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Lucifer’s Satanic Bible

By Lucifer Damuel White

Lucifer’s Satanic Bible

By Lucifer Damuel White

2022 Lucifer Damuel  White-

San Francisco, California.


Book One:

The Satanic Book


A portrait of this book

0 Life Under The Sun.

It had manifested early on in music theory, the supposition of the tonal triad.

It was observable (evident, recognizable, bare faced, public ) that three tones gave life (soul – viability; anima) to the spoken (the inducing) tones – more accurately the speaking tones that own and control the life of the other tones (in a scale of music) the tonal triad. Without the tonal triad music – it is dead, inert, Inanimate and sourceless, without creation.

But how do we understand this? How do we cull worthwhile knowledge from it, that knowledge applicable, helpful, broad? Well we will.

1 Washing  Away the Demerit of Otherness.

A  terrible Demerit of Soul and mind- otherness, and we the Oppositionists wash it out.

It is to be like others, instead of YOU. It runs deep. It courses, it redirects, it leads.

The less you are yourself.. The less an individualist. The more you are as others.. The less you are.

And there are other demerits (sins) only Demerit is a better use of the word for us.

-in this book are techniques in heightening, enhancing, and appropriating individualism. In fact our foremost therapeutic technique is the shedding of skin ritual- which is to privately, or with someone you trust, lose all inhibition. These teachings are derived from Wilhelm Reich.

2 Flowing -and controlling- The Tide

To interpret the tidal flux. To redirect it as though a wheel. To enact, establish, endow- the new way. To lead.

And to fit in. To blend in. To coincide well with others. To be agreeable. To not stick out, to not radiate strangeness.

We are Religionists – the creators of religion.

And we don’t come in as opposition- not outwardly. To coincide with others is always the best route. To deflect and counter, argue and oppose, resist and shatter- these are never necessary- not outwardly- not observably.

It's what Paul said, to be all things to all people. We simply add “for.”

4  A Better Worship of Satan

As it has been and still is, the worship (consisting of adulation, idolatry, veneration, homage and exaltation) these are incorrect. Currently Mr Evil assumes, dons a black vile decrepit robe gazing into black candle citing things tired and.. Simply moronic.

The correct, more pleasantly pliable worship – It's childish- like a son or daughter. Apart from that its exaltation, veneration.  

Be friends with your chosen demons, those higher powers.

Songs about Satan may be of the metal kind of music, but don't have to be. And set aside some of your work, your output for Him.

5  Sensory Development, Augmentation, Elevation

We the Worldly Oppositionist develop, augment and heighten our sensuality, senses.

It is very important to do so, for adding to the quality of life and concentrated beingness.

It is to lavish , to savor, to slowly eat food. The only reason why one gets fat is because of the high amount of food consumed. No one eats a ton of salad or bowl after bowl of vegetables. But if they did, they’d get fat. No, one that eats a lot eats what they enjoy and compulsively. To eat slowly, savoring your food, preparing your body for it, making digestion easier, maintaining, and sponsoring low weight.

And lavish, rollick other good things for all the senses.

(6) And here are other primary aspects of Worldly Opposition:

To use a basic dictionary to recall, recollect, remember. So for example if you see the word “car” you remember your first car. If you see the word “paper,” you may remember a childhood essay. Doing so damn well perfects your memory.

.. Bright-Side thinking: It is to think of every good thing in your life, frequently.

Pride as a virtue: Raise, exuberate pride.

Oneness- To be as one.

These give a greater sense to the nature of this book. End of First Introduction.

Introduction 2: Introducing Myself

Hellow. In my life I’ve studied music composition, Jiu-Jitsu, religion, and all occult (hidden) knowledge.

In my life I could have been a Marine, but was kicked out because of being a Satanist.

And so I compiled a work, a literary item called the Christian Satanic Bible (and its final incarnation The Final Bible of Satanism.

I have been homeless for a year, for two altogether, at The Fisherman’s WHARF and Financial District of San Francisco. Though I’ve never panhandled/begged, whored myself or taken ANY drug.

Have been in jail. Have been in a locked State Psychiatric Hospital for attempted murder.

I will tell you, firmly, that I was in the presence of Hell, have seen Ya and Satan, and have seen visions.

My existence has been founded, framed, spawned, from Individualism. I find myself often saying “well, it used to be popular.” What is the matter that it no longer is? And I say, “ well, it may be popular again someday..”

I am the kind that takes random books from the library and designs, conceiving majic from them. For example I found 5 ancient language letters for a personal enunciation of Satan.

Life is a bloodsport and the reward of a palace awaits a very few. I strive for a memory palace, a taste palace, a majic  palace, and a Master of Expression Palace. The higher the goal, the least the least the most.

Introductions Concluded.

Teachings, Principle Matter Needing, Pressing for Emphasis, Priority.

All Churches would do well to have different jobs, functions, operations. We do. But all of us are TRASH AUTHORS. A trash author writes on any available paper. S/he then has it preserved, perpetuated, concerned. It is writing Church material and placing it in a plastic bottle, a crevice, a book, inside a box, underground.

It doesn’t have to be Church material, but it is our practice.

God (Ya) The “Father.”

I CANNOT dismiss, expel, shed that Ya, who would Father me, allowed, permitted, sanctioned suffering. In my life God ignored my suffering. Having starved, been confined, homeless without income- and during these times Ya was absent, “nobody home.”

I REFUSE to forgive HIM the deadbeat father. What good use is He? On what could you rely on Him?

Heaven is no more than eternal worship of Ya, and is the place where cowards go.

I am of my Father, The Devil, My God.

Our God is Satan, and we demand it constitute a religion. This is religion. This is our creed, our faith, our tenet, our dogma, our belief: That Satan is a God superior, better and more worthy than Ya to be praised, exalted, emulated and worshiped.

We see rotten, decrepit, despicable, repugnant and vile people who are Christians. They are a persecory people. Hateful, judgmental, dictating.  They follow an evil murderous angry God. If there is no separation of Church and State then they force their beliefs into Law.

May Satan forever triumph! Praise The Exalted One!

What Ya Does Not Want Us To Have

Though it was a Satanist I was speaking to, he told me, after reasoning, brandishing that Man (humans) will scientifically develop, and establish immortality through a chemical process, He firmly stated “No! Because (hu)Man will never trump God!”

We live in a time where science is leading us into a championing preeminent sort of perfection. A utopia. A paradise. But would Ya allow, allocate such a thing? Or would he pull the brakes on it?

Science is making extraordinary, phenomenal strides. AI and robotics are becoming developed enough to do all our work. VR tech is making something like a holodeck possible, realistically enough. Things like driverless cars, extended life, even immortality, is, actually, very feasible.

But the question remains: Will Ya allow it?

The Presence of Hell

Hell is a presence, a place whose elements are strikingly different from typical, earthly construed elements. It is not a different or specific, categorical place- but a presence, being, existence, habitation.

Here are the characteristics innate of it:

Those in Hell observe, intensely perceive an undertone of evil, iniquity. To listen to music is to comprehend. Understand, perceive, conceptualize iniquity. It is easily observable as sourced from diabolical forces.

It is a place where fantasy and reality are intertwined. Truth is brought forth from fantasy and, as best it can, becomes reality.

One day in Hell I sat on a bench. A strange band was playing. I was talking “to everyone” when someone shushed at me. And I was aware that those there were there to hear the suffering of Hell.

In Hell you have visions. My most remarkable one was a vision of clouds: From the morning star fell a bat like black angel. It swirled to the left forming a devil headed snake. It went over the first rays of the sun going somewhere to the west. Then a magnificent white angel, a little like a bird, looked up at the morning star/planet. A black cloud resembling a perfect black rainbow appeared, and a murder of crows flooded the park.

Another Vision. I beheld Satan, who looks like a wingless dragon standing upright, no more than 2 feet tall pulling up something I. Africa. He said “this is great Adam (my birth name).” And a few weeks later came an Ebola outbreak.

Again. One time I saw Ya swish his hand away from me and said “remember fire, pussy!”

And one more: I beheld a purplish hazy dimension and heard an organ playing. Peering in I saw Anton LaVey (the famous Satanist.) He looked me in the eye, and lightning flashed before my eyes.

And in Hell you become engulfed in fantasy and sin, indulgence, sometimes fixated, endemic to its world, hence the term, “worm is never quenched.”

You also have different personalities, enveloped in them, and these you act out, as though a part of a movie. Feelings are different, emotions, sometimes you’re a child, other times a detective, and accents are garnered, drawn, and sometimes new accents are formed, articulated.

I don't do drugs. I’m probably one of five percent that never has.

Implementing the Credit Coin System

The benefit, godsend, betterment of this system, structure is the concept, use of Economic Diversity.

The letters of a name are given numbers. For the name Adam Jeremy Capps- and the whole name is used, There are a certain number of letters available. In this case, for example, three letter A's are present. The Name creates a number from a “registered product name.” Then, if Bongal's Cherry Cider is purchased, unless my math is wrong- eight of the letters in my name coincided with it. Meaning for me Bongal's Cherry Cider costs an eight credit coin.

You may ask, “what about an “Apple IPhone,” is that going to cost you a five credit coin? The solution to this is “Apple IPhone Hourly Service,” ,or “Apple IPhone Partial.”

And in this system a one credit coin is as valuable as an eight credit coin, as though a dollar bill worth as much as a twenty, except that they get you different things.

Also, a master name might be used in relation to all products-

This system uses my own concoction, formation. I developed, formed it while under solitary confinement over the course of a month. During that time I also created, formulated my so-called Principality List.. My greatest writing...

The Principality List

1 (me) White, Ring, Goat, Thief

2 Bird, Hand, Staff, Red

3 Bear, Brown, Cane, Bee

4 Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

5 Gold, Sword, Swine, Joker

6 Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

7 Yellow, Rodent, Wind, Duke

8 Bomb/ Blast/Wand, Fox, Black, Beast

9 Yellow, Toad, Horse, Dust

10 Black Panther, Assassin, Scroll, Creature

11 Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit

12 Purple, Dragon, Mask, Canine.

These are found in movies, games, and shows. For example: Number 7 is a rodent. Her/his cartoon characters are Mickey Mouse, Jerry from Tom and Jerry, and the cartoon movie- a very good movie called Nymn.

There is the Cat under # sixes Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy. There is Top Cat, Sylvester, The lion (all felines) from Wizard of OZ, there's the cat from Alice in Wonderland, and The Pink Panther. And as for the whip, there is the game Castlevania and the movie Indiana Jones. Then there are the fairies from The Legend of Zelda.

And take the Lord of the Ring Movies: Gandalf raises his staff against a red creature with a whip and after his encounter with it, he becomes Gandalph the white.

Whole books can document The Principality list and types of people created around it.

The Cross of Immorality

It is easier, more facile, to be moral, for most. It is much easier to say yes than it is to say no. It is easier to give one asking anything- money, cigarettes, or an errand a chore, than it is to refuse. You might have to do good but you don’t have to be good. We are Devil Worshippers, though, and as such are iniquitous.

But consider bearing the cross of immorality, transgressing the dictates of Boss Christ. Must we adhere, subject ourselves to him? Let us be good to our own kind, when it's called for, with provisions of acceptable tolerance. But outside our own kind, our group, and friends, trying to make well with our family, if at all possible (with our family) but save a portion of scorn for the Christian.

A nd know: the Muslim is the Devils created, invented, procured thing, figure. The Koran is just a masculine, Satanic book, practice.

Worship Devils in an evil faculty, an evil sense.

Take the road less traveled where all outside you is disdained, burned to the roots. Capture people- don’t get captured, ensnared, encapsulated, taken. And bear the Cross of refusing, rejecting, God, as distasteful, malevolent, crude, obtuse, vile, wretched, selfish, and disdainful.

If Ya is unconditionally loving, He must prove so.

The New Immorality and the New Controversy

It may seem people are more immoral than ever, but this is not so. They are simply immoral in a new way. Among the list of newly immoral things is: smoking cigarettes, which is more unacceptable than crack and heroin. Prejudice is very immoral. It is such to the extent that certain words will shame and ostracize you.

Bad diet is immoral. Good diet and exercise is repentance, praised by society, even rejoiced. Stop smoking? Society rejoices. If you're black you can sit anywhere-in the back, as it is with whites now too. Front seats are for the elderly, the newly privileged.

There is old controversy: gayness, black on white sex or coupling, satanism, a former controversy, and sex in general. Now controversy is:

A cartoon smoking a cigarette, a rap artist singing about butt fucking, and a restaurant called I Love Satan's- a place littering the ground with plastic cups bearing upside down crosses and goats.

What is it About the Color White?

Certainly the greatest, nonpareil things, elementals, are white. As with food: Sugar, flour, bread, dough, salt, rice, banana, potatoes, coconut, milk, baking soda, vanilla, apple (meat, as with potatoes, ect), oatmeal, cream, white peach, white corn, and onion, garlic, real butter, mozzarella, parmesan, and many other cheeses.

Looking further into it there is white gold, pearls, lightning, clouds, snow, chicken, turkey, mayo, eggs, white sands in new mexico, white is the hottest fire and is a mix of all colors (not black), the moon is white and most homes, books, ect.

But too much white is

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