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Christian Satanic Book Three


Lucifer Jeremy White





Christian Satanic Book Three

2018—Lucifer Jeremy White

Public Domain

All rights refused

Free use encouraged


I can be found under my name

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That is my name. It was given me and I took it in a psychiatric hospital. A staff member there told me to go to my room. I told him “say Lucifer, go to my room.” And when he didn’t I spat on his face. He struck me in my nose, breaking it. I fell and spilled a pint of blood. I immediately got back up and a nurse immediately tended to me. She thought that I needed stitches between my eyes. But that wasn’t a cut but an indent. My skull was cracked open between my eyes. And I went to my room and three moving worn like slivers came out of my mouth. Afterward in my life I could hear voices, often I heard “Lucifer is speaking,” or, “Lucifer has spoken,” and a metaphysical world opened up to me, full of visions and demons, “voices” and Revelations. I earned my name Lucifer.

I guess the reason why my last name is white is that my favorite things are white, particularly food. Sugar, flour, dough, salt, potatoes, bananas, coconut, white peach, white corn chips, tortillas, garlic, milk, etc., While many good things are white otherwise (thunder, clouds, snow, White Sands New Mexico, cotton, clothing I can bleach. White rainbows, black rainbows, you don’t find.

What really attracted me to white happened while I was incarcerated in isolation for a month. A literal isolation room, small, rubber walls, no toilet, no sink, while I was there for a month. I was thinking a lot about both my food and my family. I somehow started thinking about giving each person of my immediate family a color, and animal, an item, and a mythological thing, basically. But they each had four things I could use to think about them. So while I had my food before me I considered what color I should be. And white was very appealing. My whole like I never considered it a nice color, until then. I think it's a very good color.

Imagine a Christian whom you are not totally involved in. S/he wants a friend more than anything. But you don’t. Then imagine you are in a fight with two other Christians, a bad argument. And you are sitting in a room with them. The first Christian whom you don’t need comes right in the room and gives the two other Christians a high five. S/he shows by that they consider you an asshole for not liking them. For not really liking or thinking much of them—and they hate you for it. They supplement it by becoming more fully embraced to there “other selves.” And the very fact that they aren’t self substantial is shown. That they are not just themselves, they are many selves. And they need them to be whole. It could have been entirely reasonable that you got into an argument with the two Christians in the room. But this isn’t paid any mind by the third Christian. S/he jumps at the chance to basically say I don’t need you by giving the two Christians a great big high-fi.

Jesus went into hell. He had the keys to hell to death. And he pulled everyone out of it. People we’re sure their destiny was simply death. But things unexpected by them occurred that lead to their salvation. Christian Satanism has within it the key to salvation. To believe in Jesus and do well and good to others, to desire that Salvation and pursue it is good enough for any one to be saved, even if they worship idols and carry a somewhat more Satanic perspective. Why can’t we have our perspective? What is so damning about what we do? It is beyond me to instruct that others be harmed, for any reason. There are very many things I’d never wish on my worst enemies.

But the Christian Satanist is a more pragmatic form of Christianity. Perhaps more the mind is Satanic, but more the heart Christian. I think that’s a good formula for Christian Satanism. Christian Satanists must fight their own battle, battle to battle. But my advice is have the perspective and mentality to survive or else you may very well fall under the sword. Get by in life peacefully doing good, worthwhile, productive things and as a Christian Satanist do not neglect the good, wholesome nature of the world. He has set it aside for us.

In reading this book you may skip around. You don’t have to read it page by page but being what it is it can be read here and there until understood well and I promise you a positive change in your life if you read and practice what I’ve written. Thanks for reading.



  1. I grew up in New Mexico. Though it was such a poor state it does have many uniquely occurring things—a lake with salt water, white sands, but it also was home to groups of Satanic Cults. You can find in many places there Satanic graffiti. It is considered to have more alien sightings than any other part of the world. Somehow similarly an enormous amount of ET Atari games was found dumped there. Scientologists have their written dogma and such preserved in New Mexico. It is an isolated state. You can drive for an hour at a time without seeing a town. It is home of Billy the Kid and I imagine was more of a wilderness those days.

It was the place that the first atomic bomb was dropped. That was an explosion like the world has never seen. The people who set it up were afraid that it would destroy the entire world. They were unsettled by what such a powerful blast would do. And it was detonated anyway. Something did occur and that is that a rift was open up, cutting open a dimension below it. The very fact that they chose White Sands on which to drop the nuclear bomb wasn’t a coincidence. That is the upper floor, the very ceiling of hell. The blast was so mighty that the roof of hell was punched open. Some demonic entities escaped, many, knowing they had a limited time to emerge before the “wound” would heal itself. They rose out and were poured on the spirit of man and this is seen in the way that the people of Earth would become following after.

There had been other openings of hell, at least one other. That is the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is a place receptive toward hell. But that is more pulling down. It is a case in which the opposite occurred. A blast occurred upward from not Earth or Hell but a third party, and that’s the best it can be explained. Whenever there is an opening in a dimension based on magic, the two coinciding together will be a tug of war. The one doing magic right has his thoughts sent to any other number of dimensions, and simply by being aware of us their thoughts come back into our own mind and sometimes their spirit is produced within us, due it, something like thought babies. People have very well traveled over the rainbow into other places. Why? Sometimes it is just being at the right place at the right time and other elements suitable to it’s occurrence. It is for a large number of reasons: sometimes things can’t come through your door if that door isn’t open, if you don’t welcome them in. And sometimes special permission applies. And other times they are just not aware if you. But if you focus on the right entity/ other dimensional being and you are focusing on one that really does exist and they become aware of it, they are pulled in. But if your mind is just making things up, then nothing is there to be pulled in. And if you come to the sense that something is there, a strong sense, you likely are invoking something. These will come about as less imagination and more realization. It especially helps if they think back to you after you think back to them. It becomes a tug of war and results in either you entering into their presence, or them yours. So it is a venture in establishing a link, basically enough.

When a person is possessed they have been around a large concentration of the occult, usually. They have brought in a spirit of another thing. Much as it is observed in nature that life hijacks other life that milk doesn’t have to be milk, but blood. That our very cells are fed upon to reproduce, spirits can make their own life, too, and feed upon things such as your reality. Just like having more than one spirit, being split into two or more. Life finds it’s way into life and reproduces. It finds its home there.

And with all this explained I will provide a list of seven elements of magical effectivity. These are seven things that give magic it power and effectiveness:


  1. Being receptive. Being sensitive, along those same lines. It is to “keep an open door.” It is to have intuition and the right intuition. It is all in effort not to deceive yourself. To be receptive you must look for something. You must find it by looking carefully. You may have to piece things together and realize them as they are seen in full.
  2. Being concentrated. Having a concentrated amount of the occult or as in frequent use of magic. Over time it adds up so much that it begins to burst right through. Just by your practice of witchcraft you are filling it up to the point that it comes toward you like an overflowing damn.
  3. Treat it mathematically. Know what to add, what to multiply. Know what to decide to proportion. Know what you should subtract should lessen or remove. And know what you should decide and appropriate, combine and re arrange. If your math is right you will have a better result than would you not have. This one is indicative of a higher magical result.
  4. Connecting the right pieces. This is especially important. You must provide links where they belong. You must allow a way outward that goes outward. That isn’t just pushing but more like carrying and delivering. It is to connect things in a way that bridges you and your target. It can also be making a better path unto you or rather one you can traverse. And you must come to know what kind of bridge is needed between you and your target as though not all bridges may be crossed, even if it is a bridge.
  5. Apply special permission. This is in too making yourself more desirable and accessible. It’s when you are liked by the diet/ demon that you will more easily make contact with then otherwise. If they don’t like you or have any good reason to connect with you, they probably won’t. And curses often fall upon those that call forth a demon or spirit only to have wasted their time. So in short—be worthwhile and desirable.
  6. You must be more than simplistically minded. You must be involved. You must desire and want what you are trying to do have a result. If your heart isn’t in it then you are really doing things emptily. Otherwise you may engulf yourself in attention toward what you are doing—not too logic minded, not too seriously, but more entertained and interested.
  7. Realize that all good efforts of magic work but it will produce an effect that may not have been expected. That is to say if you create sea monsters what you may get is something more like cruise ships sinking in deep sea. It will find it’s own route, like water.

Of course it could be argued that use of witchcraft can’t possibly be Christian, but sometimes power and fun is just more important. What we lack we must make up for. You can pray to God until the sun goes down and receive nothing, even the simplistic thing. So as a result we need to do what we can to have the goods delivered.


2. You are needed, one and all. You are needed according to this list:

1. To plant seeds far and wide. The Earth needs this. It is the best solution to our preciseness we cursed the Earth with. Life is not supposed to be given with preciseness. Life is meant to come and evolve on it’s own. And to survive, or at least thrive, the Earth needs a dose of chaos. That for every mile of land, a thousand seeds. From the least of us doing our best, from the greatest effort of the best, more abled.

Society needs chaos, in order to flatten out again. It has been entangled in preciseness itself and impossibly tangled up. The rope has been knotted so many times that it needs to be tossed out altogether. We need to simplify drastically, at any cost. Whether we have it be or not it will happen. It will erupt like a great volcano. It will split the ground as much as Jesus did two thousand years ago.

  1. You are needed to create and improve certain sciences such as AI and robotics. These will replace man-done work and put us into retirement where we need but work on our own things independently instead of remaining slaves one to the other. We need slaves. But those slaves must be robotics with well equipped AI.

We need too the development of any sciences that will end any kind of suffering and crime. So we need things like solid energy, replicators, and the true second reality in which we may slip into separate dimensions. We very well are creating a new dimension. That new place we go called our heaven.

  1. You are needed to improve all people far and wide, near and easy to reach, difficult and seemingly impossible to reach. To teach, to make better, to evolve, especially, to refine and advance. Let our agenda be just that. Counsel others on being productive. Have one and all be as fruitful as can be, one person at a time without time wasted. Go into every corner of the Earth and profuse on Christian Satanism. Have known far and wide its practice. Because God will not return until Christian Satanism has become the one major religion of the Earth. Be then the Devil's disciple and Christ's alike and open windows of heaven, whose basement is in hell.
  2. You are needed as My People of Perfect Sense in order for me to set forth this new religion and expand it into all areas of the Earth and to keep my voice alive when I am silent or long gone. Be mine always and circle around me, and after learning by me, dispense and be as God’s upon the Earth who claim every bit of peace of it. And God will reward you with sex slaves, and the Madams of Sin will have pyramids built for them—dressed to the nines, and given all authority where they reside.

But the people who are useless, let them be given nothing. Let them sit and keep them entertained but out of the way. If a person's only interest is free or easily gotten money and are filled with promises they never even graze, then separate them from others to stop this contagion. They do nothing lasting. So why should they always come in for the biggest piece of the pie, as they always do? They sit around and eat it the moment it is cooked. And when the man comes home he finds that nothing was left for him. And the lazy man is full of lies and excuses regarding his refusal to do any good.

May they be eaten by their own sin! May they be extinguished and not kept lit. And cast into the outer darkness where they will meet their end. For trash they ate to be kept alive, and so to the heap they shall rot alongside.


The Koran tells a story about how Satan expedited his angels into accomplishing his agenda. And that is as well in the Holy Bible. Conversely, Jesus tells of those whom God had given a purpose. In both cases there were some that came back in substantially and we’re either less awarded or even punished. But the Kingdom itself is given to those whom serve any master the best.

So how would a Christian Satanist serve both masters and yet serve them best? Well, that involves the very fact of why Christian Satanism is. That is, that it was made in order there be a balance. The Christian Satanic Bible from it became, much as a war in heaven, a fiery debate, one with much involvement. So the answer is that a Christian Satanist is here that there be balance. We strain, we appropriate, give to either side what they are due. And whenever both sides are given good things, all things are better well.


3. The Devil's tongue and The Devil's personality is one that freely changes. He’s been around a very long time. He has accumulated personalities over the years. Over the hundreds and hundreds of years. Over thousands. He has of himself many personalities that he engenders freely, desirably. This isn’t multiple identity. It is a little, but for most part it is different personality with one identity. He still knows who he is from personality to personality. In fact he knows himself very well! As well as others.

This multiple personality thing, don’t mistake it with multiple identity. Rather it is just to have one personality change to the other at will, as desired. Like playing cowboy and Indian, robber and cop, or to be a clown, an actor, portraying evil, or being a detective. You may not be able to be these things literally, more or less, but children know well that the next best thing is just as good. To pretend to be something that feels good being is a very Satanic trait.

If someday you just think it would feel good to think like a detective or what have you, then try it out! And do not forget the voice, accent and way of speaking go along with it. And go along with it, it’s simple, and it feels good.


As for Satanic Speaking in Tongues this involves making up sounds like you’ll see in an old Disney movie. For example in Cinderella there was “bibity bobity boo.” And often in songs people make up meaningless sounds. This was especially do when the Devil's music was still fresh. What sounds good we’ll together is about all you need to know. But also have the sounds somewhat the same from one to the other. Iza day Iza day Iza dayayul.


4. A childish devil worship is the best kind. To regard a doll to be a demon, to sing with it, in dancing, and regarding yourself as one of Satan's sons, to walk childishly and behave childishly is Satanic. But it isn’t being a child's child. It isn’t in being a childish adult. It is being as a child with an adult brain. So in effect you do not act like you’re dumber than you should be. But that you are an adult child with an adult brain but a childish personality. This is necessary in invoking Agnes, especially.

And here is a list of mind sets that help in aligning yourself with demonic entities:

Leviathan will have your thoughts be deep and meditative

Shiva will have you indulgent, a seeker of pleasure and good things

Lilith will have you coupled with her and passionate

Pan would have you celebrating

Mammon would have you commit sin to pay the toll into hell

Beezlebub would have you thinking of a fly, one that follows you with iniquity—a partnership, it would have you know things only that demons really know

Azrael would have your heart black, gazing down into an abyss

And Satan will have you evolve, to be as a wo(man) ascended. A Star.


  1. In thinking of some ways of different personalities someone could be a snake on the grass, a rabbit, a rodent, a bear, a cat. And these come about offering thoughts of how they’d be. It is a type of characterization. And some magicians will put on masks of these animals but it is far more meaningful and matters more than just a mask. To feel yourself as your mask gives you such a mask. And you can do it anywhere. You don’t have to have others to see you wearing a mask. You can just use your third eye to know it is there. There’s the physical and immaterial world. The physical is just stone and wood. Your thoughts are more important. They exist within, not without.


  1. When you eat of this food or that, pray a prayer that those you would could taste it whenever they want. Just pray, “God I pray that (Satan) can taste this anytime he wants. I did it often. Would you believe that during lunch where a man and I was appointed to sit together during meals, someone named Saturn was assigned beside me. His name was pronounced Say-turn. I also got down on my knees to pray to Satan where his door happened to be. And just the third or so time I did the lights beside his door busted off. It was a loud burst too!


7. Two wrongs do not make a right! Anyone who had spat on another just once may have the urge to do so again. I’ve seen from some just that. And he asked himself out loud why he has the irresistible urge to spit on someone's face. Can you imagine how they’d feel with this “intrusive thought” when next to a cop? The cop would knock him to the ground and break his arm or wrist. Or someone just simply too much bigger than him. Spitting on someone comes at a high cost. It provokes instant reaction.

A person can only get away with something so many times. I can only imagine the daily dread a person feels after killing someone. It tests on their head night and day that the body may be discovered. And those that escape by jumping bail have the same cloud hanging over. Whether or not to add to that the guilt. When the movie The Passion of the Christ was made a person felt so (righteously) guilty for killing his girlfriend that he confessed. Well, I guess, Christ can take you anywhere.

Doing wrong becomes a bad habit. Everyone controls themselves to a greater or lesser degree. To make the choice to hit someone once surely lends to hitting him again, and again. I imagine that would just be much an opening of the damn where water just bursts forth uncontrolled. May as well hot him again the wrong has already been done. And so one thinks they are killing their opponent. But on such a murder/ man slaughter, will one have to pay the price. So don’t hot someone the first time. You may lose control entirely.

There are those in prison that are there for life, and those whom are going to be executed there. Believe me they have no problem with killing someone behind bars, in such a case. And it was said that Jeffery Dahmer didn’t know what to do with the bodies, so he ate them a little at a time. Every wrong can become as a good thing to do, but it is no more right than the first time it was done. They are sure to lie to themselves saying it is worth it. But it’s not. They’re going to get caught.


8. The inhibited self wants to be the realized self. Taught all of your life do's and do not collects inside. People become what others will make them be as all agree together. But that side of oneself wants out. We are much animals inside and we have a beast within us in a cage. The beast settles in the cage. It is very easy to refrain. But it isn’t so easy to stop. How good it would feel to strip naked and dance that way in the street, so long as you could be sure that no one cares. But we just don’t receive that kind of permission in life. We all have set forth right and wrong ways of being.

Imagine your more inner self as being a person yourself, but amplified. Really a bloated up you that at all times you only let a little air out. You are much like this thing that can’t let loose. If you are an intellectual person this side of you would become really drunk with self and greatly worded with pride. I am big. I am biiiig.

I don’t know why the counselors don’t come up to me in my life and say, “Little Lucifer, why don’t you let out everything right now and yell it from the top of your lungs.” I’d never be so privileged.

One time in my life I was taking a shower and suddenly decided to lay down and treat it like a waterfall, very vigorously scrubbing and drinking the water that fell to my face. And there have been a few times that the food before me became the savoriest thing. I devoured it. Somehow it was just the best damn tasting food I ever ate. I wasn’t starving. I’d been eating regularly. But somehow my appetite became rapturous.


9. May all good things be returned to and the bad made better, the good yet better. It hasn’t been until recently that this has become widely so.

Now people are taking old games and improving them or else making adjustments and tweaking them. And there are new games being made for old systems.

Old movies are being made again, whether entirely new or as in predicted sequels, after so much time has passed. We have really come into a time where we have what is truly good on our plates and we want more of it. Our eyes don’t grow heavy over them. Our dreams are reaching an Optimal point in some regards.

As for me I have a score of things I want to succeed. Most of them are often underappreciated underdogs or original things—things that paved the road to begin with. Such as Atari which came long before Nintendo, but died under the sword of Nintendo. You know what? Atari now has that same sword.

But especially I want SEGA and Final Fantasy to succeed. SEGA had such Demonic games! Really wicked ones. And they allowed the blood to fall in Mortal Kombat. I don’t much like their mascot. But as for games with wicked elements they were singularly best. Atari is making a new system. I hope they just don’t over price it. Even at the sake of lesser hardware. They should take a hit if they have to. Video game consoles are just bound to. Even Nintendo with it’s virtual boy, which proved to be a waste of time.

I consider myself a video game historian.

Old shows are being brought back. My Ma is very happy about the return of Roseanne.

Video games are the new comic books, the game itself, or their manuals. And the new action figure in the way that they are more valuable if kept in the box. I think that is a big and natural step up for us that more scientifically advanced toy be the new collectable, as opposed to some plastic doll. People have swarms of Marvel movies. Why would they like the comics?

It’s very much exiting for me to see people taking these old gaming systems and giving them new life. Such as replacing the capacitors, putting in a new screen, adding a back lit screen, fixing malfunctioning equipment, replacing a pin head or optical drive, adding a modern port to the TV like HDMI, and just general cleaning. As for very old games they are putting in new batteries or simply reproducing them. Even the old N64 got a brand new controller. It’s the best thing in life for me to see these things, you might be surprised to know.


10. Beware of those trained in psycho babble psychologists who are taught communication that they will have you be precise in what you say. They will have you elaborate. And they are known by being nosy. They’ll want reasons behind reasons. They could very well know all you mean plainly but they will ask why, why, and why until you’ve had to elaborate ridiculously on any given thing.

Sometimes they will want your reasons for not doing what they say or suggest you do. And once they have those reasons they will counterpoint them. They will break down what you say into many pieces where with to control you.

Things so much are black and white and reasons behind reasons shouldn’t be so important. Let them piece together the pieces themselves and tell them that is for them to figure out but that actually quite simple. If you allow them to do this to you then you will become lost for words and feel less able to understand the simplistic things, because your own reasons won’t seem good enough for you.

If you sense that you are made to elaborate and produce many reasons for any given thing, are asked to give numerous unconventional examples, and repetitively asked why then you are dealing with a tricky Psychologist.

The best solution to this is simply by telling them you aren’t interested in getting into details. That’s pretty much a universal solution. But do not elaborate to them. Don’t pull up examples. And don’t engage in being precise and specific. It will do a lot of harm. It will make you think that things understood perfectly well aren’t, that you must understand the understandings. Just tell them you don’t like to elaborate or get into details.

11. I used to ride my bike a mile or so a few times a week to a comic book store called Captain Comics. I would pour through the cheap section which had more roughed up comics on a rotating rack. They were 75 cents each, which even with inflation was very cheap.

I’d look through them carefully trying to find whichever ones would be most valuable. Like number one issues or older issues. My dad would give me the money I needed and I’d go get them. It rested right across from the library but I was more interested in comics.

They also had marvel cards, of various characters, for different prices and I liked those even more. I’d see the more valuable comics hanging on the wall and put into sleeves. One

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