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Spiritual Warfare



Dickson Olabiyi ADELUSI































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This book is dedicated to God and to Christians who are going through challenges of Satan.



































As Christians, we are faced with different challenges on daily basis. Obviously, it is not a perfect world that we live in. Some of the challenges that we face are spiritual which are reflecting in our realities. Although, it is not only Christians who are faced with challenges in life but this book is good for Christians because of the Holy Bible verses.


The reason for the harsh realities in every corner of the earth is because Satan (once upon a time a good angel, but now full of evil) is the Prince of this earth. Satan has one goal which is to capture many souls to be destroyed with him in the lake of fire. Satan is an aggressive enemy of mankind who is overseeing the killing of many innocent people including children around the world. Sometimes, Lucifer is causing deadly sickness and disease, famine and economic depression among others. You can give this book or the e-book to non-Christian friends because Satan attacks everyone born to this world and want to ensure that they do not come to the knowledge of light till they depart from this world. Leaving this world without the knowledge of light may lead the soul into eternal darkness. A good illustration is that without sun, moon and electricity, the world is a dark place. However, it is not the darkness that we see now but thick darkness which shall lead into eventual destruction of one’s soul.


Whatever tribulations that human beings are faced with today cannot be compared to the torment or joy to come, but choose joy and not torment. This book encourages you to choose and walk on the path of light. This book also enlightens the reader on spiritual warfare, how humans are trapped in the warfare and how to effectively overcome in spiritual warfare using the right spiritual weapons. This book concludes that, although, there are battles but the war is whether a person earn eternal life with God (which is victory) or ends in destruction with Satan (which is considered a lost war).






























  • Chapter 1                              Spiritual warfare
  • Chapter 2                              Satan as the Head Enemy
  • Chapter 3                              Winning the Battles and the War
  • Chapter 4                              Weapons for Spiritual Warfare
  • Chapter 5                              Deliverance
  • Chapter 6                              Kingdom War and Battle for the Soul


























Chapter 1


Spiritual warfare


Warfare has been described as the process of military struggle between two nations or group of nations. It is also an armed conflict between two massed enemies, armies or the like.


To understand spiritual warfare, you must first believe the concept of evil forces against good. Christians do engage in spiritual battle every day and the grand war is whether the Christian earn an eternal life or not. Spiritual warfare is not fought in the physical realm and physical weapons are not used.


The world we live in is spiritual because it was formed by God who is Spirit. (Genesis 1:1). It is also important to mention that spirits live together in this world with humans. The proof that spirits live in this world is in the book of Revelation 12:9 which mention that Satan the devil (spirit) and his fallen angels (spirits) has been hauled to the earth. Also, the book of Revelation 5:6 proves that the lamb carries the presence of the seven Spirits of God to all the earth. However, conventional human eyes cannot see these spirits and it does not mean that the spirits cease to exist on earth.


The challenge on earth now is that the spirits present are two rival powers with previous war history. Their war history is in Revelation 12:7 and since after the war in Heaven, these spiritual armed forces meet on earth again to continue their struggle until the last day which is biblically referred to as the day of the Lord or judgement day.


How are humans trapped in their spiritual warfare?


This book will mention four reasons that trap humans in spiritual warfare

  1. Because God is interested in mankind as in Psalms 8:4, Satan also show interest in mankind which leads to conflict of interests.
  2. Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, God has planned to bring man back to restoration and Satan does not want this to be successful.
  3. God has prepared Paradise for mankind for eternity and Satan knowing this is all out to fight this plan. Satan, who has made himself a rival power to God, has determined to thwart God’s plan for mankind and ensure that humans should not enter into the Paradise of God.
  4. The fourth reason humans are involved in spiritual warfare is that among the inhabitants of Heaven and earth, only God is to be worshipped. Read Nehemiah 9:6. Satan on the other hand demands that human should worship him directly or indirectly through idolatry


Since Satan was hauled into the earth, he has seized the government of this world from the control on humans. In other words, Satan is the de-facto ruler of this world. John 14:30. The reality is the challenges people face which are way beyond their control and decaying governments in most countries of the world. However, the mission of Jesus on earth is to destroy the work and stronghold of Satan as in 1John 3:8. This same Jesus’ mission on earth reinforced the spiritual warfare on earth due to the extreme enmity between Jesus and Satan. Needful to say that after Jesus’ mission on earth, Matthew 28:18 says all the authority in Heaven and on earth has been given to him, including the spiritual forces. Mankind has been employed to be soldiers of Jesus Christ to subdue satanic reign on earth. Mankind involvement in spiritual warfare should be strictly spiritual without any physical assault. Read Ephesians 6:12. Spiritual warfare is real and it is ongoing until the end of days.



  1. Mention 3 reasons why humans are trapped in spiritual warfare
  2. Prove it that spirits are on earth with humans



























Church is beyond a place of worship, it is a battle field


Jesus himself is the founder of the Church. His church replaced the old Temple. In Matthew 27:51, the veil of the old temple was rent in twain. Recall that before the verse Matthew 27:51, only the Priest had access to God’s presence, especially, in the inner room. Today in the church of Christ through grace, everyone have access directly to God.


As much as the church of Christ is to worship God, it is also a place where Jesus recruits and empowers his human soldiers. These soldiers of Jesus Christ regularly engage in spiritual warfare using varieties of weapons available. Prayer is one of the age-long weapons most widely used in spiritual warfare. Interestingly, it is not only Christians who pray because almost all the religions in the world offer prayers to their respective gods or the Almighty God.


Churches of Christ are supposed to be hotspot of spiritual warfare. A formidable battle ground where people take their stand against the oppression of Satan and his evil forces as the evil forces continue to wage war against the church. Christians need to be aware that Satan wants to destroy them along with the church. Jesus knew this which is why He said the gates of Hades will not prevail against the church in Matthew 16:18. It is noteworthy in Matthew 16:18 that Jesus made claim of the church by saying “my church”. According to Colossians 1:18; Jesus is the head of the church and Christians are the body of the church. Satan enmity with Jesus is the reason for the continuous spiritual warfare against the church. However, the war has been won and Jesus earn the victory in John 19:30 when He said, it is finished. He also confirms his victory in John 16:33 and Matthew 28:18.


Therefore, the spiritual warfare of Christians today is a known victory but Satan is not a slacker as he still continues to intensify his offensive attacks on Christians on all fronts to subdue them under his oppression. It is left for the Christian to use spiritual weapons to face Satan and his angels and they will flee. Read James 4:7. Any circumstance that reduces the joy of life in you might be a spiritual attack that needs to be rebuffed.


Spiritual warfare is real. Jesus fought this war as a leader; therefore, as follower, one must expect to face the challenges of life. Jesus, when in agony prayed fervently such that his sweat was like drops of blood in Luke 22:44. That you do not believe in spiritual realm or spiritual warfare does not mean that it does not exist. In fact, your ignorance will give Satan chance to confuse and frustrate you and quench the peace that God has promised you. Believe in spiritual realm and warfare so that you can prepare your defense against these unseen forces. Remember also that attack is the best form of defense. You must regularly engage in some kind of fire-for-fire prayers.


Your church should be involved in fervent prayers and launching of various attacks on the enemy’s camp. Such roaring prayer is not just spiritual exercise, it is self-deliverance from satanic oppressions and attacking the enemy’s camp is your defense. Know that Satan is the head enemy. If you do not destroy the evil forces against your life, they will surely destroy you. Satan the master of the evil forces is a roaring lion looking for whom to devour in 1Peter 5:8. The evil forces in the spiritual realm are destroyers seeking prey everywhere in all parts of the world. You cannot afford to be a victim of the evil forces. Awake in the spiritual realm. Be spiritually conscious to rebuff spiritual attacks on your job, family, finances, business, health, peace of mind, joy of life, etc.



  1. What are the dangers of sluggish prayers if Jesus himself prayed hard in Luke 22:44?
  2. Who owns the church?





























Mankind is not totally blind to spiritual realm. There are some people with spiritual gifts to see the spiritual beings, hear them and talk to them. A good example is a Prophet. Prophet usually has a gift to communicate in the spiritual realm. Anyone who believes in the Prophet must also believe in the spiritual realm and spiritual warfare. Another example or proof of spiritual warfare is in the book of 2Kings 6:11-17. From the previous scripture, you will understand the formidable spiritual defense around the Christians who believe in Jesus and Yahweh (YHWH) God. The spiritual defense is what Psalms 91:11 is talking about.


Is spiritual warfare for Christians alone?


Spiritual warfare is not for Christians alone. Spiritual warfare is among spiritual beings but in one way or the other humans, whether Christians or not, are trapped in spiritual warfare. The ultimate aim of Satan for mankind is to lead human into destruction along with himself. Therefore, Satan the devil, attacks every human whether they are Christians or not. The non-Christians usually resolve to appease the spirits with sacrifices in other to avert their terrible conditions. Both Christians and non-Christians are confronted with harsh realities which results from ongoing spiritual warfare between good and evil. People engage in many spiritual activities to seek relief from their difficult realities. They involve in activities like horoscope, fortune telling, enchantments, idolatry and wizardry among others which are biblically sinful. You may read Leviticus 19:26-31 if you do not believe that horoscope or time observing is a sin.


Having discussed the reality of spiritual warfare, it is important to mention that the warfare is intense for the Disciples of Christ Jesus in order to dissuade them from following Jesus and keeping the statutes of God. There will be a lot of worldly pressure or environmental influences to make the Christian backslide. Satan the enemy will use people and situations to stab Christians hard and lure them to sin. As much as a prayer-less Christian is a powerless Christian, so also a sinful Christian is a defeated Christian. Spiritual warfare is not only in the place of prayer, it is also a struggle of what choices we make in our lives between good and evil. Tempting situations, events and people are satanic tools to befall the Christian.


Sin is bad for a Christian engaging in spiritual warfare. Another formidable weapon for spiritual warfare is holiness. A Christian should continuously choose well (good) above evil. As a Christian, do not give in to the sin or idolatry which has been said that will solve your problems; take your stand. Endure in holiness and pray fervently as Jesus did in gethsemane. As long as there are human beings on earth, challenges facing them will continue because the ruler of this current system of things on earth is Satan, but his time is limited. Whatever challenges that you are facing, do not compromise your Christian principles, endure a little longer and use necessary spiritual weapons; and God shall see you through the challenges.


Finally, spiritual warfare is real and mankind is trapped in this war. To be victorious, mankind need to build very close relationship with God through Jesus who conquered Satan. Use the necessary spiritual weapons to engage the evil forces against your life in order to live a fulfilled life on earth. Let’s ask this question; what is spiritual warfare? It is an ongoing war between spiritual beings. It is happening in the spiritual realm. It is an armed struggle between good and evil. It is a catastrophic war between the kingdom of light and kingdom of darkness. It started in Heaven and continued on earth. Mankind is trapped in spiritual warfare and needs formidable weapons to engage the enemy and enjoy their life on earth. The end of the ongoing spiritual warfare is the last day which is also called the day of the Lord or judgement day.




  1. Where did spiritual warfare started from?
  2. Is spiritual warfare for Christians alone?




























Chapter 2


Satan as the head enemy


Satan is real. He was once a holy person enjoying the glory of Heavenly places. He was once a favorite of God with his musical gifts. Satan or Lucifer is a very attractive person full of glory to behold. God formed him to be a perfect creature with special abilities and powers. Read Ezekiel 28:13-19. The fall of Satan is from his pride and his ambition to become the Almighty God. Satan did not fall from the glory of Heaven alone, he convinced some angels who also fell with him. Satan and these fallen hosts of angels are now the principalities and powers of darkness in the world of mankind today. The book of Isaiah 14:12-17 clearly talks about Satan’s ambition which led to his fall and his judgement.


Since the fall of Satan, he has become an abject enemy of God, Jesus, the saints and entire human race. The saints could be referred to as human beings saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Satan the enemy, knowing the mission of Jesus Christ on earth used King Herod to hunt for his life at birth. Read Matthew 2:16. Since the birth of Jesus, Satan the enemy has been waging war against him in order to thwart his ministry on earth. Satan even used nature to attack Jesus in Mark 4:35-41. The peak of Satan’s war with Jesus was the temptation in the wilderness. Read Matthew 4:1-11. Satan in his deep knowledge of the scripture appeared to tempt Jesus from the scripture. Thank God for the anointing of Jesus, Satan might have defeated him in the wilderness. Remember that in the same manner, Satan appeared to Eve and her man in the Garden of Eden to tempt them and he defeated them. Therefore, glory to God for the anointing of Jesus Christ to overcome the temptation of Satan in the wilderness.

Satan finally used the Jewish hierarchy to seriously hunt Jesus until they killed him through crucifixion.


Satan has formed a formidable kingdom of darkness to wage war against evangelism of the gospel, the church and human race. Satan is real and his angels are real. Satan was able to scoop one-third of the angels in Heaven in a fierce fight. Read Revelation 12:3-4. These formidable kingdoms of darkness or evil forces have Satan as their head and are sworn to engage the saints in fierce spiritual warfare. Revelation 12:17 is talking about the exclusive anger of Satan to destroy those who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ i.e. the Christians. This is why the Christians and the church must acknowledge that there is ongoing spiritual warfare; a fight against the devil and his cohorts. As long as you bear the testimony of Jesus and keep the commandments of God, you are a potential enemy of Satan.


Remember Satan’s wrath in Revelation 12:17, so be ready to engage him in battle because he will try to attack you with difficult realities. He will fire bullets, throw darts and obstacles at you in order to bring you down.


Needful to say that if Satan was able to bring down one-third of powerful angels from Heaven and Satan the enemy was able to befall the first man (despite the fact that Adam was formed directly by God) then, human race need Jesus. Human race need Jesus because he has through the power of God defeated Satan. Do not underestimate this great enemy who seems invincible. Take up spiritual weapons to repel the works of Satan in your life.




  1. For what reason did Satan fall from Heaven?
  2. What are the similarities between the temptation of Adam and Eve and the temptation of Jesus Christ?



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