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Becoming a Christian Satanist


Lucifer Jeremy White





Becoming a Christian Satanist


Lucifer Jeremy White


Oct. 2017


All rights refused.



I can be found online under my name

Lucifer Jeremy White





Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then shall his kingdom stand?”






I dwell in a home where Christian monks once did. I have made my home in San Francisco California, a place often called the Devil's land. Very well most people here are familiar with Satanism and very many here are Satanic.

I made my home here about four years ago during a period of psychosis. Before that I was in Albuquerque New Mexico. I was in a hotel and had spent all of my money on clothes, being unable to afford more than two weeks of rent. I was very impulsive that way.

Then I walked to some sort of Christian program. It was several miles away on the other side of town- and I walked there. They said I could live with them, this some sort of Christian cult. But I had to give them my credit card and cell phone. I had too much sense to stay. Christianity always left a bad taste in my mouth.

I had just enough money for a bus ticket and decided I’d go to San Francisco. And I would be their the first year homeless, without a dime. My money was taken, probably by God. I had money coming onto my Direct Express Master Card. But I had shopped somewhere in Albuquerque were credit card numbers had been stolen. So the card was automatically canceled and a new one was shipped- to my place in Albuquerque.

So I had been homeless for a year. During that time drastic and enormous changes occurred in my life. I very well and fully liberated myself from unwarranted concerns. I became the master of my life. I became resolved to live better, even though I was homeless. It was a period of psychosis, however, to say the least. I am Schizophrenic.

If these things didn’t occur making me what I am today I would not much qualify as a prolific Christian Satanic author. Even while I was homeless I had the desire to write. But I was left with trash as paper. I took trash and wrote upon it religious concepts and put them into a plastic bottle, sealed them and threw them away. I considered myself a trash author.

I was a very childish person. I wasn’t trying to be childish, I just was. I didn’t even realize it. But I wasn’t a child’s child. I was a childish person as an adult would be with an adult brain. I worshipped devils and Satan childishly at the time. I had a very active imagination. I played with a doll and had it dance to music thinking it was Satan.

And I would take a Star Bucks cup and pray to it, treating it like an idol. I also went to an idol store (one selling idols of mostly Eastern gods, or Buddha) and prayed to them. I wanted everything to be free.

After much strife I came back into sanity after a few excursions with the law, a year in jail, a year of psychiatric commitment in the State Hospital in Napa. I picked up on writing soon after and it is just something I intend to do, to do, to do.

When reading just skip around. This book doesn’t have to be read from beginning to end.







If you are to embark on the Christian Satanic ship then there are a few things it is helpful to know:

1) People will question it. Be resolved to simply inform them you are both and that there is no valid reason why you cannot be. People will insist that to be one makes you an enemy of the other. That's fine. Just tell them it is not a friendship based religion. The best answers are indifferent. Just sense the bombardment as typical of one of a sided- minded individual.
2) Christian Satanists don’t pick sides and are people taking on an anti-title title. You can be both Christian or Satanic in Christian Satanism and yet be both. To be one accentuates the other. Being in much one then much the other makes you more Christian Satanic.
3) Christian Satanism is no joke. It has real meaning in lives and in practice. It is a very detailed and unique religion. It has things indicative of it, good things, that were never so before. The very creation of Christian Satanism was began for the fact that other Satanic religions were one in the same. In creating Christian Satanism it was essential to be unique if it were to have a chance.
4) We pose two in one due to incidences of Satanism being prohibited in certain areas such as has been in the military or in jails and prisons, and certainly schools prohibiting Satanism that a solution made in creating Christian Satanism. And the effects thereof we determine that Christian Satanic books be altogether permitted or else their discrimination be questioned.



Coming to shore a Christian Satanism decides to be born. This is for the one so decided to become a Christian Satanist: when you reach the shore you must proceed to walk. And s/he does so by loss of all inhibition. S/he then will remove all of their old crusted on skin. This is done that a new self may be “stated” and begun. What you were told not to what you were too embarrassed to and the old manner in which you lived must be stripped off before you can be Christian Satanic.

This can be done alone partially, for the further degree if you must, privately, but removing your inhibited blocks is best done in public.

Shout aloud then in the open air praises to both God and Satan. Hide nothing and everything good will be given. Be an open air person providing the praises and love you have for both the Devil and God. Invite the whole hidden universe into your life. It could be asked where they are, that they are hidden. But we too have been hidden from them since the beginning. To shout praises of both God and Satan shamelessly, or until your shame is gone, is the first step to becoming a Christian Satanist.

But it goes beyond that. You must also remove your shell of inhibition. Do in public what you would never even have considered doing before until your shame becomes meaningless and you will surely come to our ranks.



Walking now on the sands you must proceed to remove your God- Tyrant Complex. All of your life you have been lied to. You have been super imposed with the belief of your God cruel. One that readily punishes simply trivial matters. Your God is far from you and hateful, or so soon you will have stopped believing. Christian Satanists are to have a God who is good, loving and friendly or s/ he is to have no God at all. Christian Satanists are to follow Christianity with pragmatism and reasoning, not from impersonal dictation.

So here you are beginning to speak for the first time. You must proceed to ask for anything your heart desires from God. Day by day day in and before rest ask God any possible thing you want. At this stage in life for myself I asked if I could be made everything Lucifer. And my life drastically changed when I did.

After this has become a natural habit you will have come to the point that your wishes have been brought to life and God will see you new, as a Christian Satanist.



Now you can live. Now you can speak. And soon you can be. You must think long and carefully what your purpose for Christian Satanism will be. It should be something that serves you well. It doesn’t have to be one thing but make it 8 or less things you can do well. It might be something you can do well already or something you choose to learn. But more important than its actuation is its motivation and determination to do as such, which comes before. What your heart tells you to do, so do.

And do not be as one that is Luke warm and undesirable. Rather fix your heart onto something that seems very well enticing, if even corrupt. As with matters of the Gray, those things posing a duality, they are preferable- but you may have motivation to “do what is wrong.” In this you take up a cross and move forth into the 5th action of one becoming a Christian Satanist.



Now that the Christian Satanist came to life. Now that he has spoken and come to realize her/ his purpose. S/he must carry the cross of Christian Satanism and that cross is in being decidedly immoral. Moral beliefs must be deconstructed and sympathy removed. Because they that do were given that cross to carry forth in acceptance of guilt and responsibility. With that cross our good hearts die and inky Jesus can take that cross from us as we are asking him to do while we carry it.

We must work on every good perspective and find every good reason to be good. But we won’t now this and disassemble this piece by piece, nor know how, until we have lived for a time entirely enveloped in a perception nefarious. When we have become as such we must destroy as much and return there again, someday, to pick up the remaining pieces, whenever they are. In essence we must make ourselves evil and then destroy that making.



The Christian Satanist must open his eyes. He must see things in an all new way, a way impartial and not based on popular imposition. That means that things previously taken as a given, no more are. But instead the Christian Satanist sees things in a new light coming to his own understanding. Most people are one in the same. They share thoughts together. Whatever is a popular issue and how it is taken, the Christian Satanist must not, but instead begin to refute popular concerns.

If there is an agenda to a people, ranging from anything light to anything heavy, I am telling you, dont be enveloped in concern. The day never sets on people of petty moral concerns and idealized agenda- that making of enemies, weak ones, easily, but boastfully, slain. We go after real dragons, not puppies and butterflies. And our gold at the end of the rainbow is better. We seek a better prize.

So if anyone is to put a heavy load on your back stop and dont carry it. Do not carry the burdens of others no matter how much they insist that you do. Your life will be lighter. You will not go forth in life carrying any heavy weight not your own. They are those that would gave you carry their gold for nothing- nothing but the reward of being a part. A part of the human race on an agenda to instate low fat diets and plant a garden of future survival.

Individuality is they key word here. It is only accomplished when you strip away the otherness from you and the more the better. Those that only like what is or what was popular are all one in the same. They that are engrossed with popular ideas and conditions, they are all the same, and without souls. The Christian Satanist believes that the more self- inclusive they are, the more they have a soul, the stronger and brighter it is. This is simple: think for yourself, avoid the popular, create individuality, and you will open your eyes and create your soul.



The Christian Satanist must then open his mouth to good taste. He must begin eating food good and well if he hadnt already. His food must be tasted better. He must enjoy what he eats. Whereas before food was at best lightly enjoyed but he must now begin to eat as a Christian Satanist enjoying it piece by piece.

When he has established this this he must close his eyes and open his mind to visions. He can see things for the first time in development if visual imagination. He must look deep inside to imagine the best things, the best life, the best future, its best outcome.

And then he opens his ears to this and unites it with his mind in seems ng all things good and desirable. When his visualization develops he will begin working magic. These things altogether result in a Christian Satanic magician who practices visualization to development his secondary state. A Secondary State is one of what the soul believes itself to be. The soul believing what it is through visualization will go down the path it thinks it is on.

For every food, an idea. The theory here is that when anything you eat brings up a unique particular thought, your mind will become as its food is telling it to. It's thought for food. You eat a particular thing and every time you do you think a particular thing. And you must taste it well. Thats because your mind doesnt know the food so well as it's taste.

These are all in one together the practice of taste magic.


Now comes the day of light, the first dawning of a Christian Satanist. The night is gone, so comes the day.

You must think this day of brighter things. You must take into account how much bad is also much good. It just depends on how you look at and handle it. These things go by many sayings..

Seeing the silver lining in the clouds

Being optimistic

Counting your blessings

Turning something bad into something yet beneficial, yet workable, or empowering

But most of all be a bright side thinker realizing that though somethings re not good there exists yet things that are. And to them give focus, instead of delving deep into the negative and being swallowed whole by it like a whale.

Maybe youve lost much, or have little, maybe youve done little, or too much, maybe things bring about an Ill and negative status. But the best way out, is up. Decide to overcome the bad things in life by taking from them how they are yet good.

Move around in a circle and think over and over again the best things in life and while you do incorporate pride.

Pride is itself important. It's even the best feeling one can have and drives a person to become everything he would. Pride is like a person that got away because he wanted to be better than the crowd he was in. And being alone he found ways to be better. And once he was better strove to be yet better because he knew to begin with what he wanted to become- better than others. Better than anyone. Better than his previous self. And so he did.



The Christian Satanist then dresses himself. He has seen all of his life others that were well dressed. He often wanted to dress the same but never had. He looks all around for those well dressed and he decides to dress the same.

This is what we Christian Satanists call personality snatching. It is when we emulate others. We take a character and become it. Not so much for the pleasure of its look but more for the pleasure of its feel.

This means more than appearance. Actually much more. It involves more the feel of a character, how it makes you think. So then its accent is more important than its clothing, possibly more important than anything is the voice.

You may wake up some day and be like a news reporter. They are the nosiest of all people. They rush from scene to scene getting as detailed information at all possible. They call the police and phone to phone and collect video and video and record them all for a news package. Then they are at the ball game with the score. They are like people with a magnifying glass on the world.

And if you want the feel of a news reporter, simply have a magnifying glass on the world.

Whatever or whoever you want to be, be. Even share your accents with others. I do. I speak in many different accents. Sometimes I wake up as a detective on a mission. I stand up from bed and decide Im going to find something out- and do. One time I suddenly started talking like an Irish man. That one, was strange!



The Christian Satanist must think the previous night about what he likes. S/ he must come to know what s/ he likes for the first time if he hadnt already. This may sound like a meager and insignificant matter, but it isnt. It is very good to know exactly what it is you like.

First it will then be so that you can find what you want and need, as you will then know what you are looking for.

And too you will find new things to like, having looked for them.

With this done for food simply consider what the best of anything is- as, whats the best bread, the best candy, the best of mixed drinks, soda, the best ice cream, the best meat and sauce, the best prepared meal? I for example think pretzel bread is the best, caramello is the best candy bar, and a blue Hawaiian the best mixed drink.

Here is a short list of my favorite things:

Green marbles, little green army men, action figures that look like devils, Mickey Mouse items, troll dolls, glow in the dark things, as star stickers, trapper keeper, stencils, graph paper, rubber stamps. Stickers, foreign bank notes, foreign coins, wool socks, outdoor sandals, shirts with angel wings on back, white cargo pants, arm warmers, fanny pack, blue and rose quartz, game board pieces, glitter, candy, sour apple candy, vending machine items, iced tea, guava Mexican soda, sprite, cheery cider, Reuben sandwiches, rider Waite tarot cards, books with proverbs (apart from Solomons.) Plasma TVs, little LCD games, old computers and video game things- and my favorite thing to watch on You Tube is videos about video game history.



If the Christian Satanist so decides s/ he may embark on an ascetic journey at this point. S/ he would be very well prepared by now to do so. The benefits are enormous. If s/ he wants discipline and more control over self, generally, then this is a good choice.

This covers things such as the monks do, or a vagrant wanderer. These types, and types that have a rich story and find better social development. Had this not occurred to me, that I hadnt made the choice of being homeless, I would not have learned what I had and I would not have been able to fully present the religion here (as Christian Satanism.) And it was difficult. But in time I began having visions and I seen and heard Satan, I seen and heard spiritual beings, mostly demonic. One day a person I walked by said, Youve been pretending to be Jesus lately, havent you Adam? I had been laying on the ground like I was on a cross, in the fill eyes if the public. I had also been eating food from the garbage regarding it as devouring Christ. Later I consumed a lot of bleach, sprayed oven cleaner in my mouth, and raid, to mock my mortality.

At any rate your while world will change and your mind will transform if you do the same. I am one already broken, and thats good thing.

I used to only have a radio while homeless. We all know how the radio could play better music, or at least more of it, instead of playing one good tune so many times that it is worn out and you feel like breaking the record. But it was all the entertainment I had- for two years. A year homeless and a year commuted in a psych ward. I learned to enjoy every song that was played- I made the music about what I wanted it to- such as about Satan or God. And because of this I can meditate/ visualize to it and very good, enjoying every song. But now I have a cell phone, the internet, and you tube.



The Christian Satanist must then find some food and there is food either being assembled or already prepared. Eat the foods that are already prepared.

This involves carefully looking for the best things of things of old. Thinks once well known and loved but are not anymore. They are things forgotten. Relying and obtaining things there from disconnects you from the main stream and makes much more and much better your soul. Your soul will be a soul and remain all your this way. As Ive said, those that are all connected to the modern havent their own soul. Rather they all share a soul. Dont share a soul. Create, keep, establish, and form your own.

You will probably have to scour to find one thing, if you are to find the best within anything. And the least can have the greatest. People that form their mentality from books such as Milton's Paradise Lost, Machiavellis The Prince, or anything well suited to you, they have an intelligent mind that is not arrived at by those reading todays best sellers.

Self help books can be helpful whether or not they are new. My favorite two are Self Esteem and Self Leadership. People that read these benefit from them. It isnt like admiring you are wrong on something, but rather that you are admiring you want to improve yourself. Just dont delve too very deeply into it. You would certainly make a mess of things if you do, and sometimes it is better to simply eliminate a psychological problem than to embellish and revolve around it.



That night when you dream think about a whole different world. Imagine that world into the detail you like to imagine. In all the vastness of space that place is, somewhere. It resides somewhere no matter how far away. And that world will know you as its God. If you have faith then those things thought into faith are so. It can even be that Man can create its own gods through faith. Faith really is and truly potent form of magic.

What you think as such these things are move into a circular radius. They leave your mind and travel outward, around, as a circle. When they reach its destination they go through it and it changes. It perfects in the nether and returns back to you. And so do all species evolve each other.

I have made planets of my own- five of them. One night I was thinking of them and miraculously the stars in the sky I was looking at became golden. I have had other indications that they do exist out there.

My five planets are as follow:

Link- a place that is decidedly behind scientifically, as science nearly destroyed them and they found better meaning and appreciation from things old.

Pippy- Pippy rests beside Link. It is a dark place, full of wickedness, full of things like witches and witchcraft, warlocks and demons. But it is not an evil place, and is more strange than simply evil.

Ler- Let is an evil place and that is all there is to it. It is a place that could accurately be called hell as the human race have envisioned it to be.

Sephra- Sephra is a candy land type of planet. Like Lazy Town, Aqua, bubble pop- euro dance. Candy and toys are very common things there. Its people are always happy, vibrant, and playful. Glitter is everywhere, stickers too, and the streets are paved in board game pieces.

Orion- Orion is the oldest of the five planets. It is unimaginably large and not just one planet. But the largest planet, Planet One of Orion, is unimaginably large. Going in two directions are connected planets. Water bridges each planet, some how. There defense system is known as Stix, varying rods of any size as small as a needle to a size larger than a massive column.


And if it interests you a whole design of your own planet could involve drawing for it creatures and places, notable residents and history.

This is actually a pre existing scientific theory that due to the endless amount of space, that if space hasnt boundaries that every conceivable place exists somewhere in space. The fact that matter can only be arranged in so many ways indicates that not just one planet for any given idea (such as Star Wars Naboo) not only exist but are out there in an infinite numbered amount of times. Ones mind cant conceive either, but our reasoning can determine its actuality.




You are now under her black wings to rest and be nursed.

Take a drink and consume it very slowly, sip drink to rouse a feeling of peace and comfort. Tell yourself that your blood is blue and you will have taken this drink as the cup of Christian Satanism.

Next, think for a few minutes about what you want for life and how it could be gotten. Take a few minutes to resolve in feeling peace. Pour over yourself a spirit of that time. Lay down and rest. When you have settled that you may break awhile from this and do, then you can rise up and encourage yourself to proceed.

It may be challenging for you to have peace steadily but its reward is worth it and becomes better with practice. If your life is much toil and restless it may be very well because of the imposition we all have, that of time being to short and a lack of things occurring. The more worthwhile the better. The more important it makes you, the better. We can create. We were made- to create. We have both the tools and minds to do so and have the urges to so do.

Of course life is not all about toil and work. But work too often is not a thing personally celebrated. We plant and sow. But it isnt so much planting and sowing as building and their living- making not merely your own bed but it is as making your own home- even your own town, even your own world. If you have done well to establish these things than you should be very proud. Youve certainly earned it.


The following pictures are my home on Halloween.


O: ! Jesus was a man (a god- man) made so largely due to his manner, his attribute of thought. Simply by the way he thought he made himself a god during his human to godho

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