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Christian Satanic Books 1-5


Lucifer Jeremy White

Christian Satanic Books 1-5

Lucifer Jeremy White


All Rights Refused!

I can be found online under my name (Lucifer Jeremy/Damuel White or Adam Jeremy Capps.)


In this book I set forth for the fifth time the religion of Christian Satanism. Christian Satanism is a religion of duality and dualism, but is also the practice of either, one side inclusive, or the other. The important thing is that the Christian Satanist comes back to the center. After all Christian Satanism is about accepting both sides. And to delve into one, then the other, itself makes one more Christian Satanic.

Christian Satanist is an anti- term. It is a non- title title. It is a title others will question. But it is as simple as 1 plus 1 = 2. If for any reason someone finds your title offensive it is because they are sided- minded. But then you are not taking a side. Taking things wrong. Not siding. They are those that need their opposites. Christian Satanists are as those in a war that say they are on both sides.

Other than that all you can do is explore and learn from this book. It is a well made religion.

Like any religious book really, you don’t have to read from beginning to end. You can just flip it around until it's consumed.

“Be Liberated”

Christian Satanists don’t really “worship” Christ- certainly not in a way that is typical of his worship. Rather we are just those who have agreed to accept him. After all do you have to follow him in any particular way or can you simply just do- without this strange condition particular to a drowning Christian? A Christian Satanist takes a more reasonable perspective of supporting Christ. They haven’t Christ wrapped around them as a snake. Perhaps they are wrapped around Christ like one.

In the pursuit of truth and justice the Christian Satanist is well enough to obtain it on his own. When someone kindles wrath within us, our misery does not like company. We want to deal revenge out with our own hands and all of our being. Sometimes what people do to us is simply unacceptable. In all the world we rationally walk around peacefully. Then we took a wrong turn which was not our fault and became a victim of a free from all and free for all world. We’ve got to keep our world. This must change.

We do not follow Christ in a way that Christians do- taking that twisted route of word prose and idealism. We follow Jesus reasonably, not lost in Jesus lost without- but approach it rationally as one seeking to make a friend soundly, not in any way as a fanatic. We've got to keep ourselves on guard about over involvement in Christianity. Christ is best regarded as a brother and friend. So be on guard not to become overly involved pouring into verses like diving into oceans from high above and getting lost in the process.

They are a people far too involved and it cost them their reasonable pragmatic minds. But what’s despicable is that they are only involving themselves so intricately because they want his power. Which is very true if you think about what’s in it for them.

In a Christian Satanic perspective: we are the light of the world, but not with excessive devotion but rather with exuberant happiness and pride. We are the light of the world because goodness we’ve often from the world. And when we made the world more kind to us we made the world more kind to others. We don’t trespass on the world, hating it, but instead thrust into it a spear making it our own and better for others.

Any bad day can come. But on those days we must be silent and bear it. It is then that the Christian Satanist is preserving himself from wrath against the innocent. Anger in the least, but wrath is of those with no control over ourselves. So in this way the Christian Satanist does forgive. They are forgiving the world when they hold themselves back. There’s  time to keep silent. After all we are in this boat together and must calm our raging storms if we are to remain in the right direction. But it is the best reason to correct any or any amount of people that aggress against the innocent. Yes God did say vengeance is his but he has so often used others to correct the wrong doer.

When we follow Christ pragmatically then our reasoning is developed reasonably. The Christian Satanist follows Christ not as a do as I said figure but rather a guide to find the best way to act. We put his advice into the best applied way. He was obviously wanting our reasoning to be used in regard to following him. And I don’t think he meant anything to absolutely be set in stone.

Have you overcome the world as a Christian Satanist? What are all the many ways that you can overcome the world? Jesus overcame it by putting himself on the cross. And before that he denied worldly pleasure to the extent of being ostracized and beguiled- I mean he beguiled it. But is it a rule that the world must be overcome in that way alone? What if the world working against you could still offer its pearls? A Christian Satanic Pearl is one of the most precious natural resources. It is for those that hold onto it while everything else is falling apart and yet one sees through the thickness of clouds, soaked in rain, yet finds the silver lining and rainbow.

He who treads the Earth and enslaves it masterfully to their whim is far greater than one who is isolated and loved by none. It's not that they are wrong by not being loved. It's that they need to be loved and held by people and cannot see the good things in life, alone as they walk. They are alone. As they talk. They are alone. As they create. They are alone. All that matters to them is being held so tight.

But God said that man was to leave his father and mother. And find a wife. But it was said, too, that he was to bring himself into marriage. And that’s all good and fine but He also said that a person is better off without that. As for me, my dominant Satanic gene has me going forth in life being married to the world. I even put rings upon it from time to time for others to find. I’m altogether married to the world. My books themselves are my children. These are more like thought children than fleshly ones. My book represents my mind and thoughts more than a physical child would. My books are as children saying what I want them to and alive in a way, doing things I have set forth from them. And these children, my books, don’t cost me university, food, or clothing money. In fact, my book children pay me.

I put my children online. The moment I provide them online, that is, when complete, they live online and live through me even when I’m not online- my books are.

In that I have lived through many different social situations, from one extreme to the other, truly, I am a socially rich man. I had been incarcerated for two years of my life, was homeless for an entire year, brushed up against Marine Core training, was in The Hole/ isolation, in tight confinement. I was even committed to a State Psych Hospital for a year. So having gone through all these conditions, am I not qualified to teach and guide others through life the best way to do well, survive, keep one's hopes up, even thrive? I have had involvement in both Christianity and Satanism from an early age and been around the best and worst of all of them. I am sure I can point you into the real way of life, the better way, if you just let me show you.

So take a seat and enjoy the ride. It could very well be that we are at the last of times the “end of days.” If Christ is right. And surely he must be. He has been ardently believed and followed for two thousand years. The disciples were too devoted, sincerely so, risking life and limb to bring him out into the open air- to have been lying. These great, otherwise grandiose things he said came to be. No one has ever said that the entire world would know what he said- but he did, and was right.

You can’t win against Christ. This is altogether true. The Christians have had enormous power through him in the past, changing and shaping the world we live in today. And if you can’t eat them, join them- halfway. Why not take a piece of something yourself, Satanist, that has proven a great and nightly power? And if we are to use it more carefully and reasonably then we have it as a horse. We have it as reins, a sail- a great ship. It will be that all will bow to him. But so what? What's a bended knee for us? But it's everything to him.

As the idea of grey things increases, perhaps we will along with it. People have been waiting for a very long time for gray things to emerge. Concepts of balance. Actually waiting isn’t the right word. But its time is due where things are both good and evil. This is emerging as Bat Man who from time to time does evil. And Suicide Squad where evil people were made to do good. Or X Men with Jean Gray. Or as in the movie “Beautiful Creatures. “ and Gray Jedi in Star Wars. It seems people are thirsting for what could be Christian Satanic.

Some will say, of course there could be a religion made of both Christianity and Satanism. Those are just two sides of the same coin. And I’ve heard it said that everyone already is both- more accurately they are both than one, but not at all the other.

When all is said and done, enjoying life the most you can is the only real thing that matters. Food should be enjoyed and music. These could even be called the most important two things. It has been said by Christians so often that God fills a void of emptiness. The way I look at it is that to only enjoy the good things in life is exuberant, yes, but such people don’t seem to have much as a soul. So you need not only good things but a purpose. Maybe those are all that matter: food, entertainment, and purpose. A purpose gives your pride. And it can be said very realistically that pride gives you drive and ambition. Maybe like a car that is well handled, but also used.

My counselor at one time in my life said that God gives to everyone a purpose. And I really don’t know why that so strongly clicked into me to suddenly desire to create Christian Satanism in me when she said that. But it certainly did and I proceeded to. I had heard the term used a time or two at the time and I think it made an impression in me that was for some time ignored.

I had heard of people in prison being unable to have a Satanic Bible or other Satanic reading material. And as for myself the Marines didn’t want me. They squeezed me out as I brought a Satanic Bible to boot camp. Though in hindsight I was glad they did. And my parents were conflicted in me being a Satanist. But most of all I didn’t want to do something that had been done for so long with very little difference. I even saw this book called The Satanic Living. I had made a book called Satanic Living. He had made one called “The” Satanic living as though he had his mind trapped into finding a title better than “The” Satanic Bible, or, The Antichrist Bible, or, The Devil's Bible, or any other large amount of titles trying to be the Satanic Bible. I just made a book called “The Satanic Book.” It's been so to this date that Anton LaVey has been the most successful Satanic author of all time, him and Aliester Crowley. Anyways the point I make is that I didn’t want to be as so many that followed suit. I wanted a new one, a nice one. A suit of my own.

Be grateful that you are not among the gravely foolish. There are some that easily and violently break the law. They choose to murder someone and are either immediately caught or killed, or choose to kill their self to evade punishment. If they aren’t caught then they will live with a heavy burden until they are, knowing that any moment of the day the law can burst forth, pound on their door, and arrest them. Day by day they will live with this until they are caught. And they will face a punishment in court. And their lives will either be spent behind bars or they will be executed for the choice they made: that choice to kill.

And a punishment comes to anyone who blatantly breaks the law. It could be something minor, but a habitual practice of shoplifting will catch up to them. A habitual pattern of any unlawful behavior will each time increase the likelihood of being caught. They are those that decided to do one thing unlawful. And that first time was the worst choice they could have made because to do it once, the second time is far more easy.

Be very grateful that you are not like them. Put out of your practice any unlawful, punishable behavior and live free. If in the course of your life you fall into a fit of rage and gravely harm someone then punishment awaits you. I am not saying it is deserved. But I do warn of the consequences that could result from not being careful with your choices. This is what Jesus meant when he said that by one's choices could one incur the first wrath of hell.

With all of numerology-

The Number 1 represents a beginning, a sole source, the start, from which all numbers must be part. It indicates an initial step, a singular entity that may lead to anything.

The number 2 represents a merger, a coupling, the first time things may be multiplied to. So it is a number of things sprouting forth, greatly adding, and the start of something that may be multiplied.

The number 3 represents partnership, acceptance to bring forth new things. The beginning of a union, a group, something established, agreement. It is a number that represents help, or help seen and gotten to and help inquired.

The number 4 represents stability, a foundation, something established and fortified. It represents something consecrated, come into order, a joining together and group.

The number 5 represents strength, a bond, law, power, a kingdom, a rule, a mighty force, elite, pose, gang, and survival. It represents progress, evolution, continuity, and power of being.

The number 6 represents overcoming, victory, society, success, motivation, drive, ambition, tenure, a leader, a king/ one who holds and enforces power, or enforces law.

The number 7 represents God, things Holy, perhaps metaphysical, magic, the unknown, happenstance, miracle, luck, the unexpected blessing, angels, higher being, messengers, and things beyond typical understanding- so too it is new knowledge, things uncovered, reaching further, and things of depth.

The number 8 represents balance, retrograde, a returning tradition, using what is known, starting again, doing something well, using what is available already, our resources. It is a number of the result of things and their uses. To use what is available. To take what there is and have it used- is the number 8.

The number 9 represents a new beginning, something began over and is a number at the brink of the end. After it domes number one. It is a number leading to one that puts into gear, works toward, a new beginning, and causes the sane. It is the last of all numbers that creates/ puts into place a new start. It establishes what the new start will be, and from it the number 1 is born.

As far as underdogs go, to appreciate them when others don’t will eventually put you in first place. It's been said that the things of the past ignored and passed up become the rare treasures of the future. And having something be second place in a story its creator will, all along, helplessly push that character's strength out until he can no longer resist him being at the top, the best.  There are those that are at the bottom of something and they have more drive and determination than those above them, and eventually crawl their way up to the top with things as a luggage of superior ideas that were before them unfounded. One does not mess with the rules of success- unless they are at the bottom.

Take New Mexico. A poor state isn’t it? But what many do not know is that New Mexico is full of mountainous forested areas- not just desert. The rent there is substantially lower than other places. Mr. Allsups owns the Allsup's gas station there with the slogan “There’s one near you!” and how right he is! It is a gas station that always seems to be in the perfect place- on the corner of a hospital or a car wash next to, or right before you enter or leave town. They sell fried burritos. Have you ever had a fried burrito? They are damn good and New Mexicans are always entering Allsup's just for them. And that gas station which began in New Mexico- is now in at least three states.

You can’t hurt me! I’ll sue!

People that are unfamiliar with the law- with police, or with security forces, will have thought that arrests would be polite and gentle. But in fact a police officer will very well force you to “not resist,” meaning- you’ve better play dead! They will inflict pain on you if you are disorderly toward them or approach them too quickly. They have an effective technique in restraining you- they bend your wrist until it is on the very brink of breaking- and if it does break, I guess you could sue, but that’s not going to be preventative. The pain of the wrist bend is an intolerable pain that they can have you in for a few minutes as they lead you back to jail.

I yelled at a police officer calling him a conk and he bent my wrist, taking me back to my cell. But one time this happened because I approached the cop too quickly. And I was just done with a fight at Jack in the Box when a security guard pinned me down with my arm behind my back- which is another “intolerably painful” thing to experience- but something that is done by them, if not mace. You simply cannot resist or else any number of things could happen. If not by one police officer than by a few.

Being disruptive in jail could get you sprayed in the face with mace. And it is not altogether uncommon you could be beaten to death. One time I was in “the hole”/ isolation for a month in Clovis, New Mexico when I was pulled out to shower. I refused to shower. I just wanted to be in my little hole. But in they came, five of them, with anti riot shields and protective gear (I had bit a guards hand previously) so they had me put on a face mask. Then they tried forcing me out but I resisted. They got me into increasingly compromising grappling moves and finally said, “ IF YOU CONTINUE TO RESIST WE WILL DESTROY YOU!”  What did I do? I discontinued it.

I hallucinated in The Hole. I had seen many frogs. One day I was painting on the wall with mustard and juice packets- like punch red, similar to using kool aid. And I couldn’t seem to get my image quite right so I swiped my hand across it thinking I was done with trying. But I looked at it. I knew I had painted Satan on my wall. It looked like a bird, but more like a snake. If you are familiar with the Baphomet sign- Satan looks like the letter-symbol on the south west corner of the inverted pentagram. Later it came across me while watching a video about the appearance of Satan looking the same. Beside it was a ghostly figure with the appearance of one that was screaming. I put eyelash hairs where his eyes were and his eyes as painted were x's. His mouth was an obtuse circle. The Satan I drew had his hands straight forward like a Baphomet image seen on Slayer's Reign in Blood album image. Below his extended hand I put a strange mixture of jail food and piss. As for that it was ceremoniously combined, some of it regurgitation. And on the container it held I wrote a demonic name similar to Ragnarok. I let it stew for days before consuming it. I called it the Ritual of the Antichrist.

Not long afterward during the course of eating my food I developed the idea of my “Principle List.” It was carefully made, something I’ve never could have created in a different setting or on my own.

The Principle List


Lucifer White

PERSON ONE- Red, Bird, Hand, Staff

PERSON TWO- Bee, Brown, Cane, Bear

PERSON THREE- Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

PERSON FOUR- White, Ring, Goat, Thief

PERSON FIVE- Red, Whip, Cat, Fairy

PERSON SIX- Joker, Sword, Swine, Gold

PERSON SEVEN- Yellow, Rodent, Duke, Wind

PERSON EIGHT- Bomb/ Blast/ Wand, Fox, Beast, Black

PERSON NINE- Yellow, Toad, Dust, Horse

PERSON TEN- Assassin, Creature, Word, Tiger

PERSON ELEVEN- Blue, Elephant, Stone, Spirit

PERSON TWELVE- Purple, Dragon, Mask, Dog/ Wolf.

These are found and known through cinema.. Movies, shows, or cartoons.

Entering into the presence of Satan and the archangels may occur to anyone but it is actually very likely to occur to those that seek them ardently and struggle to the greater ends of producing a mind, mentality, a work, and a creative work that serves him well. You may be void of metaphysical entities in your life, more accurately you may seem to. But there are always diabolical forces working in your life from behind the scenes ready to subtlety appear.

If you are doing a work for God or Satan, or both then it is not unlikely that these things are seen and used and affect your life. When you draw sigils or write things for Satan then let them sit on your desk. As they test they rot. When they rot they are sensed and then seen.

But your words are very well seen. And it helps if you have it taken to the higher commands through seemingly regular people. There are peoples of these different heavenly realms before us in life. It is just incredibly short sided to think that aliens would appear in metal spaceships. That’s not really different from a flying wooden ship like you’d find in Final Fantasy 4. They don’t travel alone in metal ships. Such a thing passes in development of science to the development of it to such an extent has passed onto metaphysical travels. They are spirits that can be anywhere and have come unto that scientifically. We won’t be flying around in metal spaceships ourselves, forever.

They are with us and have every good way not to be seen. And it is a law they bear that they are not an interfering people, and furthermore they don’t need our attention. They exist out there and are in fact in many places. We have a duty to advance and develop and if we do not on our own, rather than help as hands held, we are robbed.

We are a monitored people who do well to make our place ever reaching to the grandest prize, immortality. And along the way have piled up quite good luggage to bring with us into our own paradise someday. A place well. A perfect place. When Adam ate of the forbidden fruit and Eve, it was the same as firing God from his duties to protect and preserve us, essentially having made it our own job to. And finally, the work is almost finished. And God will take us to the next step as it is again his responsibilit

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