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Christian Life And Christian Living


Adam Jeremy Capps

Christian Life And Christian Living

2023 Adam Jeremy Capps

A Public Domain Book

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was  not any thing made that  was made. In him was life; and the life  was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his  name: which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

  • John, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Let's not get too off course in modern life

Such a thing like that has never been so easy to do. With the things around us today it is all too easy to get distracted and lose our spiritual senses. Without our spiritual senses we act senselessly. Lots have turned to bad things. Lots have engaged in wicked lifestyles. Everyone is living under poor influences. It is a bad time in human history. It is full of the worst people you can imagine doing the worst things possible. There are openly blatant thieves. There are destructive people and harmful people. People have gone away from the wisdom of God. The only true wisdom comes from God. Without it we are a mess. We all know that. They never will. They will never consider that that is what the problem is. Quite the opposite, they have made God their enemy. It is for that reason that God is not with us as much as He would be.

The wickedness of today’s time

Yes we’ve seen the “openly blatant” thievery occurring all around. I remember when this began to occur. I was quite shocked to see that people were going into stores, filling up big bags with things, then just leaving with it all. I thought it was just a phenomenon of where I lived (San Francisco.) I told my brother about it who asked why the employees didn’t stop them. They are told not to engage with them because they fear being sued. Which is a problem itself. People suing for millions of dollars bankrupting entities all around– or at least leading there. This started to occur all around since then.

We find people around who falsely accuse others. They make up some offense against them then call the police in the hopes of having them arrested. With nothing more wrong done than existing, a thing that offends them. If the respect towards them is not paramount then they take it as an offense and call the police on them. The very meaning of the name Satan is The Accuser. He is also a thief, by the way, and a murderer.

We all know about the mass murders occurring as well. What was once a rare thing to happen has become somewhat common, even happening a few times every month. There are people with the worst of plots which were miraculously caught before they could do massive harm.

The mentality of people is twisted around. Hedonism has become the common rule. Materialism means more than anything spiritual does. Personal power is an important thing for such people. People are taught to be selfish. Christianity has become some bad and forbidden thing. It has been ridiculed to no end.

Are these the end times?

Could be. The Bible says that we will not know the day that Jesus Christ will return. It does say there will be many false Christs in those times. It says to not believe them. The Bible says that there will be no greater calamity in those times, from the past, or ever will be. A trainwreck of a time. A time of wicked rule. As Paul said:

3 But know this: that in the last days, grievous times will come. 2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 without natural affection, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, not lovers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding a form of godliness, but having denied its power. Turn away from these, also.

The mechanism of the Antichrist has never been so possible. The Bible says that unless people worship the Antichrist (who rules over the world as the supreme evil) he will not allow you to have money. Not without the mark of the Beast on your hand or head. Not without his number. These things are very indicative of a chip in the hand to use to buy things, a credit card, with the number in mind. Be warned however, that those who worship the Beast will receive damnation from it. Another characteristic of him is that he will unite the world, which is another thing that has only been just recently possible.

The best things about Heaven

The Bible says that there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth. Heaven is where God is. The Bible says that God will come to Earth someday and establish His kingdom here. That is in the Lord’s Prayer (thy kingdom come.) Jesus was spat out with a crown of thorns on his head. He will return with great glory and all the angels of heaven.

Heaven on Earth will be just like Earth is already, only people will be holy and there will be no pain and suffering. It will be a new great big Garden of Eden. We will do much of what we do already. We will have our loved ones with us. We will be given a home that is perfect for us. Where we want to live, so it will be. We will pick out where we want to live and it will be a place that we will have forever. We will never be evicted, never made homeless.

It will be scientifically wonderful.. Technologically great. That is the power of Heaven on earth. The power and knowledge of angels will be with us. Things will be greatly beautiful. Not plain. It will be great to the eyes. The Bible describes that Heaven will be magnificent.

We will receive greater bodies. They will not be subject to pain or illness. Even if they are, any problem with our bodies will be easily fixed. We will not grow fat. We will not die of cancer. There will be no mental illness.

We will have universal basic income. Our resources will be unlimited however. We will never lack power/electricity, or food, as food will be procured scientifically. (Food will come by means of technology over the herding of animals.) Fruit trees will remain. Good and bad will come together and live peacefully together (Issiah 11:6.) under Jesus Christ. When we hear the word “Kingdom” we must know it is a Kingdom without war or oppression. A human kingdom is different from the kingdom of God. God’s kingdom will be a utopia that is not possible from us.

The best virtues and values that a Christian can have.. In modern times

I would put maturity  at the top. People either grow up to become unlawful or mature as they get older. Those who haven’t matured may have a problem to deal with. It could take a hard lesson for them to become better people. Unless someone is mentally psychotic or sociopathic then they will. Unfortunately those who are abused have a difficult time understanding what “good” is to begin with. Their parents taught them there is no good. Some are spoiled too. Disciplining children has become a “bad” thing in today’s world. Modern psychology has done a lot of damage to modern America. It teaches people to be selfish and look for excuses. It guides them into being weak and selfish at the same time.

We have seen what immaturity has led to. These people trash stores because they wouldn’t take their credit card or sell them beer without an ID. Those are real examples. A worse one was that a group of teenagers entired into a store and deliberately trashed it (through and through) for just the pleasure of it. And as well there are people who go into a fit of rage over trivial things. Like “how dare you shovel the snow off of my sidewalk. I didn’t say you could go on my property.”

Peacekeeping is a valuable Christian virtue. That means turning enemies into friends. That means apologizing and making up for some rude circumstance you didn’t mean to get into with them. It means to turn the other cheek. I don’t have any problem with that one. Especially while I’m on the bus and someone has something to say. While on the bus there are sorts of manners people expect, expect too much sometimes. They may just decide to rail you for no reason. I regard those kinds of people as being dangerous and best left alone. Sooner or later they are going to anger the wrong person. They’ll go where they are going.

Sometimes rules seem dumb and pointless but it is best to follow them anyway. There are those that start arguments over wearing a mask that lead them to be arrested. They make up stuff to put and take from the American constitution and go off into their fighting for their rights kind of ways. The problem at the base was minor: you have to wear a mask. But some really take that requirement as a deep and personal offense against them.

Some just thrive on drama.

A third one I’ll list is self control. They say that anger is something like a volcano. It needs to vent out else it greatly erupts. That isn’t true. That only teaches you to be angry. It is like a person with a porn addiction. They were taught to not “repress” their urges. “Repress” is nothing but a dirty word for “restraint” when it is used that way. We should remain in control. We should remain masters over our center, bottom and top.

Like James said in the Bible, humans are able to guide great ships but they cannot control their own tongues. Cursing and anger go hand in hand. They are coupled together. You don’t spout curse words out at another gently. So as long as they are kept and spoken an anger problem travels along with them.

Moderation fixes a lot. The Bible says that drinking isn’t a sin unless you get drunk. Buying a scratcher once a week will not make you lose every dime. Drinking a little can make you feel a little better. With moderation you can work on things without becoming obsessive over them. Unless you eat too much you will not become obese. It is a good rule in general. A little is okay, too much is not.

Remorse and regret

Were it not for coming across a sermon about remorse and regret I would have continued to have that problem. Like many Christians I believed that those things made me better towards God. We could be a completely better person than we were when we were younger. Yet believe that these negative feelings make us better.. When we already are better. So I would say that if you are a good person then God has captured you into His flock. At that, regret and fear no more.

I in fact heard a preacher say that regret and remorse are things that demonic spirits would impose on you. It is not good to feel inadequate towards God. In our lifetime we must come to the conclusion that we are blessed with forgiveness and receive that grace. It is Christian to receive that grace. The Bible says we are all sinners. From birth. What little or a lot doesn’t matter. Paul described himself as the worst sinner that ever was. The Bible teaches that salvation is a gift and not something we earn.

Bad influences all over

Inasmuch controversy sells, so have the things of The Devil infiltrated popular forms of entertainment.

It began lighthearted. It began relatively harmless. Some past cartoons that by today’s standards are tame. But there was a time when Rock and Roll was known to have come from the Devil. If we fast forward just a short time, that form of music rapidly became metal music, which is openly about devil worshiping. Along with those movies, later cartoons, and other things. RPG games may not have you doing rituals with occult tools but the effect is the same. It invites the demonic into one’s life. When put together it all has brought demonic spirits into the world which is clearly visible in today’s time.

It doesn’t have to have the name to be what it is. It is in sexual music, gangster rap, horror films, films which idolize violence, pornographic material, and other things that are contrary to what is Holy. In earlier times The Devil made the organ, a musical instrument detested by the clergy which found its way in. Later, it was said that The Devil taught a man “the blues,” and we know what change that brought. The Blues led to Rock, which led to metal. The Bible says that The Devil is a master musician. Ages of Christian standards have been thrown out in a matter of decades. There is a very real power that has made it so. That power is very formidable and has corrupted people to the bone.

Living Holy

A person can’t hardly be Holy and yet be Worldly. That means keeping bad influences out of your life. It means to identify a distraction and avoid that. It means having God in your life daily, and even hourly. It means doing well in life, to do good towards others. It means reading the Bible everyday even if it is just an hour before you go to bed. It means going to a good church. It means helping the poor. It means to forgive knowing that to the extent you do it is matched by God. Against the world, for the spiritual: a world such as this is not our own. We have our hearts set on eternity.

If we can keep in mind that this world around us was not made for us then we can keep on track going for the spiritual reward. The promise of Heaven. The thing we cannot yet see but that we know will come to be, someday. We should not be burdened by the concerns of the world. Compared to Heaven the world is worth nothing. You could compare it to a handful of diamonds and a handful of sand. The world is sand. Heaven are the diamonds. The flesh is a sluggish thing. The flesh is ever susceptible to death. The flesh ever looks for pleasure. Relative to Heaven it is a poor and sluggish thing that will never find what it is looking for: unconditional happiness. That is ever elusive yet most people will spend all of their days looking for it.

We follow after The Great Light. We go where Jesus Christ is guiding us. Even if we are alone in our regard we have Jesus Christ with us. We eventually come out of the darkness. We will eventually enter into God’s kingdom. As Jesus said “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and God will give you everything else you need.” (Matthew 6:33.)

Do not give a dime to a mega preacher

These people have taken God’s word and turned it into monetary gain. What are you paying for if they live in mansions? One of the worst things I heard from them was a corruption of the “many mansions” verse. That verse which says “in my Father’s kingdom are many mansions.” They believe that their reward is now. The plain and simple fact is that what money should be going to the poor is not being. Yet they live in these extraordinary homes with extraordinary things. Just consider a moment then what tithe you give them goes towards. Some will outright say “for a new personal jet.” After all, God will have them travel in super first class without those sinful humans on board. For all we know that mega preacher has his heart set on a new toilet.

They are either fakes to begin with or have convinced themselves that God wants them to have an enormous amount of money. What about the poor though? There are people out there sleeping on a sidewalk or bench who are hungry. But the mega preacher could not settle on maybe a two or three bedroom home if it means s/he can help a lot of those people? Then there is a third instance among them and that is that once they started getting rich they were honest with themselves and knew it was ungodly. That’s probably the rarest of circumstances.

Learn all you can from them, but with discretion. The lesson is the important thing. You have to come to the conclusion that they either preach well or are perhaps just motivational speakers. They are often just motivational speakers. “Worldly success through God types.” After all– look at their success! TV is fine with learning biblical things. That’s not always true though. Some of these online teachers twist around scripture and just don’t have the theological background suitable for it.

It’s okay to have good things

It isn’t that God wants us to be poor. After all, He wants us to give good things to the poor. He wants you to have good things, he wants the poor to have good things too. That is truer to the way things are. There is no biblical sense in thinking that God doesn’t want us to have things like good food and a good home. It is that He greatly appreciates it when we give food to those who are starving. God does not want them to suffer nor does He want us to.

It is not wise to harm yourself as though it is what you believe that that’s what God wants. God does not corner and harm. That is something that The Devil does. God gave every good thing to Job. Job lost it all and yet remained righteous. God then gave Job many times more than what he had before. God wants our faith to be sincere, as was tested by Abraham. God made Solomon a wealthy king because when asked what Solomon wanted, Solomon told God that he wanted to be a wise ruler. He could have asked for wealth but didn’t. For that reason, God gave wealth to Solomon.

So there are three things to know here: God wants your love for Him to be sincere. God wants all people to have good things. He wants the poor to have good things too. So help the poor with what God has given you.

I once knew someone who was poor. She donated money to a Christian radio station. Those people probably had more money than they’d ever need. She barely got by. Then her boyfriend said, “why are you donating our money? WE are the ones who are poor!”

Christianity in practice

Christianity wasn’t made to be easy. It is different from modern ways. Modern ways meaning life bettering philosophies, things like modern psychology. “Ways to get rich,” things like that. Christianity is far apart from such modern philosophies. A person who initially reads about it will find that the goal is not to get wealthy or find true happiness (in this life anyway.) Christianity asks much more from us than that. It tells us to turn the other cheek. That is something that is contrary to human nature. It talks about unconditional love and forgiveness, especially for our enemies.

It is very philanthropic. It teaches us to help others. It says to go out of our way to help others, in fact. If someone asks a yard from you then give them a mile, as Jesus Christ said. The moral system of Christianity is based on love, faith in God, forgiveness, and righteous living. It is not a worldly thing. It is a spiritual matter that leads us into God’s kingdom when our time comes. Christians await the rapture and desire to do good in life until that time comes. Which is important as the Bible says we should be seen doing good, for if we start to beat the servants and become drunk with the drunkards then we will be punished for it.

We believe in what is pure and Holy. We strive to reduce negative emotions as we fight against sin. Christianity is a brotherly religion (sisterly, brotherly.) It was from the start as Jesus Christ gathered 12 disciples. He did not preach on his own. He had those beside them. He had a person next to him on the cross which followed him into heaven. The person on the other side rejected him. Early Christians gathered and shared the gospels despite being hunted down for it. That is the reason for the Church. We should not take our freedom to preach and learn, to share and grow through a Church for granted. We are all sheep following our shepherd, our Shepherd Jesus Christ.

The primary facets of Christianity

Christianity is the power of love over hate.

Christianity is the power of forgiveness over spite.  

Christianity is the power of good over evil.

Christianity is the power of the cross. That while we sinned, and could never have made a good enough sacrifice to atone for those sins, God brought His son into the world to serve as that sacrifice. We invite Jesus into our hearts and ask for God’s forgiveness, and through faith we are saved.

Christianity is a life of faith, prayer, and well doing. It is a life in which we follow the model of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Jesus Christ is our shepherd who leads us into eternal life. For anyone seeking salvation those are the key things to know.

Pulpit pounders/ power happy preachers

Christianity is a powerful thing whether it is done in truth or misused/ used for evil. It is the representation of God Himself, after all, so it carries with it God. I knew at least one preacher who was only in it for the power it granted him. There is no sincerity behind them. They usually don’t even actually believe that God exists. They know they can rouse a lot of people and that is in fact productive in turning up new members. They become a place of motivational power and “God’s wrath for all.” The members in these sorts of Churches are more like those who support a political figure over an actual preacher. They are in a “party” of strong men and women. They incorporate the Word of God within it in order to give it a background, some structure, and power behind it. But these are more people in a gang than they are in a real Christian church.

Receiving grace and peace

Jesus wanted us to be spiritually happy. He wanted us to be without worry. God wants us to be without worry. He wants us to have faith in Him and know that we are safely in His hands. God has set forth a life for us. He has known us before we were even born into this world. Jesus wanted us to know that there is something greater waiting for us. Even in his darkest hour, Jesus kept the faith. He triumphantly rose from the cross.

We shouldn’t feel negatively. We shouldn’t have any doubt in our salvation. We shouldn’t have any doubt that God is with us from the beginning to the end, to the new and eternal life we receive thereafter. The concerns of the world drag us all down. We live under weight. You could call it the gravity of earthly existence. Some of us get a glimpse of truly being in the spirit. I have felt it once in my life. Over a few days I actually felt no weight at all over me. I suddenly felt deeply peaceful, deeply certain, and perfectly light for a few days. I have not since gotten that feeling back. Those are feelings of truly having the Holy Spirit in you.

If we do wrong we make up for it and move on. We are going to do bad things in life. We are going to hurt others feelings sometimes. No matter how righteous we seek to be, some bad things will come through. It is no good letting it drag you down, like dragging yourself into a pit. Pits are not meant for us. We are meant to be uplifted in the end and we certainly will. Along the way we try to make ourselves into the people Jesus and God would have us be, but it is certainly understood that we are not perfect beings.

Some preachers/ bible teachers of every kind, would make us feel guilty. They would shame us into being “more” Christian. They would make us feel we are inadequate. They are judgment rendering teachers whose lessons are built around hellfire if we don’t abide. If that’s being done to you then just turn on the hymn “Just As I Am.”

Just as I am, without one plea

But that Thy blood was shed for me

And that Thou bid'st  me come to Thee

Oh, Lamb of God, I come, I come

Just as I am, though tossed about

With many a conflict, many a doubt

Fighting and fears within without

Oh, Lamb of God, I come, I come

Ooh, just as I am, oh Lamb of God, I come

Just as I am, Thou wilt receive

Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve

Because Thy promise I believe

Oh, Lamb of God, I come, I come

The Bible wants us to be wise

It does not teach us to enter into anything that would harm us. It was told to the disciples that if someone does not accept what you have to say, then to move on. It says “do not give your pearls to the swine, else they trample on them and turn to trample on you.” In Matthew 24 we are taught to flee from danger in the calamitous times of The End. It teaches us that “if we live by the sword we will die by the sword,” as Jesus said. It says to settle any matter before it gets out of hand and you are handed over to the authorities. The Bible clearly wants us to protect ourselves. It wants our survival.

Jesus and Solomon in particular taught wisdom.

There is no greater wisdom than that from the Holy Bible. It would make us good people to begin with. It brings about calm and rationality. It teaches us to control our emotions. It leads us away from a lost life where only pleasure/reward pain/punishment matters. Those are the basis of the animal mentality. Christianity does not leave out the spiritual aspects of life, which are absent among atheists. We do good under God. We are led by God into righteous lives.

We have the very wisdom of God in our lives and it is always dependable, it always serves us well. It always looks out for us. It always brings us into better places.

Without God in our society the worst evil emerges

The more that God is absent from our society the harder concentration of evil is present.

Without God in the lives of people, with the absence of The Holy Spirit, and without Jesus Christ in their hearts, people will become wicked. People are taught that they are animals in a pointless existence. They are taught that no one has a soul. So they are pleasure seeking, power seeking, lust ridden, and without spiritual direction.

To the degree that God is absent in our lives, evil persists. There are some evil goings going on. The use of drugs have never been so much of an unmanageable problem. That is when things are truly lost for a person. Their lives become only about the next high. People are miserable without God and turn to alcohol. Only the rich fare well. The upper class who have everything catered to them. These great things will not always be theirs. We all die. In our lifetime we have built the spirit of Christ within ourselves. Hopefully very strongly so, just as deeply rooted as can be. Hopefully we built our homes with brick and reside well enough inside without the wolf on the prowl able to harm us.

The Devil has arrived and set loose to hunt. As the Bible describes “the prince of this world,” as being like a lion on the prowl, so he is. He’d have things made after him. He has brought forth his music, his movies, and even video games. He has conjured up philosophies from hell to replace sound Christian doctrine. He has brought forth a doctrine of evil. He would have people lost in it as thoroughly as could be. He is an anti-shepherd.

My prayers for all of you

I pray for our protection as we need it more than we ever have before. I pray too for the protection of our loved ones. I pray that we are not brought to harm.

I pray for a better world. One made by God, in which we will live, may your new world be most excellent, oh God.

I pray that peace be brought back into the world. I pray for the grace of God to pour over the earth. I pray that all bad things be washed away.

I pray that we stay on the right path. May Jesus Christ guide us into The Kingdom of God. I pray that evil or bad things do not overcome us.

Let us see the signs. Let us understand them. Let them be seen clearly and not ignored so that we are ready for your return, oh God.

Keep us healthy and alive until your return, if your return would happen in our lifetime.

Do not let the power of The Devil damage us spiritually. Set our hearts on spiritual things and build spiritual strength within ourselves.

Remember us for the good we have done and the good people we were from childhood up until now, and lovingly bring us into Your Kingdom, Lord God, where we may dwell forever and ever, Amen.

Becoming more strongly a Christian

Christianity can be difficult at first. Hopefully your parents were Christian who taught you good Christian things. Then again, if you have brought yourself into Christianity apart from them, then great for you. The lessons can be difficult at first. If a person has lived a lifetime living apart from it then especially so. People are taught to be strong and have strength over others. With a lifetime of looking for good material things the spiritual may have not even been brought into consideration.

Bring them into consideration starting today, if you are new to Christianity.

It is in our practice to forgive others. It is in our practice to love our enemies. It is in our practice to turn the other cheek. I’ve known at least a few Christians who would take that scripture, reject it, and say “God doesn’t expect me to do that!” Or they just ignore it entirely as though it doesn’t exist. Being a stronger Christian means learning to follow the more difficult parts. Otherwise you are “weakly” a Christian. Otherwise you are only a Christian when it is easy and convenient for you.

It gets easier. In fact, after a little difficulty it can become something natural. You could say at that point you carry the body of Christ within you.

I would say “master the more difficult parts.” If you have already mastered the easier stuff then it is best to focus on those things that are harder to follow. Consider it like a job. There are easier tasks to do. We all want to just do those easier tasks instead of working on the more difficult ones. The boss wants us to do the whole job, not only the easier things. You wish you could just keep sweeping until the end of the work day. The boss wants you on the grill though. Over time though you learn everything there is to know and become a great employee, even one that deserves a great raise!

Those that are hell bound are more like those that curse out the boss. That does not work. That comes in late. That makes excuses. Then they get fired!

God’s coming wrath

When we see these very bad things happening on the news over and over and over again we become desensitized to it. Something that would take up the news for weeks because of its brevity and rarity has become something here and gone within days. God does not forget however. Just think of that. He does not forget the least or the worst. When children are killed He is only hurt from it more and more. He sees and knows the most to the least. A fury is building up. The time is approaching. Evil has grown strong and surely He will not allow it to persist much longer. The majority have forced Him out of our lives and our society. It isn’t that He “isn’t doing anything about it,” it is that “they didn’t want Him here.” They have made an art out of blasphemy. They have made riches out of blasphemy. In movies, in TV, cartoons, even in video games, blasphemy is everywhere. Our art forms and creative things have been disgusting as of late. It is all as vulvar as can possibly be, to no end, the worse, the better. It taints the minds of our children. I am not a fool. I don’t agree when they reject any presumption that these things do not have a bad influence on kids. They do. They are teaching a whole generation things of vulgarity and violence. If things are bad now, think of how bad they will become.

Modern Christianity

Depending on what the world is like, Christianity requires a different focus. It is always The Truth in full. The tools we use from age to age change however. What was really important in one era is different from the next. It’s relative in a different way. In a world where everyone is civil and mature then there are different things to be focusing on while teaching Christianity. In a world where maturity is lost, the lesson of maturity has never been so important. We don’t teach people what they already know, we don’t tell them to do things that no one has a problem with doing in the first place.

Things in fact don’t only depend on time but also place. This is a time and place where maturity is important.. In America. The human race has become a childish race, especially here in America. While in certain other nations people are adults just as much as can be.

One strong example of this is a work ethic. People scramble to get disability money. Some say that it is The Church that should be responsible that helps people, not the state. The Antichrist will be a leader that will control who has money and who has food. Those that accept his name and number either on hand or head will have money and food. What does that sound like? EBT? SSI? A hundred years ago, and all time before that, work and life were inseparable. People took whole days working. Life depended on it. In a society where laziness is a bit much than the Biblical lessons of working hard are more relevant, are more important.

People who follow God are not fools

It is so brazenly against common sense to look upon the world and believe it came from a big bang. The James Webb Space Telescope is contradicting that science. Scientists get a lot wrong. They even have to rewrite whole books. Books they thought were surely true but one thing appears that makes it all fall apart.

The sun appears the same size as the moon. That took a mathematical exactness. Day and night, the seasons, the years, the ages, the formation of stones, the animal kingdom, God’s creation of us, are of beautiful design. They were magnificently created by God.  

God raises His children well. He raises them more wisely than any parent ever could on their own. He raises them better than anything else ever could. The wisdom of His Son is astonishing. His words are so great as to be captivated, retold, lived by, bringing interest to minds for two thousand years now. The way that Jesus spoke is unlike that of any ordinary person. He was extraordinary in what he taught.

God brings together things for the good for those who believe in Him. He guides people into better things. He brings about the things we need in life. He teaches us the lessons we need to learn but does so mercifully and with wisdom. As for The Devil, he makes a joke of people. He uses people. He hates people. He is untrustworthy. He misguides them. He sacrifices them.

No philosopher can replace the Holy Bible. No philosophers could ever come close! How many devotees do you find of a philosopher? They are largely forgotten. The Bible however continues to be read and practiced more than any book ever has. In his time Jesus said that his words will never die. He said he was the alpha and the omega. He said that the things he taught will be preached to all the nations. He was right! And no human could have possibly made that claim and have it come true. That should be evidence enough that The Son of God once walked the earth.

Vanity and Selfishness

When did selfishness become such a positive term? Selfishness is strange. It is as strange as talking to yourself. As strange as repeating what you said to others, in your mind. It is just off thinking that only you exist. A room has life in it before someone enters into a room but to them that life doesn’t start up until they come in. The more selfish we are the less we learn about others. You can have no real relationship that way.

People don’t like it when others only talk about themselves. Some even go a long way into themself and boast along the way. People are more interested in you when you ask questions about them. These days such things don’t come easy. So they appreciate it all the more. If you want someone to like you, then show that you are interested in them and what they are about. You already know everything there is to know about yourself. About others though, you’ll only know as much about them as far as you ask. When you do talk about yourself then try to be a little vague and generic leaving room for the interest to learn more. So there is that quality behind being more interested in others than in yourself.

The world is full of vanity. People will spend all they can on things to spruce up their appearance. They are willing to use software to improve their appearance. They will fight tooth and nail over their image. They want to be on top. They want to be the strongest among their own. They are willing to go far to defend themselves and their image. These things are unwholesome to a Christian. We may be weak but through Christ we are strong. Christian thinking doesn’t have us waging little personal wars wherever we go. We see a person on top among their own but among our own it is Jesus Christ who matters the most and believe me (I am sure you will) he cannot be beat.

Poor Intentions

There is giving to the poor then there is giving to those who are just con artists. Panhandling is a profession for some. I lived with a man once who wrecked the home he lived in. There was a note on his table while he was away. I looked at it. It said things like “in the name of Jesus don’t kick me out.” He would have had money for rent but he was taking drugs and spending everything he could on that. The note alluded to “be a good Chrisitan. Don’t kick me out.” I knew this guy well enough to say that he was using Christianity against a good hearted man. I have given to the poor before only to be asked for more immediately after. That is just so offensive! The times have changed. Where once there were abused beggars, everyone that passed by them insulted them, and they really did have a hard time coming up with enough, that has changed a lot. Those people didn’t take drugs. Those people had little in the way of free food. The ones that really deserve help are the Schizophrenics. There is medication for them that makes them just as normal as can be. Recently, California rolled out a condition in which the homeless can be placed in a mental hospital and guided into treatment that way. That was met with some dispute but I just call it “tough love.”

The false preachers have Hell in store for them. They really do not believe in God’s Word to begin with. It is just a mechanism for them to get money from “these foolish people who believe this nonsense.” Unfortunately, they fool so many! They have grand auditoriums with rows upon rows of seats. They make some sort of message that really rouses the emotions of their followers, not much unlike a dictator would do, and would take every dime they could from the poorest of people. I cannot think of much worse things than that. I cannot think of a person who could anger God quite so much as they do. Whether Christianity is used for good or evil it is powerful. That’s because it comes from God’s Son. It has the power to do great good, and when violated, great evil. The Devil would put a great stain on it. He has. He has made it come to be deemed an evil thing among modern people. To them, Christians are mad men.. They are deluded, controlling, foolish, every bad thing. You could read a page from anything in the gospel and see that it is not what they make it out to be. It is about things like love and forgiveness. Not burning witches (which was a misinterpretation of the Bible to begin with. The word poisoner was replaced with witch.) Did The Devil cause the word Holy Spirit to read The Holy Ghost? The Bible says that those who add or take away from the Bible are damned. The Bible says that blasphemy against The Holy Spirit damns you.

I have been lashed out against by Chrisitians who had their hearts in the wrong place, when I wouldn’t do or give something to them. They told me things like God will punish me for not obliging. When I bring up that Christianity is about forgiveness then some would not let that go. They will blame me for not forgiving them for the things they do. They’ll just naturally turn it against me. Perhaps they took it as bragging. Perhaps they didn’t want me to put my beliefs on display. Now, though, I won’t even bring those things up. It is like this: “I thought you believed in forgiveness!”

I once lived in a Church. There was a Church connected to it anyway. It was a place where a lady preacher brought in the homeless so they could have a home. The thing was, some of them would make excuses not to pay. They say things that were obviously lies, like their SSI check never came in. They were always doing drugs in their rooms. Many of us didn’t get along in any sense. She brought in bad people and she wasn’t doing them any good. God bless her for her efforts but it was just a gangly area for bad people.

Mental Abuse

We should stick up for those people who are bullied. Jesus stood up for the weaker person. He invested himself in those who were mistreated. He wanted to empower them. We should do the same. Sadly, even the youngest kids end their lives when they are bullied. That is an incredibly sad thing. We should have sympathy for such people. To them, school is a horrible place where they are taunted all day long. That must feel so terribly bad and those that bully them are guilty of murder in my book.

Try not to forspeak. There is a good reason not to. Once you do you just obligate yourself, if you are going to do what you say you are going to do. Just by that alone it no longer feels like a gift and a surprise. Just something you have to do now that they already know you are going to do. Kind of wears out the moment that you provide it. I have had problems of not having hope due to a parent that would outright go back on what he said he’d do. You can have this, that, and I was so looking forward to those things. Then when the time came he acted like “what makes you think I was actually going to?” So I grew up learning not to expect that good things were coming, even when they were.

I have seen hysterical people out there on the streets homeless. Do you know what evil people do to good and innocent people? Do you know how they take a person on the right path and ruin their minds and lives? They get them addicted to drugs. They force them into prostitution to pay for their new habit. May God’s Wrath fall upon them.

People who do good among people doing bad are despised. What makes them think that things should be better than what they are for them? This person won’t take the drug. This person will not surrender their body. They don’t drink. Who doesn’t drink around here? May God deliver them away into a better place. They do not belong around those bad people. May God truly keep bad people away from those who are pure and innocent.

The art of giving

“God loves a cheerful giver,” and “give according to what your heart would have you give.”

Giving can be a learning experience for you. When we think a lot about what we would give we think about what our loved ones want. As a result we learn about them. Besides, that’s half the fun. Making as great a welcome surprise as we can. You might even be that only uncle or aunt that gives things to their nieces and nephews. That isn’t so with me. My family takes gifts seriously, especially on birthdays and Christmas. Children deserve good things. It is a time that will only last a little while. That’s the way I see it. They enjoy these things much more than I ever would.

I send things out in envelopes, things that do not add to shipping. Things like trading cards, Christian book marks, stickers, and so on. They just cost one stamp!

Now that the internet is around we have more choices than ever. We are no longer limited to a store or two. There is a great deal to pick from.

I take it as a small sacrifice that is worth it. I spend about $150 on each person in my family. I spend extra just so they will have it delivered right to their home instead of their PO Box. I don’t really ever think that I would rather have that money for myself. Actually I have so much of what I need that I have run out of things to buy myself. So it is food and those things I will always need (like cleaning supplies) and gifts.

I was told by someone that the best gifts are those things they want but are unwilling to pay for. Like “this would be nice to have but it is just not within my budget to buy.” Then there are those things that you know they would enjoy once they had one. If you know they like coffee then maybe you could get them a coffee grinder and some nice coffee beans. Especially if you always see them going into such and such coffee places.

Be mindful of quality when the prices depend on it just a little more. In other words, if something is much better but just costs a little more, then go for the better thing. I have to admit, I have gotten junk stuff at times when if there was just a little more spent on it it would have been good, really good. So if a person is “cheap” this is especially relevant. If you see them using a lot of batteries but they are “toothpick weight” batteries, get them some name brand batteries. Or, if they use the cheapest laundry detergent they can, get them a box of the name brand cleaner. They’ll have something nice for a change.

After all, you want what you give to last a long time. Once you give what you do there is no taking it back and replacing it with the better thing. You could give something so nice and durable that they have it for ten years, or even a lifetime. Or you could get them something that is easily replaced by something better, as it wasn’t high quality among its kind to begin with.

Our love is unconditional

Jesus taught that it is no honor among them who love those that love them. He said that anyone could love those that love them. That it takes a more righteous person to love those who do not love them.

Jesus dwelt with the sinners. He invested himself in them. Those were the ones he could help. Those were the ones he could teach. They were the ones he wanted with them. He came to earth to save the sinners. He came to earth because of them. God will not lose one of His children. Nor did He lose His Son. Rather He sent His Son here as a Shepherd that would guide us into Heaven. That is a powerful thing!

So let's not ever judge one another as though God does not like a person who sins. As they say: God doesn’t hate sinners. He hates the sin, not the sinner. Through the blood of Christ our sins are as white as snow. They are no longer seen. We live purely among Christ. We ourselves should make that distinction. We should always ask ourselves: is it the sin we do not like, or is it the sinner that we do not like? Self righteousness is far too often a sort of accessory for Christians that they should not have. A holier-than-thou mentality is a wrong one to have. Just as God does not see sin in His children nor should we. We should try not to. We should look at others without judgment. It is not where our eyes belong.

It is when a Christian starts to only see sin everywhere that they begin to go the wrong way. They take upon themselves God’s wrath as their own. They become a bundle of judgment rendering preachers that way and that can be a dangerous thing. They want to persecute the world for its sin. They want to stamp it out. They cannot stamp it out more than any other human that ever existed. As we know, it is only Jesus who can stamp out sin, and that he did.

Going out of our way to be Christian

Jesus said that if anyone would ask an inch out of you to give them a mile. He talked about The Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan found a person beside the road who needed help. He stopped to help him, bringing him to a hotel until he was all better, and paid for that purpose with his own money. Jesus talks about those who would just ignore that person, passing them by, offering no help at all. Is that the world we want? A world where awful things can happen to us and nothing is done about it. Where people don’t care the least about our serious problems? No, a Christian world is better, one in which we are always willing and able to help one another.

Jesus Christ is The Good Shepherd. He will leave his 99 sheep to find the one who is lost. When he returns with that last one, how happy it is for the other 99. God gave Jesus his sheep and “not one is lost,” save the son of perdition (the thief that would take his sheep from him.)

It is all done in faith. When we look unto Heaven: Heaven is what is important. Our time here should be spent being just as Christian as we can. Our reward is that valuable and important. Jesus said that not one time will be forgotten when you help others. If you give a homeless person something good to drink, or if you go out of your way to help someone, then your reward in Heaven will be great.

The ways in which Christianity makes us happier

How it all serves to make us happier people:

It is a relief of worry and concerns. We know we are in God’s hands. We know our futures are prepared for, and so we live for our future. That is a thing of great hope. Our faith guides us into a certainly greater future.

We do not overindulge. Sin does not ruin us. Sin does not put us in harm's way. It has no power over us. It does not ruin our lives.

Our health is not ruined due to sin. Just by being Christian, we are healthier.

We do not have as many emotional problems. By following scripture we reduce negative emotions.

We do not carry hate, jealousy, envy, or spite in our hearts. We are always well intentioned.

We are spiritually well off. We have true happiness over that synthetic kind that comes from materialism.

Our ego does not become out of hand. We do not ever seek to be greater than others. We do not feel inadequate like those that do.

We have a greater Father in our lives. One who brings us what we need. One whom we know cares for us and is there for us all of our lives.

We have each other. We have the greatest family we could have: the family of God.

We are not lost but are rather on a certain path that God has placed us on. We are not like fish swimming in a meaningless sea where only eating and not being eaten matters.

And God has put good things in our lives. He keeps things together for us. He makes things work out for us. He gives us the things we need, always.

Why we should not limit what we have

I used to believe that I could only be a great Christian if I had nothing, nothing as a sort of sacrifice from me. Lots of Christians go down that road. Monks are proof to it and are among the first lifestyles to be adopted by Christians. It isn’t wise however. God gives us things. As long as we do not forget Him due to what we have, we can have anything. Jesus said that whatsoever you ask in my name, my Father will give you. He said “ask and you will receive, knock and the door will be opened.” We don’t want to be totally greedy or anything but I would say “there is no harm in asking.” As long as you are reasonable. It is easy to know when you are being reasonable or not. There was actually a person in the New Testament that asked Jesus to have her children sit at the right and left side of God. Jesus asked if they were worthy. She said “they are worthy.” Then Jesus said “you are indeed worthy,” but that is not his to give. That is only his Father’s to give.

We shouldn’t feel unworthy to receive good food, good clothes, or things that just make life better. If we are wealthy then we should help the poor. Jesus said that it is more difficult for a camel’s toe to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter into God’s kingdom. The disciples asked Jesus “then how is it possible for anyone to get into Heaven?” And then Jesus said, “for man it is impossible, but for my Father, everything is possible.” This goes back to the scripture that says “salvation is not something we earn. It is a gift given by God.” It does not mean that rich people are damned.

The important thing is that your heart is set on Heaven over the world. If your worldly things keep you from God then that is not good. My grandfather had a lot. He had his own business. He had a large home. He was wealthy, you could say. But he always provided for his family. He spent a lot on us. We celebrated the holidays together. He was a man of morals and principles. A guy that would never cuss. Someone who was not abusive. Someone far from anyone who would commit crimes or do wrong. He donated bibles at the local jail. He went to Church his entire life. When he passed on he had many of his things donated to goodwill. He was so honored in his town that his funeral service filled an entire auditorium.

Really seeing the world for what it is

There’s no mistake. The power of Satan has overcome the world. Bad people are in agreement with each other: they are supporting each other, empowering themselves and weakening those who do good. It is becoming such that to do bad leads to reward and to do good leads to punishment, and that is plain scary! A sort of new religion has emerged. Some say that everyone has a religion. That even atheism is a religion. That it is just a part of our nature to have one. Seeing that these sets of beliefs and their sorts of doctrine in presentation are religious is an easy calculation. The lesson here for a Christian is: Christianity is not a religion of worldly concern and involvement. So put the Bible and put God and Jesus Christ above them all. Do not be lost in their causes. Those are entered into by power hungry people of whatever kind. Call it a sort of war they enjoy participating in and the more they slam and hinder the other side the better.

We as Christians see calamity all around. There is no “global warming” or “AI take over,” or whatever else that will bring an end to the world. No, God will bring its end (its renewal. Not really its end but its new beginning.) And we have been given those signs. Those signs are all around. I think the internet is one big thing at fault for things having gotten so bad. If it is a war then it is easy recruitment and easy propaganda. Everything is recorded. Who knows what all went on when we could not record everything. Just hear-say stuff more than it could possibly be today. It has roused everyone. It has split people up. It is “left against right.”

You could say it is uniquely an American problem. The thing is, if America ever got a dictator it could very well be the Antichrist. The one who will unite the world and rule over it. The one who would take over the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth. The one whose dollar counts the most. An old agenda of America. The policing of the world. The one that always stands in the middle, and in the front. It is all a very clear recipe to what the Bible described the Antichrist to be, where he came from, and what he will do.

This anarchy and anti police stuff will simply not work. This hatred for our politicians will not end well. What happens then is that the politicians will throw up their hands, say “**** you then!” And abandon us. Our own personal protection matters. That has been the reason for kings from the beginning. That us and our loved ones are protected. That laws are set forth. If it isn’t a king/queen making things that way then it is gangs that do so. Anyway it happens though, anarchy cannot last. More than likely the police will be changed to the military police. A police state will come about. Martial law will come about. The politicians will be sick of hearing “these people.” “These people” who have come to hate them, who they can find no real connection to any longer. Where a relationship just cannot exist. Then, finally, and not long after, there comes the dictator. The dictator of the most powerful nation on earth. Likely the Antichrist.

History will show it all. What I say now I say to some Christians. Anyone else who would hear these words would just say I am some sort of nut. But those in the future will know exactly what went wrong. The truth of God and Christianity will be known someday. Someday soon probably. How they refused to have God in their country and in daily life. How we instead mocked Him to no ends. How they blasted around the Christians. How they looked for an answer to where these problems came from but could find no answer. All of these things will be revealed to them. It is because of how they took us out of power. It is because they ridiculed our lifestyle and dismissed it as delusional. But when Jesus Christ returns, THE TRUTH will be revealed!

Choosing to have faith and hope

For better or worse, we need them. A thing might go wrong in the end, things might go wrong often, but we must continue to carry faith and hope with us. We cannot lose faith and hope!

We should avoid certain paranoid thoughts. We must not let paranoia interfere with our hopes. For example, thinking things like our mail was stolen and will never arrive, that someone wants to sabotage our lives, that people are out to ruin them, or that things were just not done right. I used to have these sorts of paranoid thoughts. I don’t know about you, if you don’t, then good! For those that do, what I have to say is this: to let your hopes and faith beat your doubt and irrational paranoia.

Those without hope and faith can take what should be a good thing to come and make it into a thing that will never happen. Because something went wrong or something might go wrong. Sometimes we just have to choose to have faith and hope. Without them we can take the best things and ruin them. It halts so many happy feelings when those things get in the way. If you have this problem then happy times become disappointment.

How evil works and spreads

There are evil spirited people everywhere. They carry with them the kind of wisdom that demons do: how to be vicious, how to harm, lie, mislead, ect., and how to make these things be acceptable among common rules. It is a condition they would bring about that evil can do whatsoever it will and the good can do nothing to stop it. The lions have been let loose. They were tamed up until now. Now they spread throughout the world to devour us.

In the 60s people wanted the right to be attractive. Now, people want it to be a law that they are attractive. In the 60s it was all about equality. Now it is about equality not going far enough. Protests used to have nothing to hide. Now it is an activity where power replacement is sought. Instead of the government, they want to be in charge. There is an observable hidden agenda behind it.

Christianity held demons in cages. They captured and carefully stored away evil spirits. Those have been set free by modern people and Christianity has been rendered helpless to stop it.

Fast food used to be a nice thing. You go in, get your food, and enjoy it. What was so complicated about that? Now if the fries are cold they may call the police. If the soup isn’t right it may be thrown in the customer’s face. A convenience store used to be a simple thing to have. Now those that have them have people around they have to worry about, those that just go in and trash it entirely. They say “these companies are getting rich off of us.” “We have little, they have a lot.” And in some bad form of envy they will destroy everything inside.

Drugs are getting worse and worse. They are making people much like zombies. Ones that groan and twist around in a demented way. They lead to deep wounds all over the body. They kill very easily, with just a little, a massive overdose. Good people who work at hospitals to help people do all they can to save these people with Narcan. Interestingly good people are doing what they should. Not judging them. Not letting them just die. But trying to improve their lives as much as they can. These drugs however are out of control. “The war on drugs” is a war we are losing, no doubt.

They are trying to bring down politicians. They are trying to break them. They slander them. They ridicule them. They demonize them. They don’t want them to do what they are there for: to protect good people. To keep things in the world civil, peaceful, evil spirits hate those things. Nothing a politician can do is right anymore unless it promotes and protects evil people. Worst of all children are being involved in those intentions.

Propaganda has never been so easy to come by. They have video editors, video sharing websites, whatever form of website they need, and so on. Very easily, one person can speak to thousands or even millions to spread their wicked propaganda. So recruitment is easily come by, and good people are ganged up on through them. They are made to be silent or else are ostracized. Sometimes they risk their lives if they speak out against the implementation of iniquitous things around them.

Things are being turned around: if you are a wolf then lamb is free meat. Good people cannot operate. Things of morality are shut out. If you speak of things of morality you are dismissed right away, even hated for it. If you are on drugs you are given needles and a space to use. You are “mentally ill” for being addicted and granted just as much help funds as Schizophrenic people are given. No bail has become a thing. You can just leave right after the crime. Then they repeat, and again repeat what they’ve done without serious repercussions. In Norway they made the most humane prison system that ever was. It is basically a low security house. Now California is seeking to change over their own prison system to something somewhat similar to that.

They turn our good intentions and well meaning against us.

They gather in numbers every day.

They grow smarter every day.

And things are going to hell.

Time to be in survival mode

I learned a few things about homelessness. I was homeless for a year here in San Francisco. The most important thing to know about it is what you should have. You should have a pocket radio, preferably analogue over digital. That and those that take two AA batteries. That’s because two batteries last about two weeks even if used all the time. Having a few paper notebooks is a good thing, and of course some pens. If it is the only entertainment you will have beside the radio, write your testimony. A Holy Bible is something you should have. Like a compact hardcover one. Nothing is worse than the rain while homeless. Businesses typically do not have roofs you can go under, deliberately so. So a tarp, an umbrella, and maybe a rain coat should be things you have. Warm clothes and a blanket. Even if it feels warm in your home, trust me, at night it is very cold out there. Enough to make you incredibly miserable in fact. An overcoat is a good thing to have. More than a coat it is a blanket! Then of course you should have some money saved.

As for what you do while homeless: don’t talk to anyone. Certainly do not if some suspicious person comes to you (go with me to some awful place. Try this.) even if they promise you a home, just walk away from them. There are bad people out there that would get you into drugs and traffic you. As for food it is either begging or eating from the garbage. That’s just the sad reality of it.

The Bible spoke of a person who was ready and who was not. The one who was ready had what she needed. The one who didn’t ask to have what she had. She told them no, if she did then she wouldn’t have enough for herself. Have a plan of where you would go. Have money saved. You never know if you’ll be the victim of some second horrible holocaust that occurs against Christians. With the emergence of The Beast, those who do not worship him will not be allowed to buy food or have money.

Keep the faith

We were in power up until recently. We guided nations and changed the course of the world and society for a very long time. Now we are in a time where we are ridiculed, hindered, abused even, with perhaps worse things in store for us. Jesus said that those who are persecuted in his name shall have a great Heavenly reward. So continue to share the faith and the gospel with others.

In the earlier days of Christianity it was much more difficult for Christians. They were thrown into the lion's den.. Or the arena with them. We have grown comfortable in believing that the world should be Christian and everyone knows it. Things aren’t that way anymore. The older generation in particular had become used to that setting where God’s Word was important and highly valued. So quickly, without turning around more than a few times, that has changed. In fact it has reversed. It is now “bad” to talk about God’s Word and what He wants and expects from us.

But keep the faith. Know that it is more important than ever. Know that our numbers have shrunk but we must be blessed. We are blessed to be Christian when it is that the world is against us. We are a diamond in the rough. Among so many doing wrong and bad there are us, the little light left in the world. We are treasured by God.

Jesus said that if someone does not believe you, then move on to the next house. He says to not “throw your pearls to the swine,” they will hate you for it. But anyone who would listen, speak to them.

The Bible says that in the end times Christians will be hated the world over and even hunted down. 2 They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God. (John 16:2.) (World English Bible.)

22 You will be hated by all men for my name’s sake, but he who endures to the end will be saved. 23 But when they persecute you in this city, flee into the next, for most certainly I tell you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man has come. (Matthew 10:22-23.) (World English Bible.)

Enduring until the end means keeping the faith. And as Paul said, “fight the good fight.”

Being prepared to see God

We can still bring some light into this world. We can dare to share the gospel. We can dare to say what God wants from all of us. While our words may not be appreciated or even detested, they will ring true in time. We can help more than a person or two. We are at the end of a great legacy, the surviving members of an ancient race of people known as The Christians. We are at the end of the story. We are entering into a new and greater beginning. As the Bible says, many who are last will be first.

We are gathering up our things and ready to go. Heaven awaits us and our ticket is in our hearts. What the world has left for us may be minimal but what God has in store for the world is a great thing. Heaven is in store for the world, Heaven is coming here. God’s paradise for us is coming about. Like a new Eden, where the curse is no more. And what ages that took, through that time, through the time of Jesus, and two thousand years we might have what past Christians so desired.

If so– if it is to happen in our lifetime, then we should be ready. The Bible says that we will someday give an account of our lives to God. What would you tell Him when that time comes? Will you be able to say that you lived by His will as much as you could? Would you understand the transition beforehand? Or will you enter into it being entirely unaware of what is suddenly before you? True faith is being certain in God. Those that pray to Him know surely that He hears them. Those whose faith is lacking talk to God like they are talking to themselves. They knew all along that God certainly exists. Unless you have that degree of faith then you cannot fully appreciate your existence as a Christian, as a child of God.

Those that do fully believe in God will in one moment be here and in the next be with Him, with a great surprise, but an expected one. Those without such faith will probably think ‘who are you?’ and ‘where am I?’ You want to find that degree of faith that provides certainty. The power of your faith is about the most important thing you can work on. As The Bible says: Only faith pleases God. You cannot fully benefit from Christianity if you only have a little faith, if there is too much doubt besides. You cannot find the power of the Holy Spirit that way. You will not obtain the degree of peace that you should have. You will be left with fears of death and maintain worry if you do not have sufficient faith. With enough faith in the living Son of God you will find true happiness.

Live a life where you feel you are worthy of Heaven. You should not carry the feelings that you do not. You should have the kind of faith that would welcome you into heaven instead of feeling that you should not be going there or be there.

Be clean within and without. Be seen as doing good when that day comes. That day comes on a day you might not expect. But for those that are found doing wicked things, the Bible says:

Luke 12:45-46 (WEB)

45 But if that servant says in his heart, ‘My lord delays his coming,’ and begins to beat the menservants and the maidservants, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken, 46 then the lord of that servant will come in a day when he isn’t expecting him, and in an hour that he doesn’t know, and will cut him in two, and place his portion with the unfaithful.

To have faith means to do God’s will. To have faith means to put your trust in God. To have faith means to fully have God in your life.

Armor of The Apocalypse

Ephesians chapter 6.

The true power is the power of love

1 Corinthians 13

The fruits of the spirit

Galatians 5:22

Hope and trust in The Lord

Psalms 23

The verse of Salvation

John 3:16

The Son of God and The Children of God

The Gospel of John, chapter 1

The Good Shepherd

John 10:11

Signs of the end

Matthew 24

God has a plan for you

Jeremiah 29:11

The Sermon on The Mount

Matthew chapter 5

The Rapture

1 Thessalonians 4:15–17

Salvation is a gift from God

Ephesians 2:8-9

The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13

“You have made my church a den of thieves”

Matthew 21:13

The prodigal son

Luke 15:11-32

House upon stone or sand

Matthew 7:24

“For everything there is a season”

Ecclesiastes 3

I will remember your sins no more

Isaiah 43:25

A great hunger

We hunger for righteousness. We hunger for peace. We even hunger for God’s wrath. When I see things on the news of one person killing another just because it is in their pleasure to throw away their lives, I surely await God’s wrath against them. They have it in their hearts to kill a number of people sometimes, even little children. I grieve for their parents. I know that God has bad things in store for such people just as it should be.

I saw on the news that a good employee tried to stop a shoplifter. All those around the despicable person rooted them on. They said things like “hurry!” They posted messages about it that read: I love it when we (thieves) are all on the same side.” I felt bad for that employee. She was a hard worker at that business and some people would just enter in, take what they can, just because everyone else is, just because they don’t care about things like right or wrong.

People are pleading with lawmakers and authorities to do something about it. People have become entirely blatant in so many ways: just because they can and because everyone else is. They take their vehicles and ram through barred doors. Because “there is no honor among thieves” they are producing a new norm: that of bad things leading to reward and good people “should be punished.” They regard themselves as gods. In all ways that applies and for all the wrong mental states it brings: they think they are gods.

There are two sides of people. One is in dire need for greater protection. They have jobs they work damn hard at. They live responsible lives. They are law abiding. They are always well intentioned. They even live their whole lives without once being in trouble. But trouble comes for them. These would steal instead of work. Those whose sense of morality is shot. These people live like animals. They think like animals. They are like dangerous animals in fact. They cannot be domesticated. It is worse than a lion when someone walking down the street is randomly stabbed to death and the murderer just casually keeps on walking by. It is worse than a bear strolling into a store when a person goes in to wreck every little thing, smashing everything inside. These are examples of things commonly happening.

There are different ways that people react to it all. They might be used to it. They might be “desensitized” to it. There are those that live ordinary lives up until now. It hasn’t come to their door so they don’t really care. There are those that just do not care. There are those that are a part of it and love it all. Then there is the Christian, who hungers for a better world. A more peaceful world. A world of harmony. A world more like Heaven. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. Just when things are at their worst God will return. That is a wrath that they cannot stop. That they cannot twist to their favor. It is in fact a power that shall overwhelm them one and all (those who do wrong) and as powerless as Christians are to stop these people from doing what they do, God will stamp them out like cockroaches. He will rip them from the earth like weeds!

This ugly “garden” of weeds will then flourish with flowers. To live will then be a thing that’s our right: the right God gives to His children, but takes from those who would do evil things on this planet. We will eat from the tree of God (The Tree of Life.) They will not. They will be cast in an eternal fire. That day will come when they entirely didn’t expect it to. They know nothing of God. They refused to live right. They chose to harm others in life. They even regarded the lives of others as meaningless things. We know someday that God will bring about their end.

“Oh, where have you been, my blue-eyed son?

Oh, where have you been, my darling young one?

I’ve stumbled on the side of twelve misty mountains

I’ve walked and I’ve crawled on six crooked highways

I’ve stepped in the middle of seven sad forests

I’ve been out in front of a dozen dead oceans

I’ve been ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard

And it’s a hard, and it’s a hard, it’s a hard, and it’s a hard

And it’s a hard  rain’s a-gonna fall.”

–Bob Dylan, “Blue Eyed Son.”

Modern self-seeking “Christians”

Some of them want the biggest pie of all: to be Jesus Christ himself. The Bible carefully teaches us not to believe those who say they are Jesus Christ. Jesus is not going to come here and take up life in a home and gather followers. He will be returning in the clouds with all the angels and power of heaven behind him.

Then there are those whose Christianity is just a thing of convenience. They know that by merely bringing it up they can grab a great deal of people on their side. They might even have the belief that merely acknowledging it makes them Christian, all by itself. They have Christ in their hearts and that is all that matters. They think that in a way that has no substance behind it.

Then there are those who are obviously more involved in the world and its concerns. They know about Christianity. They know it better than others, they think, and make excuses for their false beliefs that way. That is another thing of convenience. They only believe as it is convenient to and are good at finding scriptures to invalidate any who are against them. In other words they fit themselves into Christianity instead of fitting Christianity into themselves.

Of course there are also those who are frauds to begin with. They are just after money. They only have to be good at pulling off motivational speeches.

Some rouse a fire in their congregation. They are no better than a dictator at a pulpit (except for their power being limited.)

Churches are meant to be a localized thing. If they are not, then they cannot help the community. That makes a lot of sense. If you are supporting a TV preacher then there is no really telling where their money will go. Where it won’t go however is into your community. Church is a thing of Christian brethren. It is not where you stand alone in your room and sing along with the TV. It is not supposed to be that way.

Having the best interest in the world at heart

Where do these 130 million dollar lawsuits come from? A million alone is way up there. The Bible says that Christians shouldn’t sue. I wouldn’t sue. I understand that accidents happen, for one. Some would say that it should be agreed that accidents on the road happen. It isn’t like they deliberately happen, unless from bad people, then there is punishment for those. Society can't keep together when multi million dollar lawsuits are occurring so frequently. That punishes the people who work at these places and are doing a good job, even putting their hearts into it. It tears a business apart and forces them into bankruptcy all because of one dumb person.

SSI should not be taken unless the person truly needs it. They will use lawyers and dispute any rejection until it happens.

It is considered a bad thing when kids are disciplined in school. This only leads to an undisciplined generation, even one that’s out of control. They are put in environments where they are taught to freely dominate.

There are dictators getting away with sheer brutality. They execute their citizens out of paranoia. They force them into life long labor camps (slavery.) They torture, they would execute innocent civilians. Sometimes they are forced to worship their leaders.

Some would deliberately obstruct society. They would render as much damage to it as they can. They would seek to disrupt it. They would have it be non functioning. I live in such a nation.

The best a person can do is work and work hard. To work at making a better world just by having a good job. That if something goes wrong they don’t immediately get a lawyer in order to collect millions of dollars. The world is already in bad enough shape. Taking such a grand amount of money like that will only make things worse over all, in the long run. The best a Christian can do is to forgive, as forgiveness is their core attribute. “Forgive us of our debts, as we have forgiven our debtors.” Adam blamed Eve. Eve blamed the serpent. Blaming is a part of our nature and is something we should fight off.

When we begin to go down the wrong path

And returning to the right path

They say that identifying the sickness early gives you the best chance to treat it and fix it. The same applies to us when we start going down the wrong road. It starts with having bad things in the mind against another. We begin to get paranoid and paranoia even takes over. We look at something small and “make a mountain out of a molehill.” By then we have to double down on being more rational over this small thing. This small thing we got wrong. As the person may have been well intentioned all along and didn’t mean anything by it.

I feel bad when I make others feel bad. Sometimes I just put my foot in my mouth. I was at a store and they have these handles they tape onto big box things. They put them on to make them easier to carry. They don’t fit into bags. The store was smart for that. The cashier was just trying to help me. She even put on a few more than she needed to, to help me. Then I said “don’t do that! It’ll tear up the box when I remove them.” I had told her it was a mothers day gift. I just made her feel bad about trying to help me.

We don’t want to hate ourselves. I guess feeling bad might be honorable enough. It would keep you doing well around others. It can be the basis of being gentle, kind, and full of respect. Too much though and The Devil comes in to fill our heads with doubt.

Once a person starts committing a crime, for example, selling drugs, they are super careful to not get caught. They are discrete. They are every bit cautious. Over time though, one person coming to their door to buy becomes many. They might have even become quite comfortable in their homes with a lot of money. Then a dreadful day comes. A pounding on the doors. Their arrest. This happens with just about any criminal you can think of. They will continue until they are caught.

There are also people that are hateful in general. They can’t stand beside another without some hateful thing said. I see them on the bus here and there. One on the news recently took the fight outside and got stabbed. I guess it could go the other way around too, that he or she stabs someone and they get arrested for murder or attempted murder. As for the bus, I pay for my ticket every time. A person never knows when the police are going to board and check for tickets. One time I was trying to get to the front to pay for my ticket and this guy told me not to “you are already on the bus,” he said, “so you don’t have to pay.” I don’t know what he meant by that really. From what I can tell a lot of people do not pay. Again, though, before too long that non-payment is going to lead to a big fine.

A guy once asked me to watch over his girlfriend and tell him if she was cheating on him. He offered me a stone of crack for it. I told him “I don’t smoke it.” He said, “there’s a first time for everything.” But for me, there will be no first time. That was when I was 19 years old. I am now 42. That is the reason why I don’t try it once. Only by trying it once could I ever try it two, three, until it never leaves my life. I have in fact never done any drugs. So beware of the first time when it comes to addictive things. The first time is the worst choice. Then there are people who quit smoking but leave around a pack someplace. A gal told me that was so with her and she was just about to tear into that pack one day and get back into smoking, when she had quit over ten years ago.

Unless we carefully learn self control we can make bad choices that become worse choices. A person either matures or spoils. We should not keep company with wicked people. Sooner or later while around them we will do as they do. There are those stories we hear about a person getting better in prison, vows to never return to the old lifestyle, but then goes back into their old gang. Once back inside it isn’t long before they start smoking whatever again, start fighting for whoever again, and before long it is just the same as it was before. As much as you can, do not enter into bad groups!

Domestic abuse will only become worse and worse. Sexual crimes will become more liberal. These things should be reported. 6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were  better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:6.)

In most cases only punishment can stop people from doing bad things. They will only grow worse in behavior until then. A person can be their own punisher. That entails things like self control, self leadership, self guiding, self transforming things. If for no other reason, doing so because the Bible tells you so. We know we have a Father that would have us doing good and teaches us to do good, so turn to Him. Pray that you change for the better. Do what the Holy Bible and God would have you do!

Philanthropy.. The good fight

The only good reason for war is to save civilians from harsh abuse. Dictators and warlords kill far more than any regular murderer could. They use bombs and great guns for those things. They use drones and great jets to kill. Not a knife, not a rifle, but those. So they should be considered the worst kinds of murderers. Murderers that sometimes slaughter women and children. They should always be subject to war crimes if not immediately, but with certainty.

People who corrupt the Bible so bad as to make sex cults, suicidal cults, destructive ones, are just as subject to law as anyone else. Some fool themselves into thinking that they are immune. It is a religion. Some of them mistakenly believe that they have the power of God with them in what they incur. Even in being in court and up until they are sentenced they are convinced the hand of God will fall down upon their prosecutors. Who knows if they ever learn any better. They may sit in prison for ten years believing that they are being punished for righteousness and in the end will be warmly welcomed into Heaven, even though they abused kids, veritably raped or outright so, starved their members to death, or whatever egregious thing they did.

Fighting for freedom is a good fight. Those who fight for it know that they are fighting a good fight. As a result, their spirit for it is just stronger. I am proud that our American borders are protected. That they are greatly protected by man and machine. That as much as possible, they cannot be penetrated. That no foreign Lord can come in and invade us, enslaving us, robbing us of our rights.

Governments should take care of their citizens. They should have humanity towards them. They should have a strong regard for human rights. The rights granted in our constitution gives us rights that we must have. That without them, it will not go well for any power that takes them away. Those are the sorts of rights we have. The ones that maintain a level of peace between government and people. No reason to take over the government, they have not taken away our rights. So we peacefully exist together. Except.. Except for the demon possessed who wants to take it over. We shouldn’t have any problems but because of them we certainly do. That is evil at work. It is an evil that does not want philanthropic things to exist, nor human rights, or rights at all, just a rule of evil over us. That is the spirit we contend against.

12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12 NIV )

The voice of the righteous has dwindled down. Our voice has never been so quiet and unheard. Has never been so ignored, has never been so rejected and even hated. We have been made out to be fools. Just us kooky Christians. There are welcome doors for other religions. It really says something when it is that we are the ones who are mocked and demonized while the others are not. That is because evil powers do not like us. We are the ones of Truth. We are the ones of God’s Will with the power of Christ with us. The Devil always wants it to be about him. He wants it made of himself. He wants the songs. The movies, the books, the Church, and all else. The world itself, he wants, a world that was taken from him and given to God’s Son. He would purge it from Jesus Christ and Christians all he can. If he cannot have it, which he cannot, then he will destroy it, which he is. He would gather up its inhabitants and take them with him to hell.

Keep this in mind: the dim light will grow stronger. The whole world could be doomed. Overtaken by evil and people of evil. There might be only a few of us. As history has shown, our light shall grow. We will not stop until the light returns. Darkness has never been able to put out the light. It never will. At our darkest hour Jesus Christ came into the world and brought to it light. The Word goes around. The Word is truly desirable and truly loved. It is the message of The Gospel. And the word of Christ will never die. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.   Matthew 24:35.

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing  made that was made. 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.  (John 1:1-5.)

So let your fight be a good one. Let it be against the evil present in today’s world. Even though everyone around you is bad, be Holy. You have the power of God with you. Not one hair on your head will be harmed. You have the living temple of Jesus within you. You were written in the Book of Life, not the Book of Death. You have a purpose. You have a meaning under God. God knows you from the beginning to the end. You are His child and He loves you, always.

Christian purpose, which fits you?

3 And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ. 2 I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: for hitherto ye were not able to bear it, neither yet now are  ye able. 3 For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men? (1 Corinthians 3:1-3.)

Paul was speaking about being gently led into the scripture here instead of all at once. He teaches that the beginning of learning isn’t a thing of “all at once,” but a thing of a little at a time until you learn it well. Like being given milk instead of meat at first.

So the person who has decided to be a Christian should take it slowly but surely. The New Testament is not a large book. With dedication to reading it you can have it down quickly enough. Applying it to your life is a lifelong thing however. It is a rich book. It is a book of the greatest knowledge that there ever was. Jesus is wiser than even Solomon. (Matthew 12:42.) As the Bible says, the blind can’t lead the blind. Learning and adapting comes first, then comes the life of living and acting like a Christian.

Where do you go from there? You could be a priest or a preacher. You could build a Church if you are truly dedicated to teaching. You could become a Christian youth counselor in a Church, or one that conducts a bible study. Whatever kind of clergy you want to be you can participate in. You might outgrow one position for another as well.

You might choose to be an author. Obviously that is what I decided. You are reading one of my books. This is not a money making thing for me. All of my books (as ebooks) are free and in the public domain as I would have them be. Even the revenue is set to zero to make them as cheap to be. That is the way I decided to do it. If you are going to be an author then I have advice, some experience to offer: we all know what staring at a clock is like. “A watched pot never boils.” So don’t have a page based goal. Instead, set a certain amount of time you will write and when the time is up then you are done. Whatever many pages you wrote is your work for the day. Be as consistent as you can during that time without much stopping. I like to have a few things to briefly turn to that sort of serve as micro breaks. Such as some iced tea and coffee to drink. Smoking too, I hate to admit. I had a really hard time finding just the right online book publishers. Either they wanted my money, their requirements were unreasonable and unconventional, or whatever else. Here are the ones I have used and even though over time some may disappear online, here’s the ones I currently use:, Google Play Books,,,,,,,, (this one requires money), and Then there is of course and KDP. Lulu will get your book onto Amazon and many other paper back book sites for just the cost of your book “to check it over.”

I like to write out my tags before I start publishing online. That way I don’t have to guess one then another and again and again. I have a list of 30 of them written on an index card that I can easily type out when required. I also make a text file of the book's description so I can just copy and paste it on.  These book publishing sites always require a particular kind of file. Most commonly there is the PDF. There are also those that require a DOC (not a Docx but a Doc.) I have to use to turn the docx to a doc. In most regards the doc is obsolete but they use those to make a better conversion or something.

Make a good cover! Also, try for at least 100 pages. There are just too many online publishing authors who come out with these 80 page books. It feels cheap. I wouldn’t say it stands as a book unless it is at least 95 pages long.

Why be an author? There is nothing so universal as a book. It can bring in any other art form into itself. If music, then sheet music, if art, then drawings, if video game making, codes or just a large presentation of ideas. It is a side project of mine: Notebook of New Video Game Ideas. I have done three of those with a goal of at least five. Books contain a great deal more information. They convey more. More than a song ever could. They have small file sizes. You can write anywhere. You cannot paint anywhere. You cannot sing anywhere. You cannot do carpentry anywhere. But you can write anywhere. Whether it is privately on your smartphone, with a laptop at a coffee place, or if all you have is paper and pen, it can be done anywhere.

Once done it is always done, remember that. You might work a few weeks on a book, for whatever time, and it can take up your day for a while. It is a one time work that produces something you will always have. It will always exist after that. That’s a neat thought. And as for equipment to write with: there are smartphones (I don’t recommend them because they often result in books riddled with grammatical mistakes), but there are laptops, tablets and keyboards for them, your large TV as a monitor, file saving devices, scanners if you want a handwritten book or to draw out a cover, and choices like keyboards are important. I prefer a wireless keyboard with a mouse pad on it. It is kind of annoying to have the mouse for your right hand and the keyboard for your two hands.

That’s all that you could ever need to know with writing. That and it gets easier. The more you write the more you have to write about, it is that way.

Moving on..

You could become a Missionary.

You could offer your talent to a Church. I have two examples of that. There was a church I attended in my youth that had a highly talented air brush artist come in sometimes. He painted these excellent depictions of the bald eagle and the American flag. In another Church there were classical musicians that would come in. Like a duo to a quartet. Some on violins, others on piano, and so on. They brought more members in and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want it to be more of a spiritual venture for you then you can always join a church choir.

Some choose to be street preachers. I see them all the time in San Francisco. I am always happy to take their little books. They basically teach the Bible using a microphone. You might go the way of the Jehovah's Witnesses and go door to door. After all, Jesus sent out his disciples to do that. I am not altogether in line with them but they do make good reading material.

You could make Christians products. You can make Christian stores. You can sell Christian reading materials of all kinds in them. You could take up selling them online. You could also buy a lot of Bibles and hand them out to people in jail or place them where they may be desired. I know that I have found a Holy Bible once or twice when I needed it the most. The question is: what product? They can range from bookmarks to something as grand as a carefully made new bible translation (or maybe we have enough of those already.) Christian jewelry, religious candles, books, stickers, clothing, there are lots of options.

You can start a not for profit. Provide help the best way you can. Whether it is feeding the homeless or giving them shoes. Whether it is. You can do it individually too. You could make sack lunches for the homeless. You could give them fast food gift cards.

You could enter into theology in a university. From that you can get a really good education of the Bible and be able to teach it much better than you could otherwise. You also have that behind you if you wish to enter into Church service.

Maybe you just want to visit Jerusalem. That is a perfect destination for any Christian!

You might put your heart into writing a hymn. So to learn to read music if you do not know how to already. Then on pen and paper come up with the best hymns that you can.

You might make a Christian based video game. One that is actually a lot of fun!

You might make art depicting Jesus Christ.

It may be your calling to put forth a new religion. If you feel that things could be done better and more rightly, then that may be so. If you want the sort of people that you believe God would want, then perhaps so. If you come to the conclusion that there is a better way, then setting that way up could be a good cause that God has given you. Be careful in doing so, or else many may be misled.

Some psalms/ prayers

1– Faith is what matters the most.

Faith to continue in hard days.

Faith to make a bad thing good. To be assured that God is with you. Don’t let an hour go by in the day in which you do not regard God. Just as much as in the beginning of our lives God continues to be present in them.

The bad days will turn to good days.

The problems of the world will be thoroughly washed away. Not a remnant of what is bad will be found among us. We will enter into God’s Kingdom one day. One day soon! And everyday brings us closer to that.

2– May your strength in Christ grow.

May your inner light grow.

May the temple of Jesus Christ flourish within you.

May your hope grow, may your belief grow.

May you grow strong in The Lord.

3– May you be sure of where you are going.

May you know where you are being taken.

May you enter there without harm, without worries in your days.

May you happily go where God is taking you.

May you reside in God’s kingdom and rejoice all of your days.

4– May evil be overtaken.

May it be torn in two, divided, cornered, and conquered.

May what is twisted and grotesque be seen for the ugly that it is.

May God take the earth and make it clean again.

May He uproot every weed.

May He make a most beautiful place for us.

Us who keep the peace, us who fight for what is good,

Remove us from what is evil

With all the vengeance of God to hand evil over to destruction

Keeping us safe, without our purity tainted

May the evil in the world drown and wash away from us

Until light brightly shines again.

5– Please cherish our souls, Lord God.

Please guide us into your kingdom

If we ever grow dark inside, return the light within us

Never let the light go out

Guide us into your kingdom safely

Turn away bad and evil things from us

Send them away so they do not hurt us

And be with our loved ones, protecting them too

Keep us forever, return us to your ways if we are ever lost

Please remember the good in us

Please find us worthy of salvation

Please be with us always, no matter the sin.

6– If our days become very bad

If our days become full of bad things

Then please restore our lives

Please bring us into a better place

If we ever lose our home,

Please return us to one.

If we ever become hungry,

Please come to us and feed us

If our days become completely bad

Please take us in your hands and bring us to a better place.

7– Don’t let our wicked desires become so bad that they remove us from you

Please keep us in your heart

If we become corrupted by the world

Please restore us into the good person we were

Or should be

Take us up like clay to make of us good people

Please remove the bad things from our lives

Prevent us from engaging in what is wrong

Gracefully return us to righteousness

Not letting us be condemned as bad and the unbelieving are

But full of faith and the love of your ways,

Oh Lord God.

8– Let us have faith enough to love

Love for its own sake

Love because it is your will

Let us be better together

Accepting of each other, joyfull one and all

Never full of spite

Never full of jealousy, of hate

But ever able to forgive and bear each other

May greater love enter our lives

Enter into the world

And give us hope in it, give us reward in it,

Give us life through it,

Bring about good because of it,

And have it stand forever strong in the world,

And in Your kingdom.

9– Please take away our selfish nature

For what is selfish cannot love

Make of us those who understand

Those who wish to know about one another

Those that are not envious

That we be without competition in our lives

Accepting everyone’s place

Knowing they belong here just as much as anyone else

And not fighting for superiority

Rather, to have the soul as those who do which love

That is a life without as much pain

That is a better spiritual state

So give to us these: consideration, compassion, and empathy.

And remind us of the value of these every day.

10– May we be cradled in your love

May we be held in your grace

May we be guided right

May we grow into your kingdom

May that day come well

Not harsh, not in violence, not in agony

But when our day comes, let it be the best of days

Open our eyes to the understanding of your presence

Have us identify you right away

Bring us gently into your kingdom

And please remember us for all good when that time comes.

Drowning in the cares of the world

For every person there is an issue available and most of them are intricate. They are sometimes even deeply rooted ones that are whole worlds within themselves. They are a way, like religiously so. People are spokespersons for them, activists. Their whole lives can be guided by them. It is something they fight for all of their lives. They may think they are urgently needed, else the world falls prey to the enemies assigned to them. They will invest what they can. They will devote everyday to it. They have to do something with their lives, and for many, life is meaningless without it all.

What is a Christians place in the world? It is a place with God in it. It is going to Church. Helping who we can. Living righteously, civilly, being peacemakers, kind and gentle people, and teaching others the gospel. Other things can get in the way of that and steer us off course. The world has had a lot of time to develop cause after cause. With great speed due to the internet, groups have maximized and compacted themselves. When we join online groups they should be Chrisitan ones. We have our presence online too, thankfully.

Our focus is on God and being Holy. God wants us to be Holy and that is a blessing. The world and its things have never been so distracting.

15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love  the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever.  (1 John 2:15-17 KJV.)

Life is about doing the will of God. That is always the right way of doing things.

The best Christian you can be

I cannot expect great standards from you myself as I don’t feel my own are as high as they should be. I would say that good standards are that you help those who need it sometimes, that you read the Holy Bible at least a little every day. Watching videos that are accurately based on scripture counts too. Where would you donate to? You might find a worthy not for profit to give to. Just be sure you know where your dollars are going. I like toys for tots. Every child deserves a Christmas! Our standards don’t have to be enormous or anything. We should just do our best. Some love nothing more than going to Church every Sunday to learn new things. Some can read the Bible a great deal and enjoy doing so. It is not a book that is difficult to learn. The stories are memorable, as are the parables of Jesus Christ and the rest of it. The New Testament is just a small book really. It is the book of Revelations where you need help in understanding it.

We have a live and let live mentality. We want things to be well among each other. So we forgive more and seek to turn our enemies into friends. That is one way in which the scripture works in our favor. The best Christian we can be is the best person we can be. The more we read and learn The Bible the more we grow and the better we mature. So the best Christian we can be is the best person we can be.

Are angels aliens?

Is God’s Heavenly Kingdom in space? The book of Ezekiel seems to describe a spaceship. It doesn’t describe one that would resemble our typical imagination of one. I think our imagination of them is short sighted though. I think that highly advanced aliens would not go around in metallic ships. That is how far our imagination has gone in our current time. There are the questions of what comes after metallic space ships, and maybe that is found on a more spiritual level, scientifically and technologically speaking.

People in the bible days however could not have possibly conceived these things in their imagination. They could not even have thought up a pocket radio, let alone our enormously complicated computers.

The Bible says that God’s kingdom will come to earth. There is the Lord’s Prayer. There is Jesus returning to establish his rule here, and a lot of other scripture on it. A New Heaven and a New Earth. Some say that means renewed, others believe it means a whole new Heaven and Earth altogether. We live in a world of physics. God is not bound to physics. God does not have to dwell under physics nor does His angels and nor does Heaven. God is timeless. So when the Bible says that the sun will be no more, that God’s light will be our light, then that makes more sense.

As for me I believe that God’s kingdom will be just like Earth except grander and equipped with alien technology that would eliminate human suffering. God may put forth a different “physics” here. The Bible says that Jesus will prepare a home for us here. One that suits us. For some, just a basic thing, for one, a social place, for another, a more private place. It is like the curse is coming to an end. In our earlier days we suffered far greater, against disease, against agriculture, famine, our primitive ways. We have come to a place in time where so much of that has been undone. Undone through science and technology. Undone by countless brilliant minds. I think that God will see us the rest of the way through. The Bible says that only those who believe in God’s Son are saved. The Bible also says..

9 Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

(Philippians 2:9-11. KJV)

Every knee shall bow. All in heaven, all on earth, and under it (the grave?) And every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, for God’s glory.

We were set out to work on the hard land. We were driven out of The Garden to do so. We have taken up that punishment for ages. And like the Bible says: many who are first will be last and many who are last will be first. We were brought from Heaven onto the Earth in a better time. That is not so for everyone. Some in our current time could not have it worse. All things will get better and every soul will one day live in harmony within the kingdom of God. Even the wolves will eat with the lambs.

Our relationships

What makes for a Christian relationship? We should never be abusive, that is the first thing. A Christian parent disciplines, for sure, but does not abuse. Nor should spouses abuse each other. We must give our children good lives. We must certainly be responsible enough to feed and clothe them. Children are meant to have fun in life while they can. They only have that time once. In fact that time can only be once. That in itself will help them grow. Without happy things a child may never learn to be happy. So holidays should be celebrated. Birthdays too. Vacations with them, to great and wonderful places. We cannot begin to experience the joy they have for these things ourselves, as adults. They love and brightly anticipate them in every way. Just remember, they are already pure in God’s eyes.

Maybe you have no children. I don’t, by choice. I have never been able to afford a thing like that, for one. I do not think I could fully invest myself in it, so I don’t do what I know I cannot do. I mail out gifts to the family I was born into, to my siblings, parents, nieces, and nephews. I pay a fair amount for it all. That is no problem at all for me, I enjoy doing so. I never feel it cannot be afforded. They are still my family and always will be. My parents are getting older and so it is a time of complete forgiveness and understanding. I would very much feel bad if they passed on after an argument between me and them. The time left is important to me.

I am an alone kind of person and I believe that it is just how God made me. I just do not feel alone ever. I don’t talk to myself or anything like that. Talking could come easy if it was something I wanted. I could just find an email friend or something. But I don’t want them. If you are the same, don’t consider it a bad thing, that is just how God made you.

There is a Church for any lonely Christian. Some even have “singles” groups that may help you find a partner (a future spouse.)

Just like kids can be spoiled, so can your friends be. I had a friend that would give all of his money away as soon as he got paid. When that time came everyone was “secretly talking to him” about giving them the most. They took him aside, and the whole thing was obvious. I even heard the guy on the phone talking to his friend who was saying “you should be giving me that money, I am your real friend.” He’d go over that again and again with him. He was a “here’s a twenty dollar bill” kind of guy. I would turn him down but that sort of made it worse. I would just refuse, such a thing goes against my principles.

Don’t let anyone bully you. The only way out of it is by defending yourself. Until then they are going to take every bit of happiness they can out of you. My Christian father taught me to defend myself. He also taught me to defend my siblings and in such ways I could do no wrong. I mean, I let my presence be known, a strong and impassible one, but I have never really harmed anyone in my life. Just fights when fights had to be.

Some are more into productive relationships. They have a better family at work then they do at home, or it may be the only family they have. I can see its appeal. One helps another, it is very give and take as relationships should be. They would rather spend their time creating things than seeing a movie with someone else or whatever else. I think it is a good mentality to have. It is perfectly fine for one's relationships to come from their coworkers.

Be sure you know what you are getting into when you get married. So many just up and marry at first sight. They just dive right in. After all, what is more fun than “just diving right in?” I would think that makes marriage be without its sacred foundation however. That is in marrying another just to marry. It isn’t marrying out of true love or  understanding. Those who marry and have children will tell you “you learn as you go.” It may seem like a lot all at once. It isn’t all at once, but a year by year thing. Just be sure you are ready to devote 18 years of your life for your kid and the rest of your life with your spouse.

The entire world will be God’s people. The entire world will be God’s kingdom.

Galatians 2:15-17

15 Indeed, we are Jews by birth and not “Gentile sinners,” as they are called. 16 Yet we know that a person is put right with God only through faith in Jesus Christ, never by doing what the Law requires. We, too, have believed in Christ Jesus in order to be put right with God through our faith in Christ, and not by doing what the Law requires. For no one is put right with God by doing what the Law requires. 17 If, then, as we try to be put right with God by our union with Christ, we are found to be sinners, as much as the Gentiles are—does this mean that Christ is serving the cause of sin? By no means!

John  4:21-24 (NIV)

21 “Woman,” Jesus replied, “believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22 You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

Revelations 11:15 (AKJV)

And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become  the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.

Being wary of Biblical misinterpretations

I say that all denominations are right so long as they keep with scripture.. That they do not twist it around or such things. Perhaps God wants different kinds of Churches and followers. If they are all following the Bible then they all have it right. One just focuses on something else. In Revelations God talks about separate Churches and their unique qualities and unique faults. There have always been different branches, churches, and groups in Christianity. The catholic church wanted a monopoly over it. So did every religion that came after: they all wanted their own monopoly. They just want their own cause to dominate. That’s kind of good and bad at the same time. In one way they are just promoting their own but they are tightly bonded to their ways. They fight for Christianity you could say. As long as they don’t misuse or get the scripture interpreted the wrong way then they have just as much right to teach as the rest.

You have to see beyond the “certainty” of a religion. You can’t let yourself believe in a religion for its own sake if you are going to be able to see if something is right or not. So question it. Make your judgment right. It may be that no one is trying to mislead you, not at all. It's just that they got the Bible wrong. That doesn’t even mean you have to leave the religion. Not unless they would force their practice on you– when you know in your heart it is wrong. Otherwise, just do things as you know they are rightly done and understand things as you know they are better understood.

Demented personalities

Throughout history, wearing masks was indicative of the demonic. They want to be cats and dogs. They want to be punks and goths.

Constructing idols too, which these days only come in different forms, as characters and brands. Their meat is sacrificed under the great sign of their temple.

We can hear their accents being demonically uttered in metal or gangster form. They speak in tongues with curse words and their imaginative constructions.

They make the villain and then idolize it. They are presented with visual stories based on them, and then follow after them.

They equate rights to amount to anarchy, something they desire. They would have the tribal way, freely going, without being obstructed in doing wrong.

Their purpose is to lead humankind into being animals and doing only animal things, with opposition to anything spiritual.

It is their pleasure to destroy. It is their pleasure to dominate. To have what they want at any cost with hopes that the world would allow them to gather to loot, steal, harm, and murder.

The Devil and his children are formidable. It cannot be fully measured or grasped just how powerful these have become. It is so everywhere. The world went from a veritably low amount of the Satanic to be full of it in no time at all. Our words against it have come to mean nothing, “just crazy words from an old dead guy-in-the-sky religion.” Every reason is given for the demonic. Every slur against Christian practice has become common.

People have become animalistic. Humans make for the worst animal you can imagine. We need much spirituality to maintain society to begin with. We don’t even have a little, overall. People carry hate in their hearts. They have become like lions. Let’s remember: Satan is like a lion on the prowl. They are of their father, The Devil, who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. The Truth is not in him. When he speaks of his own, it is a lie. (John 8:44-45.)

The Christians were put in the colosseum to fight against lions. The Devil is clever. He knows that such things would give Christianity a martyrdom quality. People would not stand for such a thing and Christinaity would find support over things like that. So he has found other ways to shut us out. He has found different ways to bring in his own. He knows that if people believed he and Jesus Christ existed then they would choose Jesus Christ. So he makes people into atheists. He hides any negative effect that carnality might produce. He in fact glorifies it. He puts masks on their faces that are not directly connected as demonic, but are. He has made temples out of fast food restaurants. Modern idols are trademarks. TV is full of objects of Satanic worship even if the villains do not have the names Beezlebub or Mammon. His hymns are sung with the popular music of today. He has taken away the name. He has twisted evil into forms that are acceptable. He has caused people to treasure it all. And they are, by a people who are truly lost and living under a lie.

Then there are those who believe they are Jesus Christ. They are sure of it in every way. They feel they are a magnificent being among other ordinary people. There was The Heaven's Gate Cult leader who believed he was “somehow” Jesus, that he was born with the mind of Jesus or some such thing. He couldn’t quite explain his own insanity the right way but was sure of himself. He misled his followers into believing they needed to escape earth. It was being “recycled,” whatever that meant. He didn’t really explain it very well but his followers believed it enough to commit mass suicide together. For this journey they put on some Nikes. There are not any who were quite so bad as the heaven’s gate guy.

Times in which we are called to be righteous

Jesus told Peter that he would betray him and Peter said he never would do that. Jesus said, “three times you will betray me,” and Peter did. When Jesus was captured and about to be brought to the cross Peter pretended like he did not know Jesus, three times.

When The Antichrist comes we are going to have to make a choice. Those who worship him will have money and food. Those who do not will not be given food or money. But those who worship him will be damned.

Something wrong can be going on all around and we are either going to be like Oskar Schindler or someone punished for war crimes. Oskar Schindler (there is a movie about him called Schindler’s list. It is a movie that I recommend. He saved as many Jewish lives as he could during world war two.) Whether those responsible for horrible Nazi crimes were young or very old, each one of them were brought to trial in the end. God Himself will punish evil people. For that there is no escape.

The greatest reward in Heaven are for those who fight for righteousness and for the Name of Jesus Christ. You shouldn’t be mistaken: this is not a thing of any kind of violence. It is not about harming anyone who would reject what you say. It is not about forcing it on others either. It is about teaching the gospel. That is all that that means. If anyone hates you for it then you continue anyways knowing there might be punishment for you now, but a reward in Heaven later.

Sometimes Christianity is a hard choice. Such as when it means you might deny yourself pleasure or when you opt to love your enemy instead of being drawn to hate. It might be difficult to forgive but it is better for us spiritually and as Christians. We might have to double down against our sins sometimes. With the help of God we are more able to. We seek to be deeply rooted in righteousness and God’s Word. It may be difficult at first but it becomes easier over time.

Sometimes we have to admit we did wrong. Some of us might even have a very bad thing we must confess to. Instead of going through a course of lies (a course that is not going to be believed anyway) the best we can do is just speak the truth fully and outright. A more wicked person lies left and right to save their lives. Hopefully we will not have done anything so bad as that to begin with.

In older times, Christians could not be stopped from teaching the gospel. They faced a lot of harsh persecution but continued to share it and live it. Things have gotten easier for us since them. In most areas of the world anyway. Some would put you into a sort of political rehab. Some countries would identify you as “heretics” upon the first utterance of who you are. On the whole we are more widely accepted than we were at the start but the start provides us a good example of how strong we can be if we have to be.

On the other hand there are parts of the Bible that can have us lose our jobs and be ostracized when we try to teach them. It is getting so bad that it is practically unlawful. They have gone from right to exist to existence is absolute.. Anywhere, everywhere, in whatever way, with the slightest thing spoken against it taken as a grave offense. It is like tape was put on our mouths and we were told to shut up, even in our own Churches. So modern preachers ever stand strong with what they know is correct in the scripture or else bring up other parts of the scripture that would invalidate it.

Don’t deprive yourself

God wants you to have good things. He gives you good things. He gives you what you need. Hopefully you aren’t how I used to be. I used to always pawn my things because I wanted more money then and there. As a result I never had anything. I was always setting my heart on collecting things. There were times I had some very nice stuff that left my hands all too quickly. Then there were times in my Christian life where I thought that the only things I should buy were clothes and food. I felt that more was some kind of sin. Paul said to be content with clothes and food but he lived far in the past. That was about all there was back then. They didn’t even have paper based books back then. Our necessities have grown if we are to lead normal lives. Even if you only buy a TV to watch Christian based programing then there is your good enough reason. God asks for ten percent.. Helping the Church and the Church's cause, God only asks for a little from us.

Being overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit

I have come to know the feeling once in my adult life. I was wrecked with worry. I was home bound, too afraid to leave. I had unreasonable fears at one time. I had stopped reading the Bible for some time. I had been reading the Bible since I was 7 years old. But this had been at a time where I stopped reading it or even acknowledging it for years and years. Anyways, I suddenly had some sort of enormous epiphany/ revelation about God and His presence, His existence. It was as though He placed Himself right before me and I could sense it. I went looking for a Bible that night. I hadn’t left the house in a while. I found no Bible from the people in my neighborhood so I called my mother and asked if she would bring me one the next day, which she did. I read the first chapter of John (the gospel.) and it was like I dived head first into something deep, fascinating, wonderful, and awe inspiring to use a few words. I left my home to take a nice walk around after that. I felt like a ton was taken off my shoulders. God was with me again. I had The Holy Spirit in me. Every worry was shed. I was happy. I felt great peace! I felt as free as a dove. That’s my personal account of having The Spirit in me.

It happens in Churches sometimes. All of a sudden the whole congregation is brought into the Spirit. When it happens they know a miracle occurred in their Church that day. And when they say it, I believe it, because I know the feeling.

Bullies are something that should be stood up against

We should protect and defend people that we see being bullied. These are sometimes kids that end up committing suicide due to how they are treated. They find hatred and slander and violence given to them on a daily basis. Things like going to school, getting a good education, having a good time in school, are all taken from them by bad people. This is an instance of tough love from a Christian. The Bible teaches us to defend the week, to be that one person who makes life better for another, and to fight for our friends. (No love is greater than giving your life for your friends.) Jesus picked the outcasts to be his friends. He defended them too. We should do the same because everyone deserves a happy life, a chance to grow, get by well in life, and find their potential.

When you should not forgive

Or you could say, when you should not allow evil people to harm you or others. If you are being abused by anyone in your life then you should report it. You should do all you can to remove yourself from it. When your rights are truly violated then you should report that. When you are oppressed may a greater nation save you. Saddam Hussein executed civilians with agonizing and fatal chemicals. He was found guilty of war crimes, clearly so, and who was once a leader over a nation was taken from his post and executed for it.

Not one mistake allowed

None of us are as great and perfect as we may portray ourselves. Most people who appear purely good are not, they are just sort of acting. They have minded their manners all of their lives and lived gentle lives, which is all good, certainly so, but at the core they are still imperfect human beings. Then we see them get out of line just once and they are kicked out of their profession and their livelihood may even be taken from them. Yet the world itself is very crazy right now. Are we not all crazy, pretty much? Maybe that is a part of our craziness, this standard we set. That if people don’t abide then they are ganged up against by mobs, it shows where their heart is, doesn’t it? That they are predators looking for one mistake from a person or saying one little thing they don’t agree with. They will crush anyone with the great weight that they bear.

Some humility

The rich and famous sometimes receive a dose of humility in their lives. They lived well for so many years. They lived under an adoring public for many years. The world loves to see them and hear from them. Then, just for being the humans that they are, they make a mistake. For example, someone during the Oscar ceremonies tells a joke that another of their own doesn’t like. Something against their own wife. (This has happened before.) The guy is known as a nice person. He is even a clean person, never vulgar, child friendly you could say. That one joke just got to him however. So he goes on stage, slaps that comedian, slaps him hard, and curses at him to shut up. It is a “how the mighty have fallen” kind of moment. For a few moments you see a rich and famous person be brought down to the level of a normal person. Just a normal nobody on stage for a few minutes. Unfortunately the guy goes back to his acting mindset in no time at all. He even secretly appreciates that guy who slapped him. It made him a little bit more famous than he was before, and he was even possibly facing a life in which the world no longer really cared about him. As for the guy that slapped him, life would have a bit of agony in it. He was always a good role model. Now he only sees himself as a fool. He then wants to be forgiven by his people. For them though, it was only another moment of acting, acting they enjoyed. Being forgiven by people is artificial, it is shallow. The forgiveness that we want comes from God, not people.

Human standards vs. God’s standards

People are self seeking. People can be selfish towards you and not really have your best interest at heart. They see you as something they may get something from. They put you in service towards gaining themselves money. They want to be the best. They regard you as competition. They sometimes think such things of you. Especially in today’s time, if someone isn’t getting something from you then they don’t want you around.

You can sin under humans all you want so long as you don’t break the law. Sin is even encouraged. You wouldn’t want to “repress.” You wouldn’t want to lack a self-god mentality. Nothing is your fault anyway. There’s nothing that you do wrong most of the time. Christians live under God however. We know when we should not do or think a certain way. We want to keep some level of restraint and purity in our lives. We want what God wants from us.

God would have us be wise. He would have us be Holy. He would have us live good and responsible lives. He sees our lives and helps us make them better under His call. He is the shepherd to better ways. As for people there can be a lot of evil in their heart. They are “my pleasure is your pleasure” beings and seek sinful things.

We divide human standards from God’s standards. Traditions do not mean so much to us. Nor does modern psychology and its teachings. Nor do we listen to any human voice that tells us to do wrong. We live by God’s Will first and foremost.

What you do, do for God

There is great wisdom behind God’s will whether or not it is always apparent.

He would have us be clean. He would not want us to live in a great mess. He would have us well dressed. He would have us turn away from sin, especially before it becomes harmful. He would have us speak the truth instead of outright lying. He would cut any addiction away from us. He would have us be hard workers. He would have us earn what we have. He would have us love each other. He would not have us hate anyone. He would have us forgive one another. He would have Himself magnified in worship. He would have us be calm and rational people. He would not have us be fools. He would not have us do things we should not. He would have us know right from wrong. He would not have us harm others. He would not have us mislead others. He will never mislead us. He will never trap us or lead us into doing wrong. He cares for us. He has our best interest in heart. He wants us to be the best person we can be.

Having faith that God will do you right

This is a very important thing for a Christian to know. Unfortunately many do not. Many feel that God is a punisher instead of someone who loves them. Do you have that problem in any way? Do you ever believe that when you do wrong God is right over you ready to punish you for it? It is a sad thing that happens to Christians sometimes. They take on God as some sort of strict father. They never grow to see the love of God. They always feel they are being judged by Him. They turn that wrath on other Christians in a “God will punish you for that” way. When you are told such a thing the best response you could have is that God loves us. You might say that you are sorry for what you did, but God forgives so let's forgive each other. We are meant to have the love of God in our lives. I imagine it is a sad thing for God if we feel He does not and only wants to control us. Things are not that way.

God will avenge, however..

He wants us to know “He will deal with it.” He doesn’t punish another for you so much as for Himself. He wants the punishment to come from Himself, not you. Think of it like those who call the police, point a finger, and say “arrest them!” That is something that belongs to them, not you. For you, yes, but not from you. Does that make sense? You could put it this way: God is not our weapon. You can be sure He will make amends whether in this life or the next, in whatever way, without no voice going unheard. We do have to keep in mind that we are sinners too. That we do wrong too. Maybe not as badly, but often on equal footing. We may have ruined someone’s day from some insensitive thing we said then later in the day someone does the same to us. We didn’t at all have the first person in mind. Might have not even considered that we made them feel bad. But we did. Then another did it to us and that is taken purely and strongly to heart. It is an imperfect world and an imperfect race we have. There are times when anyone does a little more bad than usual. They may have had a hard day that day. Something bad might have happened to them that spun them out of control for a moment. It happens to us all.

But as for the worse things, God will surely tend to it. Like it was for Cain, who killed his brother Able, whose blood cried out from the Earth, and God sent him away to the land of Nod. Maybe God’s wrath is everywhere in today’s time. With all of the mass murders and things like that. Then we have a little bit of a disruption and take it very seriously. While so many horrible things are happening we should consider ourselves lucky! Not to mention that not one of these are forgotten. We only know half the story… much less than half of it in fact. It helps to know: if you are doing fairly well in today’s time then you are doing very well indeed. May God watch over you, protect you, and keep you. Sometimes things are more about our future in Heaven than anything else.

San Francisco needing an exorcism

That was a joke in the news yesterday. They went over how in the 60s the hippies were openly doing drugs and erratically dancing in the streets. Where they “made love, not war,” and didn’t listen to anyone over 30 years old. Then they fast forwarded to today where people are openly taking drugs. They really are here. Sometimes while riding in the bus I see them shooting up on the sidewalk. Then they showed this guy on the sidewalk who was painting his lips, face, and nails with white out. Some guy was washing their face with dirt. Some of them truly appeared like zombies from a horror movie. Others yelled out nonsense like they were possessed by something. This is where I live. I live where crap on the sidewalk is common. The first instances of people going into stores and “mega shoplifting” placing large amounts of things into bags and just walking out with them. They don’t want the employees to be harmed by them and get sued that way, or it must be something or another, I am not sure why there is so little resistance to it. It’s awful here! Even an atheist newscaster has to say that these people are demon possessed.

This is where I wound up. I came here from New Mexico because of being homeless and needing a warmer place to be. In fact the weather here is better than it is anywhere else. I feel I am in a dangerous place and please pray for my protection here. I might come to need it. I have received it, and I thank God that I’ve remained unharmed so far. It seems like what starts here goes there. What was once our unique phenomenon has spread eastward. It is a time of calamity. Bitter sweet. A time of the end I believe. Where things just fall apart all around: those things we were never involved in. Those things that Christians are not involved in, worldly problems. Things that we will hopefully not have to suffer from.

Important prayers in today’s time

Let’s remember that whatever problems we have may be trivial to the problems the rest of the world has. Yet there are people like football players who would pray to win their game. We shouldn’t be so selfish. We should keep in mind that things are really, really bad for some people right now.

With that in mind we should pray for forgiveness. We should pray to be the best Christians we can be. We should pray to be led into God’s kingdom. We should pray for the protection of us and our loved ones. We should pray for the protection from God’s angels in our lives.

We should pray for strength against The Devil and The Antichrist. That we do not succumb to worship him. To rather be led out of hard times full of faith in our Lord. We should pray we have the things we need, no more and no less, not taking anything for granted.

And we should pray the Lord’s prayer:

9  Pray like this:

“‘Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.

10  Let your Kingdom come.

    Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

11  Give us today our daily bread.

12  Forgive us our debts,

    as we also forgive our debtors.

13  Bring us not into temptation,

    but deliver us from the evil one.

For yours is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory forever. Amen.’

(Matthew 6:9-13 World English Bible )

May the seasons take care of you

May you grow right in the Lord. May time transform you into a greater and greater Child of God. May you grow well in the Lord. May your time on Earth teach you the things you need to know and may you dwell in Heaven full of joy and peace.

Know that we have had it hard. Know that we have been tested again and again in our lives but always found pure in the end. Have faith in the good in others and the good within yourself. As God is good so will He have His children be good.

Let’s not be enchanted by anything iniquitous. Let us render what is iniquitous for what is, without any attraction to it. So let us not partake in forbidden fruit but seek to do the Will of God.

Let us be remembered for the good people we were during our lifetime. May the bad times in our life and doings all be forgotten. May we move beyond those things before our lives end.

May God bring about our maturity. May He gracefully teach us right from wrong and lead us into what is good. May He mold us like clay into perfectly righteous people and make us most suitable for Heaven, before our end comes.

May we have lived a life where we have never really harmed anyone. May we have lived a life without doing anything heinous, and locked away due to it. May we be blameless enough to never be punished by anyone.

May we be taught to have pure mouths instead of mouths of slander, hate, and curse words. May what we enjoy be good and wholesome. May we have the strength to turn away from that which is not.

Let us have given a lot in our lifetime. Let it be returned to us that day that God brings us into our heavenly homes.

May no great darkness ever rob us of life and if bad things do happen, nothing too greatly bad. Don’t let evil take our lives, Lord God, nor any harm from bad people come upon us. Please let us dwell on the earth with your peace and protection in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

The good do not die young!

The Bible teaches us that.

14  Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

15  He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him.

16  With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

(Psalm 91:14-16. KJV )

Gluttony is a sin that leads to obesity. People who are angry throughout their lives suffer health problems, even leading to a heart attack. People with emotional problems suffer from health problems. The Bible teaches us things like being patient. Not taking drugs is a Christian thing. We are against alcoholism and tobacco too. We may either choose to do those things or don’t, but a Christian (good lifestyle) is against it.

We are not violent people. We are not seasoned criminals. We do not associate with wicked people and engage in wicked things. We do not get STDs while we are being Christian. We are clean people who work hard in our lives. We are honest, not self deprecating. We do not violate our bodies. We regard it as a temple given to us by God.

Bad people, though, get into gangs. They get into gangster lifestyles. They are most open towards sin, and are the kinds of pleasure seekers that bring them harm. The more spiritual person lives longer. The animal-like person often dies just as quickly as any animal would. We just know that spirituality leads to longer lives.

The important thing of not associating with bad people

33  Don’t be deceived! “Evil companionships corrupt good morals.” (1 Corinthians 15:33. WEB .) It spells it out simply and quickly.

We are a product of our environment. By taking a good person away from a bad environment they can be saved from adapting poor lifestyles. As for me, the moment when drugs are introduced anywhere I walk right out. Some are unfortunate. They live in very bad neighborhoods. Doing bad things becomes a life necessity for them. If they do not do the same then it has meaningful consequences. For all good things for your children, better places should be found.

Children should be taken away from abusive parents, for the better of them and the world.

There are groups of people who care nothing at all about going to prison. Most of them are headed that way. But they ignore that possibility in their lives. They may have come to accept that it is a possibility. Or they may care if that is where they are going in the first place. They don’t mind the place. Their own kind is there. Some take being there as a thing of strength and pride. They sometimes lie to themselves just enough to believe that any crime is worth it. They may have gotten comfortable with what they do and never even consider a possible future punishment.

They are the kind that do bad for one another. One makes the drugs and another buys them. One person protects another, sometimes with lethal force. Alcohol and drugs are so present in their lives that they are high and drunk all the time. They live in a great haze due to it. They never really have a sense of where they are or the last place they were. They don’t even really have their own home. They know a large enough number of people that allows them to aimlessly wander around. They all share homes that way. It is truly being lost.

As for me I had a home where strangers were not allowed over. My parents didn’t take drugs. I was well educated in school against them. I lived in a nice small town. Because of those things God truly blessed me. Bad people can lead you to bad things quickly. You should always stay away from drugs else you’ll find yourself enslaved by them with a large part of your soul being handed over to them.

They cannot help it. They are just human as can be. They were young, when peer pressure was at its strongest. They still have parents who love them and wish better for them. For them to have the kind of life they wish that they could have had. A life where  they had gone to school. So I sympathize with them. As for in any way incorporating myself with it though, that will never happen. It has led me to walk out of many places never to return. It has driven me to just being entirely alone at times when just a doorway away there were people taking drugs. They would even come to my door at midnight sometimes saying the strangest things.

When sin is not sin

Sometimes keeping a secret is not about you and not about the virtue of honesty. Sometimes it is about your family and what shame it would bring them if they discovered something you did. You can sort of break it apart as a secret however. You can change the way you think and do things. Then there is no longer anything in your heart that you must hide. When your loved ones see you change and are not caught up in its negative reputation it would give them, then you have done well.

Some would use the truth against you. If they would punish you for no good reason then you should remain silent with them. They would make themselves out to be your friends while forcing a confession out of you. If you did do something that really is wrong, then you are going to have to decide if you are going to be honest about it or not. If you did not actually commit the crime then you should know that they will try to get any “confession” out of you that they possibly can. With even only a little bit of evidence (not true evidence) they will be certain of your wrong doing even if you absolutely had nothing to do with it. Unfortunately some are falsely accused at times. They are told it is either the death penalty or a plea agreement. I hate to say it but I would probably choose the plea deal.

Protecting your loved ones is not a sin. God protects His very children.

The Bible says that drinking is not a sin if you do not become drunk.

Maybe God does not mind the small things. No one is perfectly good. No one other than God’s Son, with everyone else on earth never meeting that quality. The Bible says “the saved do not need to be saved.” At some point God finds us perfectly good enough. Jesus was here for the real sinners. I would even say that perfectionism is a sin. We know that we will never be a hundred percent without sin and just have to acknowledge that, accepting God’s grace and forgiveness.

Giving gifts is not a sin. There is just too much scripture that tells us to give. Giving food to a homeless person: that is giving. Is as making children happy with them. So it is when you give to everyone as the bible says “God loves a cheerful giver.”

7  Let each man give according as he has determined in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:6-7 World English Bible .)

Jesus Christ himself said:

38  give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete   withal  it shall be measured to you again. (Luke 6:38 AKJV .)

We should not allow our rational minds to go unused. Many Christians have the thought that The Bible teaches things in a way that is all or nothing. Then they wonder why it “contradicts” itself. In those cases it was just expressing how things are conditional. Sometimes only our hearts tell us what is right or wrong.

They would have us feel guilty

Without having forgiveness and feeling forgiven by God we don’t have His grace. He stamped out our sins and our sins are not supposed to have power over us. Evil spirits would make you feel guilty and insubstantial. The name “Satan” means “the accuser.” He accuses others. He blames them before God. And bad people do the same. They would pick apart one little thing and make you feel bad over it without relief. They’d even have you hate yourself and their intentions may not be so obvious, but that is what they are. It is God’s forgiveness that matters. It is His standards for you that matters. The whole world is against a Christian. If you make the littlest mistake in what you say and do there are those that would ravage you over it. They’d go as far against you as they feel they are allowed to, or further, bringing you harm.

What they really want is things like power and worship. They want more than equal footing. They want the kind of control over you that dominates you. They have built doctrines around these things. Sorts of cults in their design, religious in nature. Just as strict as a cult is, so is theirs. There is no tolerance towards any who would defy that cult of theirs. Its members are ready to fully and passionately expel you for defying it. They’ll gang up on you and torment you as far as the law allows, and are at times willing to break the law and do worse to you. They would have their cult in power over the government. They would have it rule over all.

There are some you can never please. They have a sort of sadistic mind. You can never make them happy. You can never really find their approval. You can never build a loving relationship with them. They just want you to basically worship them and do every little thing they tell you to. Those kinds of people want control over you most of all. They want you as their slaves. It is one reason why you should put your faith in God and be guided by His will over the will of human beings.

Good people are too often despised

While bad people are praised. A person with a clean musical band is considered weak and uninteresting. Those that have drug stories to tell, “sex, drugs, and rock and roll,” are most finely elevated on their pedestals. Let’s be honest about paintings: abstract art is just simple minded, yet appraised higher than any modern photo realistic painting. A tame and clean book is not going to do as well as one gruesome and sexual. The same goes for video games and movies. They must be provocative in a violent, crude, and sexual sense if they are to do well.

Political leaders who do good are much more likely to be assassinated while evil dictators flourish way too long.

The iniquitous shines while the good is dim and unseen. More and more it is the villain who is idolized. They may even get their own movies centralized around them. A hero itself is more like an anti hero and sometimes made out to be an enemy, one doing what they shouldn’t. When it is good vs bad in these things the good are given a good reason to attack and harm and the bad serve as an example. I sort of find appreciation for that. It’s the models that people are taking on that do not seem good for the world. The kind that are praised as brilliant criminals, that are harsh, crazy, and murderous. That is what people have been modeling themselves after.

God wants us to live in joy and peace

That’s why He would place us in the kingdom of Heaven. He wants our lives to be good ones. He wants us to remain safe in this world. He wants us to make the right choices. He wants us to take on His wisdom, carrying it with us through this world until we enter into His kingdom. He does not test us to do wrong or do evil. The Devil would have us be murderous liars. He would make us feel unworthy, insubstantial. He would have us live our lives apart from God, as atheists. God, however, would never lead us into doing wrong just to test us.

God wants us to live in harmony with one another. He wants us to defy evil that way. He wants the world to be full of peace and harmony. He wants better things for this cursed world and went as far to send His son here to bring us a better future and hope. Jesus even went into the grave to collect the saints, returning them to life and bringing them to Heaven. God has our best interest at heart.

He doesn’t like the world of today. It probably makes Him feel bad in fact. With how things are going, what things are coming to, maybe He is even preparing for the rapture. It is perhaps time to save what good is left and remove it from the wrath He has in store for the rest of the world. Just as He carefully led Noah and his family to safety, the same might be coming for us.

We are all different to some extent

Even when there are parts of the Bible that we don’t really follow, when we see some Christian who’s the same way we may feel they are hypocritical or something. If we take our practice a long way for any given thing then that is something that we made important. We might expect the same standards for that thing from other Christians. They might have their own things they like to focus on and feel you don’t focus on those enough. The point is, no Christian is entirely the same. One guy believes in handling snakes, another doesn’t. One person takes the Sabbath and another rests with Christ. When it comes down to it the small things do not matter. It would be ideal if things were all brought into one religion, and perfectly so. That’s just not possible. So we have to accept that sometimes another may get things a little wrong. We shouldn’t “split hairs” with one another. I believe that God wants different religions under Christianity. More often than not a different denomination is just a different way of doing things. Where one thing is focused on more than another.

Tough Love

Tough love is discipline. Tough love sometimes requires us to force someone onto the right path. It is in the nature of some parents to spoil, for others, to discipline, and for others, to abuse. While spoiling itself is abuse, raising a child right requires discipline: discipline that makes sense, with punishment reserved for acting in dangerous ways or refusing to obey their parents' better intentions for them.

Without discipline a whole generation can be ruined and the world along with it. Just remember, that doesn’t equate to abuse. By abusing them the world is certainly no better off either. So discipline wisely. I once witnessed abuse in my life. When I was young, his father would strike him and yell “be a man!” The guy ended up in prison his whole life like it was all he could know. He probably believed that he belonged there just as much as he belonged to a hateful father.

Bad behavior should be halted as soon and as effectively as possible. The most important lessons are learned in teenage years and into early adulthood. After that a person is going to choose to either do well and mature or do bad and be bad. When things are going bad in the world, sometimes the only solution is tougher laws. We may have adapted the idea before that time that bad things should be tolerated and are only misunderstood or something, minimalizing punishment, left with only bringing it back to make the world better. Everything all around could be falling apart. Then, with tougher laws being implemented, things improve and we can return to normal.

Yes, teachers can be hard on children. They can even bring them some shame if they are acting like fools. It has gotten where they cannot. “They are just kids, let them do whatever,” is the kind of thing they believe in. Let them do these things now and they will continue into adulthood.

A family member of mine was talking about finally getting out of prison for drug use. I told him that they should have put him into rehab. That people with addictions should be placed there instead. He told me, he tried rehab, but the only thing that could make him stop taking drugs was being put in prison. I however feel the same way if you want to know.

Some homeless people really are crazy. They are Schizophrenic. Drug abuse has been given a “mental illness” designation. There are those that go around all day yelling things. Thinking very odd things. Just not like the rest of us. They are not able to help themselves so we have to help them. California recently made it where such people can be put into mental hospitals and placed on treatment that way. These medications really work, too, taking a Schizophrenic person and making them normal. So I am all for it.

Then there are those who are just lazy. That is not politically correct to say but let's have some truth: some of them make a life out of panhandling. It may even be lucrative for them.

They used to offer criminals a choice to either go into the military or prison. They used to teach them to work in prison. They used to put dunce hats on kids. They used to discipline better.

Self discipline

Following the Bible is self discipline at its greatest. It has turned many bad people around into a better way of living.

Like what James said about holding our tongues. Things will either spew from them or we will be able to hold back from potentially verbally berating people. Those that cuss are more likely to invoke words that carry anger along with them. The two have a kind of relationship.

At first, work can feel like the worst thing. Perhaps we’ve become 18 and never had to work until then, never had to “make a living.” So we are faced with a harsh reality like “the time has come today that I have work to do.” The time has come that will either lead to being homeless or having a home and having food.. Having the internet, having all those special things in today’s world. That, or having none of it.

Work gets easier however. You might even find a desirable rhythm to it. You might find lots of pride from it. That’s the kind of pride that God wants from you. He wants you to put your hands to work. Some are lucky enough to be ahead in the game. They do well in school and are fully ready to go to a university. They may not get into the best university, but even a local college will serve you much better than a basic high school education. Those that can do even if they have to force themselves to, will have gained the self discipline necessary for the best future.

People with self discipline will continue to do well in life. They will have saved themselves from many troubles. They will at worst (maybe) get fines or a misdemeanor at one time in their lives. They’ll have saved themselves from prison at least. Their relationships will be better. The choices they make will be better. They will not come to ruin their lives. They will know how to make their lives better and do so.

We could not possibly handle the future of our race

Through science and technology it is clear to me that we would by some point become lost by it. Our race would eventually become unrecognizable both physically and mentally. Our existence would become digitized. Some of us wouldn’t even dwell on the earth but choose to reside in a synthetic reality. AI would render us useless. Whatever it makes would be superior to anything we could do. We would be doing things with it like genetically transforming ourselves. There are many nightmarish things that could happen.

The destructive potential gets higher. Creep devices like seeing through walls and mind control. Having our machines rule over us. None of it ends well.

Only the kingdom of Heaven could keep those things from coming about. It is a kingdom in far greater control than we could have. Left to our own devices (literally) would spell out our doom so we need God’s presence to keep that from happening.

Christian psychology and therapy

Some therapists are Christians. In fact a fair amount of them are. You might even find one yourself in some clinic or another who is willing to help you by Christian understanding. Some churches have licensed counselors in them. Not only that, but there are a large amount of Christian self help books out there. Those are easy to find in fact.

Sometimes Christianity coincides with modern therapy. Sometimes it does not. Therapists are willing to listen and guide you accordingly. If you point out that you do not want Buddhist style help or some such thing then they will oblige.

We should build our choices around what the Bible tells us what to do. We should always follow the Word of God. “For better or worse” we should. Because while it may feel “for worse,” it isn’t, it is always for the better. Modern psychology would have you only do those things that are most suitable. It would give you the easy way through anything, the most natural way through anything. It would put you on a pedestal above others. The Word of God on the other hand is not always the easy way. It is however always the best way.

When people believe they are gods

That amounts to the beliefs of people in today’s time. They consider themselves the most important of beings on earth with no consideration towards others. They are taught “they just are” special. So to them nothing is earned. Nothing is learned either. Nothing like relationships or doing good and being good is learned by these people. It is really a more lonely world when people are this way, not less. We cannot be anyone without others. If we are only self important then we don’t really feel that way.

Just like the fall of Lucifer comes the fall of man. “He said in his heart that he will be God.” We are just bastards without God. We are just the children of the earth without a Father, when it’s like that. The voices of their parents are not important among these people. Only their own voice matters to them. They haven’t a good and wise God to govern over them. They are merely guided by their own selfish intentions. For whatever they can get away with, they will.

So why would they work together? Why would they enter into any room without themselves declaring they are the god of that place? The only relationships that matter for them are the people they can take from and in those regards they have no morality keeping them from taking all that they can. They are always wanting more. They need lots for their empty lives. Anything beyond pleasure for them is nonsense. They’ll have not grown to maturity. They’ll do nothing to bring virtues and values into their lives.

Contributing things which add to the righteousness in the world comes from a voice that they will never know or even hear. Without the voice of Jesus Christ the world is a very bad place.

Wisdom is justified by her children

Luke 7:35.

True wisdom often goes against common sense.

The wisdom of the world is futile

1 Corinthians 3:18–20.

Our’s is not the wisdom of the world but is the wisdom of God and Heaven. Bad Christians will look for the wrong in you and call it out while all along you had the better end in mind. There are always ways another can make you look bad no matter how you do things. You could say “the proof is in the pudding.” Sometimes the seemingly wrong way is the right way. Sometimes it is the end that matters. It is not in the more Machiavellian sense of “the ends justify the means.” A thing said long after Christ walked the earth. That is a statement that means any beginning at all doesn’t matter. We however do not expect evil to produce “good.” That quote of Machiavelli would define good as “earthly good.” So the right distinction is found.

Our natural knowledge would often have us acting just the opposite as a Christian would. Ask many Christians though and they will tell you that the Word of God has always helped them and has never let them down. It also means to have something like spiritual common sense. Things are not always so absolute. Sometimes doing things a certain way is bad for everyone all around. It is a conditional thing. When such a thing arises then we should look into the Bible for a better way. We should just do what we know is truly right and what is the truly wise way of doing them. You are hiding someone. Someone that would be hunted down and killed for no reason. When the authorities come knocking on your door do you tell the truth and say “he is here” or do you lie about it and tell them he isn’t with you? Is it a sin to lie? That goes right out the door in such a circumstance.

Anti wisdom

In order to “morally” slaughter the mentally disabled the Nazi’s took the belief that it was just putting them out of their misery and better for the human race. As a result even good people were led in to do wrong. When wisdom goes in the wrong direction its results are truly wrong. Adam and Eve were told by the serpent “go ahead and eat, it will make you like God.” So they most willingly ate. They knew right from wrong at that point. Sometimes an otherwise good person looks for reasons why doing wrong is okay. They’ll take any excuse. They mislead themselves in that fashion.

They usually have the belief “it is better for the whole world.” When the instance behind it is bad and impure. Two wrongs do not make a right.

It is anti wisdom when we make excuses to do wrong. It is anti Christian when we use Christianity to harm others or use it abusively in any way. Using Christianity against another Christian is anti Christian. It is our little imposition we would give them. It is sometimes an exercise in pointing out the faults in their faith whether we know that or not. Like a “Christian” against their own. They might harbor some subconscious ill against their own beliefs. Instead of telling themselves that they should be doing things a certain way they lash out at other Christians for not doing so.

A good home and good relationships

Christians desire being among their own just as much as any other kind of person desires being among their own. We desire a life where our moral ways are not obstructed by others. We prefer our ears to not be bombarded with cursing nor hear things that are sexualized. We expect honesty out of our friends, enough to where we can trust them. We don’t want perverts in our lives. We don’t want party makers in our homes. We don’t want drugs or alcohol in them. We don’t want those who we have to support and that have no other reason for being there. We are not so likely to invite just anyone in. We are very selective with who we let into our homes, naturally, we don’t want to associate with bad people.

Unfortunately some would force their way into our lives. They would sneak in in any way possible. Maybe it is like what Jesus said:

43  When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. 44  Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. 45  Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.

(Matthew 12:43-45 AKJV)


7  I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance.

(Luke 5:7 AKJV)

When you are good enough you are good enough. Christianity is not a never ending thing of perfection. If you are just and blameless then you are doing well. In the meantime we are trying to find our better self. When we remove things that really are bad in our lives then that is a reason to rejoice, because that is what being a Christian is about. Heaven is happy about it. Then we move on. If we return to our past again and again and change again and again, we may just want the appraisal of being “a changed person.” Such people are only looking for praise again and again for having changed. They may be wanting the care from others that it brings. In any case they just go back to their past ways, get help, and find the kind of love from it that it brings. A mature person however doesn’t have that kind of self pity. A mature person weighs right from wrong. They identify it and remove it. They cut it out from them. They change what they need to in order to live good wholesome lives, even ones in which they are entirely blameless.

In the same way it is not good to repent for things you do not need to repent from. It is not good to “manufacture” sins to beat. In Christianity you can be good enough. Good enough means being a blameless person: a person who has no real faults to fix or is not responsible for bad things. They have no reason to be accused of anything.

A person who does need repentance are those who are reckless in their lives. Who act erratically, immaturely. They are those that harm others. They are those who should have much more control over their lives and what they do. They are those without morality. They do themselves and others harm. There is an element of harmful sin in their lives which they are better off without. They lack their spiritual senses. As a result they live poor lives while God would have them living better ones. He’d have them doing better in the world towards themselves and others. They are those who need repentance.

Heaven is happy when it sees one bad person on this earth changing into someone better. That’s not so when they see a “good enough” person who veritably seeks perfection.

Humans striving for a utopia

People cannot make Heaven on earth. They cannot even approach it. We have tried for ages and ages but have always come short. Sometimes things were even going quite well and suddenly a great war came about. We strive for the best social programs, helping people with money and food. Yet we’ve never conquered the homeless problem. We tried, for sure, but we failed.

We have tried to fix the virus problem since the days of penicillin. These viruses only become stronger from our treatments. They evolved into worse forms. Every year, the flu virus is treated and every year it morphs into something stronger than the shots.

We still have just as many criminals as we have ever had. The worst kinds of them: rapists, murderers, and so on. So we put up prisons and set up punishments for them and yet they are about as much as they ever were. In fact crime has gotten worse, with as many mass murderers as there are currently.

We have tried to keep society together. Civil wars still occur. Uprisings too, take overs, there are still horrible dictators in the world. We have been unable to create a utopia, to say the least.

Putting God first

People will lead themselves into the worst things when they stray from The Shepherd. God’s wisdom may seem unconventional at times. Teaching His Word may at times be opposed, but having the blessing of God in our society requires it. As God told Jeremiah: I have put my word in your heart, so we carry the knowledge of what it is we should say. As God told Joshua: be strong and courageous, for I am always with you, so should we be bold for God. It may not serve us well, personally, but it is rewarding in the end, even greatly so. That and it is better for the world as a whole.

We can trust in God’s wisdom as being the best way. When we are in doubt we should turn to The Bible and find what God has to say about it. He doesn’t have us do evil things. He doesn’t have us do anything to do with iniquity. He rather purifies us through and through, again and again.

God is our greater father. What He wants from means more than what our human father wants from us. That is more true for some over others. If our human father wants bad things from us then we should turn against it, turning to our true father, God. The Bible says to honor your father and mother. Jesus fulfilled the law however and said “don’t call any man on earth your father, for you have one father, who is in Heaven.” Matthew 23:9.

The more we know God’s Word the better. Through it we come to understand God’s will. As long as we are careful to not distort or corrupt any of it then we can do no wrong in reading and following it. All the while we should understand that God wants the best for you and the best for everyone.

It would be a sad time in American history if we removed “In God We Trust '' on it, as so many would do. That is just what The Devil wants. It has even angered him. That is just another reason why America may be taken over by The Beast. The one who would take control over all of our money and only provide it to those who worship him. Keep in mind that the dollar is the strongest in the world. We have the greatest currency. You can be sure that if “In God We Trust” is taken from our currency something bad will come of it.

Sometimes things go wrong for us but for all we know they are the best things that can happen. Maybe you are praying that your check comes in on a certain day and it doesn’t. Maybe God was preventing you from being in a bad area that day. Who's to say? Maybe you are developing lung cancer so God put you in jail, where you would have to stop smoking for a year or two. Maybe your life is going nowhere and you were forced to make a change. Maybe you were not meeting your potential so God made things a little more challenging. Maybe God just wants you to learn to be more patient and He is not willing to spoil you. In any case, God always has your best interest at heart.

Being humble

4  For Yahweh takes pleasure in his people.

    He crowns the humble with salvation. (Psalm 149:4. World English Bible .)

16  “But to what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces, who call to their companions 17 and say, ‘We played the flute for you, and you didn’t dance. We mourned for you, and you didn’t lament.’ 18 For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ 19 The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by her children.” (Matthew 11:16-19. WEB .)

21  Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name have done many wonderful works? 23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. (Matthew 7:21-23. AKJV.)

5  “Blessed are  the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5 AKJV.)

The Bible says a lot about being humble. It also says that “you should not blow a trumpet before you when you give.” That if you do, you will lose your reward from your father in heaven. So then gift giving isn’t about who gives the most and the pride that it imparts, but rather because God wants us to give good things.

When praying we should be humble. Not painfully so, but enough so that we have respect and awe over God. Is asking for great things bad? In a way. But Jesus said that whatever you ask for in his name his Father will give. He says to knock and the door will open. The Bible sometimes says we deserve a great reward. God rewards His people in different ways. When Solomon was becoming a king he saw God in a dream and God asked Him what he wanted. Solomon told Him that he wanted the wisdom to rule His people. God thanked him for not asking for riches and such things and told him that not only will He give him that wisdom but He will make him wealthy, which He did. All because Solomon could have had it, but asked for something else, not being greedy.

The right road is the hard one

Unless a person is dedicated to doing right and getting by right in this world their journey will not end well.

The easy way tells us to thoroughly enjoy life in this world and everything it has to offer. To strictly defend ourselves. To get by with the easiest and most natural means possible. It is the way that most go. It is the way of the sinner, the pleasure seeking person, who most naturally enters into death over life.

It can be difficult being dedicated to doing good. It can take a lot of self discipline. There are many who do not want life. Their problems are overwhelming. They do not value life. They don’t value their own life. They live without any regard for the future.

The world eats them up. They are consumed by the world around them. They have no spiritual sense. They’ll have lived without God’s wisdom and they’ll have made life as easy as possible and so made death as easy as possible.

13  Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14 because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7:13-14 AKJV.)

Things that are spiritually harmful

When we start to lose hope we lose anticipation along with it. We cannot be excited and happy over any upcoming thing when we lose hope. We have doubts they’ll actually occur or that things will go right. So at best when we do get our good thing we will have relief, relief that things didn’t go wrong as expected. Not having hope is a bad thing. It causes us to worry, expecting the worst. It makes us feel that things will never go right even when each and every time they do. In the end things are even better (easier, fuller) than we thought they would have been. This one little thing that brings about doubt is amplified in people who don’t have enough hope.

Paranoia is bad for us. We could be dealing with the most honest people on earth and speculate that they’ll cheat us in some way. That they’ve stolen from us. That maybe they are trying to do you harm. They could be the best people in life. You could have shared joy with them instead of these thoughts. They wanted you to be happy all along but all the while you assumed the opposite. So we neither love them or feel we are loved by them, when we in fact are.

Shame and guilt are spiritually harmful. The Devil would have us full of doubt. He would make us feel inadequate. He would make us feel unworthy. These things do not come from God. They come from evil spirits who would drag us down. There are people in this world that would do the same. They don’t even care what you did, sometimes, they just want you to feel bad. Not get better. Not think differently. They just want you to feel bad. They want an excuse to tear you apart over it. It has nothing to do with “thinking right,” as far as their standards are presented.

Without feeling forgiven by God we do not receive His grace, which is the forgiveness we receive.

Sin is spiritually harmful. Those things that take over our lives. Those things that make us obsess over the world. To be preoccupied by the world and those things that keep us from God and more spiritual discernment are all spiritually harmful. Addictions, gluttony, great pride, perversion, anger, and sin in general, are spiritually harmful for us.

Either giving up or continuing

Jesus explained that we are either deeply rooted or shallow-rooted. We either have our homes built with brick or sand and Jesus is the cornerstone. Those whose house is built with sand will lose all they have over one bad “storm.” If things in our Chrisitan practice go wrong we either continue working on it or give up. There are also people who sink or swim. They were religious growing up. They even read the Bible a lot in their earlier years. Then, because of enough distraction or whatever it is, they gave up on it. They turned away from it for whatever reason. Then later in life they may return to it loving it all more than they ever had before. That is a time that will prove their faith. Will they maintain that respect or will they yet again abandon it, perhaps for the last time?

It may be so that once you are saved you are forever saved. God will remember you for the good you were and love that past   person you were. Perhaps that child you were, those times you cared every bit about the Bible. The times you did good. May He remember those times most of all. If that person is saved then so are you. You were that person. Jesus said that not one of his sheep will be lost except the Son of Perdition (which some say is Satan and others say is The Beast.) Besides, every knee shall bow to Jesus someday.

We are all a frail species

We share the same fate: death. We can at best expect the rapture but apart from that, we are going to die, even if our life starts anew afterward. We are ruled over by sin. We live in a world we cannot comprehend. We reside with doubt. Things about it and things like the meaning of life are kept from us. It is only through faith that we receive that knowledge. We are given things like hints. We are not given certainty.

Scientists say that we barely even keep our minds together. That means our thinking is somewhat shallow and easily misguided. We have minds that are easily distracted. Maybe that is the reason for ADHD medication. I am sure that compared to the angels we are greatly ADHD. We observe far more than we fully take in/ grasp. We have wandering minds. We are sluggish as we go about where it is that angels have every greater ability to.

We are susceptible to death. We are all like those on death row. There are a great number of ways we can die. We have to maintain our health. We sometimes have to undergo serious treatment to survive. We are frail beings.

Our mental superiority often leads to pain whether it is anger, depression, anxiety, worry, doubt, or whatever else. Things will never be perfect for us. Life is suffering. We will not escape these things until we die. Yet no one wants to die. We greatly fear death in fact. Even when we know it is a stepping stone to something better, we don’t want it.

But I wish your days go by as well as can be. There is some joy to be found. There are new things that come about that make life a bit more bearable. There is the possibility of the rapture in our lifetime. And while we live as we do today, perhaps the strength we gained here will follow us into our next lives. I like to think it’s something we earned. Jesus had a poor life with an element to sadness for it. He faced death worse than anyone. He rose up out of it. We all know what he became. So let us be just as courageous, hopeful, and sure.

Some of the things that God expects from us

He wants us to “sow” good things on this earth and reap the benefits of it. He wants us to work. He wants us to provide for the poor. He wants us to help in the ways we can. He wants us to have faith in Him. He wants peace in the world. He wants us to love one another. He wants us to be giving. He wants us to trust in Him. He wants us to know the truth in a world where more and more people denounce it. He wants no more wickedness and sin to exist. He will do all He can to save His children. He wants us to be on the right path. He wants us to pray to Him. He wants us to be mature people. He wants us to be emotionally well, instead of angry and spiteful. He wants us to forgive and we should forgive in His name. He wants us to speak and share His Word no matter the consequences. He wants us to stand strong in The Truth. He wants honesty from us. He wants us to treat each other well. He wants justice too, for those who deserve it. He wants evil to come to an end. He wants us to live good lives. He wants us to repent when we should. He wants us to believe in Him and His Son.

God wants us to have good lives and to be happy. He wants the poor to have what they don’t have. He wants everyone and all to be righteous and full of joy in their lives. He wants one and all to believe in Him and take the salvation He has to offer through the sacrifice of His Son.


Revelations is the book of Jesus Christ in the Bible. They are his words to us about the future. It says that The Church should especially teach what it has to say. Unfortunately it is a rare topic within the Church, at least in the Churches I have been to (and I’ve been to a lot of them.) It is a scary book for some Christians, I have heard it said. It is helpful to relate it to Matthew 24 which sums it all up. It is not an easy book to understand. In fact, some would have you understand it in a way that is explained differently than another. Some of it however is easy to understand. It is important to know a part of that in fact. Where it says that through the power of Satan and the false miracles of The False Prophet, The Beast will come to rule over the entire world. He will at first be an entity of peace. He will promise great peace and unite the world. But in time will have come to be the worst dictator the world has ever known. Unless someone bows down to an idol made of him (unless they worship his image) they will not be allowed to have money and be fed. Any who worship The Beast will be damned. His rule will be a period of three and a half years.

God’s angels will conquer this unholy trinity. “There will be a great war in Heaven.” God will be victorious. Jesus will come “in the clouds with all the angels of Heaven behind him.” He will collect God’s Children who will dwell on the Earth for 1,000 years. Then “The Devil must be let loose again,” and will fight one last time, defeated again, and cast into hell. The Beast and the False prophet will be there already. They will suffer there forever.

No one knows the day and hour that God will return. The Bible says so, so do not believe anyone who claims they know. It just doesn’t have any biblical sense. The Bible says that only God knows, and in fact not even Jesus Christ knows that day and hour. There will be those who are feasting, celebrating, and full of sin “as in the days of Noah,” when their end came unexpectedly. Some even say that no Christians will be left on earth when it happens. Some believe in the tribulation for us and some believe in the rapture. Some say that the rapture is not referring to the rapture but to something else. The actual word “rapture” is not in the Bible.

It will be a time of the greatest destruction as the world has ever known or will again know.

Keep an eye on Israel, for it is God’s nation. Things like chaos, the sheer inability to keep things together any longer. Where even God’s Children are facing doom. The need to unite the world and the possibility of that happening. The necessary rise of a dictator (because things are lawless, uncivil, out of control.) “The number of The Beast '' on one's hand or head (in our minds?) used to buy things (this could be a chip placed into our palm.) And “the powers of the heavens being shaken” are all dependable signs that the end is near.

What is important for you as a Christian is to be seen doing good when that hour comes that God returns. Some will be rowdy, boisterous, harming others, gluttonous, and such things on that day and it will not end well for them. So we must treat every day and hour like it is that it will be the hour that He comes. Be safe. Pray to be protected. Do not take the number of The Beast. Do not worship him. Be ready for the strength that will require of you even if you feel certain you would not bow to him. When you see bad people doing bad things all around do not join with them. Keep away from such people. Be ready by having the things you need as though you would be forced from your home at any hour. Pray always. Those are the things you need to know in order to prepare.

What Heaven will be like

I am surprised how many preachers miss that the Bible says “a new Heaven and a new Earth.” They think that Heaven is one place. There is God’s kingdom in Heaven “out there” somewhere. The Bible includes “Heaven on Earth.” God’s kingdom is going to be established on earth. It is in The Lord’s Prayer. It is said that Jesus will come to earth to rule over it. I can’t make a distinction between the heavenly Heaven or the earthly one. The Bible says that the earthly one will look magnificent. It says we will all have our own homes there. Our homes will depend on what kind of home is best for us, personally.

It will be a kingdom without pain and suffering where “the curse is no more.” (Revelations 22:3.) The curse is pain, suffering, and death. We will live forever with God in His kingdom without knowing any pain ever again. We will most righteously serve Him. We can count on a life where others will never harm us. So we could go around freely. Imagine, being out at any time, going wherever you want to go without a worry in your mind that you’ll be harmed in any way.

The ways that our body would keep us from doing things will not apply any longer. I guess you could walk for days without worrying you will starve, thirst to death, or die from the heat/ cold. God will be like our sun. He will be our light.

We will live lives without labor. We will have all we need before us, unconditionally so.

Things like being without sleep will not harm us. Maybe it will even be that we no longer sleep. The Bible says “we will rest in The Lord.” There will be no night, the Bible says. God will be our light, a light which does not go away.

We would no longer look at the news and see bad things happening. Such things will become a fairy tale over time. Imagine the feeling that that must bring. That there just is no bad news anymore. The sure feeling that every person on earth is doing very well. I bet that would feel astonishing all by itself.

Over time, worry will leave us and be a thing of the past. Over time, however quickly, we will be sure that no harm will ever again come to us. We would be certain of our future. We will live together forever in peace and that must be what the Bible means when it says “we will rest in the Lord.”

Cool Biblical and Christian things I have seen

There used to be these crosses that had a sort of magnifying glass in them, like a dot, not large. You’d look into it and see The Lord’s Prayer. When I was in school there were kids that used leather straps and beads to make cross necklaces. They knotted it around a certain way that only required one strap and a few beads.

There were these super small bibles, under two inches, that you could actually read from. They didn’t include the whole Bible but an impressive amount. My earliest Bible was a mini New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs Gideon Bibles. I have always liked those Gideon Bibles in general.

There is also The One Year Bible which gives you a little bit of scripture each day until you finish it. The Strong’s Concordance is a necessity for anyone who would personally translate the Bible better. It translates every word. It also tells you where every word is found (except for the very basic words like “the.”) One translation is right? I say use all of them! If you want to carefully go over anything then use all  the different translation books.

There are aps and other software that helps with many different things as well such as searching. There are digital Bibles and audio book bibles.

Do you like the daily scripture books? There are many of those out there. The one I like the most is Streams in the Desert. Then there is the flip calendar kind. There are Chrisitan magazines and then there are the famous “Daily Bread” booklets which never fail to teach good things.

You can find scripture cards online. They don’t cost much either. Some of them are made of paper, some plastic. There are bookmarks with scripture on them too. Then there are stickers with Bible verses and they all do well with snail mail if there is another Christian person you are writing to. A family member sent me a helpful small booklet about Heaven recently.

There are catholic candles. They are candles that burn for days and days.

When I was a kid in church I always enjoyed the communion. We did the communion using grape juice. Later in life I attended a catholic church and did the communion with wine. Singing is another fun thing about church. I used to doze off during the sermons. My parents didn’t want me to but they knew as a kid I couldn’t help it, so they gave me paper and pen to doodle with. Still, the same church had gift baskets for us at certain times and we all went to the Colorado mountains one year.

The best holidays came from Christianity. Such as Easter and Christmas.

Goodwill and The Salvation Army are good places to get certain things. Often being random, whatever came out of the attic. If you just need a cheap long sleeve shirt then you can find some there. I used to buy trench coats there because of how much drastically cheaper they were compared to new ones. Then I started feeling embarrassed for going out in town like that. I did find some cheap Nike shoes and a cheap Xbox system. Goodwill’s main thing is helping people get into work, which is a worthy cause.

I think that the thing I enjoyed the most was attending summer bible school as a child. They took everything fun about being a kid and made it into the bible.

The nature of evil spirits

Like the other angels they were made to know and worship God. They can never escape that thing within themselves that has them know who The Son is. That is why when Jesus Christ walked the earth they knew who he was. It pains them to disobey God. They even hate themselves for it. They were made as angels, that became corrupt, but can never escape what God has put into their hearts. They know what the Holy Trinity is, by their design, and were made to have God in their hearts.

These people who practice magical rituals to summon spirits think that “poof” a spirit will appear before them. They call on them for help. They desire to see them. They won’t see those spirits though and they’ll be of no help. They will rise up on the earth and have no concern for those who brought them up. There are other things that bring them into earth too. Witchcraft of all kinds, sorts of RPG stuff whether board games or video games, magic cards, shows, stories built around the Pagan, metal music, black, death metal, and sometimes just blasphemy. It has all served to bring a lot of evil in our current world. As for seeing them: they don’t want to be seen. That doesn’t do them any good. They especially don’t want to be seen by those who call on them just for the astonishment it would bring.

So prayers over homes, blessings, can actually do a lot of good. The typical concept of a haunted house has to do with ghosts and things that are just not biblical. Just like the summoning thing, unless they see spirits in their home they don’t believe they exist there. Unless they actually see them they feel it is crazy to think their homes have evil spirits in them. Sometimes they do however and sometimes having your home blessed will do it a lot of good.

The Bible talks about the demon possessed. Those demons literally spoke to Jesus. Yet there are many Christians who think that demonic possession is best left to fictional horror movies. But no, demonic possession is a thing. The Bible also says that witchcraft is a real thing and that there are Satanic forces at work in the world. And so there are.

The force of good verses the force of evil

One is philanthropic and the other is human hating. One is a war against civilians coupled with slaughter and the other is a war to save those people from a cruel leader. One helps the homeless and the other puts them in jail for “vagrancy.” One law officer brings about peace and justice and another brutalizes the innocent. One politician lies through his teeth and another genuinely does have an interest in our well being. One person lies in every way they possibly can and another admits the truth. One does bad things, even wicked things, and even evil things. Another helps the world and all those around him or her. Some are so greedy that they would take millions of dollars in a lawsuit. Another would either not sue at all or ask for such a great amount knowing that such things are not good for the world. One has people’s best interest at heart while another has evil intentions. One would cheat all they can to get something free. Another is honest enough to work and will learn to do good work. One is destined for prison and another is destined to get an educational degree. One starves and harms their children. One harms their spouse and is always getting into fights. The other kind of person will go on to have a marriage that lasts a lifetime. They’ll do what is right for their spouse and children.  

One way leads to meaningless war. One way leads to a cheated system. One way leads to the constant slandering of our leaders. One way leads to harsher punishment mechanisms such as prison and tougher laws. One leads to things falling apart. One leads to anarchy. With more, martial law, and with more, a dictatorship. One leads to people who are selfish and do nothing to help others. One leads to destruction, pain, and misery.

The other leads to peace. It leads to civility. It leads to greater days. It leads to less crime. It leads to better made things as everyone does their part and works hard on them. It leads to people who can be trusted. It leads to homes for the homeless. It leads to things that are not grotesque. It leads to a better understanding among others. It leads to freedom and human rights. It leads to our safety wherever we go. It leads to a better generation as long as it continues. The force of good leads to a better world.

Truly in The Spirit

We have God The Father, who fathers us. He forms us as He forms clay. He guides our life. He watches over it. We pray to Him, not Jesus Christ, as the Bible says. As for God The Son, Jesus Christ, he is a model we make ourselves after. He is our example. Through our faith in him, believing that he died on the cross for our sins and is the Son of God, we find salvation.

These are all good and well. As Christians we know these things. We put them in our lives, it is all in being Christian.

The third side to The Trinity is The Holy Spirit. It seems to be a thing missed out on by Christians the most. It seems to be the least acknowledged among us.

Being in The Spirit means finding peace through Jesus Christ and peace from his message, the gospel. It means being assured that we are saved and that there is a better future in store for us. It means to desire that day that we enter into Heaven. It means to not be worried because we are in God’s hands. We have it to carry us through this harsh world if we are willing to receive it. Through faith it is received. Through it we find peace, even great peace.

By having it your steps are as light as air. You have no worries or concerns. You know your destiny is in Heaven. Whatever bad thing the world gives you you at least know you have a better future in store. So peace and faith are two parts of it.

It also comes from full faith in the bible. Some of us are partially atheist whether we know it or not. As humans we have some doubt reserved. If we fully believe what the Bible is telling us then it can work wonders on us. With faith the Bible is a wonderful thing to come to know. For me I especially have that feeling from the first chapter of the gospel of John.

We may only be fully immersed in The Holy Spirit once or perhaps a few times in our lives. It comes with overwhelming peace. It is like Heaven is right in front of you instead of at a distance. It is like God is right there beside you. It is like the world is suddenly meaningless. It is like seeing eternity.

What do you need for that feeling? All you need is faith. It has to be enough though. Enough to be sure of your future in Heaven. Enough to know that God exists. Enough to know that His son exists. Enough to know that you have these things with you in your life.

Faith is more important than religion

Religion tells us what to do and can be bossy. Faith is just acknowledging the bible as true. One has us do. The other is the pleasant way. Some read the Bible in order to have Jesus make them do things. Others read it with appreciation and fondness towards Jesus. Some think that righteousness amounts only to learning. Others faithfully do. We either like the stories of Jesus Christ or we become dominated by them.

Some take on Christianity as a means to boss others around. They like to pick people apart, pointing out their flaws, and Christianity gives them the perfect things with which to do those things. They talk more than they practice and are more concerned with others doing them than themselves. Sometimes, they don’t care at all about having it in their own lives. They are quick to share their wisdom with you. For some, Christianity is an ego and power trip. A true preacher or priest will have their hearts in what they teach and have the overall congregation in mind. For all we know, the preacher gave up a long time ago and is now just preaching to pay the bills. Be discerning.

These kinds of people I am talking about are quick to make religions. They are “Christianity done my way” kinds of people.

The bad side and good side of churches

Really what you need out of a church is an understanding of the scripture and a smart person to teach it. If they have you doing bizarre rituals and things I would avoid them. Just a good preacher teaching helpful things, that is all a Christian really needs.

Who's to say if Churches are relevant anymore? That’s a controversial thing to say but I think of it as just a guy on a pedestal teaching something you can easily learn at home. It is that pedestal thing that bothers me. Why should we have to go before him to learn? It all seems a bit boastful and vain. The church was there to fund causes that they were meant to be engaged in. Now we can get around and donate to whatever cause that we have at heart. You never saw things like those way back when. They existed in days when a person was lucky to even have a Holy Bible. Most of us will never come to have fully understood the entire book. We didn’t have anything but a preacher to lead and teach us. No internet, no TV, no massively available books on Christianity to easily ship out to us. What we need to know we can learn on TV or the internet. We can learn through videos, websites, or any number of books. So maybe all that is left of the preacher man is some form of leadership and knowing other Christians in the community. However, most Churches just have you sit, learn, and sing. You might attend a Bible study. Bible studies are a good thing left in Church. You gather together in a circle at a table with Holy Bibles and more personally share the scripture with each other. There is the person in them that guides the lesson of the day. Those certainly still have their place and maybe it was meant to be that way all along.

Just like Paul wrote many letters we can find people online in these times to write to as pen pals. I recommend it be more personable, more slowly going, snail mail.

The Church has a history of doing bad things and even evil things. It was set up to control people and guide them into Christianity. In earlier times and for a long time, no one had their own copy of The Holy Bible and it was kept that way. They wanted control over it and to determine themselves what it would do/ what it would cause/ bring about. There were highly strict laws of heresy when you went against those churches. It didn’t even have to be real heresy but a made up crime. There were crimes against “witches” who were nothing more than eccentric people that the town didn’t like.  

In modern times they are responsible for sex crimes, cults, robbing people, and used to have power over others. What I mean by having power over others is that they are formed to go against a particular group or groups “in the name of God.” Concepts of “in the name of Christianity” can be very abusive sometimes. Call them “Christianists” more than “Christians.”

I will go back on some of what I said however. Certainly so, as some take great joy in church. They are eager to go there every Sunday. They dress well on that morning and are eager to hear what the preacher has to teach that day. When the communion comes (something that can only be done in a church) it is their pleasure. They sing together in church, something you cannot do at home or before the TV (with much meaning.) And I think fondly of such people.

There is no halfway

They say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Anything done or made for God and His Son should be done with a full heart. What things we are lacking should be identified and made up for, so that we are stronger in The Spirit overall. Where we are unmovable, unshakable, is where we want to be with our faith. We should not lend easily to excuses towards doing anything bad.

19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. (1 John 2:19 KJV.)

Some are not really sincere towards Christianity and never will be. They may find a little interest in it. They may take it up for a short time then just leave it behind. They may have the belief that as long as they do and believe a little then nothing at all else matters. They may pick and choose what they believe. They may just lightly practice it yet believe in full that they are dedicated to the faith.

62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God. (Luke 9:62 KJV.)

Our work must continue on. We must be dedicated to that work and what it would teach us. We must learn and grow from it until we have no doubt in our minds that we have become hard but willing workers. That is the labor of today. That is the labor before Heaven and work that will be rewarded for when we get there.

24  “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. 25  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. 26  But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. 27  The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” (Matthew 7:24-27 KJV.)

God does not like luke warm things. (Revelations 3:16.) It is something that He spits out. This refers to Christians who are lazy in their practice. Those who are just unfruitful, inadequate, and just too leisurely, are “luke warm.” That is no more desirable than having someone lazy working for you. That may sound harsh, but it is like the guy who is always taking breaks, coming in late, and sometimes not showing up at all.

This book is a public domain book

Certain different interpretations

I grew up watching The Shepherd’s Chapel, at least from my teenage years. I highly regarded the preacher of The Shepherd’s Chapel. His name was Arnold Murray. He passed on recently. He was a TV preacher only he paid to teach what he would by buying TV time (as in a paid program) and sold his lessons on paper. Anyways, he did not believe in the rapture. It was one thing he always greatly contested. As for me I am a bit mixed up on the possibility. Even the greatest preachers can get things wrong. Personally I do not totally know if there will be one or not, but that’s just me. As for him he said that “caught up in the air” meant something entirely different. Can’t even remember what that was to be honest.

Some believe that the sabbath should be on Saturday as that is Sunday in Israel, as compared to American time. I believe we “rest in Christ.”

Some Christians believe they should be kosher, no pork for example. Others believe as I do, that Jesus fulfilled that law. However, we can still take it as a good lesson as to what is good for us or not. In fact a scientist was hired to find what kind of underwater life is healthy or not and he determined much of what the Old Testament would have said.

In a more exact translation, it was not his rib but his “side” which God took from to make Eve. The side, by the way, has more DNA in it than anywhere else on the body. God put Adam to sleep.. Just like anesthesia or something. Some say that the tribes of the earth were made before Adam was made and that Adam was the eighth day creation. Some say that the beginning of the world is better translated as “the new beginning,” which would explain dinosaurs and their quick and mass extinction. The world became dark. Not The world was dark. Then as for the serpent there are many different understandings of it depending on who you listen to. Some say the tree was the body of The Devil and the fruit was, well, another part of his body. Others take it as a literal serpent.

As for what “666” of the end times means, I have never found an entirely believable explanation. Some say it is just a mockery of the number 777 which would be God’s three numbers in a row (a very shallow explanation.) Others equate the name to Nero as back then there was a way of attributing numbers to names. Nero however was obviously not The Antichrist. I guess it could be “Nero reborn” however, as Rome is reborn. Some Christians believe that Revelations have already happened. Others say that it is a future thing. Some would give you a precise number of the amount of people saved in those times.

There was a big problem in the early church. A great leader needed to know more about the Holy Trinity.. How can God be two or three? He wanted to know. So he gathered all of the theologians of the time who came to him with an answer: They are all of them at the same time and yet all of them individually. And that remains the best answer we have to this day.

Christian creativity

I mentioned earlier how people in my grade school would make crosses out of beads and a strap of leather. That’s the least of it though. Things like that were in a time where we just don’t have what we do today.

We can create pamphlets. We can have those printed out through a book making site or a more literal pamphlet making site. Then we can either mail them out or hand them out. Who knows, maybe you could even have them distributed among your church. Maybe they’d let you just sit them on a table.

There is notation software. As for learning how to read music, it is much easier than you may think. It took me a week with just a thin book. So you can create hymns if you wish to. The notation software will give you an idea of how more complex things would sound. All you may need is a keyboard and a little knowledge of how to play out melodies. The chord on the left hand and the melody on the right is an easy thing to learn.

There are 3D printers. Those can make angels or crosses. There are ordinary printers that can be used for a large number of things from stickers to cards to books. Then there are printed shirts you can have made online. As well as more “promotional” like stuff (little books, cards, calendars, cups, and all else.)

You might even make biblical software.

As for writing there is a larger scope to it. You could simply have a bible printed for you via a book making site. That might be a sort of study bible or something, something that you can help others with. You could create a daily devotional book. You could create a historical book. You could write a book of daily prayers. You could make one that is theological. You could create one that is philosophical. You can make them small or large. You could make a book of apologetics. You can make a book of key scriptures/ verses. You could make a children’s book. There are lots of options found in it.

Who's really to blame?

With how many people are totally crazy there must be good reasons for it. There are probably lots of good reasons. People are at fault in many ways. Even when we had the best intentions in mind somehow things didn’t work as they should. People were taught to be greedy. They grew freer and freer to present things of a controversial nature. They sort of all grew dumb together. They became a worse and worse influence on each other. They grew closer to fame knowing that bad behavior could instantly put them in the spotlight. Their new philosophical concerns grew out of proportion and spiraled out of control. They didn’t know that they needed God’s wisdom and were looking in the wrong places to make things better.

Drugs just got worse and worse. They became cheaper to make and more deadly to use. People have mysterious sores over their body from using some of these new drugs. Sores on the body are a bad omen.

No one will take responsibility for it. “A bad apple spoils the bunch.” Many are misled. Excuses are made. People are protected to have a bad influence on others. Parents spoil. Schools tolerate the worst behavior. The internet shows everything going on and it makes certain people angry over certain things. The internet manufactures a kind of war between different sides. It quickly builds philosophy around those things.

In the beginning Satan made us incompetent towards doing God’s will. He made us into beings who were faulty towards God. He gave us love for sin. These days he is greatly using that against us. Our ancestors Adam and Eve took the first step towards a long and painful journey, truly. Now things are tearing apart at the seams. We have too much to handle. God will save us in time, however, as we know and trust He will.

Time to run

Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains

God wants us to survive the end times. The Bible says that crime will be so bad that the streets will be full of blood. The Bible says that in all of our history things will not be as bad as those times are. We should have our important things stored in some sort of bag to just pick up and go if we have to. When faced with martial law and the inability to leave our homes, then we should have things in our homes which will serve us well if that happens.

The zombies are those who have grown mad with evil spirits in them. You could even say they bite others and make more of themselves. Their nonsense grows along with their madness. They feed off of people’s sensitivities. They try to find the way in where they can “justifiably” harm you for not conforming to.. Worship them, promote them, put them on a pedestal and keep them there. “Let them speak and you better listen.” They have the magical right of always being right.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Except the sword of Jesus Christ. The greatest book was the Bible. God’s Word was words, a book, The Holy Bible. It wasn’t a painting, song, or movie but it sure made many of them. If I have one last thing to say then I will do so in writing. My book is nearly done. I hope you have found it useful and agreeable. This is a public domain book. I hope you share it.

Believe in God more than yourself

It seems like a lesson that is often relevant for Christians: don’t try so hard. Don’t “split hairs” over anything. Don’t bother striving for perfection. Don’t be hindered by precision. Instead, allow God to meet you halfway.

What is good in the day is acceptable. Enjoy the life God gave you. He made it just for you. He decided what would be in your life. He decided what you would have. He knew you through and through from the beginning. He knew you in Heaven before you were born and designed a plan for you. The life you have was given to you by Him.

It is not a perfect world and we are not expected to be perfect in it. It is not expected of us to sacrifice things. Jesus Christ was the sacrifice.

Life is like a melody, a season of things with returning themes. The good and happy days, the sad and hard days, all come together in a beautiful way. With no sadness to it we will never have known the good to have been good. Without loss we may never have truly loved or remembered. It is a bitter sweet thing. There are better things in store for us. We will not come to an utter end but rather find our place in Heaven some day. God has made a magnificent life for us and it is unimaginably incredible that we exist. God is unimaginably incredible. Life, the earth, the universe, down to physics, the past, the future, all show His greatness. There is Psalms 148.

The goals of good and evil

What are the forces of evil after? I will tell you, and by knowing, you can see how they are acting and what they are trying to make of things in the world.

They want lawlessness. They want unending anarchy. They want the strong person to get by on that merit alone. They want things like guns kept around. They want theft to be gotten away with on the smallest scale to the largest. They wouldn’t have us have shopping places but would rather have those ravaged and entirely robbed. They want things to be tribal in the worst of ways. They’d have us live like animals: eat or be eaten.

The bad want good people to be punished. They want to turn the laws against them. They want it so that they have a right to do wrong and any who would stop them would be punished for it.

They want things of hedonism. They want it on the scale of Sodom and Gomorrah. They’d take that and make it world wide. They want gluttony over food. They want entirely uninhibited perversion. They want people to be sexually abusive in fact. They’d take life and sexualize it entirely. They’d have us be animals without any form of spirituality.

They want a proud person. They want a person that takes himself or herself as a god. They’d have people make themselves out to be atheistic gods. They’d not have us be Devil Worshiping Satanists but rather atheists. They’d have us deny God entirely. They want us to seek the stage. They’d have us in costume, make up, magnifying our image as greatly as we can.

As for the goal of the good

The good would have higher standards for us, making and keeping us spiritual beings. The good would have us be more than just animals. The good would, of course, have us be Holy and dwell with God.

The good wants peace in our lives and in the world as a whole. The good would have law. The good would have good people protected. Good people want their loved ones to be protected. The good believe in justice for those who deserve it. (The bad would have people who are good be punished, and so a distinction.)

The good does not want sin to rule over our lives and our societies.

The good would have us be humble. They would have us have self restraint. They would have us have greater understanding towards one another. They would have us love and care for one another.

The good would have things built around principles, values, virtues. It would have us use our hands to work. It would have us do good deeds. It would have us be philanthropic, helping one another. It would house the homeless and feed the starving. It would seek to cure sickness and relieve suffering. The bad on the other hand would put us into as much suffering as possible. The Devil knows where he is going and does not want to go there alone.

Some words of encouragement and some final things to say

I hope I have expressed that God wants us to enjoy life. If I had any fault in my own Christian practice it is that I used it to be hard on myself. That is a common problem among us and is something that should not be.

The hot topic among us today is that these may be the end times. That should be a hot topic among us anyway. The Bible teaches us to always be looking. I have such a hard time finding Revelation based teaching. Always flooded with conspiracy and other off topic things when I search for it. Matthew 24 sums it up. Remember the signs. That is why they are there, they really are “signs.”

Keep yourself safe. Pray for your safety and the safety of those you love, because if it is the end times, there is much calamity to come.

We live in a parade of wickedness. We live in a place where the ungodly is magnified and the godly are stripped from what they have. Whatever we would give a wicked person is snatched from our hands and destroyed. Whatever souls we can save is the best of things, but we are becoming less and less capable of that all the time. As Jesus Christ said, “don’t throw your pearls to the swine.” If you do, they will hate you for it.

We live for righteousness and God’s kingdom. He will establish His kingdom on Earth. Where God is, there is Heaven. Earth will be a second Heaven someday. It could happen in a year or less for all we know. For those reading, it could be a week away. Who knows. Only God knows. No human knows, and even God’s Son doesn’t know. Only He knows that day and hour. Heaven will be a place without pain and suffering. If you are going to elaborate on what Heaven will be like then that is a great place to start. That will bring about such peace that we will rest with God for the rest of time.

Christianity is not always easy and nor was it meant to be. It is not a quick and easy answer. It is often not the most natural of answers. It is rather a difficult way we work to be better people. So we forgive, we even love our enemies. We are giving without being proud. What we give comes in the name of God, not people. We are told to turn the other cheek.

Only God’s wisdom can save the earth. No form of psychology. No medication. No science. No technology. No book on how society should be formed, either, apart from The Holy Bible. If they ever ask you “where is your God?” You can tell them that they forced Him out of our lives and society. They blasphemed Him. They denounced Him. So He left us to our own vices. Without bringing God back into our lives we will not get better, only worse.

I have compared good to evil. I have compared the desires and intentions of them both. I have laid out their nature so that you can compare them. One does not care anything at all about us. They would have the worst of things for us. They do so in secret and unseen ways. The other side, good, would have the best for us. It cares for us. It loves us, as God loves us. So knowing the two you have a choice to make and I hope you have chosen the good side.

A final prayer

May our minds not be corrupted by the evil devices of the modern world. May we live without wickedness coming into our lives. May we be around those who are pure and wholesome. May evil people be kept out of our lives. May there be a dividing line between us and them. May they be rendered powerless against us in the name of Jesus Christ.

May we have what we need in life to get by as we should. May our homes be blessed with God’s presence. May our family be as one with God. May our friends be as one with God. May angels be in our lives and watch over us.

May God be in your life and bless it. May God protect and keep you. May He protect your loved ones, too. I pray for your maturity and mine. I pray that our lives are never brought into anything bad. May He lead you into His kingdom. May you be happy in your days. May you come to know and understand God’s will.



Thank you for reading.

This is a public domain book written by Adam Jeremy Capps.

I have also written the book “Christianity In The End Of Days,” which is another public domain book. My goal is to create 5 of these. You will be able to find them all free as ebooks. If you want a paper back those will be available too. I even have the revenue set to zero to make them as cheap as possible.

It is just my desire for them to be shared, freely read, and to be of any Christian help.

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