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Dear Reader


Please note that the work below is merely an opinion, namely my opinion on the world, the family and the church in this day and age and most importantly my relationship with the Almighty.


If while reading this book you disagree with anything then its fine as I’ve stated this is merely one man’s opinion. God gave as all brains and He also gave us the power of choice so if after reading this book and even during this book you find something you disagree with close the book and throw it away if you want to but if you find even one thing that you agree with then I know that my work is done.


I claim neither to be a priest nor a prophet I am merely a man just like you who is simply trying to raise his family in accordance with the word of God and the laws of the land, hard as it may be.


This book has never been published not because I lack faith in the words and knowledge that I am about to share with you but rather because I am a staunch supporter of the belief that when you do good especially in the service of the Lord it is better to not trump your own horn as I am sure you will all recall vanity is a sin.


Originally I had called this piece of work My Bible and not because I was trying to cause controversy or was taking the Lord’s words in vain rather because every one interprets the Bible in their own way heck some churches even print their own versions of the Book.


I have scoured countless numbers of Bibles and I have found it hard to find two which are written in exactly the same way, remember the Bible is a product of man, a product of man which tells us of the work of God and His Son Jesus Christ. It is written by men who have taken the scriptures which were written by the prophets and scribes of yester year and interpreted it into a language we can all understand.


I am sure you will be pretty hard press to find to two people who will agree verbatim on what any verse in the Bible means. I will also not quote directly from the Bible because for every reference I make to the Bible that supports my claim someone will find one that counters it.


So all I ask is that when you read this book you keep an open mind and an open heart and if at the end of it all you still think that everything I have said is complete rubbish then so be it.


Yours Sincerely


J H Phillips

A Humble Servant