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Throughout life many people forget the correct way to feed

themselves. As is known is because human evolution itself,

demand often far exceed the Social gains they need and can

Taking and many of them lose control of themselves. To the extent

that the soft and squishy they develop the most diverse conditions

over time in an Unconscious way. These are the people that this

manual is directed through the remembrances contained within

the application easy and effortless, with no need for any

medication, or depriving yourself of foods you like, without

having to make stupid and expensive diets or gastric banding,

without resorting to the business of health and wallet.

That in most cases instead of solving the problem only


All content described in this Manual has been previously tested

extensively over the years for me.

As witnessed by many people, and be monitored by the medical

part. Troubleshooting and healing all health problems that existed

for me.

As I describe in the books I wrote before. Reunion of Light, only

later was applying all this recognition that I was subjected, and

in patients without known something that was never charged for

that, because I humbly asked to be governed well.

José Cruz

All people who have started this new and revolutionary method of

reducing what is more.

They are the example and living proof that, like me.



Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st1

About the Method

As innovative shape, simple and honest as I present to you

first hand, how to get around this text, personally and without

anyone noticing. Unfortunately it is not very well accepted by

drug companies or pharmacies, as well as the medical profession.


Because of these industries and services is facing consumerism,

patients on medications or consultations, having just viewing

your portfolio, in most cases.

Except a few exceptions the medical profession I admire and

respect. It takes having in mind a certain way, that after all this

way to try to treat.

The people who need to lose weight through clinical methods,

rarely successful, it is a long shot, becoming ineffective, leading

often to lose the little self-esteem that still preserved.

Therefore leads one to also start to lose your self-confidence, and

feeling in part an increasingly failed in these attempts, may need

to lose weight become an obsession, and increasing pain in all

aspects, coming to resonate over time in health, and of course to

alter significantly their quality of life in all aspects and those

around them.

José Cruz

The method I present simple to use, it has nothing to do with

religious practices or of any kind, requiring help from a particular

person, or be confined to something, to achieve the purpose


The person just needs her own, and nothing to change this path in

his life. For this new journey to your forgetfulness, will need a

Light, this is my own Light, in Union with the whole Universe.

Many times they are engrossed in reading, or have moved in some

way, the Manual suggests that this may sometimes feel chills

physical act of yawning, cold, warmth, laughter, tears, itching or

palpitations and other symptoms. But do not be afraid and do not

deny anything, just accept it with open hearts, all that feeling,

because it is part of the Illuminating Light, which gave me the

Universe, which touches you in your deepest intimacy.

Through the words they read and feel, consciously or practice in

your memories contained in various corners of yourselves, going to

trigger the start of your journey and healing and not a single




Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st2

The Mind

As is well known any health problem, you might get, always

starts in the Mind. She is just a complex mechanism, which in

turn controls the body almost always rest.

When there is a total control over the mind of the person, this will

never bring him troubles at all, when this does happen and the

person begins to lose autonomy to the Mind, the case then that a

different story.

The mind begins to gain confidence about the person, whether

through thoughts, which then lead to actions not so good, like

everything that she is an expert in manufacturing, in most cases

without the permission of the person.

As the depression, the feelings, emotions, anger, pride, addictions,

unhealthy habits and illusions, in most cases without the

permission of the person itself.

But of course the human being needs of the mind but not

possessed. Need it in their day to day, just as often as necessary

and nothing more.

As is to memorize something, which you can later, use this

fabulous archive for consultation.

José Cruz

Or in a variety of learning in life that require a systematic and

constant pounding on it until this learning, wow many among

which one can find multiplication tables, learning to read and

write, or just chat.

She only learns something through repetition and nothing else. It

should be noted that after she learns something through

repetition, to let go of itself, always cyclically continues to hit the

same key, type broken record.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st3

The Conscience

Unlike the Mind is a mechanism which is powered by

negative energy. When the power goes out the engine simply

stops. It appears then that the great saving of any person,

consciousness. From the moment that Conscience takes advantage

of the person. Automatically changes the course of direction,

which was negative before slowly is becoming positive.

Consciousness and works tirelessly to the base of positive energy,

which can be Solar or Spiritual Light. She will then begin to feed

the mind. That in turn when they have the energy needed back

then to command the entire physical body, normalizing all systems

and organs that hitherto had stopped for lack of energy.

How to repair Consciousness is antagonistic to the Mind. While

the first energy remains positive, the second lacks the negative

energy to its maintenance. And through the consciousness that it

takes action on what is. Because she is older than the mind, give

out more and become more authoritarian.

José Cruz

Consciousness is the ally of Intuition, due to its evolutionary

origin of Light what does the other one does not deny.

Consciousness exists as a judge of the Mind produces that, as

mentioned before in step two.

When she steps the risk consciousness is right on top of it, not let

it take care of the individual, because it simply does not pass, the

orders of a set of her mistress, which is consciousness, when you

no longer need to send her to leave, because it has already reached

a conclusion as soon as the mind works to the detriment of the

person or not. And the power that consciousness has on it. Let's

go to the liberalism of Intuition.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st4

Intuition as a Guide

Who has not met to feel the need to go to a particular site?

Or contact with someone without having thought about it, and

not knowing why, feel motivated to do so. Or when talking to

someone and feels something within him that what he is telling

the other is not so in fact as good? And then do not think just


Well my friends this inner feelings are, what we call intuition

itself. What the extent that we feel and relate more with her, we

come to fully trust what she tells us. It's going to live when was a

child, through intuition. Only when she was little / a, there was

the Mind and its products for the coming atrophy of Intuition.

Maybe for some people is an inexpensive back, to feel when they

were children who had no habits, and lived only intuitively.

Having no problems and always feeling what they should do, and


This is a challenge each of you will have to initiate, and must

accept as an inner evolution. Because the return to interact with

your inner child or intuition, as the wish to call.

Go back to feeling self-esteem and self-confidence.

José Cruz

This will happen naturally, without having to seek or force

whatever to achieve what you want. Everything is done to a

snail's pace, is to last, so there is no hurry, haste is a mental


In this way, and will slowly begin to take into consideration

everything that your intuition shows them.


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally

Step st5

The Confusion

In early to start taking better account of Intuition, will feel

within your heads often a real chaos.

Do not be alarmed by this, which is consciousness that is

beginning to sweep the house. For the future interact with

Intuition. The same has never ceased to live within each one of

you was just hidden by a veil to avoid being degraded.

But as consciousness took the trouble to clean the house, she start

to feel more welcoming home, lifts the lid and start to make their

appearances. And back again to relate to consciousness.

The confusion in the head tends to remain indefinitely, only

depending on the individual capacity of each to such.

By just simply accept gladly and humbly what is happening to

him. The people, who are more accustomed to living in the Mind

and its products, will certainly hear distinct voices inside your

head. Sometimes even without knowing which echo its origin, or

intended, often feeling desperate.

José Cruz

Do not be alarmed that the voices are neither more nor less, than

the mind and consciousness, to discuss on how to clean house.

One wants to keep the pound, while the other wants is clean.

You never should intervene at all in these discussions, or take

advantage of them. Just get used to observe, and nothing more.

Not that this will have to be absent for some time.

This absence, in failing to observe, may be through listening to

music, play any sports, making love, laugh, anything you enjoy,

appreciate and make them feel good, but must always be to the

application and physical stress through any healthy environment.

Because only this way the energy that fuels the discussion of the

Mind Conscience against him is withdrawn due to go to other

parts of the physical mechanism to be spent.

And the mind simply abandons the discussion, if silent, for no

longer have the energy to feed.

Leaving then mindfulness alone, cleaning the house, while you

talk with Intuition, which is the messenger of the Soul.

This can only happen in the absence of the Mind.

Felt it!


Guide to Lose Weight Naturally