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(peace be upon him)

A short and easy to read biography of the Holy Prophet Muhmmad (PBUH). From Birth to Youth, Family Life, Prophethood, Preaching, Hijra, Battles, Treaties, The Last Sermon, Noble Character and Heavenly abode.

By: Dr. Yamin Hidayatullah Memon (MBA) This book is

dedicated to the

holy prophet



(Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam)


Habibullah (pbuh) means Allah the almighty’s most loved person. There are millions of pages of literature available on this subject i.e. The Biography or Sirat of the Holy Prophet Muhmmad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The aim of this humble effort of writing this book is to provide information about the Holy Prophet Muhmmad (Peace Be Upon Him). To the extent possible I have tried to give information in simple English and easy to read ready reckoner type format.

Each and every detail on this vast subject can not be accommodated in such a small book. All care has been taken in writing this book. Even after taking this much care if any error is found I humbly apologize from the Allah (Subhanhu Wa Ta’la) and the Holy Prophet Muhmmad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam).

Readers of this book are requested to recite the terms showing respect after the names of the holy personalities of Islam. For example, after the name the Holy Prophet Muhmmad say

Peace Be Upon Him or PBUH or

Sallallahu Alayhi Wassalam or S.A.W., after the name of Allah the almighty say Subhanhu Wa Ta’la or S.W.T.after the names of

Companions or Sahaabaa recite Radiallahu Anhu i.e. R.A. After the names of angels Alayhissalam i.e. A.S.

After the names of all the Prophets recite Alayhissalam i.e. A.S. or Peace Be Upon Him.

Last but not least I am deeply indebted to my family members for helping me complete this book.

Especially my wife, son and father Dr.

Hidayatullah Alimohmmad Memon (MBBS) for his never ending support and guidance in my all writing endeavors especially this lucky one.

I want this book to be translated and in many other languages but due lack of finances I am compelled to keep it in machine translation form and not human translations in various other languages like French, Spanish, Russian etc.

No part of this book can be published

,written or changed without written permission of the author,

Readers’ feedback is welcome. You can mail me