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Great things seem complex and cause the nations to rush towards the minor things that seem easy to reach, hence, they perish. And again my memory echoes…my people die for lack of knowledge.


Blaise Tshibwabwa


























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Published in Toronto, Ontario.


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Tshibwabwa, Blaise K.

   Moses, Elijah and You


ISBN 13: 978-1475160673

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Printed and bound in the

United States of America


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This work is dedicated, with the outmost respect, to individuals who never give up.




Each and every one of us has the qualities of Moses, Elijah and many of the great women and men in the Bible.


I thank my God, the Lord Jesus-Christ upon every remembrance of you.












A Day, A bush, A need, and a Call






The character


You, what’s in it for you?





























The Red Sea opened; The Ten Commandments were given to us! That is the common statement nations across the globe voice when asked about Moses.


Moses! A man of selfless dedication. Moses is the individual who dazzled Pharaoh! Moses, a man of faith! He is the same individual who faced the Red Sea and conquered it.


One day or another, and that day may be today, tomorrow; in a few hours… are you ready to face your red sea? Is our faith up to speed to go forward believing in God or will you turn around and dwell on the past before the trial?

Why the mantle? What does it mean? The God of Elijah that answers by Fire, what does that mean? Who is Elijah?


I praise the Lord for these amazing Generals that paved the way for us. The intriguing, amazing and remarkable thing about Elijah is the fact that he lived courageously with his entourage and walked Humbly with his God. Elijah is the best role model any leader, women and men alike should take the time to study while assuming their tasks in their families, households, school, church’s, and place of employment…As for you and me, we are blessed women and men of God. The Lord gave us grace and favor. It is important to understand that the outpouring of His mercy, grace, favor and blessings go way back! I am very positive that we are all familiar with the 3rd day! Yes, on the 3rd day, Jesus-Christ rose from the dead and paid it all for us.


What do we mean by all?

Why for you and I?


When Christ spoke to Nicodemus about His crucifixion, He said, “Even so must the Son of Man be lifted up” (John 3:14). There was no other option for salvation but the crucifixion. John 3:16 doesn’t say that God so loved the world that He simply forgave us and that nothing more was required. Instead, He did something that would make forgiveness possible—He sent Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins.


The death of Christ was necessary to accomplish God’s desires for mankind. The Lord has some wonderful plans for us that would be impossible without the cross. First, He wants us to be saved and become His children. Once we are, we gain a personal relationship with our heavenly Father and can spend our lives praising Him by living righteously.  



Blaise Tshibwabwa

Toronto, Ontario