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Christian Satanic Doctrine


Lucifer Jeremy White









Christian Satanic Doctrine


Lucifer Jeremy White


2017- Lucifer Jeremy White



All Rights Refused.





























“Well we came from nothing didn’t we?

So we can come from nothing again.”










I used to be friends with the president of the Bandito biker gang, its Albuquerque chapter. In fact I lived a few blocks from his home and would visit him often. One day at Easter a communion ritual was being performed by this gang, at Preacher's (that man was so- named) property. This was more of a Old Testament ritual than a typical, more plain ritual usually performed by Christians at church on Easter.

In fact after eating the bitter food and taking the bread a sheep, which was sacrificed, was going to be eaten- except by me. I wasn’t a member of their church.

Earlier they took a sheep and slaughtered it. They hang it upside down and after smiting its throat they had the blood drain into a bucket. Then, I took a mop and slushed its blood all over a large wooden cross, then all over Preacher’s door.

As for the latter part of the communion my participation was rejected.

It's been told me once by an old priest, “You don’t balawng in da house of Gawd.” A minister told me he had a vision of me in hell at first laughing, then crying. I faked an exorcism. Then later I told him “I faked that.” But it was performed so realistically that the whole youth congregation, of which I was a part, were disturbed, literally disturbed. Some of these older teenagers even slept with their parents the following night, terrified. And the next day rumors were amuck of things flying around and lights flashing and a feeling of cold.

A lady minister told me she believed I will have a major part from the book of Revelations, but she doesn’t know what that is, yet.


How to crystalize in preserving your existence: A thing that is you which is a frozen state in time is crystallization. This is defined in the new word Crystolis- meaning “one frozen within past state.” These can be done in many ways. A picture of you is you from before. That part of you stopped at that state, it was captured, frozen in time. Pictures are very simple things. But nonetheless, there you still are. But now, look at a video of your moving self. That thing that crystolis is practically alive- it's moving. And has sound. It is like something from a separate past reality that is still here!

And books are a person's thoughts forever as though s/ he has never stopped thinking them.

A picture is just a simply rudimentary crystolisis but as science advances so will one be able to separate the whole of her or himself- as with pictures, consecutive images, and such evolve.

Books are our members, too. The soul and life- the living manual, instruction and purpose, comprises the crystolis of Christian Satanism.


Christian Satanism: when you announce that this is what you do, be prepared to explain it. I’ve spent hours on comment lines. They just can’t tolerate it. Your saying there enemies are right too. But of course they are.

While the concept of the gray begins to be used then maybe our ranks will increase. Has it had to have taken so long? My God, can’t anyone make sense of something being boh good and bad/ evil? People are interested in Christian Satanism and it is ways a good topic to rouse up confusion and conflict.

Whenever I say I’m Christian Satanist in paperwork- though they may be prejudice about Satanism, what are they to do about a person both? Have our books cut in half?

But sometimes I hear the best of things, whether from reviews or real life. I’ve got to admit it's a good thing to sale. If I can make this popular then I could anything.

Actually I see possibility in it from the aforementioned reasons. I see its success where others don’t.


Have you ever noticed a somewhat common occurrence in entertainment, especially in video games, of a person “waking up in a new bed?” This is a very old concept, really. Hermes did in old lore. Much later Link did in The Legend of Zelda series- actually often.

The Christian Satanist (also called Yasatic- Yaweh, Satan, -ic) Are the chosen people of The Middle Ground at least in as much of it is personally claimed and taken. We are anchored to “the middle ground. “ We refuse heaven, and not altogether qualify- nor for hell. It is our own. -The Middle People. Our whole life goes up and down pausing in the center. We have no path up or down. We pull ourselves back into the center all our days.

We were called and chosen to have centered ground. As I understand it Ya (God) and Said (Satan) and their forces sought to create a grey religion- to have made its doctrine through compromise and the sake of it. Then was produced The Christian Satanic Bible.

And when its people The Yasatic were formed, it was time to choose what their afterlife would be. Initially it was reincarnation. But in battling with myself I pushed forth the idea that after a Christian Satanist dies, s/he’d wake up in a new bed, elsewhere, with memories intact, to remain with their own people, to conquer the regular universe- the middle.


Let other people pay for their sins. We often see havoc wrecked upon men by natural disaster. Man was not meant to live in an altogether safe environment. Look around: is it not an important piece of worldly existence that we were but given a short time- to share?

If we don’t know what comes next then all the better. If known that life lasts forever no work would be done. And that work of ours is to the benefit of both higher, equal, and lesser beings. We were given a frame work to accomplish and create things- as it were to learn helpful things- things that benefit those who placed us here.

People must die. Suffering must be. Things must bring toil- until the end, until the further goal is reached, but on toward the furthest. As long as you remain useful, you will be made to stay. And if a Yasatist is to keep her/ his middle ground belonging s/ he must first be a Christian Satanist, and second a vigilant worker- one needed- and one useful. You must not only have the degree. You must also be using it- for the reward.


What is a soul? Life feeds into it constantly. You will become what you’ve made yourself into. Its like if you are preparing yourself all life long. You are telling yourself what to become while you live. And once you die there you come into being (If you are Yasatic.)

We are not yet prepared. We go up- as on a stair. We spend much time on the top of them. We sometimes go back down a little. But when our time comes we must rush to the upper door and rush in- or else we would become a simple thing- like an insect or dog. The Yasatist get through that door very quickly after death to receive her/ his new lot.


It seems Man was hired to create heaven. Many hands were hired, many retired. Many have come and gone. But much has transpired. We were meant for heaven all along. All of heaven are for those retired, bit as for hell, it is filled with those that were fired.


If your house or room is made perfect and your magic and celebration occurs within it, then these are a Temple of Yasaticism. That’s the only formula for making what is ordinary into something extraordinary: a Yasatic Temple.

But here is an idea of its formation : Things within it must be the best of things. The best lighting, comfort, aesthetics (such as paintings) – down to the letter. Don’t have a large library filled with books without value.

As this coincides with Christian Satanism carefully choose items such as books and recorded music. Ideally you could spend nearly two hours looking through all the books for the best of the best, as suits you. The same should be done for music.

This is individuality- and individuality is our purest, highest, personal form. Know your own tastes well and expand those preferences far.

As for magic? Good visualizing produces a magically powerful effect. We were made in Ya’s image infused with Satanic subterfuge. Our thoughts are a power. If you practice visualization you are working a powerful form of magic. Bit you must do it well. You will know you are when you receive “special energy” through ideas you perceive. Visualization can so be accompanied with taste with what is called “taste magic.”

Online can be your theme, too, and is a wonderful thing. This is done by putting g yourself or what you create online to the extent that your Crystolis is regularly circulating online. Such as by: writing ebooks, creating websites, or creating music online. This is like being present online even though you aren’t!

And with all other things magic remember: it is in large appeasing and attracting higher powers or higher beings. If a crystal in pocket works it's because a higher being thinks it's cute.

But also digging up old materials, be they art, literature, or music- works magic. These old things release their essence upon you when opened again after so long. I get such a strong feeling of having pulled something back into the light. I feel very well I’ve received some sort of light from them (which for me is usually books or music.) Not to mention that its so much like finding a diamond in the rough.


10 Things That Are Christian Satanic:

1) Pride of work. That is, to accomplish a good thing and be proud of it. If you are not proud, that’s quite Christian. If you are proud for no reason, that is Satanic. But those that find honor in hard, sincere work are Yasatic.
2) Listening to “ancient” music. While modern music very well is The Devils Music (I mean what person would not know that Rhianna's sons “Diamonds” is not about Lucifer?) But modern music is Satanic. Yet Christian music is all about Christ. Then, music of much older days is Yasatic.
3) Instating justice for others. Obtaining retribution. While it is Christian to forgive, and Satanic to avenge it is Christian Satanic to fight and avenge on the weak and victimized.
4) Natural perfectionism. While Lucifer embodies the pursuit of perfection when it is in a less difficult more natural way it is Christian Satanic. And along these lines perfectionism toward a good thing is Christian Satanic.
5) Making something bad into something good. But not making something good into something bad. If something bad could be made good, with its bad effects removed, this is Yasatic- and not much more could something be Christian Satanic than it.
6) Being angry but not acting aggressively. Or having certain thoughts but not acting on them.
7) Enjoying food but not over eating. Sin with moderation enough that it does no real harm- these are very Yasatic.
8) Learning evil and “trying it on” not to do evil but simply to understand it better. Imagining you are evil, fitting it into a role, but doing no harm.
9) Appreciating what is evil/ iniquitous/ profane without being as such yourself. Such as loving all (such as Satan.) Being friends with evil is Christian Satanic whether or not you support them.
10) Giving “bad” charity- such as giving a homeless man a bottle of whiskey or some lottery tickets. Most essential to this is that the charity is for the poor and doesn’t kill him, but rather gives her/ him enjoyment in found. Whereas a rich man living it up in Las Vegas with gambling and paid sex, such for a homeless destitute is no sin at all.


Befriend the Christian “heretic.” A person is going to be what he is going to be. The more that we “allow” and absolve from judgmentally changing others the more Ya will honor our own choices. Surely God knows that “Christian Salvation” just isn’t a choice the more they are accepted, nonetheless. Again, people are going to be and remain as are. So the best thing we could do is befriend the. If not litterly making them friends, perhaps more appropriately we need to just respect them and their choices. Unless of course they harm us, such as blowing up the neighborhood. That’s and led by common sense. People shouldn’t are what others are doing, otherwise.


Somewhat close to this topic is helping others to do the least harm to their selves. A person doing drugs is almost altogether impossible to stop. That being the case we could at least help him into doing the least harm to her/ himself. That’s done with introducing safer, less controlling, less addictive drugs, as much as possible, while still being a preferred different option. And some other things: safer needles, legalizing safer drugs, putting them in a private area while high, coming out with procedures that would save them in the occurrence of over dose. I personally believe that consuming chemicals should not be unlawful. That a crime if commuted while high, is a separate matter: punish that crime, but not have a high be a crime.


Of all things in life four things stand out as paramount: Good food, good music, a good thing to drink and a good chair. To have these is to have great comfort and to satisfy the body and mind. If you accomplish these you will have true happiness and contentment.

If you exercise for health or otherwise perform strenuous activity these things will be more appreciated. It's good to have a place to sit while thinking positively, about the future, or while counting your blessings (having gratitude as it is now called) and spending all your days in comfort- even if you don’t haul in vigorous physical activity beforehand.

Everyday is a new opportunity. Every day, a continuance. I don’t like sleeping- I’d rather be doing things. I don’t like it when the day is done. I’d rather do what I love doing. And I can add a fifth thing that goes well in wellness: to be creative, or to do something you love doing. People should do more of the things they love. Perhaps while sitting. And just sit peacefully to music thinking of the goodness of life.



We struggle to survive and survival of each of us are paramount to some. Particularly friends and family, but health workers and scientists as well.

It once was that soul survival, that everlasting life, felt into the norm of acceptable people. The pressure of survival was delighted to spiritually producing ever- life.

But now doctors are enforcing survival methods apart from religion. It is practically enforced to be healthy and in some cases it is, even when it contradicts their religious beliefs. They no more believe in anything as an afterlife and they seek to be right and their tools to be used. As well comes pressure from lived ones. These things are produced by atheists one and all.


Perhaps it is so that Man cannot trump God. But of course he can’t but that is to say he will not be trumped. In all of the advancements of science and technology by Man he is yet not able to protect himself from natural disaster, let alone keep them from happening. He can’t stop earth quakes, blizzards, tornados, etc., in fact is still very vulnerable to them. And most of them are entirely unpredictable.

With all these advancements the fountain of youth is elusive. Sure the lifetime of people is a little more (but just a little.) If a health problem is going to occur, so it will. Humans suffer from all sorts of ailments as they always and ever have. I think if you are going to eat healthy you don’t red to do much more than follow the rules of Moses from God.

With all of our advancements we seem to be limited. This is because He will not be bested. He will not be trumped.


If you like doing creative work you aren’t alone, so do I. I like to take simple things and combine them. Combine them, make them better, or just make things look better. Some of the things I’ve done was make a curtain out of drinking straws and thread. Another thing I made was a mattress cover from playing cards and wide tape. I guess that could be a curtain, too. And a third thing I did was make as strips from taped together CDs to hang over a doorway- the door removed. Kind of like “CD beads.”

I’d like to make the perfect clothing, creatively. I may not be able to afford instant- rich clothing. But I can afford gradually rich clothing. The idea of that is simple. Buy silver or even gold buttons from time to time, as I could afford. Create leather pockets and patches of silk for it, to soon enough be richly dressed.

And with other creative things is the improvement of what you already have: leather book cases, paint something, better frame, stickers, gluing together, etc., these are always fun.

With all creativity things couldn’t be better. We have the internet and it is a rich resource for it.


But then something different happened. Someone cleaned the place up.

But then something unusual happened. Someone began body building. Someone lost a lot of weight.

But then something unusual happened. Someone went on a walk ten miles away and are here with us now.

But then something unusual happened. Someone got a university degree. We don’t even know he was in school.

But then something unusual happened. Someone got a job.

But then something unusual happened someone wrote 80 books. We didn’t even know he was a writer.

But then something unusual happened. Someone won the game.


So what of all the areas of thinking when it comes to morality, immorality, difference, and indifference, rules and rights?

Well many things are calculated and enforced into rules that are just there for its own dictation, serving its propegator alone. This is to be ruled over, impersonally- regardless they are of no good use. Ask yourself ‘why are these rules so?’ Do they help you? Do they make things any better?

They’ll tell you no cellphones. Cell phones invade privacy so they can’t e used here. But why? How so? Are there really people in doctors offices taking your picture and trying to steal your identity? Or any such imaginable thing? Are all not agreeing that it passes time so much more enjoyably to have them? Are all not agreed that everyone should be able to use them? Other than the staff and there unwarranted fears?

I think that it should be a fearsome stigma to sue. Or to enforce safety rules due to stupid and careless people. They are enemies to our rights. Great American stupidity and the Great Fathers are here for you! As over protecting mothers! If I had rights I could travel my own in a hot air balloon. And besides, if people weren’t such cranky and sore, I could stick stickers about anywhere. I could paint a public trash can. I could throw anywhere seeds. I could make the place more attractive. And I could, yes, fly in hot air balloons wherever whenever.

But people in charge are always a cranky sort. They won’t have it. Though THE PEOPLE want it- to bad. They in charge will not allow it.

You are charged in America with excessive use of self defense.

In America you may refuse your rights “waive them” -in fact you must.

Well you can have a gun if. “Well you can but only under our approval.

You can’t say that here. In this case it does t matter if you are given the right to say what you want- under free speech- because the public itself takes away that right by ostracizing you.

Worst of all these things is you are expected to have the same mentality as everyone else. That is cumbersome to the Yasatic, who value individuality above all other things!


I have come into a reality that only a Christian Satanist could enter, from the realization of the Diatan- The Unholy Trinity “+” and its god.

In this structure Satan is typified by Mother Nature. The Holy Spirit is typified as Time. Lucifer is beheld as Light. Jesus as Water. And the unholy spirit as deepness, so much as to be lost in details.

And the god in this structure is not Yaweh but it is Science. The celebrated, revered, and understood god in this setting is Science. That science is in the Earthly realm of Satan. In time these things are known. Time is an element of progress as long as things are improving. And those in the unholy spirit are within a unique realm. One different and pushed away from the normal reality/ dimension.

As for the Light of Lucifer- this represents evolution and improvement, advancement, godliness. And most of all, though more generally speaking- light is life- light is being. Life is the living force. That light is in Satan. That Satan is in Nature. That nature bridled by Science. And that science is god. But inasmuch as all this is directed, or even as much as it could be- there is Time.


There are a number of things that seem very complex and difficultly learned- such as reading music, electronics, building computers, and programming games. While sure the further you go with them the more difficult they are (writing music for an orchestra, pulling together a powerful circuit board, creating a marveling 3D game) though they are difficult, the more rudimental forms are not.

Music is easy to read. You could learn that in a week. Building computers is as difficult as building together Legos. All you have to know is comparability of parts. And also learning a new language. That really shouldn’t take long. And as for making a new game there are game engines that do all of the programing. You might be surprised to know that to code a new website all you need is a programing dictionary. You don’t need to know any coding beforehand. Unless you are performing some classical music or something, playing a musical instrument is somewhat easy. Chords, chords, chords, melody, chords.


I went from ardently playing games to being a game historian. I have a lot to say about games.

If you have become tired of playing games maybe it is because of the work load it encompasses. Consider instead playing “leisure games.” These are games that can be beat in one sitting. Usually less than an hour. They include gambling, puzzle, strategy, and sports games.

If that doesn’t work then just watch them and learn about its history. That is what I do and I find it quite enjoyable. I used to play Final Fantasy- day and night. It is a story based game though. And this doesn’t require playing it.

Good classical music is still around and is better than ever. It is found in movies and games, but more better it is in games. Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer, hands down.I use to enjoy the Zelda series, a lot. But as it is with me now- it doesn’t it. There is not enough story.

I have taken it upon myself to appreciate SEGA. SEGA in the early days of the Genesis had numerously wicked games, from Altered Beast to the bloody Mortal Kombat. This was material from the venerable times of the Satanic Panic.

And what about SEGAs reemergence? If only in name? It could be called a “Segasis,” or a “Sega Phoenix.”


Pulling up the spirit is the Yasatic process of spiritual growth and worldly anchoring.

As the Scientologist uses an e meter a certain way, in a certain way we use the Lighted Sphere. Whereas Scientologists believe their soul is directly above them (and controls their body as a puppet) not to deliberately coincide, but simply as influence, I have come up with a Christian Satanists own devise and therapeutic process.

I wanted us to have these our own, though uniquely, differently, better.

The Lighted Sphere is just that: a sphere that rapidly changes colors of light inside that you put tour head into. You sit down. Pull the sphere over your head to your shoulders, and sit. This may sound simple or pointless but if you tried it you would feel its effects, which ate powerful (and it has an especially powerful effect when you block thinking out, which is easy as you think about nothing but the colors.)

So understanding g its effects I knew right away this could be good for Christian Satanism. And had to devise its best use therapeutically.

This device is good in meditation that entails blocking and silencing internal thoughts.

This devise is good in pulling out the spirit, in being “more spirit than flesh”

This devise is good in visualizing though the eyes are open.

This devise is good for causing sense deprivation- it is good in privatizing space, which is to say enclosing yourself away from the outside world.

And it can be used while the priest/ess is performing a sermon in that inner annoyances and distractions are greatly reduced.

All of its good use/ application are just not yet known. Let alone how it could be enhanced, such as my adding to it different temperatures or moisture. Or scents. Or the sphere circling. Or include sounds. There is so much potential for this devise.

Anyone should use it however they want. There shouldn’t be rules for it or any one set way. But rather let us all use it the best way it can be, determined to be of good use by anyone of its operators.


No matter who you are or what you are not, it is a pity to have a mundane life. If we are reconciled to God though being a Christian Satanist for any reason it is that we are an outstanding and altogether something different. As a breath of fresh air, something new. It does say so very much about yourself that though you have chosen to be half Satanist, you are God's person, too, and nothing, not even in adherence to Satanism, could separate you from Him, Ya.

Maybe you can work a little harder by being Yasatic. Maybe you can have stronger application of true Christian principles than Christians. Who do you think is righter with Ya? A false Christian or a true Christian Satanist? Ya would purchase our souls through the cross, but our acceptance of Him comes free. We are not bought. We have given.



The Christians have been a strongly dominating factor for about 2,000 years now. They have been the norm, the standard, and the greater public.

They have been privileged for some time. What they are was what all others should be. They think that ones only right is to be Christian. When they see something not Christian they assume “that’s not a Christian thing and it should not be. It's wrong. Remove it.

But that voice has lost most of its power and they don’t even know it yet.

In times to

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