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Christianity, Satanism, And Christian Satanism

Lucifer Jeremy White

Christianity, Satanism, And Christian Satanism

June 2022 Lucifer Jeremy White

A public domain book

Introduction: My future books are going to be around 80 pages. That’s because there may not be very much time to work with. With how things are going in America I may not have a lot of time..

     My goal for this book is to make it a digest. To make it a thin book that is easily gone through. At the same time it is my goal to briefly go over the most important things I have ever taught. This will be the thinnest book I have ever written, at 80 or so pages. I don’t think Christianity or Satanism by itself needs to be explained. Especially Christianity. Christianity is Christianity. Things that come out of The New Testament. Then again there are so many different religions that it has produced. Mine is most closely related to Baptism. It is Christian Satanism that you may be most interested in learning about. That is if you haven’t yet. If you have then there is more of it for you. If not then welcome onboard. It was something I began a long time ago with The Christian Satanic Bible. The Christian Satanic Bible was a book that took me six years to finalize. It is certainly its own thing among the books of Christian Satanism that I have written. The biggest reason for that is that my later books would come after such incredible experiences in life. I was homeless in San Francisco and the magic of the world widely opened itself up to me. I hear voices and things. I have visions. I’m schizophrenic.

     Christian Satanism can be a few different things yet all of them at once. First, it can be either Christianity or Satanism by itself. A Christian Satanist going back and forth only makes themself more Christian Satanic, naturally. It can be both at once through balance, something we call the Gray Side. It can mean Satanism through Christianity- can mean theistic Satanism based on the Bible. After all, the Devil from Christianity is within its own teachings. For some it is just a fun thing to do and call themself, and that’s fine. For others it is a serious religion. It is a religion of balance, gray side things like gray witchcraft and overall entails a lot of different things at once.

     I guess all I can say is “know it to be it.” I have already laid the foundation for it a great deal. This is a public domain book. It is a book you can find entirely free online. If you want a paper version there are those too. Of course in paper form it costs money. And thank you for buying any if you do. Not because I want the money but honestly, I want to know that I am reaching people. I both like the attention and the chance to make a positive change. I want fame. Not money. I have written over forty books as I’ll list at the end of this book. All of them are free and in the public domain.

     If you want to find me online the only website I really ever use is YouTube. I am Christian Satanist Lucifer White. It’s mostly just a playlist thing for me though. Am not particularly after making friends. I like to listen to what people have to say more than I like to talk- here is where I talk. When I’m online I just listen.

     Hope you enjoy my book and any support is appreciated. My religion is one that is free and one that does not have some type of Pope, or someone that you have to get approval from to talk about it or write about it. I don’t even care if you personally sell my books without me getting paid or uploading it or sharing it or whatever else. Be free in that regard. Anyways the talk is over and the book begins.

The Book Of Christianity

The Book Of Christianity

The Book Of Christianity

The Book Of Christianity

The Book Of Christianity

The Book Of Christianity

The Book Of Christianity

The Book Of Christianity

This is an ordinary book of Christianity. You will later find that Christianity is different for the Christian Satanist. But being a Christian Satanist is, in part, solely being one then solely being the other for a time.

A momentary little aching in my soul and my Christian side needs to speak.

'Are we in the end times?'

As seriously as I want to take that, I fail to. Perhaps I am too wrapped up in the world. It isn't only that though- it is other things, like lack of faith, unfortunately. I guess I'm just waiting for that moment when all things come together, and the return of Jesus Christ is sure. After all, none but God knows the day.

I can say it is a pleasure to do God's will. What can be as important right now? In this awful darkness. In this wicked world full of bad people. As Jesus said "we are the light of the world." They all wonder what has happened to the world. The faithless do. We are in a world that has rejected God and turned to sin. It isn't that God doesn't care. It is our refusal to have Him with us. The only true wisdom comes from God. Without it, greatly bad things happen.

And God has a way of disappearing until the right time. He will let evil run its course. He will demonstrate the world's need for Him. He will not forget one innocent life lost. He will return with the angels and saints, His prophets, and His people, to set things right. As for the end times He will deliver us into The Rapture and evil will have to deal with itself.

Even if God doesn't have animals in heaven (though maybe He does) I pray He takes in Whacky, my white and black cat. I took that cat in as a stray. I wanted him to have a special life. And I could tell I meant everything to him. But the sad instance occurred when I lost my home and my friends insisted on taking care of him. Shortly after that their bull dog killed it. I meant for him to have a better life but instead it came to a horrible end. The only thing that can possibly make me feel better about it is my prayer that he is up there in heaven very happy, even happier than he could be down here. Maybe I'll even get to see Whacky again someday.

Maturity is an important thing these days. A Christian should focus on just that. There is a type of person called a Karen  these days. They rage in an instant over menial things (often because their food order wasn't quick enough or things like a kid selling lemonade, things like that.) I can go over their nature: they think their rights are being violated, they think they own a certain right to be obnoxious, they are quick to call the police, and they like to accuse. I was once a Karen! I would fill out complaints and talk to the manager. Would call the cops over things I was at fault over. I changed though, totally. Early on in fact. I was a Karen before a Karen was a thing. My Kareness led me to jail. That's all it took for me to learn.

So my best advice for a Christian is to be mature. That means a lot of things really. It means to be patient and understanding most of all. To not act childish. To not be a brat, someone somehow spoiled by the world. It'll get you far. It will save you from disaster. That is, if these things apply to you to begin with.

Maturity but also peacekeeping, being lawful and civil minded. Those are qualities simply lacking anymore. But the goats are separated from the sheep. One God's people, the others the Devil's. The very meaning of the name Satan is "The Accuser." It is a Satanic trait. Those Karen's accuse people of nonsense left and right. It is because they think too highly of themselves in one way to describe it. Karens are complex beings.

The goats also include people that:

Are pro anarchy. Are anti law. Wicked. Selfish. Criminally behaving. And worst of all: desire to harm the innocent. It is all brought together by many bad things but I am sure you could make a distinction between the sheep and the goats. God will gather His own. He will protect and preserve them. There's the rapture for that. The weeds shall be thrown into the fire. I mean the worst of people. They'll lead themselves into destruction by their very ways. Remember this: the only true wisdom comes from God and His book, The Bible.

That book is what the world needs. Everyone is asking, why are these things happening? What went wrong? What went wrong is that we have abandoned and rejected God. He didn't reject us but we rejected him. Only the Bible could fix the problems we have. I don't mean that vicious and condemning Christianity. I mean true Christianity.

Very well the kind of people today could never bend their knee to anyone. Especially to Jesus Christ, the one that the spirit knows, but not the flesh.

If the newer generation is corrupt then we have modern leaders and teachers to blame. Like judging the fruit they produce, like "the proof being in the pudding," that though they and everyone may think they are being taught right, they apparently are not. There is another quality that a good Christian has. It is self discipline. The Bible goes over such a thing often.

Christianity however can make you feel better in a lot of ways. So long as you are not the condemning and judgmental kind. It’s wasted energy to judge and condemn and be preoccupied with other people's sin. It is done in great handfuls by Christian and atheist alike. The greater portion has to be given to God. He has the whole world in His hands. Remember not to make the world's problems your own. Those that have entire careers speaking out against others spend little time on their spiritual life. Don't be like them. Spend more time on things such as spirituality, faith, and good deeds. A good deed is sometimes the best thing you can do for both yourself and the one you are helping.

We are all Christians in our own ways, to an extent. We uphold the general way (of love, spirituality) but it can be said that we all have our own job to do. Paul said just that. He went over that saying some are called to be teachers, others apostles and some prophets, ect. Just to say: we all play our part.

Jesus Christ said to not hate anyone in your heart. I take that seriously. It's for that reason that I don't use cuss words either in my mind or through my mouth. I learned that cuss words said inside make them likely to come out. Meaning that the problem should be stopped from its root. If you do not use cuss words inside your mind then you probably won't through your mouth either. Swearing goes hand in hand with hate. They carry with them anger. Other more polite words don't do that. I learned from Jesus and my Christian father to not use the word hate. Don't say it. Don't think about it. A Christian trait chooses understanding over judging.

I had this horrible neighbor until recently. She had such mental problems. To explain that, we all have them here. I live in a place for mentally ill people. She was entirely out of control however. She would yell for long periods in angry ways. She would hit my door with things and it wasn't long before she would bang on my very door with her fist threatening to kill me. I was miserable but never said a word to her. I had to write complaints about her. Something I only do if I absolutely have to. My nearby neighbors suffered the same and were also writing complaints about her and her behavior. Then one day she was evicted. The locks were changed. She demolished her room. And that was it. On that day though I didn't feel happy about it. I felt relieved. Didn't even feel justified so much as just relieved. I don't hate her. She has problems, the worse you could imagine, it seems. I prayed for her and went on with my life.

It says in the Bible (in Revelations) that in the end times demons will be let out of the bottomless pit. First let me say that I am no expert on the Book of Revelations, but perhaps it means that evil spirits will enter into people. This isn't without reason to say. Jesus expelled "Legion" which was many demons within a man that requested of Jesus they not be sent into the abyss. I think that makes more sense than physical demons coming out in droves. To look at so many people today it could be easily assumed they are possessed. If not lost, deeply lost, or taking drugs. Who knows though, maybe drugs themselves put evil in your body.

At any rate it is a people lost. Those driven into hedonism, selfishness, that have lost their souls to the world.

There was a time when I was in legal troubles, was bonded out, and living in my home in misery. I'd not confess my crime but hid it. Then something came over me. I felt sure that the rapture would happen at any moment. I think of it as a revelation from God. It wasn't that things about the rapture were on TV. I didn't even have a Bible. I had stopped reading the Bible for a long time. But this sureness about the rapture urged me to call my mother, confess that I was guilty, and to get a Holy Bible as quickly as I could. I went to my neighbor in a sort of panic asking for a Bible. He didn't. Neither did my other neighbor.. But soon after my mother took me to buy one.

The first thing I read was the first chapter of the Gospel of John (in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the begining with God..) In my entire life I never felt so peaceful, so spiritual, so.. It was like the weight of the world fell from my shoulders. I like to think it must be what Heaven feels like. Maybe it is the feeling of John in his time, maybe the other disciples too.

I've had panic attacks before about dying and losing my mind. That I set off a trigger in my mind leading my mind to go haywire. That's the best I could describe it. A pastor I knew who counseled me would have panic attacks too. He said he didn't fear dying, just the transition. He knows there is an afterlife but it scares him to go from here to there. I personally hope in the rapture. I pray for a few things most commonly. To be protected in these times. My loved ones too (in my immediate family.) I pray to be led into God's Kingdom. For the forgiveness of my sins. And I have the Lord's Prayer in a few places in my little room.

Pray in thanks for all my good things, too. The Bible teaches us not to draw out prayers and it's good to know that God understands us just fine. He knows us better than we know ourselves. It is good to have enough faith not to pray for something over and over again. I feel I owe God enough faith and patience not to. And if it doesn't come about, whatever it is, that's okay. Me and you just have to accept that sometimes. However be wary of greedy types of prayers that only make you angry when you don't get what you asked for. As for me I don't expect God to tear the fabric of time to bring something about. Say I pray for my check to come in the mail on that day. Am I wanting God to magically make that happen? To place it in the mail man's hands out of thin air? Yes, God can do anything, however, that's just offensive to expect. To everything it's own time. That's how He made things to be. You don't plant a seed and expect crops the next day.

A good deed of mine is to send gifts to my family. My family is very important to me. I remember my joy of things when I was a child.  Even for simple things like stickers. Kids appreciate things much more than I could anymore. And I could lose all I have but never lose the gifts I gave, if that makes sense. I do spend a fair amount on myself. I have a lot of things I am grateful for. My family sends me birthday and Christmas money.

Way back when there was no drug problem you could count on the homeless using the money right. I am not speaking bad of all homeless people but it has to be said that some of them are. Some are mentally ill. I was one such homeless person. I have never done drugs. Alcohol was never my thing either. Some homeless people are perfectly fine, just lazy. When you give to them they right away ask for more. It's their job: asking for money. So I would do what so many others do. Give them food. Give them a cold drink. An umbrella on a rainy day if you see them in the rain.

A lot of Christians don't consider this but science and technology could be a good thing to donate towards. It is those things that can be used to reduce human suffering. Maybe you yourself can even come up with a product that helps unfortunate people. I believe in universal basic income. That all get an amount of money to live off of, for free. It may not be entirely practical yet but with growing resources and machine work replacing human work it could be soon. Then again we may be at the end of the road, the time of Jesus' return. However maybe the new Heaven and the new Earth means that God will bring with Him such things. Where God rules, all the science and tech established on Earth. Through these a utopia. No more hunger. No more sickness. No more labor. No more death.

Through God and the Bible a person can truly mature. It improves people. People who know that in the legal system are far fewer unfortunately. My grandfather used to donate Bibles to the jail. There are those that would use the Bible to make it seem they've changed their ways. They are liars though. It is just a pretense. Speaking of liars in the religious field who are frauds, if money is their reward, then frauds they are. They can be divided into two kinds: those that outright are, and those that have fooled themselves into thinking it was God's blessing. They have personal jets, luxurious suits, mansions, and highly valuable things in their homes. Meanwhile.. so many are just wanting a meal that day not knowing where it will come from.

They are more like motivational speakers. They basically write self help books and sprinkle scripture on it. For some of them it is a power trip. For others it's just a sort of game. For some it is just a quick and easy job. It isn't God paying their bills. It's the Devil.

Christianity is looked down on because of those who abuse it. They are not Christians who do so. The corruption of it comes from Satan. Whenever you defame something you lessen it and make it appear foul. You even cause hatred of it. That is what the Devil has done.

The Devil would give you every last thing to take pleasure in. Worldly things, of the flesh, music, movies, of sin. It's the best way to keep God out of their lives. At the same time he stigmatizes Christianity. The Christians are the evil ones. They would take away every good thing from you. Meanwhile these false Christians are judging in such a way like it's double hair splitting. They even get paid too. They get quite a full purse from it. But a real Christian sees straight through it and is in no way fooled by it.

Consider that times change. Christianity shouldn't be used to triple double down on sin. Which they do so often in a strict and judgmental way. There is so much more that is needed apart from that stuff. That, instead of judging people, there are people who need help. There is a public out there that needs to see our better side. As for hellfire stuff it is to no effect. Don't bother. Those that preach Christianity should be as humble as could be. A person for all people like Paul said. As long as what he meant is not misconstrued- be agreeable. Don't rouse anger. Don't "cast your pearls among the swine," because they will trample on them and go after you.

It is not totally your fault if you are distracted by the world. That is another way that the world has changed. People in earlier times probably thought a great deal more about God. They didn't have so much more than the stars at night and good food. They didn't have this atheistic garble to deter them either. Our pride has been stripped too. Being an atheist is more acceptable these days. For all these reasons: TV, shopping centers, entertainment, and so on, it is understandable that we cannot focus as much on God as we should. Some do, I'm sure. Perhaps it can be said that a Monk residence and lifestyle goes further than it ever has. The same can be said of Amish people. Just beware of cult groups.

While I was in a hotel where I had to leave (ran out of money) I went to a Christian home I heard about. I would walk mighty far those days. The walk there took hours. When I arrived I could sense something was wrong. They'd accept me if I gave them my social security payment card and my cell phone. They searched me too. I just turned away from that place. I'd been good in my lifetime at turning away from bad things. I believe God gave me the sense to. The angels will protect you. God will show you good from evil. God loves all of His children. The Devil only comes to steal and kill.

God is our father. He cares about His children. We are His creation. God is not a murderer. God is good, Holy, and righteous. God is love. God is wise. He is the only true source of wisdom. To the Devil we are bastards. Satan hates God's children. We are not his creation. He is not good, not Holy, and not righteous. He would fool us in any way possible to make us think so. But Christians know him for what he is.

The world is not our affair. The world is doomed. Those that live for the world will be consumed by its end. That end is a great fire. Those who are worldly in sinful ways will hold onto it until their last breath.

There is not a more discussing thing I've seen when I see innocent people being harmed, or maimed, or killed. Those that have done no harm being brutally attacked because the assailer has no concept of the value of life. It hurts for me to bring up an example but here one is: a man was pulled out of his car over a vehicular accident. While sitting on his knees still, afraid, a guy kicked him on his head so hard it knocked him out. Then the attacker called him a f'n racist.

No value for human life.

Everyone is pushing their own ideas. There is no convincing the other side whatsoever. Like a brick wall in between them. One they blindly talk to. They are lost in their own words and ideas. It's the cause that matters and the power behind it. They in fact are very intricately tied to their ideas. Meanwhile I am on no side. That's because I am Christian. The world and its doings are not objects of my obsession. They have created secular cults. As for me I am just waiting for the return of Jesus Christ and in the meantime being the Christian I should be. I will be loving. I will be forgiving. I will be preparing myself by doing good things in the world.

The Bible says to keep watch. To pray continually. While Jesus was in the garden he told that to his disciples. It says too to pay attention to the sign of the coming of Jesus Christ. After all, the whole book of Revelation is meant to reveal those times to us. Only pray for the right things. There are more important things than personally wanting greedy things.

Set straight the path of the Lord. Do not look behind you.

May the Light of God guide your path.

"Forgiveness is divine, but one should never pay full price for late pizza!" That was once a joke. Now, it goes more like this: A customer who doesn't get enough ketchup smashes the place up. Or maybe it was the lack of pizza sauce. These have happened. Things like that are increasing, too. There are things going on called smash and grabs. People brazenly smashing things like jewelry cases and stealing the loot. A Christian is the kind of person who might be sure the cashier gets the proper amount. It's in the ten commandments: don't steal. It's in the Bible that Satan is a thief. Therefore stealing is Satanic. So is lying, accusing, and killing. Those are hallmarks of modern America, unfortunately.

When a group of people are seen doing these things that group is added to. The more they are, the more others migrate towards it. They join each other. The group gets bigger and bigger, like a riot. A riot in fashion. "They can't stop us all." That leads to anarchy. Traditionally that leads to a police state. And the good people cry out for protection. The politicians start becoming victimized, then one way or another, it has to be stopped. Who better to stop it than a dictator? And that dictator is the antichrist.

Modern people carry the mentality that they can harm people in sneaky ways. For example using the old "first to throw a punch" concept: people have the right to say whatever they want to. Pretty much anyway. You can't make threats. You can cuss the hell out of someone though. So they get someone else to hit them just to call the police about an assault. Or say someone is being obnoxious. They are asked to leave because of it. Which they refuse and may say something like "you don't have any right to do that!" Then they are pushed a little. And they say "that's an assault!" Quickly call the police over. But most of the time they are the ones arrested, to their bewilderment. They in fact argue with the officer that it isn't right. They were attacked.

I've become an expert about these people. The bottom line is that they want to curve and turn around the law, as it is their source of power. To a reasonable person they act in a ridiculous way. They can be scary too. Violent, just crazy. They make up injuries and in an obviously fake way they wail about it. Then they await that lawsuit against the police. It never comes. And hopefully they learn to grow up after it. They are people that enter into a rage. They must not understand their own problems. Why is it that in an instant they go off? As though they are looking for something? Do you know what I think they are looking for? They are looking for God, and cannot find Him.

For they are lost. They have no spiritual backbone. They are physical, these people, not spiritual. Not in any way. Theirs is a world of pleasure/ pain. There is no substitute for Jesus Christ. Love is kind, love is patient, and is not self seeking..

But to move on from that: we have purpose in our lives. We were not meant to just simply do nothing. These things Solomon taught, that God gave us things on this Earth to preoccupy ourselves. The seasons change, for example, spring to winter keeps us doing different things. There is no end to work. One generation comes and another goes. As Christians we are God's crop. So let us be doing good all of our days. Through Jesus Christ we sow.

Some say that Jesus is our rest. Of course- he fulfilled the law. I am among those that believe this applies to the Sabbath. The work left is for Jesus Christ. "Work" is not quite the literal term- "good works, good fruit," to put it better.

Jesus is a remarkable figure. No one spoke as he did or ever well. The way he brought thoughts and terms and meaning together surely came from the mouth of God's Son. He was more than a man. He was without sin. He was God's Lamb. Through him we are without sin. We are a part of his body. But it is one we should not defile. Rather do it honor. To live and learn, to grow in wisdom, repent, and to pray for forgiveness. Knowing none of us are perfect. Paul considered himself the most sinful person there could be. But he clearly had God's spirit within him and that's what counts.

It takes a foolish person to look at the world, the moon, the space above and not declare it the work of God. To think we descended from monkeys, likewise. Oh excuse me, "apes." God made the sun and the moon. One for a day. One for the night. Although they are so much different in size they appear the same size. He gave beauty to the earth and a complex system. I could never look at a flower and think there was nothing that made it beautiful. The odds of us existing are infinitely impossible if taken as science. Atheism simply offends my common sense.

There are a great number of religions. There are many religions within religions. But there are no two kinds of atheist. The atheist may not say it but they hate our guts. They think we are kind of stupid. They think we have bizarre delusions. They are offended because what we are "offends science." Yet they believe in such twilight zone stuff as multiple dimensions and would even entertain "simulated reality" ideas. So to them all religions are the same with not one being true. And as far as they are concerned they hope for the future when we leave these foolish things behind. For progress, for total acknowledgment of science without us in the way.

Christianity has been reduced in numbers a great deal. Just as the Bible has laid out again and again- people choose worldly things over righteousness. It's when the light grows dim that Jesus Christ returns. But they had to replace Christianity with something. It's making and circulation has been quite fast and full. It was a cult made from TV you could say. That and the internet. It is the worst of cults. The worst in all of history. Guided by morals that are often anti-Christian. Formed by twisted psychology. Cultivated in children to dubious ends. The law of selfishness, greed, and pleasure. Meanwhile they look around and wonder what has happened to the world. Quite badly they think it must be because there is a lack of these things (of their cause) not knowing it's the cause that is the problem.

Every day the murders grow. Killing even comes into fashion. TV says the worst things about it but as far as bad people go, it is just an inspiration, seemingly a display of might and fame for them. So I pray for your protection and mine while it continues. I pray that God separates us from them. Substantially enough that we are seen through and all the while guided into His Kingdom, as promised and sure as could be. Go forth with faith that God will keep you.

Jesus spoke of a person that was prepared. Others weren't. And she was asked for help but told them they should have been ready. That she only had things prepared for herself. Seems like Noah gave them every opportunity to save themselves, which they scoffed at and refused. God will declare the warning of destruction through His angels. That whoever takes the mark of the beast will be punished.

God didn't abandon us. We (meaning most people) abandoned Him. It's even worse than that- a lot worse. Our entertainment makes a joke out of him. It mocks both Him and His Son, Jesus Christ. Christianity is ridiculed. Sometimes demonized. God cannot baby us and say "pretty please do not do that." God gave humans free will, from the start, until now.

I hope however that you have joy in your heart knowing that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will return soon. I am not entirely confident of my salvation. I have been into the occult up until recently. A lifetime of that though going back and forth. I am here in my Christian form. I tried. I read the Bible and followed it. I believed in it and still do- I have always. I had a dream where God was with others talking to Him. I felt left out. Then God came up to me, brought me in His arms and carried me into Heaven.

Maybe things are bitter sweet for you. While bad things are happening, yet the end is possibly near, it is understandable.

When I was 7 I watched a movie about the end times. My Christian dad told me that it was from the Bible and was a thing that was going to happen. That brought up my interest greatly. In Revelations most of all, but Daniel, and other related books too. I would draw pictures described in Revelations. I got baptized shortly after that. For a lifetime I have waited for the return of Jesus Christ. A few years ago was a "maybe" for me. But things have a way of multiplying and they sure have. The worst has gotten much worse. I pray for the forgiveness of my sins and to be brought into God's Kingdom. I have turned greedy prayers into humble prayers. I ask that you pray for me in these regards.

Christianity isn't meant to be easy. Much of it is against human nature. It asks us to forgive others of their sins against us. Tell us to turn the other cheek. It says to give all that we can to the poor. A lot of people leave these out. Learning to forgive people might not come easy. My advice is to just let every little thing go. Like a lamb. Acknowledge that you are a sinner too. Remember there are better days for you in Heaven.

Forgiving people doesn't mean that you have to stay within the realm of their abuse. In fact God doesn't want us around bad people, so get yourself away from any abuse or bad influences.

Christianity moves slowly in certain ways (and in full, which is good.) It takes time to become a Christian. It takes time to learn and follow the Bible. Christianity in its earliest times moved quickly. It caught the world in a storm. It was a great contrast to pagan life. Its stories went far and wide. Christianity challenged sin and hedonism. It promoted love and decency. In the course of a few decades though it became among one of the most commonly ridiculed things. Its flaws were not its own. False Christians caused it to be stigmatized, through the Devil. He makes potentially good Christians rich and fat. He has judgmental hellfire things spew from their mouths. He causes "witches" to be executed.

Don't spoil your children. I have seen so many spoiled adults in town and on TV. I was getting a sandwich at a restaurant when a guy came in and asked for the restroom. When they told him they only had an employee bathroom he said "well I guess I'll have to piss on your sidewalk then." You don't find any worse behavior than you do with a spoiled person. Other than from those who were abused, anyway. You could say one is violent and the other is childish and immature.

Has the Bible ever taught you to do bad things? Or has it taught you good things? To not lie? To not steal? To not kill, accuse, judge, or blame? It teaches us maturity and disciplines us into good people. Does TV do that or does it glorify violence and sin?

Jesus Christ teaches us to make our roots strong. To build our homes with stone, not sand. That he is the foundation. Paul taught that our body is a temple. To start out slow, but sure. Where we lack as Christians though Jesus Christ makes up for. Salvation is a gift, not something we make for ourselves. And with God all things are possible.

As far as the Bible goes there is always more to learn. However once a Christian has really learned a lot and has it down, they have gone from the bottle to solid food. From crawling to walking. The emphasis then is on new born Christians. Not them. So as long as they are rooted deeply they are able to peacefully walk down the road of salvation without a need of being taught the way.

The world is in high gear to stop people from dying. Naturally, as a product of atheism. But I say to enjoy life and not carry the burden that they do.

Some Christian things are more for adults than children. Speaking of responsibilities and things, leave them for the adults, and let children enjoy their lives. Let them have their special cartoons, video games, parties, gifts, ect. Because it is how God made them: full of love and joy for life. At the same time take them to Church with you. Have a positive influence over them about Jesus Christ. They will turn out fine. Better, as they know that very one that gave them life.

"Blameless" is a powerful word. It means that you have done nothing at all to be blamed for. That all the things you do are acceptable. That what you do among others gives no reason to punish you. Peace keeping, civility, are words used more and more in the world of today. Unfortunately there are those that would frame you for things you didn't do. Prosecutes have become more effective than defenders. They laden people with ugliness. They strip apart someone's character to the bone. Very police sometimes plant drugs or gather to lie about them. Sometimes it's very serious, too, a whole lie that leads them to prison or death. Yes, these are evil people indeed.

May philanthropy, morality, and humanity prevail. If there is a war, only against evil. If there is punishment, without torture. There is no such thing as a good dictator and let the people be aware of this. The power of good has always been its own best reason. Evil upon evil cannot remain justified and may God act against it for all of our sakes.

When again will America become a nation for God? Our folly has begun to rapidly decline us. People search for a reason why things have fallen downward. So deep, in a pit.

I pray for a return to Christianity in this land. I pray that good people are protected until then. I pray the sheep will be gathered by our shepherd Lord Jesus, without bloodshed of our kind. Cancer, sickness, and death no more. A day to come when suffering is no more. That the cries to heaven are heard. That bad people are stripped of their power. That the things in the hands of greedy people fall through their fingers. A day of joy for the Lord's people. One of great brightness, like never before.

Make the call that Jesus Christ is returning. Tell them of the prophecy in Revelation. If you have no more around to speak to, then the best you can do is sit, wait, and pray. God is watching all of us. The best we can do is to help those who need it. To be doing good. To have prepared ourselves for impending disaster. If the rapture comes we may not need them but better safe than sorry. The Bible says it will be a time of destruction like never before nor ever will be again. A great difference a day can make- suddenly the eruption of a great war. Like World War 3. Anarchy can break out in every corner. Our peaceful lives shattered. It says that in these times some will be like in Noah's time. Celebrating, enjoying everything, until the day suddenly comes that things go wrong.

When did the world become broken? Abstract paintings are a good place to look. Splashes on a canvas totaling up to talent and great value represent a broken world. It is like sin dripping from a bucket. Ever so slowly, for so long. Just dripping out. Slightly tilted sometimes. But things came back into place. People would even pour out their cups into it. Righteous things, Holy things. People stopped doing that though. One sin would go in and another and people began taking it as a fountain.

I had a neighbor once who asked me to give him a soda. I cannot be in the environment of share-alls. I have just what I need, no more, no less. So I told him "no." I told him no because once you give something the giving is never ending. It really is. Just gets worse and worse. Am I unChristian because of it? I don't think so. First, my peers have just as much money as I do. Second, almost all of them take drugs. I remember once a guy taking meat out of the group freezer to sell. Get now owe later, it is not a lifestyle I can appreciate. The Bible says to give to the poor. But I am poor. According to Solomon sharing a purse like that is a sin. Look at it this way: one disciple asks another for their money when he has just as much as them. He wants more and that would be taking advantage of his friend.

I think of hustlers as just another form of thief. Let me elaborate on that with a friend of mine. My friend gives people almost everything he has. He doesn't know any better. Others can know that when payday is coming around they can strike it big. On that day everyone is wandering around looking for him. Some even take him out in private. No doubt saying things like he should give him the most. In fact that's just what his phone friend does. The guy works hard for his money! I am the only person in his life that refuses him.

When the Israelites of old defied God a hedge of protection was removed. God wanted to be in their lives. God is not a Father that abandons His children. With His wisdom He returned His people to Him. To this day Israel stands. It is not a nation without its King. Its King is Jesus Christ. Look around the world and behold all that God has made. Then just think how wonderful His Kingdom must be.

God will not leave the world in darkness. He will never abandon you or me. He will not allow evil to live on. He will wholly remove it and establish all good things. When He returns with His Kingdom it will be a utopia through and through.

Christianity will teach someone self control. It will teach you to be slow to anger. It teaches people to hold their tongue. It teaches us not to cuss. To not forespeak over things. Teaches self discipline. Reservation. Forgiveness. Love. As a result our flesh does not dictate us how to think and behave. We believe in peace. We believe in harmony.

It is not good that a Christian thinks he or she shouldn't have things. My grandfather had lots of things but was a Christian through and through. He provided well for his family, including his grandchildren. He had a business. He earned his money. By contrast my biological father wouldn't even buy enough food, school clothes were sparse, birthdays and holidays would be entirely ignored. That grandfather's son was my step father- which I call my dad. I've prayed that God will bless the marriage between him and my mother. That's because without him I would never have become a Christian. With the fact that he provided everything I needed. I had a happy childhood going on vacations, celebrating every Holiday, and had good food. Was treated well. I was disciplined but not abused (but spoiling children on the other hand is abuse.) I came out a good person.

My father wasn't a Christian that thought we shouldn't have video games or movies (for example Bloodsport, Legend, or whatever cool thing came out of the 80s.) The movies did make me want to be a martial artist. Didn't make me want to hurt anyone though. It's as innocent as kids and Power Rangers or the Mutant Turtles. My point is: let children enjoy their life, because it is a sacred gift from God. Don't feel like you can't have anything. When you give your children good things you are giving them love and getting it in return. Give them a lot to appreciate about life.

If you've earned your money then it's yours. If you are legitimately on SSI or SSDI then you know what that is? It's your gift. It is given by those who care about you. That's no different than being a poor and disabled person being helped out by philanthropic people.  It's like if the Church gives to the poor. Would a good person defame it?

Focus on Christianity as long as it takes to mature. Those who have been sheep for a long time know exactly where to go. They naturally follow Jesus Christ, The Shepherd. Those at the start of Christianity require time to learn the same thing. As Jesus said, he didn't "come to call the righteous, but sinners."

Those that go too far into Christianity may lead themselves into a cult-like mentality.

The best way to undo an enemy is by making them your friend. When to argue the other is always a brick wall. You can't speak through it. There's no point trying. You might even pretend to agree, if it stops an argument. Saying a friendly thing to your enemy (or more like their enemy of you) can change things between you two. Otherwise this eye for eye thing may lead to a fight. After all, if someone cannot defeat you with words they figure they can physically. That's why Jesus said to agree with your adversary quickly or he will lead you to the judge.

When Jesus said "many who are first will be last, and the last first" he meant that the generation of the end times are blessed. They will never know death because of the rapture. They will live in much better times until that day when they are plucked up and redeemed. They (we?) will become great angels among God. Not meaning that in a lofty way but one Holy- especially for The Elect. All as spoken of in Matthew chapter 24.

Philanthropy is being abused. It is being taken advantage of. It has become cheap. It has been demanded by people in greedy ways. They are those that want perfect food, cheaper gas, perfect roads. Strength and self sustenance have dwindled away at its cost. Things and needs are convoluted. Way too many things have to be there in the budget. Not any of it can be left out. That will upset the people. That will quite aggravate them. Then we have leaders who like to frivolously spend tax money in the name of good. Unfortunately though anyone can be mentally ill or suffer a bad back without anyone knowing better. Today's people are no different than someone you give to. The more you give to them the more they want. They begin to expect it. Unto something they feel robbed by if it isn't given.

Christians are not an idiot tribe. They are not a weirdo clan. They are not a fascist regime. Many false Christians have arisen however, making it seem so. At the base true Christians are truly the light of the world. It's salt, preservation. But we have always been demonized by wolves in sheep's clothing, by the hand of The Devil.

The authority (police, military, FBI, etc.) should be paid much more. That's because we need them at their best and more of them. Paying the police poorly is foolish. With how things are currently that is especially important. When people demand anarchy they invite a police state and martial law, often unto a dictator. I speak of a deterrent to that. Tougher laws along with it as we are apparently not being strict enough (especially in America today.) But never mind all of this. If it's too late it's because we are under God's wrath and presently in the apocalypse.

It is not God's own joy that the apocalypse happens. It is not something He is excited for. He in fact will save humanity for as long as He can. He will give us every chance to change. World War 2 was awful. But we recovered. And He knew we would. God's wrath is not something He takes pleasure in. The apocalypse will be the greatest tribulation in history. "Here it is: you are either with me or against me," And I imagine that unless you are strictly with Christ you will not enter into God's Kingdom. God will know when to take us up knowing exactly just how bad things are about to get. With love and mercy He will.

God will be our arch. The angels, the captains. For what will then be faced is not a flood, but a fire.

You hear them say "prayers are not enough." When it is that that has to be said, then nothing is enough. I guarantee you that most people see a brutal killing on the news then go about their day, enjoying it, not paying much attention to it. Like Jesus said, "just like in the days of Noah." Some will be living it up like nothing has happened, then suddenly the flood. The politicians know they can't do anything, not much anyway, when things are out of control. They can at best appease the public. Like promise to fight for better gun laws, only he or she is stopped from doing so by other politicians. What the people don't know is that there really is little they can do to help. There is nothing they can do to totally stop it. Besides, modern people hate their leaders because of it. What I mean by "get to" entails hate and power over them. They spit on them, in a way of speaking. So while they say "prayers are not enough," pray. Have faith. And gather with true Christians in fellowship while we can do nothing but wait.

Everyone in the world might argue with you. They might hate you- they might hate everyone. You may be cornered by wickedness. You may be in hell on Earth among the greatly wicked. But God will always love you. The Bible will never lie to you. Your future is secured. Your suffering is not forever.

Remember that there are people out there just like you. Know they are uncertain too. They pray, go to Church, and try to do good in life. While the news is full of terrible people doing terrible things, know that there are people out there who are good Christians, just like you.

Christians don't sue other Christians. Christians shouldn't sue at all unless they absolutely should. As for me there is very little I would sue over, if anything at all. Maybe to bring myself out of a terrible place I don't belong. To fix things for others more than for myself. There are good reasons sometimes. Be forgiving. Let debts go. Be hesitant to fill out complaints. Unless someone leaves you miserable, and others miserable as well, you shouldn't do so. I say this because people these days hurry to make out complaints so often over nonsense. As a Christian you will know when it is right to do so. Recently someone put bleach in the washing machine while I was washing my clothes and away from the washer. I did not think to go to the staff about it. I just let it go. I was a little worried just how much of my clothes were going to be ruined. It turned out that nothing was other than a couple of boxers, socks, and three shirts. I have a lot of shirts. Lots of pants too. Not one pair of pants were bleached. Was happy about it. God helped me.

It is just so much easier to let things go. Easier on you, I mean. To not cultivate enemies. To not seek someone out for some little and dumb thing. In my younger days I had a lot of anger. I go days now feeling no anger at all. It is a blessing from God.

God made different kinds of people- different races. You can see how different churches worship differently based on race. God never meant to have us tightly together. God made people differently so that His children among Him praise Him in their own ways. That's not a bad thing. Should simply be a thing accepted as such. We are all one in the body of Christ. Christian to Christian is our brother/ sisterhood. If Jesus was white or black is a silly question. He was Hebrew/ Middle Eastern/ an Israelite. A tone typically in between light and dark. But it is just such a trivial thing to bring into any importance to begin with. His skin tone?

Telling a real Christian from a fake one:

A real Christian will follow the tenants to the bone. They will turn the other cheek. They will give to the poor. They will forgive and do the other tougher things. A fake Christian will conveniently think things like ‘God doesn’t want me to be punked like that.’ The fake wants would even seek God’s wrath.

The fake Christian is judgmental. They spend all their time nitpicking and splitting hairs over sin as though some kind of Holy preventative. The real Christian spends more time helping others. They are too loving to speak badly of others or pin them to hell.

The real Christian would not accept millions from a mega Church that generates it. They would not sit in lofty mansions when there are so many people to help with that money. They won’t go after private jets and lavish things. Often those that do are either lying altogether or have fooled themselves into believing it was God’s blessing.

For a fake Christian it is sometimes just a power trip. For them to have a Church where they can control others in a manipulative way. They rage in their voices and swear that their opponents will feel the wrath of God. They rile up the feelings of their congregation to a point where they eagerly attend and participate.

Where is the money of the Church going? Is it going to help people or is it just filling the pockets of its clergy?

Many people are Christian in name only. In fact many of those really do think they can be Christians by just saying they are. They might just do a little Christianity, barely any at all, and think that’s enough. So many cut corners with Christianity. The worst fake Christians use Christianity against others. They use it to control others and to have power over them. It kind of blasphemes the Holy spirit when they make you feel bad for not forgiving them or when they get mad when you don’t give them something. They are quick to say “God bless” when you do as though that is up to them.

For a fake Christian it is about sex. So they create these perverted cults. Be especially warned about the kind. The manipulator, be aware of them. Those that say they are Jesus Christ too, be especially warned about. It clearly says in the Bible to not believe such people. It says that many false Christs will come in the end times and that has certainly been prophecy fulfilled. Also beware of Armageddon Cults.

With all other things set aside, the Book Of Satanism begins.

The Book Of Satanism

The Book Of Satanism

The Book Of Satanism

The Book Of Satanism

The Book Of Satanism

The Book Of Satanism

The Book Of Satanism

The Book Of Satanism

Here is a book of Satanism that has nothing to do with Anton Lavey and his cult of followers. I'll start with that: his followers are in a cult and are all intricately brainwashed by it. Just listen to how strangely they speak and viciously defend him. It's up to you to break free from it though. Just like Any other cult that doesn't come easy. I do however hope and pray that you do.

Devil worship- do Devils mean very much to you, or no? I have Shiva, Lilith, Abaddon, Mammon, Beelzebub, Samael, Azrael, Leviathan, Dagon, Belial, Isis, Osiris, Bael, Asmodeus, Hecate, Agnes, Set, Uriel, and Amon with me. They are the ones I uphold the most. My greatest father, Satan, is also with me. There has been far too much with them here with me to denounce the spiritual or the metaphysical. My Guardian Goddess Mother Aeon has especially been with me. Guiding me. Protecting me. She is beyond a guardian angel. She has been my dear friend and mother. I used to sleep homeless and warm, wrapped in her wings. Those wings I could see and feel while others could not. She is a part of Orion. I have sent her there to watch over my children. Satan is a part of Pippy and Link, two other planets. And those demons I mentioned are all magically linked to the five: In Orion, Pippy, Link, Sefra, and Ler. Mother Aeon comes from the world Romona but it is not wise to carry on talking about that. As for the five besides it I have written about them in my Book of the Five Planets series.

Things aren't always as they seem. Sometimes things are never as they seem. Those things of magic hidden from us form the word "occult," which is a most satisfying thing to practice and believe in. It is far more effective in practice too when we put our faith in it. It can even be said that a magician who does not believe in what he or she does then that's as far as they will go (nowhere with it.) So take a moment to believe. That's important. To take a moment to believe: sometimes things are never seen but they are there for those who look.

Satan is a dad. God is a Father. For one you are fit and proper as a child and for the other you are just plain spoiled. To one a person humbly prays. To the other one prays most greedily.. The Satanist should be aware that Christianity and Satanism aren’t approached the same way. Wherever the right contrast is found it should be applied.

I used to go to Church to commune with Satan. The Catholic Church I went to had genuine wine and bread for a communion. My private prayer was for Satan though. I used to turn every meal into communion. I created The Principality List around food. The Principality List is a list of four attributes given to eleven different people including myself. It is also a list for others and their loved ones. Those attributes are seen in movies, shows, books, and video games- any story. My mind thinks about a certain story these people of the Principality List are in. And according to the food that fits in the list I both eat and think about them calling it all “taste magic.” Here is the list I am talking about:

Person One- Red, Hand, Bird, Staff

Person Two- Bear, Brown, Bee, Cane

Person Three- Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Person Four- White, Goat, Ring, Thief

Persin Five- Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

Person Six- Yellow, Rodent, Wind, Lord

Person Seven- Bomb/Blast/Wand, Fox, Black, Beast

Persin Eight- Dust, Horse, Toad, Yellow

Person Nine- Assassin, Creature, Scroll, Tiger/Lion

Person Ten- Blue, Elephant, Spirit, Stone

Person Eleven- Mask, Wolf/Dog, Purple, Dragon.

The way this list works is that you choose the two to eleven people who matter most to you and you are all fit in by age, oldest to youngest. I am number four. The oldest person in my family is the first one. The youngest is the eleventh. Creativity comes with it sometimes. Sometimes there is a perfect and obvious fit when relating them to stories. Food less often. But “hand” can mean hand made food, “cane” can mean sugar,``''dust” can mean seasoning. Stone can mean hard candy. Some are right there though like bird (chicken) and seeds.

Taste magic is a form of magic I invented based on The List of the Principality. Just think back to your favorite things, feed your mind with it, giving it thoughts of your loved ones. You will find an occult understanding of things. If you don’t have any loved ones or lack them then demons can be used with this. Demons can be used anyways by contrast. Just for consistency sake use the same people and the same demons per person.

The Credit Coin System:

It is my idea for a new economic system. For untold times people based currency on special paper and metals. More recently it has been computerized. I have something here that could be better than both. An economy based on credit coins which work differently depending on your name and the name of the product.

Let's put forth a simple name: Jon Doh. He is buying “ Cherade ” some kind of drink. We look at how many letters coincide with his name. Just one, the letter D. One is the magic number. This costs him the 1-credit coin. He cannot buy it with a 2 credit coin. Cannot with a 9 credit coin. He can only buy it with a 1 credit coin. They are all worth the same. They just buy different things.

He could get his friend to buy it for him if all he has is anything else. How would this system work? It could be a disaster for all I know. But I believe that if it is done right it could be a really good thing. It could stop inflation as it isn’t based on quantity. Things stay the same price. It brings diversity to the market- to stores, to names, to customers. It would take smart people and thought to make it work right but given that it has good potential. For example gold- just plain gold, Jon Doh would just pay a “2” coin for it. However maybe the answer is easy: to just multiply, do things in payments, so that what he wants is perhaps 30 of those “2” coins. That’s pretty interesting in fact. Whatever the case electronics and computers would have to be incorporated into it else the customer is in the store for hours figuring and sorting things out. But there are stores now that know what you snatched with AI and automatically charge you via a smartphone.

I think that the system would work most excellently.

Satanism is cool

Satanism is cool

Satanism is cool

Money and Tastes- What they are worth

Those that say money can’t make you happy are kinda dumb. Maybe it was a saying of old, very old. In a time when maybe the best entertainment was a book or chamber music. What we have now has grown greatly. Video games, movies, and all else, are just good to have and can be a lot of joy. Money buys good food, entertainment, and comfort. Of course it makes you happy. It reminds me of how they say that if you lose one sense your others will grow stronger. That is, that though the poor have less they are somehow happier. I don’t believe it.

As far as tastes go the better you can build it the more you’ll have good things. And more uniquely so too. Those that ask themselves ‘do I really need this’ should instead build up their want. Maybe asking ‘why don’t I want this?’ Sometimes going off of intuition works well. Faith in intuition is good. Sometimes you just like something. You are in a store and pass by something that you never even thought of before and there it is. Don’t consider yourself a fool at that moment. Rather snatch it up.

Satanism is Good

Satanism is Good

Satanism is Good

The Childish Aesthetic

The streets of heaven are paved in gold. Harps are around. A nice great before it. But the streets of hell are paved in board game pieces and candy. The walls are covered with badass stickers. Or just those that may remind others of earthly things. In the sky are balloons, the rubber kind and traveling kind both. A bubble machine fills the sky with them. While fog machines spread fog along and around. There are no staircases downward. You just jump onto a cushion to get down. Lights dazzle everything. Laser, EL panels and wire, fiber optics, black lights, strobe lights, you name it. After all, Lucifer is The Light.

     There is nothing like a feast for Satanists if they are at all social (and like with everyone else, some are, some aren’t.) A Black Sabbath too. Just like the Pagans: who were always enjoying food, music, and dance. All the while performing the greatest magic the world has ever known. Who likely set forth the Earth through Pan (Satan) and in all their days were happy people. Who among you is able to be like a beast- a cat, dog, whatsoever human representation of them, and not have more fun than you would as a human? To instead be a human not restrained by human things. To bounce around and leap around without it being a dance? Food that tastes better. Ripping apart the chicken meat and saying that it is dead now. We’ve forgotten the butchering that goes on behind the scenes. We learn to not taste. We should learn to taste again. We’ve forgotten to smell too, to really hear, to really absorb life. But don’t be among the dead. Those that have life in them, just not life. Just not lively- with no wonder left in them. Nothing to fantasize over any more. Just an unmoving stone. Not one that glitters anymore. A stump of a tree. Live and live well if that is all that you learn to do in life.

Satanism is Great

Satanism is Great

Satanism is Great

What Hell Really Is

Hell is a presence, not a place, not a location. He can exist anywhere. It exists within the individual, not the outside of him or her (or it.) And I’m not talking about misery so much. Mystery is a better word. It is the state you are in when thinking a certain way, and is a thing that most will never feel. The world in this state is full of mystery and wonder. The senses and perspective of a person is magical there. People in hell are far more sensitive- a slightly sultry sound in a person’s voice becomes outright sexual. A horror movie is far more realistic and scary. TV absorbs you in a heavenly way. As though you are high on drugs, but aren’t. With music it is the same thing. Because of being more sensitive as I described, music can be incredibly strange sounding. It would be like a strict religious person never hearing rock and roll hearing it for the first time. Just even stranger than that for a person.

Things can be very mystifying in hell. You don’t see everyone who talks. Sometimes you just hear their voice- but like a regular conversation. Sometimes the stars above become gold colored or you see a person within them after they open their window, so to speak. You can change the weather in hell more or less. As a human I only held a little power over it (I am not currently in hell.) Fantasy in hell can be made sense of and is a part of it. A human in hell becomes lost in such a thing. Like a dog looking up at its owner. Fantasy is reality as a fantasy shared and more or less understood by all, for those who would listen.

A part of that fantasy is in words. The sound of them seems to mean other things. So while you see text anywhere you get much more meaning out of it, depending on your abilities. In hell you sense demons around. You either hear them or sense them and sometimes even see them. Visions come to you in hell. You see things in the clouds. The things you see speak of the future. I was at a time laying down in a park when it was almost dawn. There was Venus, the “morning star.” A black cloud fell from Venus. It looked like an angel that looked like a bat. It swireld westward forming into a serpent with horns, this black cloud. Then it sharply went over the first rays of the sun, somewhere in the west. After that a white cloud appeared below venus. One that looked like an angel that looked like a magnificent bird. It faded. A black cloud appeared in the upper east that looked like a rainbow- a black rainbow. Then a murder (flock) of crows suddenly scattered everywhere and the vision was over.

The Age Of Satan Thing: We are in a Satanic age. It isn’t any requirement that people worship Satan for that to be so. By proxy they worship Satanic things. They idolize figures from TV, trademarks, and music. The music itself can be Satanic without it singing about Satan. If it is hedonistic and immoral as it is then it is Satanic. A Satanic time comes easily and quickly in a way. For so many centuries Christianity ruled over just about everything. Not the asian nations though. I think that is why they can depict demons as well as they do like in video games and anime. Satanism can easily form. It is a natural process. Satanism is a natural occurrence you could say. In the late 70s and early 80s it kind of all fell on us at once. Black Sabbath created heavy metal. Led Zeppelin had Satanic symbols on an album cover. Little things like that stirred some attention. In 1983 Slayer released Show No Mercy. Dungeons and Dragons came about and a whole can of worms was opened.

     Some called it the Satanic panic. Weak minded Satanists felt sick about it and still do. But I was there and it was a wonderful time to be a Satanist. There was a lot of material coming out for our use. There was a lot to get absorbed in. There was a lot for our kind to enjoy with new and better stuff coming out all the time. Then the early 90s happened and gangster rap replaced it. The cool kids were gangsters. Controversy shifted from Devil Worship to gangster rap. Before that movies like Warlock, Omen, The Gate, Ghoulies, and Hell Raiser were being made. It would be toned down later with the movie The Craft.

     This all happened in the span of a decade. It came suddenly. That’s because people are more inclined towards it. Given freedom we will take it and form it into what is Satanic. Freedom of religion was bound to lead to Satanism from the beginning. While it may not be so obvious, many modern religions and Churches are Satanic even when not in name. Freedom of speech, the media, are all used to go where no person had gone before- to the depths. What was the blues became rock and roll, became metal, gangster rap, more sexual music, and so on.

     We are in a Satanic age. Only if our freedom is stripped from us (especially if from a Christian dictator) would that change. This Satanic age is full of Satanist newborns you could call them. It is full of those freshly Satanic and do not know what to do with it. The right Satanist has been ready all along- and is mature. People are all childish. Kind of spoiled even when it isn’t from their parents. The world itself can spoil. This hedonistic and high tech world does it very well. They are yet to establish rules and customs among it all.

     It can be likened to a kid and their candy or a kid and their toys. Sooner or later they move on- things develop, and change. We have come into a Satanic world from a Christian one. So we are Satanists dealing with the remnants of Christianity. It’s no wonder why things are so chaotic. We need things that Christianity never gave us in order to do well. The old rules seem silly to us. We need new ones.

Satanism is Fun

Satanism is Fun

Satanism is Fun

Christians confess all of their sins, Satanists lose all inhibition. Both are equally difficult to accomplish. But the Satanist one is much more pleasurable- given you can break through your mannerly restraints. For me it was acting like a child, a cat in my room, or snake down the sidewalk. I walked like a snake. You know, like in an S. I also walked like I was playing limbo. People must have thought I was on drugs. I would walk very childishly. Swinging around my arms and legs while I walked. It was a lot of fun. Would break out dancing around music. Would dance in the most shameful way I could. But I wasn't embarrassed. Just having fun.

Personality snatching is another fun thing. It means to take on multiple personalities. To get them from TV, cartoons, ideas of animals from cartoons, or profession. You could be an Irish man, an old drunk. You can be a detective. You can be them whenever you want to be- you can be whatever you want to be. As for animals in cartoons they almost always have their own attributes. For example birds in them are usually crazy, temperamental. Cats are so often weirdos. Rodents usually come out on top. They are in fact the best to be. I would say snakes and pigs are the worst in any cartoon. But knowing what they are like, be like that.

Satanism is Magical

Satanism is Magical

Satanism is Magical

Prayer sheets and what they are

Making prayer sheets is both easy and fun. It doesn’t require you to learn anything either. Unless you want to put in something like origami. But origami is easy depending on what you are making. Prayer sheets are sheets of paper that have been fancied up and have prayers on them. That’s them at the base. But there are so many ways this can be done. I like to glue and staple ribbon on the borders of my prayer sheets. Sometimes I laminate a prayer sheet with a foriegn bank note inside for a tithe. Tithes are important to add. When I make a prayer sheet out of an origami star I just staple the tithe within it. If I use an envelope I put the prayer sheet inside a zippy bag with the tithe inside. I then write the address “Gehenna.” These papers can just be thrown away afterward. That’s actually a good thing so long as it isn’t recycled. It’ll go to a place where it will be forever. Not literally so but surely for some very long time. For that reason it is good to preserve them. You can put them in a bottle that you glue shut for example. You could put them into a sheet protector that you place in a binder. As for jars and bottles you could add rose or blue quartz to it, for a tithe. You can of course use whatever magical stones you wish. Or green marbles. You might even fit a small troll doll inside.

As for sheet protectors you can place a white or black feather inside. You can print out an image to place a prayer underneath. Like something wicked from a favorite movie. I like to buy foriegn coins from around the world to use. Then you can make scrolls out of the paper, tied with ribbon, and placed into a bottle. It is a very versatile form of magic.

Just know your prayers will be seen and that is what matters the most.

Magic That I learned while homeless. For a year in my life I was homeless. Since I did not sleep for almost a year it felt like it was a great deal longer. Besides time slowing down while you are awake for so long. I had already been a bit homeless in New Mexico. It was winter there and I was freezing. It just didn’t suit me. So I took my money and got a bus to San Francisco.

When I got there I still had money. I was receiving it on my payment card. But a few days later the money abruptly stopped coming in. Nothing on my card, it was all gone and would be until I got back on my feet. I tried using different ATM machines. Asking a bank or two. I found a pay phone. Dialed the toll free number. I was told that due to a shopping center I went to in New Mexico having a data breach my card was canceled. They then shipped my new card to an old address there. Being homeless I didn’t have a mailbox. I went to a homeless help place and they directed me to “general deliveries.” I called the number again requesting they send it there. After two weeks nothing came in. I tried again and after a third time it still didn’t come in. So I gave up. What I learned later while accessing my life was that it was meant to be. More was meant for me or more accurately more from me.

When I was homeless I began to turn the world around a place to use magic. For one there was this pig face looking thing with a bowl in front of it in one area of town that I used. I used StarBucks drink cups treating the image of it as an idol. I used dolls and action figures as idols before. Those that look like demons. What’s the difference? The world was my oyster with a magic pearl inside or something like that. As a Christian Satanist I really like black pearls. I also picked up the habit of making prayer sheets when I was homeless. I would take paper out of the trash can, write prayers on them, put them in a bottle and throw them away. That sometimes annoyed the people trying to recycle them. I came up with the idea of “The Church of Lucifer White Message In Or On Something.” Its members write messages on things and things and tuck them away, seal them away, stuff them somewhere, in droves.

To keep my sanity together I sometimes came up with jokes or chants. Sometimes I had long periods of having visions. I used taste magic whenever I got any sort of candy. Usually skittles are good for that. Taste magic can be a lot of fun. The world around me was a magical playground. There wasn’t anything around me that wasn’t wonderful and mysterious. As an unmedicated schizophrenic that was the state of mind I was in. A state of mind I would later discover was hell. I would find a hidden place all the time and stay there for some length of time. Those places that were neat to be in. So in a hidden place I would sort out a bag of candy to calculate a well planned out session of taste magic.

An area of San Francisco has this large statue like the kind you would see from long ago. It was this statue of a woman with a spear or something. I don’t really remember. There were stones all around her. I performed a ritual there with a CD disk that I had found. I used it as a mirror. I “pressed” things into another dimension that way, splitting myself into two people. “The person inside the mirror and the person outside of the mirror.” In words you may not know what I mean but if you tried the same thing you would see what I mean. I wanted my Guardian Goddess Mother Aeon  to have a stronger connection to me. I wanted her to become closer to me than she was and I succeeded in doing so.

I had the idea of a thing I thought would be a good game. I call it “Magic: The Encyclopedic Game.” As an encyclopedia has books from A-Z the game is played out in an RPG style. I hadn’t gotten too far into the idea but what I have to say is a fine enough start. Book S would contain Spells. Book M, Monsters, Magic, Maps. Book S, Spirits. Book C, Characters. Book T, Towns, Travel. Just like that.

Have you ever had the joy of giving yourself a new name? We see it in Satanists and villains all the time. All the time. From gangsters to things like the Sith in Star Wars. Satanists too. We do it differently though for most part. Gangsters find a nickname or a “tag.” For some it is a part of culture that when you reach an age you get a new name. For Satanists though it is done in one of two ways. The first is using a pre-existing name. The other is to put sounds together to form a meaning. Maybe the sound “Ra” has magical significance to them. The word “ray” or some sort of sound for “light bearer” refers to Lucifer for them. The second way is more fun. I think it is a good spot here to say why I have chosen my name Lucifer. There’s a few reasons behind it, actually. I liked the name because it can mean different things, different people. Some say it is Nebakanezer. Others, Satan. Some say it is just a word for cruel dictators. Some even say it means Jesus as the last chapter in the Holy Bible seems to suggest. Newer Bibles have changed the name/word Lucifer to “Bright Morning Star,” “Son of the Morning Star,” or something like that. So then, it was very interesting to me. Oh- not to mention some say that Lucifer and Satan are different people. No other name in the Bible does that.

Then, it isn’t my way of saying “I’m The Devil,” but, rather, you could say I take it as “Lucifer Jr.,” Son of Satan. Jesus himself said that Satan has children, “you are of your father The Devil,” ect. But if you haven’t yet then try it. Make the best name you can. They might change to something else. That’s fine if you really like the new name you came up with, better than the first. You could add name to name until you have four or more, and more and more if you want. I have four names but they come in two variations. My more Christian self I call “Lucifer Jeremy White.” My more Satanic self I call “Lucifer Damuel  White.” Although for consistency's sake I usually put my books under the same name (Lucifer Jeremy White.)

As for the last name of White it is due to taste magic and my Principality List. During the time I was coming up with the Principality List I was in tight seclusion for a month and Schizophrenic (fuelled with magic.) Going over food I found that white food was generally the best. You could even call a banana and a potato white. An apple too. Lightning. Snow. The moon. It is a very powerful color in nature. Going over these ideas and everything led me to form that list. That list gives a color to eleven different people. An animal and other things were added to that but that’s beside the point.

Just be aware of this: that some names come at a high cost. If you choose your very own entirely unique new name then you will have better power over it from the start. But if you choose a name taken and owned by preexisting demons then that can come at a high price. Mine indeed did. I spat at the face of a person who refused to call me Lucifer. The guy was a large man and he struck me in the head so strongly that I fell backwards onto the floor. He did more than just knock me down, although I wasn’t knocked out. I lost a pint of blood that spelt all over the floor. And he cracked my skull in between my eyebrows. I now attribute that to a third eye. Later I spat something up. Something very strange- that I call “three small slivers” of snake-like things.

Every Satanist should pray to idols and have them. They have slipped into the world unnoticed in the form of trademarks. Fast food even sacrifices the beasts for you. They have their own jingle. Whether it is an image on a cup already there prepared for you or a toy- they are easy to come by. We idolize these things. We do so without knowing that is what they are there for, but now you know. Now you can recognize it for what it is: a mechanism of Satanism that Satan has put in the world. Music, music was always his. The Greeks and the Romans had gods and idols they worship and we are no different. They even compose music for these figures and all is incorporated well. It is Satanism doing it. When I had nothing else I went into Buddhist type stores to pray to the idols there for free.

I came up with the idea of “texturals.” These later came out as “memes.” Memes have become a broader term however. They make memes that are funny for the most part. So while memes have become something different and never had the use that my Textuals do, mine remained the same. The word for me means “text plus scripture plus image.” It is just an image with text underneath. It helps with visualization. To hold a basic image in mind. In fact, with eyes open visualizing, that works just as well. Otherwise keeping your eyes open during visualization depletes its effect. One of my favorite ones is of Link entering into the cave where the sage says “it is dangerous to go alone, take this.”

At age 19 I saw a preview of my favorite game: Final Fantasy 8 (a game largely considered Satanic by serious pastors.) In which Quistis blasted the crab robot coming after Squall. She demolished it the moment before Squall made it into their escape ship. It so strongly affected me that I carefully drew an image of Quistis. I learned much later that I was drawing an idol. We can make idols on paper. An idol doesn’t have to be in 3D form. While making that game they made idols. I worshiped it along with them.  

A person can be inventive when it comes to magic. They can use a black rubber bat for an altar to Shiva. You can give music any meaning you want to. You can translate. You can make songs that have nothing to do with the demons you love be all about them. You can use a green marble (or one of your favorite colors) to be your magic crystal. You can turn Tarot cards into wall paper. The drink in your chalice can be strawberry soda. In fact the more inventive you are the better you will be at what you do.

If you ever happen to see a made up language/ alphabet in a show or movie then you can turn it into a magical alphabet. I did so with an episode from Smurfs. They are in video games sometimes, too. You might even combine alphabetic letters from different sources.

A lot of old books contain the best lessons on magic. That is because it was very real for those people and less so today. They thought deep into it all. Most importantly they approached it like a science. They experimented a lot. They took it seriously and fully engaged in it. I am sure the effects of what they did given their environment were very real.

Plants have magical properties. Far too often scientists casually reason that their properties are just defense mechanisms. They say that caffeine is nothing more than that. I would ask what the plant has it for and what it uses it for. Chemicals are far from being fully understood. Finding their exact effects have been very allusive. Some have surmised that plants have feelings. They observe electrical responses when they are poked. You can use plant supplements and whatever chemical gotten from them to do just about anything. Chemistry can do a lot. Morphing can make morphine. They can warp around the brain so much that you see things. Chemistry can cure schizophrenia as long as they are taken and taken again. Steroids can build muscles. There are blood pressure medicines and painkillers derived from the bark of a tree.

     But how did people of old know that plants could heal people? That they were capable of so much? I mean science really did prove them right. It took a long time but it came into its own more than we ever thought it would. Starting at the time when moldy bread was found to cure the flu. The first actually working psychiatric pills were stumbled on. A lot of the time it comes upon accidentally. Actually so was chemotherapy. Doesn’t this all say just how much magic there is when it comes to nature? Yet when it comes to being able to readily understand something they are sometimes too hidden. For example with Saint John’s Wort. It is said to lift your mood. Many scientists would refute it for “no proof of that.” They just aren’t able to see what it does when it is inside a person's brain. There is only so much that any scientist is able to see when looking into the brain. Like a partial blindness. I would call them mostly blind. They are yet to take a very good and thorough look inside to see just what all is happening inside.

     You are what you eat. What you are is what you eat. I must certainly be tea. I have drank iced tea by a gallon a day since I was a teenager. I am very fond of it. It is something that I need. I’m addicted to it enough that I would eat the frost from the freezer to get it cold. I think my body is very familiar with it. I think it knows what it is very well by now. I am sure my body has learned to use it for my maximum benefit. I like to give my body things to play with too. I go through periods of one supplement then another. I get my body familiar with it then change it around in a way as though I am almost speaking to my body. Like using a language of chemical things. I do not take a vitamin every day because I don’t want it to become something of a given. That my body knows sometimes it will have to do without it. And I believe that this is where ritual comes into play. That I have my body understand me in some way.

     Then there is taste magic. It is something like herbal magic. Only I use candy, food, and drink. I have taught a lot about it as a form of magic. It is when you combine food with thought. As though magically feeding my thoughts. I take taste into that part of the brain, wherever it is. In some hidden and hard to reach place of the brain and my soul I come to give it food through taste magic. In taste magic every thought is given its own taste. And I have with that my Principality List as I have provided and explained before. So those are about all that I have to teach when it comes to plant magic.

     I believe the body has its own language as spoken with chemicals, timing, presence, absence, proportion, and variation. Your body comes to know what to expect and when and why it was given.

  Satanism Is Freedom

Satanism Is Freedom

Satanism Is Freedom

Just think what you’d be doing if you were a part of “the cult.” The cult is for protestors. The cult is for those with causes. It is for those that arm themselves. For those quick to riot and loot. They come in many forms each with their own foolish agendas. As for you: don’t engage. Be a person for all people. Blend in. Don’t instill their morality within you. Do not regard their pain and suffering. Just live and live free and in any way you can: survive.

Beware of what bad groups can bring. Beware of foolish rebels. Beware of those that stalk, hunt, and kill. It is only you who will never betray yourself. It is you that you can count on. It is you that you understand the best with no things hidden. A wise game once said “it is dangerous to go alone, take this (a sword)” while the sword was just a thing in a video game. The video game was about venturing out in “the world.”

Satanism is the result of freedom. At least it perfectly became so in America. With freedom we became Satanic.

Satanism also teaches that people should be allowed to make their own mistakes, even bad ones, if they are only hurting themselves. It teaches “intellectual freedom,” leaving the homeless to what they do. Not bothering someone who doesn’t want medical help. And also to not bother others with being searched. To not make rules unless everyone agrees to them- like health standards. We don’t have the morality or self righteousness needed to make such rules and laws.

     I believe that for better or worse the constitution should be upheld. People should not have to suffer through searches. Often places and people find a way around. They have you “waive” your rights- something that is blatantly against your rights. Signing yourself away? Like applying to have your rights taken away? And stuck in a corner by them like in between a rock and a hard place? It is like they sell you something and the price is your rights. “You can be here if you are here without your rights.” The Price Is Rights ! Haha.

     We believe in “live and let live.” If someone isn’t bothering you, then don’t bother them. It is remarkable that pleasure was an ordinary thing to the Romans. Compared to our nation we are just so incredibly stuck up. We nitpick. We split hairs. We are preoccupied with helping people who don’t want to be helped. Satanism says, leave them alone.

Satanism Is Salvation

Satanism Is Salvation

Satanism Is Salvation

Satanism is earth-based. It is a religion of the world and our good place within it. Satanism is also progress based. When you see any science fiction show it is about Satanism. They revolve around an existence without God. How often do you hear them say things like “Jesus is returning soon”? Or, with all the technology they have, how far are they removed from God? They are god-like people in these shows and films. Nary a word is said about God. That wouldn’t make any sense.

Science and technology can make a utopia just fine. It can reduce human suffering to practically nothing. Given more time it could feed us with things like:

Give us free and instant food (as through replicators or bio engineering)- End Hunger.

Cure sickness and cancer.

Stop crime (with AI cameras, personal energy fields)

End homelessness (with 3D printing and drone construction)

Bring about Universal Basic Income (through androids, robotics, drones, and increased resources)

Make energy far cheaper than it currently is (so cheap in fact that it is practically free.)

Serve us (with androids, self driving cars, ect.)

It can make life great, more than we can know. Nobody knows just what great things are in store as science and tech advances. Maybe even before long we will discover the reason for aging and how to stop it.

What kind of utopia could science and technology create? With free energy everything imaginable could have constant power. Towering buildings could be created. Homes could be made quickly with 3D printing and drone work. Computers could become as powerful as they ever could. There could be body modification- be any race you want to be. Holodeck fantasies could come true. TVs could become 100 inches wide. You’d not have to leave home to socialize. You have very realistic holograms of others. A room of yours could take you anywhere you want to go. 3D printers could rapidly develop anything you want. Cancer is cured, and no more worry at all concerning it. There is universal basic income. Robots and androids are your non feeling no ego slaves. Travel from here to there is more rapid. Go to another country for the weekend. If everyone has guaranteed income then maybe you could even crash out there for a while. If we learn how to create gold then the streets will be paved with it.

Satanic/ Occult Misnomers:

1- Astral Projection. It works after one falls asleep. Not while one is awake. It brings our dreams into a higher stratosphere to collect the Nether (magic power/ energy.)

2- How Tarot cards work is by opening the third eye. Through the “abstract conceptualization” that it gives. That is especially so with well organized cards. A multiple of them too instead of just pulling one card.

3- Only Anton LaVey has the right to set forth Satanism. Believe it or not you too can set forth Satanism.

4- Demonic possession is rarely as pronounced as a movie may depict it. More often than not it just twists the behavior and mentality of someone. It is kind of like a brain trying to stop takeover. And voices and things like those are known by scientists but attributed to Schizophrenia, not an actual entity.

5- Selling your soul is not so simple as offering it in exchange then expecting an immediate answer. Because your soul is valuable. Only through determination can you sell it. Meanwhile divine intervention may prevent it. Up until you are an adult you belong to God. Then after that you make your decision. And I have a story to go along with that:

On my 18th birthday I went to a park outside of town. Off in the distance there was a Satanic group camping out. I kind of wandered away from the park when I spotted something ahead (a sort of incomplete wooden castle wall.) When I got there I found all sorts of people camping out. I was told to go to a certain person which I did and she said it was a dollar for me to stay for three days. I really felt like I had a hell of a better deal than the Church of Satan which charges $200. So I stayed there with them for three days for the only dollar I had. I discovered they were Satanists just by looking at a paper handed to me and going around talking to them. It was a neat event. A belly dancer was there and a bongo drummer too. There was this guy by the fire saying jokes about God that I could not help but laugh about. Food was about served and we were all in line. Each of us was told to bow down to the King before sitting down. The King looked like a black goat- you know, the Baphomet look. There was a sultry female beside him, standing. I didn’t bow! I just went right to my seat. It was a great and wonderful three days and to me it means that Satanic forces had invited me in.  

It may be more effective and direct to just do Satan’s work on earth. If you are worth it, it will pay off.

6- You cannot pray to Satan. Some believe this anyway. That’s not entirely true. The way around this is to ask God that Satan can hear you but you may have to pray that before each time you wish to talk to him. The very definition of an angel is “messenger,” and those with many messengers will become very successful in the magical world. For us and them it is not a smartphone but a ritual that calls them forth. Normally when you summon a demon you summon its spirit. Not its physical form.

And to understand a ritual it is meant to put yourself within that place- that be within that presence of it. As it is also a misnomer that hell is a physical place. Ordinary people need a ritual to make that happen. Some humans go there from time to time but they are few. For whatever length of time for them. Perhaps even a lifetime. But most people must perform a ritual in order to go there.

Anyone who makes a ritual should keep that in mind. Part of it is faith. Faith can be faked well enough depending on the magician. By faith I refer to the belief that you are in a different state all around. The magic words must not be complicated gibberish to the speaker. With extra people performing the ritual with you there are added tones. You could call them different wavelengths. Different pieces of the same place. Different colors to the painting. Overall it is not just one connection. It certainly helps.

The goal of a magician is to make a space in which s/he brings forth “hell.” That’s all that matters. You do not need to pour over ancient books of shadows to do so (unless that’s what you want to do.) It does not have to be a many faceted thing. Can in fact be quite a simple thing. In fact I do it simply and effectively with visualization. Magical visualization is something a person either has in them or doesn’t. Magical visualization imparts very deep and even profound experiences on its user. It is just simply not something such as “imagining a peaceful beach.” Music helps a whole lot. In fact you can’t do without it when visualizing. I use black metal instrumentals or orchestral movie soundtracks. Whatever fits my intentions.  

Satanism Is Selfish

Satanism Is Selfish

Satanism Is Selfish

Don’t share. Please, don’t share. Don’t be taken from- not the least thing. Hustlers have quite an art to take from you. They’ll promise double back. No? Triple back! They’ll promise. Then fail to give you a damn thing back or only a fraction of what they said they would. After all, what’s fair about them owing three times back. They’ll offer you a dollar for a smoke then act like “what do you mean?” As long as they manage to get it into their hands.. They are people too cheap to afford a lighter, too. If you give them one they’ll trade it for a cigarette.

The homeless are usually no better. Every Time I’ve given them something they immediately ask for more. Most of the time they are on drugs. See if you give them a five dollar bill and crack costs ten dollars..

You can’t even say “no” nicely to these people. You cannot include any excuse. If you do, they will see you are weak and proceed to grind you down. I think the worst time for me was when a homeless guy asked if I had money. I said no. He asked if I had anything for him pointing out that he was homeless. I was foolishly generous that day. I had a cheap lighter. Cheap as they come. Said “here’s a new lighter.” He said he heard change in my pocket and asked for some of that. I pulled out a nickel and said, “you mean this?” and gave it to him. But my mistake, I pulled out a bic lighter too and he asked if I could have that one instead. I told him I’m keeping it and he finally left me alone. Kind of just a moment there standing in front of me looking like he wanted to rob me.

I only buy things for myself. I don’t borrow or take from others. Not the least thing. They will take your rolled cigarettes because they ran out of expensive pack cigarettes. As for me- I don’t buy the expensive ones! I’d run out of money in no time. Likewise they’d take your cheap food when they run out of money for fast food. That’s a hustler through and through. Know them. Defeat them. I’ve given you that power. But it is up to you to use it.

Satanism Is Strong

Satanism Is Strong

Satanism Is Strong

Strength is a lost value. If Satanism has any values needed these days it is strength. People will complain about things not being perfect and “just right.” Like Goldylocks and the Three Bears. Since people so lack the ability to get by on their own they turn to hand outs. They are disabled. They need help. They need a crutch. They need to be fed. Fed a bottle. When will the government just say, “deal with it!” ? They won’t. In fact people are taught to be weak. Weakness is easier to manage. Weak is more needy. Being needy means they’ll keep them around.

     They make people into pitiful people. They teach them that it is “okay to have problems and feel bad.” I knew someone whose spouse died and they have been going to therapy for nearly 20 years now. That is because it is enjoyed by them- part of going is to be part of a certain group of their own kind. Their own kind can be the depressed. Who are often people just wanting those depression pills and self-pity. Lovers of pity parties are a dime a dozen. Self pity is a pity.

     They weaken so they can mold. But they do not do the things that lead to daring. To embrace and overcome your problems with strength instead of pitiful emotion.

     They are too much like hypochondriacs to be able to enjoy life. They “can’t get their eight hours.” They count the cups, eight glasses a day. They have a lot of health worries. TV makes them worry about things. No system is proper enough. Children can’t be disciplined at all. The jailed have to be handled gently. A mishap of the tongue might offend somebody. Therefore speak wisely and carefully, for otherwise it is over for you.

     They will rage at a statue so much that they go out of their way to bring it down. They inspect what you say and if it is out of line then they are quick to correct you. Yes indeed they are such sensitive people. The hateful and harmful kind that will just die a little every time a thing is not spoken the right way. They have a whole system of how to say, how not to say, how to act, how not to act, how to be a part, how to make a change, the means, rules, and ways. As I’ve called it before, that is a cult! A hell of a cult.

     They teach that isolation is bad but some people really do want to be alone (as a friend of mine once said.) It all indicates something is wrong. You can observe how pathetic they are with their self help books. Entire books written on how to make life livable. A whole thick thing going into all the details and nuances. They must have had some serious problems. My self-help book couldn’t go far beyond “make life a good one!”

     Let's not be nice to horrible criminals. Let’s not worry over the small things. Let’s be able and capable to help our own selves. Let’s not be concerned if what we say offends others. Let’s build up, not down, and let’s build strong.

     I had a friend once who wouldn’t say “please hand me the salt.” Rather, he’d say “give me that salt!”

     The nicer you are the more people push you around. An animal will go after anything that is afraid of it. It is counter intuitive but so. We’d hope that by being nice we would get respect but no. That’s why I say “don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.” Sometimes the only thing you can do to a bully is fight back. Give him something to be afraid of. Make him bothered and uncomfortable around you. Grind him down. Make him humble. Recently Will Smith smacked Chris Rock. They are famous people and one said a joke against the other’s wife. So he got up and slapped him while he was on stage. Some thought “I would have too.” Others thought “he shouldn’t have done that,” but I thought, “how the mighty have fallen!” It humbled him.

Truth Of Satanism

Truth Of Satanism

Truth Of Satanism

1- The first truth is that we are sexual people one and all.

2- The second truth is that we want to be the strongest of them all.

3- The third truth is that we like to devour meat.

4- The fourth truth is that we have a Beast within us.

Satanism isn’t only about the physical. It is also about wisdom. That wisdom isn’t about the physical, either. We’d come into understanding by seeing ourselves as animals but there is not a lot there to learn. Do and be what is in your nature. That is all there is to it. What advantage we have is individuality. We uniquely see the world. We learn apart from the ways people typically learn. We go for the library books that nobody else reads. At one time those books might have been popular. Popular or not anymore it is of long lost knowledge. We take from it what no one else does.

     We are not inclined to learn from TV. Not as far as culture and opinions go. That itself leads us to learn in other realms. Knowledge from TV has always been garbage anyways. We are natural at “thinking outside the box.” While they are learning among each other learning the same things we learn outside of it.  

Convolution And The Road To Destruction:

Things become convoluted over time. It has led to many great nations becoming lesser nations, fragments of their past selves. For one, it is when a budget has become too bloated to manage. While more and more needs are piled on it too many prerequisites occur. Nothing can be left out. People are no longer even required to do things on their own or be strong in some way. Only partial work is required of people. Anything more is unheard of. The government will make ends meet. After time nothing can be afforded. Debt goes out of control. Money gets to the point it doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes the nicest thing you can do is not be nice. To just tell the people “deal with it!” When it comes down to it people can get by on their own better than they think.

     Convolution has led to a cult among the people. It is the first of its kind. It could only have come about if there was internet, cameras, and mass communication. Its ideas have spread around, shared, multiplied, and broadened quickly. It's wrapped up around a lot of things. It has its counter sort of religion. It is one cult against another.

     Things of regulations and laws are also bloated from convolution. Take alcohol- once acceptable then prohibited but the road to destruction went in its favor. People brought it back into their rights. It went well in that case. Tobacco was once acceptable. Then it was discovered to be harmful. So the first step was not allowing it on airplanes and later other places. A warning was put on the pack. Which wasn’t enough. So they put a message on the ribbon that seals the pack. In Australia they put disgusting images of lung cancer on the pack. They warned about the harm of secondhand smoking. You practically couldn’t smoke anywhere by that point. They started saying it goes through the vents and harms children. People start to build up a very strong objection to it. Then they start making it look like a disgusting habit showing the ugly teeth of smokers and stuff like that. The science is there saying that smoking mutates your body and DNA, that it harms your skeletal bones, ect. They raise the smoking age to 21 and outlaw menthol cigarettes. They make vaping illegal too. And more recently they are saying that cigarette butts are bringing harmful chemicals that get into the water and spreading a toxin in all places. And there is one agenda of this propaganda: to outlaw smoking. That's how things evolved over time and it is quite astonishing.

     Then there are things like entertainment that gets worse and worse. Mortal Kombat is a good example of that. Or Beavis and Butthead leading to South Park which itself has more and more gone off the rails. Mortal Kombat led to copycat games that just made things more and more violent. The same applies to just about anything until controversy has no meaning and where decency is against the rule. Books, movies, shows, cartoons, games, all just throw anything good out of the window.

     People will do what they can get away with and try to get away with the most. They will grind and chip away at things all the while justifying their behavior. They would be treated Kingly. Satanic music becomes “the worst thing possible.” The Satanist becomes a Mega Satanist. The Gangster, through their movies and songs, become The Mega Gangster. A little song about a butt leads to twerking. As a result people lose sense of themselves and are taken- taken and lost. Only chaos can fix these things. When people will do without. When people begin getting the taste again for good things. When things become so bad that they are absurd. When people open their eyes to see abstract paintings for what they are and as though it has never been seen before. People look around and think ‘is this really such a good idea?’ Someone pointing at a white car and calling it a racist. People who are mad at health nuts for ruining their food. Too many traffic laws to even understand. Driving so carefully that it is not careful. People sick of being protected by the government. Rights to search for less and less good reason. A small amount of drugs that exist leading to a myriad of them. Laws not being tough enough. People will demand more justice and protection. Lawlessness and anarchy leading to a dictator- sometimes the opposite of what they wanted, but what others are forced to need. It comes to the point when the walls come tumbling down and people must pick up the pieces and start again. Begin fresh this time, learn from their mistakes, and move on. It makes the world go round.

Satanism Is Worldly

Satanism Is Worldly

Satanism Is Worldly

If you can begin to take into account just how wonderful the world is then you can begin to fully enjoy it. Things have gotten better here. The past did have its magic but its magic is not lost to us. I like most of all how things of nostalgia are given continual new life. There was even a Ninja Turtles game that mostly resembled the classic ones such as Turtles in Time. It was called Shredders revenge. They had been redoing the concept as something different before they finally realized that the old formula was best. Because of the internet a person can get just about whatever thing they want. In terms of nostalgia, that is a gold mine. It goes far beyond such things of course. Our tastes have been given the opportunity to breathe and grow because of it. Whatever you uniquely want you can find. Whatever you consider it doesn’t have to be the same pile of things that everyone else has access to.. And not more.

     Satanists are homebody people so deliveries are a blessing. Groceries can be gotten delivered to you as chosen online, bought online, with no delivery costs. They are working on drone deliveries too. Driverless vehicles as well. There is no therapy like buying things. Money makes you happy, so do the things it gets you. If you are getting gifts for loved ones then you can learn about them in the process and come out with exact things. I once took an entire day buying cheap things from China. Cheap but neat, at a much lower price that things come here. All my life I have found a green marble. I don’t know why. But there on the street was a green marble. There in the dirt or gravel was a green marble. There at a park, on the floor, a green marble. They were in places that couldn’t have been all put there by one person or even a few. My whole family would have had to have been tricking me or something, which was ridiculous. So I always liked them. I finally bought a big bag of them, put them in a special place, and I haven’t seen a green marble since. I used to like rose quartz quite a bit. I got a special little rose quartz stone from a wiccan catalog before the internet existed. Then some years later this lady I knew had a huge stone of rose quartz. I asked her where she got it and she casually said “oh, I got that online.”

     As far as entertainment goes I hope that regular TV catches up to YouTube. The people making videos on YouTube know what audiences want, much more than TV does which frankly seems dumb on the matter. Where are all of the shows about video games, like a group of friends that go places to buy them, those and toys? Or top ten games or whatever else. Speed running, video game history, ect.? Rating things, all sorts of top tens, unboxing videos, parody videos, and so many other kinds of videos that people would rather see than the crap on TV.

     I remember when I got my first cell phone. It was a small narrow thing in the hand which could at best slowly pull up internet text. It had been quite a novel to me to call and receive calls anywhere. It would soon get to where it had games and you could even have a word processor in your pocket, something I always wanted. In the early days it was always a question of mine: could you write a book on it? I had been much more of a musician at the time though. I wrote it all out on paper. My music teacher had it written out as though he used software for it. I found out he was using a software called “Print Music!” which I ordered online. I think it was the very first thing I ordered online. The disk came. So I could finally get a good grasp of what my music sounded like. I never used software so much. I was just as eager to get the newer version which said it could now save your music in MP3 format. So then after that I could put my orchestrated sounds into a CD.

     Because of apps you can see just what the store has. Do you know how many phone book calls I used to use hunting things down? Now though you can see just what is in stock for any given store. If you want you can order it with a card for pickup. Getting to new places and finding them is easier than ever before because of online maps. You can even know just when the bus will arrive. Which is a good thing in San Francisco with how many of the bus time things are vandalized.

     Prices have come down yet things have gotten better. It kind of goes against inflation when it is the cheapest phone now what the most expensive five years ago. Or a TV twice the size is cheaper than the one from five years ago. Some of those TVs would have cost thousands of dollars at one time, if they were even possible to have been made back then. Makes sense. They are lighter so they are cheaper to ship. Not to mention they take up several times less space with the thickness of CRT TVs. People do still want the old things though. That is a recent phenomenon of record and cassette players coming back on the market. It is a novel thing, so why not? Some would argue that cassettes are better than disks.

  My life from then to now and all around And the magic of my life: I just had money today to spend. I had a check to cash, a thing to return. I rarely return things but I did this time. I have been getting much more money for the last few months and months ahead and ahead. Before that I had been praying and making prayer sheets for extra money. I am not greedy with it. But extra is always nice. I had prayed to Mammon and others for it. At the same time I thought to myself ‘who am I to thank if it comes?’ That answer came today. On my way home I passed by a Mexican man who mysteriously said “you have that because of Santa Muerte.” It was some homeless man sitting down and when he said it I almost right away knew just what he meant. Yes, Santa Muerte- the Saint of Sinners, or, The Skinny Lady, which the most sinful of catholics pray to and erect elaborate idols in her name. And today, here, I honor her.

     In such a strange way I believe that the world became what I was. That I was ahead of it. Which may or may not have any metaphysical significance, but nevertheless in so many ways what I was one day the world is tomorrow. In my youth almost no one said “know what I mean?” I read it in a book. Was kind of catchy. I liked that. For most of us it is an overused generic term but at the time it wasn’t. I began going around saying it and before I knew it it became altogether common. One day a phrase just popped up in my mind “it is what it is,” and the person looked at me like he liked what I said. But The Devil later insisted that he had said it first. Without asking, after I said it, he said he was the one to first say that. I was a Karen  before Karen was a thing. I insisted on talking to managers, I filled out complaints, called the police over nonsense. Nobody was doing these things at the time. Getting all worked up over things so much that you feel gravely offended. Nope- but a few years later and they are everywhere. Fortunately I learned my lesson. Doing things like that often land you in jail instead of the person you call the police on, as it should be. I have had things pop up in my mind that later showed themselves, like in a psychic sense. Thinking about troll dolls one day, going off into that a bit, and a few months later a Trolls movie comes out. I used to have these long talks with an ex girlfriend and the things I said would be said on TV about a minute later each. When I was in isolation for a month- imagine a small rubber room without a bathroom (you had to be asked out of the cell to use one, although I just did my everything in that little room) I had never been so strongly connected to magic. One of my intentions was to give myself a psychic connection to the world. I did very well accomplishing that. I drew Satan on the wall with mustard and kool aid and my shit. Before that I had no shape or form to really put his image in. But, with a swipe of my hand, feeling like I would give up, it suddenly showed on the wall. I brought demons and devils into the world those days. I came up with the principality list in that place. It is something that has shifted and shaped the world ever since. Things have always been shown to me in obvious ways. I had to go to the physical hospital after being in seclusion. I was malnourished. A long time friend of mine greeted me at the doorway and returned to her room somewhere inside. There I was in my orange suit and bound. The deputy told me he thought God just showed me something. That was the last time I saw her. I was living with my father for awhile and late one night decided to just leave. To be homeless. It was a lost soul moment of time. The moment before I left my father came into the kitchen where I was. He told me he was sad that I was leaving. While living in a hotel I was starving. One morning in the middle of the night I pounded on the manager's door demanding a hot pocket. This led to a scene which led to my arrest.. For trespassing.. On my own property I guess. I had for years felt, ‘the guy could have at least given me a hot pocket.’ Years later, fairly recently, I came into a new hotel now living in San Francisco. My neighbor asked me for a hot pocket. I never buy them. I lost my taste for them a long time ago. But this question! I told him no. I always tell people no these days or else be endlessly asked for more. But it relieved my feelings and brought me to understand what a silly thing it is to be upset over. God was wanting to know what I would do in the same circumstance. I forgave the manager of that old hotel at that moment.

     It was like a time for me when I would always be pawning things. I always wanted more money. I wasn’t on drugs. I’ve never taken drugs. I just wanted money and pawned every last thing I had. That included birthday and Christmas gifts. One day I gave a friend a Playstation 2 which was a nice device at the time. A couple of days later I was at a game store and there the guy was trying to sell it to them! The cord was frayed though and they wouldn’t accept it. And he said something like “then just throw the stupid thing away!” It was working when I gave it to him, by the way. I had done something I felt a bit of guilt over. That my brother got me a DVD player for my birthday one year and since I accidentally went to the pawn shop on a Sunday and couldn’t sell it I threw it in the trash by their business. I feel ashamed of that to tell you the truth. But when this guy just tossed away the PS2 like it meant nothing- I didn’t care!

     One of the stranger things was that while I was in a van with a group of my friends I had a CD by Sinead O’ Connor. That was the one with “Nothing Compares To You.” They asked if I had a CD to play and I kind of said without thinking, “yeah, it's on the radio.” Then the next song that played, just a moment later, was just that song.


     You should observe well enough that magic and prayers often work. They find a way of working if they have to, but they work. I wanted more than anything else to enter into a Satanic cult. My mind was full of evil imaginations about them. The worst of things- they sacrifice babies to the Devil. They have abominable powers. They ate eyeballs and did the most blasphemous things beside the black goat at the black sabbath. While things didn’t turn out as such, anywhere, as they were mostly Christian horror stories, I did find a group. A Satanic one, a Devil worshiping one, and on that day Satan himself. It is a story I have told again and again. It was my eighteenth birthday.. I went to a park outside of town.. And off in the distance I saw.. Before that I had a witch girlfriend. We did a lot of the occult together. I had an aunt and grandma fond of magic, more in a hippy sense (tarot card and astrology for example.) I have had those wanting to be my apprentice. I have been a part of wiccan groups. I’d gone to about every denominational and non denominational church out there.

     Whatever there is out there I am willing to try and a lot of it I have. They are all for their own reasons and I like some things more than others as it should be. Crystal balls, tarot, astrology, numerology, handwriting analysis, rituals, spells, magic stones, magic herbs, candles, wands, dagger, incense, meditation, visualization, palm reading, egg reading, magic alphabets, magic language, voodoo dolls, astral projection, that book of shadows, emotional magic, magic circles, conjuring, evocation, you name it. I have also created all new magic as I have taught about many times.

     I love any good book about magic. I love any fun spell book or any serious thing alike. I like to shuffle the tarot from time to time. I like coming up with dice magic. I like the candle and the prayer. I like to have quartz in my pocket (unless I’m outside, I wouldn't want that to look like I have crack!) They knew crystals had magic power for a very long time but more recently they found that it does carry an electrical charge. That’s why some watches say “quartz” on the face. Just remember: there is no reason to make magic difficult on yourself. It is not a degree kind of thing. It is not a thing you have to get a certificate for in order to practice. Some of the most powerful things in magic are some of the most simple to do. Things like dedication, sincerity, and faith go a lot further than doing some precise ritual. Precision in rituals is all a bunch of complicated nonsense.

     I had an affinity towards ritual in my teenage years. They were usually a thing of my own design. If the design one laid out didn’t exactly fulfill me then I would improve them.  

     Spirits would talk to me. Something dismissed as Schizophrenic though it is a fact that on medication for it those voices stop. They could be a little tormenting. They could even make me miserable if they come in too loud and too many. They are like real conversations from real people. They are the spirits behind the radio and behind the TV. Some were annoying saying the same thing as though the same joke was funny every time. One night a couple of demons bothering me wondered why I wasn’t afraid of them. I couldn’t see them but I could hear them. They were making funny noises at me. They asked another spirit “why isn’t he afraid of us? Is he God?” and she responded “silly guys, there is no God.” And they said, “but we can’t hurt him.” And she said “then maybe he is God.”

     One time I was reading the Bible looking for the chapter about Lucifer and a spirit told me “Isaiah 14.”

Christian Satanism

Christian Satanism

Christian Satanism

Christian Satanism

Christian Satanism

Christian Satanism

Christian Satanism

Christian Satanism

I read just about every question that comes up online about it. One question leads to many. It rapidly grows and grows. To start they know nothing about it. So they speculate. Some say it is the worship of Satan in a Christian context- therefore the term makes sense. Some argue saying it is just impossible. Some bring up that Satanists are atheists (as Anton LaVey would have them be.) They bring up Devil worship after all and the type has to chime in. Then it is told to them “you’re saying that atheistic Satanism makes sense but Christian Satanism does not?” Some just say they want to learn more. Sometimes Christians say “it is just blasphemy.” Wiccans may change the subject to Satan being based on Pagan beliefs like Pan. But whatever the case Christian Satanism stands out and invites a lot of questions. It’s funny. The gospel spread well through word of mouth. Christian Satanism though, could do that even more. So that’s what’s to expect when bringing it up.

Thoughts about it also include “is it good or is it bad?” “Cut that in half right now!” For the sided minded lose their side because of it. When it is a fight, for one Holy, the other Iniquitous. But for us, in agreement, it offends them.

But what is Christian Satanism about? What is its formula and basis? As I’ve said earlier, it can be many things at once. Those things I’ve written about in this book already. Christian Satanism is about balance. It is about one side improving the other. It is the opposite that makes us whole. When Christian Satanism is going back and forth it is about balancing out and completing ourselves.

Nature itself is very, very heavily based on the number two. Whenever God created the world He must have surely had “two” in mind. The things of our body are all in two’s, from head to toe. Two make a new life. One step, next step. Even the clock goes “tik- tok,” and not “tik-tik.” The sun and the moon and so on. Likewise Christian Satanism is a thing of two. One that brings life.

Christian Satanism is a gray sided thing and how uncommon those are! I believe the world will catch up to that though: creating gray sided things. For movies and things like that being a space seldom entered into. Like in Star Wars moving beyond Jedi and Sith. Having an in between thing. Anyways, our kind is a rarity. So few books are even written about gray magick .

Christian Satanism was created by Heaven and Hell. It was auto written and born of my own experiences that guided me into it. That led me to write what I have written. Call it a back and forth as to what it would include, sometimes after arguments, other times through compromise.

Its afterlife is as this: once a true Christian Satanist dies they wake up in a new bed. Their Heavenly image is still the same (perhaps a little improved) and their memories intact. They are in a new realm assigned to teaching Christian Satanism in that place. The more evolved Christian Satanist washes up on shore. They are washed up on a beach in a place they will rule over.

Christian Satanism is about the other side that will win. It is philanthropy when it is due, or “the time of war,” as Solomon would describe. When you are strictly on one side then you will follow down that road into destruction, eventually. We are prepared to change when we need to, somewhere in the twilight of things. We are ready for a new beginning. They are ready for a coming end. We will live on. They will not. We are a people that fit into every age. There were the times of witches and their execution. That would have been a time in which we were simply not Satanic. But great liberty has come to us to be either Christian or Satanist as we choose. One, the other, or both, with no one stopping us. Therefore the most important right for us is the freedom of religion. It could be asked “well, how would we do among Muslims or Buddhists?” Actually that second one isn’t any problem. Buddhists keep to themselves. The answer is: we aren’t martyrs. We are specifically not. Christian Satanism teaches non involvement. We pretend to agree. We just blend in. In such a case our Satanic side saves us. To lie all we have to in order to save ourselves from harm. The question of “should a person never lie,” is answered by Christian Satanists who say “if they are trying to use the truth against you to harm you, then you should certainly lie.” Those that use the truth against another in order to prosecute them or get them into trouble or whatever else- they are in the wrong. They care nothing about the person. They’ll pretend to. They will lie to you in order to pull something out of your mouth. They will pretend to “be on your side,” and “just let it all out.” “You didn’t really mean to do what you did, it was just an accident, wasn’t it?” At the same time they will pretend to be your friend and be there to help you through this. So the truth comes out of their mouths and the heart of the detective jumps. A sudden happiness from him. He got this creep. They don’t have to look for any more evidence. He cracked. He confessed. Then leaving the door he tells his comrades “got it!” And the guy is sent to jail and not thought about ever again.

We are Satanists that ask “why not believe in God?” “Why not appreciate Jesus Christ for what he was?” For a regular Satanist it is about overtaking God with Satan. How is a human to do that? It is very much a game. A fun game, sure. To be “evil,” and opposite to Christianity. The Christianity they learned. That perhaps was a part of their youth as taught by their parents and Church. I understand the youthful impact of Satanism very well. To think you are evil- and you really do, I’m not using the word evil as a joke or mocking word. I almost went too far. I felt “darkness,” the ideas behind Satanism are very strong for the young. That’s all fine as long as things aren’t taken too far. Fantasy is simply closer to fantasy in a young mind. But I was Christian in the beginning and remain at least in part, Christian. That’s true for a lot of Devil Worshiping Satanists. One makes the other better. As a kid I quite indulged in being saved again and again and there I go embracing the darkness again a little later. It is one thing true for Christian Satanism. Some are the way they are for these reasons, but others aren’t. It may not apply to you at all, it doesn’t always. Sometimes there is a third thing: atheism, periods of that you may or may not get out of. Anne Rice suddenly became Christian again. She went on to write more biblical based books. It just didn’t stick though. Before too long she became an atheist again.

Christian Satanism doesn’t have to be a “one or the other, or both” kind of religion. I would put forth a better formula: “light side, dark side, shadow side.” For Christian Satanism to be at its best (broader, more complete, more useful for the gray sided) then we should not leave out anything gray sided that stands outside of Christianity and Satanism. For a simple and brief example: gray jedi. They have nothing to do with Christianity or Satanism. I particularly like writing about Christian Satanism. Those that follow it however should be free to do other forms of gray sided things. It adds to our whole. It enriches us. It is included in our material: gray witchcraft, the heroic villain.

So often I have included things that are not one, the other, nor both, but that never stopped me from saying the things I was taught to say.

In times of philanthropy be philanthropic. In times of wicked pleasure, enjoy. Take it as a time to change: change with the times. In private you can be your other self. When that time comes that your other self may come out again, it will be most happy. Else go to a place where things are different. A place where you would rather be according to who you are. The things of the gray side are starting to emerge. For so long there has been just good or evil (light or dark) but we are maybe just one good movie away from that changing and we’d had been prepared all along. Suddenly then, we could be in fashion. Hopefully someday we will have our own Churches all around. A thing of many books of all kinds. Movies, shows, and songs, that speak of us. Our own hymns whatever those would be. There is a long way to go with us being that we are a new thing. Satanism, Paganism, Christianity, light and dark, are things that have been developed since the beginning. So, having not much elsewhere to go, will turn to us. We would have established a good start, I feel.

A Positive Change. That’s all that matters. There are no goals or objectives from a Christian Satanist other than making a positive change.

Church Ideas: People working on things should be helped out. Whatever that is: art, writing, music, all that helps/adds to Christian Satanic material. It doesn’t have to be money that is given to them. It can be material they need such as a laptop- even a good used laptop that was donated by the members. The members in fact should be told just what donations are needed.

     Let it look beautiful inside. Using special lighting like black lights and EL panels. Fiber Optic light and other nice lights inside. Give it an aesthetic that must have come from Halloween. Naturally as a Christian Satanic Church it will display both the Holy and Iniquitous. Those combined too- like gray candles.

     Provide my material which is in the public domain and offered free as ebooks. Sell my books (for your own help) and Christian Satanic things of all kinds. Promote Christian Satanism outside of Church. Tell its followers how to do exactly that. Use websites and papers to pass around.

     Ordinary Christian Churches have Bible Study. We have clubs or groups of some kind. That should be for whatever most people are bound to like. It can be a Dungeons and Dragons thing or MTG. Could be just a video game thing. Card games maybe. Maybe a Christian Satanic movie session. There can still be a study group for the written material of Christian Satanism, too. The group is a thing after for anyone just wanting to belong, to have friends, and enjoy the Church.

     Like it or not, money is necessary. Tithes are necessary for the better of both the Church and Christian Satanism as a whole. The Church should find the best ways possible to make us better as a whole. Recruitment should be encouraged. Things like our word getting around, too.

     Monday- Sunday, whichever day you choose to be open should just be the day or days that work best. What works best should be used. What’s most effective should be put into effect.

     Children should find it a fun place to be while learning and growing through it in a positive way. Toys are cheaply gotten so should be donated and given to them. Just simple things are okay. They will make Church a joy to attend each and every time wondering what they will get. I had a lot of fun in vacation bible school doing crafts. There can be a craft group for them like origami or simply painting. At age 13 or so though it is about time for them to take a more serious and responsible role in Christian Satanism.

     If you are a priest/ pastor wanting to create a Church then here are the first steps: first be well educated. Second, be well prepared. Third, get it done. Simply act on it which can be the most difficult step. Just know it will get easier for you. You are going to be a speaker. You are going to be someone that has things to say. You are meant to have your own form of Christian Satanism to present. Christian Satanism is unique in that it encourages making different forms of itself. Like Catholicism, Protestant, and Baptist all at once from different people. In fact if you grew up with a certain denomination then that is a good place to start. Transform that into Christian Satanism. You’ll need a building. It could be your own home, I guess. You will need to make it look good, look cool. Then advertising is a good idea. Something of a couple months, three maybe, more if that is better, building up word of mouth over it. Then the day comes that you are open. Hopefully a lot of people have turned up. You should begin by saying just what Christian Satanism is and be ready to take questions.

     Have a singles group. That could do a lot of good. I have been in Churches that had them and they outnumbered the people in the regular sermon. They came in late. It seemed like a few of them came right in shortly before the regular sermon ended. People know that when they find their partner in Church then they’ve found a good partner.

     The Church Founder is just one leader of the Church. There are positions to make and fill. As mentioned before there are those that create new things to benefit Christian Satanism like writing books for it and uploading them. Website makers, too, ect. They are like the worker bees given flowers that turn them into honey. Other possibilities are recruiters, people that get the word out, advertisers, people bringing things together/ organizing everything, teachers and sub teachers, and really things are that simple. Just make it where everything holds together and grows. Growth of the Church should be an especially important matter. To be prepared for a sort of drought. To be ready to turn things around if it is determined that would help.

     Then there are other ways of promoting Christian Satanism. Remember that Christian Satanism brings up a lot of conversation. It brings up interest and questions about it. That’s for better or worse, sometimes it is interesting, sometimes it pisses people off. But all publicity is good publicity. You can safely promote it online. Websites of your own are a waste of time most of the time. If you have a Church or want to make an online group though then that may be a good route. Because of our mystery, asking just one question on a forum can invite many answers. YouTube videos could serve us well. Then there is what I do: write. My books are all over the place. In total I have written more than forty of them. I’ve chosen long ago to make all of them free and in the public domain, which they are. I come across these drawn out forums and am occasionally emailed about it. That’s my part. From what I set forth I have made free. Unlike just about every religion ever made I do not make myself the “only word.” I’ve talked to a few Christian Satanists that go about it sharply differently than I do. They believe that Jesus Christ is Lucifer. There is actually a good argument for that in the Bible. But it is not something I ever got deeply into.


A Few Random Things That I Teach: I learned that atonality can be prevented entirely by emphasizing the triad of any scale you are in. By emphasizing it with repetition, frequency, and duration, your music will never be atonal. For any scale that triad is made up of the notes: the tonic, the third or half third in a minor key, and the fifth. So in C maj it is C, E, and F. For A min it is A, C, and E.

     I have come up with a form of music writing that turns a couple of sheets of music into something that can have limitless performances. It is to make a set of melodies, chords, rhythm each numbered that can be played in any order, any combination.

     My Dark Form of music is done this way: to have very fast and repetitive percusion, an ongoing and dreamy melody, and contrasting consonant and dissonant chords.

     I have come up with a way to remember things that have been deep in your memory, lost for a long time. It is to take a dictionary and randomly look at words to remember things from. For example if “car,” you remember your first car. If “book” you remember a trip to the library, your first book, and if “drink” you remember special drinks your parents gave you when young. The dictionary used for this should be thin and only contain basic words. Something so conveniently stuffed in your pocket.

     I have come up with a way to improve martial art footing. It is to walk, turn, and move around in shapes. For example with a square you complete a square in different ways. Close stepping into a square, or leaping to the other side of the square.

     I have come up with a system of gift giving. It involves gifts of four kinds: A card, a pouch, a box, and a jar or bottle. The card is a traditional one like for a birthday. Inside that card is another kind of card: a gift card, could be money, stickers, lotto scratchers, or something like that. Whatever is thin is good and fits in the card. The pouch is something that has a good thing inside. Could be neat gems/stones, old coins, gift cards or money. It doesn’t have to be a cloth pouch. It can be a pouch of candy. Could be a makeup bag. Anything you’d think of as a pouch. The next is a box. The box is just a way of giving anything. There are four kinds to each of these that I will go over, however (four kinds of cards, pouches, boxes, and jars/bottles.) The jar can be maybe one of wine, or to “think outside the box” could be a coffee maker or blender. The four types of these are called “diamonds, spades, clubs, and hearts.” Diamond represents value- things valuable. The spade is “anything.” A spade gift can be anything you want it to be. The club represents fortune and luck. It can be anything that makes life better. Then the hearts are a gift of love, which can be something well thought out as you are learning about the person you are giving to. And one more thing: a pouch can be like a sleeping bag in which all of the gifts are placed inside. Or as a “box” could be a treasure chest that has everything placed inside.

     I have come up with the idea of a magic calculator. People like Wiccans might be all over this. It has inputs such as “fire, earth, air, water.” It has numerological inputs and their meaning. It provides a magical understanding based on inputs. Inputs include elements, numbers, colors, star signs, time of day, year, and so on. When everything is entered then it gives you a meaning for it all. I guess that meaning is the most difficult part in making such a thing.

     I have come up with a video game controller that has color lights on it. The four that are traditionally used (normally called A, B, X, and Y) each emit a color of light. That color can change too as the game needs. It makes things faster, simpler, and more engaging. If you see a green thing then pressing button green will take you right to it or add it to your inventory. If the green light comes on that might mean someone in the game is at home. In a store, use button green to buy this kind of thing, button blue for something else. If the red light comes on then that is a warning. There are many possibilities for such a controller. I would add to that controller a text strip. A thin rectangular strip on the controller that contains text. It can include character messages, advice, hints, help, or just say what town it is that you just entered. It can say where to go next. It can say ammo left or show health in bars instead of text. It can say how much time is left before it all explodes. It can contain arrows like a compass, like GPS.

     There is the drink I came up with as a more simple matter: contains coffee, tea, a little lime if you like, and rum. That mixed the right way (I never even tasted it before myself) but I call it “The Lucifer.” The Christian Satanic thing about it is that coffee is used to make someone sober. I recommend a small amount of coffee in it given how strong the taste is.

     My books all contain the good ideas I’ve come up with. All of them are free, not patented, granted they haven’t been by the time of this reading. I have worked a lot and hard on video game ideas. I never could fully program. I know a little python. But it’s just so that I am a writer. So I wrote books on how to make a good video game. One broad, for any genre, the philosophy behind it, and a lot of all new ideas too. That is mostly in my books “The New Game Makers Bible,” and “My Antichrist Game of Movie,” the second of which is an idea for a video game revolving around trying to become the antichrist. It also contains a large section on how to make a Satanic video game. One not bound to that theme but one going beyond it.

     Being the antichrist. Being “Satan’s Son,” that sure used to be a fantasy of mine. I thought maybe somehow I was that important. It wasn’t an evil wish of mine. I just wanted to be someone special. I am sure God understands that. It wasn’t as though I was hungry for power, but just for attention. There’s nothing special about me enough for that to happen. Who wouldn’t want to be someone of equal magnitude to Christ- as important as “The Devil’s Only Begotten?” In all honesty though that seems like more work than it is worth: all that work to rule over others, and for what? That would be incredibly over bearing, not just letting me live out my life and enjoy it. Other than being famous I guess there would be nothing in it for me. No, more likely the antichrist is going to be someone well situated into ruling over everyone- someone that can easily be a dictator and someone set up by Satanic forces to do just that. Good luck to them, they aren’t going to be in power for very long, and will find it was most unworthy of it.

     As for being Jesus I have never been one to fall into that trap. He is what everyone wants to be through twisting around in the wrong direction of Christianity. It is an overpowering fantasy for them. They were reincarnated as him or something or so they think. Want to be The Big Guy. I have enough sense though to know I was never Jesus and the reincarnation aspect of it is just a convenient way of “putting it all together.” Falsely so. I was never Jesus, that is all there is to it. Of course I know you know I am not Jesus. I am just saying I am not one of those fools who think he is.

     Their shepherd might be white but mine is gray. Sometimes though I think I have made the most blasphemous thing ever created. These Bible verses seem to reference it again and again. Starting with the serpent who promised “you will know good from evil and become as gods.” “You cannot serve God and Mammon.” “Satan comes in like a thief. He finds another way in.” “The Devil disguises himself as an angel of Light.” The antichrist also means “in place of Christ.” The antichrist will “look like a lamb but speak like a dragon.” “Satan cannot cast out Satan. Lest his kingdom fall.” The abomination of desolation standing in the holy place (where it does not belong.) A One World religion. One that unites. That God made people differently and wanted it that way. You are indeed wiser than Daniel. Maybe Christian Satanism is just a religion of blasphemy.

Balance and Moderation: It fixes everything. It puts everything where it should be. They often say a little of something is good for you but to have a lot of it, bad. I noticed that after listening to pop music for a while, metal music becomes more enjoyable. A right balance is hardly ever even though. Normally one outweighs the other if you are doing it right. If you learn to work here and there then you will have learned to work all the time instead of exhausting yourself and making yourself hate it. The more you do things the less you like to. You may find yourself looking and looking to get that enjoyment back. Sometimes it is totally gone. Like it is with me and playing video games. In some cases all that is needed is a break from it. The best example of that is with food. We all have a favorite meal we’ve over eaten until we were sick of it. The same goes with a show. We’ve seen every episode again and again. If you wait a few years though you might come back to it and find it is like new again.

Our Own People: We are an escape from The Cult. Modern people are in a cult. They have ideologies, culture, rules, morality, beliefs, you name it, behind it. It is a cult and if you go against it in any way you could get hurt or ostracized. They have strange terms they use. Cults often have those too. TV does their sermons and they indoctrinate all they can. That’s because they are a part of a cult.

     We are an anti cult. We don’t throw away our family who might disagree with what we believe in. We believe in being ourselves. We believe that Christian Satanism comes out differently from different people. We have no mega boss founder. We don’t ask for ridiculously hard work from people or constant recruitment. We don’t deprive people just to make them want what we have “if only they follow.” We are not a cult. We are purposefully not a cult.

     They, though, modern people, are in a cult. My advice is to just blend in with them. Agree with whatever they’d push on you.

     We have our own kind though and that should not be taken from us. They would absorb all they can into their own. Their own  are not our own. We should have every right to keep it that way. We are all we have to get away from them. Besides, why do we have to be a part of them- those BORG? We have the right to our religious ideas and lifestyle and they should not interfere with it.

You don’t want to be a part of that disaster, trust me. While all they are is becoming more the same and more bloated, convoluted, they risk self destruction.

The Label of Christian Satanism: It cannot be a hypocritical label, yet it has to be. It is not hypocritical because it has a disclaimer attached to it. Yet it has to be hypocritical.

     I don’t think it is much of an oxymoron as “Atheist Satanist.” Some would insist we call ourselves reverse Christians. They don’t like what we call ourselves. My name is Lucifer Jeremy White but people insist on calling me Jeremy. Some say that the label alludes to refusing a term. They are right, it is an anti term.


The Final Denomination; With All Things Complete: Christian Satanism is the final denomination of Christianity. There may be more denominations to come, but Christian Satanism is already at the end of them. The ones to come can only be “in between ones.” What started out as Catholicism has become a great myriad of other religions. Satanism is a precursor to Christian Satanism. First things are Pagan, then Christian, then Satanic, then Christian Satanic.

     Christian Satanism could not be until both were established. Christianity was meant to go on longer. That was allotted to it. Satanism however, grows fast. Satanism grows much faster than Christianity does so just after a century it has come into its own. Remember, The Bible says “there will be a new Heaven and a new earth.” I cannot see why Christian teachers fail to include “earth” in that scripture. Other than God’s Kingdom on earth, which is Israel, the world will be our own- we are so assigned. We are God’s creation for the middle grounds. This earth-like place and other worlds, possibly other dimensions but a more accurate term for that is many things all existing at once in the same place.

     We are going to be in Hell. As I wrote about early in this book: hell isn’t a physical place but a state of being. It is a “presence.” One where fantasy is truth as in hell fantasy is operable. For us in our present human form fantasy is not reality. In hell reality is. Magic works just fine there. You can magically invent things. I remember while in hell I had done just that. I took a portable CD player. I put the disk upside down. I put the headphones into the power port. I saw something in a strange language by the  laser. It said in English “never touch the lens.” But in the other language it sounded like it said “you may touch the lens.” So I did. I pressed it down. The mechanism could be pushed down, I noticed. After that I put the batteries in backwards. Then the strangest thing happened. I started hearing demonic voices. As for our current human state, that is not possible. But in hell it will be. That is what I meant when I said that fantasy will be a part of reality.

    TVs for us will be incredibly absorbing. It will be deeply engaging. We could even watch any given thing and that would be so. If we had just a dozen channels we could be happy watching it for the rest of time. The source of TV will be demonic fed as it always has been. And the same goes for music. Food will be greatly gratifying. During one of my periods in hell I would greatly enjoy just a can of tuna. I drank the water it had in it. I enjoyed it fully. I eagerly went through my cabinets looking for more. Our sense of smell will be stronger too. We will desire good smelling things. I would cover my carpet with laundry detergent. And we will be free to do just about anything. Nothing will kill us, after all. Things will be strange there. For example, once I went to the mirror and my appearance changed into The Devil, then a puppet, and for a moment my hands swayed around without my will.

    It will be an “iso society.” You could call that an Isociety  just as well. Each habitation/ neighborhood has its own set of rules. For my area it was that a person can do whatever they want to while in a shadow. People rarely leave home. That is the way such a Christian Satanic world will be like. Things will be brought to you. You will have the internet to have things brought over and everyone will be allotted money here and there. But- with such great enjoyment coming from a thing as simple as a radio, the money will go very far.

     We will transform into more animalistic people. Within our rooms we will do things like jump and bounce around. We will treat a shower as luxurious. We will drink the water falling down on us and really enjoy a good scrub. We will dance with ourselves, for long periods. We will have peace, joy, and happiness like we never had before. But greater than that, we will have great pleasure like never before. That is a description of what Hell exactly is.

     If there is any torment in it then it is that it is easy to get lost. We could compulsively write out an image perfectly never quite reaching perfection. We could get lost in the details. After all, The Spirit of Satan is details . People in hell do not sleep. They just kind of turn on the radio and get lost a while. They may focus their spirit out for a while like in astral projection. Or they might be fixated on a cricket . The worst thing that can happen is becoming locked up, so to speak. For me that was being fixated on an African eating a fruit bat. It made me feel miserable. I thought that same thought all night. And also, people in hell try to perfect what they say sometimes and they so much want to learn what they said. As a result the same small simple paragraph of a thing said goes over and over and over again in their minds. It goes off into every direction imaginable when at the base it didn’t even really mean anything.

     There will be different kinds of places. Like I said, each place will have its own rules. This is already kind of cropping up on earth. Such as how much a mental health organization is so much in control of housing. They have standards to live by too. They determine who’ll come into the mental health system. They have homes just for groups to come to, according to the clients who want to attend. Such a place might establish a curfew. They may be as sages around for you in the buildings of theirs. Or they may have a little home only letting in their favorite people. The rooms from place to place can be any size. Some not much more than a bed and a lamp with a small library around. But a nice couch, nice recliners, and a large tv because the owner wants you to be happy. Another place might be a hotel with a gas station very close. The gas station might give you anything inside for free. Whatever the case we will be happy with what we have. We could live off of candy if we wanted to, enjoying every bite.

     I really feel I’ve said the least of it all even up until now. Some of the things I am sure I have forgotten since leaving. I remember I had received special messages from books. I even narrowed down the ones with the best messages. They were DEL REY books first published during the 1980s. Much more recently I got a collection of those, took them home, and found nothing special about them. But in hell fantasy is real. That’s a better way of putting it: fantasy is real. I would see demons at night while homeless. I would wander around until I found a certain group of them. They would wave to me and I would go up to them and “pretend to sleep” awhile. They were demons happy to guard me.

     It tells you the difference between angels and demons. Demons are those in hell. Have hell? And angels just think like we do for the most part. Angels are more closely connected to God and His image. We as humans are only partially in His image, somewhat disconnected and therefore somewhat in hell. Just not nearly as fully as we shall be when that time comes. I have described Hell and that is just what exactly it is. It is not a fiery furnace somewhere. It is not a where . It is a state.

More About Christian Satanism: For one it is a lot of fun making Christian Satanic symbols. It isn’t “more of the same.” It comes from an easy and broad formula of combining good with evil. Like an upward cross and one downward. Could be a tilted pentagram (and I like that one.) That’s a pentagram that isn’t upright or upside down but more towards the east or west. You could combine 6s and 7s. You could make different iterations of the yin yang. Combine black and white or make a black rainbow. Black and white feathers, goat with sheep, upward and downward triangles, all seeing eyes with pentagram pupils, and so on. Then with an important thing to add, which is the color gray, our color. These are symbols readily seen as our own. Why would a Christian, Satanist, or any other person for that matter make something out of both?

     Christian Satanists turn music into something about God or The Devil or just transform its meaning into whatever we want to. In other words a song is about what we want it to be even though it wasn’t meant to be that way.

     We are not people concerned about hell like others may think off hand. It seems like there are certain thoughts about us that spring forth quickly for any given person. Our religion goes further than they think for sure but people are presumptuous about it.

     A hot and cold shower. Ew! That is such a shocking thing to do. To go from hot and cold and back again. I used to do it, till I couldn’t stand it any more. But it sure does wake up the mind. Wakes it up like a jolt. Maybe that somehow speaks of the power of Christian Satanism.

     We are all for opposites especially when they make us whole. It’s always worth our thoughts. It is like heavy metal after pop music because it makes metal music more intense. It is like desert after a meal. It is a good rest after a hard day. It's about how great rest feels after a good exercise. It's coffee here and a cold drink there that makes the cold drink more cold. It’s a thing whose time is due. It's all the spice of life and we always recognize it and use it.

     Our body may be sick but after it is healed then it will be stronger than ever before. Our thirst and hunger for Christianity remains and we are The Strong Hand of God’s People. He knows we are not gone forever. Before long we are back better than before as it should be. What is wrong with praying to God? We ask that question knowing really there is no reason not to. We are not sided minded. We are not resolved against Him. Those that are really have no reason to. We will not do an evil thing. Rather we are peace keeping Christians at the core. We might pause from time to time and ask ourselves why we’ve been away for so long and then return. We will find a most beautiful place when we do and appreciate it all in full. Our cross is heavy but one golden.

     FM and AM. One goes further but doesn’t sound as good. The other doesn’t go as far but sounds better. The Barbarian and Female warrior. One is stronger but the other is faster. The black magic magician and the white magic magician- then the third, the Gray Magician. Christmas being about both Santa and Jesus. Easter being both about The Easter Bunny and the resurrection of (our Savior) Jesus Christ. Clapping your hands together could be a gesture of ours (speaking in a kind of inventive way.) There is the love symbol then the horned goat symbols. Then the L symbol meaning Lucifer. So many musicians swear by contrasts. Take a good example when it comes to Paul Mc Cartney’s music such as “Band On The Run.” Looking into the four part style of Classical music (four movements) each carrying a mood different from another. One movement is slow, one fast, one to thrill with a conclusion, and one to set things up.

     Want a favorite sports team? The Christian Satanist might just pick the one in the middle according to when they came into the league. The Christian team is the first one made. The Satanist team is the newest. You could reverse that if you want, they are subjective. The Christian Satanic one is the one that came about in the middle. That could apply to anything and everything that can be evenly divided. Saturn then is the Christian Satanist planet. Lucky us! A dice goes as far as the number nine so our number on it is the number five. Noon and midnight are our times. We are the middle track on the playlist. We are in the very middle of the movie. We are the middle book, the middle thing on the menu, and the middle of whatever else.

     We are between the light that casts a shadow. We are the drinkers who don't get drunk. We are that tree out in the middle of nowhere. We are an oasis. We are of this realm, the Earthen Realm, whose destiny unfolds here. Our purpose and meaning are found here and intricately so. Like Samael, the angel of light and dark. Jesus the God man while he existed on Earth for our Christianity derives from the Earth based Jesus.

I Hope You Take A Part in Christian Satanism. In order for it to grow. In order for it to be at its best. Even if that is just mentioning it here and there to see just what reactions you get from it. It stands out, for sure. You can give any imaginable name to Satanism and surely there has been any form of it you can imagine. They are all along the same thing though. It is a Christian denomination and should be presented as such. As said before it is the last denomination possible just as it was meant to be.

     I invite everyone to write about it. Books are the most important thing. Books contain a great deal of information. Writing is something that you get better at over time. Writing conveys things that a painting or song simply never could. I have left it all free as I have always wanted, and it remains free to this day. You, however, are free to sell your books or mine without anything at all given to me. I love it when it happens in fact. I am not in it for money personally. Not even as a side effect to it. I would reject being paid. I would never sell off my rights. They do sell their souls in full when they do. I mean imagine how far Star Wars would have got if suddenly dropped into the Public Domain?

     It is a time of our beginning and to get into it now is to be among those that founded and established it. You can copy me as much as you want or not copy me at all. I am not a “one and only voice” unlike any other religion. You could go off into a different direction altogether. What do I think of that? I think that it adds to our robustness and diversity, our depth and our scope.

     One small group could lead to a large Church that garners national attention. It really is a rabbit hole that goes deep. It could even cause a worldwide frenzy. We need that one magical spark. That one time we are mentioned on a popular medium. We need the gatekeeper to open the gate. That human hand who presents it to a large number of people. Then we will truly see of Christian Satanism is worth its salt. But given this time or another far from now, there will be a time that it comes into its own. It is here for a good reason and to fulfill what it was made to.

     Let us pray to the aliens (angels, demons, spirits) that they come to us and establish us upon earth. A special message to the realm above.. An invitation.. Most seriously prayed for and guided down upon us with visualization magic. Our greater magicians doing so  as much as it needs to be done until the day that it becomes so. That day when we are rather common. That time when we hit the world like a great storm. One that purposely started out as a small and silent storm. One unseen until it built up into the highest influence man has ever seen, or ever will. Just being a silent storm is all that is required of us- and that is in fact most honorable.

     We may even live to see the day that it happens. I can’t say I know that day. It could be rather quick or take a few decades from now- but it will happen. On that day we may have already been seasoned Christian Satanists. We will then be truly ready to take rule over the Earth just as we were purposed for.  

Ideas of Uncertain Fantasy: These are from certain visions and revelations I received that I am not sure I could call “true.” They are things I am uncertain if they are no more than fantasy. I will talk about them anyway. I felt that the bottomless pit was “The Bottomless Pit” talked about in the Bible. A place where demons were, if spirit, not in physical form. It is important to know- they are spirits. So it is not the same as a human being inside one. Something remarkable recently happened in science, which is that “something” was coming out of the black hole in the center of our galaxy. Scientists always thought that nothing could possibly escape a black hole, not even light.

     I had a vision that God took two people and formed them into one, to place on a planet made for them, as an Adam And Eve sort of thing. They were two people that were very Christian. They were Christian as much as Christian could be. They were two people that were bullied so badly though that their spirits were broken in two and they lost their minds. They were kind of dead, realistically so in fact, so God took them, made them into one, and placed them on that planet mentioned.

     I may have had contact with five outer planets or perhaps just one of them. I had been using visualization and taste magic to bring them forth- doing so while I was in hell. I imagined triangles for the planet Link. First, when I first discovered Link through magic, it later came up in my life. Suddenly the game “Link Between Worlds” appeared on TV indicating at least a little that what I had done had some basis in reality. I had come to learn more about it and quickly so. Those triangles represented them in whatever way, at the time I wasn’t sure. And recently we had some UFO phenomenon that science simply cannot explain, nor the military, or anyone else. Enough to make believers even out of the most pragmatic. One of them was exactly a triangle shaped ship. Then there is Orion, a planetary system I have known about since my earliest age. They have a defense system I call “stix,” which are rods of any size that can freely fly and form into anything. I think it might be a lesser indication but there was some sort of gigantic rod far out into space that scientists just could not explain. One more thing is that I have partially learned about Link through triangular patterns in the stars as related to the moon.

     I have speculated that there are people on the earth not people, but spirit/soul bearers. They are born and reborn again and again. They transmit the things to souls upon every living being on earth. Something like a cell phone tower giving signals to our smartphones. I think alongside is the soul born once a generation that bears the spirit of Christ. Most however are the spirits of Satan- of nature, and natural things over spiritual things. For some the signal is stronger, such as for shamans and spiritualists. The signal grows old and dies after a time and it is at that time both the spirits of good and iniquity return, only much stronger, and new.

     I have always felt that something major was going to happen in between the time of 2038 and 2040. I have always felt this but when it comes down to it it may just be an assumption that I have.

The Christian Satanic Paradise: This is our goal for the world.

1- We want better looking things. We wish that things were not so ordinary. When it comes to cityscapes things are terribly ordinary. We would change things in the smallest of details. We would make trash cans some color other than army green. I once saw a man painting a very good looking American flag onto a city trash can. The police rolled up just about when he was finished and the guy was arrested! We should have some rights to make things look better. I’m not talking about vandalism or ugly tags or anything like that. But in some shape or form we should be allotted the ability to make things look better. Let nothing be taken for granted. Making things look better includes things like fish tanks, wonderful flowers, plants, colorizing, stained glass windows, and erecting statues.

2- We want things to be more childish. That is, the way that children would make things is a nice way to go. One example of that is Disney World. We want such a thing all across Earth. That with even more imagination, though. Fiber Optic lights, lasers, strobe lights, EL panels/wire, black light, LED strips, making everything wonderful. Fog machines, bubble makers, misters, balloons, also everywhere. The streets are littered with board game pieces and candy. The wall smothered with stickers. Free glow sticks to find on the road at night. The roads to be more tough and tumble. People prefer quads. Crystal stones put to good use. Treehouse homes. Treehouse coffee shops and food places. Library has more video game books- old video game magazines, anime, cartoons, things like that. Very large fast food restaurant signs. Carl’s Jr star (that sign of theirs) higher and much larger playing “twinkle twinkle little star” on the hour. In a way like Blade Runner with its huge holograms. More like Tokyo than NYC. Areas where people are beside a fire and music playing at midnight without the police coming to arrest them for trespassing. Childish/Tribal/Satanist/Hippy.

     It is about tall adult swing sets. At least we have electric scooters along the sidewalks that we can pick up and use.

3- We want a place for every kind. Whatever type of person you are you may want to be with your own kind while other types are prohibited. “Birds of a feather flock together.” It is just a plain and simple fact of life. This listing may be more controversial but it is still worth including. There should be a neighborhood for drugs and those doing them are strictly prohibited from non drug areas. There should be one place with looser laws and another with tighter laws. There should be a place of high standards and a place for low standards. One city a city of gamblers and sinners. Another full of righteous God seekers.

4- We seek a scientifically/technologically made utopia. We believe in large donations for scientists who are good at what they do making the things we need. Through science comes a cure for sickness and cancer. From technology comes drones and 3D printed homes. From science comes a food replicator. From technology comes AI cameras that can spot and follow criminals. We go against arguments that suggest cameras would invade our privacy (unless they are in private areas) or that androids will overtake human kind. We also go against ideas that androids and robots would take away people’s jobs. Our argument is that such a thing would lead to Universal Basic Income/ Guaranteed Income. It is moral slavery and we also go against the argument that androids are sentient beings (unless they were actually designed to be, if that is possible.) Things like private force shields could protect people and their homes. Things of science and technology lead to a utopia otherwise unfounded.

5- We want certain rights. We want the right to be alone when we want to be and as much as we want to be. We want stronger ability to defend ourselves outright. Instead of some jerk blatantly mocking us in our face then getting arrested for “throwing the first punch.” We want the right to be with our own kind. We want the copyright period to be reduced. We want the right to make our own choices, our own mistakes, if they are not hurting anyone but ourselves. We want Universal Basic Income. We want back the rights that popular (exclusive) media has taken from us- those of speech. News orgs and platforms and all those things that restrict what we say inasmuch as they are the only places we can say them. We disfavor anyone or any group who would harm those who say things they don’t like. On the other hand we do not favor blatant and hateful speech. If it is just a joke, then, as jokes have always been, just jokes. We desire less restrictions and regulations. Less fines. Less preventatives that we never asked for. We want more general freedom. Just because some people can’t handle their addictions and get hooked on the line doesn’t mean the fun should be taken away from everyone. That happens all the time though. We want a free world indeed. One where one person’s mistakes or what dumb kids do doesn’t take away our own adult, mature, and responsible fun/ enjoyment.

6- We want the isociety . The isociety  is a State in which all are kept at home for most part. There could be a curfew in one iteration. Each place will have its own rules. You are contracted into each place. Each place requires different things. If you are disabled then you have to do a minimal amount of things. Some places require that you study the bible- something like a monk habitation. Some would have you work in certain ways, including artistically. There is a set amount of things given you from place to place. Food supplies and certain things may differ. If things would go the better way I would say that included in all of this is your own room. No roommates! They make people miserable and it is sort of inhumane to stuff people together. I imagined a neat system of hotels. Travelers were free to stay a night or two while they were traveling along in a driverless vehicle. A person could also just have the place of an RV park. There is no reason that out of all of this a person could not have their own home. This system is already partially about and could be growing. It is so with me as I live in a hotel mostly occupied by Schizophrenic people, a place for the mentally ill. There are staff downstairs to help. Food is brought to us from public donations. I get my groceries online. They come right to my door. Oftentimes mental health establishments go hand in hand with housing. I knew a psychiatrist who had his own private home to house some leaving the mental hospital he owned. It had my own small room. We were expected to clean. He had a large TV for us. The only caveat was that we could not stay there for very long. Then there are group homes. I stayed in these for years. Morning meant group. Group was a thing where we all got together and talked about mental health. We would do some stretches and leave to do our chores. Cleaning whatever- seeping, moping, dishes. Once a week we would cook for everyone, taking turns. We would go on outings. Sometimes to very neat places, or just the beach. We were required to take our medication. We sometimes have art crafts to do together. Sometimes we just watched TV. Then there are Church homes. One such place could be a subscription based hotel. That when you rent a hotel or room you have others across the country that you can move into. You could go across the country that way and enjoy new places.

     There are three I have personally seen. I lived in one of them. That one really didn’t have any rules at all. We were encouraged to go to Church but we could skip it. The person who owned it put us on caretaking so she could clean and cook for us and get paid for it. The second one was a strict place I refused to sign up for. From the start they wanted my phone and my SSDI payment card- so I stood up, said “bye!” and left. Then there was the third place among the Church homes I have seen. All I know about it is that there is a lot of work and Bible study and you could only get in if you had a drug problem. I don’t do drugs. Felt kind of discriminated against at the time but I came to learn that their problems are more important. I could go over more examples of just what an Isociety  is about but that should be enough.

That is what we want, what we do, desire, and is a very good cause. If anyone wants to know about us and what we want to bring about then this list should come first. It should be included in any introduction to what we are and what we exist for.


We are at a level in between: How many have been harmed in the name of love? And how many have been harmed because of the impulsivity of hate? We don’t care so much that we would take upon ourselves forcing others to get better unless they really need that help. We don’t carry the word “hate” in our minds. We pseudo-swear. You know- the Christian Satanist way of swearing, saying darn and just “hell” instead of worse variations. Bad words go hand in hand with anger. You don’t so much politely use swear words but with ordinary words you do not conjure up anger with them. We meet people half way. We provide just the level of help they need, no more, no less. We don’t do everything for someone if it is their problem. We help them out expecting them to do their part. We believe in more freedom for the Witching Hour. Say what you want during that time or be a little louder. We keep good taste with not-good taste. We always keep some degree of class. That can shift- and we can shift, we are free to. We are sometimes dark, sometimes light, and sometimes shadowed. It is all to benefit our gray side though. It is for the gray, not for the other two, the other two are for the grey . We don’t overwater or underwater in a metaphorical way of speaking. We get by on less but not too less. As a result we make things work. We don’t overwork. We do our medium best and maybe as a result our boss doesn’t want too much from us. We might save around half of all we earn but that doesn’t have to be any rule. Nevertheless it is good to save some money, just not all of it. Naps are the Christian Satanist form of rest. You are awake, you nap, you go to sleep. The Christian Satanic thing is the one in the middle. It is middle based, in between based, medium based, half way based, and so on. Some examples are medium well done steak, a middle rank, a rest stop along the venture (our prize), a hero who is tough, the half hour, a half cup of ice that fits more soda inside, and medium spicy- not too hot.    

-The Best Points To Make About Christian Satanism-

1- It is a spiritual-worldly religion, one that anchors us. It is one that grounds us. Keeps us planted here.

2- It is about balance and moderation which are two very important things in any life.

3- It is not sided  minded. We do however prefer to be among our own and away from this Cult of The World.

4- We are attracted to things in between, the middle, the center, the halfway, gray things, even the lukewarm sometimes.

5- Our afterlife is to wake up in a new bed. We do so elsewhere- even upon some alien design. When we do, our memories are still intact and our form is the same. The more evolved of us “wash up on shore” to a place they will rule over.

6- Our designs and aesthetics are based on the good and iniquitous. A mix of the angelic and demonic. So with our symbols. We should learn how to be good at mixing them.

7- Christian Satanism is three things in one: First, it is to be a Christian, second, a Satanist, and third, a form of both. After all, when you go back and forth you strengthen both.

8- Christian Satanism has no overlord. It should not have things like a pope or a ruler over its own. It is meant as a free religion. That is why I have kept all of my books in the public domain.

9- Christian Satanism is a controversial term. It is something that stands out. It brings up a lot of questions and talk . I have seen that happen every time it is something brought up like in forums.

10- We are not evil people. Just by the laws of common sense we should not be. We should not be a person that would harm others nor some kind of gang or twisted cult that would.

11- We try to be an anticult. We do not restrict who our members can talk to as though we have that right. We do not isolate our members. We do not sexualize things. If you are being led in our name by some pervert you can know he isn’t a Christian Satanist, just a pervert. We should not be over demanding with tithes. Not demanding at all or imposing but letting tithes be a free choice thing. And other things have put it all forth in a way that it does not lead to “over religiosity.”

12- We were created because God wanted a different kind of worshiper. We were always planned on, too. We carry hope to where it would otherwise not be, through Christ. We were assigned the world and its realm. Ours is not the overwhelming joy of Heaven and not the torment of hell. When the Bible speaks of purgatory it speaks of us- only purgatory is not a bland spaceless thing as it may be depicted.

If you want to give someone a good introduction to Christian Satanism then these will serve you well.

- Conclusion-

That demon creeping up on you. Asking God what problem it was before me and He showed me The Jabberwocky. When you lay your head down on a field and time has gone out of place while you are half awake. There was something looking for me. Some evil spirit, evil being. I saw it in the distance and it almost spotted me. Those times when you may have averted disaster. Although there are many demons who agree with what I do, some are after my life. Surely only by the grace of God go I. So take what I say seriously. But what’s it all for? Through God we have a new beginning. Through us Christ goes with us there, for hope. God has always given salvation to any one whomsoever would seek it. We are salvation for those who would otherwise never know it. At the same time we were created as unique beings under God. It should be a predictable outcome to tell you the truth. And in time and the great expanse of things I am sure you will be glad for having chosen to be a Christian Satanist.


Index Of My Favorite Songs:

Here is a list of all the music I listen to and in some cases for particular reasons. The idea of this is to have something to listen to while perhaps riding in a car during vacation or something like that. In a way it brings music to my book.

An Asexual Playlist Of Mine:

1- Different Drum by The Stone Poneys

2- I’m Like A Bird by Nelly Furtado

3- Don’t Come Around Here Anymore by Tom Petty

4- Spiderwebs by No Doubt

5- Hush by The Marias

6- Heart Of Glass by Blondie

7- Army Of Me by Bjork

8- Circle by Edie Brickell And New Bohemians

9- ENA REMIX by Cotiles

10- Life in Mono by Mono

11- Sleep To Dream by Fiona Apple

12- No More I Love You’s by Annie Lennox

13- Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol

14- King Of Anything by Sara Bareilles

15- Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode

16- Don’t Want to Fall in Love by Jane Child

17- Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac

18- Just What I Needed by The Cars

19- Ain't Talkin Bout Love by Van Hellen

20- She Bop by Cyndi Lauper

Best Sad Music:

1- Too Close To Heaven by The Waterboys

2- The One That Got Away by Katy Perry

3- Sweet Jane by The Cowboy Junkies

4- When You’re Gone by The Cranberries

5- Remembrance by Poe

6- Gomenasai by t.A.T.u

7- Hurt by Johnny Cash (as performed by.)

8- Joey by Concrete Blond

9- Black by Pearl Jam

10- Doll Parts by Hole

11- Ooh Child by The Five Stairsteps

12- Cradle in the Wind by Elton John

13- Fade to Black by Metallica

Favorite Classic Country Music:

1- Dixieland Delight by Alabama

2- On the Other Side by Randy Travis

3- Deeper Than The Holler by Randy Travis

4- You Look So Good In Love by Garth Brooks

5- The Closer You Get by Alabama

6- A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr.

7- Mountain Music by Alabama

8- High Cotton by Alabama

9- Seven Year Ache by Rosanne Cash

10- Two Sparrows In A Hurricane by Tanya Tucker

11- Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter

12- Friends In Low Places by Garth Brooks

13- Pancho and Lefty by Willie Nelson

14- I’m In A Hurry And Don’t Know Why by Alabama

15- Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold by Dan Seals

16- Amarillo By Morning by George Strait

17- Stand By Your Man by Tanya Tucker

18- I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me by Rosanne Cash

19- Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye by George Strait

20- Song Of The South by Alabama

21- Love Without End, Amen by George Strait

22- A Better Man by Clint Black

23- Highwayman by The Highwaymen

24- Can’t Keep A Good Man Down by Alabama

25- Mommas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys by The Highwaymen

26- Islands In The Stream by Dolly Parton

27- Okie From Muskogee by Merle Haggard

28- The Dance by Garth Brooks

29- Tennessee Flat Top Box by Rosanne Cash

30- Much Too Young (To Feel This Old) by Garth Brooks

31- Family Tradition by Hank Williams Jr.

32- Strong Enough To Bend by Tanya Tucker

Female Devil “Idolatry” Music (Basically Music Videos of Satanic Looking Women. Demons in female form.) It is music with which to imagine the singers as demons and to worship them with.

1- Venus by Bananarama

2- Pure Imagination by Fionna Apple

3- Genie In A Bottle by Christina Aguilera

4- Human Behavior by Bjork

5- My Favorite Game by The Cardigans

6- Bleach Blond Baby by Poppy

7- 2 Become 1 by The Spice Girls

8- I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis

9- Fast As You Can by Fionna Apple

10- Crucify by Tori Amos

11- Running Up That Hill by Meg Myers

12- 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps

13- Rock And Roll (N Word) By Patti Smith

14- Can’t Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue

15- Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

Music From/Of God

It is music to imagine as given to you by God. In effect it brings you closer to Him.

1- Only Time by Enya

2- When You Say Nothing At All (Alison Krauss version.)

3- Open Your Heart by Madonna

4- By Your Side by Sade

5- Fields Of Gold by Sting

6- Too Close To Heaven by The Waterboys

7- In The Arms Of An Angel by Sarah McLachlan

8- Name by Goo Goo Dolls

Music Videos For My Beloved Followers:

1- Dreams by The Cranberries

2- Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

3- Bleach Blond Baby by Poppy

4- We Belong by Pat Benetar

5- 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps

6- Loved by The Sun (from the movie “Legend.”)

7- Human Behavior by Bjork

8- N.I.B. by Black Sabbath

9- Rebellion by Samael

10- Slavocracy by Samael

11- ENA REMIX by Cotiles

12- The Child In Us by Enigma

13- Don’t Dream It’s Over (Sixpence version.)

14- If I Ever Lose My Faith In You by Sting

15- Player of Games by Grime

My Music For God (Ya)Weh

Music that I would have for God if He was a guy on Youtube (a very fun list to make by the way.)

1- Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol

2- It’s My Life by No Doubt

3- History Repeats Itself by A.O.S.

4- Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage

5- Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys

6- Eternal Flame by The Bangles

7- Bungle In The Jungle by Jethro Tull

8- Roar by Katy Perry

9- Loved By The Sun (from the movie Legend)

10- Crucify by Tori Amos

11- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John

12- Running Up That Hill by Meg Myers

13- Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana

14- Whip It by Devo

15- Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

16- Sleep To Dream by Fionna Apple

17- Skellig By Loreena McKennitt

18- My Way by Frank Senatra

19- I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis [if Heaven had a mental hospital..]

20- Dante's Prayer by Loreena McKennit

21- One Of Us by Joan Osborne

My Music and Videos For Satan

Same thing as before, only a playlist made for The Devil

1- LEXX soundtrack 08 (Yo-A-O)

2- Final Fantasy 7 “Sephiroth's Super Nova.”

3- About Her by Malcom Mclaren

4- Red Wings by Nobuo Uematsu

5- Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police

6- Diamonds by Rihanna

7- Zero by Smashing Pumpkins

8- Who’s Crying Now by Journey

9- Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden

10- Dreams by The Cranberries

11- Orinoco Flow by Enya

12- The Dishwasher Scene from the movie American Pop (my hands are permanently puckered!)

A Simple List of My Most Favorite Music (not shown here if they were already listed above.)

Garbage: When I Grow Up

Dido: White Flag

Sophie B Hawkins: Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

Bananarama: Cruel Summer

Taylor Swift: Style

Sheryl Crow: Strong Enough

Poppy: Lowlife

NENA: 99 Red Balloons

Madonna: Ray Of Light

Sinead O’Connor: Nothing Compares To You

Republica: Ready To Go

Len: Steal My Sunshine

T’Pau: Heart And Soul

Poppy: X

KC & The Sunshine Band: Please Don’t Go

Garbage: Bleed Like Me

Maura O’Connell: Helpless Heart

Samael: Rain

Nobuo Uematsu: Melodies Of Life

Morbid Angel: Abominations

Poppy: Fill The Crown

Leonard Cohen: The Future

Enigma: Sadness- Part 1

Belinda Carlisle: I Get Weak

Moby: Porcelain

Ancient: Lilith’s Embrace

Poppy: Time Is Up

Katy Perry: Chained To The Rhythm

Grimes: We Appreciate Power

Melanie Martinez: Mad Hatter

The Moody Blues: In Your Wildest Dreams

Fleetwood Mac: Gypsy

Robyn: Show Me Love

Madonna: Like A Prayer

Whitney Houston: Greatest Love Of All

The Disney Song “A Whole New World.”

The Cranberries: Linger

The Byrds: Turn, Turn, Turn

The Cowsills: I Love The Flower Girl

Pilot: Magic

Katy Perry: Dark Horse

Disclosure: Latch

Pink: Please Don’t Go

Alanis Morissette: You Learn

Billie Eilish- All The Good Girls Go To Hell

Samael: Rebellion

Metallica: The Unforgiven

White Zombie: More Human Than Human

E Nomine: Mitternacht

Yumiko: Anime

Cradle Of Filth: The Death Of Love

Edie Brickell: Good Times

Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians: What I Am

Alison Krauss: Baby, Now That I Have Found You

Yael Naim: New Soul

Type O Negative: Christian Woman

Jann Arden: Sensitive

America: Lonely People

Benee: Superlonely

Nobuo Uematsu: Eyes On Me

Audrey Hepburn: Moon River

Judy Garland: Somewhere Over The Rainbow

The Disney Song “When You Wish Upon A Star.”

Poppy: I’m Poppy

Slayer: South Of Heaven

Hozier: Take Me To Church

Stone Temple Pilots: Plush

Pat Benatar: Hell Is For Children

One Direction: Night Changes

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band: Like A Rock

Real Life: Send Me An Angel

Aqua: Good Morning Sunshine

Toy Box: Best Friend

Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Nick Gilder: Hot Child In The City

MC Hammer: This Is What We Do

“Cheers” Theme Song

Garbage: I Think I’m Paranoid

Coolio: Gangsta’s Paradise

Alanis Morissette: Hand In My Pocket

Danzig: How The Gods Kill

Castlevania Requiem: SOTN - Fairy Song

O For The Wings Of A Dove: Mendelsohn

Grimes: Player Of Games

Fleetwood Mac: Gold Dust Woman

Al Stewart: Year Of The Cat

Fleetwood Mac: Rhiannon

Ween: Tried And True

Aqua: Around The World

Blue Image: Ride Captain Ride

Dio: Rainbow In The Dark

Annie Lennox: Cover Of “A Whiter Shade Of Pale.”

Aqua: We Belong To The Sea

ATC: All Around The World

Hikaru Utada: Passion

Elastica: Connection

Moby: South Side

Scott McKenzie: San Francisco

Nobuo Uematsu: Real Emotion

Sixpence None The Richer: There She Goes

Concrete Blond: Tomorrow, Wendy

Mazzy Star: Fade Into You

Madonna: Material Girl

Hot Chocolate: You Sexy Thing (I Believe In Miracles)

Type O Negative: Be My Druidess

Type O Negative: Summer Breeze (Set Me On Fire)

Metallica: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Heart: These Dreams

Slayer: Spill The Blood

Danzig: Until You Call On The Dark

Amy Grant: Baby, Baby

4 Non Blondes: What’s Up

Loreena McKennitt: Mummers Dance

Aerosmith: Crying

Selena Gomez: The Heart Wants What It Wants

Melissa Etheridge: Come To My Window

Melissa Etheridge: I’m The Only One

Paula Abdul: Rush Rush

Slayer: Skeletons Of Society

Everclear: I Will Buy You A New Life

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication

Gwen Stefani: Cool

Nina Person’s cover of “The Bluest Eyes In Texas.”

Ingrid Michaelson- Girls Chase Boys

Charli XCX: Boom Clap

Madonna: Cherish

Fleetwood Mac: Silver Springs

Type O Negative: Die With Me

Type O Negative: In Praise Of Bacchus

Type O Negative: Haunted

The Searchers: Needles And Pins

The Beatles: Penny Lane

Otis Redding: Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay

Tommy Roe: Dizzy

The McCoys: Hang On Sloopy

Megadeth: Symphony Of Destruction

Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights

Peter Gabriel: Don’t Give Up

Peter Gabriel: Solsbury Hill

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Walls

Ministry: Lay Lady Lay

Type O Negative: Gravitational Constant

Cradle Of Filth: Gothic Romance

Type O Negative: Black No. 1

Type O Negative: Bloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)

Samael: Supra-Karma

Lou Reed: Sad Song

Slayer: Dead Skin Mask

Babymetal: Gimme Chocolate!

Kreayshawn: Gucci Gucci

Marina: Bubblegum Bitch

Katy Perry: ET

Aqua: Playmate To Jesus

Grateful Dead: Friend Of The Devil

Paula Abdul: It's Just The Way That You Love Me

Paula Abdul: The Promise Of A New Day

Blues Traveler: Run Around

Madonna’s cover of “American Pie.”

Ozzy Osbourne: Shot In The Dark

Ozzy Osbourne: I Just Want You

The Police: Walking On The Moon

Billy Joel: We Didn’t Start The Fire

Primitive Radio Gods: Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth

Sponge: Plowed

Lisa Loeb: Stay (I Missed You)

Alanis Morissette: Hand In My Pocket

Alanis Morissette: Head Over Feet

Garbage: Special

Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street

Skid Row: Youth Gone Wild

Sinead O’Connor: Jealous

Frank Sinatra: Blue Skies

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me

The Four Tops: Baby I Need Your Loving

Three Dog Night: Joy To The World

Duran Duran: Come Undone

Bob Marley: Turn The Lights Down Low

Sara Bareilles: I Choose You

Sophie B. Hawkins: As I Lay Me Down

Iggy Azalea: Fancy

Faith Hill: The Way You Love Me

Vitamin C: Smile

Bonnie Tyler: It’s A Heartache

Aqua: Dr. Jones

Aqua: My Oh My

Shocking Blue: Venus

Madonna: Lucky Star

Boy Meets Girl: Waiting For A Star To Fall

Leonard Cohen: Waiting For A Miracle To Come

Pearl Jam: Jeremy

Danzig: Violet Fire

Tears For Fears: Sowing The Seeds Of Love

Bjork: Hunter

Stone Temple Pilots: Interstate Love Song

Danzig: I Don’t Mind The Pain

Aqua: Happy Boys And Girls

Aqua: Lollipop

Natalie Imbruglia: Torn

Crispy: Licky Licky

Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom

DDR: Bumblebee

Aqua: Cartoon Heroes

The Archies: Sugar Sugar

Marilyn Manson: Man That You Fear

Katy Perry: California Girls

Mercyful Fate: A Dangerous Meeting

Metallica: The Four Horsemen

Blue Swede: Hooked On A Feeling

Type O Negative: Blood And Fire

Type O Negative: Can’t Lose You

Willie Nelson: She Is Gone

Crash Test Dummies: Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Dwight Yoakam: You’re The One

Grateful Dead: Touch Of Gray

Celine Dion: A New Day Has Come

Jenny Rom: The Game Of Love

Zager & Evans: In The Year 2525

Alison Krauss & Union Station: Lucky One

Slayer: South Of Heaven

Queen: One Vision

Elton John: Tiny Dancer

Neil Diamond: Mr. Bojangles

Neil Diamond: Sweet Caroline

The Belle Stars: Iko Iko

Richard Marx: I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You

Missing Persons: Destination Unknown

Pink: Don’t Let Me Get Me

Coldplay: Viva La Viva

The Psychedelic Furs: Love My Way

Metallica: Sad But True

Stone Temple Pilots: Vaseline

Stone Temple Pilots: Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart

Enya: Caribbean Blue

The Who: Eminence Front

Cream: White Room

The Chambers Brothers: Time Has Come Today

The Beatles: A Day In The Life

Natasha Bedingfield: These Words

Mazzy Star: Flowers In December

Black Sabbath: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Talking Heads: Once In A Lifetime

Danzig: Devil’s Plaything

Megadeth: Blood Of Heroes

Filter: Take A Picture

David Frizzell & Shelly West: You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma

Danzig: Snakes Of Christ

Counting Crows: Mr. Jones

Britney Spears: Sometimes

Mariah Carey: Always Be My Baby

TLC: Waterfalls

Jewel: Foolish Games

Tracey Ulman: They Don’t Know

Limahl: The Never Ending Story

Paula Abdul: Cold Hearted Snake

Aqua: Turn Back Time

Fleetwood Mac: Sara

Petula Clark: Don’t Sleep In The Subway

The Bangles: Hazy Shade Of Winter

Martika: Toy Soldiers

Juice Newton: Angel Of The Morning

The Beach Boys: Kokomo

Aerosmith: Crazy

Eiffel 65: Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Monica: Angel Of Mine

Fern Kinney: Together We Are Beautiful

The Four Tops: I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal

Type O Negative: Love You To Death

Poppy: Time Is Up

K.D. Lang: Constant Craving

Sylvia: Nobody

Lady Gaga: Paparazzi

Videos From Lucifer Jeremy White

My Videos For Each Of You, found online:

1- Matrid Vs. Brizon (Mantrid is on screen talking to Brizon. From the show “Lexx.”)

2- Interview With The Vampire “Lestat’s Piano Sonata.” Lestat has survived and is now lamenting on the piano.

2- From the movie Legend, Lily's dark dance.

3- The end of the movie “The Devil’s Rejects” where the song Freebird is playing.

4- From Robot Chicken “Gay Rainbow.”

5- From Scary Movie (the first movie) “Wanna Play Psycho?”

6- From the movie “Sausage Party” Honey Reveals What The Great Beyond Really Is.

7- The opening to the NES game Ninja Gaiden 2. Its first cinema scene before the game begins.

8- The opening three minutes to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990.

9- From the video game Final Fantasy 8 the gatling gun attack. The cinema scene where Quistis destroys the crab robot and Squall narrowly escapes.

10- The “Spring Scene” from the video game Final Fantasy 10 where Suteki Da Ne plays.

11- The song “Spiderwebs” by No Doubt.

12- From Monty Python “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.”

13- Samael’s song “Slavocracy.”

14- Jerry Seinfield singing Bugs Bunny theme.

15- HBO 1983 Opening Credits.

16- Betty Boop “Judge For A Day.”

17- The Song 99 Luftballons.

18- Blade Runner “Tears in Rain” Scene.

19- The song “Goodbye Milky Way” by Enigma.

20- Iraq Lobster from the cartoon “Family Guy.”

21- Anarchy in Gotham scene from “Joker.” The end scene where the whole city has gone crazy.

22- Cover of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Sixpence None The Richer.

23- The song “The Child In Us” by Enigma.

24- The opening of the show The X Files.

25- Ending to the video game Final Fantasy 8.

26- Castlevania Requiem SOTN “Fairy Song.”

27- Final Fantasy 6 “Terra’s Theme” by Nobuo Uematsu.

28- Truck chase scene from Terminator 2.

A list of my other books:

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Christian Satanism And Christian Satanic Doctrine

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Branches Of The Satanic Tree

Lessons Of Demonic Magic

The Bible Of Steel

The Bible Of Mother Aeon

Christian Satanic Books 1-5

Godism (Series) Crazyism (Series) Book Of The Five Planets (Series) Lucifer’s Books Of Inventions And Ideas (Series.)

The Game Maker’s Bible

The New Game Makers Bible [the apostrophes were removed.]

The Video Game Idea Book

The New Video Game Idea Book [improved version.]

The Christian Satanic Book: An Introduction To Christian Satanism

Lucifer’s Notebook (Series. There are three of them so far ~ Lucifer’s Notebook: Part Three.)

The Christian Satanist

Lucifer’s Satanic Bible

They are all free and in the public domain. Use them freely. How to find them: They are under four different names. Least commonly under “Adam Jeremy Capps,” which is mostly my video game stuff. “Lucifer Jeremy White” most commonly. A few are under “Lucifer Damuel  White” and sometimes they only come up under “Lucifer White,” because I published those without a middle name.

Happy reading and many many thanks to you!


Ecclesiastes Chapter 3: 1-11.

3 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

3 A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

4 A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

5 A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

7 A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

8 A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

9 What profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth?

10 I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it.

11 He hath made everything beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

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