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Mastering Christian Satanism

Lucifer Jeremy White












Mastering Christian Satanism

2019 By Lucifer Jeremy White

Public Domain















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Lucifer Jeremy White.

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This marks the second day of August, the year 38 from the time 1980 of November- if you are going by my own personal year date, of which we all have one.

The day of the first “yesterday,” was for me a year in one night. During the night in bed I was away and have come back into the regular here, with much to be said. As, during that one night that had me away for a year, I have brought forth a message from hell.

Please do be at peace. I do not want to alarm you with disastrous news (unless you are against us) for us it is all news good. The Devil does not want to have you off guard, and so this book is being written. Through it you will be prepared.

Although it is just a fancy thing to say that HOLY BIBLE stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,” as, perhaps it is, though actually Bible is just a word to mean a book of many books. However, this book truly is one that will have you prepared before you join us, shortly. All news cannot be good. In most places it is gotten, it is not. But here it is. Chaos may sprout up like a daffodil for some. For others it springs up like winter.

Let’s take a part in that ceremony in which we feast on the rotten flesh of society- if not there, literally, then there in spirit. The Devil has not been understood properly by the Christian- who, because of closed mindedness has left any possible goodness separated from their identities of him. But it is him given the bowl of wrath. The bowl, as it were back then, just as well called a cup. But God avenges all.

The true sign of the apocalypse is utter chaos. Not one fallen nation but many. Where differences are irreconcilable. Where the people themselves are one of two kinds: those crying out and those bringing forth misery. Well actually there are those somewhere in between, too.

He who made the Lion and the tick is He who inscribes Let Them. There is a true side to things that few will know. I, for the first time, will write them.

We were appointed this place with such great resources and taught use them. And, in turn, teach them that gave them to us. And were it not for “death” very little would be done. Those that have been given an important purpose and so do, seem to live forever. Infallible where they ought be. They will walk a lonely path but be joined. They will create outward ever growing the world of “their” design. They will be remembered forever. Even worshipped! But let’s no less Revere the angels from whom these things were given them.

A new age is coming upon us. Anyone who knows that knows it well and sure. Things have been tossed up in the air. Things are being resorted. New calculations are being made. New ways are being instilled into society. And they are not those things of Jesus. He, who ruled the world for 2,000 years is becoming invalid. Even regarded as a poison! Scientific progress multiplies forth with ever larger digits. As two creates a third, a third creates a sixth.

In some ways this is troublesome. But like from the grave God will return, finding Himself at unrest. If it is only a handful who die, don’t be mistaken, God feels pain greater than you and I. Are those just a handful to be forgotten?

We must move forth wisely. As we are committed to doing no wrong and no wrong do we do, then we should be well enough be considered blameless. But we’re it one life we could save but cower instead, that very thing can cost us our souls. So help those hurt along the road.

If you have to smoke a cigarette along the way do not feel troubled, not at all. It will not cost you your soul. A beer, a smoke, a gamble, a fornication, has never cost one his soul.

If you are going to be in it then be in it all the way. Just do not hurt the innocent. But then, why would you? I do however feel strongly that God has a sense of honor, and will allow us that. However, keep your commitments to the fallen angels in any case. I will even be introducing them to you soon. Perhaps in my next book. You can be sure I know them very well.

We just have two different forces rushing forth. Those that were called into salvation will be taken upwards, the other driving themselves downward, going to where they choose to be. And it has always been upwards and downwards, but it is becoming left and right too. Lucifer’s cause of perfection has been accepted as laid out, as long as it continues to work and work right. The rest, really, are those who are damned, into eternal servitude of God. In perpetual adoration of Him. Let’s dispense of this view of hell as an eternal hot pit. Remember the one that spoke of that term – his words always meant something else entirely. There are dragons and wizards and things in that same book. They are agreed that those aren’t literal. But the Christian person wants the hell to be literal. And believe me, it is a handful of humor, a sprinkling of cowardliness (better do what The King says!) with a contradictions pouring over.

God has planted His crops, he is pulling them up, and He is leaving the soil behind. The have grown in His radiance. They will continue to. Lucifer, too, is a radiant light, and so the name implies. Son of the morning star, the second creation, the first creation after God.

There are multiple perceptions to not feel so offended by the unruly. One is to take it as an audience- another is to know he’s going to have a hell of a bad time getting out of that behavior. The end of them is no rainbow. They will be met with force and find themselves without help. Some will not at all like the show they are putting on, but I do. Sometimes, anyway.

They are driven into sides. Newly liberated ones, former ones, to some shame, to some pride, depending on who you have around. Though from very far away you are always near others of this Earth because of internet and such. Without power or at least esteem of the group, maybe from outside it too, there’s little worth in it. It is a hand in hand derivative of strength. And misery loves company and that company is freely invited to come in. To come about!

I have decided to make my company with the crazy. Among they with whom you may pick the nose. I don’t feel better of left alone but I have found myself very able to be alone even among others.

But it has always surprised me that the human person can view the majesty if this world and it’s profoundly intricate machinery and claim that there are no gods, no higher beings in another word, or any sort of creative being with God like power. They do accept such in terms of aliens and outer space stories but not on any pre exiting religious basis. It seems that they too need religion. They need things to have meaning. There is. It’s just hidden. Most will grow up and die before they are seen. I however, have talked to these higher intelligences. I will tell you all I know about them in a future book. Not that I am giving away any secrets. But that they will have it said through me. And it may seem currently that I am becoming lost in translation. But there are certain things to know before I proceed. You’ll know them all very quickly from now, in fact.

Oh how limited is human perception! How much is neglected. How emotionally driven and occupied he is- mostly with worry and bitterness. But true is the person who stops and breaths realizing that there are greater things than the here and now outright presents us with. There is a force behind us actively working, always. There is the passing into that realm quickly after death. The stars have meaning- the heavens show things. The mechanisms of the world operate largely on these things separate from us. They have in fact a great influence on what was before, what is now, and what is to become. They shape the world. We think that we do. But no, it is those invisible powers that subtlety bind and bound us into the future that they wish to form.

The best ingredients to making contact with these outer forces is visualization and contemplation. The more an abyss is peered into the more light given it, and as thoughts are shared they begin to connect.

It is a time of war. With all that’s been said against it every nation strong and week must have it. It may seem “uncivil,” the attack on a weaker nation in any scum bag way, but the world doesn’t want peace. Human beings on an individual basis are always wanting to lash out at others. It is foolish to think those same people, given power, will not have it unused.

Applying the dictum that which does not kill us makes us stronger – choose your poisons. Be liberated! I advice against drugs. But drink what is called the snake oil remedies, made in such a strange way. Put into your body things foreign that are found in modern things such as dietary supplements. It is Man’s reward. He who has conquered the Earth and takes from it all things- eating jelly fish so to speak, or consume ground up shark cartilage, has received the prize. And the prize may either be taken or denied.

Move into the future with at least a little (I should say modest) amount of scientific knowledge.

I found great importance in losing faith altogether, striving to be presented proof. I prayed. I performed rituals. And my entire living body in seeking that proof was given it. At a young age I’d perform some very effective magic. My power of magic was naturally there and high. Not to brag, really, but I was on a different level than was typical. Of course Saint Paul was always confessing that he was not a braggart- but he truly was. And I found results. I became entangled for awhile in the world of Satanism. I lived and talked with, among others, Satan Himself. They didn’t think highly of me to begin with. I had tough conditions to deal with. I had to improve as a human being. I had high standards to conform to. But I met them. And they all became my friends. I could be talking to a stranger and it turns out to be one or another. However at the cost for f my soul. As that is what I sold my soul for- simple communication with these forces. I at least do not have to be as one fearing death. And my existence is truly enriched because of it. If you want the same then you must do as I did. But believe me there are few and far between those who accomplish it.

Well actually maybe not all that uncommon really. The “Schizophrenic” hear and speak to “voices” as they are called in the psych field. Along with the term “hallucinations,” that is- which go hand in hand when speaking of this condition. Anyone around these kinds for any length of time will see whole conversations being shared between them and the things speaking in their minds.

One thing you should have done before entering hell is to have decided upon your new name.

Do you know what “time” is? This questioned has baffled many. But all that it is is “processing.” You can say it takes ten minutes to walk to a place. You can say it takes just a few to drive there. You can say that light speed is the fastest process nature knows. You are told a sentence. It is seemingly understood instantly. That is your instance speed. But computers can make trillions of calculations at once. And if you’ve ever wondered how God can be all places at once and hear all prayers at once, He isn’t really. He understands a thick book in the time it takes a human to understand one word. When you learn to first read you may look on one word for a few minutes before you do, but later on you can read a whole sentence almost right away.

It has been observed that things such as viruses shouldn’t be able to think and feel and such. It has been proven that fruits have feelings. But how can a fly have feelings really? These tiny brains in them shouldn’t capacitate it. Well- no, it isn’t the brain that gives us such things, not altogether, anyway. But as the soup filters through the brain feelings are made. We think as a soul with a human brain essentially.

Chapter One: A Run Down of Things























Expect turbulent weather- scattered storms increasing. Expect violence to unfold. Look into the sensitivity of people – see how it grows! Every body is allotted a portion of bad day. That until they wake up one morning with rage – God knows what they will all do after that point. Anarchy may or may not increase, bit it’s something that may speed up. For some it may be the only resort. For those with wisdom the problems of these are greatly reduced. Even if we are made to follow the advice of Christ – to do such a shameful thing as turning the other cheek. But the other option is more foolish. That is, to join in on the destructiveness of it all. Dear Satanist live to fight another day! In fact only fight as much if you must. We who are there when the dust has settled will represent the greatest of all people.

The worst one may expect is that he or she be harmed by a lie. Through reporting falsely things you never did. In solidarity it seems, comes the best potential. To not be caught up in all of the madness going on.

When people become too paranoid to even walk about a variety of things may result.

First, people will force upon others a moral standard. It is in fact why morals come about in society. Until they are absent long enough to be needed again.

Second, the gap between the lesser and greater crimes will be narrowed.

Third, people may be stretched beyond their limits.

Forth, people will start looking into a new cause, one of their own (for their use) in order to find protection. What you can call “The Greater Sanction.”

And people will be driven into groups.

Those groups will demand as much attention and sympathy as possible. Or may just simply be seen a suitable refuge from the outlining madness in the world.

And fifth, delusions will sprout up from the stressed, the weaker – minded. Conspiracy will abound which a more perceptive mind could better wrap their fingers around.

People will feel rather lacking. They will endorse goodness. But without it they’d prefer to think more about strength. They will dream of the days of good if they ever knew them. They’ll complain about the current state of things and look into what caused such widespread degradation.

But who aloft in a cloud could explain these things better than religion?

The more you tinker with things the more disaster you can expect. A disruption of things, that is. That includes areas of science and technology, particularly physics, but includes things such as society too. They are meddling in things they shouldn’t. Physics wasn’t meant to be such a thing as a toy. It reaches beyond what they know, and the more it is done the more things are unraveled and misadjusted. They are creating a breakdown!

Conditions in the apocalypse are bitter sweet to be sure. On one hand you have some rather wonderful technology. Food is more abundant than ever from any source. The future looks promising in most ways. But, in terms of civility, the same certainly doesn’t apply. And that humans are worse than ever, nothing can quite ever make up for the absence of goodness and decency. Most people under religion will regard it as one last show. “Finally,” they say, “things are coming to an end!”

The Devil had the best trait that of him is often over looked, and that was his subtlety.

And also to warp things to his favor.

And to guide things into where they should be in the long run.

The Holy have prophesy. And they are good and well with it. They can calculate outcomes. But there have been very few of them since the beginning. Most were not actual prophets but mad men. Only a handful has been able to calculate the distant future. The Satanist, though – you could say the intellectually gifted, determines outcome based on the knowledge they have as they are so able, if at all. But I am speaking from many minds. I have been told it. I have been asked to carry it. I have been made to memorize it in not only one way but many, to be sure that that dream I woke from would not be forgotten once I awoke back into my bed. Through all I have a very well working memory.

Now answer this question: what results from a mix of pleasure and hatred? We know that people are becoming more hateful, right? On one hand is that, on the other is pleasure – with the food and personal devices, with far more forms of entertainment. It is like while they are being hateful a song is playing in their ears! You know when you feed a dog that dog is so trained. Whatever goes hand in hand. People don’t have active feelings and thoughts that separate one from the other. It sure would have been wise to restrict the commodities from those who wouldn’t work or do well.

I personally believe in the new social credit system forming in China. That those who do good in society will be rewarded. The better you are there, the more privileges you have. The more despicable the best. Oh! Some say, there’s no equality in that!

So right after a man yells at another he takes a drink from the sweetest juice humankind has ever known. It puts a good taste in his mouth. And when he is feeling down, he goes across town zipping along in a vehicle to get some junk food.

There sits a council of goat’s to whom you must answer to before you pass through the gates of Hell. And those that are not accepted are lost in limbo until needed – if they are so fortunate to be needed at all. Sometimes the goats are reasonable, sometimes they are not. I’d rather say they are wise enough to know where you should be and go, but some characteristics are gravely frowned upon by them. One such thing is untrustworthiness. And that is a common test they place upon you. So will you lie or will you boldly tell the truth into them? You may be expected to confess every terrible sin you cast upon others in your lifetime.

They may say to you on that day “you are a loathsome lot,” or they may tell some of them “you never understood anything about us,” and inquire where you are coming from. But those who have the best characteristics will be given a throne upon which no harm may ever again come upon them. Some will be given a room. Maybe one small. Maybe one large. And the best handful out of everyone will be given a tower – a palace.

And if you are to be qualified it may serve you will to conceptualize the best possible place. Perhaps in your wishing and diligence you will be given it.

With all said of damnation the greatest damning trait does not seem like it would be, but is. That is, individuality.

Hell is like traveling down a lonely road. You have one with you sometimes, even a few, usually three or less. And people may go and be replaced for awhile. You may come upon a house and feel most invited into. And there you may relax and commune, discuss and ruminate. You may have at best great food. And the world goes on with little or no concern to you and yours.

I think I am preparing you in all ways. Solidarity may bar you from heaven. But in hell you will find your comfort. There will be no slander or jealously towards others. Not seriously anyways. Not in a way that can do harm. God will not be found there. And due it much freedom found. When it is you’ve found eternity anything done can be done in full.

Humans tend to think things like sex are dirty. The Hellians think that sharing of intellect is dirty. Ones thoughts going into another’s head and back into their own what a dirty thing! Individuality is appreciated. Is expected, is better for things there.

One area of Earth will be given to the sinners. It is the greater area. The other area, that makes up Israel, will be Gods Earthly Kingdom. America was found to put this into order. We the PEOPLE indicates those of Satan. And it was always destined so, I would guess. I guess destiny was always certain. The New World is what the word “America” means. The government will be collected. It will be united worldwide. Except for Israel which will become it’s own STATE apart from the rest of the world. Seemingly miraculously, too, will that be. All the world is governmental really except for the strange case of The Vatican. But The Vatican will become The Devil’s Capital in the world. That place which once occupied Rome. I believe the Devil intended it all along. The most Satanic society that ever was (Rome) will return as such.

That will result from some quarrel. It isn’t so much the pre existing importance of an area so much as future potential worth. In other words whatever area is fought most strongly for becomes by that very act becomes.. most important.

And believe me God would have it so. And the Devil knew he would. Let me explain: is it Rome that is the Christian Capital of the world? Well, use the word Catholic if you want. No, no, Israel was always the centrifuge of it all. And Revelations of the Holy Bible echoes it’s continuing pittance forward, all the way into Armageddon. And as it states that Gods Kingdom will be there, why would anyone believe it to be somewhere in Rome? The Catholic state couldn’t take it’s shoes off in Israel. Couldn’t to this day. So things are unfolding just as they were always meant to.

On the outside of Israel are the dogs, the liars, the sinners, and really this discussion can go on forever but I will end that here.

Except to say that Israel is without it’s King. Is a democratic nation in the Middle East, whose King will return soon to claim what is his. And maybe someone before then will try to take it, I can’t really say. But it all goes to show you just how often right the Holy Bible has said what will become is becoming.

There are one of two purposes for being here on Earth. The first or in whatever order is to prove yourself worthy of God. That is done through a Christian mentality.. which usually takes a lot of inner strength, can be a rejection if the world they were placed upon. The second is The Devil’s purpose. Likely that is your purpose for being here if you are reading this. That is to enjoy the Earth, essentially keeping it. But shouldn’t be without meaning if you are to mean anything. After all a meaningless person is still meaningless no matter what the Christian says. That is the cause of perfection. It has been an often enough test to see how people learn with what they are given. To be given less and learn thereunto it’s best use truly creates an person apt with intelligence. The resources on this Earth are extremely many. The existence of it’s greatest use to come surely does point out the only utopia that humankind can create.

A Christian is readily forgiven by another Christian. If it is a true Christian, anyway. We Satanists must get by better than that. But if a person truly likes you, they will be naturally forgiving anyways. And if there is any kind of friend you truly have, it is such a person. Still, with enough f—k ups even they have their limits against you. As a result friends among Satanists are at best naturally the best.

I was at one time very well infused with a nature of darkness. I had what could be called an emotion of it not normally felt by human beings. Ah well to it being gone. It has shifted to a softer nature. Let me explain, I used to be influenced by heavy metal. Those that were more satanic than the others. I still idealize the Satanic, only through, well, a broader range of music. Even pop. My identification of angelic beings, those fallen angels, has acquired a more friendly basis to it. Something seldom anymore violent. But I would propel the return of Christ in order that things be more situated upon Earth between the “good and the “bad.” The pot has been cooking long enough – let’s have a taste!

I become very meditative towards music. My imagination is richly triggered by it. And for me is a form of magic.

Much of magic is based on faith. If you can “fool” yourself into believing it will work, it usually will.

There is a ranking system that fits into it just about every imaginable type. There are countless souls to have as many – a myriad. They are without count. For every type of person – specifically, there is an appointment and place given him / her. So my best advice is to be yourself as uniquely as that may be.






Chapter Two: A Compilation of Axioms.




















Chaos Magic leads to a renewal of things. Late in all nations and societies it’s time has come. It is inevitable. It will propel evolution. It will create a new people after the dust has settled and chaos Magic has done all that it can.

The Person of Chaos is the one that has within their life an abundance of contrasting things. The effect of that shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s practice is simple. It is to eat and drink many different things. It is to fill the body with many things foreign to it. And it goes far beyond diet. If you like, herbal supplements too. And includes things such as rotating hot and cold showers. In some ways the person of chaos mocks death itself. And is a practice to build strength through the incorporation of diversity.


Let those who will be called leaders be those of great endurance and strength. And, at best, remarkable in perspective, proven in individuality, and surpassing in resilience.


If we are here but for a season then let us not waste time in accomplishing much day by day. What you are best at, that do. Be effectively social. Organize great purposes effectively.


Remember the Devil’s great trait of subtlety.


Agree and keep friends. Disagree and forge an enemy. Praise and win over. Slander and lose another.


Do what it takes to get through any negative position you are caught up in.


Take delight in silent understanding. Whether you are alone or among others process the events of your life. And with your understanding optimally move forward.


Be prepared for the worst. Have what you believe you will need in the worst circumstances.


Simply sit and wait. As you wish things to be take consideration to how they may come about. Be full of desire because those who want little will find little.


Pick your battles well. There are those on this Earth that can destroy you. They must be past by softly. The way of life should be survival first of all. Find your most appropriate arena, one in which you cannot lose.


Have yourself invested into a brighter future. Save what proportions you may need to that that be so.



In magic belief is essential. By faith comes the most powerful working of magic. The names you call upon and your understanding of their nature/ attributes, will make the difference between working and none working magic.


Ritualized magic creates an atmosphere. It is the experience within that atmosphere that results in it working properly. A spell done without feeling behind it will not work.

Do not walk endlessly on the path that does not suit you. Some are destined to be slaughtered, in a manner of speaking.


The most powerful a magician can become depends on those ability to make magic naturally occurring. That is, that their minds are made to work magic automatically. For the best magicians the spirit will bleed magic.


Pride be with you throughout life. Of course earned pride is the most viable, however all pride is good.


Be aware dear friend that life has more than meets the eye. And may knowing such carry you through. For existence will last forever. And in existence are things unseen, great powerful forces, that you can count as friends unto you.


Music is among the best mood enhancers. Entertainment has a way of opening the mind. Movies, for characterization, books for ideology. They take your existence and broaden it.


If you have tried hard enough than you can at least know that you’ve done your best.


To lesser or greater degree your life will have and give and have used meaning coming from it. How so very few are remembered from centuries before.. among the billions, perhaps a few thousand.


Among the normal do certain people come forth demanding change! When things are too mundane for too long change is clawed at.

Few have ever found Satan’s door. Fewer have knocked on it. Even fewer have had it opened.


We were born not good enough for God. There is more than one hell. Everyone who is separated from God is in a place of hell. We have been condemned by God here. We are in hell.


Your purpose is as it always was. As you were destined to be, that is how it became. We were dropped here on Earth with a destiny. We were plucked from it when our appointment ended. Keep in mind, we are all as so together. And there is hope to transcend your purpose. We were given a lot, some have done excellently with it while others have done poorly. But the person appointed was considered the idea candidate for his/ her purpose.


Chaos Magic is becoming more accessible. The effects of naturally procured compounds on the human body is easily observable. Take for instance marijuana, or nicotine, caffeine, even morning Glory seeds which have a hallucinogenic effect. I’d advice not to take harmful and addictive drugs. However there are many far safer alternatives. These are found in any store selling over the counter compounds. One of my favorites is Saint John’s Wort. What I mean by “Chaos Magic” and these compounds is that it places in the body many foreign substances that the body may have the chance to incorporate into it’s entire system, making it’s functions more diverse. More than that, you can do the same with all the food and drinks of the Earth. And to work this magic well give the body some time with one thing, then shortly with another, but enough time for it to learn how to fully utilize them.


The truly best Magician- or if you are a Warlock, a Witch, or what have you (but most accurately an Occultist) finds his or her magic from obscure sources. Whatever magic is best used comes from those things that have been lost with time. To resurface it truly has a powerful effect. Whether that is ritual music, invocations, or just for food for thought. One thing I can teach you is to read over older fantasy (dragons and elves, magic, etc.) types of books looking for an old invocation within them. While they may have been initially created within the confines of fantasy story-telling, that doesn’t mean that they can be used to actuate a magical effect.


Take time to think into the themes of things. Like cartoons that are rabbits, cats, rodents, and pigs. Like video games in which you meet a princess in game to game. Or a powerful witch in one movie, and one in another. It is to truly count sheep at night, and will help you sleep. What’s more it will make of you the best of story tellers.


It takes a lot of time alone to be a Satanist.


Grow your brain in this manner-

Think in diverse ways.

Explore many scenarios. Use different perspectives.

Be well mentally.

Wash your mind, not just your body. “Clean things up.”

Be strong mentally.

Feed your brain by tasting your food.

Think for yourself. Think for “yourselves.”

Use time alone to think. Process all things in an optimal way, as you have mastered.


And there’s never really time to waste, is there? I’d say there is. In awaiting and preparing, in mental exercises – to prepare for future cases. Learn these by the book. Rehearse things.

And visualize – as visualization broadens the mind. I am referring to a deeply rooted imagination, one that few have but that for those who do, it is most irresistible!

And couple taste with certain thoughts – and by doing so often enough your mind will develop itself according to what you eat.


If there is an enemy overwhelming you then retreat.


Keep your mind in things abrasive to you. Like for example a situation where you sense that others want to scrub you – like with steel wool. There are those that would do so. Generally they have adapted into feelings of superiority. Certainly you want to protect and embolden your own kind. Whatever you most naturally deem your own kind. But this should not be at the cost of individuality.

There are those that would sharpen you. Those are obviously more desirable. However so – could be the military, could be school. Body building, martial arts, the examples are without count. It goes to show you, doesn’t it?


Kiss – asses are never liked. Maybe by the one who’s ass is kissed. But more often not even by them. I’ve known these kinds that are even hypocritical. Makes you think they are covering up their own dirty deeds. They’d burst out of the bathroom proclaiming it’s been stopped up. Then one night at midnight you get up to relieve yourself, they open the door before you and inside is the biggest turd you’ve ever seen.


To me the best company are those that work beside me. And on their own level. I’m not much into back and forth input. But if I know that we are on the same team it is most satisfying. It’s someone I appreciate.


Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness was a person impossible to please. May have been Jesus that first said that. You know – if the best bed, the best electronics, the largest rooms, choice food prepared for you, having it totally easy (as easy or difficult as you personally want things to be) if those things don’t make you happier then you simply cannot be pleased.


We have it better than those just ten years ago. Science and tech is evolving that much. It’s better to buy more frequently than to pay top dollar for what will be worth change in the future.

Someday the term will crop up “technologically impaired,” or “technologically deficient.”


The powers of the heavens are certainly opening up. The laws of physics are becoming a playground for scientists.

The only possible Utopia comes from scientific and technological advances.


We came from nothing. We can return from nothing.

The brain may be too small to “feel,” to have emotion, to really think—but even plants have been proven to think and feel. That’s because if their soul.

Maybe not one God as a creator. I find it so strange to believe in a God that always was. Did He give himself feelings? Was he his own creator? Or just always was as he was said to be? To what extent did he create himself? He always was? Was what? And by what? If he just became what he did wasn’t it something else that caused this, apart from him?




To go hide – in a black hole, a pit, the shelter oneself, to protect oneself. To get away. This God is said to have made impossible. Where God placed him was not his own (neither their own) And even if it takes thousands of years He will corner them and snuff them out.























Chapter Three: The Christian Side of Things




















I would say that no less than the Son of God could say what he did, having the effect that it did. I'd even say by that merit alone.

Jesus is the Son of God. He formed this world. He is it’s Lord. There has never been as much and influential person as he. What he said caught on like a wild fire. It spread far and wide. It came into every home. It pierced deeply into the minds of many, many people. Became a source of study. Became the singularly most important study by many millions. Changed art. Changed books. Changed culture. Changed the government, political systems.

Yes so very thoroughly, as has never before been.

But people are becoming wicked. It very well is that the less they read and follow scripture the more wicked they (the people of the Earth) become. Just like that – the more away they get from him the more lost every one becomes. It can be blamed on violent games, mental illness, violent movies, etc., An atheistic life. But we’re the words of God adhered to and carefully followed – we’d have none of those!

And yes Christianity has caused some terrible conditions, sometimes horrible ones. And that’s a different side to it, not the side of things I am referring to. “It’s a dangerous religion” some say. But it had kept us afloat for a very long time. It seems to make evil people more evil. An evil Christian never was, though—not by true and correct adherence. But Christianity makes evil people more evil – it is something that was never meant for them. They are Intruders. They are the thieves that break in and steal – stealing lives, minds for there own in a contorted form of Christianity, perverts stealing sex, people claiming the identity of Christ – they are not among the Children of God. I for one have never read the Bible in such a wrong way as to form it into a sex cult or to gather a group together to cause the rapture Among them. That isn’t God's Word! It is their word!

I couldn’t deny it. I have always found it to be idea advice. I never could abandon it totally. And so I created Christian Satanism. As many books on it have been written by me, this being the twelfth, that’s been my choice, and it has been done well by me.



I find it very true that without good deeds I don’t feel as well a person. If you make yourself out to be a person who just hates then every person you see you will see as hated by. A good deed a day is a good thing. I wouldn’t say in a more pagan way than a Christian one, either. As Jesus said good deeds should be done to bad people. You have already won over some. Those you want to win over are those who like you the least. The best way to destroy an enemy is by making them your friend.

If you give to a person that already has a lot then it won’t count as much. But to give to the more needy is preferable.


There are preachers that have gotten millions. At first they may have felt guilty over this in a Christian sense. But they usually convince themselves that it is a gift of God. They really do get millions sometimes. Enough to buy a large mansion and to spend frivolously. Yeah God wants you to have a lot, even if you are just spiritually wealthy, too, especially, maybe. But there are people who are homeless, barely making ends meet, starving. Are they just to be ignored? God wants them to have hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, while there are people around in this condition?

But they are sure of their own excuses that God wants them to have the best cars, and a collection of rare antiques (referring to an actual case.)


People building judgements of others will grow in hate. People who don’t will grow in love, or care, and sympathy. You very well have two ways to go: to build enemies or friends. And it can be a very concentrated hate you have for others. Your world is formed around what you think of others.


To rob the poor of anything is to not pay your dues to Christ. Dues are paid to Christ by being a person who loves.


I had been stricken by severe turmoil in my life. It sometime came down to that. I’d been more or less an atheist for awhile. I don’t know if I ever really was one. But God wasn’t in my heart. Christ was nowhere in my life. I work far better with him there. When these times in my life came I opened the Bible (The Holy Bible) and was uplifted – profoundly, I’d say.

And it just makes sense. Our eyes are always on death without God. Our world is empty without him. It is all a big nothing.


First and foremost a Christian Satanist is not to blaspheme. You don’t have to blaspheme to be a Satanist, anyway. And I’m not referring to blasphemy as being on the wrong side. More to it that one side isn’t used against the other. I have been very blasphemous in the past. But I learned that if I am to be what I claim to be, A Christian Satanist, that I am not to blaspheme.


We can all agree that good food is good. What is good for one person is good for that person. Many turn Christian teachings into a form of self denial. They want to kill the body for Jesus. But things shouldn’t be that way.


Some say that good deeds alone will send you to heaven. Actually God cares little about these “good deeds” because there is little you can do to fix very much here, in this world. It isn’t bought. It’s already be paid for. Don’t forget that hell was the only choice for ages. Jesus came. Took them out of hell. It was certain that death was the grave. The best biblical scholars would have argued it’ll stay that way. But God’s power is great enough to save all people. There are animals that have to deal with some very horrifying experiences. How would you feel if there were creatures far more powerful than you – faster, stronger, with fangs, which at any moment could snatch you from behind? Human beings are naturally posed that question. And that’s why we have laws and such. Not just to protect ourselves but our loved ones, too.

Angelic beings are quite a notch higher than us. They can forgo pain and destruction for ages. We are trapped in a very temporal existence. Angelic beings noticeably less so do not have to endure so much. And so it should be expected more for us than them that’s things aren’t as well among us – to some extent, impossibly bad.


Holding in your anger is said to have it erupt out, eventually. If you’ve had a bad day, where things go wrong one after the other, and are a sensitive person, that can happen. But people who follow close to this idea that they should never repress their anger only teach themselves to be angry, more and more so, constantly so.

One psychological idea can come and go like the wind. One day they are saying that all are special. Then they go back on these words to say something like, “well you have to earn such a status or you’ll never get there.” My advice is simple: you may listen to what they suggest. But determine for yourself all of the outcomes that will come from them.


My parents are aging. As a boy I was quite hateful. I’d been going through a long term Satanic faze, the tip of which was LaVeyian Satanism—a religion that more than anything else teaches you to hate. When I came back to Christianity I matured through it. I stopped a moment from not thinking I was at the center of the universe. I’d invited others in, and it was a long time coming.

I eventually constructed Christian Satanism. I was just about to go through another Satanic period. I found this time I could no longer be one of those “atheistic Satanists,” and that was when I decided I would begin work on Christian Satanism. It was a natural choice. Once I thought to do it I knew that it was what I was going to do and be.

Id listen to Satanic Metal music – a handful of bands in particular, those that were plain evil. That was when I was a young teenager. Then I got into the books of LaVey for a few years. Until I was a young adult.

I’d become a new new born Christian again for awhile after that, and the rest as been said. I decided to create Christian Satanism.

The effect it had on me was much more different than any creed I’d practiced before it. Regular music became my Satanic music, and regular music became my Christian music. I stopped regarding Satan as an evil entity—as though he was some sort of psychopath. Rather, he became much of a fatherly figure – a friend. And was reflected in the music I listened to much through ideology, wherever my imagination would take me.

But the mistake I made was that I began to become much more Satanic than Christian. Up until recently in fact. And I made rules for myself. If I was to be a Christian Satanist then I could not think in such a blasphemous way.

As for you the reader I can only leave the responsibility to you in not doing the same.

I am a man that will go down his own path in a wondrous way of thinking, almost a trance leading me to where I go. But my mind will always return back to Christ when it is that I have stopped and wish to build for myself a place to rest.





I do not believe that God is like a computer system. That one way only goes as it is pre programmed to do so. Let’s imagine for a moment that God is much more a creative and free thinker than we take him as. I have seen the preachers of God. They are all hell fire and strict as hell. They relate us to such a God as that. One who is a pure and simple dictator. They never speak of a God that has joy. They only speak of one unwavering. They never speak of a God of great delight. One that has long periods of happiness. They only speak of a God that is bitter and he’ll bent on fixing the world.


I imagine God was very happy to show the rainbow to Noah. That He felt, simply, happy, joyful. That the problem He felt with was resolved.

I imagine that God was unspeakably happy when Jesus returned to him from Heaven. As a being so very reinvigorated. One that was purely happy with the outcome.

And He had back with Him those sentenced to death because of sin. And He was happy, even for centuries, of their return.


I have been watching for the apocalypse from a very early age. And in more recent years with all of these acts of mass murder it seemed that any day God would return. As of yet He hasn’t. It has been about a decade I guess when all of these things started. Things can drag on far less longer than we expect them too. It is coming, just in a gradual nature. I have come to take total chaos as the one truly dependable sign of His return.. of Jesus, that is. In fact Jesus described the end days as the streets being covered in blood, and as total chaos being present.


And forgive me for my past blasphemy. Forgive me for what evil I have said of God and the Lord Jesus in the past. As I have been saying, if I am to be Christian Satanic then blasphemy must be left out of the picture. I hope that as a Christian Satanist you find the perfect balance that I have such a hard time finding myself.

If you create a Christian Satanic Church then do not forget to include days that are strictly for the Christian Side of things.

I would love for any one to create such a Church. Remember that my writings are both free and in public domain. All of them are.


I guess that Christians don’t dare consider that what Jesus told them to do is unconditional. For example Jesus said to love everyone. But he did believe in justice.. for those preying on the innocent, those that are godless. It is better to do as Christ said as you would think he’d have you to do. Not to take his place, either. To leave well enough alone. To not spend more time preaching against masturbation than to help the homeless. But they list off the ways that all people are doing wrong. They become downright vicious sometimes. They probably see Jesus the wrong way to begin with. It may have been the way they were taught. It probably was the way they were taught. About a God that has a checklist. Like an inspector seeing if the place is acceptable for heaven. A very strict inspector. One who will barge in at any moment. So they bleach the place. They refuse to let any one enter. They resort to strange things like having their feet blessed. They are sure to go completely over board in trying to be saved. They are drowned because of it.


Everyone likes a guy who can play along. If someone is helpless anyway it is better to lead them into their fears. Only then can they face their fears. And maybe some real savior comes along, taking them into a scary room, and shows them a picture on the wall of a great big clown.

And the flame of a candle is pointed at and the priest says, “behold: the fires of hell.”


A person that is being strict may only be so because he wants to reduce the likelihood of being disobeyed—disobeyed to one’s own harm. Whether the harm is very serious, or not so. A parent says the thing that will get the most attention from the child. But the parent will not harm the child (though some will, unfortunately.) And so God does not speak in pretty-please terms. He speaks in greater seriousness. But it is a well life He wishes for you. There’s no karma except through God.


People are eager to make the world’s problems their own. This is double handedly not Christian Satanic. There are those, the majority of people, who would take on the world's causes whether or not it sincerely has anything to do with them. They are outraged by certain leaders. They feel an injustice over acts committed against their kinds, when really life is just fine. There are those in bad conditions who dare not say a word. And there are those, given the liberty to speak, will never stop talking.

They are just looking for an excuse to group up against another. In their heart they want power over their enemy. The worse their enemy is the more viable attacking them becomes. So the enemy of another must be made out as bad as possible so that their voices are heard and their actions against them are deemed acceptable.

I call them status-makers. There are trouble makers. Then there are status-makers. If someone is made out to be a certain type then they have more power over them. This use to be crazy bad. Like calling anyone a witch or heretic. It almost guaranteed them total power over them. In some nation’s this still exists, though, and it is equally as bad.


As much as Christians argue against the harmful effects of video games and popular entertainment for a gamer a game stays a game. It’s a game that makes it fun. If you take the same situation and make it real life then that’s no longer a game. It’s just a reenactment. They don’t leave their door and think “I wish that was real.” They know that’s absurd and impractical. There is little to nothing to relate to the worst games. They know they can’t shoot fire from their mouths. Some do, but they are the minority. But most are people whose worst fault might be laziness. Not so much unwillingness to work, though, as just inability to stop playing. People that sit and watch movies or TV all day are at least harmless. Alone time with anything should be encouraged.


It is true that human beings are basically good. It’s also true that they are basically bad. You don’t have to say that humans come from monkeys to say that they are like animals—just as vicious. Whose to say what humans are like on the whole? There is too much to incorporate to determine who will be very bad and who will be very good. And some of it has little to no reason. It was just happenstance choices made. I think if a person is good for the first twenty years of their life then began to socialize with the wrong crowd then in a year they could be doing the worst things imaginable. For some jail fixes. For others, it makes them worse. And for others it’s a home!

But the Christian path certainly includes giving someone the benefit of the doubt. It includes indifference to this world. We are a people of the world—a very bad world full of evil. It isn’t so much about fixing the world for us. When Jesus returns He brings with Him His Kingdom. Anyone who can overlook the worst things done to them personally, has truly mastered a key tenant of Christianity: forgiveness. Christianity certainly isn’t about the joy of this world, but the love, passion, and pursuit of God’s Kingdom. This around us isn’t God’s World – not currently.

That doesn’t mean that you have to expose yourself to bad things. You can be alone or make your companions those who are truly wholesome. You do not have to put yourself into the fire. In fact Christianity teaches you to make your company the right people. And it’s okay to seek justice against those who have harmed you or those you love – or anyone deserving of compensation. That however, is a thing left up to your own determination.


How well is the person who keeps God in mind. How rare is the person who considers Satan alongside him, too. The world is hidden from it. But by faith you will know there is more than meets the eye. God has a special place for you.


Philanthropy Vs. Misanthropy (Love of people vs. hatred of them) Obviously Christianity is the first and Satanism the latter. But keep in mind what is actual love and care as opposed to things that don’t do a person any good. Let’s say your Co worker is not doing as much as you are, so much as it is noticeable. Or that a relative living with you has no job to begin with. They need to learn the joy that can come from purpose executed with developed skills they’d otherwise be without. And you can give them something that’ll last a lifetime. It’s all contained in the bird that pushes it’s children off the nest.

People come and go throughout your life. Some you’ll remember well and others you’ve totally forgotten. Conversations can drag on with some. They say that saying a lot is to say nothing. A striking symptom of insanity is over-pride of what one says. We are all mentally ill – some more than others. Some very little. Others very much.

And one can go two ways: to be good at becoming bitter. To become good at forgiving.

As for me I find myself an independent person. Someone who doesn’t want to socialize with unfamiliar people, like those that stop me on the side walk. I don’t really care what they have to say. I don’t carry their same loneliness. Whatever it is that they want from me I don’t have it. But that doesn’t mean I hate them.

In fact Christianity is against small talk according to James and others. It is more a to the point practice where you are not weighted down by worldly cares. So very many purposes could be thrown out of the window with the world being no different. How is the world going to end? By God’s hand. What will be will be.

So in all this have a house keeping mentality. Be as one that keeps things clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness. And the same applies that way, too.


The purpose of a Christian is very well clear according to Jesus Christ. It is to keep things well between people. Those that are hurt or lacking provided to, unconditionally.


You cannot fix all things yourself. There are those with whatever job they have chosen. And by the way, anyone with a job is better by it. It gives them purpose, focus. “Idle hands are the Devil’s.” Through them make a better world. All that aside, let me continue with my point. So those that want to fix everything are truly good people, disappointment and all. That is to say “care.” But do get help with your pursuits.

A Christian Mission is to decidedly help others in a good way. For a Christian to go on a mission that is the way. It ain’t James Bond. It’s not and expedition to a foreign land to sit at the coliseum. It is to decide one way to help the needy and suffering and to do so. And to do so according to your heart. And if you change your Christian Mission, that’s fine. Maybe such help should be more diverse. As Jesus said: we are more than clothing and food.


Any wrong done must be corrected. Whether you apologize or turn back on bad things (bad things being done to other people.) And with every human being being angry from time to time it is a guaranteed expectation that you, as a Christian, must make amends throughout your life. You could say “well everyone gets angry,” but do not forget to add to that, “so everyone should forgive, everyone should keep trying to do well, and everyone should make appropriate amends for the greater harm.


It is not selfish or unforgiving to protect the weak.




An interlude into Christian Satanism:


So there isn’t any confusion, this book is about Christian Satanism. Christian Satanism is a legitimate religion. Most will be stopped right at the gate on this one. The reason why is because most following any religion are following it to be on a side (the side of good, the side of evil.) But can there not be something in between the two? Why not? But most Christians are Christianists. Most Satanists are “evilishly against God.” Their proud and rebellious Lucifer has made them enemies against God. But if you do not follow that aspect of Satanism, you can still be a Satanist. It’s like the Christian who practices what Buddha said. They do, all except things such as reincarnation and atheism.


With Ya all things are possible. And God has a time and place for everything that is to be. You can call us the last denomination. There could be more Christian denominations to come but we are the final denomination, the end result. We have the last things said in Christianity and it is our purpose to be lords over the Earth. Ya has not appointed our place until we came about. That destiny was always so. He’s created us for the reason to have occupied Middle Ground. Yeah the Bible says that one will go to heaven, the other to hell. But that does not mean there is not a third. The Catholics have good reason to believe in different destinies other than those two. There is.


This book is an understanding of goodness and iniquity and the result of them combined. So I have stated things singularly Christian. I’ll soon do the same for Satanism. And then I will provide you with an outline of Christian Satanism.


Christian Satanism has come at this time. It was inevitable. It required many things to happen which though unlikely, did occur. The world can easily be seen as situated for it. In these early years we need Churches. We need exposure. Priests, preachers, the sharing of it’s books. We need people to fully understand and practice it most of all.


There is a Heaven and a Hell. Then there are places like Earth, the solar system, etc., Which we call The Middle Ground. And there is us, those who will remain for all time here. God is not going to have it vacated, “popped out of existence.”


Return to Chapter Three:


Jesus Christ graced us with a very helpful verse saying “those who are last will be first, and those who are first will be last.” You can imagine those first in line to obtain the Kingdom. And you can imagine those last in line—the more humbled, the more sensitive, you can say “the patient.”

You can imagine those working on something. They are either quick or they spend more time on it.

And best of all you can imagine God’s Children in heaven who come down upon Earth the last. God sends down some first, others later, some much later. He makes the person. He creates the soul and life before it enters the world. And the last of us are very blessed indeed.


We have been appointed to be here.


They say to exercise to make anything stronger. That is applicable to so many things. Can be your body, physically. It can be your mind, more Satanically. And in a Christian sense—the heart. Unfortunately it is a hard habit to exercise and continue to do so. Hopefully it is easier for you to develop the heart. A strong heart has so much better blood.


Why not forespeak? To forespeak is to herald things in advance. Wouldn’t you rather surprise the person? And what if you change your mind? What if you kept the choice to do so or not to do so? And what if you give away your choice to do so by saying in advance it will be done? It is certainly better not to forespeak.


A person can give all he wants to but not have any real gratification in helping others. Just as Paul said. Without actual love being a Christian doesn’t really makes any difference.


We magnify our problems. There are some in horrible circumstances. They may be under the thumb of a dictator. That dictator in their mind is like a god, not a person. Could be starving so bad that they eat mud patties. But any problem a person has is usually magnified by them. Naturally we are always on the lookout for bad things. Those that are spoiled feel many injustices for example. I use to ask myself 'if this is the worst thing in my life, my life must be relatively well.” Nothing can be perfect in life. We are perfectionists, though, and it (in this case) is a sin.


You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Talking down to God will get you nowhere. I was so spoiled at one time that my prayers were incredibly greedy and selfish. Like I was entitled. Like he wasn’t doing good enough. Like a person that would call the complaint line. But such a simple saying fixed that. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. A friend is ever willing to help. So be careful who you make your enemies. We need all the help we can get. And as Jesus said, “ask and it will be given.” But do not mistake the word “ask” with “demand.” You can ask for something. You shouldn’t tell them to give it to you.




Those who use the Bible to change the will of God will fail. They use the Holy Bible as a spell book and are the worst kind of sorcerer. A what will be will be mentality is of pure faith. Faith is one of the most important words in the Bible.

You may even die by something, but you must keep faith.

John said that a Christian is not to love the world. Those that do don’t make a burden by it. And as Jesus said his yoke is easy and his burden is light, so should a Christian interpret the world. He had faith. That was all he needed. By faith he could do all things. He could live to serve God alone. For him that was all things. Not getting wealthy. Not obtaining riches and game. But solely serving Ya. A Christian can do all things by faith. Faith in God is all things.


Practice of Christianity is to hold a fragile thing. And as such Jesus said the path is narrow. It is without destruction. It is to the salvation of the soul. It is not living by the sword (for which you will die) but to treat all fairly, kindly, even lovingly. The road to greed and power is a dangerous one. One that humans inherently take. But to be directed solely to God is the best bet.


Personal revolutions swarm in the mind of individuals who seek a permanent truth. But things change. Once a thing uncalled for can become in demand. People will only follow causes as their fancy suits them. But the forbidden is far more stylish. And people will begin supporting a cause by rebellion only later to go against it in rebellion. The Holy Bible can be interpreted in many ways. It is very “flexible.” But let’s take it to mean what was written in it, new-age preachers be damned.


What will you become on this Earth depends on the friends you make, the connections you create, the purpose you served. So take chances. Be daring enough to make as many attempts you can to become well off. But remember that salvation cannot be bought.


Interestingly scriptures can be interpreted on a Christian Satanic basis. There is the typical interpretation. But there seems to be others. Some scriptures suggest more than one outcome. I believe one of them to be the Christian Satanic one and the other the fate of Christians. See there are those very sure what Revelations mean. And there are those very sure it means something else. One is true for The Christian. The other is true for The Christian Satanist. And that makes quite a good study for The Christian Satanist.


The Christian Side of things is one of love. It is of forgiveness. It is of seeking God instead of the things of the world. It is founded on faith. Is sometimes self sacrifice (if it really helps you be a Christian ) These are the points that Jesus stressed but it is certainly not limited to these things.

Jesus said that the Golden Rule sums up The Law and The Prophets. That is, Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Only faith pleases God. The gift of salvation is free. It cannot be bought. And once saved you are always saved, because if you become un-saved then you were never saved. Ya will remember you for the child you were. He would not have it grow up only to be damned.


I provided you with the perspective you may need to understand just what Christianity is about. As I will continue with Satanism and afterward present you with Christian Satanism you can do the same with all you’ve read here. In this manner you have its formula.

















Chapter Four: The Satanic Side of Things



















When asked the question if people should exclusively think about themselves they may think on one hand that it serves their best interest, but on the other that it’s a lonely place to be. That is a question that Christian Satanism answers much better.


Pride is an important component to Satanism. A more rational Satanist will have earned that pride, perhaps. But whose to say what one should be proud of and how much?


Individuality is a natural component to Satanism. Many who were anti Christian were also individualist, it so happens. In fact it is a strong presence that prevents Christian based thought.


Perfection is a Satanist trait, for sure. That is especially if you are referring to Lucifer as Satan (though they are two peas in a pod.) I really grew close to the term after reading The Magic of Recluse.


The world is an important place for the Satanist. As it contains limitless pleasures. There are no sin-dictates for a Satanist. They are allowed free roam over the Earth. Nothing really prevents them from doing so.


Strength is important for a Satanist. As it gives them power. And power is a thing many a Satanist desires, sometimes most of all.


And all these sins, greed, pride, anger, etc., are taken as virtues by a Satanist, as much as that can be. They make them their virtues depending on their ability to do so.


I am not one to say that there is only one type of Satanist. After all I created Christian Satanism. There are different kinds and also types. Some are full of hatred. Others just take it as a game. Some are mainly focused on devil worship. And others Nietzsche. Most are interested in occult things.

A lot of tales have been woven of them constituting things such as The Sabbat. Because of American freedom many artists took the liberty to create Satanic music. Many books have been written based on the author's portrayal of Satanism. And some Satanists are atheists. That seems somehow fitting after all.


There may be just a few Christian Symbols that are ever used. A cross, a fish, maybe a Star of David. But Satanism is very symbol based. Whoever it is preaching it! Catholics have their masses. Christians not so much. They have baptisms and marriage. Not much else if anything. Ritual magic seems inseparable from Satanism.


The pleasures of life are taken in full by the best of Satanists.


What demons/ fallen angels are named and identified as seems standardized. They have remain largely untouched for centuries. What they were once described as they still are. And the symbols associated with them have remained the same.


The Satanist has the perspective that Lucifer was God’s perfect creation. That God did The Devil wrong. That God they read of may have come from a very strict Christian upbringing. Having a parent warn of the powers of witchcraft. Thinking it will lead to situation like found in the story Carrie or any number of movies showcasing the powers of witchcraft.


It’s every man for himself and may the best man win. Whatever form of Satanism it is Christianity is turned on its head. Whatever trait of Satan or Lucifer can be taken from scripture is used and embodied. While not an awful lot describes Satan in the Bible the things that are are very useful. He’s the “perfect being,” he wishes to take God's place. He is subtle. He is well adorned, perfect in beauty. He lies, murders, and steals. He is powerful. He has with him a third of angels. He wants 2/3rds of humanity. He tempts. He persuades and deceives.

He has children. As Jesus said “you are of your father, The Devil.” He is an accuser.

Most of these things can be used without harm to others.

In the 80s more than any other time, and continuing into the mid 90s, there was a surge of Devil Worshipping material.. found in movies, books, and most of all music. Some very deliberately evil context prevailed in it. There were many afraid of such kinds and their powers. But such a rebellion was changed into gangster lifestyles in the 90s. People were involved with fangs at rap much more than metal by then.

But Devil Worshipping music still exists. And there is a lot of material that had been put together by that time. We’re it not for democracy they never would have been.

There are many forms of metal: death, thrash, black, and others that are constructed with iniquitous ideology. And many Satanic books to choose from, your choice.

This atheistic Satanism that exists is no fun. It removes any real belief in magic. Magic is a real thing. It is a personal connection to otherly beings. It is all agreed to work the same way. It is generally agreed that it is done in one of a small handful of ways. God restricts their presence in your life. These things open the door.

But there does exist atheistic Satanists. They haven’t any presence of what I call dark emotions in them. They think too much. They feel too little. They haven’t behind them an actual entity known as Lucifer. They throw philosophy into every nook and cranny. They don’t really have anything else to call up in their so-called practice of Satanism.


Satanism is about the joy of life. I imagine if the best of Satanists had their own place then they’d often revel and do well together. I imagine feasts would be among them. Christianity is about the joy of the spirit. Satanism is about the joy of the world or existence.


For some, including me, Devil Worship broke me free of Christianity while I was growing up. I was brought up Christian. I was told that witchcraft was real. That’s all I had to hear. I started out with white magic. That eventually lead to black magic. And I recall it being very fascinating. I looked at really old images of black masses and goat like Satan, in old books, on metal music covers, and felt the evil nature behind it. But I think returning to Christianity is very likely for cases such as mine. And to go back and forth. And that’s what I did until I decided to put it all together.


It is only natural that those feelings expire. As when you get older you are no longer as sensitive to music. You become a little less believing. You become jaded. You feel less a need to be involved. Though I have found other ways that work for me now. I have visions through music now from just about any kind of music.


You can split things up into atheists, Satanists, and Christians. As far as relevant things are concerned. And from Satanism and Christianity, Christian Satanism. The atheist comes in many forms, as do the others. There are more forms of Christian Satanism possible than for the others. Some are wicked people who are just not aware of how harmful their selfishness is to the world. Some are scientific nerds, who we hope don’t play with fire though some of them make the world a much better place.

Let’s not forget that Satan was said to be “perfect in wisdom.” Then if he is to be emulated one must be smart. Perfect is without fault. And he got himself there. While he was naturally so, he made himself even more so. He was capable of that.


I used to wonder far into the desert in a form of meditation. I was looking for Satan always. That was the one thing I wanted from my Satanic practice than anything else. Wanted to be sure that these things truly existed. Because I knew if I had proof then I would live far more confidently. Because I’d no longer have any reason to doubt that there was more to life than humanity.


Aptitude is important. Building trust. Competency. Usefulness. Productivity. And from these you earn your pride.


Belief makes magic work. In particular you must believe in the powers and existence behind those you invoke. You must know them well. You must know what they are capable of and call on their help accordingly.


The tarot cards present you with an idea. Like concepts. It gives you ideas, many of them. These are quite well at enhancing perspective. The crystal ball doesn’t show things inside. You try to see things inside. But they are used to open the mind to see things. Those things seen come from within. Astral travel in bed at night can lift you to heaven in your dreams. I used to have such dreams afterward. Ones that I was ascending into heaven. And horoscopes can provide you with good advice.


So where does their future rest, those that slaughter other human beings in the name of Satan? Well, prison. Even execution.


Better that they move about unseen. That they do not stick out like a sore thumb. Doing what they can to make their life better. Making it so, with like minded friends if they need them. Casting rituals together and sharing thoughts to bring together better ones.


Satanists should dress well. Satan was adorned with the best of gems and clothing. It makes a difference. It makes people feel better to have with them a large wardrobe, a good one. When I arrived in San Francisco I went right to a clothing store. And got the best things I could. I was able to pride fully get around even though I was homeless. Personally I would like a valuable ring. I have a job. A ring would represent my hard work.


There are many things written about The Devil other than in The Holy Bible. And there are many movies protesting him in various ways. There are different stories told. There are alterations to the original foundation. They all bring you to a better understanding of him.


A poor lot is theirs, if they consider hell. Opinions of hell are varied from Satanist to Satanist. Opinions of it are varied by Christians, too. Some think of it as the place for them, though a good place, a Kingdom of Sin. While others are willing to burn for The Devil and live accordingly. Hell a black hole. The inside of one. And some Satanists don’t even believe in an afterlife.

Those that find it to be a place of revelry are eager and willing to go there. Some live as martyrs because of their future fate of hell fire.

And Christians have always faced the question that if God loves them why would he throw them into eternal hell fire? Of course a Christian is only ever half saved because of it. What I mean is, they certainly feel inadequate. They don’t care if the other side burns for all time. They are only trying to save their own skin. But wait! They are taught by scripture to save others from such a catastrophe.

But in their lifetime Satanists are actually less punished by God. They don’t consider themselves Christian to begin with. They do not call themselves God’s children. They are not subject to hypocrisy. But a Christian is ever guiltful. Always inadequate. Expected to live up to a standard. Given a score of certain thoughts.. vengeance, list, pride, etc., a Satanist will find pleasure in them. But a Christian will feel awful from them.


The Satanist has more breathing room. They only find what is bad is things they dislike. Things they don’t personally want. They don’t have these numerous do's and don'ts that a Christian have. Or you could also say that which comes from other religions, more or less. So the life of a Satanist is far better adjusted. They are more likely to have formed a life of great joy. Perhaps too they are stronger both physically and mentally. Not covered in great guilt.


They hear all the time “sit! Sit! Don’t you be thinking about that! Don’t get angry (get angry at yourself.) Don’t want that! (Get your hand out of the cookie jar! It is actually very counter productive. It makes perverts and such.


The aim of creation should be perfection. Make creation = perfection. Anything will pass, it seems. At work there is a painting hanging that must be the worst I’ve ever seen. It is two blue smears. Some red and orange I think, a couple of blotches. A person wouldn’t paint their wall that way but they are happy to hang such a thing upon it to cover it up with a framed mess. Do they want it to be portable or something? A portable mess that you can tack onto any wall?


It is a good question for the Satanist to answer why was Christianity so successful? For one, philanthropy is always a hot topic. If you look at those that died for philanthropic causes their words last forever. Philanthropists often die by their words. One nut or another kills them. The message of love and peace is carried around very willingly. And Christianity focuses largely on these things. The way that Jesus spoke.. that is was such a dreamy way of speaking. So much can be taken from it. One thing meant many. The story was irresistible. The son of God born from a virgin that was to save the world as God’s sacrifice. Christians are taught to teach the words of Jesus no matter how badly they are punished for it. You’ll obtain the Kingdom if you do. The world depends on it. It’s no wonder why it caught on so well. Well enough to be the most major religion for centuries. Centuries, centuries, and more centuries.

Satanism simply can’t compete with such a thing.


But the old ways are all Satanic. Be it Egyptian, Pagan, whatever. Those that form a magical construct with nature. Whose ideas are wonderfully world loving. Wicca can be called Satanic. Of course if you tell a wiccan that they would be offended. Wicca is fun, the most fun out of all religions in my opinion. To carry a crystal, to cast spells, things such as that. And they are adorable! But it is all magic, it is all with an absence of God. The old ways of the Pagan have been called by Jesus a sharp contrast to what he came into the world to teach. It was his to lead others away from Paganism. As The Devil made the world what it became, those that follow such customs mastered the world he gave them.

So it is accurate enough to call Paganism Satanism.


Without The Devil the world as we know it would not exist. That is why the Bible calls this The Devil’s Earth. The Holy Bible itself would have never been. It would contain the creation story but nothing else. Get into Eden and the story becomes The Devil’s. In effect The Devil made Jesus. And maybe he should be given his due. Satan would have God killed. He succeeded. He put fun into the world. Is it possible that God appreciates this? If God actually finds him fun to have around and we have a sort of game going on, I am at no risk to give it all away. Christians, Muslims, whoever, or atheists who don’t even care, they’d never know it. They think the words of the Bible is set in stone. Such a thing would never enter into their mind.

Instead they see God as fearsome. As the best dictator anyone could ever wish for. Take it a thousand years, and a thousand more, He'll get that Devil! And he’d let the world end in the greatest fireworks show ever presented!




Interlude Two:




There is Christian thinking. It is heavily entwined in the stuff that makes parables and metaphors. I don’t know myself how to describe that. Nor it’s effects. It’s fascinating. Then there are those that think like Satanists. Some are philosophical. At best pragmatic. We have the evil thinkers, usually the youngsters. Those dedicated to magic and the occult. We have in the world the lofty kind of intelligent people (what I’d call lofty intelligence.) These are those that are mystical kinda. They have fanciful ideas that are really of no good use. There are people focused on knowledge garnered from their chosen fields (psychology, political, mathematical, scientific in one way or another, history, whatever they’ve chosen.) There are lazy people who don’t go far beyond the TV. There are those that don’t have much care to know anything well other that how to please themselves (with food, sex, entertainment, parties, and such.) But out of all of these I find Christian Satanism to be the superior mentality. I find it well made. I find it to contain all of the things the world needs, most of all good change. To solve this problem of chaos that has resulted in wickedness. To be the light in the tunnel. To get us all through.

And it came about from much hardship. The worst conditions. And socializing with very many different kinds of people. From my reading. From the tests those lead to. From experience. From being involved in many different religions, not just Satanism and Christianity. Being in solitary confinement nude in a small rubber room and freezing, having nothing more than food, I came up with The Principality List, or if you like, The Principle List.

I know more than Mohammed did. I didn’t come from ancient Israel. I have seen the world from ages past and have studied the history of Christianity. Have seen leaders come and go. Have read choice books, not the modern best sellers. But books that actually teach things. My tastes have been diverse and we’ll known by me. And I’ve listened. I’ve been around every type of person you can think of. And all of these made me incredibly qualified to create Christian Satanism.


I have talked to ghosts (spirits) I am under The Guardian Goddess Aeon. I have visualized and visualized other worlds and documented specifically the nature of them in my Five Planets book series. I began my religious teachings of Aeon in a few other books. I have had visions and told what I could of them in other books. I created an idea for a new economic system. I have been to hell and have described it. I have found the way to open up those doorways to invite these powers into your life.

I have found the best way to remember your whole life. To remember everything that has ever happened in it. I’ve taught that elsewhere. And I’ve decided that all I’ve written should be free, which as eBooks they are. And all of my books are in public domain!




Satan’s a fun guy. There was no Christmas until Santa Claus. There was no Easter until the Easter Bunny. There was no Holliday made of Halloween. But you get the picture. It’s like he’s saying here are your presents from Jesus, kids! Find the unborn baby!

You are sure to find The Devil’s version of things wherever it is you find the more biblical Christ-based one. They are interesting to spot and observe. Some are obvious, like Dorian music of the middle ages that lead to a booming organ in the cathedral. Or more noticeably metal music. In fact there are so many instances of this you can be guaranteed Satan must be behind them. There’s democracy which I believe to be the Satanic political system. As long as that includes freedom of religion. We are called The People of the United States. We are Americans, the word America means “New World.” I reference that to the book of Revelations where it says there will be a New Heaven/ Earth. And from time to time I listened to trumpets playing in classical music that seemed like The Devil was having music played to God.. poor, sappy, or majestic.. whatever the case.

(Trumpets are probably more Heavenly than harps are.)

One version and then another. There are countless examples. God gave us bread. The Devil gave us a sandwich.


Many Satanists will go to movies that have demons and witchcraft in them for influence, and not be influenced (Satanically) otherwise. But don’t be the same. A good villain is a good villain.


Many imposters exist claiming to be Jesus. Just as many Satanists exist claiming to be The Antichrist. In believing in either set of scriptures this is easily understood. They want to be the top dog. There is a spiritually good feeling, one of peace, the other of glory perhaps. King of Hell kind of thing. What I have to say about that is as for Jesus, I don’t touch upon that. I know the scripture too well to fit myself into that identity. I don’t remember walking on water. Do they or something? As for being the Anti Christ—there’s no harm in pretending

Pretending is a good thing. You may never be such a person. You may feel you have no power over others. But imagining is half way there.


There is a thing I seek. It is to “have a psychic connection with the world.” Much magic is performed for only a few things. To get sex, money, power, fame. But ask yourself what true greatness consists of. Imagine what ever number of things you can have for more specific types of powers. Ask to be The Devil’s Son. But also ask what would make you his best, and pursue those answers that come to heart.

The relationship any have with the deities they worship is usually very plain. Instead find more diverse ways to acknowledge them, incorporate them into worship. Being friends with them also. Santa Muerte is a good one. Choose about ten, however much you can focus on them without leaving others out. In Devil Worship be creative. For example there is a thing I came up with called “Trash Writing.” When I was homeless I would take any paper from the garbage and put on it symbols or notated music, asking what I wanted for it, or just writing prayers (which I actually did for Ya as well.) Then I’d put them in a plastic bottle and throw it away. Or maybe placed it into a crevice. When I found a home I would put the papers in an envelope. I’d write on the address “Gehenna,” I’d also take an index card and glue on a coin, place a sticker on it, and say “For Santa Muerte.”

Or a more simple example is to carry around a stuffed snake that you call the name you gave to Satan.


And this is all beginning to lead to Christian Satanism, which I will do now.



Chapter Five: Understanding Christian Satanism




















How to know when something is Christian Satanic:


The reader should give him or herself the liberty to feel when something is not quite Christian though not quite Satanic. The result of Christian Satanism is going to be an all new thing. And that is important to know. It will be like it’s own thing that defies category.

There should be a marked difference from either one or the other. If a new thing is come upon then that is Christian Satanism.

If it hasn’t been something typically followed then all the more so. Because Christian Satanism until this time is seldom acknowledged and practiced. In other words it has yet to be deliberately formulated by people and therefore the abundance of it is difficult to find.

People may have come upon things that were Christian Satanic. Just not intentionally. So examples are few.


It can be the lighter side of things. It can be the darker side of things. But Christians never darken their practice. Satanists never she’d light upon their devil worship. We, however, do.


Any good thing that can be added to a bad thing delineating it, or vice versa, is Christian Satanic.


And it may take skill. The more skill, the better. It’s not so much perfect balance is it is perfect change/ contrast. By practice a Christian Satanist is an alchemist. They combine and formulate, adjust and test things until they have arrived at the best result. But the result should seem like something that has never before been. It is the combination of two things that people in the past have never put together. Christianity is an old thing. Satanism too. But Christian Satanism is very young, a child of the two.


Somethings are obviously Christian Satanic. Others less so. Some are come upon on an individual basis. Some have broader appeal. Some are more likely found from person to person then from a collective whole. For one person a thing may be for them Christian Satanic but for another less so. It all depends on personal obligations and other conditions present.

And may they all be at their own level of understanding, not holding others below or above them.


The Christian Satanist should think often of things that bring the two together. They should come upon their own box of tools, those that are best for them. That’s a very easy thing to do depending on how deeply you think about it. Just know what is Satanic, what is Christian, and the alternatives, then take pieces from one, pieces from another, and put the best picture together.


If life is weighing you down then uplift yourself with the Christian. If you find yourself floating away then come back down with the Satanic. If a sin is too much then reduce it. If you find yourself rattling the chains then break them with the Satanic. If one way doesn’t work then use the other. And when that stops working, return to the other. If a Christian trait complements a Satanic one, then good. And of course oppositely too. If nihilism builds in you, if anger is overwhelming you, or whatever the negative condition may be, give it a positive charge.


Life works in twos. The left side and the right. Three is the number of new life. We are a people born of two. It may have taken them a long time to get together. They had to mature separately. But we have burst forth into the world on this day.


God will not have the worldly realm vacated. He has appointed it to us. And the death of a Christian Satanist is not the end of existence. We will awaken in a new bed each time we are slain. Our bodies will wake up elsewhere and arise. We will be given what we need from world to world to conquer them in The Christian Satanic Name. And neither Holy powers or Hell powers will harm us. Rather they will equip us with what we need. First of which, is knowledge.


So learn to enjoy your life in all of your days. Learn to take from it the best of things. Learn it well. It’s things. It’s people. Because we are given command over all worldly things.


Have the tithe to Christian Satanic Churches be for the higher and more useful members 5% and for the lower less productive members 16%. That is the Christian Satanic way.


Christian Satanism comes from The Tree of Life. It is an anchoring into the world. Those that master it will continue to reside in the Earthly realm. Our own hell comes and goes, unfortunately. Hell for us is any poor condition—sometimes very poor. Sometimes decrepit. These are used to teach us – but evolve or improve us is more accurately said. Yes as a Christian Satanist we too take on punishment as the sinners. But ours is much easier. And it is eternal. We will have difficult times each of us. But we will always be released from it. We have much work, too. And we will be working more than resting. But we will get times of great peace. We will be taught to be worthy.. to be competent.. to master the worlds through these things.


I’ve known it to be true. It is what has been happening to me for awhile. But I can say that I am becoming used to this way of life. And I can certainly say I have gotten better.. I have developed from it. And I’ve produced Christian Satanism because of it. The best things I have learned have come out of insanity.

I had moved to San Francisco. I was loaded with money. I’d lost all access to it. But I eventually got a job. First I dealt with a severely Schizophrenic state. Was homeless for a year. But now it seems my troubles may be resurfacing. I know, however, that they will be temporary and my life afterward will be better than before. Better than it has ever been.

Through all of it I learned to appreciate life and the world, the things within it. My tastes are highly refined. My ability to work newfound. My mental state improved after I returned to sanity. And it is commonly known that through hardship a person becomes better and stronger. So praise The Lord!


I’d gotten a chance to write a ton of books. These are all free. They are in public domain. I can’t be said to be after money. Actually I am quite fine with the money I actually work for. Rather I have created them to have the best possible change in the world to occur. But more assuredly because I was appointed to do so. I was deemed most qualified to have created it.


And I need all of the help I can get. So share what I have written and our true destiny can start. Light the flames and call forth the people that would be developed. Tell all of the world you can about Christian Satanism. And if they don’t take you seriously, that is fine. Either way you will be giving it the exposure it needs.

To create The Church could very well make you a part of it’s history. Those that have propagated it earliest on will be known as its heroes.

Or is this just a big joke to you?

Whatever your methods, fine, we need you anyway. As Machiavelli said “The ends justify the means.”




Interlude 3



The Compass of a Christian Satanist is North for Christian, South for Satanism and Center + East and West for Christian-Satanism. Using this idea you can go North from the center, South from the center, from the North to the East or West as in a curve, or the same upward from the South. But you should try not to jump from one position to another. It should be “processed out” meaning that you should fade into another (or you could say transition into another.)

But the idea direction is to circle around. As for the center it can and should be jumped to. In fact you should make yourself good at that.

When a psychologist tells you to find your center, or to bring your mind back into the present, they are alluding to Christian Satanism.

The map is yours. Make it a wonderful one. Construct it using metaphorical enemies to be conquered. Use it to gain the treasure. Give it a start and end. Place upon it your areas of strength. Give to it the cave and the passages safely through it. Direct it toward the fulfilment of your goals. Make it speak your history and place upon it areas of strength and weaknesses. The kind of people you like in one place give a town. And the kinds that are strangers to you deposit elsewhere.

And from there make “The Book of Your Soul.”


We will cover eight things here. These have not yet been covered by me concerning Christian Satanism. And I will describe why they are Christian Satanic (if I need to.)

First is creativity. Naturally a Christian Satanist would create something that uses opposite things. Not necessarily something good and evil. But would bring opposites together. They can be more than two opposite or different things.. or styles, containing paradoxes perhaps. Make one side of the coin one side of things and the other its contender, or anything that contrasts it well.

Second be more encompassing than just Christian or Satanic. In other words, in grayness one doesn’t have to be simply either Christian or Satanic. There are some deities that haven’t even originated with either. Other religions and things have both their demons and angels.

Third be sensitive to things that have originated as bad. Whatever it is that at one time was considered wicked, even evil, immoral, etc., But no longer is. If you perceive them the same as they did then those things they developed into.. far worse things, you will all the more see them for what they are. In other words you will become more sensitive. So be more sensitive to things and you will truly know evil for evil, good for good.

Fourth actively bring together the good guys and the bad guys in the movies you watch, the books you read. Or the shows you watch, the music you listen to, etc. The Christian Satanist doesn’t cling to the heroes or villains. Perhaps see what makes the villain good or the heroes bad. But there is an even more effective way. That is to become every character in the movies you watch. Emulate one fully then when you can go no further, emulate the other. In effect you will become the whole movie.

Fifth –and this one I call very important, you may find yourself branching out from Christian Satanism in a different way of being “gray.” That is to say, you are no longer Christian Satanic but you are still gray. You have then become a gray being no longer interested in Christianity or Satanism, and that is fine.


Sixth know these three words well in your practice of Christian Satanism: chaos, renewal, and continuation. Be an eternal being. Chaos may be bad but it leads to a stronger thing. Strengthen things in certain Christian Satanic ways. Some may fall by the way side but seeds thrown into all places will have life combating each other in such a way that things again refuse to die.

Seventh observe the world as a new born. One that sees the magical presence in things. One that looks for the supernatural (or the metaphysical.) Seek purpose. Ask for purpose. If one door doesn’t open, try another. Move beyond nihilism. Approach the things that seem to call you. Open you mind to visions. Practice your imagination. And know in all things that there is more to life than meets the eye. The Christian Satanist may need friends from the other side. They must be aligned with both sides. They must not be singularly minded during their lifetime, not able to move far beyond the self.

Because to befriend these things is to be welcoming and it is certainly good to stand apart from those who don’t, who, in these times, are the majority. For a Christian Satanist to co exist with these things makes them and us more strongly connected with them than other types of people.

Eighth act in a diverse set of ways. If you’ve mastered something than go onto something else. If you’ve mastered that then another. Know a diverse amount of things. Do a diverse amount of things. Know different ways to do the same thing. Take things in opposites. Read into one, then it’s opposite. And put the words together that speak unto others in a Christian Satanic (Yatanic) way.


And when in doubt do that thing you know will make you better or just keep you well. It is often that other religions will have you drop all the bags, take off your shoes and go wander into some far away land they will never find. While some challenges make one stronger, some never will, but religion can easily fool so done into taking such endeavors.

Find a place you can rest after much work. As I’ve said before there is a time of punishment for a Christian Satanist, but also times of great joy. And a third kind of time falls upon us, that of rest, and it is very short. So do not make things hard for you. Those times come upon us on their own from time to time. Focus instead on making even the worst of times good times. We are expected to learn that. And under punishment we are made to learn. Those things we learn through hardship must be taught to others. Especially if we choose to be teachers this is so. But for those who do not desire to teach Christian Satanism, to him or her less hardship will be given.

It is like the story of Odin going into hell to bring back the runes, at least how I take it.

For meditation

What will be your..


Your Shield? Your wall?

Your Ring? Your Power? Your dignity?

Your Home? Your Temple? Your Temple?

And where in the body is the temple? What least of space can become a palace? And where will you rest?

On what will you feast? How can you get to that place? How will you return?

What will clothe and comfort you?

What name will you give yourself?

What will be the rock you lay down? Have you placed it so that it will be unmovable? Everlasting?

And what will be your path, your door?

What has been by the wayside? Who will be unto you the perfect friend or mate?


These things Jesus asked himself all the time. These are the sorts of things he thought of often, and deeply so. And it provided him a profound wisdom.


Remember this: I can never take the place of Christ. But I hope that I have made you wholesome and acceptable enough in his understanding of you. Be shined down upon by him. And keep him in your heart, always. Do not speak words of blasphemy. Be in in it more than is typical because we are lacking. So take him more seriously. Double up on your cares for him. Have the faith most of all, because only faith can save you.


Humans can be very gray and not even know it. It isn’t uncommon. It is actually a very natural and normal trait. And consider things in the natural Earth that are gray. There are omnivores (which include humans by the way.) That is, those that eat both plants and meat. Satan was called a lion. Jesus was called a lamb. Monkeys are omnivores.

A rose with a thorn. A helpful weed. Fools gold maybe. At least it looks good! Anything that is toxic yet helpful if extrapolated right. There’s the sun and moon if you are considering opposites. Interestingly they appear to be the same size in the sky. Night and dawn. It is easier to find opposites, it seems.

Water and land. But both are needed for survival and that seems very Christian Satanic. It seems to suggest that the people of the world need it.

But let’s consider just how much opposites are found. Like positive and negative. Like AM and FM. Like AM and PM. Like AC and like DC. And dust and water for a plant. Like two eyes. Two hands. Two thumbs. And these things point out to anyone who may have the question “How can a thing be created from two opposite things?”

As a side note that must be said: I personally hope someday my books are grammatically fixed and brought all together in the title The Christian Satanic Bible. The Christian Satanic Bible is a book I’ve written. This is the twelfth Christian Satanic book I’ve written. I want them placed all together into that title.


Do you feel it is impossible to remain Christian Satanic? Are you such a person? I have a message for you:

There’s nothing you can do to damn your soul. The teachings of The Holy Bible are too ambiguous to be certain of such a place.. at least in a literal sense. Satan Himself was referred to as the one in 99 sheep that Christ will go out of his way to save.

Even when there appears to be damnation people overlook the power of God to change that. At any cost he will. His power is not unchangeable. Those that knew the Old Testament, before Jesus arrived, largely believed the grave was it. Many had no real understanding of the Messiah that was to come. But he did and none of them but a small handful knew him for what he was: The Savior.

I would say be bold enough. To remove all doubts. God is with those who are faithful to themselves.

Don’t think of things so dire. God is willing to find his live of you. Just as Jesus said, that doing good to those who do good to you doesn’t show real love. The ultimate love is unconditional, strong, and enduring.

Take a chance! Sometimes the hardest choices are those that matter the most in the end. Sometimes what appears to be the wrong way turns out to have been the best choice you have made. And on that note: it is a manner of Christian Satanic thinking to consider how what appears to be a bad choice actually isn’t. The best thing may occur from it—hidden for most part from your eyes. But that can be seen if you look into things well enough.


The qualities of Christian Satanism can be listed as:

1) It stands out. 2) It raises questions. 3) Is an interesting term. 4) Is gray.. which to this day is a unique thing. 5) Is advantageous. 6) provides double-goods. 7) Is never hypocritical. 8) Is outrageous.. cannot be ignored by many, perhaps intolerable, and therefore garners great publicity.


Among fantasy books we find many that teach witchcraft, though are opposed to the Devil. That is the one thing that makes a Christian Satanist a hypocrite. They are from those that think 'above all else I have to remain against Satan. Then God will let me do what I want. If there is one line that can’t be crossed it is that, they think. That is the one thing they cannot do. They’d cross many lines but not that one! To save their soul they must remain against the Devil.. either by excluding him or being deliberately against him in what they do. So they write books full of witchcraft and serpents and stuff where the Devil is the prime enemies, or else his cohorts. In this world they create The wizard only uses white magic and is as one of perfect virtue.


You can find an increasing amount of Satanic Metal that is forming into Christian music to some extent. They want to be “good,” to have more virtues. And more often they will point out the harm of Christianity and the evil “its” done. Like the topic of witch burnings. Or the message that “we are not evil.” Like “we Satanists harm none.” Or such as “we have qualities you do not have, and you are blind to this.” And it’s becoming for some such bands “our stuff is not evil at all.” When it was maybe give years ago they were singing the most despicable things possible.


If I could speak to the angels I would ask most of all to give me a place. A good place. One with every little thing I’ve ever enjoyed. I would ask for a desirable position and the authority to make the world a better place. And I feel I am fitting for that. I would ask them to popularize Christian Satanism. I’d ask that they give it a strong place in the world. And if it is deserving, to be as among them a guide. My gift to them, a guide, from which great things can be caused. And finally, for the words I need to make this happen.


In all honesty my greatest wish would be to be The Devil's Son. One equal in magnitude to Christ. One that would cause just as much change for the same amount of time. Am not delusional to think it is certain. Am not capable of identifying myself as something he is not yet. But how much pride I would gain if these things became so!


I have already said every prayer I need to to God. They are in my book Prayers to Become Lucifer.


I know that the world would be a better place with the more scientifically knowing. Even if just by a little people would learn about one field of science and tech or the other the world would greatly benefit.. granted they share their ideas. Granted they can come up with just a few things that were not thought of before. And that they share what they know in an eBook or something. But most people, nearly all of them it seems, don’t. They use things others created. Largely corporate based inventions.


Metal music sometimes plays very dark music and then goes off into more lightly hearted orchestral fare.

Movies do the same, as do books. It is obvious we need both to understand the other.


Cultures that are at the height of their magnificence have learned to incorporate both into their daily lives. Given the chance to over run things any singular thing will be driven into the ground and cause great harm to others. There’s never enough. We can observe this in the time of Jesus when the Old Testament was taken do seriously that to spit on the ground on Sunday was a crime. It was sewing a field on The Sabbath.


We have seen it in movies that one person or another has gone overboard in the thorough application of their beliefs, greatly harming others.


Better than good


People will go through darker phases and just ignore them. Or they would have wicked things all about them and not at all identify them as such. Like when nighttime comes. For them it is just natural. And some are unable to see that for what it is. It is for them regular. But we would all do well to teach others the difference between true evil and goodness. And bring them back into a life that is wholesome. One in which harm to them is not allowed.

Jesus used to go around saying it all of the time. He found a people blind in their iniquity. And when he pointed it out their was trouble.. for him. But he died to make his point. He arose from the dead. And I’m sure he has seen these things to this day. It is his chosen purpose to bring about good.

And I’m talking about the kind of good that is always good. But through him we have been appointed our place, for which no praise to him is ever enough. May our souls rejoice in our capture of The Middle Ground through Christ the Lord Jesus. And may we reign here for all time.

We are important. We give unto those who haven’t that which they need. We will never totally reject God or condemn others. We will not blaspheme but praise. We will live as uniquely as we were intended to and be the people Ya assigned us to be.

For Christian Satanism cuts through any weed far greater than Christianity or Satanism alone. It causes that which is evil to be good. It changes over-good (which is evil) into the proportion it should be. That it should contain, should have, to live and persevere. To no longer be blocked from it’s potential.

The world over was surprised by Jesus. Save only the fee like John the Baptist, knew nothing of what the Son of Man was to be. That John himself thought to be baptized by this man. Jesus was the one that desired to be baptized and knew it was the right way.. because of his heart.

But none knew. All were surprised. Some were doubting. Less they became. The majority for sure came to live his ways.

And the world is sure going to be surprised by us! They will doubt us. They will discredit us. They will begin to refuse us. As our presence will grow. And one day it will be that Christian Satanism is the way of life for most.


A cure is a cure. A cure is usually bitter sweet.

The heart desires sugar. The body desires water and nourishment.

The road is hard to walk until it has been gone down a ways. And be sure just why you are walking. Follow after your heart.

Reading begins slowly. Very mechanical. But the more you read the more natural the words appear before you.

One with a good heart would not sentence another to death. But by The Authority that person was, and lives were saved. But until these things come close to home, pray they don’t, but not until they do do we understand how horrible horrendous acts are.

We are as those that eat the forbidden fruit but instead of lying to God we bravely confess to what we did. And we ask for understanding for what we are. But that was the real crime after all—blame.


A new way of hearing music:

Let’s all consider listening to music in an unconventional way. In a certainly better way. In an imaginative a more versatile way. It makes music so much better. My love songs are for angels and God. My music is about Satan.. even though it was not at all originally created for them. So let’s “stretch the truth.” Or more like pull up something from nothing to give it meaning.

Here are some examples:


Music for God from me:

F.A. Sleep to dream; N.D. It’s my Life; A.O.S. History Repeats Itself; G. I’m only Happy When it Rains; S.M. In the Arms of an Angel; L.M. Dante’s Prayer; J.B. Doctor my Eyes; S.O. Don’t Cry for me Argentina; N.F. I’m Like a Bird; T.B. Eternal Flame; A.B. The Sign; G.B. Friends in Low Places.


Music For my Angelic Friends:

S.T. From this Moment; B.A. Everything I Do; A.D Better off Alone; A. Good Morning Sunshine; B. Human Behavior; B.M.G. Waiting for a Star to Fall; M.E. Come to my Window; D.L I Love You Always Forever; B. Hunter. M. I’ll Remember.


Music From My Angelic Friends:

M. Cherish + Like a Prayer; S.G. Two Become One; S. Spill the Blood; V.B. Boom Boom Boom Boom; A. We Belong to the Sea; A.G. Baby Baby; B. Human Behavior; C.J. Sweet Jane; D.P. Here you Come Again.


Music From God to Me or You:

E. Time; A.K. When You Say Nothing at All; M. Open Your Heart; S. By Your Side; L.S. All Around The World; L.A. I Never Promised you a Rose Garden; S. Fields of Gold; T.W. Too Close to Heaven; D.S. You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch; B.S. Still The Same; S.M. In the Arms of an Angel; P.J. Black; G.G.D. Name; P.A. Cold Hearted; The P. Every Breath you Take.


Music From/ About Satan:

J. Who’s Crying Now; M.K. About Her; T.P. Wrapped Around Your Finger; R. Diamonds; A. Sky Fall; M. Lucky Star; S.T. From This Moment; S. Fields of Gold.


And a list of music for Christian Satanists to share, or simply my music to you and them:

S. Rain

S. Supra Karma

R. Diamonds

P.B. We Belong

T.D. Loved by the Sun

T.C. Dreams

A.M. Hand in my Pocket

M. The Unforgiven

S. The Anti Christ—

L.C. The Futire

Sylvia Nobody

T.P. Heart and Soul

B. Earth Intruders

In music let your imagination thrive. It may be one single thought you are holding onto that remains pleasant even for a lot of listening. Think of things forming. Think up ideas while you are listening. That’s the one true trick to enjoying music just as much as you did when you were a child.

Ewe those moral – pushers, how I hate 'em! They thrive to push morals onto others. It is their life cause! They corner us that just want a good drink or cigarette after work. They amplify the dangers if gambling and obesity loud enough for the world to hear, shouting in our ears! Some of us are just here for the ride. Among some cussing is fine. For others they have gotten by just fine in life without Christianity- have even done so very well!


It’s becoming all the more true that people need to be given their own place. For whatever type of place they need, for their own type of people, without restriction. Without meddling from outsiders. It is such a fix to all of our current problems yet considered by those in power the last thing that should be done.


The rich are allowed to have their own place. A place that fulfills their every need. The world they specifically want. They even have their own flags and symbols behind them. And they can block out any person that they want to. They can outright throw them in jail for not complying.


I imagine a place of great freedom. That certain things are acceptable, whatever they are. And to go there you are expected to abide by these rules and customs. They may be a series of hotels on the road. They can be many and dispersed not so very far from one another. Those that make them their life travel from one to another, as in a circle. These places are generally the same, but different in some ways, allowing for diversity, some being a place of work, others perhaps entertainment alone, and some a place that is a feast, as this system requires to exist as well as it can be.

And that they graduate after years of traveling the circle, to retire in the center. With some remaining responsibilities, but given great wealth, as much as possible. If it makes people productive and rewarded for such then we will all benefit.

The government pays little attention to scientific advancements in their own. But these help humanity more than anything else. For some examples.. faster food production, more abundant and more easily gotten energy. And past things like vehicular travel and air flight. It brings about such things as working androids, self driving cars, and something that would be extremely useful: solid energy. But does the government pay for such developments? Do they find them? They want a philosophically based Utopia but that just isn’t possible. Only science and technology can bring about a utopia, save Jesus Christ himself. Yes inventing such things can make one rich. But they aren’t paid to sit and think them up, no matter it’s potential. No matter their potential.

There are no complains to invent the next best thing. There is no reading material giving them that. Inventiveness isn’t taught in school, nor encouraged.


The world today is one in which people are walking on eggshells with each other. People are taught that they should set boundaries and things. That it is reasonable to detest certain behaviors. There is a system of talking that has come about. And as a result to these things people feel offensive no matter how kindly the speak to each other. If they need someone to treat them a certain way or to be spoken to a certain way they are taught to express that. It’s all a jumbled mess. And for whatever other reasons people have become super sensitive. And I’m sure there are other reasons.

There are the kind of people that will freely be blatant to whoever they know. They are thrown into the picture. A person could freak out if they are touched upon the shoulder. God forbid you bump into someone on the street. They could take your head off.

Worse than any of these is the prevalence of selfish thinking. You are always being offended. They have no feelings at all. Even if they do, they don’t matter. You’ve gotten the worse end if the stick. They expect to much of you. They should be as sensitive as you are. And I’m afraid to say that I’m speaking from experience. I easily misconstrue things sometimes. My excuse is that I live with 25 people. But I make out well enough. I’m very socialized. We here are. But to go onto certain busses here in San Francisco you can experience horrible people.

When I got into the bus one day I noticed a woman who had her face covered. There was another person offending her in every way possible, saying one hateful thing after the other. Saying she had her face covered because she was ugly. Threatening her. Humiliating her. And I’ve gone through the same things myself.

There was a deaf man that was being yelled at. One person said that he was trying to say in sign language that he couldn’t hear them. I looked up his gesture and found out at home that was true. He wasn’t giving another person enough space. Were it me or any other more decent person I would have thought it enough. But others got in telling him to move somewhere else.

If I’ve seen just the least of it then things must truly be bad in the nation. Things are boiling over. And I’m keeping myself away from it as much as possible. I always feel like I am an audience to these people though, not a participant. I imagine that’s the way people are from one person and place to another.

Arguments are becoming rather common place between people. It can be expected that things will get worse. It is silence that will save you. That and absence. But more than those is understanding and compassion. A practice of non-selfishness.

Jesus said that in an eruption of anarchitic chaos that there will be people ready and those not so. That the ones who are not will go to them for help that they cannot afford. Like one person having prepared and gotten all they need while others who are not turn to them for help. He says that the one who is ready should not give to those who aren’t things they need for themselves. It’s like the story of the ant and grasshopper. The ant prepared for winter. The grasshopper goes to the ant for help and the ant says “I’ve warned you, but since you did not listen you will starve. But I will say a thing here that is perfectly Christian: gather things for those who are to face such dire conditions. And as a Satanist, especially for your friends or family.


Conditions have run amuck. Especially in the USA. And it has happened to the strongest nation’s in the past. Rome was once a great power. Then it was ransacked. And other nations took it’s place as the strongest power. I don’t personally think that any nation will hold the greatest power for all time. But it is possible. We have brought about equality. We’ve given about total religious freedom—certainly enough within reason. Hell, we’ve had the first C.O.S. here. We have very much freedom to speak as we wish. With the internet we can pretty much say anything apart from serious threats. And the freedom that people in a society expect and will fight for are granted here. If they weren’t there would eventually be civil unrest. A democratic nation is inevitable. But unfortunately the most disgusting things are sang as songs, either violently or with perversion. The most gratuitous violence is present in all forms of entertainment. And the problems we didn’t have in the 60s we sure have in these times. That and people moving away from Christian lifestyles.. particularly because it has made people selfish and self centered, has dealt a terrible blow on our civility.


It is happening in many nations. But much more in America. However it is happening elsewhere enough that the problem seems to stem from a global phenomenon. Yes the Middle East is largely at war. They see the worst of it – especially as rooted religiously. But that area has always been that way. My point is that either the world and humanity is in trouble or just a part of it. The whole world enveloped in anarchy would indicate the apocalypse. I’ve put together a lot of knowledge for you concerning the Apocalypse. It comes from the stance that “I just don’t know.” I have kept an open mind. I have very factually based theories. So do many others—very many others who claim to know the exact truth from that book. Some say that Revelations will unfold one way, and others another, some being a little different that others, others entirely different. And some say it has already happened. Those that say it’s already happened are certainly in the minority. But I can’t ignore the fact that the name of Nero can be calculated easily into 666. They had this technique back then that a lot of people were using to turn the letters of a person’s name into a number. Some say, well yeah you can turn Nero’s name into the number 666 but that’s just a coincidence. A coincidence? He was the emperor of Rome when John wrote that book! And John said “this takes wisdom.” That alludes to the fact that it is Nero’s full name that calculated into the number. His number can also be calculated into 616 which some ancient copies of scripture has it as.

As for a dark age I don’t suppose that’s possible. They dealt with The Plague because they didn’t quarantine, nor had drugs. Ebola is curable for most part. We have made too many scientific developments to restrict our well being.. to have our needs met. The ways of the people though is another matter.


My advice for the Christian Satanist is to be alone as much as possible. Or to create around you the Christian Satanic and have each member in your party component enough to have you thrive and survive together.





Remember points that certain products gave you in order to get one prize or another? How about a Church doing that?


Interlude Four



Some predictions for science and technology



First of all let’s imagine what AI can do once it can look at anything and know what it is. Whatever it is AI will know what it is, the things in front of it. And specifically at that.

For example people, books, minerals, from gold to diamond, or just aluminum, money too.

This would make many things possible.

A person could sell things to them. If they had a book the AI could scan it and by knowing what it is, offer a price for it. The guy sets down a book onto a table in front of it, the AI knows what it is and offers money for it. The person owning this machine takes the item and sells it. There could be a large table if things listed there according to what he wants to buy.

Knows what gold is. Knows what silver is.

And with AI knowing what you are doing, can observe physical work or chores and pay for them. In a household the kids could decide what they want to do and when, cleaning the table or dishes, and the AI knowing it was done would dispense money to that person.

The phone could take a picture of something. Retrieving online data, prices are offered for it. They mail it and are paid.



Second let’s go over how entertainment could be effected:


It’s already possible to “deep fake” something. That is to say, take any person's image and put it on another body (like from previously made video) essentially making it seem that someone else is the star of the show. When CGI becomes photo realistic—and maybe that’s not too far off, then all new shows and movies can be made that yesteryear were not possible. Unless you got spot on look alikes, but that's simply unfeasible. Whatever old show you can think of, from the 60s, from the 90s, could be made again. I foresee that in the future people will own rights to their image—a right more valid in the future. Old movies done the same, of course.

And if you throw into this AI and deep learning then it can become so developed as to make new shows and movies itself.

And AI could make new video games. They could auto compose for it. Naturally it would want just the right amount of adjustment to the music. And further down the road AI could produce new music.. be it new “bands” or recreation of former styles and voices.

This talk of auto creation is very broad. But just like a wood worker man ng your furniture or a machine, there is something more valuable for hand made things.


Third let’s consider “assisted learning.”


We have a lot of apps already available for things like math and grammar help. So I won’t cover those.

If scans improve well enough to identify a virus in your system and cancer, then you will have a prompt diagnoses. Maybe you can prove that diagnoses. Maybe you received it via online from a doctor’s office. And so are given treatment without ever having to leave home, save a trip to the pharmacy. Cancer is another story. Think vitamin deficiencies and such.

Its often be queried what comes after the needle. A penetrating scan would do. There are things that penetrate thick walls, obviously. Things that go through us. These are easy. They just look inside.

As for injections they are largely not necessary—if consuming the fluid of it by the mouth is good enough.


Fourth going over “greater space.”


Space as in “areas.” If construction becomes easier by a number of reasons: that mining is automated, mechanicals, that 3D printing improves, and that AI, robotics, and machines can work on their own.. then the result is that things can be created very freely. At just the cost of powering these devices and maintaining them. And power itself may be more abundant by the time.

So large buildings could be made, towering ones.

Space would be enhanced digitally. Like a VR area or a holographic based one. A small area can become boundless. People could be with you who aren’t really there. And these holograms could be just as real looking, not ghostly looking as commonly depicted to let the viewer know they are holograms.

And as well as solid energy could develop us just how well a person’s place could be. If they could produce things like beds or what have you, then a person’s room could stretch a thousand miles. Not that he’d have to walk as far. As a room could be adjusted very freely.

Chapter Five: Christian Satanic Axioms




















Christian Satanic Axioms


Balance and moderation is preferable to excess and absence. It is a dependable rule of thumb in most cases.


Contrast and variety is often essential to delight.


Absolute rules prevent us from reaching our potential.


Narrow-mindedness keeps us simple minded.


Restrictions prevent us from knowing and fully understanding.


One sidedness creates for us an enemy.


To be multi faceted is to be superior.


Existence works in twos, this is certain.. empirical.


To function in only one way is to function only half way.


To be more broad minded brings about friends and understanding.


To be one sided positions you into a war.


To speak more than one thing is to be heard by more people.


Bringing people together is never a bad thing, as for peace. To have people learn from each other is always a good thing.

It helps to think and consider both sides in becoming an individual.


There was a tree of death but also a tree of life.


The strangest things said are heard the best, sometimes.


Just by being a Christian Satanist you bring things together. Bring opposites together, always.


To be gray you don’t have to be Christian Satanic. We should find in these our cousins.


If you only serve half the people you are doing no good for the other half.


We have the opportunity to win for both sides.


You will stand out. You would invite many questions. You will arouse curiosity. You will be a part of the newest thing. You will prove better. You will be more broadly a wise person.. You will do so just by being who you are. Be open with your faith.


We go into the Lions den unharmed. We walk among the sheep peacefully. We feed off of the hypocrites.


We are a test, an experiment. We deserve to prove ourselves. As Jesus said, “Wisdom is justified of her children.”


We are not one person. We like all other groups will have among us the good ones and the bad ones. Not any one person or group makes up all of Christian Satanism.


Like a rose with thorns Christian Satanism is not to be taken lightly.


We walk in the day and also the night. We get to a further place.


We make nightmares into dreams. We have befriended the monster.


Humanity can no longer walk on one leg.


Even two wheels are needed. Even four. Right, left, below, above.


God appreciates the forthright. Guiltless people are no enemies to themselves for who they truly are.


We give to others the greatest freedom of choice.


We have fewer enemies. We do not create enemies from who we are, expect for those who would have them.


If your enemy came to you and told you they would help you, and you knew they’d do so without harm, would you keep them your enemy?


They oppose the Devil and yet enjoy the things he created.


A Christian is like The Titanic, they will push away all others to get into a life saving boat. And to those drowning they say, “Sorry but it is God’s way!”


Make it a rule not to let any one Christian Satanist have exclusivity over it.


Whether or not you like something the one-sided will never truly know.


The Christian Satanist buys Heaven and Hell and sells them for the Earth.


You can only move so far into one direction. Two directions go twice as far.


The Christian ignores the moon although it is always there. The Satanist does the same with the sun. The Christian Satanist lives in the night and the day.


We have the opportunity to win in both sides, our chances being doubled.


Whether side wins is their part. To take the spoils is our lot.


They can throw but one rock.

We don’t have to be Christian Satanic among any, we can be either if only for our safety. We are better at fitting in.


They add sugar to their drinks and are ashamed.


The Christian Satanist has never said that is sand, and built upon it.


The Christian Satanist is fully aware that seeds do their own job, and tosses them everywhere.


The Christian Satanist would wear gold or silver but s/he knows that crystals are more magical.


They know that something would work the other way, but instead decide to give up and do something else. They are those that are often interrupted. They take two steps forward and two steps back. They do the Do si do..


When someone is walking right into us we step to the side. All other religions have you running into people. And they have them walking with people who they really don’t want around sometimes. So they have an interest in witchcraft, if only as a studious point.. to “know their enemy,” and in effect close their eyes to what they can’t see.


They are said that through Christ they are without sin, but Christianity teaches you everything that is sin, of which there is an exhaustive amount of it. So they live in much sin.


When it’s time to go home The Christian Satanist cannot say that there is anyplace they’d go to where they aren’t already. They tell the boss they want to continue working and it is a thing that the boss is truly pleased to hear.


Those that the public have collectively demonized.. shut out.. spoken against the greatest, are sooner or later supported by a few and then by many, and many more.


When someone is accustomed to being evil in an evil world, their fascination of it is no more. Whatever is regular has little feeling behind it.


There are those intentionally evil and those who are naturally so. But it seems among the good it is almost always deliberately so.


There are those that are partially iniquitous without ever knowing it. But to identify that you are gives you greater control over it. You cannot control things you are unaware of.


There's such a thing as being too nice. In many forms of it. Being a crutch, sponsoring over sensitivity, and leaving yourself too open are all harmful to you and others.


The hero never dies but may be put to great shame. The wicked always die.. and always return.


They have something they don’t have. And they have something they want. But in Christianity and Satanism they may not exchange hands. Being in the middle causes it all to pass through you before it may go to the other.


We win at least half of the time.


They will ask themselves “there must be another way,” when trying to solve a problem that only a Christian can or only a Satanist can. More things come from Christian Satanism. Even if we are the minority, we put forth double the way and solutions.


We must provide the solutions we’ve each come up with that the most problems may be solved. Let us all think great thoughts to represent our kind the best that we can.

“No man can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be true” Nathaniel Hawthorne. But for us both are entered into freely. We keep ourselves open to being either like an actor of two parts. With the inner truth comes the greatest secret a person can keep.. can guard.. as sacred.


We are charged half the price in all we do.


If we can depend on each other to be highly vocal with our religion then we will get the farthest.


As much as we are well together is an equation to how much we will win, surpass other followers of other religions.


The best we represent our religion is the best it will be seen.


The best our thinking, the most intelligent we will be considered to be.


The more we speak and share our religion the more followers we will gain.


The more followers we gain the more that will be said of our religion and the more knowledge of it at our disposal.


Like in all instances of a thing new there is a dictate essential to our survival.. to live well and multiply.


And Christian Satanism is just one gray formula among countless others.


We in being proponents halts at fighting any battle for one or the other. That contradicts itself because we want both to survive and do well. Therefore when the two are fighting we remain neutral in the matter. We may, however, oppose total destruction of either.

Lead a person into themselves if you desire to change and influence another. At the same time have them meet a potential. They just need to welcome that potential.


In predominance the land they could not go to was seldom entered into. But when they gained the freedom to they found the richest of places. Then going there could not be stopped. Not until they squeezed out every resource did they consider returning to their previous land. And once they did the same thing occurred again.


Even greater than Satanism does Christian Satanism represent religious freedom.


Some will gawk at you. Some will scoff and deride you. And then later may become curious about you. Others will simply be curious about you. Some will be open minded about you. And others will be sure you are from The Devil himself. In all of this one thing is powerfully true: Christian Satanism is an irresistible term!


For a thousand years they came to know the way very well. All were prohibited from knowing any other way. They called the others lost. And would not allow anyone to go that way, to be in that place.


The greatest riches are mostly inherited. But those that brought about their own wealth have earned it. Salvation is given free. The Christian Satanist earns the rest.


The naturally guiltless will be held less accountable by Holy Forces. God really does respect the bold, forthright, and daring.


Imagine a Church with Christian Satanic imagery and components. But The Devil has always snuck himself into the Church. Whether from the bellowing organ or Christian Metal, or adopted Pagan elements.


How startling it would be to hear the most wicked metal coming from the Church of God. And our potential to shock is at its zenith.

And so many will talk about this Church of God in which the Devil sits. But they will not see in him an adversary no more, but instead as an entity of compromise. And a place of union. And undeniably intolerable.


Remember: our playground is larger, more full. Don’t post about restrictions on others to play their just as they would. Our library is more diverse. Never prevent us within them from reading what we wish to. Our work, personalized. Our intentions within our own hearts a private matter.


The End is Here but only in terms of Christian Denominations. It is the beginning of the end. But after the end comes the new The Age of The Grey Belief.


To enjoy both night and day. To enjoy both sun and rain. But also to wear as much clothing as you wish, that is the Christian Satanic way.


We don’t split things down the middle. They do. We keep the piece intact. If we are naturals we don’t use glue. We don’t meld it together. We are just as one. We naturally generate both sides. Not a half piece. We are truly Whole and As One.


They work halfway at all times. They are always shedding skin. And it gets very messy. All over the place half skins. They sometimes can’t keep their selves together. They fall apart.


They are like astronauts that have traveled into space two thousand years in one direction. They are so far away. Yet we remain. And the other side has begun to do that in the other direction. But here on Earth, we remain. And if they wish to know us they can only find out about us through us. We are their only true connection to the World. We are the only ones through which the Earth may be known and spoken of.


Take to task the things that need to be perfected in order that humankind survive and thrive, live peacefully and do well. And disseminate all things that bring about destruction. Dismantle them and reverse them in the name of progress. Progress is these things: well being, survival, peace, tranquility, and most of all development.


The Concluding Message:


“The Church of a message in or on something” like religious graffiti.. when legal.. is a good idea. Slip a note into a book or somewhere else, and let us in the future bring them all together. It can be notated music, poetry, prayers, philosophy. All given the title Christian Satanic. Let’s make a Bible of these, and books of music (hymns) and art. As for art that can be drawings on paper or done on canvas and carefully tucked away. Just have some indication they were created by a Christian Satanist.


Remember that the rules of the world were made by different people. You may not naturally adhere to their standards or customs. You are a new entity in the world.. A Christian Satanist, on a new world as much as that is so for us. The world in which we live and operate has just begun. These are the words of a child speaking to a child soon heard by adults and then spoken better.


Christian Satanism isn’t held exclusively by one person. People will listen to who they wish to among us. And as popularly as I must be among you, I am not it’s only speaker- may all of us speak and be heard among each other.


The tools to proliferate Christian Satanism may be in your bed room. And that which isn’t should be easily enough obtained. You will know what to use and how to use it just with a little thinking. It can be stamps and envelopes, just paper and pen, various uses of internet, song writing and performance, art shared in various ways, but it all comes down to mouth and hand.


Be as Legend among us. The originator. The developer. Those that share. Those that teach. Those that preach. Those that build. Or just those that sell—as you wish. Give to us exposure and together we will share the Earth we made for ourselves, the lives we probably desire and prefer, and deserve will be ours one and all.


I am a man of this cause and have written relentlessly on it. And have excelled in it’s practice, for sure. Fix them grammatically. Share my words and books freely. The eBooks are free. All of my writings are in public domain. And if you can reproduce my books, please do so, and distribute them – with or without profit.


My knowledge came at a high personal price, for sure. It was brilliance finding it’s way through madness. During solitary confinement I came up with my Principle List, also known as The Principality List, which I have included at the end of this book. And other ideas like the one I have for a new economic system. While homeless. Sometimes just while being locked up and alone for months with just my thoughts. They came from an adventuresome life. Toilsome to more accurately describes it in some cases. Moving all around constantly, city to city, state to state. Furthermore my writings stem from a strict individuality and highly selective influences. And the fact that I had been thoroughly Christian, fully Satanic, and have gone back and forth, Christian Satanism simply became the best choice for me.


As I’ve said the quality of Christian Satanism is it’s diversity and promise. God has appointed us the owners of this realm “The Middle Realm,” rather than vacating and destroying it into what would truly be an evil act of creating “void and nothingness.” It says the fate for one kind and another in the Bible. It didn’t mean that there would only ever be two kinds. And naturally the third of one kind.. one kind of twos, that is, comes later. I cannot say what becomes after Christian Satanism. I can’t imagine such a thing. I cannot see that well into the future. It will be a long time coming however. In the meantime our rule over the Earth and possession of it is beginning to take place.


Christian Satanism is provocative. It arouses curiosity, has many things asked of it. It will be for some desirable, though they don’t know it. But for most they will desire it, however much this fact is hidden from them personally. Heaven and Hell created it. It’s ways have been balanced out. In arguments. Demands, and relinquished demands, in assertions. In compromise. In the other realms. Where time stands still. And having it incorporated into my thoughts the most natural and subtle, yet surest of ways that I pass them all down correctly. And I’ve sensed it so. Very clearly sometimes. And I’ve rehearsed it through them. I was told it in another realm. I was given great and lengthy elaborations on it. As to what is to be said. To have held it in my mind while I was a wondering mad man. Sometimes not really sure where I was. And I repeated in my mind these things knowing someday that I was to write them out. As I’ve been doing. This is the twelfth book on the topic. And they’ve poured forth from me quickly and easily.


Now it is our time to shine and be seen. To be heard and to practice this gift unto the world. The philosophy for those of Earth. The exception to the rule. The way of the Christian Satanist. And to find out it’s potential for all of us, and each other.


I was set on this path from my earliest years of life.


And the world is our oyster, not theirs!


Scatter far and wide and all around things of our religion. Like philosophy, art, music, hymns, and also ideas. Scientific ideas, technological ideas, the best that you can come up with. We will collect them and publish them in the future. We will actively look for them.

Make one city Christian Satanic and then another, refusing to be moved, but doing great things for the people. Earn a good opinion from others. Just don’t sacrifice the core aspects of your faith. Write and write some more, as a book speaks ultimately more than a drawing or painting, a song or whatever else. But always remember the importance of scientific and technological developments in this world. It is the best way to improve our lives here. We were given in incredible and vast resources. It will lead to Paradise. A true utopia. And no other thing can give us that. We are responsible to make it so.


In their beginnings all other religions were scoffed at and ridiculed, opposed, and derided. Those things people considered to be absurd often proved them wrong. They came into being. Thrived. And no longer could be spoken against at least as being insignificant.. unimportant.. impossible.. invalid.



I’ve myself have been saved. The worst thing if my life may have been having lice from head to toe. I had them for a total year if my life. I placed them into a bottle to torture them. I hated them so much. They drink your blood like it is milk. They are bastard babies. I was homeless. A person gave me some money and right away I went into a store and bought Raid. I stripped nude, as much as I could in public, and sprayed myself with the whole bottle. It didn’t kill them. The head shampoo they gave me in jail didn’t work either. Fortunately they became fewer and just gone away one day.

I came to the end of my rope some years ago and drank bleach, sprayed Raid and even oven cleaner into my mouth. The clerk came up to me and had a sad expression like “what a pity,” but I was gone before anyone showed up (if anyone did.)

In isolation for a month I was mostly nude. They’d have me wear a Gumby suit. It was very cold. I was not medicated as I needed to be. And so I was mad. I came up with some brilliant ideas. But many things likely just delusional, too, and so trapped within fantasy. And I mean it was cold. This over head vent only let out cold air. They do that in jails to reduce infections. So I spent hours and days and weeks just circling around going over thoughts. For a short time I had paper and figured out certain things using it as it had called for. Had always been a paper person one who could formulate ideas better using it. One thing that I cannot do without certain psychiatric cocktails is sleep. I absolutely cannot sleep without it. And I had gone a year without sleep at one time because of it.

I had my mind trapped. I would lay down at night having one terrible thought or another depending on that night. My mind thinks just one thing. Not thinking though—more liked is fixed upon something for a few hours. That’s the way I used to sleep. It wasn’t sleep though. It was being stuck on one thought unchangeably until a few hours past. The worst one was of an African man having a fruit bat in his hand. He was suffering from starvation. I felt myself to be that man. I had a fruit bat in my hand. All I could think of was “I don’t want to eat this.”

But on the other hand music and TV made me euphoric. I could listen to certain songs and sob intensely while it was playing. Or felt just plain high while hearing it. While not on drugs. An extreme feeling of elation, I could accurately call it. And as for TV I was mystically and deeply involved with the images and stories presented. If there is magic in intense emotions then I must have evoked things.

So believe me I have been dealt a lot. Christian Satanism does not at all come from some simple and plain state and I hope you see that reflected in it.

I’d always been visualizing things. Much of it so strongly that they didn’t seem to come from my own imagination but from an alien source. Most people, most adults anyway, will not think anything at all about the clouds overhead. And while medicated I am the same way, unfortunately. But I used to see images—like the Angel of Death, and of a man holding up a tablet with a flying machine swiping it and doing his will. That’s of clouds. But I’ve imagined some very cool things like “The Tower of Boom,” that looked upon those at its doors and had a voice booming down onto them. I’ve imagined being Adam in the Garden of Eden. I’d think often of being married to iniquity. Just like in the Christian sense. But instead of wine for blood and bread for body candy for food, some cake and.. mostly sugary stuff.

And I had come up with my ideas of an alien race those I called from Orion. They began in me early on. Must have been around 7 years old. I’d always picture the land of my choice like filled with games. Those turned into ideas I had about an alien race I called The Orionites. But much more recently I started seeing other races. The Sefrans, The Pippins, Linkins, and Lerians. When I was a teenager I began considering that space is without boundaries and as such any imaginable world could exist. Could be multi trillions of light years away.. but with so “much” (limitless) space, everything of every idea must be present somewhere. And I found out later this is a valid scientific theory. For totally nothing to exist is less feasible, I’d say. Nothing being in a completely literal sense.

And if you have faith they can hear you, then they can.

Anyways I have spoken of these in my “Books of The Five Planets,” of which 5 books have been written. And like with all my books they are free.


And lastly, let me go over a few of the things I’ve taught elsewhere more fully. That is, the best things I have learned covered much more briefly:

Trash Writing is an occult practice of writing certain things like prayers, art, or just homage to the deities you like most. I like to include Santa Muerte.. the “Forbidden Catholic Saint.” After you’ve written them have them preserved on some manner and throw them away or place them into some cranny. I like to tack on a foreign coin with tape to these and ask for what I want in return. My advice is just to do it your own way. Which, as a creative thing to begin with, is best as individually decided.

Know your tastes. Think in “best of” terms. Ask yourself “what is the best food?” “The best books, movies?” Consider a broad amount of things and decide what you like the best on an intuitive basis. If you either don’t like much, don’t know much about what you could like, and things like that, there will be less in the world for you.

Think in bright side terms. Think about the goodness of things. Find the best reasoning, too. Better than that, build up great pride like through self supportive thinking.

Your twelve names are the names of your strongest and best loved influences. They can be villains or heroic, or neither. This is just having a ready list in a “what would ( ) do?” manner. They don’t have to be twelve. Can be the best number you come up with

Taste Magic is a combination of tasting with visualizing. Each food/candy/drink giving you a certain thought to visualize with, as you so choose.

Remembering everything is possible with a thin basic dictionary (plain and every day used words.) Whatever word you see from letter to letter use to remember with.

Then there is The Principality List. A Principality of who? You may ask. It is of your friends or family. But for cohesion among us and in the tradition that it was made these are given from the oldest to the youngest and fitting your own self in accordingly. But to make it more flexible and with individuality, you can make an all new set of four items for yourself (as you’ll understand “four” below.) Ones an animal, one is a color, one an item, stuff like that as you’ll see.

Here is The Principality List with instructions on how to use it beneath:


Person One: Red, Hand, Staff, Bird

Person Two: Bear, Bee, Cane, Brown

Person Three: Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Person Four: White, Ring, Goat, Thief

Person Five: Joker, Gold, Pig, Sword

Person Six: Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

Person Seven: Yellow, Rodent, Lord, Wind

Person Eight: Bomb/Blast/Wand, Beast, Black, Fox

Person Nine: Yellow, Dust, Horse, Road

Person Ten: Assassin, Word, Creature, Lion/Tiger

Person Eleven: Blue, Elephant, Spirit, Stone

Person Twelve: Dragon, Mask, Purple, Wolf/Dog.


And an all new one:

Gray, Pouch, Monkey, Water.

And that one was not so new really. I had left them out in making the others. And now they have been put into it’s own. So this one may be referred to as born from the others.


How these are used is very simple. They are identified in the music, the books, the movies, stories, the shows, you watch. Even in video games you play or observe.

But the effect is potent.. powerful.. useful. Scenarios are made by them. And occult kind of understanding is taken from it. It helps you build stories as well. It gives you an idea of relationships. It provides an all new type of people as given out to your loved ones.. is a gift unto them.
















38 A.C. Lucifer Jeremy White

Public Domain

San Francisco, California.

I can be found online under my name.


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