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My Anti Christ Game or Movie

Lucifer Jeremy White

My Anti Christ Game Or Movie

2018-2021 Lucifer Jeremy White

San Francisco, CA.

Public Domain.

For an Opportunity to Change or Improve Anything

What a game!

First, it is a highly unique game. Second, its ideas are superb- if I do say so myself. Third, it is racy (controversial) and provocative. And forth, it is bound to succeed if created.

Thought has been thoroughly given in its construct. I covered all ends and considered the game on the whole.

It would make a good game, a good movie, or a good book.

These are things never done before and are a breath of fresh air being as good and different that it is.

If you would like to use the ideas provided in this book go ahead, it is in the public domain. But no rights may be taken for its exclusive and singular use.

Whether or not the game you create is anything about the Anti Christ, good ideas are found here for any number of uses.

the games framework

In the game you are striving to become the Anti Christ, ruler over all of the Earth. And this is done how any gain power, be they dictators, a gang, a mob, or any who gain fame and wealth. So then to gain and keep power you can:




Develop propaganda

Infiltrate a gang or a governmental body


Prostate yourself

Create a cause

Silence detractors, or make them change their tune

Gain or acquire support

Cause panic, hysteria

Build an army of gradually armed supporters, or persons easily converted into one

Taunt foreign enemies, one that revolt against you

Become a great messenger of God


Defeat, as obstacles, or counter activity


Gain allies

Form parties

Manipulate laws

Construe religion

Change religion

Prohibit religion

Be a Messiah

Call on Devils to help

Slide in tech that will leave the people dependent on you

Cause problems, mayhem, to fix its strife

Even pray to God and if you are lucky you will receive a little help

And a good one could be: add new things to bibles (Holy, Koran, etc., or make new bibles piece by piece. Depending on how it is made, from pre existing formulas, will determine its help toward you.

Cause a panic that you solve

Gain money, as by reputation or endeavor

If you are caught breaking the law in the game then you must bribe the police, or it is game over. However, some police can’t be bribed. Then it is game over, anyway. But you can change the law to have more freedom. And you can see who is on duty with spying procedures/ or procuring spies.

You can travel from nation to nation/ area to area and modify the laws there, having an effect on worldwide laws over all.

You can monitor certain individuals at any time and put the pieces together that will cause help in your endeavor to become the AntiChrist.

You can gamble. Create casinos. Especially by changing the laws.

You can rally public support for the changing of laws and public policy.

In general, any way that former dictators have come into power is the way that the player can in the game, and the ways mentioned above are ideal in manipulating his environment in obtaining Total Power.

So overall the game is much a simulation, a manipulation of events that rise you into power as the Anti Christ.

Where there is gold there is money- or where there are trees, even. And such places where they are procured will gain you wealth. You can hire people to develop your weapons after an army is acquired. But you’ll have to get the best people behind you. Later in the game you build an army and as good as your work was overall in the game the better your outcome in the global war of good vs evil. However, the earlier parts in the game should not decide much on the game's ending.

The character you play must be careful. The laws will be made known, and must be operated against carefully.

And as with how all gain the greatest power, you may manipulate religions, from priest to priest, church to church, raising new agendas, stirring people up, and with some help, posing as God.

A large assortment of ideas

  1. The characters age (go from young to old.)
  2. There are laws in the game.
  3. Seasons change in the game.
  4. Items can be made, as from collected metals, or crystals that empower swords, and potions from various fluids/ herbs.
  5. Books document how to create those swords, potions, etc. Some have to be found, others purchased, and others earned.
  6. You can hire people- as to eliminate challenging enemies, or to receive a ride, or creative things.
  7. The most common enemies come forth when law is broken- like when you steal. If you are exiled from town, you must become or have another character enter it for you.
  8. One law says that certain potions are illegal. You must be hidden while you make it and evade possible searches. These can be sold, at risk- easier at night, in certain neighborhoods, etc.
  9. You have jobs to do, often errands, and the higher your rating at them, not only do your skills and employability increase, but so does your  income.
  10. Let’s not have those jobs too cumbersome, but interesting, and incorporated well into game play.
  11. There is a library of many kinds of books. Some are actually adventure text- based games. They are an alternative way of playing the game as a player may obtain items and other things through them.
  12. Other books say where things are hidden. These books may be purchased, and they are helpful.
  13. The gone characters go to the afterlife of Nirvana, Sheol, or Ghost. As Ghosts they can still help you, and be resurrected as possession from a graveyard body. If as Angel they can be messengers or intermittent, and as Devils can be summoned.
  14. Tithing to the Church let’s the Angel help you, in so many ways. And Ghosts are brought up through a ceremony.
  15. As it becomes winter in certain areas it will slow, and stamina is decreased. In the heat of summer a character needs more water, and slower movement. In summer less armor, in winter more clothing- which will increase stamina, and water vitality.
  16. Automatically shifting music. About forty single line melodies, chords, and percussions are present playing in different order. So the music is always a little different but kept much the same. For example melody one is played then skipped to five then back to one, to two then back to five. But this too is very important: when certain actions are performed a certain melody/ chords/ percussion is played, being the same coinciding.
  17. If this is a 2D RPG then the screen flashes a larger character image of the character image. Or it could have  four screens in one, for each character. On the bottom of any screen, this four screen or one, are four (or if there are five characters, five) easily identifiable symbols of status . The character screen in use highlights the acting character for easy differentiation, though the other screens are seen well. The enemies and characters are zoomed in while  acting.
  18. According to where you are in the game the clouds show  you visions. For example, you slayed an evil king. The clouds in the sky form realistically enough his slaying, and, let’s say, shows you getting his crown. Two or more consecutive visions in the clouds could appear, hinting at what will happen.
  19. Birds in the trees speak things. Very simple, short things like “I wouldn’t go that way,” or, “follow me!” Perhaps if you have a special item  you could hear animals talking- or stones, or to generally make the world more alive.
  20. Some money given is automatic. You can create a budget to automatically spend it on those items within it.
  21. Coins fall from the sky during certain weather- during the day of that weather. During the nights of a full moon coins that shine with light do.
  22. Randomly a number appears. With one of four buttons pressed as many times, treasure or coins fall down onto you, with the right button pressed. If you press the wrong button then a small percentage of your money is taken. When done right, you get that money back- this raises and decreases money, causing for the player to save money until further game play, acting as a savior sometimes.
  23. In the spring herbs grow and medicine can be made from it by hire, or if the player has learned chemistry. Or herbs may be sold. And during the winter s/ he may need them.
  24. At the beginning of the game an urgent message must be delivered by the player to the nearby kingdom. That message isn’t easy to   deliver .
  25. The game goes from night to day and season to season- under a different color system. The player has a calendar.
  26. Using a grid a player can design his own sword or other weapon. First materials are acquired. Special objects like certain crystals give weapons different powers, and can be switched around, or broken into pieces, sharing power between two or more player items.
  27. Four spells are used at once, instead of one at a time. But the enemy can use four spells at a time, too.
  28. There is a train and a subway, a bus and a plane, and they must be used on schedule.
  29. When a certain star in the night time glimmers, shines bright, the player may be transported to another planet, one of four. Other stars shine in different  ways, meaning different things- such as a fallen character being able to return, whatever it is s/ he would do.
  30. When there is  a triangularly rowed set of stars and the player draws a line of a triangle from them, s/ he may choose a town to teleport to.
  31. A graveyard on a full moon has many ghosts. A wooded area, a werewolf, and such .
  32. The world should change in this game to good detail, based on time and season. It brings diversity of gameplay, shifting focus.
  33. When a candle  of a color is lit in your  room when you venture out it will aid you until it burns out- such as warding off enemies or increasing experience points, or money, or chances of finding things.
  34. You can hire a team to bring in stones and wood to create your own dwelling and you can be hired by a manor, king, lord being financed to construct something such as a temple and share a portion of its proceeds. The idea is that you must explore the area for what you need. And at a cost can hire a person who would know where it's at (so the player doesn’t get stuck.)
  35. There are magic ponds all around that when you throw in a stone, it becomes magically charged, temporarily. It is a good thing to do before you rest.
  36. You are called to, you are called to do errands, or receive a message. If this I’d a fantasy RPG- then it can be an angel or demon- or more simply a spirit that  comes to you (on behalf of, say, a wizard.)
  37. Some resources are abundant, but still limited. The more you cut down trees or take plants in areas, the further  you must venture to obtain more. Around towns material is limited. Further away it could be very plentiful.
  38. In the story the main player rebels from the sides of “good and evil” and goes beyond  that- declaring her/ himself grey and slowly forming a new, surprisingly ample and powerful race known as “The Grays.” Which, considered dangerous and heretical, are vehemently opposed .
  39. At one point of the game a certain clergy man, one highly influential, must be convinced, privately, to join your team. When he’s made, he  works for your team in secret. He obtains secret plans..
  40. Other characters, about four, one each at a different time, comes up to you with help in your cause.
  41. Different wood burns differently. But to lessen a possibly cumbersome action it is only really needed during the winter. As you tend to your warmth and well being during the winter- which is much a time of greater seclusion and rest- your vitality is better in the spring.
  42. Stories are told during the winter- complete with scenes- if the player wishes to hear them.
  43. Codes imputed with the controller make the gameplay more accessible. Instead of choosing through a possibly long menu the player presses button codes. For example instead of bringing up a menu to save, select an item or should flee, the player presses A-B-A-B.. To choose an item to buy from a simple list s/ he can press one button as many times. Or even to teleport all the player has to do is something like A-A-Left-Right. Or to a different area- A-A-Right-Left.
  44. Four characteristics define each character. This is something like each player having a job class, but more intricate. Each player has a color, a weapon, a mystical item, and a beast/ spirit- such as a dragon. So one of the  four could be a dragon, the color blue, a sword, and a ring (ring being the mystical item- which can also be a mask, a cane, a cape, etc.) If her/ his color is red, red more greatly pertains to her or him. That color may show itself to him or her during gameplay. And that person has more compatibility with things of their four elements.
  45. Strange clouds of different colors. A red cloud means seriously dangerous enemies are ahead. A yellow cloud means treasure is around. A blue cloud means (?)
  46. Seeds are used in this game with different results. One grows a beanstalk where treasure may be stolen above in cloud land. Another seed attracts birds. And another ..
  47. Games incorporating magic are altogether of use on enemies and not beyond that. But like conducting an orchestra is magic used in  the world of this game. First you strike the ground with a bolt. Then you use a spell of water, and you have made a well. Or first you use a bolt spell to knock down wood in coalescing with magic, eventually make a cabin- all with magic. Using the bolt spell five tines could arouse an automatic storm. Casting wind on a pond a few times will drain its water, perhaps exposing treasure. This should feel something like conducting an orchestra fluid, precise, and nice.
  48. Herbs can be thrown into small ponds producing a healing place that lasts. So throwing in certain herbs, some that restore HP, some  that restore MP or remove status ailments can either be ingested, for more temporary results, or put into a pond to extend their use.
  49. In going to another world (of which there are a  total of five, including the one you are on) each should have its own specific nature, and each should differ greatly, because if they aren’t different there is no reason to travel. One can offer exclusive treasure. Maybe that’s all it's  good for. That one could be medieval- Ren- like. Another, however, scientifically advanced. That first - perhaps outlaws science. Another- just a place of sheer fun. Along with the last being a place of pure evil- that makes a good formula. O ne planet is very near another and is easy to get to while others are f u rther apart. There could be a time limit on the open door to travel between worlds. One is easy to get to. But another more difficult- this makes the latter more desirable than the other, in making them more different. And one planet can be a very bizarre and spooky place, filled with witches and mystery, storms and wicked houses. (The trees there talk, and the environment conductive  to magic in mysterious ways.)
  50. If you see a falling star hold down the A button and money will fall from the sky.
  51. This game's  monetary system is based very little on defeating enemies. Much of it is based on lucky circumstances , or by doing hired tasks, collecting things like herbs and selling them, or selling treasures found. But most of these are just circumstances where you must be ready- such as during certain weather coins fall from the sky.
  52. Enemies aren’t found very much in this game. The player is more likely to bring forth enemies by breaking the laws within the game. Like if he steals  or is caught- not sneaky and covert enough- because the characters played are wanted criminals.
  53. This game does not have many game overs. If you are overwhelmed and imprisoned- then you are. Otherwise there are little to none other ways it’ll happen. But as for getting arrested- that should be a game over point. Otherwise the player won’t bother trying to move around in secret and avoid the law officers.
  54. Wearing pendants each has a  unique effect. A crescent moon pendant  gives you superpowers  during a crescent moon. A full moon wolf pendant  makes you a werewolf at night basking in the dark and tearing up the earth for treasure, and makes travel quicker. There should be many different pendants. A star pendant  can bring down comets to crash onto the planet, devastating the public. A water pendent can allow you to walk on water. An air pendent can allow you to walk on air (like they are stairs.) You can wear one at a time per character.
  55. Rings give you magic- the higher the level of the ring , the higher its power, the stronger its effect. If you have a level one bolt ring you have to use it many times more for it to have the effect of a level five ring- but all spells are available on the first ring to the last. Except in groupings. There are four groups of separate spells. -and up to four rings worn.
  56. Magic is used by inputting simple codes. A is Fire, B is Air, C is earth, and D is water. Type one is up, Type 2 is right, Type 3 is down, and type 4 is left.
  57. Things are vi

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