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Lucifer Jeremy White

Christian Satanic Book Five


Lucifer Jeremy White

Public Domain

Free use encouraged

I can be found online under my name: Lucifer Jeremy White.





Welcome to the fifth Christian Satanic Book, the final one of it’s kind. There are many others besides this series including a pic year project known as The Christian Satanic Bible.

My name is Lucifer White and I am glad to have you along. The reason for my name occurred when I was committed in a psychiatric hospital and a male nurse, a very large man, told me to go to my room. I told him to say “Please, Lucifer, go to your room.” He didn’t and I spat on his face and he drove at me, hitting me in my nose, breaking it. I fell on the floor and spilled a pint of blood. The nurse came right away to help me. She wiped the blood off my face. And she put stitch tape between my eyes. Only it wasn’t a cut. It was a crack between my eyes, a visible indent.

So I went to my room and in a little plastic bowl I spat something up, whatever it was, something like three slivers. I heard voices after that which called me Lucifer and I knew I earned my name, which comes at a heavy cost for those that would take it.

Through the experience of being homeless, incarcerated, and committed I have learned a lot. I have a rich social history from that and being in group homes, traveling state to state, living with friends and girlfriend’s temporarily, and I nearly became a Marine, too, except not being wanted there because of being a Satanist..

And I settled in California. Here, in San Francisco. My life has gotten much better. I am at the best time in life living in a board and care. Board for shelter. Care for things like having my laundry done, food cooked, room and place cleaned, and such. I have a conservatorship. Things are going well enough for me to write. The only thing I have to fill my time. Or at least my favorite past time among other available choices that are fine and well, though not done to produce anything.

This fifth book is going to be a summary of all the Christian Satanic things I have taught before, elaborating further, taking the best of it, and putting it here. I’ll include art work simply for the fact I like drawing. Drawing is a good break and while working seven hours a day, writing fifteen pages a day, stopping to draw I can still be including content killing two birds with one stone.

This book is free and in public domain. Along with all of my others on sites such as Lulu, Google Play, Scribd, and Amazon Kindle—though Amazon Kindle requires at least a small charge.

It can be read in any order. It is not a book that has to be read from cover to the end.


Choice of Culture

If Christian Satanism is your culture than it should be all you have to focus on and pay homage to. Why should you have to learn and observe other cultures other than your own? People would have you learn all you can about them, general rules regarding them and their culture, mannerisms, and all else about them. Like a text book about what they are and what they do, what they’ve become, what they are endeavoring toward. But what if you don’t care to know? What if it has nothing to do with you? As unmerited pride stemming from race the culture involved in one’s race—as though to be based on race and where it is coming from, holds little significance to the intelligent. But we are expected to Garner to their wills and custom and to learn about them, because if we don’t, they are nothing. And race is a very unmerited unearned source of pride.

I say to Christian Satanists to be fully involved in the culture of Christian Satanism and not so with other cultures, those that would pull you away, waste your time, and misdirect you.

Spending instead your time toward a thing that you have decided personally to be committed toward.


Know your tastes well

Those that know well what they like know what to look for and they just like more things. They understand better what they both want and need. And just through the process of coming to know what they like, they find more to like. Having a list of the things they like, they have something to look for. Many people only have a short list of things because they don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what something good would be to have. So they don’t have desire. They’ll say they are perfectly content but it is more like a stale and empty state. But those that think about what good would having certain things be will have desire. You may feel you don’t need much of anything. That you have everything you could need, which is usually little to nothing. But they this way just don’t think about how good it would be to have something in the first place. It doesn’t enter into their minds.

The best way to strengthen and broaden your tastes is to think in terms of “best of,” and as specifically as possible. The best Sandwich, mixed drink, cake, candy, toy, clothing, games, art, books, films, etc.


Good clothes mean a lot

I had decided before what idea clothing would be for me. I came up with a list: wool socks, out door sandals, solid color cargo pants, turtle neck shirts, an army belt, a fanny pack, an over coat, long johns, and a Mickey Mouse watch. These things I usually get. They both look good and allow me to carry a lot. My over coat I use as a blanket sometimes, especially if I am just taking a nap. And overall it works good for me.

The only change I made was to my kind of shirt. I like shirts with things I like on them that people can easily identify, such as Mickey Mouse or Star Wars, or just any shirt that is appealing. I paid a lot of money on a neon peach and black Nike Shirt, which is a lot like silk, purely polyester. And it was just a few days ago while in a clothing store that I saw a very good looking pair of pants. Some bright blue gold pants. And I now have a new favorite kind of pants (100% polyester brightly colored gold pants.)

Nothing feels better than going out in nice looking clothing and it is something I spend most of my money on.

And it is something where Satanism and Christianity seem to coincide.


The World needs chaos, society does, too

Where many scientists would argue that the world is a delicate matter—referring to the system of life without it. I think it stands to reason that the world doesn’t need matriculate behavior, but “chaotic.” A good example of this is found in the dust bowl where farmers caused a very bad thing to occur because of growing only one crop.

Rather to do well the world needs an abundance of seeds, of every possible kind, scattered very randomly and far and wide. I think that if people consume as many cows, pigs and chickens as they do—eating very little of other types of meat, that something bad will come of it.

Society needs chaos too. In fact the more it is resisted the more it packs up until it bursts through. While people seek utopian states they bring together a “system of system of systems” and no matter how carefully the pieces are put together they will eventually fall and this is evident today. And it was evident in societies before, such as Israel in the time of Jesus—Jesus was the chaos that was needed in order that humans continue to evolve. He was the remedy that all people readily poured forth.


Homeless survival

Fortunately not much needs to be said about it so these things may be easily remembered. It is more likely a person is stranded on the streets than in the woods. Yet most people are just not prepared for it.

My most important advice is to not speak to anyone. And to not go where others would take you. Do your best to stay alone. There are people that want to prostitute you and get you hooked on drugs. And there are just as many male prostitutes, both bought by men. And otherwise homeless people are very private people together, not wanting to make friends or to be bothered.

The things you will need on the streets are a good blanket, warm clothes, an over coat, maybe a luggage case (which you can take on busses and are easier to carry around than a shopping cart) a radio—a good radio is analog, not digital, that uses two AA batteries, as these radios will last a month. A radio may be the only entertainment that you have. And I liked to have pens, as I was a “trash author” who spent a lot of time writing and putting it into plastic bottles.

It is good to be around a water fountain and a bathroom, naturally, those these may be uneasy to find. The homeless are not in residential areas but sleep somewhere downtown, for obvious reasons. And people will regularly give you food. On a bad day you may not get much. And the habit of eating from the garbage comes quickly and easily.

Shelters aren’t that desired by the homeless. There are long lines to get in each night that can take an hour or more. They’d rather just lay down on a side walk and go to sleep rather than going to a shelter, sometimes on the other side of town.

The only way out is to either get work or to obtain governmental help, if you haven’t any family or friends to bring you in which is just a temporary solution anyway. And go to a good City to be homeless if at all possible. As I did in going from Albuquerque New Mexico to San Francisco.

I’ve come past those days and am thriving!


Idea Operations of Christian Satanic Churches

I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to fund worthy people who work creatively in ways that would help the Church and the presence of Christian Satanism. That can include a number of things such as writing, creating music, art, special programs, etc. They should be given at least what they need in order to work on such things such as a word processor, a canvas, etc., And by placing a deposit the money returned to them upon completion as it’s requirements are met. Then, to be paid a bonus if they have done exceptionally well.

I have talked about it before that a good spiritual tool for meditative thought and therapeutic application is a globe that goes over ones head emitting a set of colored light. Just be sure that light isn’t harmful to the eyes. This is comparable to other religions that have things to aid them spiritually, such as the e-meter owned by Scientology.

The Church can prepare it’s members to continue their work online after they leave.

I’ve said before that no tithes should be required. But in all sensibility they really have to be present in order for them to exist, at all.

My writings are, each, about the size of a magazine and can easily and cheaply be reproduced and distributed.

Let the music be fun and enjoyable by all, may the feasts last days where in one corner one eats and in another one sleeps. And in any way that it can be made a good place to be, make it so.


There are more options for creativity than ever before

And in effect we become more god like all the time regarding it. Where once you can only record speech on paper, then the sound of it, then your image along with it, and placed into a VR realm, and have these things essentially floating above via internet signal, to imagine from there it would go?

That’s why I like to post things online, I’m ages, video, books, as I like to go along with things that are happening, things that put me online even apart from my self.

It used to be you only had pen and paper. I lived during those days. I had an old mechanical type writer which was kinda cool. Eventually I had internet and computers that Ong mine developed to what they are today: writing books in the palm of my hand and sending them to all places where anyone wants it.


We only have a limited amount of time to make life the best it can be

Continue to create, continue to improve and evolve. While no one looks much into the amount that which something is perfect, it is good to be most perfect for most people.. that there are chunks of perfection for one person, and another chunk of perfection for another. Perfection is a word that I use lightly, but it only means making something the best it can be.

If you go up an inch at a time then to be as high as a foot to you will be as high as a yard to another. Those that render the best will be seen for it and much spoken of. They will be seen experienced. They will be seen as talented and determined. But how low are those looked upon that are just average. They are the second rated and known well to be inferior to those above them.

Hard work and it’s earnings are both Christian and Satanic.


As a Christian is blameless, be so

Being blameless benefits Satanists even though their routes are usually paved in sin.

The meaning of blameless is a person who stands well against scrutiny: s/he’s done no wrong. There is nothing to blame them of. They are those that live rightly. They aren’t engaged in crime. They aren’t harming others. And God will come to their aid.

But those that commit horrible crimes will be. And as Jesus said, “if you live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword.”







This is something I came up with as a possible new economic system of some sort. Or it can be used other ways such as in video games and things that could apply intricate correlation between names and objects.

Here’s how it works:

A number of letters present in one's full name are used toward products to come up with a number like this:

L. U. C. I. F. E. R. J. E. R. E. M. Y. W. H. I. T. E

1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 2. 1 1. 1. 1. 2. 1. 4


So my full name has 1 L, 1 U, 1 C, 1 F, etc., Has 4 letter E's and two R's.

These are letters available to any officially named product. We'll say “Ray’s Cherry Cider,” So as many letters from my name can fit into this product name, a number is arrived at:


R. A. Y. S. C. H. E. R. R. Y. C. I. D. E. R

1. 0. 1. 0. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.


Counting them together we arrive at the number 8. There are 8 letters in Ray’s Cherry Cider that can fit into the letters of my name. Therefore for me to buy a glass of it I need an 8 credit coin. 1 credit coins are worth as much as a two or three credit coin, but they just buy different things.


Contracted Anarchy was an idea I could go only so far with but brought together the right way I believe it could work. I just haven’t found the right exact way it could be implemented.

This is based on my feelings of the world around me while homeless. I had these strange thoughts about a chain of hotels. It’s owner had a different world all his own and so did his guests. His guests who were something like gypsies, nomads, wanderers. He would only permit certain kinds of people in his hotels. And it was much like his own society.

My thoughts went elsewhere but in the same fashion. I imagined a bag of chips having on them a any number of locations. That the bag of chips rewarded people for going on a trip based on their destinations.

And finally I thought about these Total Environments (places like Disney World or Ren Fairs) that the rich who made them, they too have a little world their own. In fact these places have their own flag, albeit beside the American flag. And they are packed with security guards who have a lot of control over these areas, in fact extended into law enforcement. They had told me before that between this flag of theirs and that flag of theirs I could not be. In fact I must cross the street away from it and not even pass it by.

These corporations, too, which are wealthy have their rule over people and the way they act and sometimes even the way they live based on legal contracts. And some places like group homes have contracts and require a certain strict life style to obey. Christian ones will only allow you to live in them if you study the Bible every day with them, and abandon your worldly possessions. And live the way they tell you to.

As cheaper as it is that people live together and in systematic obligations provide to it’s tenants we are coming on a commune type place. (I don’t mean communist. I mean a commune, a place where people live together.)

So this is all just provided as insight for whomever it is useful information.


I believe America to be The Devil's PEOPLE

Remember, the founding fathers came from a tyrannical Church State. Those whom were heretical were executed badly. That is why freedom of religion exists, for better or worse. These people came to a “new world,” they instated many freedoms to people and it was probably considered likely that eventually people would be profane with it. America brought about secular music that brought about the most diabolical music that could be conjured up. It is a land of dreams and daily pleasures. But conversely a place of ethics and a strong arm for human rights—which to me, whatever it was intended to become, wasn’t just Christian or just Satanic, but both.



Those that follow after trends could find good things. Things as good as any. I was very much caught up in the popularity of the Ninja Turtles as a kid. And I believe that kids should be allowed to develop their own interests free of their parents, so long as the aren’t harmful to them.

But when a person becomes an adult, by the time they are 19, they should begin coming into tastes as an individual would. That one year you have the newest and most popular music, but later you begin finding your way through the music that only you are looking for, only you could find.

Like going into a library and spending some time finding g just the right book—rather than be as most and head right to the best sellers, angry that number one best seller was already checked out.

It would open you to a whole new world one rich with things that had previously not caught the eyes.


How to Worship?

Most worship is dead serious. They that pray to God or the Devil often act like they are holding a stick of dynamite. I suggest considering worshipping more like a child, or a good friend. To let yourself freely outward toward them. Not as though you don’t want them to see what you are clinching in your fist while you are talking to them.

A doll can be an idol. An action figure that looks like a devil can be, too. Songs can be made to be about God, or Satan, even if they are rock songs, even if they are pop songs.

An altar is just a good thing to have if nothing else. It is a special area your own that represents a bond. And pray to it often. And give unto it. Santa Muerte is a good deity to worship. A demon called a saint. One often mistaken for Satan.

My altar has a lack of later bucket on it, and inside of it magical letters. I write to my deities of choice and place what was written inside. Idols are a great part of life.


Modern Society is a Cult!

There is certainly a set of things we are expected to think about. It is taken as a given that we do and have been. There’s no room for ignorance regarding it. And there is no tolerance for thinking certain ways. And not very well be the anti to these things could put one in shame and dishonor, even to be gravely threatened.

Smoking is thoroughly known as disgusting and a social stigma, and all are thought to be barely holding on, under the suffering of addiction. Then there are health considerations otherwise that have brought about taxes on sugar and soda, as the warriors against diabetes and obesity. And unfortunately I am a victim of it. Even though I consume a lot of it but am rather skinny nonetheless.

There are many people who would shove vegetables down your throat.

And there is the mental health dogma in modern society. They go to therapy.. for ten years, for more. And therapists are happy to be seen. If they talk to their patient for forty five minutes they are paid very well as money talks, then money walks, and money comes again to talk.

Overall you are expected to think about people a certain way. You are expected to talk about them a certain way. You are expected to have certain opinions. And worst of all are expected to keep focus on these certain things and live accordingly.


A more pragmatically worship of Christ.. of God

Christianity is a dangerous religion, for sure. It can engulph people who are lost to it. A person can go to no ends in their adherence to what he said and they were truly the words of a god. And it may be so for them, but let the Christian Satanist remain pragmatic and kept rooted into reality. That s/he see Christ more clearly. That they not fumble with their hands regarding him.

I think it is reasonable to take God less seriously as he had lead some to believe in him. Instead to consider that he is a person who can be regarded more as someone that can enjoy a new spin to the tale, placing us into more idea situations without being drenched in devotional behavior. Does he really just want devotion?

And it’s all a game. One where we are given a place. God loves war. God loves the Lions he created. Nature says to us “let it.”

In following Jesus I advise that you go over it lightly, as it is very sensitive to handling the wrong way. Innumerable iterations have been construed by Christianity. As religions. But with us the basis for a true and good Christian religion is just to be pragmatic with it.


Adventure, Challenge, and Expansion

Just like the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” whether or not that’s for certain, it is very true. A person’s life is established by a point. Her or his tastes, his or her interests and habits, their routines, are not easily changed. And doing things you don’t normally do isn’t easy.

But those that decide to begin something new and finish it, whatever it is, has added a large new “chunk” to their lives when it comes to having more to do. They are far more easily entertained and busy throughout the day. Are the Masters of filling in empty spaces within their lives.

But it isn’t easy to have a heart for something, less easy, to grow that heart toward something not done before. So people usually just have a handful of things that they like to do. So sometimes one has to push oneself into it and just hope that it is compelling enough for them to keep doing.

Though impulse can be bad it can also be good.


False compliments and false interests.. and therapists

Modern spiritual thinkers are therapists. It’s gone far past the systemized procedures of Freud and has become largely just a field of helpful wisdom. And it can work very well. But what I don’t like about these kind of people are the falsity toward their clients when it comes to reeling them in. The quickest way to a man’s heart is their ego.. to a person’s heart. And in knowing this they shower their clients with compliments and speak in a way to them that they are interested in what they are hearing. It comes across as an insult to me, as though I need their praise and their approval.


Magic words for rituals

While common and prior existing names of deities have their own place, all new names of deities may be formed too.

This is done with a lot of consideration, the more the better. It is done by combing sounds together to form a meaning. Ray can be light, or Lit can be light, or Shin can be shine. Shynay has a meaning you may or may not see, as with Chaoinsta. So in combing sounds that hold a meaning when put together is to come up with magical names and words in a spell or ritual. But you may also use sounds that you personally have a meaning for. As with me “Ro” means rule, “Bethai” means magic of the eye, which only I really understand. And “Tomel” means for me “to tumble by God.”

A better example would be my favorite chant, one I created from the banana boat song though carries a much different meaning, one about a man being commanded by a demon. Which is:


Do the shake do the shake do the wake do the hip-py shake

Day light come mon me wanna go home..

Iza dey, Iza dey, Iza dayayayul..


I used to think that an ascetic life was the only good life to have in God’s favor

But in rejecting all good things I was only denying any good that God would give, and denying good things was like a punishment. We here often of God’s grace in the Bible. But some would believe that they should reject good things to have God’s favor. It is denying God when this is done.

We hear very often about God uplifting and blessing people and that he doesn’t want sacrifice. I think it is incredibly sacrilegious and blasphemous to sacrifice oneself for God. That God sacrificed himself, his son, for us in that we are redeemed and truly blessed. But to sacrifice oneself is to pose as Jesus himself. It is a replacement of him.

However, I am strongly against mega ministers who have built Churches or taught in arenas selling cheap books for high prices and have commanded so much money as to have several large homes, pricey cars, buying highly valuable things, living incredibly lavishly. Which does occur, maybe more than you could believe. It’s good that God gives to them and that they take it. To an extent. And extent far shorter than they do. That’s because while they are living a certain way there are the poor and weak that need help. They could get by with a modest house and modest things. But they want the whole piece of the pie. And essentially have taken their reward on Earth instead of in Heaven.

Finding good friends

Or better—one best friend. It would be someone that shares your interests. A person you can team up with in doing and creating things together. A person that isn’t hateful, in a bad mood, that usually feels bothered by you. Who doesn’t want a friend. Who prefers being alone all the time. And not someone that is a bad influence, whose friends don’t like you. Not a group you don’t fit in with. Not one over taxing or incompatible with you.

Unfortunately early in my life I gave up one good friend for a group of them. And among groups personal attachments are far less. As for me my best friends have been into video games and computer electronics.


I have just a little advice for music writing, although it’s very good advice

Most of all that you emphasize the notes of the scales triad in order that the music not be garbled and atonal. These are the notes C, E, G in C Maj., And A, C, E in A min., When you emphasize these notes with repetition, duration, and frequency, nothing you write will be “atonal.” It will always be music that “makes sense.”

Second, you can turn one or a few sheets of music into a practically innumerable amount of performances. This is done by creating 20 or so four, five measure melodies, or chords or rhythms, that can be played in any order.

And third, there is my “dark form” music which I thought of while trying to understand black metal. It contains chords that shift from consonant to dissonant, back and forth, a very quick rhythm, and a Melody for atmosphere.




Visualization and Taste Magic

As we were created in God’s image and are a piece of his godlihood, it is inseparable for us not to be entirely void of magic powers. And they can reach out far and work especially well for those that practice them. I don’t practice a lot of magic but I do practiced visualization magic.

It’s very easy, it’s very effective, and it feels good. Simply put on some music, close your eyes, and let y

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