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Christian Satanic Books 1-5


Lucifer Jeremy White

Christian Satanic Books 1-5

Lucifer Jeremy White


All Rights Refused!

I can be found online under my name (Lucifer Jeremy/Damuel White or Adam Jeremy Capps.)


In this book I set forth for the fifth time the religion of Christian Satanism. Christian Satanism is a religion of duality and dualism, but is also the practice of either, one side inclusive, or the other. The important thing is that the Christian Satanist comes back to the center. After all Christian Satanism is about accepting both sides. And to delve into one, then the other, itself makes one more Christian Satanic.

Christian Satanist is an anti- term. It is a non- title title. It is a title others will question. But it is as simple as 1 plus 1 = 2. If for any reason someone finds your title offensive it is because they are sided- minded. But then you are not taking a side. Taking things wrong. Not siding. They are those that need their opposites. Christian Satanists are as those in a war that say they are on both sides.

Other than that all you can do is explore and learn from this book. It is a well made religion.

Like any religious book really, you don’t have to read from beginning to end. You can just flip it around until it's consumed.

“Be Liberated”

Christian Satanists don’t really “worship” Christ- certainly not in a way that is typical of his worship. Rather we are just those who have agreed to accept him. After all do you have to follow him in any particular way or can you simply just do- without this strange condition particular to a drowning Christian? A Christian Satanist takes a more reasonable perspective of supporting Christ. They haven’t Christ wrapped around them as a snake. Perhaps they are wrapped around Christ like one.

In the pursuit of truth and justice the Christian Satanist is well enough to obtain it on his own. When someone kindles wrath within us, our misery does not like company. We want to deal revenge out with our own hands and all of our being. Sometimes what people do to us is simply unacceptable. In all the world we rationally walk around peacefully. Then we took a wrong turn which was not our fault and became a victim of a free from all and free for all world. We’ve got to keep our world. This must change.

We do not follow Christ in a way that Christians do- taking that twisted route of word prose and idealism. We follow Jesus reasonably, not lost in Jesus lost without- but approach it rationally as one seeking to make a friend soundly, not in any way as a fanatic. We've got to keep ourselves on guard about over involvement in Christianity. Christ is best regarded as a brother and friend. So be on guard not to become overly involved pouring into verses like diving into oceans from high above and getting lost in the process.

They are a people far too involved and it cost them their reasonable pragmatic minds. But what’s despicable is that they are only involving themselves so intricately because they want his power. Which is very true if you think about what’s in it for them.

In a Christian Satanic perspective: we are the light of the world, but not with excessive devotion but rather with exuberant happiness and pride. We are the light of the world because goodness we’ve often from the world. And when we made the world more kind to us we made the world more kind to others. We don’t trespass on the world, hating it, but instead thrust into it a spear making it our own and better for others.

Any bad day can come. But on those days we must be silent and bear it. It is then that the Christian Satanist is preserving himself from wrath against the innocent. Anger in the least, but wrath is of those with no control over ourselves. So in this way the Christian Satanist does forgive. They are forgiving the world when they hold themselves back. There’s  time to keep silent. After all we are in this boat together and must calm our raging storms if we are to remain in the right direction. But it is the best reason to correct any or any amount of people that aggress against the innocent. Yes God did say vengeance is his but he has so often used others to correct the wrong doer.

When we follow Christ pragmatically then our reasoning is developed reasonably. The Christian Satanist follows Christ not as a do as I said figure but rather a guide to find the best way to act. We put his advice into the best applied way. He was obviously wanting our reasoning to be used in regard to following him. And I don’t think he meant anything to absolutely be set in stone.

Have you overcome the world as a Christian Satanist? What are all the many ways that you can overcome the world? Jesus overcame it by putting himself on the cross. And before that he denied worldly pleasure to the extent of being ostracized and beguiled- I mean he beguiled it. But is it a rule that the world must be overcome in that way alone? What if the world working against you could still offer its pearls? A Christian Satanic Pearl is one of the most precious natural resources. It is for those that hold onto it while everything else is falling apart and yet one sees through the thickness of clouds, soaked in rain, yet finds the silver lining and rainbow.

He who treads the Earth and enslaves it masterfully to their whim is far greater than one who is isolated and loved by none. It's not that they are wrong by not being loved. It's that they need to be loved and held by people and cannot see the good things in life, alone as they walk. They are alone. As they talk. They are alone. As they create. They are alone. All that matters to them is being held so tight.

But God said that man was to leave his father and mother. And find a wife. But it was said, too, that he was to bring himself into marriage. And that’s all good and fine but He also said that a person is better off without that. As for me, my dominant Satanic gene has me going forth in life being married to the world. I even put rings upon it from time to time for others to find. I’m altogether married to the world. My books themselves are my children. These are more like thought children than fleshly ones. My book represents my mind and thoughts more than a physical child would. My books are as children saying what I want them to and alive in a way, doing things I have set forth from them. And these children, my books, don’t cost me university, food, or clothing money. In fact, my book children pay me.

I put my children online. The moment I provide them online, that is, when complete, they live online and live through me even when I’m not online- my books are.

In that I have lived through many different social situations, from one extreme to the other, truly, I am a socially rich man. I had been incarcerated for two years of my life, was homeless for an entire year, brushed up against Marine Core training, was in The Hole/ isolation, in tight confinement. I was even committed to a State Psych Hospital for a year. So having gone through all these conditions, am I not qualified to teach and guide others through life the best way to do well, survive, keep one's hopes up, even thrive? I have had involvement in both Christianity and Satanism from an early age and been around the best and worst of all of them. I am sure I can point you into the real way of life, the better way, if you just let me show you.

So take a seat and enjoy the ride. It could very well be that we are at the last of times the “end of days.” If Christ is right. And surely he must be. He has been ardently believed and followed for two thousand years. The disciples were too devoted, sincerely so, risking life and limb to bring him out into the open air- to have been lying. These great, otherwise grandiose things he said came to be. No one has ever said that the entire world would know what he said- but he did, and was right.

You can’t win against Christ. This is altogether true. The Christians have had enormous power through him in the past, changing and shaping the world we live in today. And if you can’t eat them, join them- halfway. Why not take a piece of something yourself, Satanist, that has proven a great and nightly power? And if we are to use it more carefully and reasonably then we have it as a horse. We have it as reins, a sail- a great ship. It will be that all will bow to him. But so what? What's a bended knee for us? But it's everything to him.

As the idea of grey things increases, perhaps we will along with it. People have been waiting for a very long time for gray things to emerge. Concepts of balance. Actually waiting isn’t the right word. But its time is due where things are both good and evil. This is emerging as Bat Man who from time to time does evil. And Suicide Squad where evil people were made to do good. Or X Men with Jean Gray. Or as in the movie “Beautiful Creatures. “ and Gray Jedi in Star Wars. It seems people are thirsting for what could be Christian Satanic.

Some will say, of course there could be a religion made of both Christianity and Satanism. Those are just two sides of the same coin. And I’ve heard it said that everyone already is both- more accurately they are both than one, but not at all the other.

When all is said and done, enjoying life the most you can is the only real thing that matters. Food should be enjoyed and music. These could even be called the most important two things. It has been said by Christians so often that God fills a void of emptiness. The way I look at it is that to only enjoy the good things in life is exuberant, yes, but such people don’t seem to have much as a soul. So you need not only good things but a purpose. Maybe those are all that matter: food, entertainment, and purpose. A purpose gives your pride. And it can be said very realistically that pride gives you drive and ambition. Maybe like a car that is well handled, but also used.

My counselor at one time in my life said that God gives to everyone a purpose. And I really don’t know why that so strongly clicked into me to suddenly desire to create Christian Satanism in me when she said that. But it certainly did and I proceeded to. I had heard the term used a time or two at the time and I think it made an impression in me that was for some time ignored.

I had heard of people in prison being unable to have a Satanic Bible or other Satanic reading material. And as for myself the Marines didn’t want me. They squeezed me out as I brought a Satanic Bible to boot camp. Though in hindsight I was glad they did. And my parents were conflicted in me being a Satanist. But most of all I didn’t want to do something that had been done for so long with very little difference. I even saw this book called The Satanic Living. I had made a book called Satanic Living. He had made one called “The” Satanic living as though he had his mind trapped into finding a title better than “The” Satanic Bible, or, The Antichrist Bible, or, The Devil's Bible, or any other large amount of titles trying to be the Satanic Bible. I just made a book called “The Satanic Book.” It's been so to this date that Anton LaVey has been the most successful Satanic author of all time, him and Aliester Crowley. Anyways the point I make is that I didn’t want to be as so many that followed suit. I wanted a new one, a nice one. A suit of my own.

Be grateful that you are not among the gravely foolish. There are some that easily and violently break the law. They choose to murder someone and are either immediately caught or killed, or choose to kill their self to evade punishment. If they aren’t caught then they will live with a heavy burden until they are, knowing that any moment of the day the law can burst forth, pound on their door, and arrest them. Day by day they will live with this until they are caught. And they will face a punishment in court. And their lives will either be spent behind bars or they will be executed for the choice they made: that choice to kill.

And a punishment comes to anyone who blatantly breaks the law. It could be something minor, but a habitual practice of shoplifting will catch up to them. A habitual pattern of any unlawful behavior will each time increase the likelihood of being caught. They are those that decided to do one thing unlawful. And that first time was the worst choice they could have made because to do it once, the second time is far more easy.

Be very grateful that you are not like them. Put out of your practice any unlawful, punishable behavior and live free. If in the course of your life you fall into a fit of rage and gravely harm someone then punishment awaits you. I am not saying it is deserved. But I do warn of the consequences that could result from not being careful with your choices. This is what Jesus meant when he said that by one's choices could one incur the first wrath of hell.

With all of numerology-

The Number 1 represents a beginning, a sole source, the start, from which all numbers must be part. It indicates an initial step, a singular entity that may lead to anything.

The number 2 represents a merger, a coupling, the first time things may be multiplied to. So it is a number of things sprouting forth, greatly adding, and the start of something that may be multiplied.

The number 3 represents partnership, acceptance to bring forth new things. The beginning of a union, a group, something established, agreement. It is a number that represents help, or help seen and gotten to and help inquired.

The number 4 represents stability, a foundation, something established and fortified. It represents something consecrated, come into order, a joining together and group.

The number 5 represents strength, a bond, law, power, a kingdom, a rule, a mighty force, elite, pose, gang, and survival. It represents progress, evolution, continuity, and power of being.

The number 6 represents overcoming, victory, society, success, motivation, drive, ambition, tenure, a leader, a king/ one who holds and enforces power, or enforces law.

The number 7 represents God, things Holy, perhaps metaphysical, magic, the unknown, happenstance, miracle, luck, the unexpected blessing, angels, higher being, messengers, and things beyond typical understanding- so too it is new knowledge, things uncovered, reaching further, and things of depth.

The number 8 represents balance, retrograde, a returning tradition, using what is known, starting again, doing something well, using what is available already, our resources. It is a number of the result of things and their uses. To use what is available. To take what there is and have it used- is the number 8.

The number 9 represents a new beginning, something began over and is a number at the brink of the end. After it domes number one. It is a number leading to one that puts into gear, works toward, a new beginning, and causes the sane. It is the last of all numbers that creates/ puts into place a new start. It establishes what the new start will be, and from it the number 1 is born.

As far as underdogs go, to appreciate them when others don’t will eventually put you in first place. It's been said that the things of the past ignored and passed up become the rare treasures of the future. And having something be second place in a story its creator will, all along, helplessly push that character's strength out until he can no longer resist him being at the top, the best.  There are those that are at the bottom of something and they have more drive and determination than those above them, and eventually crawl their way up to the top with things as a luggage of superior ideas that were before them unfounded. One does not mess with the rules of success- unless they are at the bottom.

Take New Mexico. A poor state isn’t it? But what many do not know is that New Mexico is full of mountainous forested areas- not just desert. The rent there is substantially lower than other places. Mr. Allsups owns the Allsup's gas station there with the slogan “There’s one near you!” and how right he is! It is a gas station that always seems to be in the perfect place- on the corner of a hospital or a car wash next to, or right before you enter or leave town. They sell fried burritos. Have you ever had a fried burrito? They are damn good and New Mexicans are always entering Allsup's just for them. And that gas station which began in New Mexico- is now in at least three states.

You can’t hurt me! I’ll sue!

People that are unfamiliar with the law- with police, or with security forces, will have thought that arrests would be polite and gentle. But in fact a police officer will very well force you to “not resist,” meaning- you’ve better play dead! They will inflict pain on you if you are disorderly toward them or approach them too quickly. They have an effective technique in restraining you- they bend your wrist until it is on the very brink of breaking- and if it does break, I guess you could sue, but that’s not going to be preventative. The pain of the wrist bend is an intolerable pain that they can have you in for a few minutes as they lead you back to jail.

I yelled at a police officer calling him a conk and he bent my wrist, taking me back to my cell. But one time this happened because I approached the cop too quickly. And I was just done with a fight at Jack in the Box when a security guard pinned me down with my arm behind my back- which is another “intolerably painful” thing to experience- but something that is done by them, if not mace. You simply cannot resist or else any number of things could happen. If not by one police officer than by a few.

Being disruptive in jail could get you sprayed in the face with mace. And it is not altogether uncommon you could be beaten to death. One time I was in “the hole”/ isolation for a month in Clovis, New Mexico when I was pulled out to shower. I refused to shower. I just wanted to be in my little hole. But in they came, five of them, with anti riot shields and protective gear (I had bit a guards hand previously) so they had me put on a face mask. Then they tried forcing me out but I resisted. They got me into increasingly compromising grappling moves and finally said, “ IF YOU CONTINUE TO RESIST WE WILL DESTROY YOU!”  What did I do? I discontinued it.

I hallucinated in The Hole. I had seen many frogs. One day I was painting on the wall with mustard and juice packets- like punch red, similar to using kool aid. And I couldn’t seem to get my image quite right so I swiped my hand across it thinking I was done with trying. But I looked at it. I knew I had painted Satan on my wall. It looked like a bird, but more like a snake. If you are familiar with the Baphomet sign- Satan looks like the letter-symbol on the south west corner of the inverted pentagram. Later it came across me while watching a video about the appearance of Satan looking the same. Beside it was a ghostly figure with the appearance of one that was screaming. I put eyelash hairs where his eyes were and his eyes as painted were x's. His mouth was an obtuse circle. The Satan I drew had his hands straight forward like a Baphomet image seen on Slayer's Reign in Blood album image. Below his extended hand I put a strange mixture of jail food and piss. As for that it was ceremoniously combined, some of it regurgitation. And on the container it held I wrote a demonic name similar to Ragnarok. I let it stew for days before consuming it. I called it the Ritual of the Antichrist.

Not long afterward during the course of eating my food I developed the idea of my “Principle List.” It was carefully made, something I’ve never could have created in a different setting or on my own.

The Principle List


Lucifer White

PERSON ONE- Red, Bird, Hand, Staff

PERSON TWO- Bee, Brown, Cane, Bear

PERSON THREE- Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

PERSON FOUR- White, Ring, Goat, Thief

PERSON FIVE- Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

PERSON SIX- Joker, Sword, Swine, Gold

PERSON SEVEN- Yellow, Rodent, Duke, Wind

PERSON EIGHT- Bomb/ Blast/ Wand, Fox, Beast, Black

PERSON NINE- Yellow, Toad, Dust, Horse

PERSON TEN- Assassin, Creature, Word, Tiger

PERSON ELEVEN- Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit

PERSON TWELVE- Purple, Dragon, Mask, Dog/ Wolf.

These are found and known through cinema.. Movies, shows, or cartoons.

Entering into the presence of Satan and the archangels may occur to anyone but it is actually very likely to occur to those that seek them ardently and struggle to the greater ends of producing a mind, mentality, a work, and a creative work that serves him well. You may be void of metaphysical entities in your life, more accurately you may seem to. But there are always diabolical forces working in your life from behind the scenes ready to subtlety appear.

If you are doing a work for God or Satan, or both then it is not unlikely that these things are seen and used and affect your life. When you draw sigils or write things for Satan then let them sit on your desk. As they test they rot. When they rot they are sensed and then seen.

But your words are very well seen. And it helps if you have it taken to the higher commands through seemingly regular people. There are peoples of these different heavenly realms before us in life. It is just incredibly short sided to think that aliens would appear in metal spaceships. That’s not really different from a flying wooden ship like you’d find in Final Fantasy 4. They don’t travel alone in metal ships. Such a thing passes in development of science to the development of it to such an extent has passed onto metaphysical travels. They are spirits that can be anywhere and have come unto that scientifically. We won’t be flying around in metal spaceships ourselves, forever.

They are with us and have every good way not to be seen. And it is a law they bear that they are not an interfering people, and furthermore they don’t need our attention. They exist out there and are in fact in many places. We have a duty to advance and develop and if we do not on our own, rather than help as hands held, we are robbed.

We are a monitored people who do well to make our place ever reaching to the grandest prize, immortality. And along the way have piled up quite good luggage to bring with us into our own paradise someday. A place well. A perfect place. When Adam ate of the forbidden fruit and Eve, it was the same as firing God from his duties to protect and preserve us, essentially having made it our own job to. And finally, the work is almost finished. And God will take us to the next step as it is again his responsibility.. For the sake of His creation as a whole.. They watch us, but it is more to monitor or voyeur.

A more personal perspective can be applied to everyday entertainment. While all singers are essentially talking about themselves or worse, didn’t create their own songs but instead were created by strangers trying to fit you into an impersonal identity- the music makes you. But it doesn’t have to. It can be reformed into ideas about you that the song isn’t Ben about. This is done to a lesser extent. People think they are relative to the music quite intricately, thinking it's talking about them when others never think so in their lives, or even care.

It's probably a more accurate and relevant thing to hear music about others in their lives.

But better still it is to just let yourself believe it is all about you without giving thought that it really says nothing about you and when it does it speaks quietly.

Music can be made about anyone or anything to those that have mastered hearing it. You think it's about things that have nothing to do with you, when you do. The music then can be about anything or anyone. Am I the only person who regards music sometimes about being about God or Satan? Am I the only one that does this when it is not A) a hymn or B) heavy metal songs about Satan?

When I hear trumpets in Classical music it sometimes sounds to me like God being teased by Satan. Such as with the music of Handel. I could swear that he composed trumpet music in such a way that it seems to tease God to come down. Like saying “are you ready yet? No?”

A seasoned well paid priest will convince himself his riches are from God's Kingdom. God they believe are blessing them enormously for teaching His word. Whether or not He has they take it, but if they were to take it and purchase something like a mansion and well tailored suits are they not making a horrendous insult against the poor they should pity? That’s so obviously unchristian. They believe God wants them to have a mansion and limo while they are preaching about the poor. That’s like saying they deserve more.

But they must find a “reason” to take great riches and that exercise comes cheap: God wants them to have great blessing. No, no, Jesus said blessed are the poor in spirit. Sell your riches. Give all you have to the poor. Don’t be a Pharisee. Don’t turn God's church into a marketplace.

But how readily they accept God's multi million dollar blessing. God wants his followers to teach about helping the poor and getting rich from it! Does He really? Or does He regard this as robbery. Like saying, “I want you to help me with the poor. What’s your price? Millions of dollars? Okay, help the poor.”

Perhaps, though, this is nothing but a test, and the price of their soul. Sure they were happy to teach about God, thousands or millions of dollars happy, but in fact further teaching is not necessary from them. They have been bought.

That is a blessing that you have been set aside not to be a foolish Christian, a popularist, and a non living person who cannot think beyond a common cultural mentality.

But you, you are to think differently, separately, as an individualist and not find yourself in the slavish throes of Christianity. Rather you are to follow Christ pragmatically, sensibly, with all your faculties intact.

And do not go the way of the popularized thinker. S/he is one of so very many, certainly the majority of any society or cave clan would promote a common and bonded mentality.

But their ways are not ours. Our culture is our own. Our culture is not Theirs. We are our own culture and their cultures aren’t our own. Therefore give no thought of having other people's lifestyles- this is our lifestyle, Christian Satanism.

Let us then be bonded together, even as individualists. Let’s each learn Christian Satanism well then offer our own rendition, our own applicable interpretations. Will you be greater with God or Satan, please present yourself to us a new song that everyone would love to hear.

And sacrifice nothing for Christian Satanism without sincerity. Do not fly a flag you don’t have to, one you don’t care about. But those things you love the most about Christian Satanism, glorify that. Yet don’t tread upon another’s personal interpretation of it.

Be an individualist, one unique. Do not become entrenched in ways not you but a small part of the greater public whole. Think of all things that others refuse to, and challenge daily the common understanding of others.

In these ways you will altogether never be lost. Rather you will grow and your soul will shine bright. These of those I speak have no soul, can only think in terms of conventional, shared thought. Follow what I’ve and you will find yourself, purely, wholly, and all of every bit, you will be as one, one your own, even among us.

There are many that fight for their own kind. There are even those that struggle for their own kind- typically race, gender, or sexuality. All of their rights have been well established. Even when they aren't, that's good for them, being as workmen to their cause. But what about the rights of a Satanist? The Christians still pray and worship in government settings. Christians as they are, think it must be. It is their way or the highway. Though they think a prayer to God is not only a must and done to serve but could be no other way. “This is America.” Actually I see every indication that this is The Devil's New World.” So what of Satanic right? Why shouldn’t he be allowed to erect Baphomet statues and conduct Satanic ceremonies out in the open? The atheists would have a field day with this. But generally Satanic rights are restricted and even when not, its open practice occurs with great abrasion. But this is the Devil's earth and this is his country- and that must be made known. They’ll get such a sour taste in their rotten mouths as less and less Christians are appreciated- less and less approved. They’ll gather and sing but find their passion lacking when no one is watching or caring. And meanwhile in their town is a Satanic statue that everyone is paying attention to. Someday the cross will be old and people will rather see a pentagram or attend church on Halloween. A church of all pleasurable things as opposed to Christian churches.

An application of perfection is the foremost trait of a Luciferian. When applying and seeking the perfection of anything you are being Luciferian. Being a Yasatic (YAweh, SATan- ic) you can break the rules and be Luciferian. Why not? Is there any rule about what someone calls themselves such, anyway? You already know that it makes good sense to apply the best of both two “polar opposites.” Just because they are exact opposites you cannot use both? Yeah by their mentality. So we can be Luciferian and still be Christian Satanic. Why not throw in a bit of Buddhism and Islam? We are Yasatic. That means we can do anything, sides not taken into account, we can, and already do. So may Christian Satanism be a religion of all religions taking a stance of incorporating other religions within this frame freely. But it must be called Christian Satanism/ Yasatism (Yasatism is just a synonym meaning the exact same thing.) We are like a people who cannot be lured in like dumb fishes. We aren’t caught on the net or sucked in like a dust devil. When most people go to church they do so to join and be a part of something. They celebrate and revel in being a part of a kind and having involvement with a social circle. But when the Yasatist goes to church it is a different matter. They don’t take upon themselves a side. They are only collecting what they need to know. They are not connected with the others. Half of them tell them so. They are there in Church for reasons other than becoming or remaining a groupie. And they can’t be pigeonholed.

A person that takes freely and is himself honored by his own ability to hustle is not as the person that Jesus said is asking. Jesus said give, yes, but to five to these sort of people is not Christian Satanic. The Christian Satanist gives to the needy. Not the needful. You are not doing much of a good cause to give to those who smoke crack. You are only lending to evil when you do. If a person asks of you and you don’t give, let it be for these reasons: that what they buy is not good- like drugs. That they are forceful about it, that it is their habit to ask, and that they never help themselves. After all, are you being a good Samaritan when you enable a person to depend on others, especially if they are buying drugs? And if ever a person even lightly seems pushy toward you, do not give to him. No one owes anyone anything. Is it difficult to say no? It's not after you’ve done it a few rounds. It even becomes pleasurable.

The Christian Satanist is like a sheep that leaves but always comes back. He is very able to find Christ and has an enemy, a friend.

The Christian Satanist is like someone that has decided he will perform with Satan’s power the use of Christ

The Christian Satanist is as one that is strong enough to walk many miles away and many miles in returning

The Christian Satanist is as one that God wanted and very well created

The Christian Satanist ponders things that others cannot and finds that there is a place where good and evil meet, even embrace

The Christian Satanist is like one that rests under an angel's wings. There he is protected and preserved

The Christian Satanist is as one that judges both Christians and Satanists, because he is both, yet neither

The Christian Satanist is one that is good here, but is also good there. Therefore they are well anywhere

The Christian Satanist can find fault where others can’t. Especially compared to other Christians unable to see any wrong in their beliefs.

And the Christian Satanist is someone that is ever questioned. An enigma- a mystery.

If you are filled with unsettling emotion like rage you can’t employ then you’ve overcome so much of it having to let it pass, being unable to destroy. There are people in the world all assholes that play with your thinking and use it against you. This is why I am going to fiddle while the world burns and is consumed by fire. Let them burn. They’ve ever been ready. But at its best end is its last. I mean, any society that has become rich, privileged, lazy, is about to face destruction by its own sort. People that are free in this setting are free in so many ways. It's not a great leap for them to make use of freedom to its greatest extent. I don’t know if I hate to say it, but America won’t be forever. This has been so with every great nation. Is Rome still a great power? Is Alexandria? It's not so much war that ripped these kingdoms apart as its own people.

I don’t like the sort of people that are American. The politicians have nothing better to do than tax soda and ban flavored tobacco. Or- provide for the seemingly weak. Or- flood us with awareness, protecting us, guarding us against foolishness.

People in America spend their best time on social websites and gorging food. TV and entertainment media is saturated about the same topics, again and again. Its got to be about race, or approval to butt fuck. Women get a great big glimmer when they see one of their own- making the most money for a woman- being fat is okay- but it is all empty pride. I am racist, but my pride does not come from race. I was born white. I did nothing to be as such. So it isn’t pride earned.

It is a lost and worthless people, for most part.

I feel good knowing that London Bridge is Falling Down. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. The pig's house was blown away by a wolf. It brings me pleasure to see such a well constituted mess unable to be swept away. The bottom of the rug is filthy. The windows need cleaning. And I have come to help. But the house isn’t worth cleaning and should be set on fire. I don’t promote violent behavior from you. I am saying, I like what they are doing because I do not like who they are.

On one corner are the mega churches not doing any good except for their pastored. On the other end there are those filled with exuberant rap prose. They can’t play real music. So they rhyme and slap an open hand onto something while they do. Their philosophy doesn’t go far beyond race, gender, or sexuality. People are rushing into mental health clinics ready to claim a diagnostic title. After all, there are counselors who care about you entirely whereas your parents don’t. And there are psych drugs to receive. And best of all, a ticket for SSI. But let us not forget that even murder may be overlooked of them (at least they think.) I imagine that police hate the psychiatric system.

All around the Mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasels. He piped their heads open because he could not tolerate it. Maybe he was expected to tolerate the intolerable. Or maybe he was just looking for a good home but came to be trapped in a cave. Whatever the case these people need to go. But they die out so slowly. It takes too long. Couldn’t it just hurry itself along? I want to see the fireworks. I’m airing the music of the fiddle. God, could you please send the four horsemen and plagues? Where is God when you need Him? But He'll soon be here, I’m sure.

If I had a weapon made, my own design, I’d make it a bamboo stick with a throwing star on top. When you press a button it shoots forth. It is attached to a cord so it can be pulled back in. As the star sets on top it can be used like a spear could, except it has a razor throwing star on top. And actually two are better. One star can be shot while the other rests upon it, fixed.

I purchased a can of bear mace from eBay a few years ago. I thought if I ever use it I could kill someone. And there’s no way I could let that happen. So I emptied it out in my room and didn’t open my door to leave until I did. My Golly, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Water didn’t help. And I just didn’t know what to do. So I started running in place and quickly sweated it out, while my lungs expanded.

I’m not much of a gun person. But if I made a football team it would be The New Mexican Outlaws. There would be a colt 45 revolver on its helmet. And it would be a contrast to the Dallas Cowboys, America's team.

I suppose the worst weapon possible is simply a syringe. I mean, any one poked by a needle piercing his testacies would surely die from agony. I don’t even like to think of this. Poke! Someone comes up to you from behind and pushes a needle into your balls. I honestly am uncomfortable just from thinking about it.

Weapons come easily. That’s why guns should not be outlawed. It makes sense that outlawing them won’t stop mass shootings. They would just become mass bombings. If they can’t she a gun they could use a knife, or their car, or a bomb, or- or-

Most of life is shallow. I don’t lame people for making any sudden and drastic thing in their life. I myself got so unsettled that things were ever the same and nothing was being done about it. So much that I was destroying my life- by throwing fits of rage at those in my life, such as mental health counselors, or roommates, even friends. Then one day I was put in jail for trespassing and one thing led to another. A few months after leaving jail, charges dropped, I moved to San Francisco. It really is an improvement over living in a small New Mexican town. If I hadn’t had the NAD attitude I did I would have remained complacent, doing nothing to this day.

So I offer it as advice. Don’t settle on the mundane. Whether a little or a lot, but as much as necessary, do all you can for a good life, one less dross. That is, if that applies to the one reading. I used to think that things wouldn’t be much different if I moved. After all, what can be much different from city to city. Actually a lot. Pride included. I like to say I am, now, a Franciscan. I’ve been in Alcatraz, and walked past the Golden Gate Bridge. Had wonderful experiences being homeless, but now wonderfully settled down in a treatment facility (where I am monitored along with 15 other crazy people. If you are legally psychotic you wind up here.)

I am Schizophrenic. Scientists say I hallucinate. That my visions are not real, just hallucinations. My friends scream at their demons, sometimes, begging to be left alone. Some of them make demonic sounds like the demon/s in them are trying to make sound from their body. But Scientists believe it is just a chemical imbalance. “Not much is known about Schizophrenia. But what is known is it could be a chemical imbalance.”

Two things should qualify for a person's upper class status, and neither are money. The first is being productive and the second is complying with the law. Even if someone rich went to jail they would not suffer so much. They’d have their large bag of commissary weekly and books being sent in that they could trade off. But they have good lawyers to begin with and as long as they have their money legitimately then are not much that break laws. That’s because they have a good life. Most of their time is spent in a Jacuzzi, so to speak. They have body guards. They don’t have to fight. Unless they take drugs there is not much to breaking any law. But even then they are hidden well within a large home and can easily snort shit up behind closed doors and gated houses.

But the poor have a wretched life. Their life can be a daily battle. While they can barely afford a good meal each day, if at all, their hands are set on stealing. They desire what the rich have. So they could wind up robbing a bank. Maybe they robbed it because of being fired. Or maybe they found it unfair to do menial, low paying jobs. Sometimes it’s just how the poor grow up together.

If they enact great acts of violence it is because the outer world deserved it, and this was God's intention. We are like those in Noah’s time, excessively indulgent. And a brief note on that- they have faces most beautiful, as though every turn of it is a priceless picture. They move so elegantly.

Christ has taught us, as well as the Holy Bible has, that all good things come to an end. It's very smooth sailing but then a storm comes, and that is inevitable destruction. We have become entrenched in a system of systems sort of thing, one carefully calculated to hold back chaos. But no one of anything can be held in for too long. Sooner or later it bursts, and so you have a thing such as chaos breaking out. All those things derailed and repressed in a people will only serve to idolize it and villainize it. Said for so long you cannot promote the good without glorifying the bad, beautifying the rebel. It’s the villains that are most greatly idolized. And find fallen prey a lion made.

Countercultures rise into prominence for these very reasons. People are saying go right! Go right! But when they are not looking they turn left and find it most satisfying. It used to be that the villains were Satanists, in every way. But society and culture followed these formulas until what was once a cause of execution is now commonplace. Those Devil Worshippers that once were, were no doubt more involved and sunken pleasurably deep into their secretive lifestyle. But Satanism has lost most of its appeal when it became that no one really cares. If a Devil Worshipper is to live a forbidden life he can’t, apart from sacrificing humans, I guess.

Chaos builds up. Human societies operate in a way that their demons are locked away in a box, like fully active poke-balls. They trap inside everything they don’t want, that they find distasteful, or can’t accept. They make a Pandora’s box.

Not only that but they are always trying to improve things. Things can only be so good. Sometimes there is a desirable perfection to simplistic methods. Certainly too much perfection is a shade most grey. They seek out Utopia to no ends. And they don’t realize that for the better all whole there are things that simply must be permitted, worked through on one's own terms- not by the government on your part, and such as any way that simplifies an over- taxed system. Oh what better use of money than awareness propaganda. There are taxes on cigarettes. Do they fund lung cancer research? Probably not because they don’t want a cure for their own cancer.

And furthermore they need chaos. Chaos the likes of Jesus. Jesus came on a stage of an overdone world that has long walked right on past God because they valued so much the words of Moses. But Jesus presented a chaos to the stagnation he dwelt in. He was himself chaos, made so by the place he was. And that happens often. There is one man here and there, this time and place and another, a one man change. One man- one, changes everything. Be it Gandhi, Martin L King Jr., Buddha, or Jesus. Things by one man changes everything.

Those are people who stand out. They are those that don’t mix well in the world. They are people that embody a boiling pot flowing over. They live in the world with an atypical perspective. It is unsettling for them. And they want better. They are usually loners. And it takes a loner to see the world differently.

But better than these are those clever who have been changing things all the while. They know what their actions would do but hide their modus operandi. Those that take over kings, and take their places rule. Or those that make riches from poverty and remain rich all their days. People like Solomon and fictional Lex Luther, those are truly admirable. The best of all accounts was in the story of Star Wars, someone like Palpatine.

There exists people out there that would aggressively harm the innocent, sometimes in groups. They pursue people they picked as a target and assault them who’ve done nothing. Sometimes they just think they’ll kill a child and sometimes they pre meditate their rape and murder. Sometimes their victims are adults. There is a very real and seriously logical reason to carry a gun. That is because such type people exist who very, very seriously deserve to be shot and killed. And whether or not its self defense is “excessive” it could very well be necessary and should be a person's right of self defense.

They don’t know anything but bloodshed and should be slaughtered. And here is such a time in which we live that good people must be ready to do so. People that heartlessly murder the innocent, they that pursue harming others, even murdering them, should be executed or imprisoned for life.

But on a brighter note- Halloween is coming! I always go as The Devil. A devil with red face, horns, a red cape and pitchfork. I also listen to metal music, particularly Slayer. South of Heaven can’t be left out and I watch horror movies that day, that night. These are perfect for Halloween. Candy too, and with it taste magic. It’s a time of embracing evil, if only with fantasy.

School was different for me, different for a few of us. When I was fifteen I was quite lazy in school. And they took it as a learning disability, placing me in special ed. After that my math problems were very simple- simple multiplication in high school. All they really wanted was to fake effort. To just do a little here and a little there to satisfy the system. Often I just watched TV and movies.

And there was a certain room I could go to where all my friends were by showing a card and saying I’m leaving.

Most of my teachers approved of my Satanic lifestyle but none of them let me put Satanic art on the art board. One time I brought a book to school called Navaho Witchcraft. It was confiscated by the principal and I was brought into his office. This was in Texico, New Mexico. He looked at me angrily and insulted my beliefs. He forced me to pray with him and said if I didn’t he’d swat me. And that has been my experience of dealing with Christians.

I’ve said it many times: Christians are hateful bullies who spend most of the time finding sinful fault in them and others. As with the case of Separation of Church and State a woman’s little boy was being harassed into prayer and Christianity, when he should have just been there for education, not church. He was disciplined and ostracized for not participating in the teachers' make shift church. If Christians are harmless for any reason it is only because their power has been taken from them.

They are such strange things as “the only truth, the only way, and the only life.” If I contend with regular, normally functioning Christianity in any way, it's by its fruits.. Weeds, really. It produces people that are thoroughly twisted up. It's better tenants are bypassed, somehow easily ignored. Taking the philosophy of itself it looks just fine. It seems somehow elegant, beautiful, wonderful. But I can only determine its result by how it makes people be. And they are thoroughly messed up people.

I think I am a person that has an ace in the hole. I’ve had many aces in the hole. If one thing falters then I will diligently fix it. I have to have myself prepared if anything goes wrong even if that means exposing the problem that through practice I overcome it. I used to be afraid of Homelessness until I embraced it. I walked out of my house to be homeless, and it lasted two weeks. Which was good. Even in a torn up and poor Mexican infested city like Albuquerque, New Mexico I did well. Good, too, because my petty SSI couldn’t get me a place to live as needed. After that I had to be homeless but I left Alby and went on a three day bus ride to San Francisco. And I was homeless there for a year- a whole year!

It's all ants and grasshoppers. I met some outstanding people while homeless. One night a man and his girlfriend came to me in a space beside an alley. That guy was dressed up like a pirate. He had the hat, the eye patch, and the suit. We three smoked pot. There was this guy that said he worshipped Lucifer and got pissed when I kicked his 666 thingy out of my way. Satanists of all kinds are common in San Francisco. If any one city is Satanic/ most Satanic it is here.

But for most people it is better to be alone while homeless. If you aren’t already they will get you into crack and sucking dick- two things that go hand in hand while homeless. Me, though, I’ve ever sold my body. I’ve ever done any drug other than weed. I’m just smart enough not to- and that’s best done keeping alone.

The problems we face today can only be solved with the emergence of Chaos. And that has been so before. And is now so again. Part of the problem is that many people are bullied and harassed to such an extent that they go on a killing rampage. Others can’t solve their own problems. There are so many of them. We are fixated and engrossed in non life thinking and behavior. We can’t simply be alone, but there is a heavy blanket over us saying we will be okay. Don’t move. We will be okay. And every moment is done with restrictions. And we become sore by trying. We are not strong enough for the weight.

But the truth is there for you if you are willing to take it. The good know that life is good and have not succumbed to: distorted reality, over simplistic life, life in gratifying, and a need for popularity. As for that last one it merits the most attention. It seems anyone can be famous these days: anyone can produce a book, anyone can post a viral video, anyone can skip the studio. But they somehow can’t. They are always taking a popular status in bits and pieces. A little every day someone far away in the world or hopefully to them, nearby, noticed them and they received a minor feeling of popularity. All the while someone ponders how he can be instantly popular, dresses up as a clown and shoots up a theater. We are, after all, being trained to desire popularity.

There’s  little here, a little there. Put in some spite, mix it with happiness and wa-lah! You have a social bomb.

There are those that live under harsh dictatorships. They are forced into labor camps. They are executed for trivial things. They cannot live the life they want. Their duties are chosen and live to serve one man. If you say that you are proud to be American, those words hold far less weight if you don’t understand why and do not have a grasp about how it would be otherwise. In being a proud American try to empathize with the gravely less fortunate. When I think of these nations under kingdom rule I envisage powers that are selfishly securing their property (their people, as their property.) They must do everything within their power to keep their people (their property.)

But what about America, or other dignified democratic States? It's the perfect opposite. They safeguard its people. Its government protects their rights, lifestyle, choices and freedom. They empower the voice of the few. They do this with military might. And that should not in any way be underestimated. It is invaluable. They are working for us, hourly, to have enough might to serve its “master” the People.

Where it can, the government helps the less fortunate. They do what they can to help the poor.

And if these things were understood better by all of us then we would understand what such a perfect recourse we have. We would not protest for ant-war causes. We always fight in war for the freedom of others, ourselves, or to safeguard our nation. With the horrendous suffering and a striping of human dignity these dictators incur- they should be abolished and disposed of. We just don’t seem to understand how bad it is for them.

Christian Satanism is like a religion that hell and Heaven agreed upon. It was written in a fury of demands and compromises. It is, at last, a merger of the two. Sometimes to make amends, sometimes to out do, and sometimes just out of humor. Those were the ways in which it was written. The Christian Satanic Bible is such a book. It took side to side and back to side in its creation and is possibly the best book I’ll ever haven’t written. The Christian Satanic bible didn’t come from my hand. It was written by “those above “ and “those below.” I didn’t know quite what I was doing when I wrote it other than certain subjects and topics, themes and concepts to be included and elaborated on. I was certainly “auto written” with not much thought of my own except in what I was to speak about.

And perhaps I’ll ever have written such a good book. I look back on it and see just how many of those things were so. Without realizing it later it is very much like I just described: a merger religion. A thing calculated by both sides. For example, sun worship has been referred to by some as the worship of Satan. I wrote about it in a Christian Satanic way- that God gave us his sun to enjoy and be loved by. Reading this later and actually understanding it I was very amused. That's funny!

I’ll tell you and hope you agree that we need to have more “gray” fields of ideas. That is to say- things of both hero and villain, right doing and wrong doing. But as it is, a villain does no good, and a hero never does any bad. Gray witchcraft to this day is seldom found and realized- though its potential is great. Gray magic is usually categorized as “effect” or “chaos” magic, one or the other. Effect magic is conditioning something or manipulating it. Or doing things that magically affect the weather. Chaos magic, well, it has been described by someone I know as Christian Satanism. He said: like America and Christian Satanism both are a form of Chaos magic. And I quite believe he was right.

Satan does not care about equal rights. He is not miscarried into human discourse. These things don’t matter to him. He’s not off about people that are racist and should not be equated with our own trivial concerns. In short, Satan/ Lucifer does not care if you are racist.

Satan/ Lucifer/ The ArchAngels, are not to be regarded like Yaweh- who demands the utmost respect. Ya is almighty and must be regarded in ways humble. Satan is not the same.

Satan is not an uptight asshole. He prefers worship that is not overpowered, producing softies. Those that watch their step toward him are regarded as cowards and the best way to worship him is not in being humble, but playful, as a child, celebrating life.

Worshipping Satan is not a deadly serious thing. It involves rather a childish attitude- and not as childish- childish, but rather as a child would with an adult brain.

Other than that there is one thing that is taken into heart- that is, to work for him and do well for him and his own. A realistic and well done purpose that would serve him well. That’s just as it is for you- as seriously or light hearted as it is, naturally. It's not to mean slavish work, but certainly dedicated and well done work.

And Satan is generally an amoral being. Not anti- moral, but just not concerned with the suffering of beings as though it's his own. He does not care, in general, about the concerns we share as human to human. It’s most of all his desire to be the best and to evolve those beside him through our emulation of him as a figure of merited perfection. The key word of Satan is: Perfection.

We have only a little perspective about the beastly state in which we all live. Is it difficult to believe that everyone farts? Everyone picks their nose? When you see a person with a bloody nose who wasn’t in a fight, how do you think it happened? Then suddenly they appear with a bloody nose. How do you think they got that? Do they cut their nails? They must have been picking their boogers really hard.

Don’t you know it? People are on the toilet daily taking a shit? Sometimes they are in there trying to force it out.

Every night or almost every night people are in their room at night, whether male or female, no difference they are masturbating and touching themselves. I was in jail where people had to be around others each night and showers were not solitary. What were they doing? Masturbating. In fact this one guy lasted all night. I’d occasionally turn my head and his blanket was poking up and down.

And take my word for it, I will tell you something about men- they fantasize about raping women. As harsh as it may sound, they do not care if it is. In fact the reasoning for this is very simple. They want to take it. They just want to take a woman and fuck her without approval- to just do it and to do it freely. And I guarantee you that when it comes down to it they don’t care if she’s married. But deep down men do care. To think it is one thing but to actually do it is, fortunately, far beyond most men. Besides, I’ve heard often from women that they fantasize about being raped. It's just two sides of the same coin. Women just want to be suddenly fucked sometimes.

Ghosts/ spirits I at least know do carry on a human way of living. I know this because I’ve heard them and their talk sounds much the same as our own would be here in the human world. I suppose that ghosts are with us in a human way. I used to do rituals tirelessly for the same basic things: to see spirits/ demons and Satan himself, and to be in a Satanic group. It was a strange thing of mine that early in my life I was so paranoid of AIDS that I offered to God I’d be a priest if he protected me from it. I had found a needle in the trash of the alley and showed it to my mother who was aghast and firmly warned me I could get AIDS. But I didn’t.

And I wandered out into the New Mexican desert to a place called Ned Houk. And a Satanist there told me “they” needed me to be a priest. In so many ways my life was the perfect setting to be the Founder of Christian Satanism, its Priest.

As for Satan I did see him. My most memorable vision was that he appeared to me as a little dragon no more than two feet tall. And many voices, as they are called in psychiatric jargon, have I heard. Most of them were repeated frequently. But another time I heard rustling by my bed and heard what sounded like gangsters rustling around and making loud noises. Then they said to a separate spirit they thought I was the Devil. She said to them “There is no god, silly.” They said, “He’s the Devil! He's not afraid of us!” and she said, “Well maybe he is!” And that was the last I heard of them.

Unknown to most there is a place hidden and kept secret from the outside. There are places hidden from us that if we were to fully understand would be aghast. While the normally, regularly functioning world is very simple, one may find at worst drug use, prostitution, or simple assault- there are places in the earth that are far more vile. Very vile.

There is a place on earth for every imaginable kind of evil. People are targeted- and murdered, those who simply were considered a threat, or merely disliked. But it gets worse than that.

There are people that are kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. And to empathize on that- there are parents missing their little sons and daughters who at this moment are contained in someone’s basement and being, even, tortured, and continually raped- something that's been going on for them for years. And they are those that have lost all hope. They can no longer smile. Some of them are left with their thoughts and every day is a day of confinement and rape. In short- through rape, torture and imprisonment their soul has been crushed.

It certainly must be the worst imaginable crime (kidnapping.)

In this world there is such evil not seen, nor considered. There are heartless people out there. People that have harmed others either out of pleasure or to gain from it. There is a market out there for organs, and they are sold on the black market. There are people who in certain places are brutally tortured and executed. And there is a person here, there, everyday that was burnt to death. There is even a market for the hands of children. Their parents cut off their little hands and sell them as good luck charms.

When God speaks of His wrath it's important to know why. This is why. This is the source of His wrath. These evil things that go on- these are why God thinks people merit his vengeance. It's nothing to do with the ordinarily functioning world. It pertains to the evil I’ve spoken of.

March on forth, Christian Satanist, make all the lands your own. For we live in an ignorant land of greed. Everywhere you look there is a store. At every corner a Church. Does God need so many teachers? The teachers whose only job is to say how it's done? He needs far more real workers. People that do all they can to invest in the poor and eliminate suffering. Those that fight for the weak, the helpless.

But Christians have always been a people that rather than doing so, much rather tell others what’s wrong with them and the world. They look into how wrong others are and at the same time feel wealthy in being right. By making others wrong they make themselves right.

Most Christians altogether dismiss the Sermon on the Mount which says turn the other cheek and give yet more to the one that takes from you. They don’t get it. They don’t think following Jesus should be stupid. Like: He didn’t really mean that, or, that’s not important. They focus on things like giving but they look at it backward, not forward- that they should be given to.

Capitalism drives a society better than Christianity. With it things are ever improving while what it produces even in the least things that make life easier and better. Why doesn’t the Christian Bible teach others to be scientists to make life better. Maybe it's that it wasn’t until recently we realized how far we could reach with it? But now, Christian Satanist- science is more valuable than philosophy or religion.

This emerging “Nanny State” is so because people are driven into their causes. They are obsessed with these causes. They make them feel like heroes, prime- movers. When they enact a cause to reduce or eliminate things like the causes of vehicular wrecks or diabetes/ obesity, they have an easy purpose and suit themselves up as your daddy or mommy. Maybe at home they are not much cared about or noticed. So they want to be the GrandFather or Grandmother of us all. The numero-uno Parent.

Forget about your own good sense of moderation and responsibility. It is really just another form of religion, one mostly like Buddhism or Monks, that they enforce on you their beliefs. I guess we have been doing these things all along but now they are in the form of Daddies and Mommies.

So soda is taxed. Problems are slowly emerging with greater, greater importance. They are all going to save us. They are going to take the reins of the horse and march us forward. They are going to bust through the doors and rescue us. They are going to put on their very mighty life jackets and swim to get us, thinking we are drowning and crying out for help while in fact we are just having a good time.

They are going to make for us a lesser house and expect us to like it- It's good enough, isn’t it? They are going to first talk to us about a good diet in the newspaper. They are going to talk to us about the same good diet again on TV. Then they are going to come to us in the grocery store and tell us what we should buy.

The problem is- do adults need or desire Parents? Do we want them to parent our children? Or should they step back and remove their robes and adornments? This is like a new fanatical religion operated by cult- like thinkers. Like a cult a few things are emphasized to the point that if things don’t change the world will end. But you are fine -Don’t get sucked into it or envelop yourself with their so- called remedies. Do only one thing well- enjoy life, even if it shortens it a bit.

Which animal are you?

The Wolf is blood thirsty and hunts in packs

The Sheep does as all others, and are generally dumb

The snake is deceptive and good at conning

The Mouse just wants to survive and nibble

The Horse is driven and determined

The Bear is mighty and strong

The Bird stays away from harm and intelligently gets what it needs

The Rabbit is happy and easy going. Unless you are Bugs Bunny, who is a smart ass from hell

The Elephant is firmly planted, well established

The Cat is always moving around and never the same

The Monkey is a thinker and kinda dorky

The Fox is adventurous

The Pig just doesn’t care “it’s all good!”

But the Goat- the goat goes to higher places and is an image of iniquity.

I’ve been to them all. I used to even walk down the street like a snake walking in an S pattern. The goat I like the best. It is a beast that went away from other animals by going far away and up high. It chose mountains in which to reside.

Popeye must have sailed alone to the new world on a small boat, alone. He must have lost his can opener. After all, he could open a can of spinach with his pipe. And how did he lose one of his eyes? Was he looking through a telescope? Or was he a voyeur? Who knows.

Mario from Mario Bros gets coins in a game. Those coins make the game continue. 100 coins and another game. It's like an arcade machine that while playing you are putting in coins. 100 of them.

 Mario must live in a hash of other ideas. Ideas that were mashed. He climbs a beanstalk into cloudland to get treasure from the sky. What is missing is the bean, cloud, and giant. He also travels through a tornado that takes him into another world, like The Wizard of Oz.

One idea is often used, that of blade hands. And three is the number most often used in short stories: Freddy Cougar, Shredder, Vega, and also that guy from Mortal Kombat, Edward ScissorHands, The Three Little Pigs, The Three Musketeers, The Three Stooges, The Three Blind Mice (And the two musketeers  from a Tom And Jerry episode- who were mice.)

The name Lucifer is present in Final Fantasy. It's just a little different. In Final Fantasy 6, at the end of the game, Kefka was clearly an angel, that angel Lucifer. Then in Final Fantasy 7 there was Sepheroth, a one winged angel (by title.) And Sepher was in Final Fantasy 8. See- luCIFER.

What’s really neat is that The Ninja Turtle's disguise only gives them away. Instead of hiding their identity it shows who they are (a red, orange, blue, or purple bandana not over their forehead but their eyes.,)

The Raiders football team has a pirate before a shield as their logo. But pirates don’t use shields. That is in reference to the NFL logo itself. And the Bears and Green bay logos are shaped like a football, I noticed. And there are a lot of other such things expressed only to those attentive.

I think that for copy rights there should be an option to receive gifts for each item used (movies, shows, books, songs, paintings, etc.) Instead of cash. That for every time it is either sold or traded you should receive a set of items as requested. For example if my book was sold or traded apart from me I have a list of things I want from it. And so with any possibility of this becoming so, or if you would just like to know the things I like, here they are:

Clothing- 100% wool socks, durable sandals, white cargo pants, long johns/ thermal underwear, army belts, turtle neck shirts, arm warming bands, fanny packs, army clip belt, shirts with an angel's wings on back, Steelers football cap, an overcoat, jackets with many pockets. Mickey Mouse shirts.

Jewelry- a Mickey Mouse Watch, a blue quartz or rose quartz necklace, a ring of white gold and a blue sapphire on top, with a rose engraving and an L in the center (let me indulge myself!)

Toyish things- game board pieces, green marbles, action figures that look like either demons or angels, little green army men, glow sticks, things that glow in the dark, troll dolls, Mickey Mouse dolls.

Household things- anything that glows in the dark, especially star stickers, glow in the dark spray paint, lighters, cigarettes. Video game consoles old and new, old computers, somewhat old computers. And all sorts of electronic or computer-used devices.

Stationary things- trapper keeper, stencils, graph paper, foreign bank notes, old coins, rubber stamps, colored pens, stickers, stickers, stickers, because it is stickers that I like most of all.

There was once this man I knew in a psych hospital that was charged with arson. Hearing the head psychiatric doctor informing him if he hadn't confessed to it he probably would have gotten away with it. She said it could have been anything, even a minor earthquake.

So I saw this guy producing lies that they burned down their own house for insurance. Or maybe it was the crack production in it- they were making crack in there. Most of all he emphasized they were somehow trying to take advantage of him. I thought to myself that this guy is screwed and he had no way out of it.

But then he started going around after that saying he didn’t use a lighter or any such thing to cause the fire. He said he had great powers and was bragging about them. He said he used his magical telepathy to cause the fire. This was ingenious I thought. And I don't know if it worked or not- but it was damn smart.

I would always be yelling out “Hail Satan!” in the food cafeteria- as a bold expression of faith. I would pray to God, God let Satan taste this good food I taste. Then one day a man sat next to me. Our seats were assigned and he was there while eating next to me. His name was Saturn! But here’s the thing: it was pronounced Sayturn. And I walked by this guy's room often, as I paced in that place, with nothing else. The light beside his room shot out.

There was another prayer I had that I met with Lucifer. Which didn’t happen, exactly. But a guy came into the ward who was a self professed Luciferianism, bearing Luciferianism books. I had taken the name Lucifer years before. But at this time a new show came out simply called “Lucifer.” And now? Luciferianism is the new Satanism. There are very many Devil Worshippers that came from it.

Visualizing to the point of trance and from trance to sleep is an effective form of magic.

Using old things. Enjoying old things, by learning, watching, or listening to them is a form of magic if you are the only one that does.

Pleasure ng a dirty, by ceremony, altar use, prayer, or any other such means, works magic. Much of magic is simply gratifying a dirty.

A childish attitude works natural magic.

So does “personality snatching.” This is when you play the part of one from any numerously available characters- personalities. This too is natural magic.

For me magic is a thing of two kinds: Objective and Natural.

Making certain sounds has a magical effect. These are usually groupings of one to two syllable sounds which for you mean something- such as is present in many Disney Movies.

Giving the earth treasures as though it is your altar has a beneficial effect: as placing a ring in places hidden upon the earth, or burying these.

Wishing upon a star can, if it is done with faith and longing- as much as the same with the moon.

Prayer works magic. Tell God you want to be heard by demonic forces- which he approves more than the same request to an angelic one.

But the best I think of these is visualization.  And the following night you sleep it is worked out into “Nether” to do what it will.

Watch out for any type of person that would make words like hell or damn unacceptable cuss words.

Watch out for any type of woman that would scream rape because she is pissed off- at the world.

Over sensitive people would scold you for not speaking lightly and delicately. But man should be strong, not weak. We have come upon a time and it is getting worse, that these things are so. People are so irritated by everything. They think that they are right for what they bring to the plate- such distasteful food! I say fuck you chicken. You are my meat. But they tell me I’m not supposed to talk to chickens that way.

Anytime hot water is placed upon ice it melts. But with much ice and the water not too hot, it is balanced. Anytime a warm jacket is put on in the cold it balances out the heat.

Ya has said Let them. Nature is a vicious thing. Naturally vicious things just are. But a human being knows good and evil. He either does good, evil, or somewhere in between. If he has convinced himself that evil would suit him and to viciously harm others, then let him do so without question, without remorse, and without guilt. Because when he deems his evil wrong he will be consumed in God's wrath, because his soul has cried out for retribution against what he has done.

The wolf who kills your sheep must be slaughtered. It is simply that way. A scripture in Isaiah states that the wolves will eat with the sheep. That people will live to be a thousand before they are old. That all the curses will be undone. That knowledge will greatly increase. That many will go back and forth on the earth, as we do in vehicles. Very well these things are coming to be. They that are Christian will go to Heaven. The evil will have their own place. I assume it's a place of anarchy.

Doing good, it will be seen of you. But harming others with little to no cause must be stopped. It will eventually catch up to you. And the price for it is heavy. Just always remember that those who do no harm have the greatest right to live and live happily, unobstructed. But they do harm others, it will catch up to them.

The capacity to make something bad good is perhaps the most helpful thing you can know. It is very helpful. This is when you think about a thing considered negative but considering instead how it could be good. It's also known as thinking on the bright side and something I most strongly teach to the Christian Satanist. If you can’t afford a couch, maybe the living room is a better place for your room. You could live and sleep in the same room. And maybe it's closer to the kitchen.

If you have no sugar for tea you could take it as an opportunity to learn to like it plain. You’d save money. It’ll be easier to make and more healthy. But what if you need more ice trays? You could freeze your ice in a bucket instead. And instead of buying more ice trays you could buy an ice pick.

If you can’t afford the best home in the best neighborhood you still could in a lesser area, though it's not by the bay- do you swim anyway? And perhaps where you could afford to live the cost of living is lower and the room more spacious.

But I like this example better: since I haven’t had the ability to self publish my books through Lulu I put more emphasis on public domain books uploaded as eBooks many more times than I normally would have. Lulu was not functioning on my cell phone. So I tried to publish them in my regular way but couldn’t. I determined that the success of my books are better when made free and in the public domain. I am on SSI, currently. I don't have much money. So I am saving money. And if I sold too many books I would have risked losing my SSI income. So the turnout was good undead.

Those who are productive are certainly meritorious of privilege. I think that if you are on SSI and are not something like “Disabled level three or above,” then you should have to choose any number of easy jobs from the government. That is as long as there is writing, speaking for myself. But certainly if you are only disabled level one or two then you should be suited into some kind of helpful work or output. There have been people who received SSI due to obesity or diabetes. I don’t know who draws the line but it should be that if you can work at all, with any good enough reasoning, then you should. As for me I am Schizophrenic, badly. I even came to know what type of crazy it is for me and my life without something like Clozorel. (Lunatic, crazy, nuts, insane, ) and me: deranged. Deranged defines my mental state while off antipsychotic Schizophrenia medication. The thing is itself that I thought people in my life were telling me what kind of mental illness I should call myself. Like a secret message. And these weren’t always real people: but voices/ spirits. However I learned that spirits can make real people seem to be saying something to you that they aren’t.

I don’t know if it really matters if those on SSI should be given an errand, a job or task. Especially not one assigned to them. Then again, maybe so. I’d say so- it would help society overall. And it seems fair. By level 3 or higher I mean those such as those that very much merit free help such as autistic individuals. But most receiving SSI could do something. I have an aunt that's on SSI and SSDI for bad knees. That's actually very understandable. I don’t think I could do much with bad knees. The job she preferred and grew up doing simply couldn’t be done any more (the job of a waitress.) Must she go out of her way to find a new job where she could? Or has the world kind of been bad in its way for her. However my opinions on the matter are all over the place and Universal Basic Income is one of my strongest wishes for society. It would end homelessness and I think it would bring more benefit than not.

I have no issues with Asians, however. But I don’t interfere- think what you want, just don’t harm my friends.

You’d have to go far and wide to find someone that could help the poor state of the world and even save it. People are being bullied and harassed to the point that they do a mass shooting. They were assailed at every turn and settled on destroying a world that by nature they were only trying to live well but my practice that couldn’t be done. It's so often asked what their motives were. Their motive is that they keep being fucked with. What else are they expected to do? So in a party comes one that shoots up those just trying to have a good time but not really doing anything more than dancing around in life and not much else more.

But those who think about the current poor state of the world will realize there are far more important matters in the world than these weak causes people put on. No one really thinks about the real issues.

A person could drown in his ego. Often people are in today’s world. They dive in too deep and can drown! Their look of themselves is shallow. I picture a woman who thinks every moment of movement of her face is a beautiful picture. And then there comes the songs that say they are beautiful no matter what. That’s just adding a lot more to things ready there. Believe me, these people do not think they are in any way ugly.

Talent comes cheap. Superman devices such as notation software make writing fully orchestrated music done with ease. These used to take years of university level learning. And now snap snap, there’s my orchestra. Or else they simply play a few chords on the guitar. Do you know how easy it is to sound good on the guitar? You just need to know four, maybe five chords and play them well. Don’t bother thinking you’ve got to double up the study when you don’t need to. Most things may seem difficult to learn, but they aint.

But where are those that apply perfect study and execution of what they do? I say, it doesn’t after anymore. That's gone with the wind. Just take the easy way out and be good, easily, instead of easily the hardest working. I say write on trash to be a writer- scribble this, draw that, notate some music, spouse some religion, and put it in a plastic bottle. Someday I’ll be seen. And if done enough and well enough, well, just done enough- people will even seek them out!

The time of our hard work is just about done. When it is that AI and robotics are advanced enough to serve us they can do so in any way. And so with it ends the strife of daily normal living. Couple that with seeds that spontaneously grow and as such we need and the future is well indeed. Just let us hope and pray for the best thing- a fountain of youth.

A fountain of youth science could create. Considering how far we’ve one, what all could be expected to occur in the next hundred years? Could you even imagine? So many things happen in just fifteen. But that’s fifteen and fifteen two, fifteen again and fifteen to sixty. For another fifteen to 75, from 75 another 15, to 90, and yet a little more. I cannot possibly imagine. We would certainly be like gods up high, dwelling in Valhalla.

The day is coming when our suffering will be obsolete. That anything difficult is done with ease by the things that create by creation. A person would not have suffered. A person could spend his days doing what he wants to, but it is not so relocated toward any one thing.

A person would triumph- humanity will be capable of unimaginable things. Where would any worry or strife go? This indeed sounds like heaven and a place I’d like to be. And I know we can get there, with just a little luck, I could have decades to go before science develops to the point of creating a fountain of youth formula. And you perhaps younger have just the same good things ahead of you.

The times are coming round for Halloween and I suppose I could call this book and next my Halloween books because Halloween is very much on my mind. My birthday is 8 days after that, which is even better. I think I’ll buy a google pixel phone. They only tame fifteen minutes to charge and that buys me more than anything. I spend most of my day hooked up to many wires since I am so much on my phone.

Life is very good for me these days to say the least. I am trying to accomplish the Devil's work and this is the perfect setting to do so.

Creativity could be applied to technological things. There are sigils you could apply to electronic circuits, if not magic. If someone like Solomon had before him this kind of different magic: science, he would have been a brilliant scientist (referring to his occult work involving sigils.)

Apart from that a person could make an effective circuit board themselves. It doesn’t acquire more brilliance than thought. A goes to be and sometimes goes back to a, or one leads to c in a certain way.

Creativity with technology could be combining two to four pre existing things. And doing that well, such as fiber optic tape.

Or it could be as simple as an update to older ideas, as newer ideas have advanced and present its possible improvement.

A person only needs to know the fundamentals. He doesn’t have to delve very far into preconceived notions. He just needs to know how to accomplish what he needs to. But as for the rest can learn it as he goes along, if he gets somewhere he needs to know more.

Lasers and magnifying glass, dials and pulleys, lights and shades, switches and resistors, are the ways it should be co conceptualized.

It can be a very long time coming that you create that one dynamite idea, but it will come to any one that strives to get there.

People are less willing than ever to pour deep thought and time into such things. There are no more Edison’s, there are instead teams of scientists. But those are things that could be done by one, if he is so smart.

In any case the reward is monumental- would bring fame and riches. Could you imagine if it was one person who created the CD? Well the important thing would have been to bring it to the right people, but do much as demonstrating how it worked would be all that mattered. People would be clawing at your door to buy it from you.

When I think about what else I could do I am only discontent. LaVey's brand of Satanism very well taught me to do one thing well. I guess most of all I am a writer. When I think about what a book can do and very especially a religion, I’m really not left with another choice. I could paint. What’s that? People gaze at it. But does it really do any good? It doesn’t create a response that could change the world and make it much better.

I could write music- and had, for some time. But I guess that’s all the same. Who remembers and enjoys music from eras long past? Most people are stuck on what’s new and popular. Anyways, it arouses emotions and thoughts well but that is very insubstantial toward what I wish done and to happen.

Then there are books which, even if small, speak volumes and express a person fully. And it's not like drawings and music can’t be added to them. In fact some of the best art comes from them: particularly Paradise Lost.

I do recommend that Christian Satanists be religionists/ creators of religion, for the greatest of Christian Satanic potential. A religion that has its adherents create new religions are on top of things indeed.

Start out from scratch and like one draws as a pencil make it up as you go along (naturally, something like auto writing) and as needed, erase and redraw, so to speak. In other words, create a first draft and don’t worry at all with its initial perfection. The more you add the more that you can improve and the more of which you cover the more available things that can be elaborated on. You’ll do well, I believe it.

Well today I am going to a pumpkin field to snatch up some pumpkins to carve on Halloween. I have my Satan's mask. Yesterday we all made some masks but I already had mine. I have to cook some food tomorrow for everyone and it looks like I am making meatloaf. So today that and am getting some coffee to drink with the others. I really made a good place for myself here, in San Francisco. I would certainly day I am many times more successful and established than Anton LaVey who lived near my mansion like home. He went bankrupt more than once and never had in his life the things that I had.

The times are coming to an end, culminating into a drastic world wide change. People are bustling to procure good things. They pass their time in entertainment if they aren’t working. And that is at least good in the way that TV and similar entertainment baby sit people and keep them out of trouble. Except that often the TV thing admires the wrong doing.

We have come altogether liberal and captivated with sexual and sociological freedoms. Surely sexuality has propelled some tech devices ahead, such as computers and the internet. The internet documents and preserves the knowledge of humankind. And most of it is porn. But we’ve also made countless videos that act to plushly illustrate human kind.

And someday the internet will be an all new world of itself, as we go from picture to video to 3D picture to 3D video. It will be so interactive and come to be quite realistically 2 nd  Reality. You can wager that men, as perverted as they all are, will make fake sex more realistic.

This could happen in many ways. There could be made a “touch glove,” that lets you touch and grab things afar. There could be true x-ray vision. There could be cameras that can see through brick walls. There could be 3D images that are very realm looking, and perhaps in a solid state.

It would be interesting to see how many of these either pass or become prohibited. But prohibiting them or their use probably wouldn’t be effective. They are just too easily available and could always have an excuse that they are used differently, legally.

And the point I really make is of how a man can be so very productive- but not at all if he is consumed by sex. So much time is spent sexually, time that can be better used. They’ll altogether be caught up, sexually, and I see this as a problem.

I am a very good cook. I can make pizza from scratch as good as the best. And whatever else that can be cooked, I can. Food is one of the best pleasures of man, and a BBQ done at least once a week with things like ribs and corn on the cob makes life better. If you eat slowly and enjoy it, you won’t gain a lot of weight from it. Fat people eat too much, too quickly, one thing after another. Of course people don’t get fat on a vegetable tasteless diet. No one eats bowls sky high of these things.

I sometimes incorporate taste magic into eating. Each color and flavor indicates something. And an idea is visualized per each, which remains the same. The theory of this is that the mind is given an idea when it senses certain tastes. I don’t know what that would do- but done enough, my mind is naturally guided and transformed by what I eat, and thoughts brought up within, even when I’m not practicing taste magic.

A few of the things I've thought of are peanut butter cereal peanut butter sandwiches. Some cereals taste good along with peanut butter sandwiches. And a little bit of melted marshmallow to go with it.

Then there’s the king's cake- which is a cake on top of a cake and another cake. It has on top of that chocolate candy. Then you melt some candy bars and pour on top.

I’m telling ya, if it tastes good, eat it, but just if it sounds good, too. Lobster is thought to be one of the very best foods. But it's something I cannot eat. When I was homeless in San Francisco at the Fisherman’s grotto an old man gave me a lobster. I couldn’t eat the damn thing. It looked like an undersea cockroach. And it is. They are bottom feeders. Here they are collecting these things from the sea in large numbers, and even cooking them the easiest way it could be done. And selling them for a killing. Mmm. Cockroach- yummy yummy. Put some melted butter on my COCKROACHES.

It seems apparent to me that not only men have gained the things they have to spur a sexual partner but that women do the same thing. I have always attracted women who were wealthy. And I’ve always been attracted to them, too. They have always been eager to share their things with me. They’d buy me.

When I was nineteen I lived with a prostitute. Not for long. She kicked me out because I wouldn’t “be” with her. So I’ve also before and after been the least attracted to women only wanting to fuck. It wouldn’t last long. I just wasn’t interested in sex that much, not continually with nothing else there.

That actually could be different with me, anymore. As you get older you become less interested in love. I certainly have. I used to pour over “bitch music.” I had a bleeding heart. I needed that love of loves for all times. This “bitch music” made me that way, and it wasn’t anything good.

My prostitute friend gave me a book about adult relationships. One thing in all it said really stood out. And that was that a woman who tries to get with a man much younger, will give him little things to compensate for their age. And I’ve noticed that often from older women.

In my life I’ve been naïve about women who liked me, even wanting to fuck me. I was even invited into their homes thinking it meant nothing, when obviously it did. There are women that were obviously trying to cheat on their husbands or girlfriends. It's been said that men cheat because they are assholes. Women because men are assholes. But no, I’ve known many women that are just like all other people- no ones principles are so high that they don’t think in terms of lots to fuck.

It's actually very surprising. They say things like they don’t like their husband anyway, or that their husband can’t please them. They invite me into their homes, even though they are married, or they insist that if I am with them, they’ll divorse them.

I like to dress in a high class Satanic way. Instead of a Gothic Satanic way. So with a Slayer shirt I wear a tuxedo. You’d be surprised how cheap tuxedos are on the second hand market, even very good ones.

And I like black cargo pants. They seem to be members of the Satanic Elite. But better are white cargo pants and a shirt with angel wings in back- it's altogether angelic.

I’ve got to have 100% “emerald green” wool socks. There is something to that- like treading on sheep. Besides, they are warm and water repellent- those and that they last long.

Those go well with durable outside sandals (not to be confused with slip ons or floppy flops.) They can only be so durable. In fact I climbed a large hill some miles away and when I came down they fell apart. I had to walk back on sticker patches thanks to God. The sandals have some sort of Jesuit quality.

Gotta have many pockets, and so a great reason to wear cargo pants. But it was my brother Joshua who convinced me. My sister wears Khaki pants. Joshua carpenter pants. I had to do one better.

And an overcoat is priceless when homeless. Good ones are so very good in the winter, like walking around in a blanket. Plus pockets are always useful. As is why I use a fanny pack, one of those belt- purses. I never need a backpack.

An army clip belt is the best. They are the most durable, not using holes or some kind of cheap leather.

If a nation determines the best clothing for their military, the best of these are best altogether.

And I also like arm warmers. Other than my face it seems my arms get the coldest. I have less arm hair than anyone.

And I love a Mickey Mouse shirt. While I was homeless it was actually one of the things I desired the most. In fact the thing I did want most was a Mickey Mouse watch, which I now do (have both.)

It means very much to me to stay warm. I developed an intense sensitivity to the cold while I was in the hole, isolated, in jail for a month. I went naked in their in a place of New Mexico, which got cold as fuck. There was a freezing vent overhead, and believe me, I was in a freezer- or at the closest possible threshold of one.

So I was also freezing in the streets. I’d see other homeless people trying to keep warm by stuffing newspapers into their clothing. Or grating newspapers like blankets. You kind of tightly curl up into a ball and try, try, try to sleep. A few times I slept in a au way, when I could. There’s actually a peaceful special feeling in doing so. I can’t quite put it into words.

So whatever helps- like thermal underwear/ long johns.

As for things of jewelry I have an idea prepared for what would be a perfect ring, if ever I could afford it. It would have white gold, a size 9, men's, a blue sapphire on top shaped like a tentagram, a rose engraved on it with an L in the center- an expensive as fuck ring.

However, though diamonds are cherished and rare, crystals like blue and rose quartz are magically potent.

If I ever got a tattoo it would be an udjat/ eye of Horus.

My prefered diet is meat and sweets. I’d rather starve than eat things I don’t like. That for the Africans who eat dirt and still live in bare bone tribes.

I am making brussel sprouts, baked potatoes and meatloaf. After I finish this , I am going to watch some video game console modding. Yesterday I watched a little of that. This guy took an Atari and made for it an A/V output. They normally use an RF switch, which hooks up directly to the cable line and uses channels 3 or 4 on the TV.

I remember my video gaming youth. It speaks volumes about what a kid is thinking when at school doing mental tests, trying to find what was off with me. I was just thinking of the computer in the room. I eagerly wanted to play a game on it.

I’d rent games once a week. Gremlins 2 was very fun, and I rented it often. I really wanted to rent Mega Man 3. But for a while I couldn’t rent any. I don’t remember why.

I was also much into Marvel comics. I would ride my bicycle about a mike to make it to this great little store called Captain Comics. The comics were a quarter each. Relatively after inflation that is still very cheap, about 50 cents I guess.

There was a Fantastic Four cartoon on VHS in the same store as Mega Man 3. I wanted it. So I hid it under the movie cases until I could rent it, which never happened.

Marvel Comic movies were very few back then. If any character had a movie there weren’t many, and few characters did. But the millennials, the time beginning in early 2000, began producing them in large numbers.

I grew up watching martial arts movies from the likes of Jean Claude Van Dam. Of these, Blood   Sport   was my favorite. I was being picked on in 3 rd  grade and after my parents talked about it my dad told me he wanted me to fight for myself. And that I did. And it was liberating.

The kids would chant my name while I fought. It was no longer done for self defense, though I wasn’t really a bully.

My best friend was Seth. Wed draw images of gruesome murder. I remember drawing an 8 letter looking snowman that had a small pissing with the word pssss! It reminds me of a joke I came up with recently. Where did Jesus take a shit? And the ermph ! Olive branch! And the ermph! Olive trees. Are you writing thissss sstuf down, deciplessss?

I grew up going to Church and it totally fucked with my time. I never fell asleep so easily. I’d spend the time drawing Ninja Turtles. But then I watched a movie called The 7 th  Sign. Movies are so much less cheesy in youth, like Omen 4 and Warlock. With this movie I learned about the fantastic mystery of Revelations (The story of it from the Holy Bible.) And my dad told me that everything in this movie was true (whether or not altogether how it would happen, but it is known better in the last book of the bible.)

And I became obsessed with Revelations after that, for at least a year. I was drawing image after image of the Dragon and eventually started to believe I was Jesus (Christian thinking has a way of causing that.) And not until I fully believed I was Jesus then I lost interest in the whole matter, somehow. Before that I’d actually stay up late with a flashlight under my covers reading my mini book of the New Testament.

I got my games from my step brother's mom, for whom they were intended. My parents questioned whether or not I should have a gaming system which was a popular matter of the time. But I played his games and he didn’t like them much. The one I played most at that age was his Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos. It was a pattern based game. The enemies ever did things based on a pattern, with little reaction.

So my dad gave me a one sided cassette tape of Queen's song One, and I’d play that song again and again, day and day, until I beat it.

We also had Mega Man 4. I never could get very far on it. Actually I could and did but the game was a long one. My friend had a password to it, and I had to beg him for it. Another kid called Patrick didn’t want me to have it. He said let him get there himself.

One night I was at KMart, that awesome store that is no more, and saw Ninja Gaiden Shadow for the Game Boy. And that I had. We were visiting my grandma that night and I asked for that game and I really enjoyed it. But this kid she was living with who was a little older conned me out of it and gave me a tape of Skid Row’s Youth Gone Wild, for the game.

My first cassette tape was Genesis' We Can’t Dance. My step brother got one by Paula Abdul. I really enjoyed my cassette tape. I also had a pocket radio at about that time. My favorite song was We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel. I cannot grasp tightly how thoroughly and deeply enjoying these things were as a child. Now it is just a radio. Now it is just a song. But back then it was instant Nirvana.

MTV was exciting. I could sit down and watch it all day. And they only played 20 or so videos at any time. And that continued unto me until I became 20 or so. It's not that I don’t like new music these days. It's more like I can’t. I’ve grown, and gone with it are childhood involvements.

All my life I wanted to be an author, specifically an author of Satanic material. I used to have notebooks and nothing more. My mom complained that I could have used a rain forest of paper. Later I had a typewriter. But one mistake fucked up the whole book. I can’t believe I lived in a time where that’s all there really was for authors. I don’t know what to do with my manuscripts. Mail them? Mail them where? There was no internet to find out where they could be sent.

Then I got a computer. Then I could write large books and save my files. But I didn’t know what to do with them. This was the early days of the internet.

Finally one day I learned my friends were making ebooks into print form and I went to that like a magnet. Finally my computer produced my books.

And my books actually did well. By that time things occurred that I found Christian Satanism to be ideal for me. And I began typing out its first draft: The Christian Satanic Declaration. But I didn’t always have a word processor, or computer of my own. I had the atrocious habit of pawning everything I had.

So I went back and forth to the public library, doing what little I could, or else would type things out on the computer at a program I attended. Because of it my writing was done as perfectly as it could be. Because I pouted over all night what I’d have typed in. I had much of my time spent in presenting my ideas the best that they could be.

And in about six years of these sort of ways writing my book, my Christian Satanic Bible was complete. And sharing with the staff about how I was using their computer to write my book they gladly put the printed version on their shelf. Coincidently, that lady got shot to death by a young man there, recently- she was a wonderful and kind woman, and very helpful.  

I once had two roommates that were on disability money and later spent their check instead of paying their meager rent. It was such little money they had to pay, but very helpful for me. So without paying their rent I put their things out on the driveway.

The police were called. They informed me I couldn’t do that or evict them.

Then I turned the power off. They called the police again and this time the officer threatened to throw me in jail if I had tried this again. They said they could not be evicted without a court order. And since I didn’t have a lease on them that could take 30 days or something.

So I had one last thing I could do and did it. I took up my things and simply left, moving into my ex-girlfriend's home. And it wasn’t pretty living. I’d only come back to get my cat Whacky (a cat half black and white.. Wacky.) Who was later killed by my ex girlfriend's new boyfriend, even though they insisted they’d take care of it for me and found me despicable for not letting them or wanting them to.

At first I slept in my friend’s (Willy, her new boyfriend) little shack. I got a tick in that bed and pissed outside. I had nothing to do during the day. I wound up spending most of my time in their little blue house on ninth street. And later came across some rather metaphysical events while there. It seems my mind opened up and picking through ideas was a big plate. I was further in control of my thoughts as though they were many things to pick through.. Instead of organized and bundled, as before, as is typical for anyone.

I used to love metal music more than anything. I had a few cassettes but could not afford very many as a kid. When my family and I went to a larger town on vacation there was always a heavy metal segment at night time. And I went into the bathroom to listen to it all night, being in a hotel.

Metal was popular music then, second only to pop. I had some Slayer cassettes. Slayer was my favorite band then, and is still my most favorite metal band. My brother, who is seven years younger than me, liked Metallica. He never knew anything of metal beyond that.

And I gave him a CD with Slayer on it and he said something I thought was totally strange. He said that Slayer sounds like a hair metal band. Kind of pisses me off, really.

I remember Slayer saying that their music must give them the chills to be right.

I also listened to Danzig often. But I was kind of disappointed with his new style presented initially in Danzig 5 (His fifth musical release.) I really didn’t like Slayer beyond Divine intervention. Morbid Angel was my third favorite band, Megadeth, or perhaps Metallica. For sure those are my favorite 5 metal bands.

Morbid Angel aged pretty well. They changed style too, as it seems like all the other bands do. But I still like their style- though some don’t.

I was Satanic due to music, always watching Satanic entertainment (such as witch craft based movies) and the whole lot- from early teenage years until I was about sixteen, when I began getting into vampire- based things (In music Type O Negative, in movies Interview with the Vampire, those two most of all. So essentially I went from Satanic based things to vampiric. Kind of wish I hadn’t. I even made an altar for Lilith, with a rubber bat on the altar, when I was 17.

That period in my life wasn’t long lasting but had full involvement in these things vampiric. But by the time I turned just 18 my life had taken a sharp turn. I was 18 when I was going back and forth to MEPS (Military Entry Processing Station) to become a Marine. While there I thought someone was following me around wanting to kill me. I was convinced he was even thinking he followed me to my hotel to do so.

When I qualified to enter into Marine Core training I took an airplane ride to San Diego and sat next to a Marine and we talked a little. I got off the plane, went into a small building and then onto a bus. Right before I entered onto the bus a Marine man (officer or something) broke the rubber band on my folder and told me he didn’t want the trash.

So I got on the bus. Everyone was cool, calm, and collected- maybe a little nervous, but there was no real reason to be, it seemed anyway. Up until this point there wasn’t NY being yelled at. And that didn’t at all seem bad, drill instructors just yelling. But it was about to hit us like a ton of bricks.

The bus stopped. A drill instructor began loudly yelling “Get the Hell of my bus! Get the Hell off my bus now! Stand here! Line up!” And before we knew or could possibly understand what hit us we were standing on yellow painted feet on the concrete where we were to stand.

And that's the essence of it. You do as told when told without thinking of it. We quickly got dressed and fitted into military clothes. We got a Marine tote bag, camouflage, a military flashlight and hygienic items.

The first night we must have spent most of it quickly writing on paper after paper signing our name name after name- again, without thinking about it. I have no idea what I wrote or signed but to this day, fuck it I’ll sign it without reading it. But my time on the route was quickly ended when a doctor analyzed me and realized I was schizophrenic, and someone unable to conform, being “too focused on individuality,” which was due to Satanism. I mean, wow, that's a real compliment to say I was too focused on individuality!

But getting out was nothing of an easy matter. I had to join the RSP- Recruit Separation Platoon. And being there I was treated just like any other recruit for the time being. We would go to different areas of the base to work, transporting things by hand, washing large volumes of clothes, things like that. A lot of it was sitting around, though.

But if we irked the higher ranking, which I mean the non recruits, the real Marines, we would be put on Fire Watch. There was no fire. There was a large somewhat cold building, a very large one housing us all that resembled a warehouse. But a fire watch is to be awoken in the middle of the night to do work, like polish the metal or pick up bits of paper by hand.

And morning was something like this: “Get up get the hell up get the hell up out of bed right now!” Which we did and were dressed and prepared to eat in no time. After we did a good march we waited in line for an hour or so.

To their credit I’ve got to say the food, the food is so good! It wasn’t because I was hungry, either, it was good to begin with, even one thing being ice cream. But you have to sit with your left hand on your lap and not look at food, except in a quick glance trying not to get caught. Spoon up to your mouth without looking below.

But my Schizophrenic attributes didn’t yet manifest. I left boot camp and went to live with my father. He was living in the cheapest apartment complex in town. In Albuquerque, in an area called “the war zone,” the North East side of town. When I got there I was to find a job and filled out numerous applications. Burger King accepted me. And I was doing well and it was even fun. But I missed a scheduled day. I forgot for a whole day I was working. I remembered the next day I'm working at Burger King! I hope I wasn’t scheduled yesterday! And when I got there, I was fired.

My father watched two Star Trek series in his apartment. We used to watch TNG when I was a teenager living with him in Tucson. In Albuquerque we mostly watched Voyager. We watched it every day on TV. The internet was still in its infantile stages. I often got fifty cents to get an incredibly cold Mountain Dew soda from the soda machine by the office.

It wasn’t a great place to be due to the crime. I got smacked in the face there just for looking at someone. He hit me for looking at him. He knocked my glasses off. And I contemplated throwing a lit cigarette in his topless car. I don’t even know if that was his car. But I didn’t, I held back. He knew many criminal people and his friends, I don’t at all doubt.

One day a dog was barking at me and I told it to shut up. These four people didn’t like it. They said “it was low of me.” And I went right to them. I had their head poncho in a headlock but the three others got at me and I fell to the ground on my ear. Which needed stitches, though I didn’t get them. With the advice of my father I didn’t press charges.

But I pretty much harassed them after that. They then threatened to shoot me. My friend was beside me when they did. A much older man. We went to his room where he got a shotgun and told me to call the police. The 911 operator wanted details from me. My friend said hurry up. But the 911 operator was asking question after question and my friend grabbed the phone and said, “just get here.” And hung it up. So then we went to those people's room with a shotgun. Since it was kept facing down he was allowed to. The police came, searched these four, had them belly down on the grass and found in their room a gun- looking BB gun. Certainly nothing that could do much of anything to someone, but possibly intimidating.

The thing that occurred that was indicative of paranoid schizophrenia is that one night I heard people outside my room. I was sure they were talking about killing me. I thought any moment they’d break in and kill me. I woke up my father and told him this and he said, irritated, “you better not be on crack!” but I wasn’t. And that’s something I’ve never done to this day.

I had a few friends there in that complex. And a few that I was around but briefly. There was a bit younger girl and boy I played a video game with, a fighting one. I was in there for awhile that night until I was pushed out so that this old man, who was probably fucking that little girl, was taking her to the Waffle House to get breakfast.

I lived with a prostitute for a short while. This was just before I was fired from BK. She may have thought I’d have money coming in.

Then there was this girl I was in one of the rooms with. The complex was situated much like a hotel. She laid down presenting herself. Later two of her friends and her gave a paid threesome.

Most of my friends there were much older. One night three younger people and I were in a man's home. They were begging for money but didn’t get it. So they took a bucket of water at three AM and splashed his window with it. Maybe it was piss. I don’t see any point otherwise, or for that, really. I quickly separated myself from them.

I dressed in a suit. An old man said I wasn’t any less poor than them. Realizing it was pretentious I quit wearing them.

I didn’t drink much. Fortunately when young it wasn’t easily gotten. By the time I turned 21 the habit never really became, leading me to naturally desire it.

I was thirteen the first time I got drunk. As it is for such things it has to be experienced to be known. And I was at a party with my father when I took out Jack Daniels punch drinks, a little here and there hiding them. Before I knew it I was drunk. This guy said you want to know how to fix it? Drink some more. I think he meant, puke. 13 was also my first year for pot. And again, I had no idea its effects. I thought nothing happened after smoking it. Then I burst out laughing and became more involved with TV.

I had quite a hell of a good childhood and teenage years. But Schizophrenia came about and really began presenting itself. But first I had a good year or so without it, without its “breakout.” My father went from that place to my uncle's home. While there with my uncle, dad, and grandma, I thought the strangest schizophrenic thing.

Schizophrenics, I’ll tell you, have very strange and paranoid thoughts. Thoughts that have no bearing on reality I thought that while I was sleeping they were crunching my balls so that I couldn’t birth kids. I thought it was true but wanted evidence otherwise. So I put my sperm in my eyes to see my seed close up. Actually I couldn’t do anything. And whenever I saw the word “crunch!” I thought it was a secret message to me indicating what I thought was being done to me. From the box of cereal or my new book I thought something was being said but wasn’t. That was my first true sign of something bizarre happening to me.

After that my father had been trying to get a house and did. He found a very large home, two stories with a lot so large that any home buyer here in San Francisco would envy. That was after the following discussed home. A woman was living there with her kid but not paying rent. She was trying to convince him to let her stay just a little longer. My dad asked, “What do you think?” and I told her I wanted her to go. So we moved into this medium sized  home and I moved into the shed- house next to it.

When I sat on a cushion inside that shed home something scratched my ass. I looked and saw it was a needle. A sewing needle. And as much a Schizophrenic perception as it was, I thought that woman was trying to infect me with AIDS. I didn’t stop thinking about this obsessively for the next few days.

I really loved my little shed house. I had a small TV with a built-in VCR ( a video cassette tape.) And there was a channel I enjoyed a lot called The Music Box. People would phone in what they wanted to watch (music videos.) All sorts of music videos would play and specifically the kinds I wanted.

It was very cold, though. I had to stay under multiple layers of blankets and have my stove burning. The heater didn't pass the test. I had a pet hamster from the previous place and brought it over. I tried to set it up so that it could freely roam about my room yet not escape. The walls were adobe. But they see what you don’t and it went through a hole under the heater. Before that my dad was quite amused watching it roll around in its plastic ventilated ball.

I spent more time on my dad's used computer. He got it from his dad for a hundred dollars. It is ancient by today’s standards. I was on it, often, typing mostly, and also trying to get this three dollar game to work. When I did I enjoyed it for a while but it was just not the right kind of game for me (Betrayal at Krondor.) But as for typing out books I did, at least a while. I chose Book Antiqua as my favorite font.

My day wasn’t any good without Mountain Dew soda. I’d even walk a good two miles to reach the nearest store and buy it, usually a two litter that didn’t last long. That and a pack of cigarettes. Once I stole some of my dad's gold coins to get them. He was furious.

In his second larger home..

My “cousin” lived with us briefly. That was the daughter of my uncle's sister’s sister but to my dad everyone was related. She had a boyfriend that was an asshole. My dad didn’t want him around. So he said to keep him out. And I did, forcefully. He said he was getting his gin and just about did but decided to leave, instead. He died in a vehicular wreck a short time later.

My dad always had people living with him. With that and along with other things I grew up very socially developed. My cousin Mike was there awhile and his girlfriend. He was often afraid of infidelity. One time I walked in on her pissing. And later she burst the door open while I was and said “Now we're even!”

I told my dad I wanted to go live with my aunt Penny, who invited me to. I was quite convinced it would be better. But my dad didn’t want that to happen so he put me in a hotel called Sandy's . One of the cheaper ones. Best of all they had a 24 hour porn channel. I still had my VCR TV. I recorded it.

I also started watching Dragon Ball Z at that time, there. I caught it for the best part, whereas Goku was for the first time becoming a super Saiyan. I worked awhile and quit. I spent my money on a PlayStation and the game Final Fantasy 8. I was again living with my dad. I left the hotel. I played my Final Fantasy game day and night. And I slept in the car from paranoia. One night I heard a loud crashing sound and the next morning I looked to see he threw my PlayStation and game outside. I called him, told him I was leaving, and pawned the system in game, barely having enough for a bus ride out.

Somehow things are very devastating to me that don’t appear to have done any bad. Like when my grandfather Ralph died and we attended his funeral. Everyone was crying and I didn’t understand how tears could come so easy. But then I was alone in my step father's house (whom I regard as my better dad) and when they returned I went mad yelling “you left me alone! “ I was crying badly. I thought it was because my family left me after the funeral. But it was because of the death of my grandfather. I demanded to be taken to the mental hospital. I said if I wasn’t I would certainly kill myself. And on the way there, which took a ten or so minute drive, I bursted out in tears even worse. And didn’t know why until later. My dad told me later that people just handle things differently, then I understood my response.

The first time I went to the mental hospital I was commuted and there for two weeks- two very terrible weeks. Most important of what I have to say in regards to all else written, I was thoroughly deranged by the time I was committed- and being put on ant psychotics is a strange process of improving. Like the clouds slowly lift. Before that you are thinking things profoundly bizarre, then after a day or so, you can actually sleep because the faulty thinking and voices begin to leave. A few days after that you begin to consider that these thoughts you had could have been false, (delusions) and before you know it you are again thinking normally with all the malice of Schizophrenia removed.

They are not drugs that sedate you or make you high. These drugs are incredible. They remove delusional thinking. That someone thinking they are Jesus (or so surely the Anti Christ) who takes an antipsychotic Schizophrenia medication, no longer does. It's like wham, you were all right. I don’t have super powers and the people on TV haven’t been holding personal conversations with me. I no longer think the CIA is after me. I guess I deserved SSI disability money all along. People weren’t investigating my presumed mistake in receiving it, you know? This medicine isn’t poison after all. There are no satellites above watching me. I can’t change the weather with my eyeballs. The voices are gone. I tell ya, it's a pretty fucked up condition being Schizophrenic.

I am someone that must be on med monitoring, nonetheless. It's because I prefer to be awake. I dislike sleeping. I’m always wanting to be awake. And if I stop medicine just ONE night the effects are horrible. I get stuck on one idea in my mind that I can’t stop thinking of, whatever it is. One time I thought of holding a little fruit bat and had to eat it. Isn’t that strange? I thought of this image all night. Even while I “slept.”

But if I control my own medicine I do take it, bit only in 32 hour periods until I am like a person half crazy and half regular.

Legally I have to be medicated or else I am put into a mental hospital until I’ve been put back on it and have recovered. It wasn't by the skin of my teeth that I could live in society at all. I was just about to face permanent commitment. But a good person convinced the courts I could do well enough in a treatment facility (such a place as a group home with councilors, staff, med monitoring, structured living and curfew.) If the public makes you psychotic then you wind up here. I am in a home with 15 others, mostly those coming from jail like myself.

It is a good place to be, however. These kinds of places are only there for those most needy. I am conserved- the government is my legal guardian. I was homeless for a year in San Francisco eating from the garbage, shitting on the sidewalk, and altogether deranged. From there I spent two years at a state hospital and jail. And a year or so from now I will again be considered just a regular civilian. I’m a strong person with a rich history.

Christian Satanic churches are a place built around productivity. Where these things said are a self fulfilling prophecy, sooner or later this will occur.

Tithing are places on those that create things they aren’t likely paid for aside- especially books. If the Major Priest deems an author qualified to write books of Christian Satanism then he is so hired, and given a little money, or as much can be afforded, but mostly gives her or him the materials he needs to write- such as a word processor and memory card, paper for notes, pens, etc.,

And a member of the church is to save and preserve multiple copies, upload the eBook file online (in as many places possible, but at least ten) and possibly promote the book, inasmuch funds permit- but is not a necessity.

Churches are a place about being infirmed online, at least in part. It is an agenda prepared for online activity after Church. Things are more often learned online, and the online world is becoming very much our full 2 nd  reality.

I say be ingenuitive with the music, hell, even have playing video game music or some heavy metal.

I say there should be some good food.

There is also the Christian Satanic tool for absorbing information better and has a hypnotic effect. I wrote about that device previously.

And even if the Church doesn’t do much it can at least serve as a place of an erected advertisement. Whatever the case if a person has spent by far the most money and did so much work in putting it forth, to her/ him should be every right thereof.

Christian Satanism is indeed a way of not being. It has been called the perfect hypocrisy. Jesus did say that Satan can not throw out Satan, would his kingdom stand. I say something else of Satan, that it is here. But by the power of Christ go I.

Christian Satanists consider Lucifer to be so well his perfect self- adorned greatly. Would God have done such to ornament and consecrate his perfect creation if he wasn’t, even, unimaginably so? So Lucifer was an entity that took the reins of the horse and treaded great stars. He was put below. And it was damn well destined for him to take his position and rule.

After all, if Lucifer served God well it was weeding out the faithless. God then knew who truly desired him. And a weed, what is it, but a plant some like, others do not.

Lucifer’s kingdom- He is greater than Satan. He is a fallen angel with arch angels abounding. Get it- He is an angel. He is the light bearer. He is above Satan but yet on his side to share the Satanic Kingdom. That kingdom can be called anything, Luciferian.

Satan began as a being that he was but never has been so much against God, really. But having met up with Lucifer came up with an agenda. It is Satan's earth.

Or Lucifer is the Son of Satan, The Anti Christ whose image is worshipped, and one who has fallen away from Christianity.

In that case the description of Lucifer was a prophecy.

When I was a freshman in High School everyone knew I was a Devil Worshiper. And one day a guy from n school said his aunt wanted to meet me. He said she was a witch. I was actually afraid of it. Knowing my own self to be homicidally Satanic I thought she might be the same. I was fifteen. I didn’t know what this grown woman would want from a fifteen year old kid.

So I walked there, past the tracks through the winter snow thinking maybe I shouldn’t.

It turned out to be a little trailer I frequently visited. We usually played on the ouija board. She thought I thought it was real.

And fifteen was the year I got the Satanic Bible. After reading through it awhile I wanted to perform my first Satanic ritual. And I did, at that woman's house. She looked over what the ritual would entail. It said masturbation was required. She pointed at that part and asked if I’d have a problem with it and I said no.

I performed the Satanic ritual while a tape of King Diamonds The Eye was playing.

(There used to be this music store that sold heavy metal items, music, black light posters, Slayer and Danzig necklaces and other bad ass things. That is where I bought some King Diamond and Mercyful Fate music. As well as a Slayer and Type O Negative black light poster. I spent all of my birthday and Christmas money there. And looking at this insert from King Diamond I noticed he mentioned Anton LaVey. I thought that’s the only time I ever saw that! )

This witch noticed I didn’t masturbate at the end. A little later I went under the covers with her and looked at her breasts, which were exposed underneath. She started jacking me off but nothing came out. I had my first orgasm a little later, still fifteen, a feeling that blew me away, and kind of scared me, too.

A few Demonic Characters

Leviathan- represents deep thought. Where he settles by the ocean, so is too deep, intelligent thought.

Mammon- represents the guarded gate. He guards the way to sin that sin is taken responsibly.

Neti- represents the coming into a better reality. The initial newly born Satanist having died for Ya.

Shiva- represents indulgence so much that it is beastly, even maddening, the “indulgent mad dancer.”

Lilith- represents the dark, the somber, the sexual and the forbidden.

Agnes- represents childishness, playfulness and fun, or more simply, celebration and victory.

Beezlebub- represents decay, a tearing down, a building back up.

Pan- represents a celebration, joy, exhilaration, a marriage between you and the world.

Azrael- represents a union, a stronghold, might, and power.

Satan- represents that which is “beautifully iniquitous.”

Lucifer- represents perfection.

The Holy Spirit is time. Satan is nature. The indivine spirit is a loss within the details of things. Jesus is water. And God is science- or at his better use (as in using what he created.)

The Primary Facets of Christian Satanism

  1. To know your tastes well  and specifically. To know well what you like and want.
  2. To remember. To uncover as greatly as you can your memories. This is best done using a dictionary and remembering things based on words within it.
  3. To taste and taste well. To enjoy desirable stimulation of the senses.
  4. The practice of visualizing. To envision things as you are most stimulated toward observing.
  5. Bright side thinking. To “see the silver lining,” to consider how something bad can be good. To know bright fully.
  6. Prideful thoughts .
  7. Self inclusivity/ individuality. Being your own person. Being made up of your own. Refuting popular culture and ideas. Thinking for yourself .
  8. Finality- doing your best  possible. Being the end- all. Doing things as much as possible that could never be outdone.
  9. Practicing perfection. Sure you can’t be perfect  but the harder you try to be in the things you do the better you are at being perfect, or it could be said the more you are perfect in practicing perfection.
  10. Knowing and understanding The Principle List.

The Principle List

Person One- Bird, Hand, Staff, Red

Person Two- Bear, Bee, Cane, Brown

Person Three- Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Person Four- White, Goat, Thief, Ring

Person Five- Joker, Sword, Swine, Gold

Person Six- Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

Person Seven- Yellow, Rodent, Duke, Wind

Person Eight- Bomb/Blast/Wand, Black, Beast, Fox..

Person Nine- Yellow, Toad, Dust, Horse

Person Ten- Black, Assassin, Tiger, Creature.

Person Eleven- Blue, Stone, Spirit, Elephant

Person Twelve- Dragon, Purple, Mask, Dog/ Wolf.

The Conclusion

Day after day I poured the best material I could into this, my eight book. I intend to offer it free and keep it in the public domain. The best things I could write at the time are here. I also put forth a little of my biography as I intend to do in the future as well, wanting my biography written but not a book of its own. It's helpful to know the background of one and his religion. Though I encourage Christian Satanists to put together a rendition of their own- or be religionists otherwise. None remember old novels so well. Nor old painters- but as it is with religions and bibles, there is nothing in the human race so influential.

There is now a good foundation for Christian Satanism. But I have yet to be done. I enjoy what I do. And I seek fame and  notoriety much more than cash. I want the world to be a better place. It would be unimaginably better if these things went its way, forth in the world and carefully followed.

Of course people will tell you someone can’t be a Christian Satanist. Why not? Nevertheless it is, I believe, the best title. It's fun, unacceptable, even outrageous to some, especially if you propose it very seriously.

I say if you set forth a determination to be Christian Satanic that your life overall will be much greater, widely improved, piece by piece chunk to chunk. And this book contains the least of what I’ve written.

Christian Satanic Book Two


I will let you in on a secret that only the Christian Satanic could know and believe: That Good is not to be taken seriously. That God (Ya) is not well represented in The Holy Bible. He has his adoring awe ridden followers in large sums, and variant to variant followers from religion to religion. But only the Christian knows him as a kind less fist pounding being. Christian Satanists don’t fear hell. Hell is a place God gave to Satan. And it’s a good place! Christian Satanists are more pragmatic and reasonable. The level at which all other Christians worship and obey God reaches absurd levels. They are his in full for sure, but not his friends. We the Christian Satanists regard The Holy Bible as a scheme, a game, a bad movie to be in for most, but not for us. Some of the Holy Bible isn’t true. You’d have to be a fooly dedicated believer indeed in many cases to believe the Holy Bible is at all times truth. These are things Good simply let pass in his book. But the Christian Satanist has been set aside to be his friend, not his awe ridden devotees.

  1. Lazy Craft is a demerit to us. It is defined like this: to do things ½ assed. To short cut excessively through anything done that's worth doing well—and should be done well. Common traits of the lazy crafters include making excuses and placing false evidence of work done well, when it wasn’t. And it comprises much of the population who resort to criminal occupations. Where there is mediocrity there is lazy Craft behind it.

To us it amounts to what witchcraft would in earlier churches and those that perform it among us are acting heretically.

If a person is to “go up” then he must regard it as an inch at a time. Where few people these days ever stand a foot tall, the best among us stand a yard. In incorporating Luciferian elements into the world one cannot leave out it’s most important attribute: progress. What you do more and better than others is the best equation of success. Some will work just a little, others moderately, but s/he who does more and better than others is on Earth's finest road. You only have today to make tomorrow better.

  1. Infectious principles if you must burden yourself with people putting on you their own strict principle- teaching, those that feel they’ve been wronged by the underly politeness you project or not living up to their rules or standards, and so they lash out at you based on their principles, you are likely to catch that irritability and proceed to place it on others. It is in this way that niceness, politeness, good manners, and unnecessary rules are snuck into your life and you yourself become as sick as they were.

That’s why I say it takes more strength not to say thank you, not to ask please, not to say “excuse me.” delicately, not to give gifts, and all sorts of “regularly imposed mannerisms.” To choose a more immoral or rougher paved road can be quite liberating, and it loosens your collar.  If you don’t want to attend a party or have special one on one time with someone but would rather be alone then tell them why, like you need time to think and don’t need a buddy rap music party. Why would he feel neglected? Maybe he should be more considerate of your wishes? Do people only do things to be thanked or be worth something? Maybe they should do the far more difficult that they become, well, practically worshipped, so they can leave you alone.

  1. God has let us in on a secret that the Devil and him are good friends. He is a well loved and appreciated figure in his life, his first and perfect son, who he’d never condemn but quite different from that, one whom he gives all.
  2. We all die but not all of us die with a finished purpose. But me, I will have worked through a purpose until I do. I will work on my purpose all of my days. And because of it will have gained the reward like other people like me will have. If I hadn’t done anything with my life, would I have earned a better life in the future? No, but I can tell you, my existence came as a reward. It was put into my authority and responsibility to do what I have done. My life before qualified me to have the current life that I do, as only the most qualified have a good position in this time. My environment was positioned and set so that I could work unhampered, that my output be maximum. And I was given the experience that I needed to perform the work that I do.

As a result I can do what I do and do it well. I am not a wasteful person. I am one productive, qualified, and purposeful.

All of my days were well spent and my work will not be done until God declares it so and I breath my last breath. But if I do well enough it is confided in me that I will not die at all but be given complete dominion over my (so qualified) place of being.

Those that are in a good place are in a place earned as it is written “Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” That is to say many, but not all. There are the stage props and the fillers on this Earth who’ve made little to no change. Not that they are worthless, but that they are space fillers. As it is you can take your reward and leave with it. Or you can continue to work and transcend into greatness.

And when I die and see that I have crossed over the threshold of death I will raise my arms and proclaim “Free! Free at last!” I will be observant in the days after. I will know my path well before I proceed to walk down it, walking long and far, knowing my new place with perfection my master.

  1. The Great and venerable Anton Szandor LaVey who did all imaginable good things and is Satanism, brainwashed many. His is a thoroughly brainwashing religion that dupes as many as any other. Though his followers would deny this up, down, left and right. His is a brainwashing religion inducing cult like thought the term “Satanist” has become unfavorable to me because of LaVey. LaVeyists find him astonishing and mysterious, even responsible for great change in the world. But people of true perspective know he has done little to nothing to change it. And I’ll have no part of his “Grand Pu- Bah” successors. LaVeyian induces strange and bizarre, often moronic ways of thinking that are taken as “rational,” and “individualist.” But it is very much absent from these.
  2. If someone is to ascend higher than regular people, s/ he must go up an inch at a time. If a/he is to build a “home” in which to live well, s/he must build a brick at a time a better place for themselves. If someone finds a shortcut then good and well, but it requires the luck of a lifetime. If someone does better than another time, time, and time again, then s/ he is going the extra mile, must be relentless, and must be involved with what they are doing. But someone needs to be a natural at what they excel at, too. Some people just aren’t good at certain things, and others are, and by being born with a natural talent and finding it, coupled with the effort of the relentless, is one well jumping and skipping down the successful road. If you never do better than another no matter how much effort you expend, you might consider doing something else.
  3. Christian Satanic kosher food that tastes good, whether or not it’s healthy, is CSK Christian Satanic kosher. If it is: tastes, satisfying, pleasant, then it is CSK. With all of the many arguments that the best food for you consists mostly of bland food such as vegetables, that’s only good in theory. No normally working person can live off of things like vegetables and fruit. You would have to eat so much as to kill yourself, and yet find no satisfaction from them. Moderation comes from eating more indulgently. If someone doesn’t over eat then they will not become obese. And it is more in the amount eaten than what is eaten. There are no people loading their stomachs to burst and stretch from bowl after bowl of salad and eight carrots. So just by enjoying your food and not eating carelessly, compulsively, you will keep a low weight.

Similarly there is the axiom “if you don’t use it you lose it. But what if you don’t need it. Do you need the body of an athlete in a normally working world? Unless you are pursuing attractively that’s fine, but otherwise what a person normally uses is all that s/he needs.

  1. Be God's pragmatic, sound, and reasonable followers, as it is by these that the Christian Satanist is meant to be. It goes to absurd lengths to those that do as Christ and God said. And to take a real life  look at them you could realize the weirdness of them. Think about it: they want to be God's special. They feel they are. They are proud of reading his world every day, a little too proud, and feel like they are his special followers. It borders on the sexual, really, for many women young and old who follower whole heartedly to a God that cannot f*ck.   And for men, a friend of all friends who doesn’t return the favor: it’s taken as a given, and if it were to mean something anyway, it’s taken for a given. But if from any religion if God is to have a more sound, reasonable, and pragmatic follower it comes from us. Otherwise it runs the gamut to the full that no such follower for him should be. In us alone it should be that he has a group of followers not so tightly tied and bound to him, those not in a cage, but rather run free through the plains, even soaring up high above.  
  2. People may be hurt at what you said for any number of reasons, the worst being because of standards they hold in high regard. That is especially so in people who create working standards against others. If they think due to them they’ve been wronged it isn’t your fault, they just set forth unrealistic terms against you. And many of them build such people. Worse is the person who ignores any such thing in others (instated standards) but has a whole nest of their own to readily observe and strike out at you in upholding them. A person can easily set forth numerous and heavy principles against others much in the same way manners came into being. But I say that they are better off through and through when they’ve been violated but for the sake of “easier” friendship with them, which just isn’t practical otherwise. I say it takes greater strength not to thank and not thanking is better taken, much more perceived as  stronger, less weak, more accessible, shown to be as something less needing of sensitivity to be over thankful is a trait of a person asking for sensitivity toward them. It takes more strength to just say give me that than the quirky way one says will you please pass me the butter? It takes more strength to just get off the bus without thanking the driver or to pay for your item and leave.

Yeah people can get a little angry at you, but you’ll have earned respect and establish your own terms. And besides, no one is angry for very long, and maybe you can just dispense with babying someone or feeding them their grown up bottles.

  1. For some a nightmare for others all the spoils. A great warrior is much like a person in the military, whose position and mindset shouldn’t be underestimated as such. There are those who fight wars and also those that are condemned and harmed by their after products. There are many whom I believe suffer far greater than you and I, such as from things ranging to a lost parent early in one’s age, to having them lost to Ebola and you too, succumbing beside. Then there are those rich, very rich, who make up the least, that live lives of a luxury we could only imagine. Those that bathe in Jacuzzis , travel anywhere they wish to in personal jets, that buy things many and great, who have theaters in their home, food cooked for them, and people driving them places. They reside on the beaches of the Earth and see all of the greatest things ever made upon Earth. They lack nothing. Capitalism is good in that the most expensive things of today are the cheapest after. But with resources having expanding inasmuch as they have, and robotics coupled with AI requiring less and less human work, I believe and feel strongly in “universal basic income,” which is to say that everyone relieves a moderately sized income with which to get by, and from there work if more money is desired, or not at all if less abled and this would necessitate developing AI and robotics further being developed, but it would work. Then, there will be no more homeless, at least unless it is something they really want, and people would never have to fear coming into such a bad place. The world would be better on the whole, and the economy could very well improve a lot by instating such a thing. The less sacred that money is regarded to be, a means to slavery disposed, a truly Christian thing it is!
  2. Fortunately for those that would get to good places in life the competition is minimal. Most people work for others in a way that attributes nothing to their success in life beyond a day by day income. They don’t write, music, or books, program games, or do things that would bring about lasting appreciation. They can only do so much. And then there is the group of people who don’t work at all. The fact is, most people spend their days doing nothing more than watching TV. If they are trying to be successful even a lot of those would have it come as easily as possible, and unless they have great luck they won’t get it (referring to those that would bring about their popularity and mass acceptance from YouTube, or otherwise taking the easiest possible routes.) So all in all most people are doing what is easily done, if anything at all, in their efforts for fame and fortune. As for me I cannot spend the day just watching TV or wading through town. I’ve got to be writing. And I spend hours a day on it, most of my day, knowing I only have a day at a time to get where I would be. But I want notoriety. Not money. And I believe that if I have, oh, 60 or 80 books before I am published, these books that I’ve kept in the public domain will bring a lasting success. That even if my published books don’t do so well, the very many before, will. And I wonder what would have happened if G. Lucas would have placed his first three Star Wars films in public domain, but the ones after, not so. What do you think that would have resulted in? It would have driven up distribution and viewership. Any company could make a buck off it. It could have been readily and easily shared. And that would only help the popularity of what came after.
  3. Base your expenses on intuition and individually decided tastes. Sometimes just the fact that you want something is it’s own good reason to get it. It may don’t on you one day that you’d really like a particular shirt. With me I wanted an eye of Providence shirt one day, out of thin air, and got one. Later it was an eye of Providence necklace. And as for right now I’d like a good high cost get-what-you-pay-for wallet. I was looking through my wallet. I thought about how cheap it felt. The things holding my cards in it were cheaply made of plastic, and it is red, fake leather. So naturally I thought I’d like to put some good money into a new wallet, something I use every day.

A person could argue with themselves until the cows come home that they don’t really need anything. But it’s closer to the truth that they don’t want to need anything, or else can’t want to need something.

Try to avoid getting things gotten for popularity sake. And put into something the value it deserves. It’s quite wonderful how technology advances and yet becomes ever cheaper (actually the two go hand in hand) I mean, to have this super computer as a cell phone! Since I use my cell phone every day, mostly to write, I put forth enough money for a good one. And it was every bit of money well spent! But mostly my purchasing comes from intuition. I wanted a very particular shirt bearing the first scene from the original Legend of Zelda, and I found it! A person can easily find precisely what s/he wants anymore, giving the mass market of things available online from every corner of the world. So these days a person has many, many options. A person can be exact in what s/he wants and get it, even cheap. Do you like red ice trays or superman socks? Whatever comes to mind consider, and if it comes to your heart easily enough then get it. You’ll never be defunct in getting the things you truly want, and your money will be where your heart is.

  1. Usually being quite certain there is no God comes from closed- mindedness and refusal to believe as such as those “silly and deluded theists. Though they would fully argue that there is no God, they and their kind never made much effort to find that if there is. They put a sharp bold line between them and theists. If they were discovered to be wrong this would crush every full hearted effort that theists are wrong. They are sure that God didn’t make everything that the big bang did, entirely ignoring that God could have caused the big bang. They themselves came from nothing, as all of us had, and then it is possible we can do so again. What goes around may come around, can’t it? They are too driven to be right and keep theists in their place: as their fans wouldn’t like me much if they were shown to be wrong alongside them. So they fight for their fans to be right. The Holy Bible does not say the Earth is 6,000 years old. Rightly translated, that early passage in Genesis states that the Earth became empty and void (but the Bible has a way of being right only under correct rendering of what seems hidden.) Then Genesis indicates the occurrence of the mass extinction to say it “became” void and empty.. which under a correct translation it does.

As for myself I like to give an understanding of these early passages in Genesis by saying, “In the beginning a bird, perhaps a pterodactyl, was in distress.

Aside from everything else the person with good common sense will look at the world around him and know that it was obviously created by an intelligent being. Such people find it absurd that things as they are just freely came about. We may have come far from monkeys but the design and concept of God's Earth is readily apparent.

  1. It may be true that for Christian Satanists they are the only devil’s who would go to heaven. Whereas no other devil or defiled thing would transgress there, the Christian Satanist would. S/he’d even very freely go there. The Christian Satanist has the virtue of sincerely. Nothing in them is blotted out, smudged over, or erased. They are the way they appear to be and are thereby the very image of honesty. A Christian Satanist is honest with God, and by the help of God are not led into their damnation, but rather re-routed where they’d do no harm.

But the Christian Satanists' place isn’t either heaven or hell. But God made the Christian Satanist to give to him or her the middle ground of Earth and similar worlds. Not to die but to reemerge. Not to reincarnate in its literal sense, but more accurately to reemerge, as though one day someone is alive, and the next moment s/ he has awoken elsewhere in their original form with their memories still intact.

It is true that every religion presents it’s own afterlife. That for Satanists, there is hell (whatever hell really is.) Hell could have meant anything. Most of what Jesus said could have meant anything. How can we be clear that we are clear? The Buddhist could very well be destined for reincarnation, and so too the Scientologist. I think people have a generally clear idea of where they are going, as indicated to them with involvement of where they are going toward. And the worst lot is for the atheists, in whom God had no life within them, and so no life to continue.

We make our destiny, very much so. A person who goes about strongly embodying evil, will be destroyed by his own demons. They do after all carry forth justice when s/ he meets them. A person that has the life of God and Jesus living within them will carry that life onward after death, and will find Jesus when their eyes open. And someone like an atheist that just doesn’t know how to live after death, will not.

As long as a belief is held strongly, and more importantly someone becomes engrossed and absorbed by it, teaches to his soul where it should go and how it will get there.

Great thinkers who know their ways naturally know where they are going and what it is like. Then they share these naturally occurring observances of where their soul itself is telling them where they are headed. An evil person, though he might be proud, has no life within him. And life beyond him is not so forgiving. And he has signed his life away, and will be brought to justice, halted, his coffin sealed tightly shut no matter what ideas he has about life everlasting.

But to the true Christian Satanist who has grounded him/ herself like a root strong, will be rooted in hell but bloomed in heaven.


It is the Christian Satanist The Yasatic who, in veering away from the Satanic and connects instead to the Luciferian The Yalucian “Yah-Loo-See-In” who has delivered to themselves the light of the world alongside the light of the soul. Because it is that through Christ one has the light of the soul, but through Lucifer shines upon the world a different light, the great illumination of the worldly path. The Yalucian has before him, or her, the light of the world shining forth, and their soul yet lighted by Christ has greater expendability and far greater roam. Both together is an altogether good thing. But first is the Yasatic and second the Yalucian. That is the soul that must find light. And requires the illumination and enlightenment of Lucifer to become untangled and ascend.

And I suggest here that the Christian Satanist by it’s very anti term nature should find Christian Luciferianism a remarkable cousin . Go far and roam with that and become quite a Master of life. It is the heightened Christian Satanist that becomes Yalucian and has become at one with the Middle Plane, fully so, without blemish, and unable to be purged from the Earth.

Evolutionary, revolutionary, perfectionary- that is Lucifer!

17. As a person who has run the gamut in music taste- from classical music to metal, not just pop but techno to bubble gum pop, things punk to gothic I tell you’ve, I’ve heard it all.. So I can provide for you a range of analysis that is broad.

The music that reaches farthest into my soul is Nobuo Uematsu's Music from Final Fantasy. Whereas classical music of the 20 th  century seems so simply unpalatable to me on so many levels, video game music and film scores are certainly an exception. In fact, video game music is, simply, my favorite classical music. In particular the music of final fantasy, particular to that, the top three: being 4,6, and 8, but nearly just as much 7, 9, and 10. And very well the latter three contains a piece of music here and there without equal.

Sometimes I’d listen to classical music, but it just seems so outdated and too much the same, having but one set of instruments throughout, the instruments itself being outdated.

It reaches me and has my imagination going into strange places in light to heavy trance and is certainly more magically conductive, but sometimes I like to have, more simply, and something that could be considered more “interactive,” lyrical music, that presents a story, or right out ideas, these are more direct thought producing compared to music that is simply instrumental.

90s music is certainly more sophisticated. It is also more abstract. 80s music is boppy, but also has the most hardcore and aggressive metal such as Slayer, whom in terms of controversy simply cannot be beat.  Poppy boppy music, like some kinds of techno, or more fully “bubble gum pop” is good after a long course of seriousness. As was found in the 90s, and apparently a solution only Aqua could provide, breaking through a decade of serious (or at least complicated) music.

“Well it used to be popular,”

Pagan Black Metal, ordinary black metal, is as good as it gets with metal. And there are militant kinds of metal (which is more like techno rock) Triarii – is a perfect example. Some music that is strikingly like a diabolical Elvis is Danzig. Metal that never got bad Morbid Angel. Type Of Negative had a score of good music.

Were it not for video game and film score music Classical music would be a corpse turned to dust.  

Be open to anything. Like what you will. In some small towns and among some types of music, there are those confined- like rap for a gang, country music for a “cowboy.” But still, most people aren’t confined to one genre. Most people do not care what you like, and they themselves run the gamut in what they listen to.

18. The truly regal abide in the best of places imparting upon them the best of circumstances during ravenous times. Who would subsist well in the worst of times but the most regal?

First, those that don’t become consumed, enraptured, entangled   in social upheavals/ causes. But instead remain independent (and carefully separated) from them.

Second, those that generate conditions in their environment that sustain them even greatly. As those that prop up business before them that bring about wealth. And such people, true entrepreneurs, were wealthy during the great depression.

Third, those that were ready, were prepared all along.

And fourth, those that hide well from the gun fire and violence surrounding them.

“Somewhere over the rainbow,

Far away I hide,

There’s a place that I’ll go—away from their war, I will abide.”

  1. In the grand scheme of things, the overflowing performances of life, should one be one remarkable, or little known? Outstanding, or complacent, unseen, unheard, or heard by very many, and outlandish, bizarre, abnormal or well suited, well taken? Obviously there are two very apparent opposites. One that someone would desire and its opposites, those that none would favor nor desire, and far from it. They are opposites in the truest sense of the word. So blend in. If you have a personality that comes from high self esteem you will really find blending in to be the only choice. You’d rather not be bothered by standing out and appearing different from others: standing out. Those that want to be like a one of a kind item should do so most subtly else come across as a person shouting on a rooftop or a bearer of a strange unrecognizable flag.

Be at enough peace and improve yourself psychologically enough, if needed, to really just not care. Confidence comes from indifference—which is a trait of the crazy, though a positive one. Observe people from a distance at all times, and though some may not like you, no matter, it is so with all people some like you, some don’t, and most don’t remember you throughout the day, unless you were their special clown.

Of course you could get a little drunk. But most of those around you need to be drunk, too, and if they drink—not the dumbest thing you know is grasped by them.

  1. Those in a ruined world—those whose world is ruined, as by war, injustice, by criminals or because of corruption, whom reside under the rule of a dictator, who are oppressed, even enslaved, who have no hope as hope was taken from them or lost, the best hope they have is to overcome that monster, be it a dictator or any sort of oppressor. If for yourself alone or for others, where people are being treated as garbage and entirely expendable, may it be entirely damned. May the people oppressed gather together and be resolved to retaliation at such an injustice as it. And to leave for them that would do the same, the sign of a hung head that dictator executed by them s/he treated vehemently—disgustingly. Freedom for all people, and life existing in freedom and peace as sure as the sun must shine, and to be a light of justice setting to flames those who are cruel to others to anyone. Dictatorships should not be allowed to exist. Any person in any corner of the world who keeps people as his toys, playing war and putting evil upon them should be swiftly executed. It must not be allowed to exist anywhere. Because a hundred of our good days pass by as quickly as one day of the nightmare under which these people live. The day itself counts. Because hour by hour their nightmares persist.
  2. In the Optimal Continuity of things we have eight things to consider, and closely acknowledged they will keep you— life will keep you.

The First is that time is important, as split into work and rest, or pleasure and building upward. Ideally, work should be greater than leisure.

The Second is that all good things must be held on to. Because if they are forgotten, they will be lost. And over time a dilution occurs, and one can never be a true master at what s/he does.

The Third is that one becomes resilient, and grows with experience, instead of becoming conquered by it. That experience is given the opportunity to grow you outward into a place of excellence.

The Fourth is that you cultivate a broad perspective that enhances and enables you to fully understand life itself. That your understanding be multi faceted and not lacking, not insubstantial.

The Fifth is that you remove yourself from harm and that you are a slave to none. That you remain well within yourself and not too partial. That you put yourself before others if others would strip away your own possession of your own self

The Sixth is that you not become lost in any one thing. That you not become fixated on one thing. That you not be controlled or dominated by anything as though as one who is trapped in a web. Instead, put in your heart differences, and not be led too deeply into something (especially another person who would have you unfavorably committed to them.)

The Seventh is that you do well with those around you. That you remove any behavior within you that could cause your punishment. It is to do well with others and strive for peace and Harmony in your life. Sometimes things aren’t fair. But the choice of Harmony and peace sometimes means to overlook things.

The Eighth is to apply moderation in your life. Not too much of anything, nor too little, and though it isn’t always a perfect balance—in fact it should be determined by what you want a little more of and a little less of, being tolerant otherwise, is the key of life. To appropriate things well is one of the best things you could learn in life.

28. Markedly those that are Christian Satanic are improvident toward the longevity of flesh and readily please the senses, such as taste. Therefore the diet of a Christian Satanist is markedly good tasting food over good for body foods. Along the same grounds they are not so hesitant to smoke or vape nicotine or a favorite flavor of vape.

There are some stringently seeking to abolish sweets, to tax sugar, to go on public lectures about a good diet—TV is flooded with these, and countless books made regarding them. And they’ll very well force you to eat healthy if they could.

It sounds good in theory to live off of vegetables and fruits, but in practice not so much.

With how much these people are sneakily trying to control your lives and force their health concerns on you, who knows? Will we see Separation of Health and State sometime in the future? If you look at someone’s subconscious mind, in its concentrated state, before it is diluted and strained, comes this image of a doctor shoving vegetables into someone’s mouth.  

Vaping couldn’t be! That can’t be! Is in the subconscious minds of some who scream inside “now they won’t need me! It’s the same! It’s the same! I am still needed! Do not vape!

And I feel strongly that these kinds of things invade our spiritual mind set, our shells be damned anyway, coming from those who don’t regard the faith of others. Us, who know full and well that death is certain, and so is life after. And there are far greater responsibilities in life to muster than one’s health. These are people with both simple answers and simple solutions. There is no real use of them.

  1. It is clear that Christian Satanism as a title, stands out. Have you ever considered just how much so? Some thinks it is crazy, many are curious about it, some are offended by it, others are signaled by it and others just don’t know what to make of it

They will think they want you fully Christian. Or they will think what part of Satanism don’t you want? Similarly they’ll think regular Christianity or Satanism isn’t good enough for you, that you aren’t investing fully as they do

If it we’re to be admitted in jail or the military but they want no Satanism there, what are they to say? Cut it in half?

And for most part people will find it impossible, the Satanist is never them. The Christian is never them.

  1. In the course of using their brain, the time after adolescence or early adulthood, has come to start missing pieces—connections. Memory, engrossment, depth of feeling, the nature of wonder, and many things have diminished by that time. So new connections must supplement them for the brain not to wither but to continue growing. You just can’t make yourself feel something. You can’t trigger emotion, at all easily. But you can build a brain that grows at least, in different ways. And if you do so, you will be more likely to repair your brain naturally, with little effort, if many certain connections are there, as it will bring it back together.

I don’t know how many ways this can be done, but I do know one good one and it is something I created in order to bring back my old memories. That is done by taking a small pocket dictionary (importantly being of basic words, and handy, stuffed in a pocket) and word by word remembering things. So in seeing the word “book” you remember the books you’ve read and coinciding details. If you see the word “party” you remember some of the parties you’ve seen.

It works remarkably well. You will be very pleased to remember so many things otherwise entirely forgotten. And memories are the bedrock of the brain. Memory is after all just another word for experience.

  1. I’ve always imagined my best friend would be a man my age with a thick beard that likes Dungeons and Dragons, video game programming, game modding, and a Devil Worshipper. Also, he’d have around electronics that are decades old. Such a friend I had, and he held my interest. That’s because the things he liked did.

For a girlfriend I like women who council, who have good hearted advice, and that she is interested in me. Someone attractive, thin, within seven years of my age, but if older, no more than five years.

As for the company I keep, I'd like them to be quiet—put literally. That’s especially so when it comes to their music. But that my music be played, not theirs. People that talk a lot are irritating. Me, I’d have a radio or something playing quietly in the background that I am involved in. And it’s good to share music for sure, but not to have it given by some man wanting a buddy rap music hang—outing.

Birds of a feather for sure. If I had a daughter I’d name her Autumn Heather.

  1. The importance of significance and by what you produce and become is the equation for mastering the life God gave you. As it very well is so that less worthy souls are used as the filler, and placed into bad circumstances. But those that have consecrated a good purpose and do much good, God puts them upon the Earth as stars. I often think of what Jesus said that the greatest will be last. Those that don’t waste their time and avoid the fate of the lost people helplessly taking addictive and dangerous drugs, unsound people, those whom are always wanting to fight, the despicable, morally incorrupt, and otherwise refuse— the poor souls that they are would require “God’s Rope” to climb out. But they’d probably jump right back in.

The passages are there in the Bible that state we were with God in heaven before we were here. And to each of us, whom God knew incredibly well, appointed for each of us a place, as Jesus elaborated on it by saying the money God gives you, use well. Because if you don’t, you will be not a flower, but a weed.

So whatever good it is you wish to bring about, do not neglect to do so! Everyday wasted day is a wasted moment, then seize opportunity, and live well in the after life. Show him you are worthy. At best, deserving to be a king (or Queen) because day by day you have proven yourself worthy. And you can count on vacations. But be sure to proceed with your work after, because vacation can be increasingly difficult to end. And he will not awaken you, you must do that yourself.

And the truly awoken are those that have awakened unto a purpose and from it they never sleep.  

  1. Those that grab onto principles clench a fist with which to strike you. If you break a principle and they know it is something that must not be, as a rule anywhere, or a law, they see that they are suddenly invested with power against you. And that is much like black mailing someone.

They want that power of principle to hang over you. And by it they are invested with power against you. And sometimes it is for them “principle for principles sake,” even though it makes little difference to them. Often you will find business owners of a small place coming out pointing, demanding you not smoke there. Or it is like no cell phone rules, whereas it could be the only means to pass time well. People make rules, too. They love to. They consider details about how things should be. And they go about putting up little signs saying how things are done. It is their little piece of the kingdom.

These are people that are the cop's cop, the principal's principle, the teacher's teacher, and the mother's manner, the father's discipliner.

  1. Keep your head low, oh you downtrodden man! The people that will get by are blameless. I like the thought of that word blameless. It indicates that you have done no wrong. And because of it I’d say you are 80 percent less likely to be hurt or punished. That's because nearly all punishment comes from something wrong you’ve done. Other than roaming the wrong areas or being somewhere at the wrong time, if you are as one blameless you may at worse have to deal with rude people. And it is a good trait that you be rude back, because you are just trying to survive and come about in peace. But the minor things, ignore. It helps if you know that we all get a little bothered sometimes, when at any moment of the day someone takes you wrong, it is really that they just want better from those around them. So they feel under cared about and will get angry from it. In fact it helps to carry around a few perspectives, true things, that let you understand— when people are hurt they are angry, and to be angry is to hurt.

Just brush it off. Choose to be unbothered. Proceed right from it into the rest of a good day. And know that a tongue may be hot as fire one moment, then cold and numb the next. Thank God I didn’t hit that guy. And it is as Jesus said about evoking hellfire from someone you are blatant towards. But, to throw into that Satanism, a quote from Al Capone: I am nice to everyone. But if someone is hateful to me, nice is not what they are going to remember of me. But don’t forget—the guy was sent to prison. In fact the most admirable people can be the worst role models. Among the fireworks is hell raining back down upon them. Some people open their own doors to prison. Prison if it were up to me there wouldn’t be any.. not as they are, anyway. Let us live in peace, and invent things that eliminate crimes—like a great eye in the sky, instantly growing food seeds, and a force shield around all that one's space never to be invaded.

  1. A system of system of system, and every known thing a weed. How long can a society thrive while things are becoming ever technical? If someone is driving and wrecks, it should be considered just a given. Mistakes happen. No one wants to wreck their car or certainly drive carelessly. If roads are not paved then vehicles would be made more durable as off road transportation. We need  this, that, that also, this here, that added to it, with little to no we don’t need this, we will get by without that, is this really necessary, that one would kill two birds with one stone. Because of so many regulations the homeless can not live in tents or try to construct a little place to live—like a shack. But no they can't— they deserve better (but better just isn’t an option!) Trees on the sidewalk. Why must they spend money on those? And why can’t we get mail on Sunday? And why do we have to set clocks ahead and backward? Why is education mandatory? As for the Sunday thing, don't get me wrong. Actually Jesus said that Christians are to rest in him. Christ, not Sunday the day. We need what we need, but we won’t miss it if it isn’t there. And then we would have to learn to get by on our own. But then life would be not like we are ants trapped in a web.
  1. There is no coming apocalypse. I just “know” this. There’s no good reason for it. Things have been bad before, almost all time before our own have been worse than ours. In fact, what about World War 2? What Hitler did to God's people? Or when people were destitute, hit with the plague, the dark ages in general. What makes our time special? People think that our time has  never been worse. But really, I don’t see any reason for Armageddon, now or then. Humankind is developing rapidly, scientifically. Why would God remove us from our roots and place us in the Kingdom of heaven? See, Jesus said that Heaven is in our midst. He meant that it is coming forth. That it is being invented by us. And the door between us and Heaven will open up that way.

I’m not a believer in the book of Revelations. But if I’m wrong, well, actually something of such an occurrence, I would take the mark (of 666 on the hand.) But while I worship the image of the beast I will be singing “London bridges falling down!” I personally don’t believe God would condemn me in a lake of fire—no matter what the Bible seems to say.

  1. Be as one who prays honestly. Don’t cover up your own heart. And carry no secret. When you pray, do so liberally. That is the way that the Christian Satanist or Yalucin prays. Gradually remove your reserve, your inhibition to letting God know what you want the most. And over time come to speak to him freely. As Jesus said, hide no things. And when you have gone far on doing this, that you are fully open to God, and you know yourself better that way.. then do as I and create a book of prayers for him telling him what it precisely is that you want in your existence, this book, the revelation of all your desires, a blueprint for your existence to the God who created you.
  2. I uphold a personal covenant with certain kinds of people that I take seriously and I decidedly support them regardless of what others consider of them. They are often underdogs, or things passed by too easily, some are forgotten, others I just decided I owe them my past, which was made better because of them. One such thing is Final Fantasy. I wish for the best of my childhood reality and hope when super sciences create a virtual world, that Final Fantasy is there. Or even if I could continue to enjoy it’s stories, game play, or its experience.

I am lifted up by its success. I simply want the best for it.

And this attachment applies to scientology as well. With however much bad press it gets, I’m sure it will succeed, as it should, naturally, because people who hate it just hate it because others do, though they know nothing about it. But it arrives at good results as present in some of the top celebrities and has brought about greater successes in people – if you compare that to other religions. Scientology has an emphasis on lifetime development and wellness that you simply are hard pressed to find elsewhere- not to it’s degree, anyway, Scientology is a religion of today’s world. I’ve looked into it and I just don’t see why it would be called “a cult” or brainwashing. Certainly it doesn’t promote some of the harsher things you could rightly cast on other religions and lifestyles (which I will keep unnamed.)

Agree with them or not you can at least share with them a common enemy: that being, psychiatry. I have been forced shot before. I could have been forced to take it as a pill. But they told me “it's too late” and had me shot in my upper thigh, which, by the way, is a more painful area. That says the least. I had my nose broken and my skull cracked open by a psychiatric nurse. They had me on some terribly sedating medication. I can’t begin to describe it. It made me feel like a zombie. I’m on medication currently that makes me drool in my sleep. If I fall asleep on my back I wake up choking on it. That same pill makes me feel like I am on the border of death at night as it will suddenly “turn me off,” I have to get blood work for it every three weeks. And my doctor told me recently that there was something wrong with my liver “a slight problem with your liver, possibly caused by (my anti psychotic.)

So recently scientology created its own cable TV (Direct TV, but whose splitting hairs) channel. And I was pretty entertained by it. But what really got me interested was their bold and honest depiction on just how evil psychiatrists are. And I was thinking to myself, well, it was like I was dumb (without a voice) until I saw them speaking for me. I really felt after that as though I was dumb for so long and finally had a voice. I hope that their message reaches a lot of people, the right people and I pray to God all of their power brings about justice and change.

I really do feel I am on their side as I agree wholeheartedly with their purpose. All the power of God to them and their efforts (Amen.)

40. Hell can be seen under a certain state of mind. And that kind of thinking comes with schizophrenia or severe sleep deprivation. But that state of mind, if from sleep deprivation, doesn’t come with energy inducing drugs, I wouldn’t think. It seems to me that the drug would cover it up. Hell in this way is like a strange dream. Not like a nightmare, and by strange a better word might be unearthly. Music is sensed as evil, iniquitous, and bizarre, indeed demonic, that is otherwise sensed as just another song. I imagine that it is how a foreigner, one hearing it of its kind (.) For the first time hearing it, how it sounds compared to those that have no such sensitivities. While roaming about homeless for a year and schizophrenic you could only imagine how I felt when my pocket radio boomed “Just like the one winged dove!” I took it like it was about Satan ripping a wing off a dove. That Satan corrupted the scriptures so thoughtfully, carefully, but in this case he just ripped a wing off of a dove—a lesser and easier, but more diabolical scriptural aversion. “Just like that one wing dove!”

I can’t describe how heinous music sounds when I am schizophrenic. It sounds like a fly. That fly Beelzebub. ”  And love songs from decade to decade like Satan's experiments on human kind. That for every few times in each decade love songs changed, and that change represents Satan's experimentation on human kind. I once sat on a bench with others while some strange instrumental music was playing. And I was talking to my “voices.” And a person ahead of me shushed me. And I had the impression that they were trying to hear the suffering of hell. I had visions all the time. I had dozens of personalities—not multiple identities, but multiple personalities (not to be confused with the regular use of the term, I wasn’t more than one person. I was a dozen or more different kinds of people.) I had a baby personality.. a childlike personality. I thought of myself as a snake, a cat, even a mouse. I had a detective personality, and one demonic.

And during that time I had visions, often. I thought differently, to say the least, and it made up the best of my writings to come.

41. They are contaminated! Beware of The Zombies of the Earth

Those that are gang—minded, operating in criminal functions, and their environment

Those addicted to drugs, and their insistence on you joining them The cult

The popularly minded, who have no individuality among them are overly harsh. The abusive. The bossy. The hateful.

The terrorist, the conspiracy minded,

You are best to keep away from them and keep your circles tight, or else find misery in your life suddenly, and even lose yourself entirely to them. They will take your soul and thrust it beyond your reach. They will conquer you and that is true damnation.

42. I’d say I grew up with experiences little equaled.

I have rich social experience. I’ve been around for all the kinds of people you could imagine: from gangs in the ghetto, biker gangs of New Mexico, Satanists, and Devil Worshippers, the mentally Ill, and insane, the homeless, had roommates, lived with a few of my girlfriends and friends, and have been among the incarcerated.

To pile on, I’ve been to many good places. Climbing mountains, to rivers, in forested areas, in cabins and tents, White sands, where the first atomic bomb was dropped (being tested) large lakes, like Ten Killer Lake in Oklahoma, Carl’s bad caverns, Billy Kid Museum,

Born in North Carolina and moving much further west to New Mexico, when I was a year old. Later I moved to Arizona. And recently moved to San Francisco California.

43. Thinking along the same lines is like a kind of meditation, one of the best besides visualizing. Visualizing success, or change you wish to occur. Thinking of themes and correlation is the best feeling kind of meditation I know of. It involves correlating how one idea is done differently from one thing to the other (as in stories, books, movies, shows and video games.)

One example is a sci-fi gun. In Star Trek it was a phaser. But in Lexx it was a “black pack” that vaporized it’s target. Then in Star Trek it was the Borg, in Star Wars the clone, and in Lexx it was something called a Mantrid drone. Then there are planet destroying things. In Star Wars that was a death star. In Lexx it was the ship (Lexx, the name of both the show and ship.) And there are different realities. Remember the show Sliders ? There was also Alice going through the mirror. Mickey Mouse did that before, too. In Wizard of Oz she goes through a tornado into a different reality. And in Lexx there are two universes. They go into the separate reality in the other. And Matrix is a different reality supposing us to be locked inside an artificial reality.

In Star Wars a lightsaber in Arthur’s story Excalibur. Mario goes up a vine into cloud land where many gold coins are found. Sound familiar? That’s from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Having a good knowledge of these is a very useful thing in making new stories and games. And if you find yourself not knowing what to think about as you lay in bed to sleep, it’s a good thing for it.

For me it was even helpful while I was incarcerated.

44. Give Charge Unto These:

Be kept generally clean

Be kept well enough blameless

Be kept well enough productive

Be kept well enough agreeable

Be kept well enough progressive- advance and evolve, increase and improve until you have “risen. “Or at least grow yard and yards tall. But the one who rises an inch at a time in any area, who has become a specialist, even an expert and, God willing a Master, has very well risen a mile high. And how few they are, but even less are almost none—those who have risen to live among the stars. And they are too few to even make up a handful. And to become as such requires attention to the most minute detail.

It is very well so that some people will Take you far just by being in their company.

And there are some that will damn you, convict you, cost you, and even destroy you. And they are always looking for company. They will look far and wide, taking whoever they get, people that have money and can be used. People turn into prostitutes. These people raised themselves to be within such circles. I myself know and have seen much of it. Musical tastes direct people into the poorest of choices. They want to be a bad and tough gangster type, and the power it imparts they seek and live for. Kids make poor choices, sometimes. They take that drug willingly. They dare do the criminal things adults wouldn’t. And I caution you to stay away from these kinds of people, kids, and adults coming from such a lifestyle. They will strip away your will until you do a little of this, and a little of that. Be an impartial observer. Be alone, and succeed, and excel. Tend to all things that will bring about your fortune and wellness in life. And be aware of those that would keep you from that, stop you on your way, and f**k up your life piece by piece.

Be alone. The places that groups go, you don’t need to be. And I establish here an ideal group of people who will not be a bad influence, those enlightened, striving for the best things in life, with no life wasted. I present to you a Doctrine here that you can share with others to create an ideal circle of people around you that stand apart from those any intelligent person would thwart. If you like, make money off of these things. If you like, add to them, refine. But as for creating good friends, this book is the best blueprint—it is a filter. It has a good purpose. It is enlightening. The perfect light shared, vibrant and bright, good and with warmth. We walk under our own sun in our own world, a Utopia, the best of all places.

45. In all things of a wholesome and disciplined personality exclusion creates all such good. The company you keep and being one reserved brings about discipline. And the discipline as such are not likely to have you fall prey. They are not at all likely to fall all together. Redemption comes to those who are not on a destructive path. In my youth I liked shady things and even  had a desire to hurt others because of them. And influence matters, too. The music you listen to for good or bad motivates you, especially if you are young and easily impressionable. So we have the three components of discipline:

  1. Exclusion. This is to keep an individualist personality. To be “self inclusive,” to use a good term. That self inclusion will do you a lot of good. You will not do things just because others do. Those that are the most connected to groups are those with little to no souls.
  2. Keeping good company, if at all. Like it or not whoever we are regularly around and share a connection with we are made by. We are less ourselves. We are more like them. And sometimes this is good. And humans are social people. But make sure your social circles guide you into being good things, as they are so guided themselves. And whatever this social group is, keep good, and if it even begins to change unfavorably then seek out new friends who couldn’t possibly corrupt you.
  3. Influence- even if music or movies, books or popular opinions such as on news programs, and TV in general, influence you very little, a little is too much. One only knows just how much we are influenced by them and in what ways. Especially in what ways. So don’t let even the slightest negative reaction come into you through them. Have a good set of influences that make you a better person. Be proud of positive personalities coming from them into your mind, life, and soul.

That is the Triad of Discipline.

46. How interested can one person be in himself/ herself? What is the nature of selfishness? Of self involvement. As it goes with a person's goals and dreams, longing for success and appreciation, someone is overcoming. Someone is trying. And these traits are certainly qualities.

Why would anyone want to share their music? It's because when they listen to it they are thinking about themselves and another alongside, or others. Though sometimes people like music for music's sake, not caring what others think about it in regard to themselves. As for me, I share music to broaden a person's tastes. I show them that there are many options on the table. And I also express myself more desirably, and more simply, through it. A picture is worth a thousand words. A music video is worth more one's time. But most of all I listen to music to visualize my success (mostly in writing. The success of it. But also I visualize I have wealth, fame, appreciation, and a proponent of good change.) And that requires seclusion and darkness, it just isn’t music shared. It's highly personal. And that is perhaps the most “selfish” way to listen to music.

Composition only develops to its full potential in those who are envious. Otherwise they don’t care about what is and becomes of others. I’d also say jealousy. Those jealous and envious are more apt at competition. They are made into it and from it.

So I say desire. Look for a piece of pie. Don’t beg for it. Don’t steal it. Earn it. Once you’ve qualified for it, then it goes around for you, you can do it again. You can do much according to your talents.

I would compose of this a triangle—

At the top is competition. On the lower left is envy. And on the lower right desire. And that is the Success Triangle.

  1. There are levels to creation,  recreation, and development— absent, minimal, moderate, and maximum. And these are important to understand as such while you develop and improve upon anything. If you invest all you have into one thing then you have improved it maximally. But you will not have any resources to improve other things alongside. If you balance your expenses well, then you will have moderate improvement over all. But if you improve minimally this is still better than not at all (being absent.) Though in such a case comes the cost of time. To perfect something do so here and there until it is the best it could be—or, at least, the best you could want it to be. If you have a wallet, one cheap, and you make a minimal improvement to it, getting one better, then you are progressing. And that is good. Whatever you are absent on will deteriorate. And you should let it if you don’t need it. But know well whether or not it could be needed later. The stigma, the opposite of progression and development is to freely give out your things. Or—it could be done by selling them below its worth.

Gradually all you have will come to a great and wonderful point. You will have reached to none but the richest have in their possession—even if you are poor. So proportionally improve your possessions until you’ve come to an Optimal whole.

  1. Imagine your existence as an island and your soul as an orb. Just as Good has given us an orbital sun and planet on which to live, the moon, stars, he has given us an Orb Above. We see through it in order to perceive reality. Even atoms exist, which are also orbs. It seems all around that God's shape for existence are orbs. One has an infinite amount of orbs. Each is a piece of reality. They are incredibly small, to considerably large, depending on your soul's feeding into it.

As much as you couple things together and piece them one with the other they are like unto a mixed drink. God has also shown us that nature is a mixing process. We eat the food of the Earth and so are mixed into it. And as well we eat plants who share our same sun. It is a good lesson to understand what God appoints things to, and teaches us things that an atheistic scientist could never know.

The orbs of the soul coalesce. We own them. We are masters over them. They are ours. But we can share them and with or without wanting to, we do. Imagine orbs all around. They have a certain attractivity to them. They bring you to certain people, places, and things. They are spots of things missed inside. Those are always trying to be full, complete. And so comes desire and interest. These orbs don’t have to take different things inside them from other orbs. We put different things within them according to our wishes and our  design. And we are always creating ourselves. The very act of creating ourselves composes consciousness and self awareness.

But the orbs we sometimes bring together are like babies of the brain—one orb we combine to another, and it itself can combine according to our idea of perfection. They combine but not altogether. They mix two or more things together to make one new thing, leaving behind undesirable pieces.

And that is another thing God has shown us: that things procreate. “Two Equals one, or sometimes two equals four.”

We connect two or more orbs together as we need it’s result, and the mind is a brilliant mathematician.

When we sense something in anger we feel we are blocked. So we seek to destroy that block. This is the gift God gave us of justice and progression. The spirit of competition, the resolve to be better, stronger, and advance the human race.

Our concept of the soul is that it makes up many innumerable spheres of different sizes and levels of thickness it’s weight and the greater soul interacts with these. You do have many Greater souls and you flip through them, entering into a different model, in order to operate differently—but these aren’t so much different souls than a different use of one. It is changing a greater soul. And that is done with your Master soul. Consider the Master soul The Higher Self, the only thing keeping your mind detached from your being the orbs making up your soul and as having operational control. You do not always operate your soul. But the Greater Souls want to be doing something at any given time, no matter how minimally, and if they are totally detached for too long, so is death. When the Master Soul agrees that something is good in the mind, you suddenly have to operate through it, telling what the Greater Soul to do, gathering a few of them together to do what each does best, and so goes down into the orbs of reality and memory of experience.

It is the soul breathing when it is so.

So then our knowledge of the soul: people have three parts to their soul. The first is Lesser Soul, the second Greater Soul, and the third The Master Soul. And together these breaths.

49. I had long set forth to understand what it is about life that blocks out, deters, prohibits peace, well being, and happiness. I calculated what was detrimental to these things that would not let them be. And now coming to a good understanding, I lay them out for you here.

The mind is like a home of war, and its inhabitants' war is never ending, never surrendering and never relenting. We are faced with people ranging from impolite to psychologically hateful. We face threats and begin to be covered with this cloud of fear. Our actions and very thoughts want to overcome these altogether and the frustration of not being able to ensue. When we lash out at someone it is often because we want to destroy these all together with one strong blow.

We are like warriors within our own heads that must craft for itself a battleground. And we are ever on guard. Ever limited, and within a cage. These things are like gravity to us. The happy will stroll and hop, and what a relief that is! But the more regular reality is that kindness makes surrender seem like the wrong thing “it’ll just happen again,” the background of the mind tells them. You can’t quit. You cannot let your guard down. You must fight, always

We want to be a general in this war. But we often find ourselves privates.

A person “in the spirit,” to use the Christian term, knows that no matter how bad things are there is a paradise above. They train their thoughts to know that they have someone who loves them and will redeem them. They are taught that the world is by its nature, evil. And instead of demolishing that evil, to just more simply pass through it. Passing through it, to heaven.

People truly in the spirit are more detached from reality. More accurately they are removed from it. They do not focus hard on it. They do not dwell on it. And they certainly don’t fixate on it.

But best of all they know that this life is but for a moment and they will never truly die. That imparts a lot of freedom. There is a special freedom in knowing these things—a God that you can count on, that will redeem you, that to have enemies should not become a habit. And to not overly seek pleasure, not to seek it out too greatly and in such finding contentment.

This is but a small analysis of the positive nature of being a Christian thinker. And no matter what has been written in mental and behavioral help, it has yet to have an equal. So I said live and let be. End the war waging in your mind and for a day be resolved not to be encumbered.

It sums up a great spiritual lesson to refuse participation with your “inner war.” And to chant nothing is. And yet I’m well. And be strong with those words!

  1. The Satanist is tightly connected to the flesh and far disconnected to the spirit. The Christian, the opposite. The Christian is tightly connected to the spirit and far removed from the flesh. And a Christian Satanist? S/he is somewhere in between. The Yasatic are partially disconnected from the flesh and partially disconnected to the spirit. Or you could say, to put it better, that the Christian Satanist holds his or her spirit and flesh at a short distance from them.

This creates a soul apart from them and in the sciences of the afterlife is an undeniable factor in his or her soul remaining in “Middle”, the Middle Plain. Satanists die, paying their dues to the dust. Christians ascend into spiritual bodies. But if the Christian Satanist is to remain on the middle grounds in an afterlife then they must hold both spirit and flesh at a short distance. It is then that here they will remain, as are, a spiritual body.

The key to this is leaving out excesses—those either spiritual or physical. The key is also balance, moderation, to weigh, to compensate, to reduce, or to increase, until you are not too much more spiritual than physical, nor too much physical than spiritual. And done well and for enough time, your latter years being more essential, then you will take the greatest reward of Christian Satanism: to stay upon the middle plain after you die.

  1. Vandalism is a cowardly crime. Instead of meeting someone head on they choose to be unseen and to not allow provocative. Obviously from a psychological standpoint the one who vandalizes is weaker than the one who upset them. They might feel, well, maybe they’ll just (key their car, rip a page from their book.) And there are also such cowardly acts of revenge such as stealing something of theirs even though they don’t want it, or spitting in their drink. And there is more, much more, to cowardly things done against someone—maybe even more cowardly are those that obstruct something, things in so doing that aren’t illegal like the others (vandalism, theft) such as obstructing something (if they can just get a little revenge they’ll feel better.) So they empty some one's ice trays or fiddle with the washer while someone they hate is doing their clothes.

A person may have done nothing wrong. S/ he may have angered someone for some petty reason, and that reason, being petty, must be given more “juice.” Must be made “heavier” because the problem being menial, must be boosted up. For example, if you leave an ice on the floor they’ll say they almost tripped over it.  If you eat what little food there is they’ll say you need to go on a diet. If you don’t go on a walk with them they’ll call you lazy.

Then there is a negative attribute of people bloating their problems and covering up their hurt by making those around them hurt the most, that they may hurt the least. And altogether those that have no bravery make a formidable, though petty enemy, those  who you don’t even know are your enemy or even for what reason.

Vandalism, unfortunately, is hard to divulge from a person for the very fact that it goes hand in hand with a cowardly form of secrecy.

52. As much as Christianity condemns gay people, the LGTB, they leave out the fact that they are the most peaceable people you can find. They often have good incomes, jobs, and education behind them. They aren’t so aggressive compared to straight people.  You won’t easily find them in criminal circles and they are generally very kind people.

Christians also condemn wiccans. They only see the black magic Satan serving side of them (one entirely invented.). But Wiccans could very well be the kindest, most loving religion around, and certainly as opposed to Christianity, which as I am saying, is judgmental, intricately, thoroughly. The bulk of Christian sermons are either judgments against others or the self. And Wiccan are just nice people who share magic stones with each other and put on magic full of care and love.

Christianity adapts. And that isn’t difficult with how many different ways their Bible can be interpreted. Satanists are generally harmless. They certainly don’t sacrifice animals, except for a few nut cases around (and there are Christian cults, too, don’t forget.) But if we were to know the true nature of Satanism they’d find that their perception of it is far off.

Christianity adapts to what was one day is fitted and changed into what becomes the next. They think that Buddhism is against God. It's not. They don’t believe in God like them. But otherwise they are doing good, fine, there’s nothing there in behavior that needs to change. So they don’t need their lifestyle changed. They just need to come to know God, if anything, but maybe they don’t wish to.


The Principle List

Person 1: Red, Bird, Hand, Staff

2: Brown, Bear, Cane, Bee

3: Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

4: White, Goat, Ring, Thief

5: Gold, Sword, Swine, Joker

6: Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

7: Rodent, Duke, Wind, Yellow

8: Bomb/ Blast/ Wand, Beast, Black, Fox

9: Yellow, Horse, Dust, Toad

10: Assassin, Word, Creature, Lion/Tiger

11: Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit

12: Purple, Dragon, Mask, Dog/ Wolf

These are found in all movies and games. They provide The Occult Pattern unique to our religion. You choose to whom each number goes (to whatever person or entity you want them to be. I often regard number 11 to be Jesus. But most of all I attribute them to my family. It’s simple. Identify these in movies and video games.

And I’ll elaborate on some of them here:

In the movie Willow there is a seed that once thrown at someone turns them into stone. Willow throws the seed and a sorcerer catches it with her hand, which begins to turn to stone. But it is not powerful enough and turns to dust in her hand.

And there was a scene before that when the sorcerer turns the small army against her into swine. There is a wand in this movie that changes a rodent into different animals.

Remember the Looney tunes cartoon of the singing toad? He is put on a stage. This indicates that person 3 put person 9 on stage.

A very good example is in the video game Final Fantasy 6. Celes puts on a white dress and goes on stage to present the word, to whom she speaks to a dragon. Meanwhile an octopus creature tries to sabotage the performance. And before you get to him you fend off rodents. So the whole thing involving different people within the principle list conveys that one put the other on stage to speak while some didn’t want it to be said and what was said was said to the dragon and white stars are moving above in the sky.

  1. God left us with an extraordinary amount of resources. He laid out a mystery before us. He posed problems for us to solve and sent us forth to solve them using the resources at hand. By the sheer volume of our resources we were set forth on the path to become gods. Late in the matter we have done many outstanding and seemingly unreal things: such as is found in today’s technology. We have accumulated a lot of baggage meanwhile and that is carried in the air. Look above in the sky and know that in the air is music and movies, books and data, videos, art, given a spiritual like presence. We have turned the things we love into a spiritual existence. We have turned the things we love around us, everywhere, to be pulled down at will. We catch up to each other “in the air.” And soon we headed there ourselves. Do you think late enough that we will be flying around in a heap of metal? I believe we will create for ourselves spiritual types of bodies that coalesce with the others, and can go wherever they wish, connected or not.  If what has been done now would have been taken into consideration in the 1960’s they would be in awe. Their mouths would drop to the floor if they saw our internet enabled phones. Hell, I felt that way the first time I saw a music video playing on a Win 95 PC in a small square. It was always a thing that astonished me how science and technology goes up a notch. From the NES to the SNES and simply realistic looking water in a N64 game. And though I admit that later in my age I’m not nearly as impressed I still hold the opinion that eventually science can do anything.
  2. We are here paying off a debt. To “fix” things. Putting them together rightly like a miner digging up the right stuff. We are paying the debt our ancestors left us. We are also paying to help our successors to get the job done as quickly as possible. Our farthest behind ancestors were sent here as a curse and we are here to fix things for them. But they’ll receive little help for most of the time because in order to “fix” the environment at hand no stone may be left unturned. Before we are finished we will know the Earth substantially, down to the grains of sand on the farthest shore. We have agreed to take what we want by learning about it and expanding on it, being like miners who have come here to Earth to pull up what we will. Where we wanted to be before birth is exactly where we went, here, at the very time chosen. And we’ve come with the purpose to clean up a mess and build a new home. Some were impatient. They just wanted to be first and not wanting to wait. Others, such as us, were very patient and observed it is very well a good place and time to be.

If you think about it, we are more our ancestors than we realize. We came from him and her and so we are much like them. Then, practically speaking we are them and they are us. We then continue their work. That not the worker stops indefinitely we live through him and her to continue the work. And we are separated and Branch out to be able to do the work we do. If someone doesn’t work upon this Earth but is rather troublesome, their ancestors are likely angry with them. They are self destructive. God gave them a self destructive spirit. That’s because they don’t serve a better whole and are selfish.

We are essentially the same person before us. We are very much the same physically and mentally except with what we’ve learned and claimed. But biologically we are about entirely the same. “We” have been doing work for a long time now. And our furthest back ancestors left us with a debt that will take ages to pay off.

One human became many because individually we are not quite as powerful. Nature is not interested in one sole being with nothing being done on its planet. And many after many have come, and the same Adam and Eve – and the other human beings otherwise, have filled the universe with innumerable souls. But to this day we are still trapped here. Someday the door of heaven will open before us and we will be first Child of God, and second, children to our predecessors. All brothers and sisters, humankind together, will not be able to leave this Earth until we open up the scientifically created state of godhood. We are like the evolution that nature requires a price before we may leave. It is so in many areas of the universe.

  1. The Eight Certainties of Life
  1. That growth is maximized through death. That knowledge may be diversified, and in greater dire need. That we all agree that our suffering be abolished using every tool at our dispense. That suffering is our own dilemma and by principle God rarely intervenes to save us from suffering. That death and suffering be overcome by us. That through death we are better able to. That death was put before us to be abolished.
  2. That the Earth gives us life as an anchor. That being rooted into the Earth we may have life, though a lesser life, an inferior life, compared to the life God gives otherwise. We, having chosen to be born on Earth, are inseparable from its resources, otherwise we could not continue to have life here. That God anchored our lives upon the Earth and provided many necessities to stay here.
  3. We are all striving for the same basic goals. But some people have different wishes than others depending on where their heart is. We all want the most possible best while we are alive. We want wealth, good health, and wellness. We see many good things around us that we wish we had, no matter how ascetic we are. We desire the Earth. Earth provides, or can, and the Earth then motivates us to keep living.
  4. That time destroys us and we must rebuild. We must always be rebuilding, resupplying, doing again and again to keep things in a working derivative. Time requires that we have life to continue that hope not be in vain. It teaches us to create. By it we are made to create and recreate. Having deadlines keeps motion motional. It demands momentum. It will not have us be motionless or not to care about creating. It puts within us the desire to create and do. It gives us purpose. We are like something strained as time pulls through us. We learn what we should leave behind. We leave behind greater things as much as we can. Time goes through us and we leave time behind. We give to time. And time demands to have. Time is a thief. It is something you cannot have. It takes from you as you go through it. And only by adding more time upon that can you keep it or get it back.
  5. Those things are seasonal. That there is a season for everything, and a time for every purpose under heaven (anomalous.) It gives us different purposes. It has us vary what we do. It necessitates one thing or another, but temporarily. It has us solve a broader amount of issues. It has us migrate. It shows the power of God (Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods.) It leads us to move and reestablish, conquer and claim, keep and discard. And most importantly it directs our focus toward the mysteries of life. It has us wanting to know and understand.
  6. That reality is well controlled by us. That reality is of our own operation. That we understand things well, as much as we could want to. And that we store what we want to remember by any means possible that things are stored. That we have behind us a massive amount of information “behind” us. That no memory is ever lost. Just that access to it could be made impossible because of brain damage. But nothing is ever lost in terms of a person's thoughts. The brain could die, could decay, but all that’s lost is access to it.
  7. That nothing is ever altogether gone. That we feed the Earth upon our death: all of nature feeds on Earth. That makes the Earth basically a trillion stomachs ever feeding. We eat meat, or living plants, we drink in the water. And nature will take it all back, in any case it is put in, something must come out. “From dust we came and to dust we will return.” And, having come from nothing far enough back just know: we can come from nothing again.
  8. The Gaia theory proposes that the Earth itself is a life and that all life on Earth boils down to a life together. We should never put human life at risk. There are those that made laws, from the earliest times, and gave to one the power needed to protect their daughters, wives, and sons, or conversely, their fathers and mother’s, sisters and friends. Laws to protect people are because of it. But my greater point being that we live among others and should, with all charity, be well with others. Life is Life shared, and a life not shared is not a life at all.

57. Six Hard Facts to Learn About Life:

  1. That it continues on forever, and that the worst of it will pass. And that those who seek a good life will find it, if at all it is their endeavor. That unless someone is entirely destitute or unable to live well, then let them learn to find a life that is better. Help them help themselves. Life is sometimes boring but boring is a refusal to desire to do. For some there is nothing more entertaining than skipping rocks. Others at the far end of the spectrum must have a top of the line gaming system and today’s game, tomorrows, but he who finds an entertaining medium should not be closed off by it, but leave the door open. Put forth nothing and draw back nothing. Don’t plant and you will not have one: there are some that expect things out of thin air. Generally one's pay is increased over time if they continue to work.
  2. Some people will always like you, others never will. You could scour the Earth looking for something good to give those that don’t like you. Or you can maintain a relationship with those that don’t. Spend your time with those that do. Pass off those that don’t. If someone doesn’t love you then don’t pursue it, unless to you the most fun comes from trying. People will always have some shity thing to say. This is a given. And you will hear bad things from people now and then. But overall you can go about life unbothered. If you are being bullied there is, unfortunately, no remedy but to fight her or him. If you attack him strong enough for it then they are likely to stop, at least by round two. It should be legal to aggressively attack those that bully you. It should be exempt. It should be considered well when someone has lashed out at another. Over time being bullied can lead to mass murders. And you know what? That is just what the one who bullies wants. If he weren’t caught up in the gun fire, he’d become enthralled with joy.
  3. Mistakes are inevitable, and even the slightest mistake could produce the most harmful effect. You may not think that going to the store or a neighborhood at midnight is dangerous but then a handful thinking the same were stabbed or stricken or even  murdered! You could bump into a person who is naturally very aggressive who boils over and beats you up, perhaps along with his friends. You could be driving a little slowly when someone who blows their top gets road rage. And someday you might chip a tooth, bite your tongue, land on a finger, stumble to the ground, bump your head and get a concussion, get high blood pressure, cancer, be arrested or fined for a petty reason and the list is wide and long. Crap happens.
  4. Sometimes you’ll have to turn the other cheek. Sometimes you have to pick or refuse your battles. Sometimes you will just have to go about head low. Someone in the bus could start talking trash to you with their friends. And if you call them out on it they will get what they are looking for, to cause trouble and a fight, and leave you bloody.
  5. You can at any moment die, and be fed into the jaws of death. Time is sparse. We don’t have much of it. Turn around twice and the day of death is there. You will have to face the fact you may not wake up. Likewise those that you love all will die. And all the while the best things are hardest on living long, not well, but long.
  6. If you ever never meet your needs then you won’t have it. There are going to be days in your life when you need something you didn’t get. Then you may learn to beg. And unless you are more self sufficient than many times in your life you will just not have what you like on a regular basis. A part of our income goes toward what we like to have on a regular basis but even the most careful spenders will neglect buying what they want a continual flow of and will have to abstain.

These are the challenges of living. But for most people they are negligible problems.

58. Lasting sciences to procure a better life for all humankind:

In developing sciences these are essential to bring about the end of all suffering and to raise Man as high as the stars he could once but gaze upon in awe.

Replicators or instantly growing seeds, or food grown quickly, practically, and cheaply. Imagine a world without hunger and how good the day will be that all are fed. Babies wouldn’t die in their mother's arms, the homeless would never go hungry and children everywhere would have good food! Much of our income would be set free and where there was much carefully tended and prepared food in a store there would be a lesser space, such as for replicators or instantly growing seeds. The rest of the space will have other things to buy, and more affordably, because so little of our money would have to go into food.

Solid energy is creating a solid form of energy entire homes and buildings could be built around them. People could have a solid energy field around them and always be safe, wherever they go. If you make someone angry they can not attack you for it. They cannot go past your shield. And as a result, people will be greatly freed. There would be complete freedom of speech and expression. And people could go around naked, because the solid energy could cover themselves. Most importantly, people will be very drastically less harmed. The homeless would have little homes, as to pit a few solid energy walls together would be greatly easier. And while in the beginning these shields are hard, soft ones will follow, and be a carpet. When they are developed enough they could permanently pave roads. They can even provide upper and lower level roads.

AI and robotics will enable us to do our own work or otherwise be free from a boss over them. It has been said over and over again, very well by most people who consider it, that these robotics will take away our jobs. We won’t need to do those jobs! They’ll be mostly automated operations freeing the need of human workers. There could be intelligent AI posted by a government to clean and recycle. Depending on how the work is analyzed to qualify, if the AI determines you’ve done well enough, money could be dispensed for that person. It should be a given that by the time these things are very well so and with expanded resources that Universal Basic Income should be implemented. I think that will be a natural occurrence.

The Fountain of Youth certainly tops off the list there is this: a formula or technique administered to reverse aging. I don’t think it is impossible. I practically know it is. I really do believe that people can extend their lives drastically, doubling, or tripling even it’s longevity – and the sky's the limit.

Such a short list of what we need! I would add one thing but it doesn’t need elaboration—that being “free” or very cheap and reliable, even overflowing energy and batteries that last about forever—or even a mere year at a time.

So little we need to get done! So far we’ve come already. And, oh, what we have in store, in the meantime, is astonishing.

59. Advice for some professions. If I hadn’t become involved in it already and haven’t come to know it then I won’t list it here. But having been well enough involved with certain trades over the years I have the best advice to provide for them from my own understanding.

Music – Schoenberg had an awful idea with the twelve tone row. It was simply ridiculous. It was meant to do away from atonality. But it did just the opposite. Then we’re the minimalists that had more repetition than a modern technology track. That wasn’t atonal for sure, but it was also way too simple. So there is a solution to being both tonal and yet as complex in writing music as one could wish. That is to emphasize the triad of the scale (in C Maj., C,E,G) in A min., A,C,E.) Emphasizing them with duration, frequency, and repetition will keep even the most garbled music tonal.

I also have a “Multi Performances” idea where twenty or so four, five measure melodies or chords are written on just one sheet of paper that can be played in any order, giving one sheet of music thousands of possible performances.

In regards to writing, make  a religion! Be patient and don’t cut corners. Be prolific and unique. Your books will be like a life coming forth from you.

And in painting – you don’t have to be an impressionist, nor abstract or a realist, alone. You can be a mix of these. But as for me I like to make art where one thing can be many. That certain images in it are hidden. Paint can come in many forms, from nail polish and mascara to small buckets to glow in the dark (yes, there is glow in the dark paint!)

And for electronics consider console mods. Or to upgrade and fix anything old, which is what there is a high demand for. You can take junk and fix, enhance, and improve it overall. This is my second highest interest apart from writing. I can’t imagine a better way to spend my time.

  1. It should be given thought sometimes about the things you wouldn’t normally do, and what would happen if you did. It might be advantageous, profitable if you did, after all. There are a very many things that a person just never thinks of. Some of them have good reasons behind them. Though it is said that you can be whatever you want to be, that just isn’t so. But then there are many lifestyles that we never give the slightest thought about. And we could very well be missing out on opportunities. We may not be letting differences come into our lives. But to have a broader consideration we have before us many options, even very, very many, depending on one's scope.

But far more typical is the state of limitation. So even if it feels like a silly thought to do things you think you shouldn’t even entertain, think about them. To bring to mind a larger field of options some people have become woodworkers, others tailors, some doctors, and others game programmers. And each of them swears to heaven they are doing what they love to do. Yet we think about these ourselves and ask 'what’s so good about that?' but the very fact you hadn’t considered what is or to try it on, of course you aren’t going to know what’s good about it.

The truly daring will turn life on it’s head to face them. They act against the dullness. They shine upon their fate and feed into it new experiences which they embrace fully and openly.

  1. I have learned very well that when it comes to learning it is always easier than it seems. You might find the task of writing a web page through code is daunting. But it ain’t. Within a few days I made my own website using just a basic HTML dictionary. I set out to learn music composition and was writing music in just a week. Mind you I couldn’t create symphonies right then but soon enough could.

Military training is only a month to three months and very many people go through such a difficult process but quite naturally and quickly. Driving a car only requires a few weeks of practice. Riding a bike just needs a push of faith, as does swimming. Besides the fact that things are becoming technically helpful through software, all of us are such good photographers and so much more easily produce great pictures. Grammar software can analyze eBook data and fix all of the grammatical errors. If not now it will be so soon. There is a reduced need for anyone to know more than one language, and electronic translators develop. The farmer doesn’t have to labor anymore. What they do takes some good time but it has become far easier.

As books and tutorial videos have become as easily accessible as they are, a person doesn’t need to scour a library for what is limited and sparse material from which to learn. Perhaps more significantly advanced are mathematical operations calculated by special devices, such as phones going over it to present on screen it’s solution. More and more students cheat. And those that teach and implement education will swear up and down that this isn’t good. Why not? If they want to learn about any period in history they could Google it. I think they have more time enjoying video game history. I sure do.

Game programming via code is becoming replaced by game engine operations which can still incorporate code if necessary, but optionally. As knowledge expands and increases people have gotten a hell of a lot put on their plate. They are suddenly given a choice they wouldn’t normally have had. Believe it or not a decade or so ago—as far back as twenty years, we didn’t have these resources. You couldn’t find in any library information of much use creatively speaking.

Schools should be designed around this. The students shouldn’t have to be bored to death with knowledge that is right there before their face yet they have to be the computer. They should be taught to compute, not to be computed.

  1. Christian Satanists have the more difficult processing of anger which is to see any argument or bitterly occurring circumstance through reasoning. Reasoning out your conflict with others is Christian Satanic. On the Christian side there is turning the other cheek—to let bad occur and to just take it. In the Satanist is revenge. And the Satanist mind – which is to reason rationally. So in Christian Satanism there is a very good working of the two found: that is to reason and remain sound bodied during a conflict. All arguments can go one of three ways: the first is to become angry and show it. The second is to become angry but do nothing. And the third, the approach of the Christian Satanist, is to reason with the person who has made you angry.

If someone hits you, a Christian Satanist would restrain them or if not so hurt, will warn them to stop. And if s/he has to, would fight back. And that’s all in regard to a physical confrontation. But when it comes to, say, someone doing something rude to you, s/he will let them know and express that their behavior is bothersome. And most arguments will end that way. If someone says something rude then let them know it was.

Our way is the more difficult way. But certainly the better way. Our way is a way of rationality control and it is to stuff away some anger in order to approach our problems more directly and resolve them with reasoning.

  1. And another Christian Satanic trait.. it is to judge fairly, to balance good and bad in your perceptions of others. Very plainly, to not ever see too much bad nor too much good. And for your own self perception, give more weight toward your favor. That means, determine the good and bad in others but bring to it a good reflection of yourself. If you want to progress and have developed the habit of becoming better over time—good! Good for you! Inch up an inch at a time and soon you will be taking very large steps in a veritable Mount Olympus— and so few keep the company of gods. It is something rumored about. Known little. Is heard in whispers. But to those that advance, evolve, and progress dwell with the highest of the highest.

Good thoughts about others are certainly less occurring and more difficult to pin for most people. But some feel well and good about themselves because of doing so, of having calculated that those around them are good people. By thinking you have in your life good people you yourself feel good about yourself. After all, sensing people as good only lends to thinking of yourself as good. Thinking good of others makes you think good of yourself, because you are a person too.

But in Christian Satanism and good practice besides, you can certainly know people in a lacking sense—ideally if you think less of others do so because you wish to become better. Strive to become the best. And there is nothing wrong with competition. More good and better evolution comes from it than from a bleeding heart. It’s just too damn bad that scientists aren’t as heart felt as those volunteers doing all the can to reduce poverty. Because they would be working on things like food replicators and anything that can profusely eliminate human suffering. Shame shame, they’d rather come to a full and ingenious understanding of black holes. That’s because those who are scientific base all of their pride on their smarts.

  1. Certainly Jesus didn’t like the haughty purple clothes—the Pharisees that donned upon themselves elaborate clothing that only shined evil outward—but we who dress well must do so depicting our victories and successes. The rich Christian Satanists who had money fall on their lap should dress just as poorly as any other who have done little to nothing to stand out and shine bright. This is indicative of Christian Satanism that the poor and the wealthy dress alike if both are equal in output, service to man, accomplishments and so forth.

If a Christian Satanist has accomplished much then let him dress better from it, in comparison those that haven’t should remain poorly dressed. But let him or her stand out among us for having accomplished much, as much as one has. So those that have done so very much—have served humankind well, have degrees, or otherwise to the extent of accomplishment, let only them dress stunningly, wearing their very pride piece by piece.

It is certainly not an abnormal request or one without value. It is done for good reason. A person who earned their stripes, who labored to make things better, who have saved many lives, who built a business from the top down and have endeavored to achieve great things, should be separated from their opposites in the way they dress. Let us be known in such a way from one to the other.

  1. There is major knowledge and minor knowledge. And for both there is hidden knowledge and open knowledge. Major knowledge is knowledge that helps you in your life substantially. And minor knowledge are basically empty facts. In between the two there is regular knowledge. These are the day to day things most people come to know, having it simply fall into their lap. As with hidden knowledge it comprises information that only those who look hard for come to know. And if it is major it is very helpful, if it is just basically useless facts then it is the biggest waste of time of all. And then there is the open knowledge. In today’s times these make up things like dietary and health facts— nearly all of it does, in fact.

And most live within an “open knowledge” world. As there are many (most) that have them to share them. Open knowledge is shared knowledge. It makes up a shared belief and intellectual system for most. But hidden knowledge—from where does it come? Who would purposefully look for knowledge that is not out in the open or readily apparent? It is not a regular thinker who would do such. It is a person more intellectually developed who, at best, resides in shadow and obscurity working behind the scenes.

Those who look into major hidden knowledge are the upper class form of people—separated sharply from their counterparts in forming unique ideas. This uniqueness separated them and more readily birth differences and change. It is those that put together missing pieces and who “think outside the box.” People of such understanding excel and go on unbeaten paths. For most people, they’d look at such a path and think 'I'm not going down there, but the person who learns things apart from others finds the road they are on is preferable and more rewarding. As long as they do things the right way then they will find the road quite long. They could come to a place needing a bridge to get any further along. If they’ve publicized their doings well enough and have themselves shown as right and profitable, then many would follow to make a bridge. Though in the beginning you too may form that bridge for them and take their little beaten path.

  1. Knowing why or how to know much can be brought before you with greater understanding and clarity. Thoughts can be naturally organized and one can think more efficiently.

In knowing what type of knowledge you are appropriating and surmising.

Knowing knowledge as types of knowledge will impart these things.

There is boundary knowledge. This is the kind of knowledge indicative of kids. It means to know the limits of anything. You learn from it how much boiling is too much. When something is too hot to touch. How to dress warmly enough, or minimally how much in warm weather. You learn through boundary knowledge the least most and the most possible least. In doing so you don’t over or underestimate things. You come to the nearest possible understanding. It could be the quickest route, or the most please tell. And it is in using your time optimally. It is in saving up just right your money toward a desired thing though that in particular comes upon knowledge of taste.

There is knowledge of taste. That is in knowing what you like and in creating newly desired things. It is the knowledge that leads to desire. If you never think about what you like or would like by knowing, then your desire is minimal. By understanding things better you either come to like things or come to reject them. By weighing out inferiorities and superiorities you establish why you like something over something else. You also know better what you like, and you come to like things you didn’t before when you consider—and when you don’t consider things then nothing of this great Earth will make any difference unto you.

Then there is knowledge of envy, coming from the same footing. This is to desire things you want that belong to others. It can provide you with examples of things that are good. When you relate one life to another, and yours to those, the spirit of progress enters into your heart and may even well seep through your pores. The spirit of desire to have things just as good may follow you all of your days wanting to arrive at a spot as well as them, as that may even become the most motivating and influential factor in your life. You would both appreciate the least and the most of it.

There are blocks to knowledge.  These are banked into three types: must not do, must do carefully, and must do. It is commonly known as behavioral adaptation. Some people just need one warning. The best of us, anyway. But one's spirit must not be broken. But it is as we cast people into jails, prisons, and other types of confinement. Or one is expelled, terminated, or deposed without the slightest chance of making amends. Let accidents be attributed to such, and may people move on. There are chances we are given and without knowledge of this sort we’d all be hopelessly damned. Only by fearing repercussion or at least understanding it would a person not commit blatantly aggressive fouls. But most criminals block such things from their thinking. There could then be examples that are given no thought to them. Sure the death penalty itself could be imposed but they don’t think about that!

Then there is knowledge of trade, talent, and all usefulness. It really does take a long term of knowing something in order to be considered adept enough at it to procure employment from, and a degree backing it up. A person could toil for many hours of weeks, months and years before s/ he is rightly called an expert. That is one scope of it: regarding education. But this kind of knowledge is much wider in scope. There is wood working, music composition and the arts, literary endeavors, knowing multiple languages, playing music, tailoring, electronics, cooking.. an innumerable amount of acquisitioned talents.

It is important not to limit yourself. It is important, worthwhile, to know just what could be known. Many people already have their minds made up. But with as much can be done, try not to be too short sided on your choice. And give thought upon thought about your own personal desires and plans toward each. Impart upon it thine own self. If you determine well first it’s scope and prerequisites, it’s need, it’s desire, its procedure, and it sounds altogether good and well for you then good. Go with that and do the best you can at it. Do what you are best at doing.

Then there is self aggregating knowledge, or self diminishing thoughts. It’s been said so many times that people speak worse of themselves than they’d let others ever would. This is somewhat true with me, except for the fact that speaking negatively of myself carries no weight. I’m not “hurt” by myself. I’m just looking into what’s good or bad. Prideful thought feels the best. Good pride is worth more than happiness. Looking at the ways in which you shine, isn’t a regular form of thinking. It comes up on it’s own, usually, unless something occurs that Spurs it on, like getting your song played on the radio. Without pride what progress in such would ever be gotten? So naturally those who feel least about themselves and the best about others will try the hardest. The fall looks up high, climbs. For me pride somehow just seems like the only thing of which to think. It comes on suddenly and heavily. And I don’t find it reproachable. Rather, just an experience that has fallen on my lap fueled by realizing just how far I’ve come. Any can help themselves in finding unique superiority--   whether wherever it is found.

Then there is fantasy knowledge. There is false fantasy sure, but sometimes there are fantasies that are actually true though no one would believe you . This is sometimes from the imagination sector of things. Why would we only have to believe in reality? It is easy to slip into the framework of a fantasy and go so with it. The mind can’t begin to catch up. It is “automatic” thinking. It is just slid right into because it is easier to think this is than this isn’t. It is the reason for every story, every book, every movie. And we are always working toward making fantasy a reality, maybe even more than any single thing we’ve ever done. If you think about it—the things that either developed the most or came about from fantasy compile everything we’ve most advanced. For example there was a picture. We turned it into a movie theater. Paper became a way to write stories. The Holy Bible, the TV to a video game, the more immersive and real the better. And the internet, the VCR, the tapes, the cell phone, etc., is altogether fueled and propelled forward due to fantasy.

And we are bringing those fantasies into reality. Some day it could be a second reality, even if it isn’t indistinguishable from regular reality.

There is adaptive thinking where survival and self defense is put into high gear. These are the instances that your mind is accessed differently in order to cut through bushes and weeds that have sprouted up out of nowhere. Someone is a weed that needs cutting, but weeds can be a damn hard thing to pull up by its roots. Usually we just cut them. Sometimes we spray poison on them. And most of the time we are so shocked to see them that we make haste in removing them and quickly move past them. But the intelligent are prepared and they eliminate them carefully, which takes time. Many just walk by them, only to see they’ve gotten worse and worse.

There are entertaining thoughts, simple musings, wishful thinking, and hope. These comprise dreams and aspirations. They are bountiful and easy to procure. It is an easy way to think and quite good. Except for the tendency to ignore or neglect them. They put in your sight a star. And they put in your heart an arm to reach them. When something is at first desired, to learn, to become better by, to improve your lot, there is a lot of fuel behind it. You are at first happy and proud to be reaching your goals. You know the reward well. But it kind of becomes a compulsive thought that wears down. It becomes a given, over time, and you stop thinking about any reward. Your studies at school become a habit, which becomes a necessity, and can form into a burden. But keep in mind the prize and continue to realize through your potential what you can receive.

Thoughts are strained from a heavier backing. If you imagine your thoughts as greatly amplified that they are, the ones you sense are much weaker. They’ve been strained. Most of our thoughts are let out a little at a time. The heavier they are in the background the more that they leak out. Thankfully due to time they don’t pile up. And they can expire if ignored for very long. Obviously thoughts don’t fill an ocean, but a river, and to it, rain.

A person should have a basic understanding of her or his thought processes because we are certainly made up of our thoughts. I have provided a general idea of understanding your thoughts day to day. I can add to these the type of thinking that needs given to the most and that is counting your blessings. And to it its inseparable sibling to it   bright side thinking.

Bright side thinking along with one more to have a whole one trinity of prime thinking known as seeing the silver lining in the clouds. Together this means to know what is good in your life and thereby be able to appreciate it. It means having not only hope but enthusiasm too, no matter the weight that seems heavy, to be uplifted by positive attributes in your life. And in order to make your way well and come into the best place you could arrive at, to “see the silver lining in the cloud” meaning for those who don’t know, “to see the good in the bad.” That even though something is terrible, find a benefit to it, or find in any way it could be profitable, advantageous, or even preferable altogether.

67. May I impart on you self inclusivity and optimal—pathic reasoning, if nothing else.

But let’s not become too disassociated from our contemporaries.

To be self inclusive you must nurture and care for your individuality, being carefully removed from others- to put a difference between you and others, which is somewhere on the road to being your own person entirely. But once they look back and receive those whom you, during your choices to be individual, may have separated yourself from altogether. First work on you. Then you can work on others as your own person. A person her or himself, one who is best equipped to be good and truly well from individual to individual. Individualism comes from Satanism that singular all self inclusive being. And the person after becoming good and well toward all men, has become a Christian Satanist in the best of ways. It is to remove from your life obstacles that too closely act like an umbilical before you and your associatives . If it is popular it is important to separate yourself from it even though it makes you feel like your tastes otherwise are strange, unusual, “weird.” Removing yourself from popular thought. That may prove impossible for some, who have carried like a crutch beliefs it seems the whole world carries. And for some it just can’t be done. For some not directing your thinking through the popular issues would mean losing their most popularly held issues and concerns. They have been taught that these are the important things. They’ve made themselves good at understanding them. They’ve built most of their thinking around them. So they are impossible to cast away, for them.

Conversely I tell you, at least until you have “returned” your own person, don’t come back unto me.

And that addresses self inclusivity. And to address optimal-pathic reasoning:

It is what it sounds like. It is to reason the best way possible toward any given thing. And that implies having a handful of perspectives. If you can understand things broadly and fully well enough then you’d already have come most of the way in your use of it. To reason in a path most optimal means that your attention must go the best route in coming to the best conclusion. To know the end of matters is most good, and will serve you greatly. But to be adept with your reasoning nothing helps more than sensibility. Otherwise a person could be juggling too many balls. Many people fall pretty to having too much on their plate. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Optimal—pathic reasoning involves understanding your choices and methods as they best serve you or bring you to the best and best applicable of understanding.

  1. It should be illegal to make people stupid. That’s what some kinds of music do. Not nearly as much as games or movies, but music, news casts, silly minded issue revolving minds, people that prop up simplicity and lower standards all the while, these kinds of things are like a stink upon man. Those good of us, better examples of good people, smell too much, quite a bad odor. There are too many people that really don’t have a soul. They act like morons—like empty headed people. They really do! They fill the emptiness with popular entertainment or popular issues, really, issues of any kind. Without them they are seemingly absent minded. They have no life apart from them. What is there otherwise is minimal. They just don’t have a soul. They just fill the void in a very automatic way. Certain things excite them and that is about it to what they feel. To eat something good, they take it like the dumbest animal would. And they feel their minds with the simplistic thing all day. I don’t believe they even know that time is passing. That’s the lower rung of people. And of them there are many.

Then there are the average kind of people who can hold down more water. And it makes them a little better. Much better comparatively. But they too are starkly lacking compared to minds better educated and otherwise better developed. Believe me, the simple minded are simple indeed.

  1. The best knowledge is that which is ready at hand used to help yourself. There are addictive elements there unto that are the sweetest of food for thought. You may become so very well captivated by one thing. I advise that when that thrill of learning something and using that knowledge (that learning to write music, or program a game, whatever it may be) that when the desire to know it and know it ever better subsides (no longer holding the thrill it did when you first came to know and use it) pass it by. Find a new passion as passion to learn applies. You will be many faceted. You’ll have nurtured a thrill to learn and keep interest in what you are doing.

So many people put in their minds that they could only ever want to do one thing in life, what they are good at, but they who think so are often fooling themselves. It isn’t easy to abruptly choose to endeavor into a thing new, but if the reward is there at all, in the least, embrace it and you may find it to be a thing undeniable.

  1. Truth is conditional that one thing applies to you only under certain circumstances. And sometimes those circumstances have to be under yet other circumstances. And so very well those circumstances must either be exact or have beside it other circumstances. Much of truth is in perception. As a rule if it goes well for you chances are it could be much worse. And the perfect should be sacrificed for the well enough or else you might open a bag of worms, or waste your time over petty matters. Things aren’t going to be situated for you perfectly. It is very rare if it ever does. Something might not seem right. That may just be that for another it is, or as on the whole.

Procedure just cannot be followed precisely. It may seem that the rules don’t apply for everyone. If it isn’t much of a matter, really, then “leave well enough alone,” and “don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.” And don’t ruffle any feathers. If something doesn’t seem fair but doesn’t make much difference anyway, then just let it be instead of bending over backwards to justify things.

I learned this a little late in life. I admit, I used to have the rules be strictly followed. But I learned that there is procedure and there is practicality. I ended my jealousy and envy over them and learned too that most complaints don’t add up to a damn thing. I stopped being a tattle tail. I stopped accusing others. I stopped pointing my finger. I came to know that the Christian Satanic thing is to get above others other ways: to increase my success in the world, and by doing it just jump right over people whom I didn’t like looking up at.

71. To do good feels good. I’ve lost sight of that while engrossed in the throes of plain Satanism. But I find my Christian traits overcoming them shining through. I find myself wanting only good for people. For so long I’ve been a bitter revengeful person. One that let’s no wrong remain where all is wrong. And I was one that cared little to nothing about how I made others feel besides the last few years as my little heart grew three sizes.

I never want anyone to feel bad. That includes anger. It certainly includes being emotionally hurt. I find that bothersome! That I’ve taken someone’s good day and turned it upside down, if even for a moment. I do not want others to have to do what I have to sometimes, to just brush it off. That isn’t easy.

But the knowledge is ours and ours altogether that everyone sometimes hurts others and everyone is sometimes hurt by others. We are all on the same boat. But I can’t let my own bad attitude sit upon others for too long before I apologize and make amends. Actually this has become seldom in my life anymore. I choose to instead resolve my problems with others in a sound and reasonable way. If nothing else it is a challenge and one that I enjoy. It is a damn bad thing in life. I really don’t see much more bad in daily routine and regular living than that. Very little else, really, is bad in my life other than becoming angry and making angry.

I believe in what I call “spiritual images” that must not be violated. That if they are one is past the forgiveness of God. And in my life I’ve grazed upon violating a “spiritual image” but fortunately they were only scratches. But to wound one's spiritual image I tell you it is very well the truth that you will pay God's price for it and even damned. As much as God is good he will have none evil among him!

It is deplorable. Deplorable to rape and then kill. To put cigarettes out on an infant. To take off your little boy's hand for profit, to sell it. To kidnap, torture, and rape. To hang by the head a man for being black. It is miserably deplorable and evokes hatred from me for them. Bitter hatred and fiery need for retribution! May God up high condemn them! And these are things that occur.

For if but the reason to catch the criminal doing such things I would support an “eye in the sky” and in many places to monitor them that would. Sex offenders should have to be more carefully monitored.

And if anyone asks “what about our privacy,” they should be known to be  as selfish as they are. “What about the lives of children, the security of good willing innocent people, the prevention of abhorrent crimes?” Do they not matter?

72. Gift yourself with the following: most importantly a good seat, your very own, and yours alone. A throne, one that you may sit upon in comfort. If your employees have seats, give them ones that are at least a little better than what employees of others would get. Have no pews in The Christian Satanic Church but have for each a singular chair. If only because those in your home don’t sit upon your chair then have enough for them in your home. Give your children their own chair, especially one earned.

Gift yourself with things that existed during your childhood. So that your childhood is never lost. So that you find yourself again.

Gift yourself with a waiting room. One in which you may just sit and think with little distraction. Be as one who waits if you are performing magic or meditating for change, as well as praying for change. And sit there for perspective and perspectives.

Gift yourself with what you need or what would be good to need (in discovering new things. Gift yourself with food. Choose a favorite drink or two and stick with it. As for me, I drink sugarless black iced tea throughout the day. It makes me feel like a million books. And the food I eat tastes good or I don’t eat it. Because I am only here for a season. I am on vacation on this little blue rock and I will enjoy my stay all the while. The life giver doesn’t want me here for too long and will snatch me up while I am endeavoring to stay (so I don’t.)

And gift yourself with good clothing. That’s enough said—and dress fitting a prince/ss.

Finally, gift your immediate family. You will be appreciated and considered nothing cheap. Gift children especially because, as you can only imagine in the least your later days, gifts were so cherished in your early years.

  1. When someone expresses something is a problem they are considering the person a problem so much more than an actuality of a problem. They really don’t care about the “sanctity” and “sensitive conditions,” the “errors,” the “shortcomings.” If someone comes short of an errand but the job was good and well enough then they think the person falls short in serving them, in adhering to their instructions. These kinds of people are power hungry ones. They may have gotten higher up in the ranks and they surely know that without controlling people they’d have no job. And the fact is so that most of the time they need no control. But this only makes a boss unneeded and s/he knows it.

Those that have climbed the ladder look down and do not want others to come up.

And they remember being more useful. More hard working than now. And they’ve been relegated to just control. If they are then to do anything good it is to control. Some become an easy boss and some are lazy because of it. Others who work with pride will go the extra mile anyways and it is such people that should be given the higher rank those that do not need any control or guidance to work good and hard. But those that cut corners on things simple enough and are indeed shortcoming in their performance should be made to find something they’d enjoy and do better, or else be removed.

But let good enough be good enough. And in terms of upper positions don’t make your absence of control be missed. Consider that those below you whom you think have a problem don’t, but it may just be your own problem of not having automatic control or honorably that maybe you just find controlling others a problem.

  1. The Six Crowning Attributes

These are mentalities and lifestyles that naturally impart a crown of dominion. To follow them closely is to come into exaltation to advance and control within your environment. To take the best of life and secure the best possible position. These attributes will drive you ahead and above others.

  1. Pride those that seek pride who do all they can to deserve having it, by being the best of the best and doing what others can’t or will not do they will achieve that. Pride as a motivator is at its utmost a desire to be worshipped and so will a person earn her/ his colors and stripes and equip themselves with what they need to excel, wasting no tool.
  2. Wealth is  to some extent in your reach. If you can just make it there then the result would be you have greater control over your life and compared to most you will live much better and have all the things you could want, beyond having in a limited, less, more practical way. Money means lawyers, money means owning a business or having your own little islands in the populace like Disney World.
  3. Adeptness which is to be broadly qualified to do any given thing will put before you tools to do well and good. Whatever you have at your disposal, use as well as you can. Use your resources well. Don’t fall short. Instead, increase and elevate ever higher. Do not take one step forward and two steps back. Establish for yourself things that are good and workable for you. Don’t waste anything, use your last dollar well down to the last dime. Invest in your future.
  4. Perfection. This is to not leave any stone unturned and to involve yourself into the creation of your best possible life. It means that there is only so much time in the day to make your tomorrow the best it could be. It means do not take the lesser. Work instead for the better. It means wanting the best, then, the very best. Those that practice perfection may not achieve literal perfection but by trying will come just as close as could be to it.
  5. Productivity isn't going to fall on your lap. And money doesn’t grow on trees. So you must work for money and use money wisely to make more money. Establish and execute your goals, firmly root yourself into them, and grow.
  6. Be competitive and envious. Have desire to excel. The more desire you have to get and to bring forth the more you are able to. The more you are willing to. And the more that you will. Think like you are meditating on how well some have it and consider from it what you lack. If it is just one very good thing you come to really want then that is a goal and a means to it, a reason for it, these sprouting from desire.
  1. Spiritual healing is not considered so well by today’s people. There are many ways to feel good spiritually. But in the wreck of today’s world are people neglecting things that at one time were appreciated and in doing feeling good. It used to be that there was no TV. People became attached to them. The effect is that they are always being spoken to, always listening, and never talking. The internet was so well taken because people were talking again. Usually it isn’t in real time and otherwise is not a good supplement to it. People used to gather and share things, thoughts and stories, sitting doing so quite peacefully. All thoughts have become inward and not outward.

If they needed comfort then they would soak their feet or sit in a public pool, perhaps a bath. They had all the time of the day to write, and did so more leisurely. They may have taken long walks to get somewhere and once they appreciated being there, more. Letters were more personable.  

People weren’t so much induced with cultural issues. Now? Cultural issues are thrown at people regularly and heavily. It certainly makes up most TV whether it comes from a sitcom or a news program.

Life was more difficult back then but that’s what made it more meaningful, to work for things good and desired, and they had the time to sit by a fire in the back yard and lived “with less effort,” putting forth priorities and leisure like masters. I don’t approve of TV too much but the internet is much more acceptable, and video games more than that. And it seems like we are in the early days of a “second reality” which is just fine with me. And science has made our lives better over all and ever continues to. But as for spiritual well being it has just taken a bad hit. Science will make up for that, too, but at the moment we are at a point of sorting, of uncomfortable change and removal from purely entertainment vices.

It’s very well true though that thanks to the internet we can learn anything and use that knowledge creatively. No teacher matches the thorough presentations and tutoring that the internet provides. It is a sea of knowledge rich and robust of life for those that would take from it. Because of the internet it would seem like the FCC wasted their time for decades. I mean good God as soon as the internet came along they were just dispensed with—from the start! This should have been anticipated. It was predictable that people someday will have something such as the internet and they would each and all say what they want to. The FCC couldn’t fine millions of people. It seems because of the internet we have achieved total freedom of speech.

And it showed that what people want to watch varies widely from what TV has given us over the years. You’d never see lyrics beside a music video until somewhat recently. People playing video games, how to make a solar panel, console modding, in boxing, reviews of products, music mixes of many kinds, tutorials, these were never on TV but make up most of the kinds of videos you’d find online. TV had gotten stuck on reality shows for so long.

76. Spending money intuitively removes money's mastery over you. To otherwise be decisive and not rotate from one thing to another obsessively, the two put no dictation unto you. Whatever enters your mind as pleasant, allow. It could be something that seems nice and it usually is. I wanted a Catholic candle one day, and wrote that down. Often I’ve been walking around looking into various stores and by just thinking something was neat, I bought it. After rent and food are paid for, and clothes, I otherwise don’t tell myself that I don’t need something. I don’t have to need something but the more I have the more I have to work with.

I got some twelve sided dice, some glass and crystal dice, and dice with images on them. One time I just wanted to buy some blank CDs. And I really didn’t know what to do with them. Then I saw some tape and thought 'well that’ll go nice with that. And the same I thought about a deck of cards. So with the wide and clear tape I basically made CDs lined by playing cards. It turned out nice, really. And I know myself that one thing may seem like a waste of money to buy until I find something that goes with it. Like I bought some plastic straws one day and thread the next. And I made a curtain from the two.

You’d be surprised to know how far a dollar goes!

  1. Anarchy that breaks past a certain point cripples a nation that is free. People live in free and peaceful nation’s for centuries but gradually their rights cause outbursts of terrorism/ mass shootings. I call it “Solomon’s Law.” That season of things is inescapable. Everything flips to the other side sooner or later. People want a tribal kind of society. People who normally wouldn’t commit an atrocious act like a mass shooting would double down on it just for seeing it everywhere. Sooner or later there comes a breaking point where everyone is committing a crime. In a free society. And since everyone cannot be stopped at once it is like unto the effect of a riot but nationwide. One thing cannot stay one thing for very long, it's as simple as that.

So then what happens after total anarchy? Well, nothing is that certain. Any number of things can happen. And it’s unpredictable. But it could be that one person is given total power in the nation it occurs in. And if you don’t think that can happen in a democratic nation, well, it has many times before. And on a lesser scale here in the USA. They gave a mayor martial law power during Katrina. And during that time it was a free for all, anyway, so why not give the police free for all power, too? You know what I mean? I used to believe that terrorism by large wasn’t too damaging a problem for us. What with how very much they’d have to blow up, how regularly and often, to cripple us. But social rebels are on the rise and saturating our nation in their own implemented tyranny. They are “King for the Day,” or “The Joker from Batman.”

  1. The principle that human homes are themselves improved all the time is such a good thing to have, yourself, in an Optimal form. If you are well and good with leaving out the very most expensive things then you’ll go far on average—on majority. Things never heard of are becoming more accessible. For example, a movie theater in a home, even one somewhat large, is becoming very affordable! There are digital projectors half the price of a decade or so ago. You may have wanted one then and thought that was just too expensive a thing. But now? Now or at least soon you can and many will, I’m sure. We’ve gone from twelve inch TV to flat screen plasmas, to these digital projectors with 100 inch and more screens. It barely even seems possible. But the deficit has just gone over time. And the same can be expected over other desirable things—like surround sound, multiple emulators and room machines, the fact that the most powerful computers of ten or so years ago are now on a very small chip you hook up to TV. And all around, things are improving.

There is now a home computer that can answer any direction and fulfil requests. There is an abundance of good things coming and available now to make one’s home the best it can be. With nothing lacking.  

78. If you live by the sword you very well could die by it depending on how much is too. Much and a breaking point has been reached. If a breaking point is reached and you’ve gone too far, or that you carelessly projected yourself on to an authoritative person, the result will be crushing. To cause problems everywhere you go and having the habit of double downing on people you will come to the point that it will come back at you full force. Expect it to. The Christian Satanist let’s his position known and usually takes the high ground. He will reason if something is too petty a matter to give attention to. He will try to resolve matters with all practicality. We don’t let insignificant things be problems. If it is hopeless to solve a problem and things are just escalating then it is at that point that you must pick your battles and take stronger action. If there is another solution such as removing yourself from them then take it.

A “blameless” person is just that (not being able to be blamed. Having done no wrong.) Considering that someone else is good enough, helps. I’m sure your least enemy is least your enemy indeed and that your greatest enemies have been few. Let those on the road to destruction pass you along the way. Let them go where they long to be and bid them farewell. Sometimes keeping your head low and keeping your enemies few is the best way to survive. See, problems with others must be. But greater problems with them, don’t.

  1. Christian Satanism can be done for just the reason that others will argue with you that it cannot be done. That it is in all ways impossible, that it doesn’t make sense and cannot be defined, an oxymoron, unfair. Unfair because they are on one side. And the more of them the merrier. That somehow you are a spy, treasonous, unsided and only in it half way. These are all good and perfect reasons to shout to the rooftop “I am a Christian Satanist!” NO YOU AREN'T! It seems so unacceptable that one would be one without the other, as like in a war where one person takes the side of both in a well proportioned and balanced way. They that pray “Blessed be of God. To all good praise be for God and may the Devil guide all our ways.” Are very intolerable to most Christians and Satanists, equally so. These are people that are basically ridiculing religion! But we are very much our own people and whether or not we thoroughly and thoughtfully seek balance we are one in the same. We are Christian Satanic. That means that we are by nature those of anti terms. Certainly none that can be pigeonholed. One one day and another another.

Because of it we are free. If we are connected it is because of it.

  1. If people were honest with themselves they would realize that they don’t really want others to be happy. In general people want to control and impose things upon you. That’s the reason why we have rules that go up a mile high. That’s the reason why the news is so much watched. Just think about it: people are watching the news to observe tragedy. I don’t. I watch it to observe justice being served. But most of all I don’t watch regular news at all, but rather news about scientific advances, those that will help people or how it already is. But if you are going to know people for who they are you would have to realize just how evil they are. And I see it all the time. People are very selfish. They sometimes refuse to give others the benefit of the doubt. Everyone deserves good things. But there is another bad characteristic in people right there: they are so lazy and inept that they would Ron a person blind. And they are so despicable that they’d attack and seriously harm, or even slaughter the person they Rob they hate them so much. Life hasn’t held back from giving them opportunity so no sympathy should be given them. People really give little thought to others from person to person.

And you can depend on that fact. People are more likely to be interested in those they bully than those they care for, then they would care for someone, but the bully s/ he is more satisfied with prey than friends.

People really don’t care if you don’t have something. Most often if they hand you what you’ve asked for they just don’t want to be on bad terms with you. Man is basically bad.

Man is basically bothered by man and the concept of people being a social creature. He is so much more prey and Hunter among his own kind than any wolf or pride of lions would be. He gathers his own kind together more specifically than wolves would. If one wolf was black and another white, man would look into such differences carefully in order to make those not just like them an enemy for every reason they can hate. The potential of hatred in men is without limit or boundary.

He bickers with his company all the time and gathers in groups that heartlessly slay others, never needing any good reason. They like the feel of a gun in their hand. They like to see their ideological enemies cut down to size. The Christian screams of hell fire and thinks negatively of others, that they should be punished by God! And given the opportunity to rule over all it has been proven that power corrupts. But they were corrupt to begin with. Thank God we have laws that keep people from harming us. Let’s harm them. Let’s lock them away.

And let us be better than these things. A bit less selfish. A bit less hateful. A bit less judgmental and persecutory. A bit less ill wishing. And altogether and on the whole better than common man.

  1. Man long ago created copies of themselves and they were quite perfect copies. They essentially came upon a type of scan so thorough that the make of the entire brain and down to the neurons and such things could be known and very quickly reproduced. At first they did so with matter. They were exact physical copies of themselves. But soon after they learned how to do the same, but in making spiritual bodies. They were without flesh. They were largely energy based.

He made a secret universe, an artificial one but one that was very much real and pliable nonetheless. He set forth the exact design to place upon this universe, planet to planet, far separated. These spirits they created and yes they were just walking souls upon a mostly bare plain, early Earth being one of them they were given to forming into life on Earth with the very basics for fuel (mostly water and food and little else.) But rudimentary life was all that could be found, anywhere, at that time.

They made such a place that these energy forms would creep into the rudimentary, very basic and simple life upon the planet to possess it and create with it once it was inhabited. They had a basic blueprint of what each soul sent down was to create. And mixing with the non soul non spirit elements of Earth they put within these their souls.  They were experts at it. They didn't have much of a soul. It wasn’t self conscious. It was more of a mechanism than not. But by entering into these elements, basic life, they were like a brain with tentacles, brought within and living through them and circling the circle of life we find to this very day.

We who are human know life and consciousness the best. We are more self aware. We developed the right way. The pieces came together just right for us. Life creates souls. Souls do not create lives. Souls go unto the new then souls create lives. But that life creates new souls simply by being. I guess my theory is as good as anyone else’s.

  1. As much as we need the sun and things within our environment to have life, we live through the lives of other things, but too the “non” life of other things. Where there is life there are things made alive.

As the sun has shined upon all life for ages the sun itself is made alive! The elements of the sun direct our temperature and by it is life given. But also it is that the sun gets its own life through us. As the sun is within us where life is, life is made.

This is observable in Gaia theory with which the life of the life of the Earth is all one life. Like the system that we are all closely integrated into. But what has not been known in Gaia theory is that what goes through life becomes alive.

It may be our own personal life within us. That the light shining on is understood and calculated, determined and known. In this way the world around us is given meaning. The Earth around created an understanding of itself through us. We rose from rock and dust and to know it’s own self. Consciousness came from moving through. From calculations that became increasingly difficult to render.

At first it was very rudimentary, very simple. It isn’t a monstrous leap that we came into self and outer awareness. It was a very miniscule step that was raised above for ages. It started out so small as to just know that we moved through something. That became knowing more complicated, more difficult analysis and such over our environment.

As we move in life our environment moves along with us. We carry it on board. We take it places. And we place it within, we take life from it.

  1. Mandatory education has been one of the most damaging institutions in history, and certainly in America. It’s been argued recently how the problem of school shootings could be resolved. The school is the problem. It is a place where a person’s self esteem is the most delicate and sensitive of things. Most people have been bullied there to some extent. And many very badly.

School fosters like minded people and baby sit into thinking together.  Individuality is punishable. And in pursuing the popular they become enveloped in music of a bad influence and other such entertainment that can harm them and those around them. In schools kids create gangs. School should be optional.

That’s not all though. The worst thing about school is that people don’t learn to work at an early age. They read things that truth be told will never help them very much. Especially now that sciences are coming to be that which solves their query electronically. Like a cell phone app you show your phone to math on paper that provides the answer to the equation. And soon enough software to automatically fix grammar. It’s not like that by becoming dependent on these will make people never be able to learn them again if they ever wanted or need to.

Besides, given the choice a person is going to take the help software provides. It’s not then like they won’t have a choice growing up. They’ll take the choice of using software over what they’ve learned because even if they know it well, using software is still easier and fool proof. I just don’t see any good use of mandatory schooling but I see a lot of negative things about it and a  lot of bad. It’s basically too much around their own kind, those their ages, forming gangs, idealizing on criminal behavior, all of the peer pressure, the harm to their self esteem. And they aren’t taught to work. For some, school is the best place. I certainly wouldn’t take that from them. But it shouldn’t be required at all. Nor even pushed or strongly influenced upon some one. More than that, the bad about it should be considered and not ignored. It would certainly save tax money.

  1. Christian Satanism must be given more depth by those able minded to put within it deeper religious elements. Whereas I have been so philosophical I have felt some many more purely religious attributes have been kept from it. Let us enjoy the involvement of more mysterious things, which this religion has not met well enough by me. Maybe I should pay more attention to things of fantasy and mysticism. But I am not so adept at them. I am very close to fantasy and theories of it. If I could find a truth in the other worldly, the supernatural and mystical then I would certainly present it in my teachings. It has been, a little, but unless something is concrete and sure, I’ll have passed it up. I only include the best things. I would look into the matter but if nothing is there, nothing is there.

These things fool those very open to them. If they want to believe something they certainly will, with all passion and eagerness. They will deliver fat and willingly into tales of the new order and groups behind them. An alien is at their front door and a ghost is in their bedroom even though they’ve never seen them. And the president is the AntiChrist, or the Pope, who at the Vatican, has access to a powerful book of witchcraft. And maybe they need that book. Their witchcraft doesn’t work. Maybe they need new spells. Their friends' witchcraft works well. They remember this time though that they cursed someone and harm befell them. In that instance their spell worked, they believe. But it didn’t.

It goes up down, left and right into every corner of the northeast, the southwest, that things must be true, and that life holds no mystery is no doubt, but I think these people have had a good life and an interesting one for sure, but their world is based on a lie, coming from self deceit.

As for me I determine things that have held water throughout. That the characteristics of Satan, or God, are as such, consistently, and that wherever a fact is very apparent there must be truth behind it. I actually do believe that most modern music is far and away from godly (God- serving) but instead made for the Devil, about the Devil, like the song Diamonds. And though I’m not so sure about the outcome and future occurrence of The Revelation I do believe that things are very well put into a very good place for the occurrence of the Anti Christ. RFID chips implanted onto a hand, that the media belongs to the Devil, that anarchy is starkly increasing, I believe the setting is perfect for the emergence of The AntiChrist.

So many people professing God's word are unique—driven, meaning they want a message just their own and nothing to do with the basic teachings, those which are more important than off-road understanding.

86. The nature of certain kinds of people

The Psychologist will be the first to talk to you in a certain manner, one that they are taught to be the most effective. “How does that make you feel?” “I am hearing that ( ).” “That must make you very frustrated!” but in doing so they can’t hold a normal conversation. They’ll embellish and sugar coat, leading you on and worst of all feign interest that they don’t have.

They are mostly useless. In my experience therapy is nothing but small talk. Many are brought into their doors that don’t need to be there. They have pills. They will make you happy (again) and they freely distribute drugs that way. Some of them are just flat out euphoric drugs. Though I will tell you, Schizophrenic drugs work. They treat Schizophrenia and seemingly like magic, remove most or even all of it. Schizophrenia is not a multiple personality disorder. That is a common misconception. Schizophrenic people, like myself, suffer from delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations. Though as for me and the luckier of us we have no symptoms when medicated.

To veer off into this

I had been deranged while schizophrenic. I thought that the radio was talking to me. It seemed like a Satanic place. Like while listening to a choir I heard a teenage girl say in the middle of it “fuck me Jesus!” and I’d sense things on the radio and the music within it as simply far more satanic. I mean, I could sense people as they truly must have been. When a radio announcer modified the way he talked I was more sensitive to the way in which he expressed himself. Which most of all sounded more bizarre, silly, even moronic than how I would hear it plainly, and not Schizophrenic.

I was more sensitive when a woman was feeling sexual during an interview on the radio. And apart from that I became enveloped in music. It felt “more deep” and it captivated me. Uplifted me highly. It made me euphoric.

I would see visions, as of God. One time I saw God swish his hand away from me and say “remember fire, pussy.” Once I saw Jesus in heaven and I told him “bow to you? Why not? It doesn’t mean anything (to just bend a knee)” And Satan was there and said “That’s Troo.” He appeared like a lion sounding something like a man with a cartoonish voice.

These were collectively taken to be Schizophrenic. They identified me as such. And though the things I’ve said we’re cool, that spiritual, metaphysical kind of things were open to me, the bad outweighs the good, badly. Because I lived much as in fantasy and didn’t have a good reality at all, a right reality. I was grandiose. I really believed I was the most popular man on Earth and would put papers of things like signatures, inventions, compositions into people’s tip jars who were performing street music. I thought they were worth millions! Though it was a good idea, at least, at least it would have been if I were famous. I imagine if I was famous I could do that and change my environment all around.

And on the whole Schizophrenia is more bad than good. My visions though meant real things, my voices were real.

Anyways, I am now legally bound to take them. I put myself in that position. But very many good things I’ve been able to include in my religious writings because of it. As I was with the experience I had and the ideas that came from it while not medicated, homeless, and Schizophrenic for a whole year. If I had a better grip on fantasy I had gained a better grip on reality and the wisdom to differentiate between the two. Nothing comes past me. I am wiser than Daniel.

I give only the best and I’ve come from heavenly places, as well as hell. Many hells flow through me and many clouds I’ve found in my darkest hour. I have been above and fallen below. And I have come down only to come back up. I have been as Odin who went into Hades to collect the runes and I have surfaced them here. I have many tales to tell,

Drugs have never been my master—I’ve never even taken them. I am my own master using his own mind. I have scoured the Earth and gone within my own thinking to determine what is good and best and for those things I live.

I am a worldly man and well taught. I have passed up the knowledge of little use and have looked far and wide to know what is best. I am more qualified than Anton LaVey and certainly more qualified than Aliester Crowley. I represent something far better than those peddling the two, such as Peter Gilmore. Don’t pass me up lightly. I will put the stars in your grasp.


Thank you for reading! I want to make people better people and am well trained in bringing such about. I hope that my advice has been well enough of good value. You may find that my religion is no cult, in quite the opposite manner fathering individuality and self progression over group progression. One is personal, the other not. Building yourself everyday will serve you very well and raise you above most, whose lives have changed little to nothing over the years. Be the best you can be.

Christian Satanism is very much it’s own thing. Just by its nature it is suggested in its title it is an anti being—an anti title, not a way dedicated to a specific thing but rather removed from each and the other thing. Christian Satanism is for those who are undefinable and an anti kind of person. It is for people who wish to be separated from established ways. It’s double handed against them. It makes and brings about an existence coming from refusal of typical existence. It is for those who wish to separate, to go their own way, and not be associated or connected seriously to others. It is our own place.

It makes a separated and “isolated” state of mind. It brings to yourself yourself and puts others at the distance you need them to be. It makes one one's own kind and makes you better able to understand others because of it, be it for good or be it for bad. Or both.

And it is a thing whose time has come. Sooner or later good and bad, hero and villain will wear thin and people will suggest the gray. It is hard to find 'em, but it is of just abundant use as good or evil individually and as coinciding.. There are a lot of good and new uses.

The Primary Facets of Christian Satanism

  1. Understanding the principle list (as shown below)
  2. Unlocking your memory using the dictionary technique (take a basic pocket dictionary with only regular words and with each word you see, remember something based on it.)
  3. Self inclusivity. Which means to become strictly your own person and keep yourself from having a mind the same as others. To think your own thoughts and not have the thoughts of others do “your” thinking.
  4. Visualizing—using music to think well of yourself and your goals, achievement, and prideful being. Taste magic, with which you do this with good tasting food (ideally candy) where each flavor represents only one thing. Which is magic that really works!
  5. And enjoying the things of the senses as well as you can. To taste as full and we’ll as you can. To enjoy music, or things of the eyes fully.
  6. And general, good, positive thoughts. Be they pride or hope, being grateful or just peacefully undisturbed.

The Principle List:

From age oldest to youngest in your family and/ or friends, for twelve members of your family or friends from oldest to youngest:

PersonPerson One: Red, Hand, Bird, Staff

Two: Bear, Cane, Bee, Brown

Three: Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Four: White, Ring, Goat, Thief

Five: Joker, Gold, Sword, Swine

Six: Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

Seven: Yellow, Rodent, Duke, Wind

Eight: Bomb/Blast/ Wand, Fox, Beast, Black

Nine: Yellow, Toad, Dust, Horse

Ten: Assassin, Word, Tiger/ Lion, Creature Eleven: Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit Twelve: Purple, Dragon, Dog/ Wolf, Mask.

Christian Satanic Book Three


That is my name. It was given to me and I recieved it in a psychiatric hospital. A staff member there told me to go to my room. I told him “say Lucifer, go to my room.” And when he didn’t I spat on his face. He struck me in my nose, breaking it. I fell and spilled a pint of blood. I immediately got back up and a nurse immediately tended to me. She thought that I needed stitches between my eyes. But that wasn’t a cut but an indent. My skull was cracked open between my eyes. And I went to my room and three moving worms like slivers came out of my mouth. Afterward in my life I could hear voices, often I heard “Lucifer is speaking,” or, “Lucifer has spoken,” and a metaphysical world opened up to me, full of visions and demons, “voices” and Revelations. I earned my name Lucifer.

I guess the reason why my last name is white is that my favorite things are white, particularly food. Sugar, flour, dough, salt, potatoes, bananas, coconut, white peach, white corn chips, tortillas, garlic, milk, etc., While many good things are white otherwise (thunder, clouds, snow, White Sands New Mexico, cotton, clothing I can bleach. White rainbows, black rainbows, you don’t find.

What really attracted me to white happened while I was incarcerated in isolation for a month. A literal isolation room, small, rubber walls, no toilet, no sink, while I was there for a month. I was thinking a lot about both my food and my family. I somehow started thinking about giving each person of my immediate family a color, an animal, an item, and a mythological thing, basically. But they each had four things I could use to think about them. So while I had my food before me I considered what color I should be. And white was very appealing. I never considered it a nice color, until then. I think it's a very good color.  

Imagine a Christian whom you are not totally involved in. S/he wants a friend more than anything. But you don’t. Then imagine you are in a fight with two other Christians, a bad argument. And you are sitting in a room with them. The first Christian whom you don’t need comes right in the room and gives the two other Christians a high five. S/he shows that they consider you an asshole for not liking them. For not really liking or thinking much of them—and they hate you for it. They supplement it by becoming more fully embraced to their “other selves.” And the very fact that they aren’t self substantial is shown. That they are not just themselves, they are many selves. And they need them to be whole. It could have been entirely reasonable that you got into an argument with the two Christians in the room. But this isn’t paid any mind by the third Christian. S/he jumps at the chance to basically say I don’t need you by giving the two Christians a great big high-fi.

Jesus went into hell. He had the keys to hell to death. And he pulled everyone out of it. People we’re sure their destiny was simply death. But things unexpected by them occurred that lead to their salvation. Christian Satanism has within it the key to salvation. To believe in Jesus and do well and good to others, to desire that Salvation and pursue it is good enough for any one to be saved, even if they worship idols and carry a somewhat more Satanic perspective. Why can’t we have our perspective? What is so damning about what we do? It is beyond me to instruct that others be harmed, for any reason. There are very many things I’d never wish on my worst enemies.

But the Christian Satanist is a more pragmatic form of Christianity. Perhaps more the mind is Satanic, but more the heart Christian. I think that’s a good formula for Christian Satanism. Christian Satanists must fight their own battle, battle to battle. But my advice is to have the perspective and mentality to survive or else you may very well fall under the sword. Get by in life peacefully doing good, worthwhile, productive things and as a Christian Satanist do not neglect the good, wholesome nature of the world. He has set it aside for us.

In reading this book you may skip around. You don’t have to read it page by page but being what it is it can be read here and there until understood well and I promise you a positive change in your life if you read and practice what I’ve written. Thanks for reading.

  1. I grew up in New Mexico. Though it was such a poor state it did have many uniquely occurring things— a lake with salt water, white sands, but it also was home to groups of Satanic Cults. You can find Satanic graffiti in many places there. It is considered to have more alien sightings than any other part of the world. Somehow similarly an enormous amount of ET Atari games was found dumped there. Scientologists have their written dogma and such preserved in New Mexico. It is an isolated state. You can drive for an hour at a time without seeing a town. It is home of Billy the Kid and I imagine was more of a wilderness those days.

It was the place that the first atomic bomb was dropped. That was an explosion like the world has never seen. The people who set it up were afraid that it would destroy the entire world. They were unsettled by what such a powerful blast would do. And it was detonated anyway. Something did occur and that is that a rift was opened up, cutting open a dimension below it. The very fact that they chose White Sands on which to drop the nuclear bomb wasn’t a coincidence. That is the upper floor, the very ceiling of hell. The blast was so mighty that the roof of hell was punched open. Some demonic entities escaped, many, knowing they had a limited time to emerge before the “wound” would heal itself. They rose out and were poured on the spirit of man and this is seen in the way that the people of Earth would become following after.

There had been other openings of hell, at least one other. That is the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is a place receptive toward hell. But that is more pulling down.  It is a case in which the opposite occurred. A blast occurred upward from not Earth or Hell but a third party, and that’s the best it can be explained. Whenever there is an opening in a dimension based on magic, the two coinciding together will be a tug of war. The one doing magic right has his thoughts sent to any other number of dimensions, and simply by being aware of us their thoughts come back into our own mind and sometimes their spirit is produced within us, due it, something like thought babies. People have very well traveled over the rainbow into other places. Why? Sometimes it is just being at the right place at the right time and other elements suitable to its occurrence. It is for a large number of reasons: sometimes things can’t come through your door if that door isn’t open, if you don’t welcome them in. And sometimes special permission applies. And other times they are just not aware of you. But if you focus on the right entity/ other dimensional being and you are focusing on one that really does exist and they become aware of it, they are pulled in. But if your mind is just making things up, then nothing is there to be pulled in. And if you come to the sense that something is there, a strong sense, you likely are invoking something. These will come about as less imagination and more realization. It especially helps if they think back to you after you think back to them. It becomes a tug of war and results in either you entering into their presence, or them yours. So it is a venture in establishing a link, basically enough.

When a person is possessed they have been around a large concentration of the occult, usually. They have brought in a spirit of another thing. Much as it is observed in nature that life hijacks other life that milk doesn’t have to be milk, but blood. That our very cells are fed upon to reproduce, spirits can make their own life, too, and feed upon things such as your reality. Just like having more than one spirit, being split into two or more. Life finds its way into life and reproduces. It finds its home there.

And with all this explained I will provide a list of seven elements of magical effectivity. These are seven things that give magic it power and effectiveness:

  1. Being receptive. Being sensitive, along those same lines. It is to “keep an open door.” It is to have intuition and the right intuition. It is all in effort not to deceive yourself. To be receptive you must look for something. You must find it by looking carefully. You may have to piece things together and realize them as they are seen in full.
  2. Being concentrated. Having a concentrated amount of the occult or as in frequent use of magic. Over time it adds up so much that it begins to burst right through. Just by your practice of witchcraft you are filling it up to the point that it comes toward you like an overflowing dam.
  3. Treat it mathematically. Know what to add, what to multiply. Know what to decide to proportion. Know what you should subtract, should lessen or remove. And know what you should decide and appropriate, combine and rearrange. If your math is right you will have a better result than would you not have. This one is indicative of a higher magical result.
  4. Connecting the right pieces. This is especially important. You must provide links where they belong. You must allow a way outward that goes outward. That isn’t just pushing but more like carrying and delivering. It is to connect things in a way that bridges you and your target. It can also be making a better path unto you or rather one you can traverse. And you must come to know what kind of bridge is needed between you and your target as though not all bridges may be crossed, even if it is a bridge.
  5. Apply special permission. This is in too making yourself more desirable and accessible. It’s when you are liked by the diet/ demon that you will more easily make contact with then otherwise. If they don’t like you or have any good reason to connect with you, they probably won’t. And curses often fall upon those that call forth a demon or spirit only to have wasted their time. So in short—be worthwhile and desirable.
  6. You must be more than simplistically minded. You must be involved. You must desire and want what you are trying to do to have a result. If your heart isn’t in it then you are really doing things emptily. Otherwise you may engulf yourself in attention toward what you are doing—not too logic minded, not too serious, but more entertained and interested.
  7. Realize that all good efforts of magic work but it will produce an effect that may not have been expected. That is to say if you create sea monsters what you may get is something more like cruise ships sinking in the deep sea. It will find its own route, like water.

Of course it could be argued that use of witchcraft can’t possibly be Christian, but sometimes power and fun is just more important. What we lack we must make up for. You can pray to God until the sun goes down and receive nothing, even the simplistic thing. So as a result we need to do what we can to have the goods delivered.

2.  You are needed, one and all. You are needed according to this list:

1. To plant seeds far and wide. The Earth needs this. It is the best solution to our preciseness we cursed the Earth with. Life is not supposed to be given with preciseness. Life is meant to come and evolve on its own. And to survive, or at least thrive, the Earth needs a dose of chaos. That for every mile of land, a thousand seeds. From the least of us doing our best, from the greatest effort of the best, more abled.

Society needs chaos, in order to flatten out again. It has been entangled in preciseness itself and impossibly tangled up. The rope has been knotted so many times that it needs to be tossed out altogether. We need to simplify drastically, at any cost. Whether we have it or not it will happen. It will erupt like a great volcano. It will split the ground as much as Jesus did two thousand years ago.

  1. You are needed to create and improve certain sciences such as AI and robotics. These will replace man-made work and put us into retirement where we need to work on our own things independently instead of remaining slaves one to the other. We need slaves. But those slaves must be robotics with well equipped AI.

We need the development of any sciences that will end any kind of suffering and crime. So we need things like solid energy, replicators, and the true second reality in which we may slip into separate dimensions. We very well are creating a new dimension. That new place we go is called our heaven.

  1. You are needed to improve all people far and wide, near and easy to reach, difficult and seemingly impossible to reach. To teach, to make better, to evolve, especially, to refine and advance. Let our agenda be just that. Counsel others on being productive. Have one and all be as fruitful as can be, one person at a time without time wasted. Go into every corner of the Earth and profuse on Christian Satanism. Have known far and wide its practice. Because God will not return until Christian Satanism has become the one major religion of the Earth. Be then the Devil's disciple and Christ's alike and open windows of heaven, whose basement is in hell.
  2. You are needed as My People of Perfect Sense in order for me to set forth this new religion and expand it into all areas of the Earth and to keep my voice alive when I am silent or long gone.   Be mine always and circle around me, and after learning by me, dispense and be as God’s upon the Earth who claim every bit of peace of it. And God will reward you with sex slaves, and the Madams of Sin will have pyramids built for them—dressed to the nines, and given all authority where they reside.

But the people who are useless, let them be given nothing. Let them sit and keep them entertained but out of the way. If a person's only interest is free or easily gotten money and is filled with promises they never even graze, then separate them from others to stop this contagion. They do nothing lasting. So why should they always come in for the biggest piece of the pie, as they always do? They sit around and eat it the moment it is cooked. And when the man comes home he finds that nothing was left for him. And the lazy man is full of lies and excuses regarding his refusal to do any good.

May they be eaten by their own sin! May they be extinguished and not kept lit. And cast into the outer darkness where they will meet their end. For trash they ate to be kept alive, and so to the heap they shall rot alongside.

The Koran tells a story about how Satan expedited his angels into accomplishing his agenda. And that is as well in the Holy Bible. Conversely, Jesus tells of those whom God had given a purpose. In both cases there were some that came back in substantially and we’re either less awarded or even punished. But the Kingdom itself is given to those who serve any master the best.

So how would a Christian Satanist serve both masters and yet serve them best? Well, that involves the very fact of why Christian Satanism is. That is, that it was made in order there be a balance. The Christian Satanic Bible from it became, much as a war in heaven, a fiery debate, one with much involvement. So the answer is that a Christian Satanist is here to be balanced. We strain, we appropriate, give to either side what they are due. And whenever both sides are given good things, all things are better.

3. The Devil's tongue and The Devil's personality is one that freely changes. He’s been around a very long time. He has accumulated personalities over the years. Over the hundreds and hundreds of years. Over thousands. He has of himself many personalities that he engenders freely, desirably. This isn’t multiple identity. It is a little, but for most part it is a different personality with one identity. He still knows who he is from personality to personality. In fact he knows himself very well! As well as others.

This multiple personality thing, don’t mistake it with multiple identity. Rather it is just to have one personality change to the other at will, as desired. Like playing cowboy and Indian, robber and cop, or to be a clown, an actor, portraying evil, or being a detective. You may not be able to be these things literally, more or less, but children know well that the next best thing is just as good. To pretend to be something that feels good being is a very Satanic trait.

If someday you just think it would feel good to think like a detective or what have you, then try it out! And do not forget the voice, accent and way of speaking go along with it. And go along with it, it’s simple, and it feels good.

As for Satanic Speaking in Tongues this involves making up sounds like you’ll see in an old Disney movie. For example in Cinderella there was “bibbity bobbity boo.” And often in songs people make up meaningless sounds. This was especially done when the Devil's music was still fresh. What sounds good together is about all you need to know. But also have the sounds somewhat the same from one to the other. Iza day Iza day Iza dayayul.

4.  A childish devil worship is the best kind. To regard a doll to be a demon, to sing with it, in dancing, and regarding yourself as one of Satan's sons, to walk childishly and behave childishly is Satanic. But it isn’t being a child's child. It isn’t in being a childish adult. It is being a child with an adult brain. So in effect you do not act like you’re dumber than you should be. But that you are an adult child with an adult brain but a childish personality. This is necessary in invoking Agnes, especially.

And here is a list of mindsets that help in aligning yourself with demonic entities:

Leviathan will have your thoughts be deep and meditative

Shiva will have you indulgent, a seeker of pleasure and good things

Lilith will have you coupled with her and passionate

Pan would have you celebrating

Mammon would have you commit sin to pay the toll into hell

Beezlebub would have you thinking of a fly, one that follows you with iniquity—a partnership, it would have you know things only that demons really know

Azrael would have your heart black, gazing down into an abyss

And Satan will have you evolve, to be as a wo(man) ascended. A Star.

  1. In thinking of different personalities someone could be a snake on the grass, a rabbit, a rodent, a bear, a cat. And these come about offering thoughts of how they’d be. It is a type of characterization. And some magicians will put on masks of these animals but it is far more meaningful and matters more than just a mask. To feel yourself as your mask gives you such a mask. And you can do it anywhere. You don’t have to have others to see you wearing a mask. You can just use your third eye to know it is there. There’s the physical and immaterial world. The physical is just stone and wood. Your thoughts are more important. They exist within, not without.

  1. When you eat this food or that, pray that they (demons) can taste it whenever they want. Just pray, “God I pray that (Satan) can taste this anytime he wants. I did it often. Would you believe that during lunch where a man and I were appointed to sit together during meals, someone named Saturn was assigned beside me. His name was pronounced Say-turn. I also got down on my knees to pray to Satan where his door happened to be. And just the third or so time I did the lights beside his door busted off. It was a loud burst too!

7.  Two wrongs do not make a right! Anyone who had spat on another just once may have the urge to do so again. I’ve seen just that. And he asked himself out loud why he has the irresistible urge to spit on someone's face. Can you imagine how they’d feel with this “intrusive thought” when next to a cop? The cop would knock him to the ground and break his arm or wrist. Or someone just simply too much bigger than him. Spitting on someone comes at a high cost. It provokes instant reaction.

A person can only get away with something so many times. I can only imagine the daily dread a person feels after killing someone. It tests on their head night and day that the body may be discovered. And those that escape by jumping bail have the same cloud hanging over. Whether or not to add to that the guilt. When the movie The Passion of the Christ was made a person felt so (righteously) guilty for killing his girlfriend that he confessed. Well, I guess, Christ can take you anywhere.

Doing wrong becomes a bad habit. Everyone controls themselves to a greater or lesser degree. To make the choice to hit someone once surely lends to hitting him again, and again. I imagine that would just be much like an opening of the damn where water just bursts forth uncontrolled. May as well hit him again the wrong has already been done. And so one thinks they are killing their opponent. But on such a murder/ man slaughter, will one have to pay the price. So don’t hit someone the first time. You may lose control entirely.

There are those in prison that are there for life, and those who are going to be executed there. Believe me they have no problem with killing someone behind bars, in such a case. And it was said that Jeffery Dahmer didn’t know what to do with the bodies, so he ate them a little at a time. Every wrong can become a good thing to do, but it is no more right than the first time it was done. They are sure to lie to themselves saying it is worth it. But it’s not. They’re going to get caught.

8. The inhibited self wants to be the realized self. Taught all of your life do's and do not collect inside. People become what others will make them be as all agree together. But that side of oneself wants out. We are much like animals inside and we have a beast within us in a cage. The beast settles in the cage. It is very easy to refrain. But it isn’t so easy to stop. How good it would feel to strip naked and dance that way in the street, so long as you could be sure that no one cares. But we just don’t receive that kind of permission in life. We all have set forth right and wrong ways of being.

Imagine your more inner self as being a person yourself, but amplified. Really a bloated up you that at all times you only let a little air out. You are much like this thing that can’t let loose. If you are an intellectual person this side of you would become really drunk with self and greatly worded with pride. I am big. I am biiiig.

I don’t know why the counselors don’t come up to me in my life and say, “Little Lucifer, why don’t you let out everything right now and yell it from the top of your lungs.” I’d never be so privileged.

One time in my life I was taking a shower and suddenly decided to lay down and treat it like a waterfall, very vigorously scrubbing and drinking the water that fell to my face. And there have been a few times that the food before me became the savoriest thing. I devoured it. Somehow it was just the best damn tasting food I ever ate. I wasn’t starving. I've been eating regularly. But somehow my appetite became rapturous.

9. May all good things be returned to and the bad made better, the good yet better. It hasn’t been until recently that this has become widely so.

Now people are taking old games and improving them or else making adjustments and tweaking them. And there are new games being made for old systems.

Old movies are being made again, whether entirely new or as in predicted sequels, after so much time has passed. We have really come into a time where we have what is truly good on our plates and we want more of it. Our eyes don’t grow heavy over them. Our dreams are reaching an Optimal point in some regards.

As for me, I have a score of things I want to succeed. Most of them are often underappreciated underdogs or original things—things that paved the road to begin with. Such as Atari which came long before Nintendo, but died under the sword of Nintendo. You know what? Atari now has that same sword.

But I especially want SEGA and Final Fantasy to succeed. SEGA had such Demonic games! Really wicked ones. And they allowed the blood to fall in Mortal Kombat. I don’t much like their mascot. But as for games with wicked elements they were singularly best. Atari is making a new system. I hope they don't overprice it. Even at the sake of lesser hardware. They should take a hit if they have to. Video game consoles are just bound to. Even Nintendo with it’s virtual boy, which proved to be a waste of time.

I consider myself a video game historian.

Old shows are being brought back. My Ma is very happy about the return of Roseanne.

Video games are the new comic books, the game itself, or their manuals. And the new action figure in the way that they are more valuable if kept in the box. I think that it is a big and natural step for us that a more scientifically advanced toy be the new collectible, as opposed to some plastic doll. People have swarms of Marvel movies. Why would they like the comics?

It’s very much exciting for me to see people taking these old gaming systems and giving them new life. Such as replacing the capacitors, putting in a new screen, adding a back lit screen, fixing malfunctioning equipment, replacing a pin head or optical drive, adding a modern port to the TV like HDMI, and just general cleaning. As for very old games they are putting in new batteries or simply reproducing them. Even the old N64 got a brand new controller. It’s the best thing in life for me to see these things, you might be surprised to know.

10. Beware of those trained in psycho babble psychologists who are taught communication that they will have you be precise in what you say. They will have you elaborate. And they are known for being nosy. They’ll want reasons behind reasons. They could very well know all you mean plainly but they will ask why, why, and why until you’ve had to elaborate ridiculously on any given thing.

Sometimes they will want your reasons for not doing what they say or suggest you do. And once they have those reasons they will counterpoint them. They will break down what you say into many pieces to control you.

Things so much are black and white and reasons behind reasons shouldn’t be so important. Let them piece together the pieces themselves and tell them that is for them to figure out but that actually quite simple. If you allow them to do this to you then you will become lost for words and feel less able to understand the simplistic things, because your own reasons won’t seem good enough for you.

If you sense that you are made to elaborate and produce many reasons for any given thing, are asked to give numerous unconventional  examples, and repetitively asked why, then  you are dealing with a tricky Psychologist.

The best solution to this is simply by telling them you aren’t interested in getting into details. That’s pretty much a universal solution. But do not elaborate on them. Don’t pull up examples. And don’t engage in being precise and specific. It will do a lot of harm. It will make you think that things understood perfectly well aren’t, that you must understand the understandings. Just tell them you don’t like to elaborate or get into details.

11.  I used to ride my bike a mile or so a few times a week to a comic book store called Captain Comics. I would pour through the cheap section which had more roughed up comics on a rotating rack. They were 75 cents each, which even with inflation was very cheap.

I’d look through them carefully trying to find whichever ones would be most valuable. Like number one issues or older issues. My dad would give me the money I needed and I’d go get them. It rested right across from the library but I was more interested in comics.

They also had marvel cards, of various characters, for different prices and I liked those even more. I’d see the more valuable comics hanging on the wall and put into sleeves. One such one was Punisher, the first issue. And when the business was going under and closing down I got a very old TMNT comic, one of the pre-cartoon for dirt cheap.

And a nearby grocery store had video games and cartoons on tape. I wanted so badly to see their copy of a Fantastic Four cartoon on VHS. There was no internet. And movies were far more sparse. There wasn’t even a red box, or DVD at that time, long ago.

But to reach my point I had been practicing magic directed into making these things popular, in giving them life. In giving me more of them. I put my comics on an altar with incense and candles and prayed over them for seven days. On the seventh, it was a Saturday, and like my family would, there was a fire pit burning in the backyard. So I brought my comics together and threw them in the fire and prayed for their success. I asked God to bring them into popularity, basically.

And I must have packed a wallop! It took awhile to come into fruition and the process was at first slow. But then it sped up and couldn’t be stopped! Movie after movie of comic book characters emerged and continue to, to this day. I’m telling you exactly what I did, I put them on an altar and prayed for their emergence all around. And now they make up a bulk of movies being made year by year.

12. Why child-like interaction with the environment of Earth is conductive of magic has much to do with the Gaia theory. That the Earth has within it a spirit and that spirit can be engaged in. It is more the feeling and belief that lets it be. If you pass through a wooded area with little to no thought behind it then you will not pull any magic from it.

But a childhood spirit brought back to life and engaged in with the more “saved” places of Earth, those touched or diminished little results in magic. To give you some idea of what I mean: The Wiccans, who really sincerely believe the crystals they hold have magic within them. And they do. As with the wands they make from a special tree. But it’s just not so much so when their crystals are from a mail order company or that they got their branch from the back yard. Entering into more isolated, secluded areas of nature results in something more powerful.

When I can I like to look through rocks to find crystals. But using nature magic isn’t limited to looking for stones, or anything else, it can also be wandering out into the middle of nowhere, where you slip away from others.. even anyone anywhere near. I would “reflect upon my evil, dark and somber heart” in my early teenage years. I was looking for the Devil. In the deserts of the outskirts of Tucson I often walked for a couple or more hours to meditate in a sort of inviting way.

And I had gotten completely lost. Then I came across a cross road that had blood on some street signs on a road never used. And dead rabbits everywhere, possibly from coyotes, dogs, wolves or something. But there was blood smeared onto the signs. I decided to go east and keep on walking. Luckily, and not having meant to, a restaurant at which my aunt worked came into sight. And the restaurant was kind of in the middle of nowhere. I went through the door. My aunt was startled I’d been so far out and away from my home. And she gave me some ice cream and iced tea.

It is like the Earth is losing its spirit but that means those who would magically interact with it will have more power, not less. We have some fascination left in the world, yet.

13. Deriving parables from video games or movies can bring about many good ideas you can use in life. For example (and all ideas for this are widely different) you can tell yourself you will do four things Link has done in one day. Then, by thinking of what Link has done, look for ideas on what to do. It could be to go to the store for a type of treasure, but instead of an ocarina, a guitar, or instead of a magic energy increasing potion, a red bull. And just as Link destroyed a giant spider you could spray your home to eliminate pests. The ideas are without count.

You can ask yourself, What would Mario do? You can regard a scroll as trying to get a degree. And in relating to what these characters did to elevate their power, destroy their obstacles, reach a certain goal, act in a certain way, or create any sort of thing so can you.

In Final Fantasy Six (3 in the USA) a character named Terra had a slave crown on her head. She had to do as made to, it made her a slave. You can relate this to real life when it comes to obsessively devoted Christians. You can take the crown from their heads!

And video games spells like you’d find in Final Fantasy can be regarded as relative action. For example if you use a fire spell in real life you would provoke someone (hopefully one deserving) or with an ice spell you can cast that on yourself, choosing to be numb. Confusing people, a confuse spell, bringing to life, a bolt spell, changing and improving something, a warp spell, and reflect spells are counter reactive measures. Maybe even give yourself 80 MC (Magic Credits) to use each day. That you would do any kind of spell 80 times each day.

This has been covered in my book The Christian Satanic Bible.

14. A psychic connection to the world is when your mind and the great minds of the world are connected. I suppose it is as effective as you would have it be. And as far as I know only I have ever known of such a thing, until now. Let me explain. I was incarcerated some years ago and put into an isolation room. A small room with literally nothing inside, and forced to leave and bathe, if at all. I asked God for a few things during my stay inside. And he really delivered.

One of the things I established was having what I called “a psychic connection with the world.” That meant that me and the world would know the same thing even though we thought apart. And my prayer was answered.

I knew it on the first day I asked for it when I was talking about a headless horseman, yelling out of my cell. The guard asked if I was talking about the new show Called Sleepy Hollow. And during my stay there I became attached to The Steelers football team. A month or so later I moved in with my dad and aunt, and some others, and my aunt gave me a laptop with a Steelers football sticker on it. Then later I was thinking for the first time about an imaginary world I made, which I called “Planet Link.” And a few days later I saw a commercial on TV advertising The Legend of Zelda: A Link between worlds.

There was a time that I suddenly started wanting a troll doll. I just simply wanted one, badly. And a preview for a movie called Trolls appeared . I also took up the name Lucifer just at the right time apparently, as a show called Lucifer was put out. And one more example of this, maybe my favorite, was a time I was looking up at the clouds. It looked like a body with a face looking upward. I told my friend beside me, “it looks like a person.” And the next day on news that cloud was being discussed. They said a relative died and they saw (the same cloud as I did) complete on the news.

So I have a psychic connection to the world with such occurrences happening regularly. When I asked God for it I didn’t really want to be psychic. I was thinking of something else. And the phrase that came out of my mouth was “I want a psychic connection to the world.” But God knew what I meant. And maybe I deserved it, having been in seclusion for a full month.

15. The two types of magic indicative of Christian Satanism are Chaos Magic and Gray Magic. The first, chaos magic, is like planting a thousand seeds in a small area. Or it is putting forth diversity (it is in this way that America is a place of chaos magic. It is as it suggests, from minor effects all the way unto opening Pandora’s box. Those old gods that seem to be servants of chaos, and mythological characters old and new, are Christian Satanic gods one and all.

The chaos in one's life should be readily and adeptly remedied by the Christian Satanist. It is Christian Satanic to produce chaos and then remedy it, by practice. A Christian Satanist both makes chaos and eliminates it, masterly sorting it out. And a Christian Satanist solves the chaos around her or him not necessarily produced by them. Atonal music, like the sort of music Shoenburg created, is Christian Satanic itself. But reordering and straightening it out is, too. To take a mess of something is Christian Satanic but cleaning it is more fully Christian Satanic. We live in a time of chaos here and there, and should be agents of fixing it. To become a master over such a thing is to become a Christian Satanic Master in it’s highest regard. “No pain, no gain,”

Then there is Gray magic. This kind of magic is by far the least spoken of. So much that books about gray magic are few and far between. People just don’t know about it. It is magic. Gray magic is magic that effects something in a not necessarily good or bad way. For example changing the weather or bringing about something desired in your life (other than destroying for most part.) It can be to take down a wall. It could be influential, changing minds. In short it produces an effect that can’t closely be defined as curse or blessing. Reading minds, becoming invisible, changing hair color, and such is Gray Magic.

16. A life without mystery is not a really good one. To be very intentionally realistic doesn’t serve a person very well. We would accept a movie and believe every bit of it as real, without effort, not seeing that these are just people who are good at pretending. Some movies lead to entire fantasies becoming a reality in real life. Such as a movie about vampires. A person could very well believe that Lestat and the vampire covens have something to do with twilight and Dracula. These people very apparently do not want the limiting existence of reality. It really does seem like they’ve got to have fantasy in their lives and will look for it far and wide.

There really is some mystery about life. Such as why are we here. And even the most scientifically minded cannot do without belief in fantasy kinds of things and the mystery from which it comes. They get into things based more on that mystery. They’ll come to think in terms of string theory, multiverses, wormholes, and the like.

These scientific minds have to themselves admit that there is mystery in our existence that were we to evolve so much more we would be as gods that can do anything. That scientific development is reality is the best mystery to pursue. Mystery toward science. To see what can be done and has been done already and not taking it for granted.

One never fully knows how all the parts of a cell phone work and do what they do. There is a mystery regarding how we can have visual and auditory things flying about in the air. To even look at things more rudimentary like a CD or an eprom chip.

But there are things in life there to be seen by people who are looking hard. And the scientist finds it on their own terms, and the magician on his. I prefer that of the magician who knows things that no one else could. And the life of a magician is one full of wonder and brother/sisterhood of the metaphysical.

Whoever you are, you may know that to some extent all fantasy is either true or “trueable.” And you may know that someday that will be right out there in the open in your hands. At any moment a whole new world may open up to us all. You can count on it.

17. Being in harmony with God's will does a lot of good in having a life that will and must be. When you are in harmony with God's will you are at harmony with what will happen and occur in your life. With those who really wish to help the poor they have such good hearts, ones which most of us never could. If you imagine one heart to another you see many kinds of different people. You really only grasp the functioning of your own world according to your heart. But think for a moment how different you may be than others who:

Have a bad heart. Who are  usually angry.

Have even a cold heart, and wish to do harm

One who seeks very much vengeance. Who cannot let something go

One who has a greedy heart, which he’d go to no ends to get what he wants, even conceptualizing burglary

One whose heart is blissful and energetic, usually happy, giddy

The heart of one very perverted thinking about sex all day long

One whose heart is in their work, whom pride comes unto

One whose heart is fond and particular to details, information

One who feels the best when they are helping the poor, and the good feeling it brings. That at night as they lay down they think about those they helped, a heart of gold wishing

One whose heart is looking for love, a lasting partner

One whose heart is melancholic, sad, even depressed, who maybe misses someone they lost

It becomes apparent immediately that people go about with different hearts! Many people just don’t realize how very different they are from others. So they’ll think we’ll, helping the poor is hopeless. Or The logical minded person would regard only statistics. The person that is happy most of the time will have no understanding of someone depressed. The logical person will think they should snap out of it. The person who is cold and harsh thinks of others being the same. And we each and all think that the way we feel is the same as everyone else. But that’s not so, there is a Stark difference from person to person.

There are many kinds of different minds such as:

Ones that are simple, very simple, usually, if at all. These people don’t think about things very much. They enjoy easy things easily.

Ones that are social minded. These people must have regular company and to them the best thing in life is a party.

Ones that are often depressed and often lay in bed all day.

Those that are shy and insecure. They fear being ostracized and they have a burning need to keep their friends, friends who supposedly think very little of them.

Those whose appetite is insatiable. They like to eat and they like to cook. While going down the road they are likely to pick up fast food.

Those that are work minded will think during the day about the people they work with and most of their mind occupies their duties

Those that are individualists who have a broad perspective and can see any given thing in many different ways. And I prefer this way of thinking. I don’t need to have people in my life on a personal basis. My time is spent best alone. It isn’t that I am shy. Actually I have a rich history of different and widely varied social environments: from homelessness, to group homes, room mates, different parents, incarceration, commitment, being friends with biker gangs and regular gangs, living with different races you name it.

I’m a person who’d like to retire someday but in the meantime I have a duty to fill and certain things to accomplish.

What I’m saying is simple over all: just be aware how much different one person is from the other. You are not relating yourself to yourself. You are relating to a different self if at all.

18. I’m not really a talker. Not in establishing a personal connection. I am an audience minded person. I speak to audiences. And I’m carefully not a head in the clouds kind of intellectualism whose ideas are lofty and “seem profound” but are not useful to anything real, and certainly not down to earth. When I intellectualize I am not lofty. I am down to earth the regular Earth. Not one whose head is way up there as in look at what’s up here!

Teach a man to fish and he will have food. Give him a fish and he will have a little food. But teach others to fish for you and you will be propagated. Lend your ear to my words and I will have people fishing for you, those who are not Christian Satanic. And gather round us those the same and we Christian Satanists will feast on the best of food. Embark as though in a quest to bring up a Christian Satanic church. You could potentially have a job and a good one. A job both easy and helpful depending on your effort. And the world itself will be made a better place. People will be prepared for the newly emerging Earth. There is no preparation for the rapture of the apocalypse. There is just no such thing if you render Revelations correctly. That was already done.

The Christian Satanist is ready for what will truly come: a new scientifically founded paradise where all curses have come to an end. God doesn’t ask for an eternal price. That’s very evident in knowing him. No but that the curse put upon us was long lasting, though only for a hundred years at best for each of us. That the poison of the curse was watered down. And collectively we have overcome it. And the job of getting that done is monstrously large and intricate. But it’s time is coming soon. The time of paradise for each of us.

The Christian Satanist is prepared for such a world and let it be proclaimed to the rooftop when it is that science has led us into a cure for death. Let all voices sing as those that have been released from a prison that we occupied for ages. That it was all done not for nothing, but for great things. Man's birthday is coming very quickly. S/he’ll have grown enough to leave the house. And by our great effort and endeavors we will see God himself.

God shut the door between us and him and here we are about to open it. It was a curse unto us that the door between us was closed by him. That was our curse. And the remedy was the task put before us in getting it opened ourselves that we come back grown, and sit on the throne beside in the Kingdom of Heaven, or wherever we may wish to reside.

But those that have had little use in getting this done have made a much shorter process much longer. And not until the very day the job is done will they resurface among us. Because with how so very few laborers DOD well and the very long stretches of time in which we have done little to nothing toward removing our curse: thereof is great suffering and desperation you couldn’t imagine.

19. It somehow escapes me that I could be doing more than writing books. But talent increases while it is still being put to use. I know how to write music, and I used to, but other than some briefly written pages of polyphonic melodies I’ve done nothing real with it. I can mod consoles, meaning to improve, repair, or enhance them. For example I’ve put a new backlit screen into my old game boy. Things such as replacing capacitors, putting in new optical drives for an old PS One. Other than that I’ve built some computers from top down. That was fun. I was very caught up in learning it. It became impossible to resist for a while and I quickly learned what I needed to in order to put one together. Nothing’s changed enough that I couldn’t still do so even though that was about a decade ago.

I have imagined what kinds of things are truly lasting. And unless you are a veritable genius in science or physics, technology, or software programing, then your ability isn’t far reaching. But those that are change the world the most. By coming to know and understand electronics we have the best things today, no doubt. I have made a noble effort in inventive ideas which I set forth in six books Lucifer’s Books of Inventions and Ideas. And basically was trying to kill two birds with one stone. To both write and produce inventive items, without getting patents or delving into putting things together from ideas but to let others, if it interests them.

I wanted to program at least one game. But I found that I didn’t want to program it myself. Much like the fact I’ll write music, but not want to perform it, if I could. So I wrote an actually very detailed book about the creation of a game called The AntiChrist. I tell ya, books can cover all good things. You couldn’t make a painting, song, or use wood working skills to create what is outlined in a book. Books teach you these things. They teach you anything that could possibly be learned. Books are far reaching. A painting you look at. A song, you hear. But a book provides a lot of things to those who read it.

So I got two books done on how a video game could be. I gave it every good idea I could put in it. And I wondered what would bring such a game together, it’s overall style. Then one day like an old aha I surmised that the player would become the Anti Christ and rule over the Earth like any other dictator would have done to have come into such a position.

And Nietzsche wrote The Anti Christ. But mine represents man, evolved. It is a game about becoming the Anti Christ, something that wouldn’t have been able to have come from Nietzsche.

Books are about everything. If you are a musician, you make a book of songs and sheet music. If you are a painter your painting is most likely seen in a book. Being that they are so spread apart yet dwell together within a book. If you are a programmer, a tailor, or a cook— cook, that’s a good example. What would these people do without books?

It is like that the final product will be in a book. It is the last place to go. Like at the end of a life when someone writes an autobiography. Or after a scientist has made his knowledge worth sharing and preserved. Books are the final process where everything is documented and nothing is left behind. But they are also an introduction to things. And the end betweens, teaching one the mid level things.

So I’d decided if I can’t get it put into a book then I don’t want to do it. Considering how much can be said in a hundred page book, and how little difference a painting makes, I hate to say a painting you look at. If you are a painter you have your own reason. It is a thrill to do, or “involving” you can say. But the purpose for me is much better served by writing. But say what you will, books cause change more than anything else, and particularly does religion.

20. My personal prayers

I pray for the success of these:

My writings


Of Final Fantasy.

Of Scientology.

I pray for a good life with these:

Music, food, drinks and entertainment.

I pray to be kept from these:

Homelessness, poverty, aggression, sickness, and boredom

I pray that these are with me:

A good home, peace, protection, and health

I pray that

My family will be well, that my life will be well. A life in which I am never again incarcerated and where my enemies are few. I pray that what I do I do well. I pray that what I lack be brought to me and that I can depend on it always.

I pray for my favorite things:

Stencils, stickers, trapper keepers, colored pens, dice, board game pieces, action figures that look like devil’s, idols, rubber stamps, green marbles, little green army men, old computer parts, old video game things, red ice trays, Mickey mouse items, cherry cider, iced tea, Sprite soda, wool socks, durable sandals, cargo pants, long johns, overcoats, arm warmers, blue quartz necklaces, durable fanny packs, and graph paper.

I pray to be blessed with the unexpected. I pray to be kept lively and free. I pray for eternal life. I pray for the success of Christian Satanism. I pray that I have a good and strong following and that what I teach makes a positive effect on the world.

I pray for a great home where I am alive, living well and free. That my world has all the things I’d want it to.

Make me the Devil's Son. Make me worthy of such and as a person that has done as much difference to everything as your son himself, Jesus. Keep me from hardship and add to my wealth. May I come to the point where I am completely free and liberal and that no restriction can be placed upon me. Give me a good role, one irresistible, and far reaching. And may this eternally be so.

And I pray for others:

I pray that humankind evolves good and well.

I pray that through science suffering becomes far gone

I pray for those right now who are afflicted, in pain, or otherwise suffering

I pray that each person be made free from hurt and harm

I pray that the world will become better. That people come better people, doing great things, one each and all, and regard every hour as a time to make any given thing better, and that they do that well

I pray that humankind reaches the stars and ascends, evolves.

I pray for people's peace and good will toward others but those who commit atrocious crimes be brought to justice. I pray that you aid our scientific developments until we are very well much like God’s. Please have cancer stopped, disease, poverty and hunger, be gone among us.

Be with us always one and all especially in these times of late. Take our hands into the new Earth we are making. But be not so much seen or heard as present and helpful, giving to us all free will.

I pray for the success of the things I most like and appreciate, and for all old things to return as new, for better or worse may it be Amen.

Hales-Nema, So Noted in Memory.

And what I ask for most of all from God is the advancement of humankind through science and that I live to see that day, or better, that I am made immortal alongside humankind, as it is possible and something I believe is reasonable enough to ask. It would make human kind better all around—much, much better, that we are helped into making anything that makes our lives better and that all our needs are met. I couldn’t want anything greater.

You are the uppermost God, please let it become so for us, and share in our development. Be with us daily, hourly, and propelled our sciences far ahead, to add, but then multiply, and to subtract all useless things. I pray that God has us develop scientifically, even at an alarming rate. And may life then be more interesting, more compelling, adventurous and thrilling. May we all thrive and do well. May we lack nothing. May we be given the best knowledge for our best outcome and that all people share these things one and the same. Equip us with the best of information and visit the scientist in his hour of revelation. Assist him/ her by investing in their revelation. Double, triple, quadruple our knowledge and in so doing create all around us a new and better reality. A new and better place to be for all time.

Amen. Hales-Nema. So noted in Memory.

21. Today was a good day, Lord. To have had the opportunity to sleep in and go about more leisurely this Saturday. To have had such a good meal, the best pizza you could buy. Today I enjoyed smoking, as I always do. Though there had been times in my life that I had no cigarettes. And suffered from desire. Today has been a good day. I had lots of iced tea, very cool to my tongue. People were friendly. I actually came across not one rude person. I got a lot done writing. And I had just what I needed for a good day.

I had been incarcerated. I had been committed. My good life was taken from me. To have been locked up. Or eating from a trash can. Having injured myself. Having jammed a wooden spike into my heel and having to walk on it. Until I was blessed at the right moment with shoes. And I believe you were there. I believe you wanted to help me a lot. But my lesson was more important. And you know that I had been dealing so much bad unto others. And I know that you wouldn’t altogether forsake me.

After all, I had consumed poisons, like bleach and oven cleaner! Raid too! But you kept me alive. And as bad as my life had been, I knew you had kept me from trouble. You were there often to protect me. Like the time I walked in a complete circle for two days, trying to walk to another town. Being pretty lost. But then I found I had gotten back to where I started. You had fixed my footing many times. Leading me to the people who saved my life, redirecting me into safety. You are my salvation.

My life is good. My life is far better. I even have made my way to San Francisco and have found such a good home. Thanks be to God.

22. How better to understand success than by water boiling over? You have to keep the heat on it regularly for it ever to reach a boiling point. But if it does once it can happen again. Similarly the more hot the fire beneath the more able you have the water boiling over, which you want. And there are different things being cooked inside. Some are making a very good meal, others a cheaper, easier one. But all who have a cooking pot eat from it.

The point at which the pot boils it may do so again just as easily, more or less, and the one that has it become even more likely will generally keep that likelihood.

But there are some of such hot fires that they move on from the pot and melt metal. They may begin with the simplest metal from which to forge a simple thing. But the best of them move up to the point that they are melting silver, even gold. That man himself is regarded as a diamond, worth great things.

True success comes from those that regard it as an inch at a time, not a yard leap from one effort. But the one who regards her or his progress as an inch at a time will teach up a foot but be up a mile in truth.

And the person who has made himself, or herself, a truly good home has not just thrown it all together, settling on things simple. They in the best homes have put them together brick by brick, however high the price may be. And they will not settle on an unfinished product. They will continue with their work being completely satisfied by it.

The one who aims at the hardest target will hit the easier targets better. But the one who aims at the simplest targets alone, they will find the more difficult ones impossible. The person who reaches for the greatest will have the least of the best. But the one who reaches for the least will only have the least of the least.

You are doing well if you are striving to be the best. You can certainly know you are doing well when you do things others either refuse to do or brush off as impossible. When we see the average we see what is regularly done. We are seeing the limitations of men. But when we see those who have done at least a little better, we see the greatest of people.

23. In undertaking any project:

1. Know the tools at your disposal beforehand and how to use them well. Know your resources and how best they may be used as well as any limitations based on them. Understand the things you need to help along the way and how they are used. Know how to use them optimally.

2. Estimate how much time you need and set time based priorities. These can be adjusted once you have a better conception of how much time you need per any particular thing. Set a specific amount of time you will work on something any given day but do not limit yourself from doing extra work. Try not to regard it so much as something that you want to get done with.

3. In your free time do less work such as planning. Do things that are easier once the more difficult work is completed. If it is to draw sprites, gather notes, do some simple research, or get new parts, whatever is more simple do in your otherwise free time.

4. Do the best you can from one thing to another. Tell yourself you want to do this one thing best. So apply a touch of perfection from element to element in your project. Look, at least a little, into making something better than it’s initial state. If you find that any given thing can be well improved, easily enough, then do so.

5. If something is just simply undoable, then pass it over. Change things around if necessary in a way they are more practically done. Invest time in what you have reordered and if at all possible “turn a bad thing into a good thing.” Don’t let something blocking you block you for very long.

6. Before any action from one to the next, know what you are doing. Do not work hastily in a way of which you could become careless. Simply have a sense at all times of what is being done from one thing to the next. Be able to sum up how much work is left and what it will take. Be patient and determined to do your very best.

But all of these don’t matter as much as two things: doing what you love to do and being able to do everything you want to do in getting it done. If you do not know very well how to do any given thing it will make the project be more difficult, frustrating, and even less desirable. So know well what you would need to know to do it and make sure your heart is very much in it’s work.

24. Eight types of very different people:

  1. Those that leave around stinks. These are those that are very good at leaving things around that people aren’t very easily settled on. They disrupt things. They mess up the clock work. They engage in mischief to different degrees and the more the merrier for them. Just like anything done regularly they do it to a large extent unawares. It is just what they naturally do. Much like a real stink they don’t realize that they have an odor and when someone approaches them about it they become surprised and consider their condemnation undeserved.
  2. People who are like stars. These people do a lot of good for others. They work hard and are productive. They are entrepreneurs. They are stylish. They are ambitious. They have class. Their image is important to them. They are among the best of us and are always looking for attention—in a good way. Many people can be rich but only a person such as this can also be admired. There are pleasant people who are wealthy and those who have a cog stuck in them somewhere. But all of them in this circumference are stars. I am referring to the popular and the successful in general.
  3. There are the lazy types of people. They are self admirers of the hustle. They feel pride when they get anything for free. They attribute it as a talent. They’ll bug the hell out of you to get a dime. And if you say no more than three times they’ll feel like their hustle isn’t working and even then would they know any shame. They come right in and set themselves a plate on your table. They often resort to crime in order to make an extra buck or they defraud the government for any sort of governmental help—and there are many such people.
  4. Another type of person is one of the facts. They read more than anything. Unfortunately these days really sense recently, they are absorbed with pseudo facts, most often regarding health and nutrition. They load and overload themselves on facts. They are proud of the facts they carry along. Very well, most of their pride comes from their intellect. And they are very eager to share their perspectives with others. Their perspectives make up most of what they talk about.
  5. Then there are what I call the simple—heads. These are people that have a minimally working mind. You’ll find them doing things others would find pointless like kicking a ball in the living room or playing music onto their ears for hours on end. These people really don’t think much and must fill a vacuum. Music does it well and more easily understood movies. They’ll have little to say about themselves. They also are very shallow in response to any question.
  6. A sixth type of person is the quarrelsome kind. They are easily offended and will take any reason to harm another. They were likely abused or neglected at an early age. If you try to talk to them they’ll abruptly stop you and firmly warn you not to do that again. They are decrepit, beating their wives and placing absolute control over their offspring. They aren’t likely to go far in life, and find that the natural place for them is jail. Some of them have absolutely bad attitudes and will accuse others of any minor thing, unrealistically, in an effort that seems to come from a need to have their own bad attitudes to be realistic. Since people aren’t doing them any harm yet they hate everyone, and lash out for no good reason, they make up for it by convincing themselves all the people around them despise them.
  7. A seventh type of person is one that believes heavily in principles. They create in their lives principles and come to as full an understanding as could be about virtue and vice, right and wrong. They often feel violated and feel the need to avenge themselves or correct others. They are always trying to correct others. They make up an absurd amount of rules and enforce them in their lives. Philosophies of right and wrong appeal to them and that may have caused them to become as they did to begin with. There are so, so many problems in their world and they enact it’s purification.
  8. And the eight types of people are emotional one. Usually sensitive and often depressed. It seems anyway that an emotional person usually ends up a depressed one, but I’ve already covered the aggressive type, which are very emotional themselves. These are the kinds of people who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Often they are introverted and isolated. Sometimes they become sloppy recluses which itself would be a lazy person described earlier.

25. Greater Selective Awareness is one of my goals for The Christian Satanist, according to my prescription of it. This means to simply be more aware. And there are different awareness from group to group. Much of it is very lacking. But it is my desired implementation of Christian Satanism that I bring about “Greater Selective Awareness.” That is that the Christian Satanist is more aware in general. That this awareness be useful to him or her in understanding things and acting on them. And that the Christian Satanist has before them a set of different perspectives to deal with in order to lay down the best hand.

I do all I can to provide the Christian Satanist a broad and diverse set of perspectives that they can pull up at any given time when that time comes. In learning Christian Satanism you are learning the very world around you. You know it better. Sometimes much better. You will have a clear perspective and understanding of it. And you may even be one who was freed from simple thinking. Someone who has come a long way from it, in fact.

An Optimal understanding comprises the bulk of teaching for a Christian Satanist, as I teach it. People of different religions could spend a lifetime filling their heads with facts about things long past and become engrossed in stories. People could fill their heads with songs during their lifetime or just general rubbish but a Christian Satanist learns how to understand, to comprehend things better to know what would otherwise never have entered into their thinking. Things useful to know.   To give a better existence of thought. And to hold their thoughts like clay in their hands.

26. Biotech should come sometime after Matter Tech. By matter tech I’m referring to metal made electronics. As of yet our bio tech is very little developed. The show Lexx can be some inspiration. Most scientifically found shows are based on matter tech, such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Lexx is almost exclusively based on bio tech. Apart from clones there really is very little done or considered in its field. Even when they think of introducing new cells in the body they are usually talking about nanobots, which are electronic.

Bio tech involves things like cellular renewal, organ reproduction, lab grown food, and instantaneously growing seeds. We have a little bit of chemistry that helps us biologically, but not much. We can prevent pregnancy, reduce cholesterol, build muscles with steroids, and prevent pain. But considering how much we could do, it isn’t much. We could vastly improve our biology through biotech, but we can't do much, yet.

27. Things of limited research

Scientists have yet to really know why plants have caffeine. How it is used by them. It would help to know what they use it for to understand what it either does to us or could do for us. What plants have caffeine and how much, could help in understanding plants much better. Likewise how plants use vitamins or other chemicals, like nicotine. They don’t have much to say about it, they just assume that caffeine is a poison and they don’t want to be eaten. But there must certainly be more to it than that.

Anyone who does any number of things is bound to become rich from it, like wireless electricity, abundant and free energy, and a very long lasting battery. And the scientist that makes a large step toward bio tech is ahead of his or her time: they’ve only made small steps as of yet. Much research is all one in the same. There are many things not even approached.

28. Escaping mediocrity in endeavoring to triumph over limitations. Is the true spice of life. Some are bland salt-less beans every day. And others are master cooks. Those that do not wish to be a part of the minority have taken their first steps to rising above and away from the norm and dwell on what a Christian Satanist knows as mount Olympus-- the next best thing to Heaven. It is well true that the majority is far and wide a majority of lesser people. It is true the minority of the best of us are few. Have it in your heart to do the very best. At worst you may have just a moderate income, at least you won’t be homeless and unneeded.

Escaping mediocrity should be a thing to live by, your escape plan. Burst free from the bars. Leave the place of your limitations, restrictions, a place where you are huddled inside with so very many. Think daily on that one great thing. Don’t do things carelessly. Don’t be a person who commits the crime of waste after waste never producing one good thing. The bail is paid to Baal, who would have the price of excellence.

Then live apart from others, and move on like a goat. The goat's resting place is on top of mountains, where he was led to getting away from people.

Whatever you do, do it well. Escape mediocrity by entering into something that you are sure will bring about your success. And know that if at any time you relentless and give up, you will have just committed suicide toward a better life. Having a good and useful degree is one of the most sure ways to get far. And those that get a degree that’s not in high demand haven’t one of likely success. Get a degree in high demand, not a lesser degree, for many will take the easiest route, the minority who don’t have in store all the goodness life could bring.

Don’t waste your time on what is hopeless. And don’t go through a day remaining in the cardboard prison for those fallen short. Rise up out of it. And have a determined heart to become the best you can be, one who has a fat wallet and all good things. Escape mediocrity. Become a Star.

29. Psycho somatic energy drinks. Does caffeine really give you energy, or do you just think it does? Actually scientists know that it doesn’t give you energy, but rather it keeps you from feeling tired by not letting your mind know it is. As for energy drinks it may be difficult to believe this but they contain chemicals that do nothing to provide energy. They have a little caffeine in them and sugar. Some scientists will tell you, too, that there’s no such thing as a sugar high. These are all psychosomatic conditions meaning that what the mind believes, is so, and it is easy to think yourself into thinking you have a lot of energy. It’s like the manic bipolar people I’ve known. One day they were normal. Then the doc told them they were manic depressive. And they suddenly went super hyperactive.

And knowledge will increase. And many will run to and fro. Yeah—the Devil dealt his hand in this by increasing pseudo/false knowledge and traffic congestion. There is a lot of pseudoscience meaning that what we hear seems to be true but isn’t. Anyone with a loud enough voice will be believed. They say things like smoking will make your bones brittle. They have an unlimited score of factual tidbits about nutrition, the bulk of which isn’t true. They’ll tell you that oranges and apples can give you healthier farts, basically. But just know better. Do not believe what you hear, be careful not to. Cause they are all talking through their asses. The Devil has greatly increased pseudo knowledge/science and I have let you in on it. Please don’t believe that lettuce and green beans is a healthy diet that improves your eyesight and regulates cells known to make your blood flow more robust. It’s nonsense.

30. A xenophobic family is the most tight knit one. The reason why my Payment was married to my Ma for more than thirty years is that they kept outsiders away. Our friends were our family. My Parents never let my school friends in his home, nor any other person that wasn’t an immediate family member. My step dad, my Parents, that is—but my biological father let people in his home regularly, family or otherwise. And he often took their side over me, especially young girls he was attracted to. That only creates a presence of quarrels and jealousy. Outsiders can tear apart your family worse than anything. My parents have been married for over thirty years and kept out people not in our immediate family. Like L. Ron Hubbard said, nothing destroys a marriage like outsiders.

I have more evidence to this in seeing that my grandpa and grandma were married for forty or so years. They were in their first marriage, and that first marriage lasted until they passed on. They too kept out outsiders and any who weren’t in their immediate family. As a result, family was very important to them. But if any one of us were to marry then they came into our family. My sister married and he was then allowed in our family. I can’t think of anything more helpful to a marriage and family than that.

31. Oh be warned never to take drugs! I am fortunate not to have ever done so. I always knew the bad they arose and that by doing so once doing so again and again would come about. Once a person offered crack to me and I told him I don’t smoke it. He said there is a first time for everything. Well I never dressed up as a clown or rode in a Lamborghini. And I will never smoke crack. That would be more like jumping off a cliff. I will never jump off one. And I’ll never do any drugs God willing.

I have seen the effect they have on people. Maybe they consider that way of living normal, as it is their way of living, but it’s not a good way to live and I can see that clearly from those who take the least of highs to the most. It makes them aggressive. It makes them lose their minds. One guy was fooling around with a light bulb and crushed it in his hands. It causes the people who take it to spend every dime on it. People can overdose on it, and die, and often enough do.

But I was well educated in elementary school about how harmful they are and that education does work. I couldn’t imagine how bad life would have been if I had a drug habit. Many that do resort to prostitution, male or female, they become beggars hustling for money. Once I heard a person yelling every which way in the middle of the night that he’d suck anyone’s dick for five dollars.

And those that take them age rapidly, in appearance. You can compare them side by side. The one who doesn’t do drugs looks twenty years younger than the one who doesn’t. My ex-girlfriend wanted to get back with me. But she looked like she was in her sixties. She was just a year older than me. And besides the fact, more importantly really, that she does crack, I couldn’t date her again even though she was my childhood sweetheart. I don’t want to live somewhere where drug dealers and takers come in and out.

Drugs devastate a life. I really believe that drug dealers should get life in prison for selling them if they do so blatantly disregarding the lives of others, and aren’t just someone making a one time mistake. I mean, if they regularly sell them including to little kids, teenagers, and especially if they overdose and die, then yeah they should certainly get life in prison, even the death penalty. If only because the least of their punishment is better for the overall whole. Those examples are set. To not just punish one but many, and to make examples. To treat the least of this problem as a whole.

But abolishing chemicals is a difficult and arduous road. And what would happen if a machine could make someone high and it is easily built? Or else a machine that mixes and creates drugs. I don’t know but to get rid of every chemical, is just not possible. But then again, if they ever made a device that could detect drugs like a metal detector it would have nowhere to hide. A person walking past it, a police officer scanning for it with a handheld device, that could very well deal with it!

32. Homelessness I have suffered through. I have good advice for anyone who might become so, for any reason. The cold is bad. It is enough to make you miserable and to roll into a ball and die late each night. Have a good blanket to take with you. Have a good blanket and thick warm clothes to be ready. I used to feel the heat coming from under a building that felt like a heater and I learned to keep such warmth! When the sun came up I practically worshipped it. I went about often with psych hospital pants and a shirt in the dead of winter, without a blanket. I tried stuffing newspaper into my clothes. I saw someone doing the same, too. Homelessness can happen to any of us, practically speaking, so have good clothes and a good blanket.

Don’t talk to other homeless people. They recruit people into drugs and prostitution and otherwise wish to be alone. The homeless are not very social. Many of them are crazy and others are grumpy and most of them are not looking for a friend.

Have a pocket radio on you. Having a radio can be about your only form of entertainment. Get one that takes two AA batteries and is not digital but analog. These last for weeks at a time on two batteries. And have a good number of batteries.

Have pens, you can at least do a little writing, drawing, and such. I used to do so and put them in plastic bottles, then threw them into a landfill garbage can.

And have a few good lighters if you smoke tobacco. You’ll have to accept that in order to have cigarettes you’ll have to get them off the ground and use paper trash to roll them with.

You can sleep in some places but not in others. Don’t assume that you are allowed to sleep in any given area. If you can’t then a police officer will wake you up and tell you to move along. So try to be discreet. Sleep where there is a group of people sleeping. Avoid businesses. Security guards may remove you. And naturally don’t think you can be homeless in a residential area beside someone's home (unless they allow you to, of course) but the homeless are always homeless in the downtown commercial areas. As for parks, they’ll usually kick you out. And these people don’t miss anything on camera. You could think you are well hidden but then they’ll show up no more than ten minutes later telling you to move.

Will you beg? If you do, you will have a fair enough amount of money. But me, I never did. Shelters are always in bad neighborhoods and are covered with bed bugs, full of hateful people. May as well just sleep on a bench somewhere instead. The subway is warm, heavenly. The free meal spots are in bad neighborhoods and are few and far between. What’s bad about that is that one place will have only breakfast and another only lunch or dinner. These are in bad neighborhoods and out of the way.

Fortunately I had food while I was homeless. People would buy food often, apparently, placing it in areas that the homeless would find it and get it. Or else a person would come right up to me and hand me a bag of food. Otherwise I ate from the garbage, I hate to say, most of my food came from it. I never got sick by it, though. But I did get body lice. If you are lucky someone will give you a little money just by knowing you are homeless. I got a can of raid, undressed and spent the can on my body. But the lice lasted for months to come. Until I just got lucky. Committed to a psych ward a day just came that they disappeared.

33. May everyone’s home be their castle.

It is evident that more and more people don’t wish to leave their home. That’s good inasmuch as they have all they need immediately before them. I ain’t one to opt into a trip to the park with my friends. Way back when people only had nature to entertain themselves with. We don’t live in caves any more. Though many will insist leaving their home is good and healthy. I don’t agree. I’m made to agree by them, in talking to these closed minded types.

But more and more we have all we need at home. I am referring to the first scene in the first Legend of Zelda game. Young Link enters into a cave and a sage tells him “It is dangerous to go alone. Take this [a sword]”

Inasmuch people regularly went to the library just as many people don’t because now they can get their information and stories on a phone or computer—which is much more vast with it, actually. As much as people would go through the tedious process of grocery shopping or take a quick trip to a mini mart—to avoid the lines, the people, the road, they’d rather order these things online to be brought straight to their doors.

And anyone once thrilled with going to the mall now does so online. That’s evident by how many malls have gone under. The same goes for flea markets and the fact that Walmart makes less money than Amazon (I believe.) Personally though I love flea markets. But eBay is just easier.

Movie theaters are coming home. The big screen in a home is becoming more affordable as digital projectors become ever cheaper. These could replace TV. People who would leave their home to see a movie in the theater may now choose to stay home and do so. And there was an earlier example which is TV to begin with, and the radio. For a long time now people have been bringing into their homes things that reduce their need to leave. Such as the arcade. Arcades didn’t stand a chance against home video game consoles. And, perhaps most significantly, the internet where even the most introverted became social. And it could be said that isn’t real socializing. But it will become more real over time.

So with all this said it really does seem paradise is being brought home. From HBO to Netflix, Walmart to Amazon, a flea market to eBay, in home libraries and all else makes it clear that people want these things in their homes and the sooner the better.

And for you I offer a formula of success—that whatever you create/ produce/ invent be done so that it may be used and enjoyed in one's home.

34. And a good way to collect is to do so like making things within your home things you’d find in a flea market. When we see such things at a flea market we get the idea of what all collectors are doing. To have neat things for neatness sake. There is no real reason to collect everything of any given thing as far as use goes. We could collect every Nintendo game. Those that do aren’t going to need many of them. Many of them are just there to have in total. So why does a collector collect? It can be because of pride but more people think this than there is any real truth to. To show it all off isn’t so much the case as someone is trying to preserve them and bring them back to mind. In effect it is more like “I saved these” than it is pride. However if pride makes a collection come about it would be because what they had invited company the guy who has it all but that is not so much pride itself.

A person who collects all of anything feels he has a gem. And largely it is just a person looking for gems, things that he exclusively has a type of power that it brings: such as exclusive worth, monetary worth. Magically speaking, to have things around you that represent you is an outer incarnation of the self. To bring the world of one thing into their home is just a way of surrounding oneself with these things. A person may not have a good idea on what to buy otherwise. They have a self imposed rule when it comes to collecting. It gives structure to what is being bought. It brings some meaning to life. It is to fill in missing pieces.

In a flea market we find many good things up close that are otherwise only seen in buying it online and getting it home. We see things in a flea market that are the best things found from any one's home with the less valuable and desirable things left at home. You never know what you will find there.

35. The Principle List

First look over this list and afterward I’ll elaborate on it

Person One: Red, Bird, Hand, Staff

Person Two: Bear, Brown, Cane, Bee

Person Three: Green, Rabbit, Sees, Stage

Person Four: White, Goat, Ring, Thief

Person Five: Joker, Gold, Swine, Sword

Person Six: Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

Person Seven: Yellow, Rodent, Wind, Duke

Person Eight: Bomb/ Blast/ Wand, Fox, Beast, Black

Person Nine: Yellow, Toad, Dust, Horse

Person Ten: Assassin, Tiger/Lion, Creature, Word

Person Eleven: Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit

Person Twelve: Purple, Dragon, Mask, Dog/ Wolf

Choose twelve people for whom these are assigned from oldest to youngest, and you included.

How this list came about

I was incarcerated (for trespassing) while experiencing a Schizophrenic episode. During that time I was quickly moved to an isolation room. A small room, with literally nothing in it. While I was there I’d often use the bathroom inside, where there was no toilet. And I was regularly removed for that reason and doing things like writing with my shit on the wall. I’d lost it, pure and simple. But I had a genius breakthrough in order to adapt in any possible way. My mind needed something to reorder things. It was looking for “the order” and that presented itself while I was eating. I’d normally throw my food out of the little food port. And I didn’t want food or any fluids. I’d be practicing a kind of chaos magic within myself. The few times I was removed and forced to take a shower I’d put it on hot then cold, hot then cold. And not having drank for days would all at once pour large amounts of water within me by drinking the water from the shower. Still refusing food. And my mind was heavily on my family. But I refused to remember them. I decided I’d just use my memories exclusively for video games and movies. Those elements and scenes in movies and video games would be all I’d remember. Then something magic occurred, giving all these conditions. I had my food before me and began relating them to my family. And I’d come to make four items for each person in my family. I liked doing this. I liked to make it as balanced as it could possibly be. That even my own (White, Goat, Ring, Thief) would be made balanced, just as potent as any of the others. That where one thing lacked it was made up for with the other, and for all to be as balanced as could possibly be. When I was looking at my color white, the one that I chose was my own, it just seemed like a natural choice. I’d never considered it to be my favorite color. Satanic people and such like black. They love it. And since that white seemed unusual to me I chose it as my color in this list. I decided to give my sister whip because of some jelly before me. My aunt was a good cook that made me think of someone eating her own honey, so I gave her bee  and cane . As for cane, staff, stage and one type of one per list for each, I had it have dual meaning (cane as a stick, a type of crutch, but also sugar cane. Staff a staff as a stick, too, but also the staff at a business. Stage like in a theater but also stages of life.) My Ma's (Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage) I had every good and perfectly settled reason to give to each person in my family four items very carefully determined. I made my sister have Whip yet her son has Tiger though my sister is a small cat she has a whip. And my sister's favorite thing to cook is cinnamon toast (butter, bread, sugar on toast) so whip was the perfect choice. And I gave her too fairy because in the Legend of Zelda OoT the fairies voice sounds just like her's. I gave my Pa the animal a bird because I wanted my sister to have just a small bit more power over him as a cat. But my Parents also like to whistle. In short, they were very well thought out. And it is the greatest piece from all I’ve ever divulged and written.

The items of this list are found in all books, movies, and video games

Take any given movie, or game. In using this list to relate together your choice of twelve people including yourself, from oldest to youngest, you will come to a very powerful occult understanding. The Principle List is of great occult understanding.

36 The Stages of my Life

My earliest phase of my life was involvement with Christianity. I was very young when my father rented a movie called “The Seventh Sign.” It caught my interest, totally captivated me, this movie about the apocalypse. I was told that this story came from the Bible in Revelations, and I began reading every bit about the apocalyptic prophecies that I could, from Daniel to Revelations. I’d draw Images of what it talked about, like dragons and the Beast.

When I went to Church I badly wanted them to teach about Revelations but there was little talk there. I got so involved that I started thinking I was Jesus. And the only thing that led me away from this phase was video games, initially on my NES.

But my second phase came about at the same time as my third. The third was video games. But for a while before that it was magic. At first it was carefully white magic. I was in elementary school sitting beside my two friends in the cafeteria. One was saying to the other that magic worked. His aunt put a curse on a cafeteria worker. Today her arm was broken. And I got into the conversation, learning what magic was about. One said to me that white magic will not damn you, basically. My other friend who was into heavy metal and a somewhat evil guy said his interest was in black magic. And this instance came about much later in life, as a young adult, when I was living in a group home and someone said behind my door in the middle of the night “you better not harm that cafeteria worker again.”

Anyways at that early age I developed a strong interest in magic. I found books on it at the library, lots of them. My parents didn’t seem to mind much, at first. But this turned into a slowly increasing interest in black magic over white. But it came about in full when I turned 13. At that age I’d sold my soul to Satan. I was very interested in what was called “The Satanic Panic” at that time. Which had scores of movies based on Satanic Evils and Devil Worshiping themes.

Somewhere among this was my video game phase. And I played video games heavily until I was 20. I would first play Super Mario Bros on my Nintendo. I also had Mega Man 4. But my favorite game was Ninja Gaiden 2 that I played along with the music on my cassette tape One by Queen (the tape just having Queens song One. ) And later when I got a SNES I’d play Mario World. By the time I was 15, nearly 16, my Devil Worshipping Phase was coming to an end. But first when I was in school my friend told me he saw The Satanic Bible in the bookstore of the nearby mall. A book I was looking everywhere for. Finding it, I stuffed it in my pocket, went home with my mother driving me back, not knowing I had it. And it slowly changed my Devil Worship into this philosophy of LaVey, it’s author, which I found no Devil Worship inside it or any real belief in Demons or Satan to begin with. Which I was very disappointed by. I slowly became an atheist due to LaVey's atheistic philosophy, but I never totally became an atheist.

So if anything LaVey's Satanism reduced the evil in my heart. So did a threat to be committed to a psych ward if I didn’t snap out of it. That threat made me snap out of it, but more than that did my mother's tears. I was a satanic Sociopath.

I think I was 14 when a friend at school told me about Final Fantasy 4. He said I should play it, which I did. And the leveling up, HP and such was difficult to grasp at first but after I learned how to play it, I was hooked. I played Final Fantasy 4 day and night. I was mesmerized by it, attached to it. The stories in Final Fantasy are very involved. Then when I was just a little older than that the same happened all over again with Final Fantasy 6, and later 8.

Shortly after my video game days were about at its end I had a vampire phase. This was fueled by Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and my gothic girlfriend, who shared my interests. And many things were happening at once in my life at this time. But most of it came from interest in Anne Rice, Type O Negative, The Book of Nod and other such vampire things. I made an altar in my closet for Lilith, complete with black candles and rubber bats. But really this phase in me didn’t last long, four years at most.

The next phase in my life was dealing with Schizophrenia. I’d gotten kicked out of boot camp for it and became a lost and crazy person thinking the strangest things. I had experiences I considered metaphysical but doctors and my parents thought were some kind of lunacy, when it became too much to handle I was committed to the State Psych Hospital in New Mexico (in Las Vegas New Mexico.) And was quickly fixed with medication. The fog in my head dissipated. I could think clearly again. The government kind of took up where my parents left off. At age 20, just a few months after turning 20, I was accepted to receive social security.

My life afterwards was filled with moving around a lot and I really felt that I wasn’t schizophrenic and never was. I thought they’d make a mistake. I thought, well maybe what happened back then just went away. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I had thought. And maybe I don’t need schizophrenic medicine. So I stopped taking it. And I became crazy—thinking, like thinking strange things, delusions, which were sometimes genius things, but all of these things coming from one who’d gone off the deep end, lost in his thoughts, seeing and hearing demons and things, and having been overloaded by these. Some of my thoughts were intangible, though a higher grasp of intelligence. It took me years to learn never to stop medication.

I really do believe that a medication can be made for Schizophrenia that can remove it’s negative traits but keep it’s positive ones and in so doing a pill that creates an evolved mind.

37. The idea Christian Satanic Church

This I believe covers every good thing a Christian Satanic Church could be. Anyone who would take this as an opportunity will do well.

First special attention must be given in spreading forth far and wide, but especially locally, Christian Satanism. Without a general knowledge about Christian Satanism a person is lacking. They may find a building near them in time, strange maybe, but appealing.   From there distribution must occupy some of its time- any Christian Satanic material. A Priest should first form his or her own version of Christian Satanism. They must decide the doctrines and things as well as they can and make it into a new religion. Our religions come in many possible forms just as most religions do. The only difference is we don’t assume any religion we create is the one truth. I have made my books each about the size of a magazine, readily reproduced, in public domain. These can both be sold and freely given.

There is an e meter for Scientology. Christian Satanism has a device too which I have displayed in a former book. It is a sphere that goes over one's head and changes the color of lights. I’ve found these suitable in meditative thinking, hypnotic, trance inducing, conductive to spiritual thinking.

The Church should hire a person to write for the church a book or some other kind of creative work. S/he should be hired based on talent strictly only furnishing those that are good at what they do. They should be given the material they need to do so. And as payment may keep it (a laptop to write books, a canvas and paint, a keyboard to compose with, etc.)

Church should set up a time and set of things for its members to do online. Things that it’s members do in order to popularize Christian Satanism, or at least introduce it. Creativity from it’s members should have good, useful instruction. Methods to popularize and expand Christian Satanism should be given importance.

And then there are regular sermons like any church would have, and the better processes, those proven productive, should be incorporated into the method.

38. If you do not put God in your life He will not put himself in yours. Like a thing “out of sight out of mind.”

Naturally anyone who never talks to his friend will be forgotten by them. A relationship is two sided and a push and pull. If you don’t need someone, someone doesn’t need you. If you do not talk to God regularly, why would he talk to you?

If you do not put God in your life then he is not there. He has no place to be. And he has nothing to show you knowing it will not be seen, anyways. But when you put God in your life he will be there. If you acknowledge him he will look back. If you think of him he will know it. He will think about you if you think about him.

This is so of The Devil, too. They that are not back and forth with him, they that are nothing influenced by him will just not be there with him. But those that are a partner with him and at least serve him a little will invite him in their life, especially if they are good at what they do. There is no “I” in team. And don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Nothing is owed. If a relationship works, then yeah it should usually be 50/50. But for the other may it be sixty or seventy, to your favor, to being needed, appreciated, useful. It is a privilege to have God or Satan in your life, after all.

39. If Lucifer is the spirit of liberation then those liberated are his reflection.

So very well we see from liberated, freedom based societies The Devil's music, films, and books. Where freedom came from freedoms lacking, and at last were Satanic things made, such as Churches, movies, books, etc. For more than a thousand years such a thing would have marked you for death. But when we eased into our freedom and could do these things we did. Just because it was to do what was before impossible. And it really is the Devil's music being made.. as well as TV and whatever else. Even the most plain music by today’s standards had Satanic charm back then. But people have become insensitive to it. Considering bands to come later, such as Slayer, things very liberally are Satanic, sometimes, even often. We the People are the Devil's People. The New World is the Devil's World. Those pieces just fall together so naturally that it has to be so.

It is not such good social graces to be Christian  these days. Where once their pomp and circumstances laid the line of what was once right and wrong, people who are Christian are out of favor, not presence. They were privileged to lay down what was socially right, correct, and preferable. Just recently the fumed and quabbled about homosexuality being wrong. Their standards don’t suit us these days. They are socially and politically incorrect. They used to be the design for what was socially and politically correct. Now they are seen for what they’ve always been: a group of people so damning that they’d slaughter any that weren’t well enough like them.

And now we have separation of church and state. And thank God! Because given power, Christians are murderous dictators. They could say they are no longer that way. That they learned better. But no, they just no longer have the legal permission to force their philosophy down other people's throats.

And how many colorful things have been done by Satanic forces. Those forces released upon our great American nation and such good it is that it leaks into every pore of the Earth. Christians spend nearly all of their time judging others, even when these kinds of people are nowhere around them. People that have no standing or difference in their life, good or bad. They know well what God hates.

So naturally the question can be asked, where does Christian Satanism come in? Christian Satanism is like ice melted in a fire. It is like a warm coat put on in the winter.  We clothe ourselves with balance. We present a more reasonable scale. We wish for less harm. Though a person may make mistakes, we don’t have to abolish her or him as a problem. We just wish to make things a little better than they have. And that is both the most loving and the most reasonable thing to do. To reduce their suffering. To reduce the danger that may be posed on them. That is Christian Satanic. That only if a person is way off course harming others, s/he is left alone. And we try to make lives a little better without harming everyone with a sense of moral perfection.

40. Be tight and selfish toward your possessions. Do not give what is yours to others. Hold onto them tightly. And if anyone asks for what is yours hold it back from them, keep it.

It takes strength to tell someone no who asks something from you. But every person should be self-sufficient. There are a lot of considerations here. The first thing to consider is why can’t they provide for themselves? Well if they have money but come short of their needs then they don’t want to spend their money on it. They want you to buy it for them. These people will come to your home asking for food late in the month. For the first week or so they ate at McDonald’s everyday. But you were more responsible. They need someone responsible for them. Don’t be. You didn’t get mc Donald’s for days on in. You drank tea, not soda hourly. They are there smoking Marlboro and you are smoking pipe tobacco. Then they come up to you asking for some of yours. Theirs ran out, along with their money.

So the first thing to consider is why they need what is yours. They wear Nike shoes and step right into your house asking for things.

The second thing to consider, or know in this case, is that nobody owes anyone anything. You do not owe anyone you haven’t borrowed from. You aren’t their mommy. You ain’t there daddy. And you ain’t their bank. But you will be frequently visited as such if you let as little as one yes slip by. A little is never enough. These people are incredibly lacking. They sigh and think, Thank God, I have a source from which to take.

They will make empty promises, to consider another thing. They will say, if you give me (something “small”) then I will pay you back double.. no? How about triple. I’ll pay you back triple! But when the time comes to pay you back they immediately proceed to reason in their minds that what they owe is too much, and that isn’t fair. And if you get anything back you can expect it to be menial, small.

They will be offended by hearing no. Many such people have pride in how well they hustle. They feel like a lesser person from anyone telling them no.

And maybe the worst thing about such people is that they’d altogether ignore any reason you give them why you simply can’t afford to help them. They don’t care. You tell them you are nearly out of something. It goes in one ear and out the other. You tell them you are saving up for something. They don’t care, it goes right past them.

So the lesson here is to be purposefully tight. To keep all you have like it's stuck on as glue. That even the least thing, you don’t give them. And along with the fact you do not sell or pawn your things. Along the same lines, you treasure what you have and that it be a source of pride.

41. I was offended when I was asked once about how they could get a social security check like me. There are some people who believe that all Schizos are faking it. There are many that do. I can tell. I’ve been asked how they could pull it off. But my condition was true, and I had no advice for them.

I believe that there should be a universal basic income, more than anything. And if such a thing were so then you would probably see a Stark decrease in “mentally ill” patients. It would just drop, just like that.

But I’ve known people to cheat their way into a free income provided by the government. Whether it be any petty problem, a bad knee, a headache, diabetes, what all else. I know someone that did much as I did but without merit, entering into the same clinic as me, setting up a “wanted need” for therapy. Getting counseling for many unnecessary years. If there is one thing true about therapy and such, they need you to stay, to continue getting paid. They will fight for your cause. They are behind you! They know they need you (to get paid.) Naturally the business wants you to keep coming back. They want a regular check up. It's only natural. People need sympathy for themselves. They listen to a therapist like it’s a love song. They probably are after high inducing drugs, like an upper. There’s a lot to get out of the mental health system and all it takes to get in is a little lying. Who are they to doubt you? If they refuse you and something bad happens, they could get sued! They can’t legally turn down the very needy as a matter of fact. They’re not going to tell someone they are lying. Given that there is no real test to know someone has a schizophrenic or depressed brain, there is little proof that anyone is lying. Besides, like I said, it’s the money that matters.

As for me? I have one hell of a record. I was in special education. I was removed from the Marines for Schizophrenia. I was committed. My longest commitment went on a few years. I have been in a psych hospital a dozen times. I have slit my wrists twice, seriously. I have consumed Clorox bleach, Raid, and oven cleaner. And crazy is crazy. And this is crazy.

42. We are at a moment in time much like an umbilical cord. We can only have a slight sense of this. We don’t really know where we are going. But we do know the next level we are going to. Meaning that science is creating a second reality. Our cell phones, our technology and such, we are connected to. People cling to these things tightly. They are bringing us into what can be called “level two reality.”

And when we’ve arrived there we will have a whole new world before us. We will be like one walking through a dense Forest. This new place will be astonishing for us, mysterious and that hasn’t been for us since the middle ages.. since our caveman days. We once had a world that was mysterious. We used to believe in goblins and trolls, fairies, spirits, alchemy, astrology. The world used to be mysterious but now we understand it precisely. And we are going to a place never known. A new kind of place tech wise, science wise, we know little about.

When human kind is born again into this new place with new frontiers, ages will not go by until s/he fully understands it. Then not the smartest person could tell you what comes beyond that. We are going to a place far far away from anything Star Trek or the most clever sci-fi show could illustrate. In this new world we are being born. And we will drink the milk of God hood. Human kind is becoming God.

43. A person with quiet steps goes upward on his own not wishing for interference, doing what s/he does, naturally.

But a person with loud steps stomps his feet down so that he may be heard.

The loud stepper may alert those above who will tell her “stay down there! We don’t want you up here!”

But the person who quietly reaches the upper floor finds his own room, and rests.

44. We are living in a eruptious time. People have their causes driven into the wall like mad men hammering in a nail that’s already been hammered in. People are driven into their causes. They are lost in them. They’ve gone far intricately into them. They leave us no detail. They stare at singular details as though under a microscope. But not much is getting done, not by them. If life is good enough and we’ll for me why isn’t it for them? What it seems they do is very simple, and generally not needed. Does anyone ever just sit back and wait, or just relax in a good world? I am such a person. I like to sit and wait.

There are many good reasons to just sit and wait. Everyone around is falling pretty. They are a little too connected to each other. They are way too obsessive. They are dragging each other down to hell. They find no contentment. Good for them is never good enough.

Why can I sit day to day without any kind of problem weighing down on me? Am I that successful in life or is it that they cannot be settled with life as it is it’s not perfect enough? It’s unsettling? They need reason. They need purpose. They need groups and street cleaners. They won’t sit around doing nothing. I sit down doing nothing often. My responsibilities are few. Unless I am well paid I am not going to walk around with a picket sign. To take time out of the day to carry a sign and Garner concern for people who have no use for me otherwise?

What damage is done is a wound that won’t heal. As lawlessness increases so does anarchy, unto total anarchy unto the possibility of the end of democracy. That is the overall point—these people who bicker ceaselessly are causing a spirit of rebellion so strong that it is counterproductive. Not being settled on what is gone enough and destroying things all the while is going to cost them. Is going to cost us all. Discipline has left us. Real tolerance has too. People wish to seep into your every poor. One slight mishap could cost ya. They point their fingers. They psychologically examine every person. They evaluate people on the strictest basis. And they find nothing good, being each and all very bitter.

I go to the store. I buy some harmful deadly repulsive unacceptable menthol tobacco. Then I picked up some diabetes causing bad poor choice diet food. Then I go get some tea from a perfectly well blended finest choice tea leaves from Lipton because the generic isn’t there. I go to my home and live in a treatment facility by the way where the staff doesn’t like me having caffeine past one in the afternoon. And food provided at this treatment facility is fruits and vegetables. So I have about four oranges that day and a banana, that’s healthy, and when I go to smoke it is outside down stairs away from the house in a corner. And you can imagine how this feels to me. I have a lot to keep off of my mind. We all do, don’t we? Actually I just brush off anything that’s said.

For them there is no peace. So others can’t be free and peaceful. Misery loves company. And they very well and proudly carry the weight upon their shoulders. They have a cross that isn’t Devine. They are caught up in a big filthy mess thinking all the while it can be cleaned. But such messes will always be. They rummage through it from the moment they open their eyes in the morning until they close them at night and only God knows what they dream of. These people are like those thinking “what a mess, what a mess” at all hours. They pour into every report they forsake no detail they are involved in petty matters that have nothing to do with them. As big as the nation is, the occurrences are very well few and isolated. But one bad thing found in some small corner of the world will command them still and gravely serious against it. Problems are always going to be. And for every one problem in the list of no no's there will be a thousand or more trying to fix it, with important matters just grazed over. What is an important matter? Well a child got kidnapped, a dictator is cruelly oppressing his people.

The Christian Satanist should be just a bit stander kept far enough away not to be deemed associated with it. Be deliberately agreeable to anyone who presents to you their cause. If you see something before you concerning these attitudes and purposes, pass it by. Don’t read into it at all because if you do something crappy may stir within. Tend to your own life as best as you can. Let others fight their own battles. You shouldn’t have to be wrapped around other cultures. You should have the ability and allowance to tend and care for your own culture, the Christian Satanists. We have our own culture. We shouldn’t have to be forced to involve ourselves with other people’s cultures. Christian Satanists are our bird of a feather and we should not have to have stray birds flying behind us. If you see a Christian Satanist, a true Christian Satanist, consider them as the most highly connected type of family. That transcends race, gender, and all other things. Don’t fight for other people’s cultures. Just fight for your own.

45. Any place where cultures have blended together so much that being any one thing is perfectly acceptable is a good place for me. People in San Francisco don’t care about your own personal tastes in music. Liking any kind of music and any kind of song is perfectly fine with them. But shame would have been brought down on me if I did the same in the center regions of the country. There it is very narrow. In Texas, Cowboys, in New Mexico, rap gangsters. You couldn’t find the diversity you find here.

The same goes with the way you dress in San Francisco. With so many people coming from different nations and other areas in this nation, with so many different races here, sexual identities, you name it, a man can walk down the street in a dress, to one further end of an example, and I’ve seen drag queens, but also those dressed as pirates and even someone walking around in a cheap superman costume. I’ve seen people wearing crowns! And I’ve seen people half naked.

46. We might be needing a Separation of Medics and State. The psychiatric system is pouring into the prison system as far as it can go. People are being forced to accept medical treatment that they don’t want. People are receiving governmentally produced benefits for accepting medical care when the government should be an indifferent presence to it. It is good that a person receives help when s/he needs it but it isn’t good that a person be forced into taking it. But they are beginning to force on others laws that force them into living a precisely healthy lifestyle, in many different ways. Soda is being taxed, as well as less healthy food becoming prohibited. But for those spiritually minded is given no understanding. Atheistic people are forcing their own mortal concerns upon us while we, the Christian Satanists, are just along for the ride.  Privacy should be a sacred thing. A person's space should be substantial. Governmental influence and interference should be minimal. And nutritional science should be cast away with shame.

But our lives are always being ordered around. We are being told what to do and to do it well. We are to make a regimen in keeping healthy. We are made to jog and eat fibrous food.

But this is most unsuitable for the Christian Satanist. The Christian Satanist is a carnal kind of person. One worldly and yet spiritual. Rigorously healthy lifestyles are not suitable for us. They are most un fitting. We want to have the pleasure of the world but it is being taken out of our hands. We are put into a place that would have our healthy little lives keep us from things simply known to be good. We have our purpose and our duty. The Christian Satanic purpose does not give us enough time to be observant, stressed, overly cautious hypochondriacs. It takes away the very quality of life to have forced upon is a bland plate. Our purpose through Christian Satanism is the most important aspect of life but all of the joys of the Earth would be taken by doctors who are atheistic nuts.

These doctors are very well and true quacks. They blatantly refute us as delusional people who think some great being created the world. They think we poison everything. The truth is that they simply have no truth in what they say, when it comes to us. The scientific intellectual prides himself on his knowledge. Then they look out of the corner of their eye and see us, these people just so naturally disbelieving her or him. It must be very difficult to have a handful of people that believe her or him and another handful that don’t. What happens because of it is spite against us. It’s enough to make them rage. They hate us, and hate us enough to have to hold themselves back.

They think we believe falsely that a great being created “this,” and it irks them because they, being more proud of their intellect than anything else, whose pride only comes from intellect could have people in his face who far too simplistically believe that a great being created this Earth and the things of it.

Those that never try and practice spirituality of any given well developed kind just simply do not know what kind of mind those that do, have. I for one have never practiced Buddhism. And I don’t just presume to know what it is like in their minds. As far as I know it is very peaceful. And I am even limited to the word peaceful. I just don’t know what it is like for them.

I have a better idea of how the practice of Christianity feels. Good practice, involved practice. I know how Christians who are dedicated to their gospel and such feel. And as for other spiritual practices or those practicing witchcraft. Devils are very well in their lives, some of them. But the Devil must not like scientists. Maybe they want the scientist to do what he does. I can tell you it is a truth that I have seen demons during my lifetime. More than a few times, and many more times I have heard them. And I have seen visions that were remarkably satanic.

Of course a scientist or any kind of atheist won’t believe it. And here they are telling me that there is no such thing as them. But there is for me, just not for them. It isn’t a practical way of thinking to assume whatever doesn’t appear to them isn’t so. Yet they envelop their minds around metaphysical things just the same. It comes in a different form. But it is just as supernatural an idea, multi dimensions, the farther end of technology and science is just magic. They know that very complicated signals exist in the air, telecommunication, but it is too difficult for them to accept that maybe there are spirits in the air just the same

My own visions, the devil's I’ve seen and heard, they’d just refute as Schizophrenic. There have been many just like me speaking the truth that they’ve seen such things and communicated with them, of whom there are tons of thousands. To them they are all liars, or else deluded Schizos.

47. They should never have bothered L Ron Hubbard. I predict that Scientology will become a very common religion for all, one widespread more than it already is, if they keep doing what they’re doing. I always wanted the success of Scientology. I support what they do. Much of what they do is poorly misinterpreted by uneducated people. I really do like this religion. I would have become a Scientologist if I wasn’t committed to a psychiatric hospital for psychosis. Such people as that and I cannot do auditing. But I do what I can otherwise. I support it.

L Ron Hubbard wrote that a Scientologist can have any god they choose. I wish to be that good, and I am deserving. If any Scientologist would accept me as their good then I will do all I can for their benefit. This is what I said openly to crowds of people while I was homeless. I said loudly and openly “Scientologists, may I be your god?” and I would present speeches to present scientology in the right light. I caught the eye and ear off at least one Scientologist, who called me good and said thank you, giving me a Pepsi and some Rold Gold Pretzels. More than once, in fact.

I have a certain fondness for Scientologists. I really do like the people. I have in my heart a covenant with them. I wish them every success. Most of all that I share the same enemy psychiatrists by whom I’ve been hatefully abused. Being afraid that psychiatrists are gaining too much power and possibly have too much control over people like myself, with the crazy methods they’ve historically adopted, I have Scientology as a hope. They are the only group that is outwardly against them. They expose them for who they are. And they are for me a dividing line and a hope.

And for me no reason being understood really, but I just want to see what the world would be like if more people were Scientologists. I’d like to see what the world would be like if we were the one major religion. And I guess it has always been in my nature. That I always supported the underdog just to be able to enjoy their success more fully. I’ve read into scientology—it is genius! It is superior over any kind of psychological field you could find. L. Ron Hubbard deserves as much attention as Freud had gotten, and after all these years the “great Freud who slew the head of Medusa in psychiatry” who taught about penis envy and girls lusting after their father, that cigars are dicks..  is finally being seen as the pervert he is. And hopefully L. Ron Hubbard can step in and take his place. If nothing else L. Ron Hubbard was a person of morals, principles, and virtue.. someone clearly a philanthropist.

48. Originality goes a long way. Originality is a personal way. It belongs to one person, it is not something taken nor being shared as a slice of one pie. It's one's own thing being fathered by one person. To be the only one doing any given thing is true creation, singular creation, to be the whole of one creation.

Those that originated any given thing can get patents on them, which is right. Those that created the first of any given thing deserve the most control over it. Those that have looked far and wide considering many things or have just stumbled into it, either way the original creator of anything should have a lot to say on it. They deserve more attention.

But also consider originality from those that may not have been the first to create something particularly, but that were nonetheless so much better both in improving something and doing it differently that it is original itself. For example the Odyssey came before the Atari that came before the Nintendo.  But the Nintendo was a far stone's throw away from anything before it. It was better. It was much differently made. It was the first of its kind.

Without much improvement things will not evolve. So it is as important as originality. That things get better all the time and that they evolve is something we all need. So if you aren’t making just another pea in a pod but making something newly better than has been, you’re a person we all need. But to be the first to create something and that something is good, is important too. But to do little improvement or worse, taking things backwards is kind of shameful. Sometimes evolving means new directions are needed. That we have to start over. My TV is digital but often pixelated. My cell phone battery is small, and my cell phone has much less ram and memory than my laptop. But because of people agreeing that cell phones are better, cell phones will catch up—and that's good. We may have not gone to Mars yet but we will damn sure be ready and loaded to.

49. Originality gives a soul. Uniqueness, and individuality, as they co—occur, makes a person that has a soul, instead of sharing their soul with others. That you are attached to a purpose, does, too. You are directing your existence, and so truly exist. The more you are consistently acting on something the more you are. You are as one doing even when you have little control over other things. By having a habit you want to have the more you are controlling your soul. Otherwise you are a person you just haphazardly control. You are a little lost, you’re even a lot lost if you are not controlling what you do. If you have nothing done then you have the same kind of soul that a couch potato has—as a person of only input bringing in.

To have a soul you have to have strongly determined will and bring it outwardly. That you are attached to a purpose you are directed continually to action regarding it, and though what you otherwise do varies widely and is not in your control, to have a purpose is to bring about the existence of one’s self as an identifiable thing.

To exist is to be strongly particular. Those that have definite choices definitely exist. So this is the Christian Satanic dogma of “Definite Existence.” You can have little to no control over your own destiny otherwise.

To be strongly opposed to something is to demand a better existence. It is to create a place suitable for one's own self. It is to allow yourself to be, more greatly. It is to be where you would be instead of having to be removed. To be strongly against something is to demand your existence be upheld, because in your world you will have a lesser burden of sympathy that requires you to desire separation. A bad world is cumbersome.

In becoming something new we add to the depth of our soul. In increasing our practical knowledge we all have a soul. After you fully have a soul the next natural step is to concentrate it. And the third level to be achieved is to add dimension to our existence. And the more we broaden that existence the greater its dimension. The further we may go and the more potential we have to develop.

Pick up on the tune that makes others happy and be happy with them. One is not entirely happy on her or his own. S/he is happy through others, proud through others, accomplished through others.

50. A governmental group for good use of science may have to be implemented. These should be fully able and competent at preventing and abolishing bad and especially harmful uses of science. Where it is not so much moral implementation of rules, but simply there to keep criminal uses of sciences committed by either individuals or groups from occurring. Things like high tech guns and eventually things such as Laser guns, peeping Tom tech, sciences used for perverted things, practical rape, sciences that harm others or can pose a very deadly threat to a large body of people.

It's apparent enough that science can hurt people or help them. But this governmental group should veer away from posing moral rules, such as willing cloning or genetic improvement anyone may wish to use. Most of all they should focus on good uses of sciences like those that could end starvation, homelessness, and suffering. Things that could lengthen life, even indefinitely, and that protect people against criminals. These sciences should be geared toward making life better and not allowing others to intrude over it. Because as good as any particular science is to keep people well and safe there are going to be a handful of people using science cleverly to harm others—and history has shown that these are often the most innocent. No one cares if they harm the deserving.

I can certainly see such a governmental body coming forth that will maximize good life and minimize suffering while preventing any one or any group from diminishing these.

51. The art of arts

People   paint in pre-existing styles and even paint in an all new style, but few or none paint on more than one style at once. Someone doesn’t paint an impressionistic abstract painting.

But music is different, to some extent. People will write rap songs with metal elements, or a country rock song. There is music that often is a merging of two things, and many forms of music that are entirely different than the rest. Nirvana was too different to be called what's been named. So they called it grunge. There are mostly sub definitions to any music, like not pop by itself as most are doing but “bubble gum” pop, not metal but “hair,” “death,” “black,” or even “pagan” metal.

Books have a very broad categorization. Not only just bring called fiction but being called what kind of fiction, as “horror,” “romance,” or “thriller.” Non fiction being split into areas of fields.

This is the simplest way to think about it. I can add another simple thing: vehicles are very differently classified. And so are the parts inside. These are specific, from car to truck, van to Jeep, station wagon to go cart, moped, and motorcycle.

Clothing is very differently classified too.

If you can create something all new you would have to come up with what new remains undone. Like with a game plan in regards to making something not yet done for one you must have a clear idea of what has been. If you are going to make a new kind of book you have to know what hasn’t been done. And this can be very time consuming. There have been people trying to know new things just as much as you or more. There have been a large number of them too. As time passes by even the least has been done, and to the greatest. The ideas that remain are particularly difficult to think about.

Most importantly my point being made, that the best you can do is to be ready for anything new. To be the first to tread it’s ground. This has always proven to bring about the greatest successes for people. People that snatched up new internet domain names, became rich. People that first made video game consoles and those that made the earlier games for them became rich. And it all goes with the saying “the early bird catches the worm.”

52. Two heads are better than one

How few are the circles of people brought together to establish for themselves wealth. Most circles come together to maybe just socialize, to “shoot the breeze,” to small talk. Or another party. Some get together for many reasons, but few bound themselves together to create something new, something so desired as to make them wealthy. I’m not talking about large corporations but a small group of friends. This is how Apple and Microsoft started, and apple. It is how these places usually started out. That they were smart people who got together to get rich and do something great, something new. Like bands do before they are signed. Before they can even try to be signed.

The government often brings such people together and corporations do it all the time. But far more seldom do a group of friends establish an association geared toward having a good and strict plan to come up with something that could make them wealthy and famous.

But when it was done it often led to something that was developing rapidly. That at first what they were doing may have seemed menial, insignificant, but then out of the blue they had to rapidly expand to fill a burning need. And what was one day a small thing became expansive and unstoppable.

Some areas have already been trodden on too much to bother with. Video games are made by large teams of people over many years using equipment you could never afford. Things like software and basement built computers have become too evolved for a regular group of people to expect to profit from it. So the limitations must be known. You are limited to resources. You’d have to find something to do that your small group could do yet be revolutionary.

But if you put your heads together long enough I’m sure you could come up with the right thing to do, something needed, something that hasn’t been overdone. Something mostly new. Something your group is capable of. All you need is one great idea. One bound to be irresistible. One bound to succeed.

53. God is Time, Jesus is water, Satan is Nature, and Lucifer is light.

Knowing this, how will you be married to the world? In order to be married to the world fulfill these six steps:

  1. Cast about things upon the Earth such as rings and green marbles. Things that once found will be regarded as treasure, or at least pleasant to have been pulled up. Become a trash author. This is done by writing anything: notating music or drawing, leaving notes, ideas, a professional of faith. Then rolling it up into a bottle and placing it somewhere it could be found, even much later. In fact the later it is found the better as long as it holds up. And put something inside that bottle.
  2. Consider the world. Be in awe of it. Find it wonderful, even captivating. Love the world. Embrace it. Welcome it. Enjoy it. Consider it on the whole. Consider human kind. How developed he has become. That there is more to it than meets the eye. Watch the twilight become dawn. Gaze up unto Orion in the winter.
  3. Enjoy the good things of the Earth be they food or material possessions. Go to places you like being, whether it is nature or swimming in a pool. Eat good food, enjoy good music. Become caught up in it and enjoy all it has to offer.
  4. Accept it as overall good. Forgive it for being hard on you. Put aside your differences for it. Learn to be loved by the sun enjoying all of the seasons of your life. Do not be too confounded. Remove yourself from any bad thing upon the Earth. Continue your love of the Earth and by so doing the Earth will bring to you many good things.
  5. Build upon the Earth a good home for yourself. And while inside think about all the good the Earth has to offer and bring it inside, unto you. Be restful with the Earth. Have a good bed. Hug the Earth. Be planted firmly into it inside your home. Spend your days relaxing being thankful for life.
  6. Understand the magnificence, the all encompassing power, wonder, glory of Earth. Be transformative with it. Feel the feeling of it being shared by many others, those along with you and those that have gotten from the Earth all good things. The Earth is your home. May it be yours forever. And may we all share it, having our own separate, carefully chosen parts within and live in good harmony. Cast away all hateful people as much as you can and enter into a true brotherhood of man.

54. There is no doubt that I walked the Earth as an individualist. I had some minor influences from gangster rap. I had much influence from metal. But on the whole I have been an individualist and about altogether one as I became an adult. So I was a sort of lonely person that felt he could not be one with men. Because as much as they say that things like music being universally shared isn’t any strong influence over people, they are totally wrong.

People are destructive in their nature that bonds them together. And I have felt my best option was to be removed from it. And because of it I never hurt anyone. I have never taken any drug. I was homeless for a year. But I did no drugs and I didn’t steal, and I never whored myself out as the homeless usually do. When someone ever came up to me looking for a friend I cautiously turned her or him down.

And I grew up being unable to find any type of person or group I could be a part of. Those that were the best options were themselves very lacking. LaVey's Satanists are mean people; they are the worst kind of hair splitters. And even many of them do drugs or are just unapproachable.

So naturally I considered as carefully as possible the least type of pollution I could find, but even the least of it was suffocating.

Then I created the idea people to have around and the best gift to the Earth itself: The  Christian Satanist.

It is a culture I could be a part of. Where I would lack any given thing I know that they will supplement me, and the same for them. I am altogether satisfied with what kind of people I created in them. And I am sure that it will be the best, most significant thing since Jesus himself. Hell, maybe I can even be the Devil's Son if I do well enough, as you can too, us all together, daughters and sons to the diabolical man who would have paradise on Earth. A good kind of hell, not a terribly bad one.

55. Sexual Immorality

To be sexually attracted to someone or to simply lust does no harm. It is just natural. God gave you a pecker someone once told me. And his words came along as wiser than Paul.

Some things though are the worst of crimes. Such as bestiality and kid molestation. The first only comes from the most decrepit kind of human being. S/he has violated a boundary badly. Let him have shame. Such people should be executed. Anyone with the right mind knows that children are precious. They don’t need any reason to know why. They just know children are a precious thing. But he whose mind exploits them and who molests them are looking at what normal people find innocent and sacred, sexually, not the same. Such as those that harm them should be executed too.

56. I live day by day. Even hour by hour. I always kept the idea that if I could make the current 45 minutes the best it could be then I wouldn’t have any problem living. I carried this concept in incarceration and it served me well. I don’t consider anything bad that can occur in the future. Today I have. And tomorrow I can probably find that my problem is easily managed. More than most things Jesus taught me, this kind of teaching for me stood out. It stuck. If I follow through with a problem I’d just deliver great stress into that day.

It's important to let things occur one at a time. If you have deadlines then you’d only do the work up to it. You’d be accomplished day by day, though. Still, you should sometimes consider going the extra mile and not keep yourself from that. I’ve been through the worst of things, no doubt. But I have never found a problem too great. Things have always been easy enough. If I were homeless again I wouldn’t be alarmed by it. It’s never more difficult than you think. Things have a way of working out.

By many means I ought to be dead. I consumed some terrible poisons. But my body is fine. Of course it may not always be. We all age. We all deteriorate. But that just let’s me take things more easily. To eat the cake even for dinner. A donut for breakfast after a morning cigarette. Some booze to relax with. No vigorous exercise. I’ll be just fine until the time comes that I fall prey to old age and death.

57. To what extent are you honest with yourself? Being honest with yourself is indicative of Christian Satanism. That though sometimes being honest with others can be quite harmful, or just not wanted, as we all don’t think the same. But being honest with yourself will bring about a greater overall true awareness. Ask yourself how much you like or dislike something. Try to know the reasons why. Build around your daily life the root of knowledge from which you are. From what you will be. To what’s choice for you, and how much or how little you want something in your life

Consider how things might be better. Consider how many things could be a little better. Take the time to improve your life overall, thereby. What would you want to happen? What would you want to change? Look far outside yourself to find what you are missing, and then bring it in. It can be challenging to think so much! That things are naturally around you as they naturally have been stapled on. A cup of coffee every morning and many things that you have taken up and posted in your daily life.

But there is more to life than you know. There is some sense of adventure you might be missing. You have yet to find a new good thing in some time. Things can only get ever better for those who think outside their normal and comfortable set – up. Those that go about in life as a repetitive routine don’t have much of a soul. But those that do are truly alive, not living in an automated manner.

There are people that live automatically. Then there are people with their hands at the wheel. There are people that are driven to places, anywhere that looks nice, usually the same old accustomed place. Then there are people who look over the map and know the area well.

58. Taking a good leap beyond what is typical for you is a powerful thing to do. Most people will live ever having stayed in their own field. Their own realm, environment. But those that broadly go other places will be able to connect what was typical to what is like a new uncharted land. They may find the best of people there, too. They will have gone from a daily inch to a mile. That is a fearsome challenge, it is superiorly challenging. You can then look at the steps behind you. You could draw a line from then to now and there will not be as much. Most who step forward and inch at a time day to day in life. There are those who learned to walk. Then there are those that went on to only take small steps. But a person who breaks his own limitations and climbs over towering boundaries will learn to do one thing well and when s)he is good at it won’t continue. They will move on to something scary, unfamiliar, and master that too.

A person can spend all their days doing one thing. But some have obtained far reaching mastery.

Spontaneity lends to adventure. Not much else does. A person who does not stay on any one thing for too long has a lot of things on his plate. Not just meat but many kinds of meat, meat that is choice, with the best sauce you could find. And a lot of pride to go alongside it. A new trade is a further example of this. It is not even so important as lesser, easier examples, like transforming your daily habits. To do something entirely different from time to time. To have your talents you either keep or change into something different.

59. Relationships

I cannot speak for all but the type of relationship that means most to me is to have good counsel. To have someone who knows me very well. Someone who wants the best for me. Someone involved with what I am doing. And someone with good advice. Someone I wouldn’t have to be a particular way with. And someone whom I can be open with and not restricted by in the way I act. I imagine myself like a child that I could be childish with, not someone who is interacted with in the strictest sense. Someone to watch movies with on a couch. And movies for which we have the same interest. A partner in crime.

52. My enemies are people who interfere with me in my daily life. They come in between me at any moment interfering with my perfectly normal working doings. When they can’t leave me alone, then they are my enemies, or at least someone I hate. I don’t like my life being disrupted by any one unless it is just a part of my responsibility. I have to go to a clinic, or court, and that’s fine, it is my responsibility. But those that approach me out of the blue and interview me I detest. And if it is just too much I will halt them in their tracks and remove myself.

Those that find I am not doing any given thing just right I sense are wanting control over me. That when I do any of my chores or jobs perfectly well enough but they find problems with, problem after problem, I detest. And anyone who can not leave me alone but is looking for a friendship, I don’t like. I do not need a smoking buddy.

People who’ve just got to share an opinion with me and when that opinion is negative come across as jealous people. They’ll point out the grammatical errors. Or, do you only write about one thing? Such snotty people can be intolerable especially considering that the least I’ve done is the most from most people.

“Let’s get up and go to the park! It's healthy! It’s good for you!” and when I say no they want my reasons why and if I give them any reason they will stand there and refute it. They will make counterpoints. They that don’t take no for an answer are my enemies especially in such a case as this. I am an adult and my body is my own but any who would take control over it imposing health rules on it are violating me, and they are my enemy.

But it all boils down to one simple thing: those that come into my personal space at any given moment and detract from my naturally occurring good will, good doing, and pleasant feeling. So I had to come up with a solution to this. Many, really. If it is significant I will strongly stop them. Like Al Capone said, “Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weakness is not what you are going to remember about me.” And isn’t that a common perspective? I could have made the same exact quote in my lifetime at some point.

You have to be strong and firm with minimal mercy, if any. And it’s too bad. I am kind to everyone all the time. Except when others aren’t. I just don’t come up to someone and dump a lot of garbage on their lap. But there are many who do. And they thrive off of it. I wish for such people the very worst of things. That they die by their own sword. That someone takes their sword from their very hand and pierces right through their stomach with it. Nothing could come too soon. Big old bubba with a big mouth got his lip busted this morning. He kept on shit talking to someone and got a concussion.

53. Intelligence filtered through the mind can be vastly different from vice to vice. A drunk person thinks much differently than a sober one. As does one on LSD or any given number of drugs. But the way one's mind is sober doesn’t change much aside from mood. But could our minds all be faulty for any reason. I mean, could we use our minds in a better way if our brains were different? Yes! The fact is that sins shroud the mind. They blanket it. There is a lot to be filtered through. Our minds are filtered through it. We have a rather minimal amount of intelligence. Comparing ourselves to higher intelligence is like comparing animals to us. They can never really know us. I believe a pill could be made to increase intelligence, or some sort of genetic alteration. But it must be carefully done, in little steps that are well understood.

54. My prayers for the day

I pray that the Atari VCS is successful

I pray that SEGA releases a new console that is also successful

I pray for the success of Final Fantasy

I pray for the success of Star Wars

I pray for the success of my other favorite things

I pray that my days be longer lasting and full of all good things

I pray for redemption

To be just a little bit more Christian. But to be so good and well

I pray that the world not be stricken unless it brings about a greater good

I pray today and that day by day into the coming years that scientists are equipped for the knowledge they need

And because of it the world becomes a better place

May my family and friends forgive my faults and my enemies, them too

May I be put into a place that suits me well and continue being able to do the work that I do

As long as I am continuing this work then let me be free to do so

Bring to me desirable things. Remove from me things unpleasant. In health, in possessions and belongings, bring me good things

May all be given a free basic income. May the homeless all have places to live. May jails not be needed. May all slaves anywhere be set free. May all dictators be removed from power. May all people be treated with dignity.

May those who quarrel based on petty matters be cast aside. And may the more important matters be brought to light. May what is important be focused on. And punishment those that would knit pick on their own petty problems, selfishly.

Have all good things be made. May people be making what we need to make life better

Keep us in your hands always and give hope for even the worst of people. Just stop them from doing what they do. But please forgive us one and all.

Set forth good influences for people. Remove bad influences from us.

These are the things of which I pray for today. May the angels deliver you my prayer.

Hales-Nema, So Noted in Memory, Amen.

55. With God beside us we will continue to evolve. He will not abolish us. He will not destroy us. He made that very promise through Noah. And God is a Good of Life, not death.

He will not take our race and destroy us, not to suit any purpose. He is a Good of redemption, not condemnation.

God gave us a world that we can survive in. He removed from us terrible calamities like interstellar rocks that could be our end. There are so many things that would have destroyed us already if He didn’t care. There is no possibility of it occurring through him. Because God is a God of certainty. So very many things could destroy us were it not for Him. But He has been with us and put our human race into a place that does not result in the total annihilation of us.

He has given us what we need to progress and evolve with. Would He take these from us like they were never given? Would He turn His hand against us and put zero merit into our struggles? Or is He a loving and forgiving God, one who will let us keep what we’ve gained, through in through, unlike a thief that would lay to waste the home like a burglar?

Isn’t it in His desire to see us go all the way? Or would He bomb us in the middle of the race? At the finish side? Or has He not shown that He has always removed from us impossible circumstances?

I say that He is a loving creator who has put before us a way to evolve and has through and through proven to us that He will not destroy the human race.

56. Criminal scum are allowed to live. They are allowed to flourish. They strip from others the dignity of life. They tread all over innocent people. And yet they slip by with minimal punishment. But they are due the most. Whoever they may be. Some of them are dictators cruelly oppressing their people. Killing off entire families. Forcing them into slave labor. Into sexual slavery. Killing and slaughtering any of the slightest political adversity. It is not right that they continue doing so, even for an hour more. We identify these people and we know what they are doing. But we allow them to continue, not for months or years, but for decades. Usually for a lifetime.

We should be relentless in removing such people from power. They have no sense of human life. They’ve kicked around and trodden all over their citizens. They’ve crushed them into fearing them as though they were God’s, God’s watching them hourly and for whom not the slightest bad thing must not enter into mind.

These dictators should be removed from power for the sake of those they cruelly oppressing, whether or not any nation would allow it. It is proven that such moral rights will succeed. To do what is right will redeem us. To do nothing to the degree it is not, why should we be free yet others cannot be? In such cases God will prop us up in righteousness and our nation will flourish. I prophesy that if we do nothing our nation will fall into tyranny. For we were selfish and did nothing about it.

I prophesy that by strongly acting against it and freeing all people our nation will flourish. That we will have the greatest and most robust nation. That our nation will be rich and full. But I prophesy that if we do nothing for oppressed people, no matter the risk from attack by their allies, that our nation is damned and we will fall under tyranny until a great nation, more deserving, redeems us. If that is so then they will be made The Great Nation.

I find it without dignity that criminals can flourish as the  kind of criminals that destroy innocent, good-willing people. I feel it is like a stain. I find myself dressed well. That things couldn’t be better. But then I look around and see that these people aren’t apprehended and continue doing the despicable evil they do and I feel like this big nasty stain is upon me. Those poor people. These sick people kill them for the fun of it. They attack well behaved people, very good and life loving people without any warrant at all. And yeah, I feel that the strictest condemnation should fall upon them like a great wrath.

Torture is too good for them. They should be made examples after a certain point. Whether they’ve harmed too many or harmed too much. They should be apprehended by the law and painfully beaten to death, I dare say.

57. It is not the Christian Satanists place to strive after meaningful things. The Christian Satanists want maximum appreciation. Even to be worshipped. LaVey's Satanists have a five point program of various unmeaningful things. None of them bring about admiration and personal achievement. The Christian Satanist Two Point Program is to be worshipped and for the success of Christian Satanism.

The Christian Satanists strive for a high standing place. They do not spend their lives remaining unimportant little known people. They should strive to be famous. They should strive to be highly valued, admired, deeply appreciated, even worshipped. This usually comes from the arts, or television/ acting. It comes from writing or singing, painting, or being among the top researchers, being a simply brilliant scientific mind. Whether or not the Christian Satanist has a full time job that pays a regular salary they should have some kind of regular activity apart from it in trying to obtain those things mentioned.. fame, admiration, wealth, even worship.

58. Jesus and God do not necessarily agree. Sometimes there are differences. Sometimes they are on a different page. And the Holy Spirit will have its own ways as God filters through it. Yes, what God will have usually is. But Jesus may change his normal expected methods. God's will is also the will of Jesus. Jesus can change God's mind about any given thing. When He says He is going to do something but doesn’t, he may have changed his mind due to Jesus. Jesus and the holy spirit are in harmony. But they are not exactly the same thing. They are just the same thing together.

Jesus will do things on his own sometimes. And these just very naturally cause something that changed what God was doing. Jesus builds his own house, stone by stone. Jesus plants his own crops. God does do a thing He says. But his other self, his Son, is the true Father of all things. To Jesus He gives His legacy and Him He does not deny.

59. We are all in this boat together. There are many boats out on the water upon which we transgress, defying death and The Curse, trying to make life as good as it can be. For some it's a cruise ship. They are rich. The poorest are on rafts. The criminal is on a pirate ship. And some are alone on their boat, others are on a warship.

The greatest of people bring forth winds to the sail. The worst rock the boat and even puncture its floor. Some of us are sailing to paradise. Others will just die, remaining stranded. Some will be thrown off the boat. Many will just jump off it’s side and drown. Some don’t have a map and are lost at sea.

The best are patient and tend to the ship when necessary. They have good food for the journey. And their boat is resilient to even the worst weather. They have a good map and they know it well. They will certainly make it to The New World and will find a life most satisfying.

60. It is very much so that mental incapacities are formed by proud, repetitive thinking. I know because it has happened to me, what it is like, and what it does. People can be suddenly proud, so proud of one thing, that their thinking is halted and they can’t think of anything without it severely being repeated in their minds. It doesn’t have to be one thing. It can be many. And it is based on prideful thought. A person can think s/he’s just made the perfect joke. This is why mad people laugh hard and continually. They made a joke in their mind they found incredibly funny. They are proud to have done so to go along with it. They will repeat that joke to no ends. Eventually they might come up with another or they will arrive at a new thought, one they are very intricately proud of, and they can go hours or even days resting on it, proud fully analyzing it, such as something they said or made, jokes, or such things. It was said that this happened to Shuman, the classical music composer. I can realistically see that being the case. The poor guy could have been so proud of a snippet of music he created that he could not move beyond it.

It wrecks a person's thinking. Worst of all it keeps you from sleeping. Remember, I’m speaking from personal experience. My pride over my thoughts and what I said went on running over it over and over again. And I simply could not sleep because of it. In fact it was impossible for as long as it went on, which was indefinitely, until I got back on my schizophrenic medication, with which it took it away, completely. I believe that repetitive thought is related to such a form of mental illness and I speak from clear observation and experience.

61. I’m a rugged old pile of bones. The light shines as windows from heaven. My Cupid’s arrow pierces through God's heart. The tears of God fall from the sky into my eyes. I am one that stood before a large crowd and loudly sang “when you wish upon a star.” I hug my little blue rock. I love my little blue rock. I pray it will be well for me on my little blue rock.

I am a rugged old pile of bones. I hold my umbrella up high toward the sky during the rain. I think of myself as a snake in the grass and walk, winding down the road. I think of myself as a snake, a mouse, a goat, a cat. I stop at music playing from a business and become a child to it. I look at a lighthouse and know there's a demon in it.

I play chess with myself. I am my own best opponent, after all. I bring the fog down. I send the rains to Australia. I burst out in tears in public. I rage at authority but am left alone. I walked fifteen miles to see my family for an hour, twice. I am The Devil with Christ inside. Damuel do Hail.

62. It is easily observed that insects and animal species have different jobs, like the ants or birds flying high above in a V pattern. Bees do different jobs for the betterment of the whole. And some ants gather, others build roads. So we see this everywhere in the animal kingdom. But what about humans? Humans really do the same thing from job to job, responsibility to responsibility. They are usually doing so for the better good. But some aren’t, being involved in criminal enterprises. It would be more like a renegade ant that kills its own kind. It would be like a bee that poisons it’s honey. Bees don’t seem to have a choice. Ants neither. They are kept perfectly dutiful. But our great ancestors munched on the forbidden fruit.

Not all animals and insects have a job. Most of them are independent. Ticks lay in wait on a blade of grass and evil little thing that it is, without milk but for blood, and the same with other blood milk creatures, leeches and mosquitoes—who can’t have life apart from stealing it. I kill spiders if I want to. It’s said that they kill flies. But there are very few that they do. I don’t like them around. They’ll get into my bed. They’ll sting me, even with toxins, and they are just creepy. Why should I care? They are murdered, too. They murder things to live. They build an elaborate web to catch its prey and then mummify them and suck their blood from it.

I once had about five fly glue strips hanging from my ceiling. This was during a time I was in my home alone suffering from a Schizophrenic episode. So they were right above my bed, a couch. And they’d fallen down upon me while I hadn’t a shirt on. And I was half awoken by it. I felt horrified. Like eeew what is thisss. I couldn’t use glue traps after that.

63. There could be five types of Christian Satanists for the better of the whole, with some more needed than others but all important. Here they are:

  1. The productive kind. This is split into two kinds itself, productive in making a Church or reading material made for Christian Satanists, music, video/ film, or any such thing
  2. Those that know the teachings of Christian Satanism well enough to teach it or take interviews concerning it. Those that speak for it, such as preachers.
  3. Those that reproduce and distribute the books for it, or that in any way spread it forth, whether on new or old websites or by mail. Or even door to door. Those that preserve these works.
  4. Those that recruit. That expands our presence. That introduces others to Christian Satanism.
  5. And those that simply invest Christian Satanism and it’s churches. This is the easiest thing to do if you’ve got the money. But it also is about the most important bringing it all together, making the other four possible.

64. My suffering wasn’t any good while I was homeless. A lot of the time I was barefoot walking on hard stone. I saw a black mold looking spot on the bottom of my foot. But it cleared up. I was walking through a wooden floor in a certain area of San Francisco, at the Fisherman’s Wharf—a large spike jammed into my heel. That badly hurt. I walked around on it for days to come, barefoot. And it had orgasmic spasms, but it healed. I used to touch the bottom of my foot tickling it.

I consumed more poisons than you’d believe. Bad ones. I drank an entire bottle of rubbing alcohol. I drank Clorox bleach- two whole large gulps. Raid and even oven cleaner. I'd gotten body lice, stripped and spent an entire bottle of Raid on my body. For whatever reason I sprayed a whole bottle of sunscreen spray directly into my eyes. And that hurt. But God must have surely been with me, overall in fact, right beside me.

It had convinced me for a while that I was definitely immortal, forever. I am one with an important purpose, which is true, but I do not believe so much any more that I am. But that I have gone far into my purpose, my assignment. And the day will come when I leave it behind. And this place unto another, where I hope to see it grow, if I’d at all be able to.

If you are going to last long on this Earth whether from the help of God or Satan then you are going to need to be doing something. But there will still be a time when you move on to the next place. But I really do believe that the Christian Satanic will reemerge back on to the Middle Grounds. While I was isolated in seclusion for a month I established a few things which came very well true. Some of them are outstanding. And they came to be. One of them was for the Christian Satanic to be assigned to Earth, or elsewhere on The Commonly Humanoid Grounding.

At last, life for me is better. And it isn’t sympathy I am looking for but the acknowledgement of my strength. I’ve earned that attribute.

65. It is conceivable that science will someday be able to create in us a spirit, one that may transport itself from place to place and not have to be interconnected with the flesh. When Science can isolate our consciousness and move it around outside the brain to move it yet keep it intact, self aware, then science would have essentially created for us an immortal soul.

How can this be done? Well I certainly don’t know how. But I know they will find a way to. I don’t know how a TV works really. But it does. And I could have never invented one myself. But two heads are better than one. And in this case one head was better than mine, two, three, four really.

Yes, I do believe that science will find a way to break our soul out of its fleshly cage. That we could move around our consciousness outside our flesh. We already can to some extent. But we have two keep both of our parts together in order to continue living. What I am suggesting is that science can somehow make us think and be outside of our flesh, someday.

And who knows what is beyond that? Would we need air, or food? Could we put our consciousness into a machine? The more difficult part of this is having our emotions follow with us apart from our flesh. But one by one the impossibility of what I am speaking of will be undone, resolved, to let total separation from flesh occur, yet life be possible without it.  

Mohamed could have been killed dozens of times. But God leads away those in danger who are a part of the overall picture, until the best painting is done. God could be painting your life, too, if you had a significant purpose. But just keep in mind that a painting has to be finished sooner or later, when he determines it is as good as it can be. However humankind itself is a great painting, the greatest of them all. And God will not stop until it has reached the best point that could be. And you can equally regard Lucifer as just a sort of painter too.

66. Let me elaborate here on the general overall spirit/ nature of Christianity, Satanism, and Christian Satanism.

The Christian has much less burden, that is for sure. They don’t feel as someone who has nearly as much thickness of existence. They are people who just have one simple objective in life. One thing and all else doesn’t matter. That’s it, just one thing of significance and nothing else matters: that being to serve God and to be saved. They just have that one important thing in life.

Comparatively Satanists don’t. Satanists are given the world as a whole. They must make it one good life. All problems must be solved by them if at all. There is no God for them that resolves issues. There is no God for them to go until and be delivered by. Problems for them are more significant and they have the world before them more on the whole. Death matters more to them and even though they (and any atheist, too) would not admit either to themselves or others, that it makes life too important, it does. The greatest flower faces the worst death. They could go a lifetime loving life and become the best they can be but their time will come just like any others.

The Christian often feels at fault. They come to know their faults and confess them to God. They also enjoy porn more because it is so very naughty. They’ll turn down Final Fantasy and ceramic cats because they are of the Devil. The Devil is in all places and at any time will come after them.

The Christian Satanist can find a desirable dividing line between the two. To have the faith but not become overly involved. To forgive oneself little white collar crimes. To not have much significance placed on what is menial or meager. To live life enjoying life and dare think God will save them, no matter what. But sometimes to delve into Devil Worship but just made a Christian Satanist all the more Christian Satanic by returning to Christianity. Much to one side, much side the other, much the same and more together.

67. We are much like those in God's nest up high and away from others. We rest there as we evolve enough to leave the nest. In the meantime God has put too far a distance for aliens to reach us. God keeps us safe, saving us from total disaster and destruction and God is such a bird whose babies aren’t for weeks or months or years but for millennia. God gave us the drink that lasted for two thousand years. And it is a time of great change coming, in fact very well so we will leave the nest and soar to incredible heights because God has made us better than any bird.

68. Where thanks and gratitude are good thoughts follow. You could bring together quite good material wealth, put them in a certain place and think of them piece by piece. Or you could just very well stuff this here and that there caring about nothing at all.

To think about where good is, is to know good things. But these thoughts must be in regular practice. Bad things are a problem. By nature they are things undesirable that need a solution. In this way even the best of things are not fully good. And a person can find her or himself with much clutter that really doesn’t matter but keeps us from being happy, complete, resolved, and satisfied.

Those things you have tucked away have no matter for people who need nothing. So think about how and why they are good. You may have put away a pocket radio or a CD for years. Then for the first time in months or years you suddenly bring it all back into mind. And you have very well just given yourself a gift when you do. Because what you initially bought you liked, initially, but what you have forgotten have lost. And what you have found you have received again.

But be grateful even for your neglect. Because we’re it not for your continual neglect you would not have amassed so many things. May today be the birthday of your thoughts, which gave you again many things that are all but new and freshly received.

69. Those that would consider anything or have it understood in order to deal with it correctly will not come across it and destroy or flatten it out. They will come to it and analyze it until they know it well enough to do well with it. They are like a person in a forest that observes it as opposed to someone who, upon going inside of it, begins to hack away with his machete destroying all the things around him simply because he does not understand it. Anyone who would come to know something does not need to carry items to destroy what he encounters. People of sensitivity and good will are able to learn and adapt. But some people do not spend a dime on any uncomfortable experience.

70. My prayers for the day:

I pray that I have what I need day to day

I pray to be protected in these times to come

Separate me from harm, not having to flee

Build around me protection. Keep me in places safe.

That humankind is encountering chaos, speed them to their destruction so that long term, slow agonizing pain is reduced

Bring the world into a new and better place because of this chaos. Make the chaos lead to full and complete evolution afterward

Rest on me a lucky lot

Bless me with the unexpected

See me in my dreams.

Bring about the best reality for me, one good and full of good things

Give to humankind the scientifically made things s/he needs to end all suffering

Make life very enjoyable, pleasant, and easy for us all

Teach the scientific minds and set aside their atheistic thoughts away from your anger, making them vassals for human progress

Understand me good and well—as I am kept from falling into a pit, lift my foot upon the air, and lead me to safety, removed from travesty or despair

May all of my hopes be good and sure

That my purpose is worthwhile and very fulfilling.

Hales-Nema Nema, so noted in memory. Amen.

71. People who are manipulative speak to others in a way that is like typing commands into a computer, that computer being only doable with certain commands. They don’t talk to you in a normal way. They treat you like something to cleverly modify. They adjust you while they are speaking. They twirl things. At the worst this is very deliberate and something in total awareness for them. But most of them just do these things very normally.

These people are often in fields of psychology. A lot of psychology is just how you communicate with others just the right way. And they are liars. They will engage in full involvement with you but in reality it is just either done to control you or to soften you up.

People who are manipulative remake you in the normal flow of a conversation. They compliment you, blow up your ego—and, most of it is really simple, they fill that ego up in order to have Greater control over you.

But how little do they care about you? You are like clay that they are good at using, more or less, and to them they do not pick up on their minds or mouth but with their hands. Some will speak through their minds. Some through their mouths. Some through their heart. But these people speak through their hands. As a matter of fact they often use their hands to speak, making sweeping specific mannerisms with them.

And there are similar kinds of people differently the same to this. Those that try to provoke sympathy. Those that try to push you into a cause putting upon you a spirit of justice or an opportunity for power and liberation (sometimes these kinds are a good influence, and often aren’t manipulative, but sometimes they are straight up manipulative, like cult leaders) just be aware that sometimes people want to change you and beguile you to do things for them that have nothing to do with any of your own good, at all unbeneficial, without profit.

The ugliest clown had to put over his face a new, different, and well made mask.

72. God most often sees the people, not the person. So we the Christian Satanist should pray most of all for the better of and from us as a collective whole. Even when it came to His own son He had in mind His People. God had sent prophets not for their own glory but for causes concerning the people. The Lord’s prayer involves not one person but for a group of us together, all of us together.

When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit it didn’t just come at their cost but at the cost of all people to follow. When Can murdered his brother he made a plea to God, to not be led to death by the people, and God put protection over him regarding the people and him. Noah’s ark fills another example, as Noah was sent out for the sake of the (new) people. And God gave Abraham a million offspring. God was very pleased with Solomon when he asked God for the wisdom to lead God’s people.

And the book of Ezekiel has a lot of regard for the people as a whole, over one figure in chapter 28 who had I’ll will toward the people, one person of ruin. Through and through God is more involved with people over just one person.

So to say my point again and that it is well made, pray for others as they and you are best off. Jesus said forgive them. When Jesus was crucified it was all of man's doing, not just those before the cross. Jesus said his mother was the mother of his people. He said love everyone and as such he was much like His Father.

73. Saviors in your life.

Some people have friends and family they can count on to save them from homelessness

Some people have savior’s that will break up a fight against you, putting bullies away, and even saving your life

Many of us have saviors that will put out a fire in your home.

Some savior’s will revive you from a heart attack or near death experience

Such doctors are very well trained and are situated to be there as a dependable source battling cancer

Some heroes and saviors tend to what protects you from yourself. They will prevent suicide at any cost.

As such as a savior that knows well the devastating use of drugs and will do anything to help you quit. They’ll give you safe needles though, to not catch disease.

Some are teachers that through and through wish you to do well enough to get a degree

But for every one of these kind of good people there are those bad:

Some people have family that abuses them

Some people will lie about you just to cause you to get into a fight

Some people will burn places to the ground out of spite. Especially in the middle of the night when they are not so likely caught

Some people will stuff you with unhealthy artery clogging food

Some people will give you things highly cancerous

Some people will rage and treat their vehicle like a bullet. Others will gun down large groups of people. And some will set up your failure, will get you addicted or Rob you dry.

The more your guardian angels the better. The further you are removed from harmful people the better. For every kind of perfectly good person there are perfectly evil ones. Do not go into territories that could be dangerous. Cut off your relationship with morally corrupt people and make as much distance from them as possible. And never let cop’s as a whole be hated and degraded. Not all police are the same. But police are something we all need. That must be so inasmuch as we love others and wish for their best. We will have police around if not for the protection of our enemies, than for our fathers, mother’s, grandparents, siblings, cousins and sons, sons and daughters. And our friends. But the more we desecrate such a thing the worse our world will be.

He who hates his family and friends only needs the police and Law for her or himself. But the more that they love their friends and family will do anything necessary to protect them and secure a good life among them. They will have a good place to go and be. And will protect it. So it should be a double crime for one to attack someone in his own family, if it is bad enough to do real harm but someone who just slipped up once but does show love and appreciation for his family, should be forgiven.

74. I have been sent to make a report on how human kind is doing and to summarize how they’ve done so far. I provided no information lacking and was given the order of filling in the pieces lacking. With one command I was given to “create Christian Satanism.” And afterward I will go to other places if my duties are done. I have been ordered to make this report for the sake of human evolution by directing them into it the best possible way. This is a mid level civilization leading into the upper level, which will soon be and unmistakably advanced, in just a short amount of time.

I am like a man reminiscing before a campfire. Thinking back and telling your story. And knowing that any time the angels will be told well enough to proceed. For the sake of safety man will have a lot fallen on to her/ his lap, safety meaning assured, the sureness that they will not fall back right at the moment of their exaltation as godly beings. We haven’t been with you very much. We wanted you to get here yourselves. But at the current time hangs Venus, and we will not let your race be as a star risen so long, one burning so long, only to fade. We are here to keep you burning. And you deserve it. You lit your own candle. But how very faint! We will keep it burning, always. Do not believe me? Though I must tell the truth I do not have to show it. If I’m not believed then that is more good and well that I am.  I have only known my purpose with nothing more mattering.

75. This book is almost done.

Let me not forget to tell you that the mentally Ill class is a different class. It could be called an upper middle class. Due to how very many things are free for the mentally ill they are a little more above there in income. They have cheaper rent through certain programs. They have food stamps, they have bus passes (anytime anywhere, free.) They have free medical care. And more, from free cell phones and services to help with heating bills.

It has been deemed very doable to give to everyone a universal free basic income. And more than most things in life I’d love to see this be. And I really, really do believe that it will be brought about if only because the idea is irresistible. People will find the idea irresistible “the next best thing.” The thing we all need. From those that just can’t find work, or a full time job. To the homeless. To anyone who just doesn’t want to work and most of us don’t. Someone could still work and have more money than those who don’t.

As resources improve and expand it just becomes more possible everyday. And I very well pray to God, may it be. Let us be given a free basic income.

Be optimistic. Rest knowing that you are on the verge of total paradise, one which never could even be imagined. It is like a clearing fog. It is like rain coming upon the Earth for the first time. To drink from. Do not realize you have been thirsting. That suddenly nothing could go wrong.  That all your coming days will have your desires resting beside you to stay and follow you into your sleep.

We were put into a very difficult place. We were cast upon this Earth and told to “get to it.” We have worked, worked, and worked for very long. We have starved and toiled to do the best with what was given us. We were given everything we needed from standing upright and having hands and eyes. And we were given the mind, but not the knowledge. We were made to have it all but the knowledge necessary to have any easy going ease. We have been dropped here with a task as like someone rising out of an abyss. And it took ages for us to come this far: ages and ages of strife, toil, suffering, hardships and difficulty. We were arrayed with many problems to solve. And the time of Man's Ascension is near, after so very very long.  Pretty soon it will be so close as to allow us to just sit around and see good things happening daily. The work day is about over.

76. May your reward from God be continual, lasting. May He bring unto you what you most desire and truly need. And maybe just enough that you observe His Word and Him. To consider Him and not make a bad thing worse but better, thrown into reverse.

Good set aside for us the true teachings and have revealed through me the third way that could only be delivered at the last. You will find that no Messiah is coming. You will see, take it ten years, a hundred, or a thousand, that the end never is. The end will not be. I stand here handing you a final message before humankind one and all reach their new Earth and Heaven, these two being one and the same.

God has revealed through me many secrets and such things withheld until now. That to not be like the other followers who are pawns. For God has pawns, knights and bishops but we are his royal following. They could never know this. But it is good and true, that for us the pragmatic and for us the new rule. For us the Earth. For us comradery with both the “good” and the “evil” is an open door to the Kingdom. To them a closed door, as those trapped in a room to serve the better all purpose. The liberation comes for us, but not for them, because they were cowards from the start.

We are the bold, the daring, and the brave. We were intelligent enough to know that when it came to the scriptures something was off. And by a stroke from God and His, the Devil too, we were directed, having been claimed, to receive the final tenants and use them well.  

And again may God be with you as well as Satan. May you break apart any silly story concerning them. I promise you, God and Satan share laughter, often. Never take me too dire not to know that.

76. Bad moves and behaviors come easily from some kind of people. They refuse to do any work, no matter how simple. They will steal without feeling bad about it. And there is no honor among thieves. They are usually loners who have little regard for others. It is impossible to have principles keeping them from doing these things. While one person would admit to their wrong, these kinds won’t. And there is a whole smorgasbord of immorality being all together loose, escaping them. Many people are selfish but most are well enough considerate not to be too much. But then there are these people whose only desires matter, giving no regard at all to their prey. If they had gotten away with it before they would continue to do it again. And as long as there was no punishment they will continue to (lie, cheat and steal) to serve their purpose.

They need a string heavy hand to set them right. Consider it like a cog in a mechanism, something grinding inside a normally working gear. Those that are such a way disrupt the orderly peace of life to be taken to places free and wide open. When an insect eats a crop we spray it. But those that are altogether lazy and selfishly immoral are worse. Unless someone steals to be able to eat and is in dire straits that they can’t resolve but have tried, then such people should be healthy with all serious sternness and fully set right.

They don’t consider that someone took out just enough money to have something. And it may be the only thing in the world that they enjoy. But those that steal it from them come to mind as criminals to me. They transgress on people's right to be. They don’t care about the person whose desired state has been procured by these things. They violate that. They selfishly violate that and take it from them!

If the punishment really is to fit the crime then you must consider all the bad it has caused. Maybe then those that steal should be restricted from owning similar things. If someone steals your ice cream, then they should not be legally allowed to have ice cream or sweets. If someone has stolen a TV, then TV for them should be illegal. And I say for repeated thefts someone should be taxed heavily to provide others things the same for free, those that are good people. And thieves should be kept from obtaining SSI.

77. Upper and lower level communication. I communicate the best possible Christian Satanic way the Christian Satanist communicates on a mid level. First they must practice communicating on an upper (Satanic) level and then on a lower (Christian) level. The first is assertive and strong. The second is passive and weak.

When you are speaking at an upper level then you will present a firmly planted stance. When you are talking at a lower level then you will submit. If you submit only do so in putting yourself into someone else’s hands, desirably. If you want to make your presence firmly known then speak so as a Satanist.

Going back and forth with these is something that may be known as Chaos Communication. That is primarily saying something bad about something but in an “on the other hand” way, saying later what good is with the bad. Maybe things weren’t so bad after all. But maybe they weren’t so good. Speaking this way is Christian Satanic. And it delivers an overall idea of what s/he is talking about, and so too the listener, who can say neither good or bad from it but rather all the good in the bad, the bad in the good. This communication provides an overall greater understanding.

It is Christian Satanic to go back and forth from Christianity and Satanism.

But to be in between the two as well. Be weak in a strong way. Be strong in a comfortable way to an allowable extent, don't  go too far with being strong, don’t go too far being weak. Simply be balanced and proportionate and you are communicating correctly as a Christian Satanist. But whenever you come to the point when you are lacking one or the other, then make up for it.

In fact being a balanced Christian Satanist sometimes requires compensation.. a balancing out, where too little of either occurs.

78. In investing your time toward creative endeavors do not let good leisurely time pass you by. That is one of the good things about working: that without it greater rest isn’t possible. Those that always rest never really rest. But those that always work never rest. It is Christian Satanic to both work and relax. If you work a lot then you are posed a possibility to rest. Relaxation for those who work can come at a choice. To just deliberately stop is to choose to relax, a choice that some can’t make. Were it not for the refusal to work you would never have time to rest.

And my work here is done for the meantime. I had written this for nearly a week.

It is information invaluable for a better world. It is a last of the stage religion made on the brink of total humankind change. I have made something that comes far past the religions of old, many that have been found increasingly irrelevant to today’s world. Old religions are marked with things today that would be blatant violations to morality and human decency. Things evolve, that is a given. No one Creed can be of use to us where we are going. And the apocalyptic warning of the Holy Bible will be proven wrong. Ten years and nothing. A hundred years and a thousand, Armageddon will not be and those of the future will know it.

Be pragmatic toward God. Be reasonable, not over-involved. God has set aside a curse for Christians who are selfish and it is an open way to get lost. We are more pragmatic in our adherence to the Gospels and it’s derivative teachings. We have been set aside to know that to be true. Things are more a game than anything. And the game is so fun as to allow you to cheat, within reason. Christian Satanism is a game whose objective is to cheat. It is in the rules to cheat. It is the way you win the game.


May the bad things in your life be spotted, taken into hand, and crumbled. May you have mastery over your life. And may it be like a good game played. Where you can take a moment of pleasure grab it, as to us has been given the Better Earth. We are of those late in the game and our mastery over human existence is coming to be, in full. Take no concern hard on you. People these late days are in fits and rages. That is the death of humanity, who is rising into greater things. No day may go by that you can’t be sure we’ve done a lot on that day, every day we come closer to the door of paradise.

Enjoy in the meantime anything good you can and keep yourself safe. While humankind sees something on the horizon it gravely scares them. Those that are too scared will try to keep humankind from it, killing innocent people. But those that accept things are becoming better, not worse, will have an abundance of hope.

I have taught things far reaching. I fill a gap that must be filled. My teachings are for the most open minded. To my teachings you were led to by God. But what I speak will quickly become unessential and at best record the legacy of man and the best solutions. And I have poured into it day after day for many years. My first book, The Christian Satanic Bible, took six years to complete, to make final. And contained with it are the profound words of God and Satan, good and wicked. Wicked, naughty, but not evil.

If in the course of your life you are presented with so many scientifically created tools, know them well. Know well where you are going. It has been step by step currently. But I tell you, the day will come soon where man will thrust up high, as high as the stars above, and from there, thrust beyond even that.

Our time of suffering is about undone. God ripped up the garden. And we planted one new. And it took us ages to do. But our time of redemption has about been made complete. So my best advice is: be well and peacefully wait.

The Primary Facets of Christian Satanism

  1. To enjoy the things of the senses, especially taste
  2. To know your tastes well, from anything material or food
  3. To visualize and use taste magic. To associate food with magic. To visualize, too, by itself
  4. To be productive. To have a purpose.
  5. To unlock your memory. To take a pocket dictionary with basic words and remember things word by word
  6. To understand the Principle List. To use an occult thinking obtained by it (The Principle List us on the next page.)
  7. To practice bright side thinking. To see even in bad what is good. To “See the silver lining in the cloud” to be optimistic.
  8. To have as much pride as you can.
  9. Self Inclusivity— meaning that you are an individual. That what makes you up is not from other people. To keep away popular influences. To remain one person but
  10. To regard your culture of Christian Satanism as your choice culture and not to be entangled into outside causes and issues. To not let others force their culture into your business and doings. To be a brotherhood of Christian Satanism to its fullest extent.  
  11. To do anything regularly that could bring fame and success, wealth and notoriety.
  12. To be open to enjoy doing anything but to be content to do little or nothing. To have a good seat. To be absolved to simple pleasures.
  13. That all good life be measured as such and held valuable, that you not bring about negative or oppressive thinking and that your world be well and good at any cost.

The Principle List

Person One: Red, Bird Hand, Staff

Two: Bear, Brown, Bee, Cane

Three: Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Four: White, Ring, Goat, Thief

Five: Joker, Sword, Gold, Swine

Six: Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

Seven: Yellow, Rodent, Duke, Wind

Eight: Bomb/Blast/Wand, Black, Beast, Fox

Nine: Horse, Dust, Yellow, Toad

Ten: Assassin, Word, Creature, Tiger/Lion

Eleven: Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit

Twelve: Purple, Dragon, Mask, Dog/ Wolf.

Assign these to your closest friends and/ or family, from oldest to youngest, including yourself as your age fits you in.

Christian Satanic Book 4

But wisdom is justified of all her children.



Well! It has been a couple of months since I finished my latest book, a break very atypical of me, but I had moved into an all new home and it has taken much to settle in. I hope to pick back up on writing and on the positive note I had formed many new thoughts and ideas since I last wrote and can offer them here, refreshed.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to be a Christian Satanist. They’ll tell you it is impossible. But what they are really saying is that it cannot be. Why can’t you be both? You take what is good from one and another (having a lot of good there) and you apply what is relevant at the time. You may look through the glasses of one to observe the other, and as such are purely Christian Satanic.

What a good thing to call yourself. Every time I am “cornered” and halted being asked what? What is Christian Satanism? Not wanting to sit so long elaborating, I instead offer simple quick answers, such as “well a person who freely does both.” I’ve already explained it and just told them to read my books. It does bring up a lot of talk. It certainly stands out. And surprisingly, there are a lot of people who accept it up front. They say yes, that it’s a good idea, that there is good in both, either of which shouldn’t be entirely omitted. That it is just “two sides of the same coin.” That many Satanists yet love God and want to be Satanists, just not hating God. Which makes a lot of sense. It seems to be so very committed to God to be that way, and I’m sure to God’s approval.

Then there are those that refuse it all together. I call them “Sided-Minded.” That what they do and believe is rooted in the state of being a part of something. So I’d say it is those at war and those at the side, but we are soldiers ourselves, and maybe some of them could be turned over in so knowing.

There are two books left regarding my writings for the Christian Satanic (Yasatic) religion. That would make ten of them including this one. And I feel that is substantial. There is a lot that has been said. The books of Moses were five short books that resulted in all of the Old Testament to come. And the Gospel of Jesus produced even more, though it was less. So I believe that ten books will be enough and to have too much to absorb all of it never will be.

And one more minor note, I intend for this book to be much more illustrated than the others. That is kind of against my principles, to have a lot of pictures/ drawings in my books. But I believe that one of them should contain a lot of symbolic imagery and am making it this one.

This being the kind of non fiction book that it is and not a novel or story, it may be read in any order of pages, here and there and over here and there—don’t feel like you have to read from page to page until the end, unless you want to. And thank you for reading. It is a public domain book, feel free to reproduce it with or without profit. Being only a hundred pages it is easily printed and shared.

..Christian Satanic Book Four

Is the world coming to an end? I had once thought so, years ago, until recently. I idealized the worst possible scenarios. There was so much turmoil in the Middle East. Small nations run by dictators posed a threat with nuclear weapons. Mass slaughter had become regular. Earthquakes we’re happening here and there. A couple of volcanoes erupted. And so on and so forth.

But I analyzed these things and came to the conclusion the world is not coming to an end. Why would it? We don’t need saving. And things had been far worse in history than they are now. For example, the dark ages. For example, Hitler and the halocost, world war two. It is always assumed that world war three would be far worse, but that is not necessarily so.  

Yeah there have been earthquakes. But they were minor. If God is going to come on the scene I believe they’d be far worse than they are. But they’ll tell you that the sun is eclipsing indicating his soon return. Likewise every time there is bad weather the Christians will bear it as proof that God is returning soon.

There are mass murders occurring here in America from time to time. About once a month, more or less. But that’s pretty much an American phenomenon, certainly not a worldwide one.  I had thought that North Korea was likely going to bomb us—but like always, they were only interested in the pay off imparted by commitment to dispose of their nuclearality.

But most of all, things have been far worse before than they are now. What makes today’s time special? If nothing else we have a lot to be hopeful for, what with scientific and technological advancements happening as they are, making our world a better place. And honestly I don’t see Good taking that from us.

It had been said that in the end times that Christians would be persecuted. Most modern Christians take this as being made fun of, and prohibited from thoroughly ruling over the legal system due to things such as separation of church and state. Christians have a ton of freedom to go to Church and worship freely. Maybe not in Muslim nations or certain small areas. But they are certainly not being sought out and targeted, executed, having Churches burnt down in large numbers. – but in Muslim nations.

So I don’t see any real, rational, reason to believe that these are the end—times.

The Greatest Understanding

I had never had a better tool against hurtful and painful emotions than reasoning, than using multiple perspectives to wash away anger. It seems best to me that in the process of someone trying to make you feel these ways that someone goes over it in their minds multiple ways. To understand it with the right perspectives, the ones that keep you feeling and thinking well. If someone lashes out against me I already feel superior to them. Those that regard you as better than them, hate you.

You have attachments in life, at your choice. There are good things that you may attach yourself to, and bad things, too. It isn’t easy to hold them together. So you have the choice of being attached to the good or to the bad. Those that assail you hatefully want you to lose the good, putting the bad in your hands. That bad was their own, and they want you to have it. But choose instead to hold onto the good things in life and not be overtaken by them.

They give you the poison but you do not have to drink it. And even if you do drink it, you don’t have to taste it. But even if you do taste it you do not have to gargle it.

Someone may lash out at you and then turn around doing things his, her own and no longer has you in mind a moment later. It’s out of sight, out of mind. When you are not around them, then you should feel fine. The greatest victory is to choose to instead enjoy life and go on about your day. This comes with maturity. But don’t expect them to be mature. They are those likely the most bullied and insecure in youth, in school. And believe me, they never wanted so much the love of others than hate. After all, they do things to make you angry. Are they not then wanting to be hated? Are they not insubstantial? Are they not as one hacking through weeds with a machete every day of their lives, wherever they go?

It is the best of traits in life to be indifferent to these people, instead keeping the attachments to things that are good, whatever they may be, from the least to the greatest. So treat yourself and let the damned be damned.

“And God said, 'Let there be light.’ In understanding this verse in its context within the Holy Bible I like to say, “In the beginning a bird, perhaps a pterodactyl, was in distress. That verse is very near the one in which God said we were made in his image. Now given that Christians are so very anti magic, they could never have the understanding that I, a Christian Satanist does.

That is to say that as we were made in God's image, our imagination invokes power. That as we think, so it is. But it has to come to be evoked by visualization. As God imagined how things he wanted to become so did, and so it does, so can we, if just not as powerfully, but powerfully enough.

The mind that visualizes, that has practiced it, and learned it well, can cause things in the world to happen. Though “magic” in this sense may not cause an exact result, it does so what is able to come about from it, like water finding its way. You may imagine sea monsters, but only get sunken ships. And by that, be careful.

Most people have practiced visualization very little in their lives beyond childhood. Some adults may remember doing so, such as to music, or in picturing a pretend world as I did, that I named “Orion.” If you have come to visualize the most magically effective way then you would know it—where the mind takes you, how special it feels, and how moving it is. It is best done with instrumental music—which for me video game and movie soundtracks work better than classical music before movies and games. Modern classical. Music as such is very useful while visualizing. If you ever use regular songs such as rock or pop, metal or rap, then choose to make the music about anything, making it’s meaning at least a little less restrictive.

I had taught myself a thing I called Taste Magic while I was incarcerated under isolation for an entire month. I was confined to a small rubber room only leaving to use the bathroom. Often naked, I was insane, yet came up with many brilliant thoughts under a freezing vent, under impossibly sanity shattering circumstances. The principles of taste magic are easily taught: whatever you eat, coincide it with a thought. I would make a corn chip, a crown, pork, the police, yellow foods representing one person or another that I cared about. Usually my thoughts involved revenge, or much differently the betterment of me and my family. Candy works especially well while using taste magic. So you take the soul of the food and circulate it within your own, food for thought— and as such, a great magic is produced.

After all, you taste for a reason. You shouldn’t eat food without tasting it, and by enjoying it. Taste is the consumption of the brain. While the stomach and body digest and use the food, the brain does not, if you do not taste what you are eating. But when you do then the mind “knows” it.

In fact we were given in our human minds a piece of all of God's past. Including his thoughts. Especially his thoughts. This piece of him he imparted unto us we carried forth to survive. And with it we may know and come to understand all good and worthwhile truths. Through this we know the past and have access to all things. We must simply go there to retrieve such wisdom. I would even mark it as a use of a particular kind of clergy. That whose members are apt at tapping into such knowledge. Who is good at going there? Those that can share and impart such great knowledge on others. An entity of the Yasatic Church composed of such clergy would be exceptionally beneficial.

The creation of a perfect idol would include skill and talent to begin with, so hire a highly competent person or persons to create one according to this design:

  1. It should contain magically inductive items such as crystals. It should be lavished with jewels, precious cloth, such as silk, colors carefully chosen.
  2. It should contain symbolic images such as the eye of Horus, a mix of Christian and Satanic symbols, a pentagram, one inverted, another not so. And that itself should contain a degree of uniqueness and beauty.
  3. Carved from wood takes time, but represents a lot of work, and is highly valuable that way. Consider what and what mixes if any that the thing should be made of.
  4. Consider beforehand the ideal things it could contain—such as feathers, special ink, stones, to include with on it things already made such as antiques of a cross, a mini devil in the hand, etc.
  5. And know how much you can afford and what that can be expected to produce. Something such as this is not going to be inexpensive.

Wonder in magic Sometimes magic is made up of only things of wonderment. That branch taken from a particular excluded tree under the moon light of August. The darling effect that Tarot cards impart. A carefully plucked crystal from a pile of rocks. And such things are its own magic.

It may be to soak a crystal in a certain kind of formula. It may be to draw a certain symbol and pray to it. Or it could most effectively be in the relationships you procured toward deities/ higher beings, and in coming to fully understand them.

Give gifts but don’t be a dog. The difference is that one maintains respect, keeps the power of saying “no,” is not expected from, and best of all is not depended on. If Every time someone asks you for something and you always give it, then you are nothing more than a crutch. It has no meaning to them in regards to you. It just is. But I say that if someone asks something of you to give the least. And don’t give more than what they initially ask. Give just what was asked, if anything. Nobody is owed anything. Except through promises, repaying, or during debt which doesn’t really need to be said. Remain appreciated, not an open pocket person that others dip their hands into.

And I add to that a lesson that I myself didn’t learn until late in life: that is, being cheap. Don’t hand things out liberally. And even if it seems like so little you give, hold back. God will reward you for your responsibility.

Support and be faithful to your brands. When I was very young and began watching football I chose the team the Seattle Seahawks. My Parents taught me to not switch teams around just because they were on top. And it remained my team to this day. Coupled with this is that you procured your tastes as an individual, avoiding popular tastes, preferring things more based on instinct and intuition, and most importantly what is true for you. This is best done by “best of” thinking. To think to yourself what is the best of anything, and the best among those.

And for whatever principles these are based on (it may be that something came first so you like it best, or simply that it is the best tasting to you, or that it made your childhood better) hold to those principles and remain faithful and devoted to your brands and types. Especially the underdogs. As it may be that you were of the few that supported it to begin with and may hope for its success. For example, the brand Skechers, or Atari, or Linux, or a Reuben Sandwich , or 7 Up Soda.

I have some very good advice about the use of money as I have thought about it for a lifetime learning through good times and bad about how it is best used. When I was homeless and penniless I bought nothing more than batteries and pens, for my radio, a notebook. I certainly desire things greatly that were I was never homeless I’d never had wanted. That includes a Mickey Mouse watch and shirt, and a CD of Holst's The Planets. And for my previous sake when I came back into having money, I bought them. But at any time in my life clothes meant the most to me, carefully selected, proudly adorned. It is just so good to go out in good clothes. I pay for what I will need throughout the month. And I pay into things that will be used often and for the whole month. I pay attention to what I know I’ll need every day, to make every day a good one. Though I don’t totally agree with “you get what you pay for,” I do believe “buy it nice or buy it twice.” And to me it is a sin to sell off what I have, unless I just don’t want it taking up space.

And I do not give my things away because a little can become a lot. I may invest in a kind of way by buying a two or more month supply of something that I have more money freed up for awhile. And I believe in going by intuition in my buying of things, a well developed sense of taste, and I follow my heart as if there is no desire then there is nothing there you want in the world.

As I have taught in my book Anti Voidalism the best thing you can do in life is fill it with good things. This is such a highly applicable principle that I made a whole religion based on it. A little goes a long way sometimes. To have in your life a few good things really goes a long way. Such as having a good bed, a good chair, good food, good music, and keeping in your life good things on a daily basis. Life can be empty or worse, filled with things that are bad. Or by choice and effort every day can be lively and bright. So I would include: a good purpose, avenues to creativity, and to make an effort to find something good to do as often as possible even if that means learning new things and facing the challenge to begin doing it. To initiate an activity that is a first for you, something you’ve always wanted to do, or to return to old habits that your old self took well but perhaps you’ve forgotten since then just how good it could be.

For the Greater Meaning a person can look far and wide, through and through, and not find anything. I imagine that those who leave the Earth with an accomplished purpose, who leave it with a good gift, will see a good afterlife. And this is very Christian Satanic. That having accomplished something good and worthwhile in life will find a good afterlife, as s/he is worthy of reward, of great merit. A Christian would do what is morally good. A Satanist is what is most pleasurable. But a Christian Satanist, a good work, a valuable thing. For me that is writing, which should be obvious. But it can include very many things.

I believe that those who did the best in life were destined as such and situated into it’s capacity here on Earth. It was said by Jesus that the least come before, the greatest after them. And God knows us through and through. What we were, are, and could be. And so even the rats are fed, but some feast. And to prove oneself to God goes a long way toward where you will go. So prove yourself and be qualified.

The most valuable things in life make life better every day. You can drink and eat and spend your money on expensive food, and be left with nothing afterward. Or you could get an ice maker and have ice whenever you want it, for the price of water. Buying a good bed to sleep in makes every night better. Having a good chair will have a good place to sit day by day. Then sometimes a little can add up quickly, depending on how long something lasts. It takes a long time for the colors of your clothes to lose color, to rip, to stain irreparably. Once you have a good set of clothes you will for a while. Pens last a long time. I get two months out of a Bic lighter. These days, more. Home improvement is another thing that adds up as such, collectively brought together in having an ever better home. And I apply the principle of perfection regarding these, that you can improve on something so much as to eventually have what the wealthiest do, if just not immediately. A little liquor gets you there quicker.

I had never been such a strange and bitter person than I was those years of being a LaVeyian Satanist. Anton Szandor LaVey, author of five Satanic books, caught me like I was a fish eating the most wonderful bait. Much of his teachings are absurd. Saying that if someone bothers you twice to “destroy” them. To never express an opinion, nor advice, unless you are asked. That a vandal should have his arms ripped out. These things leave you with many principles—simple, everyday, things that you encounter and become angry over. It’s teachings of magic are sparse, and not very useful, with hints that they don’t even work as it is an “atheistic” Satanism. Yes, LaVeyian Satanists don’t even believe in the existence of Satan, and are as such duped. It is as mind controlling and manipulative as any other religion. But as the indoctrinated are, would profess it otherwise. It took me too long in life to discover it was rolling over my life in every bad way. They say they don’t worship the Devil or even believe in him. But they do worship Anton LaVey. He said one of the five foremost goals of the Satanist is creating love dolls. And I imagine he was the type of guy that played weirdo music on his organ, looked to the left, snickered and said “how do you like that, baby?” to his manikin. The only good things I got out of it was individuality of tastes and learning to read music. But I lead myself on an arduous road of composing classical music, and in the long run which I’d have been writing, instead. It is a very strange way to look at the world, and impractical, and I advise you to avoid it.

I think on rare occasions cult leaders are interesting people. But most of them, despicable, especially the sexual ones. And most of The Satanic Bible was just about sex being okay.  Large chunks of it was taken from an earlier book he had nothing to do with. And for most part it makes you a hateful person loaded with rules and principles imparted by its creator. As a real Satanist, a Devil Worshipper once told me when I was very young, “be a Devil Worshipper,” “LaVey is a con artist.” And he asked me if I ever thought about what he meant when he said, “He made his Church for the non-joiners.” But for me it would take many more years before it just dawned on me that all this time I had been duped. I then realized I had been under cult-like control for many years. And as powerful as any cult indoctrination is, is LaVey's Satanism. Don’t count on me doing the same—and remember, I’ve never asked for money, nor sex, or anything from my followers. I simply enjoy teaching good things and the opportunity to make a positive and lasting change. And with it, a good legacy.

God is an incredible thinker. Many may easily wonder how He could hear all prayers and even pay much attention to them. But it is comparable to a computer. Computers only do things one at a time but they do them so fast that it seems like multiple things are all done at once. God is timeless. Humans are not. We may as well be like a dog looking up to a human, but the breadth is much more broad than that.

Preaching and money go hand in hand. While I’d rather not cite the name of them, and there are many, people who become famous preachers inevitably come into A LOT of money. Owning mansions, million dollar private jets, spending their money frivolously. They know deep down that this isn’t right for Christians to do. But they convince themselves as much as they can that God has rewarded them. The plain and simple fact is that the money they incur should go to the homeless, the starving, to keep a simple house besides and simple clothes. If God gives you millions of dollars, then most of it should go to those in dire need. But you know what? They refuse to do so instead clinging onto exorbitant lifestyles.  

And you can bet on Christianity getting the money and making the best cults. No belief was ever so successful. But when it comes to Christianity, wealthy lifestyles without helping the poor is forbidden. How about Christian Satanism and wealth? Well I have spoken very much about money before. All I need to say about becoming wealthy while preaching Christian Satanism is, as long as it is not acquired in God's name unless you thoroughly help the poor.

Christian in name only. Inasmuch as Christianity is impractical, challenging to say it another way, you will find that people think they are Christian but do not get much more out of it than God's vengeance and you-should-help-me-I-am-poor. They want to be called Christian and call themselves as such while leaving large chunks of Christian practices out of their daily life. Most people want to be known as Christian, it’s a club. But then they have no reserve in saying nasty things, becoming hateful on the turn of the hat, pray greedily if at all, and are as such, hypocrites. But with Christian Satanism you do not have to be a hypocrite. In fact it is duality that makes it so. Maybe just a half hypocrite?

Some things you shouldn’t buy without coupons, especially hygienic products. My favorite deodorant Brut was in the Sunday paper which I planned on purchasing with my check. And what did my eyes see but a buy one get one free deal. In fact I had planned on buying two. And when I need one again I have one, as it came with two coupons. Because of internet sales things can be gotten from different nation’s at a remarkably cheap price. On eBay you can filter the search results to display things that cost a dollar with free shipping, including China only in this filter and you have many thousands of decent things for a buck each, and in fact I had spent $60 before doing so. Willing to spend a little more? There are all kinds of things, check them out.

Then there are those wanting a quick buck, who will buy something one day and turn around to sell it for change the next. Such are the best friends you could ever have.

At least I’m not a LaVeyian Satanist anymore. He taught his followers not to shower.

Most consistently the type of people I’ve been around have been hustlers. And I’ve been around people more than most, all of my life. From being homeless, incarcerated, in group homes, mental hospitals, living with friends, and otherwise. I had two roommates who refused to pay their fee, and tried kicking them out, only to be warned by the police that I must do so through court-issued eviction. The whole thing was a confusing mess. So I wound up abruptly leaving and going to live with my ex-girlfriend. The two women who were my roommates were evicted by the landlord quickly, as they were just squatters in regard to him and the law. It almost serves as a parable.

Believe me I had people in my life that would take from me, daily, sometimes hourly. And I was angry by it. I had to learn to say “no,” and develop the right perspective—that perspective contains the fact that these people have money, too, but they totally waste it. While they spend all of their money on expensive packs of smokes and snacks they quickly run out of money. But I’ve spent only on what I needed making sure that I wouldn’t run out. And that means I can’t live off of snacks and Marborols. It is much the tale of the ant and grasshopper.

I only give what I can afford when I'm sure I have enough too, usually the last week of any month when my money is shortly arriving. But if someone asks for one and then adds can I have two? Right after I give them one, I’ll tell them no, even if it was just one two cents piece of rolling paper. If a homeless person asks for a quarter they really mean a dollar so I reach into my pocket exiting them, and hand them a quarter.

A part of the hustler’s joy is bothering their target. They love how they’ve gotten by so well, free. Hustlers are proud of their ability to hustle. Also, as a result they could feel inadequate at it by someone they can’t break. But in any case they respect you more for saying no, especially with persistence.

Society itself has become a cult. Whereas moral sin was once sexually based, gambling, just being heretical, it has changed unto things like smoking, sexism, racism, intolerance. Which is fine but it is so very deeply rooted as to cause one mishap of your words to cause devastating consequences. Which is fine too, which is a practice of anti smoking and such. Cigarettes are bad. Yeah, but my problem with it is I don’t want to hear about it all day and from everyone. That is their culture, not mine. And largely Christian Satanism was designed to be an ideal new culture. I am not going to fight for the rights of others or become involved and entrenched in things such as anti obesity. I just don’t want to be a part of a war I honestly don’t care about. I should have the opportunity to be entirely inclusive of my own culture, not other people's. Modern Society induces in its members a cult-like obsession to ideas—like exercise, don’t smoke, get your flu shot, save the Earth, follow this diet, view someone this way (at all times) and it is so common that people take it as a given. They are situated into taking it and going along with it a far way away. A person’s thoughts all day long could be focused entirely on their diet. And involvement with medical help could become so bad and forced someday that the people will demand Separation of Medics and State.

For a Christian Satanist Satan is not Father, but Dad. Usually Christians who have become Satanists carry on with the idea that God is Father. So they change from Father God to Father Satan if you know what I mean. One is a more serious being, one to be feared. Another is a closer friend, a companion. And it’s been said that God is the Father of us all, well, yes as the word goes, but Jesus said that the Devil has his own children. As the word Father does not mean so by parent, this Father, the ultimate being, is best known apart from how a human parent is known. But Satan is more accurately viewed as one may view their parents.

My form of Devil Worship is different, even if it can be called that. I regard myself as happy at heart toward Satan. Not like how he is so often regarded by Satanists as playing with fire, but I am consumed. As for God I try not to be so serious, not like I am walking on eggshells. That anything could set him off. I tell him about all the things I want. A lot of people flirt with God during prayer. As they try to appeal to him. As they speak proudly of themselves in a put-on humble way. Everything I needed to pray I have prayed for in my book Prayers To Become Lucifer, which is the most important book I have written, at least I hope it turns out that way.

It is so clear to me that Schizophrenic people hear demons in their minds. A psychiatrist would strongly differ. They would say it is a hallucination and have nothing else to say about it. Look at it this way: if a person hears in his mind someone talking to him that he has no control over what is said (and I am not talking about talking to oneself) then isn’t that a person in one’s mind apart from them? These people will engage in long conversations often sounding like this: “Stop talking to me!” “Leave me alone!” “You are stupid you know, quit talking to me.” And whatever consists of regular conversation, though these talks are usually harsh. And when I am not medicated, I also hear “voices.” I am Schizophrenic myself. I don’t remember all I’ve heard. But something’s were repeated daily, such as “Lucifer has spoken,” “Is this the guy that never breaks the law?” “The Devil is coming to get you.” And I would hear spirits talking to each other about me, I would look around, and nobody was there. One spirit said to another “He’s God” Another “There is no God, silly,” then the other again “But he’s not afraid of us,” and then she said “Well maybe he is God.”

Where I was and where I am now: I had gone back and forth from different parents a lot when I was a kid. I was fortunate to have a lot of girlfriend’s in high school. The one most important to me lived with me when I was only sixteen. We’d skip school and drink, and do other things. When I was in elementary school my friends were discussing magic and also it’s ethics saying that those who practice black magic were destined to hell. My friend Seth said he'd practice black magic, the other white magic. And that all peaked my interest so much that I looked into it, getting many books about witchcraft from the library.

But since it didn’t ever seem to work I slowly came into the idea that The Devil’s Magic would. And I got caught up in the Satanic music of the time, such as Slayer and Danzig, Morbid Angel among the best of them. When I turned 13 I did something I never thought I’d do, and that was to sell my soul to Satan. What happened after was full involvement with some serious forms of Devil Worship, enough that I had idealized sacrificing someone to Satan. My urgent desire to be part of a secretive Satanic Cult that did such things, and seemed very powerful.

I came up with a magic alphabet based on Runes and reversal of the regular alphabet, Tarot Cards, crystal gazing, astral projection, performance of rituals, and a number of other things. I felt evil as an emotion. It felt as distinctly as any other emotion. I knew a few witches, a few Satanists, and had sold my soul to be a part of a Satanic Cult and to see Satan, see demons, and view the metaphysical world. Which I would come to. Just a few years later on my 18 th  birthday me and my family went to a park outside of Clovis New Mexico. And I’d wander away quite a distance to stumble upon what was a large group of Satanists. I discussed some things with a person who later referred to himself as The Dragon, who told me he wanted to be a priest, though a Devil Worshipper, and to move away from LaVey's Satanism, opting for a better, less moronic kind of lifestyle that LaVeyan Satanism is. And I was there for three days for just a dollar that included food, tent, and clothing. The last night I was there I and the others there watched a gypsy dancer with a tambourine and grey clothes. As I fell asleep there all the others had left. My Dragon friend was playing bongo drums. His friend has a guitar. And I dozed off. Mealtime there was mushroom soup and I spent some dollars on my favorite drink, iced tea. A feast was held in which we were told to bow before the King and Queen before sitting. But I just walked right past them.

It was an experience that would be very important later in my life.

So I was 18 then, and not long after I had decided to become a US Marine. Going through the process took a few months after my initial visit with a recruiter. That included physicals and some additional college education. But I made it on the plane and then the bus. But before I left I talked to my recruiter one last time, telling him I was bringing my religious material. Two books, The Satanic Bible and the Devil’s notebook. Then I arrived at basic training and my books were taken from me and I was expelled two weeks later. Most of that time in the “Recruit Separation Platoon.” But I owe my current life to that occurring, which is a life that is better than it would have been.

Not long after that I became very mentally strange. As I had developed Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia almost always starts at a period between 17 and 19. And things had gotten very polluted in my sanity. So my Ma took me to a doctor for answers, and they referred me over to a mental health clinic, who promptly sent me to the State Mental Hospital. That hospital treated me with Zyprexa, I miraculously got better after two weeks, was set up on Social Security, and as a mental health patient who would receive treatment.

I was stable for a long time. The thing is I began treatment so early and was on it for such a long period entirely normal that I thought they had made a mistake. So I convinced myself of this and stopped taking meds. I can simply say “I am Schizophrenic. I have (had) delusions before.” But what isn’t at all easily understood is just how bizarre such thoughts are. And they’d have to be experienced to know what I mean, but include things such as a portable CD player that is actually controlled by demons. Is only made to look operable, but altogether is just a bunch of little pieces made to look like they make it play music, when in fact it is witchcraft. So I put the CD in upside down, the batteries in reverse, and plugged the headphones in where the power goes believing I’d hear demonic music.

And a metaphysical world did open up to me, but my sanity couldn’t make sense to remain in control.

I had many visions. I heard spirits. I’d seen things before my eyes that were far away. I did come up with some of my smartest teachings while I was going through an episode, such as The Principle List  (which I’ve included in many of my books.) I was living in a hotel later in life. Still not convinced that I needed medication, that somehow I could overcome mental sickness on my own. And a very strange world blossomed around me. I was starving, badly, and pounded on the Manager's room demanding food. After an argument unfolded, but most of all for being as insane as I was, he called the police who told me I had to go or be arrested. I refused and was arrested for trespassing.

And I wound up in isolation for a month. That means The Hole, serious seclusion in a rubber room. But it was there that I created my Principle List and began thinking more seriously about my tastes. Seeing visions in the place, and the beginning of thinking in my more religiously conductive mind. I even drew on the wall an image of Satan, knowing his form within the garden of Eden, which looks like the shape of the Hebraic symbol on the south west corner of the Baphomet Symbol.

So then I went from the mental hospital to the only available home, one with my father in Albuquerque. I had my money piling up, after seclusion I was committed to the State Hospital. And when I got out my money had accumulated to $2,000. Almost exactly! And a dime more than that you have to report to SSI. Fortunately then, I didn’t. But I still wasn’t taking meds. Most of all because of the sheer difficulty in receiving mental health help in Albuquerque. The busses can take an hour to pick you up, the staff there I found hateful, as though I was a liar. And besides, while I am undergoing an episode I do not know that I am.

I was there briefly when I got into a fight with my dad. I called the police. My dad and uncle bonded together by lying about me saying “I hurt his hand” and was arrested, though I didn’t lay a finger on him. In jail my dad had put a restraining order on me and while I was before him and the judge I asked my dad to please drop the charges and let me move back in with him. The judge said if I’d tell him another word that she is adding charges. And I said “I don’t care.” But that would be the last words he ever heard from my mouth. As I bonded out, I was homeless. I tried moving onto a hotel with my SSI though it had cost more than what we had were I to stay all month.

So I got an ID as they required and was fortunate to get it with just a temporary paper ID while my real one was going to be shipped to my dad’s address. Now we were broken apart at that time. All the good, good things I had bought with my 2,000 were thrown away. He’d call the mental hospital on me and some people showed up taking me away. I had been paying rent, too, by the way, and a lot of food. Included in the things he just threw away while I was gone was a first edition book (the only edition, a rare book) called The Church of Satan, which I paid $100 for. As a kid I imagine I erased his cassette tapes and broke a few of his things. But now? We are even. He got his retribution and now I don’t owe him a damn thing.

My dad had attempted to mail my Albuquerque ID to me years later while I was incarcerated again, but they mailed it back to him because it was plastic. I couldn’t have plastic in my cell. I was in Albuquerque and got some good clothes. Being homeless without a good enough place in which to be, probably the worst of places to be homeless, as it was cold, crime filled. I had enough money to move and thought a lot about where to go. I considered New York City. But it’s weather kept me from it. I didn’t want to be so cold. So I wound up choosing San Francisco, and was so very happy that I did. But I’d shopped at Target and something terrible was about to happen.

Those that shopped at Target along me had become prey to a data breach. Their digital card info was stolen. I got some clothes there and went to San Francisco. I thought I’d do very well. That homelessness is not that bad, if you have money. And I got food, I got more clothes and such the first couple of days I was there. But in the process of buying clothes my card was turned down. I didn’t know why. I thought it was because of the store. Trying to get money from an ATM didn’t work. And later I found out what happened. My card was cancelled with a new one shipped to my address file of Albuquerque.

So I went to a Church. I asked them, can I use your address to get a new SSI card? They told me to use “general deliveries '' which is mail for those without an address. They told me it was on Haight street. I thought they meant “Height.” And after walking for a few hours wound up on top of a large dirt hill overlooking San Francisco. The neat thing is that my current home is only a few blocks away from it.

I had tried and tried to get a new card but failed too many times and just gave up. So I was penniless and homeless for a year. I attempted suicide at that time by consuming a cup of Clorox bleach, and spraying a lot of Raid and oven cleaner in my mouth. But to no avail. Much of my time I spent in the Financial District. But most of it is in The Fisherman’s Wharf. There was live music on every corner of the Wharf. A guy even bought me a lobster one day. Which I turned around and threw it away for looking like a cockroach (and they basically are.) I was across from Alcatraz there. And just tried to make my life the best it could be.

Which was very clouded by Schizophrenia and I could feel the presence of evil all around me.

I’d gone to jail again. This time for busting out a Mc Donald’s window. Then they put me into two treatment programs and re-established my social security. And after having eaten from the garbage for a year, refusing to beg for money, they established a conservatorship. The first group home lasted 90 days, as much as it could as they are temporary and need to receive others. The same with the second group home, only I could stay for a year, and did.

And I told them from there I wanted to live in a board and care. I wasn’t so sure that was a good option, until I moved in two months ago and found it to be just perfect. They cook three meals a day for us. Mostly American Food (which is my favorite kind) Hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, and cookies, brownies, with a lot of servings. Three snacks a day. They take your laundry, wash it for you and return it. They clean everything. They make your bed. But most importantly for me was med monitoring. Which legally I have to take now. So I guess I did something right. It is the best place I’ve ever lived.

If not boring sometimes, but I’ll be starting a new job soon.  

I think in my own way I am far more successful and experienced than Anton LaVey.

The world is in peril! Chaos is pending at the doors while we refuse to open it. But after a good period of stability, things become too precisely stable. As the government piles upon piles of help to its people and make blueprints of homes we don’t need, things are bound to crash down as things have become so very diluted. Socially, chaos is needed. To tear down and rebuild. To its season, as Solomon would say, and I’d add A time for stability, and a time for chaos.

Environmentally we need chaos as well. As much as we think it is a good thing to keep nature matriculate and well manicured—it doesn’t. It needs seeds upon seeds, a union of living beings, to roam further outward, to be rooted more deeply.

We just can’t have everything perfectly good without being bound and choked in vines. And that’s why anti war measures are of no good use and so often disliked. These leaders of great nations want war, and often too, do its people, if only for the sake of much needed change.

Services for every kind of person for all kinds of a person's needs can only go so far. A Utopia is a mirage in the desert, never within reach. Sometimes people just want to sit down and enjoy what is already there. But they can’t. And they find people behind them forcing themselves forward.

Who is the Anti Christ? I admit at one time in my life I felt very qualified. And maybe I was. But I lost all interest in the type of person it requires, or at least matured away from it, even though it felt very good to be childish. I am certainly unique among Satanists. But a leader I am not made of. And I mean apart from writing. What I wish most for is the advancement of science, reducing or eliminating all suffering just as I have gone into detail in my Godism book. If money is best invested, it is in science. Scientific advancements can end hunger, as with an incredibly fast growing seed. Medicines reduce pain, sometimes completely. Science could have AI working for us, which I say is good. Can expand resources, proficiency, to make a point.

And how good would wealth be on me. I just don’t see any sense in the common phrase “money doesn’t make you happy.” I would say vacationing in an exotic place, having choice food, transportation, the best clothes, would make me very happy. They have before.

If the role was put on me, I’d be a damn good Devil's Son. But as far as rolling over people I would be defunct, bored.

And so very many Satanists, particularly men, and especially young men, want nothing more than to be Anti Christ. And are sure that they are. At this point in my life I have become very sure that the world isn’t going to end. It does go hand in hand with Christian thinking. But the two are separable. That it could have already been. That it is so intertwined with metaphor that it could mean anything. Just as Hell could be anything. Just as most of what Jesus said could mean anything, and so to its success.

I have the faith that there will be no Satanist King posturing as Jesus, demanding his or her people to bear the 666, that crime in the world becomes so out of hand as to be uncorrectable. It is just an absurd concept. One that would go against God’s better senses.

And maybe my words will prove false. And I am open to think that maybe I am wrong about it.

But the dark ages cannot occur again as science and technology makes everything easier, like travel, like broad communication, tapes, CDs, irrigation, abundant energy, that if we fell under a new dark age maybe people would put to heart more uses of sciences that help them and others in daily life. I do believe that someday science and technology will evolve us into god-like beings more than it already has. Do you ever think about it? When someone is sitting with their cell phone communicating to someone hundreds, thousands of miles away? Do you ever think about how very far a distance that is, yet they talk to each other crystal clear? And up in the sky above is floating around data that can be pulled down on it.. how can we have a dark age when we have things like that?

A set of prayers I make today, for God:

First, I ask God to receive my prayers and also the prayers made in my book “Prayers to Become Lucifer.” Present my prayers to God in truth accordingly.

  1. I pray to be rewarded for my work towards writing. That I have done well to be a good influence and that there is much work being done toward what I hope is a better work resulting from it.
  2. And so I pray for my success as an author.
  3. I pray for the advancements of science and technology especially in ways that profit the poor, suffering and needy, as opposed to just the wealthy.
  4. I pray for good things to be brought into my life. That I am not too lacking. And may the days go by quickly from paycheck to paycheck. I pray for a little extra help in the money I receive, for more of it, and its use be wise.
  5. I pray for a far brighter future than what I expect. Again, through the success of my writings. And so that the right publisher sees it, and publishes it.
  6. And from it fame and notoriety, to be well known. To have many good friends because of it. That in my field I am a great success within it..
  7. And I pray to be protected from harm and suffering on a daily basis. To not be hurt. To not be slandered or attacked.

Inasmuch as we are developing into gods scientifically we are shown more that beings depicted in the Bible could have those god like attributes themselves, including God, who is of utmost powers. And including angels, the higher beings above us. A step away from atheism seems the most natural approach, as it was in earlier centuries that to conceive a being other than a human who was godlike, was very limited, could not be considered possible for us in our knowledge and use of science.

But the smarter scientists, chemists, physicists, electricians, computer programmers, and whatever else, become, belief in god like powers is not only feasible, but observable and largely come to. However scientists continue to hold the belief that the stories of God, of miracles, of Angels, of Higher Beings, are impossible and unbelievable. But God made our universe. He put it in order, and can use it as He wishes. Scientists will believe in multiple dimensions, they will bring about outstanding powers for us, they will refuse to believe that God caused the big bang. That this perfectly ordered universe and life, a dozen roses, the tides of the sea, and the abundant resources about us, was not created by God. That to them there is no such thing!

Pacing around used to be my favorite thing to do. Psychologists don’t like it. They attribute it to nervousness. Which I guess is for some, but not me. I would do so in order to think. It was a brain exercise, it was also a lot of positive “bright side” thinking. When you think on the bright side a few hours of everyday your world becomes very bright. My thoughts included counting my blessings, too. I regard it as a type of magic, that concentration of thoughts, and where they would go, I would follow. I only believe (or at least only practice) a few types of magic. There was a time in my life that I really enjoyed thinking about things within a theme per movie or video game. Such as every time in an RPG someone “wakes up in a new bed.” From RPG to RPG. Or ultimate swords game to game, movie to movie. Or every time someone fell off a cliff in a game or movie, or similarly made “a leap of faith” and what resulted in it.

Pacing done this way entertains the mind very well. But I relegated it to meditation of a sort and it is especially done each night before I go to sleep.

Flee if you must from danger. Do not be trapped. There have been numerous times I myself had to remove myself from others that would have caused me harm, sometimes very urgently. When I was a boy I would walk far away, and was incredibly lonely. Being left alone at home for days. So I would walk far away from home, to relieve that feeling. Then one day in a small community of isolated homes a van was driving behind me, very, very slowly. For a few minutes, in a way that worried me. I took a left turn into someone’s home, said that a van was following close behind me, and a few minutes later went back outside, and fortunately the van was out of sight.

There was a time while I was living in Tucson that a young man, about my age, a little older, told me to go into someone’s house to take some food. When I told him no, some  other people got involved and I ran away from that place. Interestingly a person I’d been talking to during this time got involved and protected me. This guy, a Satanist, who’d I’d meet again later, but that’s another story

There have often been people in my life that I had to just leave, abruptly. Because one day we were talking, another day they pulled out some drugs and began smoking them. There have been people that wanted me to go to places with them. But they just don’t understand, I don’t need to take a trip wandering around town, God knows where.

My advice is that you’ve got to get yourselves out of any potentially harmful situation and not be led by strangers into places you are unaware of. Fortunately my family was xenophobic. My parents would only allow their kids, me and my siblings, and a trustworthy aunt in our home. Off topic but one of the worst things to break apart marriage is a large circle of acquaintances.

Compliments that matter- dealing with a lot of psychologists and as an essential part of their training, I have been bombarded by them. But in knowing this, they mean less to me. That’s because they don’t mean them. They just tell you as they were taught, they just tell you because they do well to conform you to them. Compliments are effective in having you adhere to their wishes. And otherwise,  they were just meant to be said. The thing is, and it comes across as an insult that they’d think that way, I don’t really care if they think special of me. I don’t need them to feel good about myself. But by default they think I need them to. I would say to compliment people on things that they are less likely to be. To be the one who does. To hear what is not often heard, if ever. And if you think a person is embarrassed, shameful, looked down upon for any given thing, to let them know it’s okay, or good (to listen to the music they do, to like the shows they like, too, that their habits are ok, such as writing in a notebook all day.)

“Follow the rules!” There is a type of person that would very much love to have you foresee from a job, to be socially stigmatized, and especially they’ll love to have you incarcerated. It has been seen before- a person selling lemon juice without a permit,  a person barbequing in the park, someone who pushed them, a fast food employee that didn’t kiss their ass, and fits of rage heard from people on a public transportation bus that broke down.

Differently but in the same, some people will fit and rage when their rights are not handed them on a silver platter. I’ve seen it so often. There was this person that put himself in a mental hospital to “detox from anti psychotic medication.” When he was given a shot of it upon arriving, and being belligerent,  he swore revenge against the place, to put up in a newspaper an ad that would bring together people who would see the hospital.

Police aren’t required to enforce the law that way. It is not a black and white thing.

I once had this friend when I was homeless. I really liked her. But she was kinda bossy. One day I told her flat out that I didn’t want to do something for her and she spat out “I’m going to accuse you of rape!” We hear about this kind of thing in the news.

What do they call all of this? That’s right! Bearing false witness against your neighbor. Oh how they want to have you locked up for hurting their feelings. Oh how powerless they are!

Questions of Utopia

Should people be required to work for the better of a society on the whole? I would say yes, but people should at least have the choice of what job that would be. Which is generally so, but I believe that people who refuse to work should be made to. And that if they must be forced to, to have less rights as to the choice of job.

I think overall a capitalist society is best. That may sound shocking but if you understand what good comes of it: that people are innovators. And really a capitalist is a servant to the people because he or she is only as successful as the people need her or him. Things get better and better due to capitalism. And cheaper, too, for most part. What the rich have today, we have tomorrow.

I believe in stricter laws. I think that people of good and common sense won’t do foolish things. I would like a society where you can walk about much more assuredly that if any one attacks you that you can be sure they’ll pay a heavy price. And that scum that steals the purse of an old lady and knocks her to the ground should be severely punished. I would like a world where people are more respectful to others.

But the society in which I love does little to nothing to cultivate respect from one another. People surely go about in groups for the aura of power it imparts. That’s always been. They may not know that is why they prefer to be in a group but it is.

We give too much permission and allow for too many avenues of organized crime. And believe me some people live in a very different kind of world that you (in all likeliness to who is reading this) a world where raping people is often, as is theft, money by any means, and murders committed for the boss. It’s worse than any crime movie.

Leaving your gift on the altar. One day I drew a star of David symbol and put it on my altar. I had been wanting to think up something better, maybe Christian Satanic. I’d folded the paper. And I looked at it again a few hours later and found that there was a crescent moon above it. I wrote things on paper, drawing symbols when I didn’t have much to do, being locked up. It felt meaningless. But for the hope that higher beings could have read it, and praying that it be so, I felt I had a much better reason to do so. So I say a good altar will have messages and symbols, drawings, notated music or whatever else, on the altar for your chosen deity, which may be one good or bad, God, Jesus, Satan, Shiva, Mammon, Agnes, Lilith.. Remember a large part of magic is a relationship between you and them. Santa Muerte is a good place to start learning about altars and magic. She is a very distinctly Christian Satanic entity.

My group against yours is what makes war so very natural and accommodating in human beings. Whatever group we have decided for ourselves we want power for it and for us in regards to it. Whatever group we are in we wish to gather power thereunto. And we may want to lead it, or be well enough idealizing the potential to. The group could be based on religion, or race, nationality, or whatever fits best into the aforementioned. It needs to be intricate and that is what makes religion perfect for this. As one does so one wants done. Race is a simpler thing, though, and that is it’s own lending to this. Birds of a feather flock together. Animals collect either for protection, for sex, or for hunting. But humans have this broad scope of intelligence to couple with it.

If their groups succeed then they know they will thrive and no harm can be done to them.

A better type of people and the best solution to all of this is the Work—minded, those that do a good job, with commitment, and working with others productively to succeed are a good team, a good working group. Much differently and much worse are those that become enveloped into a criminal organization getting money for all sorts of malice: such as selling drugs, or pimping. Or robbing, or theft.

So a good deterrent to organized crime is to teach people to work together building homes, having a job, and working well with others, to implement a work ethic. Modern society has a lot to say, but the praise is not seen anywhere for those who have taken a job and worked well at it. It’s never encouraged. It’s never identified and appreciated.

In extravagance you will find people attempting to burn out the excess. People who eat quickly become obese, yet they don’t fully enjoy their food. People that win the lottery often come to spend it very quickly, at first on what they love, later for things they care nothing about. A chain smoker puffs ceaselessly. People who begin challenged by work but become adapted to it find themselves being unable to do otherwise. And a painter that once toiled over her or his work for years may find themselves resorting to ugly abstract paintings. At first there is full dedication and then later a person is looking for any possible short cut. A person will always look for the easier means.

It’s really like those that eat a lot and quickly want to eat it all at once. It is like those that speed down the road in a vehicle don’t want to go there. That those who chain smoke are doing it because they have to, not by choice. And those that over work feel that they are never doing well enough.

Responsible people see laziness as a presence of sin, or at least should. And people should be taught to clean up after themselves from an early age. While I am much against difficult and arduous work for children, I do believe that children should be accustomed to work as it will serve them best later in life. Too much work fosters hatred against it, and those children should be rewarded. That teaches the value of money, too.

I used to let my dishes pile up high unwashed. I even had maggots in the sink. But having been in a group home I was required to clean up after myself, every mess made, for a year. And now I just can’t do otherwise. It is so easy to do it as you go along, if it is a fixed habit. You may find, as I have, that one people are too lazy to even come to you when they need you, calling you to them. Or just carelessly leaving around empty cans of soda, cigarette butts, and empty packages of potato chips. It leaves more responsible people a little astonished that they couldn’t venture a few feet away to dispose of it.

Someone could have the best clothes but never wash them. Someone could have a great bed with dirty covers unmade. And some people are too lazy to put ice in their drinks, or even fill up their ice trays. It is a pity, but responsible people, who want things clean, to be around clean people who don’t stink, to not be bothered by things on the carpet, have to carry the load of those that are lazy.

Four types of unneeded politicians:

1: Sugar suppressors

People that take an active involvement in reducing it’s consumption with the hopes of eliminating it all together. While there are very many very bad things in the world that should instead be focused on, they put their minds on the target of soda and candy.

2: Health policers

And to extend that with the kind of politician who would force you into buying health insurance and take care of every mole on your body. Who can never say enough that “this is bad, and that too. The kind of politician who would have the public aware a thousand times over what was known the first time heard.

3: Lookers

The kinds that like to say the word “look,” and ride the coattails of moral justice. What has recently come termed a “social justice warrior,” where a little right is never enough until it pours into our collective consciousness. Those that find a simple problem can bomb it, as though with a nuclear weapon.

4: The safety kept, although they love wars

Wars that they have no part in other than control over it. They reside in ridiculously fortified palaces and are quick to throw other people in danger just by lifting their fingers. Whether or not they know it, they love to have others slaughtered and are murderers.

5 Traits to be proud of:

If you have these traits than you have learned and done well in life and can expect that life will be the best it can be

1: Resilience

That people don’t generally anger you. That even when you are angry you are able to sit with it just shortly before it quickly discontinues. Naturally some people may do something that leaves you furious. Or maybe it is just too much for one day. But the choice to enjoy your day and not let it sit with you for but a moment, means you are psychologically well made

2: Work

Those that have a job that they are committed to and perform well. Or similarly those that do well in school and study hard. They are for the most part independent and self-sustaining and make up the best of Earth's people.

3: Those that don’t do drugs

If you have kept away from it for a lifetime then you have likely overcome a lot of temptation and pressure. And that means your will is strong.

4: Individuality

People that think for themselves. They come to their own conclusions. To those who hold opinions that weren’t handed them but came from their own diverse perspective. And while cultural diversity is cultivated and encouraged in society, diversity of minds are not.

5: Those that hold on to what they have, that do not lose everything:

To gambling. To drugs, alcohol, or addictions, to spending money frivolously. They don't have one thing one day, and it’s gone tomorrow. As well those that use things wisely without waste.


And those that fully enjoy life have the greatest trait of all: who enjoy their food, their belongings. Who enjoy life itself, who have good and ideal company, the most choice of friends, and that are generally very happy. They have done the best in life, that have made life the best it could be.

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13 So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.

We may have perceived human suffering as a tragedy and feel that help is just too lacking. But who is to say that they lead themselves there or that it is somehow of their own doing? Or what if they are being punished by God? To what extent should you help others? How capable are you at helping very many? There is one thing that should be given more attention scientifically, and that is the sciences that would reduce or potentially eliminate human suffering. As much as people wish others happiness, the solution is only temporary that they are fed at meal sites, and Churches can only do so much in collecting meal boxes. The government will provide food stamps, but that doesn’t fix the issue. Things like quickly grown lab meat or quickly growing seeds, are a permanent solution.

Or things such as abundant energy, energy that is as cheap as it can be yet most plentiful. That would help the world greatly. The poor, and the poorest. Things like AI doing a bulk of the work. Things like robotics quickly and cheaply building homes. If all they need is electrical power to do so then there increases the possibility that none are homeless.

People can be very troubled by the world in which they live, but always consider to what extent they could improve their own lot and what led them to the place they arrived at. Except for the mad men on the streets there is a lot that they can do for themselves. But that is almost always Schizophrenia for which there are a lot of effective treatments. I hate to say it, but many of these people should be working but they refuse to.

But certainly I would exclude from this the autistic, the elderly, especially the ones with dementia, and children. Children being abused in any way should be taken away from those abusing them, who should be prosecuted for it.

Things that lost a very long time:

Hard candy, your own home, clothes, a tree, especially good is a fruit tree, furniture, a good TV, a Bic lighter, a pocket radio, an analog, it’s batteries if AA, a ten pack of ballpoint pens, books, a board game, cards, scissors, a trimmer, nail clippers, windows, paint, solar panels, the wind, wind generators, the sun, dishes, a water hose, golf balls, golf clubs, bats, baseballs, glasses, sun glasses, wallets, keys, locks, briefcase.

Things that don’t last for very long:

An outdated computer, a candy bar, shoes, nail polish, adhesive, a flower, a lawn chair, fire wood, a rechargeable battery, gasoline, a deck of cards, a zipper, an ice tray, a pencil, socks, a meal, cold water, and for me, money.

If I took inventory of what I have:

A super Nintendo, a Nintendo, games, a super Gameboy, a color Gameboy, 15 Game Boy games, a Sega Genesis with 80 built in games, more than 10 new headphones, five new cell phones, two eye of Providence shirts, four Mickey mouse shirts, two star wars shirts, a legend of Zelda shirt, some plain shirts, some long johns, some solid color cargo pants, red, black, white, two brown but durable ones, new Nike shoes, an old pair of sketchers, very new outdoor sandals, a purple pair of Levi jeans, a bottle of cologne, two sticks of deodorant, regular mouthwash, scissors, nail clippers, about 50 pens, mostly Bic colored pens that include baby blue, pink, red, purple, green, blue, black, light green, a lot of paper, new binders, a cushion pillow, bed and good covers, three cell phone chargers, one still packed, six Bic lighters, a soldering iron, electrical tape, duct tape, a Satan mask, a new computer hard drive and optical drive, a new stick of ram, a locking purple luggage, three pocket radios, an X Box 360, two games for it, 24 never used Energizer AA batteries, nearly 48 AAA Energizer batteries, two Halloween plastic buckets, a Mickey mouse doll, a troll doll, three belts, an electronic lighter that uses AA batteries, an overcoat much like a blanket for napping, and hygienic products. An mp3 player/ radio, an older pocket radio, a timex watch, two Mickey mouse watches, including one straight from Disney World which has the Mickey from Fantasia. These are things I’ve gotten in less than one years time. And a lot of my money has gone towards my family's birthdays and as Christmas gifts. I’ve also had several sets of stickers but wasted them. I've gotten 20$ in stamps that are about half used, some eye glasses, I had some currency from different nation’s, neat paper bills from around the world, but gave them away. I had some good drinking containers like a miniature Gatorade bucket, and shoes I didn’t want to keep, like my yellow Nike ones. And I had a pair of gray Nike shoes but the sole came loose. I had a pair of Bluetooth headphones/ MP3 players that tore up. I had about 15 ice trays that I left at my previous address. Worse than that I left my Colman sleeping bag over there, which had this awesome patented zipper, and I had taken the Ancestry DNA test that cost me a hundred dollars, revealing that I am “26% Irish/ Scottish, 19% Scandinavian, and 16% British,” other than things that were lightly scattered here and there, less than 3% each. I’ve had some good meals at restaurants besides, including my favorite restaurant which serves a good Reuben. And my favorite Mexican dish is Chili Rellenos. And among my most valuable things was something that was free, my clipper card, which I can use to ride the bus at any time, anywhere, and doesn’t expire for five years.. four more, then just renewed.

I live in a handsome three story home in San Francisco, California. In a good location. One bus stop which has three different kinds of busses will take me anywhere I normally go in town, like my clinic, Target, where I do blood work, and court, and the library. The library here is seven stories tall!

I don’t spend a lot on food because food is served here three times a day and it is very good. Yesterday night I had two tamales, two bowls of chili, and three small bowls of cinnamon cheesecake. Though it is usually American food such as hot dogs and cheese burgers, often a brownie, maybe a cookie, always with seconds, sometimes thirds. And I’m bound to get fat being here. U have been here for two months now. Also we get something to drink, like cherry koolaid, soda if we are lucky, and snacks three times a day.

They cook for us (the mentally ill residing here) and also clean for us, the whole house, and our rooms, making our beds, doing our laundry, requiring of us nothing.

And who wouldn’t like all of that?

Prayers to God for today

Please have God here my prayers if you are at all capable of doing so, including having answered my prayers in my book “Prayers to become Lucifer.”

  1. I pray that my enemies be subdued and thwarted
  2. I pray for the popularity of my books, that they be read often, and succeed in being published and we’ll shared
  3. I pray that my books be the design for a new Earth, that angels use them as a design for the future and for the present
  4. I pray to be rewarded for my dedication to writing them. That I must not have to do so freely
  5. I pray for abundant food and the best of music in my daily life
  6. I pray my family be well and kept safe
  7. I pray that kindness save me from bitterness
  8. I pray to be blessed with the unexpected. For good things to fall upon me
  9. I pray I always be allowed to sleep well and soundly
  10. Keep me from anger and certainly from rage. As it is, if I am not, I could be harshly disciplined, even incarcerated for lashing out at a person whose careless words sparked too much anger in me. Please remove such instances from me, not allowing them to ever happen!
  11. I pray I will be led into a good job. To like it. To be good at it. To be faithful toward it, and to go from no work to lots of it. Really what I want to be is a great author.
  12. And as always I pray for the good development of science and technology leading us into a time where human suffering is diminished or absent altogether. Please be aware that the homeless and the victimized are in need of these.
  13. Please have the best of people around me. Let me see life for all the good that it is. And lead me into a time ever better, as I have been dealt great hardship in my life and never wish to return to homelessness, insanity, or incarceration.

I pray in the name of  the Father Yahweh, The Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Don’t count the small stuff people choose their worries and they can be greatly magnified. But oh how life is better when they pass up on daily or hourly concerns! As a kid I was a hypochondriac. The kind who convinced himself that the toilet seat would give me HIV of Hep. My breathing felt too shallow. There was something wrong. But coming into my 20s I broke free from it. I had to. I lived in such poor conditions. I would wander far and wide down the highway looking for pieces of tobacco. When I was homeless, I ate from the garbage.

I finally just chose to test my mortality. And it would seem that humans are far more resilient to death than as thought. I’d gotten body lice on me one year and got a can of Raid, stripped, and sprayed the entire can in my nude body. It was a plain nightmare, those things that take your blood like a thief who has no milk.

I had been seriously hurt often in my life, but never succumbed to terminal illness. These things never killed me. I used to be afraid to handle bleach at all. But one day I drank a cup of it in attempting suicide. I’ve heard different things about this later, that some say it is harmless (as a doctor said) or what I’ve heard otherwise that it will eventually kill me. But I know my body well enough to know little or no harm was done. Besides, it has been years since then. And I’ve already said these things before, I also sprayed Raid and oven cleaner into my mouth.

I had slit my wrist twice, as seriously as could be. But it actually didn’t bleed a lot. I wasn’t pouring down blood like I thought would happen, as I’ve seen in shows and such.

I had been arrested- paranoid before, and just generally paranoid. But things have always had a way of working out.

I began thinking a little late in life that death is just something that’s going to happen and to just let it be.

Is it a week away? How about it being three days until it is four days away. To buy something. But to never appreciate what you already have is to devalue what is to come, as you have soon already devalued it until the next thing. You may like what you have gotten. Then quickly start thinking about what’s to come next. But take inventory with what you have and often, because the richest people have not the ability to enjoy their things despite their exuberate blessings.

I never knew such material joy as I had while homeless. I would be lucky to get a soda. Or maybe a candy. But when I did it meant the world to me. And my heart was never as strong as it was during that time. Everything meant a great deal to me. My pocket radio was a treasure that I could not lose. And the batteries for it, whenever I could get some, felt in my hands more valuable than gold.

What’s five minutes? It can be counted out altogether. Five minutes I’ve often considered just a grace period. Ten minutes a moment. Thirty minutes is a next step. If you can make 45 minutes of your day good, any 45 minutes you are at, then you can enjoy all of your time. It isn’t about five days until something. It is about two days until three. To taste something. To be at it’s gates. Like my good friend once told me, he likes Thursday because of the excitement, the time approaching the end of work for the weekend.

What’s one is not many, or even three. But two three’s, and certainly three three’s, are.

I have decided to just be here for the ride. I’ll die. There’s no getting around it. I like to just sit and wait for good things, like signs of the coming Lord, for my books going places, for money to fall on my lap. And especially for a good new advancement in science or technology- the first anti gravity device, a cure for cancer, whatever interesting things occur, are invented for the first time. There is always something good to wait for.

I have mentioned it before the meditation seat, one that has a light emitting globe to put over your head. These are a tool for the Yasatic Church, in producing certain thoughts coinciding with the color it produces. Or to change from color to color as it can best be used for meditation. Those are the ideal things for a meditation suit. Most religions have their devices for producing thought of a certain kind. This is ours.

But if you can’t come up with one, don't worry, the internet can teach you about how to make anything.

But let’s talk about meditation seats. This is just a seat that serves meditation well. Call it a throne. Call it your best seat. One comfortable place besides you rests a good drink and the ability to pull up music that serves well in meditation. A good blanket for it. And if at all possible a seat away from others. I have used them well and effectively according to these things. I even listen to music that goes an hour or more into it. And maybe not right away but soon enough my mind engages in what I call “special thinking.” A feeling that only a well practiced person visualizing can know. And as we were made in God’s image, visualizing for us produces a magical effect.

Do not betray your previous interests. I  decided one day to learn how to build a new computer. It was once in my life I remained committed to something for so long. Other than composing music and writing. But it would take much longer before I decided to do so again. Really I just wanted to take it slower that time, less seriously. So I’d just buy parts less often. The first month, then, I bought a few parts, not many. The next month came and I really didn’t want to continue the project. But I thought to myself, how could I break a commitment like that, how could I just turn around and quit. Although I wanted all different things that month, I decided just to spend a little on a few more components. And soon enough I got my second computer built.

I was driven with great interest before to do certain things that led nowhere, and expired quickly. And it is much like fooling oneself. I never learned how to speak Japanese, for example. But I try to keep it well enough as a possibility. One month I got a strong interest in game/ console modding (like enhancing, repairing, or improving a video game or video game console.) Though when the time came that I had money to try my hand on it I again didn’t want to spend any money on it. But I wound up doing so well enough, putting a new back lit screen on my game boy- an EL panel project completed. And I got a cheap battery, soldering iron, and electrical tape, putting a new battery in my Link's Awakening cart. So whether or not I am into something all the way, I can afford to be, at least a little. And I learned a new talent that won’t leave. Knowing I could do so again, if I ever wanted.

There were many things I had my heart set on obtaining, someday, while I was homeless. They included a Mickey Mouse watch and shirt, a game boy, Link's awakening, and good clothes. And some of them after I got my SSI back, I didn’t want too much, but decided to get them in order to fulfill a promise to myself.

The traits of those who will be kept well and be kept safe:

As a brief but useful guideline, those best off have or will have acquired these traits:

1: Being humble. Essentially what Jesus meant when he said that people who don’t go well with a judge or someone who, say, hits you and especially those that harm others would “face hell fire” is that those that are as such will be punished. Pride from individual to individual differs. Some would not allow one word be spoken of them without lashing out. I take the higher road. If there is a group of people, which potentially there is, then I’d just let the slander roll until I can remove myself from them. They want you to make a first move or throw the first punch. After they do they want to hurt you more- because you didn’t allow them to initially, or that they just want any good opportunity.

If a person is going to keep a job they may have to render bossiness unimportant, insignificant. And if a person is going to keep out of harm's way, then something’s will just have to be ignored.

2: Having credibility will get you far in life. Having experience. Various training. Expertise. Or a degree, a certificate.

3: Commitment and determination- that experience be built upon, and so a tool at your disposal. Sometimes things will take a great deal of time before they incur success. Patience is important too. And with this also attention to detail.

4: Being around the right people. The most important choice of home should be away from criminals. Don’t answer your door to them. These kinds of people are extremely well practiced at taking you for everything you are worth. They’ll milk it out of you until you run dry. And as the saying goes “there is no honor among thieves,” neither are there friends among sociopaths.

The productive should have a greater piece of the pie. They should have better things. They should be rewarded for any job they do based on importance. Those that are blameless will never find themselves in a jail cell. Those that are blameless are those that haven’t ever gotten involved with the wrong sorts of people or just haven’t made foolish choices in life that they have been warned against for a lifetime. Particularly your teenage years are important in making the right choices. Because, due to pride, and also due to a desire to be someone of a dominating factor, many have lost their way early in life!

Psalm 84:11  

11  For the  Lord  God is a sun and shield: the  Lord  will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

A person can overlook just how well their good deeds serve them in life. Seasoned criminals may get to a place in life that slowly unravels them into the wrong direction. Certainly one bad choice can lead to many more.

It isn’t done so much for pride, but for reward. The reward of living life blamelessly is to have a life that is good, without stressful things. And God is more likely with those whose choices are good. Those who do the right things, and do so wisely. If someone is bound and determined to lead a destructive life then that is just their destiny. After all, they can’t appreciate the right things, favoring the bad, and in harming others comes God's justice.

I’ve had to hold my tongue before. And times that I haven’t one small momentary displeasure resulted in an incurable solution, saving much time. But every time I held my tongue and kept silent I found that I was only angry for a short while. Which if I had let anger lead to more anger, then there is more anger.

But more than that anyone who does well in preserving themselves from anger will not go down the path that their prey wants them on. Some cannot handle such things and are a furious fountain erupting upward.

And besides emotional problems there are the times you are good toward others which God will always acknowledge. There are those planting good seeds and helping others. And there are those that just take others for everything they are worth. There are those will more principles that can be counted, always applying them on others. And there are those that understand that no friend is a perfect friend. That understanding among everyone should every one be let be.

.oral justice is counter moral as much as Anti Christ behavior is counter Christ. To impose on others moral correction is not moral itself. It may make others more moral, but to some extent it can become very wrong.

The very most favorite thing that Christians do is this, to judge others and point out their wrong. While it is much better to teach others what is good, without punishing or stigmatizing them into becoming “better.” And a preacher should not be a finger pointer, calling others out as things despicable.

God is generally on good terms with people unless they do something abhorrently wrong. Those that do so very violate good and sound ethics, human decency, I say should be punished accordingly. But Christians ignore the worst and focus on the least, time after time. They’ll hear of such nightmarish things being done in the world but their hearts are centered on things like anti porn and using swear words, smoking cigarettes or drinking too much when there are far worse problems that be. Certainly in a Christians eyes, are none perfect.

You can imagine a person that kicks dogs, is prompt to pummel a homeless man, that goes after someone blood thirsty, should be given greater attention and avoided at all costs. But they’d really rather preach the very simple. Don’t do any work on Sunday! Come back to Church!

As long as someone isn’t harming others then a set of principles shouldn’t be bombarded on them. If they aren’t hurting others then they are doing well. They are acceptable, despite maybe some bad habits, which we all have a few.

Moral science isn’t an exact science. Sometimes people need to be put into the right place, adjusted, usually just a tad. That in order society as a whole be better. Someone may get drunk each night. But if you really knew them you may come to know that they suffer without it. Or that after all the responsibility taken care of for the day, they just need and deserve some beers.

And in fact we should all agree that being around others some little harm is to be expected and to not let socialized safety push any one out.

More educational choices

While it is that electronic devices increasingly become helpful such as computational aps, grammar fixing software, language translators, you name it, then perhaps education should be focused in a different way. It used to be that without a book history just wasn’t known apart from memorization. And it would take some time pulling up any given piece of historical fact. But now one query online could tell you what you wish to know.

A lot, an incredible lot, of new talent can one teach oneself thanks to the internet. It used to be that people would have to go through a special book or magazine just to find a craft to work on. Now though the choices have broadened a lot. Growing up I never saw a book or magazine tell you how to make a solar panel. An ice based dictionary, or any number of things found online. In fact thanks to the internet people are carefully thinking of many new things by doing them in different ways and documenting them online. That I’d with crafts but that’s the least of it.

Many new areas of education have opened up. Such as computer programming. Building computers. Programming games. Publishing eBooks. Electronics that before were very limited. And on top of that any old thing like calligraphy, art lessons, construction work, and chemistry. It used to only be taught by special teachers and books. If you were to make all the knowledge of the internet fit into one book, how big do you think that book would be? And very many of the old books have been recreated as eBooks too, to add to that.

I have a strong interest in video game history. An interest in retro games and neo retro gaming. That all new games are being made for some very old video game consoles, those of my childhood being revisited, and things like all new SNES systems made. Music composition, and people any more can learn these things along with music writing into making the kind of games they dream of making. Whatever a person wishes to learn and do according to her or his heart can do so and I think that it is going to have a profound effect on the world.

Here today, gone tomorrow   inasmuch as Utopias are sought and strived for in the world, by people of every nation, it is so that the more extravagant and plentiful a nation is not immune to failure, decomposition, decay. A too carefully implemented system becomes overbearing. And there aren’t going to be just one general system but many. Too much indulgent behavior makes stupid and spoiled. And a nation one day can be the most powerful when suddenly another, maybe even much weaker nation developed a super weapon placing them at the top of power.

Then it has been too that the weakest nations have overtaken what was thought the greatest. And that what once was the most powerful nation in the world just came across some very bad luck.

There may be a constitution that went well for decades or centuries but people had slowly either forgotten about it, reduced its importance, or wanted different things. As it is in America today saying certain things will get you into a lot of trouble. The gears being driven into undeniable equality, in thought too, personal thoughts.

While it is that a nation may only fight in war on a good moral basis such as freeing and liberating a people from a dictator, war and morality has never gone hand in hand. We may think we are right in what we fight for. But nevertheless there are others in the world who just wish to command and conquer.

In America there are very many whose minds are against the Constitution. And in fact the Constitution has been in many ways ignored and perverted.  

Freedom of speech has surely flourished. The issue of gun control is, it shouldn’t be an issue. They shouldn’t have guns. As many think. But if you look back a few decades you’d see we didn’t need gun control. So something else is the matter. When people blatantly use their rights against others then it is going to be demanded by the people: No more Constitution! But the Devil has found that America has been very useful toward him, producing for the first time in history Satanic music and books, free minds against Christian indoctrination. In fact, the people are largely Anti Christian.

And I strongly believe that this is The Devil's Nation. As his PEOPLE who would come to be destined to create and implement many great things. You can’t help but imagine that some of the founding fathers flirted with the idea of performing witchcraft and what a great freedom that would be. And what freedom of religion would lead to, any one could guess that it would eventually lead to open Devil Worship. And certainly all of them were fleeing from a madly Christian State. They fled a place where heresy could easily get you executed. Science and Christianity have always been formidable foes.

It just fits in so perfectly as to be an irresistible thought. That God has his people. Would have his new Earth. And then far away on an unknown area of the sea, people arrived at The New World. And at it’s very Western edge where the sun sets, California, the most Satanic place that could be. Responsible for so many great things in Hollywood. A place where such ideas had been formed to forever change the face of the planet Earth, both in idea and in implementation.

The Jehovah Witnesses say that Satan came to Earth in 1914. Well, they were off a tad, it was 1906 in San Francisco.

And you can know it true that with every great earthquake that demons have surfaced. And there is a hole somewhere in New Mexico that is a crack to hell. That place, New Mexico, which was warped by the first nuclear weapons (where they were first tested.) The place of “white sands.” And a lake is in New Mexico containing salt water and thought to be bottomless. Then there is Carl’s bad caverns and a wide range of climates, from desert to forests, mountains to plains. New Mexico can be considered much an equivalent to Australia which contains a very similar eerie atmosphere.

Elsewhere on the Earth is a place that may best be known as Satanic Eden, which is The Netherlands. One night I laid on the ground homeless on my stomach and prayed,

I hug my little blue rock. I love my little blue rock. I pray it will be wonderful wherever I am on my little blue rock. And that the sun stays where it is!

I’d asked God that if I couldn’t have the whole Earth that if I could just have a piece of it. And that night while I dreamt I had the word repeat in my mind Holland. Well I don’t know what Holland did to be given to a Devil like me but it sure is a nice place! Later, a few years in fact, I had done the Ancestry DNA test to find out by percentage where I am from. And it revealed that I am 19% Scandinavian!

I say to desire the greatest things. Then you would have more to work for, not the least. And I mean it! Dream big! As for me I want a large palace of five parts: of memories, of expression, of tastes, of magic practices, and just a center home that glows in the dark. The memory portion would have all the good things of nostalgia from my youth. The expression component would allow me to express myself as fully and enabled as possible. The taste portion would contain all the food of choice for me, candy and drinks too, but also all of the things I like best. The magic portion would allow me to perform any desired type of magic. And the glow in the dark area would just be a place of general comfort.

If I had them in five different places it would be San Francisco, Egypt, Holland, Australia, and New Mexico.

The things I like the most are: anything final fantasy, troll dolls, green marbles, board game pieces, stickers, trapper keepers, stencils, rubber stamps, graph paper, glow and the dark things, like star stickers, little green army men, cargo pants, long johns, outdoor sandals, emerald green wool socks, a comforter blanket, retro gaming, electronics, electronic parts, Reuben sandwiches, fried foods, especially zucchini, shrimp, mushrooms, chili Relenos, cherry cider, sour apple candy, Sweet tarts, caramello bars, sour apple Gatorade, peanut butter fudge, steak, steak and cheese sandwiches, iced tea without sugar, pizza, pigs in a blanket, chili dogs, sugary cold cereals, half and half milk, sour cream beef and bean burritos, cheese burgers, veggie burgers with sautéed onions, blue Hawaiian mixed drinks, rum (because pirates drink it), Budweiser beer (red), blanketing many pocket over coats, Steelers hat, the cargo pants durable and solid colored, useful electronics, Sprite soda, or 7-up, Marine swords, Slayer sword ( show no mercy) the master sword from Zelda, Halloween pumpkin buckets, seeds, special pencils (which have like Halloween designs or football teams, vending machine items (such as 50¢ or so for a toy), Pokémon cards, magic the gathering cards, fanny pack, Marlboro 72 size menthol cigs, and anything that is simply fun and good to have. I also like to receive letters so if you mail me you’d know what I want. You can probably find me easier under my legal name Adam Jeremy Capps.

For what I would consider an ideal world I have a handy guideline to go by which I call of the five planets. These five planets below made resembled upon Earth would serve it well. They are and are defined as:

Sefra-  a place that is childish in nature. Something that you could say resembles a bubblegum pop lifestyle sometimes found in Sweden, in the show LazyTown, the music of Aqua. There is freedom to put stickers wherever you want, to paint on things, and the streets are paved with glitter and board game pieces.

Link- where science is kept out. That people go about things away from the pollution of scientific advancements preferring instead camp fires, fresh meat, live music, and traveling in air balloons instead of jets.

Pippy- a place that is largely of wonderful fantasy and magic. Sometimes wickedness, such as evil witches. Which is like Link in that it is much like what you’d see in fantasy movies such as Willow and Lord of the Rings. But where Link is more reality based Pippy is more fantasy based. Which is like comparing the movie Legend to the movie Brave Heart.

Orion- Orion is a place of great scientific advancements. It’s inhabitants are very childish, but very smart. They prefer the uses of science to entertainment more than any other thing.

Ler- Ler is a place of great evil, a place that is diabolical.

These are also a basis of religion found in my “Books of the Five Planets.” Which she’d far greater light on it than I do here.

My day's prayers:

1: I pray that my People of Perfect Sense begin to be established and planted well in the ways and paths of perfection

2: I wish to state that I am qualified to instruct on good changes in the world, so to be known, so to have done

3: I pray that my work pays off. That you determine how much by me should be done, and after so doing you help me in my cause

4: I pray that in being better standing in the world as not one unknown and poor that I overcome my ailment in the world, that I come to a place where I am in more control of my own life, my own decisions

5: I pray for what I am worth, so I receive. May I work for long periods and rest for brief periods. May I benefit from what I do. And may my kindness be kept intact, to not grow a bitter or sour heart which would happen if I was surrounded by the same.

6: And I pray that my upcoming life will be more interesting and contain things that are good and worthwhile for me. Expand my life into one that I can fully enjoy and have me take an active part in the direction and course of the world.

I pray in the name of Yaweh, Jesus, And The Holy Spirit. Let not evil overtake me. Amen.

In my life

I would take coins from a wishing well

I tried to steal a Caramello bar when the employee almost busted my head with a coffee pot

I walked 15 miles just to visit my family

I walked the breadth of Albuquerque. And I had to backtrack an hour for going to far

I submitted a video game to Sega while a child and they said they were interested in it. The idea of a skeleton with two heads. One breathed fire, another ice. Called “Skull Bros.” but when I submitted an application for it’s evaluation I changed the idea altogether.

When I was just a young teen I had begun writing material that would have been for a religion. But I found the process more fun than it’s result. I would buy so many reams of paper and notebooks, binders and quality pens that my mom said I was using more paper than there are trees. And I had a typewriter. A windows 95 word processor. But it wasn’t until I learned of the site Lulu that I finally had the opportunity to write and be read.

I have always liked jewelry. At one time I had quality antique rings, I had a rose quartz and blue quartz necklace, for magical purposes, I have had Satanic jewelry, including ones of Slayer and Danzig. But I also had a gold cross.

I once walked with my family up a large hill a mile away when I was 19. I was wearing outdoor sandals that tore apart. I told my brothers and sisters to continue back home. And was left to walk through a sticker patch in the heat of New Mexico. About an hour later my Pa found me and I was relieved to see him.

I was once looking into a mirror and began to see in it something not me. My head began to turn on it’s own and my image changed into that of Satan.

I have always been interested in creating electronic devices even though I knew little to nothing about how they are made. So I would look into creating them in any way that could be done differently, according to what I knew. Some of these things would be easily made, like a race car track. I made a rudimentary version of which worked fairly well using motors, toy cars, and an electrical track. It made a credit card type device that unlocked doors. The card created a circuit to turn a motor turning the lock. And I made a light that turns on and off in pulses based on a CD that had strips of wire. And that led me to making a type of music player that sounded different beeps based on the strips of long and short wires completing a circuit with the CD, whose speeds could go up and down. Least of all I made a fan. I really liked using motors in things. And this has been for as long as I could remember. I put forth some ideas for new unpatented inventions in my book series Lucifer's Book of Inventions and Ideas.

And I wanted more than anything in my “Nintendo years” to make a video game. Although I didn’t, I did make some books of ideas for them.

I vacationed a lot while I was a kid and a young adult. My family had a cabin in a forested mountainous area of New Mexico. And the stars above were so clear that you could see the milky way. There was a pond nearby that allowed for some great fishing. And me and my family went to many other places, a few times every year. I really enjoyed amusement parks, Six Flags, Wonderland, and elsewhere. I went to places like Red River, Carlsbad Caverns, Las Vegas Nevada, Ten Killer Lake, Pikes Peak in Colorado, and Ruidoso. I’ve been to the Billy the Kid Museum. A snake zoo. Been to large and small zoos, and basically just had a very full and good life while young.

In my early twenties I attended a “PSR” group (psycho-social-rehabilitation) , a place where crazy people got together/ the mentally ill. I had always been relegated to different conditions, from my youth. Since I was in special education my school work was pretty much non-existent. Though I did get a GED under the same qualifications as anyone. I even had a special card in high school that said if I become angry I was allowed to go to a certain room, one where my friends often were.

The PSR group was a meeting place for the mentally ill. A place where we fit in together. A place where we, being on SSI, not working, would have something to do every day. Thursday we went to a fast food place for a large soda. Wednesday we went to restaurants. Tuesday, movies. We could see a theatrical movie of our choice. I really liked X Men, The Last Stand. Some days we just hang around the house doing nothing really, other than playing card and board games, my favorite of which was Skip Bo. And from time to time Chess. Two may get together, or a few, to do these. And some there worked on crafts. Sometimes we would go to a public gym and play basketball. The time that I went to Las Vegas was with them.

Later in my life, recently, I was in a group home for the first time, and then another. I was in the two for a year total. And they were much like a PSR group that you lived in. There were outings. Like the beach. Like the Exploratorium, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Legion of Honor, the Japanese Tea Garden, sometimes a movie, but usually it was parks. And every time we went somewhere we got a free coffee. And we got free coffee the next day, without an outing other than walking to the coffee place (Pete's.) I most often got oolong tea, though. For tea it is incredibly unique. Very flavorful.

I have been to the mental hospital numerous times. What I have to say about it is, it isn’t a nightmarish place as may be depicted in Metallica’s Sanitarium. It isn’t a place of straight jackets or being wrapped in cold blankets. Not a place of brain surgeries. The worst I’ve had done to me was painful injections. I was given them if I refused my oral medication. I was left feeling like I wasn’t believed though, because they’d crush the pill and mix it in a drink. Or gave me a quick dissolving tablet that tasted like sugar. Granted that isn’t good, but it is far better than it used to be. If someone got violently angry they may be tied down. But usually they were put into confinement, for maybe half an hour. Whereas jail is much worse- though in jail most prefer isolation than being with cell mates. And so people in jail will say they are suicidal or such things to be put there.

There was a TV room. There was the opportunity to walk back and forth in the hallway. The food in them is always very good. In the New Mexico State Hospital, the best one I ever been in, there was a large gym, a modern video game consoles in it, and a library, an internet connection computer in it, the meal area had fountain drinks, such as doctor pepper, desserts like cheesecake, and was a place you wouldn’t mind living in.

There was a time though when this new psychiatric drug came out called Seroquil. It was very sedating. The psychiatrist in charge at a certain place I was at had us all on high doses of it and we were like zombies, unable to keep our eyes open during the day.

Some of them let you smoke, others don’t. If you can, you may get four cigs a day. And the Sunrise clinic I was at let you have as many times but two each time, making 8.

You may be there for two weeks, a month at most. But by the end of a week or so they begin processing you out. That’s a day people are eager to go but must remain patient. A patient patient. Although I had been in one for a full year at Napa.

The effect of antipsychotics on me is remarkable. One day I am so crazy thinking that I am on the brink of rolling the world. And the next thing, maybe not so. And within a few weeks of starting back on them, I had become a completely rational person. These drugs don’t work like most people think, who think it is just a sedating calm down drug. They are drugs that change your very thinking, stopping you from being delusional, grandiose, and paranoid. One day the government is after you, the next, after being medicated for a short time, they aren’t. A little bit of it can carry on here and there, but eventually all strange and false thoughts discontinue altogether. And sleep comes back to you, because your schizophrenic thinking has kept you awake for so long.

But I can say that an episode of Schizophrenia produces very powerful euphoria toward music, and it feels good to be King. But the other problems are far too much to bear.

One of the best things I got out of Schizophrenia was my views toward music. I did what I just don’t know if any one ever has, that I’d see regular music as from God, to God, or about God. And likewise to/from/about Satan. Christians listen to gospel music, specifically Christian music. And Devil Worshippers only regard the Devil in metal music. I found them in all music, more or less. And I think that fits just well with Christian Satanism.

I had an aunt that taught me magic, such as astrology and Tarot reading. And throughout my youth I practiced magic, from rituals to Wicca, Satanism to astral projection. But the form of magic I’ve kept throughout the years was visualizing. And thanks to Schizophrenia I created a form of magic called Taste Magic which combines visualization with the taste of food, which is particularly good and effective with candy.

I was an avid video game player up until my early 20s. My parents didn’t want me to have an NES. But my step brother's mom did. And so she got him a Nintendo. And along with it, in all fairness, me too. But my brother was only interested in football games with it, and nothing more. He later only played the Madden series. And was into football more than anything, as he stayed.

My first game was Mario Bros. I wound up getting very good at it, but also tired of it. What I really wanted was Mario Bros 3 though I didn’t have a chance to play it until I was 13. When I was very young, any time I was around a computer, such as when I was talking to a speech therapist doctor at age 7 or 8, there was a computer next to him that I wanted to play games on.

My friends usually had a lot more games than I did. One was playing Crystalis on his Nintendo. That is a good game I’d otherwise not know about. Another friend in the same town had a super scope six. A female friend had an Atari, and I liked even that. She had a copy of ET that most consider the worst game ever made, so bad as to cause the famed video game crash of the 80s.

But my brother's mom gave him Ninja Gaiden 2 for that Nintendo, and Mega Man 4, which kept me occupied throughout the day. With Ninja Gaiden 2 I played my cassette tape of Queen's song One. Which to me sounds like it’s about the Anti Christ. I was around 10 at the time.

At about that time my dad sent me a Gameboy. The original, with Tetris. And I was hooked. That was for my birthday and a month later I had come up with a list of Gameboy games I wanted for Christmas. That list is made and changed, made and changed. But I would end up getting Kid Icarus, Metroid 2, and some others. My sister got a game boy from our dad. Which was Kirby’s Dreamland. A game I would play myself all the time. Later in my life I bought her a game boy pocket and Castlevania for it.

When I got a super Nintendo one year- actually it was for me and my siblings, but I played it all the time. It came with Mario World which I beat after a few months of playing. I had a lot of Super Nintendo games. I played A Link to the Past without a guide. There wasn't the internet then to guide you. But I played what would become my most favorite series after talking to a guy at school who told me about Final Fantasy 4 and how it was such a good game. So I got a copy of it and with its music, gameplay and story, would become like a whole new world to me. Something I’d play late into the night. Even into the morning. And sometimes all day again.

And when I was a little older Final Fantasy 6 was released which came across as greatly superior- in graphics and sound, in detail, in its magnitude and story.

When I was about 13 I moved in with my father who had numerous video game things, like an Atari, and odyssey 2, and best of all a Nintendo. He had Mario 3, Monster in my Pocket, Zelda, and some other good, quality games.

And during my early adulthood I used my paycheck on a PlayStation and Final Fantasy 8. A game that surprised the hell out of me. I played that one before I played 7. I still enjoy simply watching others play final fantasy games online, listening to it’s music, and watching it’s cut scenes, especially the cut scenes of Final Fantasy 8.

Back in the early 80s VCRs were very expensive. Enough that my dad would rent them. And we would watch movies often. Later we got cable and HBO with which I’d watch good movies. That was a time when movies were very Satanic. Later in life as a young teen I would look for any Satanic horror movie I could find. But while younger it was most often martial art movies such as Blood Sport. We watched a lot of Sci For movies like the Terminator, Predator, and Total Recall. And different kinds of movies like Willow and The Addams Family. Batman Returns made me interested in BatMan for a while, at least a short time, but very involved. And the movie I was most interested in at the time just as every other kid was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie.

Saturday mornings are the best they ever were for cartoons. And though I didn’t understand the reason for reruns at the time I was very eager to see a new ninja turtles cartoon.

My family took me skating often and I enjoyed it very much. At the end of it I had calluses. I would zoom up and down very quickly, narrowly avoiding people but always doing so. They took me to a place in Clovis called RollerWorld for my birthday each year. I had really good birthdays in my youth, to places like that, or parties at Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. But for whatever anti sexist reason the Ronald McDonald clown o was expecting turned out to be an old woman in a cheap clown suit. Pizza hut always had these coloring things for kids and a small box of crayons, for any visit, not just birthdays. Something they don’t do any more. And Albertsons held a coloring contest. To color onto a coloring book sheet and return it for a chance to win some money. Which I did a few times.

I watched the movie Legend when I was very young. In fact, movies were one of my most favorite things as a child. I enjoyed them a lot. But I was especially sensitive to horror movies to begin with. Or the show Tales From the Crypt on HBO about a serial killer that dressed as Santa Claus. Movies were just more realistic to me then.

Whatever I’d watch in my teenage years and early adulthood I would only watch, only letting in a little more. They included Interview with the Vampire, The Odyssey, Immortal Beloved, and Girl Interrupted .

But one movie that had a very strong impact on me was The Seventh Sign. Which today seems like a cheesy movie to me. But it passed as a kid. It was a movie based on The Book of Revelations, which after watching my dad told me it was a true story, and where to read about it in the Bible. And so I did with fervor. I didn’t really like Church before that. My dad would take us there every Sunday like an additional school. He’d give me a little paper and pen to draw with as the preacher preached. He probably understood that I was just too you yet to take it in. But after watching that movie and began reading Revelations, it was all I could think about for a while. I would draw Images of dragons and the beasts, angels and things taking the book very literally. It went to the point though, somehow, that I began thinking of myself as Jesus. And not long after that I came into video games and other interests. I wanted the Church to teach Revelations. I even asked for them too. But as has been my experience, Churches have very little to say about it.

That I was cursed later in life is a certainty. While I had performed the greatest permanent separation from my father in history, and perhaps with God as well, I was not the good child I was in my youth. I believe God saved me, that child, and for my future's sake would not come to harm him who would become. But I’d lost all my money shortly after I came to San Francisco. And it was next to impossible to get it back, my SSI. And one day I was at the corner of the street loudly praying for God to make me Lucifer. And we know how Lucifer had fallen from Heaven. That is in Isaiah 14. Which later by the way I was trying to think of where that verse was and some sort of demon- spirit told me, adding to that Ezekiel 28. In that I had been within a metaphysical world was a sure thing. A place that I cannot begin to describe. A hell as much different as a heaven is. I lived in hell for a period and believe me, it is a strange place to be.

People are heard for how they really sound. Spiritual beings both good and evil can pick up on tone much better and many people come across heard as they are. In other words people don’t sound nearly as much the same. They sometimes sound completely moronic, sometimes completely childish. Whereas a normal human being who hears them could tell no difference from one person to another.

Certain things are told to you in hell that regular people do not catch, that normal people do not hear. As well things are shown in hell that pass by other people’s eyes, the eyes of those not seeing hell before them. I sat down one day at a bench where a band was playing. And the music was especially bizarre, whereas for others it was just music. And I heard in my mind, I sensed, to be quite there as some were trying to hear the suffering of hell.

One time when listening to a Christian music station a chorus of girls were singing and one blurted out “fuck me Jesus! I bet you can’t do that!”

And in hell all music is timeless. You do not pay any attention to the fact that some music is old, other is new. If you go through the day listening to a radio you would think that it was all just one thing. And it sounded evil, all of it, the rap, the rock, bit also the pop. You can imagine how diabolical this music would sound to a Muslim that has never heard it before, and so it sounded to me. I hadn’t felt such an evil presence of music since the first time I heard Slayer.

Sensitivity to things is greatly increased in the presence of hell. And he’ll be a type of presence. That few are in, and many are blocked from. While a woman saying a simple thing is heard simply by one person, another hears a strong sexual tone in it. While rock singers have a strange way of sounding to one person, sounding like bees or flies, sounding totally bizarre, regular people do not sense that.

And things can be more ominous, putting the fear of God in you. Bad things are more bad. Bad conditions are magnified.

There is a meaning and trail for fantasy. Going down a road where some beings can easily go down and others could not, as regular people, there is no truth either seen or understood by them. But for hellish beings and angelic, fantasy is a thing that can be just as true as our reality. Another way of thinking about it is that their reality is more broad than ours. They can make sense of things better than we can. As much as it is difficult for regular people to make sense of nonsense, to higher beings there comes greater and broader understanding that could be used in communication.

Some places are a magnet to those sensitive to the metaphysical. It may be for them that they wander to a place largely against their will, such as a lighthouse. Where, upon arriving, they beheld a demon in his room above. Or a strange building that for some reason has a light flickering on and off. Then they see that there is a demon inside that has been raging for years trying to find something in a room he is in. So the person looks into his pocket and what is inside it he holds up. The demon enters into it like a Pokémon ball. Or like a Ghostbusters gun.

The Tarot cards can show you remarkable things,

Astral travel can take you places far away. But there are. Somewhere out there. As the imagination of visualization is most effective when you believe that the things you see are real, otherwise you are blocking your sight with a blindfold.

To close one's eyes and see things is evidence of a soul. It is the ability to picture things not there based on pre-existing knowledge. It is to take this piece of matter and that and to simply re combine them a certain way.

And a person can find her or himself wandering out far in the desert and not really knowing why. But then he comes across a mysterious grave and learns that he was called there.

Most of us are shown just glimpses of the metaphysical world. And more often than not what would have been concrete evidence to them that there is as such, is overlooked or just ignored. Perhaps forgotten, altogether. But God is a being that can be absent for a very long time—I mean, he is always around and active on Earth, but clear evidence he left his mark is sparse. As it was before he came upon the Earth in the form of man, Jesus. Before that I had been absent for so much time.

And as far reaching as science has come the doubt that there is no all powerful being such as God should be diminished.

A lot of it is really in seeing the forest for the trees whereas scientists are just studying the roots and soil. This magnificent universe came into being through his power. Scientists refuse to believe so simply because they want all of the answers. They want Santa’s presents to come from them, not Santa.

Standards set the goals, level of achievement, and the direction of all things. Where things could be better they are not because of lower standards. But when standards are set very high, coupled with determination to meet those standards, things can only get better.

If people were allowed to, they could do a lot of the work only permitted by professionals. But it shouldn’t take a professional to change a light bulb.

People can gather to do great things, but often are not allowed.

And people usually have a narrow scope beyond duties of work. If they were shown what good they could be doing with some very brief explanations, through simple education, they could be brought into the way of helping others and getting good things done.

Maybe there should be a segment of the government known as General Help. A group of people brought together who have the right and ability, and the authority with it to help others. And based on their ratings and range of help, they are paid.

This group of people could be established to do errands of their choice daily and as proven done, such as by body camera, so they are paid.

And apart from the government paying them they could be paid by the public as well, doing things such as house work, delivering groceries for the elderly, home improvement, and delivering any good thing to those without a transportation method, or unable to drive to begin with.

It would fill in a lot of empty spaces. And because of the fact that such a job would have such a broad amount of choices as with what to do, then many people would seek out such employment.

The government never implemented such a thing. But the people, always having needed it, are.

There are regular people that transport others like a taxi service, but not a part of a traditional taxi service job. They use their own vehicles and pick up and transport on demand. There is a thing now that calls on people to do a job for them according to anything that could be done.

Because of the internet and technology people are doing things that at one time only factories could do. Such as print on demand services (custom shirts or art) mass movie and music duplication, rom files and players, creating new games and software, 3D printing that creates a very diverse amount of things that previously only a business with expensive equipment could do. Making bound books at home, the easier production and duplication of all new music, and an array of other things.

So that is a large amount of things that people do as a type of easier work at home job. The reason why areas such as these have expanded so far is because they are jobs that everyone wants. Jobs that are easy in which you are your own boss. So the equipment is there. These have brought about a whole new range of jobs and because of people reverting to these ways there is probably going to be a much higher demand for traditional jobs.

We live in a don’t touch that world. Within our cities we can look but not touch. Some graffiti, and some just want things to look better. I once was watching a man carefully painting an American flag on a trash can. Just as he finished a police officer approached him, cuffed him, and arrested him.

Why can’t we have things look better? Why must we settle for the mundane? The color of trash cans are army green. They are ugly. Couldn’t they give those that paint them a choice of color? Does it cost more if you buy different colors?

I like the restaurant Carl's Junior. It is the Devil's Burger. But if I owned it I would make a fifteen feet star on a thick post high above the building that on the hour played twinkle twinkle Little star. And the star itself would have vibrant LED lights of a face that winked at you. Will I ever be heard? Probably not!

My writing is done for the day besides my prayers. Please have God hear my requests.

Please pull away from me people that would harm me. Protect me Lord from the violent and also those that would disrupt my peace. I am at all times intent on being peaceful. But some would interfere with that.

I pray for understanding over resentment. I pray to be taken fairly. To not be misunderstood. To not be an object of animosity.

Give me permission to make my life better. As I wish for good things to occur and seek them out, please bring them to me. Give me a heart for good things and those things bring me. Give me desire, and have my desire bring me things.

Bring to my mind a taste that is unique. Show me things that are truly good. Give to my sight the look of what’s best. Fill my heart with things I can cherish. Have me have those things that you bring to my heart. Have my heart be brought there.

Keep me from a bad outcome in all things. Make the best outcome occur and keep me safe from danger or the anger of another. Remove hate from a person’s heart concerning me and never let their hate for me be allowed to grow.

Let me see in my lifetime scientific and technological advancements that could marvel me and peak my interest. Please have some scientific and technological advancements occur in my lifetime that I never would have expected or thought possible.

And be with me in my old age that I remain mentally and physically healthy.

I pray in the names of Yaweh and Jesus. I pray in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The success of my books is the success of Christian Satanism. While it is still little known, a lot depends on people spreading it around far and wide. If it can get into any library that would be a substantial help for it. I am happy when I think that I have made a positive change, for anyone, for a few or for many. But the more people are provided these free and public domain books, certainly to it’s better

Those who have particularly performed effective visualization may see that as they wish things to become will see them done by someone who looks like them. They will see it in the news. They also will see things warp closer to fruition according to how good their visualization was. Some magic of this type may fall short. But the better you are the further the jump. Magic is like water, it goes as it is able. However magic is like fire sometimes, too powerful to make its way through and instead burns everything. And sometimes magic is like the wind, going nowhere really, drifting, fading away.

Wealthy people have incredible things, for sure. But worth the formula of regularly enhancing and improving, or sometimes just time, a poor person can have just as many good things. And they don’t need to save up money, either. It just takes longer for a person more poor. A wealthy person can have a new and good wardrobe all at once. A poor person has to get it piece by piece, but still can. A poor person has to get the shirt first, the pants second. And though he can’t afford to have an $800 ring, s/he can get a two hundred dollar ring for four fingers.

Attaching a third title onto Christian Satanism should only be done on a temporary basis, but may be done. However in as long as you do so, the effect of Christian Satanism itself is watered down. Therefore choose and switch third titles bearing it as practice just for short periods. Here are some examples of third titles:

Christian Satanic Luciferian

Satan is one figure in the Bible we distinguish from Lucifer. One is his own but Lucifer is a powerful angel of God with the power of a holy past. He is certainly down from Heaven and is a very strong and powerful being that strives for perfection. And perfection and evolution are the key words for this title.

Christian Satanic Buddhist

Those Christian Satanists who intend on going through a long meditative state, for psychological improvement or enlightenment coupled with Christian Satanism are practicing Christian Satanic Buddhism.

Christian Satanic Wiccan

Wiccans are adorable, keeping magic crystals in their pockets and sharing them. Those that wish to add Wicca to Christian Satanism have made a good choice as long as it’s wonder remains intact. But after some time, the marvel of such practice wears out.

Christian Satanic Pagan

The best thing about Pagans are their pleasure seeking attributes. They feast. They party, in their own way. Like Wiccans they celebrate nature. Often their gods represented these same things. Those that seek pleasure and revelry are Pagans.

Christian Satanic Scientist

Those that are investigating the more scientific fundamentals of Christian Satanism. News reporters are the coolest people on Earth. They are at a crime scene one moment, a restaurant the next, getting as many details as they can, while their sisters and brothers are at a sporting event outlining all of the facts and performance qualities of the team.

Sometimes I lay in bed at night and think 'there has got to be more to life than what I see. But what was once a world of mystery, one very well filled with the metaphysical, and fantasy true, sometimes not, being medicated for me this is no longer so.

I tell you it’s the truth when I say that as a Schizophrenic person and being around many such people in my life that these people hear demons and spirits in their life. Yesterday my good friend was raging at them, calling them stupid. And although psychiatric doctors will say up down left and right that these voices are just hallucinations, and that there is no scientific proof otherwise, they don’t have evidence of such themselves otherwise.

Naturally a demonic spirit is going to say nasty things. They are going to cause arguments, which they do.

But I was laying in my bed last night thinking just how much more to life than what I was seeing. These big questions we have. What is out there? What has been there but not seen. Just how far wide was the deciding line between me and the metaphysical. And what was going on in the world, what I could expect to happen. And what was being done on an angelic holy, iniquitous and demonic level upon Earth.

But life to me is very black and white. I go through the day with little to nothing unusual occurring. I have to wonder where the world is going and what is happening beyond my own little sphere of existence. That tomorrow things can drastically change. That today it can, at any hour. That maybe in a decade or so I will be in the ground, even at any time. And that perhaps angels are before us all in the world. And overall things aren’t as simple as they seem.

The thing that will make Christian Satanism succeed most of all is it’s objectionable and intolerable term itself. If it catches the right eye this will be seen, and in knowing that by its sheer controversy pertaining to it’s term could bring about its success.

Priests would certainly say that it is impossible, that it is flagrant hypocrisy. That because they are Christians against Satanism or visa-versa, they don’t want the other side among them. They hate them. They are Christians because they are not Satanists. They are Satanists because they don’t like Christians, in specific ways, too, do they dislike them and what they do. Here they are preaching against the Devil and the Devil is among them.

If it ever got into the spotlight just for a short time it can stir up a very interesting controversy.

What’s to be thought of a person that wears both an inverted pentagram and a cross? There’s no hypocrisy for it when someone is just saying that in all bad things there is good, and in all good things there is bad, and lessons can be taught by both. And sometimes one is taught lessons through the other.

I have a very unusual prayer, in fact I may have been the only one to ever speak it. And that is that Satan, Shiva, Lilith, Agnes, and Mammon can taste the food that I taste, whenever they want (at any time, even after I’ve already eaten it.) I have another unusual prayer, and that is that while I am eating something I like, I will pray I can have it at some date in the future, near, or very very far from now.

Food is one of the best pleasures in life. And I eat slowly, so as to not gain weight. If you take twenty minutes to eat something you both get full quicker and eat less, even though you eat “unhealthy.” I will eat veggies, but only if they are spruced up a bit- such as celery with peanut butter, corn with butter or cream cheese. A chili Rellenos is a good example, which is a deep fried green chili with cheese. Or fried mushrooms.

See when you slowly eat candy and taste it as much as you are able, it quickly becomes too rich to eat but maybe a candy bar, King size at best, before your pallet is overloaded. And so you don’t gain much weight, if any.

I had an exorbitant idea for a birthday cake. A cake upon a cake upon a different cake. Melt some chocolate bars, pour on top. Sprinkle with M&Ms, enjoy, with friends.

To make a cereal peanut butter sandwich—especially good with peanut butter flavored cereal, or adding a peanut butter cookie to the peanut butter sandwich. And adding just a little to your cereal—such as adding separate marshmallows or cookie pieces.

Fun dip and pixie stix make a good drink. With pistachio pudding I just add milk and consume it in its liquid state. Canned peach cobbler filling tastes best right out of the can. And sometimes just take a plastic bag, put everything good and sweet in it, and pound it with your fist. No greater magic dust would you find.

A revelation unto me

The best remedy to assholery is from perspective, sometimes multiple perspectives pertaining to an understanding of those who had angered you.

While at the instance that someone has angered you is far stronger at first, until the time you put it into the right perspective, you can bet that the right thoughts following snuff it out.

The other day on the bus at a stop the bus was packed and a man was holding the door open saying that he would not allow the door to close (allowing the bus to continue forward) until he was given room—which there was room. But he wouldn’t miss his opportunity to be demanding, to place his placement strongly.

Him and his wife/ girlfriend got inside and were cocky the whole time about petty things. They were telling these people and those to move. And while I was standing in front of them, ignoring them, they began saying bad things about my jacket, as though my jacket made them angry. They said my pants had a stain on them. These white pants I had on with a stain the size of a dot. And I thought to myself so what.. but to them, I imagine, these things matter to them all the day long. I’m sure that they go through life bitterly every day. That from one to another, to another, they have a bad attitude toward, very sensitively set off. And what a terrible place to be. I felt more like an audience to their behavior than a victim to it, for sure.

I write for the friends I would make, comrade in arms for a better world. For the personal relationships I form. For the friends that would be with me when I am otherwise alone. For the chance that they would visit me when I am so. Especially if it is that I am locked up again. For the hope of getting letters. For the knowledge I had had a good influence on others and the world. I came from a very brainwashing religion. One that made me very hateful and bitter over otherwise petty, insignificant matters. Making me angry over things like somewhat “rude” opinions. Being mastered by a man who was strange, temperamental, and a hair splitter. Performing oddly worded rituals. Viewing the world with a bad taste in my mouth fighting for causes that did me no good and thinking all the while that we were on the brink of a great Satanic revolution.. explaining to people often that I was an atheistic devil worshipper who was taught by a man in a carnival and blah blah this and blah blah that until the sun came down.

I’ve been a part of many religions. If I could have corrected the way I practiced Christianity it would have been to have been no slave unto it. That I took it more reasonably, more pragmatically. And I don’t read the gospel or new testament, not the Holy Bible itself any more because of how much it captured and confined me. Does Jesus really need such people? People so thoroughly trapped? I believe that as long as I am a good person who believes in him and finds a friend thereof, and respects him as the living Son of God, my sins have been corrected by him, that’s all that matters.

Wicca was something I wanted to believe in, but never fully could. The rituals are usually too simple, like praying to a candle. Like chanting by itself. Maybe making a herb formula. Maybe just having a crystal in your pocket. While it is fun it is not something I think of that would have a real magical effect. I got all of these pretty stones. I got to see some Tarot card art work. But beyond being an observer, it has little else for me.

I looked into Buddhism, well enough. I just don’t see how people would feel they require such thoughts to think we’ll in life. That they can’t think well of the world and what is in it without the practice of Buddhism. I think it's just fine. I don’t need an hour every day to meditate. Besides, I would rather spend my time visualizing. It’s more fun. But I don’t require it to be at peace! I am not unsettled with the world enough to need Buddhism. And I certainly don’t need to sacrifice my worldly possessions. I am not going to deny myself material pleasure, which it brings me. They can say all they want that possessions don’t bring happiness, but they do. I feel more proud with good clothes. I enjoy things that entertain. I sleep better in a good bed.

And I’ve been a devil worshipper which was very invigorating, in it’s ways intense, wonderful, but also dangerous: as it makes one psychotic.

I rounded up the best of what I’ve learned in life and put it here, in Christian Satanism, whose lessons came from wandering, hearing carefully, reading into things carefully, from homeless to incarcerated, committed, and among a very diverse group of peoples all life long. This is going to be the second to last book about it. The fifth in this series (Christian Satanic Book Five, which alone can make a new CS Bible when put together) will be the last book written for it (by me at least, and I encourage others to pick up where I left off. I do not claim or instate any form of monopoly regarding it.)

I have been ripped apart from my joy before and yearned for it’s return. That I could once more play Final Fantasy 6. Link's Awakening on a game boy. To have better clothes. To have cigarettes. To have good food. Jail left me yearning for these things, and the times I was committed even briefly. And being homeless without them. If I had any money I got a soda that lasted all day. Or a Gatorade Apple. If I had money I might have just gotten Bic Cristal Colored Pens, a cheap notebook, and write as I’ve always wanted, but as a trash author who put his writings in a plastic bottle and threw them away.

I wanted my old music videos back which I enjoyed immensely. But was just left with a radio at best. I wanted Holst's The Planets, on CD, for whatever reason. I tried to make stickers from free newspaper images and used tape carefully pulled off of boxes.

Everyday was a ritual to me. And one day I picked up someone’s dark urine in a cup and said to God, “For I was thirsty, and you gave me only piss!” And drank it.

In all honesty: and this is far more Satanic to say than Christian Satanic: God gives and God takes. His blessings have little that coincides with a person’s wishes. I had starved and He wasn’t there. I had suffered without the least of help. I could tell myself 'my life is better now, thanks to Him.’ But the more reasonable conclusion I made was that I cannot trust Him. And I cannot depend on Him. If I know that what was given can be taken away, then it doesn’t mean anything to me that He gave it to me to begin with. Actually it makes me worry.

My Father? I think I’d rather have The Devil as my Father. He didn’t create me. Perhaps he made me in many ways that I am. But it isn’t expected of him to help me. I do expect it of God, but not him. God says he is my Father. If He is, He is one negligible. He will look down upon me rotting away and not lift a finger to help me. He had seen me drowning and hadn’t lifted a hand to pull me up.

If He is to have Himself regarded well by me and worshipped, then he will have to do a lot better.

So I end today with my prayers as usual:

God I pray that my life develops into something more interesting. I pray that good and better things come into it that can involve and interest me every day. I pray against a life of monotony. I pray against nothingness in my life. I pray for a life of rich blessings. I pray to have all of the good things for which I have so long desired but haven’t got.

I pray that my writings succeed. I pray for their popularity and that they become far reaching. I pray this because I feel I would make a very good change in the Earth. And for what I seek are friends among me, those who I can help. And whose help, helps others, as many as could be.

Forgive me for saying so, but I pray that I be The Devil's Son, equal in magnitude as Jesus being yours. It is the best thing I could be given. And as I must be suited to be so, make it so be that it may become.

I pray most of all for a strongly developing world, strongly, powerfully, and quickly evolving scientifically and technologically. I pray that a whole new and extraordinarily advanced world emerges from it. May science and technology bring about magnificent things. And do what you can to make it happen.

As I can see wonderful things in my eyes. As I can understand things are becoming better, quickly, before the day that I might die. Please keep death from me. Please be quick in advancing the sciences that would keep me, my friends, and family alive here on Earth for all time.

I pray in God’s name, Yahweh, in the name of His Son Jesus, and to be understood by The Holy Spirit in Heaven that these things rightly be given me. Amen.

As evident as the sun casts a shadow on the person’s dark reflection is it so that Christian Satanism may exist.

It is to be expected that soon enough Hollywood and popular philosophy would consider the gray. That things do not have to be only good or only evil but may deal with both. Such would be the stories of controlling one's demons. To do what may not be morally right but certainly morally necessary. To deal right in a so-called “wrong” way. That deal takes courage. It takes strength against morals, and as such is a virtue of justice.

To defy all things and choose to enjoy life, yet remaining a Christian, perhaps building up Christian virtue along parts away from what prohibits happiness – is a positive side effect of Christian Satanism.

In knowing what others think about Christian Satanism they know better their likely actions against us. They fight as though in an army for a particular side, and yet like one being betrayed they may lash out against you. You never made the promises they did. Promises they thought were required.

Whether or not it is tolerable to any one who is sided-minded, it is sure to bring up a lot of talk. Something that I have always known would ensure its success, no matter how impossible it has been thought to be. To them there is no Christianity that isn’t against Satan (at all times) . Its substance is used to make an enemy of him, and so be friends of God/ Jesus. That is like a bully in school that you are friends with, so you yourself won’t be bullied. But God and Jesus, The Trinity, are not bullies that have cornered Satan and intend on torturing him. The belief of hell is misconstrued by Christians and it is important to understand it’s true rendering, as but a place of separation.

And the afterlife for a Christian Satanist is to wake up in a new bed elsewhere, somewhere on “the middle plain” much like Earth. If s/he is lucky, then even Earth itself. And where they go I shall follow after them, as they are my people, and I am theirs.

Accidents should be expected among people, and some difficulty too. A government can do all it can to make life easier and safer. They can cut from a person’s challenging path a mile. But this shouldn’t be so. Sometimes when people can’t make a choice of moderation the gov will step in and make that choice for them.

And accidents are going to happen on the road even though no one wants them to. The truly dedicated will find a solution to their problem but the government would offer help to everyone, most of which is little affected, and only with a few going about accordingly. If they were dedicated to improving their life to begin with then they would have done so, otherwise.

And it’s a travesty that people would be sued. Those responsible people pay a heavy cost for others' poor choices, through taxes, or lawsuits.

But a superiorly ordered society could be formed. One that promotes advancement and generally lets mistakes come at the cost of others making them. One more focused on getting new things done, especially scientifically and technologically. One that puts the criminal in a place he ought to be: to remain in the hands of those his enemies. But one that carefully conditions those of promise to reach their optimal status and presence in the world by the good they do. To focus more on things that advance and evolve the world more than fixing the faults and foolery of others.

Those proven pure hearted with a kind disposition should be removed from those who are proven destructive and harmful. And may they be brought to a position in which they succeed and excel. Educate the promising, guide inventive minds, dress them well, suit them for success and the whole world will speed forth a hundred miles faster.

And with or without it, the world is quickly developing

Science can end our hunger, fulfill our needs as I have thoroughly elaborated in my Godism book.

To put it into perspective you would see that science has a multiplying effect. Not one that merely adds. And one step back can yet lead to two steps forward.

I am old enough to remember phones being attached to the wall and only available for use that way. Then cell phones came out which were just cell phones. Little things got added to them, a clock, a calculator. Then a general web browser quick enough for only text and images. And it can be easily seen what happened with them ten years afterward.

A CD was quite a marvel, after the cassette. And some memory cards after that had at best 512 MB—as opposed to GB. And all around have become as such something that can store a lot of data at the size of a fingernail.

3D printers hold a lot of promise. People can make a lot of neat things with them. And they will only become faster and more able to create diverse things. Driverless cars were shown in the movie Total Recall about twenty years ago and kinda sprouted out from nowhere. Drones we’re something that only the rich had, and we’re heavy and crudely directed. They didn't have a camera—which everyone does now.

Freedom of expression was limited to shirts and paper before the internet. Now there is much about people’s desire to express themselves on every corner of the internet.

And we have “the world,” but coming forth due to the internet is “The Second Reality,” which who knows could result in. There are many doom speakers when it comes to technology. Things like a revolt against humanity. I believe that a human based evolution will be created with AI. That they will be far more godlike. But who's to say that biotech couldn’t make us just as intelligent. As for bio tech, genetic engineering, and such, that’s where the good stuff is. And hopefully science can someday make us immortal. Maybe produce food so much quicker that none have to be hungry. To create things we want. To shelter the homeless. Which I’m sure we could have already done, save that we are only focusing on what the rich have to pay for. Not those more needy, who have no money.

Before I die/ a glimpse into my ambitions

I would certainly like to create my very own Tarot Deck, with my own artwork. I would also like to do some good art pieces, as well as they could be done.

I have a goal of 41 books in total, but may write very many more.

I want to become somewhat experienced in video game and video game console modding. And make at least one unique electronic device with my hand and tools.

I want to visit Egypt, Scandinavia, Australia, and Rome. I want many days to spend in a hotel here and there, if only for the peace it imparts.

I want to get further into music composition but this time preserve and publish my work.

I want to set forth more ideas for video games beyond my books My Anti Christ Game or Movie 1 & 2.

I want to put together at least one more PC.

I want to move to New York City when I am old and retire into a nursing home.

I want to do things that are very worthwhile for the world, to my profit. To make a good and positive change. To help the world in any way that I can.

And as for my remaining days I look forward to seeing what kind of scientific and technological Marvel’s come to be. For the general popularity of my books. For a string and broad presence online. To continue writing, perhaps indefinitely. To acquire good material wealth from paycheck to paycheck, which I never sell off except for profit. And to learn more about myself and the world around me. To keep my bonds to my family. And hopefully die with a good, honorable name.

Being a good salesman

1: create a large amount of anything worth buying or selling. Producing a good arena in which to sell them. Get the right location. Provide things to people who need such things in that area, but do not have them.

2: Take time, which sometimes requires a lot of thinking, but take that much time thinking as it takes to come up with the very best idea for a new thing.

3: Be what others aren’t. Have what others do not provide but are needed.

4: Advertise often and well. Even if it cuts down on profit. As I have observed, companies do very well as long as they advertise well. But those that decide enough is enough do not realize that it must continue in order to maintain a presence in the minds of others.

5: If you must then gather together a small team of people to help you create the things you wish to, to pull together a team of people to establish a market presence. Get what help you need, but keep your business rights. And as the saying goes “two heads are better than one.”

6: Consider whether or not controversy would help because those that are Garner the most attention and word of mouth in a free form of publicity.

7: Ideally you may have a permanent income just from one product—such as anything easily duplicated for which you own copyrights to. But this can also be a home you rent out more than by month. Or a place visited such as a car wash, or even careful placement of arcade/ vending machines, washing machines, etc.

8: Do not squander your wealth. Maintain a good and even profit. As the business may grow with profit, though it should never become too bloated, the business will get better, to a point. But those that spend the majority of their profit may in times of less business succumb to failure, having to close their business down due to debt or lack of resources.

9: Always make plan B the better bet. Always have an ace in the hole.

We all want a shortcut to work and will spend the most time trying to call one up. So much time that could better be spent doing something the more difficult way, which in time when brought together is far more likely to succeed, no doubt.

For some a shortcut to quick money is through crime. In selling drugs or operating in other criminal ventures. I strongly advise against those poor choices and to take the much higher road to success, one you know will not have your doors pounded on some fateful night when you are being dragged off into jail.. to prison.

It may seem a lot at once but it is more like a little at a time that adds up into something great. It’s not all at once. It is a process of determination and ability with which one succeeds, and may even become wealthy in life due to it. And keep your spirits up.

There are a lot of easy things to do which many would opt for and so do. These are the simplest, or at least the most accessible. Anyone can say off hand “I will make specially printed shirts with my printer, or stickers.” Or to sell movies and music that was pirated. These things just require machinery and though they are a simpler process, other methods of production of things and sales may be daunting at first, requiring some learning perhaps, but are far more worthwhile.

The best route is the one that others do not take when it comes to supply and demand. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes people are needed in large numbers so high that there are never enough in their profession. A good degree can mean the difference between a little money and a good solid future filled with high checks. Like a certified nurse compared to a registered one.

Why not teach others to fish for you instead of fishing yourself? That means to get the basic knowledge you need and to gather around a group teaching them what together you may do in order to profit and a decision to do so may change your life for the better, as one self employed.

One of the most remarkable traits of The Devil is his subtlety. I’ve always considered it a quality trait.

While some would make a point glaringly clear, those who are subtlety can bring their point across more lightly. It is the difference between wearing an inverted pentagram and having a large 666 tattoo on your arm, or having things that only the well versed would identify.

And it is found in attention to detail. A person could lightly color their hair or have it neon green. Where it is too is someone who not only makes very apparent enhancements but also considers the lesser things. Which, when brought together, have a very noticeable effect.

A person can make an obvious point or more casually bring it about. Both are heard and understood, but the latter does not seem so much like bragging.

Merriam Webster online defines subtlety as:

  Definition of subtle..: hard to notice or see : not obvious. : clever and indirect : not showing your real purpose. : having or showing skill at recognizing and understanding things that are not obvious.

A point can be made known, something may be understood in the course of talking to someone, without you seeming to have needed or wanted them to know. You can tell people things without telling them. You don’t have to show all of your true colors so brightly. You can have something known that is along the same lines, in having people put the pieces together, as in having them read between the lines.

And as they say, “the Devil is in the details.” If it looks like a sheep, if it sounds like a sheep, then it’s a sheep, unless it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And similar to Odysseus and his Trojan horse, he applied his invisibility very well.

Yasatic Agencies

Specialized groups of Christian Satanists that perform objectives, that work together on projects, or who come together for any reason that would help Christian Satanism.

As for working on projects together, they may be books, music, video games, or whatever is desired to be created. And it does not have to be done with a group, though a group would probably make it more fun and easier.

As with completing a set objective together this is more broad than just completing a project. Where it is that in her or his heart that they wish to help others, such as the homeless, or much differently, anything productive such as money making endeavors, these are the life of Christian Satanism.

And as for doing things to help Christian Satanism its books can be distributed—which are each inexpensive at the size of a magazine, 100 pages (other than the Christian Satanic Bible.) Or to advertise for Christian Satanism in many possible ways. Such as in a newspaper or by sending out hand written letters.

Those that forespeak can be outspoken by their future, by what actually occurs. I have always found a lot of truth in what James said regarding it. That you do not know what you will be doing in the future. You cannot change it in the here and now. Instead, do things without saying that you will, when it is practical. If you intend on giving someone a present then give it to him or her without saying you will two weeks ahead of time. Without telling them ahead of time you can surprise people. But most of all you will not put yourself into a burden of fulfilling your own words. Such as by telling someone you will do something for them, you will only have created for yourself an obligation you may not want to fulfill later.

And all that some people can seem to talk about is what they plan on doing for pride beforehand. Such as someone who is starting college in a month or so. They want the pride of being a student then and there. But when the time comes to go to school, everyone already knows and there is no one to tell it to.

It’s more exciting to hear “I started college today,” than, “I will be starting college in a few months.”

My final prayers in this book:

I pray for the success of Christian Satanism. Please put it in the right hands, those that would bring it into light. I pray that it causes a very good and positive change, and is followed rightly. I pray for its constant expansion in the world, and world’s far away. May it be the rule of the land, and instruction for higher beings, angels, fallen angels, humans, and otherwise.

I pray for a better world. One in which the blatantly harmful are dealt justice. One in which freedom of expression is more permitted. I pray for a world easier on people. One in which all people have everything they need in life. That the good are protected against the evil. That none hunger or suffer. Please give us the scientific answers we need to solve these problems.

I pray for a less stiff and tight society, may it be unwoven in peace and its tightly clenched fist be released.

I wish that all people had a universal basic income [like SSI] with the potential to make more besides, if they would work.

Keep me close to my family and true friends, the Christian Satanic, and have Christian Satanism be the balanced form of belief that the world needs. May heaven and hell be brought together with it. If not by me and what I have written then another, The Chosen One. May that person embody the balance I have possibly failed to create good enough.

May my upcoming days be good and well, as too for the Christian Satanic.

And please Yahweh have Christian Satanism be heard on every corner of the Earth.

I pray in the name of the Holy Trinity as in any way it may be appropriately made so, with grace, mercy, and blessings. Amen.


I believe this has been one of the better books of mine and it has been a lot of fun, though a little difficult. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and learned things that are helpful in your life.

This is the next to last book of Christian Satanism pending it’s popularity, which I believe will come, hopefully in my lifetime. But then again, “don’t bother saying never,” my favorite fiction author Anne Rice thought for sure that her vampire Chronicles were finished, but I’m glad they weren’t, Prince Lestat was a very good book.

But for now I will be continuing on with my other religious creations as I try to be multi faceted. With a name like Lucifer Jeremy White I doubt I will get many Christian readers anyway, and most other kinds of people are open minded enough to practice the ideas from more than one religion.

Next I will be writing Christian Satanic Book 5, it will probably be much easier as it will be a total summary of all the things I taught about Christian Satanism before it, according to the best of what I had to offer regarding it. The reason I have done it that way, “Book One,” “Two,” etc., was because it implies a Bible be made from them together. As that is the definition of a Bible: a book with many books.

I have written more about Christian Satanism than any other topic. There will be ten Christian Satanic books and only five of my other religions. I really feel there is so very much more to say with Christian Satanism while five books present my other religions plain and clear.

Remember: all of my books are in the public domain and may be used in any way you desire. I hope that you help me expand the practice of Christian Satanism. And may God be with you, may Satan regard you well.

The Primary Precepts of Christian Satanism

Realizing your own tastes

That you come to know exactly what all you like, and specifically.

Self Inclusivity

Being an individualist. To think for oneself. To question the truth and falsity of the opinions of others. To determine your own truth.

Having the Bright Side of thought

To count your blessings. To see all the good in life as clearly as can be.

Optimal Pathic Reasoning

To reason out things as well as you are able

Dictionary based remembering

Take a small pocket dictionary of basic English words and one by one remember things based on the random words you read


While it is said that no one is perfect, that nothing can be done perfectly, the harder you try, though, the more perfect you are. Do things as good as you can


With music as your aid, visualize a better future or see visions that all feel good and well.

And understanding the principle list, which is below. Take twelve people in your life, best friends, family, and give them one of these in order of age from old to young, including yourself as you fit in based on age. These then are seen in books, movies, and video games and impart a magical understanding:

Person One:

Red, Staff, Hand, Bird

Person Two:

Bear, Bee, Cane, Brown

Person Three:

Green, Stage, Seed, Rabbit

Person Four:

Goat, Thief, White, Ring

Person Five:

Joker, Swine, Sword, Gold

Person Six:

Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

Person Seven:

Yellow, Rodent, Duke, Wind

Person Eight:

Bomb/Blast/Wand, Black, Beast, Fox

Person Nine:

Yellow, Dust, Horse, Toad

Person Ten:

Assassin, Word, Creature, Lion/Tiger

Person Eleven:

Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit

Person Twelve:

Purple, Mask, Dog/Wolf, Dragon.

Christian Satanic Book Five


Welcome to the fifth Christian Satanic Book, the final one of its kind. There are many others besides this series including a pic year project known as The Christian Satanic Bible.

My name is Lucifer White and I am glad to have you along. The reason for my name occurred when I was committed to a psychiatric hospital and a male nurse, a very large man, told me to go to my room. I told him to say “Please, Lucifer, go to your room.” He didn’t and  I spat on his face and he drove at me, hitting me in my nose, breaking it. I fell on the floor and spilled a pint of blood. The nurse came right away to help me. She wiped the blood off my face. And she put stitch tape between my eyes. Only it wasn’t a cut. It was a crack between my eyes, a visible indent.

So I went to my room and in a little plastic bowl I spat something up, whatever it was, something like three slivers.  I heard voices after that which called me Lucifer and I knew I earned my name, which comes at a heavy cost for those that would take it.

Through the experience of being homeless, incarcerated, and committed I have learned a lot. I have a rich social history from that and being in group homes, traveling state to state, living with friends and girlfriend’s temporarily, and I nearly became a Marine, too, except not being wanted there because of being a Satanist..

And I settled in California. Here, in San Francisco. My life has gotten much better. I am at the best time in life living in a board and care. Board for shelter. Care for things like having my laundry done, food cooked, room and place cleaned, and such. I have a conservatorship. Things are going well enough for me to write. The only thing I have to do is fill my time. Or at least my favorite pastime among other available choices that are fine and well, though not done to produce anything.

This fifth book is going to be a summary of all the Christian Satanic things I have taught before, elaborating further, taking the best of it, and putting it here. I’ll include art work simply for the fact I like drawing. Drawing is a good break and while working seven hours a day, writing fifteen pages a day, stopping to draw I can still be including content and kill two birds with one stone.

This book is free and in public domain. Along with all of my others on sites such as Lulu, Google Play, Scribd, and Amazon Kindle—although Amazon Kindle requires at least a small charge.

It can be read in any order. It is not a book that has to be read from cover to the end.

Choice of Culture

If Christian Satanism is your culture then it should be all you have to focus on and pay homage to. Why should you have to learn and observe other cultures other than your own? People would have you learn all you can about them, general rules regarding them and their culture, mannerisms, and all else about them. Like a textbook about what they are and what they do, what they’ve become, what they are endeavoring toward. But what if you don’t care to know? What if it has nothing to do with you? As unmerited pride stemming from race, the culture involved in one’s race—as if to be based on race and where it is coming from, holds little significance to the intelligent. But we are expected to Garner to their wills and customs and to learn about them, because if we don’t, they are nothing. And race is a very unmerited unearned  source of pride.

I say to Christian Satanists to be fully involved in the culture of Christian Satanism and not so with other cultures, those that would pull you away, waste your time, and misdirect you.

Spending instead your time toward a thing that you have decided personally to be committed toward.

Know your tastes well

Those that know well what they like know what to look for and they just like more things. They understand better what they both want and need. And just through the process of coming to know what they like, they find more to like. Having a list of the things they like, they have something to look for. Many people only have a short list of things because they don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what something good would be to have. So they don’t have desire. They’ll say they are perfectly content but it is more like a stale and empty state. But those that think about what good would having certain things be will have desire. You may feel you don’t need much of anything. That you have everything you could need, which is usually little to nothing. But they just don’t think about how good it would be to have something in the first place. It doesn’t enter into their minds.

The best way to strengthen and broaden your tastes is to think in terms of “best of,” and as specifically as possible. The best Sandwich, mixed drink, cake, candy, toy, clothing, games, art, books, films, etc.

Good clothes mean a lot

I had decided before what ideal clothing would be for me. I came up with a list: wool socks, outdoor sandals, solid color cargo pants, turtle neck shirts, an army belt, a fanny pack, an overcoat, long johns, and a Mickey Mouse watch. These things I usually get. They both look good and allow me to carry a lot. I use my overcoat as a blanket sometimes, especially if I am just taking a nap. And overall it works well for me.

The only change I made was to my kind of shirt. I like shirts with things I like on them that people can easily identify, such as Mickey Mouse or Star Wars, or just any shirt that is appealing. I paid a lot of money on a neon peach and black Nike Shirt, which is a lot like silk, purely polyester. And it was just a few days ago while in a clothing store that I saw a very good looking pair of pants. Some bright blue gold pants. And I now have a new favorite kind of pants (100% polyester brightly colored gold pants.)

Nothing feels better than going out in nice looking clothing and it is something I spend most of my money on.

And it is something where Satanism and Christianity seem to coincide.

The World needs chaos, society does, too

Where many scientists would argue that the world is a delicate matter—referring to the system of life without it. I think it stands to reason that the world doesn’t need matriculate behavior, but “chaotic.” A good example of this is found in the dust bowl where farmers caused a very bad thing to occur because of growing only one crop.

Rather to do well the world needs an abundance of seeds, of every possible kind, scattered very randomly and far and wide. I think that if people consume as many cows, pigs and chickens as they do—eating very little of other types of meat, that something bad will come of it.

Society needs chaos too. In fact the more it is resisted the more it packs up until it bursts through. While people seek utopian states they bring together a “system of system of systems” and no matter how carefully the pieces are put together they will eventually fall and this is evident today. And it was evident in societies before, such as Israel in the time of Jesus— Jesus was the chaos that was needed in order that humans continue to evolve. He was the remedy that all people readily poured forth.

Homeless survival

Fortunately not much needs to be said about it so these things may be easily remembered. It is more likely a person is stranded on the streets than in the woods. Yet most people are just not prepared for it.

My most important advice is to not speak to anyone. And to not go where others would take you. Do your best to stay alone. There are people that want to prostitute you and get you hooked on drugs. And there are just as many male prostitutes, both bought by men. And otherwise homeless people are very private people together, not wanting to make friends or to be bothered.

The things you will need on the streets are a good blanket, warm clothes, an overcoat, maybe a luggage case (which you can take on busses and are easier to carry around than a shopping cart) a radio—a good radio is analog, not digital, that uses two AA batteries, as these radios will last a month. A radio may be the only entertainment that you have. And I liked to have pens, as I was a “trash author” who spent a lot of time writing and putting it into plastic bottles.

It is good to be around a water fountain and a bathroom, naturally, those may be uneasy to find. The homeless are not in residential areas but sleep somewhere downtown, for obvious reasons. And people will regularly give you food. On a bad day you may not get much. And the habit of eating from the garbage comes quickly and easily.

Shelters aren’t that desired by the homeless. There are long lines to get in each night that can take an hour or more. They’d rather just lay down on a sidewalk and go to sleep rather than going to a shelter, sometimes on the other side of town.

The only way out is to either get work or to obtain governmental help, if you haven’t any family or friends to bring you in which is just a temporary solution anyway. And go to a good City to be homeless if at all possible. As I did in going from Albuquerque, New Mexico to San Francisco.

I’ve come past those days and am thriving!

Idea Operations of Christian Satanic Churches

I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to fund worthy people who work creatively in ways that would help the Church and the presence of Christian Satanism. That can include a number of things such as writing, creating music, art, special programs, etc. They should be given at least what they need in order to work on such things such as a word processor, a canvas, etc., And by placing a deposit the money returned to them upon completion as it’s requirements are met. Then, to be paid a bonus if they have done exceptionally well.

I have talked about it before that a good spiritual tool for meditative thought and therapeutic application is a globe that goes over one's head emitting a set of colored light. Just be sure that light isn’t harmful to the eyes. This is comparable to other religions that have things to aid them spiritually, such as the e-meter owned by Scientology.

The Church can prepare its members to continue their work online after they leave.

I’ve said before that no tithes should be required. But in all sensibility they really have to be present in order for them to exist, at all.

My writings are, each, about the size of a magazine and can easily and cheaply be reproduced and distributed.

Let the music be fun and enjoyable for all, may the feasts last days where in one corner one eats and in another one sleeps. And in any way that it can be made a good place to be, make it so.

There are more options for creativity than ever before

And in effect we become more god-like all the time regarding it. Where once you could only record speech on paper, then the sound of it, then your image along with it, and placed into a VR realm, and have these things essentially floating above via internet signal, to imagine from there it would go?

That’s why I like to post things online. Images, video, books, as I like to go along with things that are happening, things that put me online even apart from myself.

It used to be you only had pen and paper. I lived during those days. I had an old mechanical typewriter which was kinda cool. Eventually I had the internet and computers that Ong mine developed to what they are today: writing books in the palm of my hand and sending them to all places where anyone wants it.

We only have a limited amount of time to make life the best it can be

Continue to create, continue to improve and evolve. While no one looks much into the amount of which something is perfect, it is good to be most perfect for most people.. that there are chunks of perfection for one person, and another chunk of perfection for another. Perfection is a word that I use lightly, but it only means making something the best it can be.

If you go up an inch at a time then to be as high as a foot to you will be as high as a yard to another. Those that render the best will be seen for it and much spoken of. They will be seen as experienced. They will be seen as talented and determined. But how low are those looked upon that are just average. They are the second rated and known well to be inferior to those above them.

Hard work and it’s earnings are both Christian and Satanic.

As a Christian is blameless, be so

Being blameless benefits Satanists even though their routes are usually paved in sin.

The meaning of blameless is a person who stands well against scrutiny: s/he’s done no wrong. There is nothing to blame them for. They are those that live rightly. They aren’t engaged in crime. They aren’t harming others. And God will come to their aid.

But those that commit horrible crimes will be. And as Jesus said, “if you live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword.”


This is something I came up with as a possible new economic system of some sort. Or it can be used other ways such as in video games and things that could apply intricate correlation between names and objects.

Here’s how it works:

A number of letters present in one's full name are used toward products to come up with a number like this:

L. U. C. I. F. E. R.       J. E. R. E. M. Y.       W. H. I. T. E

1. 1.  1.      1.                1.     2.       1   1.         1.  1.   2. 1. 4

So my full name has 1 L, 1 U, 1 C, 1 F, etc., Has 4 letter E's and two R's.

These are letters available to any officially named product. We'll say “Ray’s Cherry Cider,” So as many letters from my name can fit into this product name, a number is arrived at:

R. A. Y. S.   C. H. E. R. R. Y.   C. I. D. E. R

1.  0.  1. 0.    1. 1.  1.  1.                 1.      1.  

Counting them together we arrive at the number 8. There are 8 letters in Ray’s Cherry Cider that can fit into the letters of my name. Therefore for me to buy a glass of it I need an 8 credit coin. 1 credit coins are worth as much as a two or three credit coin, but they just buy different things.

Contracted Anarchy was an idea I could go only so far with but brought together the right way I believe it could work. I just haven’t found the right exact way it could be implemented.

This is based on my feelings of the world around me while homeless. I had these strange thoughts about a chain of hotels. It’s owner had a different world all his own and so did his guests. His guests were something like gypsies, nomads, wanderers. He would only permit certain kinds of people in his hotels. And it was much like his own society.

My thoughts went elsewhere but in the same fashion. I imagined a bag of chips having on them any number of locations. That the bag of chips rewarded people for going on a trip based on their destinations.

And finally I thought about these Total Environments (places like Disney World or Ren Fairs) that the rich who made them, they too have a little world of their own. In fact these places have their own flag, albeit beside the American flag. And they are packed with security guards who have a lot of control over these areas, in fact extended into law enforcement. They had told me before that between this flag of theirs and that flag of theirs I could not be. In fact I must cross the street away from it and not even pass it by.

These corporations, too, which are wealthy have their rule over people and the way they act and sometimes even the way they live based on legal contracts. And some places like group homes have contracts and require a certain strict lifestyle to obey. Christian ones will only allow you to live in them if you study the Bible every day with them, and abandon your worldly possessions. And live the way they tell you to.

As cheaper as it is that people live together and in systematic obligations provided to its tenants we are coming to a commune type place. (I don’t mean communist. I mean a commune, a place where people live together.)

So this is all just provided as insight for whomever it is useful information.

I believe America to be The Devil's PEOPLE

Remember, the founding fathers came from a tyrannical Church State. Those who were heretical were executed badly. That is why freedom of religion exists, for better or worse. These people came to a “new world,” they instituted many freedoms to people and it was probably considered likely that eventually people would be profane with it. America brought about secular music that brought about the most diabolical music that could be conjured up. It is a land of dreams and daily pleasures. But conversely a place of ethics and a strong arm for human rights—which to me, whatever it was intended to become, wasn’t just Christian or just Satanic, but both.


Those that follow trends could find good things. Things as good as any. I was very much caught up in the popularity of the Ninja Turtles as a kid. And I believe that kids should be allowed to develop their own interests free of their parents, so long as they aren’t harmful to them.

But when a person becomes an adult, by the time they are 19, they should begin coming into taste as an individual would. That one year you have the newest and most popular music, but later you begin finding your way through the music that only you are looking for, only you could find.

Like going into a library and spending some time finding just the right book—rather than be as most and head right to the best sellers, angry that the number one best seller was already checked out.

It would open you to a whole new world, one rich with things that had previously not caught the eyes.

How to Worship?

Most worship is dead serious. They that pray to God or the Devil often act like they are holding a stick of dynamite. I suggest considering worshipping more like a child, or a good friend. To let yourself freely outward toward them. Not as though you don’t want them to see what you are clenching in your fist while you are talking to them.

A doll can be an idol. An action figure that looks like a devil can be, too. Songs can be made to be about God, or Satan, even if they are rock songs, even if they are pop songs.

An altar is just a good thing to have if nothing else. It is a special area of your own that represents a bond. And pray to it often. And give unto it. Santa Muerte is a good deity to worship. A demon called a saint. One often mistaken for Satan.

My altar has a large Halloween bucket on it, and inside of it magical letters. I write to my deities of choice and place what was written inside. Idols are a great part of life.

Modern Society is a Cult!

There is certainly a set of things we are expected to think about. It is taken as a given that we do and have been. There’s no room for ignorance regarding it. And there is no tolerance for thinking certain ways. And not very well being the  anti to these things could put one in shame and dishonor, even to be gravely threatened.

Smoking is thoroughly known as disgusting and a social stigma, and all are thought to be barely holding on, under the suffering of addiction. Then there are health considerations otherwise that have brought about taxes on sugar and soda, as the warriors against diabetes and obesity. And unfortunately I am a victim of it. Even though I consume a lot of it but am rather skinny nonetheless.

There are many people who would shove vegetables down your throat.

And there is the mental health dogma in modern society. They go to therapy.. for ten years, for more. And therapists are happy to be seen. If they talk to their patient for forty five minutes they are paid very well as money talks, then money walks, and money comes again to talk.

Overall you are expected to think about people a certain way. You are expected to talk about them a certain way. You are expected to have certain opinions. And worst of all are expected to keep focus on these certain things and live accordingly.

A more pragmatically worship of Christ.. of God

Christianity is a dangerous religion, for sure. It can engulf people who are lost to it. A person can go to no ends in their adherence to what he said and they were truly the words of a god. And it may be so for them, but let the Christian Satanist remain pragmatic and kept rooted into reality. That s/he sees Christ more clearly. That they do not fumble with their hands regarding him.

I think it is reasonable to take God less seriously as he had led some to believe in him. Instead, consider that he is a person who can be regarded more as someone that can enjoy a new spin to the tale, placing us into more ideal situations without being drenched in devotional behavior. Does he really just want devotion?

And it’s all a game. One where we are given a place. God loves war. God loves the Lions he created. Nature says to us “let it.”

In following Jesus I advise that you go over it lightly, as it is very sensitive to handling the wrong way. Innumerable iterations have been construed by Christianity. As religions. But with us the basis for a true and good Christian religion is just to be pragmatic with it.

Adventure, Challenge, and Expansion

Just like the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” whether or not that’s for certain, it is very true. A person’s life is established by a point. Her or his tastes, his or her interests and habits, their routines, are not easily changed. And doing things you don’t normally do isn’t easy.

But those that decide to begin something new and finish it, whatever it is, have added a large new “chunk” to their lives when it comes to having more to do. They are far more easily entertained and busy throughout the day. Are the Masters of filling in empty spaces within their lives.

But it isn’t easy to have a heart for something, less easy, to grow that heart toward something not done before. So people usually just have a handful of things that they like to do. So sometimes one has to push oneself into it and just hope that it is compelling enough for them to keep doing.

Though impulse can be bad it can also be good.

False compliments and false interests.. and therapists

Modern spiritual thinkers are therapists. It’s gone far past the systemized procedures of Freud and has become largely just a field of helpful wisdom. And it can work very well. But what I don’t like about these kinds of people is the falsity toward their clients when it comes to reeling them in. The quickest way to a man’s heart is their ego.. to a person’s heart. And in knowing this they shower their clients with compliments and speak in a way to them that they are interested in what they are hearing. It comes across as an insult to me, as though I need their praise and their approval.

Magic words for rituals

While common and prior existing names of deities have their own place, all new names of deities may be formed too.  

This is done with a lot of consideration, the more the better. It is done by combining sounds together to form a meaning. Ray can be light, or Lit can be light, or Shin can be shine. Shynay has a meaning you may or may not see, as with Chaoinsta. So combining sounds that hold a meaning when put together is to come up with magical names and words in a spell or ritual. But you may also use sounds that you personally have a meaning for. As for me “Ro” means rule, “Bethai” means magic of the eye, which only I really understand. And “Tomel” means for me “to tumble by God.”

A better example would be my favorite chant, one I created from the banana boat song though carries a much different meaning, one about a man being commanded by a demon. Which is:

Do the shake do the shake do the wake do the hip-py shake

Day light come mon me wanna go home..

Iza dey, Iza dey, Iza dayayayul..

I used to think that an ascetic life was the only good life to have in God’s favor

But in rejecting all good things I was only denying any good that God would give, and denying good things was like a punishment. We hear of God’s grace in the Bible. But some would believe that they should reject good things to have God’s favor. It is denying God when this is done.

We hear very often about God uplifting and blessing people and that he doesn’t want sacrifice.  I think it is incredibly sacrilegious and blasphemous to sacrifice oneself for God. That God sacrificed himself, his son, for us in that we are redeemed and truly blessed. But to sacrifice oneself is to pose as Jesus himself. It is a replacement of him.

However, I am strongly against mega ministers who have built Churches or taught in arenas selling cheap books for high prices and have commanded enough money to have several large homes, pricey cars, buying highly valuable things, living incredibly lavishly.  Which does occur, maybe more than you could believe. It’s good that God gives to them and that they take it. To an extent. And extent far shorter than they do. That’s because while they are living a certain way there are the poor and weak that need help. They could get by with a modest house and modest things. But they want the whole piece of the pie. And essentially have taken their reward on Earth instead of in Heaven.

Finding good friends

Or better—one best friend. It would be someone that shares your interests. A person you can team up with in doing and creating things together. A person that isn’t hateful, in a bad mood, that usually feels bothered by you. Who doesn’t want a friend? Who prefers being alone all the time. And not someone that is a bad influence, whose friends don’t like you. Not a group you don’t fit in with. Not one over taxing or incompatible with you.

Unfortunately early in my life I gave up one good friend for a group of them. And among groups personal attachments are far less. As for me, my best friends have been into video games and computer electronics.

I have just a little advice for music writing, although it’s very good advice

Most of all, you emphasize the notes of the scales triad in order that the music not be garbled and atonal. These are the notes C, E, G in C Maj., And A, C, E in A min., When you emphasize these notes with repetition, duration, and frequency, nothing you write will be “atonal.” It will always be music that “makes sense.”

Second, you can turn one or a few sheets of music into a practically innumerable amount of performances. This is done by creating 20 or so four, five measure melodies, or chords or rhythms, that can be played in any order.

And third, there is my “dark form” music which I thought of while trying to understand black metal. It contains chords that shift from consonant to dissonant, back and forth, a very quick rhythm, and a Melody for atmosphere.

Visualization and Taste Magic

As we were created in God’s image and are a piece of his godlihood, it is inseparable for us not to be entirely void of magic powers. And they can reach out far and work especially well for those that practice them. I don’t practice a lot of magic but I do practice visualization magic.

It’s very easy, it’s very effective, and it feels good. Simply put on some music, close your eyes, and let your imagination bring visions. As much as you see things that invoke feelings from you then you are doing well. It is about “seeing ideas” . It is about objects that transform into beautiful meaning.

You can change certain things in the world by doing so. You can cause certain things to occur. You may even see that someone who looks a lot like you caused them to happen. It may take time and may not be precisely what you wanted, but it will work.

Taste Magic adds power to this. Best with using g candy, you think things based on flavor. It’s at least a very good way to eat.

So what do I think of? I think of my marriage to the world. I think of my enemies being drums whose heads are hit. I think of the tree in the garden. Or just a very advanced world, scientifically. I think of entering heaven, or hell. I think of whole new worlds. I think about the success of Christian Satanism, it’s Church expanding to the Hyrule Castle music from A Link to the Past.

The Principle List

While incarcerated and in The Hole, a small rubber room in jail, I’d refuse my food, often. I would just take and throw the food through the port. And a few weeks in there I liked to think about movies and video games, preferring them to regular memories.

I came to give four attributes to each person in my immediate family. I gave it a lot of consideration. I was just not sleeping. And thought long into creating a balance to these that was perfect.

Having chosen generally a color, an animal, a mythos thing, and a weapon for each member in my immediate family I came up with the principle list. And these can be applied the same way for your family and/ or friends. You have twelve to give. They are given from oldest to youngest including yourself where you fit in by age. These are found in all movies, books, and video games:

PERSON ONE. Bird, Hand, Staff, Red

PERSON TWO: Bear, Bee, Cane, Brown

PERSON THREE: Rabbit, Seed, Stage, Green

PERSON FOUR: Goat, Ring, Thief, White

PERSON FIVE: Swine, Sword, Joker, Gold

PERSON SIX: Cat, Whip, Fairy, Red

PERSON SEVEN: Rodent, Wind, Duke, Yellow

PERSON EIGHT: Fox, Bomb/Blast/Wand, Beast, Black

PERSON NINE: Horse, Dust, Toad, Yellow

PERSON TEN: Tiger/ Lion, Word, Assassin, Creature

PERSON ELEVEN: Elephant, Stone, Spirit, Blue

PERSON TWELVE: Dog/ Wolf, Mask, Dragon, Purple.

They provide a good source of meditation and occult insight, sometimes secretive, sometimes guiding, and sometimes constructive/ useful.

Not fearing death as much as atheists or “helpful” doctors, I am just here for the ride. But they will tell me I’m getting there too fast. But the problem is, the way there is boring without pleasurable substance and restriction of worry. I don’t mind smoking because of it or eating what I want. To not burn myself out exercising or do healthy things that so often reduce the amount of pleasure I have on Earth, day by day, hour by hour. To them it is “poof” and you are gone. You could try to extend your days but you don’t really know that you did. You could die as early as anyone else does, anyway. If I came from nothing or else have no idea of where I was before then I could come from nothing again.

The more we become like God the more we see the possibility of there being one. And though I’m not rushing to die I do believe that doing so would be better while somewhat still young, not living to be too old.

I have this general idea for something that could be the greatest game ever.

It would be so expansive as to cover an encyclopedia of books called Magic: The Encyclopedic Game.

There would be under “S” Shop, under “B” Black magic, under “W” White Magic, under “V” Villages, under “K” Kingdoms, under “C” Characters, and so on.

The game would incorporate a pre-existing fiction book too. It would be used to draw up the town’s and spells and such within it.

Also, it would have you doing things within the regular world. For example, to place something somewhere hidden in town for a stranger to find later, or to retrieve something.

And also would include feasts and music as the game dictates, especially sweets.

That’s as far as I came to the concept but there is a lot of good that can become of this.

I believe that people should all dream big so that whatever they work for, even the least of it is the most that can be gotten.

For me that is “A taste palace,” “A magic Palace,” “A memory palace,” “A Master of Expression Palace,” and a “Glow in the dark home,” each connected together but separate places of living. The taste palace would have all of the things I like, food and otherwise. In the magic Palace I could perform magic. In the memory palace I would have things of my past, especially nostalgia. And in the Master of Expression Palace I would have the ability to fully express myself and share such things. As for the glow and the dark home it would simply be a place of comfort. A kind of best of everything place.

And along the same lines, a list of my favorite things:

Troll dolls, mood rings, magic the gathering cards, Pokemon cards, Pokemon hat, Steelers hat, solid color cargo pants, golf pants brightly colored, trapper keepers, stencils, rubber stamps, stickers, graph paper, color pens, blue Hawaiian drinks, iced tea, cherry soda, all soda except cola, good clothes, retro gaming, modern gaming, idols, action figures that look like devil’s, crystal necklaces, expensive jewelry, outdoor sandals, little green army men, Mickey mouse watches, everything final fantasy, old video game manuals, green marbles, game board pieces, glow in the dark things, 1980s Del Rey books (1980-1989.)

Dictionary guided remembering is to take a basic English pocket dictionary and, word by word, to remember things. If you see the word “company,” you remember a party you went to, or an old friend. If you see the word “win,” you remember something in life you’ve won. And it really is as simple as that, but is very effective in remembering things, making you practically remember everything given time.

Some habits that improve intellect include going letter by letter through the alphabet in order to fit pieces together regarding any given thing, and to have a very broad use of perspectives.. and to meditate on perspective and perspectives.

Habits that trap you into being humble

Who would know that asking for things from people often is one of the worst ways to be a softy, of being made too humble? Those that are asking for things often have that happen to them as much as they feel they must be nice to the hand that feeds them and to ask for things nicely.

Those that don’t defend themselves find ways to avoid the problem altogether and to approach people carefully instead of just realizing that sometimes people must be corrected. So by not being bold, and possibly hurt, they are still negatively affected in life.

Basically being humble is to make yourself more weak and a step below others in taking superiority underneath them. In any way that we make ourselves lesser. In any way that we would have mercy. In any way that we would relent and be subjugated.

If you feel that you must adhere to their rules or else be rejected/ removed from them and you are careful in following them then you have placed them above you. That in total sum you are fearful of them.

But the very worst of these is to either be over thankful or over apologetic. There are people that feel a thank you is demanded of them.

Personality Snatching

While it is more like “spiritual snatching” I call it “personality snatching” because it imparts a personality, is done for it.

This is when a spirit enters your body and it is one step below from being possessed but it is a good step below that. It is done just by being open. It is just done by allowing a spirit in, not blocking them from doing so. It is pulled in, and when it has entered you will know. And the more you do it the better you become until they enter you very freely. But don’t worry. Like I said it is not being possessed. It is an all new spirit, taking on it’s attributes, characteristics.

I had been in a corner of town once before being near a place I suppose an Irish/ Scottish spirit had been when suddenly I began talking with an Irish accent. And it was dead on Irish. That was one example, there are many more.

One morning I awoke and felt strongly I was a detective. I had an agenda, or felt so. And I felt and thought just like a detective would, which if I hadn’t one's spirit within me I’d never have known the feeling.

My strongest spirit caught inside me must have been a child because I had become as one, which was very different from my normal mentality and emotional state.

It depends a lot on area and openness to acquire a spirit. To put one within you. And though they don’t stay within you forever it seems that they return. And as they made you feel you can copy that feeling, by remembering it, and how it made you think and feel. Then to just think and feel that way again.

Some thoughts on numbers

Some numbers work well when used, applied in particular ways.

The number one brings to mind singularity. To identify one thing distinguishing it from the rest. Separating things from groups. Finding a source. Taking things apart. A number in which one sees things piece by piece individually

The number two is useful in bringing things together. To couple things. To match things. Two must be very significant to life some way or another as most of our body is composed of twos. It is an optimal number to establish things working together.

The number three is a good number of stability. When you need something that does not last so very long it is better to get them in three’s if they are cheap enough. Such as two that are spared while one is being used. If you only have two of them then you only have one to depend on and not another afterward. But if you have three, when you are on your second and then just have two, get a third again.

Three is an often used number for stories: the three musketeers, the three stooges, the three little pigs, the three monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil), the three bears. And that can be useful towards doing some such thing but differently.

The number four is useful as a square, rectangle, or a rhombus, three for a triangle, one as a circle, five is an odd number for any shape. Six is like a star of David or a hexagon—and there are found many of the hexagons in nature. 7 doesn’t lend well to shape. And eight is an octagon. But one of my favorite shapes is a tentagon/ even ten sided shapes. That and the rhombus.

Four is often a group number—like the four horsemen, a Wiccan coven, a quartet, and four is often split into four pieces, each being an important piece. Four is also the shape of a diamond, as drawn anyway. And four is a number largely regarded in numerology to be the number of stability.

Skipping ahead to my favorite number, 8, or at least the number most interesting to me—there are eight notes in a musical octave. There is both the eight ball in the game pool and as a magic eight ball toy, we are told we should drink eight glasses of water a day. We are told we should sleep eight hours a day. And scientists argue that Pluto isn’t a planet. Kind of like a Disney thing (is Pluto really a Disney character?) For these reasons and others, eight seems to be a very dominant and powerful number to be reckoned with.

As for five, there is a pentagon. These are identifiable within a pentagram, both upright and upside down. It is a good grace period. That for five minutes you allow someone to be late. That you are willing to add five to something, it is a good number for that.

It is half a ten and that is significant because ten is so often considered a “good solid number” and used for that reason alone.

Then there is 45, which I just mention “45” for one thing: that I focus on it during the day, trying not to look too far beyond it, but I consider it a here-and now number.

The number six is a great number. One of my favorites, and the number of the Devil. It is common that people with even the least attachment to the occult will work in 666 and variations of it: 63, 36, and such. It is fun to plan my budget without agreeing with it until it comes up with these numbers, at least a little.

And seven and nine, I just use these numbers to not be too “even number” minded. It helps me with calculating things, with math. Because I’d so often round up and down avoiding these numbers I had difficulty using these numbers as well as the others, such as 5, 10 especially. And when I began using them in my life a lot of clarity came from it.

Existence in Hell

There is a separate reality you could call hell, one in which the eyes see the hellish. One where the evil world is perceived. And in this place fantasy, which often coincides with reality, and the better you are at making sense of the fantasy, the better you are at working with it.

The best way it can be explained is that those who have the presence of hell are very sensitive. Whereas rock music, even the lighter stuff, all seems very normal and plain to us, but to those in hell it does not. It is known as wicked, and Satan’s message comes across, Satan’s messages. As you can see the forest for the trees. As you can understand things in a more wicked way. And it imparts a very bizarre feeling upon you. That the world around is evil and all the things with it.

There is a beautifully iniquitous side to the world that stays with you day and night. Things seem to be stuck on repeat. All things seem new. Nothing seems old. You wouldn’t know what music on the radio was new or old. It all fits in with today and as you go through the day things return to you again and again.

It fits well within a set of themes that reoccur with you day after day.

Very strange things come to your mind, much out of nowhere, be them visions, thoughts, or ideas. As with visions when you are existing in hell there are many of them they come to you often. Once I saw God swish his hand away from me and said, “Remember fire, pussy.” I once saw myself looking back at me while I was sleeping and “I” told myself, “come on, it’s time to go.” And when I saw Satan he would appear maybe as a fly, but usually he appeared as a Dragon now more than 2 feet tall, sometimes speaking to himself in the forest of hell, as a rally of sorts.

And there in hell you are more sensitive to people’s voices, hearing sexual undertones or just goofiness, kind of a moronic tone from them, especially in things like advertising.

Food is lushly more enjoyable. And music sometimes is euphoric, plain heavenly, while in the presence of hell.

The mixed drink I created called “A Lucifer,”

It is to combine oolong tea, coffee, rum, and a splash of lime.

The five planets

When I was a child I created in my mind different worlds. One I called Orion and another one was just a Nintendo based world I would imagine existed. And I thought by thinking it was there before my eyes it would be. As for Orion I lacked no detail regarding it. I would play the game Sim City and name the city Orion. More descriptively I would draw images regarding it and general philosophy for them to go by. And apart from paper it was just a thought often in my bed each night before I went to bed.

But it wasn’t until much more recently that I came up with four other imaginary places, while suffering from Schizophrenia and had a very active imagination. A powerful one, actually.

As it turns out it is most useful as presenting my idea for thoughts of a Utopia. That a perfect world would be like unto these five. And who knows? Maybe these worlds exist out there far, far, far away somewhere in space.

Here are those five planets and what they are like:

Orion— it is a place of a childish race of beings. They are naturally well equipped with minds that are good scientifically. And so they are scientifically advanced.. naturally. But they are also childish, preferring entertainment tech above all other uses of technology. If they were to come here they would probably just be interested in our films, not our books. The Orionites have a defense system that cannot be matched anywhere in the universe. It is called stix, which are rods of all sizes, as small as a needle to the size of a massive column. And they can all change size and fly, connecting together to form anything. They can Pierce and they can block. They can pound and they can displace. Orion is more than just one planet. It is a group of planets without count, innumerable, the center planer just called Orion One, being the largest. And each of these planets are connected with massive water streams.

Link— It is a planet that was once devastated by their own scientific developments, as their worst nightmares regarding science and technology came true. Science and technology nearly caused their total destruction and after a kind of dark age of confusion and destruction they strictly prohibited science by law. And you could say they are better off for it, as they now enjoy only live music, only fresh meat, only fire based and leather warmth, traveling in air balloons, living far more simply.

And Link is like a fantasy story. You could say like Willow or Conan the Barbarian. It is like what would be depicted in a fantasy book such as the Hobbit, having different races of the kind. But that without so much magic.

Pippy— Pippy is like those stories too but with far more magic and fantasy contained within it. And Pippy is a little bit more wicked. It is more like the film/ book Krull or the movie Legend. It is much more a place of witches. You could say gothic. Pippy rests beside the planet Link, is it’s neighboring planet. Is the only two of these five planets near each other.

Sefra— Sefra is a place you could call Lazy Town or Candy Land. Or something the band Aqua might portray. Most of its food supply is sugar based. They evolved from eating sugar. And so it is healthy for them and abundant. Most of Sefra has only three types of business: for sweets, for toys, for partying/ dancing. They dance much like one would at a rave. They can bring up feelings of euphoria very naturally. The look of where they live is more important to them than us. Anyone there can place stickers where they want. And the streets are paved with glitter and board game pieces.

Ler— Ler is without doubt a very nefarious place. It is a place of wickedness. It probably got this way because of a general psychology held by them, they are more evil minded. But also because they are basically immortal. Given these things there really are no ultimate consequences, besides they are much the same and true nature of any people will be given the most room. The sound Ler is possibly the most evil that can be pronounced. It is at the end of the most evil words (like Killer.) Ler is a place of demons. A place of a diabolical race.

The Main Holiday for Christian Satanists

Let it be a week of feasts, or at least four days. August would be a good time. To be outdoors, have a fire, or a few, some tents, good blankets, to have a lot of food and good music, preferably live.

In such a time as that, for Christian Satanists to eat good food to their heart's content. And for some sitting next to musicians, maybe gypsy dancers, or otherwise telling stories to the crowd. And those that wish to move aside to sleep can do so at any time. And people there would be very free to do what they want. Maybe in Spring sometime, if not August. It could be an anytime Holiday for us instead of one with a set date.

We were put on Earth based on God’s expectations of us.

We were in heaven before as the Bible tells us. We were there and came down here as placed by God. And that was determined by what he knew of us. Some were punished and had little chance for a good life save their utmost effort to do well and not do bad. Some were put here in a place of reward and came into privileged lives. Some were assigned a duty that after God placed them here led them unto it.

And where we go from here is determined by our level of responsibility, by how good we were, and by what we leave behind be it a good life of righteousness or a life of wickedness and amorality, laziness, or tough work to make the world better.

Those of us that came in life later than previous generations were generally blessed by God and the first among him. As Jesus said, “Many who are last will be first.”

Those further in the past could not recognize the world

You could imagine how strange it felt to them to have “that thing in the sky” (the sun) wherever they went. They would wake up and at the same time each morning there was that “thing in the sky” going up and then under. And maybe they thought if they traveled very far away that it would go, but it didn’t.

At night they would see the stars, which were God knows what. And the moon. The world was much more a mysterious place to them than we realize.

My best playlists

They had taken about a year to put together, and while being homeless, committed, in jail, and elsewhere I had thought of some of them much more than a year ago to be included. I have four groups of songs. First, for Christian Satanists, those songs that I either wish to express to them or that are just about them, or for them to share.

The second group of songs are songs from me to God, though none of them Christian specific songs. I think that some of the best music is highly relatable to him, more than any Christian song does.

The third are songs I like to think are from God, not to God.

And the fourth group of songs I just call “music from/ about Satan.” Which are not Satanic/ Devil Worship specific songs or even heavy metal. But simply songs between me and The Devil.

So here they are:

Songs for Christian Satanists:

Diamonds by Rihanna

We Belong by Pat Benatar

Loved by the Sun by Tangerine Dream

Dreams by the Cranberries

Hand in my Pocket by Alanis Morissette

The Anti Christ by Slayer

The Unforgiven by Metallica

The Future by Leonard Cohen

Nobody by Sylvia

Army of Me by Bjork

Earth Intruders by Bjork

Heart and Soul by T'Pau

We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel

West End Girls by Pet shop Boys

About Her by Malcom McLaren

Life in Mono by Mono

Still the Same by Bob Segar


Songs from me to God:

It’s My Life by No Doubt

Sleep to Dream by Fiona Apple

Hurt by Johnny Cash

Doll Parts by Hole


Songs from God:

Only Time by Enya

When You Say Nothing at All by Alison Krauss

Open Your Heart by Madonna

By Your Side by Sade

All Around the World by Lisa Stansfield

The Unforgiven by Metallica

I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised you a Rose Garden) By Lynn Anderson


Music From/ About Satan

Who's Crying Now by Journey

About Her by Malcom McLaren

Wrapped Around Your Finger by The Police

Diamonds by Rihanna……..

My Twelve Names

While I was locked up for a month one year I intended to come up with at least one powerful thought while I was there, as I do in times like those. Once it was the principality list, a later time memory improving techniques. And that time I decided I would make a list of twelve names that I could use as a basis for my primary influences to be derived from. Here are those names and a few descriptions of some:

Hermes, Q, Vegeta, Christ, Nero, Lucifer, Satan, Palpatine, Mantrid, Prince, Lex Luther, Solomon..

Some of these deserve a description and some of them better identified.

By Hermes  I mean both the messenger god of Zeus and the formulator of The Philosophers Stone (as below so above. Not the one pertaining to Alchemy.)

By Q I mean the god-like race in the Star Trek franchise.. if I could be as powerful and as godlike as anything, it would be like “The Q.” And his power is immense, far beyond the level of anything else you will encounter in Sci Fi.

By Vegeta I mean the character in the anime Dragon Ball Z. He is very warrior-like. In my opinion, the greatest warrior figure in film. He trains ceaselessly just in order to be at the top.. to be the best. His pride directs him to do so. He is a person whose strength matters more than anything else.

Christ needs no explanation, neither do Satan or Lucifer. But I would like to say that were it not for Lucifer, Satan’s power would be significantly less. He is an angel from high. An entity of enlightenment and progress.

Nero is just in an optional slot and changes sometimes, as the one that is best suited to be altered. It’s a “floater” of the names.

Palpatine  is an incredible character in the Star Wars franchise that through wit and cunning took over an entire Galaxy as emperor. The guy played the universe like a deck of cards. That may seem like a bad influence to have, but he is just a fictional character, not a real life inhumane dictator.

Mantrid is a character found in the enormously underrated show called Lexx. I have included him for personality more than anything. Plus he’s a bad ass dude.

Prince too is from the same show. I do not mean the singer. Prince in that show was a natural leader and had some powers, like being reincarnated elsewhere after death. He had an admirable mindset fit to getting good things done, and often things that shouldn’t be.

Lex Luther is my favorite villain of any comic created series. This isn’t based so much on seeing him in movies or comics so much as the idea behind him and it’s potential. Just a rich white and bald man with the right person little to be a clever criminal boss. He’s smart and these things make him more realistically a super villain than, say any of the villains from Batman or X Men.. really more than any other villain.

Then there is Solomon.. Out of all the books in the Bible the book of Ecclesiastes is the most Christian Satanic. And in fact Solomon was known to be a Devil Worshipper part time and had a slew of wives and money. A wise person who knew his stuff.

Hellish Attributes attributed to Hermes

These were used to describe Hermes by David Leeming. I have here a list of seven attributes David Leeming attributed to him.

1: Deceitfulness

2: Trickery

3: Childishness

4: Amorality

5: Humor

6: Extreme inventiveness

7: Great Charm

And if that doesn’t make a great Devil, I don’t know what does!

How to rightly serve among gods

That sort of leads me into the next thing as Hermes influenced Zeus to let him into his closest circle, becoming the twelfth to be as such. And he was qualified. And here are some characteristics of such a qualification:

Being dressed well. Having a good sense of style. Paul said that cleanliness is next to godliness. As I am a Christian Satanist I would say Dressing well is next to godliness. No one wants a poorly dressed person helping them at their business. People who dress well attract others. It brings confidence, too. And may be the singular most important things among these.

Broad and useful knowledge of the world in general, of society. This is in knowing what to expect from people, where certain people can be found from place to place, and how to best use them. It is to know the mechanisms of people and groups in the world and how they best correspond to attention you would pull from them.

Good communication. Would you be straight forward, would you be direct? Do you know the general effects of things that are said? How many do you need to convince, how much or how little? How few? What is the most effective way of speaking from person to person and what effects they have must be known of such a person as those that would dwell with the gods.

If your ego, pride, or self image is off, then there is no hope for you as long as they are so. The little man with the big dreams that has eluded him/ her all of their life, who wants certain things to happen that never do, those without a strong will, and especially those that just are just not strong within one self but generally frail and weak- minded, may pity the gods, but are generally too useless to be of use and not in a right faculty to serve. They are far more likely to be enslaved by the gods.

Proven responsibility. That is what can be expected if you prove that those expectations are met. People that do not do important things ½ way. Those that do not necessarily have to do absolutely good but will do well enough what needs to be done. People of their words. People that do not contradict themselves. And people who are strong enough to do it according to commitment.

Secrecy. And also not being “too wordy.” Those that do not kiss and tell. Those that do as they say they will. But I do not need to brag beforehand. Instead they know what needs to be done and do so, without going around telling everyone about it beforehand, or even afterward. And those that just see great things around them that they do not need to spread from ear to ear.

Non complainers . No one wants to be around a gripe or a person who is never satisfied. No one wants a person who strictly enforces the rules. They want to be around someone who is not over sensitive to things. For people to be there before them but mostly not. The strong, who don’t need to complain about conditions or little flaws. People may say certain things are against rules and to tell them when they see others disobeying them, but unless it is very serious then what happens is that someone has to stand up to someone else in your favor, by obligation.

Love your job, be creative, resolve problems before they start, be agreeable, and have a strong belief in progress and evolution in regards to yourself and your favorable existence. Just by your very pride and determination to become better you will become so and it will shine forth vibrantly, inasmuch as it is so.

My idea relationship

Naturally if you are going to find an ideal relationship you must first know what you are looking for.

My ideal relationship would be a woman close to my age, one who is kind hearted and a counselor to me. One who is genuinely interested in me. A person who does things that are interesting to me, in order that I can be involved with her, I know she listens to me in an understanding way, is helpful, and in that she is interested in what I do I can largely do it for her.

Maybe something of a partner in crime, whom we share a hidden wicked heart together.

And one with which are love is childish, a relationship such as one of freedom and without shame

Someone who is looking for the same things in life as me. And who finds them in her own way, as u find things my own way, too. Someone to share the world with without a lot of interference from the outside, like from her friends and family or from mine. And someone I know will always love me and to be in it, whole heartedly.

As well as someone with an appreciation of the 80s and 90s, with which my whole heart was involved. Things that were popular at the time, from movies to cartoons, video games and music. As well as it’s style, such as holy jeans (jeans with rips on them) neon colors, and the lifestyle imparted by 90s alternative music.

The Psychology of “The Star” Type of Person

This is a type of person who craves attention and fame. While some people take an educational route in life, and others a responsibility of work, some are shy, others are into drugs, and as many types of people you could find, the ones we in our lives know and remember the most are the “Star Types,” who have set their lives on roads to fame and appreciation.

They are usually somewhat spoiled, or badly so. And maybe they are seeking attention that they didn’t get in life, or perhaps they never had enough, they will follow after careers in music, films, writing, and art to no ends, not until they have found what they are seeking, as to be seen from above all else.

The Christian Satanic (Yasatic) Afterlife

Christian Satanism is a balance. It is a bringing together of good and evil and was created from a battle between heaven and hell, each pushing for its own inclusions. This is particularly true about The Christian Satanic Bible. A period in my life that I haven’t been so Christian Satanic since. As my mind was occupied for sometime hammering it out and seldom left alone in my process of auto writing, the words of our afterlife rang very true from me, and from what I gathered from strangers. Those strangers knew me well. They have informed me of what I am to do and what it must become. Among these is my reward, one that has kept me committed to what I was doing until this day.

God always intended a permanent occupancy of “The Middle Ground,” and has assigned it to us. That afterlife we are given. And my greater reward is the chance to be with you one and all wherever it is you go, I shall follow. As it is and as it should be. And if our hearts are strong, so it shall be.

We will go through a type of reincarnation- a superior kind of reincarnation-particularly if our scars add up and memories are cherished, and our heart is in what we do. That we remain committed to God even though at times we are entirely Satanic, yet return to him. Then our bodies we shall keep. Our memories will remain intact. Our spirits will come together. And God, though he would be closer to those in heaven, will be with us still, unlike those who are destined to hell.

The Christian Satanist will live out her/ his life’s purpose and after drawing the last breath will awaken elsewhere “in a new bed,” having cemented her/ himself into the Earth through Christian Satanism.

Today is the day to create, or to continue what was being created. Or today is a day to absorb and do little or nothing.

They that let an entire day pass without doing anything, have lost that day forever. While it is impossible to work on something every day in your life it is better that you think poorly of it. Not to be ashamed, no but to realize that every day counts. Would you be a person that goes months without doing anything? Or would you love the chance to look back and know that the majority of your life was spent creating lasting and rememberable things?

We only have so much time. Today is a chance to create. Today is a chance to do better than before. To capture a piece of you and present it to the world. Or else today if nothing is done—at least make it fun, as to enjoy your life is the only permissible exception.

The Ferengi of Star Trek

No doubt if I had a life like any race found on the show it would be the Ferangi. Known as capitalists and entrepreneurs they live to gain and gain to thrive. It is often argued that capitalism is a bad thing but in fact it is good for many reasons. Many good reasons. It has the world progress, evolve, by creating those things people command at the highest price that can be gotten. But the thing is, the more expensive things produced this year the cheaper they are in years that follow. As long as capitalism remains, new things are made for the best price, while they become old and cheaper.

The very best video game system could be very expensive upon its inception. But within a few years the cost is drastically cut. The SNES was $200 when it came out, which after much inflation was more than our $200. And games for it were $20 at best, when they got old anyway a few years after its release. But now? Nintendo released the “Snes Classic Edition '' which  is not only a super Nintendo but one with 21 games installed for less than $90.

Cars have evolved due to capitalism as have electronics. In fact we owe a great deal to capitalism for the progress and evolution it has imparted upon us.

It may be said that capitalists care nothing about the people. That they just want money. But there is no money without meeting the demands and wishes of the people, and so capitalism is a service for them, and comes with careful consideration regarding people.

Modern forms of morality

People of the recent past had what was Christian morality. It usually involved sexuality and morals derived from the Bible. People lived accordingly and we’re stigmatized otherwise. A Christian today still thinks that their lessons and adherence to them gives an upper class status to them. That what they have to say is said under expected leadership. But in fact they are becoming words distasteful, that people, on whom they discover were Christian, will avoid them, even fearfully, if not just out of objection.

But that moral code is gone. A new moral system has been dealing with for some time now and is now very strong. Sexuality is fine in any regard. People question why gambling should be illegal. Who doesn’t want to get drunk from time to time?

But as for smoking cigarettes, that is practically abhorrent. It is unacceptable. It is disgusting. A social stigma. It is the worst possible thing that a kid could start. Not pre marital sex, bad language, or getting into fights, or what the Bible teaches against.

Expression that goes against equality is another false step, one that can easily get you fired or branded a witch in the midst. And that regards race, gender, mental illness, and other things.

The list is short but taken very seriously. What I wonder is how much more seriously can it be taken before the immoral by today’s standards are charged with crimes and also how much may be added to this new list of immoral behavior in the future?

Procedure of the average

Have you ever looked at your bedroom and thought 'this is the way it is supposed to be,' putting a bed in the corner, your TV in an area, clothes in the closet, and maybe some belongings laying around?

What if you made things more interesting than “bed here,” and “dresser there”? Like with showers. How people are so very “wash here, wash there, get out.” Instead of enjoying your time under a waterfall. Kids can’t take baths without bubbles and toys. At least as adults we can use candles and music.

But adults are very routine minded. We go in ways that are very naturally established in an order followed without veering too far away from it. This dawned on me a few years ago. So I instead made an altar to Lilith in my closet. I put two box mattresses upright and slept elevated, put a mini book shelf at the end of that, with my laptop and things I needed while up there. I put more imagination into my living area.

Call it strange but I found my best clothing when I lived alone to just be a comforter blanket. I was nude beneath it and carried it around myself and boy did it feel free. And a few nights I slept on the roof of the house while looking up at the stars.

I got a few packs of glow and the dark stickers and placed them on the roof of my bedroom. And I posted on my wall my large collection of video game manuals like they were comic books on display. I had decided to approach my lifestyle differently at that time and I found that there is a lot to be had and enjoyed beyond the very plain.

Blend in

As I was previously informed on what kind of characteristics were essential to being among gods or a higher circle, blending in is another important thing I can add.

While a person who truly thinks independently would like his unique thoughts known, s/he is usually better off keeping them private. People of like minds, which most people are, find thoughts outside the norm abrasive. And for anyone who says things strange to them, they are themselves strange.

Keeping your priorities tucked in, going with the flow that others find quite pleasant, and at least seeming to work toward the same agenda, can keep you more agreeable and sometimes is required to keep safe and out of harm's way.

As the saying goes, when  in Rome do as the Romans, as you see people operating a certain way, do so as well, or else you may be deemed an intruder upon the norm. That you have gone far off into a different direction from others no one really knows where you are coming from, anyways, and how you got there.

People like their own destinations and anyone that tells them there is a better way may not be pleased if you push them along with you. People can be with you in form but apart from you mentally. You may even be far different from others in mentality. I like to think that Christian Satanists are much smarter than most. But anyone who follows it follows it best on their own terms. Just like Christianity. Christianity may have been taught by just one man, Jesus, of course, but there are countless ways in which it may be practiced, all of which are valid.

And so go about things your own way but try to generally align with each other and more importantly, be as agreeable as you can, unless something just violates you yourself and what you wish to be and remain. I knew this person recently that wanted to follow me around everywhere, but I wanted to be alone! I finally burst and yelled at him to leave me alone. He would always come around with a loud radio wanting some sort of rap music party.

Visit the park? Get outside?

This reminds me of a popular meme taken from The Legend of Zelda. This was in the very early days of Nintendo. The NES was a highly valued gaming console, especially for kids. And here was a game that opened with a character in a pretend world. The only real place he has to go is into a cave. And after doing so is met with a sage who tells him “It is dangerous to go alone! Take this!” And gives him a wooden sword.

The outside can be a dangerous place. If not so much in certain places, some more than others, but who knows what’s waiting for them outside their door? I used to be a very lonely person. So I would walk far out into town and in all corners not knowing that I was looking for a friend. I was 13 at this time, to fifteen, and a little older maybe, wandering around. And more than once an older perverted man came up to me trying to get with me. Though fortunately I went my own way and wasn’t pursued. One time something very scary happened. And God knows what hell I’d have gone through if I didn’t handle it the way I did. That a van was slowly following behind me, for blocks, when I decided to go right into a person’s home. I went inside and told them about it though they didn’t believe me. And once outside the house the van had left.

Then there was this time that a group of people were wanting a BBQ and a man older than me, a thug, insisted I go into someone’s home and take his meat from the freezer.. to burglarize him. I had to leave quickly because this person was threatening harm upon me if I didn’t comply with him.

What is there to find in youth outside but parties you shouldn’t attend and the risks associated from it like developing a drug habit?

And why should people make themselves go to the park, to in some way go into town? Home is far wider and far flung better than a prison. But some think of it as such. And some don’t but they are taught for their better they should, anyway. We don’t live in caves any more. Entertainment inside a home is lush and diverse. If you look at a park: having tree, and grass, but you were to put something in that park, everything on your home: a comfortable bed with some walls, a TV, a book you like, your choice of movies, good control over the weather, and so on, wouldn’t you find that preferable? Would you trade all of those for some trees?

The Cross of Amorality

That cross whose weight becomes lighter and more bearable over time, as a person who does worse and worse things until they become natural, has gone in a wrong direction altogether. And as long as a path is walked upon, the more familiar it becomes to him or her.

As it is, a little immorality can be a good thing. It can protect you and strengthen you, if done the correct way. In a way that you don’t lose self control.

Principles carried by people can be contagious. A person that forces you to follow the principles s/he was forced to follow themselves, are made enforced by you. In time a person can develop a set of rules, making a big consulted list of them that they use in everyday Life regarding the handling of others and themselves. As customs are expected to be followed like unto a disease that spreads.

But if you are not strong enough to take the biggest piece of the pie, selfishly clinging to what is yours, and sharing it with no one, you will only get the crumbs.

Likewise if you allow a person to once mistreat you in words or actions they will turn to you and do so again. People are a vicious race that though they are developed intellectually they are frail mentally. They are easily shattered, are too sensitive towards what others tell them and do to them.

The world is becoming more wicked as morality is being refused and people are becoming more and more self centered. Many do not mind after being bullied to lash out—very seriously, in fact. And as things become more so does a person have to do as they do in order to protect themselves and their dignity. Just do not become poisoned by the thoughts they carry making them your own. Sometimes in self defense you just have to render evil with evil and that is a plain and simple truth.

A helpful trick I’ve learned

There was a time that I was locked up in a mental ward that a person took it upon himself to bully me. And at first I was bothered by it. But I thought I would exacerbate his feelings by appearing bothered by him. I think things would have turned out worse if I had pretended not to be bothered and appeared as such. But I wondered, what if I became his perfect source?

So in fact his insults and things got worse.. and worse.  And worse. It went from one bitter remark to a kind of bitter tasting addiction toward it. He couldn’t stop thinking about me. One night he pretended to come into my room with the excuse that he was retrieving my roommate's cup that he had let him borrow. I’d told him “you better not come into my room!” And that he did. The strange thing was he was acting very funny. Like he couldn’t stop bothering me or thinking about me.

It becomes uncontrollable for them. If you pretend to be more bothered and not less, then they will think about you all day and become very childish toward you. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever learned. What was once one insult became many. What came from many became everything. They don’t know exactly why they are hateful. They just hate everything about you.  

Having an ace in the hole and having a plan B

Where one thing is stripped of you, have another besides, and don’t place all of your eggs in one basket. Guard very well things that are your own. Lock them up and prevent others from taking them. Carry a little you can sell, whatever it may be, and you will always have money returned to you depending on how much people want what you have.

Be ready for the worst to happen and have a place to go to if it does. Have known aces that are hidden and the contents and structure of the city in which you live. Do not think that your rights are forever because someday they may be taken and so have a good repertoire and generally be unnoticed and certainly not known as one of harm.

Know not just one place to go or two, but many. Help those who pay their feet with interests and do things that over time collect and add to your fame and fortune. Be aghast with things that are even a little evil and separate yourself from these things as much as you are able.

Come to know people for who they are knowing that a person is just as selfish thinking as you, that a person wishes her or himself the best and most important in all matters and so think, act and do accordingly. Those whom you benefit will return to you again and again and in such a way avoid bringing about your own burdens.

Exercise the things that build a better life and as much as you are able make life a little better year by year, month by month, or even week by week. A good life may require a lot of weeds to be pulled but if done the right way they will not return.

Be a follower after your own heart and do not let others take it from you or make it sour. What best you can have in life widely differs from that of another from person to person but without regard from those who are missing a good piece, do not let them take it from you.

Only reveal your best qualities after they have come to think so little of you. And if you have to lie to make yourself appear superior, then do so. And lie to anyone that would use truth against you: as a truth used against someone should not be uttered. Make as many excuses as you want for anyone who would interfere with your normally operating life.

What would a god do?

First and apart from the point—I once had the delusion that all of the world was vacated except for me, my family, and my girlfriend. It was very fun to think as long as I believed wholeheartedly it was so. I imagined what we would do if it was only my family and girlfriend on Earth. So I thought well we could separate the first day and loot the vacated city we were in. Which was Clovis, New Mexico, where I was living at the time before I moved to San Francisco. And interestingly I saw a movie later where this was basically the case, the new Planet of the Apes series. At that time my principle list for my identity was Ring, White, Thief, and Primate, instead of what I changed it to later, Goat,  for which I had considered changing it back, but oh well.

My family separated from me and each other to loot the town. I got the very best laptop I could find, some video game things, and good clothing. Then we met at an area designated for us later. And I thought to myself “if we are going to have electrical power then we will need a fuel generator. So we obtained one and we all found that there is fuel everywhere.  Not only at gas stations but inside vacated vehicles. That there were lighters, butane bottles, propane tanks, oil containers, and a supply of fuel all around from Clovis to the city besides, and all others. We had in fact gotten our own vehicles. Some had left their keys in their cars, or else just abandoned them along with everything else when they left.

See there aliens came and told everyone to pack up and leave, that this was Adams Earth, and his family.

And I imagined we stayed at a Walmart SuperCenter. We had lots of food. There was canned food, foods that didn’t perish, if at least not easily, at all. Like boxes of cereal and this and that which were easily found. However every day that passed by the meat spoiled. So eventually we went to a nearby cattle farm, slaughtered the cattle, and had beef. And milk.

We even got into a movie theater and got it to play movies. We would settle a little out of town awhile in a wonderful place known as an abandoned school bus and peacefully live out our lives unhindered by what once was a heavily populated Earth.

But alas, I had schizophrenia medication at first which quickly expired and did not have the knowledge of chemistry to produce my own, and went mad, insane. And rejected the idea altogether after, in real life, was medicated again.

That’s kind of to the point. If I were a god I would live alone with my family and partner and make everyone else leave. But don’t worry. I’m not a god, obviously. (How many times have I written god on my phone’s word processor that it re-worded it automatically to something else.. like “good,” or “God” instead—my apologies.

So what would a god do? That is another interesting thing about fantasy. If I were a god I would probably go into a middle eastern church and show my powers, possibly being worshipped as an angelic being. I would do the same in a person’s home. I would walk among the earthlings observing things. And I would probably get bored over time and play games. I would, in fact, love to play games with the gods, including God himself. I would play the best damn fun and good role I could have. I guess if Satan created Islam then he kept secrets from them that would out right indicate much for certain it was made by a god like being—discussing electricity, electronic devices and things to come that in the future the whole world would know to have only been possible by a truly good like person/ entity.

Angel on my left, Devil on my right

This often depicted in cartoons would have the angel win every time. Where the Christian Satanist listens to both in order to come to a conclusion. At best this would be the best taken from both and put into one decision, unless one simply has the best practical action.

Christian Satanism is a refinement process. You can be only Satanic sometimes and only Christian sometimes in effect being both, and be Christian Satanic. You can look for duality and dualism as well.

What all is mightier than the sword?

If you live by the pen, you’ll die by the pen.. in Christian nations, like those of the past. Those that are the littlest of heresy such as saying the sun is not in the center of the Galaxy will be executed!

A person’s status is mightier than the swords of others. Sometimes only they can carry a sword/ gun to begin with. And their sword has more power. But if you use yours against them or against someone innocent then those with that status will cut you down (such as in war, or among peace officers.)

The pen is mightier than the sword. But a gun is, too. And so are bombs, and to the furthest extent are atomic bombs. Which, with a pen and letter Einstein wrote the President saying he could make a bomb more powerful than the world has ever seen before.. a nuclear weapon.

But certainly the pen is a very powerful thing. Were it not for the disciples writing out the gospel Jesus would never have been heard or remembered. Word of mouth doesn’t last that long.  A pen and book causes more change than anything else. Or at least contains far more information that can be used. A song can’t teach all that a book can. A painting is something that is just seen. Not to speak Ill of other arts really, but the truth is the truth. Though it doesn’t mean if you are a painter you can’t also be a writer.

Writing is a job you can do anywhere and whenever you want. Some people wouldn’t like it if you pulled out a canvas and started painting inside their restaurant. As for me it is all on my small smartphone. And rather than spending time posting long wordy text on a social website, I put it all here. And in so doing have made a more full and lasting thing.

I guess a home is mightier than the sword, much like a shield, and that home is sometimes just out of reach for those that carry weapons in lawless societies.

The mind can outsmart the sword, as can discretion of who you keep company with.


All about villains

Let us not do the term dishonor by associating it with the sleepy and decrepit.. who are monsters not villains. A monster shoots up a school. A monster cuts the hand off of his child and then sells it (something that really does happen.) The same is true with all psychopaths and people usually agree that these are not villains, but monsters.

My favorite show currently is Gotham on Fox. Batman has very many interesting opponents, certainly lending to its success. As I like a smart villain I like the Riddler. And I have a thing for words ending in Ler. Joker is interesting for his mental instability that lends to his ideal role as a villain. And for some reason I thought Bane was a villain that did what all other Batman villains did best but was him doing all of them himself. I thought he made copy cats of himself so he couldn’t be identified singularly and had a large army of himself, but he wasn’t like that at all! But it is kind of neat that his name (Bane) rhymes with Wayne.

The Shredder is a different spin on a mask because the Shredder only wears a mask because of a facial scar. And the Turtles wear masks that identify them. The villain doesn’t usually wear a mask, but Shredder does.

In Star Wars there was The Death Star. A sphere weapon of a very large size that could destroy planets. Star Trek did this differently with The Borg who instead were in a cube shape. My favorite show called Lexx had a villain in it that created drones called “Mantrid Drones,” which were an arm and hand that took substance from planets, ships, and space creating more of itself. With millions or more of his Mantrid Drones he took all of the matter from the universe and put it into one place, packing it in so tightly as to collapse the universe.

If I was to go about it I wouldn’t do so as gay, creating instead the Whorg, for all entertainment sake. Gene Roddenberry or whoever it was who created the Borg may have been gay, but that is perfectly okay. They made every Borg a man with very few that were women. They must have had some ideas about having mind control over men.

As our scientific ideas and uses advance I guess it is possible that people would have super powers. Superman came from a very advanced race of people. For better or worse we are getting there too, just in our own way. I think it will happen that after science creates the first force shield that people could walk much more freely around being kept safe, as they can just be turned on and be an area for the person that cannot be entered into. And that a large camera, set of cameras, far above looking down on us would protect us too. Anyone doing anything illegal other than what is done in homes would be seen from above. A robber would be seen going into a bank, coming out with the loot, and going.. where the camera sees him go.

I just can’t imagine that there would be counter technology to these things. But who knows, maybe someone could create something that turns off another’s Area Shielding.

Modern Controversy

Old controversy that once was, that has been done so often since, is no longer really a controversy. As much as controversy gains attention and sells, it has been worn out thin. Metal music involving Satanism and diabolical things have been replaced with first gangster music and now sexually based music. The whole public used to argue the Smurfs were Satanic, in a more Christian world.

So those are things of old controversy. And many people continue to use it thinking people would care, but no one really does any more.

Modern controversy is things like support and occurrences of smoking in PG movies, (though they want an automatic R rating for such a thing.) It is no longer about rap artists singing about criminal activity and brutality. In fact a rap singer is likely to get far more attention by seriously singing about gay sex.

A controversial thing would be a restaurant called Don’t We All Love Satan? They sell drinks in little plastic cups that have Satanic symbols and messages on them. The kind of cups someone wants to litter with.

And modern controversy more than anything else is going against equality and the safety norms of others, supporting pollution, being racist, sexist, or against other norms that society tries so strongly to support and maintain. But what was once a controversy that disgusted people, like Christians, is now a controversy that repulses and infuriates some— many, especially homophobia, racism, and sexism.

Things that are strange a certain way can be effective, though. Such as a large radioactive bubble larger than Earth going around it, changing everything. Or a Satanic race of aliens dropping down Satanic symbols in large black blots.

What Jail, Group Homes, Board and Cares, Mental Hospitals, Homelessness, and Basic Training in the Military are all like

I have been through them all. First, let’s imagine you have been arrested. You had done something over the top that led to it. The Police will corner you, or else pound on your door during the day to serve a warrant for your arrest. You’ve got to be compliant or else will be forced into compliance, even hurt. As you are handcuffed you are first taken into admission. That is usually a small cell with others. Then they will get your fingerprints. And then take your picture. Then they will put you in a small room in which you undress. They will examine you for weapons and things, fit you into an orange outfit, some orange sandals, and you will go back into a small cell until they appoint you into a “pod.”

Then given a blanket on the way there, searched again before that, afterward going into a cell containing 5- 15 people. There is usually a TV inside unless you are in segregation. In segregation you are in a very small room with another and there is a TV outside of your cell, but too far to be seen or heard. In a regular pod you can watch a TV inside, if not right outside the bars. You are expected to clean the pod regularly and to make your bed as demanded by the guards.

Meal time comes very early. About four in the morning. Wherever I’ve been it has usually been the same mix. If there is cereal, it is very little. And without sugar. Oatmeal too contains no sugar. Instant eggs sometimes. And always a lump of unseasoned potatoes. They give you a small amount of milk in the morning and at lunch. It has gotten warm by the time it gets to you. Lunch is always a sandwich, every other day peanut butter, every other day bologna. A small milk, as said. And either baby carrots or an orange. Dinner time has much better food. But not very much. Usually something like hamburger helper. And since the trays are stacked on top of each other there are cakes on it, but without icing.

TV is most often sports programs which the worst for me has been hours of baseball. If you are fortunate they will play a good movie.

You are locked inside the pod all day other than getting out for a walk inside a gym, usually indoors.

If you are fortunate you’ll have someone on the outside who will buy you commissary. These are snacks that can be ordered once a week. It includes chips, candy, candy bars, hard candy, instant tea, kool aid, and junk food. If you have no money coming in for them on the outside you may be able to trade food trays for, usually, a candy bar or two, maybe a bag or two of chips

I was lucky enough to be in the psych pod which is a lot better than the other populations. There were mental health classes, sometimes offering small pieces of candy if you attend, space to walk around and a large enough library of books.

The day you get out is very informal. You are taken to a cell for those leaving, you are given back all of the items you were arrested with, and walk out the door. Because I was in the mental health system I had been in jail longer than I normally would have been, but at least I was given a home to go to afterward. All of my tobacco and lighters were thrown out when I was arrested and before I reestablished my SSI I wandered around town for Snipes/ Shorts.

Last of all, about isolation, most inmates prefer it. Because they are sleeping alone and left alone. You aren’t likely at all to be raped in jail, despite what may be said. But they are incredibly hateful to you. I was in a rubber room for a month one time. I had “trespassed” on my own property. The police told me to leave my rented room and when I didn’t, I was arrested. I wasn’t on my schizophrenic medication. I went quite mad. One day in my little rubber room a guard tried to take my pencil. So I pulled his hand back into the little port and bit on it, gaining an assault charge on an officer for me. But in the end I was doing such crazy things in my insanity that they had to drop all of my charges and commit me. That was the end of it. I’ve been arrested a few times in my life. This was just one instance.  

Under schizophrenic thought I am likely to do something wrong while thinking it isn’t only wrong but acceptable. And not only acceptable but expected of me. This is in regard to my grandiosity. I thought the police wanted me to be in total power and had no desire to arrest me, based on their assumed fear of me. My delusions put me onto a different world altogether. My hallucinations tell me things in a commanding way, things I should never do. However, while on meds I am entirely compliant with Law and do not have even thoughts that would influence me to break them.

And I believe that the mental health system by knowing this gave me a second chance, more than once. And to be sure I remain on meds, I placed myself in a board and care for that reason: it was the only place I could be on med monitoring, and so my choice to move into one, in which I now reside. Legally, too, I have to remain on meds, or else I will be committed, something else I volunteered for (or at least didn’t resist.)

I am living in a board and care. I have lived here for a few months now. O had a lot of doubts coming in. I thought the food might be poor or that it would just not be very pleasant. But I was wrong, very wrong. It is the best place I’ve ever lived in. The food is great. The other day during the fourth of July we were fed BBQ beef ribs, which were the full sized kind, not cut into short pieces, and we had two long pieces. We had apple pie and soda, as well as corn on the cob and some bags of chips. Of course that was a Holiday but the food otherwise is also good with lots of it. And there is a snack three times a day to add to that. The food served is typically “American food” , the kind of food I like the best. Things like cheese burgers, fries, hot dogs.

In a board and care they clean for you. There is a small handful of people cleaning the house all the time and carefully. And it isn’t a facility but a three story home, which they usually are. There are roses in the yard and a towering palm tree. A lot of space for smokers in the yard. They also clean your room and do your laundry. They take your full basket and work on it at night, returning it early in the morning.

The cable here is full. It has multiple movie channels like HBO. And as modern cable is there are a lot of on demand programs. Plus there is always at least a few hours out of the day that no one is watching it, and so it is all yours.

Meds are given early in the evening. You have a roommate. My first roommate here talked to his “voices” all night. To the point that I was yelling at him to shut up. I asked to be put in a different room, which they soon did, and my new room mate is perfectly quiet. I have a large locking cabinet to place my things. Which is good because I own a lot of valuable things. Social security may not be much money but given the fact that my food and things are covered (here, like soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, money otherwise spent on cleaning myself, etc.) And that I have a free anytime anywhere bus pass, don’t own or pay for a car and gas or insurance, that all of my medical appointments come free, both mental and physical.. There is a lot that comes together that makes me just a notch above the middle class. I don’t know anyone in the middle class that has some of the things I do! Where there is a will there's a way.

Group homes aren’t so good and in fact can be kinda crappy. I’ve lived in a home with a group of other people but right here I am talking about one run by the mental health system. They are places that have what is called “groups.” A group is a class that is taught by a psychologist. The first group home I lived in required that you attend these classes from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM with little breaks in between them. To wake up early, and if you don’t get up you will be hounded. And if you don’t attend the group you could be kicked out. So getting up early, taught things for hours while you can only sit and listen, was very taxing. However, the second group home I went to, one afterward, “Clay House” in San Francisco, only had fifteen minutes to group once a day, in the morning at 10:00. There were a few other things we were expected to do at Clay, like help cook. And that is so for all group homes. You cook meals for every one on e a week. You tell the staff the ingredients you need and based on budget they get them. Then you cook a meal once a week. Which I enjoyed. And the food was good. I usually baked frozen pizza and made hamburgers and veggie burgers with sautéed onions. And sometimes made chili hot dogs. A friend of mine made a lot of tacos, and people usually made the same things but for most part it was good to eat.

Chores are also expected from you in a group home. They take from 20 minutes to perhaps 40. The first group home I was in was more strict and observant. The second one never really noticed when I did nothing.

The staff are generally nice and tolerant. Are just regular people really, not special doctor’s of some kind. The quality of cable TV can range from very basic cable to moderate cable. But these days you can get online content from them.

And there are outings in these places. They are usually a trip to the park. But sometimes they are much better. Such as seeing a movie in the theater, the Exploratorium or Fisherman’s Wharf here in San Francisco, maybe the library, or museum, a place called The Japanese Tea Garden, or Japan Town. The Clay House Home took us for coffee once a week, and twice if you counted the coffee we got during an outing. But once a week we went right to the coffee place for a large coffee. That is where I had my first large iced oolong tea, which among teas, shows the greatest difference. I had a lot of fun doing things like going to the beach.

Homelessness is something I endured for a year. While there are many who were homeless for a longer amount of time, I doubt they were as highly Schizophrenic as I was. I in fact doubt that hardly anyone had been as much so as I. I elaborated on these feelings I went to earlier in this book. Hell was very well before me. And most people in this nation hadn’t been homeless for any long amount of time.

I was homeless in the perfectly worst area to be, in Albuquerque, in New Mexico. It was awfully cold. So I decided to move and chose to come to San Francisco. But it was a record cold that year. Very unusually cold. I would not have missed homelessness if I had money. Poor me shopped in the wrong place before coming here. There was a data breach for shoppers there causing my SSI payment card to be canceled and a new one sent.. to my address on file.  In Albuquerque. So just a few days after arriving in San Francisco I had more than enough money for clothes and food. But then my SSI Master Card stopped working, that left me, in the loop ng run, getting my food from the garbage.

When I’d gotten to San Francisco I didn’t really know where I was expected to sleep and not to. In fact I thought it could be about anywhere. But each night after I laid my head down, even though I was out of anyone’s way, I would be awoken by security guards demanding that I moved. And sometimes by the police. But just by going a block away from where I normally was I discovered homeless people lined up by a fence beside an empty lot. And I had a place to freely sleep. Although late at night the street cleaners came spraying the sidewalk with high powered hoses and had us move.

Probably the worst thing about being homeless is the damn rain. You could be confident enough it wasn’t going to rain that night, then it does. You really feel like curling up and dying as the rain falls on you. But you have to get up and get under any roof you can. But the business discourages the homeless from doing this by having no such roof. And you can’t linger inside businesses. That’s simply not permitted.

Homeless people shit on the sidewalk, all the time. Most areas have no bath rooms for them. And I caught myself doing it a few times. And while pissing is far easier to get away with you’ve got to hurry while you are crapping.

People often enough will come right up to you and give you food whether or not you ask. The appearance of a homeless person is quite obvious. I’ve gotten good food at times, like fresh pizza. Meal sites are in such inconvenient places as to not bother. And it is difficult to find any breakfast or dinner. It is most often only serving lunch unless you want to go out of your way from meal site to meal site.

Something like a radio is highly valuable for a homeless person. As are its batteries. It may as well have been gold I was carrying. My extra batteries. Because I knew when they were gone so was my only source of entertainment. You’ll often find the homeless lingering outside of businesses playing music. Other than that I just had a pen and paper. Trash paper, most often. A kind police officer gave me $20 once, and maybe as much as a few times each month I would be handed money. A dollar may seem valuable to a homeless person. But when I was given just a dollar my heart would sink. You could at best buy a bag of peanuts.

And whether or not someone approached you and gave you food, by walking around you could find some. Because they were left for the homeless in places they could easily be found. It might be someone’s refill at Mc Donald’s, or leftovers, but sometimes it was just good food purchased especially for them and left there.

Depending where you are, water may not be easily come by. But people may give you water bottles. I went into fast food places often that gave free and cold water. I found one place very stingy. They had these tiny cups of water ready to give to any homeless visitors, that were the size of a swallow.

I haven’t talked much about my madness while homeless which later into it became derangement. I wound up bursting out a Mc Donald’s window with my elbow and was shortly arrested for it. I didn’t run from the scene. That was a misdemeanor and not taken that seriously. They said in jail if I control my temper I could leave. But I didn’t and spent a while there before I was put into a group home. Though I got arrested again later for something else. Then committed for a year. Then put in jail for a year.

A mental hospital is a place I have been in a dozen or more times during my life. And they differ, sometimes a lot. I was 19 when I began becoming totally Schizophrenic. And my parents knew so, leading them to get me into a mental hospital. When I got there I was treated. Recovered well in two weeks, more so in a few months. And the remaining time I was there was very depressing.. for being there, and maybe due to my state of clarity. The place had a lot to do and good food to eat but I wanted to be home again. That hospital was the best one I ever went to, however. It was the New Mexico State Hospital in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The food had dessert among it, cakes, pies. A soda fountain for what you would want, not just diet. When you arrived you were under watch until they deemed you could leave the housing complex and go to the area outside serving meals. And after that you could also go to the gym. Later after returning to the place they added an Xbox and Nintendo Wii to the gym. Music blared from the speakers there and you couldn’t hear music otherwise. There was a modest library too. I only found one book that I like: The Power of Language, which elaborated on the way people of different professions spoke. Such as the technical language of Lawyers or the more direct matter of fact way that police speak.

It is not at all a place like Metallica depicted in their song Sanitarium. Or what you would hear of in old history books or certain movies. The worst thing that can happen to you is electronics shock. Which admittedly is bad, but very uncommon. Second worse to that would be they’d force a shot on you if you refuse your meds. And as for meds they may not be like you think. They don’t work through sedation. They don’t work by dumbing you down. Schizophrenic medication changes the way you think. It stops you from having delusional thoughts, grandiosity, paranoia, and hallucinating nation’s. If you are lucky like me you really have no symptoms while medicated. For others it is greatly reduced. Anyways if you refuse the pill, then they’ll poke you in a painful area, your upper thigh. But that is entirely avoidable.

At Napa Hospital, the State Hospital in California, where I was for an entire year, they had a commissary just like they would in jail. And if you made no money like I didn’t, you were given $18 a month to spend there. Which went further than you might think. I had money for batteries. And over there you could have a pocket radio listening to it with your headphones all day long, which was good enough for me. Since I had a pocket radio on me when I was arrested, I was able to take it out of storage there since I went from jail to that place. For the life of me I can’t remember why I was there and must have been in a terrible mental state to have my mind block it all out in such a way. Every time I tried to think about it my mind would kind of shut down. I would hurt inside.

The food at Napa was very good although it was basically the same menu every week with very little anything new.

Some mental hospitals let you smoke. Others don’t. And the number that does us diminishing. Which isn’t good as the majority of Schizophrenic people smoke cigarettes. If you can, it is four times a day, usually two at a time, in an outside area. Some hospitals let you smoke so they are sure they can get you into groups (psychologists teach classes regarding mental health and stability.) Because if you miss as many as one class during the day, you can’t smoke. And it is a thing that most people would find tedious. I was in a hospital where this was so and found myself having to sit with long and boring movie eyes open, which was vaguely about mental illness.

Before you enter into a mental hospital the most likely way they put you in one is because you were suicidal and went to the emergency room after attempting to kill yourself. As for me I’ve slit my wrist twice, both times being stitched up. And I called for an ambulance. And I was sent from the physical hospital to the mental one, which takes time. They do blood work on you to make sure you are not simply on drugs. They have to call the mental hospital to prepare a bed for you. And they have to give at least a reasonably convenient time to have you transported there.

Entering in you quickly enough are given hospital clothes. Most often you can wear the clothes you came with. Only once had I not been able to, as in Napa I was in an area designated for criminals who came from jail. In Las Vegas, NM I was given all new clothes. Fairly good brand new clothes and shoes. And in these places you typically wash your own clothes.

There is a TV room. Some places you can change the channel, some you have to watch what they have it on, the nurses. On your birthday you are likely to get a cake. On a Holiday you can generally expect something good, even a present, such as body wash and a Snickers bar. Coffee may be given to you throughout the day. And overall it is not all that bad of a place to be. After all, they are not there to punish you but to see you through it.

And last of all, what is it like in Basic Training? Military training is one hell of a hell to be in and recruits are hit by it like a brick wall. I had no idea the feeling of a drill sergeant yelling at me and commanding me until I was there. Within the first few hours you are doing what they say to do when they say it without question. While the trip before getting there is calm and peaceful and the time leading up to that, when the bus stops your whole world changes drastically. Here is a man that gets on board yelling at you to get off his bus, stand a certain way in a certain place, and follows you for the remainder of your time there, him/ her or another drill Sergeant. You are guided the whole time there. At first to be suited, to have your head shaved, and all of the preliminaries, but then to do certain exercises and proof your strength, learn to use a rifle, etc., and you will have it that way until you graduate.

But it takes time getting admitted into basic training. You do not just simply sign some papers and then go. You rather have to go through a lot of physicals and take a lot of tests. These are mostly at “MEPS,” as for me I had begun to develop Schizophrenia. I was only there for a short time before returning home. Though I spent my days leaving at a place in the camp just as strict.

And my records were stolen! And what records I had otherwise came up missing. For whatever reason. They called my mother and informed them to watch out for identity theft concerning me because my records along with 500 other recruits were missing.

Would have been too difficult a life for me, anyways, though I’d have had a lot to be proud of. But inasmuch as I became Schizophrenic later, it is good things turned out the way they did. God bless the USA and our military. They endure much more than we could ever realize.

The bad things I did in my early and late youth

Certainly there is an excuse for bad behavior for the young, to an extent. I was well disciplined and for most part was corrected enough to lead a responsibly harmless life.

When I was a child I loved starting fires. They were fascinating. I found that my dad had a large amount of matchbooks in his truck. And I’d steal them, creating fires as discreetly as I could. But one day was caught and whooped. The worst fire I ever started, the only bad one really, was in a trash pit at my cousin’s house. They lived in an area apart from the city. Me and my cousins were always starting little fires. And many of my friends and younger family liked fires as well. But I set a teddy bear on fire and put it into the trash pit. The fire department had to come. I wouldn’t admit to all of this if it hadn’t been but that I was younger than 10 when it happened. And no one was hurt, except later when I confessed to my dad I did it, out of feeling guilt.

I’d steal things when I was young. I had a cousin that told me to. And took like candy bars and sports cards, and best of all packs of Nintendo cards bearing Nintendo characters and stickers. My parents were wondering where they came from. Then one day in the store the lady clerk told me she knew I was stealing. I was about 10 years old. I moved out of that area and City when I was eleven. But that day when she said that I insisted that I wasn’t. She kind of looked at my pockets. But fortunately my cousin taught me to put it in my underwear.

When I was a young teenager I would steal, too. One day my friend asked me to go to a gas station in town and get him something, which I did by stealing them. I couldn’t remember what it was. So I took a large amount of candy bars and the one thing he wanted I didn’t get. But he gave me a pencil torch for doing so.

My early life was loaded with fighting. Since elementary. My father didn’t want me to get into fights. But when someone was bullying me I told him about it and he gave me permission to. I took it very literally and got into fights often, starting then too. One day a boy made me jealous when he was flirting with a girl I liked and I shoved him into the wall. The police said I could have broken his ribs. But it was in elementary school. I didn’t do real harm but was suspended.

I got into fights in junior high too. If someone made me angry I would tell them I wanted to fight after school in the Ally. Which lasted long enough, but soon the police sirens would blair and we’d have to scatter. There was a game in junior high that we played. Four or so people ran while others chased them trying to attack them. But if you reached the end then you escaped it.

I smoked when I could in school. And I drank privately, whiskey sometimes. I would do so in the back of the bus on my way to school, a good long distance from 3 point Arizona to Marana Arizona. The bus driver didn’t even mind, or didn’t notice, the windows were open beside me. I tried smoking in the boys room. But was caught by security, got into a little trouble. But I found places that I could get away with.

I stole some new shoes once from a gym, or else tried to. I was followed by security as soon as I left the gym and he retrieved them. I had some harsh words told me by the police. And I’d sneak into games, but was usually caught for that, too. I really don’t know how these eyes are everywhere.

I had a girlfriend that I broke up with and wanting her back I wound up getting into a fight with her new boyfriend. We three were sent to talk to the principal, and my girlfriend saw that I won that fight. And the principal told her she is going to have to choose one of us. Her then boyfriend said he wouldn’t make her choose but I gave her an ultimatum “me or her” and she chose me. That girlfriend wound up living with me when I was just 16. We’d skip school, drink and party often. But I left town without her and though I tried to keep contact we broke apart. It wasn’t until the internet came about that I could find her address. So I wrote to her, she called my home leaving a message. My phone didn’t have long distance (was the old stuff) so I went to my ex girlfriend’s home and asked for money to get a calling card. She said later she didn’t know anyone was so capable of love. I called her back later, but I found out she was married. I told her to talk to me again when and if she got a divorce. Later she would contact me again, a couple of years after that. But in the end I just couldn’t pursue a married woman.

I’ve had a lot of girlfriend’s, really.

In Junior High in Tucson, Arizona, I brought a large knife to school and was expelled for it. I had to go back to New Mexico, a little town called Texico, in order to continue school. I had to do a lot of community service for that, mostly working at a fire department.

Overall I was a good kid. I never really hurt someone. Maybe bruised up some of my worst enemies, but nothing really anything bad. I am just not suited to criminal behavior. It doesn’t suit me—I can’t even wear it.

What do I want from Christian Satanists?

In all good truth money is a good thing to me. For the possibility of teaching others and making a positive change. However that would require me to build a Church which I’d beyond me. So to get paid writing would be awesome. But until I am published if it becomes so then I want my books before then to be free and in public domain. To have books that introduce myself and what I am about would only help. I would only work on commission, though, keeping my right to write for myself freely books that I keep in the public domain.

I want to make a positive change.

I want good company.

I want an ideal circle of friends.

I want a large following that I can depend on.

To be written letters to.

And I want to be greater than any kind of Satanist before me.

My kind of party

Parties can be loaded with a lot of ruckus. With music blaring and fighting, and an intense thing. My family partied a different way. My mother, father, and sometimes my aunt would sit at a table with more light music playing, and candles before them. They would talk to each other about everything that they wanted to say.

Anyone that is to take up a new field of knowledge must approach it expecting that it will take time.

So take your time. Many people want to learn things all at once, as quickly as possible. But that can’t be. And that is something that gives you missing pieces, only making it take even longer, nothing shorter. It’s like eating food all at once thinking you will never get it again. But a patient and steady pace wins the race.

Life from an RPG perspective

People can cast fire in real life, like making someone angry, or you could say motivating someone or yourself. Someone can cast ice in real life and make someone numb, or cool down. Someone can cast wind in real life, blowing something away or moving along in one’s sails naturally.

And they can build up stats in real life, such as vigor and strength, stamina and defense.

And life can be considered a journey, a quest for great things that includes obstacles that can only be removed with armor, weapons, spells, and items.

Psychologically speaking, don’t fix it if it isn’t damaged or broken

That’s like having a big bag of tricks you don’t really have any use for. That what you find is the best path to mental wellness should be kept sufficient. If you are well enough off a large pouring of understanding may help but may also just be a waste of time and could confuse you and have you over thinking things. If you think a certain way toward something that does you no good then don’t put pressure on yourself to make it work. Time and Time again people have thought so heavily into these things that they had to write a series of thick books that teach an understanding of just one thing. Some may need them but most don’t.

The mind goes as far as what is known, is stopped at the point of the unknown

It is easy to fill one's head with knowledge of no real use. Some people just like to know things in order to share them as facts. I say that knowledge should be very useful or else absent in one’s mind. To not fill the head with junk and garbage. To have a mind set that operates on a practical level and is efficient in handling any situation and evolving.

What you don’t need to know dispense. And what knowledge that has been very helpful to you extends. The best thing that a person can do in gaining preferable perspective is to understand them in multiple ways, to be multifaceted in understanding, knowing three ways to any story. To consider things you find false because they may not be. To look at things in many different ways

My relationship with God and Satan throughout my life

When I was five my step dad (whom I call my father) and my mother married. As he was a very responsible parent, buying my school items, taking us on vacations, and in no way abusive or immoral, I accepted him as my father. My real father in fact was everything opposite to him. So from now I’ll just say “my father.”

My father took us to church as he himself grew up doing. Church was very boring at first. But I did come to understand God and believe in him quickly. The bad thing is that he was painted by me as a very punishing being. I feared hell very badly. So any sexual thoughts I had I feared would send me to hell. And I prayed for forgiveness constantly. And one day I put my two hands together and told my mom “look, I have ten fingers!” and she said to me that if I keep doing that God is going to cut off my hand. That didn’t help anything.

My anger rose up the first time toward God during Christmas. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. I got angry at God for not answering my prayers to have me sleep.

And as I’ve often said, my two friends in elementary school were talking about white and black magic. That magic did work but if you practiced black magic you’d go to hell. I’ll talk about that later.

I watched a movie one day with my dad called The Seventh Sign. Which today seems like a very cheesy movie but at the time had a powerful impression on me. A book about prophecy from the Bible's book Revelations which my father told me was a factually based movie. I got very interested in the book. I took it literally, and drew images of it described. And was interested in anything that the Church had to say about it. But I think it was Nintendo or maybe the Ninja Turtles, both maybe, that caused my interest to fade. Before that I would even read the Bible in the dark with a flashlight in my bed. I was somewhere around 8 years old.

I was eight when I went to Church camp. Going on a bus with our Church group from New Mexico to Colorado. In the mountains by Pikes Peak. Attending Church sermons a few times each day. And most enjoyably hiking up Pikes Peak.

But since I first heard about magic I had a lot of interest in its potential. I found some books about magic at the local library. I read them often and gradually found it just didn’t work. So I began being convinced that only black magic would work and that worshipping Satan was the only chance of using real magic. I thought to myself for years that as long as I don’t sell my soul I wouldn’t go to hell. But when I became 13, I offered my soul.

I wanted to see the metaphysical world, wanted to see Satan, wanted to lead a Satanic Cult, one that imparted powers, and so sold my soul.

I became highly interested in not movies of the apocalypse, but movies that portrayed Satanic Evil. And music the same, such as Slayer. I became a Devil Worshipper. One you could call psychotic, murderous. Wanting to sacrifice. One whose heart was evil. I would perform rituals to Satan and plot bad things. Fortunately I never hurt anyone. By the grace of God.

One day a letter was returned to my home. I’d written someone in a pen pal section of a metal. Music based magazine and had written the wrong address. My letter was returned. My parents read it. My mother was crying. She said that she didn't know what’s going on and had called the mental hospital, which was ready to admit me. And that shook me out of my state. My secret was no more. I changed after that, almost immediately. I stopped thinking evil things, thank God.

I in fact have had very long periods since that I was Christian again. I would read the Bible each day with sincerity and devotion. I realized that I would always return to one and then the other, and so decided on creating Christian Satanism as I had seen that they had both helped me. Regarding Satanism, it made me a unique person whose strength, purpose, and individuality really mattered. My counselor told me “God gives everyone a purpose” and after that I found it in my heart to be Christian Satanism.

Committed to doing a little you will come to do a lot

That first step. That Rome is wanting to be built. The first step is the most difficult. But with perseverance what least you do may become very easy and lead you to do more and greater things. To say to yourself that you can do something, refute negative thoughts regarding it, and just doing a little until you are ready to do more, as long as you continue onward you can teach yourself to do more and more.

This is why hard workers have come into its success. To them no work is good work which isn’t hard work, which due to pride is not so difficult but rather worthwhile and challenging.

Why are we here?

We are workers that were sent here to correct things, the spawn of Adam and Eve, agents of their correction. The world is rich in resources that we were put in charge of. Many may fear death in this land, as it is suited for the overall purpose and effect. If we knew we would go to heaven or elsewhere after death as a certainly something right before us, no one would care to live or do anything, their job.

We have an appointed time to get things done. And not until the human race as a whole has mastered the Earth and come across great knowledge, knowledge handed over to the higher powers, our job will not cease and the doors to heaven will be closed.

There are aliens, of heaven, of God’s other places, and we are workers ng for them and we even teach them while we are here creating what we do. And though resources are great upon Earth we are learning only a little at a time as the least knowledge is still valuable.

Some people are just fillers on Earth who do not do much for the purpose of which we were placed here. But without them our purpose would be altogether obvious. Besides, not everyone can work, if even assigned. We were signed up for this job without knowing it.

Until comes the day when the doors of heaven we open ourselves

Evil Christians

With as many Christians saying that Satanists are evil in any imaginable way they do not look upon themselves as evil themselves. But they very often are!

Given power a Christian would commit abhorrent acts against others. History proves it. They burned people at the stake as we all know, and slaughtered people who were harmless heretics, or just contradicted the Bible a little, or were assumed to be witches.

If they don’t do these things today it is probably only because they can’t. Thank God for the separation of Church and State!

The present times haven’t been too much better, though. Christian cults have always been around. Groups that abuse children and enslave others, often resulting in mass suicides.

What I wish from people in my day to day life

Some general respect goes a long way. People that don’t hassle me for things they think I should pay for and not them. To be generally left alone though if we talk it comes about easily, without topics that lead to arguments (usually religion and politics.)

Consideration, not undue expectation. I want people around that share my interests. While many of my interests are best off as solitary, some things are best with groups. Which for me is project based endeavors that are part solitary, but with help from each other as needed- to create things with them that could be profitable and not too taxing. Probably something I already am experienced with.

I like compliments of certain kinds and they can brighten my day at any moment.

I really don’t like people who brag all the time about one thing. These people who are doing something that they have to inform others about, saying something about it multiple times, the same thing you knew the first time it was said, and the second, and the third.

Of course friends are only as useful as they are useful. Are only tolerable if they respect you and are of no good without geniality.

The first set of Hebraic letters spell out “Azrael,” the second “Gabriel.” As for the Hebrew letters for Azrael there is my “Pentacle of Azrael.” As the Baphomet has five Hebraic letters that spell out “Leviathan,” The Pentacle of Azrael has his Hebraic letters on each side of the pentagram.. an upright pentagram which is relative to Lucifer instead of Satan. Inside the Pentacle is Azrael with wings reaching outside of it, his arms stretched forth, his feet resting on the bottom two corners or the pentagram.

You get what you pray for

God works in a sensible way. I remember I asked for 2,000 dollars once and to my surprise I got it. While my social security money was collecting in jail. I’d wish for things in my life that came about, sometimes things I did want at one time but didn’t later on. I asked God to make me everything Lucifer when I arrived in San Francisco, and he did.. which was suffering relatable to Nebuchadnezzar.. how art thou fallen from heaven. Picking up the pieces and moving on, paying for my mistakes, prayers can lead to both good and bad things. Maybe it was the cost God charged me. Maybe things don’t have to be free. Maybe they shouldn’t be. I prayed privately for a Mickey Mouse shirt before. Then, turning around a corner was a shirt hanging on the fence. But it wasn’t Mickey Mouse! It was a dirty and stained Minnie Mouse shirt.

Gathering Runes from Hell

What better reason to go to hell than to go there to gather the runes? Just as Odin himself did.

I may have suffered being in jail, committed, homeless and other undesirable places but made the best of it (or you can say made the best from it) by determination to get something good out of it. Not a lesson of some kind. But rather knowledge that only a lonely person could conjure up. That led to my Principle List, the best little thing I have ever written.

And my Twelve Names in a different instance. And memory improvement through a basic English pocket dictionary. In all these cases I was confined, and in my state alone had decided to leave with something.

You don’t have to be confined for this, though. You can do so in the library. To take a lot of time looking for that one very good piece of knowledge, information, or what have you. While I was doing that one day I came across the melody for Somewhere Over the Rainbow and it helped my music composition. And much more impressively I looked through words of ancient languages that referred to evil things, devil’s and such, names for demons, and combined them into a set of magic chants, which I guard as close secrets. Certainly it I’d something greater and more powerful than the Enochian Language.

To God you are both very important singularly and together

In all ways that God is able to, He considers you his greatest child. He knows you better than you know yourself. And he regards you so distinctly that it is so. You are singularly important to Him and well known. On the other hand, this is so with all of His creation. That as a whole He cares for us together, as though you were singularly important, only ever made less important to the degree of which you harm others or obstruct them from rightly living and serving His wishes.

In the Mental Health System do not complain!

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sometimes too much grease. Sometimes things become very slippery!

That’ll cost you a raise in meds. That’ll cost you doing things you don’t really want to—like if you say you are bored during the day they will make you attend things you simply have no desire to attend.

If you complain in any place where you are among staff or just against people not acting the total correct way they may tell you that’s what they are there for, to enforce the rules. But unless it is something very important then all you are doing is making one person stand up to another and you can be sure they hate doing so.

Sometimes people in charge have to take the rules far more than you expected them to.

And there are a growing number of cases in America where peo