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Psalms at Midnight

and The Maundy

Day Sermon

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By: David Ellinger








EASTER Sunday April 1st, 2018



If this manuscript is a blessing to you, please consider a small donation of 5, 10, 20 dollars to:

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest

10201 South 51st Street, Suite #180

Phoenix, Arizona, 85044

To help those in need. God Bless.



















  1. Sacred Heart of Joy


Psalms at Midnight,

As a sacred soul

On bended knees

of sacred prayer.


The Holy Mother, Mary

Holding a heart of thorns

And passion.


The Maiden Mother of our Lord,

Outstretched arms of forgiveness and

Unconditional love of God.


Rest and sleep, and fear not what tomorrow will bring,

Until the dawn arises from the darkness

Into the blessed day.


Blessed it be,

my child of Spirit,

Justice, Kindness,

and Eternal Love.


Sleep now my child,

until the light of Day

arrives again.





  1. Rose Petals


Our tears of Humanity,

Gracefully falling like Rose Petals

Upon the reflected pools of flowered Starlight.


A chorus of Cherubim’s and Seraphim’s

Singing “Glory to God in the highest above”.


Strength be to those

who only falters in wisdom,

But not of grace.


For our Faith will carry us forward,

Through the inner struggles

of our hidden turmoil and

Inner troubles of the heart.


Blessed be, blessed be,

Within the Holy Trinity,

Trust in the Lord, Our God,

with all of your heart and soul.







  1. Kingdom of God


Pride has no place in the Kingdom of our Lord.


The answer is in the simple process

Of letting go of the self

and into the golden sacredness of

Time and the Universe itself.


The Ego has no meaning

within the true realization and manifestation

of the eternal grace of kindness, mercy, and love.















  1. Within Our Fates


Some say our True fates,

Are found within

the position of the Stars.


Other say within the living

Pulsations of our beating Hearts.


It is truly neither,

for we are simply born,

From the Spirit, and then transform back

Into the grace of where we all began.


Our journey from within the hands of God.      

Life, Death, and Rebirth.


The Eternal and the Sacred Cycle of our lives,

are not so unlike a feather of the Dove,

falling upon the Wind of Holiness and sacredness

of Love.








  1. Remembrance




Always embrace

the hidden sacredness

Of the Unknown.


Children of God.

Light from Light.

Love from Love.


The sacrifice of the Lamb,

The remembrance of the tears,

Of the passion and the mercy

Within each of our Baptismal grace,

Upon the alter of our Lord and God.


Children of God.

Light from Light.

Love from Love.










  1. The Peacemakers



May there be an abundance of

Peace, joy and love, to all who

Reads and reflect on these words.


May all your needs,

Known and unknown be fulfilled and

All your worries be lifted within pure happiness.


Let God be your source,

your strength, your grace,

and may all Angelic miracles

be given to you for you journey and protection.


Become the Peacemaker,

Heal and mend the broken hearted,

And provide justice to those in need

And to those who thirst for Rightness and Peace.








  1. The sword of light



The pixies and the fairies

Will bow down their heads

Upon the moonstone of clarity

Of our Lord.


A sword of Light

Stands guard

And forever

Guards the blessed

tree of Life.


The eternal Angels

heals the Seeker’s strife,

With no more weariness or harm

To behold.


Praise be to God,









  1. Moonlight



Truth fades and disappears upon

The Moonlight of our lives.


Within the night,

A Peaceful rest restores the soul

Upon the inner desires of our hidden dreams.


The Holy Spirit fills us within our empty vessels,

And Overflow us with your mighty abundance and love.


Forever Embrace us and simply hold us

within your strength and make your desire known to us,

Within the true justice and image of our Lord, Jesus Christ.














  1. Blessings


Blessing of the Angels from above.


Blessing of the Creator of our Universe.


Blessings of the Trinity:

The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Blessed be, blessed be,

Abundance and Goodwill

To all those who walk

upon the earth that we call home.


The Earth,

Spinning, and dancing through the

Galaxy of endless starlight.











  1. The Phoenix


Blessed are the keepers of the Keys of the Kingdom.

Blessed are the souls of the eternal.

Forever lovingly cradled by our Holy Father.


Blessed is the Trinity,

That forever forms the sacred union

That bonds the divine spirit.


Our Comforter and Our Joy.


The Phoenix shall rise from the ashes,

The golden staff of our lord

protects us from the serpent’s grasp.


May peace be given to all of our Brothers and Sisters,

And Peace to our world.










  1. The Void


The Beauty of God

transcends the ordinary

and the sublime.


The ordinary is turned inside out.

As our days are turned into weeks,

And then into months.


We laugh, we cry as we embrace our sacredness

within our immortality from our youth and into old age,

and then gentle into the sacred void

of eternal holiness itself.
















  1. The Gates of Heaven


Upon the steps of God’s throne,

within the unity of Heaven above.


Flags of all Nations torn by unpatriotic deeds.


Justice for all.


Justice for those who can’t see or care for themselves.


The Long Horns blown by the Mighty Archangels.

The Mighty guardians of Spirit and Truth.


As shepherd’s guide their sheep

in harmony and peace

Through the open gates

of Glory and Compassion.











  1. The Rebel Prayer


The Rebel stands alone,

Between the earthly oppression

And the unyielding righteousness of God.


Do not listen to the fake news from the serpent’s tongue.


Jesus was crucified by the nails of injustice,

Hateful lies, and inner mistrust.


We must all rise up from the darken entombment of darkness.


We must not falter,

We must not lose our faith

in our steadfast resolution

Of our belief of higher purpose

Within ourselves, within mankind,

and for the entire whole world itself.









  1. Common Ground


Be like the small child

In wonder gaze

Within the pure innocence

Of the unfolding

of a new day.


Be forever grateful

For the given blessings

That are offer to you

By all you meet,

All you encounter,

and all that you serve.


Do not fear the unknown,

But be the beacon of light

From the very essence

And being

Of your Spirit and Soul.











  1. Beautiful:


Beautiful Mountains.

Beautiful Rivers of Streams.

Beautiful snow-covered Aspens

Underneath Moonlight Dreams.


May you rest without worry of the dark,

And refresh by the early dawn.


May abundance and mercy be your guides

As your travels are lighten with Joyfulness and Love.


Beautiful Savior,

Beautiful God,

Of Calvary.












  1. Our Works


Blessed are the works

Of the daily plow,

And of the daily chores.


May your days be strengthened

By your Faith and Spirit

As each day unfolds.


All Gifts are given for a reason,

For a purpose to help within the Acts

Of God between each other’s lives.


Do not be discourage by your lessons learned,

But always build upon the wisdom created

From within the depths of your soul.












  1. The Balancing


Roses always have their thorns.

Babies will have their birth marks.

Beauty always have its flaws,

So, understand that character

can always be transformed.


Once we are born, the clock begins,

Until it is our time to return to our origins.


We all are paintings that are mosaics with

Oils so deep and rich in color

That shows our lessons learned,

and our given achievements

along our paths.


So do not focus on the thorn,

but on the beauty of the Rose.











  1. The Grace of Gloria


The grace of Gloria of the Angel’s in flight.

Gloria, Gloria in the Highest.


The mighty Seraphim and Cherubim.


The glorious wings of Justice,

wings of Mercy and of eternal Strength.

The True defenders of the Holy Realm,

we pray and give honor to thee.


The Chapel of the Sacred Rose of Peace, Serenity, and Love.

The Garden of Compassion,

As a crown of thorns is gently held

By the holy eternal Grace of the Holy Mother, Mary.


We forever bow down to you in honor and humility

for your enduring wisdom, guidance, and beauty

is forever.


As rose petals fall like rain

from a clear blue sky of Grace.




  1. Cherish


Cherish the Animals that are your companions

Who judge us least and love us more

For they are God’s instruments of love and peace.


The cat, the dog, the horse, all furry beasts,

And feathered friends,

for even though they are silent in speech

they are compassionate

In their walk with us in our journey.


Bless all creatures big or small

May they have long lives

And when our sorrows are many

May they be the instrument of lifting our spirits

And lighten our load.













  1. Foot Prints


The forever shining star of David

Rising above the City

That they called Jerusalem.


A Shephard’s Staff and Angel’s Voice.


Bethlehem calling,

Within the nativity

Of the gifted lamb.


A Morning Dove

Stretches its wings

Above the sea of Galilee.


Tears of Heaven

Falls from the sacred realm.


The solemn remembrance

Of the footprints,

Left upon the still waters

Within the quieting of a storm.






  1. The Steeples of St. Patrick


The mosaic stain glass of the Saints

The Garden chapel of the Holy Mother

A serenity oasis within the vibrant city

Of New York,

That never slows down.


Who’s hearts beats throughs the inner streets

And walkways of Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx

That lights the way to the stages of Broadway

To the money boards of Wall street,

To the beacon of the Freedom tower

and to symbol of the eternal torch

Of Lady Liberty.


The freedom to believe.


Thank you, Lord for all of our freedoms,

And may we never take them for granted,

But to always defend them and to protect them,

So that no child will know

the fear of Injustice or intolerance

within our Great nation.





  1. Hold Me Close


Time goes by,

As our bones

Grow weary

And cold inside.


By only our faith alone,

We acknowledge our weakness

And our fears unknown.


Release me, guide me, and deliver me,

From our earthly transgressions.


Hold me close in your arms,

And never let me go recklessly,

Into the emptiness void of our Pride.


In Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Our God, Our Friend.










  1. Unscripted


The graceful movement of the dance,

The writers pen on a piece of paper,

Creativity unscripted.


May the Spirit fill you with inspiration,

And nourish you with thanksgiving,

May you be fruitful in all your endeavors

And be forever kind.


May your questions lead to wisdom,

And then your wisdom to grace eternal.


Be the beacon of compassion,

The brave heart of strength itself,

The childlike curiosity to discover,

And the courage to believe

That all things are possible

Under the passion of the son.









  1. Open Heart



My dear lord,

Open my Heart,

And let me feel again.


Release me from the binds

That hold me back

From my given path.



Destroy all my enemies,

And keep those who put fear

before love at bay.


May gratitude and mindfulness

Lead me as your abundance be given

By all your mercy, charity, and grace.










  1. Great thou Art:


Be our Happiness in our Births,

And be our Serenity in our Deaths.


May our sorrow be ever greeted

By our joy, and may our troubles fade

From within the history of our pasts.


Let our voices rise

In chorus and union

Honoring how great thou art,

How great though art.












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