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God has a purpose for your calling

Chapter 1: You are called for a purpose

Chapter 2: The beauty of your life is in your calling

PART TWO:       

You are called to success

Chapter 3: You are born a success

Chapter 4: You can succeed beyond limitations

Chapter 5: Your greatness lies in your business

Chapter 6: Your calling sustains you in season and out of season


Discover your calling

Chapter 7: Visions

Chapter 8: Passion

Chapter 9: Gifts

Chapter 10: Action Steps for the revelation of your calling


A great move of God is happening in the world today, there is a massive shift in the land. God is raising an army of great men and women who will rise and take up their authority, power and dominion on earth, people who will take charge of their destinies, shine as light in the world and do all that God created them to do. Men and women who will establish the kingdom of heaven in the land by reflecting perfectly, the glory, will, plan and purpose of God not just for the world and humanity but of their own life.

God is gloriously bringing his children back to their destinies, back to abundance and back to prosperity.

God is restoring the glory of heaven back to earth and enthroning his children back to their original place in life where they have absolute control and influence on earth. He is bringing his people who will emerge as great solutions and answers to the challenging situations and problems confronting humanity and the world. God is positioned to make his plan and purpose a reality on earth, God is set to establish his children as pillars in all areas of human endeavours and to achieve this glorious and wonderful agenda, men and women who are children of the kingdom, must first discover God’s ultimate will and purpose for their lives. They must discover their calling and assignment on earth to manifest their destiny and to fulfil God’s mandate.

It is the will of God that we live life in true prosperity, in satisfaction and in fulfilment, it’s his ultimate desire that we excel as kings in the world. It’s God’s pleasure to see great and mighty works done on earth by the hands of his children, but the problem of misplacement in the lives of men has hindered the move of God on the earth. Men are wrongly located on earth, people are not where God called and gifted them to be, they are not doing the work God specially designed and wired then to do. If the devil can keep you away from the calling of God for your life, he has kept you away from the promise of God for your destiny. If Satan can separate you from your assignment on earth, he has separated you from God’s plan and provisions for your assignment. If he keeps you far from your assignment, not only has he stopped you from fulfilling the purpose and plan of God for your life, but has succeeded also in making your life on earth a living hell, for your satisfaction, fulfilment, authority, success, power and the presence of God is available for you in the place he has called you to function.

This is why God mandated me with the responsibility to put as treasure in all the pages of this book, kingdom secrets to help you discover your calling and your place on earth.

As you read through all the pages of this book, it is my strong believe and prayer that you will discover your place in the ultimate plan of God, you will discover the full treasures that God has richly deposited inside of you and you will know the task you’ve been so blessed, gifted and called to do on earth. You will know the specific work that God has designed you to perform that will reveal the glory of God in you, make you a huge success and cause you to make news on earth. As you read, God will open your eyes and you will discover your calling. - Kingsley Kelechukwu.