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Mastering Christian Satanism

Lucifer Jeremy White












Mastering Christian Satanism

2019 By Lucifer Jeremy White

Public Domain















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Lucifer Jeremy White.

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This marks the second day of August, the year 38 from the time 1980 of November- if you are going by my own personal year date, of which we all have one.

The day of the first “yesterday,” was for me a year in one night. During the night in bed I was away and have come back into the regular here, with much to be said. As, during that one night that had me away for a year, I have brought forth a message from hell.

Please do be at peace. I do not want to alarm you with disastrous news (unless you are against us) for us it is all news good. The Devil does not want to have you off guard, and so this book is being written. Through it you will be prepared.

Although it is just a fancy thing to say that HOLY BIBLE stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth,” as, perhaps it is, though actually Bible is just a word to mean a book of many books. However, this book truly is one that will have you prepared before you join us, shortly. All news cannot be good. In most places it is gotten, it is not. But here it is. Chaos may sprout up like a daffodil for some. For others it springs up like winter.

Let’s take a part in that ceremony in which we feast on the rotten flesh of society- if not there, literally, then there in spirit. The Devil has not been understood properly by the Christian- who, because of closed mindedness has left any possible goodness separated from their identities of him. But it is him given the bowl of wrath. The bowl, as it were back then, just as well called a cup. But God avenges all.

The true sign of the apocalypse is utter chaos. Not one fallen nation but many. Where differences are irreconcilable. Where the people themselves are one of two kinds: those crying out and those bringing forth misery. Well actually there are those somewhere in between, too.

He who made the Lion and the tick is He who inscribes Let Them. There is a true side to things that few will know. I, for the first time, will write them.

We were appointed this place with such great resources and taught use them. And, in turn, teach them that gave them to us. And were it not for “death” very little would be done. Those that have been given an important purpose and so do, seem to live forever. Infallible where they ought be. They will walk a lonely path but be joined. They will create outward ever growing the world of “their” design. They will be remembered forever. Even worshipped! But let’s no less Revere the angels from whom these things were given them.

A new age is coming upon us. Anyone who knows that knows it well and sure. Things have been tossed up in the air. Things are being resorted. New calculations are being made. New ways are being instilled into society. And they are not those things of Jesus. He, who ruled the world for 2,000 years is becoming invalid. Even regarded as a poison! Scientific progress multiplies forth with ever larger digits. As two creates a third, a third creates a sixth.

In some ways this is troublesome. But like from the grave God will return, finding Himself at unrest. If it is only a handful who die, don’t be mistaken, God feels pain greater than you and I. Are those just a handful to be forgotten?

We must move forth wisely. As we are committed to doing no wrong and no wrong do we do, then we should be well enough be considered blameless. But we’re it one life we could save but cower instead, that very thing can cost us our souls. So help those hurt along the road.

If you have to smoke a cigarette along the way do not feel troubled, not at all. It will not cost you your soul. A beer, a smoke, a gamble, a fornication, has never cost one his soul.

If you are going to be in it then be in it all the way. Just do not hurt the innocent. But then, why would you? I do however feel strongly that God has a sense of honor, and will allow us that. However, keep your commitments to the fallen angels in any case. I will even be introducing them to you soon. Perhaps in my next book. You can be sure I know them very well.

We just have two different forces rushing forth. Those that were called into salvation will be taken upwards, the other driving themselves downward, going to where they choose to be. And it has always been upwards and downwards, but it is becoming left and right too. Lucifer’s cause of perfection has been accepted as laid out, as long as it continues to work and work right. The rest, really, are those who are damned, into eternal servitude of God. In perpetual adoration of Him. Let’s dispense of this view of hell as an eternal hot pit. Remember the one that spoke of that term – his words always meant something else entirely. There are dragons and wizards and things in that same book. They are agreed that those aren’t literal. But the Christian person wants the hell to be literal. And believe me, it is a handful of humor, a sprinkling of cowardliness (better do what The King says!) with a contradictions pouring over.

God has planted His crops, he is pulling them up, and He is leaving the soil behind. The have grown in His radiance. They will continue to. Lucifer, too, is a radiant light, and so the name implies. Son of the morning star, the second creation, the first creation after God.

There are multiple perceptions to not feel so offended by the unruly. One is to take it as an audience- another is to know he’s going to have a hell of a bad time getting out of that behavior. The end of them is no rainbow. They will be met with force and find themselves without help. Some will not at all like the show they are putting on, but I do. Sometimes, anyway.

They are driven into sides. Newly liberated ones, former ones, to some shame, to some pride, depending on who you have around. Though from very far away you are always near others of this Earth because of internet and such. Without power or at least esteem of the group, maybe from outside it too, there’s little worth in it. It is a hand in hand derivative of strength. And misery loves company and that company is freely invited to come in. To come about!

I have decided to make my company with the crazy. Among they with whom you may pick the nose. I don’t feel better of left alone but I have found myself very able to be alone even among others.

But it has always surprised me that the human person can view the majesty if this world and it’s profoundly intricate machinery and claim that there are no gods, no higher beings in another word, or any sort of creative being with God like power. They do accept such in terms of aliens and outer space stories but not on any pre exiting religious basis. It seems that they too need religion. They need things to have meaning. There is. It’s just hidden. Most will grow up and die before they are seen. I however, have talked to these higher intelligences. I will tell you all I know about them in a future book. Not that I am giving away any secrets. But that they will have it said through me. And it may seem currently that I am becoming lost in translation. But there are certain things to know before I proceed. You’ll know them all very quickly from now, in fact.

Oh how limited is human perception! How much is neglected. How emotionally driven and occupied he is- mostly with worry and bitterness. But true is the person who stops and breaths realizing that there are greater things than the here and now outright presents us with. There is a force behind us actively working, always. There is the passing into that realm quickly after death. The stars have meaning- the heavens show things. The mechanisms of the world operate largely on these things separate from us. They have in fact a great influence on what was before, what is now, and what is to become. They shape the world. We think that we do. But no, it is those invisible powers that subtlety bind and bound us into the future that they wish to form.

The best ingredients to making contact with these outer forces is visualization and contemplation. The more an abyss is peered into the more light given it, and as thoughts are shared they begin to connect.

It is a time of war. With all that’s been said against it every nation strong and week must have it. It may seem “uncivil,” the attack on a weaker nation in any scum bag way, but the world doesn’t want peace. Human beings on an individual basis are always wanting to lash out at others. It is foolish to think those same people, given power, will not have it unused.

Applying the dictum that which does not kill us makes us stronger – choose your poisons. Be liberated! I advice against drugs. But drink what is called the snake oil remedies, made in such a strange way. Put into your body things foreign that are found in modern things such as dietary supplements. It is Man’s reward. He who has conquered the Earth and takes from it all things- eating jelly fish so to speak, or consume ground up shark cartilage, has received the prize. And the prize may either be taken or denied.

Move into the future with at least a little (I should say modest) amount of scientific knowledge.

I found great importance in losing faith altogether, striving to be presented proof. I prayed. I performed rituals. And my entire living body in seeking that proof was given it. At a young age I’d perform some very effective magic. My power of magic was naturally there and high. Not to brag, really, but I was on a different level than was typical. Of course Saint Paul was always confessing that he was not a braggart- but he truly was. And I found results. I became entangled for awhile in the world of Satanism. I lived and talked with, among others, Satan Himself. They didn’t think highly of me to begin with. I had tough conditions to deal with. I had to improve as a human being. I had high standards to conform to. But I met them. And they all became my friends. I could be talking to a stranger and it turns out to be one or another. However at the cost for f my soul. As that is what I sold my soul for- simple communication with these forces. I at least do not have to be as one fearing death. And my existence is truly enriched because of it. If you want the same then you must do as I did. But believe me there are few and far between those who accomplish it.

Well actually maybe not all that uncommon really. The “Schizophrenic” hear and speak to “voices” as they are called in the psych field. Along with the term “hallucinations,” that is- which go hand in hand when speaking of this condition. Anyone around these kinds for any length of time will see whole conversations being shared between them and the things speaking in their minds.

One thing you should have done before entering hell is to have decided upon your new name.

Do you know what “time” is? This questioned has baffled many. But all that it is is “processing.” You can say it takes ten minutes to walk to a place. You can say it takes just a few to drive there. You can say that light speed is the fastest process nature knows. You are told a sentence. It is seemingly understood instantly. That is your instance speed. But computers can make trillions of calculations at once. And if you’ve ever wondered how God can be all places at once and hear all prayers at once, He isn’t really. He understands a thick book in the time it takes a human to understand one word. When you learn to first read you may look on one word for a few minutes before you do, but later on you can read a whole sentence almost right away.

It has been observed that things such as viruses shouldn’t be able to think and feel and such. It has been proven that fruits have feelings. But how can a fly have feelings really? These tiny brains in them shouldn’t capacitate it. Well- no, it isn’t the brain that gives us such things, not altogether, anyway. But as the soup filters through the brain feelings are made. We think as a soul with a human brain essentially.

Chapter One: A Run Down of Things























Expect turbulent weather- scattered storms increasing. Expect violence to unfold. Look into the sensitivity of people – see how it grows! Every body is allotted a portion of bad day. That until they wake up one morning with rage – God knows what they will all do after that point. Anarchy may or may not increase, bit it’s something that may speed up. For some it may be the only resort. For those with wisdom the problems of these are greatly reduced. Even if we are made to follow the advice of Christ – to do such a shameful thing as turning the other cheek. But the other option is more foolish. That is, to join in on the destructiveness of it all. Dear Satanist live to fight another day! In fact only fight as much if you must. We who are there when the dust has settled will represent the greatest of all people.

The worst one may expect is that he or she be harmed by a lie. Through reporting falsely things you never did. In solidarity it seems, comes the best potential. To not be caught up in all of the madness going on.

When people become too paranoid to even walk about a variety of things may result.

First, people will force upon others a moral standard. It is in fact why morals come about in society. Until they are absent long enough to be needed again.

Second, the gap between the lesser and greater crimes will be narrowed.

Third, people may be stretched beyond their limits.

Forth, people will start looking into a new cause, one of their own (for their use) in order to find protection. What you can call “The Greater Sanction.”

And people will be driven into groups.

Those groups will demand as much attention and sympathy as possible. Or may just simply be seen a suitable refuge from the outlining madness in the world.

And fifth, delusions will sprout up from the stressed, the weaker – minded. Conspiracy will abound which a more perceptive mind could better wrap their fingers around.

People will feel rather lacking. They will endorse goodness. But without it they’d prefer to think more about strength. They will dream of the days of good if they ever knew them. They’ll complain about the current state of things and look into what caused such widespread degradation.

But who aloft in a cloud could explain these things better than religion?

The more you tinker with things the more disaster you can expect. A disruption of things, that is. That includes areas of science and technology, particularly physics, but includes things such as society too. They are meddling in things they shouldn’t. Physics wasn’t meant to be such a thing as a toy. It reaches beyond what they know, and the more it is done the more things are unraveled and misadjusted. They are creating a breakdown!

Conditions in the apocalypse are bitter sweet to be sure. On one hand you have some rather wonderful technology. Food is more abundant than ever from any source. The future looks promising in most ways. But, in terms of civility, the same certainly doesn’t apply. And that humans are worse than ever, nothing can quite ever make up for the absence of goodness and decency. Most people under religion will regard it as one last show. “Finally,” they say, “things are coming to an end!”

The Devil had the best trait that of him is often over looked, and that was his subtlety.

And also to warp things to his favor.

And to guide things into where they should be in the long run.

The Holy have prophesy. And they are good and well with it. They can calculate outcomes. But there have been very few of them since the beginning. Most were not actual prophets but mad men. Only a handful has been able to calculate the distant future. The Satanist, though – you could say the intellectually gifted, determines outcome based on the knowledge they have as they are so able, if at all. But I am speaking from many minds. I have been told it. I have been asked to carry it. I have been made to memorize it in not only one way but many, to be sure that that dream I woke from would not be forgotten once I awoke back into my bed. Through all I have a very well working memory.

Now answer this question: what results from a mix of pleasure and hatred? We know that people are becoming more hateful, right? On one hand is that, on the other is pleasure – with the food and personal devices, with far more forms of entertainment. It is like while they are being hateful a song is playing in their ears! You know when you feed a dog that dog is so trained. Whatever goes hand in hand. People don’t have active feelings and thoughts that separate one from the other. It sure would have been wise to restrict the commodities from those who wouldn’t work or do well.

I personally believe in the new social credit system forming in China. That those who do good in society will be rewarded. The better you are there, the more privileges you have. The more despicable the best. Oh! Some say, there’s no equality in that!

So right after a man yells at another he takes a drink from the sweetest juice humankind has ever known. It puts a good taste in his mouth. And when he is feeling down, he goes across town zipping along in a vehicle to get some junk food.

There sits a council of goat’s to whom you must answer to before you pass through the gates of Hell. And those that are not accepted are lost in limbo until needed – if they are so fortunate to be needed at all. Sometimes the goats are reasonable, sometimes they are not. I’d rather say they are wise enough to know where you should be and go, but some characteristics are gravely frowned upon by them. One such thing is untrustworthiness. And that is a common test they place upon you. So will you lie or will you boldly tell the truth into them? You may be expected to confess every terrible sin you cast upon others in your lifetime.

They may say to you on that day “you are a loathsome lot,” or they may tell some of them “you never understood anything about us,” and inquire where you are coming from. But those who have the best characteristics will be given a throne upon which no harm may ever again come upon them. Some will be given a room. Maybe one small. Maybe one large. And the best handful out of everyone will be given a tower – a palace.

And if you are to be qualified it may serve you will to conceptualize the best possible place. Perhaps in your wishing and diligence you will be given it.

With all said of damnation the greatest damning trait does not seem like it would be, but is. That is, individuality.

Hell is like traveling down a lonely road. You have one with you sometimes, even a few, usually three or less. And people may go and be replaced for awhile. You may come upon a house and feel most invited into. And there you may relax and commune, discuss and ruminate. You may have at best great food. And the world goes on with little or no concern to you and yours.

I think I am preparing you in all ways. Solidarity may bar you from heaven. But in hell you will find your comfort. There will be no slander or jealously towards others. Not seriously anyways. Not in a way that can do harm. God will not be found there. And due it much freedom found. When it is you’ve found eternity anything done can be done in full.

Humans tend to think things like sex are dirty. The Hellians think that sharing of intellect is dirty. Ones thoughts going into another’s head and back into their own what a dirty thing! Individuality is appreciated. Is expected, is better for things there.

One area of Earth will be given to the sinners. It is the greater area. The other area, that makes up Israel, will be Gods Earthly Kingdom. America was found to put this into order. We the PEOPLE indicates those of Satan. And it was always destined so, I would guess. I guess destiny was always certain. The New World is what the word “America” means. The government will be collected. It will be united worldwide. Except for Israel which will become it’s own STATE apart from the rest of the world. Seemingly miraculously, too, will that be. All the world is governmental really except for the strange case of The Vatican. But The Vatican will become The Devil’s Capital in the world. That place which once occupied Rome. I believe the Devil intended it all along. The most Satanic society that ever was (Rome) will return as such.

That will result from some quarrel. It isn’t so much the pre existing importance of an area so much as future potential worth. In other words whatever area is fought most strongly for becomes by that very act becomes.. most important.

And believe me God would have it so. And the Devil knew he would. Let me explain: is it Rome that is the Christian Capital of the world? Well, use the word Catholic if you want. No, no, Israel was always the centrifuge of it all. And Revelations of the Holy Bible echoes it’s continuing pittance forward, all the way into Armageddon. And as it states that Gods Kingdom will be there, why would anyone believe it to be somewhere in Rome? The Catholic state couldn’t take it’s shoes off in Israel. Couldn’t to this day. So things are unfolding just as they were always meant to.

On the outside of Israel are the dogs, the liars, the sinners, and really this discussion can go on forever but I will end that here.

Except to say that Israel is without it’s King. Is a democratic nation in the Middle East, whose King will return soon to claim what is his. And maybe someone before then will try to take it, I can’t really say. But it all goes to show you just how often right the Holy Bible has said what will become is becoming.

There are one of two purposes for being here on Earth. The first or in whatever order is to prove yourself worthy of God. That is done through a Christian mentality.. which usually takes a lot of inner strength, can be a rejection if the world they were placed upon. The second is The Devil’s purpose. Likely that is your purpose for being here if you are reading this. That is to enjoy the Earth, essentially keeping it. But shouldn’t be without meaning if you are to mean anything. After all a meaningless person is still meaningless no matter what the Christian says. That is the cause of perfection. It has been an often enough test to see how people learn with what they are given. To be given less and learn thereunto it’s best use truly creates an person apt with intelligence. The resources on this Earth are extremely many. The existence of it’s greatest use to come surely does point out the only utopia that humankind can create.

A Christian is readily forgiven by another Christian. If it is a true Christian, anyway. We Satanists must get by better than that. But if a person truly likes you, they will be naturally forgiving anyways. And if there is any kind of friend you truly have, it is such a person. Still, with enough f—k ups even they have their limits against you. As a result friends among Satanists are at best naturally the best.

I was at one time very well infused with a nature of darkness. I had what could be called an emotion of it not normally felt by human beings. Ah well to it being gone. It has shifted to a softer nature. Let me explain, I used to be influenced by heavy metal. Those that were more satanic than the others. I still idealize the Satanic, only through, well, a broader range of music. Even pop. My identification of angelic beings, those fallen angels, has acquired a more friendly basis to it. Something seldom anymore violent. But I would propel the return of Christ in order that things be more situated upon Earth between the “good and the “bad.” The pot has been cooking long enough – let’s have a taste!

I become very meditative towards music. My imagination is richly triggered by it. And for me is a form of magic.

Much of magic is based on faith. If you can “fool” yourself into believing it will work, it usually will.

There is a ranking system that fits into it just about every imaginable type. There are countless souls to have as many – a myriad. They are without count. For every type of person – specifically, there is an appointment and place given him / her. So my best advice is to be yourself as uniquely as that may be.






Chapter Two: A Compilation of Axioms.




















Chaos Magic leads to a renewal of things. Late in all nations and societies it’s time has come. It is inevitable. It will propel evolution. It will create a new people after the dust has settled and chaos Magic has done all that it can.

The Person of Chaos is the one that has within their life an abundance of contrasting things. The effect of that shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s practice is simple. It is to eat and drink many different things. It is to fill the body with many things foreign to it. And it goes far beyond diet. If you like, herbal supplements too. And includes things such as rotating hot and cold showers. In some ways the person of chaos mocks death itself. And is a practice to build strength through the incorporation of diversity.


Let those who will be called leaders be those of great endurance and strength. And, at best, remarkable in perspective, proven in individuality, and surpassing in resilience.


If we are here but for a season then let us not waste time in accomplishing much day by day. What you are best at, that do. Be effectively social. Organize great purposes effectively.


Remember the Devil’s great trait of subtlety.


Agree and keep friends. Disagree and forge an enemy. Praise and win over. Slander and lose another.


Do what it takes to get through any negative position you are caught up in.


Take delight in silent understanding. Whether you are alone or among others process the events of your life. And with your understanding optimally move forward.


Be prepared for the worst. Have what you believe you will need in the worst circumstances.


Simply sit and wait. As you wish things to be take consideration to how they may come about. Be full of desire because those who want little will find little.


Pick your battles well. There are those on this Earth that can destroy you. They must be past by softly. The way of life should be survival first of all. Find your most appropriate arena, one in which you cannot lose.


Have yourself invested into a brighter future. Save what proportions you may need to that that be so.



In magic belief is essential. By faith comes the most powerful working of magic. The names you call upon and your understanding of their nature/ attributes, will make the difference between working and none working magic.


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