like the story of the guy that learned to sing the blues from a pact with the Devil. And the blues lead to rock, rock to metal. So The Devil may meet you halfway. But your purpose must be possible, your purpose must be possible, and that purpose must be worthy.

Fifth, you have to have clearly and totally separated yourself from God. Especially if you had been previously saved/baptized. You have to make a clear, determined, and permanent separation from God.

And sixth, sometimes God is not going to let you sell your soul at all. And for some it is futile to even try. God has decided you to be all his and no amount of convincing that can change his mind. He just finds your soul too valuable for sure. And, knowing as well as he does, he may know your intentions better than you do yourself, knowing you belong with him.

If you do sell your soul and you get what you wanted for it, your loyalty will be left with The Devil and you may get it back, but are likely to die if you revert back to serving God. So only sell it if you are sure that’s what you want to do.

31 Days of Magic

Daily devotionals are easy to come by. But this is different. It isn’t a year-long devotion. It isn’t Bible- based. It’s magic based. Daily activities pertaining to the Occult for 30 days. A year long version of this could make a great book. But it would be a book entirely it’s own. So here is one 1/12 th  the size. You may take some just as suggestions. You can also do anything in the list any time you want. But for the best effect, follow all that it says.

Day One.

When you wake up, take a special drink and pour it into a goblet. Say, “may this day be blessed.” And drink from it very slowly, very peacefully. With a small amount of drink remaining, as little as a few drops, dip inside your finger, and press that finger on your “third eye,” the area right between your two eyes. Put a ring on that finger. It doesn’t have to be an expensive ring. Say “I am committed to any being that’ll come unto me. Fill me with your presence. Walk beside me.” Before you go to sleep the next time you do, drink from a goblet again, and press onto your third eye again, just as you did before. The first day's agenda is complete.

Day Two

When you wake up the next morning, say to yourself all the things you wish you had, and all the things you lack. Write down your wishes, as many as you possibly can. Think about having them when you do, one by one, one after the other. Bargain with spirits that day. Plead to them that they be granted. This is a day of desire, even of longing. And making deals, and finding help in any way possible. The following night look up to the stars and make your wishes upon them.

Day Three

If you’ve made commitments this day, you’ve served your future well, as long as you keep them. So use this day to create at least one good commitment. Be both practical and effective concerning them. Put to mind actions that will make your future much better, whatever it is you can do, ideally things that you do best. Write these down and keep them.

Day Four

Today choose some deities you plan to worship, primarily, above all others. These should be as permanent as possible. There can be as many as you wish. Stick with them, always, just as you would a sporting team. And today draw  images of them. Think about them. And, perhaps for the first time, pray to them in a way that introduces yourself. Write down these prayers, tuck them in a special place. And generally regarding prayers you make, write them down first, that they never be lost. And choose an utmost deity, one that you have chosen to serve above all others.

Day Five

Today make a list of six chores that are not too difficult, but not too easy. And they can be things done in your home or outside if it. They can also be more personal errands than chores, such as going to the store to get your favorite drink. So make six of these carefully, and with a roll of a dice, that chore will be done for your utmost deity. From time to time roll the dice, once a day is great, but three times a week at least.

Day Six

Day Six is important in wrapping things up that occurred the week up until that point, as magic is most powerful on the seventh day. Days one to six are a culmination, day seven releases it, brings it into being after you have awoken, it has become. Then a feast tonight is appropriate. One that may be worth friends and family, or alone if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be kind of overdone. It can just be having a lot of your food and snacks, favorite drinks and music, as much as you can afford. Dancing with yourself, alone, would be good, as it infuses the magic settled within you into a little energy that can move forth, rather than remaining blocked. So it’s a day of these: pleasure, joy, and celebration.

Day Seven

This will be a very creative and fun day. An interesting day, as you will be designing your future self as a thing to become. First, you’ll need a new name. It may be a pre existing name. Or one that you’ve made yourself based on sound and meaning coming together, just as new words are made by sounds put together in Latin. Where one sound means two or more things. So create such a name that will be your shining characteristics. And, if you like, think of names of the past, particularly of younger influence to you (the names you liked as a child, possibly having come from movies, shows, books, or games.) When you have come up with at least a first, middle, and last name, then that’s done, but you can have four names or more if you like. Think about what you must become before you’ve truly earned this name. The things you must achieve, for example. Finally to cap off this day, take a cup of any kind and write that name on it. Keep it. And the day you’ve earned that name based on the requirements you made, fill it with the sweetest dreams and drink from it, but not until then. And do not lose this cup!

Day Eight

In numerology 8 is a number that pulls back into itself. It is like a number of gravity. 8×2= 16. 1+6=7

8×3= 24. 2+4=6

8×4=32. 3+2=5

8×5=40. 4+0=4.

8×6=48. 4+8=12. 1+2=3

Let this day be a day of memory. One in which you begin to open your memories that had been ignored for years or even decades. There is a magic power behind doing so. Psychologists, too, have long stressed the importance of remembering one's past, but here it is suggested to just remember, not past pains particularly. But just anything that can be remembered. I have a technique for that. Using it, you will remember things very long forgotten about. And you may be surprised by some of your memories. In fact some come forth like a tidal wave. They rush forward many forgotten things and there is a powerful feeling to it.

That is, simply, to take a dictionary—one thin, small pocket sized dictionary of basic words, and flipping through it and remembering things based on the words seen. Spend at least two hours of this day doing so.

And it is a good practice otherwise. Nothing is ever fully forgotten unless you have brain damage, memories are always accessible no longer how long they have been forgotten.

Day Nine

On the ninth day, create an idol. This can be done with clay bought at a store, could be a carving. Could even be on a canvas. However it is best done, create an idol on this day for your utmost deity. When you are done, set it on your altar. And this day can also be spent well constructing an altar if you haven’t done so before. It doesn’t have to be perfect right off the bat. Just think about what kind of altar you want with a general idea about it, and so create it. Today pray to your idol, as prayers can best be made.

Day Ten

Today, buy some seeds if you don’t already have some. Place them in a bowl. Pray over them. Put Holy Water with Blessed Oil over them (these can either be found in a Catholic based shop or a Wiccan one, and sometimes stores based on Hindu or Buddhism) then with the seeds in a bowl with Holy Water over them, spit into it. Put in some magic herbs, or they can just be flowers if you prefer, and add water to the bowl, water that had coal resting in it. This is a perfectly blessed seed. Coal can be found at any supermarket, flowers are easily found and the rest. After this has rested together all day, bury the whole thing. Pour it into a hole, wait for it to grow. You will have learned the true way to produce magical herbs/foods.

Day Eleven

As you may remember, you placed a ring on your finger. It is time to give that ring to the world. To perform this ritual to be married to the world. Take the right and place flowers within it and then place it in an area outside (not in a home. Ideally a field or little human-occupied area.) You can tape these together in the ring if you like. Sit that day in the sun. Get a lot of sun that day. Have it’s warm rats fall down on your face. Praise the Earth for all that it is worth. Come to know your blessings. Having gratitude for everything. As long as you find great worth in the world you’ll remain married to it.

Day Eleven

Let’s make this day a little easier. Today, practice  some visualization. Lay in bed either visualizing or meditating. Think of every good thing you can. Take it as a peaceful day as much as you can. Use music to help you, privacy, and peacefully enter into a world you create, one good and full of potential, seeing many wonderful things. So just take a long work of music, and set your mind to focus on it, pulling up any good image, expanding your mind on this day.

Day Twelve

Today let us practice trash authoring. What is trash authoring? It is to take a piece of paper, write on it, put it into a plastic bottle, and either bury it or throw it away. Or you can do this without a flash drive or an archival CD if you like. Naturally if you are going to write what you would on a CD or hard drive it will take much longer to finish, however. A person can get a grasp of that when one compares the size of paper the size of a CD but how much more can be written on a CD. The things seem to come from different dimensions with it’s mirror and all.

What you should do are prayers, maybe written with the magical alphabet shown before, or your own. To roll it all up and place it somewhere, somewhere that it will remain for a very long time.

Day Thirteen

Let today incorporate music into it, as music and magic goes hand in hand. However you can combine the two the best way, do so. That can include rhythmic feelings, mesmerizing melodies, or whatever you like—even “goth” chords. You don’t have to learn and know an instrument well. You just have to have a little privacy if you don’t, that by performing your own music, playing it good or bad is all the same to the person who is only playing it for him/herself. These can be drums, a cheap plastic recorder, a guitar, etc, and if you know how to read and write music all the better. You can put together music for your primary deity. If you can’t, you can still play music meant for her or him. And really higher beings hear music better than we do (they understand it better. So something like the “twelve tone row” is actually pleasant!)

And today is the day again that what you have done the previous six days will pour forth magically after you wake up on the seventh day, day fourteen, so keep that in mind and be looking for its manifestation.

Day Fourteen

Today I took a walk. At least a ten minute walk, and pray to your chosen deities, especially the one most valuable to you. The one who is most at heart. Pray to her or him while you are walking. Grab a good piece of food, candy, a drink of any kind. Come home and while eating it, pray to God that what you taste your deities may also, by name, any time they want, whenever they want.

And today will introduce you to the wonderful habit of positive pacing. Pacing is normally done from nervousness. It doesn’t have to be. It can also be done to think better, to feel better, to think positive, while counting your blessings, looking on the bright side of things, seeing the silver lining in the clouds, and boosting pride. You can do so in your home, like in the kitchen, with music playing in the background if it doesn’t distract you too much.

Day Fifteen

Today I have a few choices for you. More if a floater day. These are: 1: sending out letters or emails rather randomly. Signing onto epal sites, going more on social sites than you regularly do. Sending out the best message you can, pertaining to whatever you want it too.

Or 2: Taking a trip somewhere. Going into a hotel in your own town, the neighboring town or further, Being beside a campfire or being at a beach, or whatever you prefer.

Or 3: Going into at least two stores in one day. You could even choose this to do in your free time instead of today. But ideally, going to three or more occult stores. And occult material is also found in stores that are specifically for occult things, such as those selling old books and idols. Buy what you can afford, a crystal necklace, spell book, mini figure, or whatever you like that pertains to using magic.

Fifteen is more of a list of something you can do when you have nothing else to do.

Day sixteen

Today, start making a prayer book. This book will cover all of your wishes and occult manifestations and their observations. Try to only include things that you feel are important. You may also start an occult journal if you haven’t done so already. Mine is done much differently than typical serious undertones and dull blandness. Rather I take a trapper keeper, stencils, rubber stamps, stickers, colored pens, markers, and graph paper, and bring those together.

Day Seventeen

Today, I have the Marble Ritual for you. You will need green marbles and a pouch. Take them marbles and hold each one in your hand, clenching it tightly, and making prayers. Ideally, prayers of protection and blessing. A different kind of prayer for a marble, at least as far as the subject goes. Place each above a candle flame, a different color of candle per marble, and the subject you feel the color coincides best with (which is up to you to determine.) And place them in a pouch, like a leather one if you like, or any small pouch, and place them above the smoke of an incense for at least three minutes. Then place these above a doorway. Your own room if you like, or the living room door. And more doorways than that by repeating the ritual.

Day Eighteen

Today, climb into a bath and relax. Have candles lit beside you. Have good scents around, like in aromatherapy. And indulge in the senses this day: meaning to eat and fully taste, to smell pleasant things, to hear pleasant sounds, to see pleasant things. Embrace your senses, amplify them. Even if you have to douse your carpet with powdered  laundry detergent. Or taste anything intense, such as the water in a can of tuna, feeling in every way you can as an animal. Then slip into a warm bath and afterwards gaze into a mirror, if you see something unfamiliar to you, then you have succeeded.

Day Nineteen

Spend the day reflecting on the things that you love most. Have as much desire for these as you possibly can. And then pray to receive them. This is done in the best way when it comes to food: just think of what is the best of every kind of food, according to you. Or whatever it is that you like, take time in either remembering you do or to Dev desire for things you didn’t before. It is a day of creating tastes. To bring to mind great things, returning to past loves, finding new ones. And to have known why you like these things. Then your heart will be full and your soul will thirst for more things. Think about these things often. What is the perfect wardrobe for you? The best food? The best toys? The best brands?

Memorize them the best that you can. Keep them in mind often. And fall asleep wishing for them.

Day Twenty

We are coming up again onto the seventh day. And all that has been done will be thrown in the stew. It will soon be food. It will manifest the next day you awake.

May every sixth day be a concentration of ideas that have come. Remember things especially on the sixth day. Sum up all matters, tell your soul what it is to become. Grant your soul the power to better your existence. Have your soul seek out a better life while you dream.

Look into a star and pray to it. Think about the most wonderful things in life to pour out the blood of your heart, and have it rushing through your veins. Today is a concentration of your blood. Magically speaking, most people are thin-blooded, be a true magician by thickening your blood. That is done by amplification of all good things pouring within you, circulating in you, with a spirit that is heading and powerful.

Day Twenty One

Today use creativity to strengthen and broaden your understanding of deities/ spirits, good and bad, whatever they may be. Have it a day of prayers, draw things that emerge from your third eye. Images of them. Short phrases about them from auto writing, and “texturals,” look for them.

A textural is an image that has a sentence or two describing it. For example, my favorite one, shows Link inside a cave where inside a Sage tells him to take with him a weapon, as it is “dangerous to go alone.” That one isn’t suitable for this really. But that’s what a textual is. Try to find a few today that are relevant to a number of spiritual entities—not humorous ones, but things according to their nature. If you can’t, then make some new ones, which is better anyways.

Day Twenty Two

When we eat food we draw in spirits, especially if we fully taste that food. Little is known about the real meaning of taste, but it breaks down to the mind's stomach. That draws in spirit. The stomach is really just it’s dump. It sends things elsewhere. It doesn’t stay in the stomach. And constipation is more likely due to not tasting and enjoying food.

So today practice   taste  magic. Draw in the spirits of the food, and those spirits will both be in you and be more a part of you, by using taste magic. Candy is good, as you are feeding any spirit within you. And the more seriously you eat, tasting as fully as possible, you will invite a spirit to enter into you, and they will stay until you fast. Hopefully you will gather good spirit/s, if not then the only solution is to pray and fast.

Taste Magic involves taste. That’s the first part. But it also involves visualizing seeing visions before you, looking for spirits, seeing them in your mind's eye, along with tasting. One thought for one taste, and that’s all you need to know about taste magic. It makes food taste better. It makes food more fun. And it turns normal eating into magic eating.

Day Twenty Three

Make it a day of occult research. The most informed you had ever had. To go through online books to find that one perfect lesson in magic. There may even be some magic to learn in non magic books. I love this book Isis Unveiled, as well as The Magic of Recluse, and any 1980s Del Rey book, which I had found to be the most uniquely occult books. Whatever book you find you don’t have to read all of it. Just go through them carefully enough and maybe you will stumble upon a magic lesson lost in time. Or one that just wasn’t given enough of the spotlight to be recognized and flourished. It doesn’t have to be books, either, nor only books but books and other things.

Day Twenty Four

Today, try to find a unique magic area. These could be as apparent as a haunted house, an abandoned one, or as unobvious as an area in the desert. Can be a tree resting alone. A dock on the bay no one seems to go to. In a crevice, a cave, or a glade in a forest, or just in the forest. Try to find that special area. Most towns will have them. These areas that call you to them, and go looking according to where you feel taken to. Have it be your place of prayer, or a place to privately perform discreet rituals. Hide around it some magic tools where people don’t find them. Go there very late at night if you have to, in order to have more privacy. And if you have or will have made a coven, take them there. And, perhaps, assign each member a place she or he must find, too.

Day Twenty Five

Spend this day looking for magic items. Such as: a crystal rock, any crystal containing rock, a branch to make a rod from, or maybe going in a store to get a goblet. Or to even collect feathers and magically useful items that people think is garbage. Whatever you collect, turn it into a tool of magic. Crystals are very abundant. As are near looking stones, ones of many colors, whose texture differs. And it would go a long way to learn about different stones and what they are typically used for in magic. But there are all kinds of things to look for when it comes to creating magic tools. If you can, you can polish the stones you find into jewelry. And who knows what you’ll find with a metal detector?

Day Twenty Six

This is the day to consecrate your worship of deities by establishing how you will worship them. And also to make things like Images and idols for them. And also to set forth what you will do for them and things like their very own day of worship. Make your most favorite deity be worshipped on or near your birthday. The others at other times, as they seem to best fit in. And from now on worship them in that way. You can use magic/RPG cards to be shown how you should regard your deities. Just buy a few packs and randomly draw four cards. Magic The Gathering is ideal for this.

Day Twenty Seven

We have come upon the sixth day again which means as we sleep and during that day things done the previous week will come together and be released. It is not known much, but God had his design be created on the 7 th  day while he slept. And if you look into proper translation the more accurate word is slept, not rested. Though sleep is uncommon for any god. Gods usually rest, not sleep. Not to get too much off topic but God like beings lay in bed for hours resting, not sleeping, and do so for show. That people don’t think they are freaks that never sleep.

Since this is the final sixth day before a seventh, I only say that you use it to rest, as much as you can. You can, however, do bed type magic, such as astral projection and visualization. Visualization is, in fact, a good thing to do today.

Day Twenty Eight- Day Thirty

During the next three days a temple will be built. In any room you choose, even your bedroom. The bathroom would probably be a bad place, but other than that, a large closet may even work. Or I’ll try to make that so with these instructions. This is what to do on days 28-30.

You will need a curtain, one ripped in half. This will cover the doorway. You can remove the door to your temple if you want. You can have it over that doorway, but it may be better to remove it. Still, you could have it over the window if you like, and it could be torn but still cover everything from being seen.

The torn curtain represents a barrier between you and the other realms being opened up.

Adorn the room with magic based imagery on the walls. That is very easy. Maybe fun, too, looking for just the right Images inline, printing, framing, and hanging them on the wall. Since you will be in this room in the dark, often, placing glow and the dark star stickers, childish as it may sound, can be helpful, especially if you are in there in the dark, meditating. Another cool thing for the wall may be tarot cards. And lights that dim, such as from lamps that control brightness, will be very useful.

Set up an altar in this temple. One that doesn’t have to be so premise just yet. Rather one that is roughly made and improved upon as time goes by, depending on what magic you use over time. An altar is a highly personalized thing.

A comfortable seat and place to lay down will be good, even if it is just a twin sized air mattress.

And there are things that go the extra mile, such as stained glass windows, but I’ll leave those things up to you, and they are optional.

Sigils should be on the wall. Candles can be added. Idols present, and are very important. And a simple sound system, to play music.

With all of these things your temple will be finished, and in thirty days you will have come very far as a magician.

The People of Samael

This pertains to the formation of a secret society. It’s instructions are brief, but effective. Say first your oath to Samael. Those that are to be his people say this oath and use the simple instructions to form a secret society in his honor.

The Oath of Samael:

“I shall be a part of your people, willing and determined to serve you. To lift up your name and break down obstacles that stand before you. I will be a part of your people, one who is honorable to you. Put into my hands the ability to fulfill your every cause, put into my mind that cause, lead my heart unto it. And may all that I do for you be returned twofold. Be with us in making these things so.”

The Four Expected Characteristics of the Samaelites  

1: Dressing well.

2: Being reliable and trustworthy, secretive.

3: Devotion to one's own cause, the purpose given them by Samael.

4: Doing the best you can in all matters.

The four types of Samuelites: Choose from these. Master them one and all as you want to. As the symbol you choose and the job behind it requires, do your best at it or else change it to another.

1: Gatherer, recruiter, expander. Along with an additional purpose, there is this purpose for those Samaelites  that have chosen it. It is a job of bringing in new people. It is a social based task as well, such as bringing together other Samaelites and ordering their gathering. Can include Church creation.

2: Distributor, Multiplier, Producer, Sustainer. This is a job of circulating information, whether brief or a book, or many books, areas such as online, or house to house. They can make copies, they can replenish as well, such as needed things of low quantity.

3: Changer. Propagator. This is for the one who solely wishes to act on the cause of Samael and the Samaelites. It is their choice to spend the cause, and to cause change in the world. To make a difference. To make things better in the name of Samael.

4: Artist, Writer, Activist, Messenger. This is kind of more than one thing, but they all serve the same purpose. Whether it be the art, which can be drawings, music composition, or even game programming, or writing new material for the Samaelites, these expand upon current material that exists, teaching new things, and also old, and visually relating the message, or through text. It is the body of Samaelite philosophy and ideation.

So you have mystery before you. I’ve set forth the groundwork that others may expand upon. This is a start, a good one, and although vague but for the better: as there is much room to work with.

.. Samael is defined as this, as taken from Wikipedia:

Samael (Hebrew: "Venom of God," "Poison of God," or "Blindness of God"; rarely "Smil," "Samil," or "Samiel") is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is the accuser (Ha-Satan), seducer, and destroyer (Mashhit), and has been regarded as both good and evil.

And is depicted below from two renderings:



The Idea Coven

Covens bond closer together with experience and familiarity of members—each member knowing the other well. At first they may be shy around each other but soon enough they come more closely together. And the more magic they practice together, the better they get at it.

For any circle of friends to stay together they must first be compatible. They need to be like minded. And that circle must benefit each member or else it hasn’t any worth.

Where they meet could be any number of places. If you are lucky, something such as a glade in a forest, a cave area, a neat place, like a pit in town, or it could be a place in the desert, a tree alone in the plains. Better still, each coven member could be roommates. Say that a home or apartment is rented out with four people. They’d have all the privacy and closeness that they want, with reduced rent as it is split between four people.

Some ritual based magic requires a group to perform. Whatever one person learns s/he can share with the others. Magic is more concentrated in a group. The members can split the costs of magic items and tools, and share them. And it just feels good being in a group of people who share your interests: in this case, magic.

Don’t let it have too many members. Stick with a small number of people. 3-6 people. Organize and prioritize things in the best manner. Swear your oaths to stay together and put your group before all others. Sometimes one can study, other times that person gathers. Sometimes one person can be high priest/ess, other times someone else. One whose expertise is in one thing, that thing is their job in the coven, and each with an expertise. Something that they like the most, are naturally good at, will be their work.

If you choose you may do good magic, wicked, or even highly destructive magic. You could deliver in the darker forces, or just set up the worship of angels and spirits. But whatever kind of magic you practice together should be well thought out, given much consideration, I order that you have a lot of choices and find the thing you like the most. A lot of people like one thing, a little, maybe, but if done a particular way they like it a lot more.

Magic Tools and Items: Definition, Creation, Uses

The Wand

At first a branch of a tree, later, a magic tool that is used to point toward what is in your mind. Take that branch and wrap around it a ribbon, or a few ribbons if you like, according to the color you wish to use, or a few colors to impart their power upon it. See Candles below to know the magical meaning and best uses of colors. To a want can be added a crystal wrapped around it. It may be blessed with a bowl of water containing crystals inside. Again, wands are used to point where you want the mind to be directed magically.

The Ring

Pride and wealth go hand in hand.. finger and hand. And pride is a force and power like no other. But most of all rings represent marriage and commitment to any given thing, not just a spouse but Marr to the world and the deities you worship, too. I think that at least magically speaking, a ring with a pearl or crystal is better than one with gold and diamonds. These can have engravings on them. And that is an easy to find service online. The name of a deity, for example. Crystals on a ring are more close by on a ring. And the hand represents the most magically powerful body part, except, of course, the mind.

The Chalice

It’s not so much as what is in it than how it is drunk from. Which is in a very slow and peaceful way, drinking it all at once—slowly and with relaxed feelings. There are magically effective drinks. This is best taught by experience from person to person, individually, but oolong tea and cherry cider works the best for me. It’s not the plant with a spirit kind of thing. It is in how the mind regards any given taste and the thoughts that open up because of it. So a drink as such depending on how it tastes, can help your mind work in magical receptive ways.


Dice can order things done from a number of one to twelve, such as a typical dice, but there are even more sided dice than that.. 24, I think. They can be used to tell fortunes, used in numerology, reveal things, and more. It’s been said that “God doesn’t play dice,” but maybe he does, and as for spirits, they do so all the time. If a deity is close to you then you can count on dice revealing to you things through dice.

Tarot Cards

There are more decks than you can take account of. Personally my favorite has always been the Rider Waite deck. Allister Crowley made them, there is even a “Vampiric” Deck. What’s not usually known, exactly, is how they work. These cards are used very well and very clever to pull up things from the abstract. To provide an idea from abstract images, and this especially works well with many cards side by side. In effect, they provide a good idea for any future.


The best two are rose and blue quartz. Rose is more for love, the heart. And blue is more for concrete power, otherwise. I wore these as a teenager. They were a big item at school. They came in dragon claws as a necklace. Crystals have long been associated with magic. As a stone that by its very nature “grows.” It pulls in energy and breathes it out. It roots you in magic as long as you bear it. Just put one in your pocket and see what good that day will be. Prayers can be aided with a crystal grasped in hand.


I wonder if personal grimoires could sell well online. They are journals like no other. They contain magic experiments and results, teaching it’s creator magic that works best, recording it, preserving it and pulling from it. You can be more creative if you like, like me. I use a trapper keeper, rubber stamps, colored pens, stencils, stickers, graph paper.. Even if you just write a daily prayer it will be full in no time. Or you could just do these digitally, making an eBook. Hell, today you can get these put into a paper based book through online services.


These are used to exert feelings of power for rituals or spells that require it. To overcome your enemy. To be boldly able to ritualize their destruction. Or to powerfully put yourself in a position of authority in commanding forth one's wishes. Really all else that needs to be said if it is: pick one that looks best to you, and don’t be cheap. Buy a well made one, one that looks best to you.


You can create a symbol and a few things said on a piece of paper for any spirit you worship. Then just place it on your altar. If there are higher powers before you then it’ll be read. That would be the case inasmuch as you have attracted deities towards you. One day I was trying to make a symbol but couldn’t. I just folded the paper over and left it in my cabinet. I unfolded the paper later and it had on it a star of David with a crescent moon above it, the ink created something of a blot. The way it happened couldn’t be explained beyond a spiritual power doing it. Because blots don’t do that. Neat enough, stickers can be created or ordered online, making whatever symbols you want into stickers. Graffiti time!

Jewelry and Wardrobe

These are very important to any magician, or at least should be. Whether that person was Allister Crowley, Lavey, or even Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Star Wars, who, after gaining total power, exchanged his proper clothing to a robe only worn by the Sith. Most people would go for heavy black robes. However a look that combines wealth with a subtle provocative look is better. To dress in style just a little different than typical. And to adorn things of wealth, to go out in style, to be attractive.. even of the gods. And in total being proud due to it.


Early in my teachings regarding magic I learned to visualize using classical music and found not only was it powerful, but just pleasant to do, too. And in my heinous devil worshipping years before that I was engrossed in metal. Metal lived and breathed evil into me. I even had an emotion I could only call “darkness,” which was a very unique feeling, really a separate emotion from all my others. Didn’t feel hate. Didn’t feel anger, or anything of any other emotion I had. But those days are gone. Music may be used magically to either evoke feelings or visualization. But here is a first lesson of mine—magic can be pulled from things of nostalgia, as from things recorded that you watched in your childhood. That is simply done by watching it again (the tape or a digital file, or whatever it is. The thing you first watched it on doesn’t matter. You can watch it on a new and different TV or just a cell phone.) And while watching it again try to go back to the memory and experience of watching it the first time. Return to that person. It will place a “crystal” in your memory.


Idols are the best thing in life, at least for me. When I was hoping I missed my idols. So I’d go into stores that sold them and pray to them for free. One day I was at a large store looking through things in the toy area and saw an action figure that looked just like the Devil. Or a demon at least, and a badass one. So I thought, 'why can’t this be an idol?’ and so I bought it, and it became. Like the Devil gave me a toy that day. Idols can be found of all kinds, from an inch tall to several feet. Made from metal. Made from wood.

Holy Water

Whether it’s used for holy purposes or not it works wonders. One day a magician I had a brief acquaintance with (right before I moved to San Francisco) he put an oil between my eyes and said “talk to the serpent.” And I did. Not in my imagination but in reality I heard him and he told me to drop all I’m doing and to come here. Who’d I’d meet beside the sea?


Red=fire, passion, lust and power.

Green= Life, tranquility, wonder and completeness.

Blue= Mystery, change, friendship and the spirit/soul

Yellow= Brightness, intellect, thought, and the mind

Orange= Insanity, or just unusual things

Black= Barrier, blocking, guarding, protection

White= Divinity, higher beings, metaphysics, magic

Purple= Royalty, leadership, pride, glory

Use candles accordingly. But they also may be used where dimmer light is required. Or to burn parchment over, To meditate with and other uses.


If nothing else incense has always been proven to be both the longest lasting and most simple of filling a room with fragrant smells. They are cheap, they last far longer than a spray. And for the little followed practice of magic and aroma therapy these are the most useful tool for them. These are largely spiritual based practices that incorporate incense. Incense works best with things of spirits and ghosts. However they can be noxious to a certain kind of spirit. Most though love hearing scents of all kinds. One month or so I was badly possessed and found myself doing things like covering the carpet with laundry powder.


It doesn’t have to be an expensive instrument. In fact wood winds can come cheaper than anything. Like a plastic recorder or a simple pan flute, an ocarina, or whatever it may be. I personally like wood winds. But there’s no reason it could be a guitar, drum, or anything else you could think of. And you don’t have to play masterfully, though an adequate talent to work them only helps. Use these to make short melodies with, calling forth higher beings.. in summoning magic musical instruments are important.


There have been very many who practiced magic, and widely separated too, who just had the instinct that masks are very effective magical items. Be they used by tribes or devil worshipers, metal music magicians, like a tribe donning the image of a demon before their face, they’ve always been used as magical items. These are done to embody something if a world beyond. One far, far away above or below. And by being as such, you can act as such.

A better understanding of Numerology

When it comes down to it, individual numbers can mean anything, or at least many things. No one number is de-facto about any one thing. But they can be formed into meaningful things by the magician, who implements those things in his or her life. You could say that three is a spare, two is a crutch. Or marvel about the many things that 8 says are important: sleep, cups of water a day. You can set up ten to provide a top ten or any list, as most do. And you can say such things as, “Two is company, three is a crowd.” You can use any given number for its own specific thing in life. And if done right, numbers will shape your reality. And numbers will help you choose where to go and what you can do when you get there.

Paganism and Religious Confines/Territories

Paganism is a celebration of life. It involves feasts. It involves pleasure. And in a magical sense, it makes one incredibly receptive toward upper powers. The ancient Hebrews used to find a connection to God from revelry. A little wine and in good circumstances, that door would be open. The stars, the window of heaven is open at these times for the person who, the pleasure, is exorbitantly open-doored. Let’s take Halloween as a time of such a practice, as it once was for the Pagans. And eat by the fire, being among friends, donning masks, and I a sea of creepy (and sometimes just diabolical) things. If it wasn’t for Halloween there wouldn’t be as many spirits all around us, as when they arrive, they usually stay. If they like it here they will remain for a very long time.

Paganism wasn’t some secret sect, no underground movement. It was a lifestyle that was just very suitable in it’s time. The world yet stopped full of so much mystery. Resources were plentiful. And the people had a very good mentality. They were pragmatic, and only wanted to learn about the world and enjoy the things within it. I can relate to that. One of the best things in life is to just sit and very slowly eat something, like pumpkin seeds. And having a good drive beside me at the end if the day sitting on a bench, relaxing

Ideas of Utopias come and go. Some are incredibly precise. Too much so. And impractical. But my idea for a Utopia is different. It is more simplistic. And may there be a place for everyone but my own personal Utopia would be a place that always has music, and for different areas different music. The very best food. Campfires at night. Having an abandoned bus as a home. Video games everywhere. Freshly cooked meat. Being able to eat one hour, play a game another hour, to sit awhile with food, listening to music. And being able to come and go—from sleeping anywhere in the area, to hear live music. And other than that to just have all the things I love the most in that abandoned bus. The things I like are all cheap. Creative ability included. And that is my utopia. Political and philosophical people can argue until hell freezes over as to what a Utopia is. But if not all together are untrue for some, often much of it isn’t true for some, as though what they like is best for everyone when in reality that is only entirely true for themselves. So is the fact: a person makes her or his own Utopia.

I certainly believe that so—that to add to that, people should have every freedom of where they will live and more specifically what it is like there. But things are so plain! There should be many thousand choices. There aren’t even more than a few dozen if slight shades of different things aren’t taken into account. But to have for everyone a place should be the top sociological and political priority!

If you put two bulls in the same room, they will fight. If you put one tribe before another, they may too. And we live in such a world as one that forces people to be together. I think in terms such as every city or town being much different than the other. But people can’t agree to be different. For one state a cowboy, and another a hippie. For one a gangster, and another a business person. But we need to roll the contrast all the way to the right.

Human Pets

Just like a human's pet, a pet of spiritual beings/ deities, “higher powers and higher beings,” have us as pets. And I know this very well to be true. I’ve heard them. I’ve interacted with them. I’ve seen them. And my schizophrenic friends have, too. In fact while they are hearing “voices” I have said something in my mind before that was repeated by them inside their minds, and have heard things like “what does that have anything to do with anything?” I’d say, such as, “say the number six” in my mind, around someone hearing voices, and he did, and things like that.

And I’ve talked to them. I’ve heard them. They have a greater sense of what I’m thinking. They comment on not only my inner and outer words, but my body language too. I guess you get what you wish for. For years I performed magic to be able to hear spirits and see them. Whatever they were, ghosts, demons, angels, or just spirits, I do not know. But apparently my magic worked, which I’d thought it just didn’t. But magic results have a way of taking awhile to work.

Some people have guardian spirits and they can be considered pets of them. And maybe they brought you into life on this Earth just to have you as a pet. But what’s sure is that some people have spirits that protect them life and limb. What should have been a deadly disaster for them, they survived, even without a scratch. Ever wonder why a plane in the sky crashes and all die except for one person?

They will have more influences on your life than you may realize. They are working behind the scenes to bring up a better life for you. We can only have a narrow understanding of them but all of these things I say are true. There are spirits at all times around you and really the metaphysical world is just a short ways away.

What I would suggest is that you be a good pet. That you find a deity and worship and appreciate it. To be friends with them and whatever your heart says is happening, maybe it is.

Astral Projection

We are all made in God’s image. As the Book of Genesis indicates, that which he envisions, comes into reality. And we have this power too, though to a lesser extent.

While laying in bed people may project their body outward, their spirit, into another place. This is especially so on the fringe of sleep. Although traveling somewhere nearby is more difficult. You are more likely to go to a “familiar place” meaning, an area that coincides with your true nature, as much as that may be. And that being the case, it may take the soul awhile to get there, even a long time. The one rule of it is that what you see before your eyes you must believe is real, or else it won’t be. You will have hidden it before your eyes. You would have put the curtain over the window.

People astral project in sleep all the time. The soul is even trying to get to heaven sometimes. And heaven has it’s upward gravity. Dreams that have you going upward, flying, or on the top of a massive tree, are all indications of this. I used to have dreams where I could jump up, pause high in the air, jumped up again, paused in the air, and jumped up again that way, but eventually fell, fast and hard.

You can project your physical bodies this way. But there is also projection of the mind. That is best done with visualizing things. Your thoughts will go outward into the world. And if you plant just the right seed somewhere you may watch it grow, changing the very world. Let not visualizations be without imaginations, and more than just seeing things. That you don’t merely work on the memory part of the mind, but instead the mind's third eye.

You have the option of making your world and folding into it. During life all that you ask for, will be, someday or another. It may come at a high cost, however. I often prayed for $2,000, the amount I thought I’d need to move to NYC while I was looking for an apartment. It wasn’t long after that I got it. While arrested and after that my SSI piled up to exactly $2,000. But you can be quite surprised that old wishes have a powerful way of becoming true.

How to be rewarded by deities

Those that reward themselves after work are showing they want to be rewarded, and that is a self respect that a deity will see. And they’ll act accordingly. Those that do jobs for their deities will be rewarded. And as long as it continues, maybe they’ll get more over time. And to simply acknowledge a deity, praying, carrying chants for them, looking for them, will make them return the favor, and even shine down on you.

If you’ve influenced any circle of gods with your work and its   worth , if you’ve separated yourself from the typical and represent change and among other humans are at the top of new good things, a worthy purpose, you may find yourself sitting before them.

Magical Stones

Here is a list of magic stones and their uses:

Obsidian- Obsidian is a defensive stone meaning it will protect you. For protection, it helps to have one in your pocket and it guards you against the magical workings of others.

Sapphire- This is a stone of burning passion, and burning desire. It is a rock of flame, serving to kindle desire and purpose, to bring about a stronger will and as such is a stone that represents pride.

Diamond- represents supremacy, evolution, progression, and dominance. As bright as stars high above- a presence of perfection, that perfection embodies characteristics, that entity that excels all others, and a person’s shining attributes.

Amethyst- this stone is most magically effective toward having a better mood, to bring about more joy and happiness, generally, and along with that bringing you prosperity.

Opal- Opal works the best with nocturnal based magic, moon based magic. Magic that opens resting powers. Much the same it is used for magic being performed while at rest, as well as to enhance deep thinking, such as meditation or just mental clarity.

Jade- a stone usually used to call up spirits, especially ancestral ones. They are used as doorways to spiritual realms, and are used for anything pertaining to spirits. They can also be used to enhance human-spiritual powers.

Moonstone-  A stone of finding treasure, one that leads you into it.

Turquoise- Turquoise is best used for wealth increasing magic. It imparts upon people privilege and dignity, honor and high esteem. It is the gold of a true King (or Queen) and is used to gain things like power, sharp intellect and prestige.

Ruby- Ruby is a stone that is best used to call forth spirits. This stone may help any method to do so. As long as you carry it, that spirit will remain with you. Magic may be done to capture a spirit, but ethically speaking, that shouldn’t be done!

Emerald- Emerald is a story of healing. To heal all wounds, mental, physical, and spiritual. To break away painful elements in one's life, or disease whose source derives from spiritual maladies.

Clear Quartz-  clear quartz is used to enhance magic, generally. It does what all the other stones do, just to a lesser extent. It is a stone of balance, a stone of general magic amplification. It is essential for any magician to have a few.

Rose Quartz- Rose quartz is often used in matters of life and romance. But can be used to better any relationship, used to bring about new ones, too. It is a stone of the heart, one that represents fondness, even love.

Blue Quartz- a stone that fortifies a bond. That makes a pre-existing commitment better, whatever that relationship is built upon. A stone provides a better and more optimal bond between you and others.

Aqua marine- This is a story that brings about greater luck, and that can be money based, as in gambling, or it can just be for victory over competition. A stone of successes.

Amber- Amber is best used to soothe painful emotions, such as grid and depression. It is used to fix broken pieces in one’s life. It used to make life better. It is used for improvement in one’s life.

Agate- is a stone that represents change, that can change even what totally seems unchangeable. Coupled with a diamond it adds to that progress, advancement.

Malachite-  Malachite is a prophecy aiding stone. A stone of visions. One that aids imagination and all things that pertain to future predictions are helped by this stone.

Topaz- Topaz is a stone of new beginnings. It is used the best in regards to anything newly established, a new child, a marriage, a commitment—even a new commitment to a deity, to whom the stone is given.

Pearl- though pearl is not in a very literal sense a stone, I am listing it here anyway. This story represents any covenant, dedication, loyalty. This best works by giving them to a loved one or friend.

These can be found online in numerous places and many of them are very inexpensive. Whatever type of magic you use, according to what you want to happen from it, these stones can help you according to the indicated uses.

They can be a part of jewelry, instead of carrying a lot of these in a pocket, and certainly their magic is enhanced by being on you at all times.

And I have below a ritual to consecrate these stones with power, one simple but effective.

Ritual of Rocks

You will need:

A pouch, a bowl, salt, crystals, incense, and a mini shovel.

Follow these steps:

  1. Put the stones in the pouch. Include in these additional stones that are crystals. Hold it in hand, pray that they be given their power.
  2. Light the incense. Put the pouch containing the stones above the smoke of the incense. Hold it there for three or more minutes.
  3. Put it into a bowl of water full of salt. Keep it there for at least two hours.
  4. Remove the pouch. You may put it into a new bowl so that it doesn’t drip everywhere.
  5. Dig a small hole and place it inside. It may be buried on a full moon or pulled up on a full moon, or both. And burying it next to a tree helps, too.
  6. Then simply retrieve it in due time, and they are all infused with magic.

Magical Herbs and Their Uses

As it is a popular and much liked form of magic, this and stones both, about equally, I am listing here some magical herbs and what to use them for.

Basil- Basil helps you study and learn. And it also helps you find and make the right decision. And it can help you understand the most likely future.

Bay-  Bay makes life easier.

Calendula- Calendula invites spirits, especially powerful ones. Is an air to receive greater power through them.

Chamomile- Chamomile  puts us in peace, soothing our spirit, purifying us.

Fennel- Listed here more as a danger: fennel can make one berserk if not used the right way magically, so use it wisely. Its effects are loss of inhibition, for you or someone else, however that would benefit you.

Garlic- Garlic helps you remove bad spirits from your body.

Lavender-  Lavender in the home keeps peace in the home.

Lemon Balm- Makes luckier.

Mint- Mint capture time. Is good when used to remember things or to return to the past.. to bring the past back.. to find what you’ve lost.  

Mistletoe- Mistletoe   attracts a lover. But it also attracts spirits, both good and bad ones.

Parsley- Parsley calls forth beings from other realms. It helps, at least a little, to open up “doorways” to other realms.

Rosemary-  used for matters pertaining to love.

Sage- Increases intellect . Provides   a better understanding of things, gives a better perspective, especially in deep thinking practices.

Saint John’s Wort- has long been known by many to help depression.

Valerian- Valerian root brings about spiritual peace.

Tiger Balm- Tiger balm protects you. It may be used in destructive magic against your enemies.

These can be placed in pre-existing oils. They can be worn in a pouch on a necklace, or just carried in a pouch. They can be turned into incense. They can be dried and sprinkled onto a candle. And some of them can even be consumed.

Some helpful components to magic

So what are some ingredients that aid you with every spell? These are very important to list as a magician cannot be simply a doer, s/he must be a doer in certain ways. Without these alongside magic spells, the spell may produce a lesser result, or even not work altogether.

Desire- Having increased desire toward things in general will take you a long way. Without desire, you don’t want things to begin with. You wouldn’t have anything to aim for. The more you want something, the more you actively pull it in, towards you, and it is itself magic.

Timing- Sometimes magic just works by doing the right thing at the right time. That could be the primary factor of success. It is an important component to magic for that reason. A season for everything, and to agree with that, rolls your intention smoothly on a road meant for it.

Purpose/ The right agenda- That what you do is agreeable, with higher powers, will get you help in achieving what you want to. But if you try to curse someone who doesn’t really deserve it, you may provoke anger against them, and it will return until you.

Involvement- That you simply do what you want to do can help you succeed. If your heart isn’t into it then you may not succeed. But if you work carefully and do your best, then so much more to its success that may otherwise not be there.

Talent/Ability- Being good at magic involves practice, just like every other thing. If your magic is not first successful, don’t be discouraged. With practice you will see better results, I promise.

Knowledge and understanding- Knowing what you can do and cannot, as well as what works and what never does, will help you do magic that works, one you may be naturally good at, or to fill in the missing pieces in making what doesn’t normally work, does.

The right tools- be sure not to lazily come about magic tools, such as wands, drawn symbols, or whatever else. Take your time on each. Don’t take shortcuts. Don’t use a plastic cup as a chalice. Draw what you would well. Don’t just pick up something and think it is magically useful. But instead follow good designs and methods to make them work better.

Simplicity- “Don't bite off more than you can chew.” Don’t have too much on your plate. You may find yourself juggling with dynamite. You may be trying something too early, doing too much of something you can’t fully handle, and fail. Instead, do all things you are good at, learning as you go along.

Emotional depth-  A lot of magic is sparked and kindled by emotion. To raise your emotion to great heights is a powerful ingredient to a lot of magic.  Those that can elevate their mood without drugs, can work better magic. But that emotion must come from the soul, not a chemical reaction in the body that only controls you.

Relationship with deities- having a good regard from the metaphysical world will help you greatly. And can pick up the missing pieces. Sometimes rituals are just a show for these deities, who do require them, and if seen, may act on them fulfilling your wishes, granting what you desire. If they don’t care about you, if they have no reason to, then why should they help? Why should they pay any attention to what you are doing?

Faith and Belief- if you don’t believe in the capability of magic to begin with, it won’t work for you. You couldn’t be engaged. You can burn forth the belief that leads you in reaching magical places. You won’t have any sense of fantasy. You would just be an empty vessel. So, if only while you are performing magic, believe in it, or you’ll just be a person doing silly things.

Being realistic- God has created many beings. Some are more powerful than others. Some that can help you with their powers and can broadly be capable if that. But only up to a certain point as God has placed limitations on them. He is way better than us and them in many ways. He guards us and keeps us for himself in those ways. But there are times when a person is so liked in the metaphysical realm as to command many armies.

Tempering- it may help to do more magic on top of what has been done, to add, to enhance, even to multiply the effect. And sometimes that may be required. For some Desi to be brought into reality you may have to shift a lot of minds, cast a lot of different spells, and to magically adjust things to your favor, instead of making something happen in just one use of one spell.

Receiving help- No doubt that two batteries are more powerful than one so long as space is filled well, by a person of equal power, one who takes it all seriously. Magic talent differs between individual and individual.. a lot. And what you may not be able to do, another may be very well capable of doing. And maybe it can come from a hired hand but it is better to receive such help from a close friend.

Knowing your target well- Knowing it, and also exactly where it should be hit, as each person is a person of many targets.. but it is just one that you must hit. This involves doing things in a way that may not be readily apparent. That requires that you know cause and effect very well. That to put forth a cause that will incur the best effect is a lesson that the best trained magicians have taken good considering our into.

Setting and privacy- rituals work better when you are bold. Not whispering invocations, not being hush hush, but rather exerting more force by being open and outright. So a ritual may best be done when no one is around. And you may even have to find a secluded area somewhere to go to. Some people are singers in the band. Others become drummers.

Preparation- This was an early problem of mine. I set out to perform complex rituals to find I didn’t know how to step by step. I’d forgotten one thing or another. And instead of performing it naturally I did it straight from the book in my hand. It’s far better to memorize what you I tend on doing. To have all you need, to know what you must say, to use magic items the right way and to give them being premade the right way.

Observance-  Be observant always to find out what magic has done. Magic has a way of coming forth if not as exactly intended, but in some form close. How it can come forth it will. And it may have changed in order to do so. The more you know the relation between the metaphysical and you, the better, as you are a unique entity within it, something different from person to person . I once did a ritual to get with a girl I liked. I thought it didn’t do a damn thing. After about a year or less I found a girlfriend that wasn’t her, but looked just like her. She just came into my life out of nowhere.. nothing less than magic brought her to me.

Being sure— Be sure that what you want to happen you are sure that you do. Do not cast a curse lightly. Do not expect people to conform to your wishes, and then expect higher powers to abolish them for not adhering. And know that for everything comes a price. Sometimes that price is heavy, costing you your money, relationships, home, and even life. I know, it’s happened to me. There is usually at least a little cost, especially the more you ask for, asking too much.

Be grateful for all things— as you never know if it was given to you by a powerful power. Often it is. And if you throw anything away, that may upset them. They could even get angry. But, in the least, may discontinue giving you anything. Magic is a thing of acceptance as to ask for something and throw it away or out after having gotten it, such can be called “magician heresy.” They may not have easily been provided for you. Sometimes deities have to break rules to help you. So especially if you are pulling double time to get them, if you do, regard it well.

Being a natural Magician— one kind of Magician only does magic systematically, ritual to ritual, but otherwise there are no magical practices in his or her life. The only magic they do is entirely deliberate and intentional. But the greater magician incorporates magic into all aspects of his life. One is a magician only sometimes. Another's whole life is lived as a magician!

Ways to create whole new worlds

It is a very interesting treatise. That space without boundaries, contains in it every imaginable world, somewhere out there, somewhere very, very far away there is a place of every kind. Let’s assume that there isn’t, though. Still, human kind is becoming increasingly able to create whole new worlds. Which began long ago in books and was confined to imagination. Video games emerged. We made it much more tangible, especially as graphics improved. More and more, the worlds in games were more real, more deeply interacted with. Virtual Reality follows. And someday we may have a “halo deck” as found in Star Trek, and even beyond that. So my point is: why not be ahead of the curb? Why not begin making new worlds today, if, soon, they could be brought into reality? Some may desire doing so, others not, but for those that do there is my Book of the Five Planets series, and these instructions below:

How to Create new Worlds

Through imagination

With eyes closed, begin to think about the world it is. See for the first time it’s people. Introduce yourself. Think of a name for the planet. See the things we do. Accept the good ideas, reject the bad ideas. Be sure that you believe what you see is real, so that your thoughts flow freely and are not restricted. Be at one with its people and envelop yourself into their world.


Begin to draw new things based on this new world. Draw it’s people, classes and types of it’s people, what the world looks like, the architecture there, homes, other buildings, animals, food, cities, towns, special things, etc.

Containing ideas of

  1. It’s people- What do people like best? What do they like the most or dislike the most? What makes them both similar to us or unique?
  2. It’s history- What world changing events occurred there? What were some famous figures? Catastrophes, and also progress, good things occurring, and bad things that have happened there.
  3. It’s beliefs - What is a popular philosophy of theirs? What do they believe in most of all? Old beliefs, primitive ones, but also new. What do they value? What do they condemn?
  4. It’s lifestyles- What is a good day for them? What do they enjoy the most.. and holidays, ideas of fun.. or of difficult work.. and responsibilities, different jobs there, and uses of science and technology, if any.
  5. It’s contents- The kind of precious things found there, and kind of businesses, the look of homes, the terrain, good areas, bad areas, political systems, laws, social structure, etc.,

The Four Elements

All old outdated ideas of them not included, there is still a lot to learn from regarding the four elements. Here are new ideas regarding them, in a somewhat more modern understanding. Scientists would scoff at any idea of there only being four elements, and magical work involving them. I say here that Earth means anything of the earth, any mineral, and any objections upon it, the dirt, the flowers. And fire doesn’t need to be explained though can be added upon: can mean desire, passion, or heated emotion. Water too can mean more than just physical water, it is a thing that finds its own course, representing purity, giving life, cleansing. And air can also represent the spirit.

I add a fifth Element as I sometimes do—that being light. Light in fact is the cause of all life, including the working of neurons in the brain. In the beginning a bird, perhaps a pterodactyl, was in distress. The Earth was devastated. The sky was filled with thick dark clouds. And a bird said desperately “let there be light,” and so it was.

Light is always the best resort when it comes to new technology. But that can be found more or less true in certain ways. When I think of the five elements I start by one thing so between each and the best results. For example with generating power in regard to the five elements:

Water pulled the dam. Or steam power.

Air and wind power

Fire and burning gasoline or coal

Earth and fire, burning

Light and solar power.

And I may also think as far as computer parts are concerned:

Air cools the hardware. Air spoken into a microphone.

Fire as I’d consider electrical current, if even that comes a bit from the abstract.

Earth plays a big part, includes metal and magnets, even plastic

And Light which includes lasers, includes the screen, the display, fiber optics and such, and certainly has the upper hand here.

And thinking of you jobs, the kind you would find from element to element:

Earth includes things like mining and jewelry. Includes clothes, like from cotton, or even polyester. They include farming. Like to, along with farming, and water. Observations of the Earth itself is a job. This includes woodwork and construction, too.

Air includes things like flying, piloting, hiking you could say. But really I am pressed to find many examples. I guess you could say but a skyscraper or bridge.

Water includes fishing, irrigation, bartending, sometimes medicine, spraying the streets, washing and cleaning.

Fire includes cooking, burning fuel, keeping warm, and heating.

Light includes photography, television work, night time work, things gifted by the sun.

So by understanding these you simply have a better understanding, one that may be used and applied to what you are doing and what you know about things. You have more options. You have more choices, different ways to get the same or better result.

Light always produces the best result, if not immediately then sooner or later. When you think about highly advanced technology, you always wind up with a light based product that is far more superior than the other elements. This could be fiber optics, going from tape to CD, providing light wherever it is needed, and if it hasn’t become the best yet, there is probably an as of yet light based thing to come, which will be the best..

Magical Areas

Certain areas are better suited to work magic. A personal, private room, a desert, and other places as listed below:

In a room meant for it

This may either be better privacy or less privacy, depending on who lives with you when they aren’t there, if they are there at all. But also less privacy can be found there due to thin neighboring walls. You could be known as a secluded weirdo to the closed minded. But if you have every permission to be a little strange, and your parents don’t tear down the magical Images donning your wall, or your roommate doesn’t mind, then you could have a private temple in any room. And if you aren’t shy or embarrassed by it, you can speak out loud chants and invocations. At best your room—that is your own. It is your area. And you should have your area for whatever you want with it.

In the desert

The desert is the best place for meditation and thought. So long as it isn’t too hot. During the summer it is. But in most desert areas the temperature is at least cool during the winter. Long walks may be taken into it, all the while thinking and meditating. It is a good place to look for spirits or to talk to them. It can be a highly private area. And I’ve done just these things in the desert area surrounding Tucson Arizona. It lifted my spirits and directed my thoughts upon that whom I worshipped.

In a glade/forest

I would say that at best it is a good place to feast, especially if you are in a coven, and with them. It arouses a magical feeling in you. So much that you are given more confidence to succeed in whatever spell you are casting. It is a “conductive” area for magic. It can be an enchanting place. A perfect environment to cast spells and perform rites and many a magician has been lured to such a place, for those very reasons.

In an abandoned home

Just be sure it really is abandoned. You don’t want to be trespassing! Breaking in illegally.. it’ll be apparent if it is. There wouldn’t be much of a roof and most of the walls are gone. This is a very good area to work magic. They are usually in unpopulated areas, or only lightly populated areas. When you can find one that is, then you can go there, preferably at night to perform magic.

In a graveyard

This one can be a slippery slope. That’s because no one wants someone hanging out at a graveyard, that isn't there to visit a lost loved one.. but doing strange things. I however found a graveyard with beside it a small hill that went downward into an area surrounded by bushes. And in the middle I just sat and prayed, opened up my pack, and drank a few beers.

In a swampy area

There actually were a lot of swampy areas around Clovis NM where I grew up. My father and mom, me and my siblings went to one. We traveled a lot. Sometimes just to beat places no one knew about. My dad’s friend told him about this swampy area outside of Clovis. I made a kind of tent there with just branches over a tree. And there was another swampy area that I stayed a few nights at while homeless. These are places you wouldn’t know were there unless you looked around carefully. So they are very isolated. In fact they are ideal for privacy. No one wants to walk through them. No one likes to. They are difficult to pass.

Under a bridge

Stories are often told about the being either before the bridge or under it. I’d personally relate it to more heinous forms of magic. Those that practice magic of a darker nature. Bridges are usually over water. But some are just over a deep pit. If you have one in your area, count yourself lucky. It is a perfect place to cast magic, of all kinds, but especially that of a heavier tone.

In a cave

Once I heard of a fabled cave outside of Tucson AZ, one containing human skulls where black magic was reported to have been practiced. I guess these areas are good in some ways, but dangerous in many others. As if they are anywhere near a city, be cautioned that people may be going there, either devil worshippers or gangsters. But if these are far away from any city or home, they are probably safe enough to enter, even regularly, and can in fact endow great privacy and a cool surrounding.

In a field

I actually wandered into a Satanist cult one year. I was 18. It was my birthday.. I went to a park outside of town with my family. Kind of wandered off into a field. I’d seen some kind of castle-like structure in the distance. That was a time in my life when things had gotten pretty bad. My life came to an end there, and my new life began, as a new person, a different person, who was set out on the path that I follow today.

Fields are for people very open. Fields are for people who want to be apart from the city.

In a pit

Take a shovel and dig if you have to. But don’t bust any pipes. There was an area outside of Texico where I once lived. Just a big pit that who knows how it came to be. We’d go there often in our better days, me and my friends, working magic there and filled with reverie.

Across the tracks

Who knows what you’ll find there. Who you could meet. What is on the other side of the rainbow? Where magic would lead you to someone. And better than magic for any of its uses are the friends you perform it with. Maybe magic doesn’t mean much to you yourself. But among friends, magic forms the best relationships.

My Favorite Movies About Magic

These cover uses of magic into entertainment forms very well. They are all good and entertaining movies. And they are highly diverse. I’ve found that while most movies are the same subject to subject, those about magic are very different from one to the other. Here is a list of the best ones:


A movie that is something of a different take on the garden of Eden, the movie stars Jack and Lily. Jack leads Lilly to touch a unicorn which is forbidden. It’s horn is taken and given to Darkness. Lilly is captured by Darkness and Jack ventures out to save her. The objective of Darkness is to destroy all light, but doesn’t succeed.

The Craft

This movie is about a coven of witches. They have three members before adding a fourth, someone that has a lot more power than them, a “natural witch,” the group end up turning against her, after she leaves for ethical reasons—as they had become destructive in their uses of magic. But she prevails in the end.


A lesser known movie but a good one. This has a much different rendition of the Sword in the Stone story as originally told. This movie is based much more on magic and covers many things not originally present in the story. It tells a story of good magic vs. bad magic, doing so in a very entertaining way.

The Ghoulies

This is one of those “satanic” movies that were once a popular topic for horror movies. Most of those I’d call cheesy, such as Warlock and The Omen. But Ghoulies was one that wasn’t. It is about these little demons at an amusement park.. pretty entertaining.


Hellraiser is another of those horror movies you may call “satanic,” it is about this special magical cube a person invented that opens up a new dimension, one like hell. And after bringing a small group of demons to him, he suffered the consequences.

The Gate

Just a scary movie that uses clay animation to make some pretty creepy looking little demons. A movie in which the gates of hell are opened due to some kids playing around with magic.


Krull has much more depth of story to it compared to the other more on this list. It is about a prince whose bride was taken by “The Beast” and his journey to free her. Along the way he meets magicians and creatures, and people with many interesting stories behind them.


Willow is a person in this movie that wishes to learn magic as taught by the village sage. One day he finds a baby in a basket washed up to the banks of a river. He doesn’t know what to do about it. The baby is human and his people aren’t. The safe sends him out to give her to the first human he sees. But getting twisted around and diverted ends up on a quest in which he learns magic and stops a sorceress from gaining total power.. as the baby is prophesied to overthrow her rule.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer.. I don’t remember it much but it was a very favorite movie of mine when I was young. I do remember it being more feasible, more realistic and serious than typical movies of the same genre.

Conan the Barbarian

And also Conan the Conqueror. This is such a good movie! It’s eerie sometimes, other times thrilling, and sometimes winsome. It’s the tale of Conan’s journey who meets along the way a warrior, a thief, and a wizard, who in the end faces off with a sorcerer whose cult stands in his way.


This is the only movie in this list that is a kids movie. It’s kind of charming. You’d either like the music in it or wouldn’t, you’d either care about the plot or not. It is largely about a woman working to get through a labyrinth to get back her baby brother. She “wished the wrong wish” and a “goblin king” took him from her. He makes her go to a labyrinth with a set amount of time to get him back.

The Hobbit

Whether the movie or the cartoon, both are very enjoyable films. You probably know what the Hobbit is about. It's about a Hobbit that, as Hobbits are, doesn’t wish to leave the comfort of his home, but is compelled to by a Wizard. With him as a bugler, and a team of people beside him, they set off to reclaim gold and a lake of treasures stolen by a dragon.


Carrie is about a girl whose mother was strictly religious.. strictly Christian. And that girl begins to develop magic power. In school Carrie displays magical powers. She can do weak magical things at first. But in the end she becomes enraged at a humiliation dealt to her during prom.. There was a much lesser known sequel to this I like even better, called Karrie (with a K) that tells the story of her daughter.

Drinks in the Chalice

Drinks are very definable as to how to be used magically, in a de-facto way even, given people have the same general reaction to tastes from drink to drink. This can be summed up as drinks that make you feel.. peaceful, drunk, invigorated, or of things sweet, sour, etc.. so this is about the nature of drinks in regard to magic purposes. And I’ve long been a person very interested in trying any drink, as there are very, very many, all distinct, and it is a pleasure to try anything new among them.

Grape Juice

Grape juice is much like blood. And you don’t have to drive blood (which for any normal person would be discussing.) A communion drink. An intensely flavored drink. Can be a blasphemous communal drink.. or a holy one.. or both. It takes less. The rich taste is very overpowering if taken in large gulps.

Pomegranate Juice

Pure pomegranate juice is hard to come by. This has long been considered a godly elixir. It is magically potent. It’s very good tasting, and comes from one of the strangest fruits on Earth. It can be kind of expensive though to get it in 100%. It is usually mixed with other fruit juices.

Black Tea

Black tea actually has two stimulants. Not just caffeine. And given you drink it in a taller cup than coffee, especially when it’s iced, you are getting more caffeine plus this additional stimulant. It’s always being found to be healthy.. with antioxidants, flavonoids. As it’s taste isn’t too strong and it’s taste being what it is I would use it in more informal magic, or in group settings, especially of a casual nature. But those that drink it, may feel like Kings and Queens. It is a drink of royalty and commitment.

Oolong Tea

Oolong is a very distinct tasting tea. I have found it to be powerful in the use of meditative magic as it has a taste that lends to thought. It calms in a way but also due to a slightly sharp taste can itself give a bit of energy that may be useful. It helps you focus, as long as you pay attention to that taste.


In terms of overall balance, wine is always a good choice for incorporating magic. When nothing else works, wine will. It has just the right taste and does just the right thing. So very magicians have known it to be true. And wine is used more in magic than any other drink. It can also just be an element of entertainment, as comes from feasting.. and feasting itself is a magic rite, a very good one in fact.

Other alcohols

Be they whiskey, beer, rum, or anything, these can elevate your mood. And so much as to open up windows in heaven, which are opened in revelry. Drugs, however, do not have that same effect. At least not according to how I was taught by Aeon.

Iced water

If you are parched you would want only water. A person who is badly thirsty thinks very good of water, may not otherwise. So I’m putting it here not as a magic elixir but as a thing to drink before you drink a magical elixir, at least an hour before. Drink it slowly, and feel peaceful from doing so.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be used for self discipline. It can be used to bring to mind negative thoughts, then driving by lemon juice, you will tell your own mind that that was a bad thought, which can be as such things as negative thought, self hate, or such things. It just brings to mind things you don’t like and treat them.. with the taste of lemon. Whether you are ordering your thoughts better or casting a curse. Both can be done with lemon juice, especially the undiluted kind.

Cherry Cider

Cherry cider is good for all happy magic, even childishness, of anything done with vibrancy and positivity. If you’ve never had cherry cider try some, it has a great taste. It’s much better than, say, apple cider.


I would categorize it as a comforting drink. Can be used by those that need comfort. A drink of warmth and peace. One that can be used year round, not just once a year as it usually is. But then, too, it may be best used to settle old matters and come into the new year with a commitment to do even better than the year before.

Rice Water

It sounds awful but it isn’t as awful as it sounds. You might even like it. This drink is all in good fun too, a nice drink to have wherever you are. A very healthy drink. One that the mind likes, so it must be good for something.


I have more of a method to drinking it than I do for its uses. That is to chug it. Chug a large cup of it barely able to breathe, then kind of gasp for air. You won’t suffocate yourself, hopefully. Be careful. But doing this can be extremely invigorating. It is a total quenching of thirst. Since it is soda, it is more difficult to chug. But that only adds to the effect.  


Half and half is the best, though not as healthy, as is often the case. I use this to play the child to my deities. And I am one wrapped in the wings of a Mother Goddess. And when I drop it I say to myself in meditation my blood is blue.


This has been my only book that was entirely about magic. It will be the only one I have written, as I am stopping at 40 books. It is my intention to only write 40 books. This has certainly brought anti-Voidism further into the realm of religion. It was a religion before this, magic has been added to it as well as could be. I have a lot of experience with the subject, especially from my year-long dream.

I know the ideas will work for you. Those magicians that are dedicated and persevere, becoming into adult magicians, even until old age, will see great things. In fact a lot of the metaphysical is hidden from children and young teenagers, under orders of God. Much like one cannot sell their soul at an early age, as I explained before. But if you continue magic unto adulthood, the metaphysical world will open to you, and only then could you fully embrace it.

This has been the fourth book of anti Voidism/ Aeonism, There is one more to go before I will have satisfactory established it. And going even deep into it, enough that it is uniquely it’s own thing and stands complete. Anyone can add to it’s content. I do not prevent such a thing, unlike so many religious leaders that established themselves as the first and final word.. nearly all have. But in the end people will come forth and add to what was told not to be. People adding to the Old Testament Bible, and also the New, such as Mormonism, people adding to “LaVey’s” Satanism —and that copycat him, adding very little anything additional, and things like the Koran replacing the New Testament of Christ altogether. But as for me, I just say: if you can be a leader. And you are a leader. Than you are a leader, whether you did it with permission or not.

Like all of my books this is best read by just skipping around and coming back to it often. Just as many religious books are. Some may read the Bible cover to cover, others choose and pick chapters and pages far apart from each other, sometimes, and some just randomly pick a page. Since this is such a thing as a book, randomly reading it is just fine, and is a natural read that way, an easy one.

Thank you for reading my book and remember, they are all free and in public domain. You can find my books on Lulu, Amazon, Scribd, MagCloud, and Google Play, and hopefully in many other places someday. I like YouTube. You can also find me there under my full name: Lucifer Jeremy White.

To summarize this book:

An important part of my magic comes from your relationship with the deities you either worship or honor.

We don’t know how magic works exactly, except that it is a manipulation of spiritual powers over physical, more tangible ones. God is a spirit being. Though the Earth and existence may seem so impenetrable, it isn’t. There is a breach. There are outer boundaries of being that seep into the metaphysical dimension, where spiritual beings reside that we can interact with.

Magic though is made to be hidden from the common eye. The outer realms desire secrecy. They don’t want to be seen. That would obstruct human existence, something that God forbids. But we can still do great things and make great changes, as when most are none the wiser.

Being a magician is a lifelong pursuit, if a magician is to teach her or his full potential. Some magic is easy. Particularly powerful magic, however, takes a lifetime to master. But generally speaking, you will progress. You will even be able to make a few great leaps in your lifetime. And with perseverance, magic will get you far. Always keep your greatest wishes at heart.

I can attest that magic is real and that magic works. It is something that most people would refute, despite the personal testimony of others. Despite any evidence. For when most see it, they’ll have some other different understanding of it, one “scientific” or will just regular that evidence as false.

The Principle List of Lucifer

Here it is again, the principal list. These are given to 11 of your loved ones and yourself. They can be for friends, family, or both. Just try not to change who you assign them to. These are then observable in an occult way from movies, books, and video games. The first one is given to the oldest person in your list, down to the youngest, fitting yourself in where you come in by age. That’s important as it was made just that way initially. If you are wondering what mine is, it is Goat, Ring, White, Thief.

Person One: Red, Hand, Staff, Bird

Person Two: Brown, Bee, Cane, Bear

Person Three: Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Person Four: White, Ring, Goat, Thief

Person Five: Joker, Swine, Gold, Sword

Person Six: Red, Whip, Fairy, Cat

Person Seven: Yellow, Rodent, Wind, Duke

Person Eight: Bomb/Blast/Want, Black, Beast, Fox

Person Nine: Yellow, Toad, Dust, Horse

Person Ten: Assassin, Creature, Word, Tiger/Lion

Person Eleven: Blue, Spirit, Elephant, Stone

Person Twelve: Dragon, Mask, Purple, Wolf/Dog.

Book 4: The Book of Raine

Because of a formatting error the Book of Raine has been switched from the second book to the fourth.


Welcome to the second book for the new religion of Anti Voidism. For a little background Anti Voidism was created around the idea that the most important thing in life is to simply have good things in it. To fill the void with good things. It herald’s forth a goddess who visited me in my days of homelessness, a helping mother figure to me named Aeon. And the first book—Anti Voidism: Book of Aeon, has established her as our goddess, and taught basic lessons concerning having good things in life and its importance.

This, the fourth book, Book of Raine, will teach it’s reader how to bring good things into their life the best way that s/he can.

It is to both come open unto blessing, and to draw in blessing. To exchange poison for nectar. To call forth things of desire and to be answered.

The word Raine is defined here as this: A falling down of blessings.

By using this book you will gain fortune and happiness. Your life will be made better over all, as well as your mental state. I hope to motivate you toward greater things. I hope to establish a Creed that is naturally conducive for any truly good and valuable thing to enter into the lives of those who follow it. That while destructive things are removed, cast far away, and blocked from returning from you- the two together as much as possible. It is the fruit of blessings. Consider this book a “dictionary of blessings.”

May blessing Raine  down upon you and an empty house be filled with great things. May day by day you cherish each hour in coming into full understanding of this book and applying it’s teachings. And Aeon be with you all of your days.

Opening Statement

It is an honor to share this road with you.

I have an offer for you and for all of us together, for all who would agree.

That what I have but never wanted, or what I would get but not want in the future, as well as things I no longer want, that if any of you want them, then you can have them, by the power of Aeon.

And if so then may I have from any of you that have things not wanted, that you never did, or when it becomes that you don’t want them any longer, may I have them by the power of Aeon?

And may together our sharing be very fair. May we learn to like things that most people do not. May we cherish such things, as they come at a lesser price than what everyone is seeking.

If we have only a little food, we should eat it very slowly and enjoy it as fully as possible. If we do so, a little becomes a lot. Let us then drink and eat slowly.

Let’s not underestimate the value of something. Let it shine forth in greater greatness and cling to it, throwing nothing away.

A little gambling can pay off greatly, if even it takes years, but comes as an investment.

And while the rich can have all good things instantly, at least we can have them in due time, piece by piece until brought together.

And without desire things are simply not going to be cared for, not appreciated, and nothing but an empty void.

But an empty void is filled by those who choose to desire more greatly and appreciate what has been gotten. While those who don’t receive nothing, really. And from desire comes will and determination to both find and receive. Without which nothing may be grasped onto, even life itself.

An appearance of wealth is suited for success and invites it in if you are dressed very well then very good company will let you in. If you are dressed very poorly then you will walk among the lesser classes. If you are going to be aligned with the angels and gods.. those who are to represent themselves better and what they offer must be well dressed.

It leads to greater pride, attractiveness, and greater acceptance.

Don’t fight in an impossible war, just leave the battlefield

Heavy arguments and disputes are strongly held as precious to some. They don’t want to lose the argument. There are problems for some that are Paramount. People have put their lives together differently, person to person. And what is a problem for some is the best solution for others. And to take it from them might seem to you as helpful, but it might be devastating to them.

Some things that they have may be releasing their emotions for them, letting them “vent,” For some life is just easier with a little alcohol consumption.. which to you may be a lot of, but not for them and something for them is more adapted to them.

Some want to fight and are ready and willing to. Some need that in their lives. They feel they need to be in control. It’s just that they don’t know how to gain it, really. It is lost from them. They will incessantly insult others doing all they can to both believe and make known it isn’t their fault. Everyone is hateful to them, when it is just their own signals being crossed. In reality no one is hateful to them. They just feel hated.

A person can have a very bad day one day and though she may say something hateful, most will feel bad about it later on. And we are all on the same boat. Maybe different boats in the same water. It is human to emotionally suffer. There is no escaping it. Just count yourself among the fortunate who will never be tormented so bad as to murder others. And believe me, such is the torment of some to lead them into it. A lot of mass murders you see are caused by people having been thoroughly bullied. But it would have been better for him if he had found a better way. Many of us on Earth will walk the path of punishment, severe punishment, and all of us face a lot of it in our lifetimes—it is something that goes round and round on Earth. Do your best to stay out of its circles.

Be an open door. Be a person calling in great things. Have led unto you things that are great.

When you are looking for something enough you develop a psychic sense of where it can be found. You become like a magnet, a metal detector. You will be ready to take something offered for you. You will receive things happily.

You will gravitate to places you want to be. Very much what we want is where we are led. I am living in a place at this time in my life that has all of the best things I’ve ever wanted within it. And in the exact city I chose. But before I got here I was very picky. I passed up some good homes. I left a city that didn’t have the things I wanted. Now I live by the beach because I caused things to get a little better and a little better. So I say, be picky in life.

That one Multi Million Dollar idea

There is a lot of money to be had in inventions and patents. While making songs in a band, writing, or painting are often sought ways to fame and fortune, inventing is much more likely to get you there. While you can spend weeks making that perfect song, or paint all of your life, becoming the best you can, you are just needing one good idea to break through in inventing things.

If you think your idea is a very good one, though, the proof is in the pudding, as to if it sells well or not is another story. It takes a brilliant mind, but you have a lot more chances when it comes to inventing something and becoming rich, compared to most other methods too.

Being at peace with your plans and agenda

A lot of it depends on your level of pride. Pride can be the most motivating thing. To observe what you are doing in a satisfactory way certainly helps you out with what you are doing as you go along. So in that self encouragement is important and also feelings of fulfillment.

It is a good thing to meditate on. Not just one or a few things you have accomplished, but many, piece by piece, portion by portion, all in total. It is a feeling of being glad you took the effort, as difficult as it was, but as worth it as it was.

If you do not care about something, it has no meaning for you at all, and you don’t have the drive to continue doing it. If it is lost, it has just fallen from you, you just shed it as naturally as your skin.

Difference for difference sake

You may have a favorite of any type of thing you buy. Such as me with Bic lighters. Or a kind of favorite fast food item, type of game, clothing, drink, electronics, etc. But although one thing may be the best of its kind, or you just are getting only one out of habit, sometimes difference carries its own worth.

Having the same thing over and over again is nothing new. It is a part of you that you see as you come to, an ordinary thing, not so much something that is better to look at and to hold.

Establishing and maintaining a good home through and through

As it is the place that you’ll live and exist your happiness and well being depends on it. If it is a place of conflict and misery then that will be your abode. You will harbor hate and frustration. Or if it is a boring place, you will harbor depression.

If it is a place where you work on things, through employment or otherwise, then you’ll have occupied yourself within it like a station, without boredom or depression. If you and your partner quarrel often then maybe you should part ways. If it is without resolve. It takes a great deal of effort and responsibility to have a family. But it helps if you only allow in that family, as my parents did for me and us. Without strangers coming in interfering with us, without sharing our home with strangers, even temporarily.

A good bed, a good chair, good comfort, good entertainment, good food, and good company, are all that you need for the perfect home. As good as they are is as good as a life you can make yourself inside of it.

The Spirit of Competition and Envy

In a socialist state all may be equal, but ambitious hard driven people do not want to be equal, they want better things and are working mostly for that purpose.

Think of a soul as a thing that can either be driven or motionless. A person who wants the things others do and wants to become even greater, and ever greater, as much as this is so, has drive. But without which a soul is stationary, not moving forward.

Spare the least and use sparingly

There was a case when a man saved pennies for many years. By making a special appointment with a bank he went to cash them, and received close to $5,000. A penny may not be worth picking up. But it can be worth keeping. It happens sometimes where you are close to the price asked, not obtaining it otherwise. And a little given can really add up. Giving just one of your things each day in the month would reduce it by a count of thirty. And that little bit of fuel in a lighter could have lasted a week more.

If it is doing its job just fine then continue employing it unless you replace it with something superior. A faucet, a door knob, a lamp, a cooling system, an ugly dresser. Just don’t do something without it being replaced with something better, for the sake of things becoming ever better.

Eating food more slowly and making a drink last longer, Writing on a whole sheet of a piece of paper,

You will be blessed by Aeon and her company when she sees that you have used something as fully as you could. And this is important to remember: that when you are given something through them, but you swindle it, or give it away, you will show unappreciation, and may not be given to again.

Caring about your past is a model for its return

Things back then could have been the best of times. But without identifying them, we have no source used to bringing back new times just as good as they. This is especially a problem when you grow older. But whatever good you once had can guide your heart and return, even if it is differently, the days you had cherished.

Besides that, the saying that History repeats itself, that if you don’t know the bad things of your past you are not as apt to prevent them if you do.

Love from the seasons of life

There is a time for good, for evil, for friends, for enemies, for relaxation, for work, for greater purpose, for lesser purpose, for pleasure, for pain.

There is a period of one interest and then a period for another. To begin one thing and to end one thing. To do something new, and something new again.

There is a time for mistakes and a time for correction of mistakes, a time to take a chance. A time to fail and a time to succeed.

They all very well go hand in hand giving us direction, giving us a model of what we should and shouldn’t do. Altogether it is a lesson of life and the creator of understanding. Bringing about an understanding and giving us the knowledge of what is good and what isn’t, as we build our lives and reform them, and as we come to know the world and what we should do during our time upon it.

It is good that things change. It is good that things do not remain the same. And it is good to not be settled into one thing forever, but to gain new experience and learn more things. To come to desire new things and to reject what was once loved but no longer needed.

It makes life the great experience that it is. It is the soul of our existence.

Take anything that is free

If someone offers you something, I say, take it. And do not feel obligated to pay it back. Wherever you can find free things, go there. I like to request free samples online. All you do is request a sample from them and there it comes. And there are numerous things offered as samples. Free books from Churches. You can easily get Bibles, Korans, Book of Mormon, and such. You can simply ask for charity from others online through certain websites. Just please your case and hope for the best.

I wish I could marry sugar!

At one time in my life I would have married sugar if I could. If only I could get it tax free when I did. And have more of it available to me. I’ve consumed a lot of sugar in my life. I don’t have diabetes. Sugar is the best drug for those that do not do drugs. It comes in many forms, from powder to gooey, from crunchy to hard. It’s inexpensive. And yeah you can have too much of it but that only lends to its longevity.

My marriage to the world is closer to reality, and is a highly personal thing. I bless the Earth. The Earth blesses me, and I return to it the greatest good I am able to.

A ten percent tithe to your future prosperity

If you are going to have a better future, it is best to keep a commitment of investing ten percent of your income from paycheck to paycheck, earnings to earnings into your future, for your future prosperity.

This is more general than it may sound, though. All that I mean is put ten percent of your earnings into anything that makes your future better. Anything that makes life in the future better and easier for you.

If you use something regularly, you can buy more of it one week or month that carries over into the next, saving you money ahead of time. Or it can be toward retirement, it can be toward investments.

Bring down upon yourself love, not hate

The hate is far more visible than the love. The hate is like a fire, burning into our minds. Surely we would do anything to never be burned by it. Love is like an ointment to the burns, working as effectively as we allow it to.

This is done by appreciation of others, whatever good they do you. Sometimes it is as simple as happily accepting a compliment. Even if it is, we feel unworthy of it. It can be acknowledged that people care for you and are friendly, more than you observe off hand. There are some days in your life one person is thinking a lot about you, and possibly many such days. And days that others are. That may miss you. Maybe they are concerned about you. They hope you are doing well. And some people in your life may not like you. But others do, even very much. And would feel devastated if they knew things were going badly for you, or worse, that you’ve gone. There are people in your daily life that like helping you. So next time you are in a fast food place eager for them to hurry, even impatiently, just consider that maybe they like their job, and helping you and others, but sometimes are treated very unfairly by rude customers.

Bring down to you incredible power

Let’s say that you were superman. But you hadn’t any real enemy. Maybe you don’t want to save the whole world. You could barely cover a town. And if you did want to save anyone, if it made you feel good too, you would just work with the government to those ends.

Scientific advancements are a great gift for us. It took some hard work and experimenting over the time of centuries to come to the point we’ve arrived at. The work of millions of smart people are all there in one representation, that in the things it created, available to everyone. It is such a good thing that it doesn’t come at the price of being among the geniuses. It may come at the cost of one's check, but overall the prices are considerably fair. I mean, you may not be able to afford a supercar, but we see driverless cars on the horizon, and eventually they will even be affordable enough, even if through installments.

Those that choose to limit themselves on these things are really missing out. You don’t know what you got until it’s gone. You don’t know what it is until you have it.

Material health does make you happy!

It’s been said that money can’t buy you happiness. And maybe some people are never pleased. But in regard to how much material possessions improve your life, cause involvement, makes your life easier, and more pleasurable, and more interesting, money obviously can lead to great happiness.

They say it doesn’t somehow just can’t compare the happiness of a homeless person to a rich man who’s rich going on a trip to a wonderful place, Disney World, The Bahamas, by the beach, drinking mixed drinks. They take a bath in a Jacuzzi. His car never breaks down. He never has to drive it himself. His food is very particular and well prepared. His life is far easier, filled with all the things s/he loves.

Imagine a room with nothing in it really. Maybe a table, pen, paper, and an old TV that doesn’t have cable, and a hard wooden seat. And imagine a room where there was a library of good books, a mini movie theater and cushioned reclining seats. Who's going to be happier?

Like magic we can cast upon ourselves a better life

What better magician could there be? If we took a serious priority to systematically make our lives and daily life better, we could live our remaining days happier, more fulfilling, based on any idea design. If we let things remain the same, it will. But if we looked hard for things to fix, they could be fixed, and our lives made better.

Sometimes it takes a good eye and comes only after great consideration, but when spotting how things could be made better and making it so, we have a better future, a better tomorrow.

Doing a job for Mother Aeon

As presented in The Book of Aeon, we in Anti Voidism share a primary Goddess, that being Aeon.

The best way to have Her in your life and to have her continually by your side, the best way to show appreciation, is in doing jobs for Her.

These jobs can be anything at all. It only requires a little thought.. in order to be fully appreciated as a thoughtful thing. I would do so while homeless, and rewarded accordingly.

It is not a job you do for others, as in getting paid, but a job done just for Her, Her alone. It can be feeding the birds, making up your bed, doing art work for Her, writing Her poetry, or even tending to your hygiene. Whatever it is you choose to do, as long as it is done solely for Her and you enjoy doing it.

Contentment is a refusal to have needs

I don’t consider contentment a virtue. I think that by wishing to have greater things I will get them, and like having them, and wouldn’t otherwise. I would rather be proud of my collections and wish to extend them. It is a good reason to live and a good reason to work. I can’t live off of beans and bread. I want something good to eat and if possible something better to eat the next time.

To be satisfied with what you already have doesn’t really make sense. It is an oxygen moron in that if it is all I want I couldn’t want things like it or better than it. It seems irresponsible to myself not to work each day to make life better today than it was before.

A good form of meditation is to be satisfied with what you own. Considering how much you have, it’s value, it’s worth, how much it can be used, brings about more natural satisfaction and from a tangible source, rather than light feelings of nirvana—I call it a nirvana of materiality.

Occupied hands reap great rewards

The right mentality can be the difference between working- able and lazy-incapacitated. When venturing into work for the first time in one’s life after leaving the nest may find it difficult at first, but given time they should become adapted enough to do so regularly.

Being able to work, even being willing to work, can mean the difference between having a home with good things, and being homeless with nothing. But worse than that come the things that often go hand in hand with homelessness: drug abuse, prostitution, and disease.

It may be the only one and good choice in life that would make such a difference as that.

Just don’t take it too badly. Consider it an opportunity of opportunities in your choice of work. There are a married number of possible jobs you can have. There is a numerous and highly diverse selection between them. Some require higher education. Others just special training, maybe a certificate. Very many just need a high school diploma or GED.

There are opportunities for automatically recurring cash. These are best done in part time as they are not quick answers. There are opportunities to invent something very worthwhile if you think about it well enough. And May you could create a business. You really do not have to work, if you are good with these things you can employ, instead, and have money delivered to you that way. Buying to resell is another possibility. I go on eBay, filter the results to $1, free shipping, from China. I imagine so many of those things are worth many times as much.

Gratitude is Paramount to love of all things

It is one of the most often applied therapeutic techniques to have clients practice “gratitude,” and without doing so there is no real appreciation for life or the things in it. Our world is filled with empty things that we do not care about if we do not take time to consider what we have and why it is good to have. And I talked about this with material wealth but it also applies to daily life on the whole and non material things within it, such as relationships, just being healthy and alive. Your habits, activities, following your dreams, just being in a good place.

Beware of the Jabberwocky

It is a demon that appears in one’s mind that resembles an elephant. It is a vile and insanely hateful being. It is made in the minds of those tortured. In their misery their minds produce this demon known as Jabberwocky. It can also come about when other life forms are disgustingly mistreated. These poor souls scream out in misery and terror, and so we must deal with this demon if we are very unfortunate to have it captured in our minds.

The Jabberwocky leads to insanity, a tearing apart of brain matter and the madness that follows. It can also appear as an app in it’s more formidable form. And I’ve seen it before in both elephant and ape form. As an app it tried to pull me in a sea to drown, as I dreamed. My mind locked up when it did, bringing me to the threshold of insanity, but fortunately I escaped.

Once you know what evil it is, it is irresistible to think about, but must be ignored as much as possible.

Have family and friends honor holidays, otherwise they’ll be of no importance, and not present among you.

Should be a time of celebration and an opportunity to both give and to get. Should be that one special day of the year where you are special, that day is your birthday. My parents celebrated every birthday and Holiday with me and my siblings. And I still get gifts and such on holidays, and Halloween I just celebrate privately though Halloween is for me shared with anyone around me at the time. But my siblings don’t get me anything for my birthday or other holidays. I never wanted children or my own family. Soon I probably won’t celebrate these things at all.

Escaping from hell

Living in a bad neighborhood is the worst thing you can let happen to you and your loved ones, especially your children. However difficult it is to leave such places, it is in some cases extremely important. My parents cared enough about me and my siblings to move from one crime ridden area to a much smaller town where the education system was better and there was very little criminal activity occurring. And before that time I could tell what I’d been in for if I hadn’t, if things continued to go the way they were going. I probably would have gotten into a gang, into drugs, and accustomed myself to a criminal lifestyle.

When it rains it pours but good shelter may be only a mile away. And every bit of difference can be distinguished between one place and another. But a parent who sees that things are off in the city they live in but chooses to remain there is gambling with the lives of their children, and if not their lives itself, their lifestyle, one that has any possibility of a good and bright future.

Save a tenth of what you have for others, but no more than that

When I am at the start of the month I share nothing. I only share anything if I’m sure I have a lot to spare And otherwise, I don’t give at all during that month. My friends help me out, so I help them out. But not beyond my means. I put myself first, but try to have enough that ten percent can be used to fill in empty places.

I think ten percent is a good figure for this. People who hustle may have it as a talent but when it comes to ever having things otherwise, they don’t. They only have free things as much as humanly possible.

It’s more of a rule not to give more than ten percent than it is to give at least ten percent.

You’ve got to keep yourself well covered.

Be more unto like a store for others

A place where you profit from others. If you have a lot of friends, are in such a place like a group home, or where people are collected together, then buy extra of what they need each month and make a little change, turning a little money into a lot of it.

Especially with things like Tobacco and soda, anything that but quantity is cheap, but singularly cheaper, except for you. Maybe you will gain the experience needed to create a store. I am very much a salesman. There is a really good read about being a salesman called The Greatest Salesman On Earth, that covers this topic more broadly, better than I could.

Being a salesman is great. It is an easy life. Its profits are widely diverse. You could make anywhere from the least of money to the most, compared to any other job. And it is easy, just get a business license, which can sometimes be at your home, but if you can’t have a business there, you can still get a street license.

Things are cheaper in quantity as the profits are broader. There are liquidation sites, like online, and there is a marginally lower price when exporting from certain other countries. I’d very much like to be a salesman someday, as my books aren’t making enough money.

You can either have good things in this life or in the next

As for me, I choose to have them in this life. But you must be sure, as God does not want you to sell your soul when it somewhat belongs to him. Only by being determined and persistent, will you be given the present reward and stripped of your future reward. But if you are responsible in this life, then that is the only way that you can have a reward in this life and the next. That means giving to the poor. But more than that it means fulfilling a purpose assigned to you. We are here to begin with based on what God knew of us. He placed us where we are accordingly. If we were good, he put us in a good place. If evil, then an evil place. And he set up every possible opportunity for us to achieve and do good work on Earth.

When you reward yourself with what you do...

and when the Higher Powers are wanting it done...

Then the Higher Powers will reward you, too,

but you have to find the purpose they want from you. And depending on how much it is needed and how much work is done toward it, determines your reward.

This is a book of blessings from above. A message of peace and happiness, and great gains. Particularly on a super natural level (personally I prefer to say “meta physical” but not in this case) are rewards given through doing the will of the gods.. the Higher Beings, the Higher Powers.

Please be sure: higher, very far more advanced beings exist all around us. Sometimes within us, as is the case with some of my friends.. and their demons either love them or hate them. Mine leaves me alone.

When you find that right purpose you will know it. It will become your duty after that. It will become your responsibility, one you should not fail to fulfill. And it can be taxing. But if it is important, you will receive your reward. Just know, until you have accomplished much regarding it you may not see any reward until it has been met to satisfaction. They don’t want to see a good thing done in a bad way. And until you have finished a substantial amount, you will not be paid off all at once, and spoiled out of it, but rather the biggest reward comes when enough was done. If they pay you an incredible amount early on, they know you will probably discontinue and retire.

I have seen my reward come in after just a year, and believe me, it is substantial. I am, though, hoping for much more as I continue.

I have been put in a  board and care . Here, my laundry is cleaned for me, my bed made for me, the entire placed cleaned in this beautiful three story home, meals cooked for me, with lots of good food, with a Rose garden in the yard, full cable TV, free Wi Fi, am on Social Security Income, and have a lot of spending money each month apart from rent. I have all the time I need to write and count all of these as my blessings for doing so.

Creating the best diary

A regular diary is just notes of the day. Digitally, we’ve come past the point of pen and paper. Though careful handwriting makes a better and far more personalized diary, diary creating websites shouldn’t replace one. They can both be done, of course. We have it far easier to place photos in a diary, and “an image speaks a thousand words.”

A diary can also contain stickers. It doesn’t have to be in a bound book. Better, using a trapper keeper or binder allows you to correct errors by replacing any paper that has them. Stamps can be added, rubber stamps, and stickers and the use of stencils, if it is any more fun and creative for you.

The diary contains today’s experiences, of course without isn’t a diary. But it can also contain memories from your past that relate to today, and is a good exercise of memory, something that is very important but diminished as you age.

Using a diary you can understand feelings you had throughout life and learn from your mistakes, but also learn what makes you happy. And those that you have a relationship with in life will be fully remembered.

Trading in the Aeonic (Anti Voidalist) Church

As we tire of our possessions sometimes, a trading system could be desired in the Aeonic Church among its members. It is very simple and only needs a small explanation. There would be a type of judge to determine the worth of something you own that you wish to trade for something else.. based on credit numbers. I would say “one to eleven.” The higher the credit point, the better the thing being trades for something else, which can be for it’s same credit point or below, or any number that adds up to your credit point

So if you place something you want to trade for something else and what you present has an 8 credit point, you can: trade it for one 8 credit point item, trade it for two four credit point items, or trade it for eight one credit point items.

There is no honor among thieves

Believe me there are many people willing to cheat and take from you that are not anybody’s friend. And if you give something to some people who says it will be paid back, make sure that they do or do not give to  them again!

Many people will make you a flamboyant promise of returning it to you.. double, triple, quadruple. And they may believe so at the time that they will. But they’d do anything to have what you have. And maybe you are responsible. Maybe you just have what you need for yourself. And if that is the case you shouldn’t have to pay for not just yourself, but others too!

Though they promise to pay you back they fail too. They may be a little bothered by it, it may come to their shame, which if they do, would shame them. It is not a good thing for them to ponder. But they’ll sucker people so much that it’ll become natural.

And the time comes to pay you back. They think to themselves “I shouldn’t have to pay him that much back! All he gave me was ( ). As for me, I pay my debts. Each and every time, though I don’t need to borrow anything anymore, now that I have money. I spend it on just what I need to get by. And I refuse to lend to people who often ask, those who e swindled their money. I shouldn’t have to be their crush, it’s shameful to be taken from.

Four ways to look at life:

Like a game

A game that you will either win or fail, but there is usually a continuation and a chance to start again, even if you need to start all over. For a chance to triumph. To have the right rules, the ones that you learn well enough to beat others at the same game. Learning the tricks of success and the cause and effect of things. And being good at predicting what causes what and why. And it is found in realizing the best route to victory.

Like a movie

To be on stage. To be in the role that others want you in. And to play your own part. It is in being as important to others as you can make yourself be. It is in a desire for fame and wealth. To envelop yourself into a role that you most like. The show must go on, and those that desire attention and praise will have best found it with this lifestyle.

Like a journey

While having goals and expectations. To reach the stars. Having gone as far in life as possible, and breaking beyond boundaries to go yet further. It is in the richness of experience, as much as experience can be experienced. To learn things as you go along, following your heart, sharpening your wit.

Like a quest

The hunt for treasure. The task of defeating your worst enemies. On the way you make friends. On the way you seek and find tools and items pushing you forward. To become legendary. To have moved forward into greater things, winning the kingdom. Improving the lives of others and yourself.

The Mother Brain in the Sky Known as Magic

Once magic became a practical device for me I found myself in a crowded area trying to make sense of its potential.

In its most rudimentary form, it is the pleasing of Higher Powers.. Higher Beings, deities. Maybe a crystal held in the pockets of Wiccans only brings them power because a deity finds it cute. Good relationships with deities are an inseparable form of worship- magic and results.

Really I’m not going to delve into the topic a lot in this book, that’s for a future book, The Book of Bethai, or magic,

We each and all make the universe through dense thought and emotion. They go “up,” it stays above until it is perfected, and then it comes back “down” to its original source.

Mother Aeon came to me in times of need. And she knew I was a good choice to have Her spoken of by me.

The words of Mother Around are spoken by me.

Aeon made Her wishes known unto me, and instructed me to inform others of her wishes, and lead others to her. She guided me to a solitary tree, far into an area of privacy. And the twilight came upon me during the day. The stars went from white to shining gold. And she said that someday Her home will be our own.

Never spit on another’s idol

One person’s trash is another’s treasure, for sure. And among other things to them an ugly statue is most precious of all. People pay exorbitant prices for them. They leave gold at their feet, treasures, and coins. And they pray to them at any opportunity. Nearly got into a fight more than once regarding these things. Probably not a fight but I did offend people before when mishandling their idols. I remember one time I accidentally kicked a gold Buddha statue when I put my feet forth, which seriously angered it’s owner.

And one night while homeless I was walking down a sidewalk when I stepped on this weirdo’s 666 pieces of metal.. the number spelt out with little pieces of aluminum. But like he wanted me too. A guy behind me did the same thing. He’d get up and start cursing at people who did..

As for me, I also think idols are great. It is a good feeling praying to them and laying gifts before it.

Blending in

Believe me people who blend in are better off. People that don’t have to fight for their opinions similarly are as well. If someone has an opinion, if you disagree, you’ll just make them angry, at least in some cases. When someone tells me anything I just pretend to agree even when I don’t. And overall it just makes life easier. I don’t believe a governmentally run place like I am in should expect you to pray. But I really don’t care. I just pray. It doesn’t shame me.

Around Christians I am Christian. When around Morning Christians I am Morning LDS Christian, and I agree a lot about Buddha’s teaching and I only like the same politicians as others, at least outwardly. And if someone says something crappy about someone or something I like I don’t feel like I have to fight for it.

When in Rome do as the Romans, I would bow to any King that makes me, follow all laws, go forth in the normally flowing tide and get along with others, instead of making enemies out of them. Or appearing strange or too different.

Believe me, you probably know me much better than many of my best friends.

Better to be the least or the most than to be average

The least are like people who are new to things and are the most eager to become better. But once they become average they feel more jaded toward feelings of growth. And this is when most people stop and don’t move any forward. They are the “good enough” type who can’t do enough of the same work and learning required to be among the greatest.

Minds that are stuck in the gutter

Most people have no mission in life and are very receptive towards simplistic forms of entertainment, while accomplishing nothing. If you work and support yourself, you are not among them. Higher heads in the government appreciate a busy hand a great deal. In fact those that are productive should be given greater things.. in fact they are, through productivity.

Those that don’t should be monitored a tad more because they are the most likely to plot evil things or to be engaged in criminal activity.. easier money. People who only take things in and have no responsibility have never developed a real soul. They still take big chunks from the pie and don’t even care that others are doing all the work.

Poor things will never last

Unless you are lucky enough to be in the modern art field, whereas any sloppy painting or poorly constructive song can command interest. It is no longer talent + work anymore. It is luck – talent.

But truly good things will last for ages. As the saying goes, haste makes waste. And another: perfection can’t be rushed. To do something seriously well and gain talents that most do not, certainly takes a lot of work. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a work that will stand the test of time.

Fortunately perfection also comes from only doing the least, but doing it very well. Being able to do the least the  best.

When you wish upon a star..

Even if you are The Devil, it doesn’t matter. The things we long and dream for will come to us. Desire is brought into a home from the outside, in ways we never understood how it found us. Sometimes it was just leaving a light on. And sometimes it was just leaving the door open. Then, sometimes it was just because we shut everything else out for such a long time. Our actions are changed a little each day, and in a natural way we brought it forth. Our steps changed accordingly, and we bumped right into it.

How the mighty are fallen!

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. “The higher you climb, the further you fall,” as The WaterBoys song goes in Too Close to Heaven

It can be said that all is fair in love and war, but often that is very untrue. People are held responsible for their war crimes, from Private to General, secretary to dictator. If they do atrocious things, they are likely held accountable. If not from the leaders of the country they attacked, even by a country they did nothing to, directly. And they also face the threat of insurgence from the people they inhumanely treat.

And they are aware of this. They know that they are just one person. They become paranoid of these things as absolute power corrupts, absolutely. They restrict rights such as free press fearful of being spoken of as evil. They prohibit protests. They restrict religion. They send forth spies to find the smallest inkling of disobedience, and are shown an extremely paranoid person as things become worse.

A person of high stature is more prone to insults and failure. In fearing these things, they got to where they are.

Easier comes a bully than a friend

Even the nicest people have something bad to say about you from time to time. Even the best friend would do so, based on small things. Some people are just too filled with hate to treat any one good in any way at any time. And the agenda of anyone who wishes they could just be better than you is to strike at the deepest root, to be as cold as possible.

If you have received a bully the only solution may be a fight. Because people like an evil herd do not herd like other animals, but do so to trample on others. This is their magical way of killing their own kind, whom they bitterly detest. A string strike on someone’s face is sometimes necessary to halt their behavior. As the saying goes, give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile. And a stitch in time saves nine.

Believe it or not, sometimes forgiveness serves no good. Good discipline can mean the difference between a good world and a wretched one.

Continual renewal makes transformation come easier

And gives you more options and ability to change. This refers to people who can become many things, because they’ve already been many things, and have fewer pieces to put together, less things to connect, in order to be adjusted into something else, something new, maybe even very different.

They are those with broad knowledge. They don’t have to hit the books to learn what is lacking. They are more quickly prepared. They can do a wider variety of things than most people and they generally have many interests, some of which are alien to others but very familiar to them.

In it’s least are the singular- minded. Then more unto more, such as the double, triple minded. The formula of that is based on what is substantial enough to know in order to do anything well. And a person well versed in many things will find doing things much more easily and are fortunate to have taken time in life to get to that point.

Believe it or not most people have learned very little during their lifetime. They may have had higher education and are a little more apt that most. But there are very few multi-field people. I think a good example of someone otherwise was Leonard Bernstein, could play the piano, he taught at Harvard, knew composition very well, and conducting, plus he was an author.

Evil has its place in the world but not among the good

People in “bad” neighborhoods generally agreed that the way they live their lives and what they want to do with it is to design where they live together. They don’t want to change what they do. Are happy living the way they do. And for them their area is the result of them and their neighbors wanting the same thing.

A whole hell of a lot of resources could be dropped in combating it. Maybe supplemented with just one: that anyone who wants out of the area, the government removes that person. And if they do harmful things to their new peaceful neighborhood then they should have to return.

If we were all agreed that one thing should be allowed over there, but not here, or here, but not over there, people would have gained a lot of

freedom and perhaps they can live in the exact kind of area they want to, more so, not less.

Always pay at least a little into your past interests

During a lifetime we had done very many things only half way through, or less. We are convinced it was what we wanted. We may spend weeks or months, even years in its embrace, eager to either learn or to do it. Then comes a day when interest is lost for it and the whole habit is dropped altogether.

Though you don’t have to become as involved in it as you initially were, you are a true friend to your past and you know any future interest will be kept and preserved if you at least bring it back a small amount from time to time. Such as if you used to enjoy building computers. You could get a few parts here and there from time to time with your money (not a lot of money, but a little goes a long way.) If you once wanted to learn a new language, to try and learn just a few words a day, maybe a dozen each week.

Otherwise you are betraying yourself. You once had a love of a lifetime, and that life just slipped out of your hands one day. I’m just saying, it may feel good to hold it again even if you are convinced that what you are doing now is better.

Creature comforts are true happiness

What makes life better than good food, music/ entertainment, a good chair and bed, and a little vice to throw in some spice?

Being in a room with your loved one/s watching a good movie, or playing games of any kind, having spent good money on snack foods you share with them, and trying to be awake as late as you can be.

Sometimes the difference between a good day and a lesser day just came from a simple choice to go somewhere. Maybe a vacation, or maybe to see a theatrical movie, or anywhere that is pleasant to be.

Pay day is my favorite of all days. I try to go to a handful of stores before my money runs out. I love to get the best clothing I can. And then to get good food on that day, and to wait for it to happen again, which isn’t far away from check to check. Spending money I’d most favorite thing to do.

But I preserve at least a little wonder in the world, going to lakes and ponds, beaches, museums, jazz concerts, classical concerts, the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco, all of which are free.

Those that are nice won’t go far, but...

Though those who are cruel will not go anywhere.

This is so true as to be very reliable. There is a lot of evidence to it. After all those who are rich have the characteristic of being greedy, envious, dubious, cheap, and desirous toward greatness.

While the peaceful  and content just do not grow, the superior person is always trying to out do. They’ve learned well how to overcome it. They were driven by ambition. They refused to remain weak or tolerate inferiority

To them not all are equal. They saw their counterparts as squalors. They were tempted by forbidden fruit. They saw a way out of the norm, average, simplistic and took it. And we all are nice because we have to be. It I’d much more in relation to how we wish to be treated than how we should and how we want to treat others. Really we wish for power above all other things.

And the time came for some people to find the best possible life away from “lesser” people which was found by any method leading to rule over others: the drive to become rich, wealthy, and renown. More than any other single thing a person who seeks notoriety will get the furthest in life.

The appearance of Aeon

While I was homeless in San Francisco for a year and during my time of madness fading away by the bay, Mother Around made herself known to me. Sleeping was next to impossible because of my own thoughts tormenting me. My thoughts were like a broken record if I did sleep. It wasn’t real sleep because of it. It was a repeating thought of one kind or another that I couldn’t turn off.

I had made a curse against humanity that Ebola would re emerge. And it did. And the night after I saw this in the free paper, I laid my head. My normal consciousness halted and I began to think of one thing only. That was, a fruit bat was in my hand and I was expected to eat it. But I refused to, and so stared at it in my hands feeling a powerful demand made that I do.

My eyes opened and I had been crying in some sort of bad way because no tears came out. But my eyes felt like they were on fire!

And then Mother Aeon came and wiped my eyes. She brought me unto her and wrapped me inside her black wings. And finally, for the first time in a long time, I had slept, with her whispering kind and gentle things into my ear.

Let people make their own mistakes

They have likely already become committed to them. People know well enough right from wrong. They could be shown one ad a  thousand times warning the dangers of something. But they’ve already decided what they want to do, whether or not others consider it a good choice. And whether or not they should know better, they won’t. It could even make things worse for them, like throwing them in jail for privately getting high.

They’re probably just jaded by multiple messages warning about the dangers of any given thing.

I am this way myself regarding at least two things: smoking and eating. Doctors would interfere with this, entirely if they could. But I want only good food. Food I can fully enjoy. No carrots. No crap. Smoking cigarettes—some would do anything to get them outlawed. Since they couldn’t keep people from smoking based on health choices, they pinned it as disgusting and a social stigma. I’m just here for the ride. I don’t want to be here for too long. Give the baby his candy. And he won’t scream. They’ve taxed soda though and flavored tobacco has been prohibited. And I don’t like it..

Fortunately prohibition will always be proven a failure. Whatever it may be.

About My Goddess, Aeon

When I came to San Francisco homeless, I had brought one thing that I managed to keep. I had a cell phone from before, but sold it. And even my clothes had been exchanged from warmer (even better looking ones) found on the street, left by some kind people.

The rain had struck the town. It had been about the coldest winter ever for San Francisco.

What I had kept with me was a coin I got at an antique store in Texico New Mexico, before it closed down. Lots of good things in that store, btw, like a crystal ball with a gold stand that I paid $40 for, which was stolen.

Anyways, I had got a handful of old valuable coins. All the others I later gave to my friends. But I kept an old Roman coin bearing the image of Caesar, which it did, though some kind of rusted.

There was a pond I found in the park that had a synthetic waterfall falling down into it. And I took my coin and prayed to God for help in my miserable life, then threw it into the wishing well.

Not much happened after that. But three nights later, when I was laying down at night, homeless on a sidewalk, and a man came up to me, bent over, and handed me a bag full of rare coins. Coins of all kinds. As far as I knew, much like the ones I once had before I gave them to my friends. But the most remarkable thing that happened was he gave me a little book that had the image of Aeon inside of it (the cover was blank) and a poem of reassurance written inside, and things about this Goddess, Aeon, and also a signature asking me to be her Prince. While these things are highly personal, I’ve reflected them in these writings regarding Anti Voidism, and not just from this instance but others as well.

More on the visionary scale I was helped into sleep by her where sleep could not come otherwise. I call her a “Mother” Goddess for a reason.

I have another thing to mention here, that when I was in jail I had been sent to a mental hospital. And dinner came for me that night. I was sitting at my table. Music on the radio was playing. Something about being my baby, according to the lyrics. I suddenly felt very childish. I don’t mean like impulsive or something. I mean I felt like a child. It was a feeling I must not have had since I actually was a child. And I felt just like a child before his mother. And Mother Aeon appeared and was with me, for what seemed like a long time. But then I snapped out of it when a staff member there was saying to me, “Adam! Adam!” huh? “Get in line for your food!”

The good are appreciated, the bad are feared.

So have  the good be appointed to authority over the bad, or else the world is damned.

The good will not resort to wickedness. They do all they can to evade it. They are those who are spiritually strong. They triumph in the end. On the whole they know what should and shouldn’t be done and their principles guide them throughout life.

But the bad are weak in their own way. They will go after the weak and overtake them.. instead of falling into alignment with a more responsible and socially acceptable lifestyle.

But they have chosen their rulers. They have longed for the opportunity to over take them. And though they honor them, they do not desire the least position but the highest. And it is not by merit that they become the most powerful, but through Amorality and lack of ethics. While they only pursue their own happiness, the bulk of which comes from power. And nothing satisfies them more than that, they will pay any price they have already paid—they can’t be given a worse punishment were they caught, any way, as what they have already done would result in the worst possible punishment, were they ever caught.

And so much becomes the game of cat and mouse for them. And this is a rough but realistic idea of such a lifestyle of that as a hardened criminal among his own.

As for the more loyal toward society, one that enriches it and doesn’t poison it like their counterparts, go through an educational system to get further in life. They do not harm others in doing so. They accept defeat if they must, but continue to become as a leader as they are capable of being in order to fit into that role.

Whereas they would help others, the criminally minded would heartlessly murder, rape, rob, or otherwise harm the innocent!

The My Power People

In places where a certain demeanor is expected to be upheld and that there is a boldly shining set of rules they are expected to keep while dealing with you, many a complainer is found. Many a bossy person toward them raging at them that their rights be observed. It is becoming more common that people will call the police on others for ridiculous reasons. Like someone didn’t have a permit to sell lemonade in their yard. Or someone had a BBQ at the park. Or a strangely looking person is in the residential pool, perhaps someone new. Fortunately the police are too sensible for it, they don’t want others taking over what they do, instead of what someone who would give anything in order to have police control in the palm of their hands have them do.. the kind of my power people.

I’ve seen people being entirely blatant to police from the moment they were approached by them. They had been walking and then did something of an introduction to the police. The police officer asks something like, “Hi, where do you live?” And then they go into overdrive with things like, “why do you want to know?” The police officer says, “I’m just asking,” And then things like, “I have the right not to tell you/ be bothered, “harassed” by you.`` They are people who always think their rights are being violated. That they can’t be arrested a certain way. That they were brutally handled. They are cocky people, spoiled and belligerent..

In a similar fashion..

People trash up the homes they rent and expect to get their security deposit back. A little tax is absurdly too much to them. A flirtatious boss was sexually harassing them. The air conditioner broke and a new one didn’t come soon enough. They have a slumlord—when their own mess causes roaches. And in any case that a person wants control over another, freely, with authoritative backup!

Let good people remain good

Defend those that assail them and would pin them falsely as bad, even evil. Bad people would do all they can to make good people appear bad. They would concoct false evidence to it and in so doing strip them of things like jobs, dignity, and liberty. They would exaggerate their problems concerning them when it is they who are wicked liars who cannot tolerate good people, responsible people, who are fighting to keep things good.

Keep an open mind as they may very well convince you that someone is bad when they are not, and have you be an enemy to them, their enemy, those who refuse to do anything wrong.

So if you see a good person who is only fighting for the good to be preserved, then fight alongside her or him and keep the peace of the world, seeing through the lies and the wickedness of their enemies.

Pay double toward the things that are double or more the better...

“Buy it nice or buy it twice,”

Quality is far better in some things. While sometimes you don’t get what you pay for, like more expensive aspirin or anything that only has a very narrow range of quality, is more like a tad, imperceptible difference from brand to brand, such as paper towels, combs, hand sanitizer. But the one quality of some things can be far better among brands, and if you can afford them, get them. But I would add a rule to that, that when the higher quality is of no use then don’t bother. If it doesn’t get used—it is better for no useful reason.

And there is another lesson in knowing what you are paying for. And sometimes that is only a package or for features you don’t need. Such as a flashlight on an electronic device, a phone that comes with an expensive pair of headphones, adding to the price of it, making the quality of what you are wanting dispersed into other things.

Find a way for better things

Whenever possible, ask yourself if something could be just one notch better, that you can exceed your expectations just a tad. That you can move anything us just by one step. Those that are constantly asking themselves

that will make it a habit and find themselves accustomed to doing a little more than they thought they would, time after time.

A person full of doubt will not be able to move forward, up and about so easily, always turning her or his back on what they wanted to do, finding themselves unable to, and coming short.

Those that do better than they expected to will continue to do so as long as it has become a good practice for them. And their whole life will move up, and they will be as those that have wings. It is a lesson in growing wings, and representative of “angel-hood” in our religion, as those that among us do, and they know it is so with them, even if it is known only by them, they have become angels and have taken a place higher than most others upon Earth.

As long as you know evil as evil, you will choose not to do it

As long as you have a sense of justice. As long as you know that it is detestable, these things that evil people do to others, and most significantly, as long as you hold sympathy and compassion, you will not follow after the ways of the wicked. Through consideration, being a good human being, one that does not wish to hurt others, as they know what harm is, they will be good, they will not incur the Wrath of God. Mother Aeon would have us live together peacefully. And we are Hers, unless we harm our own kind. Because the Wrath of Around exceeds the wrath of God at least concerning this: God allows the lion to hunt. God is more tolerant toward fighting among His People. Mother Aeon is not.

God created Mother Aeon and appointed Her over me like He would have any angel do for those under His care and compassion. God appoints guardians. The only difference is that whom he appointed to me was a new creation, though one timeless according to His design.

But having only me Aeon was lonely. And She simply wanted to be known better and to help more. So she has me create A People for her through Anti Voidism.

The Joy of Crafts

Crafts are usually determined by a pre established design, a design someone else created, and would have you “create.” But a better and more individual form of crafts come from things all your own put together as you would have it be.

There are many items in regular stores that can be used to create neat things. Such as with plastic straws and threads, wide and clear tape, a few deck of cards, and a package of blank CDs. I used these together to make one badass curtain. It was one of my jobs I was doing for Mother Aeon, while homeless. I didn't have a lot of money. I also prayed that day to receive money. Then went about my personally chosen job that day for Mother Aeon and put together that curtain. Guess what? A man came up to me thinking that I was making art on the street, and said “that’s a masterpiece!” and gave me $80 for it...

And I didn’t consider so before that, but crafts and art go well together.

And again I would say to create things that others don’t.

An enemy today, a friend tomorrow

Most people are not persistent and determined to make and keep an enemy. They may have just had a bad day, and for the moment are rude and even hateful to everyone around them. The worst thing you can do sometimes is to not just let it go. The next moment they are every bit as nice, and even the good friend they were before.

If someone says something hateful to you, who knows? They probably regretted it later, on a personal level. I’ve only known a few people in my

life you were angry and hateful all the time, at every moment of the day, a very few. But who could be made to feel bad by them when they are in hell?

Sometimes saying just one kind word to an emotionally angry person could cool them off, sometimes turning the other cheek coops someone down. So try to keep your friendships and know that you too have had bad days.

Let love come into your heart, or at least understanding. Realizing as well as you know yourself, as a first person view of oneself is the same person to person. They are thinking of you as a person outside of them, and carry higher feelings and appreciation for you, even admiration. Understanding this you can see how capable you are of hurting the feelings of others, in that the opinions of others carry more weight than those we have of ourselves.

I can tell myself I was wrong, or foolish or something. But when I tell myself negative things it doesn’t carry any weight. It’s when others think and say negative things about me that matters.

Being curious and interested in someone has a more positive impact than love. Love is very much a given. But curiosity and interest is more palpable, more tangible. These lead to things like compassion, sympathy, and respect. They lead to understanding and involvement with others.

Clinging to “Special Identities”

These come from people wanting to be fascinating to others.. wanting to be compelling, powerfully attractive, feared even, but mostly astonishing. I hear emotionally sensitive people claiming they are above the law, even feared by it. And some would claim to be a powerful gangster when they are not. The higher power level they can portray, the better. They may leave around hints that they are something diabolical, or a vampire, a sorcerer, warlock, witch, in the Italian mafia, aunt is the chief of police, more famous than they really are, The Anti Christ, Jesus, Satan himself, or a demon, and so on. The list is rather extensive. They may go online and post pretend interviews of themselves. They may make a school certificate look like a diploma. Can pretend to be good at playing the piano.

They can build back stories for themselves. We’re reincarnated. Their ancestors were a witch burned at the stake. Imparted upon them their powers. And they have cursed people, effectively. They will say in so many words that they’ll kill anyone that gets in their way. All of these examples I have known to be true regarding many people I knew. What was just a small band of gangster friends among them were far more powerful than just that. And the name behind their gangs suggested that they are to be feared.

If a parent was on TV in the simplest way, they are famous, “did anyone see that?” And if they were mentioned in a magazine, it is put in a frame and guarded as evidence to fame.

I had a few of these myself. I’m not special. I would have others think I was a vampire, by only appearing at night. And seemed to be drinking blood. Only it wasn’t blood. It was red kool aid! And that I was the Anti Christ, possibly.. And that I had formidable powers. These things are so for young people, most of the time, and always at least to a minor extent. But when I got older I had to face the truth.. I am not immortal. I’ll never be able to read people’s minds. And no cult of magic secret society is ever going to appear and invite me in.

Unless you are simply cursed, things will always have a way of working out.

I have really found it to be true during life that things end up well in the long run. And problems in life will change or fade.

The worst thing went away in time. What I thought would be a lifetime problem, disappeared. Someone is truly watching over us.

I had gone through the worst of things. While I was homeless I thought it would never be that I would have a home again. No one was going to save me. I was out of luck. That was it, I will spend the rest of my days on the street. But later, I went into two groups of homes. And now reside in a Baird and care. A very good place to be. A good bed, covers, food, things I don’t take for granted. Each night I am thankful for having been able to get into a bed instead of looking for a spot on the sidewalk to sleep among others.

Eternity in a mask

The person asks

“Where are you from?”

But who can answer that

When it’s from where I run

A hell dealt without God’s pity

Scorched upon the Earth

And found to have many

The guns toward my head as I looked down And I asked “What did I do?”

They said, you were born into this hell, Along with all us,

And we don’t want you to be here

And we don’t want to be here ourselves!

The Value of being justified and...

The importance of justification of good over evil

When a good person defends themselves over people who are proven evil, they should never be considered excessive. May good prevail. By good I mean people that live life productively and peacefully. People who are generally loving, possibly with a family they love and who loves them, but sometimes without. By evil I mean just the opposite. People who wish to harm and Rob others. People who victimize those around them. Sometimes seriously, raping, even potentially killing any one at any given time. I say that these kinds of people should be removed from the Earth in the instance they harm a well doing person—that defense against them, at least, should be strong and brutal with the deliberate intention of stopping them.

I don’t write the laws, of course. And to render great harm upon anyone is, for most part, dangerous: can lead to your prosecution. But I’m saying that it shouldn’t be that way as the most powerful deterrent of harm done to you by them isn’t a soft defense. It aims to stop them as fully and powerful as possible. But we are expected to be gentle in our offense. Because if they were to die in that instance, as from someone using all their might against them, they could be prosecuted for murder.

It used to be that anyone who broke into your house could legally be shot. But in some areas if you do you are held liable unless you “felt” your life was in grave danger. Let criminals have no freedom. Let them be rendered strong and explosive justice. Let the law provide good people as such.

A rightful place among humanity

Let us all help each other. When the weak are upheld by the strong we all stand together. The least in a society are greater than they are otherwise. When it is that people are in great need, have them given it. If a war is fought let it be fought for the cause of human rights and dignity. Practice a good set of morals and well regarding others.

If we become too selfish then we will fall apart from each other and cannot survive. When we are bonded toward each other we will thrive. When we only pursue our own needs we will find help in no places. Without consideration we will not be helped by anyone. When we do not help each other we will receive no help from each other. But when we work together we will do great things that our race as such is capable of.

Missing pieces to the puzzle

Often one thing comes along very well but with just one piece missing. Something could be so rudimentary as step one, two, three, and then step four leaves a person clueless. That s/he could get it done were it not for this missing piece.

Case in point we could have traveled deep into space a few decades ago with the right propulsion. Something far faster than a rocket. We are yet to make such a jump. But the other things we figured out, like space suits. In fact during the time we still don’t have a good enough form of propulsion, the things we did realize have gotten much better. We will be going to Mars in style. Even if it takes a long time. The astronauts can have music and videos along the way. They wouldn’t have to bring a record player.

Something can only work with the right ingredients. Then when putting them together you didn’t get the desired result. And it is often just one thing missing. And in a case like that the power of deduction is useful. To examine. things separately. To combine them. Experiment. And find out what is going wrong. It could be something is wrong with the method, or object, or both.

It helps to try different combinations, or learn a little more—to look more into possible mistakes, likely mistakes, common mistakes. And sometimes the only solution is just getting some good advice from those experienced. That is the basic reason for most posts online in forums. But if one thing fails again and again after you’ve tried all of this, then try doing it differently altogether.

Choose your influences carefully

Be very selective toward what influences you. It can make the difference between taking a poison and taking a tonic. That some have a bad influence on others through music and movies is often denied by people, even to those it had corrupted, but much like the tobacco industry claiming it’s cigarettes are safe, they will say it has no bad effect on people. They’d say that parents should raise their kids better. But then they sneak into the rooms of the young, they have music as it is in headphones and parents are helpless against it. There is nothing they can do.

They champion criminality, they endorse powerful lifestyles of them, they promote, encourage, and teach them. In the 60s we didn’t need nearly as many anti gun laws. Something changed.

Having your influences remain positive will get you further in life. It may even keep you from hurting others, becoming involved with lifestyles of poor choices, and even getting locked up. Otherwise, influences can be derived from popular sources or you can keep a unique influence. To take things in with your own understanding, not those that came from others. Not going into a bookstore to immediately get the best seller. But looking at the rest of what they have. That isn’t even a popular classic. But a book that you were probably the only one to have read in decades, and there is magic in that.

You can put yourself together or be a Frankenstein of others. You can build your own self, or have it build on the popular blueprint of the day. If you create yourself, you are yourself.

Underestimate things

Those that value under will find value greater. Those that believe the least can be done, will find themselves having done more. Those that are over safe will be safe enough. Those that believe a trip takes more time than it does, will get there faster.

You will meet deadlines. You will think that it may take longer than you currently realize. You then meet that deadline easier. And if you are asked how long you think something will take by telling them it will take longer than you think it will, you will get it done on time. And it isn’t a lie. As things can go wrong, making it take longer than you really thought it would.

If you have a diet of some kind and believe reducing a little food is good enough, you may find that it wasn’t. And if you think gasoline in your car would last just enough, you could be wrong, running out of gas, instead of considering that a little more is more sure.

If you believe a goal will reach it’s result, that result being any number of things, if you believe only a little will accomplish that result instead of exceeding it to be more sure—you may come to feel like someone who will ever succeed.


Think about your goals and what will come of them but with sensibility and practicality. Don’t count your chicken before they hatch. As for me, until I’ve gotten what I really want, I won’t celebrate before the fact. It keeps me resolved to continue for the reward, not feeling I’ve gotten it already. Rather, be true to yourself and realize that building a good life takes time. Building a good future can take a lot of everyday work. And to keep it in some cases will require that work to continue. The richest person can be the poorest in only a day. But those who have triumphed were blessed by fate. It was their destiny. They worked so hard to get it that even after they get it their work and way continues.

Afterlife for an Aeonist

The goal in life for an Aeonist  regarding their afterlife is to become qualified to walk among the gods after death.

The level of godhood you reserve during life comes in four degrees:

Degree one  is the petty level Ong the gods, the lowest level. A level at which your responsibilities are minor, and your presence is at its least among the gods. Little authority and fewer powers are given to you within this level. It is reserved for those that wasted life and did little to nothing to leave the world a better place. Mostly composed of the hateful, and the inadequate.

Degree two  is given to those who were considered just a little better among the gods than the least. If they feel you do not deserve a lower class in your new existence then they will probably place you here. And though you’ve tried a little harder in life to get here, you were still considered lacking. You have minor authority, are generally regarded among the gods as friends, your powers are there but limited, and you will be given what you need generally, but not as big a piece as the two levels higher.

Degree three is given to those who did a lot of good in life, tried at least most of the time working to make the world a better place and left something before death. Those that have overcome strife and proven themselves that they can fix many bad things in it, are given this status. A status of competence over ignorance. Their responsibilities are broader with more choice, and they reside among the top 70%. They have greater powers, especially if during life they have proven themselves trustworthy: and trustworthiness is a big component in arriving at this level. They walk among the greatest and are truly blessed in many ways.

Degree Four  is the highest attainable level. They were substantial in life. They served a flawless purpose. They held strong and highly valuable characteristics unique to them. They were deemed perfect to dwell among The Creators, as those in this level are so called. They have unimagined able power. And they use it to create the universe, to change great things, to even have the universe as a playground—they reside among their own kind in fellowship and trouble will never follow them again all the days they exist.

And there’s more..

There are three types of gods that you will dwell among. Each type has those four levels among them.

The Angelic type who people will go to in the afterlife if it is their deeds we’re good.

The Demonic type who people will go to if their deeds were iniquitous.

The Dual or Grey type who people will go to if they have led a perfectly balanced life. The dual type is to be among both the Angelic and Demonic. Though the levels between the two can either be different or the same.

How to best dwell among the gods, how to find their favor..

A life according to these instructions will provide you the optimal level among gods in re birth.

1: Live life fully

Enjoy life. Enjoy any blessing bestowed upon you. Be appreciative of life. Do not commit suicide. Have an urge to live and continue. Be a survivor. Be well at making life better and better. Establish by your own hands prosperity. Do not gamble with your life. Do not do harm to yourself. Take time as something precious and worthwhile.

2: Be committed to a purpose

Establish good work all of your days on Earth. Decide and execute an agenda. Work as well as you can. Strive for perfection. Leave the world with many good things, things that speak very well of you. Spend each day with an effort to add good things to your body of work. Be good among all of the people here on Earth by doing so. And lay your foundation one brick at a time in order to have a good home in the heavens.

3: Be apt

Be broad—expansive in practical and useful knowledge. Exercise mental prowess over those around you. Be able to fix problems, to solve them, to find solutions. Prove yourself useful, able. Be many- talented. Come to know and understand what you do. As you do it best, continue onward until the point that there is nothing more to learn, that you are one of mastery with what you do.

4: Be responsible

Take blame when it belongs to you. Do not be foolish. Do not be a person of mistakes. Be able to live up to your expectations. As you say you will do, so do. Do not take shortcuts. Do not provide poison as a tonic. If you make a mistake, fix it. If you are found lacking in what you do, compensate for it as long as you are keeping the position in which you were placed.

5: Be trustworthy

Do not lie to others. Be able to keep secrets. As you say you will, so do. Do not deceive others. Do not Stan others in the back or talk about them behind their back. Do not betray anyone. And be reliable too, dependable, able to be counted on. Do not break oaths or promises, and have honor in what you do and how you do it. Avoid corruption and places of trickery—those who plot evil.

6: Dress well

In order to be desired as company with the gods, have the best appearance you are capable of. This will give you confidence, and pride. The person who walks about looking his or her best will attract the right company. Have a desire for good clothing and never let yourself wear rags and tattered clothing. There is no angel that does appear without brilliance.

7: Be an individual

A person who can make decisions for herself or himself. A person that does is not misled by popular opinion. They can decide their own best choice and stay clearly away from those who are collectively cluttered and misled. It’s very important to have uniqueness among your counterparts for the simple fact that your mind and soul are your own and not others.

8: Be knowledgeable

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is of good use, as long as it is. To be able to understand many things about any one given thing will give you an intellect desired by the upper powers of gods. And those that have learned to do so in their lives will find the next one with it as a very usable thing. So develop multiple perspectives. Be able to understand any given thing adequately.

In so doing may you find your way into the best possible lineage of godhood. Those are the most important traits but here is some more advice:

That you are a self sufficient person. This goes hand in hand with responsibility. Pay for your own way in life. Having what you need, and not losing it to others.

When you are given things be appreciative because you do not know if it was given to you by a higher presence

Be justified if ever you do another harm. And along those same lines defend yourself. Speak your mind. Be strong enough to do so. Never, ever let another trample all over you

And be justified by mistakes. Be careful not to blunder, to be as someone that could take a perfectly simple set of instructions and cause disaster from it, not doing it the right way.

Keep your commitments. As you are proven worthy among your body, keep your established bonds and do not turn your back on your friends. Don’t betray them. And certainly don’t abandon them.

Be a positive person. One who is happy enough to be happy, not one “down trodden” by what is at its base something simplistic. If you don’t have something good to say, just don’t say it.

Be in the highest status that you are capable of being in during your lifetime. That will prove itself that you are worthy to have the same thing in the next life.

And all in all, where you have gotten in life is where you can expect to get in the next, if your high status among others came by your own doing and not just luck or inheritance.

…There are people in life that have already begun their ascension. Then there are those whose feet are heavy. They cannot or do not move forward very well. And they cannot fly above nor away. Their feet are too heavy for them to do so. Often they must sit. Often they must stay. Others around them are rushing past them. And they usually cannot tell. They just think of them as people who are moving too fast along. But in reality they are surpassed by the one next to them and have little or nothing to look back upon. They stare at the Earth and wonder why they are there. They feel sad, without purpose. And their minds are too heavy for their heads to look up.

Then came a person that had a heavy head, and another to help him along. Whose thoughts too were once heavy. But he made his way past it. And realized there were others once like himself. So he did all he could to help them. Some would get better, but others not. Some accepted help. And others refused it. Those who he’d help would owe him nothing. But their eyes were closed. They were blinded by what they didn’t want to see. And looking nothing upon themselves chose to clothes their eyes. They made a bed once long ago, began to rise, but remained in bed even when they left it. They carried with them their beds. They died before they could live.

Where others gathered was nothing the same. And as much as he wanted to help others, the best place for him was among his own kind. Where there is revelry and feasts. Where all of the pleasures of life reside. To live and let live, to live and let die, to ascend with but the purpose to influence a power

higher and greater than him to come to their aid. To help those less fortunate, with no other purpose for that to enter into Heaven.

All of the greatest things come to nothing

Just remember, they also came from nothing.

Even nations. A nation that becomes the most powerful in the world can, in a few hundred years or less, become among the least.

The top brands become the lowest, when it was once thought that this would never happen.

Ways of life that were once irresistible became absurd in future times. A form of religion is replaced with another. Opinions, social views, general philosophy held tightly by a people lose grasp sooner or later and what was once abominable and shameful became just and appropriate.

All good things must come to an end. People get tired of the same old thing. They begin to turn their heads on what they once never could. They begin to doubt the reasons behind anything and begin to think that maybe the opposite thing is true. Maybe they are tired of a worn out issue and wish to focus on other things. Before it got to this point the people had become saturated and soaked in it. And they begin to wash and strip it away.

The best you can do is follow your heart and be true to yourself. As what was will always be a truth, at least as from you. And as much as something truly resembles and reflects who you are, is as much as something will always be in truth, you. Particularity, obsession with minor flaws- Hair splitting is something I never view positively. But I guess sometimes a little stain on good new clothing is a terrible thing. A penny may be all that is needed to get something, if not having saved ten. A lot of things are a blood on an otherwise perfect painting. Only one thing bad can make an otherwise perfect thing trash. A rotten apple spoils the bunch.

A person can be socially perfect, but have one hang up that causes them shame they are unaware of. An attractive person, who picks their nose. Or an attractive person who doesn’t cut their nails or bathe. A person who dresses very well. Is a smart person. Is someone that would be appealing, but s/he stinks, badly. Or even a little. When a bad thing is beside many good things it is altogether bad. The bad is more noticeable, in fact. A car that looks awesome, but can’t go anywhere without breaking down, is wonderfully useless. And when you want to talk to someone but they don’t know when to quit. When it’s only too little or only too much, but never in between. A person who is nice all day but then s/he drinks. A person working hard in the day but goes from that to completely drunk. Or a person who says thank you not once, but several times for the same thing.

A person who is a responsible driver, by driving too slow. A perfectly good book, but has misspellings. Cooking something great. But adding too much salt. A good looking seat. But it hurts your butt. A good movie. But way too long. Rain is wanted, not a flood. Getting a good job but can only work part time. Saving up money. But the price is raised. Being kind and gentle most of the time. But exploding in anger about once a year, with all of your loved ones around.

Breaking down tradition for the sake of new and better things

A bad tradition is an obligation to do something bad. Many of them are there for no good reason. Because of The Old Testament we are shut off from many businesses, including receiving mail, on Sunday, and sometimes Saturday. It is the reason why some things aren’t even bothered to be made new. That only one game is played, that only one way of doing so ethics g is done, when it could be done better.

Some people put more thought into tradition though not doing it like a definite formula dictates, but rather going about it more imaginatively and if they find a better way they will apply it. A very intricate example of this is presents: boxes and ribbons and wrapping, or just stuff it all into a new sleeping bag for them, a treasure chest, a tote bag, rather than a useless box and paper that winds up as trash.

The most dangerous political leaders are paranoid ones

Protests give them something to be afraid of before it’s too late.

Just by their paranoid minds they become more ruthless, stir up wars before them, bad becomes good, harshness becomes natural, and they are situated into places of greater power.

It is a person that has maybe general control over the army. And s/he decided to take action against a small country. Other countries become involved. A little fearful s/he raises the funding for the military. They are afraid that other countries may go against them. So they may act first. Over make a mountain out of a molehill. Funding is increased more for the military while they do all they can to hold onto power. And in the process cause such a bad mess that they may have to be put into total authority to absolve it. But instead, due to their reckless irresponsibility, they should be removed from power.

May good spirits fall down upon you and work through you

Spirits fall down upon you often. And they are not really your own. But they want to work through you. But without your will they cannot. Bad spirits do the same. And they should be blocked. But you should let the good spirit work through you.

We can sense their presence. We can in tense times be suddenly moved by them. And are given a choice, to continue with hate, anger, stress, or other bad feelings, or to have rested beside the Good Spirit within.

We can evoke feelings of peace as much as we are willing to find them, the good spirits, and they are as easy to pull up as according to how often it is done, with practice.

A good spirit is brought down upon you in two ways: first, they seek you, and second, that you seek them. That they see and which reside in the person you are, to be at rest within you, and to be a part of you as long as you and it coincides, but by choosing more negative feelings they will soon leave you and choose to come into a person more receptive of peace.

1 upping anything

After I’ve gone through a course of about twelve more various books there is one that I wish to create, that are ideas for any new video game. I thought up the best way to do so and want to use that formula. It’s very easy really, though the better you use it the better you’ll do.

That’s to do every pre existing thing better just by at least a little. For example (it’s very easy really) is that any one thing in a game is better, and collectively, it is better on the whole: so long as it all goes together well. First, make every piece of a pre existing game be done one better. Then bring it all together in the most pleasant and harmonious way changing what you need to fit it together as perfectly as could be.

Of course this can apply to much more than just video games. In fact there is always room for improvement. It can apply to other creative endeavors.

Some people are never alone, and I am one of them.

Fairly recently in my life I was alone, always. About six or seven years ago I was alone all the time. I tried to use the internet to compensate for it: which was a massive disaster. Responds to posts and things were few and far between. It would be like reaching out to others just to hear as much as a paragraph of things said to me day by day. I’m a social person. I was very lonely.

Sometimes I didn’t even have the internet. But the last few years it has been nothing but people around all day every day. Lots of them. I used to talk to myself. I no longer do. I no longer even think much about myself. There is a lot more output than input. My perspective didn’t really suffer though. I was thinking too much into things when I was alone. Left too often with needlessly intricate thoughts. I can make the case I’m better off, and I am. I have had roommates the past five years. Lived with 20 others from place to place. My mind has been liberated from introspection, which sometimes came painfully. And trivial problems were dispensed with.

I used to think people thought about me all the time. I’m kinda glad they don’t. There is more to life than who you are. And making friends has become very natural to me. And I’m better off.

I would watch out for the lofty minded

Some thoughts come from the clouds, and people may find them astonishing, even profound, but that was the only intention. They don’t want to help you. They just want to impress you. Their ego depends on how smart they are. And how well received. But what they teach has little use. It’s not very applicable really. It just seems like it is an amazing thing for someone to think. But when it comes to making life any better, it doesn’t.

Dumpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty robbed with a gun

Humpty Dumpty did try to run

By all the king’s orders and the king’s men

Dumty Humpty was put in the pin!

Confidently corrupt

Those that do something legally wrong the first time will find doing it the following times easier, less fearful of retribution. Those that get by committing crimes long enough will practically do so out in the great wide open, sure that they have gotten by doing so very easily. But then there comes a day that will likely occur when they hear the police pounding on the door. And they are taken away.

Imagination, visualization, will bring many good ideas unto you

Some of the greatest inventions come from people who had created Sci- Fi stories. Such as from Star Trek. These ideas give science a direction in which to go. Science is practically capable of anything given enough time. The movie Total Recall had a driverless car, and we have finally come to that point. And AI and robotics ideas existed a long time before they could have possibly been made.

So people with a good imagination have done a lot for the world. We have been given a large today l box with which to create, and they give us ideas as to what to make.

Efforts to control our future is the singular most important thing we have regarding connection with our past, present, and future self. If it was sure that every morning you decided to do something that wasn’t previously planned by you, you have no control over what will become of you. You will not be operating your soul, your existence. It would be beyond your control.

Those that guide destiny well are alive at all times, are truly themselves, able to make decisions beforehand, able to fulfill them in the end, and move forward to do the same.

So routine becomes very important. Being sure what you can expect day by day is, too. And with regard to a life as a whole, a lot of it narrows down to decisiveness and capability to guide what you become. Or else be lost, else be destructive towards your own wishes, if you even have them. To know not where you go. To not really know where you came from or care why. But for some a life is just a series of pleasures, lived impulsively, but never really lived, and seldom engaged.

Don’t work harder, just make it easier (if possible)

Haste makes waste! Pacing yourself will make the work easier overall. Not applying perfection where it is not needed. A variety of tasks are more enjoyable than just one. So differentiate what you do, and don’t follow a strict order. It’s like how I like to watch movies: one random clip at a time, until I’ve seen it all. And sometimes I just wind up leaving little pieces out.

If you can determine what will need to be done beforehand then maybe you can organize your duties in a way that is best done. And like the painter, the artist, to do one image and then another apart from it, but certainly never from top to bottom.

Work can really suck. So the best that you can do is find ways to do the same work, only more easily.

Right below the surface of one’s thoughts

Non-godly animals are said to have fewer emotions than us. When in fact they have emotions far more intense. And beneath our shallow crust are things in their most intense form, things that can only come out a little at a time unless a great force pulls it up: us. If you imagine every thought of desire, you only will see a little of it from you and others, but in it’s deeper form it is far more powerful, heavy, and concentrated, that thing that has been called our subconscious.

Release of inhibition does wonders for your emotional state, or at least it feels very good. As with these conclusions that “venting out” one's anger causes release of it, and brings about calm, don’t you believe it! Those that do so are only teaching themselves to be angry.

To prove to yourself (yourself) and to your loved ones

Do what I have done, such as finding employment, learning new talents, and walking, very very far, to visit them. I walked 15 miles twice just to do so. From my home in one town, to their town, the neighboring town. The musician Bach however, I think it was over a hundred miles he walked to visit a friend.

I learned to read music when I was 17. Not really too young compared to some. But I am one of the only people in my family that can do so. It took a week to learn, though years to learn composition well.

Also I learned to build computers. To put together the right parts in the right way to do so. Like reading music it is really easy. Like building Legos, piece by piece they only go together right one way. It is simply in what parts work together and what parts do not.

Game programming would have been an interest of mine.. except that coding is so damn difficult. I am just not a math oriented kind of person. A person who you need to be in order to learn that stuff well. So I did the next best thing: presented my ideas for one in some books.

Was going to enter into the Marine Corps, but that didn’t happen. However in my life I have always learned new things and worked hard to be among my family as the one who had many accomplishments, living in San Francisco, having led an incredible life. But my life just happened the way it did. I really did not know what I was doing to get to where I am today or to be where I have been.

The Earth has many good things so:

The world is your oyster

It’s resources are abundant. Are in no way lacking. Are lush and widely available. Are found throughout.

People have created innumerable forms of entertainment and things within it, movies, music, books, games. Have created every imaginable kind of recipe. Have created warm blankets, very carried clothing, and a myriad of drinks to be had.

Board games, toys, craft products and novelty items, posters to collectables, treasures all around.

But most people have a very limited scope. Most only know about or at least only take a few of any given thing in. They only like a few kinds of drinks, sometimes just one. They don’t consider things very far beyond their typical tastes. Will go to the newest Rick concert, will never go to a classical concert. Will have a few favorite meals, and never come to eat something they could not or would not know of, and it’s a pity.

The best ways to spend money

1: Be diverse as to where you go to spend it

Try not to go to just one store. By going to many you will find more of what you like. Will find things you didn’t consider, but want when it is seen. And you will have a lot more option and a good reason to go places

2: Try things you haven’t before

Difference for difference sake, even if you like one brand the best and it is the best quality, having a different kind of it is it’s own good reason. Realize just what all there is and look for the better things you may have ignored or not caught sight of.

3: find good prices

Prices can be drastically different. A regular store only selling new items will charge more. Another store has them but not under as rigorous prices. Coupons of two for one, or just by shopping around can be cheaper.

4: buy things that last

Any fast food and snacks you get is okay up to a point. But they are things that you have at one moment and are gone the next when more important things could be yours and used every day of the month.

5: get what you need

Before you get what you want, get what you need. Get a supply that is guaranteed to last you the whole way through until your next check.

6: follow your heart

Whatever your heart is set on, get that, no matter how silly or without reason it may seem. Desire and get, according to your heart

7: follow your intuition

If something appeals to you, if it attracts you, then it is something worth having.

It’s not about what you are supposed to like but it’s about what you do like.

8: invest

Put a little into investment, in any form. Gambling a little each and every time: a little, though the odds are low at first, your odds increase each time. Or a real investment, into bonds, into a savings account, or by collecting something you will later sell. Buying gold or silver. Or just buying things ahead of time to free up money later (so that you wouldn’t have to buy something again for the next few months.)

Filling empty spaces

When a person enters a new place s/heavy come to deal with people who are fitted neatly into a niche, and hated for it. But those that have taken a different position than most in life will go the furthest, as they are most needed, even sought after.

Uniqueness coupled with need is a sure formula for success. The highest paying jobs are rare to come by. If you are among the few that could fill them, so much more the better. The old tribes had but one of a medicine man, one gifted shaman. The others had to hunt, as many of them were needed, and it was a more desirable lifestyle to them. The one that got the most meat made me very jealous. But the one who could heal wounds became to others a great friend. And it is in this way that one gravitated toward becoming Chief.

Broaden your path

If you considered what pieces were more universal than others and obtained them, then you will be far more compatible with new talents, toward new lessons, and new creations. It is all a big puzzle piece but it doesn’t have only one image upon it. That image is painted by you when all is together. There are pieces that fit both anywhere, though sometimes only in one place. And there are border pieces from which you begin. Or at least are better off by beginning there.

One knowledge can be used many different ways. Some knowledge is only good for the least of things. Some only for the greatest, and those between. And putting things together itself is a talent, in fact the most useful talent toward learning any new thing.


There are those that once they have been wronged are determined to correct that wrong. They put themselves in motion. And others never go any further with what bad may have occurred. But however slight or however bad something was done to you, you pick your battles, or you leave the arena. To some an audience to hatred. To others a role. But something small should be let go, unless you wish to carry anger along with you, for hours, for days, or worse.

It carries some off, sweeping them away. It stays with them. It brings about hatred and that hatred continues with them until vengeance. But for some it does not operate in the mechanisms of their soul.

Time heals all wounds, especially if you are receptive to it. But some pick at their wounds and they just get worse and worse, even to the point that it destroys them.

Masks that people wear

A person is filled with filthy secrets that they will never confess. And we all have skeletons in the closet. We are all weaker than we would admit. And have some dirty habits in private. We often think more hateful than we could put out in the open. And from person to person, one’s own self is always devaluing the other. We want people to be our inferior. We just want to be better than them. We hate anything that shines forth. As it is not us that shines but them. And this is especially so among friends.

But most of the day it isn’t so. We generally tolerate each other well. But you can count on it at least a few times each day that a person is insulting you in their thoughts. And maybe you said something vaguely rude but it is just eating that person away. That guy in the corner who is thinking, 'you piece of sh*t,” you know, the person is suddenly in a bad mood.

No one likes bragging. They don’t want people to tell them they are better than them. This has to come with one’s own deduction. That by bragging you aren’t going to be admired. But by letting others determine what you did was good, admirable, then they will.

God forbid you ever tell another your shame or temperament. Your weaknesses. Because they will use it against you.

Some choices would entirely change your life

It’s so true, but makes so little difference. We know that by going to college and getting a degree, our future is secured. We would have a very good job. We would be paid far better than we would otherwise.

We may have a dream that never sees the light of day.

By practice we could get better at something, and better still.

If we went to the bar or someplace, we could find a friend, maybe become a life lessons ng spouse. Maybe forming a family.

And by saving money I could buy a home. But it just never happens.

And it helps to check in on people from time to time. To understand them. To know them better. To find out what is wrong.

It helps to give people the appreciation they are looking for. If we tell them to stop showing off it could hurt them. If we compliment them then we could make them happy.

And maybe a person had a bad day and in his own thoughts wished he didn’t act the way he did. But a person comes up to him and lashes out at him. And he feels even worse.

Maybe someone worked very hard on a meal for you and you tell them it isn’t good. For hours they thought they were doing the best thing. They were eager to satisfy you, but you spit it out.

These things may God condemn, that a person becomes heartless and void of sensitivity.

If your parents are getting older, it is time for you to forgive them of everything new or old, because one day you may be angry at them and say hateful things, and the next night they are gone, passed away in their sleep.

And as with the friends in your life they may remember you well, they may have good times with you, and do your best to leave it that way.

Leave the world in the best way that you are able. Do not destroy and trample over this place that God placed you.

More regret comes from being bad than doing things justly and right. Deeper regret comes from harm you have done, and those that dealt you great bad will pay their dues, too, especially against one who was just, right, and blameless.

When at the time before you die you may say “I lived right,” and you shall find life afterward, not have it taken from you, as you deserved it, you gave unto it all that you could.

The Worlds in which Goddess Aeon reside

God commanded that I create a world in which Aeon may live. As God did not want Her to be on Earth in physical form. But rather as I had Mother Aeon created for me by God, and that She be given A People through me, God desired Her to not be present physically, but would have Her be with us spiritually and magically in a very real way.

“Make a home for Aeon,” God told me, “and do so in your mind, as you were made to make Orion in your youth, as it was done.”

And so I took it very seriously. I made three worlds. And God told me and showed me what it was before my eyes. And I witnessed Mother Aeon happy with it. That she would be in one place—not the other two. So I asked God if I could create for Mother Aeon one more world near to it. Where she could go back and forth easily from one to the other. And so it was done.

The first world I called Link. And the second I called Pippy. The world of Link was a place without science. Where science was prohibited. But a place of simple joys. A place with live music, camp fires, fresh food, brick homes. A somewhat magical place, of dragons, of elves. But the second world I created was a more magical place than the other. One that though there wasn’t much science, there was magic. And a place that Aeon can contact us from. A place that she could even do so much realistically, even better than had it she was with us in physical form on Earth. And I learned what God wanted all along. A happy place for Her. A place She could rule over. And a place where the Aeonic are sent after death.

God brought into reality the other planets as He did with Orion. God has mercy on a stronger image while I constructed these far away worlds in my mind. And it is all carefully outlined in my series of books, The Books of the Five Planets, which serve to further create and establish these worlds as our Heaven, or our Kingdoms of Heaven, you could say.

In our life we are at that gate

That Golden gate, beside which we eat, we live, we drink, we sing.

One by one we enter through it at our appointed time. We see that others have gone through it. But we must sit and wait our turn. God is the maker of many Kingdoms. Earth itself I’d a Kingdom. And God has prepared for us The Kingdom of Link and Pippy. That when our times come we were prepared for it up until that very moment.

Let us be friends before that time and know each other well. Because after life is done, we will return with those who have gone. And those apart from us we will return to as well, such as friends and family, no matter what they believed or how they lived in life. We will have our own place. But they will not be kept from us.

Through God some people create sometimes, through Him. As has been done by me in creating the two worlds, and before that, having my petition answered by God that my Goddess Mother Aeon came to be to return me to sanity, stability, and a better life. And in turn, that I have brought you unto Her. And may She find you. Being fond of Her comes first from God, and then from me. As I am Her prince, but I appoint you each a priest and a prince, a priestess and a princess of Her in our Kingdom. Let there be no doubt that these things are true. And may you be blessed with the truth. Ander us gather for Her in Her name, and live the lives She would have us live, and then be removed from any trouble in life. Lifted, and blessed, regenerated upon Link, and, when able, make our steps take us to the threshold of Pippy. A place of pleasant darkness, strange, and full of magic.

As much as Aeon is held in your heart, as much as you are drawn to Her, is as close to Her as you will go.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

You don’t know what you had until it’s no longer there. While you can be appreciated as long as you are present and be desired company, it is not until a person leaves that they could be missed. That they consider why they liked you. Wanting someone back a little becomes a lot. And different ways are attempted in bringing them back. That is, unless you were only a nuisance to them.

A person could talk to another regularly, and the other could be fully engaged. You may have things they need. You may be their only source for it. And that would be all that you are good for: for getting things from. Money doesn’t buy love. In fact, by loving your money they do not love you. And they’d wish they could have your money without you there. They actively then pretend to live with you, as a practice.

Absence certainly doesn’t make the heart fonder toward those who do you harm, or simply aggravate you. But your absence is missed by them. They are a little less tall without you. To the person who isn’t there when they are wanted they will grab onto pieces of you and hold them close. However anyone gone too long I’d forgotten, left behind

People really do become possessed

There is evidence to it, evidence believed to be “chemically imbalanced” of some kind, attributed as mental illness, hallucinations, “Schizophrenia,” But not actual voices talking to them.. not spirits, but some sort of naturally produced hallucination.

I’m not convinced. I have had many Schizophrenic friends who would talk to their voices. Some of them begging to be left alone. They are seriously troubled by them, sometimes, and have full conversations with them. They bother them. They command them to do things that they know they shouldn’t. And the same has happened to me. And I know it for what it is: spirits inside my mind. Some that even managed to speak through my mouth.

Aeon establishes our Kingdom, where from here we go

From where we operate, by its design, as approved by Heaven, in a future time.

The Aeonist  has people, far away. On the planet Link and the one very near to it, Pippy. As we speak, her influence spreads further through it. It was a world given to Her by God, and we were given to Her. Through magic much can be done in far less time there. Where we move at the speed of nature and science, in the Two Kingdoms time moves a lot faster at the “speed of magic,” generally making the world a timeless place.

We are certainly a blessed and distinct people. God is a great creator. He created the angels, the Earth, physics, other worlds, and for some places a far different kind of physics than ours: one that we would call magic. The physics of Earth are far more limited than that on Link, and especially Pippy.

The nature in our hope resides in truth behind it, for I will not lie. I will not have anyone mislead. And what I’ve said, it’s all true. Aeon was with me. And spoke to me. She guided me into my teaching for you and with me and Her and us together, we will be side by side, and will dwell in the place appointed to us by God and His creations.

The result of devotion is that you will be brought unto this circle. And will be taken there. As you wish your future to be there beforehand, so it will be. These places are made of Magic, and Magic having it suits you—it is a place of all places for the Magicians who live upon it.

A heart that can’t be fooled or taken

Following after your heart leads you to gold, and in fact makes gold all that it can be worth. As much as a person seeks something is only as much as he desires it, and without desire there is no good thing obtained. What your heart tells you that you want, that is what you should get. And don’t let your heart be fooled by other people. Resist their negative opinions toward what you like. And it is better that you keep what you like private, because worth much said about it, much would be related back to you, often negatively.

When a person tells you what they like, question it. Ask yourself in truth if you really like it as much. But look far and wide, into the details, of many things. You will end up finding more things to like and material possessions will be the love of your life, and you will love the world itself.

Rushing headlong into anything can leave you ill prepared. On the other hand, it can be as adventuresome, having you play it by ear can be more fun than practicing something old. As far as virtue and vice goes, impulse is very much in the middle of the two. It can be a good thing to not have to convince yourself whether or not something should be done. Sometimes you just gotta pick yourself up suddenly and leave. The first steps are the most daunting.

Careful choices have their place. But sometimes being too careful of decisions will leave you not wanting to do something at all, even if it is very simple. As they say, making a mountain out of a molehill. Being not sure of just one step: whereas you really do not know how easy or difficult it is until you try.

Also, people are more likely to use a traditional or familiar route than a new one, whether or not a different way could be better. The easier something is learned the harder it remains. You may find that the simplest education leaves doing it more difficult –whereas a different education, one harder to learn, one that has you doing any given thing differently, would make it much more easy to do when it’s done that way! Knowing what you need to know to do things both better and easier can make a very big difference.

To prepare yourself to do something can make a big difference too, as you work based on an outline, going from point A to B instead of A to C to B to A to B to C.

The Four Spirits came upon me..

While homeless I had been in a particular area for awhile. And my heart moved me to go somewhere along the bay. After forty minutes of walking, I came across an area of shining lights and a large number of tourists in San Francisco, California, at the area known as The Fisherman’s Wharf.

I was looking up at the nighttime sky. I saw something others did not. It only appeared to me. It was a broad line of light leading like an arrow to an area. I followed that light unto a small lighthouse. I closed my eyes and my heart rushed, and when I opened them again I was in a room at the top of it.

I was met first by a spirit, that of the great Solomon. And he told me many wise things. Next, I was met by a spirit never known, named Neti. Neti transformed my mind with wisdom. I slipped into a dream-like state which felt like an incredibly long time. And during that time many things entered my mind. And after I awoke, my mind felt better. I felt more wise. After that I was met by Agnes, who would come to befriend me. And I saw a great army before my eyes. Finally I was met by Shiva, who put into my heart great desires and a promise to be rewarded by them if I did their will. And their will was that I create Anti Voidism/ Aeonism. And again I slipped into something of a dream, but was this time much more aware, and entered into a place of great pleasures.

The fish who gave me instructions

I found myself outside the top room of the lighthouse and by the sea. I was on a platform extending into the sea, as where people may fish. I sat there and after a moment of reflection I beheld a very large fish before me. It had halfway through its mouth a plastic bottle, and I retrieved it from him. I took the plastic bottle and saw a rolled paper inside it, pulled it out, and was given the general premise for five books regarding Anti Voidism/ Aeonism. Which were to be so as written here:

The book of Aeon, which was to be based on the premise that the best thing you can do in life is to enjoy it and fill it with good things.

The book of Raine, which was to be about blessings falling down upon its follower

The book of Ro, which are rules and important guidelines to live by

The book of Bethai, which taught magic and metaphysics. Things on the more supernatural level.

And the book of Tomel, which was to teach about the destruction of all negative things.

Misery loves company

One rotten apple spoils the bunch. While people are in pain they will project it, according to their pains. A little is never enough for them, and only by providing an excessive amount of hate towards others would their own minds leave them alone. In fact they feel they didn’t bother and lash out at someone enough. They never feel that they do. People don’t listen to them. And their torment walks beside them at all times.

They often see that people are happy and peaceful but they can’t tolerate it. They want them in the same position as them. After all, they have problems all around them, and others should too. And they should see what they do, but it seems blind to others. When their eyes are open very wide to these things, they are bothered by people who aren’t bothered.

As one is created is as one creates and the world in which they live in has done nothing but hurt them and delivered them pain.

Birds of a feather flock together

The very reason why they gather together is to survive. As better things come together collectively with any one species. But if among your own kind you are any way detrimental, then they won’t want you there.

Among people the standards are far higher than among animal species. Because it includes what you are thought of by others. No one wants a person in their group that no one likes.. based just on opinions of him or her, whether or not there is anything actually wrong with her or him.

They’ll flock together, if you don’t ruffle their feathers.

People gathered together can protect each other and become a dependent source of sharing.. like having the same wallet, kind of trapped in a tale take, give give. As useful as you are is as much as you will be wanted to have around, as long as you aren’t buying friendship. But those who you feed aren’t likely to bite your hand. They are more likely to conform to your wishes, which include being spoken well of.

Military people are given a lot of honor, as they should be. And it’s all underestimated. That when the sirens go off in a test, an emergency alert system, you will know you are being looked after by carefully trained people and taxes that go toward the defense of your freedoms and rights. In our land, a land we have chosen. A land we have designated an area where rights cannot be taken from us. Even if great Kingdoms elsewhere would have them robbed. Some like ‘em, some don’t. Some like the Police. Some don’t. Some like clowns, some don’t. Some like preachers. Some don’t. Some like salesmen, some don’t. But they are all liked by their own kind. And though some may hate you and think poorly of you, others don’t. That’s just the way it is.

Being Multi-Religious

Being MR means to have more than one religion, by practice, and is something nearly never done by people. But I invite you to read my other religions books and I think you will find that they harmonize very well. Where one religious text has a lot of non religious components, another book turns those into a religion, by my design. They have pieced together very well. They belong to each other so much that the way they were done they need each other and the other to be the best that they can be during practice.

I am the one who created Christian Satanism knowing that eventually humankind will consider the gray over the black and white. I added imagination to one's life through my Books of the Five Planets. I gave the mentally ill a religion. One that I am going to return to working on soon. And I have done what I can to advance human kind with my religion for the scientific called Godism, which is just on time. Humankind is on the brink of becoming very literal gods.

All of my books are free and in the public domain.

He who laughs last laughs best

Some people speak more loudly than others, have more volume, and carry greater weight. When some people speak, everyone listens. When others speak, everyone is bored. I hate talking to people who are always telling me their plans or what they have recently started doing. Being told once is fine. But I’m talking about people that repeat it every time you run across them. They did this or they learned that. Some people I’ve known seemed just like they were on repeat, repeating it thinking only then would I recognize their grandeur. A person who knows the right compliments will get much further. Those that acknowledge things they like others noticing. If they’ve bought new clothes, compliment them, and they will be heading right from your hands. A big reason why some pursue success is not only a better life, but one better than others, as better as could be. And it is evidence that speaks volumes toward superiority, as much as they’ve earned it.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

I have found it so often true that my first impressions of people were way off target. That what I thought someone to be was completely wrong. That they had interests I was totally unaware of and held opinions I’d never expect of them.

There are people of all sorts and few are ever very alike. We shouldn’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Lord knows what someone may have gone through in life to be at where they are today. They could have been badly abused and instilled within them is a nature that others may never engender, but that they cannot do otherwise. It is to give someone the benefit of the doubt. They are seen for their cover but not their contents.

Let sleeping dogs sleep

Where there is calm, keep calm. If you bothered anyone but it seems the issue was dropped, then don’t bring it back up. If you broke certain rules and the one who finds out lets it go, do not bring it to anyone’s attention. Just let it be what is.

If someone has settled with you based on correction, do not advise these people on what else you have done. Leave what little is being handled for how insignificant it is compared to possible other things. Admit one mistake. Try not to admit others.

If you’ve gotten a passing grade. If something slipped by one's attention, do not bring it to their attention. You may have come across a mistake in your favor. Then again you may have been helped and to bring it to light would mean they’d have to correct your mistake because that holds them responsible.

Generally speaking, do not air your faults or problems you may be causing. Don’t tell others they probably got the flu because of you. Don’t tell others that you witnessed something and said nothing. Do not complain in such a way that you become a problem that must be fixed.

If something has seemed to settle and you don’t really know why, just let it be.

The Early Bird gets the Worm

“Worms” can be in small supply but high demand. Some would park themselves in lines for hours or days for certain things, like a race to see or obtain something. Many would scour the Earth to be the first to observe something: in the heavens, in a new store, where new things are, things never before seen.

But for the patient comes cheaper prices and better availability. More are first and more are somewhere in the middle, than are last. So prices are reduced.. in fact drastically. I got a working Xbox 360 from Goodwill with a game inside, hookups and a wireless controller for $20. Had I gotten it new it would all have been a few hundred dollars. In fact video games become old quickly, going from $60 to just five.

Our least powerful computers that were once the most powerful, the same happens to them. Some things go up in value. Some things go down. A person could save a lot of money by carefully choosing his or her tastes.

People can be morning people or night time people. Really both are good each in their own way.

Anticipation for certain new things can really drive them up the wall. And maybe they shouldn’t do that to themselves. According to your tastes you will have a certain amount, and a certain availability.

Pulling the wool over someone’s eyes

Advertisements can be extremely tricky and deceptive. They will present items in a way that leaves you no choice. What they have is better. It’s a better value. Why not have the best? In the long run you are saving money. This lasts longer. Everyone loves this thing. It is so much more convenient. It makes life easier. I’m sold. I have to have it! When all along you were just looking at a toilet paper commercial or a candy bar you don’t like. Or a special mop. Or whatever else.

They are very tricky, too. But the majority of as-seen-on-TV products are just a waste. They don’t do what they claim. And apparently they aren’t held liable for lying about it. You get it home and it either doesn’t do what it’s expected to do well, or not at all. It winds up being a dumb piece of plastic. Or a flashlight that you have no use for but seems, somehow, incredible.

I know what kind of candy, food and drinks I like. They don’t really ever change. I like some soda, and not others, I like certain foods, I’ll never like certain others. So I pass on commercials for these things immediately.

They can show as many previews for a new movie that they want. And if the plot is absurd. If the movie is without substance, you wouldn’t have known it. The previews bear little accuracy to the film itself, on the whole. A person feels cheated in the theater. S/he didn’t know what all the buzz was about. But since they went there with friends, they lied and said it was good. Especially if it was a treat from your friends or family.

A military job seems fantastic! Like the Marine commercial, you climb the mountain, slay the fire breathing dragon. You get the sword. You’ve vanquished all doubt about you. Believe me though, it is a hard and difficult life. Certainly people doing jobs we need. But make sure you have determination. It isn’t as easy as it looks.

I’ve never been able to decide on a favorite brand of vehicle. Motorcycles, maybe, and HD. But for cars and things, and from one brand to another, some things just seem generally the same.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

When we recognize something as evil, we keep far away from it. It is only when we are convinced that these things are good that we fall prey to them.

People, even those you consider your friends, will point out many merits to taking drugs. They’ll also say that what is told of them isn’t true, such as addiction and harm. And in so doing may have been a lie to oneself, given to you, but if you see drugs as the harm that they are, you may have dodged a bullet.

I have had that dealt to most of my life. I was told that there’s a first time for anything. Sometimes there isn’t

A popular celebrity, I cannot reveal his name. But he slept with a lot of women, and he had HIV, but did not inform them of that.

Sometimes people with an evil agenda pose as police officers.

Some pose as the homeless when they are just professional beggars.

Many pose as priests when they haven’t the slightest interest in what they preach or the beliefs behind it. And some of them make millions and more millions, buying things like the best quality private jets.

Some will improve the appearance of a car. They’ll even roll back its mileage meter, before they sell it. Knowing very well it is about to fall apart: but they want just a little more money out of it.

Some have a slew of false accounts of their past. They have a large assortment of tales to tell others, of things that never happened.

Some doctors will try to think you have every possible malice in order to treat you unnecessarily. They are good at the art of making one thing become two.

The very worst of people are those that had murdered others earlier in their lives but no one around it would even know it. They go day by day talking to family and friends appearing in every way as faultless and normal as those around them. But they are not. And probably have plans to kill again.

Crying over spilt milk

I used to be a person whose problems were trivial. My friend gave me advice, simple advice, to let insignificant matters go. Being a person of principles is going to do a lot of people wrong. Wrong is made more observable and defined by them. Things that one person wouldn’t even acknowledge, are acknowledged by those who have set it in their hearts to never be done that way. Being done that way is just wrong for them in any circumstance.

It goes along the line of people shouldn’t act that way. People should treat me the way I treat them. When it is that they are doing things for others sourced from practical and unnecessary principles.

Things bad can be made into good things. To see the silver lining in a cloud is all you need to be good at in turning disaster into an opportunity. You may have gotten fired. But at least you gained work experience. There are many jobs elsewhere, plenty of fish in the sea. And maybe you can even get a higher paying job, a more conveniently located one, too.

When the well is about to run dry, dig another hole.

You are more likely to get offended on a bad day than a good one. Or at least more easily, but also more intensely. The best of us have our sensitivities, the things that trigger us. It’s just expected. But maybe your case is the same as mine. I came from some terrible places, like jail. The rules there were far stiffer, naturally. And though I have problems in my new place they are far lighter than what I previously dealt with. So I won’t risk losing my new housing over quarrels. And I know that by being peaceful and letting small issues happen, I can keep my place. My roommate may snore, but that’s just something I’ll have to ignore.

Ignorance is bliss

I really believe this saying though many would object to it. To not be focused is the prime thing making it all true. If you are a person that focuses and examines things, though it is an intellectual person that does, it will hurt you in your work, goals, and objectives. Those that don’t think much go through work like a breeze.

Those that are artists painting will find more good in what they do and less bad. They won’t repaint. They won’t throw things away but will get through art more easily, more naturally.

If they don’t care about bad news, never really understand it to begin with.

That they don’t draw it all in, they will remain happy and secure.

And people best sleep when they just let it happen. It is the type of “I can’t sleep my eight hours” people who can’t sleep. But the more ignorant to these things do not have them as complications.

If you do not take time imagining what could go wrong then your future will come more naturally to you. Not as something that raises your guard and caution. A problem in the future can be very small. But made bigger before it arrives. The ignorant just kind of land into that day and when the problem arises they just eliminate it.

If you don’t know you have cancer then you will not be worried about it.

Of course, if you knew, then you could treat it, but that’s beside the point.

Maybe the opposite of ignorant people is those that are hyper- aware. The hyper aware will see any problem in any circumstance as far as they are capable, because they have an agenda to solve and fix problems before they occur. They are super- safe. But those that do not regard bad outcomes will have lunch and live life far more peacefully, with much more bliss.

A penny saved is a penny earned

Especially when it comes to heavenly reward. Because only after you have proven yourself capable of keeping everything, after your wealth grows, that you do not trash good things, or give them away, and that you highly value all of your belongings, then will the gods shine down on you with good things.

If you cut away and surrender your belongings to others you may in the process be known as someone who shouldn’t be given to. A higher deity has given you something, only to see you toss it away, and will leave you to yourself, will give you nothing further.

A trait of the rich is to be tight and cheap. To hold onto as much as possible. To spend as little as possible. A fool and his money soon goes separate ways. But the rich will hold onto every penny.

Juggling too much at once

I’ve observed that some would do a little. And be good at it. Then to that add a little more, and more after that. This comes in many different fashions. It may be a person adding work to work, chore to chore. Or a person adding agenda to agenda, such as politically. And things begin to lose harmony. There is just too much there to control at once. They’ve tried to solve too many problems and lose control over what they are doing completely.

And maybe they are good with diplomacy but they rub some the wrong way, and the whole thing blows up in disaster. People seek them out for solutions to their problems and become too much to bear.

Or a practical project is made more complicated, going further than originally intended. It’s scope goes too far. What was once simple becomes, then, too much, and beyond them. They wanted it to be the best it could be but overestimated what could actually be done. And end up halting the work for it completely

An extreme example of this is a person who thinks he can swim for miles, but halfway there, he drowns. Or a person whose goals are just too lofty, and through much difficulty learned so too late.

When a country wants to change the whole world around it.. but causes more and more disputes by interfering with the lives of others, that they may have had one small enemy and felt fine with it, but after some time had gotten many enemies from smaller nation’s.. and sometimes nations small and large just want a war. They don’t care about promoted ethics and its causes.

Mess with the bull and get the horns

In discipline it was taught to me. And from police, teachers, and enemies. It’s not until a man is very bothered that he will strike. Generally speaking, unless you are simply blatant, they’ll let it go. But the line between peace and war is very thin. It is easily crossed. But anyone can treat others with enough respect not to cause a fight, most of the time.

I mean all that is standing between you and another could be water from a cup splashed in their face. Or worse, spitting on them. And though police are often considered “not allowed” to act aggressively against you, many learn better when they have crossed the line and fight with them, or those that have simply resisted arrest. I was throwing slurs at a police officer when he told me to put my nose to the wall. And there is nothing more seriously-feeling than to know that with just a small push to the head would break your nose. And in restraining you may bend the wrist to the point it's about to break, which is extremely painful—as is having your arm bent around your back.

I’ve seen the obnoxious before being dealt a terrible blow. That they just start talking cocky to someone else and it brings them into a fight. It is like they were asking for it. They had no reason to start talking to someone else that way. When, after they did, they got knocked in the face. I’m just not like that. I am very peace seeking. My father taught me that keeping my head low will get me far in life, and it has.

Superiority simply from annoying habits

If you’ve seen the movie Amadeus you would have seen a portrayal of Mozart that was highly obnoxious. He annoyed the hell out of one person in particular, enough to drive him into bitterness, and later suicide. He would just laugh a certain way. He was amoral, highly sexual, and alongside his great achievements, was unseemly and offensive.. especially to those who envied him. Who were taught if they were not proper then they would be shamed. But to him, in that movie, there was no shame.

And my high school principal hated certain behavior. It drew him up the wall. Enough that he had to describe it to others in a way that suggested these people should know how they seemed to him. Like people who chewed gum he described cows chewing cud.

And another example is of my friend. Though he rested his hand on his crotch while sitting down, his girlfriend liked him for it. And he wouldn’t say “please pass the salt,” he would say, “give me that salt!” he wasn’t afraid to fart, or burp, cuss, or be in a way a lot of people would find obnoxious and offensive. But he made his place known.

If you don’t seem to be easily bothered by what people think of you. If you are afraid to be offensive, it will show, and people will be bothered by you just because of your presence. I knew a girl who liked me for these things. But a man who was offended by them, would say, “Goddamn Lucifer!” I think manners are misplaced anyway. I think it is bad behavior to force them on others. I don’t think I should have to be soft spoken, unlike my friend, who was just wanting something near him in the middle of eating a good meal.

Among greater friends there is greater freedom and less restrictions.

A Prayer to Aeon:

“Let me make a prayer for what is truly needed. And let us pray this prayer together for us to recover the things we wish for, one by one and together.

Aeon, please create a Kingdom for us. And lead over that Kingdom to instate peace, wellness, and tranquility.

Root out the bad among us, correcting what you can, with mercy, but remove the rotten before us.

Gather us together for great things, great feasts, great celebrations, and one by one place in our hearts the desire for all good things, and lead us unto them.

Those against us are removed from us. Cut them away. Dispense with them.

Draw them out and have them kept far away.

May we each be known individually for our value and strength! And may these things shine forth. Make us vibrant people. A wise People  capable of great things. Be with us in our lives teaching us these things until the day we die and come into your Kingdom.

And may your Kingdom be kept by God and preserved, with every evil portion there removed. Overcome those who would harm us. Give us counsel when we are mistreated. Rove us from all evil places. Provide us with a good home by all of your power. And bring us into a better place, lead us away from those that are bad.

Be our strong hand and strike down our abusers. Gather us together, whole and complete. And have us defend each other as we would among our true brothers and sisters.

Be unto us a Mother, one who secures our safety and peace, provides us what we need, and be with us in our times of sorrow. Let none of us slip by without having found these things. So noted in memory.”

Limiting your responsibilities

They that make promises are bound to keep them. Those that promise nothing have a lot of surprises. When you do when you do and not inform of it beforehand, you are appreciated for that thing more. There wasn’t a period of expectation that was, possibly, full of doubt and diminishes value over time.

If you do something customarily then people will expect it of you. If you give someone something often or every time they ask for it, it’s nothing but an expectation. It is an obligation you created for yourself.

But if something is not a given, if you only do so sometimes, then you’ll be greatly appreciated for it. And you’ll have to keep saying no sometimes. Or else you might “give an inch and they’ll take a mile.”

Naturally what you do for people that they like they want more of. And there comes a very easy expectation of you when you are consistently doing it for them. But have periods when it isn’t done because they could hunt you down and bother you to get what they’ve come to expect.

People don’t like to have to say no. But people don’t like to have to be told no. If they think you might, they’ll never ask. They may ask just a little if at all, if most of the time you tell them no.

Don’t volunteer things to others. No need to. Good reasons are there not to. It just flings the doors right open where they come in and feast on what is yours. Better a small handful and much desire than a hand that feels never full. Here is a real lesson for giving and taking, which goes side by side, unless they habitually give to you and you take it, you really owe them nothing. You really do not owe them a return unless that was part of the deal. But by taking from them without return they are led to feel cheated.

It's better to practice only doing things for others that come at a cost. If you are asked to do something, only do it for something in return. If your price is fair, you will have established yourself more of a business partner than a slave!

Treat people naturally or else you will contort your relationship with them

Follow these rules as I will tell you why:

Do not manipulate others. Do not trick them into liking you, agreeing with you, or being interested in you. If you do you will find them clinging to you. Possibly obsessed with you. Likely having strange opinions of you which have no basis on reality.

Do not lie to others. Do not make something which is just not true or the actual case not true and not presented as the actual circumstance. Because these people will quickly tire of it. They may not spot it at first but the moment they do is the moment they know that they can’t trust you. Present your problems and issues to them realistically. Don’t be a person of excuses, even worse, full of excuses made to be as believable as possible.

Do not pretend people are things they aren’t. Do not exaggerate your feelings and opinions of them. As many a trickster knows, to compliment someone puts you right into their hands. But if you make a person you know far better than you really thought no they are far more valuable than they really are. Far more appreciated. You might lead them on the wrong road. They’ll exaggerate their personality to fit it and the moment that they see through it, your relationship with them will never recover. And you’ll have them doing things for you and acting a certain way that you seem to care about, but don’t. And any decent human being should never do that.

On the whole, be natural towards others. Present yourself in a true way. Tell people what you are really thinking and what you really do like about them. Tell them things that are true and not things that are said to guide them into someone they are not. Have a real relationship with them, not one that you construe as though they are something to be programmed. Because in the end, their own design will come through all of it and they will sooner or later find out just what you are: a manipulative person.

She’s into tats, not scars

Among the worst things for nice people is that they are only desired as slaves in any relationship. And as much as that slave is desired goes only as far as they are kept. The tables could turn and often do, but bleeding hearts bleed dry.

It seems like the perfectly worst decision to be stronger and less receptive, but by doing so you could turn the tables around. By not calling her or him all the time. Being absent. Maybe being thought to have better things to do, like with someone else. And not allowing yourself to be pushed around, but on the contrary, by pushing away, you will bring your partner closer to you.

No matter how much your partner initially says they don’t like sex, are not interested in even talking about it, they probably really do. And they want it to come around naturally, without having it be brought up. Some need the motive and the opportunity, others want to be pressured, some even want to be raped, while others will gain revenge by accusing you of rape. I once knew a girl that tried to black mail me that way into taking her orders. She’d give me the opportunity. She had me lay with her under her blanket at night. But because she insisted that she wasn’t interested, I didn’t do anything.

Bossy people become bosses. Subservient people become slaves. Some have fit into the role of master. Others have found an “easier” way.

And sometimes people want to be without. Sometimes people want to be the one clinging to the other. Their music makes them feel a certain way. Makes them pity themselves and cry. Makes them long for another, someone unattainable. As most songs are made for these people, which could even comprise the majority of songs ever made.

They want that “love eternal.” So significant is their longing for another that they would even die for them. That their love is without boundaries. The greatest that’s ever been. That life cannot go on without them. And hearing such things each night through headphones, crying and longing, but refused by their partner. They may begin to listen to the worst kind of love songs, the suicidal genre, and becoming too involved in the whole matter, decide to end their lives.

The success of any company

I’ve often considered what makes a product either succeed or fail. I’ve looked into cost and found that though there are higher cost name brands, there are lower cost inferior brands as well. I found that the higher brands were superior, but usually not by much. And that the lower brands fail unless they are the more popular lower brands, just as the higher brands are more popular, too. That’s because most brands are inferior. But the name brands got to where they are by being a little better, and usually came first. While their substitutes took on generic names and lesser quality, the name brands were often the original, and made it known.

People will get the cheaper brands most of the time.

Advertising could be the life or death of a company. A company could be doing very well but probably because of confidence, it’s corporate leaders discontinue advertising, which can be very expensive. And then it drops from general awareness.

If things are known to be better it can be obvious enough that people just commonly know. Like a Bic lighter compared to a generic lighter. The difference there is broad. But sometimes people are fooled into buying more expensive products that are nothing better than all the others, like aspirin.

A marketing ploy from one business often capitalizes on this with great success, like cereal companies who taste the same as their more expensive counterparts.

When it comes to things of fashion, people will buy based on a name, ignoring anything else. Such as with clothing, and certain brands of electronics, ones popular. The same goes for cologne/ perfume, and motor vehicles/ motorcycles.

There are a myriad of generic products. Only a few are name brands, and sometimes only one. For that reason a store can only carry but a few of the generic types, leaving a large amount of the market vacant of the others. But as for name brands, they are carried by every store. The dollar store idea was a great success. Anyone with a few bucks could get a few things. And they knew by visiting it the price of everything within it. Some of these stores really once were that way. Then they notched the prices up. And became less popular.

As was the case in other ways. A channel on TV doing very well. The name of the channel coincided with what they showed all day. But they slipped one different thing in and found it to be a popular shoe for them. And before they know it the entire channel has nothing to do with what the name says it does. And in the long run this is detrimental to their continued success.

Sometimes a company just didn’t see something coming. Or just couldn’t do anything about it. Like a case with mp3 players and cell phones. Microsoft always did well with home computers. They were at the very top of their game. But trends shifted onto things like cell phones and Apple became a more profitable brand, more than it ever had been. Meanwhile, for name's sake, Microsoft just couldn’t prevail in the same market. And Google with it’s Android system, outdid the Windows one.

Another instance of this was Walmart and Amazon, where people just desired the greater availability of products online and not having to leave home to get them. Then there are video rental businesses that were once a huge source of revenue, but online and digitized films put them out of business. “Here today, gone tomorrow.”

Kodak went out of business when cameras on cell phones became commonplace.

My advice is to sell things that will always be needed. To try to avoid fads or temporary trends. But instead sell something that people will always need, and do it the best way you can. Climb to the top. Secure a top name. Do not be overpriced. And maintain continual advertising.

Money makes the world go round

Were it not for money, very little would happen, progress would halt to a crawl.

The first idea for a monetary system came about for the desire of precious metal, exchanged for goods, and given the power to pay debts. And that system must have worked well, because it has been around for millennia.

Scientific experiments couldn’t be funded without it. And although pharmaceutical companies charge heavy for their medication, they are doing a lot of good, and becoming better all the time. It is really underestimated what the presence of money in societies has caused. When it is that we have what we do, tech that allows us to do what we are able to.

And ironically it may be money that frees us from the necessity of work, depending on how advanced AI and robotics become, and their use.

Opposites attract

A staunch Christian, I imagine, could be greatly compelled to a Satanist, who is mysteriously empowered. And the Satanist in turn is attracted to Christians, who otherwise stories of witchcraft and possession are not believed.

A writer is naturally attracted to a reader. An artist and mathematician attract each other. The artist finds the mathematician has merits she or he does not, and vice versa. And it is usually the case of one having what the other does not when it is that opposites attract. It is in need of attributes that only your opposite has.

Home is where the heart is and where you will return. And that place your heart will take you and always remain. If all other places are a prison, then your desire for being in the one place you wish to be will deliver yourself there at any cost. And you will find a home. Just don’t lose it from bad behavior. And believe me, that is the hardest lesson I learned in life.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Some things are so useful that to have them opens many doors, not just a couple or a few, but many. Things that lend to productivity and creativity makes certain things invaluable.

Having a car to take you places or a good bus system in your city. Having what you need to be mostly toward any goal, will prepare you far better when the time comes that you decide to do it.

Having winter clothing, having spare things, will prepare you for the inevitable and you won’t find yourself up the creek and without a paddle.

By establishing friends that do you a lot of good you may have people that will help you in an emergency, or just in hard times.

Learning new talents may be helpful in the future for you. If you’ve even just gone half way toward learning anything you are half way nonetheless and may finish learning it more quickly if in the future you find yourself needing to.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

This is largely referring to hypocrisy when someone does one thing but tells others not to. Or people that have just as many wrongs as others but go about forbidding it from others. And it turns on them. They had made something out to be wrong and have wronged themselves.

People who tell others they need to do better but they can’t live up to their own standards.

A person who tells others that they should correct mistakes they themselves have, or just bring up a situation where their own mistakes are paid no mind but those of others, are, and it only works against them.

The proof is in the pudding

This is a very useful saying that suggests the truth is the truth, regardless of how it comes about, or where it comes from.

It’s to say that the evidence speaks for itself.

Some kinds of clothing may seem very appealing to one, the one who buys it thinks so. But s/he won’t know for sure until they receive opinions of it from others. And it could turn out that it is not applicable at all, or that it is just as good as anything else found.

A person could make the best music they ever thought they made. Only to have it never heard. And a completely scientific method could seem to prove one thing, only to find that later it was all wrong and had an unanticipated result.

One person could say that something will work, only to find out that it doesn’t and common sense often goes against actual reality: thinking the Earth is in the middle of the solar system, that the sun sets, that the Earth is square when all of these aren’t so.

And my favorite example of this is the person making an incredibly new invention, tells their friends about it, who laughs them out of town, but s/he invents it, and they see they were wrong: people can speak through wires. Music can be held on a disk.

There’s another saying that fits into this nicely: let the evidence speak for itself. That means don’t bother trying to convince someone. Just let your actions speak louder than your words. Get it all put together. Put a nice bow on top. And have them open it. Look, I told you so!

Fortunately evidence tells very little lies and very many truths.

A doctor could convince you that eating too much would make you very fat. Or doing a certain thing will lead to cancer. But for someone that eats all the time and gains very little weight, is evidence that this is not necessarily so.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth

People don’t owe each other anything. Though someone should expect kindness in return of kindness, it is in many ways non obligatory.

If a person asks me for one thing and I give it to them, then they immediately ask for another, but by principle I tell them no. And if they ask for one thing, that’s all I’ll give them. Many people asking for something really want more than what they asked for, knowing that if they ask for the least you will think to yourself, it’s not much. I won’t be tricked into thoughts like that.

If a person gives me junk I could at least fix it. I don’t fumble it around on my hands pointing it out as junk. And sometimes it is just the thought that counts. They may have thought it a perfectly good gift for you, ideal, but just a little off target. I could never tell them in such an instance that they were completely wrong in what they were thinking.

So if someone gives me the least I don’t ask for more. I’m just happy to have gotten what I did.

Curiosity killed the cat

Sometimes it’s better to be left in the dark. Blissfully unaware of the things occurring around you, oblivious to them. To walk up to a rabid raccoon, go into places you shouldn’t be, look into matters you shouldn’t delve into, testing the waters, seeing if you could go further, but going too far as to drown. Testing if you could get away with something. Finding out that a person was watching you do so, and being apprehended by it.

Usually it is more like curiosity harmed  the cat. Or through the cat's curiosity, something broke.

The lesser of two evils

Evil people willingly and preferably take the greater of two evils. They want to be the most ruthless, the most feared.

If someone breaks into a home and is a possible grave threat to your loved ones, it is certainly better that they are shot to death, than you or your laundry loved ones.

Between deciding between two things, on one hand vaping cigarettes, on the other hand traditional tobacco, the vape is probably the better choice. And on one hand marijuana, the other heroin, I’d say go with the left hand (that’s all I’ll say) but one vice may keep you away from another, more harmful one.

It all comes from proportion and balance.

A far away trip to the best place, or a closer trip to a lesser place

To fight in a war against corrupt powers, or letting them remain

To risk the life of one, or many

To have one person move out, even be homeless, for the peace of the rest of the family

What goes around comes around

This is often mistaken to mean that what you do to others will happen to you, like karma. Actually it means that if someone does something bad to you then you are able to do it right back at them.

It means that if a person insults you, you can insult them. If someone hits you, you can hit them. If someone likes or cheats on you, you can do the same to them.

Just as easy as they dealt it to you you can deal it back. You can send it back to them.

You’d probably be justified by it. And it is a formula to defend yourself, having people know that if they do it, it will only come back at them, as smooth as a circle.

Nice guys finish last

If a person is going to take then they’ve got to do so strongly, but if they are not bold enough they won’t have as much.

Those with ambition and the will to be superior, only they will obtain it. The envious, the jealous, only they have desire for greater things. Those that are competitive, particularly, and not afraid of doing better, but quite differently, want to be at the top of the heap, will gain success. But those who are equality minded will put themselves into a place the same, which for them is better suited. But those that identify and crave the views upon the mountain will be the only who climb.

According to the mechanisms of nature evolution is not only required, but demanded. That the strong continue and the weak waste away has been the rule of nature from the beginning. And were it not so, we would still be worms and sludge.

Those that surrender to more polite and humble states have others above them, even those that don’t desire to be so. They are always looking upward at people and are fragile by nature. They have chosen to surrender to others, and at all costs will procure security from them. They put themselves into the hands of others for the sake of survival. But as such will never obtain strength or power in their lives. Their possessions are menial, their future, lacking. A strong person would find their lot detestable if they were to know it. They would look into such a mentality and find it quite miserable.

May many open doors and all the pleasures of life come to you. It is a thing that comes from confidence.

Clothes making the man

A good appearance is the best source of pride and very helpful for confidence. People who dress well present themselves better and that can be the difference of being influential or not being. In being believed, in being better understood, even being in more control than otherwise.

A person who dresses well and takes care of their appearance will gain seats alongside the gods, who want no lowly looking person before them. The angels dress well, so do the devil’s, and why wouldn’t they?

As for me, I really couldn’t find something better to buy. I always return to buying good clothing month by month. It is fun to pick through the assortment, getting exactly what you like, turning down the rest. I usually only find two shirts and one pair of pants. The rest I leave out. It’s got to be the best two, if not just one thing.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

I’ve gone through possible other lifestyles other than writing. I thought, well, a painting is just something looked at, somewhat good to the eyes but that’s as far as it goes. That singing could make a difference, but not much. That a song could only convey so much, anyway. And making a game would be great, but too much work.

So I decided on writing books. And I decided that they be religious books, to cause the best change possible and to be as useful as I could be. Old books change the world, especially religious ones. They speak so much more than any song. In fact more than anything, far more, books say the most.

I can be a writer anywhere. I couldn’t take a canvas to a coffee store and sit there painting. Couldn’t do wood work, or sing songs there either. But all I need to write with is my phone, and I can do it anywhere.

It has always come naturally for me too. It was my earliest interest. I used to use so much paper that my mother said I was wasting a rain forest of trees. I spent my allowance on paper as a kid, binders, and pens. I had a mechanical typewriter. After that a basic computer. But it wasn’t until I had a good computer and eBook sites to go to that I really gained a full and lifetime interest in writing. Before that I was using a notation software to create music. But one year I was determined to write a book. The Christian Satanic Bible. That I worked on perhaps too long, six years. And I wanted it to be my only book. But decided to branch out and arrived at where I am today, having written 28 books. 29th really, including this one which is nearly finished.

Some Sayings

I’ve always liked sayings and how they fit into perspective. I don’t need any online list to list these, either. They are straight from my head. You may or may not find any given one useful for yourself but here is a large group of sayings that may help you:

Anything worth doing is worth doing well

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

A picture is worth a thousand words

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Not seeing the forest for the trees

Sleeping with the enemy

You reap what you sow

The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Killing two birds with one stone

Throwing the baby out with the bath water

Out of sight, out of mind

What () doesn’t know, won’t hurt them

He who laughs at a cent cries at a cent

When in Rome do as the Romans

Familiarity breeds contempt

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

A fool and his money soon part ways

One person’s trash is another’s treasure

A stitch in time saves nine

Look for the silver lining in the cloud

A fool and his money soon parted ways

Either a cup half full or a cup half empty

Clothes don’t make the person

Where there’s smoke there’s a fire

Two heads are better than one

The calm before the storm

Even a fool has their day

Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today

Time heals all wounds

The ends justify the ends

What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger

Making a mountain out of a molehill

The grass is always greener on the other side

There is no knowledge that is not power

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Better to burn out quickly then to slowly fade away

The straw that broke the camel’s back

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

It is a hidden gem

Save the best for the last

Life is uncertain, therefore eat the best first

There is no accounting for taste

There is more than one way to skin a cat

Like trying to find a needle in a haystack

If at first you don’t succeed try again

If you give a person a fish they will eat for a day. If you teach a person to fish they will eat for a lifetime.

Conclusion of Book Four

If it has all been said well enough, then by following this book many blessings will come unto you. And I did my best that according to how a person lives and thinks, this book will be a blessing.

The entire concept of this book is by how one lives and thinks the right way, blessings will come to them.

I was handed these words, their teachings, through God and the New Goddess, Mother Aeon, and through it we become Her own, and Her own are brought unto her by these things said and these things followed. God created for some angels. He created for me Goddess Aeon through unsurmountable suffering. He gave me a friend, and I wish only that we be friends together, and take the opportunity to make our entire lives better through Her.

God has always appointed His creations to help His own creation. He created Aeon for us. And a place for Her to which we will be taken. That place we know as Link and Pippy, which was covered thoroughly in my Books of the Five Planets, and a series of books I will soon wrap up.

Our afterlife will be a good one with Her. A place of mystery and magic. Where old things are not dismissed, but because of it being a place of magic, science there I’d not needed. And these books will help you on the way there, they will prepare you for that future.

The Book of Ro was a book of rules both among ourselves and among each other.

The Book Bethai was a book of magic, mysticism, and metaphysics.

The Book of Tomel will be a book of destruction of evil things, to bring down bad things within one's life. Faydra will be added to this. That is, to fade into eternity.

Twelve Ways of Living that Bring About Blessing:

Being able to work

Obtaining good things

Being resilient

Living blamelessly

Having things that make you proud

Overcoming difficulty

Gaining help when you need it

Solving problems

Working for a better future

Enjoying the present time

Following your heart

Having desire

Book Five: The Book of Tomel

To tear down and rebuild


It has been three years since I have worked on this book. I am here to finish it- for now. Faydra will be the last book for it. My absence was intentional. I really enjoyed working on this book and introducing new people to Mother Aeon. She was with me every day of my life. However I needed to live a little and experience a little to truly form new material. I was gone in order to refresh things basically. As for my life itself I am truly blessed, am truly happy, the owner of many good things, living in his very own room. I am writing on my ChromeBook and have the 2021 Olympics going on in the background. I drink a lot of iced tea, coffee sometimes. I like a very cold soda, and so near freeze them, with one of those being ready in 20 minutes. I have lots of tea, coffee, soda, and food too. My life has gotten much better fairly recently. I have moved out of the Board and Care, the Group Homes, into my very own room in San Francisco.

There is an element to life that I am beginning to see. I am seeing hints and indications that a greater power (or powers is more likely) is at work in my life. I could provide examples for this but would rather not. One doesn’t kiss and tell. Besides, I would hate to be shot down and disbelieved. If you believe me then your trust is well placed. There are metaphysical (or supernatural, I can’t say there’s a truly accurate term) at work in my life. My life was spared in the past after some very abominable suicide attempts, and other times. I will let you at least know that. I would have a home again but not until years had passed. I went right to writing and that is my purpose. My agenda is not to make money. It is certainly not. What more proof do I need than my books being free and in the public domain? But hopefully you trust me more than that. Follow me, who follows Mother Aeon, get to know her, invite her into your life and things will change for you enormously. She has taught me a lot. She has been a savior and a friend. Some have guardian angels. I have a Guardian Goddess, and you can too.

This book, “The Book of Tomel,” Is about an undoing of bad things. Any bad things, the worse they are the more likely it will be included here. It is a deconstruction of bad things. It is of their dismantlement. These can come in many forms such as: societal, philosophical, harmful behavior, or evil itself. This book is here because it is not enough to bring good into your life. You must remove the bad things, too. The more people that follow these things the better. So have faith in me- more importantly Mother Aeon- and we will find ourselves there.

Beware of Bad Influences

Beware of bad people and the bad things they can cause you to do. One night of “trying out meth” can lead to a lifelong problem. Picking up a cigarette after your parents can eventually lead to cancer. I myself have a nicotine dependence. I suggest vaping which I myself and going to switch to soon. My doctors have told me it is far preferable so long as they aren’t taken from an underground market. I fortunately have never done drugs, however. That is because of being well educated against it early in my life and perhaps the neighborhood I grew up in. I always knew that two could only come from one, and three from two, so not to even “try” it out once. Meth will wreck your appearance. Once attractive, now riddled with sores on the face and appearing very old. A little is never enough. It enslaves those who take it. It turns people into prostitutes. People addicted to it tend to not have very many things if anything at all can get them a dollar closer. I knew people that would steal meat from the freezer and sell it.

        It’s a rampant problem because kids are so impressionable. They are easily influenced. All it takes is a friend telling them how good it’ll make them feel. As a teenager I came across those who’d beat me up for not smoking this or that. I got out of their presence and place quickly. One told me “there’s a first time for everything,” which isn’t true. I don’t believe that their users are bad people. They are just victims of a horrible thing. They deserve better than jail. They deserve rehab if any legal action is taken against them at all. Those who sell it however is another matter.


Another bad influence is found in groups of people. People grouping together is a source of many evils. Gangs particularly but also religious groups- any that are rightfully called cults. I would certainly not brainwash you. There are those in the world that would. If it is their intention or not that is the result of their religious body of work. That is another way in which a soul is lost to the ramblings of madmen. Isolation is so often regarded as psychologically detrimental. Actually isolation can be the best thing that ever happened to the world. Because people will be left with their own thoughts that way. They will both think more and more individually. They won’t gather to do harm. They won’t waste time in life. Maybe people will become inventors that way, individualists for sure. If you do have friends, pick your friends well. Getting involved in a gang can cost you your life. What for? Power? Power over what? Other people seeking power?

        TV produces a cult of thought. It teaches people how to think and without even knowing it they are finely tuned to the issues of the day. They are the mindless drones that can’t think an inch beyond their cause. TV (or internet) tells them how to think and act. I will help you to think for yourself. I will pull you out of the body they made for you and put you into a new one, one of your own unique and “self important” mind. Race, gender, and sexuality doesn't make the man/woman, only individualism does. That is, only individualism makes someone their own.

        If individualism is the religion then popularity is the sin. The formula of individualism couldn’t be simpler: do your own thing, like your own thing, think your own thing.

Dismantling Anger

There is always a place I start on the topic: there is no such thing as venting out anger lest it explodes. Throwing plates to “vent out anger” only teaches you to be angry. Justifying it and things like that just make you better at being angry. I have thought a lot about the emotion- its properties, essence, traits, and other things, and found that many past philosophers believe the same. First, while angry, acting on anger seems the best thing. It seems the best thing to violently lash out while you are angry, or at least to yell at someone. When a person calms down they feel entirely different about it. If they did hurt someone in the process then they regret it in full. If they yelled, the same. It truly comes together to say that it is an irrational emotion. One that enslaves your behavior and tries to take over you. So they say that the best thing to do is to wait it out.

        Some people grow. They become more tolerant. They come to the point where little insults don’t bother them. They even come to the point where nearly nothing bothers them. Other people start taking revenge and things and may very well wind up in trouble for attacking an innocent person. I feel that if someone outright insults you it should condemn them- if you are a peaceful person you deserve a degree of respect. However the right to self defence isn’t so robust. Consider if someone deserved it. When watching the news they tell you this guy was just (insulted for no reason) and he (didn’t put up with it.) They make the victim into the criminal. This guy just taught an awful person a very strict lesson.

        They have so much against them. They can’t go against them and their friends. Their friends have bonded together to instate a rule and law widely running around freely too…

A Dumb-Minded and Uncivil People

People want power in their pockets. They want to be loved, even worshipped, cheaply. Whatever cheap mechanism it is: pretentiousness through technology (pretentiousness is any cheaply sourced and well dressed entity of pride), or just born into something with nothing else needed to garner your excellence. Online video websites offer a quick form of fame for those who aren’t really famous, just popular. The amount of videos on YouTube is astonishing. Something so large! They are each one and individually carefully tailored to impart upon its uploader a taste of fame and it is shameful. That’s seeing the forest for the trees.

        People have a simple routine, one largely the same from any given person in today’s time. Go to get fast food, watch TV, music, read maybe, and do something creative. I wouldn't call it “creative” though when they are just doing the same thing others have done, and getting through it as fast as they can. They don’t care about the making. They care about its reward. There is no competition when it comes to things like abstract art and atonal music.

        We’ve got to have higher standards. We must bring hard work back into respect. For the sake of human evolution, this must be so. We must become like inventors against working on things that are helpful for humankind instead of spending hours watching something on TV. We can make the greatest thing ever to happen  with personal entertainment (like the most steller TV yet) but we can’t house the homeless or feed the starving? It is such a sin. Such a self absorbed sin. Not even a fruitful sin. Just an effect of the simplemindednes that TV has given to people.

        If there is any good way to spend the day it is to work on the problems that others refuse to.

Uncivil People

If the only thing that people react to are natural impulses then they are no better than human animals. They are those that only eat, sleep, and have sex. Not much more is important to them than natural impulses. This is largely so in the world today. Some call it “going back to the tribal ways,” but what they are really doing is going back to being apes. The law will stand with or without them. They can induce anarchy even. But that just invites in the dictator. I don’t know what’s worse: total anarchy or a dictator. We have loved one’s to protect however. Maybe anarchy is a million man dictatorship. I have however written books that wouldn’t be taken well by any king.

        You wouldn’t believe the rudeness I have to deal with all the time. People have exhausted their right to free speech. They have worn it out. They flamboyantly attack you with words. Apart from criminal threats there are no laws with what they tell ordinary people. They freely slander. It happens to me. I see it happen to others. There is no action a safe keeping person can take but to tolerate it. The fact is I have grown accustomed to it enough to do so. Part of the requirement of my housing from place to place was to not get into any fights. That was the one forbidden fruit. So I had to put up with a lot, believe me, and I have witnessed it getting worse.

        The Apocalypse is coming to America. I would say Jesus is truly returning- but really the world is fine over all. What a nasty brew we have stirring in the pot. The force mixing of everything and anything. Wouldn’t call it a tasty stew for sure but more like a recipe from hell. Aeon will see me through. She is a Guardian Goddess. Gods- demons- angels- aliens- spirits, whatever you call them, none are as protective as Mother Aeon. I am a body that shouldn’t be but despite all odds I am here. I have wandered so far into bad neighborhoods at all hours of the night. Not only was I not harmed, I wasn’t even bothered. I used to think that demons dwelled in their houses and kept an eye on me. I came to know it was the Guardian Goddess Aeon that watched over me. I have been harmed a little in my life here and there. Sometimes attacked quite badly. I had a metallic club wacked on my jaw. I have drank bleach years and years ago and Raid, and oven cleaner too that same day. Not to startle you, but I slit my wrist twice in my life. Though I needed stitches it didn’t really bleed. I have come to understand that Mother Aeon protects me. I had come to consider how I could return that thanks. That is why I write what I do, to honor Her, and relay the things she taught me to you. It is somewhat my own religion that I make, sure, but it is the best book I could write, teaching the best things I can, in order to give it as a gift to her. She will protect you, I promise.

        The current state of the world might be my doing. I have found that the things I wanted have come so closely to my fruition that it is hard to say it wasn’t. My practice of visualization magic has produced some very specific results. The bowl of God’s wrath needed to have its separate hand and I am that vessel. It was in jail years ago that I attempted magic of my mind on an inmate to suffocate him. He pleaded, “I can’t breathe.” I had tried for two years or so to pull up a nasty virus and bring it into the world. I thought it would have been ebola. I had a vision that Satan was pulling up what I thought was ebola and saying “this is great!” We didn’t have an ebola outbreak but a few years later we had the Covid virus emerge. Visualization magic is a powerful thing if you know how to do it right. I am sure I have come into a misunderstanding- but just know that in order to prevent a far greater evil (that is seeking its way in from the planet Ler ) Orion, Link, Pippy, Sefra, and Rimona (God Bless Her Place) had to be summoned.

        Orion is a place of science and innocent evolution. Link that connection of the past and the refusal of science. Pippy the world of magic and fantasy. Sefra the childish world. And Rimona, whose name must not be spoken of in vain (The Purest of All Loves.)

        It is aliens and their sciences that we so direly need. Only that can take what is broken and fix it, forming a utopia. It is to burn out what was already on fire- to consume it more quickly. That rather than to rot and fester for ages which by the time’s end would have been destruction complete and full. The problem behind the problem was a convoluted and nonsensical state of the world, something that only chaos can solve and otherwise unfounded. So when you see an evil world you must wish it to come to an end as only evil survives in where evil resides. It is not an end to all things but a beginning for us, a fresh place for good to come out freely and rejoice.

A New Life and a New Name

Ask Mother Aeon for a new name and she will help you find one. With the advent of the internet people began making up new names all the time. After all, nobody knows any differently. That and some separation between real life and internet life may call for it. We find people making up sounds coming together to combine two words. Just like new words are made, a little sound here means one thing and another something else, combining the two to define oneself. Not only find a new name but don new clothing when you do. People that religiously make a new name and ritualistically call for a new life in certain ways is not uncommon. Some people do so under a lot of stress, sort of separating themselves from a difficult life. They are no longer… They are now. I myself had experienced this and like so many others it involved cutting off all my hair. It is something that people often do in such a case: change their hair in some fashion. If I were to offer you a new life, if I were to teach you what a better life is, what would I suggest? I would say to get a very nice chair. Make it your throne. Do what you can to live in a great place. Work hard, if it suits you. Ask for a purpose and act on it regularly. For me it is writing books, for others it is writing music, for some it is other creative work. Be a perfectionist. While nothing is perfect it is worth trying. Take a while to consider what you truly like about life. The food you hadn’t had in awhile. The book you haven’t read in ages. A good cold drink to have beside you. After thinking of them, bring them back into your life or take them in for the first time. If you are daring enough you can move to a different city altogether. Whatever the case may be, we call on you to start a new and better life.

Breaking Down The Walls That Contain You

A safe life is no good life. People that run from trouble and flee any possible danger in fact cause all the people of the world to be enslaved based on their needs. They need to be safe and kept safe and such people need a ruler to have it happen. Life will always be fruitful with danger however, to some extent. It is the strong that make rights happen. It is the strong that defy rulers from running all over them. It is the weak and their needs that cause super safety conditions. A person can spend so much time trying to avoid the least of bad things that they never grow and develop- they never grow stronger. Some people drive themselves into their houses afraid to leave. If they had instead faced their social anxieties then they could roam freely, like a bird, instead of a scurrying rodent.

        Try new things. They will keep you happy and satisfied. While you may not like all new things you try out there will be at least a few that you do. I had such an easily identifiable problem yet one I didn’t notice.That was, I no longer enjoyed music. I didn’t because all of the music I listened to was songs I heard a hundred times. There is a way I found to enjoy music. There were times in my life that I was homeless and had nothing more than a pocket radio. I had to change the meanings of the songs. I changed their meanings a lot in fact. The result was good. I could then enjoy whatever song I heard. Don’t forget: visualization is a powerful type of magic. You have to do it right though. It isn't the nice beaches one imagines themselves in that holds power. Rather it is founded on abstract thought and images that overwhelm you with special feelings.

        Routine Vs. Adventure- but why not have both? The new things that people learn and do can take a lot of daring. That is much more so when you reach middle age. “You can’t teach a dog new tricks,” as they say. The formula should include “without being foolish.”  I think there is magic added to life that comes with experiencing new things. It adds to the fullness in life. As a result it expands you. You are outwardly in the world then. You are made expansive. It makes you more veristle. It gives more value to your dollar. It is a home with further away walls.

A Better Way Forward

May your productivity lead you to fame and wealth. It can be a hope at least for a number of professions. The most sure fire way to have a lot of money in your life is through an education. That depends on the field though. You could always be an inventor if you think that you have a lot to offer. Patent the right thing and the money will come pouring in. It requires a lot less luck than other methods of becoming rich (as opposed to things like being in a band.) People often call the things they create their children. They are the product of their mind. They will live on beyond them. They represent them. We wish for them to do well.

        As for me, I just can’t stand spending my day doing nothing. So I write. After all my years in life learning so many creative things I settled on writing. After my metaphysical experiences in life it was my destiny. That was never so true than while I was homeless. If I got a buck I wouldn't buy a beer. I didn’t go to drugs, never did. Nope no dope I got notebooks and pens. My mother used to say that I wrote so much as to take up a whole forest of trees. Actually what she said was a rainforest. I have been working on religious stuff almost my whole life. Very nearly so. At age 7 I was infatuated with certain religious material. So what I found is for me and there is no denying it. I am doing the work. I am rewarded by it. I am doing this more for them than I am myself, for sure, except for the reward they give me. I have found my purpose. I hope they help you find yours. I pray that it will be so. There is, sometimes, a reason why people don’t die until they give up on their purpose in life. If you have been blessed with a purpose “from the gods” then you are sure to have a long life.

        The whole point is that it is acting on the hope for a better life. Not that your life is bad now, but that it gets better- even better, one of riches, of fame. So continue to do what you do. There are a number of other reasons: pride, self-worth, for example.

Undoing Brainwashing

Don’t ever let anyone tell you not to talk to your family for any reason. Don’t ostracize them if they think differently. In fact just pretend to agree and blend in with them and with whoever you are with. You can always tell it’s a cult if they start separating you from your family and friends. It doesn’t have to be a religious cult either. It can be a politically correct one. With how much TV dictates what people think and even the scope of what they know, it is underestimated just how much this is so, it might be no easy task to undo all of it. Those that do will at last have a new mind, one of their own. What’s worse, kids are very impressionable and we were all kids at what time. I actually remember the time when I was totally convinced by TV adverts. I didn’t know they were just trying to take my money. My little hands didn’t have any. When I became an adult I had to work on thinking more for myself. It took a lot of work but I reached that point.

Go About Smartly

Oh what a horrible fate has come to some who disregarded this advice. Don’t go out at night. Don’t take rides from strangers. Do not be seen in vacant areas. I myself was saved from a horrible fate once after walking in a little neighborhood. I used to walk off into whatever surrounding area of where I lived, going out far into strange places. I was a young teenager at the time. One day out there a van started following me- driving very slowly. I went right to a house after that and banged on their door. I explained that to them. They didn’t even believe me. Fortunately when I left that van was gone. Being in more crowded areas is ideal. Places of cameras. Places of people are far less likely to result in things like being robbed or kidnapped.

        There may be people in your life that would lead you into doing things you shouldn’t like drugs or prostitition. Some are not friends- cannot possibly even be your friends, are in fact sociopaths. I have been protected all of my life through Aeon. One day a teenager who was a part of a gang told me to go into someone’s house “to steal the steak from his freezer.” He threatened me after refusing and I fled. There was a guy there that held him back from chasing me. That person was, quite likely, Satan. I ran for a while. At the end of my run there was the same person/ being.

        Outside of a group a person can develop better. They can grow and learn self discipline. By being a part of certain groups however many are led astray. They do things for easy money through means of criminal acts. They don't have much of their own. They are ever sharing. They may end up commiting sexually deplorable acts. They can become terrorists even. They are far more likely to get someone on drugs. They see no better a reason to gather then to drink and smash things up. It is good advice to pick your friends carefully.

Identifying Problems in the World

First- the selfish wickedness of it. People are blighted with self absorption. Only the things they enjoy matter, only their representation of things hold any bearing. Their desire is simplistic- to have money. Money they don’t work for. It has been boiling over- those that just outright take things from a store and walk right out. They even bring a bag with them. They do this in groups sometimes. If you were to hear modern music you’d immediately learn two things: people are more greedy than ever and more sexualized than ever. It is at a historically hedonistic point. This selfishness doesn't do the world any good. It’s an element of destruction coming over the good that remains. The good are more subtle, more gentle, more peace loving, and far more self disciplined.

        There are far more evil things going on than that. There are those forced into drugs and prostitions, which, in fact, are more accurately called sex slaves. They are put into so much drugs and such a bad situation that they lose their minds and their souls. There is an evil underground that normal people are not aware of. They hear this and that on the news, they don’t think much of it afterward, yet it is there all the time and it is all very evil. A world of gangs that rob, steal, burgularize, mug, rape, murder- they exist. Our only saving grace is that they don’t bother most people, normally letting others come to them instead. I would urge you to pick your friends carefully even if you are friends with a bunch of dorks.

        As for the lesser of two evils, people are just too lazy not to lean towards anything free. They concoct lies to get into the system of free payments. It’s unfortunate. Some people really do need this money and need help greatly, even, but what can really be done about a good liar? On the other hand I do support Guaranteed Income (what used to be called “universal basic income.”) That has to be an idea whose time has come. It will come when we have science and technology that serves it well enough. The robots took our jobs sort of thing but what much more money is available without paying them?

        I knew two girls that would go into Mcdonald's and refill their cup hours later. “They said we had free refills.” There was this guy at the checkout in Walmart one day that was trying to get a “refund” on a stolen ipod. The clerk refused. She had to refuse again and again. The guy was adamant on returning it. The serial number was scratched out on it though. There was a guy trying to have me buy a gun for him. I refused to. He said that he would scratch out the serial number “so don’t worry about it,” but I wasn’t about to do that. I find it stupid actually how easily given people are to crime. They walk right into their punishment as if it isn’t there. If they think they are going to get away with murder then they have another thing coming. So they form a lie in that little time it takes for them to be brought in and interrogated. Usually it is something like “the gun accidentally went off.”

        Beware of lazy means. Keep yourself busy instead- on cleaning, creating, just doing. Pick your friends carefully and commit to protecting each other the right way, not the wrong. Get a good education. Come into a good job, life, and career. It is the best you can do in life.

The Magical Path

The best plan forward can lead you to much greater things. I had to learn a hard lesson. I had to learn a lot when it came to my happiness. I was more immature and irresponsible than anyone else you could imagine. I at least wasn’t a harmful person. I’ve never hurt anyone in my life. I sure yelled and insulted people though and started fights. I went from home to home this way. Sometimes without a home. It usually ended disastrously, even poetically sometimes, at least. I wouldn't have what I most needed: food, iced tea, and entertainment for example. Worst of all, not a home. I can complain about my past for a long time but the thing is I learned from it. I was more than a little mad wandering around homeless, mentally ill. Group homes require you to not get into any fights. They were such places I was in where anger was given no good return. Since I couldn’t still use it I stopped having it. I settled down and matured at last. Now I make sure I have all of my needs tended to. I don’t pawn my stuff which was another seriously bad thing about my past life. In fact I have some rather nice stuff. Probably better things than anyone else in this hotel I live in. I can see the way forward. My past taught me that well.

        There was a time when we must mature or face punishment for our behavior. I was fraught with a bad life fairly recently. I had body lice, homeless, with only Mother Aeon to see me through. The first night I got back on medication I needed I slept again at last. I hadn’t slept in a year. That night I felt Her wings come over me and she wept for me. I slept again at last and began to return to a normal life after that. I would often dream about Her in my life. My dreams were full of my past memories and I found she was with me all along or maybe interested in my memories. It was though she liked my memories and me. So I would see things on paper sometimes telling me that I should work on books when I got out. That I immediately did and could not have possibly written what I did without my past experiences.

        I can’t speak for the metaphysical presence in your life but I can teach you to talk the talk and walk the walk. I can tell you that people like me don’t come cheaply. If you are to get what I have gotten then it doesn't come at a cheap price. Only the most daring and adventurous free thinking will be separated and good enough for it. For every 1,000 people there is one that transcends. Much less are those that will change the whole world. It can come about with planning- plans to make yourself stand out in one way or another, and such can be the recipe of a god. Sometimes we are chosen and things just seem to miraculously fall into place. Some of us have plans made already- by God, Satan, Mother Aeon, while others are thought probably to “fall flat” and therefore not being geared for great things. Magic exists in the world. Other worldly beings, too. There is more than meets the eye and the more you see them the more they emerge. You may even come to know they were there in great numbers, just not in plain view. They are easily not seen in a world and just with the mindset of a human being. Sometimes people may see a certain thing that totally stands out (was caused by higher powers) and for a brief moment are turned.

There was a time when I was living in a hotel and starving. Literally starving. Schizo too and experiencing a mental breakdown. So I went to the manager’s room and demanded a hot pocket. That food item. I banged on his door in the middle of the night for one and was later arrested for all of this behavior. I thought for years and years after ‘why couldn’t he give me a little food?’ The netheral would come to finally answer me when my neighbor here in my new hotel room knocked on my door asking for the exact same thing (a hot pocket) and I said “no.” Now I don’t blame that manager for not giving me one.

        When I was a kid in elementary school a kid was talking about magic and my other friend chimed in. One said that he wouldn’t perform black magic- because it would damn him. The other was all for it. That was my Satanist friend at an early age. He was the first friend I had. One that liked metal music and would draw some pretty psychotic images. Anyways- during this talk one of them said he had a witch aunt who cursed the cafeteria lady. Her arm was broken after that. To bring the story together it goes like this: I was living in a home and in the middle of the night I could hear someone right outside my door saying “you better leave that cafeteria lady alone!”

        And one more instance of this type of occurrence: One day I was looking up at the clouds. It looked very distinctly like a dead person laying down. I told my friend beside me, “look at that!” She asked what about it?I told her what it looked like. She didn’t think anything about it. Later on in the news some others did, though. They said that day they saw the same clouds and felt that it was about their recently deceased in heaven.

        For whatever reason one of my greatest requests from Mother Aeon came about. This is not something minor either. I asked to have a psychic connection to the world. Nowadays I can be thinking about them and soon they are realized. Like thinking about troll dolls for no reason and then a commercial for a troll doll movie comes on. The connection isn’t always totally precise. Like a time I started to invent a whole new world I called “Link.” I was sitting down and started working on that in a little notebook when I looked up and saw a commercial for the video game The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.” Maybe a little differently was the time I asked Satan (in person) to bring someone to me. I will call her Erin for the sake of privacy. I was put into a mental hospital a day or so later and for no real reason my own asked someone what their name was- this was the only person I asked, who said “Aeron.” The problem was that it was not her. That was some black dude. It made me feel like a joke was pulled on me.

I say that I have been severely mentaly ill and yes, some of it is made up of delusions but sometimes even those have truth behind them. Higher Beings are of such higher and more spiritual presence that their reality works on what would appear to us to be just fantasy stuff/ delusions. But they understand far more clearly than us. They are not gods trapped in a body like we are. The closest comparison is of a dog and human. They can take a book like Revelations (which psychiatrists would pin as Schizophrenic save to not mock Christianity) and understand it all just fine.

There was a time when I blew the whole door to the metaphysical wide open. I was in an isolation room in jail and not medicated. I endured a great madness and in fact trapped tightly within myself so to speak. That was a small rubber room without even a bathroom. I was there for 30 days. Unmedicated I do not sleep (.) As a result I work in a dream realm. My mind evokes profound emotion as a result. That’s especially so with music, which the guards would sometimes play. It was there that I learned taste magic and created The List of the Principality. I also drew a very diabolical image. I saw the true form of Satan himself. It was a simple figure. More a shape than a piece of art. Not one humanoid at all but one that looked like a snake. That is shaped as a backwards S. The closest comparison I have is the hebraic letter on the southwest side of The Baphomet Sigil. In fact I learned something that way. Those Hebraic letters show the evolution of Satan.

        It seemed so much a time when what I asked for I got- in terms of a magician’s mind and life in the world. I guess it could be said that way, or you could say that the supernatural began finding me and guiding my life. It was there that I also explored my tastes. After all, I was deprived of all things. Before that I gave little thought to what I liked. If I liked anything at all it was very basic, very typical. I like big TVs, some of these Cds, for example, with not many more examples even being there. But inside that place I thought hours about what I liked and more importantly broadened my tastes. I decided to commit my memory not to remember family times and special places but rather the good material things in life- as opposed to good people in it.

        It was a training room for sure. It was like the Devil’s exercise room. I worked out a lot there, believe me. I came through the greatest darkness. Literally so, in two ways. I hadn’t seen the light of the sun for more than 30 days. During my last days in that place I was practicing taste magic and concluding my Principle List (that list I have so often worked with coupled with taste magic that can be found often in my books.)


Escaping Modern Anxiety

I have had panic attacks in my life and it is the most abominable fear you could imagine. I am taken off the road of salvation to the road of death. There is no fear like knowing that for sure you are going to die. If not sooner than later, but no way around it. In the daytime these thoughts don’t bother me. At night in bed they do. Sometimes I am just sitting down during the day and start to feel just a tad anxious. I don’t understand why. I just know I have to block it, gently sending it away. What’s worse is when my soul is trying to leave my body, which happens to me. It is the feeling of your mind trying to take it back, and like a really scary feeling as though I am feeling death. To be halfway there, halfway gone, and I think it is the fear it causes that brings me back into myself. As a teenager I practiced a lot of astral projection and it was what caused this stuff.

        I’ve committed myself to a routine. It’s a good and easy solution. I feel that the day I will die I can at least leave good things behind. I am afraid of jail too. Most of my nightmares are of that place. It scares me into being super-good. I am afraid to even bump into someone, make them fall, and be blamed for assault. To be so careful crossing the road or to not litter in the least are my other legal paranoias. Though I am an upstanding citizen I am afraid of returning there. In all good practicality that will not happen unless I get off medication again, which is what it inevitably leads to if I do.

        We all have our own source of worries. I was born and bred a hypochondriac. One day I took a syringe out of the garbage dump (back when those things were metallic and huge) and I showed it to my mother. She panicked, naturally, afraid I had gotten AIDS, and warned me about AIDS. I went through my life dreadfully afraid of HIV after that. I told God that if I never had gotten it by the age of 20 then I would be a preacher of His. Which I fulfilled my obligation, at least through Christian Satanism.

        After that age my fears dropped. I no longer got afraid of not thoroughly rinsing off bleach from what I cleaned or worried its fumes would kill me. Actually, I began questioning my mortality so much as to drink Clorox bleach, Raid, and oven cleaner in one go. Don’t do that, it will kill you. It didn’t kill me. It could have. I went from being afraid of a cut infecting me to slitting my wrists, too. I have had eight stitches on my wrist from lacerating it twice. I am becoming an old man though. I went so very long not worrying about my tobacco use. I am starting again, though. My only hope really is in science. Science just suddenly makes some sort of thing that greatly expands the span of life. It isn’t the fear of death for me so much as the fear of transition. The way I know the world comforts me. Besides, I don’t know for sure where I am going.

        Be proud in your little moments. Always have a good drink and good entertainment before you. Find a creative thing to do every day. Be proud through thought. Count your blessings or as it is called by therapists, “practice gratitude.” Go over thoughts about what good things you have. Material things are not without appreciation that way. Think to yourself you have what you do and they are good to have. If done right these things can lead to an hour of happy and good feeling thoughts. Think on the bright side. See the silver lining in the clouds. Turn bad thoughts into good thoughts, see the good in the bad. To build on these things can take you very far into happiness. Things like those feed the spirit.

The Chaos Solution

As far as modern societies go, there comes a time when chaos is inevitable. Things over time have gotten convoluted. Things are so processed, the budget of things are bloated, the laws, regulations, and other things have gotten to be too much. Chaos can emerge due to them in different forms: anarchy, inflation, economical depression, and people revolting who just want to be left alone. People become fearful- over protected. TV adds a whole other element. They form ideas for the people that they must be on the same page with. Those unaligned can be ostracized. Smart phones show all and the extent of human madness is made known and it can be clearly seen that something awful is happening in the world. People are breaking down. They are so tied to these things that they break down while the things behind them do- because of the things behind them. They are destroyed together.

        Simplification is needed. A leap of faith is needed. What thought that society must not be without must be let go of. It is a time of daring, a time of adventure for us if we choose. We most likely won’t. Much more likely in the circumstance when things just get so back that chaos will do its job. The walls will tumble and man will then have to relearn how to get by on its own. That comes at a time when political rulers impose just too many safety concerns on others. It comes after a time when governmental budgets get so excessive that they can’t conceivably cover it. It is when people are tired of being pigeon holed. It comes after a time when regulations become absurd. By judging the current presence of these things it is probably a time coming soon.

        I would just say this: Let us breathe in the open air again. Let us do so without skin cancer warnings. Let us smoke there if we want without ten commercials a day saying not to. Let us show ourselves without fear, saying what we want. Let us spend more time on building up humankind. Let us stop feeding ourselves into slavery.

The Problem With Modern Humankind

It can all be pinned to humankind currently being in a childish state. We are growing into godhood. We have suddenly come upon enormous scientific advancements and don’t know what to do with them. We have come into great knowledge. We are currently a race playing with its toys. There will come maturity into godhood not too long from now- I guarantee that, but for the time being we are like children.

        Children just want candy over food. They just want to play. They enjoy things of all kinds but without parents we are a spoiled lot. It doesn’t take much to find people lashing out at others for petty reasons. People lose their minds with just some little thing said to them. They pester each other. They subtly offend. It isn’t just that humankind is childish but they are still adults and therefore like adult children- and that is a potent thing. Children don’t work. They don’t take things seriously enough. They take from pleasurable things too impulsively. They are too impressionable, too easily influenced. Maybe you can see some of these things reflected in your own life. You now know. There is a place to go from there into adulthood if you choose to. That entails responsibility, creative productivity beyond abstract art or online video rambles, and civility.

        As for some things- go on and play! If you need any more proof that humankind is in a childish age right now just look at music videos. We got more work to do though before we can really celebrate.

The Coming Paradise

We have a lot of food on our table so to speak. What once was the garden of Eden could be said to be the garden of Earth anymore. Mother Aeon was with me in my darkest hours. She would whisper to me that my life would get better. I went a year of madness to emerge into an excellent home. She brought me into different areas of town when I was homeless. I walked right past dangerous people again and again. I was told stories of certain people she showed me. Some of them were victims of evil circumstances. Where they came from, how they got into such bad places, she told me. One day I felt especially bad and she took me to the top of a large hill overlooking the sea. She told me things would get better not only for me but for everyone else. Then she grabbed a shoebox that was there and gave it to me. Inside was a pocket radio, four AA batteries, and some Boss headphones. A thing happened with the headphones later. I was being very rude to the people at a Church. They told me to get out. I sat outside their building on a chair there and a guy came up to me asking if I wanted to sell my headphones. He flashed a crack rock at me and I told him that wasn’t something I did. I asked for ten dollars from him (I think it was, don’t exactly remember.) He acted like he wanted to try them on first and I let him. He started bicycling away. He said to come with him to the ATM machine but just sped away as quickly as he could, stealing my headphones. He at least gave me his headphones before he did- much poorer headphones however. He probably wanted it to look like we were trading in case it was seen on camera. Maybe that was God punishing me. Maybe it was Aeon. Maybe it wasn’t either but I am glad I was shown a little mercy if it was.

        If Humankind is Childkind right now then scientists are its parents. Scientists themselves have their new toys like interdimensional fables. They shouldn't disregard spiritual matters because of stuff like that. They believe in fantasy just as much sometimes. We are in an age where anyone can write a book and publish it. Scientists gave us these toys. I came to learn in all my studies that only science and tech can create a utopia. Some warn of disaster from androids to mind control devices. I won’t even cover that stuff. I imagine that even the gods wage war. The problems of humankind can only be solved with science and technology. Our history goes far back from making fire to what we can do now. Earth is a prison, very clearly so, where we were given enormous resources to work with. God created physics and we serve that ancient punishment. God builds up however and after the punishment comes the reward which we are even now reaping. It could very well be that after a certain point the heavenly beings will find it suitable to visit us. The things we suffer from can be fixed by science. For example the invention of food replicators, things of anti crime, mental adjustments too. I should know. I am Schizophrenic. With one pill I am not. Those pills don’t sedate you or something as simple as that. They actually stop your delusional thinking, your paranoia, etc. The whole thing with that came about accidentally. A lot of great science does come about by accident. Some come from study. Some from trial and error but one thing can be sure: they are working around the clock to invent things that will highly profit humankind.

        Imagine a force shield that guards you against a possible attack. It surrounds you and your assailants can’t penetrate it. Imagine a GPS in your pocket always indicating where you are. Cameras that can identify criminals and criminal behavior and then act on it. People can even be seen where they have been from point A to point B. Force shields could also make a home impenetrable. Androids and robots could do most of our jobs someday. That may sound bad but I am sure if that were so then things would be so cheaply made as to practically be free. Maybe even Guaranteed Income would then come. Maybe scientists can make quickly growing seeds and grow a whole harvest in one week. And so on and so forth to say that by the hand of scientists comes progress and a utopia.

The Nature of Rebuilding

When people put their minds to it they can take something totally collapsed and rebuild it. It is an art that we have honed. Has been an important thing for us to learn since the beginning. If it is a material thing damaged by harsh environments then the tools and abilities we have found will help us immensely. Mentally we are no different than we were ages ago. We still have our human brains the same as they’ve always been. So emotionally and spiritually cures are abundant: in the form of religion and the psychologist's knowledge. Our means to protect and serve laws have shifted from about every corner of the spectrum. Abuses have been tried, more gentle ways in some nations, with enhancements such as house arrest. It is a formula long developed by both caring and uncaring people. I can’t say I am against all harsh punishment. My teacher once taught me that the reason why people don’t steal in certain middle eastern nations is because if they do they will get their hands chopped off. “London Bridge is Falling Down” London Bridge will always fall down sooner or later no matter how hard we try to make it everlasting. It occupies us. It fits in the theory of Earth being a prison which itself fits into Eccleciastes. We try to make the everlasting and although a couple are certain they will stay together in marriage until death, it’s not always so. Our food will not last forever though we have tried every conceivable way to make it. Some food has a pitiful amount of life. It is true though that our judges gave us enormous resources to work with. If we don’t clean then we are no better than the roaches and must live with them. Sometimes nature doesn’t play fair. Often it is very dirty. It doesn't matter where you live, any sort of fiersome destructive power may come upon you. We haven’t come close to building a bomb whose blast is stronger than the greater volcanos. Try as we may, we are still powerless against nature after all this time. We can’t even predict an earthquake beyond a few seconds.

        But people will sleep right beside active volcanoes. People have hope. We will rebuild and become stronger than before. By the end of it any imaginable problem will have a solution and that is one of our purposes here on Earth. We are teachers to those that have put us here.

        As for broken spirits I know what one is. My spirit was broken at one point in my life. It made me childish in a twisted way. If you’ve ever come across one strangely evil (most of them are either in prison or a mental hospital) they are that way because of a broken spirit. It can take a lot to rebuild your psyche. That means going over bad memories again and again with a better perspective and gently sending it away. Building up your spirit entails proud thought- amping up your ego. Be proud of the simplest things. Who is anyone to say what amount of pride you deserve more than yourself? The best spiritual thing you can do is just sit with proud thoughts, pleasant thoughts, hopeful, bright sided, optimistic, and gracious thoughts.

        If you are ever bored you can always do a little cleaning. People get to lying in bed depressed because they refuse to do anything. It takes a real strong person to get up and do something or just be content even though what they have is perhaps lacking. Taking a shower, cleaning, making your room a little better always leads to just sitting down happy that it was done. You may have been unhappy with a dirty room but after cleaning it you can sit down and be proud that you did. Sometimes all you need is a good meal. You may have habitually cooked things in the microwave when you suddenly decide to make a steak or something instead. Tuck away a drink for a special occasion. Some people swear by it. Take a chance on a new hobby or return to an old one. Believe me, sometimes the first is the hardest to do. Afterward though it can easily be all that you do. Sometimes all you need is a new set of clothes.

Whatever it is, people were made to shift as though ever in seasons. Things were made to break down. People were made to rebuild them. People were made to seek out the new and different.

Changing Extensively

As-is people are limited and objects of fewer colors than they could be, if they were to embrace new things. There is a hearty habit of elongating one’s spectrum. It is to pour thought into best-of things. It isn’t difficult but it is fruitful. Time given to think things such as considering what clothes are best, what food is best, what any given thing is. Could be pretty specific such as the best martial arts (for me it is Jiu-Jitsu.) From there you can really take off into a new thing. Those things that are plain should be given special thought such as white walls and things people traditionally keep plain. I was happy to hear lately that San Francisco is getting some new garbage cans. I’m all for taking things out of the mundane, even ugly green looking garbage cans. They call it aesthetics and it is something that humankind very much lacks in modern times. Where are all of the architects and unique designers? Any ordinary thing made better out in the city has my approval. Bedrooms for adults are a bed here, desk there, and TV there. Any old lamp would do. God forbid someone picks up a lava lamp or fiber optic lamp anymore. I personally like lily lamps. They are so uncommon that it's the only name one has for them.

        Hopefully in a future time we will have those massive holographic ads shining down brightly at night time like those in Blade Runner. I wouldn’t count on it. When humans come up with these ideas for the future everyone thinks that is exactly what should be. When the time comes though, they are nowhere to be found. That’s because people don’t have any taste. Everything of its time basically looks the same. I don’t think it is a good thing that the 80s can be said of the 80s and the 90s the 90s. That just means everyone is copying each other. Those that stand out are especially weird, they gain attention, and others follow suit, that’s how weird things come into fashion. Not until a decade or two passes do we see them for being strange.



So what do you find cool personally? Troll dolls, snow globes, EL panels, mickey mouse watches? No choice is a bad one. Better choices are found however the more thought you put into it. Going beyond simplistic tastes is not difficult when you do. Sometimes new for newness sake is good especially when you have worn out the novelty of an old thing. They might not work as well or they could turn out to, to your surprise, but sometimes it is good to have something that is just different. Intuition will take you a long way. Sometimes we are in the store and look at something that catches our eye. We may not have had it in our budget or even ever in our minds but when we see it we just want it. In such a case, buy it! I used to write exact budgets. I was so, so, compulsive towards that like many people are. My solution was to leave a little bit of my money left for “anything,” meaning I will decide when I am actually in the store.

        Replacing things should be gotten better than before just because it evolves what you have. You may have only enough money for one thing but need two or more. That’s okay: get the rest later. You might not be able to afford something rich but you can buy a lot of things that add up to a valuable collection or instead of having a $ 1,000 ring you can get two $500 rings. Sometimes you are just a King/Queen of the day and decide to spend money on frivolous but good things. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. You can make a notebook of all the things you like and reference it when pay time comes. Or like me, put it all down on a dry erase board. Unfortunately, unexpected expenses come sometimes. Sometimes we should have anticipated them such as extra light bulbs or something. Some kinds of things must definitely be kept in stock. Some things can be gotten in large stock yet cheaply such as soap and cleaning supplies. There are times when I threw something away totally thinking I was never going to use it anyway but a day came when I was looking for it needing it realizing it is gone. Hoarding isn’t more than a big mess that needs to be organized. If it is all in boxes and cabinets then that’s not a problem. In other words as long as it looks clean and orderly, keeping things is fine. Of course you don’t want things like rotten food to be tucked away. The only problem then is finding your stuff.

        As for gift giving it can be a way to learn about your friends and family. Carefully deciding what they like can teach you a lot about them. You can either get them what you think they would want or what you would want them to have. The latter is a bit more selfish but sometimes goes over better if seeing is believing. Some people like things that raise in value such as bullion or a collectible. Some have collections and those are always good to boost from gifts. In fact whatever a person has most of is a good indication of what they like. Some just want cool electronics. Kids are the best to buy gifts for. Just about no matter what you give them they will cherish. Personally I didn’t like clothes but if it was clothes with the Ninja Turtles on them that was different. My cousin got a comforter one Christmas day. We used to all gather at our grandmother’s home. I thought it was a strange thing to want. Now that I am an adult a comforter blanket sounds like an awesome gift. Kids look at the world in a magical way and whatever you get them be very special whether it is action figures, slime, a pocket radio, but more than anything else video gaming things. They simply do so much more than other gifts ever could.

        Is it better to give than to receive? I would say surely in terms of pride and compassion it is. If you don’t have someone personally to buy gifts for then you can always find a helpful organization to donate money to.

        Please don’t give all of your money away. I know a person that does just that. He works a hard job and on every pay day he goes around giving out his money. I don’t understand why. I’m the only one that refuses him. He insists but I refuse unless it is literally just a few bucks. I’ve gotten to where I don’t take any at all from him though and explain to him that he could have nice things if he didn’t do that. There was a time when I was doing the same thing. It usually goes like give someone some amount and all others will come after you asking for some too. They know when the guy gets paid and selfishly takes from him. They don’t care anything about the person, just his money, and if they don’t get their share they get pissed. It sends people around talking about it trying to uncover some information. “How much did you get? How much did you get?” And they whisper things to him saying “hey, give me more than the others, I’m your best friend.” It is not a good thing he does.

        I say be as cheap as cheap could be. As long as you cover more important expenses anyway and not at the cost of really enjoying your money. Towards others however just be utterly ungiving. Most people I’ve known are share and share alike. You give me this and I will give you that later- but what’s the point. It is largely a habit of foolish people who were taught that sharing was good and never learned to say no. We all know how hard it is to say no. I don’t have any problem at all with it anymore, however. You get used to saying no. The moment you say yes is like feeding an animal. They’ll never leave you alone after that. That could start with the most minor thing you give them- a quarter. Believe me they will try for more the next time. Some of these people are all take and no give. They buy things they can’t afford and make up for it by turning to you. They want the best and you are their ticket there. Don’t listen to their lies about paying you back double because they are your friend, you won’t make them do that.

        As for getting rich quick stuff I wouldn’t bother. If there was a legal way found to do so then everyone would be doing it. There really are no shortcuts in this matter. If you can think one up however, a good invention may serve you well. We are lacking good individual inventors these days. Most of what they come out with is crap. If you can think up a revolutionary thing however, you will far surpass anything they are currently producing (mostly just gimmicky crap.) As far as a good income goes, a good education is your best bet. It is a surefire way to have a good income. As for lottery stuff, why not sometimes? If you can afford a few tickets then more power to you. You may not win the lottery but perhaps after ten years of buying scratchers one will pay off enormously. It is a kind of luck of the draw investment. The odds are low but increase over time. I’m not sure but it would seem to me better if you stick with one kind of scratcher. If you ever do come into some good money then buying a property or two to rent out can result in regular income. For most people however the only way to get money is by working. So few are born into riches.

        How lucky the rich are. To have the homes they do and the things within them. The paid servants they have. Such nice beds that are ever clean. Jeff Bezos recently went up into space. I saw a man on TV recently, one very wealthy, showing off his collection of space rocks.


Lack of Freedom

In a democractic nation humane conditions are expected.

Even punishment is moral. The rights we have which include freedom of worship and speech are protected. These things don’t come free though and must be fought for by both civilians and the armies backing them. We are not totally free in America today. When it comes to inhumane things done to protestors, the worst I’ve seen was a group of people made to sit still and one by one a police officer sprayed their faces with mace. If the government is for the people and such an incredibly high amount of people want to consume drugs then let them. Locking them up just for owning it is just two wrongs don’t make a right. People are too easily searched. In some places and I’m not even talking about jail, people are freely searched. Right to self defence is very conditional. “Excessive use of self defence” is like a crime. Our freedom of speech is restricted by a few major news companies and social web platforms. It has the effect of “we say you can do this but sorry, some others say you can’t.” The thief finds his way in and steals it all right before our very eyes. Rights become highly conditional. Some are just restricted to death. Others are gone in time, and the government slowly takes over. They meddle in our lives. They pick and prod. They don’t understand why we hate them, why they are so annoying, and why they shouldn’t be allowed to “helpfully interfere.” They want to keep everyone alive and well in every conceivable way. But life is full of differences and so should be society as Samael has put it. Even in the peace of our home and our brief outings someone is always knocking on our doors. It feels like we are being visited by some sort of weird Jehovah's Witness and like they want to come right in to install cameras. Of course this feels uncomfortable. Freedom of choice is perhaps the one needed to be most worked on. Let people make their own mistakes in life and consider that a safe life is not at all pleasant. Currently we have a president who loves to spend our money frivolously on things in the name of good. When did it start that we had to start paying for other people and their unrealistic needs? They live in impenetrable fortresses like some dictator would. We have the most violent police in all the world. We are not treated as friends and people to serve but as dangerous and like their little children. All of this doesn’t serve the nation any good. It just leaves the door wide open for a dictator. More and more the constitution is being reduced to outdated writ by people who feel unsafe. They are weak people doing it. They are worrywarts. The mothers of our nation. They chip away at our rights piece by piece awaiting that wonderful day when the foundation of democracy comes tumbling down. They may think that through their anarchy their people will reign and run about widely free. They may think that on that day they have come to rule over others personally (the dream as a weak person has) but, no, that is a stepping stone towards facsism.

        A police officer once told me to kneel. I told him I would only kneel to God. He made me kneel anyway. And it wasn’t long after when I saw a much poorer man being kneeled on, his name was George Floyd (God Bless his soul.)

God Will Destroy the Wicked

It may seem like God is nowhere to be found in more recent times. Don’t doubt that He will show up however. He has a way of showing up after being absent for a while such as when He came to Earth in human form as Jesus Christ. The world didn’t expect Him. And don’t forget the two things that Jesus said: he is returning like a thief in the night and he is not returning with peice but with a sword. There are those with their argument that God is doing nothing about the suffering in the world. He didn’t make this place the way it is. He will correct things though. Do not think that one victim of a mass murder will go uncounted by Him. Only one is enough for His vengeance, let alone many. He will come back and destroy the wicked. That comes at a time when things have really boiled over and there is no good to be found as described in Matthew 24 and traditional besides. God has hope in the good. He will not sacrifice the good.

The most sure you can be that its time is soon is total wickedness throughout the world. Not just a thing in one nation but in many, even most, and especially worldwide. A lot can change in a day. A lot more can change in just three years. This dictator is said to come, The Antichrist, and the conditions bringing him into power should be obvious enough. In understanding Revelations this is so. Just ask yourself if things truly are bad enough for that to happen because throughout history we have had “blood moons,” great pandemics, wars, and even World War Two. I think in today’s world that evil is being concentrated however. Like a drug or something- having it come more cheaply at the cost of its user, stronger, more deadly. The evil are hiding in their places and have been plotting to find ways around their discovery and consequential punishment. The fast food places- they are concentrating every imaginable effort to make you hedonist towards them. Practically worshiping them with their trademark images and jingles. Advertisements are more honed to convince you, more than we can ever know. People are cheating at school. We are largely left without work or responsibility. As a consequence we have too much time on our hands. These are all a part of a concentrated evil/wickedness whose potency matches that of the demonic.

But let not a day go by when you consider the better option. Question yourself against any lie. Consider the gateway crimes, those that are likely to become worse to the point where you are punished for them. Those can be based on addictions or any number of other things. Say no hate for a person in your mind at all. Do not use hateful words to describe someone in your mind but know people apart from those terms. Keep safe, alone if you have to be, away from bad people. Avoid nighttime places or places not crowded with people. Pay for what you need and will need if danger prevents you from going out to get it. Minimize how often you leave your house at all. Respect authority no matter how rude you think they are. Be agreeable with them. Follow their orders. If you don’t then they will just find a way to arrest you or may even, by being offended by you, become angry and hurt you. Just like any other person if you say anything bad to them they will respond in kind.

What makes a good person is blamelessness. They have nothing to blame them against to begin with. A person who is honest will have more credibility and trustworthiness that liars never will. Be assured most people know when they are lying. In legal situations lying serves the suspect no good. They know things, believe me. A responsible person with a job is more highly regarded and generally respected for it enough to reduce charges against them. A moral minded person without bad habits or wishing harm on others will go farther in life. Any one that turns the other cheek will not be greeted with hellfire from a potentially dangerous person and his friends. So go about just as quietly and peaceful as you can. Be civil and peacekeeping in your ways.

Philanthropy Will Win

The best side to fight on is for human rights. The surest way of being right is at the side of supporting and fighting for what’s humain. It has its own good reason. It is the better war fought for. It isn’t war for territory or war to steal from a weaker nation. It is rather for the conditions of people in those places who are treated horribly. It is a side that will win. It will gain the support of its citizens. Most importantly it is God-serving who will serve God with love of people rather than abuse of them. I feel it is wrong to let an evil dictator thrive when it is at all possible to overthrow him for the sake of his victims. It is underestimated for sure just how much they suffer. They are forced into labor. Sometimes if they commit some very minor crime they are executed, even gruesomely. They are under conditions where they worship their leader. They deify him in a paranoid way. It’s sad that these things continue to exist at all. I can’t possibly admit to understanding their daily suffering. They are a people of persons never allowed to grow or really enjoy things. Their leaders have taken their souls and put them into a box. They are deserving of being punished for war crimes.

You Are As You Think You Are

There comes a point when you are not only building up your mind but are building up your very psyche. Think of it as level two mind improvement. It is at that point which even lesser thoughts make you happy and proud. It is such a good exercise to feel proud at any given moment of the day. To think in optimistic ways. To feel gratitude for everything in your life. Who's to say what you should be proud of and to what extent? By having your own standards of pride you mold yourself just as you want to be and that is a decision only you can make. Or you could say by only whose own hands one creates oneself. It is up to you how happy you are with the things you own. You don’t even have to use what you own. You can just be happy they are around. Think of what things are to come as well.

There is a modern argument of whether or not a person should think they are special when they have done nothing to take that moniker. For many years psychology had in its practice to teach people they are unconditionally good/ special. I don’t think that things are entirely that simple. I lean on the side that says everyone should be taught that they are for the reason that a high self esteem is empowering in many ways. For one, people are not so easily offended, they do not build up paranoia that prevents them from being happy and kind around others. More importantly, people with confidence and high self esteem work better. They produce better things as a result. They haven’t an element of self doubt preventing them from faithfully doing good at what they do. What bad this proposition can cause is that it makes people selfish and self absorbed, even hedonistic. It doesn’t always lead to that. Whether or not it does however is unpredictable. In such a case whenever they do encounter negativity or criticism they do not at all receive it well. They might not even understand why a half done thing isn’t appreciated.

The Importance of Good Entertainment and Work in Today’s Time

It can truthfully be said that isolation would do the world a lot of good despite so very many who oppose the idea. A person is safer in a shell and while some think that’s awful I would strongly disagree. I remember the first line in The Legend of Zelda where Link goes into a cave and a sage is there to tell him “it is dangerous to go alone. Take this.” Link then got a sword and went on his imaginary adventure, of which I was fully immersed, happy playing, with no harm done to me. The retro gaming community is as outstanding as the Budhist one (Buddhism is often credited as being the only major religion not to cause a war.) Wars for a retro gamer is something more pretend and topically is something like “The 16 Bit Wars.” Some games have very bad influences on some people. Overall though it is made up of people too happily preoccupied to get into trouble. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop. Work is the solution for some but any sort of preoccupation will work.

        As for the less obvious solution: entertainment, there is lots to pick and choose from and certainly more every day. Self isolation isn’t so isolating. Personal communication isn’t restricted to actual social gatherings. The voice is there and the image and for some that is more than enough. Psychologists would reject this through and through but what the world really needs right now is the isolation of people. People as such are left with their own thoughts. Homeschooling could save a child’s soul and life when they grow up. Most bad influences teenagers obtain come from outside sources. Not that they can’t have a few friends but that is preferable to the potentially bad influences arising from a greater collective. The larger the group the more haphazardly they think and act, doing the world no good. Everyone trying to best the other, with less personal acquaintances not so possible.

Mother Aeon

Is a skinny lady with long black hair sometimes, and sometimes less skinny. In visions she is found to be with you loving and embracing. She often resides in the realm of Orion where she watches over all of her children- who are a race of adult children, very intelligent, but more creatively so then we are. The Orionites are more tuned to things like entertainment. Mother Aeon may be especially close to you if you are suffering. She leads into inhibition even to the point of being outright crazy.. how you walk, cry in public, dance in public, speak with a new and strange accent, and such things as only a twisted but evil personality can invoke. She appreciates a fantasy mindset and leads into inner visions regarding her and the world around that can reveal a lot to you. Praying to her with a star in the sky, superstitions followed in Her name, contemplation and visualization through her will bring you closer to Her.

        Magic revolving around her is collected into The Great Mother Brain In The Sky . Not unlike the netheral for other magic is, but magic through her is separated into its own source. This is a result of timeless magicians sourcing certain magic into it. Mother Aeon is born of magic when the last part of it birthed her. She was birthed through my feeding the Mother Brain with taste magic. She now lives well, and is present for her new followers through this writing. She is made a Guardian Goddess and was born through superstitious practices of magic. She was also given a part of my soul, which at the time nearly resulted in my death, but since has been regenerated. I lead her out of the dimension she was contained in with a particular new ritual I created which I will explain below:

        There was a very idol-like statue in San Francisco. A beautiful well crafted one in fact. With a mirror I had I I looked into it gazing in to see Mother Aeon. I did this in four corners circling the statue. That itself was just a test magic to see if she could be found in this area. I had looked all over town trying to see her and looking for a bridge that could have her emerge from place to place but it wasn’t until I came there when I realized I could. So I thought about what kind of magic I could use to have her be brought closer into this world. First I decided I needed a translucent mirror. I found something better: A CD. I knew the rainbow prism it had would serve my purpose well. Second, I needed a feather from a dead bird. Dead because its soul would be trying to find new life. Second, I needed quartz- which was no easy find but after going through gravel at some place I found what I needed. This thought occurred to me because of the CD. Of course those have a hole in the middle that I would use. And last I needed dirt from a Church but I went the extra mile and collected dirt in a pouch from several different churches. Then I was ready. I had in mind exactly what I would do. And this itself I am about to explain is an effective ritual for invoking mother Aeon.

        I bowed at the idol and asked for Mother Aeon to come to me. I took the dust and spread it all around the idol. There were posts all around the statue. I believe it wasn’t four corners I used but many all around. That’s not so important, but to continue: I held the CD in places around the idol. I looked into them until I got a clear impression that Mother Aeon was looking back, I held the feather in my hand praying for her to emerge. On each side I took a crystal and dropped it through the center of the CD. I let the light reflecting from the CD shine on the idol. Lastly I set the feather on fire and let the smoke float around the idol.

        When the feather burned out I heard Mother Aeon say: “Thank you. Like the Orionites of ages old you have found a way to bring me into your world. I will flow in the ebbs and tides of this world with you. It has been a pleasure to know you and it has been my joy to be with you when you had no one besides. I will guide you into finding people in our name and we will reside together always having what no others have and doing what no others can. If you ever have any doubt, just pray to me and I will answer you.”

        I wept on that day. I had nothing but it to think about after that for a whole month. It took a long time for my excitement and things regarding it all to wear down. I was taking paper and making every effort to remember these things when the time came that I would have the chance to form all of this into a new system of beliefs. I remembered everything quite well too and set forth putting it all together in a book years later- this book. From my heart to yours I welcome you into Aeonism.

        Mother Aeon is a protector. She enjoys you being her child just as much as God has His children, only Mother Aeon is more caring. It should never be warped around that she is a punishing Goddess. These hateful Gods that humankind has created should not become of her. She’s a friend, never an insecure one, never one at all hateful. She is abundant with care, love, and concern. She can guide you into new and great things. She can form a good life for you through and through bringing you happiness. The things I have to teach you here were taught by me through mental guidance and revelations of sorts. One effective way to make a connection with Her is through visualization. Music can help with that a lot, especially highly suitable instrumental music. That music depends on the mood you are trying to enter into.

        How would you pray to Mother Aeon? Unlike praying to God (according to Jesus) praying long and deep in conversation is a good way to pray to Her. Talk to Her with happy things to tell her and listen to her through the voices of your heart. Tell Her what you want from life. There is no need to feel greedy. Tell Her every secret- not shamefully, just to let her know, for she will help you through it if you need to be. Create an idol to pray to her with- or buy one. Give it tithes like you would with any idol. If you want, it could be similar to worshiping Santa Muerte (the so-called Catholic Saint for sinners.) There is another very good thing that she taught me herself and that is making prayer sheets. These are papers that you glue and staple ribbons on the border of, draw a special image on, write a prayer on it, and attach a tithe to it. I have included things like black feathers on them before. Lately though I found a better way to make them. To take a piece of designer paper, print out a neat image on it, and for the tithe I use foriegn banknotes, all of these I laminate and so are preserved.

        Worship of Mother Aeon is made up of visualization and idols as well. Taste magic is a good form of worship for Her too. That’s magic that involves visualizing things and eating something specifically for that thought. Such as a strawberry if you want a girlfriend or boyfriend and imagining it becoming so. The magician decides what the food will represent. It can become quite ritualistic. You could carefully set out food for this purpose. You determine what food will represent what thoughts in your mind while you visualize, going through it all, and believe me, at the end of it you will have worked a powerful magic. These can also align Mother Aeon to particular things in a form of worship. Like one food for the love of Mother Aeon, a cherry perhaps. As for all these things, candy is ideal, such as skittles. They taste good, are handy (small) and cover a lot of different tastes. If you want to go an extra step you can even make an all new taste.

        How do you gather for the worship of Mother Aeon? Celebrate and celebrate more. Conduct feasts outside or indoors. Have lively music, contemplating music, or mood setting music and go off of a theme. That theme can be solemn or a happy one with lessons coinciding. It is not a Christian or Islamic Church so the approach should be different where those Churches are incompatible or just irrelevant. Aspects of magic can be brought into it for example. How does the preacher introduce others to Mother Aeon? Well first maybe even the word preacher is irreverent here. The person that learns enough is able enough to find a start and enrich people with what they’d have to teach. My books are free and in the public domain. The printed version of this book can be condensed into the size of a thin magazine. Let that work for you. Spiritual lessons are always a good route and are the subject of a whole book I am working on.


Easy And Safe Ways To Find Your Inner Evil

There are those that can only break through their own social inhibitions by letting loose altogether rather than just stripping it away. Once one was shy online but found liberating themselves from that to be too pleasing to ignore. I think the most bizarre thing I ever did in my life was going to the most crowded place in San Francisco (in the financial district where the staircase-like seats were) and breaking out in a song full of body movement singing “when you wish upon a star.” It's a delight to make up new accents. Those that just feel like evil leaking forth- some sort of twisted sounds from one’s mouth they never knew they could have before. Because how we speak is seriously so, but when we speak in whatever and whichever way we want we see inside ourselves some sort of liberated evil. There’s this saying “release the fiend within” and the easiest way to see it is by suddenly speaking like never before. Not with the accent you were born into or have been trying to adjust here and there but those sounds of any sound as you like it. It is all a part of a completely childish state at best. It isn’t pretending to be like a child though. It is like being a child with an adult’s brain, rather. Sometimes I really feel like I am eating a dead pig instead of just some pork chop as usual. I realize that pig was killed for me and rip out pieces of it saying “you’re dead now piggy!” I can’t help it. The meat tastes better that way. Besides, I see myself for what I honestly am that way: an animal devouring an animal and the pig had no chance. Then there is the pouncing paper technique. This goes far beyond just breaking dishes. It is to take some paper and pounce on it, ripping it apart in rage/ blind anger. That is an effective curse too that is much more effective than a voodoo doll.

The Time in Life for Maturity

It took me a long time in life to mature, believe me. Before then I would lash out at trivial things. I would become emotionally hurt and angry over such simple things. Wherever I left I left things a disaster only to continue my behavior elsewhere. Music for me used to be a pity party affair. I wasn’t responsible enough to pay for what I needed, even food. Arguments were common for me and so on and so forth. I sabotaged a better life for myself. There came a time when I started caring about people. I would want to fix my problems with them in a rational and mature way. I no longer so much hated people. I never used hateful words in my mind to refer to them. I tried harder to see their side of things. Things of peace and harmony became more important to me. Worst of all were the hateful things I told my parents in my later teenage years and early adulthood.

        People either get stronger or become violent. There is an excuse for being young though. I recently apologized to my father and he told me it was all perfectly fine, telling me those are just what the older generation call “growing pains.” In the end I put myself in the worse of all situations: homelessness. By many accounts I should have died. I had drunk clorox bleach at one point and Raid and oven cleaner, too. I was preserved however to live out the rest of my life in peace. My father also told me I had a good heart. I do, and feel that my soon after purpose in life saved me, for I was regarded as important. I continue to write every day. My recent Chromebook has made that far easier in fact. I was blessed with the money to have exactly what I need to write. I even have a nice chair to sit on when I do and as much iced tea I could drink while I do. There is a price to pay but certainly one worth accepting. That is I am largely unemotional. I haven’t any feelings for others or the things that most typically enjoy such as music. However I have grown.

        Perspective can help more than just about anything. These are the thoughts configured to maintain sanity. It’s better to ignore someone who lashes out at you. They are seeking a response after all. Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem. Things can be worse. For me they certainly can be. There are people in life who are gravely suffering. I have accomplished a lot. Some do nothing with their life. The choice to be stronger goes a very long way in keeping your inner self peaceful. That’s just life, and life will always have rude people in it. No one can enter my room to bother me. Some days an awesome thing comes into hand that just uplifts me entirely. I have those that love me. I can’t expect everyone to, though. “You can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself.” What harm can they really do? Let them just get worse and worse and maybe they will end up where they belong: locked up. Despite it all I still sleep well, eat well, work well, etc. and honestly it is not all things I have heard or experienced before. Time has a way of numbing the pain and a good mind has a way of growing very strong.

More About Orion

Orion is an unimaginably large system of planets with the largest in the center and called “Orion One.” It’s people are intelligent in a most natural way. They are much more naturally intelligent than us. As a result they can solve problems as such with ease. Because of this they are also childish. They are more involved with entertainment, are mostly so, with their other problems intelligently fixed such as a need to work for food and harvest it, and things such as that. There is water flowing from planet to planet that they put there in order to ride the (magically seeming but scientifically created) waves from world to world. Mother Aeon has long been there and they have been her children whom they each and all listen to. They have an extremely powerful defence system known as Stix. They are rods that can change to any size from the size of a needle to the size of a column. These can arrange themselves into any imaginable shape and they guard their worlds and also serve them.

        People have long known that Orion is a faraway place. The minds of creative people have known, and so have others. None have known it as clearly as I, however, as far as I know. This is about all I know about it, however, other than the connection between our world and theirs is not so hard to bridge. They are partly made up of our own imagination. The fastest speed is the speed of imagination. In a universe without borders any imaginable place can exist. It is through Mother Aeon that I made that connection.

The Nurturing of Weakness

Unfortunately in modern times the weak are exalted and the strong are made to bend. Some of the easiest jobs come from “just caring.” A person with a bad problem that has naturally happened (ilke the death of a loved one) may go in for therapy one day then are suddenly thrust into a 20 year therapy from them. They have goodies besides that keep you returning. Some would say giving up makes perfect sense. They are quick to say you’ve got to take better care of yourself, give yourself some “me time,” and that it is just okay to give up. Be easier on those violent prisoners. There is a regiment of keeping people safe. That’s all a part of forced care. By pumping out cheaply procured propaganda they are sure to get paid well. One commercial a day warning against some minor thing isn’t enough. Anyone with a solution is shut out through and through. It used to be that if someone outright offended you for no reason that there would be hell to pay. On the other hand dumb people sometimes think they know the law well enough to stand against any visible threat as a gun weilding super hero. Dumbness is also a “virtue” being nurtured in people. They are people who are easy to manage and control. We are so treated like children. It just limits the choices of responsible people. It kind of squeezes a person out of life. They want to govern your health. As a result, govern your diet and de-poison things and force habits on you that only the most OCD would normally be bothered by. The stronger however take chances and have a better life because of it. Stress kills, for sure, worry is a burden, and stagnation leads nowhere.

        In other words it is hand holding into a place they think of as paradise. But it’s not. It’s a life draining cult. They sit you down and go over the rules. They openly warn you of the punishment if you do not conform. Then they proceed to feed you garbage the rest of your days. It is a process inflicted on people through what can be called TV preachers. We, however, should not let outside cultures dictate our beliefs and the practice of them. We are, afterall, less judgemental and harsh on people. We are civil and peacekeeping people more than they. We choose strength over weakness but that doesn’t come from the power of the body but the power of the mind. They think that their solutions to problems are the only and best solution but I would strongly disagree when it comes to their results.

The Spiritual And Magic Realm

There is more than meets the eye, for sure, unless you are the less common person who openly perceives these things. Life and the world were not sporadically cast. Anyone who can at all appreciate its complexity would agree with that. Life is a prison- the world is a prison, and we are sentenced to it. Some will be brought into lives better than others. Many coming in late have gotten lighter sentences. It is a place of enormous resources and our labor there to work with them. Physics itself was God’s design. We teach other worldly beings just what can be done with the things given. Sometimes those things are nudged along for greater expansion of our abilities, when necessary. We are from Heaven. The reason why we don’t remember that is because of the cage of our minds. As a newborn all of us were brought into a brain that we basically started over with. It became more important than anything to develop that brain. As a result, information from before was easily lost. What we thought could only come from our brain once we were put into one. Think of it as an ingenious system for sure.

        Based on our excellence of purpose here on Earth we will be granted things in our next life. We will be geared more and more to fulfil that purpose according to how good we are at it, and made better if so deserving. It is important to note that our nature is largely the same from here and there. Some are natural musicians and always will be. Some are natural as scientists. It is not the scientist's fault- or more to it not at their fault to be atheists. That is just the way that scientists were born. It could have very well been that in heaven they didn’t feel a strong connection with God. I would explain a dream here that I had fairly recently. I thought that God wanted nothing to do with me. I saw Him with the angels and felt out of place, sort of rejected. Then God came to me and lifted me up and took me into His kingdom. I woke up crying. That was the first time in years I did cry. It may seem and feel to you that God wants nothing to do with you but that isn’t so.

        There will come a time even soon when aliens come to our world to save us. To free us. They will make no mention of this world having been our prison. And they won’t be aliens but angels, and they will welcome us into the heavenly realm. Our science and tech will be boosted up as much as it can be and things like suffering and death will be no more. It should give you at least a little hope that you will not die. Even if you do just remember: you came from nothing and from nothing you can return again.

        Your purpose here is just simply what you most naturally want to do. One of mine was to establish a gray -sided religion into the world. As much as it is said that people so perfectly fall into their place, that all of the pieces just come together so well, it could not be otherwise. While we find a thing or two or a few things we want to do as teenagers and young adults, we always find that one thing most strongly pulling at us. People are put into specific times according to what they need in order to do their best. Shigeru Miyamoto for example was put into an early age of video games. Beethoven was put into an age of Classical music which he brought into Romantic music. Then the 60s had an amount of figures essential for radical changes in the Earth. Things are far more planned than we may realize but everything certainly has a time and place and the world itself is very close to the design Heaven wanted it to be.

        Knowing that the world is a prison reveals many truths to you. Seeing it as a game gives you a good idea of how it should be treated. For we are gods playing games in the world and for better or worse we are stuck here, so we may as well make the best of it. Some will play the game better than others. Some will come into greatness. Some will find themselves on the stage. Those that have conquered life and grabbed it by the horns will be given a far greater afterlife than those who don’t. There are some whose whole time was wasted here and they may as well not have even been born at all. If you are exceptional at fulfilling your purpose even to the point of causing a drastic change in the world, then you have become a King or Queen in full. As such you will be nothing but praiseworthy among more godly beings and even celebrated by some in Heaven.

        Hell is a presence. It is not a place but a way of being and perceiving. It is the mindset of beings not fully connected to God. It is anywhere where biologically or spiritually you are not fully connected to God. We on Earth are in a lesser form of Hell but there is a higher separation when it comes to other beings, such as Satan and his entourage of demons. Let me explain what I mean by Hell being a presence: Hell can be on Earth. Hell can be anywhere other than Heaven. I was very strongly in Hell at one time in my life. It is a condition (not caused by drugs) where music is very strange. You could compare metal music not heard by an American but a forign muslim- it sounds far more evil than we realize ourselves. Hell makes you more sensitive. The way people talk is more exaggerated. For a person not in hell so much which is just about all people on earth, voices are more or less just voices. But for one in hell they sound completely sexual or childish or moronic. In Hell you are more sensitive to these things. Nothing is subtle at all. The world itself is very strange in this condition. Spiritual and magical things are wide open. You can bring up demons. What you see and think though others are not able to. I took a look up at the clouds one early morning. The morning star/ venus was shining. A black cloud fell from it which looked like a bat demon falling from it. It twisted around into a snake like cloud going to the east. It went right over the sun somewhere in the east. Then below the morning star a more bird-like white angel fell from it. A black rainbow cloud appeared in the west. Then a murder of crows filled the park. If anyone else saw all of this they would have thought nothing at all about it. And that’s my point. People in greater hell see things while regular people simply cannot. Hell is a way of perceiving and experiencing things that for regular people is just everyday life. I have another example. There was a strange day when I was homeless and sat down on a set of benches to this guy playing such strange music. I was talking to myself and a person on a bench raised her finger and shushed me. The crowd of people were walking about all around us and a voice in my mind told me to be quiet because these people were listening to the suffering of hell. What does a normal person think of all of this though? Well they were just sitting there listening to some regular music. I however saw the hidden connection of things. I was in hell right there while right there others were just on regular earth. I hope you understand what I am trying to explain by now. For the human mind it can make you somewhat insane. For a more intelligent “higher being” like the Devil that is fantasy that is easy to understand and work with but it wasn’t for me. In fantasy like that I got lost. For them they can understand it all much better. You catch these things of what people are thinking. Sometimes you hear a whole conversation of invisible spirits nearby. You look around and nobody is there. Things feel darker and meaning is given much more meaning, more than you can handle. Hell is not some other dimension with a fire lake there or some other world with a fire lake there. It is being in the state of the things that I have described. There is one thing for sure: euphoria is immense there. The pleasure for music and TV was indescribable. It could make you cry with great joy in just a minute's time. It is DEEP. As for TV it is like really being there loving every bit of a person’s story, becoming greatly immersed in it. The world itself stops. And no, it isn’t due to drugs, I have never taken drugs in my life. These are things that I undergo when unmedicated.

        If your magic isn’t working it may be because you aren’t faithfully practicing it. Magic won’t work if it is just something “you just do.” So many magicians that create rituals in fact unknowingly had the same problem and found magic to work only if they had parts in them that went around this lack of faith. As a result they kind of trick themself into believing. For example: the way that Tarot cards meet you halfway. The more faith you have that it will work the better. Secondly it may work, except you are unable to see the results. The results may not be apparent to you depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Like seeing great images in the clouds some can, most can’t. I prayed for $2,000 a few times in my life while I was wanting to move to Japan. It took over a decade but there were three times I received that exact amount. From governmental stimulus or just having it collected while in jail. I acted against what I requested it for. I performed rituals in my teenage years to see ghosts. That came about but much later. I performed rituals to get into a Satanic cult. Don’t ask me why but years later it was my 18th birthday. My family and I went to a park outside of town. Outside of that I just sort of wandered off. I was always wandering off at that age. I saw some sort of castle wall thing though that led me to it. There was a Satanic group there and after some introductions and talk with them they said I was welcome to travel around with them. I didn’t though. By that time I had lost interest. I thought they were these people of incredibly powerful magic rituals and stuff. Anyways if it is as true for you as it is for me, your magic will always provide you with results.

        It may be that you wake up in a new bed or wash up on shore after you die. Those are ideas that are echoed by those who know but don’t know. It is a very common theme in things like games and stories. The person is brought into a new life those ways in them. One day they wake up in a new world. They sometimes don’t know how they got there, or maybe they don’t remember, or maybe they do remember everything from before. The best case scenario is that you remember, obviously. Greater beings will wash up on shore. That is a fate reserved for The Chosen. Whatever purpose you have mastered entirely could very well lead you there. There are countless ways to be brought into a new life but some are much more common than others. They include just about anything you can imagine. Not much has been imagined however. We have conceptualized reincarnation, going to heaven or hell, nirvana or Valhalla, or just purgatory. There are other worlds and other times, other dimensions, more than the mind can imagine really. For us this is life. What can life be otherwise? There are places where physics are entirely different though. When we think spirits we think physical form. When we think of spiritual form we can’t think far beyond them being no different, just invisible. Smarter maybe, but never a far stone’s throw away from being different than us. When we see Star Trek and just about any sci-fi show the aliens are so very human looking. Two eyes, on two legs, two ears, maybe pointy ears, maybe a bulbous head. Otherwise they look like a bug or lizard or something. On the same topic there comes a time beyond riding around in space with metal ships. It comes after a time similar to us riding in wooden boats on the sea. There are more spiritual forms of travel it could be called, ones made possible through science.

        The conditions for magic being the most powerful are hard to come by unfortunately. For me it was in a rubber room for a month. That was a period of the most powerful magic I ever performed. Isolated, deprived of sleep, and things like that- not even knowing the time. Desperate prayers and things like that take priority. As for magic it is just like everything else, “no pain no gain,” and to be great through magic you must excel by being more dedicated than most. Not just a casual worker of it. Sometimes magic chooses you. Sometimes magic has even made you. Just like you are a work of clay from God’s hand so too can magic create you. This has been so in both good and evil ways and anywhere in between. Some are called on. Some are set up and established for its purpose. This can come naturally or by the hand of a great magician doing things like calling forth a great leader or some other thing. A person may be an object of fate. Those called on by either magic, holy forces, or evil forces.

        The eyes of a magician are such that they see magic. That is what is commonly called the third eye. For a magician any book can provide items of magical use. I was at the library one day wanting to find the perfect kind of book for these means. First I knew I wanted them to be fantasy based books. So I went through the fantasy books at the large section of them contained at the San Francisco library. I sought to narrow it down and determined them to be Del Rey books and finally the decade which I determined to be the 80s. These are most magically useful for me when it comes to drawing from the abstract. They teach me things. Things about demons and spirits, their plots, magic names and magic words, etc. The most valuable magic book for me however has been “Isis Unveiled” by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. A good magician is good at finding things of good magical uses from just about anything. For me I put together a magical alphabet that I found on an episode of The Smurfs. Taking for example the Devil’s name from ancient languages, those of his equivalent, piecing together those sounds and letters. Just about anything can be magically useful if you know what to do with it.

        In some cases science has helped magicians. Herbology is one I want to mention. It really does seem like herbs have one effect on the body or another. It may be more subtle than others but every plant has some sort of effect. Science is coming into a greater understanding about them all. There are facts available and pills available regarding them. My favorites are Saint John’s Wort, Ginkgo, DHEA, Moringa, and any good mushroom complex. It could be said that they give your body something to play with. The body is well evolved to do so. It happens everytime you drink or eat. The more you do the more your body learns, and that is the magical aspect of it for now but someday science will understand these things far better. We know plants have caffeine sometimes. We understand its effect on us. What we don’t know is why a plant has caffeine to begin with. What is the plant doing with it? A simple- too simple idea is that it is toxic to insects. I think there is far more to it than that.

        In all of this just be sure that there is more than meets the eye. A magician is at best a person learning not to be blind. There are incredible things going on in the background of life all the time. The things I have taught about Mother Aeon, magic, and spiritual things are all true. I can only hope that you believe me. If you do then you may very well have a great and wonderful magical life ahead of you. I don’t teach things that are any less than full truths. While some of what I say applies more to others than you, the rest is up to you.

Why Good Ideas Should Be Free

Though I wouldn’t call myself a great inventor I did make seven books of nothing but good ideas for them. Those ideas were all free. They were only presented if I felt they were not yet invented although a reviewer of one of those books said some of them were. Leonardo Davinci- the overrated person, thought himself brilliant to a grandiose extent. He thought that wings and rods could let people fly. I did what I could, I gave it a go. It is a thing that the world could truly benefit from: people making similar books and providing them for free. I also made a series of new video game idea books which I am much better at. When I was totally without video games in my more recent years my heart was always in them. I felt they were missing more in my life than I did food. Being in a home again I started watching video game videos. Lots of them, they were pretty much my only form of entertainment for years. I would go at least four hours every day watching them (reviews, playthroughs, secrets and all else.) So I came to a mountain of knowledge about them and recently wrote The Game Maker’s Bible (under my name Adam Jeremy Capps.) It is based on good and bad ideas for games and general philosophy for making a good game. I never wrote a book as easily as I did that. I wrote another after that, “The New Video Game Idea Book,” and have at least three others planned. My ideas in them are free. The book itself is free, at least as an ebook. What I want most from writing is to cause a good change. All of my books are in the public domain. Maybe in some future time I will be commissioned to write a book for some publisher. I imagine the effect of it would be a famous author who stays famous because all of his previous writings are free. I wonder what would have happened if George Lucas put Star Wars in the public domain instead of selling it off to Disney? I think he sold his soul. If he had put it in the public domain then Star Wars would have been utterly everywhere. Toy companies, books, film makers, musicians, would have explored every possibility of it. There would have been more than just a few shows, movies, and toys for sure. As for video sharing sites God knows how much Star Wars would have been present on them. Comic book publishers and Star Wars clothing would have been produced in great numbers and spin off movies as well. But no, that will never be.

        The world is in need of inventors and people of good ideas. If only for the sake of progress these things should be free. On the other hand capitalism has done a lot of good. It is sometimes said that capitalists are self-serving but in fact they release things for the people more than themselves in order to produce- through competition- better things. Like they say “money makes the world go round.”

Those Destructive Towards Society

Anarchy is contagious. The more committing a crime the more there are that will get away with it. Drugs provide a quick way to make a great deal of money. That’s mostly why it is a problem that won’t go away. The easier made drugs succeed much more. Things come from an undisciplined hand. There seems to be no lessons to learn in life. The result of lawlessness is a scary one. While they think they are liberating themselves and picking their own ruler they are just creating conditions compromisable for a dictator. That comes after martial law and a police state. Because of our loved ones and ourselves after all we cannot do without conditions that protect us. I myself prefer a King over lawlessness. The lawless can bring extreme evil upon a person. I am an author though that would likely be contended. Yet I promote democracy more than anything else. It is a nation I live in where mass shootings are ever more common. One where laws are blatantly broken. I live in a climate of rude, hateful, and offensive people. I don’t see any reason to hope things will get better, either. I think for most part I will be safeguarded just as much as I always have been but I cannot ignore the enormous storm that is brewing.

Things of the Abstract

A good magician can pull things from the abstract to good effect. Without being able to see things from the abstract they can’t see magical things to begin with. It is like an ink blot. For one person it is a rich image that can mean specific things. For another there is just some vague and regular impression. To look up at the clouds and see images in them is another example. As for music, the more seasoned magician can make the music about more than what it is just intended to be. It plays a part in a lot of scrying too. There is the scrying technique of breaking an egg into a glass to gather images, for example.

        At its best there is visualization. When someone visualizes they are pulling from the abstract entirely if they are just using their mind. Sound is perfectly fine to add to it however, and helpful. As long as the music does for you what you want it to, that is. The music you choose is entirely your choice- it is just what works best. That can be classical music for some, for me it is more often film scores or video game music. There is heavy metal and its different genres if you want a more wicked feeling from it. No choice is wrong if it works well for you. One thing you will probably need is long lasting music. Visualization trips can go on for a while.

        In visualization the best comes from ideas and images floating in your mind that evoke special feelings. Those feelings can be quite powerful and stimulating. Most people who practice it place themselves in a tranquil area and are really only doing it to feel peaceful and nothing more. That under does its potential. Visualization should be about powerful imagery. Your eyes don’t have to be closed either. You could focus on an image on the wall or screen while you do it. That usually works better with more popular and more typical music.

        In any case you are working with the abstract and the more you can work with the abstract and form ideas with it the better. As for what you visualize, that is based on what you want to happen. Image riches, fame, finding a love in your life, making your life better, even changing the world. It is a good workout for the mind of a magician and can be her or his best source of power.

        It is also the talent of smearing paint on a canvas and seeing an image. It is to see things that most just pass by without giving it a second thought. One day I found that my ink on a paper bled through and I saw this image of a crescent moon over the star of david. First, the moon represents muslim religion, the star of David Jewish religion. What a strange image then for them to be together. It showed to me the mix going on in the nation of Israel. This would be reflected in the news I saw on TV later.

The Tarot is largely based on pulling from the abstract. They are images that provide a lot of ideas through the abstract. No card is necessarily evil. Death for example can mean the start of a new life or an end to an old thing. Prophesy can be an integral part of abstraction. There are those that understand it all better than others. The person with the best abstract conceptualization will do better in understanding it. The Book of Revelations for example which is almost entirely based on the abstract. I would even argue that all of it is, including The Lake of Fire. Christians take literally what they want to. The Devil is literally going to hell fire while the Devil isn’t really a dragon, if you know what I mean.

        When we are creating we are either making an all new thing or a thing based on what was before. A person more or less copies others. The most creative actually create the new. The least creative are just copying others. The details in these can go very deep depending on how much they can abstract not from others but themselves. The best music writers can be influenced by other works but make a thing totally different- better too. When asked if they had any influences on their new work they say “yes, it was Bolero by Maurice Ravel.” What then does the interviewer say? He says, “but that doesn’t sound anything like Bolero!”

The Joy of a Refined Taste

Comes from these:

Finding the right brand- The best. A thing that will last. Like they say “buy it nice or buy it twice.” Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for and not before wasting money do you find that out. There are brands you can trust and other nobody-seeming brands you cannot. Sometimes quantity is better than quality but usually it isn’t. A twenty pack of generic batteries at a good price cannot be a good thing. You get lucky sometimes though. I bought a generic electric kettle that boiled water a lot quicker than my name brand one. Ice trays- they can fool a lot of people. Just 50 cents difference can be the difference between them cracking apart in a week or a year. Then there was that time I bought a damn ice maker that took a half hour to make a small amount of ice. I really like my ChromeBook. It just isn’t as bloated as other laptop brands. Things truly do become convoluted over time. My needs aren’t the same as others however. Some need software only Windows can provide. As for me it is just typing and pretty much nothing else. I watch internet TV on Roku, not my Chromebook. My Chromebook starts up right away and updates without this hour long time of shutting on and off.

Evolves- When you buy anything to replace anything else make sure it is better than the one before. That way you are always evolving instead of devolving. There was a story I once heard about a person with her valuable comic book. Her uncle bought her one way back when and it had gained a lot of value. The problem was, if he had spent just a little more on a variation of it then it would have been enormously more valuable. She was left with the feeling that her uncle was cheap. If you want something that is going to raise in value more, a little extra you pay goes a long way. Don’t bother getting the super of all supercomputers for in a year it no longer is and in two it is just the same as all others. We could settle a long time on thinking something is the best when it is not. Sometimes brands lose the quality they once had, too. I felt that way toward Final Fantasy so much that it was the only RPG game I would play. I missed out on other great games though. Getting stuck on something has prevented me from exploring alternatives in the past. On the other hand there are things that I have left behind that I once enjoyed greatly. Like making prayer sheets. I ran out of materials for them and hadn’t had a real chance to get more. I had some expenses at the time and came to forget about it. Then one day I told myself I would just get some ribbons. They are cheap after all. After I chose to get the ribbons I thought to get a laminator too for the whole thing and in no time went ahead to get all the other things I would need and fell right back into a hobby I might have neglected for a lot more time to come.

Envy-Inspiration- If you see something that someone else has and like it then buy one for yourself! This happened to me with a type of chair called a moon chair. I would have known nothing at all about them otherwise. If I saw one online I would have not thought about them. But they are both comfortable and affordable. I would buy gifts for my mother that my sister was always saying she wanted. I learned that what I bought for my mother I should buy also for my sister. There is no envy like we have when we are in school. More than anything else the popular kid is the one with the best stuff. Dressed well they can go about more confidently. When I was a teenager there was this one kid or two in town that had every video game you could imagine. As an adult I don’t get envious nearly as much. I am however going back to those times of my youth when there were things I so wanted but just didn’t have money for. That’s why people are always showing off their collection of video games. They are wanting to have that power of the past today. It is also the fact that they are getting things they wanted at the time and never really have lost interest in them, whatever it was.

Something that makes every day better as much as possible- Like your favorite drink. Something cold or hot rather than just water. That may be coffee. The best coffee and a cup after cup of it. Maybe you like soda, or maybe it is iced tea, whatever it is, drinks are the most affordable way to add goodness to every day. There may be a creative/productive thing you like to do. If you like to write then that would be a good laptop, keyboard, flash drive, etc. If you like posting videos on video sites then there is fast internet and a nice computer to buy, a video editor, etc. Whatever it is, if you do it daily then it is good to have the best of these sorts of things. Things of good comfort are especially important and include a good chair, good bed, pillow, etc. Take a chance on an expensive but oh so comfortable memory foam pillow. Believe me, they are worth the extra price. Sometimes these things can mean the difference between being comfortable or being miserable. For example when it comes to air conditioning and home heating.

Comes from intuition- This is especially true with clothing. While others may go about in more typical attire- most do, you may stand out with something unique. I’m not talking about strange clothing, just unique clothing, such as an eye of providence shirt perhaps or something of nostalgia. I like black cargo pants. I think they are very classy. I used to like hats from every NFL team. Other clothes of it too such as shirts and jackets. This went over well when I was in New Mexico. New Mexico doesn’t have an NFL team currently. After moving to San Francisco however I was met with a lot of opposition to this. They have 49rs fans here that didn’t like it.

        Sometimes a thing just catches your eye. It happens all the time in a store when you are looking for something else. I would say follow your heart. Your heart wouldn’t fool you. I was wandering around just recently and saw this Mickey Mouse umbrella. I hadn't thought at all about buying one before I went into the store. But here was this cutest MM umbrella that I just had to have and I bought it. Another time it was a snow globe of a unicorn and rainbow. The same thing happened, I just had to have it.

Consider all things- The more you think about the possibilities with what you can buy the more choices you give yourself and the more you discover. It is a good list to create. A list of every good idea of what to buy that comes to your mind. You can refer to that list and preserve your ideas that way. Some people have a shallow idea of what they want. Others put a lot of soul into it. Some are the least compelled towards the most and some are the most compelled towards the least. Random searches on websites that sell numerous and different things can be helpful. That is how I came across my cat clock. You know, those Felix the Cat clocks where the eyes and tail go back and forth? It really isn’t hard at all to stumble on something through random searches. Thanks to massive online markets it is easier than ever to find exactly what you want, too. I really like Mickey Mouse watches. I wanted a special one, though, one of Mickey Mouse from the movie Fantasia. The cartoon in which he was a wizard. I found one too! In fact it looked better than I thought it would. It came right from Disney World.

Consider the future- There are a large number of things we just can’t do without. We may take a shortcut like buying the trash bag but not the trash can. Some things we just can’t be cheap about though and some things we will always have to buy as they are life essentials. These include hygiene, cleanliness, clothes, and food items. There was this good book about paying for a good future, for investing in it, called “The Richest Man in Babylon” which has long been one of my favorite books. It teaches that for the sake of wealth a person has to provide for his future and build up their wealth through investment. For me that means paying to publish my books. I pay into whatever means for their success and make sure I have what I need to continue writing. Things of productivity could be listed under paying into your future. Making sure you have backup money is important as well as things like bullion and commodities. We never know if things are going to go south. If it does, could you honestly say you have bought time?

The fun way of buying- This is to buy things less seriously and ignore that old harmful mantra “do I really need this?” I’ve found just a screwdriver was something I would never need but then suddenly one day did but was just left with a fork to get the screw tightened. The fun side of buying though is just based on the fun thought of the moment. Maybe you want a newspaper from the 1930s. Or a video game magazine from the early 90s, whatever you think is neat and there are no wrong answers. It could be a special keychain. It could be a cute trinket. If at any moment in the day an idea for one of these suddenly appears in your mind then write it down. By the time you get paid you may have a nice list of just so many cool things to get. Again that can be anything- that depends on you. Things online can come cheap. In fact just a dollar or two can get you something. Such as a mood ring, a Pokemon card, and other kinds of cards (I got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles card of Krang from the original cartoon. I turned it into a magnet as I do stuff like that with just a self adhesive magnet.) For that price if you have $50 dollars you can get 25 things. For $100 you can get 50. You would be stocked with mail for a large number of neat little things. It gives you the opportunity to spend an hour or hours if you like buying things. If you have nothing else to do, that can be a lot of fun. I actually got a nice soap dish from China that way. Was surprised by it. Just a dollar and with free shipping.

Going Over My Other Writings

This book is nearly done. I may come back to it at some time but for now, it is almost complete. I have returned to it to add this last book, The Book of Tomel. Faydra was one last thing I wanted to add to it. Right now I will be turning my focus on Crazyism - a philosophy of being crazy to put it into simple terms. My objective in writing is to make a positive change in the world. My books are free. They are not sexualized at all- I am not some kind of pervert. There is nothing in it for me other than making a positive change and that is enough reason to work and work. I admit I would like to be famous. That is a natural and harmless desire that everyone has, however. I think it is very bold of me to write now something over 30 books that are all in the public domain and offered free.

        Anyways to go over my other books: I have sheerly Satanic books (Branches of The Satanic Tree, Lessons of Demonic Magic, Satanic Poems 1-310, The Satanic Book, and Satanic Living.) I created Christian Satanism. It is a gray side religion. It is not only the first of its kind in religion but is a thing rare in the world altogether- a gray sided thing. You can find next to no movies that have covered the idea where a person isn’t either a hero or villain but both. Gray magic is a very rare topic in magic. You may find a few books on it at most. I think it has only been one that I have seen myself although I stopped bothering to find them. People outright dismiss it. Satanists sum it up in a presumptuous way without even a moment of trying to understand it. LaVeyian Satanists are brainwashed and are in a cult but they’d never know it. Any bad thing said about either Anton LaVey or their religion has been rehearsed in them. As for Christians they usually go the way of feering Christian Satanism and regarding it as a scary devil-made thing. It at least raises a lot of questions from people who find the whole idea difficult to ignore. Bringing it up once leads to comment after comment as they try to make sense of it.

        I also create video game idea books. That began with my Antichrist Game or Movie book. I had a concept in my mind for a video game about becoming the Antichrist. In the game you play as a character trying to gain power, like through a koo, being inspirational, doing things that whatever dictators in the past did to come into power. It is really structured after a video game but can be ideas for a movie sometimes too. I finished the book with a part of it being solely for any Satanic game. There are nearly 1,000 ideas in the book for the game and the last part is for any sort of Satanic game at all. As for my other video game books right now I have made them under my birth name since they don’t really fit into my Luciferian name. That is, Adam Jeremy Capps. Those books cover a lot of new ideas for any video game and are all free to use. Like all of my other books they are in the public domain. I also went over old ideas and just philosophy of what makes a video game either good or bad.

        Godism is something I want to get back to soon. It is a scientifically framed sort of belief. The most valuable part of it is in presenting possible future uses of science and technology. More than anything else science fiction has influenced science and technology. Mine are an effort to do the same, only without the story. I have written a few invention ideas for anyone who wants them in my books of “Lucifer’s Books of  Free Inventions and Ideas.” Then other than this book there are my Books of the Five Planets which goes over Orion, Link, Pippy, Sefra, and Ler-   five  far away worlds and what they are all about.

That’s the scope of my body of work at the moment. Any of these can be easily found on Google Play under the three names I use. That is my birth name, Lucifer Jeremy White, or Lucifer Damuel  White. They are placed on these sites currently: Lulu, Smashwords,, Gutenberg, Google Play, XINXII,, Scribd, Magcloud, Amazon, and Ebay among others. The more they are shared the happier I will be for sure. It is my desire that they are added to because no matter how much I talk or how much I know there will always be those that can contribute things that I myself cannot.

Do not be deceived

The world is full of cults. Even if that wasn’t their creator's purpose they might be cults, so be cautious. Severe dedication to a religion goes hand in hand with religion, unfortunately. For that reason I would go over rules for anyone regarding this religious book. Don’t let anyone separate you from your family or friends. Don’t let anyone isolate you. Do not allow sexual abuse from anyone. Don’t allow emotional abuse either. Do not pay a priest a dime they do not deserve. Certainly don’t be taken in an unreasonable way. Don’t let